by Dee Finney

2-18-90 -  Dream: I was shown a map of the United States that was graded according to the amount of damage that would be done in the earth changes. I was told to run my finger over the map to where it was sticky. The Northwest was a raised red section where the worst destruction would be. The map was sticky from Seattle southward.

I looked at some land in Wisconsin where rock showed way up in the north that was called Milwaukee rock. I was asked by a woman if I had ever heard of Calumet. There was a strip of rock that ran diagonally across Wisconsin from Milwaukee to the far northwest corner of the state. Calumet was to be the best place to build.

After I woke up I looked at a map to find Calumet County. Just to the N.E. of Chilton, WI there is a spot from which you can draw a 6 pointed star to 6 different cities. This is a sacred spiritual center and that would be the best place to build. (If anyone would like to check their maps, the cities are: Fondulac, Oshkosh, Appleton, GreenBay, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan) (Chilton is in the center between them all. )


4-5-95 - MEDITATION - I saw a colored map of a portion of a larger map. At the bottom, a blue section was emphasized. (I saw the word 'STRIKE' appear, but I couldn't read the name of the city because it was blurry. I said, "It's too blurry, I can't read it!" The map shifted a little, zoomed a little, but was still too blurry. I said, "It's still too blurry." The map shifted again and finally I could read "Port Angeles" at the top of the section map.

The word 'STRIKE' had appeared at the bottom of the section map. That section then would encompass the Olympic peninsula. The word 'STRIKE' had appeared in the area of Macon County in or near the Skokomish Indian Reservation, near the Cushman Dam or in the Eastern part of the Olympic Forest in that area.

4-6-95 - MEDITATION - About STRIKE .  

I saw many financial papers ... one signed by a person named M _____. The pages were messed up and numbers missing. So, possibly the Skokomish Indian Tribe has financial problems.  I also got the date April 20th.

4-8-95 - MEDITATION: Specifically for the word STRIKE for the Olympic Peninsula.

Three women were on my left. Three men were on my right.

A voice said, "A hole will go through the mountain. It will affect all the mountains.

I saw a man go from green grass into a snowfield. He went upward through the snow, wading deeper and deeper into the snow. Then a white sign appeared and the man took a trowel and dug a hole in the sign and dug dirt and stones out.

I saw something sticking out of the hole. I reached in and pulled it out 6 o 7 long fluffy blue and white feathers.

A voice said something about the Indians I can't remember.

A man went off to the left and one went to the right. The man on the left said to the man on the right, "Close the door, Bill." The man on the right closed a door and the vision ended.

4-8-95 - MEDITATION : Specifically for the word STRIKE for the Olympic Peninsula.

I saw an Indian wearing modern clothing.

I then saw a country scene in front of me.

A gold retriever appeared and ran across the screen in front of me.

I got the pun/analogy/symbol:  GOLD N RETRIEVE ER


The Land is overcome by the water. 11/11/97 9:12 AM

In this dream I was with my mother, sister, children and some friends. We were on an island and the top of the island was covered with green grass but there were very few trees. Everything was in vivid color and it was daylight. There were a few buildings that appeared to have been put up very quickly. Like beach houses. As I watched something happened and I came out of the house where I was and looked around. The ocean had come up around us. The people, all of them playing like children. Swimming, doing things and having fun as if nothing was wrong. Then suddenly I saw as if from above almost like a satellite picture. I saw the West coast and in a series of frames or pictures I saw the land sink below the water line and the water come up onto the land creating the island that we were on. It once was a mountain top, now it is an island. I saw these things so clearly I could draw a picture of that map and the process that caused this mountain top to become an island. I saw the island and the shape of it very clearly. It having points to the West and to the East and being rounded to the North and South. It had a huge rock cliff on the South side and another smaller island to the South South West. You could see land in all directions at different distances except to the West where the land was totally submersed.

The waves were washing against the cliff side of the island in cycles ranging from a few feet high to waves reaching the top of the cliff at some points perhaps 20 or more feet high. People were diving into the huge waves and swimming around in the water.

My mother, sister, and friends were all people who I saw clearly but they were not my own family. That is to say it was as if I was someone else, or viewpoint with someone else in the dream. It was as clear as any night vision I have ever had.

Now I went to the beaches of this island in each direction and took note of what I saw and puzzled over how in a few more days this island may be totally underwater. Sometimes I flew around and sometimes I walked but then I looked and there sat that house I had started out in right on the edge of the cliff on the South of the island. One more building remained at the top of the island surrounded by very short green grass. There was a "tent" just to the East of that small building. People were gathered under it to get out of the sun.

My sister or daughter who ever it was came to me and wanted me to come see what they had found to the West but I had just come from there and my friend, a young man with short blond hair was urging me to go South to the "slide" and swim with him in the ocean. I told the girl I was going to the "slide" even though it was not what I expected when I got there. What the people were doing was waiting until the waves came in real high and jumping into them and swimming around to climb up and do the jump all over again. While I was standing there watching this blond headed young man went down and stood on the lower part of the rock wall waiting for the right wave. Others were all around him but most of them setting or standing higher up on the wall. I came down the hill to that same wall and the wave washed in over the top of it and I slid along on the top of the wall to a position near him. Then when the next waves came in they were far to low but we waited and I watched this guy and the girl to his right. Then a huge wave came in that came up over our feet and the boy and girl dove into the wave. I waited only a moment watching for them to be clear and I jumped in the wave and followed them out.

It appeared as though I had gone down into the water 30 or 40 feet deep and even thought I was going to hit the bottom. The water was crystal clear there and I could see the rocks below, a gravel bed sloping off toward the South into deeper water. Then I came up and saw the rock cliffs high above me to the North. I saw my friends swimming along toward the West to a place where they could climb out. I saw other people swimming to the East to a place where they could also climb out and return to the island to catch the next wave. I followed my friends to the West and that was the end of the dream.


I have had prophetic dreams about the land being overcome by the water at different times in the past. Some were clearly prophetic night visions while others were more like dreams. These kinds of dreams and night visions started a long time ago, years ago but they have never ceased. Every so often I have one similar to this and must ponder on the meaning. Is it symbolic ? Is it literal ? Is it a combination of both ?

The first and most powerful night vision about the West being overcome by water was many years ago and I remember it like it was just last night. In it I flew as fast as lighting to the West coast where I found the land ripped apart as if by an earthquake. Smoke filled the air. I saw both new and old East/West rail road tracks ripped apart. I saw the air filled with smoke and ash. I saw fires along the edge of this high mountain where there was fresh dirt as if the land was ripped apart. I saw a few men fighting to stop the fires. As I hovered just a foot or so above the ground I saw palm trees through the smoke and a few houses that were along the top of the mountains. I saw children wandering around saying "I cant find my home, I cant find my family." There was nothing I could do but observe and ponder on the meaning of the things I had seen.

Then as quickly as I had come I flew back to my house in IL and through the bathroom window and right into the kitchen where I found my father who was God and I told him "Do you know what I have just seen ?" And he said that he did know all these things and they were in the future for our world¸<'oI~Ъ?uEY!luUHS֋1тWr V .9'+[*ѮV66]5}3U3Ry zʣЯnWU:tHmۓլ=g3c񞗥]bAf@Fh=5{j^ )#nuuvvmB)$1FeTr2~wld.

I did not get a day or time only "in the future" and other dreams and night visions of similar things in different places.

Then one day I was watching a TV show where some people said they had received dreams and visions and saw maps of the United States of America being overcome by the ocean. Some said this was caused by earth quakes and some said by a comet hitting the earth. One said it was a combination of both, that the earth quakes were caused by the comet or something hitting the earth from space. One women and one man drew their maps and they are selling these maps and perhaps some of them you can get from the Internet, I dont know. The maps were very similar but not identical.

The East, West and South coastal areas were submersed in water. The coastal cities and towns were under water. Many millions of people were killed in these events. LA, New York, New Orleans and almost all of Florida were under water. A huge section of the central U.S. coming up the Mississippi River was under water. Massive areas of Texas was under water. Islands dotted the Western areas where California, Oregon and Washington States once were. Huge areas of Mexico were totally submersed in water.

Some of the people said that aliens showed them these things. Others said it was angels who showed them and others like myself said they saw visions and night visions and dreams where they saw prophetic messages concerning the future of this world. Some of them even gave dates as being around the year 2000 when these things would take place. Some even said the rapture mentioned in the Bible would happen about the same time as these events.

I do not have the answers or miraculous insight into these night visions and dreams which I have seen or the messages which were given to these others who have seen similar things. I can only honestly testify to the fact that I have seen similar things in powerful night visions and in crystal clear dreams that have impressed upon me feelings of great concern. An urgency to share what I have seen with others and prayer to God for the understanding of the things we have seen.

The other things I can do is try to speculate and analyze the symbols and make a guess at what these things might be trying to tell us. Because of the images I saw in the first night vision and how I saw the land torn apart and the rail road tracks ripped into I believe much of what I saw was literal. That at some point in the future the coast lines of this land and other countries of the world will be submersed in water. I believe it may happen so quickly that millions of people will be taken by surprise and not be able to move to safety. If the rail road tracks are symbolic in any way then they represent these things to be preset and fixed so that events that will come can not be changed by human effort.

If by the Prophet Joseph we may say that if a dream comes to us speaking of the same thing more than once, or three times in that case it is fixed and cant be changed then once again we have reason to believe that what ever these dreams and visions, angels or aliens are speaking about will take place and theres nothing we can do to stop it. We can only prepare for it and move to a safer place.

If anyone else has dreams they want to share with us about these things please do so. I shall start a web page concerning these kinds of messages. If you know of web sites that deal with these things please tell me. I will put links on that web page about these things.

Thank you



9-29-98 - JOE'S DREAM - This was a flash dream of a map of the State of Washington. It zoomed in on the upper corner of the state where it abuts Canada. Dividing Washington into 10 parts across the top border, the 10th part to the far left, and measuring down 1/2 of that same 10th part, in a jagged line, that section was colored different as though it belonged neither to the U.S. nor to Canada but to a different country.

NOTE: This was important to me because it was near there that I planned to live and Joe didn't know that. Joe related to me that several years ago, he had a dream of the same area I did of a river called the MIR river. He never found one on the map named that. Recently we found out that MIR in Russian means PEACE. In fact, another one of my dreams of the same area showed that Seattle went up in flames. We could see it in the distance as we crossed a covered bridge across the river (unnamed) and our vegetable gardens were on the East side of the river, and then we needed 4 wheel drive vehicles to get up a steep hill to a plateau where we were going to build our house