JUNE, 2009

6-1-09 - DREAM - Stephanie, a family friend brought me 3 parrots wrapped in a large sheet of brown paper, held together with pink plastic bread wrappers.

I didn't have a scissor to cut the wrappers, so I twisted them off with my fingers to open the package.

We were sitting on the ground in the yard to do this, outside of a concrete building that had a huge parrot cage inside.  The building was like a prison with barred windows, but it was clean inside.

Stephanie said her boss Joanne wanted these parrots for herself, but she had a sale price of $99 each on them.

When we opened the package, the largest parrot was green and white, the medium sized parrot was blue and white, and the smallest parrot was yellow and white.

As soon as I saw them I wanted them, and we took the parrots into the building and put them into the cage, and they made themselves right at home.

Unfortunately, we forgot to close the wooden door to the building and we hadn't yet closed the door to the cage either, and all of a sudden, all three birds were back outside flying around on their own.

I felt really sick about this, and I ran outside to find the parrots.

At first, I saw a little green parakeet, and then a blue parakeet, but that's not what I wanted - I had to find the parrots.

Finally, I spotted the green parrot, and with fast reflexes, I grabbed the green parrot with one hand around the back.  I was afraid if I used two hands, he might try to bite me, so I held him gingerly with one hand, and carried him back into the building and put him in the cage.

I went back outside to find the blue bird and that wasn't any more difficult, and I managed to grab the blue bird with one hand the same way. He felt so soft, but again I was afraid of being bit, but I thought to myself, he feels like a newborn child, and just for a second, his head shapeshifted into a child's head with dark hair and back to a parrot again, and I carried him into the building and put him in the cage. 

Stephanie had stayed in the building this whole time, and my small son was in the cage playing with a black mouse he had found and they were hovering over it.

I still had to get the yellow parrot back and went outside to look for it.  While I was out there, a car pulled into the driveway and a woman got out and went into the concrete building.  I didn't know who the woman was, but I still had to find the yellow bird.

The woman then left and I still hadn't found the yellow bird, but I wanted to know what the woman had wanted, so I went into the building and my son was sitting on the floor of the cage crying.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said the woman had taken his mouse from him, and prayed over it and took it back outside.

I looked out the door, and my two youngest grandsons, Thomas and Michael were outside in a smallish tree with a large cage and the mouse was outside in the tree cage now. 

I couldn't figure out why the woman had prayed over the mouse and tried to release it back to nature.  She hadn't done that with the birds who still looked quite content to be in the large cage in the building.

But, I still had to find the yellow parrot, and went back out into the yard to look for it, and woke up.

Other parrot dreams:


6-2-09 - 5:55 a.m. 2 DREAMS -  both dreams had only men in it.  In the first one, it was about being shown that something was being woven in and out and was about Veterans.  In the second dream, it was 9:30 a.m. and I was supposed to have been in school.  I was late and didn't want to walk into a class half way through, so I stayed in bed until a tall man came into the house and needed something from the store, and I volunteered to go get it for him with another guy who also lived in the house.  In all that, something was being hidden behind closed doors that I couldn't quite figure out.

My Father was with me at one point and showed me how to fix my glasses if the handle came off on the right side, and as soon as he showed me how to drill a new hole in the handle and attach it to the glasses, they broke in the exact place he had just told me how to fix it. 

I shouldn't be surprised at that. :-)


4-3-09 - ANXIETY -  I woke up at 4:14 a.m. dreamless with less than 4 hours sleep after watching the TV show  Earth 2100 which we watched on tape so it was after midnight - and I had dozed through parts of it.  So, I went to the bathroom and decided to try to get some more sleep.  Bad move on my part.

I was immediately seized with episodes of breathlessness because I forgot to breath for half a second and noticed my heart was palpitating. I tried to relax and my heart beat got even more erratic - first it would beat in my stomach, and then it would beat in my left chest really hard.  Having gone through this before many times for 30 years, I wasn't too concerned - just tried to relax and finally was able to fall asleep.

This is the dream I fought so hard to get:

DREAM  woke at exactly 6:16 a.m.  I was living in a house with my husband and children  (none of whom I recognized) and we had overnight visitors who had slept in the attic, but had gone outside for a walk when I got up in the morning.

I wasn't dressed yet, still wearing a nightgown and robe, the house was a mess and I was embarrassed to have that other family see it the way it was.

I looked on the stairs and discovered that my daughter had been playing with some kind of new toy I hadn't seen before, with black plastic pieces that that two sharp pyramids on the top of each piece.  I could just imagine the other family coming down the stairs and stepping on one of those sharp pieces, so I told my husband to tell our daughter to pick up the toy pieces from the stairway. 

He must have done that because when I looked the stairs again, the black toy pieces had been picked up - but he could have done it himself.  She was playing with something else on the livingroom floor.

By then, I was trying to figure out what to feed these people whom I didn't know, and there was food in the house, but it all looked like leftovers, and some of it was partially eaten and I didn't want to throw it away.  There was still a 1/2 piece of fish that was cooked and I wanted to eat that yet.  There was also leftover french fries which I liked to eat for breakfast, but I couldn't feed any of that to guests.  So I took the leftover food and placed it on the dresser in the bedroom.

I went back out to the livingroom and there was piles of laundry everywhere on the floor and each pile was about 4 feet high, and none of it was sorted by color and that would have to be done before it could be washed.

I looked on the door going outside to the backyard where the guests had gone out and my winter flannel robe was hanging there.  It was bright red and felt very inappropriate and I needed to put it away and wear something appropriate to entertain guests.

I then wondered where the children were and went to the stairs again, and I could hear two boys talking (they sounded like my grandchildren) and I wondered if my daughter was up there with them or if she was sleeping, because the boys were talking about sex and then laughing.  I hoped she was sleeping.  I didn't want to embarrass the boys so I let them keep talking, and just kept hoping my daughter was sleeping.

When I looked back into the livingroom, all the clothes piles were in the doorway to my bedroom and the piles were now about 5 feet high and there were 3 of them right in the doorway so I couldn't get into it.

The livingroom floor was carpeted with a bright red paisley carpet, and was perfectly clean, and I discovered an electronics guy working on my stereo that had a red converter box on top of it.  He was clicking the converter box levers and said he was surprised that such old equipment still worked but it was, but the more he fiddled with it the worse it got, and he shook his head negatively and said that he was going to have to take it into the shop to be repaired.

I then went into the bedroom and my husband said he had a vision in the corner of the kitchen sink, and I told him I did too just a few moments ago.

We went back out into the livingroom and where the stereo had been, there was an enamel kitchen sink and a workman, dressed in black was kneeling on top of the it trying to fix it and saying that the one he thought we had was a double sink.

I told him, my sink was in the kitchen on the other side of that wall, and the sink was a double steel sink.  So he went to fix that one, which I had no idea there was anything wrong with it.

I went back into the livingroom, and a woman was sitting on a chair by a square table which hadn't been there just a moment before.  She was holding our son Michael on her lap. He appeared to be about 10 years old..  There seemed to be something wrong with him. His eyes were wide open, unblinking and he was just staring into the space of the room, but it seemed he couldn't see.  His eyes was were a pale, pale, blue, very beautiful, but he was either in a trance or blind, and he didn't seem to be awake either. I didn't know what was wrong with him.

My husband took a look at him, and he didn't want to scare him into waking up so he didn't say anything to him either.  We just sat there and watched our son -  and I finally woke up and the clock said  6:16 a.m.

See:  616 vs 666 -



6-4-09 - DREAM - I was feeling kind of lonely, so I and a couple friends went to a place where singles went to meet other singles.  My black friend David went with me, and my friend Mary (now deceased) went to this place that looked like a huge basement of a department store, but it could be a basement anywhere. People sat at open booths on stools, and others could come along and sit next to them and try to make a match with them.  I noticed that one booth alongside a huge square pole holding up the ceiling that was painted yellow, had a telephone where people could call and get grief counseling.  People would take turns sitting there if they didn't feel like meeting someone for fun.

 There was a coffee bar on one side, and while I was waiting my turn to go to the bathroom (they only had a pit behind a large open cardboard box in this place -  one of the girls said, "Why don't you mix up a Starcation while you are waiting!  and she pointed to a board on the wall next to a sink that had multiple tubular shaped cups that had a brown watery substance in it, and a bunch of straws hanging next to them.  I asked, "How do you mix up a Starcation?" and she took down a tubular cup at random, showed me the liquid in it, and then showed me the spigot with a spray hose attached to it where you got the hot water to add to it.  Then she handed me a handful of what looked like movie star faces made out of mocha which you crushed with a fork and added to the coffee/water mixture.  My batch included the face of Frankenstein and he was bigger and tougher to mash down. 

While I was doing this, some young guy came along and tried to hit on me, and mentioned that sometimes when people did this, one of the faces didn't get mashed very well, and a face would be floating in the coffee cup and people would try to guess who it was. 

NOTE:  When I looked up this word to see if it was real, I ended up a few sites that had this word, along with others of a similar nature that people might misspell  - and it was about 'starvation' (which I had thought of when I was mixing up the drink in the basement)  and when I clicked on one of these sites, about starvation in Africa, Windows Explorer kicked up a pop up window that said I had multiple issues of viruses on my computer and asked if I wanted to run a scan of my computer, (which it was already doing by the way)  and when I clicked on it because it looked real, I immediately got another pop up from my own computer saying I had picked up a Trojan which they instantly quarantined.

So, don't look up the word, or you will get hit with one of these Trojan's too.


NOTE 2: 

Horrible news:  David Carradine committed suicide this morning. 
They found him hanging by the neck in his closet.
Interesting though - in 2008 he made a film called, "My suicide".
He had been in the middle of making a film.  It doesn't make sense.
David Carradine was the son of John Carradine - also a famous movie star.  His last film was made in 1995
P.S.  I hope this doesn't mean that we will hear of more deaths of famous people like my dream Starcation this morning.

NOTE:  Multiple famous people including Farah Faucette, Ed McMahan, and Michael Jackson died all within 24 hours of each other this month.

So sad.



6-5-09 - DREAM/VISION - I woke up at exactly 2:16 a.m. looking at a man, wearing a black suit and pink and white shirt.  There was a man poking him in the chest with a cane three times.

6-5-09 - VISION -  I woke up at exactly 6:16 a.m. looking at a man who had three eyes across his head in a straight line and they were not blinking.
They were big round eyes.


6-5-09 - NAP DREAM - I was living in Milwaukee, WI with my kids on 16th St.  My teen boys were in a band, playing the drums in a camp on 124th St. in a park, off of Center St.  (These are real streets)  The camp was at the base of a forested hill, and a big banner type sign hung from the trees that said, "The First Detachment".  They were playing Indian type drums not snare drums like drum and bugle corps played.  The boys were all about 16 and 17 in the camp - and some had tiny little mustaches over their lips - still boy type mustaches.

My daughter-in-law Becky was there with me as we had gone shopping.  She had invited me to go, but I was driving as I had picked her up, gone shopping and then picked up the boys to take them home from camp.

I was in an alley, and had to make a right turn onto Center St.  There was a lot of traffic going both ways on Center St., and Becky kept demanding that I drive into traffic at the first opportunity, but I couldn't see what was coming west on the street, so I was just edging out a little at a time until such time I could see. All of a sudden, two motorcycles, in a hurry came blasting past right where I would have pulled out because they were passing cars going west and if I had pulled out as fast as Becky wanted me too, they would have slammed right into my car.

By that time, she was mad at me, and had gotten out of the car because I wasn't driving fast enough, so, to pay her back, I just drove home without her, figuring she could take the bus or walk if she was that mad at me.

As I drove East on the street, I was driving past women who were wearing long robes and gown with turban type hoods over their heads - like Hindu or Arab women wear, and at the last, I was out of my car and walking, dragging a blanket, and going past high-school girls sleeping alongside the road, like they had no place to live. They were blonde girls, and laughed like girls do as I walked by and recognized them.

After I got home, I was out in the back yard, where the boys were practicing their Indian drumming techniques, when Becky finally walked into the house. She wasn't mad anymore - and we all laughed over what had happened.


6-6-09 - NAP DREAM - I was living in the country in a small house and was growing a Lily in a pot against the back far wall of the basement. I wanted to show this Lily to some people, but I didn't want strangers to have to go all the way through my house.

I thought maybe I could dig a large hole in the ground behind the house and we could build a stairwell and a door right into the basement from outside, but the foundation of the house was made of stone and that would not be easy, so I needed help to do that too, if it was at all possible.  But I was wiling to do the digging if it could be done.

Then a woman came to the house with a group of blonde blue-eyed older teens, both boys and girls.  They were really pretty with short curly hair and their eye brows were a little askew it seemed like they had been injured or something.  The woman told me she needed to care for these 'Celestials' and heal them so they could in turn help others.

I told her I would help do that, because I wanted them to see the Lily I was growing in the basement.


6-7-09 - DREAM - I was living in the country in Wisconsin.  I was told that my daughter-in-law was having an asthma attack, so I was walking home to help her.  As I walked home, people were coming from everywhere that I used to know to also come to see her.  I was surprised they would do this as no one could help - just visit.

I was still walking in the hallway when IOESOUS came along with a letter in his hand and said, "Who do you know who lives on Highway 31, and he showed me a letter from someone named 'Krueger' or something like that who he knew who also lived on Highway 31 in upper Wisconsin it seemed.  He showed me the letter and then gave me a big hug and I welcomed it.

When we got to the house, many people were visiting -mostly women. I was trying to explain that my daughter in law wasn't really my daughter in law, that she was married to my so-called son, who was like an adopted son-in-law - not really a relative, but we cared for them just the same. While we were sitting there, I got offered a job to run a restaurant - one that was already successful - they just needed a new manager.  The woman who was leaving said that her income at the end of the month was $11,500.

I could hardly turn that kind of income down, but I was still thinking about it.

Meanwhile I had to go to the grocery store, with one of my kids. I didn't have enough money for what I needed, so I told my daughter that we would put back 5 boxes of donuts to get 3 boxes of eggs.  I also had two other things in the car already I hadn't paid for - one was a case of Coca Cola.  The back door to the car was still open where she needed to get in, and I noticed that there were some 'bad' boys sitting in a car nearby who had in mind to rob us, so I didn't want to waste time, I just wanted to get in and drive strait home. 

The woman who owned the grocery store - must have noticed said, "Go ahead!  We'll settle up tomorrow!" 

I was grateful and was ready to drive the car when I woke up.


6-7-09 - DREAM - I was living alone in a house somewhere.  I was very lonely.  Then I got visited by a male spirit who was wearing a very dapper grey suit and hat.  Then, while he was standing next to me, someone peeked in the door and that person had a camera and snapped a picture of me and the spirit.

I laughed and said to the spirit - "That should be interesting!"

Just that quickly, the male spirit grabbed the camera and took a little square thing out of the camera that held the picture, and disappeared with it.

I was so disappointed to be so lonely, I wanted to cry. And I imagined myself walking around the house crying for weeks, but I really never did do that.

I knew I'd never really be alone.


6-8-09 - DREAM - I was working in an office - going through a journal I had made in 2003 and checking it line by line to see what was important that I hadn't completed.

I can't say for sure who my boss was, but he had white hair and was handsome and a little on the chubby side.

He sat at my desk on my chair, going over his own records and setting aside notes he had made to himself, hat were corners ripped off of envelopes and pieces of larger size paper, and was setting them on the corner of the desk, and I decided I had better hang onto them for him as well so they didn't get lost.

NOTE: checking my own computer to see what isn't yet completed.- I started at 6:30 a.m. - it's 4 hours later, and the search is still going, and so far, its picked up over 4,000 files.  Good thing I don't have to look at all of them.  I sure was a busy girl in 2003.


6-9-09 - DREAM - I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but the last one I was shown a thick book with a list of companies that were in financial trouble. I wasn't shown any of them but the book was open to the letter S.  It also seems I remember the name Gallo in that dream. 

I went into a University for the 1st day of classes.  I was on the first floor balcony, watching some of the students coming in the lower entrance door, and they all went to the elevator and came up to the 1st floor where I was -  it was a long distance down.  I was extremely impressed by the size of the students, they were all over 7 feet tall. 

I wanted to use the elevator also to go up, but my classes were in the basement.  (Seems like they always are in that school)


6-10-09 - DREAM - I was in the backyard of my 16th St. house.  We had a really bad storm and the water froze under the shingles of the garage, which raised them up really high (they were emerald green)  The next morning, the ice all thawed and the shingles started sliding off the roof.  I was going to run into the house to tell my Father about it, when I heard a strange noise.  And when I looked a huge baby eagle with its white baby feathers and a naked neck and head flopped down onto the roof of the garage.  This baby eagle was about 2 feet long so I knew it was going to be a huge eagle when it was grown.

THE AETOS DIOS was a giant, golden eagle which served as Zeus' personal messenger and animal companion. According to some, the eagle was once a mortal king named Periphas, whose virtuous rule was so celebrated that he was came to be honoured like a god. Zeus, in anger, would have smote him with a thunderbolt, but Apollon intervened and, transforming the king into an eagle, set him beside the throne of Zeus. In other accounts, Zeus adopted the eagle as his bird when it first appeared to him before the Titan War as a sign of good omen. The eagle was later sent by Zeus to carry the handsome youth Ganymedes up to heaven to become the cupbearer of the gods.

The bird received a place amongst the stars as the constellation Aquila. Its consort was Lyra, the heavenly vulture.

GAIA (Antoninus Liberalis 6)


PE′RIPHAS (Periphas). An Attic antochthon previous to the time of Cecrops. was a priest of Apollo, and on account of his virtues he was made king; but as he was honoured to the same extent as Zeus, the latter wished to destroy him. At the request of Apollo, however, Zeus metamorphosed him into an eagle, and his wife likewise into a bird. (Anton. Lib. 6 ; Ov. Met. vii. 400.)

Although Zeus was well known for his dalliances with various women (and thus infuriating his wife, the goddess Hera), Zeus didn't limit himself to young women. At least once he also fell in love with a young boy: Ganymede, son of King Tros of Troy.

Zeus and Gaymede

Because Zeus found the young Ganymede so desirable, he changed himself into and eagle and swooped down to abduct him. Zeus carried the boy high up to Mt. Olympus and made him a cupbearer for the gods. Hera, already annoyed that Zeus had found yet another mortal to cheat on her with, was made even angrier by this last decision because cupbearer was a position that had previously been held by her daughter with Zeus, Hebe.

Zeus so loved Ganymede that he never wanted to be without the boy's company and so created the constellation Aquarius, the cupbearer, to commemorate their love. It is believed by some scholars that this story was used to explain and/or justify the presence of homosexuality in ancient Greece - in particular the homosexual relationships that developed between younger males and older men.

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    Jul 3, 2006 ... Zeus condemned Prometheus to having his liver eaten by a giant eagle for giving the Flames of Olympus to the mortals. ...



    In Sumero-Akkadian mythology, Zu is a divine storm-bird and the personification of the southern wind and the thunder clouds. This demon, half man and half bird, stole the "Tablets of Destiny" from Enlil and hid them on a mountaintop. Anu ordered the other gods to retrieve the tablets, even though they all feared the demon. According to one text, Marduk killed the bird, but in another text it died through the arrows of the god Ninurta. The bird is also referred to as Imdugud or Anzu.


    Sumer/Babylon: Pazuzu
    Not much is known about Pazuzu -- or Zu, as he is sometimes called. According to one web site, "This little-known demon from Babylonian myth was represented as a very thin, emaciated man with the feet and wings of an eagle, and the forepaws and head of a lion. He is nearly always shown with the right paw raised and the left held at his side.

    "The demon first appeared in early Babylonian myth in the guise of the 'storm-bird' Zu, who stole the Tablets of Destiny from the dragoness Tiamat. In the later Babylonian civilization, he once again appeared, this time under the name of Pazuzu, and was said to be the child of the chief wind-demon, Hanpa. When Pazuzu is summoned by worshippers, he appears in a statuesque form, frozen into the position described above. However, he metamorphoses out of the statue form to his living form. In this form, he is fully capable of movement."

    The Yezidi tribes of Kurdistan, who worship a Watcher like god called Malek Taus, or the Peacock Angel, tell a very similar story to the one about Zu and Tiamat. In their mythology, a creature -- who is half-lion, half-eagle -- called Imdugud, or Anzu. "This monster was said to have stolen the Tablets of Destiny from the god Enlil (Ellil) in Akkadian which, in its possession, gave 'him power over the Universe as controller of the fates of all,' enough to endanger 'the stability of civilization,'" Andrew Collins writes in his book "From the Ashes of Angels."

    According to Wikipedia, "Although Pazuzu was a malevolent force, his image was used on amulets to ward off his enemy Lamashtu, a female demon that preyed on newborn babies and their mothers. The amulet was either placed on the mother or child or larger ones were placed above them on a wall."

    In his essay, "The Demon of the South-West Wind," Stephen Sennitt writes, "In his erudite book, 'The Domain of Devils,' Eric Marple describes the wind demon as the most terrible of all demonic entities, having the power to spread loathsome diseases with his dry, fiery breath. The demo has 'for a head the almost fleshless skull of a dog,' representing death, disease, and as the fleshless death's-head of the desert scavenger, starvation. Significantly, William Woods states in his 'History of the Devil,' 'in Mesopotamia, the horned demon, Pazuzu, rode on the wind and carried malaria,' thus emphasizing the demon's destructive role as 'lord of fevers and plagues.'"

    It is interesting to put Pazuzu alongside Watcher myths, and compare his protectiveness of women, as well as his ability to bring massive plagues, to the Watchers story in the Book of Enoch.



    Stone-cast statue, black hydrostone, 210 mm tall (8.25")  130 mm wingspan


    Reproduction of the ancient Sumerian-Babylonian tomb guardian Pazuzu, elemental demon of wind and pestilence. As archetypal monster, it incorporates a composite of astrological characteristics and is portrayed with horns, serpentine face, the wings of an eagle, the legs and paws of a lion and scorpion tail.

    The oldest of all demons, Pazuzu is first to appear in the Western tradition and responsible for a plethora of demons, devils and genies in the cultures which follow.


    As personification of the "evil wind that brings pestilence," Pazuzu is one of the famous Seven Sumerian Demons dispatched upon a hapless earth by the celestial dragononess Tiamat during her epic battle with the solar deity Marduk. In the form of the Demon Storm-Bird Zu, Pazuzu achieved heroic status for stealing the Tablets of Destiny from Tiamat. According to the Sumerian chronicles, the Seven Demons represent the elemental forces which assaulted the world during the terrible cataclysm attending the Great Flood.

    Because tradition held that Pazuzu once opposed a powerful demonic goddess, icons of Pazuzu were used for warding off all evil forces. Until late Babylonian times, Pazuzu was worn as an amulet, set on household shelves and placed next to sleeping children to guard them from Lamashtu, a female demon who preyed upon babies and their mothers.

     Statuettes like this were also left in tombs to protect the dead which, at the same time, conferred a relative immortality on the benevolent demon. Pazuzu’s protective presence on the eaves of ancient temples is still echoed today by the misshapen winged gargoyles clutching the roof-tops of Medieval churches and Gothic buildings.



    Stone cast tablet, 85 x 50 mm (approx 3.5 x 2"), antique gold finish, with museum display stand & parchment description



    Reproduction of a British Museum cylinder seal design, from the seal of Mushezib-Ninurta, viceroy of the ancient city of Shadikanni in eastern Syria, 883 BC, during which time the city was an Assyrian vassal.

    The tablet portrays the terrestrial Tree-Of-Life, which flourishes under the solar influence, represented above by the classic winged disk borrowed from the Egyptians. Standing on either side, the sun god Marduk-Shamash and Ea-Enki god of the earth, grasp streamers from the solar disk holding them protectively around the Tree.

    Two hawk-faced beings stand behind them bearing fruit from the Tree in one hand and the Tablets of Destiny in the other. They represent a humanized version of the ancient Sumerian Storm Bird Zu, who achieved fame assisting the sun god and stealing the Tablets Of Destiny from the vengeful goddess Inanna-Ishtar. The Tablets Of Destiny symbolize the natural order or "balance of things," which was greatly disturbed during the mythic War of the Gods when the star gods wreaked havoc upon the earth and nearly destroyed the Tree of Life.


    Horned Ishtar
    2100 BC reproduction

    Stone cast terracotta relief tablet, 70 x 45 mm (approx 2 x 2.5”), on 110 mm (4.25") black acrylic mount, with museum display stand & description

    Reproduction of an archaic seal impression tablet from Tepe Yahya in Iran, dated to the 3rd Millennium BC … an area notable as the source of refined chlorite bowls for the Sumerian markets.

    Following the fall of the Akkadian Empire, during the last Sumerian dynasty around the 21st century BC, a renaissance of Sumerian culture across Mesopotamia saw the reappearance of cylinder seals which harken back to Early Dynastic prototypes.

    Designs of this type, depicting the goddess Ishtar with characteristic crescent horns and her ritual attendants, are attributed to the Gutian Invaders. The hand carved silhouette style appeared amongst traders after the destruction of the famous seal-making workshops of the Akkadian Empire.


    Flanked by two hand-maidens, the tablet depicts a stark silhouette of the celestial goddess Ishtar. Her wings indicate her heavenly origins. She is enthroned to symbolize her supremacy of the sky and surrounded by a medley of images, which include the ancient flood symbols of swimming fish. Like the Hathor Cow of Egypt, she is portrayed with the head of a bull, recalling the mythic tale when she dispatched the elemental forces of the “Bull of Heaven” upon a hapless earth.

     The stricken and decapitated earth god Ea-Enki, grasps a branch, symbolic of the Tree of Life. A large star connected to his head shows his subjection to stellar influences. At his feet, twin serpents wrestle to form the double loop of the continuous cycles of nature. On the opposite side, a snake charmer summons the demon-elemental forces of the Genii which assaulted the world during the mythic War of the Gods.



    1800 BC

    Stone-cast disc, brown-ochre  hydrostone, 120 mm (4.75 inches), 10 mm thickness (approx half inch) with parchment description.

    Reproduction of Akkadian calendar tablet discovered in 1910 by Walter Andrae, who led the 1908 German expedition on the ancient site of Ashur.

    Originally a colony of Babylonia, the city of Ashur on the Tigris became the first capitol of Assyria, to which it gave it's name. To date, approximately 25,000 tablets have been excavated from this site.

    Calendar tablets like this and others discovered at Mari in Syria, make it clear that the Semitic Akkadians possessed a highly developed calendar by 1800 BC, with allocations based on a 29 and 30 day lunar month.

    In the city of Ashur, the year bore the name of the Limmu, the official elected for the year. Along with the regent's name seal, the Assyrian months are inscribed upon the tablet in Akkadian Cuneiform and named as, Sipim, Qarratim, Kanwarta, Telnatim, Kuzali, Allanatim, Bel-Tiekallim, Sa Sarratim, Marmak Assur Sa Kinatim, Mahhurili, Ab Sarrani and Hubur.

    In the 18th century BC, the Babylonian Empire standardized the year by adopting the ancient Sumerian calendar of the sacred city of Nippur. The priests there used a calendar which integrated the lunar year of 354 days and brought it in line with the solar-agricultural year by use of an "intercalated" cycle of months.

    The power and prestige of Babylon assured the success of the new calendar, which began in the Spring on Nissanu 1. The new Babylonian month names supplanted the old Assyrian and by the time Assyria rose to power the Babylonian luni-solar calendar was in common use.

    Deeply rooted in ritual and tradition the Assyrian New Year falls on April 1st of every year. Arguably one of the most important events of the Assyrian year, it is still called 'Khab-Nissan' and celebrated among Assyrians worldwide. According to this calendar, it is currently the year 6758 "since civilization began" after the Flood.

    2300 BC


    Stone cast statuette, 105 mm (4.4 inches), with parchment description

    replica casting of ancient Sumerian votive figurine


    Wearing characteristic beard and royal turban, the statue is an Early Dynastic representation of En-Ki, the ancient Sumerian version of the deity. The name literally means "Lord of Chi" or "Lifeforce." Also known as Ea in Akkadian, he was the universal deity and "Lord of all the earth."

    Enki's emblem is the two docile serpents looped around his neck, which represent the forces of nature and are also associated with magic and healing. Enki was also venerated as Lord of Magic.

    In the mythic tales, Enki sides with humankind and saves them from the complete destruction of the Great Flood. Defying the star gods, Enki informs the Sumerian equivalent of Noah, Ziusudra-Utnapishtim, about the coming flood and instructs him to build a boat to survive.

    In emulation of Enki's pet serpents, snake-charming magicians became a phenomenon unique to Babylon. Healing spells and methods of divination involving snakes appear on many of their tablets.

    (NOTE: Enki's earth-serpents are not to be confused with the celestial Dragon-Serpent Tiamet, the notorious "bad guy" of ancient mythology.)




    1000 BC

    Stone cast statue, dark gold, 110 mm (4.25”), with description.

    Cast replica of 1000 BC votive figurine from ancient Syria.

    An interesting representation of the ancient Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar-Astarte in the form of the "Great Virgin Mother." The statuette is an excellent example of those fashioned for Syrian household shrines of the period.

    A much revered figure in the Middle East for countless centuries, Astarte evolved from Ishtar-Inanna, the celestial goddess of Sumerian and Babylonian myth. Astarte means "star," as does her name in the various local cultures ... Asherah, Ashtareth, Ashtaroth, Atargatis and Athar.

    Throughout Mesopotamia she was known as "Queen Of Heaven" and the "Great Virgin Mother" and came to be seen as the feminine aspect of the godhead. She is remembered in the ancient tales as "she who gave light to the heavens."


    Early European Religious Figurine
     1000 BC

    Bronze figurine, cold cast, 55 mm (two & a half inches), with description.

    Cast replica of Bronze Age Earth God fertility figure from central Europe circa 1200 to 800 BC, from the time of the Urnfield Culture.

    The deity is believed to be Taranis, which translates as "Thunder God." One of the earliest known forms of the archetypal Thunder God, the Celtic attributes of this god were lightning and a spiral design representing "heavenly fire." The pocket-sized figurine would most likely have been used as a personal religious icon of the times.


    Central to Celtic religion, the spiral design is also thought to represent the regenerative earth energies which spiral up at sacred sites and places of worship and was believed to be connected with the movements of the stars ... the "heavenly fire."

    In the period from 1000 BC to 1 AD, the Celts conquered and settled much of western and central Europe, acquiring wealth through raids and conquests. Archaeological artifacts like this reveal they mastered metalworking technology which enhanced their trade capability with distant partners.


     500 BC historical replica


    Stone cast tablet, 90 x 60 mm (3.5 x 2.4"), 15 mm thick (half inch), antique gold finish, with description


    Scaled down reproduction of broken relief from the ruins of Persia's ancient Persepolis.

    The tablet depicts a royal winged sphinx, the classic “Lion of Babylon,” guardian of the ancient cities and temples of Mesopotamia. The Babylonian Lion was adopted by the Persians when the highly educated King Darius constructed the Persepolis palace complex in 518 BC.

    The half-human winged lion hails from very ancient times. Sometimes referred to as the "solar lion" it has long been associated with the sun and astrologically connected with the zodiacal Age of Leo.

    The sun god Marduk-Shamash is often shown hunting a lion or with one at his feet. In similar fashion, the stellar goddess Inanna-Ishtar is also often attended by the lion.  For this reason, superstitious ancients assumed the lion must be a "benevolent demon" and began placing them either side of gates and doorways to protect against evil ... a tradition which persists to this day.






    1000 AD

    Bronze stamp seal, cold cast, 25 x 25 mm (1 x 1.5 inches), with terracotta impression tablet, 90 x 50 mm (2 x 2.25); description

    Cast replica of 10th century Syrian seal.

    The seal depicts a stylistic representation of the ancient Mesopotamian earth god Enki, which literally means 'Lord of Earth.'; He was called Ea in Akkadian and also known under the names Ninscaron;iku or Nudimmud.; He sits before the terrestrial Tree Of Life and holds a bird in his hands, an ancient representation of the Phoenix to symbolise regeneration of Nature.


    During this period Syria was a series of city-states under the Aramaean or Neo-Hittite rulers. Further south the united kingdom of David and Solomon divided in the 10th century into the rival kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

    By this time the whole of the Levant coast adopted the stamp seal which, unlike the previously popular cylinder seal, had a dual purpose application on clay tablets as well as sealing documents written on paper and perishable materials.


    2330 BC


    Cast tablet, 65 x 42 mm (2.5 x 1.5 inches), on 70 x 110 mm black mount, with wooden museum display stand & description.

    Replica impression tablet from a Sumerian seal excavated from Tell Asmar in Iraq by the Oriental Institute in 1932 and dated to 2330 BC. Although classic Sumerian in myth and iconography, the seal is technically Akkadian, fashioned during the Akkadian invasion of 2330 BC when they briefly controlled Sumeria.



    Considered a possible representation of the Great Flood, the tablet depicts the well-known sun god Marduk-Shamash steering a stylistic solar barge to escape rising flood waters, with the Tablets of Destiny precariously poised on his knee.

    Shaped to resemble the celestial dragon-serpent Tiamat, the sun god's boat is piloted by Ea-Enki god of the earth, who is urged on by the Sphinx-Lion of the constellation Leo. Emphasising the stellar theme, a large star extends on a feather from the lion's crown.

    Multiple strokes of lightning and a symbolic water jug expressively fill the sky, surmounted by the elemental storm bird Zu, while fish and waves stream beneath the boat. Behind the sun god, wearing her characteristic horned crown, the celestial goddess Innana-Ishtar rides high on the clouds dispatching bolts of lightning from her outstretched hand.

    Students of mythology will notice the obvious parallel with the Egyptian sun god Ra in his solar barge.

    2100 BC
    Large stone cast tablet, 150 x 85 mm (5.5 x 3.5 inches)
    30 mm (1.2 inch) thick, cuneiform inscription on both sides, with parchment description.

    Buried 4,000 years in the ruins of ancient Nippur on the plains of Iraq, this 2100 BC tablet is the oldest medical text known. Towards the end of the third millennium BC, an anonymous Sumerian healer recorded remedies for posterity, inscribing fifteen detailed prescriptions in archaic cuneiform.

    In 2005, University of Pennsylvania scholars succeeded in translating the greater part of the pharmacopoeia. They identified substances as varied as turtle shell, willow bark and cannabis, most of which were ground into wine or beer as the dissolving agent. It is also believed to be the first known documentation of aspirin, aloe vera and opium, demonstrating a sophistication and level of medical knowledge equivalent to 17th century England.


    Translation excerpts:

    "Grind to a powder, pear tree bark and moon plant, then pour Kushumma wine over it and let plain oil and hot cedar oil be spread over it.

    Grind to a powder the seed of the carpenter plant, gum resin of the Markazi plant and Thyme. Dissolve in beer and let a man drink.

    Pour heated water over dried and powdered water snake, the Amama-Shumkaspal plant, roots of the thorn plant, powdered Naga (an alkali-yielding plant), powdered turpentine and faces of bat. After having bathed the affected area, rub with oil and cover with Shaki."


    2200 BC


    Stone cast tablet, 75 x 35 mm (3 x 1.5"), antique gold finish, on 70 x 110 mm black acrylic mount with display stand & description.

    Reproduction of a 2200 BC Sumerian seal tablet excavated from Iraq in 1846 and now part of the British Museum collection. This type of seal design, with simple stylistic figures, emerged during the cultural breakdown of the post-Akkadian period and survived into early UR III dynastic times.

    Originally thought to be a depiction of the Biblical Adam and Eve tempted by the serpent, it achieved remarkable notoriety in Britain during the 19th century as the "Adam and Eve Seal" or "Temptation Seal" and was popularly viewed as validation of biblical accounts.

    A century later, museum scholars determined it to be one of a well known class of mythic scenarios featuring one of the earliest historical images of the Tree Of Life, timeless Mesopotamian symbol of earthly creation.


    6-10-09  - DREAM - I was in a big old house - mansion type.  I was in the kitchen, telling myself it was time to make dinner, and I needed to peel potatoes and get them going on the stove, which was one of those old-fashioned black with 6 burners like the rich people had.

    While I was getting dinner ready, putting the potatoes in the kettle, getting the meat cooked, etc.,  I went out on the front veranda, where some people were walking down the street.

    Three men were walking down the street, and went up to three women who were standing on the sidewalk, telling them had lost a big amount of money, and the women were buying into that story, telling them how sorry they felt for them, and the men were trying to talk the women into getting them some help to get their money back.

    When the men moved on, the women came up the stairs towards me and were laughing, and I knew they had been joking around with the men, acting all serious with them, and I told the women they ought to write a book from the story they had told the men.

    Then I went back into the house and I was on the second floor, looking down over a balcony railing at a very large rotunda type area that had fluer de lis design in the marble floor, and their were pillars along the sides to hold up the massive ceiling, and it all looked very medieval and European - like in a movie like Indiana Jones:


    1. Raiders of the Lost Ark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Raiders of the Lost Ark (also known as Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) is a 1981 action-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, ...




6-11-09 - DREAM -  I, my husband (a chubby man), identical twin young women, and another couple were to participate in a game show where we had to answer questions.  I felt like I was being tested as to whether I could go to the bathroom #2 in public.

The evening ended without anything happening, and we all went home for the night.

That night my husband and I had to have our infant child tested for something, which came out positive - and that made us very happy.

The next day, my husband and I drove back to the studio to continue the contest.

When we got into the parking lot, we were driving a large brown station wagon, and when we pulled into the parking lot, the other male contestant recognized my voice without even seeing me, and I recognized him without actually seeing him as we greeted him.  We then went into the studio.

Inside the studio, I put a silver wedding ring on one of the young twin women who had been seated across from me on my far right side. My husband and I carried brown wooden wedding rings which were giant sized - size of bracelets.  That action of giving her the silver wedding ring actually hung on the positive test of our baby.  The young woman was thrilled to have been chosen to wear the silver wedding ring which was way too big for her finger,  and then the game resumed.

end of dream

I went back to bed and fell asleep, but had this dream vision of being back in the studio at the end of the game.  I was handed a glass bottle of milk - (quart size)  and I watched as a red plastic lid stopper seal was placed on top of the open bottle.



6-12-09 - DREAM -  I was moving into a new apartment in a building that had a wing that was unused because the apartments weren't ready for occupants yet.  They weren't painted, or cleaned and there was dirt on the hallway floors.

My roommate's name was Roberta and we stopped at the hallway intersection to pick up the mail that had been delivered and left under a table on the corner.  (That's how I knew her name was Roberta because she had so many packages and her name was clearly printed on every package.  While she picked up her packages, she told me that her cousin lived down the hall and her name was Aragon.  (I think it was actually Avalon)  (I don't know if Roberta's last name was also Avalon but it might have been)

There was one large envelope there on the floor that didn't seem to have an addressee on it and it was a catalog from Figi's.  So I picked it up and decided that whoever it was meant for wouldn't really care if I took it and made up a new name for myself.


6-12-09 - DREAM - I was moving into a new apartment in a building where we also worked and this apartment was the first floor between my female boss and my male boss who was also her boss.

I wasn't quite done moving in yet, and was standing in the hallway with a couple objects on which there was a large round ticking clock.

My male boss walked by and stopped to admire the clock which was ticking quite loudly. I hoped he wouldn't notice that were late for work and when he admired the clock, I offered it to him to put in his office and he accepted.  I could always get another clock and this clock seemed to please him.  I pointed out to him that the clock had some dust inside the body of the clock and that it would need to be cleaned and he said he would take care of it.  (I didn't notice what time it was on the clock but it seemed very important to the boss to have it so he walked away with it to his office)

I went into my apartment for a moment and saw that it had no furniture and had some clothing in piles, but nothing was hung up. I wondered if I would even be able to find my underwear.

My roommate was cooking a meal, and she needed something fixed and it took a screwdriver.  I asked her if she had a tool drawer in the kitchen cabinet, and started opening all the drawers in the kitchen looking for a tool drawer and saw that she had no tools whatsoever so we couldn't fix whatever was broken unless we had a screwdriver.

The telephone rang then, and I answered it and there were two male voices on the phone and it was hard to distinguish what each person wanted, except one old man said he was depressed and that's why he decided to call and he started to read a prayer - but I couldn't make out which prayer it was or a Bible verse perhaps because the other man was talking at the same time and I couldn't focus on either voice.  Then my roommate picked up the extension of the phone and started talking too, and the old man must have hung up and I let my roommate talk to the remaining man.

I walked down the hall to my female bosses office and saw that she was working on some computations about electricity and a couple large monetary numbers were highlighted in yellow highlighter.  Another man walked in who was in charge of electricity and she showed him her computations and told him that she would pay half from one account and pay the other half from another account.  He seemed pleased that she had figured out how to pay for it, and that pleased her that she had figured it out. The number was really large - in the billions, and I wondered what people were going to have to sacrifice so she could take 'their' money to pay the electric bills.

The man had a notebook with him and on the page that was showing was a series of doodles, and each doodle was the letter S in cursive writing and each S was in a different shape, neatly drawn with three lines in the letter S followed by the letters 'elf' in plain print  (which makes the word  Self) and I wondered how many ways one could draw the letter S in cursive and still have it be recognizable.

The man then turned the page and that page had a full page of doodles of the sun that his uncle had done and each sun had a different size and shape and the last one was really large and misshapen, and my female boss said to the man, "Henry!  I hope you aren't trying to be like your uncle Harold!"

Henry said, "Uncle Harold was trying to prepare Humanity!........

and I woke up.

The name Henry means: The boy's name Henry \he(n)-ry\ is pronounced HEN-ree. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "home ruler". Norman name that is a favored royal name (for eight kings) of England and France.

  • The name Harold means: The boy's name Harold \ha-ro-ld\ is pronounced HARE-uld. It is of Scandinavian origin, and its meaning is "army ruler". Herald is also literally "one who proclaims".



    6-13-09 - DREAM- My husband and I went to visit his parents (long deceased) in their new home. All the kids were there - she had 12 - but it seemed like all the grandkids were there also - (she had 45).  It was really noisy in the place with all the kids, and the noise was really getting to me.  Several of the younger boys were jumping all over my husband, and it was about 8:30 p.m, so I suggested that the youngest one go to bed and took him upstairs. 

    There was a ratty old yellow shade at the bottom of the stairs, so I pulled up the shade and went up the stairway which was quite wide and ornate, and went to the boys bedroom.  There was a whole bunch of kids already up there playing with a puppy.

    One of the kids said that someone had given them a box of puppies, and I saw one of the kids shove the box of puppies under the bed.

    Then one of the other boys came up to me and gave me a big hug and asked me if I would give him $60 or $70 for his organization he was putting together for school.  I said, "I'll see what I can do!"  He was happy with that and went to see the puppies with the others.

    All of sudden, I saw the parents of the puppies.  They also had both parents.  The male was a giant sized coon-hound. It was oddly striped in the back like a wildebeest or a wild boar and was a strange looking dog.  Then the female came out from behind some furniture and it was a giant sized sheep with a blonde shade of wool on it - and the wool was shaped like a barrel - there was so much of it. 

    I said, "The mother isn't a coon-hound" and they insisted that it was, but it looked like a large sheep.

    One of the older girls started speaking French to the dog, which amazed me.  I don't understand many French words so I didn't catch what she was saying to the dog. 

    The dog then turned into a large dark-haired woman and was speaking in English.  (I can't remember what she said either. It was a long statement)

    I said to her, "Oh my gosh, you even speak English?"  thinking she was still the large sheep.

    She replied, "Oh yes!"  We are taught many languages.

    My attention was turned back to the puppies, and one of the puppies was brought out, and it was quite large for a puppy, and didn't look like either the mother or the father. 

    I picked up the puppy to see if I liked it, figuring if they had more than one puppy, they would want to sell one to me.

    One of the kids said, "They were asking $700 for this puppy!"

    That was a little out of my price range, and my first thought was, "How would a coon-hound fit into my own family", because I already had two dogs at home..  But while I held the puppy, I could feel weed stickers in its coat and it was badly cared for I could tell.  All in all, I didn't really want a coon-hound anyway, so I decided not to buy the puppy, and I sure didn't want the mother or father dogs either even thought they told me the dog was really valuable because of the amount of wool it produced.

    So, I went to go downstairs to find my purse, and I was at the bottom of the staircase again, and asked one of the boys where the staircase down was.  He said, "We only have one staircase!"  and I couldn't figure out how I got downstairs and felt very confused.

    I walked around the corner to find my purse.  I located my red purse on the floor, and while I was looking for my checkbook, the kids had already gathered around the boy who was arranging the new organization for his school, and I felt better about giving him the money, because I had wanted to spend money up there anyway one way or another.

    I asked the boys where there mother was, and one of the boys said she had gone to town to do some shopping and spend $500 at the store.  (That seemed like a lot of money, but with the amount of kids she had, she was rather like 'the Old Woman in the Shoe'. 

    I got out my check book, and started to write in the check log and I started to write 10-17  and before I finished the date - the space got smaller and I couldn't write anymore, so I went down one line and started to write 10-17 again and remembered that someone had said something had started that date, and woke up pondering that date -  What was so important about 10-17 because I knew that wasn't today's date.




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    October 1

    October 17 is the 290th day of the year (291st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 75 days remaining until the end of the year.


    Holidays and observances



    6-13-09 - DREAM - I was in my house in New Berlin, WI.  It was afternoon and I was preparing the house and clothing for the kids to wear for a project that was to be done at 5 p.m.  Because it gets dark early, the job had to be done immediately when the kids came home and my husband would be home shortly thereafter to help.

    So, I sat in the kitchen at the table, getting the clothing ready for the kids to put on so they wouldn't get their school clothes dirty.

    I had a problem with the jeans. When I looked at them, they all had a slit by the back pocket so their underwear would show. I needed to fix that.

    I also needed to prepare a dessert for them for quick energy so got 4 dishes of ice cream ready to eat and put them in the freezer so they could just be grabbed and gobbled down and then they could get to work.

    I laid out each kids clothes in a pile on the kitchen table for them to quickly put on.

    I went into the basement and threw the repaired jeans into the dryer to fluff them up so they were nice to put on.

    The kids came home and got the ice cream out of the freezer and started eating it, and I started to hear something from the basement that sounded like  a raging fire. 

    Without even looking, I screamed at everyone to get out of the house, and I followed them outside into the yard.  On the way out the door, I discovered a cardboard box sitting on a shelf that had a small grey deer laying in it.  So I picked up the box and carried it outside with me.

    When I got out into the yard, I saw kids, dogs, a monkey, and my husband running around, and I was carrying the deer in the box and was quite unsure where to put the deer so it would be safe from the other animals.

    My husband was starting the painting and telling me that a Christmas present was going to be delivered at 9 p.m. that night because the place he had ordered it wasn't prepared to deliver it on time, so it was 3 months late.  (That makes it March)

    I asked my husband if he would like me to order pizza to be delivered for supper, and I saw he was already eating a very large piece of pizza with raw meat on it - not even cooked.  It didn't seem likely he would want another pizza the same night, so I didn't know what to do about that.


  • 6-16-09 - DREAM - I was living in my 16th St. house and my kids were older teens.  (They are actually in their 40's)

    It was time for them to go to school.  It seemed to be winter, but there was no snow - just really cold out.

    I made my kids wear heavy woolen scarves around their necks, but none wore hats.

    They were standing out on the sidewalk in front of the house waiting for the school bus, when I saw three huge explosions in a vision.  All three visions were very similar -  I saw a huge black and red explosion through white pillars of a portico - one was Mosul, Iraq, one was Baghdad, Iraq, and there was a third one but I don't know what city it was.

    There was some thought that I needed to cut out or through the spaces between the pillars in order to see the flames of the cities more clearly.


    NOTE:  None of those scenes are from real life - I never lived in that house with my kids. The last time I lived in that house was when I was 18 and got married from that house. A long time ago -1958.


    6-17-09 - DREAM -  I was in a house somewhere with my Mother and Father.  We were moving again, this time apparently to my Father's Father's house.  My Father didn't want to take his bed with him, he wanted to use his Father's bed.

    I was taking bunk beds for my two daughters.  There was a pink blanket for one bed, and a red and white pattern on the other blanket, and I let them choose which one they wanted to use.

    My Father was starting a new religion.  He had not handed out any books yet.  He gave me one set of books.  There were three books.  One was about 2 inches thick - 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size, and there were two smaller books - about 1/2 inch thick - about 5 x 8 size, in a plastic bag like case together.  I looked at the title on the smaller book edge and it said FenEurAsia on it.



    6-17-09 - NOON -  I was sitting in a car and my 1st husband Jim was sitting behind the wheel.  We were supposed to be picking up my son Bill from school or something.  A young man who used to work for me came up to the car on the passenger side and I made room for him to get into the car to have a conversation.  (I can never remember this guy's name when I dream about him. He was about 17 years old)  I don't know what the conversation was about anymore but it seemed to make my husband mad so he said that my son was sick at the airport the night before.

    It seems I didn't know that my son had gone on a field trip at night - especially to the airport, so I yelled full blast at my husband to tell me what my son was doing at the airport since he was so young.

    Just like that, we were in the livingroom of the house, and my son Bill timidly walked into the livingroom from the other room, and I saw he was about 7 years old, and he looked very pale and weak.

    Just as he walked in, a nurse in the other room poked her head around the corner to talk to me about my son being sick at the airport and I could see that she was tending a man on a gurney - an old man with an oxygen mask on his face - he was very very ill I could see - like sick onto dying.

    My husband and the young man were sitting on my left in the livingroom, and I turned to my husband and told him to tell me about my son being sick at the airport, and he started to tell me that my son Bill had just gone to the bathroom and was sick in the bathroom.

    I screamed at him to tell me why my son was sick at the airport and I screamed, "And don't you dare say that I don't care about my son either, or I will slap you!"  I was literally screaming at him, and his face looked like an open empty white box at the that point, and then went back to normal again.

    I felt bad for screaming at him, but I woke up before he could tell me why my son Bill had gotten sick at the airport.

    NOTE:  My son Bill was born in 1968 - so he is actually 40 years old right now.


    6-18-09 - DREAM -  I was riding in a car on a narrow road I was very familiar with. A girlfriend of mine was driving - someone thin with dark hair.  I was so familiar with this road, I was surprised when we came around a corner and there was a cross-roads with wooden poles on the corners like one would see a stop sign attached at the top - but there were no signs there.  The poles were new it appeared, so I couldn't say if the signs hadn't been put up yet or had been taken down.

    We continued on around another corner expecting to see the small town that was there - but when we went around the corner, every house in the town looked like it had been bulldozed to the ground  (not tornado damage)  bulldozed, and I wondered what was going to be built on that site.

    (I was shocked into waking up)


    6-18-09 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment somewhere by myself.  I don't know if I had just moved there or not, but I was 'very' lonely. 

    On the livingroom floor, was strewn my 'work' it looked personal (not from my job)  Everything was in large brown envelopes like I had moved it from somewhere else, and now I was going through it.

    Since everything was on the floor, I had to walk around it while choosing what to work on.

    I found a magazine on the floor, the size of the Reader's Digest and started looking at it.  I came to a page that looked unfinished, and it was a food page with a listing of ingredients for a recipe and its values of vitamins at the end, and then the rest of the page was empty and white. So I wrote in large capital letters disclosure of the UFO/alien presence.

    I thought about submitting that text as a fill-in to the page (like it was my job) but I couldn't decide if I should submit it or not. It seemed like great idea to put something like that in a magazine like it was a mistake and wondered how many people would actually see it and react to it.  The text was just one short paragraph but to the point. 

    I thought and thought about it, and thinking about who I could call this late in the evening to ask their opinion.  Every person I could think of had a wife at home and I knew I couldn't call them about this topic. That would be too disturbing to the wife to get a call from a woman in the evening about something other than 'work', which would still be a no-no since it could wait until working hours. Then I thought about one of my grown kids and figured they were probably out on the town on dates, so they wouldn't even be home.  (Must be the days before cell phones)

    As I was thinking about this, I started looking at other envelopes on the floor.  One had large size checks sticking out of the top - all of them in the color yellow like business checks would be - there were 100's of them.  I assume they were cashed checks since those kinds of checks come in a large book - but some are computer generated, but I didn't look to see where they were from or who they were too.

    The next envelope had bright orange sheets of paper sticking out of the top, the color that MUFON sends out as their renewal notices with their magazine.  There were many sheets of paper there, and I pulled one out and looked at the back.  It was a form that was signed by at least 25 people.  The only name I could remember for certain was "Gerald Painter".

    I knew that these sheets were the originals - the inks were different shades, many were signed with an ink pen, not ball point pen, so would tend to believe that these sheets were not signed recently - or by people with very high positions so that they would have special pens to sign these things.



    I was working in an old building made of stone and brick - the type that was made back in the early 1900's.  This was a beautiful building inside, with hardwood woodwork and floors.  The stairway was open, made of hardwood with carpeted stairs.

    A lot of people worked in this building and we had out own doctor's office in the building as well.

    The people who worked in this building were all very thin and dressed in black suits.  In fact they were so thin, they reminded me of The Cat In the Hat.

    My best male friend/ co-worker was ill quite often, and when he went downstairs to have some bloodwork done, I was allowed to go with him and hold his hand so-to-speak and comfort his fears. 

    When the blood test was done, the computer ran off the results of the test on sheets of paper 8 1/2 x 11 inches that were attached both at the top and bottom and automatically folded as they came out of the machine.

    By the time the computer finished my friend's test results, the pile of paper was over two inches thick.

    I laughingly told him that for Christmas next year, I was going to give him $20 worth of paper to cut his costs down.


    6-19-09 - DREAM -  I was living in a small town somewhere.  It was late afternoon on a Sunday and the kids were all at the playground until supper time.

    In our town, everything closed down at 2 p.m. so there was little open anywhere nearby to buy anything.

    As I was preparing to go get the kids home for the day, my neighbor lady came over and told me her little Johnny had come down with one of those nagging little irritating coughs while he was at the playground, and wondered if I had some kind of cough medicine I could give her until the store opened on Monday morning at 10 a.m.

    Knowing how quickly a nagging little cough can develop overnight into something worse, I told her, "I usually keep a little of everything in the medicine cabinet for emergencies like this.  How old is your child?

    She was just about to answer me, when my husband interrupted and said that he had had a nagging little cough too, and thought he might have used the cough medicine himself.  But I decided I would go look anyway, in case I had two bottles of over the counter cough medicine that could help her.

    So, I went down the steps and climbed over the safety gate we kept at the bottom to keep dogs and cats, and little kids from climbing the steps and hurting themselves.  This fence was made of plastic cord strung in a diamond shape and was bright blue, and for some reason, one of the kids had left their bicycle entwined in the cord, so I had to climb over that as well.

    So, I went into the pantry where I kept medicines high up on a closed door cabinet to keep the kids out of it, to look if I had any cough medicine to give her for her child.  When I opened the cabinet door, I could see magazine racks in there with booklets of First Aid Safety, but not much medicine.  Evidently my husband had been using it without telling me and as luck would have it, I didn't find any cough medicine I could give to my neighbor, nor to use if one of my own kids came home from the playground either.


    6-20-09 -  FIRST NIGHTMARE - I went to the bathroom and there was bright red blood all over the floor - apparently my own - and it made me afraid.

    I woke up and I could hear a whole group of people talking about my bleeding -  I was hoping they would heal me,  I'll have to wait and see if they did (do)?

    6-10-09 - SECOND NIGHTMARE - I was living in an apartment building.  My friend Judy lived in an apartment one floor up from me and her husband had just come home from jail. 

    A messenger from the office was just coming out of my apartment when I got to it, and she said, "Pardon me for intruding into your apartment, I just left you a note."  When I went into the apartment, there was a note on the table in the kitchen area, telling me they wouldn't intrude into the apartments.  duh.

    I went back out into the hall and there was some commotion about using the elevator - people wanting to go down and up at the same time.

    I finally went back into my apartment, and dead bolted the door because I was afraid of Judy's husband who had just gotten out of jail.

    I went to the bedroom and there sat Judy and her sister and we talked about her husband.  She said he had been diagnosed with some disease starting with the letter G (about 5 letters)  I can't remember what it was. I told her I was afraid of her husband, and she responded, "You?  He HATES ME!!!!!! and she and her sister left to go back to her apartment.

    I heard a noise by my apartment door and that made me afraid.  I had two entrances to my apartment, one on either end.  I knew I had deadbolted my door, but now that Judy went out the door, the deadbolt would no longer be on, so I opened the bedroom door to go deadbolt the door again. 

    I walked out into the hallway of my apartment, and saw Joe coming down the hallway.  He made a fist and shook it, as if to say, "If that guy bothers you, I'll kill the son of a bitch!"

    I woke up instantly, glad to see Joe who would be my protector.


    6-21-09 - DREAM -  (Sometimes I just don't want to write down what I dreamt - this one seems really sick, but didn't see what happened. This is what I was told)

    I met a man who looked very much like a famous writer of horror books - not saying that's who it was though.  He said he had been asked to go to a neighbor's house and check on the kids who had just gotten home from school.  He said he walked into the woman's house and found 13 little boys cavorting naked in the house.  He asked me, "What would you think if you found 13 little boys cavorting naked in someone's house? That's it's sexual! Right?"

    I didn't know what to answer him.  At that moment I had a vision of a little cardboard tag that was attached to a see-thru raincoat - it said "4For1".

    NOTE: I looked it up on the internet - and it does exist, but not with the word raincoat or raincoats.  That word is also symbolic for something else.  Ugh!


    6-22-09 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new apartment.  It was clean and beautiful - not a thing out of place.  I made sure my apartment door was locked and then went to the bedroom.  after I was in the bedroom I heard a noise out in the livingroom, so I walked back to the front door and found it open.  That rather freaked me out, but I closed and locked it again. 

    When I turned around, there was a green jacket and shirt hanging on a hook on the wall - army green.  I thought - oh - maintenance man.  I started to walk past the jacket and shirt hanging there and heard a noise in the second bedroom -  it was my ex-husband Edward - home again.  Ack!

    DREAM 2:  I was living in the same apartment - looking at the clothes I needed to wash - there was only a couple of things and it didn't make a whole load, so I spotted a throw rug with a rubber backing and a blanket, so  I decided I would take a chance on putting the rubber backed rug into the washer.

    While I was doing that, I was visited by a couple of women who knew each other, but the second woman was an actress - the two women sat in one of those beach chairs that has a hood over it and it swings from a hook overhead - the first woman said the other woman plays the part of a fairy - and then she realized what she said, - indicating that they were lesbians - which she wasn't - so they both jumped out of the chair - all flustered.  The woman actor took off her dress and threw it on the ground.  When I picked it up, it was shapeless and made of rubberized thread.  I decided I would wash it along with the rubberized back rug.  Then I saw a sweater that someone had returned to me that she had borrowed and the whole sweater had pink wool pills all over it, so I decided, "Oh well', and threw that in the washer too.

    Just as I was getting back to my bedroom, and the two women were still there chatting, I heard someone pounding on the apartment door, really hard, and a voice yelled, "Having to knock on the door sucks!"  and I recognized the voice as Edward.  I knew I was going to have to open it before he knocked it down.

    I woke up at that point and decided - "No!  If I don't open the door, he can't come in!"


    Partial dream memory - at the end, I had a sheet of paper or cardboard with butterflies glued to most of it - and they seemed to be made of iridescent mother-of-pearl.


    6-22-09 - DREAM -  I was working in an office with a typewriter where you hand feed the paper into the top.  I had the radio on, and HAWK was on the radio giving some kind of warning.  I decided I had better write it down (I don't remember what it was)  Then I realized that the paper I had was for an airline pilot and he didn't have the itinerary of his flight on the top of his papers for the flight.  I had another pilot's itinerary already in the typewriter, so all I needed to do was copy it.  It started out Dover, Delaware - originating airport, then Paris, then somewhere in Russia, followed by a bunch of other cities as the flight continued.  I started to pull the sheet out of the typewriter -  using the paper release - and when I pulled up - those butterflies were pasted on the bottom of the paper and the whole paper shredded in my hands.

    NOTE: I was able to send this dream to  two people who have inside connections, so the Dover airport/airlines were warned.


    6-23-09 - THE ROBOT PEOPLE.   I went to visit my in-laws with my family at their farm in northern Wisconsin.  When we got to the small town near their farm, I saw Robot people on the streets.  The Robot people came in several sizes, children, teens, and adults, both male and female.  They were roly poly people, very human looking, but all wore white fat bulky astronaut clothing like you see in astronaut photos when doing space walks..  They taught people what to do and what to say by example, and never did or said anything wrong.

    We  went to the farm, and I was sick the entire time I was there, laying down, feeling weak and ill, but not knowing what was wrong with me.  I didn't feel better until 5 minutes before we left.  My husband and kids went to stay with other relatives of his while we were there and I stayed with my in-laws and immediate family who took care of me very well.

    But there was something weird going on there too.  Nothing was really normal. 

    For example, they had a older woman living with them, I called the 'meat lady', because she was in charge of the meat. She dressed in a white nurses type dress and spoke to no one between 5 and 8 p.m. no matter what was going on.  Nobody could speak to her and we had to be quiet in the house as well. I wasn't told why she had this rule, but nobody disobeyed it.

    Right before it was time to go home, I suddenly got my strength back and was totally well, and I don't know what happened to cause that either.  There was a doctor called in, and he gave me a tube of ointment to use at home without saying where to use it, and I told him I was going to see a specialist as soon as I got home as well. 

    As soon as he left, the meat lady (after 8 p.m.) and other people in the house started getting strange. 

    There was a meat department in the house, and the meat was laid out in a nice neat way in a white cooler type box like one would see in a store, and when she took charge, she started tossing all kinds of meat packages into this box, in a rough way, nothing in line, and everything had sale prices on it like it had been laying around for days and suddenly wouldn't be any good unless you cooked it and ate it quickly.  One such package I looked at looked like the makings of a sandwich - in separate containers within the see-thru container - the bread and meat was separate in the package.  It was labeled  49 cents.  Otherwise, the meat packages were just in a big jumble in the meat box.  That really disturbed me because nothing looked healthy in there like it had before she took over. But it was all cheap to purchase.

    There was a man there too - I'm thinking it might have been my father-in-law. He acted nice enough, but he went through a variety of changes before we left, and what he did was fill his mouth with as many as he could of weird items.  The worst one was looked like black plastic nails -  if you can visualize those contests where kids or adults will stuff their mouths with as many straws or cigarettes as they can -  he not only did that, the black plastic nails looked like they were actually embedded individually like one would see people with metal rings stuck in the skin everywhere. He had a lot of other things he stuffed into his mouth - each time it was all of one color, orange, yellow, green - it was gross and nasty, but the black nails were the worst. 

    I was glad to leave there and go back through the small town nearby where the Robot people taught everyone by example. However, when we drove through the town we almost got hit by several cars, because we didn't know the rules of the road in the town and all the stop signs had been removed.  We were lucky we got through there without getting hit. 



    A young man and his girlfriend decided to have to some fun and started a rumour on that they had seen a UFO crash and nobody else knew it but them. 

    The story started such a hullabaloo on Twitter that people started looking for the crashed UFO.

    The authorities in the area started getting calls about the crashed UFO and people kept Twittering the information and the more they twittered, the more havoc it caused for the cops. 

    Finally, the cops went to find the couple and ended up arresting them because the story wasn't true in the first place and the story had cost the Sheriff's office and eventually the Federal government a lot of money looking for the crashed UFO themselves.  Not to mention that the Federal government doesn't want the people in the United States to know about UFOS - that they are indeed real.

    Eventually the young man whose idea it was stayed in jail while the girl was allowed to go free.

    The Sheriff and the girl had a confrontation out on the sidewalk afterward, and the girl said to the Sheriff, I should go on Twitter and send them a piece of my mind.

    The Sheriff yelled back at her, "Don't send it, 'AIM' it!


    6-24-09 - THE BOOK OF ALLAH

    DREAM -  I was in my apartment with three older women who were teachers.  We were going to hold the classes right in my apartment which was divided into areas even though it was all in one room, so one could move from one area to another and not be bored by sitting in one spot at a desk all day.  It had plenty of light.  the room wouldn't hold many people at a time, but was adequate for a few students.

    The women left after determining we would hold classes right there.

    As soon as they left, my old boss James came with some work for me to type for him.  It was an entire year's school schedule, written out in 5 minute increments.  It was a lot of sheets of paper, all written in pencil.  I looked at it briefly and set it on my desk and prepared to start typing it immediately.

    As soon as I sat at my desk, the three women came back and asked me who the man was who had just left. 

    I answered, 'He just brought me the Book of Allah' to type and laughed.  I showed them how many pages it was, but not the text I was going to type. 

    The women left almost immediately, and as soon as they walked out the door, I sat down at my desk to start typing 'The Book of Allah'.

    At that moment, another man came in the front door of my apartment. He was extremely tall, with a craggy face with a big mustache. He said he was there to install the cable for me.  (I assumed television).  I said, I just had the cable installed yesterday."  Then while he stood there, he asked,  "And how is John doing?" and pointed upstairs. 

    John was a tenant neighbor who lived upstairs from me.  I answered, "John is doing okay!" and the man nodded, and before he left he went to shake hands with me, but offered a knuckle greeting which I wasn't familiar with and I had my hand out for a regular hand shake.  I laughed nervously and said, "I'm not up on that new stuff." and noticed that the skin on his hand looked darkish blue.   He smiled and walked away into the dark outside..

    I thought to myself, "If he wanted to invite me for coffee, we would have to meet at the restaurant, but that face intrigued me.

    The three women came back and asked who that man was, and I told him that he wanted to install the cable and that he had asked about John upstairs. They knew who John was, and I said, "I told him that John was doing okay."  They nodded and left again.

    NOTE:  After I woke up, I realized the cable man was a lightbeing and I've met him several times in the past.

    In a previous dream, I was going to sleep with James in this same apartment, and he was laying diagonal on the bed behind me.  I asked him where he wanted to sleep, and he said, "I want to face Texas" and I told him, "Then we'll have to turn the bed 1/4 turn", as the left side of the bed was facing west with the head of the bed to the north.  . I could feel James behind me on the bed, woke up and realized that it was Joe I was feeling against my back.  In the next dream about James writing the 'Book of Allah', the bed was facing the 1/4 turn different, with the left side to the south, and the head of the bed to the East. In our own house, the bed has always been with the head to the north and the sides east and west.

    In a book on channeling, I was told that the head of the bed should be towards magnetic north, which is actually 1/8th degree off of north towards the east.


    Knowledge base:


    6-25-09 - DREAM -  I was in the basement of our house, preparing green peppers for the winter storage, making cookies for the kids, sweeping the floor down to the last thread, taking out the garbage, finishing folding the laundry out of the dryer.

    My son Michael took a pattern and made a green gabardine skirt and it looked like it would fit my daughter Jeanne.

    There was a workman down there who was making sure everything was done right down to the last piece of dirt and creepy crawly bug was outside.

    I woke up as soon as it was complete.


    6-25-09 - NAP DREAM - I lay down to take a nap on the sofa - I started to say a series of 'Our Father' prayers, and I heard a voice in my head say, "Look for the Ford Falcon'.  Immediately I thought, 'my totem bird is the hawk, perhaps the falcon in similar."

    I then saw a goldfish,

    followed by a larger green fish, picture this facing the other direction

    followed by a flying pig,

    then I saw what looked like a black 1925 Ford, on top of another black 1925 ford-

    and the two cars were balanced there over an abyss - like an oil pit in a garage - their wheels on runners, and nothing under the cars themselves.


    6-26-09 - DREAM - I had a sweet romantic  (not sexual) encounter with a grown man who behaved like a sweet silly child.  I was so taken with him, when he asked me if I minded losing some weight, I said, "Yes, I can do that", and then wondered how I would do that. He took me to the grocery store, and when I discovered I forgot to bring my purse, he paid for the groceries himself and drove me home with them.  I intended to pay him back, but he got strange and disappeared for awhile.  He showed up at my father's house lurking outside the bedroom window in the bushes, and then when I was downstairs, he brought in an elephant which I was scared of.  I hid in the coat closet next to the kitchen and when I thought the elephant's trunk would find me there, another elephant appeared in the kitchen and they got interested in each other rather than in me.  There was another man there who helped me to hide safely.



    I wasn't feeling very well, so I sat down to meditate and asked to go to the highest astral healing temple.  A voice said, "This is Thoms, I am in charge of your infinito.  Then someone said, "We are redrawing you!"  Then I saw someone who looked similar to my daughter-in-law Becky and she said, "We are taking away your fear!"

    I woke up with similar symptoms, but my panic was gone and I feel good enough to go back to work.


    6-26-09 - NAP DREAM  I was riding down the street in a car with my husband driving.  We were on Teutonia Ave. almost to the corner of Clark St. where we had to turn left to go west to 16th St. to where we lived.

    Just before we got to that intersection,  ahead of us a big red fire truck ran into the back of a city bus full of little kids with their teachers who were on their way to a little street fair that was being held on Clark St. on the east side of Teutonia Ave.

    Because the fire truck bumping into the school bus knocked it ahead and to the right a bit, we got stuck between the bus and the curb and we barely had room to get through and turn right - which we were forced to do.

    I asked my husband if he thought either the driver of the fire truck or the bus was drinking, and his answer was, "I don't drink!"  My response to him was, "I know that!" He really didn't hear the question I had asked, just the last words about drinking.

    We couldn't go home until the fire truck and the bus got out of the way after the cops came and took an accident report, so we went into a drug store on the corner, and all the kids and the teachers came in after us.

    I asked some of the kids if they were okay and most of them said they were, but one little girl said she got scared and she had to take a shot of something they gave her for being scared.

    I was sitting on a chair, waiting with all the others and there was some change on the chair - it looked newly minted, really shiny, and one of the little girls wanted it, so I gave it to her.

    I don't know what my husband was doing, but I looked out the window at the street fair.  There was a large whale balloon floating above each booth.  There weren't many people there.  A game was being played in one booth, some food was in another.  Two teen age girls were wrestling in another booth.  I didn't see what was in the other booths.  It seemed like it was all geared towards kids.

    When I was sure everyone was okay, I decided to walk home because my husband had disappeared, and when I walked into the house and into the kitchen, my husband was sitting at the kitchen table having a beer.  I didn't want to ask him about the drinking again, because obviously he was doing just that.


    6-27-09 - WAR TIME

    DREAM -  I was sitting in a guard chair on a hill overlooking our street.  It was up high enough so I could see pretty far both directions up and down our street.  The chair was on tall legs like they would use at the beach to watch for drowning people, but this was evidently war time and I was protecting our street from violent people.

    Some young women came by walking with their dog and they stopped to ask how things were going, and while we were talking, the young women's mother came walking down the street in a silk-like purplish dress, bringing her black police type dog. 

    I asked the young woman if she would go into my back yard across the street and get my dog too and she did and brought out my little white poodle dog. The three dogs got along well, and to get down off my chair I just leaned forward and the chair and all with me on it tilted forward and I landed on my feet in the street.

    The mother was really nice and we, as a group sat and watched some other young women singing songs from WWII and the mother was telling me how tough it was to watch her husband go off to war and only getting a folded flag back.  I held her hand with one hand and rubbed her back with my other hand as I sat next to her and listened to her cry.

    The singing was so sad and while we listened, I thought, "If I could just get over my stage fright, I could do that too and wouldn't sound too bad either."

    A chubby young man came then to model a swimming suit of the future - it was rather like they wore in the 1920's - pretty well covered up but had bare arms and legs.  We assured him he looked good despite how chubby he was.  He was very self-conscious about his weight.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I could see glimpses of white coming down from the sky off to the west and I asked one of the women if she could see that too and she looked and said she did.  So we turned around and looked west, and indeed there were white blobs of something down from the sky and landing on the ground.  However, it wasn't UFOs, it looked more like square soap bubbles in odd shaped clusters and when I looked really good and focused on it, I could see that they were actually coming off the top of a tall building that was hard to see in the growing darkness off to the west.

    All of a sudden, I saw this 18 wheeler truck on top of that building, and people moving around the truck, and all of sudden, the truck drove off the front of the building the same direction the white blobs had come down and the truck cab jackknifed off the front of the truck and the whole truck followed and fell head first off the building into the street in front of it. I knew there had to be damage to the building as well as the truck, but surmised that the truck was probably pushed off the building, not driven by a living person.

    A growing crowd came quickly around the truck, and I decided I didn't need to run over there and help because there were plenty of people already there to help.  I decided I should stay where I was and continue guarding my own street as it was War Time.

































    6-29-09 -  It seems that I had the same dream 3 times -  that it was about 3 men and the movement up and down of them with each other.

    The third dream is all I remember however.

    I was helping some men do their laundry, and the laundry was soaking in a silver-colored metal tub outside on the lawn in water.

    When I looked in the tub, I couldn't believe that they were washing all the colors together because dyes in clothing can leach out and get into other pieces of clothing - and the whole washload can turn pink or purple or whatever was bleeding its dye. 

    I saw that there were three pieces of clothing that were brightly colored - red, yellow, and white.  I could see that they had not picked up the dye from the other clothes whatsoever.  Right next to it was a purple dyed T-shirt that was losing its color and it had whitish spots all over it where the color had bled away.

    there was also a small plastic shopping bag from a store that had another piece of clothing in it. The bag was green, and blue multicolored, but I couldn't see what was in it.

    I decided I should take out the white, red, and yellow pieces of clothing out of the tub and wash those separately.  It was too late for the other pieces of clothing to worry about - the damage was already done if there was any.

    When I touched the white, red, and yellow pieces, they felt like they were made of some kind of manufactured plastic - it was soft and pliable, yet didn't feel like cloth.  These three pieces were completely impervious to picking up the other colors even if they did bleed dye from them.

    I woke up as soon as I felt the three pieces and started pulling them out of the water -  I know I didn't like how they felt.

    NOTE:  Joe uses a small back pillow we got as a free gift from buying something else, and that pillow covering has that same feel to it, and I can't stand how it feels for some reason and I always throw it off the bed onto the floor so I don't accidentally touch it while I'm sleeping.  Silly I know, but I hate that feeling.


    6-29-09 - MEDITATION DREAM -  I meditated on the above dream and asked for added details.

    In the dream, something had been stolen.  The Chief of Police asked John McBain (from One Life to Live TV show) to find the object.

    John McBain is a great detective, but he doesn't like to go by the book to solve a crime, but will get the job done his own way.

    The Chief of Police sent a second detective out to also solve the crime, but to also watch John McBain.  The Chief of Police told this detective, "If you've watched John's style, then you'll know what he does before he does it!"


    6-30-09 - DREAM - I was living in a second floor apartment.  When I first got there, I had a roommate - female - and we took a shower together - the shower was right in the room with no curtains around it.  I used some kind of soap that had black granules' in it made from a tree root that took dead skin cells off.  It washed right off down the drain.  When I was done, the tree roots were on the floor, and I threw them into a trash heap and two dogs leapt into the trash pile to get those roots and eat them.  (Maybe tea tree oil?)

    There was some electrical and radio and telephone work going on as I had just moved into the apartment.  While talking on the telephone with my old friend Norm (deceased) my friend Alyse ( still alive) came on the line, and I experimented with hanging up my phone receiver and I could still hear them talking to each other.  I wanted to know if there was anything romantic between them and there was nothing in their conversation that indicated that  - they just talked about the telephone connection. A workman came by and said he could upgrade my radio from a 26 that would work even better, so I agreed.

    When I went out into the hall, some workmen were working on the elevator that the public used.  It seemed to be stuck.  But the residential elevator I used was working fine.

    My office was also in this building downstairs, and I was surprised when I looked at the clock because I had come upstairs at noon, and when I went back downstairs it was still noon  (time slippage or time stopped?)  I told my co-worker that I was going to walk to Sears and buy a coffee percolator, and I thought about buying a toaster for the office too, because I liked the smell of toasting bread.


    Before I took this meditation nap, I was trying to listen to what I thought was the last show of Steve Quayle who is leaving the internet radio business.  I was already 15 minutes late for the start of the show, and my computer absolutely refused to play the show.  I got so frustrated, I decided I was tired enough to take a nap, even though it was about 4:30 p.m. 

    This is the dream and what happened.

    6-30-09  - NAP DREAM -  I was in my 16th St. house. 

    I was outside and there were flowers growing on the concrete steps leading up to the porch.  I could see they needed watering so I went into the house to get a green watering can.  I filled it up with water, and when I came outside, someone had taken a shovel and cleaned off the steps including all the flowers. 

    My daughter was out on the lawn, so I asked her if she saw who had cleaned off the steps with a shovel, which is the only way it could have been done so quickly.  She responded with a simple, "No!"  nod of her head.

    I went back up the stairs, and my neighbor was out on her porch tending to her flowers which were pink.  I told her,  "I was just going to come over for a visit."

    She smiled in response and then hurried into her house with her daughter to clean real quick before I came over to see her.

    I decided to play the piano first.  The piece of music on the piano rack was a new one I hadn't yet played.  I could see that it was played loud and I was worried that the neighbors - whose house was very close to ours would get upset if I played this piece, but then I could hear it on the radio and I had the music open right in front of me so I began to play it along with the radio.  It was a chorus singing.  The first note - everyone sang the same note  A above middle C..  The second note was an octave F - followed by a series of octave notes in a run up and down. 

    When I woke up I couldn't remember the words to the song, but in the second stanza - in the lyrics line is said SCREAM -  and the music was a jumble of notes that everyone sang at once. I really couldn't play that jumble of notes - and I didn't like the screaming either. 

    I only played a few notes and then stopped and went outside.

    Out on the street was a man dressed all in green.  (I've seen him before)  He was going to demonstrate something using the telephone.  He said, "I'll bet everyone wishes they could do this.  

    (I get telephone sounds in my head and then ask for a message and one comes in.)

    I nodded to the man in green and went back into the house.

    Suddenly I heard a loud telephone ring in my head - just a single ring - and I asked for the message.  I was already awake now and waited to hear someone say something.  I could hear a couple thumps in the bedroom and I was afraid Joe was going to come out the door any second, and meanwhile it was like I was seeing a black waterfall -  like rocks tumbling down, or a mud slide - or like the side of a volcano sliding down.

    I finally opened my eyes and I'm not sure that blackness was the message or not.  If it was, it's not a good one.

    NOTE:  When I went on the computer later - about 8 p.m. and started listening to the archive radio show of  Tom Horn and Steve Quayle, they were talking about 'order out of chaos' being the New World Order coming, and of the great DARKNESS coming to America.  It's about the Apostacy of the Great Seal.


    Below are some notes I took of the first hour of the show:

    He also mentions America being under the 'three stars'.

    The great altar of Zeus in Pergamus - considered the seat of Satan.

    Antipas -the first Christian martyr- was sacrificed on that altar in that temple - Hitler removed the altar from the temple of Zeus and took it to Germany where it is now in a museum there.

    When Obama gave his acceptance speech - he commissioned a great pillar to give his speech in front of, matching the altar of Zeus where he had just visited in Germany.

    The seven stars under the 3 stars

    William Henry - Wallace and Roosevelt - went in search of the divine child who was to come. the one into which - something is to come out of the pit and enter into them.  See book of Revelation.

    The sacred casket - Wallace mentioned to Reurich - the casket or coffin of Osiris - the dying and resurrecting coffin.

    "The Keys of Discovery"  Peter Goodgames - 

    The tomb of Osiris was discovered in the Giza pyramid recently.  The burial tomb of Osiris was found by Zawi Hawass.  Osiris is the same as Apollo, Nimrod, and Gilgamesh. Apollo is known as the Destroying God. See book of Revelation.  (A pagan super-deity)  The deity was not in the tomb - as far as we know.  Osiris is believed to be a physical figure and his body is still there.

    Manly P. Hall believes that Hiram Obiff was the thinly disguised prophecy of the resurrection of Osiris.  "The dying God shall rise again".  "The pyramid shall stand as the ideal emblem of solidarity, inspiration, aspiration, resurrection and regeneration."  quoted from  ''The Secret Teachings of All Ages'

    Wallace and Roosevelt viewed the All seeing Eye of Horus on the unfinished pyramid on the Great Seal the is return or regeneration of this God.

    Apollyon Rising in 2012 - the earthly return of this God Osiris.

    The Great Seal:  - Osiris is the dominant theme - his resurrection and return.  The Mottoes point  directly to Appollo and the eagle to Jupter - Apollo's father.

    E Pluribus Unum - Out of many - One.

    One God represented by many names yet was ONE. 

    Nova Ordus Seclorum - related to Apollo 

    Charles Thompson - designer of the Great Seal  -  all powerful Jupiter favors the daring undertaking -   anuit Queptus  comes from line 625  - book 9 of Virgil's  Aeniad

    The Great God Jupiter gives birth to his son Apollo.

    All Seeing eye -  is  A-C  (Anti-Christ)

    The Great Seal is a prophecy plainly in view of the return of Osiris.

    Novus Ordo Seclorum -  was quoted by  Benjamin Franklin

    Saturn is the returning God -  Zeus and Nimrod

    The New World Order starts in chaos - when Heroes and Gods mingle together.

    Jupiter was the Roman the counter Yahweh - as the greatest of the Gods - his son was the replacement of Jesus.

    Saturnia Regnus - the Pagan golden Age.  The goddess Lady Justice -blindfolded and holding a sword -  is seen even in Washington, DC.  She represents the enforcement of secular law - the authority required of global compliance to the zenith of Satan's authority concurrent with the coming of Apollo during the Dawn of the new pagan Golden Era of on Earth.  The final New World Order will be a surrender to a Satanic system. under Jupiter's son.  In the New Testament,  the identity of the God Apollo, repeat coded in the Great Seal of the United States of America, as the Masonic Messiah that returns to rule the Earth . - this is the same spirit in the Bible, verified and identified in the Bible by the same name - that is going to inhabit the political leader of the end times New World Order, according to several key prophecies, such as in the book 2  Thessalonians the Anti-Christ will be the progeny or the incarnation of the ancient God Apollo.  2:3 - Let no

    Perdition is Appolia - Apollyon - the God Apollo - the Great Spirit of Death and Pestilence.

    Rev. 17:8   8The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

    per·di·tion  (pr-dshn)
    a. Loss of the soul; eternal damnation.
    b. Hell: "Him the Almighty Power/Hurl'd headlong . . . /To bottomless perdition, there to dwell" (John Milton).
    2. Archaic Utter ruin.

    [Middle English perdicion, from Old French, from Late Latin perditi, perditin-, from Latin perditus, past participle of perdere, to lose : per-, per- + dare, to give; see d- in Indo-European roots.]

    We are literally talking about the super-deity Apollo, Zeus, Gilgamesh, Nimrod.

    Rev. 2:12 -13

    Message to Pergamum
     12"And to the angel of the church in Pergamum write: The One who has the sharp two-edged sword says this:

     13'I know where you dwell, where Satan's throne is; and you hold fast My name, and did not deny My faith even in the days of Antipas, My witness, My faithful one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.

    These verses identify Zeus / Apollo as Satan.

    There is a cypher on the Great Seal itself, when this will occur.



    The timing of the Great Seal and the coming of the God Apollo as Anti-Christ

    David Ovason

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      [David Ovason, The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capitol , p. ... As the current Masonic Supreme Commander, C. Fred Kleinknecht, stated, "Washington, ... the future spiritual life of the new city, in the form of a Masonic Lodge . ...
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      Jul 2, 2001 ... David Ovason, zodiacs and Washington, DC ... that it was 'the Masons who built Washington DC', or that Masons' Lodges ever had a coordinated, .... Although Lieutenant Commander Henry Honeyman Gorringe [1841-1885] was a ...
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      Kwame Acquaah - Grand Master
      Mansour Hatefi, PGM - Grand Secretary

      Naval Lodge No. 4 was chartered May 14, 1805 and currently meets in The Naval Lodge Building which was constructed in 1895. The Naval Lodge Building is located on Capitol Hill and remains as the oldest Masonic structure in the nation's capital still in active use. While Naval Lodge has had Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen join us at 330 Pennsylvania Avenue SE  such rank in the “profane” world carries no weight in lodge and all men meet on "the level" as brothers.

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      Tom Horn continues his interview

    Jupiter rising in Scorpio -  The dedication of the cornerstone of the U. S. Captal at the appropriate astrological time when Jupiter was rising in Scorpio - Scorpio which symbolizes wrath -

    NOTE:  Tom Horn says that astrology is paganism, but the whole Bible is written in astrological terms and the Catholic church, and  Islam both use astrology to do their ceremonies.  So do the Jews which the Old Testament is written by. the Jews - even the 12 tribes are the constellations in the Heavens - which is astrology.  See;