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Aranuth Speaks
Ravenshoe January 2011


I welcome you to this house of light on this day and I am sure that you will reciprocate by making me welcome into your energy community. Now I'm not talking about community as in your individual physical selves group; I'm talking about your combined energy pattern. The composition of your light pattern, and each individual energy composition meets and blends and pools, then and only then do you become an 'energy community' that you could perhaps define as a 'spiritual community'. I look around me now and I look at the blendings of your lights, of your colours. I feel, I sense, I see the blending of the vibrations and the compatibility of such and it behooves me to congratulate each and every one of you on your individual advancement which translates into your individual contribution to the community energy pool. Ahh, ha, ha, ha, haa.
Am I making sense?..... Hmnnn?..... Good.

Community: community; The entire planet is a community. Unfortunately, the greater proportion of the mass of souls incarnate on this planet at this time sees it as separation or separate-ness. Many times I have said that you are not separate. You are One: One is All; All is One! Whatever occurs on the opposite side of your planet has a corresponding effect on this side of the planet. What happens to One, happens to All.
What befalls All befalls One. Now the sooner that the mass consciousness comes to that realisation the better your planet will be. And the better your planet will be when all of you realise that so that the individual realises that. It is unbalanced to have individuals in total understanding radiating a love and harmony vibration when you have the other side, the greater proportion of the masses generating a negative attitude….what you call the "them and us"!
"Them and Us" does not exist! It should not even be referred to! You should not entertain the thought of it! You should not entertain the word; you should not entertain anyone speaking of "them and us". The word is "we", "one", "all".
Many times previously I have spoken using the word community. There are many people still not in the awareness of the true meaning of the word 'community'. Now I have just spoken of your 'energy community'; the pooling of the energies of you individuals which goes to make up community. The whole planet and every race upon it -  even though in your third dimensional beingness you view these races as 'separate', 'different' - they are one, you are one, you are all one. 
Within community you also have the macro and the micro. Now an analogy could be thus: when you hold a handful of your grains of sugar…that is a community. When you extract a small portion of those grains ….that is community. If you held only two grains … that is community. Now even though those two grains are only a very minor portion of the mass…it is still community. The mass is a community and you may say that there are sub-divisions and sub-divisions of that…. it is still community. One.
Here in this group this evening you could say that this is community.

Daily, you see in your media what happens when communities are shattered; when tragedy strikes a community.  You have recently seen instances where individuals, one and two grains of sugar, have recognised within themselves that they are community, they belong to community, and they have come out selflessly and have supported their community; they supported the community that they were not even consciously aware that they were a part of. And many of those people previously actually envisioned themself as being different from other members of the community…..it was them and us. But in the face of tragic circumstances the meaning of community was brought home to them in no uncertain terms. 
There are lessons to be learned from that: there are many lessons to be learnt from that; the major lesson to be learned is you individuals belong to community. Every soul incarnate on this planet, at this time, the mass of which is community whether they are aware of it or not; whether they will admit it or not; regardless, it is now time that people, souls incarnate, started to think more along community lines, support for community, involvement in community, growth of community, because may I tell you the times are not coming… they are already here… when you will need community for your very survival. If you do not attend to your responsibilities to your community your community will see no responsibility for you; and as a human being you just may not survive. You may all be coming home. Many of you will be coming home. It is not for me to prophesy who will or will not be coming home soon …or the circumstances in which they will depart.
We allow the Grand Plan, the Divine Grand Plan to unfold in all of its beauty even though you see what you consider to be the 'ugliness' of that plan, the ugliness of the tragedy that is an integral part of the Grand Plan. Were you capable of seeing the whole big picture you would immediately understand. At your stage of development and with your curtain of amnesia firmly pulled across you are not going to see the entirety of the Divine Grand Plan. I would ask you to accept what I say when I say the Divine Grand Plan is perfect in its outcome: nothing is happening to any place, anything, or anyone, that has not already been taken into consideration. Every player plays their part and then exits the stage.
Community: have I ever told you that the majority of you souls are blessed? Blessed with living within a safe and secure area. Has the brotherhood ever told you that you are safe? Yes. We have told you many times; there have been many messengers that have come to tell you that you are safe; you are cared for; but a great many souls such as yourself who are either are awakening, awakened, or advanced to various stages or levels will not be subject to the sometimes perceived horrific impact of the changes taking place on and around your planet. And not only your planet. Let me tell you, your entire universe is undergoing the same changes.
But we are here this evening to talk on a more 'earthy' level and I am here this evening to encourage you to not only maintain contact with each other, not only work to support and expand your community,… whether the community be a physical or spiritual one …they are entwined you know… because as spirit beings you are embodied, you are in a physical community, you are in a spiritual community, you are members of a spiritual community which are members of the physical community. Hmmnnn? And whilst you are embodied there is a requirement for you to look after your own physicality and the way to maintain your health and your future is to pull together as a community to help and assist one another.
Now as community… I am not talking about any religious groups; I am not talking about any of the societies; the groups; the brother and sisterhood, etc. I am talking about the community of human beings with human needs, human desires, striving for peace and harmony on a planet that should only know peace and harmony. It is now imperative that you acknowledge that you are community: its time for you to acknowledge that community needs you; that you need community; and it is only through community that you will advance, that you will grow, and that you will bring peace harmony and happiness to this planet.
Your planet is in quite a state: there is so much to be cleared; so much to be repaired; so much to be returned to its original condition so that the planet can continue to nurture, sustain, and support you. In return the planet asks you…as a community… to care for it.
If you wish your planet to bring forth abundance; abundance to assist you in your earth experience; in your growth; in your expansion; if you wish the earth planet to have sustenance available for you… the planet willingly gives you these things. In return the planet asks for you to care for, and protect, and cleanse the planet.
You are not just billions of human beings to-ing and fro-ing across the planet: you are billions of entities who have accepted the stewardship of this planet.
It is sad to say that there are those beings who care not for the planet: who have broken their vow to be steward to the ongoing care of this planet; and instead they could be considered to be raping and pillaging the planet in their uncontrolled lust for precious metals, timber, and various other resources that will bring them wealth…which is of a very temporary nature.  It is well past time for every soul incarnate to accept the responsibility of their stewardship to care for and maintain this planet in its original pristine condition because the clock is ticking: the planet may not be able to continue to sustain and nourish you. You are part of the planet: the planet is part of you; One is All, All is One.

I would ask each and every one of you.. and you as a community…to very carefully consider what has been spoken of this evening and in some way, whether it be small or large, contribute something to your community. In coming days there will be those geographically positioned locations, areas, that will relatively safely transit the changes. Those areas will be those with a sense of community: a demonstrated responsibility to the community. On the other hand there are areas that care nothing for community: they care nothing for the planet; they are lost, they are mired in the bog hole of their own making; and of course they shall suffer the consequences. As you sow, so shall you reap.  So I would say to you; sow seeds of love, care, compassion, and understanding into your community and you will receive in return what you have given.

Now I realise this evenings discussion has been of a sombre tone: it most definitely has not been of a negative tone; the reason for the sombreness is to prompt you to do positive things for yourself, for your community. Positive! Positivity! Stay positive.

I thank you for having me here once more. As your time passes I will return again and again to bring the message from the brotherhood to all who are willing to listen. The brotherhood, through myself and through this instrument, will take the message further afield so that there are none who will say 'I was not informed'. Messengers all over the world are informing all of the souls, the souls incarnate, in this world with similar information to what the brotherhood, through I, impart to you. 
I shall withdraw now; there is much work to be done; much work to be done. Work which you are not aware that we do in its volume, in its intensity; in its entirety.
We enjoy the work that we do: we enjoy coming to you offering information and advice. You as a free will souls incarnate may do what you wish with that information and knowledge. I withdraw now. I withdraw with love, leaving you in love, and I shall return at the appointed time
Thank you one and all.

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Peace, Poise, and Harmony


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Peace and Happiness,





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