6-26-02 - DREAM - I was watching a documentary on hippos. The film showed hippos in a field of pole-beans. Then it said that hippos destroy half of the pole-bean crop every year in Africa.

NOTE: On search of the internet, I didn't find any pole-beans in Africa, but I did find a website organization called HIPPO which makes its money by asking for donations from people so they can teach Africans to become vegetarians and eat beans.

6-27-02 - DREAM - My father called me on the phone and said he was sending over a gift with Ralph that I should deliver to another relative. I said, "Okay!" and in a few minutes Ralph came in,c arrying a Christmas gift wrapped in red and green paper.

I opened it to see what it was. It was a shirt, tie, and vest, already put together like a man would wear it, but folded neatly.

(After I woke up I was trying to hink what color it was and it seems like it was various shades of grey, black and white. I know for sure the vest was grey, black and white tweed, but knitted. The shirt was maybe mauve and the tie a darker shade towards purple - but not deep purple.)

I looked at the shirt label to see what brand it was. I thought at first it said, "Goodwill" and I was thinking, "Oh man, my father shops at Goodwill for Christmas gifts," and then I looked at the label closer and it said, "Dalvert".

I then went downtown and it seemed like I was being chased by a train and I had to beat it to the station. The staton was on Dalvert St., so I was running through the mall to get to Dalvert St., and my running wasn't normal, it had an odd pattern - kind oflike an old steam locomotive, which starts out slow and then goes faster and faster.

I finally reached the center of the mall, which was supposed to be Dalvert St. and discovered that there was a uge white staircase that went down in two directions from the landing and I was really on a balcony it seemed. Either that or Dalvert was in the basement. The store label was Dalvert and at the bottom of the stairs was clothing store named Dalvert.

As I stood there, trying to figure out what to do, a young man came up the stairs, holding an outstretched hand to welcome me, and said, "Sally Struthers?" and I answered, "Yes!"