11-19-97 - Dream - I was in my living room I heard a loud noise all though I was in my home. I could hear this loud voice speaking in king james dialect. The voice was very loud.  People were screaming.  I went to my window and looked down.  I saw people running around trying to hide.  I noticed that the sky was a pink and red color. Then all of a sudden this twister-like thing you would see churning.  A torando storm apeared 3-4 they where they were made of fire very bright and spinning.  Every thing was burning up as though it never was there.  When the people outside my window would run the firery shaped funnels would move quicker to the person and they would be burned up with no remainings.  There the sound of people screaming, begging be to let them in was terrifying.  Suddenly every thing was scorching hot. No trees to cover us; no water.  It was like a desert there.

There was 2 large celestial type beings wearing roman warrior type apparel yelling in King James tongue that "thou hasn't heard thy warning of thy God.  Ye shall be punished".  They would wave one arm up and point to a section and even if you were indoors of a store.mall you could hear the voice in your body other than those words everything was spoken thru our minds.

The following night. a large person that was around 8-12 ft tall came to my room.  I couldn't use my tongue to speak we communicated thru our minds.  It was hard to explain.  It's as though he knew what I was thinking before I spoke and would answer my questions.

He took me to some place.  I'm not sure where.  He showed me what our world would like.  It was very hot.  The clouds were always a strange orange-red-pink color, never blue, and shiny, just almost hot and dim. The water you could hear but was so far off the shore it was hard to see.  The being says this is what my world would look like no trees, animals, clouds or sun shine.

Needless to say we had no will to stop what was happening.  We moved along like zombies.

Later that month a third dream occured.  In this dream I was in a car.  I crashed on a bridge and suddenley was taken from my body.  I suddenly was in an area where there was buildings made sort of a liquid mirror metal type material.  The buildings were solid but looked as if they were mrriors or like mercury.  There were many people on this moving type floor going to the same place.  

When we got to the opening like a door, a man greeted us.  I asked if this was heaven.  He said, "No! Here everyone is equal.  You are placed on different levels in which you'll live.  Every person goes to the level they deserved by the way the were when they were alive.  I asked to speak to God which I thought was Jesus.  The man said, "Yes!  He is here, but here everyone is equal.  I then said I thought Jesus was God. He said Jesus is here.  He was a great man but there is no one greater then another.  We live after death, not live then die.  You struggle to see that life after death is so much better and to be alive was so much harder then to die.  Everyone always fears death but living is always the real test.  I  begged to see my family after we spoke.  He said. "They are here if you want to see them.  Whether someone is dead or alive you think of that person and you will be there.   

Everything that happened to me was so wierd because it seemed like everything was done through the mind, speaking to people to move to go some where to see someone.  

Needless to say I still have many dreams with days and times of when major events are suppose to take place. I even saw the sale of my company at Universal Card.  Everyone at my work didn't believe me. The next week our president had an emergency meeting to tell us AT&T decided to sell us to another company!

Sometimes I can only see days of the week and time not dates but the things that have come true came on the day I said and time, usually a week or less from the dream!

by anonymous

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