Date: February 12, 2011 at 22:11:16
Cindy in W. OR,
Subject: Pole Shift Dream

O My God I just lived through the pole shift! I
literally don't have words to describe what it looked &
felt like. It really felt like the end of days, it's
your worst nightmare times a million. The first thing I
noticed was the ground looked soft or mushy. I took a
stick & started poking around, in seconds some area's
had liquefied. I looked up & one corner of a house I
was by was sinking. I immediately knew this was the
start of the pole shift. (I had a dream 2 days ago
about a red moon & knew the shift was near. In this
dream I knew about the red moon dream). Not 5 minutes
after this there was a huge earthquake 8.8+. I looked
up & the sky was blue & clear, there were no leaves on
the tree's but it was comfortable outside. I had been
looking at early spring weeds on the ground that I
wanted to pick. I quickly took clear packing tape &
taped shut everything I could in another building,
cupboards, drawers. I knew that anything standing up
was going to be flying around the room so I was
knocking everything down & trying to choose where I was
going to ride it out. A lot of people were outside &
tried to bury themselves under field tall grass or dig
a hole. They had no time to do anything else (a lot of
these were children who later died). I should have not
taped cupboards shut for I had no time to find a spot
to ride out it out. I was in an inside room of a
building & only had time to lay face down on the floor
next to something large.

My husband was there but not any other family nor my
children. I was somewhere that looked like some kind of
research facility. There was a house with a pool & a
little ways away was some kind of smaller research
building with salt water fish & other sea animals in
large cement tanks & some office space. There were some
small groups of children there maybe from a school trip
or boy or girl scout troops. I remember a sting ray
flapping on the floor after the first quake.

After the quake I looked up, the sky was bright blue
with strange jet black indescribable rolling storm
clouds building on the horizon. The sound of the coming
wind was deafening even when the actual wind was still
a long ways off. The change in air pressure was
horribly painful. I felt like I was going to pass out.
The earth seemed to buckle & heave non-stop, the
unbelievable wind & everything became pitch black, (now
the bizarre dream stuff) except a blue entity/fog
floating from place to place. My first thought was "is
this HAARP? & I then thought it was the devil. It was
bright blue & really showed against the black sky. It
came to be in front of me during the end of the shift I
was too scared to look up & then I was out or knocked
out. When I came to my husband had already buried the
dead, it looked to be a third of us.

Afterwards was unbelievable, everything was different,
where there was a level plowed field before there was a
mountain, where there was a forest there were a few
trees. Where there was a river or lake before there was
a small pond. The first thing I asked for was matches &
looked around for clean water. I knew that the worst
was not over & that those that made it through were in
for an even rougher time.

All anyone had was the clothes on their back which were
rags when this was over. I think everyone should have a
large backpack & take it everywhere with you for that
is all you will have. Pack everything you need to
survive & understand it will be shared & given out
sparingly to whoever needs it. Put matches in a
waterproof container, put in food, water purification
tablets, something to hold water in, clothes etc. Keep
a knife in your pocket. No matter where you're at
choose your spot quickly, there's not any time to do
anything else. If this happens at home where is the
safest place for you? Plan it out now! Talk to other
family members about it. They'll think you're crazy but
what's new. You are all here to help others with your
knowledge about survival. You may think you know
nothing but you know so much more than the common

I don't think it's necessary to buy everything you'd
need to survive in another lifetime. I doubt it would
survive anyway. Pray for it not to happen. Live your
life as if it's your last day, love your family &
friends & tell them how much they mean to you. For Love
is the only thing truly matters.



Date: February 13, 2011 at 05:50:52
Linda in N Carolina,
Subject: Re: Pole Shift Dream

I had this dream about five years ago, but one part was very different. (First of all, I say "dream" but I was awake watching a movie screen that was on my bedroom wall...the whole wall) My dream differs in that before this happened, I was out in early spring preparing my garden. A lovely lady was working her own garden nearby (whom I later found out was Mother Earth). She warned me that when "they" came for me, I was to go immediately, as there would be no time. Right after that, the ground all around us began to turn black. And then, as you can only imagine in a dream, I was suddenly able to see the whole world from where I was standing, and it was all turning burnt, black, and non-usable. At this moment, a being that I could only describe as an alien, said it was time to go. We sailed up into the sky (there were thousands doing the same) and then, the being told me that I would be taken to middle earth, but I would be fine. We did go into the Earth, and from that vantage point I saw horrible black clouds, storms, people flying by, thunder, lightning, and horrible sounds. Inside the earth it was a large complex, able to hold thousands if not millions. We were put into cocoons (that's the best way of describing it) and told that we would be in a state of sleep until all was settled. When I awoke, I remember that the aliens were taking us back up to the earth. I had the feelign that possibly hundreds of years had passed (!?!?) When we arrived at our destination, it was as if we were in the garden of Eden, as everything was so beautiful, pristine, with clear waters, beautiful trees... We were told that we were the New Ones. We would prosper and grow here in love, and friendship, each sharing their own talents. We all pitched in and worked the fields, built homes, and lived in love. When the vision ended, I did everything I could to replicate it, as it was the most beautiful, peaceful scene that I'd ever remembered. Oh, and the animals were part of us, not scared of us... I have no fear... I have only hope that this will happe soon, so that Mother can get back to her rightful beauty!



Date: February 13, 2011 at 14:25:30
From: Cindy in W. OR,
Subject: Inner Earth Video?

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOjJBnutD9I&feature=youtube_gdata_player

You reminded me of a video I saw a few days ago(see
link). I think it may be middle earth but I really have
no idea, it's just what it reminds me of. Let me know
what you think. Linda you are truly one of the special
ones who will go on to be saved. I hope you will be
able to remember what happened before when in your new
home in Eden. I wish everyone was a chosen one & could
experience life in paradise. How differently we would
view what is to come.


middle earth

Date: February 13, 2011 at 17:00:42
Linda in N Carolina,
Subject: Re: Inner Earth Video?

I truly hope that Mother Earth was telling me to GO when the beings came... as I so want to get to the new Garden of Eden.

One of the things I remember now, after reliving this in my mind today, is that I was so worried about the kids...how ever would they know to come. I was told not to worry, they would be taken, almost as if they would be put to sleep so that they would willingly come.

Also, there were those that would be taken up onto huge space ships as well as the others that would go beneath the ground. We were not immediately put to sleep, because I remember watching out a window the horrors of the winds, the storms, and seeing people and objects flying past.

I think, Cindy, that I was shown this so that I WOULD remember what these days were like, so that I could tell the stories of the "olden days" and that we would never again repeat the problems of the past (?).

I am no more special than any other... I am not sure why I was chosen to see this vision, but I do know that ever since that day, I do not fear. What a blessing :)




Date: February 13, 2011 at 10:00:16
Subject: Re: Pole Shift Dream

Back in late '95, I had a "visitation"/dream which was
the trip-wire for waking up to alien stuff - I too was
lifted up that night by amazing and kindly beings,
feminine in nature, whom I couldn't see, but feel their
presence. They told me "We have had to lift you up,
since things have speeded up for awhile on the Earth.
Where you will be is safe". I then looked down on the
Earth , and saw great waves, black clouds, superstorms
with extremely high winds, mega-tornadoes, and the very
Earth shifting herself. To make this even more
dramatic, our housemate who was awake at the time, did
see a couple of gold and silver beings "visiting" me on
the other side of the house that night. We were living
in Santa Fe at the time. Not long after that, life
changed dramatically, plus my consciousness and
curiosity about all things Alien/Star Visitor was
awakened about what it all meant for me, since it
turned out that I had been "visited" since childhood.
Since then I have been shown other visions as well. My
intuition increased dramatically after that experience
as well.



Date: February 13, 2011 at 12:56:46
Cindy in W. OR,
Subject: Re: Pole Shift Dream

I too have had visitors as early as I can remember, but
I have no idea who they are. You too are one of the
lucky ones that will hopefully be taken to safety &
brought back to Eden. Not all of us are so lucky. Be



Date: February 13, 2011 at 05:28:05
Subject: Friday - I had a pole shift dream - too disturbing to relate though

Thank you for putting this down. I had what I believe was a pole shift dream on Friday night - actually Sat. morning right before waking up. I was depressed all day yesterday.

It was a very disturbing dream for me. I will say - I saw the black clouds swirling then forming 100 mile wide type tornadoes - there is no describing the clouds in how terrifying they were. No movie has ever gotten close to what I saw in my dream.

Funny too - my child wasn't with me - she had gone somewhere with a friend before it all started happening, whatever was happening.

I hope my dream is just symbolic to stuff going on right now in my life, as it was one of the scariest dreams I have ever had and very Vivid!



Date: February 13, 2011 at 14:30:47
Cindy in W. OR,
Subject: Re: Friday - I had a pole shift dream - too disturbing to relate...

I had mine I think the same night you did, early am
Friday. I still can not get the pictures out of my
mind. I know I shouldn't but all I can think about is
that we don't have much time, I know dreams like this
one can do that to you. After your dream do you feel
that way to? Another part of me thinks nothing will
happen & it's certainly not going to happen 12/21/12.
If New Madrid goes I'm thinking seriously of bugging



Date: February 13, 2011 at 00:06:17
Subject: Re: Pole Shift Dream

Thanks for your post Cindy I to believe this is coming
soon.Did you say spring I dont feel its a long way in the
far future.



Date: February 12, 2011 at 23:13:34
Subject: Re: Pole Shift Dream

You described it quite well. The blue entity would be Jesus, or the Christ. I have seen him before, he is brilliant electric blue, but to me not a fog thing at all
and came and saved me in this form back in 1986.
Chuckles has seen Jesus in electric blue too.
I have been shown many things of this kinds of happenings for the shift over a span of 41 years now.
In Feb 2010, I was told, "we are going through a pole shift, Pam" I put this up on my website then and also posted here.
It has so far been slow motion. It will pick up.
The preparedness is just as you mentioned, a back pack or duffel bag for each person.
Thanks for sharing this.



Date: February 12, 2011 at 23:29:39
Cindy in W. OR,
Subject: Brilliant Electric Blue Entity/Fog

I loved the information on Jesus. I had never heard of
him in that brilliant electric blue. Part I didn't post
about was that the blue entity/fog seemed to be going
from a person here to a person there, but not everyone.
I heard the blue fog talking to me & when I looked up
it was a man standing in front of me. Maybe it was fog
like because God really has no form. Thanks very much
Pam, that brings much clarity.



Date: February 12, 2011 at 23:36:31
Subject: Re: Brilliant Electric Blue Entity/Fog

You are very welcome. Yes, I saw him in my home in this form in California. His electric blue form filled the entire living room, dinning room and family room. I had called on him for I was under spiritual attack, and suddenly he appeared right where I was and released me from another entity which was trying to kill me.
I am happy you told the other part.



Date: February 12, 2011 at 22:27:07
Subject: Re: Pole Shift Dream

rather lucid
i imagine this event would unfold in this way

good advice on being prepared



Date: February 13, 2011 at 15:42:36
simple simon,
Subject: March + September this year?

URL: http://www.heartcom.org/ForbiddenNews.htm

The linked webpage suggests that the shift will be in March and September... this year!

I receive occasional emails from this site, which is how I got to see the page.

My own thoughts are that if the information is correct then next month will be a 'smaller' event, although it will still be significant in scope.

The only thing which makes me go 'hmm' is that the page quotes the Zetans and Planet X, both of which are controversial and have as many advocates as nay-sayers.

'We shall see', as the saying goes.




Date: February 13, 2011 at 16:59:29
Subject: Re: March + September this year?

Interesting. He might even be right, despite bringing the Zetas and Laura K-J into it.
Karen Bishop says obliquely in her message this week that this March, around the equinox, there will be a massive movement, and it will be 'a movement like no other.'







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