This started with the dream I call "Three Schools". More dreams came later on in the week, and I didn't put it together until today. Something very ominous seems to be happening.  I can't say for sure what that is, but something is wrong!!!!!!!  I am not the only one having these dreams and I will include my friends dreams as well. I was even in one of them.

4-9-99 - DREAM - Three Schools -  I was in a city by a school. We were standing on a sidewalk when all of a sudden a whole parade of army troops came marching by. I was trying to think if today was Veteran's Day because they hadn't been expected.  Nobody else seemed to have expected them either, but a whole lot of people were following along the street alongside of them.

After they went by, I walked over to another school and while I was standing on the sidewalk a strange secret airplane went by.  I can't say that I even saw the plane and don't know what it looked like, but it was practicing and when it took off, it went faster than anything I've ever seen before with puffs of white within the contrails of which there were 4 side by side.  What was even stranger was that at the end of the practice, a big silver fish with red, white, and blue stripes on it, swung around at the end of the contrails and almost hit us.  If we wouldn't have ducked under a balcony, it would have landed on us because I heard it smack down on the balcony right above us.

Right after the plane left, three peasant-like people came along. They looked kind of scary to me. I didn't know what they wanted. I had four things with me and I dropped them and broke them so I threw them away. That made the peasant people all upset and they tried to get me to come back so they could show me something in the trashcan, but I wanted no part of it and wouldn't look and left.

I went to another building and wanted to go up to the next level, but the stairs was missing. I tried using an emergency ladder but it wouldn't hold my weight and was cutting into the soles of my shoes, so I had to find a different stairway. I went through a doorway where a stairway was coming up to my level. I saw that a nurse was teaching some kids some basic stuff and I went past them going down. There were two people with me at this point, but I don't know who they were because they were behind me and following me.  As I was descending these steps I realized I was dreaming and I said so to the other people. The steps became just wire replicas of steps and I said to the others, "This is just a dream and we've got to figure out a way out of here."  We were running down the steps with confidence even though it was just wire outlines. One of the other people said, "How far down do we have to go?"

Ahead, I saw where the janitor carried out the trash, so we went there and climbed up out of the wide window which wasn't easy because it was way above floor level. But we made it, and then went to another school.

Now my daughter-in-law Debe told me that the people on the East Coast wanted to fly out to see me in California CSID because something bad was going to occur there and they didn't want to be there.   (I didn't know what CSID meant)


Here is my friend Michelle's dream:

4-14-99 WEIRD DREAM- At the end I was Mulder of the X-files.

It started that I was with YOU,(Dee),  Paul (husband) and Kayla (daughter) We were in some kind of mall or store  and we walked across the street to a school. It had a big plate glass window and we were looking out and a thin pencil-like rocket came flying across the sky and split open into 4 pieces and they were each individual rockets.. and I screamed.. LOOK AN ICBM~!!

Then Paul said.. at least the warheads are going that way.. towards Boston.. we should be far enough away. So Paul said.. that's like 50 miles we should be safe. You(Dee) said.. unless one of those things opened up 50 miles that way and its missiles are coming here and you pointed. Then I kind of gulped hard.. like I could feel you were right.

I left there and drove my new car (The Camry) and I stopped at the top of the next street over.. called Bunker Hill and suddenly my car was gone.. and I was standing there.

You (Dee) were there and you had a small cat with you.. and I looked at you then walked away down the hill and when I got to the bottom of the hill.. I looked up and you were there.. and then a DAMN ICBM flew over head again and I said.. SHIT.. I'm STILL IN THE OTHER DREAM!!! And I started to panic.

Then there was a flash of light and I heard someone saying that the bomb went off and killed some people but other people it just messed her souls up  like put their souls in the wrong places.. and some people turned back into infants.

I heard this as my eyes start to focus..and I see this big fat almost bald guy with a mustache telling this to Agent Skully and I discover I'm suddenly in the body of Fox Mulder.. only I'm an infant! And I realized that I know that the guy knows who I am. And I know who I am..but Skully think's I'm this guy's baby so she's not paying attention to me and he's talking about the ICBMs and what they are doing and I'm trying to make Skully know it's me, Mulder.

It was like I had all his memories  like I was me.. but I was Mulder too  and I couldn't talk cause my body was too young and I couldn't walk.. I was laying on the ground under a kitchen chair.. I had ONE tooth. and I tried to use it to bite into the wood of the chair.. HELP ME SKULLY but I couldn't get the strength to do it and she walked away.. and I knew I was doomed and then I woke up


Here is my friend Bryon's dream which was prior to my own:

Island Rockets 3/30/1999

In this dream I was standing on a fairly small island and we all heard a swishing sound to the Southeast. We looked at a rocket trail shot high into the sky and was going to the East. Suddenly the rocket went out of control and tumbled. We all thought it was lost but then it appeared to vanish for a moment. As we watched we saw new smoke in the air where the rocket had last been observed but now the rocket was headed directly at us. We were all concerned what kind of rocket it was and if it would hit us. Quickly it came to where we were standing and crashed on our island. But it didn't really crash and some of the people who were with me went up to investigate. I went with them and there it was about 3 feet across and about 10-12 feet long. The nose cone was opened on two sides when I got there. Inside was some sophisticated devices. It had a tracking device on it. It had a guidance system. One of the men started to reach in to touch something and I warned him to leave it alone as he didn't have any idea what all that stuff was for. He pulled his hand away as we all stood there looking into this thing. Again I looked at the tracking transmitter and saw it was working. I said "we should be expecting company very soon" and with that I looked in the direction of the distant island where the rocket had been launched. I figured that who ever this rocket belonged to would be coming to get it.


I have tracked dreams with rockets and missiles in them and recognized they are "messengers" of a kind. This messenger gave no real clue as to what its purpose was. What I have is that it went into the sky toward the East then changed directions and "found us" on our island. I get the impression that some kind of tracing or tracking is involved in this dream subject. The other clue is "don't touch it." As in "leave it alone." No one tried to destroy it though and it was not really seen as a threat but almost as a rescue attempt. That's just the impression I get from it but I can't really say for sure. I also see multiple people involved in the dream subject. It is not just a one-person dream event, but involves several people. There are "islands" which give the symbol of being isolated in some sense of the term.


Here's another one about an airplane going down:

8 Engine Airplane Goes Down in Field 3/30/1999

I was on a farm similar to the one where I grew up and I heard a loud sound from above. I looked up to see a huge rather odd-looking white airplane with very straight pointed wings and 4 engines on each wing. As it came closer it came lower to the ground. It passed over to the NorthEast and was getting very low. Now I could hear sounds of someone talking over a loud speaker system. At least that's what it sounded like. I couldn't make out all that was being said but I did hear them say they were "going down." The airplane actually came to the ground and nosed up into some trees in a field and with the fuselage laying across a creek or ditch. The airplane didn't actually crash though, it just came down and slid across the ditch and nose up into the trees on the other side of the ditch. I looked where it came down and there were as if it were young boys all around that area in the North field. They all had guns or weapons of some kind. Some were in military uniforms and some were just in "T" shirts but all were playing out the act of fighting a war. In the midst of them was what was left of a tree and it was on fire. As I watched the tree burned down until it was only a few feet tall and smoldering. Then an officer of high rank came from the airplane out past the smoldering tree and called toward where I was. I heard someone answer and I turned and Dawn's Uncle Max was standing in the open door of the farm house. He was talking to the man in uniform where the fighting was. In the dream I heard this conversation but now I can't recall exactly what was said.


This looks like some kind of good will mission, the white airplane. It has much motivation, 8 engines in fact. It is very large but it is also coming down from the sky. Usually when airplane land or crash they are to represent something in trouble or going out of business but I'm not so sure about this one. War is involved and "we are going in" is implied. Are these ground troops that are going in? I would like to hear other people's thoughts about this dream.


4-10-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about soldiers. I saw the date 1825, plus others that were more like in our own time.

4-10-99 - DREAM - I was in a big house and when I went to the livingroom, one of the walls began to change from one type of decor to another. All of them were fancy and antique looking, like each one was from a different period of history. I went around the corner to the front hall and outside a bugle core dressed in tight red coats and white pants like in the George Washington time period began to play the song, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".  A choir sang with them, and all the people were encouraged to join in. So we sang the entire song, with all the verses and all the choruses.  When it was over I saw the title page:  

"You remember Who!"  


Battle Hymn of the Republic

by Julia Ward Howe

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;

He hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword:

His truth is marching on.

I have seen him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps;

They have builded him an altar in the evening dews and damps;

I can read his righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps;

His day is marching on.

I have read a fiery gospel, writ in burnished rows of steel:

"As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal;

Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel,

Since God is marching on."

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;

He is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgment-seat;

Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer him! be jubilant, my feet!

Our God is marching on.

In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,

With a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me:

As he died to make men holy, let us die to make men free,

While God is marching on.


4-13-99 - DREAM - This was a lucid dream which lasted all night. The one name I remember from the page was Hecate who is the goddess of the underworld.  

After I had this dream, I thought perhaps I was supposed to do a page about Greek Goddesses and who they were, but it didn't feel right. I was at a dilemma with it because I knew the page I had worked on in the dream also included other subjects,... related but not about goddesses.

4-14-99 - DREAM - This was another lucid dream about Kosovo which was supposed to be titled, "Kosovo at a Glance"  but was not supposed to be about the current war.

NOTE: After I got on the web and did a search for Kosovo, all I found was current war pages.  So I added the word "geography" to it and came up with some maps and a little history and geography of the area, but there were NO personal pages by anyone in the area, which I thought there should be even if the people aren't in their homes now.

I got really tired all of a sudden, so went to lay down:

4-14-99 - DREAM - I was doing a web search for Kosovo. I was told to add the words, "subsequent, subsequence, and consequences"

NOTE:  That would tell a whole different story.

Here is the dream that quickly followed it:

4-14-99 - DREAM - I was working in a huge office building. The owner/CEO of the company was named Carlson. He went to New York on a business trip. While he was gone, they had his phone transferred to mine to answer even though he had a personal secretary working for him.

I was also given the privilege of taking care of his infant baby daughter while he was gone. I was holding the baby close to my chest, kissing her on the top of her head. I felt so privileged to have her but didn't understand why they had chosen me instead of his own personal secretary.

My desk was across from the freight elevator. The elevator door opened and the entire elevator was full of racks and boxes of clothes for this child, not only for today, but for the coming years as she grows up. Two men were delivering all the clothes plus two little girls were on the elevator wearing samples of the clothes. They were 5 or 6 years old. The clothes were pink and white. Someone commented that it was strange to provide clothes that large when she was just an infant. I said, "That's okay! She's going to grow into them."

While this was going on, I was working with two sets of records that the company kept. They were in identical medium blue looseleaf binders. One was handwritten and the other was supposed to be a typed duplicate.  One had to hold the books sideways and flip the pages upward and over backwards towards the top when finished reading, rather than sideways to the left like a normal book.

I took it upon myself to check the two books against each other to make sure there were no discrepancies.

I told another woman about these double sets of books and she said she wanted to read them over her lunch hour, but she only took the typed copy with her, and I retained the handwritten copy which was the truth copy. She didn't come back from lunch and I started to worry that she had stolen the book, but I had the handwritten copy, the truth, in my own possession even if she didn't return and I could always retype it if necessary for the public to see at the right time.

The phone on my desk started ringing suddenly. There were 4 or 5 lines on it and red lights were blinking to show me which lines were ringing. They were ALL ringing at once. I couldn't answer them all at once so the girl at the desk abutting mine...facing me...grabbed a couple lines also.

The first call was from a woman named LEONE. (means lion, bold lion, or lioness) She was selling a condo to my boss Mr. Carlson and she called to say he hadn't arrived yet and that he should call her and tell her when he was arriving.

The next call was from Mr. Carlson's mother-in-law named PAULA! (means small or little) This call was also about the condo and she wanted to know what was going on and that he should call her as soon as possible and tell her.

I hung up and then noticed I wasn't wearing any clothes from the waist down. I got all embarrassed and ran to the closet to put some clothes on. Nothing was hung up, but laying in neat piles. However, when I picked up the blue slacks to put on, the underpants and pantyhose were already inside the slacks and I tried to put them on just the way they were and I had my blue bedroom slippers on and forgot to take them off first. I got all distressed and then discovered I already had pantyhose on, I just didn't see them before.

So, then I went way to the far end of the building and up the elevator to the CEO's office to tell the secretary the phone messages. However, we got to talking about other things I can't remember and never told her the phone messages because I forgot about them.

So, when I got back to my desk, I called her on the phone to tell her that LEONE, the condo lady had called that the boss hadn't showed up yet and he should call her. The bosses secretary said, "That's okay! The train runs every 30 minutes and 32 seconds anyway, so there is nothing to worry about them getting together."  

Then I told her that Mr. Carlson's mother-in-law PAULA had called about the condo also. The secretary didn't make any big deal about that either. I almost felt like I had wasted my time making the call, but I had done my job and that was what mattered.

I walked over to a darker corner of the office near the freight elevator and saw that there was a box of my clothes sitting there. These were all upper garments, like my purple sweater and other clothes I wear. They were in a box, yet when I picked them up, they were all wet and the box was actually full of water like it was a white bathtub inside. I got all distressed out again, that these clothes weren't hanging up in the closet.

It was then I saw Dr. Kildare (of TV fame) sitting on a bench across from me and I looked down and saw that I still wasn't wearing anything from the waist down. I was really distressed to realize I had gone all the way to the bosses office and back with no pants on and I told him this. He said, "That's not so bad.  The better part was when you were like that the other day and bent over to pick something up. Now THAT was a sight to see!"

I was really embarrassed because I didn't realize I had done this before. I begged him to please go in the closet and bring me something to wear so I wouldn't have to embarrass myself further. Dr. Kildare went int he closet and brought out a shorty pink nightie and hung it up in the air for everyone to see. That made me all distressed again, so I walked across the room and went into the closet to get my own pants on.

While I was doing that and struggling to get into them,...all 3 layers at the same time, and again with my blue slippers on, Dr. Kildare brought an older white haired doctor and a middle-aged man into the closet also.

I couldn't seem to get the underpants aligned properly with the panty hose..they were kind of twisted up together where the upper bands were even thought the slacks were up okay.  I was so distressed, I broke into tears and started to bawl my head off in front of the older doctor and the strange man I didn't know.

Through my tears I told the doctor that I can't seem to focus on one thing and finish it, that I move on to the next thing before I'm done. (Boy! Is this the truth) and  I can't even finish getting dressed in order to go to work.

He said he understood what the problem was and that it was the 'contrails' that were confusing people's minds. The other man spoke up and said that his mind had gotten so bad that his company had to let him go on disability because he couldn't continue to focus on his job.

The older doctor said that there was going to be a worldwide conference about the contrails in Ohio shortly.  (Hmm! That's where NATO met not long ago)

I felt somewhat better about my own situation knowing that it wasn't just me or my fault that I was so befuddled.