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Forwarded Message:
Subj: 11:11 
Date: 3/2/2006

From Arthur

To: JMason4557@aol.com


About 15 years ago (it’s been so long, I’m not really sure exactly when it started), I began noticing the time on digital clocks at 11 minutes after the hour. It was so uncanny as it kept happening – to the point where I mentioned it to friends and family. No one took it seriously, but since it became an almost hourly ritual, I decided to use that minute to just kind of relax, unwind from whatever stress might be occurring (though this is not something I always do anymore). As time passed, I did become oddly attached to the number “11” (eg, setting my bedroom clock 11 minutes fast; setting my alarm to 11 after the hour; consciously setting the microwave to 1:11, instead of just one minute; purchasing $20.11 of gasoline instead of 20; and on and on). And, believe me, when I notice a clock at 11:11, I am actually somewhat elated (though sometimes it’s just amusing that it happened again).

I did wonder whether there may be some significance, but never pursued it. Until today, when I ‘googled’ “11:11” and was amazed at how many sites came up. Nothing in particular prompted me to search today - just a momentary internet break from work.

Anyway, all this is true. I have no idea what it means to me…but I do consistently see the number 11 – especially on clocks. Sometimes I think I’ve biologically wired myself to look at the clock at 11 after. Whatever it is, I am very intrigued that anyone else has experienced anything like this. I just thought it was my own little eccentricity.  

That’s it.

Arthur R.

Subj: Hi 
Date: 3/28/2006

From: Gail

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hi Joe,   I have just discovered your site on the number 11.11
I too constantly see the number 11.11 on my digital clock and when i do it freaks me out.I think for most of my adult life, as far as I can remember I have seen this number and it always scares me and I don't know why. (I am 40 now). I told my husband how much it scares me and he just laughed.I get the feeling that maybe it will be the time of my death, don't ask me to explain that feeling but I just do, very weird eh. Just thought i would share this with you as I have read many of the stories on your site and can totally relate to these people. I never worry about any other numbers but when I see 11.11 I turn away from the clock and don't look back until I think it has changed.

I am from NSW Australia,t hanks for listening,


Subj: 11:11 
Date: 6/18/2006

From Jimmy

To: jmason4557@aol.com

dear Joe

I stumbled across your articles through various links from the David Icke website.  i myself experience the 11:11 phenomena on a regular basis about once a day, sometimes twice a day for about the last 3 years.  I  pretty much came to the conclusion that it was someone from the sprit world communicating
with me to let me know "everything is ok" ( I have gone through some major changes recently).  After reading your articles and other ones I have come to believe it means something more than that.  A side note, I also see the number 12:12, 1:11 and 4:44 on a regular basis, just about every time I look at a clock it reads one of these number combinations only when I am at home, because thats where that digital clocks are.

Could you give me some more insight into this, reading all these articles has just made me confused as to what this all means, I realize its something spiritual or other dimentional but I am unsure what exactly it means, I am the only one of the people I know that experiences this and nothing major has happened to me, it just started after I began to delve into the idea of the 3-d reality being created in our minds and such, maybe that has something to do with it?

Date: 6/14/2006

From Rochelle

To: JMason4557@aol.com


I have had 11:11 in my life for as long as I can remember. Even then while I wrote this email my partner text me at 3.11, I pretty much share the same
kinds of stories as most of the people that have been writing to you and feel relieved that there is a community of people that this is happening
too. I was getting the numbers so much that I thought that the universe was playing a practical joke on me so I went to see someone about it  and she
told me that I am light worker and are here to help the world in some way. I am interested in understanding the relivence in the double numbers and how
they are related to being a lightworker.
Thank you

Subj: 11:11 answers 
Date: 6/22/2006

From Jessica

To: JMason4557@aol.com


i came across your email on this message board because i was researching the number 11. For months and months I have been seeing the number 11 EVERYWHERE! every time I look at the clock it is either 1:11..2:11..3:11...etc. Also i will randomly look up at a house while driving and there will be a number 11 in the address. And even weirder... I was born at 11:11 am. This number has to mean something to me and i was hoping to find some answers and thought maybe you could help. If you can tell  me more about this number and why i keep seeing it, please email me back.

thank you, Jessica

Date: 6/27/2006

From Jason

To: jmason4557@aol.com

I visited your website and read the things that people wrote.  For a little over a week now I have been experiencing this 11:11 phenomenon.  I thought it was coincidence at first, but it is really starting to scare me.  I feel like it is a warning.  I had a feeling similar to what one person wrote...like it was going to be my time of death or something.

I thought I was borderline schizophrenic or something.  Then, when I typed 11:11 into the search engine (not expecting to find anything) and saw more than one site referring to this,  a shiver went through my entire body. 

I wasn't paying attention to the time a couple of nights ago, and was out in my garage smoking a cigarette, when I heard a loud noise like a thud inside of my house....I thought it sounded like one of my children fell out of bed or something....When I rushed in...of course there on the clock was 11:11.

I have had other strong spiritual experiences.  I wouldn't admit this to many people, but in the past I have seen demons on occasions.  As well as angels.
Would you please let me know of some other places where I can find more info on this subject?  Like other websites, books, etc.  I am really, really scared and I would like to find out more info about this.  I am scared to go to sleep, in case something is going to happen at 11
:11 but don't really want to be up then either, in case something is going to happen...If that makes any sense.
                      Thank you very much for your time,

Subj: 11.11 
Date: 7/4/2006

From Vanessa

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Can you help me?

I live in Perth , Australia and I have been seeing 11.11 on digital clocks for over a year. I literally found out within the last weeks of months of its meaning. I still do not totally understand. I found out the significance of this number is there is a connection to the Spirit World. I would love for them to open to me to give me the meaning. I am happy to pass along messages or to acknowledge their presence if that is what they want from me. I guess my question is they are contacting me, how do I communicate with them?

 I was stunned to find out it had a meaning. I thought everything was coincidental… I have been commenting for a long while now to friends and relatives that I am seeing this number.

Please… any information you have would be great



Forwarded Message:
Subj: 11 11 
Date: 7/7/2006

From Rosie

To: jmason4557@aol.com

My son plays the guitar in a band and they r starting to get noticed and i was telling him about reading about the significance of this number in an angel book. When i told him this he said he sees this no. all the time ,on clocks car reg gig dates. I have told him it is a positive experience and to tune in as i am.

thanks , i thought i was alone in thinking this way

Subj: 11:11 
Date: 7/18/2006

From Manny

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Sir,

Having only read about the 11:11 phenomenon yesterday, I decided to go into the internet to see what was listed.  I was shocked to find so many sites talking
about this interesting and connected situation among people all over the world.

For me it started after the death of my mother in 1984.  11:11 has popped up at least once a week or so after that time.  I would look at the clock and there
it would be, staring me in the face.

I made no special connection with it, except that it was a coincidence.  Perhaps there is more to it than I thoght.

I have been a practitioner of magic and have used universal energy for all kinds of work for over 40years.  I have had several unusual revelations and a
recollection of my time before birth.  For several years, I channeled 3 spirit guides.

It would greatly intersest me to find out if others have had similar experiences.

Thank you for posting so much on this decidedly different topic.


Hello Joe & Dee,
I have been running some numbers on Hurricane Katrina.
I have posted my findings http://www.vision1111.com/
I am in search of the CNN or MSNBC or FOXNEWS footage that shows the 5 point star forming in the eye of Katrina as it moves up the gulf. That was a scary sight to see happen!
Maybe you can add other details to what I have started.
Oh... here's one that everybody missed in relation to the WTC 911 event. I haven't found the news footage yet but I will. After the event there was a news release in which one of the firemen was standing in the picture wearing his helmet. The helmet number was one of these...
146 or 614 or 641 anyway you look at it... it adds up to 11.
Hope all is well with you both.
Doug Taylor

11:11 phenomenon 
Date: 8/8/2006
From: Kristi
To: JMason4557

Hi. My name is Kristi and I would like to add my name to the list of people who has experienced 1111. I notice other sequences such as 333 and 911 often. I'm also interested in any research that has been done on the subject, or if a common link has been found connecting us all.
Thank you & God bless.

222, 111 etc 
Date: 8/29/2006

From Brett

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hello Joe,

Im not sure how to post in the site I was reading on about 111, 11:11, a bit busy right now, but I thought I would send this. I have been experiencing 2:22 for a LONG time.....incredibly so...and other repdigit numbers. 222.49 is a cosmologic number in that it relates to the angle necessary to create the 'golden mean' within a circle.  You can go to wikipedia and research the number 222.


I believe its related to balance, and the greater understanding coming to mankind...in relation to balance....or maybe more accurately, the
cyclic nature of life.  222 and some of its properties relate to all kinds of things in life, from the phases of the moon, to the orbit of planets.   I have been researching it for some time.



Subj: 11:11 reader from Australia 
Date: 8/30/2006

From Jenny

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hi Joe,

my name is Jenny Yeats,  i am a 42 year old woman living in Sydney Australia. I found your email address on a posting through Google i was
reading tonight.

Well I started seeing 11:11 for about 10 years off and on, more often than on I might add.  sometimes  almost twice a day for weeks.  I have always
been spiritual and when growing up I really had the feeling i was "different"  but couldnt put my finger on it.  I have read lots of books
especially during the New Age boom about the ascension and the world changing around 2012 etc.  I was never scared about seeing this number but
at times would get frustrated because i knew deep down it was some kind of message but i didnt know what.  I do feel compelled to help people and feel
drawn to many peope on the planet.  I am at a point in my llife where, I have probably made poor choices mainly finacially and emtionally and feel
quite lost in this big world.  I read about a girl who felt almost the same as me, she often got depressed and felt misunderstood, her friends were
drifting away and she was told "congratulations" you are certainly onn the right track, (i think it was thru the website crystalinks.com possibly
Solara that told her this.)  I thought that sounds like me and my life is really crap right now, how do I get on the "correct path" and meet other
people that have experienced the same.  Also a few times this year i am now starting to see 12:12, but thats only just started.  I have woken up from a
deep sleep on quite a few occasions and turned to see 11:11 on my digital clock in my dark bedroom, then gone back to sleep.  Can you please write
back to me with any information or advice on what to maybe do right now, ie what links to look up or books to read or if there is anyone in Sydney that
you know that i can meet and talk with, i would really appreciate it, this llightworker wants to start her work!!!!!! love and light,


Hello Dee,

the past 2 years, the number 11 has been very friendly to me it started to happen I belive wehn I was i my programing class, I'd notice when
i were to check the time that it would say 2:11,3:11,11:11 etc all the numbers. I first thought it was all coincidence, after I finished at school
it was summer, I than took my break for experimentation to see how many times this number will appear to me, now where I leve school is a two month break.

I recorded everytime I saw it, and there were times I couldn't because I didnt have my paper but I would remember it, but over a 61 day break, it had
appeared 67 times plus around 7-10 times I may have missed recording it. Now thats pretty weird and after that I don't find it a coincedence, thats every
day, and on some days more than once. I'm asking you what this is suppose to mean or what its trying to tell me because I saw some of you guys posts you
have on that site. If you can help out I'd much appreciate it and if this number is a thing I will understand and it will be significant to me in my
life in my own way than I guess I'll have to wait it out

Well thanks for reading whats going on with me
Till next



Subj: 11:11 
Date: 10/9/2006

From Bryan

To: JMason4557

I have seen 11:11 for over two years now... at first, it seemed it was just in my mind that almost every day.. sometimes both times.. or even more than that.. I'd see 11:11... It has been unbeleivable true for me in the past few months... It is almost as if I know exactly when it's 11:11 regardless of wether I've seen the clock recently or not...I was skeptical.. but i am 100% positive I see this time wayy too much for it to be a coincidence.  I want to know what the means.. I've read your site.. but still am puzzeled as to what to think about it?
The ironic thing is I am writing you this after seeing it tonight... I see it every day... I think twice I saw 11:11 three times in a day.. both of the normal times.. and completly randomly on a clock that was set way off from the right time...  Another instance was after an emotional high... I was pumped to go and do something but had mixed feelings at the same time.. and when i got into my car... 11:11 peered back at me.. I was so shocked I had to find out what was going on.. this email may be rambled and jambled... but I am baffled as to how I see this time so often!!!!!!!!!!


Subj: 11:11 
Date: 10/15/2006

From Ruperto

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Mr. Mason,
I came across to your web-page and was amazed after reading all the 11 presented. I truly believe in the power of "11" however, I further believed for its purpose that until now no one knew except  for the one who is give wisdom. I came accross to this formula of fusing numbers and ended up writing a book that maybe, will attrack more readers if we join hands together. I am working with my book alone (with no help or any connection at all) and I self-published my book under lulu.com. It is all about "7's", "6's" and all the "11's" that you missed. Everything are back-up with computations and facts that can pinpoint the fulfillments of the scriptures.
Below is the link and on lulu web-page, there is a preview of my book showing random pages explaining how I came up with all of these numbers.
Respectfully yours,
Subj: 11 
Date: 10/16/2006

From Kris

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hi Joe,
Nice article about the significance of 11 on your website.  I'd appreciate your thoughts on my particular situation.
My name is Kris K_____.  K is the 11th letter of the alphabet, therefore my initials are 11:11.
There are 11 letters in my name.
I was born on 2/11/55.  Obviously, there is the 11 and 55 is 11 x 5.
2 + 11+1955 = 33, 3 times 11, and a very significant number in Freemasonry.
I was born in Long Beach, CA, roughly 33 degrees N latitude. 
Thanks in advance,
Subj: 11:11 
Date: 11/7/2006

From Rob

To: JMason4557@aol.com


OMG. I've been seeing 11:11 since the middle of this year. It was starting to freak me out, especially when i was working on the computer one night and the screen went funny, i looked at the time on my phone and it was 11:11. The other freaky time was when i deliberatley missed looking at the time at 11:11, get this thou, i walked into a cafe and bought a soft drink, as i looked down to twist the lid off the expiry date was staring straight at me. It read Expires 11:11. I couldn't believe it. I see 11:11 on my phone and on the car alot but also started seeing 10:10 and 01:01 alot.

What's going on!


Subj: 11:11??? 
Date: 11/11/2006

From D:

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Joe?
Okay, I have been experiencing this for about 3 years now. I have racked my brain in any attempts to understand this strange phenomenon....welll when I finally went to the internet about 1 1/2 years before, and I don't know if I know anymore than a bunch of misinformation???? than I did before I sought some sort of information about 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55???
any advice?
Subj: 11:11 
Date: 11/14/2006

From Leberdane

To: JMason4557@aol.com

I also thought I was the only person dwelling on this 11:11 time. I was born at 11:11 pm,so I thought I merely only noticed the clock at this time because of this. I thought it was like buying a car, you only notice there are so many like yours when you own one. It's hard to explain. I don't know when it started but it has been stronger at times than others. It seemes through the worst of times it is more apparent. Like a plague that won't go away. I have had alot of turmoil in the past(Many people have had worse things in their lives, I'm sure) and now I am the happiest I ever thought I would be. I have'nt noticed 11:11 for some time now. I've even looked for it and it has not been there. Now I think to myself,how did I get here? I was looking at web sites that had nothing to do with this. This worries me a little because 11:11 never came to me during a good time. I don't know if it is true at all or if this has any baring on anything, but I've heard that 11:11 is considered the "witching hour". I like the other meaning about beings of light that other people are saying ,but for some reason I just don't feel it.  
Subj: The number 11 
Date: 11/19/2006

From Debbie

To: JMason4557

Hello,my nephew died on 11-11-06 his name is Kevin K 11th letter in the alph double 11s the funeral home was at 11 Lancaster St his momerial fund was 11 Park ave,next to Kevins grave is a marker 911 and it goes on with this no.Kevin and a friend was in a bad car crash his friends birthday is the 23rd of this month, we believe that my nephew is sending us a message through 11s that he is ok,what do you think...Thank you Debbie
Subj: 11:11 
Date: 11/26/2006

From  Tim

To: jmason4557@aol.com

dear joe,
    i too see these numbers everywhere and am very confused as to what they mean..i have done some homework on the subject and came to pretty much the same conclusions you have...some examples of my sightings are license plates, clocks, dreams, receipts at stores, and pretty much anything that has numbers on it..i'm a musician and was recording some music with a drummer friend of mine in arizona, when we were done i was saying bye to him and we were standing by his car..i looked down randomly at his license plate..it's first part read 111...the song we recorded was exactly 4:44 seconds long ...are these coincidences?...also one day i was at a fast food restaurant called In and Out burger in prescott, arizona..i noticed that when the lady in front of me in line was done ordering the clerk told her that her total was $11:11...then i was next to order...coincidentally my order number that they use to call out when your food is ready was order #11..finally when i pulled into my driveway at the house i was living at i was taking my keys out of the ignition and for some reason i looked at my odometer..it read 111111 all the way across (give or take a 1, but they were all one's)...that day freaked me out..if you have a myspace account, i'd like you to check out my page and the picture of me on it..i believe in the angels so much that i had a tattoo of a triangle filled with 1s and a sun in the background on my right arm...people always ask me what it means, but i just tell them "it's a long story"...anyway, i am so confused as to what this all means, but i feel very strongly that i am on some kind of mission...you can also check out my old band at limekilnrecords.com, we were called Birds of India..we broke up, but i am in the process of forming another band...i want to call it Horus the Red...but, i don't know why...also ever since i was younger i had this inclination that i should name my son (if i should be blessed with him) Nathan..recently someone told me that in latin Nathan means "one"...and to top it all off, my mom's birthday is november 1..which is 11/1...can you help me understand what all of this means, i know it's all more than just a coincidence...peace...and God bless you...tim
Subj: 11:11 
Date: 12/4/2006

From Jumper

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Joe Mason,
Don't know if you're still going with the 11:11 phenomenon, but here are some interesting tidbts.

My wife started pointing out several years ago that she would see 11:11 on the clock a lot. Well then, so did I. Interesting, but kooky. Like to keep
the feet on the ground and have some evidence before going off to "Hale Bopp".

A coworker of my wife had a son who was diagnosed with cancer. After a long battle he passed away. We asked if we could come to the funeral. Indeed
we were told. What time is the funeral we asked. 11:11 am was the reply. What???
What's with the 11:11 funeral? 11:11 was a special number between Mother and Son.

A couples years later I am reading an article in "Wired Magazine". 
Check out the link to the article, rather lengthy but I encourage to read start to finish. Just about dropped the magazine in the jacuzzi.

Here today 12-1-06 am reading Oliver North's new book "The Assassins"
pg 94
gotta read it. Almost dropped the book in the jacuzzi.

My 1st son born at 11:11pm on 4-17-89

Married on 11/22/86

Worked at an airline flight arrivals at 11:11am and would see 11:11 all the time for numbers.

Been reading your website and here's my take. 11:11 over the course of my experience has represented life and death or an ending and a new
beginning. It looks to me like we are coming to the end of an age quickly. The only thing that makes any real sense is what the Bible has
to say about the end of the age and the BEGINNING of a new one. 2 Pet 3 seems to be hitting the nail on the head. There are a lot of other
prophetic verses in the Bible that I would encourage all to seek out. A lot of them have to do with the nation of Israel. You don't need to be a rocket
scientist to see what country is consistently in the current events.

Bottom line: John 3:16, 3:36, 5:24 etc. etc.

In a message dated 11/6/2006 2:10:26 PM Pacific Standard Time, kazarian writes:

<< Subj: 11:11

I am part of a team of light workers that are promoting a free online concert event this Saturday night, November 11.  The event is titled "11:11, Find out what it really means" >> (snip)


Hello Kazarian.

I trust the 11:11 event was a success.

We receive many e-mails from people experiencing 11:11 (and other number) coincidences. The reason is that we are ranked high in searches for the subject, and because we have quite a lot of information about these matters on our site. We have studied the subject, along with related fields, such as dreams and crop circles, for over sixteen years.

I think it is important that people share their ideas. The final answers may not be entirely here yet.

I have been responding to those who contact us with an e-mail with links and information about the subject. Usually I add special information for each person. For your information, I am placing the basic e-mail below.

I have included information about music frequencies and the relation to DNA healing.


Joseph E. (Joe) Mason


The 11:11 is clearly a grand scale worldwide phenomenon.

Some experience the 11:11 as a warning of something negative.  Others see it as positive changes ahead. Many say it is a "wake up call." It seems like it is an individualized thing. Therefore, I would not advise people to follow anything anybody else says. What you feel and experience is probably most important.

My personal guess is that it is often about changes, which may have a stressful part, followed by a more positive circumstance.

I also agree with the "wake up call" idea. It seems that the unconscious mind has been in an evolutionary process. It is learning to leave guideposts for us in the form of coincidences, especially the number types. I think the idea is to start us on quests to find the answers and meanings. Eventually, many will find that information is coming from the dream/spirit world about a big change coming. The ideas may or may not become manifest. The symbolic messages come in many forms, including crop circles, UFO/ET events, inspired artistic material, symbolic events, and most importantly, dreams.

The various puzzle pieces will start to form larger pictures. It is likely that the process will change beliefs, which will bring on the changes. I do not know how much of this is "true," but that is my theory. I think it is important to keep in mind that beliefs do not have to be "true" in order to cause change.

Personally, I hope to help find the nature of the messages. Then, I can make the choice to believe them or not.

People who experience 11:11 and others are reporting information about two suns:


The idea I had about the two suns was that it shows the duality balance ahead, in the symbolic form of Venus growing in size to equal the sun.

The Star of David is an important star/sun/ symbol. The dream-coincidence material suggests that it relates to the sixth sphere of the Tree of Life, Tipharet. The "Seed of Life" is a symbol for that sphere during the time cycle in the lower three chakra levels. Tipharet represent the fourth chakra, the Heart. The Seed of Life opens like a flower-aperture, to reveal the Star of David inside, with the twelve-petal flower outside, the traditional symbol of the Heart chakra. See the links below, in the Reference section.

Music itself has a 11 11 11 triangle connection:

The Crop Circle Music Wheel


A lot of information has come about a DNA "repair," or healing, or something of that nature. Part of the information has to do with "Solfeggio Frequencies." The primary healing frequency involves a central "C" note of 528 cycles per second. One of the other frequencies is 396. These numbers are on the "Music Wheel" mentioned above. I did not know about the Solfeggio Frequencies when I developed the wheel, which is based on the earlier work of others.

Note that the above numbers are part of the ancient system. The number 528 relates to 5280 feet in a mile. The number 396 relates to 3960 miles, the radius of the Earth. The diameter of the Earth can be expressed as (11 + 11) x 360 = 7920 miles. The word Gematria means measuring the Earth.

This graphic is a wheel with the Solfeggio numbers:


Note how the same numbers appear repositioned.

528, 852, 285
396, 639, 963
417, 741, 174


Sacred Circle of Sound - Solfeggio

New Bible Codes Discovered!

Artists of all kinds are the modern day equivalent to the shamen of the past. They brought ideas from the dream realm in the form of music, art, dance, and stories. If successful, the people would say, "Yes, we have been dreaming that too." Scholars say that this served as a source of change, helping the tribes adjust to changes in circumstances.

In these times of "future shock" rapid change, we need our shamen artists more than ever.

I think it is significant that the at Mayan calendar ends at 11:11 AM on December 21, 2012. Some say this is the "end of time," or even "Doomsday." Others think it is just the end of a time cycle, and that another will begin.  My 16 + years of study leads me to agree about the end of a grand cycle and the start of a new one, which will be very positive in the long run.


My personal experience with 11:11 led to the idea that humanity has been on a time cycle path that corresponds to the chakra levels. We are near the three and a half midpoint, and a leap to the fourth level, the heart chakra:

Humanity On The Pollen Path - Part One

On November 21, 2005, I was interviewed about 11:11 on a radio show. I created a page about it with lots of extra related material:

11:11 - The Audio

These articles include information about numbers:

11:11 - What is the Meaning?

It has lots of information about 11:11, and other numbers, such as the triplets (111, 222, etc.). Theories about the possible meaning are given, along with many links.

Sacred Numbers to Resuscitate the Dead -  Lazarus and Awakening the Giant

One of the findings is based on lock 288 and key 156 = 444, and one-fourth of those values (72 + 39 = 111). This clearly connects directly with the work of a leading scientist, Professor D. G. Leahy. This is solid evidence that these "wake-up"  numbers are about the nature of creation itself.

We have some articles about the ancient "Gematrian" number code that was used to position the ancient sites around the world on very exact coordinates:

Code of the Ancients

Jerry has written articles showing scientific connections to the ancient numbers:

Index to Jerry Iuliano's Articles

Another article, in part, covers numbers, which have some 777 and 11 material, such as (11 + 11) x (11 + 11) = 484, one-tenth of an acre in square yards, which became significantly coincidental:

The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations

I am in the process of writing a new article, which should be available soon at this address:

444, The Triplets, & The Creation

Some of the most important information is coming to people in dreams. I will be reporting the information as it comes.


Subj: 11:11 
Date: 12/18/2006

From Kristofer

To: JMason4557@aol.com

I dont know if youll get this as i just found your email address from 1996.

When i was in Whistler, Canada in Feb 2006 i was being driven by my buddy to Vancouver airport. When i jumped into the car the time read 11.11. Not too
surprising but noticable. I said to him, "check out the time". When we arrived at the airport i looked at my cell phone to find out the real time
as his in car digital clock was way fast. The time on my cell phone was 11.11. Wierd. I passed him the phone and said check that. By the time he
looked at the phone it changed to 11.12. Damn.

The significance of 11 is real as i had a strong 'feeling' that it wasnt coincidence. I always see 11.11 on clocks now and believe it is a guide by a
higher being.
Subj: 11:11 
Date: 12/5/2006

From Lee

To: JMason4557@aol.com

I just looked up these numbers on the internet because... I see them all the time!  I comment to my wife about it weekly...  Oh... look what time it is..  11:11 .. because, I always just seem to see the clock at this time!!!!   I walked past the thermostat in my hall last night after I laid my daughter down for the night and.. yes.. it was exactly 11:11 ...  and I was surprised but..  I didn't say anything..  And now tonight, I just got finished writing some questions on the photographers forum of which I am a part..  and..  guess what time it was..   YEP..  11:11 ...  It's crazy..  I just KNOW someone is trying to tell me something!
This didn't just start last night... It's been happening to me for at least 5 to 7 years...  
I want to know more..  I am going to keep searching and reading on the net...
thank you.
-Lee Hughes      Tuscaloosa, Alabama    as it is now exactly 11:22  

Subj: Thoughts on the 11:11 
Date: 12/31/2006

From Ruth

To: JMason4557

    In the 70's my friends and I found this really large empty round spool, the kind of spool they use for installing high power cables and so forth. We rolled is to my home and painted the whole thing black and then with every color paint you could imagine we just started writing or drawing everything that came to mind. We drew the 11:11 repeatedly. That was 30 years ago.
    For 30 years I have been aware of the 11:11, it is ever so present in my life. I see it everywhere. even my twins were born on the 11th day of August (11,11) two!
    It is a most interesting phenomenon to me. Glad to hear it is for others too.
Subj: 11:11 
Date: 1/1/2007

From Chris

To: JMason4557@aol.com

ok, about the last half year every time i look at a clock it's always 11:11, whether its in the morning or at night. And its never 12:12 or anything like that. Just always evelen eleven. Lately its been increasing and i finalely have said this is no coincidence. There's something there. I;m not sure what it means. I've heard so many rumors and stories but it all sounds like a bunch of crap (no offense) so im kinda on this quest to get down to its true meaning. If you can help please write back. -Much appreciated-



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