The Dream Voice

The problem is not in getting the data to come in; it is completely an aspect of your natural functioning as a human being to get this data. The whole secret is recognizing the data for what it is. Thought transference is a universal language, which uses combinations of visual images and specific emotional charges to convey information. With this language at your command, you can talk to any other being in the universe. It is difficult to transcribe this information without a liason between you and the beings. That liason is realized with a naturally occurring higher aspect of your Self, who can take the symbolic events and turn them into spoken language. If you do not have a liason in direct sync with you and the other being, you may only notice a rapid succession of extremely fleeting mental images which may appear to be quite bizarre, disjointed and unconnected. This is actually the raw data of the nonverbal communication that is being used, and is what most people get as they fall asleep at night.

You can make a request to your own higher self to transcribe this all into words. The way to do this is to magnetize your attention on the stray voices that you invariably will hear while you are in this morning trance state. They usually take the form of voices of people whom you know and interact with every day, and you may only hear short sentence fragments from any one. In the beginning, there is often a whole chorus of them all fighting for your attention, and no one is more clear or understandable than another.

The whole secret to the technique is to keep on listening. If you don't hear anything concrete, copy down or dictate only the parts that you actually heard. If you are not sure, it is better to just say the fragments. Never, never, never attempt to understand anything, or connect anything together. IT IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL THAT YOU DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UNDERSTAND ANYTHING THAT IS COMING IN. TO DO SO BECKONS YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND TO TAMPER WITH THE INFORMATION. This will destroy your results.

Remember: you are not trying to follow or understand. You should attach no judgement to anything that you hear at all. You should be encouraged by hearing things that sound stupid or do not make sense, knowing on some level that there is knowledge therein that is waiting to be unraveled. It is a quite advanced technique to actually be able to follow what is going on, and ask questions. It has taken me over 200 sessions to be able to do this accurately and consistently.

It will also prove to be important that you say whether the voice you hear is male or female, and to note who it is if you recognize it. Ideally, you should strive for any voice which seems to be strong, clear or relatively understandable. If you try to focus in on one voice and exclude the others,it is possible to tune in to the frequency without jamming the lines with your own imagination. By focusing on one, you are giving that being more energy that it can use to solidify its contact with you, and you will notice improvements with each passing morning. Your own conscious mind is the enemy in this process; DO NOT let your fantasies take over. If you find yourself saying things you want to hear and you know what it is, you are probably tampering with it, at least in the beginning.

Another thing to remember is that this is a very dynamic, fluid and changing source. It is completely alive and responsive to the moment of your own consciousness. Therefore, any stray thoughts that you have of any kind, no matter how silly or irrelevant, MUST be recorded as well. This serves two purposes; one, it takes the energy charge off of them, and two, it gives you a document of what was going on in your mind. If you do not do this, your results may not make sense, as you will be getting slightly paradoxical commentaries on your own thoughts; without the thoughts, the commentaries can be impossible to decode.

It is important to cultivate this early morning state at first with something which is concrete, and in this case, that would be the conscious recall of your dreams. This necessitates remaining still upon awakening, and having a strong conscious desire to remember, so that as you wake up you think of what was just happening to you, and you remain completely still. The dreams are also phrased in the same language as the dream voice information will be, and learning to understand your dream metaphors is a direct gateway to understanding dream voice information. The dreams are direct guidance from your higher self, and if you stay close to that state, you can continue to bring the guidance in.

The most interesting thing is that this can be built up and perfected. The more you do it, the stronger the connection becomes, and you will eventually reach a point where you get clear messages every time you go into that state, whether you ask for them or not. You may even feel obligated to say what you are hearing into your recording walkman. There are times where I am getting information that I know I could use, but I am simply too tired to do it. I have accepted that anything of great importance will be repeated if I missed it, and that is how I okay it with myself. I normally dicate information every morning into the walkman, which I keep right near my head and in a position where I do not need to twist my arm to reach it. The less you move, the deeper in you can stay. Every body motion will bring you more out of the state.

Diet is also of extreme importance. The more purified your diet becomes, the better your connection will be. This is an absolute fact that I have repeatedly tested on myself. There is a quantifiable decrease in quality of information if you use any drugs or chemicals including nicotine and caffeine and alcohol, if you eat most meats, [fish seems to be okay or at least acceptable] dairy products, white flour and ESPECIALLY refined sugar.

In order to get onto the 'dream voice diet', you can make small changes to get yourself there. Change your main meat to fish, and eat tuna or salmon or shark if you really feel like having something "red." Shark can cook up like a damn fine steak if you season it right. If you must eat sweets, use products with maple syrup, concentrated fruit juice, or honey, or just switch to fruits. Change your breakfast cereal to a sugarless whole grain like Grape Nuts or granola, and sweeten it with honey if necessary; avoid using milk, instead use soy, rice or almond milk, which is available in health food stores. The vanilla flavors work quite well with granola and other cereals. Drink lots and lots of water. Avoid any pasta that isn't made from pure semolina flour, and avoid any enriched flour of any kind. This will send your accuracy plummeting, and it isn't hard to overcome. You can find the right bread to make sandwiches with, but you have to look closely. Also watch out on peanut butter. I recommend cashew butter, another health food specialty. It is expensive, but way better than processed peanut butter, which has oils and sugars added to it.

If you must eat cheese and soy cheese won't cut it, try goat cheese, which is less contaminating. If you have a thing for nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or pot, recognize what you will be gaining by tapering off or even stopping your usage. It really does make a tremendous difference. Make a conscious effort to include vegetables in your diet in some form; one suggestion is to buy a juicer and drink a carrot juice each evening. The temptation to eat the restricted foods, especially sugar, is enormous at first, but it does taper off with time, and the diet becomes a fact of life; you become a health food store shopper, and you find out that there are entire stores where you can buy anything that they have, and you will be okay. There are a variety of "gateway" health foods that are similar to commercial products such as hot dogs and soda [tofu dogs and spritzers,] and these can help ease the transition, and some of them are really good; you just have to be willing to try them out.

Protein is the most difficult part, and this can be done with daily servings of tofu or beans or nuts in one form or another. Vegetarian refried bean burritos are cheap and safe; use avocadoes and salsa as garnish, with whole wheat tortillas, refried beans and brown rice. It really works! I have found that I was not responsible enough to keep the strict vegetarian aspect of the diet together, and I now eat fish several times a week to insure my protein and good health. Proper judgement is necessary, and if you find that you are hardly eating anything by doing this diet, you jumped in too quick. Your dream voice results will be better if you stay healthy while not following every guideline than if you simply focus on what you are not going to eat, and let your nutrition go to hell in the process. Whole grain, especially oatmeal and brown rice, should be an absolute daily essential, as well as calcium and whole food multivitamin supplements.

I would never take all this space to mention this if it wasn't of ABSOLUTE importance. This is not to say that you will not get results if you do not eat this way; what it really means is that this is what must be done to keep your system purified. The accuracy of dream voice information is relative to your total health, both mental, physical and spiritual. Your thoughts, if not kept under control during the day, can also confound your results. If you have a lot of stress in your work life, you should focus on doing your job without attachment to the crises and situations that arise. It is possible to do everything the same way without letting it affect your emotions. This can best be done by training yourself to recognize stress every time it happens, and just begin breathing deeply and reminding yourself that you are a fully functional extension of the consciousness of the universe.

If you can bring transcripts of your results to work in a notebook and read them on your break, this can instantly remind you of where you really are coming from and provide a sense of renewal. Know that you WILL get results if you try; this is the natural course of evolution for every human being. By doing it now, you are preparing yourself to be a teacher for the next wave of people who will learn it later. This technique becomes relatively easy with practice; the only other stipulation is that you must make a conscious effort to get a healthy amount of sleep each night. You should only use an alarm as a last - ditch effort, set for a time when you have just enough time to make it in the morning. That way, you can train yourself to wake up naturally earlier, and schedule yourself to end your dictation in time to shut off the alarm. If you cannot wake up by yourself, you really need to focus on sleeping more and cutting off any caffeine usage as much as possible. It is a tough addiction, but it can be broken. It is your birthright to wake up like clockwork at a certain time, and it is fear that holds you back from doing it. Think of all the times you have woken up right before the alarm goes off.

The possibilities are limitless once you open it up. I frequently get detailed and descriptive predictions of future events that were impossible to forecast through any three - dimensional methods, and I have found that the majority of dream voice information is related to my own personal growth. This is what happens to each person. It is not necessary to worry about the content of the messages, as everything that is said to you may be rejected if you choose it to be. There is no obligation to do anything that you are being told, but you will have the understanding of what it is that you need to do in order to get yourself to grow.

By directing and focusing your attention in this manner, fantastic information can come through you, and you will have no idea of what it is until you go back to it when fully awake. You invariably will notice an increase in synchronicity as well as an increase in the length and quality of your dream experiences that you remember. Once you get your doubt enough out of the way to realize that you are really doing this accurately, the sense of peace and belonging that you will feel is incredible; this type of direct contact is a private dream of many, many people.

You may also find out that if you have been drawn to UFO information in any way that encoded messages pertinent to it will come through. You will also notice time and time again that specific information regarding your past lives will come in, and you may be suprised to find out who the people you know used to be to you. Many times, the data on your past lives will cause you to spontaneously remember vivid dreams that you had as a child, which were actually direct memories. You eventually will find yourself spontaneously remembering these while reading your recent dreams, and this is a quite remarkable experience. I am stunned at all the clearly extraterrestrial dreams that I am now remembering from when I was a very young child, possessing elements that were clearly unrelated to Earth, and above it in terms of technology. This is natural, and is part of the process.

Linear time poses no barrier to this expanded self that you will come to know, and you can begin to work directly with yourself on the levels of manifestation, where your life is actually taking form. You can learn to anticipate future events and forestall or turn them around. You also will invariably experience a dramatic uplift in the degree of psychic functioning that you will have in your everyday life: everything will start to become apparent. It will become impossible for anyone to hide anything from you; you will be so receptive to thought currents that you immediately pick up subtle eye gestures, body language cues and changes in the ambiance in the room that are caused when a person isn't being straight with you.

You may notice that you synchronize with electronic devices and clocks, and that you just happen to look up at a certain time over and over again. You can key this in for repeated digits, such as 2:22 or 3:33, and without delay you will start seeing it over and over again, and recognize that this hidden coordination of events from within is responsible.

The synchronicities that happen to me daily are baffling. Today, at work I had a piece of paper with the last name "Cunningham" on it that I pulled out of a big stack. I started to think that the word rhymed with something else pretty obscene, and in my mind I thought, "Cu*tingham." No sooner did I say this than the lady in the cubicle opposite me starts repeating the last name "Hunt" over and over about five times, and then all the other girls started laughing at what it sounded like she was saying with her Australian accent. I merely smiled internally and let it go. This isn't a dramatic example, merely the most notable one that happened today.

Basically put, I believe that properly utilizing this technique will place you on the cutting edge of human evolution. It almost has to, and it will do it in the way that is most suitable for your own needs. Everyone will be doing this in the future. The most current aspect of my research has uncovered that this state is also the state wherein you can immediately induce an out - of - body experience. Anyone interested in this can read "Adventures Out Of The Body" by William Buhlman, which I am currently working with. As I have not yet perfected this, I have not reached a completion point myself, and I look forward to directly meeting these people / beings I am working with. I will let you guys know if I have any successes in this area.

I hope this article will help you to expand in these directions. A fantastic adventure awaits you. If you devote thirty days to this, you will almost certainly get results within that time, if your effort is a sincere half hour each morning. I promise.

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