by Joseph E. Mason

The interpretation of the wolf can be many things to many people. This is my own personal opinion based on dreams and myths.

I include dogs in the same general category,so I will speak of those too.

I had a dream where I was in a remote area by a building at night time. I saw a man who looked like he was drunk and staggering with a rifle in his hand. I hid behind the building and saw that he placed the rifle on the ground. I turned and started walking away. After a time I was on a dirt or gravel road in an area where there were small ranch buldings. Two dark colored dogs came out and approached me. I was somewhat afraid and tried to shoo them away, but they kept following me. They stayed with me. After a very long walk I saw a grassy area up ahead. Suddenly I recognized it as the Pebble Beach Golf Course. I grew up in the area, so I finally knew where I was and that my home was just a short way down the beach at Carmel.

When I woke up I realized that this part of the Pebble Beach Golf Course was the very place where I had accidentally killed sea gull when I was 13 years old. The sea gull was floating on the ocean and I threw a rock from a cliff, intending to scare the gull into flight. The wind caught the rock and it struck the gull in the head, killing him.

I felt that the dream was about my spiritual path and that the dogs had somehow helped me to find my directions. One's home of childhood, I believe, symbolize one's spiritual home .

There is a Native American tale of a mouse who could hear a sound that none of the other mice could hear. He takes the risk of journeying to the source of the sound, which is a river. A frog talks him into leaping up in the air, and he sees a great mountain off in the distance. With the help of a great bison, he is taken to the base of the mountain. A white wolf leads him to the top where he finds the lake which is the source of the river. He is then picked up by a great eagle and is himself transformed into an eagle. A more full story of this tale is available at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/7779/ under dream interpretations.

When I read the story, I felt it confirmed my feeling about the dogs in my dream. The dog and the wolf can represent a spiritual guide.

I had another dream where I was driving down a highway at night. There were large trees all along both sides of the road. Suddenly to my left I saw a big golden retriever walking in the air outside the driver's window. It walked right by me and went out onto the hood of the car and laid down with it's paws forward. It moved it's head from side to side, gazing ahead like a sentinal. It positioned itself like a sphinx.

I felt that the dog represented a spriitual guidance. The name golden retriever is significant. We are now in the age of iron and will be returning to the age of gold.

I had a big coincidence that relates to the above dream, but it is too lengthy to explain fully here. Briefly, it involved a golden retriever in the back of a truck who barked at me at a very synchronistic time. It involved the symbolism of the trident, and eventually the number 216, which is 6 x 6 x 6. It also became related to the number 21, as the penultimate letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is shaped like a trident. This is said to be related to the Holy Spirit.

Neptune., the brother of Zeus, also has a trident. The destroyer God Shiva is also shown with a trident. We sometimes think of the Devil as having a pitchfork which is shaped like a trident.

Jason, a friend of my son, dreamed of being chased by the Devil, who looked like an ordinary man. He ran to the porch and pulled a pitchfork out of a bucket, and hurled it at the Devil, striking him in the knees.

A young man named Joseph from Kenya, told of a dream that seemed to be more of a vision. People were running from mean-looking men who were carrying pitchforks.

Much later a vision was reported on-line telling how a man had been taken to a place where he saw "the 21". This was a group of 21 people on a platform arranged in a triangle. At the point of the triangle was a woman who told him , "I am the leader, you are the protector." A mark was put on his aura to show that he was the protector. The mark was in the shape of half a heart; not a regular heart, but like those used on valentine cards. I realized that 21 people arranged in a triangle, have six people on each side, for a 666.

I do think all these symbols are interrelated. It is a bit confusing, but I will try to tie it together as I go. It seems strange that the positive symbols of "dogs and the Holy Spirit" can be related to the number "666" and the "Devil". I believe that it is saying something about human consciousness in this cycle of time.

A mythical story may be related. I had a seies of coincidences involving a carving found on the Isle of Man, depicting the god Odin being devoured by the Fenrus Wolf on the day of Ragnorook. This wolf was born in the realm of the gods. He was friendly, but as he grew to a very large size, the Gods began to fear him. So they took him to an island and chained him there. Over the eons the wolf grew larger and angrier and angrier. On the day of Ragnarook, the doomsday of the Gods, the Fenrus breaks his chains. There follows a battle of mutual annihilation.

Odin is said to be the God that inspires war. He is often depicted as being accompanied by ravens.

Joseph Campbell points out that the cycle of time number is 432, or a related number, such as 432,000 years in the Babylonian flood story, and as the lingth of the Kali-Yuga time cycle of the eastern religions. On the day of Ragnarook, 800 warriers come out of the 540 doors of Valhalla. 800 x 540 = 432,000.

The island appears in dreams and myths, for example, Apollo and his twin sister Artemis, (sun and moon) were born on the floating island of Delos. Babylon was also called "the island."

Revelation 16:20 says, "and every island fled away and no mountains were to be found". I believe this can refer to earth and/or humans in the sense that we are divided and seperate. This is the condition during the time cycle that will end at the end of the cycle, that is, there will be a unity or Oneness.

My feeling is that the Viking myth shows something about mankind in this time cycle. The wolf (or dog) can be either positive or negative. They are very loyal and protective and will defend their loved ones unto death. But they can also become viscious and attack people. This is the negative aspect of the animal nature, and is often related to fears. You can see the parallel in human terms.

Seth once said that we are in a very important, aggressive, thrusted outward area of consciousness. Jesus said that a sick vine was planted away from the Father.

I believe this is related to the male deity aspect. As an example, Eve is made out of Adam's rib, showing that we have a much larger male/rational aspect. Eve is the small, rib-sized, feminine/intuitional aspect of Adam's (mankind's) soul.

Some channeled material says that we are to transmute the warring attribute. I believe this is related to the aggressive nature of mankind and can be symbolized by the dog or wolf. In other words, the warring, divided, state of mankind will be transformed into a unified loving state. This can be symbolized by the negative/positive of the dog or wolf.

A dream was reported in 1995 in the Dream Network Journal that I feel is related to this symbolism. The dreamer was holding two young children by the hand with others close behind. They went up a long, narrow, dark, steep stairway. They were running from angry men. They crossed a metal grid forming an unfamiliar pattern. On the other side was a hallway. People came out and welcomed them, and the children were taken inside a room to be cared for. The dreamer continued down the hall to another room. In front of the door was a small bed with a miniature girl child wearing a sash marked "Holy Ghost". The dreamer picked her up and entered the room. They would be sharing the room, their new home. There was a knock at the door. A large, white samoyed dog was there. He entered the room. Then another knock at the door, and a large white cloud or "presence" stood on the threshold. The cloud came into the room. Finally, there was a third knock. A man was standing there. His eyes were deep, dark and penetrating. There was a sense of quiet power about him. He entered the room. "No words were ever spoken...just a quiet 'knowing' that each is meant to be/live here with me."

This was a very significant dream to me. It seemed to tie the dog symbolism into the Holy Spirit symbolism, which is the way it came to me in those strange coincidental ways. I felt the white dog and the man suggested the transmuting of the aggressive male attribute.

There are many, many indications that the Great Change involves the duality and the Trinity. In my view this is not the traditional Trinity, which seems to be somewhat corrupted in it's interpretation. The ancient meaning is said to be "the Father, and the Mother engendres , the son/Man." Many crop patterns, such as the bisected circles, seem to suggest this. The ancient meaning was "the Dual Diety" or Father and Mother Deity. One crop pattern had the female symbol of Venus joined together with the male symbol of Mars (Love and War). Also, in the gnostic gospel of Thomas, Jesus said that one must make the male and female into a single One to enter the Kingdom.

From my study of dreams, myths, and crop circles, I believe that the Trinity involves the male deity aspect, the female deity aspect, and the son aspect which is a combining of the dual aspects. Each human being has a "Father aspect, which is related to the left brain and rational thinking. The Female aspect is related to the right brain and intuitive/dreaming thinking. In this time cycle the male aspect has been dominant. The Great Change involves an increase of the feminine aspect, to a balanced condition.

H. P. Blavatsky says that the basic Trinity has a Father, a Mother, and a son, who is androgene. Adam/Eve are the first androgene, she said. I feel this was depicted in the Barbury Castle Crop Circle formation of 1991. It matches ancient symbols of the Trinity. There were three glyphs at the corners of the triangle. They have parrallels in alchemical signs, corresponding to the sun (sulpher), the moon (salt), and Mercury (quicksilver). Mercury, like his Greek counterpart, Hermes, has both male and female attributes.

In Jane Halifax's "Shamanic Voices", Brook Medicine Eagle tells of her vision. A goddess figure appeared to her and told her about the Great Changes ahead. She said that there will be a red-man and white-man mix. The white-man has the rational, analytical, making-it-happen, way of thinking and being. The red-man has the intuitive, dreaming way of thinking and being, the-way-of-the-heart. In America we are that mix.

I felt that this was the same message about the duality balance, and that America would have a special role to play, involving a union of the Native American way and the "scientific way" of the American white-man.

The duality is sometimes symbolized by twins. The name, "Thomas," appears often in dreams and I believe it can indicate the duality because the name means "twin." There are many myths about twins, such as "Artemis and Apollo," and the Gemini twins, "Castor and Pollux."

Several years ago, I read an article in a crop circle journal, where researchers interviewed some Hopi Indians. Some of the crop patterns seemed to match ancient symbols of the Hopi. One part of the article was especially interesting:

"Maasauu" (the Great Spirit) allowed the ancestors of the present day Hopi to live wtih him on earth providing they followed his instructions. He said that they should travel and leave footprints, ruins, and 'rockwritings' along the way, for in time many people would forget that they were 'all one,' and they would need physical reminders. At this time two twins seperated, Pahana (which also means white man) traveled eastward and since then the Hopi have always believed he will return at a time when he is most needed by humankind. Pahana's power will be required to restore balance on the earth at a time of great imbalance. That time they say is imminent but before 'he' comes the human race will undergo a training to prepare for 'his' coming.

The Mayan Indians of Central America believe in a similar figure, namely Kukulcan, - and that we will have to undergo a similar learning. Hunbatz Men, a Mayan daykeeper and author of 'Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion' states 'the prophecies say that when the sacred symbols are newly understood, it will become an awakening for the human race', "