celebrates her 84th birthday on May 4, 2007



I have pictures  of the  Light Beings coming to our  Madoc Campus at the time of the abduction  how they start off as little bubbles  then take on form.

-My inner voice is insisting - "Come clean right across the whole span of your beliefs..."

Albert Einstein - has been my guardian angel (spirit guide) for decades.. One of my psychic powers is to go into the astral and meet with him - like dialing by looking at this picture and sending loving and appreciative thoughts.

I believe that each of THE CHOSEN has a mission sheet - waiting for completion - and when you connected MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI and Einstein - my heart and head space exploded in synchrony.

Way back in the 1940's Albert Einstein was involved in the "Philadelphia Experiment" - in which a battleship was transported through space to another location... not all the crew members survived but those who did wrote books on their experience. There are reams of Physics documents - by Tesla and other Physics Masters in this space-time science.

My UN group lived in NY State - one of them at Montauk - where survivors of the Philadelpia Experiment were kept for a while - in conjunction with many ascended Masters - in particular

Buckminster Fuller who taught - "Don't try to fix the old model,  build the New World and they will come..." This has been the subject of my life's work - helping to build the Utopia of GENESIS II.

Detail on the diskette. Bucky also taught - all you need for success is a prototype.. and we did this with World Citizens. .. and please check ou this opinion-view against your own instinct - we are speaking of the COSMIC CHANGEOVER. sometimes known in Physics as "PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT II"

I  *KNOW - THAT THERE IS A PERFECT PROCESS OF DIVINE RESURRECTION  believe that *CHRIST *was/is the Mentor - or PROTOTYPE or WAY SHOWER for our Easter Supplication - and that The Holy Trinity will grant us GRACE - for in the final analysis, and I hope Dr.  Robinson will agree, that, as a race, it is by *THE GRACE OF GOD we are saved and by no other factor. **

*Scores of my "Rosicrucian" buddies have been helping to engineer a poleshift - for over two decades... using Ancient Wisdom ... some are Gnostics...

I believe that outcome was set in action before the human race as  such began ... ie *"I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA."

*I believe *ONE THOUGHT in the DIVINE MIND * was all it took to set  this Star Ship going... countless millions of years ago.

I believe in the wisdom of Omar Khayyam . With Earth's first clay they did the last man knead,  And there of the last harvest sowed the seed.  And the first morning of Creation wrote, What the last dawn of Reckoning shall read. - Omar Khayyam ... and I myself is heaven and hell."

Its like a magnetic particle beam - told in the myth of Sinbad the sailor.

Check out *12.11 *and see what I want to come right out and tell you THE SCORE ... in my opinion..

Blessings - Winifred

PS "Hal" is our remote computer ... which keeps the "Ships Log."



MAY 5, 2007

The UFO COVERUP is the greatest political scandal of this or any other age in human history. In an effort to bring this matter out into the open, the popular CBC Radio host, Jack Farr of Winnipeg, initiated the theme "MAY IS UFO MONTH IN CANADA" and the UFO Community has celebrated ever since. Many newspapers picked up Jack's theme and ran UFO stories in May.

"The burden of proof is on those making the claim" is theOfficial Global Government position on the U.F.O. phenomena. This leaves countless thousands of world citizens classified as being babbling nincompoops, when they try to describe their nterdimensional experiences. May is the month when we try to blow the lid off this mystery and uncover the facts.

UFO abductees are implanted with a mission. Mine was the be the Executive Director of the Cosmic Changeover. It required accepting the responsibility of collecting, correlating and organizing the proof of Man's extra terrestrial origins and illuminating the good intent involved. Hundreds of thousands of humans have now been lifted into higher planes of consciousness, and MAY is the Month when we share our findings with the world.

During my own abduction on 26-27 September, 1973, The EBE's (extra biological entities) lifted me out of normal spacetime restrictions and were able to convey vast amounts of information during a fifteen hour period. I have spent twenty seven years organizing data received in one tachyon light flash of intelligence exchange.

A fellow abductee, David Hamel, of Gilmour, Ontario, (613) 474 2379, had a parallel experience in 1976. His life has since been consumed in building the model of a Star Ship. When his first craft was launched in Maple Ridge, B.C., Ca. it was well written up in local newspapers but officialdom turned a blind eye.

We have been shown how "Time" is "Light" and that once we reach a certain point of enlightenment we become like chicks breaking out of our cosmic egg, in our final transition to incarnate god-men. The process is all very natural and simple, like the story of the caterpillar and the butterfly.

The laws governing the Universe are known to global scientists, and indeed to all discerning people, to be exquisitely harmonic. In May, for example, new signs of life are all around us. Spring flowers with glorious colours come to greet us.

In May it is easy to understand the harmonics of Love and Life. No society, whether terrestrial or extra terrestrial can defy the perfection of synergetic harmonics. It merely breaks itself against the inevitable conclusion of being out of step with life, and is condemned by the evolutionary command of NGO-NGI, no garbage out no garbage in is the cyclical rule of transcendence.

Space Ships carry time travelers down the time tunnels, and not a moment is wasted. We get right back to our roots. In the Egyptian thesis May is celebrated as the month of Our Lady, ISIS, that which presents the Universe as a series of perfectly balanced wheels, which when understood, run all dimensions like a Swiss watch movement. These run in tiers.

Like many others, my UFO encounter caused major financial and business losses. These amounted to over $5 million in capital shares and all future revenues. The RCMP and CSIS were involved. Lives were lost. But in the Supreme Court of Ontario this could not be settled by any normal forms of justice due to the "invisibility factor" of the whole phenomena, which allows for no legitimate frame of reference. It was easier to label me insane.

My lawyer, Thomas Vincent, advised me to "spill the beans" in public. For there is nothing in existing legal systems
to cover the U.F.O. situation. This leaves the victims vulnerable to many forms of exploitation and very real social
abuse. This situation needs immediate correction.

The reason that World Leaders are unwilling to admit UFO's exist is because the hope to gain added power by milking UFO information to put to their own capitalist goals. All governments have investigated and applied paranormal and mind control tactics.

Some of the worlds best scientific minds are employed in UFO research to use for personal gain. The barriers of religious superstition, that teaches that dark demonic forces are behind paranormal experiences is nonsensical.

The true reason of the coverup mystery is simple. UFO's represent the end of the old world order. Genesis I represented
man's upward mind-journey to the "promised land" of Genesis II, where high technology, harnessed to positive solutions, by light- transformed people, will make life in Genesis II a leisurely affair.

The Elohim come to bring mankind the key to the bottomless pit of a mammalian domination society. No mature person can continue to turn a blind eye to the mess our world is in. "The New Democracy" has meant putting real decision making in The Commonality.

It will end the closed doors systems, which run/have run this planet for the benefit of the elite few, since the beginning of time. The illusion of democracy crumbles when governments have no secrets, or secret agents to perform abominable functions which have no place in an open society. These turn the wheel of the mighty transnational oligarchy which governs all nations, regardless of their overt political affiliations.

Knowing this, EBE, has handed out technological tidbits, to dazzle the power hungry imagination. But their true aim is to enlighten the common people, and to establish land bases, on which to complete our transformation. This process has occupied many decades. The CSIS & RCMP hold 87 pages of Top Secret National Security documents on this subject.
All such closed UFO files should be open as a matter of protecting our national and global security.

Silence and invisibility is a two way street. Lots of room for skulduggery on all sides. While world leaders have been held in fascination with the idea of more power via EBE technology, millions of caring people have had the barricades between their inner and outer worlds broken down by "The Holy Spirit" which is now happily ensconced in multiple physical forms.

UFO Abductees have been used like paving stones with which ET has built a "Highway to the Sky." In 1968 I was a solid citizen working for DVA HQ in Ottawa. From time to time some amazing files passed across my desk regarding patients who were locked away in psychiatric hospitals were there because they spoke out about UFO experiences.

Since the word has got around that I speak, and do seminars on UFO's, I get some pitiful calls from people whose doctors are trying to convince them are in some state of abnormal psychosis. For example: I had a call from Patent Attorney. He spoke of how his wife had reported him to a psychiatrist and his firm had forced him to go for a psychiatric examination, as a result of him mentioning a UFO abduction experience. The man's doctor, his wife, and his business associates, all made it quite clear that to continue his UFO fantasy would cost him his job, his wife and his social status.

This Attorney cried as he told me "I know it was real. But there is no point in trying to convince anyone else, except people like you, and thank God for you! I want to send them a message that there is no way I can go on with this - overtly I have to back down. But I shall remember the time I left the world of matter for a higher world."

Reams of evidence illuminate the DARK SIDE of the ufo EXPERIENCE. Thousands of decent, open minded, caring, human beings, have been subjected to political and personal ridicule, threat, intimidation and death. This during decades of deliberate criminal negligence on the part of the Government, and all the Security Services that are sworn to protect its citizens from harm, and to defend CANADIANS and CANADA.

Yet in the RCMP Manual, being connected with UFO's is listed under criminal matters. Call RCMP HQ at (613) 998 6309 for detail of how abductees were trapped in the "twilight zone" between dimensions with no resource to resolution. It is the same in most developed countries round the world.

Countless numbers of early EBE contacts have lost their lives at the hands of the secret agents of their own governments, in this ultimate power-grasp position of the Great UFO Coverup. Canada is no exception.

The UFO abductee, under "Security Force" questioning, sees quite another side of global governments, and systems: The razor sharp marking of territory, the protective mechanisms, the weird games these grown men are caught in. I explained my viewpoint to the officers. At the end of the interview, four RCMP/CSIS Officers made a joint statement. "We ask you to be silent about the matter for two years - say nothing to no one." It will take us this long to solve the case. Do this for the National Security of Canada." I believed them, and sat there and took it all in, and agreed to keep silent for the two years. That was in 1984.

Our righteous anger is based on betrayal by Officialdom and Bureaucracy and the Police Forces who have surely vowed to serve and protect our home and native land. They knew, yet they KEPT SILENT, knowing that for all the people on this Earth, SILENCE IS DEATH.

The view of this internal corruption is a gift earned by all compliant abductees. It gives one the capacity to see through matter and makes all the tales of material world which unfold on the screen of like echoes from a dying civilization on a world that is fading away.

Security Forces! En garde! Every day millions of people are getting bitten by EBE BUGS, The Scarab Beetle, the legendary SUN BEETLES, in a modern version of the Sacred Dung Beetle of Egypt, Keph A Ra.

Death and/or rebirth is like virus at the core of the human DNA. bug. TRUTH alone can solve our Planetary Dilemma. Empirical understanding brought down through multiple contacts, explains that ET's are our friends and they bring SOLUTIONS to our ailing system, including clean free energy, and an end to social chaos. When I told my story to a Lawyer Thomas Vincent, he smiled indulgently and said "Now doesn't that feel better" as if he thought it was a psychiatrist I needed, not a lawyer. He later abandoned my case and there was never any final resolution.

The truth of the matter is The Establishment has no idea of how to cope. But so much has been shoved under the rug that the bumps are showing.

Think "May Day Celebration" when you dance around the maypole, on Merlin's Birthday. Everyone is invited to THE CELEBRATION. Please send a copy of this article to members of the Global UFO Community and to all tiers of media outlets in your area.

Winifred G. Barton, Ms.D. (8.10/10.8)




Fri May 4, 2007 3:50 pm (PST)


On May the 5th, 2000 the Star alignment took place, and the TimePortal was opened. This positioning took place between the Starknown as Betelguese (Bibical reference is Betel) and the Sun, through to Earth. At the time of this alignment several peoplehere set about carrying out their assigned tasks, all of which were completed successfully. This work allowed for the return ofthe Light Beings into their chosen bodies in ways invisible to the  "Cave Dwellers."

It would take seven years to complete this morphogenetic transformation from Genesis I to Genesis II by the free will choice of the Global Commonality: The 5th Great Uni Force. The whole scenario is there in our (-t7) rear-view mirror, when The Red Queen tells all.

To understand all is to forgive all and go forward into glory, as One United Global Nation of wondrous diversity: Living in a world of equity and abundance for all = Genesis II in a nutshell.

Isaiah - 45 v.7

"I am the Lord and there is none else. I form the light and create darkness; I make the peace and create evil; I the Lord do these things." "But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he has declared to his servants and prophets." Rev.10.7

Isa:2:4: And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people:  and they shall beat their swords into plowshares,and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Free Will choice stirs the ardour of Questor: In a world of meritocracy, potency is based in the heart of "Man The Lover of Good For All." It comes with a fatal magnetic attraction to our One World Soul. Star Beings rejoice knowing how Creation empowers each Soul unique and individual talents tobe multiplied. ON 5/5/2007 we have the tools by which to close the gap between right words and right action. We have the Free Will to byte off as much as can chew to a satisfactory Jahbulonic conclusion.


5/5/2000 by Richard W. Noone, lays it on the line. The front cover shows the pyramid rising from the ice breakup. Springtime in Narnia. The frozen world is liquifying.

Graham Hancock, author of "Fingerprints of the Gods" says "5/5/2000 is an extraordinary treasure of knowledge, hard facts, brilliant intuition, and formidable research. It has played a unique role in waking a generation up to the deep and abiding mystery of the past, and to the uncertainty of our future."

Once out of the time warp, we first ascend on the flying carpet of dream-space, to return with the memory of other worlds intact. Our Real Self is The Eternal One within. 3d is an alternate life we live on the grid. Yet we see the full scale of THE MATRIX.

To move from the border of Earth Grid into the Universal Matrix, the Psyche has learned how the human body must be released, for only the Soul can travel beyond, chasm of the "Second Death. There is no need for a 3 dimensional body when we return to timelessness, but come morning we have 3d work to do in this Hadit and Nuit space.

(This is the culmination of the #10 Lesson in our BMS Beginners Course. "Personality and Psychic Development." taught in 1967)

Astral Navigation is important for maximum effect. Every thought counts. With our "Meter Needle" is on locked on target, each thought can be directed to its completion circuit in the Matrix Grid.

Welcome to the "White Horse Inn."

Rv:6:2: And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

Rv:19:11: And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

Rv:19:14: And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

What we think and feel as humans, continues into the beyond. It therefore follows that as intent directs thought, and Free Will directs intent, our Psychic "Flower Power" flourishes from a rosebud to a full blown rose.

Some say all God does is tend his rose garden..