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Cornelis Klaasz. van ALTENA

* ca. 1730

+ 1766 Marken

x ca. 1752 Marken

Klaas Cornelisz. van ALTENA

* 12-01-1755 Marken

+ 28-10-1813 Marken

Rev. VanAltena

Klaas Klaasz., van ALTENA

* 19-01-1799 Marken (Nieuwebuurt)

+ 31-03-1880 Marken

x 14-11-1824 Marken

Cornelis Klaasz. van ALTENA

* 25-12-1833 Marken

x 30-11-1856 Marken (Monnickenwerf 129)

Cornelis Cornelisz. van ALTENA

* 21-10-1858 Marken (Monnickenwerf 129)

+ 06-06-1917 Marken

x 25-03-1883 Marken (Kerkbuurt)

Cornelis Cornelisz. van ALTENA

* 14-11-1884 Marken (Kerkbuurt)

+ 18-11-1949 Marken (Kerkebuurt 187)

x 23-01-1909 Marken (Kerkebuurt 187

Ariaan Cornelisz. van ALTENA

* 20-10-1920 Marken (Kerkebuurt 187)

+ 1984 Haarlem

x 06-11-1943 Marken

Cornelis Ariaans van ALTENA

* 07-04-1944 Marken

Dr. Cornelius George  (Gerardus) VanAltena
b. 24 Aug, 1802, Amsterdam, Holland
(Immigrated to American (Ohio) in 1849 with wife and 7 children, resided in Ohio for 3 years, then moved to Cedar Grove, WI. for 5 years, then moved to Milwaukee, WI in 1857)
Religion was Dutch reformed.
d 14 Dec. 1875, Milwaukee, WI
& Pauline Maie Vialas (Vealaar)
b. 1 Nov. 1806, Brussels, Belgium
         (Ostende, Belgium)
d 30 Jan 1873, Milwaukee, WI
M 1830?


"Among the Seceders who emigrated in the crucial 1840's when entire congregations left for America, the southern element was stronger than in later years when the northern contingent predominated. For example, 93 percent of all Seceder emigrants from the province of Utecht between 1844 and 1880 departed before 1857. Comparable figures for other southern provinces in these early years are Gelderland, 71 percent; Zuid-Holland 80 percent, and Noord-Brabant, 72 percent. In the northern province of Groningen, on the other hand, the rate of Seceder emigration increased over the years, from 20 percent in the early period to 32 percent from 1858 throu 1868, and 48 percent from 1869 through 1880. It was the large influx of Groningen farm laborors after the Civil War that spurred the growth of the Christian Reformed Church in those years.

The Dutch Reformed churches in America are truly daughters of the Secession of 1834. "

Here is the ship info from and

The bark Rose Standish was a 400 ton vessel, which arrived in New York harbor on September 13, 1849. The Captain was J.N.Magna.

Port of Arrival: New York

Date of Arrival: September 13, 1849

Gender: Male
Intended Destination: U.S.A. (no specific place stated)
Occupation: Physician
Family Status: Husband
Port of Embarkation: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Last Residence: Unidentified Dutch Municipality
Name of Vessel: Rose Standish
Microfilm Series: M-237
Microfilm Roll: 83

Name: Cornelis Gerardus Vanaltena
Year: 1849
Age: 47
Place: Port uncertain
Family Members: family
Source Publication Code: 9081

Primary Immigrant: Vanaltena, Cornelis Gerardus

Annotation: Date of emigration with intended destination. Extracted from "Staat Der Landverhuizingen Naar Noord-Amerika of Andere Overzeesche Gewesten [ List of Emigrants to North America or other Overseas Places]" which is located in the Algemeen Rijksarchief (National Archives) in the Hague. Supplemented by information from other sources. Microfilm and photocopies of the original emigration records are available in the Colonial Origins Collection, Heritage Hall at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and in the Archives of the Committee in the East on Historical Documents of the Christian Reformed Church in Passaic, New Jersey.

Source Bibliography: SWIERENGA, ROBERT P, compiler. Dutch Emigrants to the United States, South Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, 1835-1880: An Alphabetical Listing by Household Heads and Independent Persons. Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1983. 346p.

Page: 258

Friend of VanAltena - see next column

Name: Abraham Monteba
Year: 1849
Age: 41
Place: New York, New York
Source Publication Code: 6890
Primary Immigrant: Monteba, Abraham
Annotation: Lists German and Dutch passengers, most arriving in New York. Many went to Holland, Michigan, to form part of the Dutch colony there. Names, ages, sometimes occupations, places of origin, and final destinations. Page numbers added by indexers.

Source Bibliography: PRINS, EDWARD. Dutch and German Ships: Passenger Lists 1846-1856. [Holland, MI:] the author, 1972. [250p.]

Page: 189

Posted by: Wayne B. Zwart Date: March 21, 2001 at 07:34:37

In Reply to: Re: van Altena's in Holland by Reni VanAltena of 6061

Hello Reni,

The van Altenas were a father and son, both of them Doctors, in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. I am not related to either of them, but the older Abraham van Altena was responsible for bringing my g.g.gandfather Abraham Monteba to Cedar Grove. He attended my g.g.grandmother Monteba for cholera on board the ship they were on. She died on board ship and was buried at sea, leaving her husband and 5 children. Dr. van Altena convinced my ancestor to go to Cedar Grove with him. The 2 van Altenas and the all the Montebas became very close friends.

Dr. Louis A Van Altena, Sr.
b 20 Sep. 1829, (831)
came to America in 1851
d 10 Jun 1914, Cedar Grove, WI
(worked as doctor)
& Siepke J. Balkema
b 21 Mar 1839, (1840)
Groningen, Holland
d 8 Nov 1893, Cedar Grove, WI
m 25 Nov. 1860
Louis Van Altena found in: Vital Records: Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929
Died: Jun 19, 1914 in: Cedar Grove, WI
Born: 1830
Type of practice: Allopath
State/year of licenses: WI
Journal of the American Medical Asociation citation: 63:179
Cause of demise: heart disease

Cornelius G. Van Altena

Location :
630 11th.
Occupation: clerk
Year: 1890
City: Milwaukee
State: WI

Cornelius (Corneleus) Van Altena
b 12 Jul 1866  (Aug. 1864)
d 22 Nov 1883, Cedar Grove, WI
& Anna
b Dec 1877
Cornelius Van Altena

State: WI
County: Sheboygan County
Township: Holland
Year: 1855
Database: WI 1855 State Census Index

1880 census

William Van Altena
b: 1834
worked as a Bonnet Bleacher
married to Eleanora
b: 1840
b: 1861
b: 1864
b: 1865


Cornelius Van Altena
b 26 Aug 1897 (Nov 1897)
d June 1965
1900 census

John Van Altena
b: Apr. 1846
immigrated 1847
Jane Van Altena

b: 1859
Cora Van Altena:
b:Nov. 1880
John G Van Altena
b. Mar. 1883
Hattie Van Altena
b: May 1885
Oliver Van Altena
b: Jan 1889

Living in Milwaukee, Ward 18


1900 census

Louis Van Altena
b: Sept. 1830
Living in Cedar Grove, WI

Louis Van Altena
b: March 1870

marriage #1 - 1896
Hattie Van de Wahl
b  3 Feb. 1876
m; 2-5-1896
d - 7-12-1897

married #2 to:
Angelina E Roth
b: Aug. 1882
Angelina E. Roth, whom he wedded on June 7, 1900.

Living in Cedar Grove, WI

Dr. Louis Abraham Van Altena, Jr.
b 21 Mar 1870, Holland Twp. Sheboygan Cty., WI
d 7 June 1950, Cedar Grove, WI
& Hattie Van de Wall
b 3 Feb. 1876
d 12 Jul 1897, Cedar Grove, WI
m 5 Feb. 1896
marriage #2 -
Angelina E. Roth, whom he wedded on June 7, 1900.

Biography of Dr. Louis Abraham Van Altena, Jr. excerpted from History of Sheboygan Cty.


For three generations the representatives of the Van Altena family have practiced medicine in Cedar Grove and the name today is a synonym for capable, scientific and progressive methods and standards which go beyond professional ethics into broader fields of humanitarianism.
The active representative at the present time is Dr. Louis A. Van Altena, Jr., a native son of Sheboygan county, who by carrying out the honorable and upright standards of his father and his grandfather has attained recognition as a worthy successor of two high-minded and able men. Dr. Van Altena was born in Holland township, March 21, 1870, and has spent his entire life in Wisconsin. He was educated in the Milwaukee public schools, later taking a business course in the Charles Meyer Business College of that city. He attended Rush Medical College of Chicago from 1891 to 1893 but received his degree from Marquette Medical College, of Milwaukee in 1895. Immediately afterward he settled in Cedar Grove, taking charge of his father's practice, which he has since continued. He is the family physician for the present generation of many of the families that his grandfather attended sixty years ago. He is one of the most enterprising and quietly progressive physicians in Cedar Grove and his professional career is marked by expert and specialized knowledge which, combined with his personal ability, have made his rise rapid and his prosperity sure. He is a member of the Sheboygan County and the Wisconsin State Medical Societies and also belongs to the American Medical Association.

Dr. Van Altena has been twice married. On February 5, 1896, he married Miss Hattie Van DeWall, who died on July 12, 1897. His second wife was in her maidenhood Miss Angelina E. Roth, whom he wedded on June 7, 1900. Politically he gives his allegiance to the Republican party and is an active, public-spirited and progressive citizen. He has served as health officer of Holland township for the past ten years and was health officer of the village of Cedar Grove since its incorporation, doing practical and efficient work in this line. He belongs to the Presbyterian church of Cedar Grove. The profession with which he is identified requires a steady hand, a concentrated mind and a skill which is mechanical and technical as well as scientific. All of these requirements Dr. Van Altena possesses in a gratifying degree and upon them he has founded his prosperity. He is still in the prime of life and his attainments up to this time prophecy well for still greater future professional success.


1910 census

William E Van Altena
b: 1837
married to
Meta A Van Altena
b: 1837
William P Van Atena
b: 1892
Florence M Van Altena
b: 1895
Alice E Van Altena
b: 1897
James A Van Altena
b: 1902

1910 census

John G. Van Altena
b: 1847

married to
Jane Van Altena
b: 1851
John G Van Altena
b: 1881
Oliver E Van Altena
b: 1890

Living in Milwaukee Ward 22

1910 census

Louis Van Altena
b: 1830

living in Cedar Grove, WI

District 95

1910 census

Dr. Louis Abraham Van Altena, Jr.
b 21 Mar 1870,
Holland Twp. Sheboygan County. WI
d 7 June 1950, Cedar Grove, WI
& Angelina E. Roth
b 22 Aug 1881,
d 31 May 1968,
Cedar Grove, WI
m 7 June 1900

Living in
Cedar Grove, WI

District 95

1920 census

Oliver E Van Altena moved to Denver Colorado

Oliver E Van Altena
b: 1890

married to

Linda Van Altena
b: 1892

William P VanAltena
b: 1892
married to:
Marie Van Altena
b: 1892
South Dakota
parents: Michigan/Illinois
b: 1915
b: 1917

living in Milw. Ward 18



1920 census

William E.C. Van Altena
b. 29 Aug 1833,
d. 15 Nov 1905,
Milwaukee, WI
& Ellen (Eleonora J.G.) Settler (Fagg)
b 17 Mar 1840,
Milwaukee, WI
d 19 Sep. 1891
m abt. 1856

1920 census

William E Van Altena
b: 1837
married to
Meta A Van Altena
b: 1837
children still at home
Alice E Van Altena
b: 1897
James A Van Altena
b: 1902

1920 census

Father is William E Van Altena
b: 1837

William P Van Altena
b: 1892

Florence M Van Altena
b: 1895
unknown who she married

1920 census

John G VanAltena
b: 1884

married to:
Malslie VanAltena
b: 1888


b: 1906
b: 1926

Oliver E Van Altena moved from Denver Colorado
back to Shorewood, WI

Oliver E Van Altena
b: 1890

married to

Linda Van Altena
b: 1892

b: 1925

Ferch relations?

1870 Wisconsin census - Gender: M
Wm. Ferch - age 50 -  born 1820
Race: W Birthplace: PRUSSIA
State: Wisconsin
Wilhelmina - age 41 born Prussia
Herman age 20 - born Prussia
William - age 18 - born in Prussia
August - age 15 - born in Prussia
Edward - age 10 - born in Prussia
Michael - age 60  -born in Prussia (brother?)

1930 census

William E Van Altena
b: 1837
married to
Meta A Van Altena
b: 1837

no children at home
living in Whitefish Bay WI

1930 census

Dr. Louis Abraham Van Altena, Jr.
b 21 Mar 1870,
Holland Twp. Sheboygan County. WI
d 7 June 1950, Cedar Grove, WI
& Angelina E. Roth
b 22 Aug 1881,
d 31 May 1968,
Cedar Grove, WI
m 7 June 1900

Living in
Cedar Grove, WI


Henry Ferch
b 4 Sep 1855, Milwaukee, WI
d. 1971, Prairie du Sac, WI
1930 census

Arthur A Sell
b: 1881
age at marriage - 26

married to Harriet Van Altena Sell
b: 1888
age at marriage 19

Franklin Sell
b: 1908

John G Val Altena
b: 1837


William Ferch found in:

Census : Wisconsin, 1900
Lived in: Hartland Township, Shawano County, Wisconsin
born feb. 1838 - Germany -age 62
Louisia - wife - born Dec. 1842 - age 38" born in Germany
Ida - daughter - born Nov. 1880 - age 19 - Wisconsin
Ida Kroening -granddaughter -born Sept. 1886 - age 13

William Johann Ferch
b 27 Oct. 1886
(moved to Burnette Cty, WI)
William E Ferch
Age: 43 years
Estimated birth year: 1886
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Relation: Head (lived alone)
Race: White
Home in 1930: Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

August Arthur Ferch
b 27 Oct 1888, Milwaukee, WI
d Feb. 1967, Milwaukee, WI
Death Notice:
FERCH, WILLIAM 392-09-8777 WI
born - 23 Mar 1889
died - Aug 1967 WI
Rhinelander, Wisconsin 54501
Cornelius Ferch
b 26 Sep 1888, Milwaukee, WI
twin to August
d 1975, Milwaukee, WI
1900 Milwaukee Census
Charles Ferch - born 1874 - age 26
Tillie - wife - born 1879 - age 20 -
Karl Ferch
b 3 Oct 1890,
Twn of Wauwatosa
child of Charles Ferch
b 6 May 1892, Milwaukee, WI
Herbert Lester Ferch
b 7 Mar 1895,
Town of Greenfield
d May 1987
Nellie VanAltena
Sarah J VanAltena
b 14 Jun 1863, Milwaukee, WI
d 10 Nov 1907, Milwaukee, WI
(lived with her sister Louisa)
Cornelius VanAltena
b 24 Jun 1865, Milwaukee, WI
d 2 Jul 1903, Wauwatosa, WI
William E VanAltena
b 4 Feb 1867, Milwaukee, WI
Lived at 950 N. Newhall St. in 1910
He was a clerk in the
Life Insurance Business
d 23 Jan 1932, Milwaukee, WI
& Meta von Kass
bp Chicago, Illinois
Family lived at
950 N Newhall St. in 1910
Oliver E Van Altena
b 22 Jul 1891, Milwaukee WI
(moved to Denver, Colorado)
William P VanAltena
b 1892
Milwaukee, WI
1910 census - Milwaukee, WI
Martin Wagner born 1876 - age 34
Magdalen - wife - born 1884 - age 26
Aust. Germany

Augusta Lang - born 1838- age 72 -

Florence Van Altena
b May 1894
Milwaukee, WI
& Martin C Wagner
1910 census - Milwaukee, WI

Martin Wagner - born 1907 - age 3
living with the Karl Matthias family age 48
Margaret - wife age 50
Elizabethe - age 16
Annie -a ge 14
John - age 12
Mary - age 9
Theresa - age 7

Alice VanAltena
b Oct. 1897
Milwaukee, WI
& Everett H Crozier
Martin Wagner found in: Census Wisconsin, 1900  Lived in: Centerville, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
born 1831 - age 69 - Germany
Katarina - wife - born 1844 - age 56
James Allen Van Altena
b 15 Aug 1901
Milwaukee, WI
d May 1970
Door Cty, Washington Island
Theodore VanAltena
b 13 Jan 1870, Milwaukee, WI
d 12 Mar 1901, Chicago, IL
& Amanda Mueller
Archie Edward VanAltena
b 21 Feb 1893 Milwaukee, WI
d 18 Apr. 1894, Milwaukee, WI
Roy Edward H VanAltena
b 10 Feb 1894, Milwaukee, WI
Henry VanAltena
b 31 Mar 1873, Milwaukee, WI
d 12 Oct 1874, Milwaukee WI
Henry VanAltena
b: 1844
& Veronica
b: 1850, Ohio
parents from Baden, Germany

moved to Milwaukee - 1880 census
daughter - emma -
b: 1872
son - Edward
b: 1874

Henry (Heinrich) VanAltena
b Feb 1844, Holland, Netherlands
& Veronica Brecht (Verona P)
b July 1872, Ohio

moved to Brooklyn
NY - per 1900 census

Edward C VanAltena
born 1864 - age 36 in 1910 - born in Wisconsin - parents born in Holland and Ohio - photographer

wife Edna B - age 35 in 1910 born in New York - parents born in England and New York

married 3 years in 1910

Edward Cornelius VanAltena
b 30 Aug 1873, Milwaukee WI (Aug 1870?)

Emma VanAltena
b 24 Jul 1871, Milwaukee, WI (July 1872)
moved to Brooklyn, NY
per 1900 census
Pauline VanAltena
View Record
Peter Dumez
b: Holland - 1823
age 57 in 1880
b: Holland

m: Johanna
age 60 in 1880
b: 1820
b. Holland

children at home in 1880

Peter Dumez 26
John Dumez 24
Andrew Dumez 19

occupation: painter

Washington County

Hartford, WI

1855 census

John George Nicholas VanAltena
b 14 Apr. 1847, Holland, Netherlands
(lived at 814 N 31st St.)
d 10 Oct 1932, Milwaukee, WI
(worked as printer)
& Jane DuMez
b 14 Dec 1850, (1852)
Hartford, WI
d 17 Oct 1922, Tippecanoe, Town of Lake, WI

child in 1880

Jennie - age 9

Jane's Father:
b: Holland
Jane's Mother
b: Belgium

Johanna Nee Wemelsveld Dumez found in:
Immigration Records: Dutch Immigrants to America 1820-1880
Port of Arrival:  New York     
Date of Arrival:  July 3, 1848     
Age:  28     
Gender:  Female     
Intended Destination:  U.S.A. (no specific place stated)     
Occupation:  Housewife, matron     
Family Status:  Wife     
Port of Embarkation:  Antwerp, Belgium     
Last Residence:  Unidentified Dutch Municipality     
Name of Vessel:  Sarah     
Microfilm Series:  M-237     
Microfilm Roll:  73     
Original Name Record:  Dumez, Johanna Nee Wemelsveld

Jennie (Jane) VanAltena
b 13 Jul 1869, (1871)
Milwaukee, WI
d 24 Dec 1933, Milwaukee, WI
& Henry Ludwig Wilke
b 23 Jan 1866, Milwaukee, WI
d 31 Mar 1942, Milwaukee, WI
m 4 Oct. 1898, Milwaukee, WI
unnamed Wilke
b 7 May 1899, Milwaukee, WI
d 7 May 1899, Milwaukee, WI
Mayron Wilke

Preston, Gilbert

Gerald Preston
Earl Henry Wilke
born-18 Dec 1901
Milwaukee, WI
death -Jun 1982
San Bernardino, California

born-27 Dec 1907
death-Sep 1986
San Bernardino, California

born 10 Nov 1927
death -Oct 1992
Brea, California

born Dec. 24

died of a heart attack during a fire in her Mexico home in the early 2000's


Clifford Wilke
b: 2-24-1903
d: 3-26-1975
Milwaukee, WI

m: Lucille Lorraine Block
b: 10-06-1916
d: 06-21-2005

m: anniversary

Dolores Ann Wilke Bauer Finney

Martin Henry Wilke

Bernice Helen Wilke Finney

John Clifford Wilke

Chester Wilke
born -26 Oct 1908 -Milwaukee, WI
death -10 Nov 1973 -Milwaukee, WI



Mary Ann

unnamed VanAltena
b 5 Jan 1872,
Milwaukee, WI
d 5 Jan 1872,
Milwaukee, WI
Paulina VanAltena
b 10 Nov 1873, Milwaukee, WI
d 26 Sep 1878, Milwaukee, WI
Cora (Cornelia) VanAltena
b 6 Nov 1880, Milwaukee, WI
d 3 Nov 1972, Grants Pass, Josephine, Oregon

Cora was single all her
life, worked at a cook
and domestic all her life.
Johann George VanAltena
b 13 Mar 1883, Milwaukee, WI
d 1962
& Natalie M. (Dolly) Kramer
b 22 Jul 1889
d 10 May 1984, Milwaukee, WI
Norman VanAltena
b 24 Jul
& Bernadine A Laubach
b 9 Feb 1921, Kewaskum, WI
d 30 Jan 1996, Menomonee Falls, WI
m 20 Sep 1941, Kewaskum, WI

James VanAltena
& Gloria (VanAltena)
Yvonne VanAltena
& James Ellenberger
Susan VanAltena
& James Badura
Jean VanAltena
& Robert Pritchard
Howard VanAltena
b 22 Sep (1925?)
d 23 Aug 2000
Waukesha, WI
& Bernadette "Peggy" Polega
John Van Altena
& Judy (VanAltena)
Alyssa VanAltena
Carly VanAltena
Mark A VanAltena
b 21 Dec 1951
d 31 May 1986, Waukesha, WI
& Linda Ortland
Kimberly Ann


Paul Michael VanAltena
Judith VanAltena
&Wayne Conrad
Carrie Conrad
Matthew Conrad
Emma VanAltena
b 25 May 1885, Milwaukee, WI
(not at home in 1900)
Henrietta (Hattie) VanAltena
b 25 May, 1885
& Arthur Sell
b 9 Feb 1881
d 12 Jul 1960, Milwaukee, WI
Franklyn A Sell
b 20 Jun 1917
d 27 Mar 2002, Stevens Point, WI
& Mary Schewe
Robert Franklin Sell
b May 1945
& Linda (Sell)
Janet Sell
& Steven Anderson
Timothy Sell
& Lynn (Sell)
Charless Sell
& Barbara (Sell)
Oliver E VanAltena
b 29 Jun 1889, Milwaukee, WI
d 15 Jan 1960, Milwaukee, WI
& Linda Gumm
b 12 May 1891
d 22 Jul 1961, Milwaukee, WI
Jane VanAltena
b 11 Sep
& Russell C Gubbins
Janice Gubbins
b 1949
Carol Gubbins
b 1954
Henrietta VanAltena
b 1832 August
d 1916
& Hendrik (Henry) Rottier
b 1833 October
d 1923
Cornelius Rottier
b Feb 1858
& Augusta
b 1889 September
Cornelius Rottier
b Feb 1858
& Hilda
b June 1892
Henry Rottier
b Oct 1867
Martin Rottier
Johana Rottier
Eugenia Johanna Theodora VanAltena
b 13 Sep 1842, Biervliet, Zeeland, Netherlands
d 9 Jul 1894, Milwaukee, WI
& Suffridus Henry Salverda
b 22 Jan 1830, Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands
d 1 Dec 1880, Milwaukee, WI
Pauline (Maria Paulina)Salverda
b 1 Jun 1858, Holland Twp, Sheyboygan Cty, WI
Nellie (Petronella Helena Cornelia) Salverda
b 11 Jul 1860, Waupun, WI
Wemillia (Emilie) Augusta Salverda
b 20 Jul 1863, Milwaukee, WI
& Christian Escher
Eugenia Escher
b 25 Sep 1882, Milwaukee, WI
Wemillia (Emilie) Augusta Salverda
b 20 Jul 1863, Milwaukee, WI
& Charles Depper
Eleonora Depper
b 2 May 1885, Milwaukee, WI
Henry Cannegieter Salverda
b 13 Dec 1867, Milwaukee, WI
(went to St. Paul, MN)
d Sept. 1963
& Lena Subilia Fischer
b 14 Jan 1886
Ramsey, MN
Hattie (Henrietta Marianna Antoinetta) Salverda
b 16 Oct 1870, Milwaukee, WI
Lena Salverda
Eleanora Johanna Gerhardine Salverda
b 23 Mar 1875, Milwaukee, WI
& Bowdewyn Neuhouse
Edith Eugenie Neuhouse
b 29 Apr 1895, Milwaukee, WI
Edwin Martin Neuhouse
b 29 Apr 1898 Milwaukee, WI
Justine Julie Salverda
b 29 Aug 1877, Milwaukee, WI
d 18 Oct 1877, Milwaukee, WI
Eugenia Johanna Theodora Salverda
b 29 Aug 1877, Milwaukee, WI
Pauline VanAltena
bp. Holland, Netherlands
& John Dunck
b 1847, Holland
m 1867, Milwaukee, WI
Henry Cornelius Dunck
b 6 Jun 1869, Milwaukee, WI
& (Dunck)
b 25 Dec.
Delia Dunck
b 8 Apr 1870
d 11 Feb 1948, Milwaukee, WI
Cornelius Dunck
b 4 Feb 1872, Milwaukee, WI
d 18 Setp 1872, Milwaukee, WI
Pythias John Dunck
b 25 Sep 1875, Milwaukee, WI
d 26 Apr 1952, Milwaukee, WI
John Dunck
b Sep 1874
b Apr. 1876
Pearl Dunck
b Oct 1895
Leroy Dunck
b Apr. 1898
Emilie VanAltena
b Mar 1845
& Henry Brecht
b 1845
Milwaukee, Wi
Pauline A Brecht
b Nov 1873
Millie Brecht
b Dec 1879
Ella Brecht
b Aug 1855
perhaps unrelated:

born OH
26 Mar 1910
death Nov 1987
WI Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217