Subj: Talking to ETs Newsletter 
Date: 11/16/2002

Ask the ETs

by Lisette Larkins

Dear Friend,

You may remember me as the author of the book, Talking to Extraterrestrials, Communicating with Enlightened Beings. Since its release last June, I've received so many heartfelt letters and emails from you that I have not yet been able to respond to most of you personally. Please pardon the long delay in getting back with you as I've been looking for the best way to stay in touch and to continue to support one another as we individually and globally open to ET contact.

My first book is already in its second printing, and is just beginning to be published in foreign markets. An audio book in Spanish is in the works. I'm enjoying the positive response from radio and other media, while currently finishing up my second book in the series entitled, Calling on Extraterrestrials, 11 Steps to Inviting Your Own UFO Encounter, scheduled for publication in May, 2003. My friend and assistant, Dutchie Kidd is helping me organize your letters and responses, and Matthew Friedman continues to manage the website. My editor, and Hampton Roads Publishing Company's Bob Friedman continues to cheer me on from the sidelines and to offer his advice, suggestions, and vision.

The letters that I have received from you have touched me deeply. Some of your letters have been mailed to me since you don't have computers, and so I've copied this and have sent it to you as my gift. At some point, I'll have to figure out issues of postage, etc.

I've laughed and I've cried after reading your notes, letters, and even your artwork, depicting the ETs of your own contact. I laughed until I cried at the ET riding a skateboard! Folks, you wouldn't believe who we're all meeting as otherworldly friends and neighbors!  It's been so much fun to compare notes. Some of it I will include anonymously in my next book, so that you too can benefit from hearing of others' stories and concerns.

You've sent me so many deeply personal and searching stories and questions, that for now, it seems that the most efficient way to stay in touch with you is to respond through this new column.

The talking to ETs website has received almost 50,000 visits in a few months including many e-mails and letters, asking if I will pose a question to the ETs.
This amazing response suggests what I have suspected and what the ETs are indicating: that millions of otherwise 'normal' people worldwide are either opening to contact with extraterrestrials and otherworldly beings as part of our next evolution as universal humans, or that many people would like to. And yet, opening to contact brings many emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual challenges. And so, we have questions and this column attempts to answer some of them, in a similar format to that which was presented in Talking to Extraterrestrials. After reading this, please feel free to let me know if you have found it of value and if you'd like to see it continued. In addition, feel free to submit questions, although I am not able to respond in a timely manner, nor am I necessarily able to respond to your personally.

    I believe that we're in for the ride of our lives, you and I. Not because there is something out there to fear, but because we're leading the way towards a new paradigm: a paradigm which embraces our spiritual expansion, as indicated by our willingness to know our enlightened brothers and sisters who live elsewhere in the universe. If you're deeply intrigued by the ideas of otherworldly contact, I invite you to consider that this intrigue is borne from somewhere. Like my own soul, perhaps your soul is nudging you to expand your status as a universal participant. Welcome to the team. Together, we have an amazing opportunity to know first- hand what it means to be part of the One Soul.

    One frequently asked question that has been posed to me from radio hosts and from audiences alike, concerns the supposed upcoming earth changes and shifting of the poles as intimated by many sources. Some of you have read about the infamous 'Planet X,' which many claim will pass close to our planet next spring and cause catastrophic earth changes.

And so, continuing in the manner and format that was presented in my first book, I decided to 'Ask the ETs' about this. My comments are in italics:

    One frequently asked question that I've received has to do with the predicted upcoming catastrophic earth changes as a result of Planet X's close passage to Earth. Even the Mayan calendar suggests that something is on the horizon. Do we need to prepare for this, and if so, how?

    Historically, there have been large groups of you who have moved beyond this plane to another through the events of your history, whether from planetary sources or political. The truth is, that at any given time, millions of you are in the active stages of transitioning in, or transitioning out: as a group, and individually.
You are all in constant flux, traveling back and forth between your realm and other realms. Nonetheless, you often forget that you are doing so, and instead call it 'death.' You also forget that this is in an 'ordered' universe, in which there is no such thing as accidents and errors. Currently, those souls who are traveling in either direction are part of a transition in which a new paradigm is being heralded. This changing of guard, so to speak, is not bad news, but merely a shifting of souls who have decided to either be here or elsewhere as a result of what their own soul has called to them.

    Yes, but we're referring to masses of us dying as a result of Earth's cataclysms. This is our question.

    First of all, you need not 'prepare' for the last day of this embodiment, in the way that you deem that you need to, for you have already prepared, we assure you. From your soul's perspective, you are well prepared and you have set it up this way. Were your mind to routinely recognize and comprehend the manner in which you will return home, whether that return is 'scheduled' by your soul next week or in the next decade, most of you would be paralyzed beyond your ability to function. And so, why do you assume that in this case, you will have the benefit of knowing when your last day here is upon you? For even that departure is likely to be temporary, and you may return yet again, beginning the process anew.

The truth is, you cannot know, at least on one level, for it is not yours to comprehend at this moment, even though you wonder what the chances are of individual survival in the case of major earth cataclysms.

    It is difficult, we understand, to discuss what you call issues of death, because by your definition, your intellectual understanding assumes that it's an end. Even while your higher ideas recognize that it's not an end, you still have much fear about when that day might be. For this reason, it is not an accident, nor is it a coincidence that the universe, within the context of your present awareness, has not included more specifics as to which day you will arrive there as a newborn, and which day you will depart. That departure, no matter the day, is not bad news from the spiritual realms. It is only bad news from yours. And so, this discussion is difficult because, in essence, you are asking for that date, as to when you might be 'disembarking,' or when you can expect many others to.

    It is not up to us, it is not our responsibility, nor have you awarded this responsibility to us, to be the communicator of that information. If you are asking about earth changes and transitions. . .my friends, you are all constantly in the throes of earth changes and transitions. Are you not noticing them? In addition, currently, great numbers of you are passing in and out. It is the 'out,' we understand that you are concerned about, but that is already occurring, and so what is there to fear, for you are presently existing within a changing universe; within a planet that breathes in and breathes out. The inhale and the exhale, and where you are in relation to it, is what the soul is deciding. These are personal issues, personal to each soul.

    What specific and/or overall planetary changes are anticipated to occur in physical terms in the near future?

    Again, if it is your understanding that there are currently no changes happening, then you are in denial, plain and simple. You inhabit a planet that is undergoing untold changes, although we do understand your question. For your question implies, "Will there be mass chaos and death as a result of future earth changes and the shifting of the poles?"

    We will undoubtedly dismay you by suggesting that a shift in your poles is already occurring. Change in your planetary backbone is already underway. A transition of your entire species has already begun. You have expected that, like a light switch being pressed, that one particular hour of the day, everything will shift. Notice the shifting that is occurring at this moment on your planet and with you individually. There is tremendous change taking place, stirring so many of you. There is a tremendous shifting emerging within your ranks.

    This is not a 'cataclysm,' but rather an evolution, for the cocoon is ready to unveil a transformed being. The paradigm by which this will happen is unfolding before you in due course, and in due time.

    When your young children approach you with questions, you recognize that the answers must be provided in a manner that can be comprehended and understood according to the child's age and development. Certainly, we are not suggesting that you cannot grasp whether or not you will be 'alive' a year from now, of if your neighbor will be. But, within the context of your current understanding, you would still perceive of such a date as the bad news that you're convinced that it is. And so, it is challenging for the young mind to discuss this, even when such events and occurrences might be the greatest events in the history of your planet.

    You might understand that it is not our intention to be the bringers of fear. Nor is it our intention to encourage you to look for such answers outside of yourselves.

    Our mentoring of you, like others have before us, exists to remind you of what your world can become. This is an empowering relationship and an empowering message. And so, really, you ask the impossible question, for the answer cannot be given to your satisfaction, for you are seeking specificity which would not help you. You are asking us the dates you have agreed to live upon Earth at this time.

    What is helpful is to instead, prepare for yourself to evolve, no matter what your tomorrow looks like. Ironically, it would be 'harder' for you to be left with your current state of affairs for the next 50 years, would it not? The 'easier' way is to behold a cataclysmic end to your paradigm.

    As a result, the answer to your question does not matter, for either way your soul is choosing the path that best suits its agenda. Keep in mind, even if great cataclysms were to take place in six months, there are still millions of you transitioning home in the next twenty-four hours who would miss that circumstance altogether. Conversely, there are millions who are arriving to your world weekly, arriving at this very moment; and why are they still arriving? Souls are arriving because your world is still a worthy destination, no matter the month, no matter the year. It is a time for each of you to recognize that the answer to your question is irrelevant, given where you say you want to evolve to. That statement of intent suggests that you are choosing to become aware that you are a spiritual being. As such, there is no need to analyze and forever dissect and describe the process by which you may transition, in or out, on this day or that. It is a quandary for the mind, but the soul has other interests, and so we ask you what is your soul up to at this moment? Does the other really matter?

    To ascertain the state of your poles, look to the state of your being, for your earth is changing and shifting as you are. In fact, they mirror each other. If you do not like what you see, find what it is that you wish to be doing differently, or how you wish to be behaving differently and then move in that direction, in your daily thoughts, in your daily conversations, and in your daily activities.

    Ultimately, the answer to your question is none of our business, nor is it yours, for the 'business' of the soul is of living, of evolving, and this consternation has stopped you from doing so. You are mired in the issues of survival. Have you forgotten that there is order to the universe? Remind your fellows of that. Have you forgotten that there is synchrony to all of the events on your planet and off?

    When you are able to trust your life to the process of life itself, then you are ensuring your survival. Instead, you think that you are attempting to ensure it by studying, analyzing, and focusing on the suitability of your planet and how it will accommodate the life forms there at any given point. Naturally, as guests on the host planet, you are concerned about the status of that planet. Yet, if you truly comprehended how a species survives cataclysms, or what you call 'tragedy,' then you would prepare yourself in a different way. That preparation involves becoming fully aware of who you are. And then, 'coinicidentally,' when you recognize who you are, you recognize that there is nothing to prepare for, there's nothing to fear, for you are all participants in the grand orchestration, even though you've forgotten that you are. And so you are not being left out of the secret. There are not beings who know one thing, but have not told you. This is your fear that somehow there is knowledge that you are not being given, the knowing of which will save you. But contrary to your thinking, the simplest understanding will prepare you for anything. That awareness of your potential, of your highest placement as a spiritual being, as a member of this universe, designates you as a member of the one soul. This recognition then is part of your survival plan.

    Your focus is misplaced when you fear transitioning. From our standpoint, your fear is as misplaced as is the fear of your five-year-old who fears stepping onto the school bus. "There is nothing to fear," you gently remind your child. "You are safe," you might smile lovingly.

    You need only awaken to who you are and no matter the outcome, no matter if your homecoming is tomorrow through illness or an event in traffic; no matter the cause, you are well orchestrated, because you are simultaneously the conductor as well as the orchestra. You are a spiritual member of the society of beings within the universe. This is an important shift in your understanding that would benefit you, for then, dear ones; you are prepared for anything and everything. For you recognize that you are well versed in the mechanics of survival. Your soul will always live on and it is not necessary to become bogged down in the minutia of how that survival will play out with respect to the ins and outs of this incarnation or the next.
    What would be the spiritual significance to the passage of Planet X or any other cause of catastrophe?

    When you recognize that there is 'spiritual significance' to the passage of a small child across your front lawn, then you will best understand how we might answer that question. There is spiritual significance to those events that you deem horrible. There is spiritual significance to everything and anything. It is only you humans who have decided to label all that is spiritually significant, with names that imply that they are not spiritual at all. The more appropriate question might be, 'What event, if any, is not spiritually significant?' And the answer is, there are no random, insignificant experiences. All events and circumstances are playing out and existing in the context of an ordered, synchronous cosmos. Just because you cannot believe that this is the case, does not make this statement false. What you have culturally done is describe as spiritual, some event and circumstance that you 'agree' with or find has some 'value' to you. But value is everywhere, with every event and every occurrence in your life, even if you disagree with it.

    You may accuse us of playing with words and avoiding answering the question, but we are answering the question from the level that will most benefit you. Isn't this your request then? Are you not seeking the answer that will most benefit you? Then you can understand why it is that we refrain from answering your question the way that you are hoping we will answer it, which in fact, would achieve the approval of your cultural mind. But that type of response does not necessarily benefit you.

    If there were to be cataclysms, would there be assistance in the form of evacuations from ET's, and if this help is given, what approximate percentage of the population will be receiving assistance in this manner?

    My dear, dear friends, what would you say if we told you that more than a billion of you have already received assistance in some manner, in some degree or another, by extraterestrials or otherworldly beings as of this date in time? Do you think that just one event would happen and then assistance would be granted? This is a very naive perspective, for there is more going on already behind the scenes than you can comprehend. There is assistance, the likes of which would shock you. There are those of you who have received healings from us as called to you by your own soul and much, much more. There have been many of you who have been taken off of your planet temporarily for myriad reasons and all of this has been going on for years. And so, you now ask if it will continue to go on next year? Yes. But it is already occurring. Some of you are aware of these relationships and some of you are not.

    Your question more accurately is asking if this assistance will occur in plain view, for all to see. And again, we would suggest that even if it did occur in plain view, many of you would still not see it. That is the definition of being asleep. Those who have eyes to see will see. Those who are not yet ready will not see. So although again, you may feel that we are skirting the question, you are asking it from a context of 'rescue.'  We do not agree that we are rescuing, have rescued, or will be rescuing you from anything. In fact, just the opposite is the case. We are empowering you to notice that there is nothing to be rescued from.

    If you move or relocate from Colorado to Florida, does that mean that you're being rescued by the move to Florida? In one paradigm it may mean that to you, but within a higher paradigm, you recognize that there is nothing to be rescued from. If your soul's intention is to exist in a certain way, in a certain time, it will do so. The mechanics of that transition or move is available by many different means. But the context in which you ask the question suggests that you yourselves cannot be entrusted to evolve when in fact, you can be. We have evolved and so can you. If, in the example of moving cross-country, you rent a truck and ask your brother to drive the truck for you, is he rescuing you or have you caused him to help you. This is a seeming small nuance but is not as minor as it sounds. The nuance is that empowered beings understand and recognize that there are numerous avenues of orchestration available to make any transition at all to anywhere at all. This, at the seat of your soul, you know. Your mind thinks that you need rescuing, but that is an illusion.

    If your soul has determined that it would like to be someplace, it will be there. No amount of scrounging, worrying, analyzing, or scrutinizing will make that transition easier for you, for you will not be operating from that level. If your soul's intention is to finish here and continue elsewhere, the details of orchestrating that, we can assure you, are handled. The preparation that would best suit you is simply to practice remembering that.

    What is the most significant beneficial piece of information or perspective that can and should be relayed about potential earth changes?

    You, as spiritual beings, are all sharing a characteristic and that characteristic is that you are constantly changing and that you are confronted with changes around you. If this is so, then do not fear that you will not be prepared for a certain change down the road.

    Life is always about changing. Change is going on around you constantly. Believe in your soul's ability to know the best way and the mechanics for evolving. The mind would like to help you, but how can it? The mind knows nothing of what we speak, and so it is floundering, admittedly. The soul will always be safe. You are well cared for, because as participants in the process of life, you have access to the greatest insurance policy of all time, which states that you will survive everything and anything, because that is what evolution is about. There is no end to your life. The mechanics of how you skip from one life's embodiment to another has you fearful. But why? You have skipped thusly hundreds and thousands of times. Why are you worried now? You can trust in the process of life itself. It is neither stupidity nor naivete, but in fact demonstrates your mastery, for you are recognizing the true nature, the true characteristics of your soul and those of the universe.

    This answer, this message, is what will best help you and those you love, for this is universal law and does not change, although your mind says it's irrelevant or that it's not helpful. It is the most relevant and helpful reminder that we can send to you.

    Is there really another physical planet that could disrupt the poles of the Earth?

    Again, your emphasis is on one object creating a shift in the poles, but the poles are already impacted and are shifting, as are you by the way.

    But is there an actual object of which they write?

    The most correct answer is Yes and No. We will explain thusly: If you ask us, "Do thousands of people die of starvation every day on this planet?" We would agree that yes, this is the case, at present. Then you would clarify, "Then it's true that the condition of starvation exists on this planet and will exist to a greater degree in the next few years?" And we would respond, "No, not necessarily, for it is not necessary that one thing means that the other must occur."

    Because even if there is in existence a planet, it does not necessarily mean that a full cataclysm must occur. Was it your thinking that you are insignificant to the state of your world? There are some beings on other planets who are able to control their weather because they understand that it is their birthright to do so. Because a planet exists, traveling in a certain way does not mean that it is a requirement for it to end up in a certain location. This is the case for many different reasons, the least of which is that there are other beings in your universe who can impact certain events because we understand that our birthright allows us to do so.

    Do you understand the distinction that we are making? We are suggesting, we are reminding you, we are compelling you to remember that creative beings can employ creative outcomes. Consider your Native American shamans who took part in the rain dances of yesteryear. Do you think that they were merely partaking of entertainment? In fact, they were calling upon their right as heirs to the universe to impart an outcome. That is what intention is about. Change your course if you don't like it. Change your entire life. As your mythical Captain Picard would say, "Make it so." This is the nature of powerful, creative beings; they understand that the events and circumstances of their life need not be trivial and meaningless, but rather, are part of that which we all have set up and orchestrated. And so the weather then falls within your own domain, as does the shifting of the planets, for you and the planets and the clouds are made up of the same stuff, and therefore, can impact each other by redirecting your energy. As such, tweaking is possible and 'legal' in the context of the universe.

    And the same goes for your very life. Tweak all of it, if you so choose, while also recognizing that all will unfold as it is deemed best by the souls of you who are participating.    

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