by Dee Finney

1-19-89 - I dreamed that I was slowly climbing the attic stairs of my house which were very narrow. I had to be very careful not to dislodge any of the decorations which were carefully placed on each stair. I neared the central landing half way up and hidden on a portion of stairs that went up behind the main stairway was the figure of an elf dressed all in green with a green pointed cap.

A woman's voice said, "Be careful not to break it, because it's worth over $25 million dollars."

The elf smiled at me and I woke up.

NOTE: At that point I remembered that the figure was the same little elf that I saw when I was 10 years old and was put to sleep with ether in the hospital. The elf had danced for me during the operation on my broken arm.


9-17-89 - DREAM: I was at my 16th St house. My whole family was there, the generation before me, and the generation after me. My Father had an elephant and we were all afraid of it.

He always brought it out to perform for whomever came to the house and this was going to be one of those days. My kids and I were outside together and I showed them I could easily scale the nearest mountain. But when we were back at home, my Father brought out the elephant and we were all afraid. My Father had promised to get rid of the elephant but in this case, he had also promised he would give one last performance in honor of someone special in town. The kids and I all ran upstairs to the attic to hid behind some old furniture.

But I knew that my Father would bring the elephant upstairs and his trunk could reach behind the furniture and get us anyway, so I decided to run away from home.

I sneaked downstairs, expecting to see the elephant but I didn't. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. Each second that went by, I expected the elephant to appear but it didn't. I was sneaking out the front door when my Father yelled at me to stop, but I wouldn't. I was down the front stairs and up the sidewalk in a flash, expecting every moment I'd see the elephant and it would see me.

Suddenly, my daughter came up to me. She was about 10 years old. She was determined she wasn't going to be left behind. She was wearing a bright red dress, white socks and patent leather black shoes. suddenly, I spotted the elephant. To accommodate my fears, my Father had put the elephant in a rubber suit and it was laying down all tied up. Even it's head and ears were covered. I was surprised, but even seeing that wasn't going to stop me.

I was going to go to my girlfriend's house in the next block where sensible people lived.

My daughter was yelling at me to wait for her, but I wouldn't slow down. I grabbed her by the hand and dragged her with me. Then her left shoe came off and she started to cry. I wouldn't let that stop me either. I ran across Clark St. and dragged her with me. Then she fell head long on the sidewalk. I wasn't going to let that stop me either. I picked her up and attempted to carry her.

She was crying and she was dead weight. I couldn't carry her. She was too heavy, so I grabbed her by the dress and dragged her with me. I said I was going to get there no matter what. Nothing was going to stop me.

Then my daughter started to shriek. She shrieked so loud I thought it would pierce my eardrums. It was so loud I woke up and as I woke up the thought went through my mind that there was an old wive's tale that if you shrieked in a dram, you would die in your sleep.

I woke up from the dream feeling perfectly calm, but wondering who was going to die. Her or me? That's the way I wanted to die.



4-21-90 - DREAM - We were running a children's counseling service in our house and we allowed children from the neighborhood to come in and play and use our attic to store things for safe-keeping.

One day two little girls came to the door, fighting over a possession that belonged to one of them. They were from Brooklyn it seems and had such poor diction they could barely pronounce their own names. IAETTA and CARMINE. Once I determined what their names were, then we proceeded to help them speak better English and we washed and combed their hair and cleaned them up so they didn't look like little ragamuffins.


8-11-90 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. There was an elevator next to the stairway. It had a door that opened on the 1st floor and in the attic, but none on the 2nd floor. I thought that it would be really nice if there was a door on the 2nd floor, but I realized that it could be dangerous because children might fall down the elevator shaft.


2-18-92 - NOTE: I originally lived 5 blocks from Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer.

I had had several dreams about him prior to him being discovered as the killer. This dream occurred after he had been convicted and sent to prison for life.

As an added note: Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered in prison, beaten to death in the head by an exercise machine metal bar in 1994.

DREAM - Jeffrey Dahmer was on the loose in New York City. Someone I knew well, put a bullet through his skull on the lawn when he came around the corner. When he put the gun down, I personally picked up the gun and put a second bullet through Dahmer's skull to make sure he stayed dead.

There was a city-wide search for Dahmer and then for us because we were now killers too. We went into a store and my friend bought a big table top into which he had drilled a triangle shaped device to aim a weapon from.

Then we went to a store where we found body parts stacked everywhere and we took it upon ourselves to clean it up and also to take Dahmer's souvenirs because we thought they'd be worth a fortune in the future.

Then I went into the bathroom to clean the blood off the cabinet doors. A big picture of Satan was painted in blood. I cleaned off the blood but the white doors were still stained with the shape.

I then met my friend and he told me that he and the other guy had finished sorting out what stuff they had found in the attic and I could take my pick of what was left. I then realized that my friend was the man S (my psychic friend) had spoken of that I would start a friendship with but it wouldn't work out.

I then saw a newspaper picture that was blood red. It was a photo of my friend and his two friends. they had been photographed on the balcony of the building throwing blood red dung at a sign that had the words, "FOR SURE" on it. Now I realized that the whole world would know who they were and they were marked men who would have to be destroyed by Satan's followers who loved Dahmer.


4-16-92 - DREAM - I was with some judges. I had sent a note to one of the female judges and was waiting for a response. She came to me with it and said she could make out one of the words. It was the word 'TWIN'. Shew as wearing one of my green skirts. I was also wearing a green and blue plaid skirt which I took off and stapled shut at the top and packed into a box which was going to be put away in the attic. She took off her green skirt and similarly packed it away.


10-4-97 - Dream - I moved into a different house on the 2nd floor. The same day I moved there, I was supposed to show the other unit to some people. So many people showed up, I couldn't tell who was with who, and because I hadn't seen the whole place myself, I couldn't tell where one apartment ended and the next began. I went through a door into what I thought was the next unit and there was a design on the wall or the floor (not sure which)

These people kept asking me questions about the place I couldn't answer as I was still exploring it myself. I found four kitchens it seemed - like there was a duplicate right and left side, but each side seemed twice as wide as it should.

I finally took them all downstairs and we were outside. I looked back at the house and there was a flat roof on top with no attic.

I went back inside the door where I had originally entered. It was a double-wide door. Some young couples followed me back inside because they were still interested in the house though I wasn't so sure since I hadn't moved any furniture in. I could still go back to where I was staying with some other people.

One of the young men wanted to know what he could do with his friend's "Dotsy". I had no idea what a Dotsy was, so I finally asked him, "What is a Dotsy?" He pointed down and I looked down between the walls into a space that was like a basement laundry. There were three women down there and the laundry tub drain was plugged up. She was plunging it and I asked her if the plunger was working. She said, "No!" I told her she might need a snake then and that she might need a 50 ft. snake because the clog might be lower down in the pipe.

NOTE: A friend has asked if the word might have been "Daath-C" part of the Tree of Life - the Sephiroth.


11-1-97 - DREAM - I was in an attic with Joe and there was a display of beautiful rings there with lights on them ranging from thin gold bands to one that had a jewel on the top with lights on it. I tried to avoid looking at them. I told a person there that I didn't want to be tempted into thinking I had to have one and while I was saying that, I could feel a ring on my right hand ring finger with a large square design on it and was trying to hide the fact that it was there because I didn't know it was there before I started speaking.


11-20-97 - VISIONS - I saw a black sky with clouds in it. On the right upper side was the number 2000.

I saw a large bookcase full of books. These books morphed into huge crystals, then telephones, then shoes. The bookcases turned around and now it was full of papers that had been written on and filed.

I was inside a small attic, with some storage things. A voice told me,"We told you you would be taken care of.  You are getting what you are asking for."

VOICE: "Frosted orange juice takes 10 lbs. away from your heart."


11-30-97 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. I was in the attic cleaning up some stuff a little girl had left on the stairs when she was making a project. Part of it was white powder from wall board. I had a jar which must have been double walled I was supposed to drink a lot of water but preferred milk. There wasn't enough water or milk to fill the jar so the outside was filled with milk, but if you looked down inside you could see only the water

Bob. the painter came to get paid or something but I wasn't ready and I told him I was cleaning up the attic. He decided to stir things up a bit for fun, so started wildly sweeping the powder so I'd have to gather it back together again.

At this point I heard of a contest where 3 boys in 6 barrels had to race across a circular container which I watch in miniature. The prize was 6 gallons of milk. When the race was over 3 of the gallons of milk were missing and my sons had to go through the neighborhood to get together 3 more gallons of milk. (nobody had 3 gallons)

At this point, I went through a hallway where a Bononoco bird was talking. I said I wanted one like it. I was handed a doll to talk with me when I went East on Wisconsin Ave. Her short red hair blew in the wind and the doll looked like Shirley MaCclaine. I knew I'd be embarrassed and have to explain having this doll in my pocket.

Then we saw a woman in the window of the 2nd story of a house across the west alleyway. She stood in a window and deliberately took off her bra so people could see her standing there naked. My 3 sons and I all saw her. My Father was laying on the livingroom floor and we asked him if he wanted a treat and if he did, he had to jump up fast. So he jumped up, ran thru the parlor and we all saw he was wearing a brilliant white T shirt. We knew he'd be seen watching but he didn't have time to put on another shirt. So I held up a dark grey work shirt in front of him so he cold see the naked woman too. (There was a word printed out next to her but I can't remember it)

When I was behind my Father, and I was holding this grey shirt up, there was a 2" gap between the shirt and his neck where I could see 2 names printed on his T shirt. It was Alexander Swift Brooks and Jesse Brown.


11-29-98 - DREAM - I was on tan attic stairway and found a grey and white kitten like my own. A woman came along who liked my kitten and she had a tiny Chihauhau puppy, so we traded.


10-21-98 - DREAM - Because of the prophecies I knew about, I was taken to a house nobody else knew about to rest and hide out. It seemed to be an old farm house. It was completely furnished with comfortable furniture.

I had been there just a few minutes and I heard a loud noise like someone walking in a bare boards attic above me. I hadn't seen a second story on this house, but besides that I was supposed to be alone, so I started to feel scared.

I quickly ran to lock the front and back doors to make sure no one could get in. I then went to test the knobs to make sure the doors didn't open. Satisfied that I was locked in, I then saw a doorknob in the middle of the livingroom wall. I turned the knob hard and a hidden door opened. I peeked inside and at first I thought it was a closet because there was a vacuum cleaner and an ironing board and broom, mop, and dustpan standing there. I was surprised and tried to figure out how an extra room was in the middle of the house because this was just a hallway to a huge inside hidden room, including a huge space where an attic would be, covered over by bare wood boards roof over it. Dusty sunlight streamed downward from somewhere...a skylight perhaps.

I went though a passageway into this hidden room and discovered that it was like an outside courtyard covered over and there seemed to be a house separate but connected on each side of the courtyard.

I was totally shocked that once I was in the courtyard, I couldn't figure out how to get back into the house. There was no apparent door. Then, high up on the wall, a door opened and the man who had brought me here stepped through and came down a red brick walkway and asked if I was okay. I told him I was and he left again through that door.

Then a young boy about age 10 appeared from on of the other houses and talked about going trick or treating for Halloween. He was nice enough, but I decided I wanted to get back into the house proper.

Knowing I had to go up the red brick walkway was hard because it was steep, but when I got up on the platform, there was still another high platform to climb up on the platform and right in front of the door was like a baby chair and the name "Pink Bonnie Blue" was printed on it. I was surprised. Someone had called me 'Bonnie Blue' in a vision/dream about 18 years ago when I first started my metaphysical explorations.

I opened the door and woke up.


12-14-98 - DREAM - This was basically a cleaning dream. I picked up all the kid's toys from the floor. I was doing the dishes in the bathtub, but the bathtub was in the livingroom.  

A friend came to visit and sat in my mother's chair. When she got up and left, the bottom cushion came out and the whole chair collapsed into itself like a portable wheelchair would. I put the black cushion back into the basic green chair, thinking that my mother would think this chair unsafe, but it really wasn't.

The baby boy I care for woke up and went to eat breakfast with the other children. I asked him if he needed his diaper changed and then said, "Of course you do."

Out on the sidewalk I saw my supervisor talking to a girl on the sidewalk...renting an apartment I supposed. The phone rang then which we called "Paul's phone", but it only rang twice and I couldn't get to it because I was reaching for a pen to take notes with. I planned to use that for an excuse if he should question me.

I went back to finish the dishes and was washing a large silver pan which had like chocolate cake dough on it. I noticed the tub was about to run over. I was wearing my Joseph's coat of many colors and plunged my left arm down into the water and released the plunger so the water out.

I recall that my right earring popped out and I bent over and picked up two earring 'backs' but didn't see the earring. I knew I'd find it if I looked for it on the floor.

I continued to pick up things from the floor. The children wanted to play with their toys but I had just picked them up. I put the last of them on top of the buffet in the livingroom. The dust was like in a big ball and that I threw away into an ash tray which I knew I would have to empty later on. The children were left to play with little miniature crystal shoes about an inch long.

I had to go for an interview of some kind for a TV show. Two little girls were also there. The man took them upstairs and it sounded like they were walking on a creaky attic floor over my head. They came back down and were very upset. He had interviewed the two girls like they were enemies and not sisters.

I decided to leave rather than go through that.


2-5-99 - DREAM - My father was very ill and my mother was taking care of him. However, when I went to visit, my mother wouldn't let me see him. She said he was upstairs taking a nap. This went on for several days and I was getting more and more upset that I couldn't see my Father.

Finally, I met my mother away from the house and my Father wasn't with her. My sister was with my mother. I demanded that I be allowed to see my Father. I was afraid that my mother had either killed him or starved him to death. But, my sister insisted that he was alive and she was a witness to it. (My sister is a Jehovah's Witness) I was screaming at her that they had better let me see my Father, that I was going to show up at the house and if I couldn't see him, there was going to be trouble because I would call the cops and demand visitation. My sister insisted that my Father was okay and showed me his food which was stored in the basement. The shelves and bins were full of green grain. I looked pretty awful to me, but my sister said that if my Father didn't want the grain (cereal) they gave him whatever fruit (of the vine) that he wanted.

I went in the house upstairs and my sister showed me my Father's bed. It was like a cot with mosquito netting over it. It looked and felt like a jail. My sister said the only thing my Father insisted on during the day was to make sure the window was open so he could get fresh air and light.

I wasn't satisfied. It felt claustrophobic in the bed and I still hadn't seen my Father.

I seemed to be in charge of the building my Mother and Father lived in and I heard a complaint out in the hallway that there was rock n roll music coming from the attic. I kinda thought to myself, "Oops!" I had forgotten that a music troop was rehearsing up there for a pageant and I had forgotten to tell them what hours to play or not play. I planned to go right up there to tell them to quit practicing but time rather slipped away and I forgot about it.

I went through this little exercise outside where my three sons slid down off a ladder by a black car and I carried them around on my back. That was kinda fun. I didn't want to be left out of the fun part of life.

However, then we went back into the building and there was a rehearsal going on on a stage. I was rather in the back-stage kind of area, looking through a small window from the side of the stage. I saw a girl doing a modern acrobatic type dance in front of the window. She made herself into the shape A. Then I saw the guys from the attic. There were 38 of them. They played music while pretending to be a 38 man caterpillar. I saw them all linked together and standing on one another, balanced like a dna chain. I was happy because they had come down out of the attic and it was quiet up there now.


2-21-99 - DREAM - I was in an old house and planning to move a dresser from my bedroom on the second floor to the attic. I didn't know if it would fit up the stairs to start with and it was in the bedroom where my Great Aunt Cora was using the bedroom.

She came out of the room and asked for something which I can't remember and I told her what we were about to do.

I then went outside to get our green coaster wagon to help haul the dresser up the stairs. My Father was outside hauling stuff in the wagon. He said we could dump the leaves into the garden which we did. Then the coaster wagon started rolling downhill and rolled under the car and on down the hill. It kept on going all the way to the street.

I saw our dachshund puppy go running out into the road after it. A car went by and just missed both of them. I began walking down the hill to retrieve the wagon when my grandson Brian came up to me and asked me if I could bring a game for him down from the attic. I said, "Yes!" Then I asked him if he would retrieve the wagon from the road which was now stuck down in a hole in the street. At the same time, another little kid came up to Brian and asked him for something. Brian answered the kid in a really nasty voice, so I grabbed Brian by his hair, and yanked his head back and yelled into his face that I wasn't going to get the game down from the attic then either.

I continued on down the hill to get the wagon myself and saw the puppy bounding around out in the street, so I put a long red leash on him. He could still run around plenty but couldn't get too far out of hand.

When I got out in the street, a huge old antique truck full of young teenage boys and a woman came lumbering by and a car followed it. These were the people who were going to help move my dresser up to the attic for me. I knew they would make short work of it since they were young and strong and there were so many of them. One of the boys asked what had happened to the hill that used to be there and I told him that the state decided to put a freeway through and needed the gravel. He just shook his head in dismay and disbelief. (That was a true life story that really happened)

I needed to get the coaster wagon out of the hole. The truck had parked right in front of the hole. As I walked around the truck, I saw a museum type display window in the truck side. Inside was a picture of a couple sitting on a swing or bench kissing each other. A sign over it said, "The Leaking Story! It is a story of a couple in Love." I knew he was a world traveler and that I'd have to do a page on him too on my website.

We all went up to the house then, me with the green wagon and the dog on the red leash which he continued to run out to the end of the leash, get caught up short until I caught up to it, then he'd run out ahead again. He was cute but totally out of control. As we all went up into the house, I was planning to put the handle of the leash over the doorknob to control the dog. The boys were bantering about who owed what to whom. One kid asked me if I heard the story of his shelf bracket collection which he had in his pocket. I told him I hadn't heard the story and he was about to tell the story to me when I woke up.


3-16-99 - DREAM - I was living and working in a big old apartment building/house. The landlord was a cheapskate, and when an old man moved into one of our larger apartments, I told him I would have it painted for him. Some of the closet doors, walls and ceiling had big old stains on them...I mean HUGE stains and the rest of the walls and ceilings were yellow from someone being a heavy smoker. It looked really bad. The landlord stood right there and stated that the old man was lucky to be living with us. I didn't doubt that was true, but I still wanted him to have a clean, painted apartment.

After the landlord left, I went about picking up toys and cleaning the floor after little kids, even while they were playing with them. I wanted everything to be perfect.

We were getting ready to move somewhere and one of the tenants (it felt like a relative) had finished another year of classes in college and was going to stack his books in the attic or worse yet, throw them away. He had them all in a brown suitcase. I looked at the books. The first one was on Ornithology and had pretty birds all over its cover. I instantly wanted that one for myself because of my bird totems. The other ones were all about electricity and circuits and how they worked. The side binding on the second one had a picture of superman with a U.S. flag behind him.

I was going to make sure that my son Michael got to read these books because that was his field of study. I also wondered where this man's previous books were and if they could be retrieved. I hoped they hadn't been thrown away.

There were a bunch of young girls playing out in the yard. I was told that one of them was born within two hours of my birthday and had been named after me. The young girl came into the house from the yard and as she came up to me, the voice said, "This is the young girl who was named after you." The girl walked right past my outstretched hand like she didn't see me. She was right next to me, and I reached over to take her hand. I said, "No! Over here! It's me!" As I took her limp hand, she began to fade into Violet colored print like on a book or e-mail.

(This reminded me of a person on-line who always types in that color print) (I asked Violet when her birthday was, but it wasn't even close to mine)

I seemed to be still trying to pick up toys outside as I woke up. I don't recall anymore.


12-26-99 - (This series of dreams makes me feel that I'm losing my mind. :-) ) In dream number one, I was either on the second floor or in the attic, looking for something in the closet. I don't know what I was looking for now. When I was done looking, I stood up, closed the closet door, turned to my right and opened a door at the end of the hall, expecting to find a stairway... there was a white blank wall. I merely said, "Oh!" turned to my immediate left where there was another door sandwiched in between the other two doors, opened it and saw the stairway to the area below. Now I could see a reflection in the white wall behind the door I had first opened. It was a muted rainbow color and I don't know what it was reflecting or how it could have reflected anything, but it was like a mirror with a rainbow in it. I turned to go down the stairs. I have never seen a stairway so steep before in my life, nor have I ever seen such a stark white as the walls and stairs were. There was a railing on both sides, so I gingerly took the first step, put my hands on the railings, and careful walked down the stairs and woke up.

While awake, I was thinking about whether I had given birth to a baby and it was dead in a plastic bag in the closet in my 16th St. house and perhaps there was another plastic bag with the body of my brother in a second bag in there. I don't know what made me think about that. Nobody in our family has lived in that house since 1964 and obviously it's not true. I knew though that to prove it, all I had to do was to open the door to that closet and smell whether there was a dead body in that closet. I knew that no simple plastic bag would hide the smell of a dead body, much less two dead bodies.

I fell asleep and had a second dream. This time I was in my 16th St. house. I went into the diningroom and my son Michael was laying on a cot next to the bookcase. (Our bookcase was fancy and behind glass) My son Michael asked if he could have his eye medicine because his eyes were aching. There was a small bottle of eye drops inside the bookcase on the shelf. Before I could do that though, I went to the basement steps, opened the door, and called down to my mother to ask her if it was okay to administer the eye drops to my son. She made some kind of decision based on some stipulation... especially that I didn't put too much into his eyes, and I agreed that I only planned to give him half a dose anyway, not the whole prescribed dosage.

However, instead of giving him the medicine myself, I went down a hallway (that doesn't exist) and found another boy who was working with some other boys on some project in an office type white room. I asked him if he could come and administer the eye medicine to my son Michael. He immediately got up and came with me. I then said, "You don't have to do this, only if you really want to." I don't know why I asked someone for help to do something so simple I could have done myself, or that my son Michael could have done for himself since he appeared to be old enough, maybe 12 years old or so. The boy said something I can't recall, and continued to walk with me back to the diningroom and got the medicine out of the bookcase like he knew where it was. He was also growing into a larger stature and age. He was now a mature man. My son was laying on the cot. The man took the eye dropper from the little yellow bottle, pulled my son's lower eyelid back and began to administer the medicine. He not only administered the medicine, he put his entire hand inside my son's eyelid and his hand was shaking with palsy while he was doing this. I recall his voice sounding just like President Clinton's Press secretary John Lockhart whom I heard on Television in an interview earlier today. Go figure!


11-4-99 - DREAM - I was in a city I don't know. I was moving into a different house. From the outside it looked like two long attached quonset huts...attached along the lengthwise. We were going to live in the right half...farthest from the street.

I went inside and looked at my bedroom. It was plain and ordinary...just a regular square room. I wasn't impressed at all.

I went to the livingroom and it was rather dim inside. I went down to the end where a large brown curtain was hanging...looked more like a large burlap bag. I decided to pull it aside and let the sunlight in. However, when I did, the window was broken out and the shards of glass were all swept into a heap at the end of a long enclosed porch. I knew that my husband's black friend had done it, and this wasn't the first time. He had done this before because he couldn't stand being closed in.

I was mad but there was no one around to yell at so there was nothing I could do about it.

I went down the hall to my daughter's bedroom and looked in. She was laying on the bed asleep. I went into the room to check on her. I couldn't say how old she was...she was dressed in dark blue...more than 3 years old...less than 10.

The Master bed she lay on was huge and so was the room...it was humongous. I knew immediately I was going to switch rooms with her. The massive King size bed was a 4 poster...the posts being tall, oak, fancy fluted carved. I got on the bed and lay down. It did have a drawback...the mattress was thin and I could feel the springs beneath it against my spine...but I could easily get a new mattress for it. The room was dark, but I could brighten it up...I liked the light.

I got off the bed and went over to the wall where there was another door and found myself in another room. This was a 3 room suite with a white kitchen at the end. Each room was larger then the room before.

I definitely had stars in my eyes. I was in awe. I went to the door at the end of the room and found myself in another open room. I was now in the other half of the house. These doors were all glass and were all open. The farther I went, the larger the house seemed. I could hardly believe it. I was astounded.

I got down to the end finally and met Cary Loose, my friend, who was also the landlord of this house. I was explaining to her how wonderful this house was and she said, "You can live in it for nothing, if you have someone mow the lawn for six weeks!"

I almost passed out with joy. I could mow the lawn myself for six weeks to live in this house for nothing. I didn't say that out loud though...I was practically swooning with happiness.

As I walked back through the house, each room had an alcove where museum-like treasures were kept on shelves. Each room held treasures of individual cultures and an elderly white haired chubby woman was the curator and caretaker of each room...grandmotherly types in cotton flowered dresses.

The Mexican room with its hand-made pottery almost glowed from the yellow, orange, and green pots and vases on its numerous shelves.

Each room was high, attic-like with slanted ceilings so these rooms were very large.

I could hardly contain my joy.

So, I went on down to the other end of the house to see the lawn I had to mow. It was immense.

Once I got outside into this park-like area I could no longer see the house. I knew it was over towards the east because I could hear the traffic from the street but I was a long way from there.

Where I was standing, I could see a sandy path that went up and behind some large bushes. There were little kids playing in huge pits along the path and the path itself had holes in it that looked like bombs had gone off on it. I was dismayed at the immensity of the job I intended to do for 6 weeks.

As I walked along the path, I came to some workmen who were clearing junk off the lawn. Huge piles of clothing were piled here and there. They were going to haul it away so the lawn could be mowed. The hill they were on was 3 times as high as I am tall. I could see that the clothing belonged to me and my kids...stuff we had worn and discarded because it was outgrown. They were going to throw it away, but I couldn't let them do that...it was MINE!

One guy picked up a pair of muddy bluejeans, the size of a 3 year old would wear. He said, "What do you want this for?" I picked it up gingerly so as to not get muddy and knew my son had long outgrown it. But if I washed it, someone else could wear it...it looked perfectly good. So, I told the man I would make a laundry pile and wash what was dirty.

There were piles of pretty dresses, still all on hangars, there were hangars in piles...all bent askew. I kept everything and started hauling it towards the house which was on the other side of the hill. It would be much easier to mow the lawn for 6 weeks if all this old stuff wasn't laying around on the grass.

I took all the dresses and piled them in my arms and carried them up the hill towards the house.

When I got there I seemed to be on a lower level and I was looking for the stairs to get up to where I lived. One of the white haired women said, "Oh! There is an elevator behind this screen. She pushed aside the entire false wall behind which was the elevator door. As soon as she did, the elevator door opened and a scrawny black haired angry woman came storming out of the elevator followed by a man who didn't look very happy to be where he was or with whom he was with.

I wondered how someone could get off the elevator with that false wall there, but I didn't have time to worry about it. The white haired woman led me onto the elevator which was humongous.

It's red carpeted floor felt weak and springy and I didn't feel very secure. I was expecting to go up but we went down instead...to the sub-basement garage.

I tiptoed off the elevator because the floor was so springy and was glad to be off of it.

I was now in the sub-basement garage but even here I was higher than where the cars parked at night. I didn't see any cars though...the garage was a storage place for discarded toys. Before I could say a word, I saw some Mexican people grab every toy there and rush up the car ramp up into the sunshine. I followed them, not wanting to use the elevator again, and went up the ramp into the sunlight, hoping someone was home who could let me back into the house

and woke up.


1-17-00 - NIGHTMARE - This dream started with me laying in bed in a house which seemed to be New Berlin, not my current house. As I was laying in bed, I was using a computer to type on. I must have fallen asleep for a moment and when I woke up, two men were coming into the room wanting to use the electrical outlet to plug in some test equipment. I think they were checking the lines. After they left, I got up and was typing a series of numbers that I was supposed to be duplicating and I thought the key pads were programmed to do that. . . there was a number keypad for the left hand and one for the right hand. I realized too late that instead of keying in the numbers in the order of the original computer printout, I was pressing the keys at random. I knew it would have to be done over, but there was no way to change it now... what was done was already done. It was too late to change it now.

Finally I went out into the main house and found that my husband was packing stuff up, and moving. He hadn't discussed this me at all. All the clothing was laying on the floor and had to be washed. I saw my own slacks on the floor. It appeared that I had probably pooped in them but didn't wash them immediately. They were actually inside-out, had red, white and blue stripes for legs and flowered underpants print was on the outside of the back. I tried washing this by hand but couldn't get the imprint off completely. I could still see the pattern there. I confronted my husband about the mess he was making and about what he was doing, and he said that if I wanted to talk I should put a pot of coffee on first.

I went to the kitchen to make the coffee and found two strange people there . . . a man and woman. They were living with us and I hadn't known it. The man was an alcoholic who was trying to quit and she didn't trust him and they were fighting over this.

When the coffee was done, I decided to give them some also, but instead of cups they wanted me to pour the coffee into two cake pans because cups were too small. The point being that I wouldn't be able to pour the coffee into a smaller cup because their hands were shaking so bad the cups would shake and I wouldn't get any coffee into it.

I went back to the livingroom with the coffee pot to pour some coffee for my husband and myself and the man followed me and asked me why I had poured the coffee into a cake pan for himself instead of a coffee cup and I explained what his wife had said about spilling it. He then got angry at me for not trusting him and there was no point to living there anymore.

It didn't much matter to me since I didn't know them, but I knew their relationship was in big trouble.

I found a large square piece of cardboard on the floor and decided to put it in the back of a green paisley overstuffed chair to stiffen the back. We still had some nice furniture in the livingroom but it was being moved. I was packing water glasses into a box without wrapping paper. I had no idea if this would save them or not.

I didn't see my husband again but my son talked about him and said that his job was to provide goods for the world that were not considered necessary, and I looked and he was providing child's colorful toys, like Big Wheels bikes and other child vehicles like that. Very small colored ones.

I went across the street where it seemed we were going to be moving and found a woman there who was making landscape changes. She moved a black wrought iron fence and put it right in the center of the lawn. The fence had a grapevine on it and that was nice, but it was right in the middle of the lawn and one had to walk around it. I thought it should have been in the garden.

In front of the house, the people who had lived there had let the shrubbery get overgrown and this woman was rearranging the shrubbery and we were finding old concrete and stone structures on the ground that were in squares. It was like it was an old temple or something. It had that feeling.

I went out on the road and found that my husband had packed everything into large black trash bags and threw them out on the road. A black cat ran across the road in front of me. I was distressed about this for two reasons, . . . number one that he had done this instead of moving this stuff properly and number two that all our ID would be inside of the bags and the authorities would know it came from our house.

I asked my son what was in those bags and he said that his father had gone through the house and put all the rubber boots from the attic into those bags. I was extremely distressed at this point.

I went back to the house across the street and found the green paisley chair in the yard. I was hearing music like a love song of goodbye. Some of the words were, "I wish we didn't have to say goodbye." At the same time, I was seeing a ballet of sorts being done by two very tiny people hanging on rubber strings in the center of the back of the chair that kept the chair covering on the chair foundation. They were no more than half an inch tall. The string of the woman had come undone and she was hanging by one thread, so I attempted to reattach her string and it had to be twisted together to keep her hanging on. It wasn't pretty but she was still attached. The man was hanging by a loop which she should have been also.

I then went further into the yard and came to the swimming pool. In the pool, floating upsidedown was a baby grand piano with it's four legs sticking up out of the water.

Next to the upsidedown piano was floating a very yellow skinned man with his chest bare. I was scared half to death and knew I had to get out of there and woke up.

NOTE: The position of the yellow man was like the crazy Pink Floyd floating in a crucified position in the bloody swimming pool in the movie "The Wall".


4-13-00 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new apartment. The landlady showed me that the window was open with a drape across it. I slept that way all night, then in the morning, I pulled the drape aside and discovered I was on the first floor, the window (which was a sliding one sideways as large as a patio door) was open and my butt was almost hanging out the window and everyone who went by had access to my apartment. I quickly closed the window after I realized this and the landlady said I should get a lock for the window.

Thus I set out to get a lock for the window and got waylaid several times by other people who needed to talk about something. Finally an old girlfriend of mine said she would take me to the hardware store and I found myself pushing her black car like a bicycle because she couldn't drive it across the lawn where we were walking.

We got back to the apartment building and the stairs were very steep. I practically ran up the stairs. I was counting them as I ran up them... 35 exactly.

I looked at the outside of my window... there seemed to be a keyhole on the outside but no lock. I was going to have to lock it from inside.

I got back inside the apartment and we were talking. However, I could hear my two grandchildren going up another stairway from the apartment. Their mother didn't bother about them, but I got worried and said I was going to see what they were up to. I went to the stairway. I thought they had gone to the attic, but there was another locked doorway up about 4 stairs, but the door to the basement was open where people were going to do laundry.

The stairway down was more like a ramp with crossbars on it and the door was low so I had to sit down on the ramp to go down it, though one could walk upright to go up it. I met several women who were taking their clean laundry up the ramp as I was going down it. I never did find the kids though.

I then came to another lobby and my old friend Irv was there, laying down. I heard him tell the people there that 50 years ago today he had met me and helped me move and he had been doing it every since.

I rubbed his head and called him Blondie even though he's getting bald. And I quipped to the people and told them... "and I move a lot." and smiled.


7-11-00 - DREAM - I don't know where this was ... a place I've never been to before. It seems I was moving in and cleaning up other people's things, dustmopping the floor between and behind the legs of furniture. I picked up a ceramic or wooden, perhaps even plastic statue of the Madonna which was about 3 feet tall. It had a small string of Christmas lights draped over it. I placed it into the closet which was huge ...more like an attic, since Christmas was past.

When I was done with that, I found a book list which had been hand written and planned to type it up so we had a nicer copy of the list. I went to a room where there was a grand piano and for some reason planned to type the list on the grand piano like it was a typewriter ...

The man who had originally written the list was sleeping upstairs. He was a friend of my husband who then came into the room. My husband was like a composite guy, not exactly like anyone I've known before, yet he was my husband. He asked me for a parts list which he had been working off of to build something on a car or machine. I had seen the list and found it underneath him. He had actually sat on it. When I located it, I was acting like a 17 year old and teasing him to make him laugh because I was afraid he'd be angry. There was another guy standing there watching ... maybe a friend or relative of my husbands.

The a man walked in who actually owned this building and he acted like he might have left something behind and I told him I had found the statue of the Madonna, so I went to the closet/attic to get it. This took a few minutes and when I came out with the Madonna, I was holding it head high and the room I went through was crowded with other Christian statues, like one sees in catalogs ... the tall, thin, colorful ceramic statues of Joseph, the angels, the wisemen, etc. but these were all as tall as I am. They were people size and when I went past them with the statue of the Madonna, it was as if they came alive and bowed to each other. And I too bowed to them and pretended to have the statue of the Madonna bow to them in return.

I then gave the statue of the Madonna to the man who resembled the actor who played Whitley Strieber in the movie "Communion".

After that I went outside and saw that we had three cars, a yellow convertible, a green car, and a red car. These were not like normal cars, but narrow and long, more like large replicas of old fashioned toys.

It was more like I was in toyland than in a real place. Yet everything worked and looked real.