AUGUST, 2009


Seems that I had been away too long.  The building was cold, with thick concrete walls covered with thick coats of paint, mostly mint green color.

I was taken to an apartment that was also cold like that for the night.  The room was large and comfortable and the blankets on the bed were old fashioned and woven and heavy.

Another woman came to share my room.  Her name was Mary and was older than myself. All she cared about was getting a good night's sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, she was sleeping on the floor with the woven blanket.

I looked out the window and there was a whole bunch of black Scotty dogs on one side, and when I looked out another window, there was a whole bunch of Scotty dogs on that side too.  I had to go to the bathroom and when I opened the door to the hallway, there was a whole bunch of Scotty dogs out in the hall too. 

As soon as I went out into the hall, all the Scotty dogs ran into the elevator and disappeared.

I went to the bathroom, several times - using a different bathroom each time, and they weren't very clean, and there were men using these bathrooms too.  Everyone was getting ready for work.  It was 5 minutes to eight in the morning.  We were all going to be late.

I got back to my room and Mary was gone, but a middle-aged black man came and asked me about the Scotty dogs.  He asked me what I thought about them.  I said I couldn't figure out why they were there.

The black man said that I was being tested and wanted to know if I smelled them.  He said they all smelled like Pot!.

I answered, "All I know is that they stunk!"  (I actually hadn't smelled anything.  They hadn't made any noise either.)

He said he would take me to the offices where I was going to work.  We went down the elevator, and outside and over to another building that would have been adjacent on the north side of the building.

This building was equally old with the same concrete, painted walls.  He took me to the engineering department, supposedly where  I had worked before.  Since I had worked here before, I thought  I would know at least one person, but I didn't.  They didn't seem to care either. They were all doing their jobs and I just wandered from cubicle to cubicle, looking for someone to show me where I was supposed to go. One older guy asked me when I started working there.   I said I had originally started in 1973.  (That seems like an awfully long time ago)

I never did find a place to do any work, so I decided to go back to my apartment.  When I went back to the original building, everyone, both male and female was having the same problem.  We couldn't find the room where we originally started.  We all complained about the same thing I noticed in the beginning though -  it was cold in there. We all wandered around trying to figure out where our stuff was and nothing was familiar.

I finally just opened my eyes and was surprised to find that it was 3:55 a.m.  (Our clock is 10 minutes fast though supposedly satellite controlled, so it was really 3:45 a.m.  I was surprised it was so early.  It felt like I had been asleep a long time.



The meditation went well and I believe I achieved the right state of mind.  The interesting thing about the ending was that I had released the state of mind and suddenly saw a bright pair of wide-set eyes, and what looked like the trunk of an elephant - and that was my impression that it was a wise old elephant. 

This is Lord Ganesha


8-2-09 - DREAM -  All I remember is that a man named Kevin was missing.

8-2-09 - DREAM -  I was living in a small town with my husband, and he called an attorney to help him find an old document that was very important. 

I noticed that in our town, if you didn't get the correct turn off road on the first try, the next two roads were blocked by a row of steel spikes painted yellow sticking up out of the pavement, which forced you to go to the third road, or you had to go all the way back to where you started.

The attorney finally showed up and he brought with him a large black satchel that was at least from the 1940's it seemed and it was stuffed full of files with documents in it.  He set it down on the sidewalk and walked away to talk to my husband privately, and I stood over the satchel which was wide open to make sure nobody else took anything out of it.  I glanced at the edges of the documents to see if there were any old stamps on them but I didn't see any.

Again, when driving down the road, I noticed a second time that if you missed the correct turn off, the next two roads had those yellow steel spikes sticking out of the road so you couldn't turn around, you had to take the third turn off.

VISION -  I was sitting in my current office and between our two desks was a document file sandwiched between two old magazines that were LIFE size.  One of those had a black and white cover.

NOTE:  I know exactly which document that is, and I know where the file is, and it is about the agreement the Unite States made with the aliens and this information came to light in 1996.  I have at least 5 copies of the article from 1996 which was published in the now defunct newspaper - SPOTLIGHT!  (That was published in Washington D.C.


8-2-09  - THETAHEALING MEDITATION PRACTICE.  I  was outside, and relaxed a few moments before I started, and wouldn't you know, one of the kittens came over meowing softly, jumped on my lap once, then sat on my feet, playing with the ends of my trouser legs the whole time.  I still was able to achieve Theta easily because I've been meditating since 1981 and have no problem changing the frequency of my consciousness.

After I reached the Theta level, a voice said, "The voice comes from this level."  That was good, because I never know where the voices come from that I hear.  I missed part of the second statement, but heard '...  the word ....".  After I made my commands to the Creator of All That Is, the voice said, "After the move!"

That was the second time this week, I've had either a vision or a voice indicating that we or I was going to be moving.  The first time, I saw the key, with the number 127 on it.  That could be the moving date or the address we will go to.  That remains to be seen.


8-3-09 - DREAM -  I was living and working in an apartment building complex where a lot of old people lived.  It seemed like a very nice place.

One elderly woman was telling me how much fun it would be to go see the band play in the evening, and she intimated that it was at a place far away and she had a look of joy on her face when she was telling me this.

I rather looked forward to going to see the band play too then, until I walked down to the end of the hallway to the recreation room. When I looked in the room, there was a band playing, and standing in front of the band was the director, a tall, thin man with blondish long wavy hair, wearing a tight suit - of pink and yellow with silver shoes. 

The director of the band was smiling broadly hand gesturing wildly to the band, but turning around to the crowd too, and drawing in their admiration with his smiles.

I got a distinct 'danger' signal in my heart and mind looking at the man gesturing and grinning at the old women watching him.

I don't know exactly where this thought came to me, but it did, and when I told others about the band playing at the end of the hall, I said, "There is a blackness behind the 1,000 years."

NOTE:  This reminds me of what transpired just last week that I couldn't figure out.  Wondering now if I've been given more information:

7-29-09 - VISION  A small magazine - like Reader's Digest size hidden inside another magazine and on the front cover it said:


I couldn't read what the two other words were either.



I was looking at three circular objects  - colored pink and yellow blended together a bit.  I was trying to interpret what these objects were and what they meant.  A voice from behind me said, "I don't know what good that is going to do you!"

I don't either, but maybe someday I will.

I have made the outer border of this section black to indicate the blackness behind the 1,000 years.





Many attempting to explain the book of Revelation incorrectly take a purely
sequential approach, ie;

   7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Bowls, 1,000 yrs, Judgment, New Heaven/Earth

As a result they confuse the message and end up depicting an excessive
number of separate events.

THE 7 CHURCHES (REV 2:1-3:22)

In the opening chapters of the book of Revelation we encounter descriptions
of seven churches.

These messages are of greater significance than many have realized. They
represent the 7 lamps of the lampstand of the tabernacle of meeting. In
the New Testament these are the 7 major divisions of Christianity which
exist in the end time!

       Ephesus      -  'you have left your first love' 
       Smyrna       -  'do not fear ... be faithful until death'
       Pergamos     -  'Balaam ... Nicolaitans ... Repent, or else'
       Thyatira     -  'you allow ... Jezreel ... to beguile My servants'
       Sardis       -  'you are dead ... repent ... watch'
       Philadelphia -  'set before you an open door, and no one can shut it'
       Laodiceans   -  'buy from me gold refined in the fire'

       Ephesus      -  'else I will ... remove your lampstand' 
       Smyrna       -  'you will have tribulation ten days'
       Pergamos     -  'else I will ... fight against them'
       Thyatira     -  'I will kill her children with death'
       Sardis       -  'I will come upon you as a thief'
       Philadelphia -  'I will also keep you from the hour of trial'
       Laodiceans   -  'I will spew you out of My mouth'

       All churches -  'to he who overcomes'
                        [He who persists in the exercise of his faith;
                         escaping any corrupt perspectives prevalent
                         in his church and demonstrating a desire to
                         work in the vineyard of God.]    

THE 1,000 YEAR REIGN (REV 20:1-10)

The text of the 1,000 year prophecy has caused many to believe there will
be a 1,000 year period when Christ and the righteous will rule on this
earth. However, there are a number of factors which suggest this is not
the true teaching of this prophecy.

       1)  This 1,000 year era is not implied by any other prophecy.
           (NB: The 7th day of creation, unlike the first 6 days, is not
           described in Genesis as being comprised of an evening and a
           morning. This suggests the 7th day is an undefined or open
           ended period of time.)   

       2)  All other prophecies relate directly (or indirectly) to events
           in our immediate future. One does not encounter prophecies
           which detail events or time periods considerably beyond those
           associated with the tribulation and the return of Christ.

       3)  2 Peter 3:8 states 'one day is as a thousand years and a
           thousand years as one day'. Although the first clause,
           ie 1 day = 1,000 years, is utilized to associate the 6 days
           of creation to a period of 6,000 years; it appears the second
           clause is never considered. Should this period of 1,000 years
           be understood to represent one day?
       3)  Prophetic periods of time relating to the 'end time' are
           never plainly stated! (Many not having an adequate awareness
           of biblical 'end time' prophecy have failed to realize the
           existence of symbolic time periods.)

A common symbolic meaning attributed to the 1,000 years is to see it
as the period of 2,000 years, the period from Pentecost to the Great

However, the correct understanding of the 1,000 year scriptures presented
in Rev 20:1-11 requires greater discernment.

Firstly we should notice that the period of one thousand years in this
text is encountered 6 times over a span of 7 verses (Rev 20:1-7). This
frequency is too high!

The reason for this excessive repetition lies in the fact that two periods
of time are being portrayed!

    - First period.  Rev 20:2, 3 and 7.  

    - Second period. Rev 20:4, 5 and 6.

These two successive periods are mentioned together in Isaiah.

    Isa   61:2   To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD,
                 And the day of vengeance of our God; ...

In summary the verses would be viewed as follows:

ADMONITION    The first period of the symbolic 1,000 years is the end-time
              equivalent of the restraint of Satan during the ministry
              of Jesus Christ. (A time when demons could be cast out,
              refer Matthew 12:22-29.) 
              An angel appears with the key to the bottomless pit. (The
              key of David held by Christ. Rev 3:7.)
              Following this Satan is bound and the warning is announced.
              This is the prophetic acceptable year of the LORD (typified
              in Luke 4:19). During this time the first resurrection
              (a spiritual resurrection) is taking place.

TRIBULATION   The second period of the symbolic 1,000 years is the 'little
              while' of Rev 20:3 (also mentioned in Rev 12:12), ie the
              duration of the Great Tribulation.
              Those who possess the 'gospel of the kingdom' can not be
              hurt by the dragon's deception and are therefore described
              as 'reigning with Christ'.
              However, everyone else has to face the full deception
              of Satan and through this means God brings the day of
              vengeance upon the religious hierarchy guilty of the
              blood of the saints.  

              Toward the end of the Great Tribulation Satan knowing his
              time is about to finish gathers the nations together
              against the betrothed wife of Christ.  

RESOLUTION    The work of the dragon is brought to an end.
              The second spiritual resurrection begins. 


I sat in the same  spot I did yesterday, but this morning, the chair I used for mediation suddenly broke a leg off and I toppled over sideways onto the ground. That made me look for another chair - and that one wasn't as comfortable.  It was perfectly quiet outside, with just a hint of a breeze and I started my prayers, and then I met my match. Yikes!  A black and white bird that shrieks came and sat behind my left shoulder and started shrieking at me.  I was not able to get any focus whatsoever, and each time I thought I could focus, the bird would move closer and shriek even louder.  I finally had to give up and find another spot to meditate.

So, I sat on the front porch on a bench.  I'm used to cars going by while meditating so that doesn't distract me, and I was doing quite well, when a workman across the street started sawing a board with some electrical saw  -  mind you this was about 7:30 p.m.  What workman works that late in the day?  He stopped soon after, I was able to continue meditating, but I'm not sure I achieved the level I wanted to be at.  There were no voices or images.  I said what I needed to say, said, "Thank you.  It is done!  It is done!"  and slowly came back down to physical level.

I'm a little disappointed in all the noisy distractions today.  Tomorrow will be a better day.


8-4-09 - DREAM -  I was in a room somewhere with a couple other people.  One of them said to me, "You're pregnant!  What if the baby is so big you can't have it by yourself?"

(I can't remember if there was any more to that dream)

I had two other really short dreams.  In the last one I walked into a room and someone on the right reached out their hand to me, and I shrieked and jerked my hand back and woke up.  I have no idea who it was - not even if it was male or female.



Vianna says you aren't supposed to see anything on the Theta Level -  Sorry!  But I do. 

I asked the Creator of All That Is for Unconditional Love, and instantly I saw a bearded man and a woman with dark hair kissing on the mouth and then whispering, I love you, I love you, I love you,  and I saw that each time I said, "It is commanded that the Creator of All That Is send me Unconditional Love.  There was a sudden loud noise outside and my mind switched to saying, "It is commanded that the Creator All That Is send me Health and Vitality Chromosome positive changes.  I said that three times.  I started to leave Theta and remembered that I hadn't asked for the other healing of the problem I worked on yesterday, but it was too late to go back, so I continued down and then I saw a newspaper.  It wasn't a big headline,  but it was two columns wide and it said  ______ strikes Navajo.  I could see lots of writing where the article was, and it looked like it was in Italics, very small writing, but I couldn't read any of it.


8-5-09 -  THE MAYFLOWER?  1762

DREAM  - I was living in my New Berlin, WI house with my husband and kids.  One evening, there was a big commotion outside the house by the street, but it was too dark to see what was going on.   The next morning, I was in the kitchen with the kids and instead of a wall with windows on the east side of the house, all there was appeared to be a dark colored screen all the way across in place of the wall.

There was a big crowd of people outside and I was trying to figure out what was going on, when a really big cop in uniform came and stood where the door wouldn't have been.  With him was a normal size man though chubby and a woman I thought was his wife or girlfriend.

They came into the house to talk to my husband, apparently about what had happened the night before.

The men stood off to my left talking amongst themselves, but the woman, who was only 1/2 my size decided she was going to confront me herself.

She started out trying to defend the chubby man, but then said she would kick me in the shins and I hadn't even said anything.

When she threatened to kick me, I sized her up and decided I would pick her up by both arms, which I did and held her in the air.  Her face looked like a wizened witch at that point and I saw the date 1762 written on her forehead.  She kicked her feet in the air a couple times, but being that she was so small, I had no problem holding her up like she was a child. When she stopped kicking, I put her back on the floor and her face went back to a young girl and she stood quietly and didn't say another word. Apparently she decided it wasn't worth threatening me anymore because I was more than a worthy opponent to her.  I almost began to feel that she and I could be friends.

Then men apparently settled whatever the problem was and everyone left and I woke up.

Salem architecture



I had just barely started when I saw two young men, sitting Yoga-style on the floor wearing black tank tops and beige shorts.  One guy was holding a black telephone with the wires hanging loose.  He told the other guy that the connection was broken.  The other guy slapped him on the arm and said, "Don't tell me the connection is broken!"

I started again, and the second time, I met an attorney wearing a black suit and he said, "I'm sorry but the connection is broken!"

It's not like me to give up, so I started again and started to make progress and then the dog outside started to bark and bark and bark. louder and louder.

So much for meditating.


8-6-09 - CYBORG -  DREAM - I was working in a very large, multistory office building somewhere.  I couldn't find my purse before I went to work, so went without it, hoping my co-workers could help me get through the day - for lunch especially.  I didn't need it otherwise.

When I got to work, I discovered that I was working with a Cyborg -  a man who was pleasant enough to look at, but he had a human physique, but some kind of mechanically controlled brain, and as I later learned, he was not a nice guy - or the mechanism went wrong.  He did and made other people do unspeakable things to each other, and killed others to trap them in elevators for example, and didn't want anyone to go home.

I don't want to describe in detail what this guy was doing to people, and making them think about doing to each other, because it was so nasty, It all had to do with body functions.  I had to force myself to wake up because I couldn't tolerate even thinking about the abuse he was making people think about, but he had full control of more than one person in a time, in a local area.  As long as they didn't use the elevators, they were able to exit the building, but I could see bodies piled up and squished by the elevators as I walked by them, trying to find a stairway that he didn't have control of.  It wasn't just me he was controlling - he didn't want anyone to leave. 

The only way I could leave was to wake up and get out of his influence in that frequency.

Steve Quayle & Tom Horn on Psychotronic Warfare, Superman & The Nephilim
A number of interesting questions (and answers) was brought up in a recent interview I heard with Tom Horn and Stephen Quayle. A few pieces of the "grand puzzle" fell into place (at least for me) while listening to these interviews.

Stephen Quayle began an interview series with Tom Horn on the subject of psychotronic warfare, mind control and weapons technology. The discussion continued into topics such as cyborgs, mythology, prophecies and the book of revelation, they made a few very interesting suggestions that seems to connect the "Sons of God" and the Nephilim (the Giants or the Titans) to it all. And that is a topic that I have been fascinated by for some time now. It keeps coming up again and again.









8-6-09 - DREAM -  I was living in my mother-in-law's house in upper Wisconsin.  We were only there temporarily and there were a lot of relatives there.

My husband went to the grocery store and when he came back, he put the bag on the floor in front of the livingroom chair.  Good thing they had linoleum flooring because I could hear something liquid running. 

I looked in the bag and there was a gallon jug of orange juice in it and there was a hole in the bottom and juice was running out. 

I grabbed the jug of juice and ran outside with it - out the front door.  As soon as I got outside, I could see blotches of thick orange powder on the ground which I was afraid was poison for ants or animals.

The jug of orange juice was empty by the time I got to the back door of the house where the kitchen was and I was very concerned that my two-year old boy would get outside and start to play with the orange blotches on the ground because they were a pretty color and he might get poisoned.

So, as I re-entered the house, I was trying to lock the doors so my son couldn't get outside, but this wasn't easy because the doors didn't fit well into the door frame and everything was loose and slopped back and forth in the door frame.

Finally I managed to lock the heavy metal door on the inside of the kitchen and when I was inside, I noticed that there was a tall cabinet on the inside with a one foot gap between it and the door.  The lower part of the cabinet had a 5 foot hole in it in height which is shorter than I am, so to get back outside I had to stoop down and almost crawl through it to get to the door.  Meanwhile, the one foot gap was large enough for my two year old son to get out the door before I could get through the cabinet to get to him.

I wanted to tell my husband to make sure that my son didn't go outside and get in the orange blotches on the ground which I was sure was poison, and I heard my husband and son both outside already and I could hear my son having a good time.  Evidently, they had gone out the front door while I was busy locking the back door.

I ran into the livingroom, and one of the young male relatives stopped me and asked me what I wanted taken to the attic before we left.

I had separated out some sweaters and all I was leaving behind was a fancy knitted beige sweater and that was the one I was going to have taken to the attic.

But the young male relative wanted to try on the Green Bay Packer sweatshirt.  I should have just let him keep it so I could get outside and save my son, but I didn't want to part with the Green Bay Packer sweatshirt - so I wasted time making sure he didn't take that with him to the attic.

By the time I got him to take off the Green Bay Packer sweatshirt and only take the beige sweater, I woke up in a panic.


8-6-09 - MEDITATION - I had just barely started and was still doing the beginning prayer, when I had a vision of a magazine falling and behind it was another magazine.  I thought the title said, NO MORE SHADE  -  but I wasn't certain, so I asked spirit to show me the magazine again because I wanted to be certain what it meant.  The magazine appeared again, and this time, there was a picture on the cover.  The picture was of President Obama, and behind him were several military men of high rank, plus a dark skinned man who was a world leader.  They were all somber faced and I was sure that that NO MORE SHADE meant that they couldn't hide anymore and were out in the sun - where they could be seen.

As soon as I started meditating again, I saw a series of black and white zebras on the cover of a magazine  - and they were all falling down off the picture too, except the last one standing.

NOTE:  The symbol for zebra is wide spread, starting with Zebra as a character used by Philip K. Dick as a satellite which beams down information to him - as God.  However, there are technology based companies all with the heading of ZEBRA - which makes cell phones and barcode printers.  They make Samsun, and Epson for just two of their brands.


8-7-09 - DREAM -  My husband and I had sold our New Berlin house, and put all our stuff into storage because we hadn't found another place to buy that we could afford.  We had only made a few dollars profit on the house when we sold it to the real estate guy.  We were sitting around our hotel room thinking about where we could go and what kind of house we wanted and talked about how high the ceilings should be in a new house that we might be happy with.

My husband said he had to go out for a bit and it wasn't long and he came back, and we started a repeat of the same conversation, and we kept coming up with describing our old house because we had been happy there.

My husband got a big smile on his face then and said he had gone to the real estate guy and were having the same discussion, and the real estate guy said, "Well, if you give me $4.03 you can have your old house back again."  The house had not been sold to another person, so it had still been on the market.

I got all excited and said, "Let's get a bunch of sheets and blankets and go sleep on the floor at home.  We don't even need furniture to feel comfortable in our own home.

And so we did just that.

It was a miracle that we got our old home back again for $4.03.


8-7-09 - MEDITATION:  Voice said, "How long can we tolerate  (trust?) a recalcitrant leader?"

recalcitrant -

  • Main Entry: re·cal·ci·trant

  • Pronunciation: \-trənt\

  • Function: adjective

  • Etymology: Late Latin recalcitrant-, recalcitrans, present participle of recalcitrare to be stubbornly disobedient, from Latin, to kick back, from re- + calcitrare to kick, from calc-, calx heel

  • Date: 1843

1 : obstinately defiant of authority or restraint
2 a : difficult to manage or operate b : not responsive to treatment c : resistant <this subject is recalcitrant both to observation and to experiment — G. G. Simpson>

synonyms see unruly

recalcitrant noun


8-8-09 - DREAM -   was managing an apartment building.  I rented an apartment on the first floor to a young man who was new in town.  He was rather cute to be sure.  We had a short chat and he went out to dinner at the restaurant next door.  Meanwhile, my friend and cleaning lady went to his apartment and came rushing back and said that the man had pictures of me all over his apartment.

I went down the hall to his apartment which was number 102.  I was rather shocked that I had rented an apartment that was in such bad condition.  The walls weren't painted and the color was a dull yellow.  There were holes in the wall that weren't punched in but looked like something had been attached to the wall and dug out.  Some of the holes were over a foot deep without going through the wall to the other side which means the walls were really thick.

I went around the apartment, looking at the photos he had of women.  None of them looked like me.  In fact, none of them were of the person I thought I was and each person looked different, though young women.  I couldn't figure out where even one photo of me was according to my friends report that he had pictures of me everywhere. 

I looked in some of the dresser drawers and saw maintenance equipment in them that belonged to the building. The maintenance people had probably put them there and then never done anything in the apartment.  That was obvious.  Evidently, we had rented the apartment furnished, and I didn't realize it.

I went back to my own apartment where I had a strange looking phone that needed to be plugged into the wall by inserting an electrical wire into a slot in a hole in the wall - it was round and looked nothing like a regular phone.  I managed to plug it in, and woke up.

As soon as I was awake, a telephone rang in my right ear.  I said I was ready for the message, and I instantly fell back asleep.

I was back in my apartment and the telephone rang and it was my friend Barbara calling, and she said she had a daughter named Amanda and they were going shopping to buy a new car which she really didn't want but her husband insisted on getting it.  She said it was green and the color green she described is the perfect green in my own estimation -  like the color of emeralds.  But she didn't like it and didn't want that color. 

While she was talking to me, I didn't realize while I was listening to her that I could speak back to her, so when I did realize it, that the phone was two way, and not like a one way radio, I started asking her questions about the car. 

She said that it was Friday, and she really wanted to just go out to dinner, and not be buying a new car she didn't think she needed, especially of the color she didn't want. 

I felt sad for her, that she was getting what I would love and she didn't like it.  We weren't as much alike as I thought we were. 


8-9-09 -  WHOPPER VISION:  Hi:  I've already forgotten my dreams, except that at the end, I was sitting in a brightly lit room with a young man and there was a pipe sticking up with white smoke coming out of it and the young man went close to the pipe and breathed in the smoke and then blew it out again like he was smoking a cigarette.  He told me to try it too, which I did, but I wasn't as close to the pipe when I tried breathing in the smoke, so didn't get much, and the smoke was in ringlets, and when I breathed out, nothing came back out.

I started to wake up, and had this vision -  words and names PALTALK, PALTALK, PALTALK, a nickname of someone, PALTALK, PALTALK, PALTALK,  a nickname of someone else (I can't remember the names), PALTALK, PALTALK, PALTALK,  then this:  STOP OBJECT COMING!


8-9-09 - THETAHEALING MEDITATION:  I didn't see anything, nor hear anything, so I just made my statements and came back.


8-10-09 - 6:16 a.m. - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere and I wanted to buy 200 new bright green light bulbs for Christmas in honor and memory of my grandson Nathan to make sure that if any of my light bulbs went out, I would have replacements for those I already had.  I didn't know where I was going to buy 200 bulbs from, especially the Christmas tree type as all we had was a little store on the corner.

It then came to me that I should buy 200 red light bulbs in honor of my friend Mary who had also passed on but when I looked at the bulbs I had for her, they were different, they were round and actually hardwired into an electrical wire, and were not removable, so I had no idea where I was going to get those kind of bulbs to replace the ones I had.

While I was thinking about where to go shopping, I had to get my clothes ready for my date with my friend Irv who was coming to take me to dinner and dancing.  I planned to wear my red spaghetti strap dancing dress so I'd look really dressed up when he came.

I didn't have any stockings to wear, so I needed to buy those too, and our little corner store didn't sell those either.  I talked to a young woman who sat behind a desk in a nearby office and she showed me her stockings and how stretchy they were and I lamented that my legs were longer and heavier than her and I didn't think they made stockings in my size like hers.  So I went back to my closet and started going through my clothes to see what I could wear for my date.  I couldn't wear the red dress without stockings and I couldn't wear the bright blue skinny pants I had hanging in the closet with a red dress.  So I thought about wearing the bright blue pants with something else and I didn't see anything in the closet that went with those either.

So much time passed while I was in the clothes closet, that Irv arrived and he brought two people with him -  Mary and a young boy child.  I had to laugh because I thought he brought them along for chaperones.  But I welcomed them into the house.

The boy wanted to play the piano and he played beautifully.  He was playing a piano with huge wooden keys so he could pound on them with the sides of his hands. 

I was looking down on him from a balcony - and I saw that he looked like Jesse (from the current Big Brother Show 11)  I told him I would love to play the piano like he did, but my piano with the ivory keys wouldn't take a pounding like he could make on the wooden keys. 

I listened to Jesse playing the piano, which he did so well, I didn't do anything about getting ready to go out dancing.

The dream just somehow showed me a newspaper article about 200 tonnes of red light bulbs being purchased for the Queen Mary ship.


A Bethlehem from the tribe of Judah, son of Obed and grandson of Boaz and Ruth the Moabite; father of David. The phrase "son of Jesse" was apparently used by David's enemies to allude to his humble origins (I Sam 20:27, 30-31, etc.), but the term became a venerable one, so much so that it was predicted that the messiah would come from the "root of Jesse" (Is 11:10; cf 11:1; Rom 15:12). Jesse had eight sons (I Sam 16:10-11; 17:12). Seven are named in I Chronicles 2:13-15; and the eighth, Elihu, in I Chronicles 27:18.

Two sisters of David, Abigail and Zeruiah, are named in I Chronicles 2:16. Perhaps they were only step-daughters of Jesse, since Abigail is referred to as the "daughter of Nahash" (II Sam 17:25). It is twice mentioned that Jesse received a petition from King Saul to send David to the court (I Sam 16:14-23); and once he sent David to the battlefield to bring food supplies to his three eldest sons. This preceded David's famous duel with Goliath (I Sam 17:12ff). The circumstances of Jesse's death are unknown. I Samuel 22:3-4 says that when David's future was as yet unsure he placed his parents under the protection of the king of Moab. They are not mentioned again although verse 4 implies their return to Judah.

Jesse is named in the genealogies of Jesus (Matt 1:5-6; Luke 3:32) while Paul sees Jesus as fulfilling Isaiah's prophecy concerning the "root of Jesse" (Rom 15:12).

Ruth 4:17, 22. I Sam 16:1, 3,5, 8-11, 18-20,22; 17:12-13,17, 20, 58; 20:27, 30-31; 22:7-9, 13; 25:10. II Sam 20:1; 23:1. I Kgs 12:16. I Chr 2:12-13; 10:14; 12:18; 29:26. II Chr 10:16; 11:18. Ps 72:20. Is 11:1, 10. Matt 1:5-6. Luke 3:32. Acts 13:22. Rom 15:12


I evidently spelled Jesse with one e when I wrote about him previously:


Jul 28, 2001 ... The name that was repeated in many of the sentences was Jesse. ... Jesse was a man apparently of wealth and position at Bethlehem (1 Samuel ...

God So Loved the World

One of my bosses was also leaving and I started telling him about my dream about the 8 sons and how it represented the 8 sons of Jesse and the "The Root of ...


(May Juda's lion and the root of Jesse, protect thy lions and thy ..... And there shall go forth a King from the Sons of Jesse, and the MESSIAH shall be ...

As I woke up, I was told that this was 'The Root of Jesse." ROOT OF JESSE ... The Messianic king was to be of the family of Jesse the father of David. ...


    May 31, 2008 ... 1 Chron 29:26 : David son of Jesse was king over all Israel. 27 He ruled over Israel forty years—seven in Hebron and thirty-three in ... - Cached - Similar



  • The Psalms

    Let the whole earth be filled with his glory! Amen and amen. 72:20This ends the prayers by David, the son of Jesse. BOOK III ...


    Fill your horn with oil, and go; I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite, ... The sons of Jesse were both the sacrifice and the guests. ...


    1 Samuel 22:7 Then Saul said unto his servants that stood about him, Hear now, ye Benjamites; will the son of Jesse give every one of you fields and ...

    11:11 - The Audio - Interview of Joseph Mason

    While the Old Testament prophets spoke of a King to come out of the living root of Jesse, the German legends allude to a Great Emperor literally revived ...


    17 And Jesse said unto David his son, Take now for thy brethren an ephah of this parched [corn], and these ten loaves, and run to the camp to thy brethren; ...

    And the son of Jesse had a Lion Rampant for his Standard. ...... Here Jesse is mentioned as "an Ephrathite of Beth-lehem-judah" (17:12, . ...


    Most claim to be directly descended from King David, son of Jesse and the Royal house of Judah. The ties between Jesus and England are many. ... - Cached - Similar


    13: And Saul said unto him, Why have ye conspired against me, thou and the son of Jesse, in that thou hast given him bread, and a sword, and hast inquired ...


    SEE ALSO: THE ROOT OF JESSE - 1 KINGS 12. EZEKIEL 9. 1: He - The man whom he had seen upon the throne. Them - Those whom God hath appointed to destroy the ...


    8-11-09 - DREAM -  I was in a boat in a channel, and a woman named Mary came along in her boat, and she said, "This should tell you what time it is."

    I asked, "What time is it?"

    She didn't answer and I woke up.

    I fell asleep again, and now I was on a huge wheel with a man named John.  The wheel was so large that I couldn't see the whole wheel.  The wheel was divided into sections and the section we were on, was colored pink and was divided from the other sections by a wall high enough so you wouldn't go into the other sections.  John said that this wheel was divided into time segments, and this was our time.



    8-12-09 - DREAM - I was looking for an elderly woman named Malachite for 2 days.   When I finally found out where she was located, I had to fly there in an airplane that was 3 pairs of seats wide.  I had never flown before, so I friend was going to go with me.

    There were identical planes boarding at the same time - A & B.  I was on plane A - but B was being loaded first, 10 people at a time.

    Since B was loaded first, I could see where the 10 people were going to sit -  directly in the center front - right behind the pilot.

    Then they would board the 10 of us for plane A.  I was standing there with my best friend.  She was a seasoned passenger on airplanes and had flown many times before.  For me this was my first flight and I was excited, but not afraid because my best friend was with me and nothing could happen because  I was with her.

    NOTE:  I just spent two days searching for a crystal of malachite and didn't find it.


    8-12-09 - nap dream - I was with Jesse again, creating a geometric shape which was large and round. The last part we were making was a small circle within the large circle of 5 petal flowers in a ring.


    8-13-09 - OH TO BE 18 AGAIN :-)

    DREAM -  I was 18 in this dream.  I and my boyfriend were standing in a hallway waiting for his family to gather for a wedding that was coming up.  His father came up to us and put his arms around the both of us and  from just inches from my ear, he rather whispered and said, "I assume the two of you have had sex together."  I didn't answer out loud, just nodded a bit.  He said, "I don't want anyone coming up to me at the wedding and telling me that they have videos of you having sex together."

    I assured him there wouldn't be.

    His father left, and then the mother or another female older relative came up to me and handed me six keyboards that were going to be used at the wedding.  I said that I would take them to the corner store and have all new batteries put into them so they would be good to go for the wedding.  My boyfriend was acting all weird like all he wanted to do was go have sex right then, but we had to get ready for the wedding.

    So my boyfriend went to do something else for a few minutes, and I had a conversation with some other young people who worked in the neighborhood about a powder blue car I admired that used to be parked across the street all the time.  They noticed that the car was parked down the street a bit like it belonged to someone else now.

    They left and I opened up the lid on the first keyboard, and it was a child type, with only 8 colored keys in it. I saw that and decided I wouldn't bother getting new batteries for a keyboard that a child would play.

    Just at that moment, a really skinny girl came into the hallway from outside and I saw my boyfriend and her boyfriend come in right behind her, and they started teasing me like my boyfriend had been on a date with her or another girl, and I kidded them back like I knew it was a joke the whole time.  I was laughing inside, but kept my face serious like I believed them.

    It was all a big joke, but I had to go get the batteries for the keyboards so they could be played at the wedding.

    NOTE:  That was weird because I didn't even meet those people until I was in my 40's, and never went anywhere with the family. In fact, I never met my boyfriends family.

    NOTE:  Wondering if this is connected.  I just got this e-mail right after I wrote down my dream:

    I just got the heads up that this is my first official post from the new timeline!

    What's that mean exactly?

    No idea.

    But I do know this...change is here.

    Now that the cosmic dust has settled from that noxious eclipse sandwich, and from what I can assess, the dimensional divide that the ascended realms talked about for so long has finally drawn the proverbial line in the sand.

    This means that for all you warrior wayshowers out there who courageously held the frequency of light to create a vortex for higher dimensional energy to flow into Earth's planetary grid ...and are squeaky clean from a decade of purification & purging all but your should finally be able to hold enuf light (love) in your lives and bodies to withstand these higher frequencies. In other words, as of the August 6th lunar eclipse (give or take a few days), you have been permanently cut off from the lower realms of fear, lack & discord...aka, separation.

    How is this manifesting?

    You may be experiencing any or all of the following:

    You may suddenly feel lighter in your thoughts, released from those silent mental wars & self-inflicted bondage. You may have lost interest in what's happening "out there" (including celestially... or even in what I have to say) because you feel increasingly more grounded, peaceful & centered...self-contained and to hold and maintain your equilibrium, regardless of what's happening in the external world.

    You may suddenly and more consistently be feeling emotionally balanced, regardless of your physical state or the state of others. You may have begun to notice the slight return of passion, an increase in creativity, a desire to move forward again, an interest in play, a deeper connection to earth/music/art/creative expression, you may be seeing more vivid (dimensions of) color, experiencing sudden & random bursts of bliss/gratitude/love, feeling financial forward movement, receiving signals about your next steps, noticing profound and fulfilling connections with like-minds, experiencing a shift in relationships and/or new ones emerging, etc.

    Most importantly...and maybe for the first may have no remaining doubt that ascension is real and that you traversed many levels of consciousness to get here. You may be able to look at the whole awakening journey in retrospect and with non-attachment.... as if it were someone else who suffered for so long. If so, a congratulations is definitely in order because you are moving on to become the living teachers and examples of a new era, a new consciousness...the new physicists of divine alchemy!

    Stabilizing is the new & true

    Now, all this stuff may not necessarily be happening at once...or maybe it is...but the clearest indication of this latest and most profound shift seems to be the noticeable stabilization in our bio-energy field. It is discernable, but also very subtle at this point (tho growing), so if you can access it, you can consciously expand its influence with your attention. And as well, we will most likely be ebbing and flowing for a bit until we completely ground here.

    Currently, this stabilizing energy can feel like your mind is in a separate dimension than your you are able to think calmly, cohesively, clearly and with great certainty.. yet your body & life may still be a mess.

    The oddest experience seems to be the ability to have this great expansion in mental space & clarity while simultaneously releasing toxic e-motion. Kind of like your raging/sobbing/lamenting...but at the same exact time you feel completely ok with it all. (I secretly imagine this is what it feels like to be a rainbow : )) From here we are seemingly able to make a clear distinction between thinking and feeling...which..I also imagine will be a very helpful tool for the future.

    The opposite may be true too, where you bump up against an old thought form that would have normally distressed you, yet you feel no emotional charge...even if you go searching for it...which clearly, I do not recommend.

    If any of this is true for you, know that spiritual & mental stability is first to arrive and will lead you to balance all system functions where physical wellness resides. As always, the physical layers are last to adjust (the most dense), but in this case, the prolonged states of mental stability that we will experience in this new timeline will create the consistent flow of full vitality required to bring these played-out biology suits into full harmonic alignment.

    And not a minute too soon.

    On the physical level...things can still be pretty sloppy. If you are still experiencing purification symptoms (fatigue, deep sleeps/insomnia, wild and vivid dreams, sinus discomfort/headaches, bloating, BACK PAIN (especially around the lower 2 chakras), incessant ITCHING, yeast/rashes (from lower intestinal clearing), neck & shoulder stiffness, joint pain/weakness, etc.) along with the aforementioned brightness & clarity... know that the body still needs time, nurturing and care to catch up.

    The Loss of Spiritual Identity

    An interesting, yet common, phenomena at this stage of the game is a lost interest in all things stereotypically spiritual. Things like: organized religion/sects/philosophies, spiritual practices, healings & rituals, metaphysics, meditation, channelings, etc. may no longer have any appeal to you, and if so, this is completely normal. In fact, if your interest is shifting from philosophical-based spirituality to quantum-based spirituality (sacred science), this is a good indication of grounding in 5th dimensional (merged polarity) consciousness...where science meets spirit in a measurable (quantifiable) way.

    This disconnect is akin to feeling like..been there, done that...bought the t-shirt. What's next?

    It's not that everyone will feel this way all at once, or that these things won't exist any more, its just that those of us who held this energy have integrated it completely and are now moving on to higher levels of personal and planetary expression. As well, the next wave will be replacing our old J O B 's with their new found passion and interest all those things that once set us on fire. In other words...just as we existed in varying levels of consciousness prior to the June solstice shift, so too will we exist in varying levels of consciousness in the new & true.

    Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

    It's important to keep in mind that spirituality is just one stop on the way to full mastery and that there is a big difference between spirituality and what we call ascension. I am hearing that these two paths are now parting, and that this truth will soon become very evident.

    Though the spiritual dimension is only one layer of our multidimensional is very common for humans to get stuck here and to be-lie-ve that spiritual mastery is the be all, end all...when in fact, the purpose of ascension is to master both the spiritual AND material planes. Spirituality can definitely lead us to ascension, but it is only through the process of merging the physical and non-physical dimensions (spirit & matter) that we attain full consciousness.

    And just as an attachment to spirituality can serve as a distraction to the real work (releasing fear/letting go of limitation), know that the same holds true for ascension. It is just as easy to get (attached to) caught up in the logic of ascension without doing the visceral & experience-based work required to get us there.

    Ascension is really just some fancy word (unfortunately with religious connotations) to describe the demented and parodistic climb in consciousness required to achieve and integrate our full human potential ... and this means on EVERY level...physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual. This state of being resides in the center-point between outworn eastern feminine philosophies of enlightenment which promote ego annihilation, and western dominated masculine materialism, which denounces the true Source of creation...both of which are only half of the whole.

    The fully activated galactic-human operates from the blended energies and perception of both spiritual & material, east & west, male & female, matter & antimatter.

    Preparing for the Next Steps

    As of the August lunar eclipse (and with the help of the Lions gate/Leo Sun) there has been quite a bit of forward moving, fiery energy available to us which is initiating the return of creative passion. Because we are still clearing our 1st and 2nd chakras, it is also taking considerable concentration to channel this powerful energy in a constructive way. If it is not properly focused, this fast moving current can easily be mistaken for, or create feelings of, stress.

    If you have been feeling overwhelmed and wanting to do a lot of things, but with not enough (physical) energy to do it all...know that this will settle as we complete our grounding process.

    On a higher level you may feel ready to burst through the gate, yet in physicality the foundations needed to support our new ways of living and being are still being set up as the energy slowly trickles into the denser realms.

    What to do in the meantime?

    You may already be feeling this urge, but while we are still quarantined in this space of protection, the unseens are encouraging us to wrap things up from our past, complete any unfinished business, organize our lives and set ourselves up with strong tangible structures so we are well prepared to effortlessly handle a rush in forward movement. Time to pull together all wayward elements and tie up loose ends...finish up what was so that what is can easily enter our lives, animate our long-held intentions and take us next level.

    The rushing feeling accompanying our need to get things done is really just a manifestation of the end of a cycle and the imminent arrival of a new one, but it is serving good purpose. If we can wrap things up successfully, we will effectively cauterize any lower vibrating reality systems from our past, and that we created unconsciously, so that all future manifestations will be permanently sealed in light.

    The Return of Planetary Guardianship

    Humanity was originally created to hold the commission of serving as Earth’s guardian race. The knowledge of divine and sacred science that is now available to those who effectively transcended polarity consciousness... through the arduous cycle of clearing and anchoring the electro-magnet-ic grid that is making this possible... will begin the physical restoration (resurrection) of our planet's original divine blueprint.

    As we begin to create our higher dimensional kingdoms that will carry the pure vibration of home, we will quickly (& in some cases, miraculously) come together in soul purpose with our human brothers and sisters of vibrational accordance. Together with our hands, hearts and like-minds, our balanced and altruistic intentions will begin the implementation phase of planetary ascension... the building blocks of 5th dimensional consciousness in 3d dimensional form.

    And now that we are regaining full consciousness in the new & true, we will be like children experiencing life for the first time. Starting new journeys, exploring new realms, learning new things, creating with magic, and as always...evolving to even greater states of awareness.

    The real journey has only just begun...and there is so much more to come!

    Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

    Until next time...


    8-13-09 - DREAM -  NSA?  I was living in the house in New Berlin, WI.  I didn't have any interaction with these men, but I was watching them walk by the house in our yard and going up the hill behind the house.  The men were dressed rather like cowboys, but rough looking and very large, strong men and very serious looking.  It was like they were looking for someone. They walked up the hill and almost immediately, another guy on horseback came up to the house and actually rode his horse into the house.  A shot rang out and it not only killed the horseman, but killed the horse too. 

    The horse fell and lay on his side and I knew he was dead.  I ran from the room, not wanting to see the dead horse laying there and I went to the bathroom, and found this tall guy who looked to be about 17.  I didn't know him, but I was so upset about the dead horse, I didn't think to be afraid of the guy, and I made a fist and started hitting the guy in the arm muscle with my knuckles really hard, and I said something like, "Did you have to do that?"  or something like that.

    A moment later, someone handed me a government brochure, that had colorful pictures along with an explanation of a survey that was going to be taken about how I 'felt' about what just happened. I started paging through the picture book that was all in pastel colors - trying to make me 'feel' okay about my experience.

    How do you feel okay about seeing a horse shot in your own livingroom, not to mention watching someone being killed?

    People born in the year of the horse:



    8-14-09 - non-dream -  A voice said, "He's always been attracted to a dark aura."

    NOTE:  I have seen two dark black auras in my life. Both were at a funeral in church.


    8-15-09 - DREAM  I and my husband who was over 7 feet tall were out driving in our car.  It had snowed extremely heavy and we were somewhere where there were huge rolling hills to drive over.  It had snowed so much, the man at the gas station said it was going to take at least a month to plow all the snow off the roads.  But then, the weather turned warm so fast, that the snow melted almost instantly and we had to drive in water that was almost to the hood of the car in the valleys, and then drive up hill where the water was rushing down the roads to the valley - it was a beautiful pure bluish color.  I was worried the car might stall but it didn't.  Off on the side of the road was a sudden bloom of lavender and lilies.  It was so beautiful, I wanted to stay and look at the beauty of it, but we had to get to the school, where my husband was a teacher. 

    I made sure he was dressed warm enough in case the weather took a sudden turn to cold again, and I gave him one of my winter neck scarves which was hand knitted in red, yellow, orange, green, blue, lavender, and white.

    I then walked through the school myself and saw that the teachers were standing at the windows wistfully looking at the beauty outside and not wanting to teach -  it was a  tempting sight for everyone. 

    Out in the hallways, there was trash laying here and there so I picked it up to dispose of it so when the students left for the day, it would look nice.  The sudden change in the weather was so overwhelming - nobody wanted to work either.  It was just so beautiful outside.


    8-15-09 - THETAHEALING EXERCISE -  I went to the THETA level of consciousness.  I met the Creator of All That Is, and a voice said, "You will not see me this time".  (The first time is was the Hindu God Ganesha!)

    I stated the healing I commanded, and then commanded to receive Unconditional Love, which I did.  I also received the healing commanded.

    I then left that level.  On the way down, I met two young women, very thin, both dressed in black skimpy leotards, and long black curly hair, but very white skin.  One sat on my left and one sat on my right - but up higher than myself.  I had the impression that they were aliens that were companions to the Et on this page:



    DREAM -  I was working on a computer program, rearranging the events of the Book of Revelation.  I was certain I had them correct but they were no longer in the order in which they appear in the Bible.  The events were arranged in four columns with about 20 events in each column.

    I woke up, went to the bathroom, and when I went back to bed, I fell instantly asleep.

    I was now in preaching mode - a little timidly because my news was so over the top, I didn't know who to tell first that the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse were not going to arrive in the same order as in the Bible.

    As it turned out, I was with a group of people, and I was about to tell one of them my news, when a very large, tall priest walked in.  He was the one I decided to make my announcement to.  Naturally, he was very familiar with the Bible, especially the book of Revelation.  I just came right out told him that the Four horseman of the Apocalypse were not going to arrive in the order they are in the Bible because 'something' had already happened - something very black.  In my mind, I was seeing a school blown up and burned to the ground.

    Other people were now gathering around, who were going to be participating in a pageant based on the Book of Revelation, so the men had hair, beards, and clothing to match the characters of the Bible,  The women were dressed like angels, with huge silver wings on their backs, and their singing voices matched their characters -  when they sang, they sounded like angels.

    Their arrival stopped my preaching for the moment, but the priest was going to be hanging around to discuss my pronouncement when I made it to the others.

    A young blonde man with short fly-away curls on his head was perfect for the part he was going to play, and I showed him on a screen the guy who had played his part the year before in the pageant -  blonde - fly-away curls and he danced and sang like no one else.

    At that point, one of the men dropped into a chair in the doorway, and I looked at his leg because he was in pain, and the bone in the front of his leg was broken off right above his foot. His shin bone was broken.  I told him that I was sorry that he couldn't be in the pageant as he was going to have to go to the hospital and I would drive him. 

    I could hear other people talking about cleaning up the kitchen, which I knew had to be done and it was my job, but this man had to go to the hospital.

    As it happened, the man with the broken shin bone did the driving and I sat in the back seat along with a woman who refused to be left behind.  We both got into the car through the window.  She was a bit older than me, so I helped pull her inside once I was sitting on the seat.

    So, we started driving up hill and at an intersection, we stopped at the first crossroad and on the other side of the road was a man who had a similar beard to the man I was with.  He looked over at us and started backing his bright red convertible car back up the hill toward a workshop at the top of the hill.  I immediately thought we were in trouble for having done something wrong.  I was feeling guilty as sin and I didn't know what  I had done wrong. 

    We were driving forward up the hill and we couldn't take our eyes off the bright red car with the bearded man and he had his eyes on us the whole way as well.

    We stopped at an Inn across the street from where the bearded man was at his workshop and went inside.  The place was built of stone and was very old and there were drawings in charcoal on the walls.

    The other bearded man came in and greeted my friend with the broken leg and called him 'Captain'.

    My bearded friend asked him, "How did you know my name?"  and the other bearded man pointed to a drawing on the wall of a hand with scarring right above the wrist, showing a nail sticking out, and he said, "That drawing!  Your scars are the same as mine!"  and he showed us his wrist and he had the scars from the same type of square nail where he had been nailed to the cross too.


    MEDITATION:  I was thinking about a friend's predicament there and I got super tired, so I lay down and closed my eyes -


    I no sooner had my eyes closed, and I saw a close-up of a GPS hand held machine with a lot of buttons on it and in the picture on the screen, I was seeing like trees with a red light going behind the leaves, and a male voice said, "We can find you easier than a needle in a haystack."

     No doubt, we are all being followed.


    8-17-09 - DREAM -  I was at home and it was early morning.  Everyone had left the house except my son Michael who was still in bed.  He was supposed to be at work at 8:00 a.m.  and it was 7:40 a.m.  So I thought I had better wake him up so he wouldn't be late - or at least not so late.

    So, I woke him up and told him it was 7:40 several times. 

    We started talking about the day ahead for him, and he said that he would be going to school after work, and would be at school until 11:00 p.m.  So, we talked about what a long day that was for him, but he didn't seem to mind.

    So, then I went upstairs, and that wasn't easy because there was so much stuff on the stairs that was either in process of going up or coming down and never made it in either direction and I was thinking about looking at the stuff and see which direction it was supposed to be going and actually moving it so it wouldn't be so dangerous to walk on the stairs.

    When I finally got upstairs to my own bedroom, there was some mail on the bed that I hadn't opened yet. 

    While I was opening the mail, my son Michael came upstairs and sat on the bed with me as I opened a package that came from Vanity Fair.  It was a package of multi-colored flowers and a card from Mother's Day.  Mother's Day was long over with and I had never opened it so I never knew he had sent me flowers for Mother's Day. 

    I opened the card and inside the card was a letter with the same statement it seemed, written in 100 different languages.

    I didn't even know we had 100 different languages in the world, but I guess that was possible, but it was intriguing to sit there and see that.  None were English, so I couldn't read any of the languages, but it was nice to know that 100 different countries all could say Happy Mother's Day with the same feelings.

    NOTE:  I looked up  'number 740' on the internet -  its a area code in Ohio, and lots of companies and government bodies have used that number.  Still looking to see if it's important to me personally - so far ????


    8-17-09 - DREAM -  I was snoozing on the couch and the telephone started to ring. I opened my eyes a bit and I could see the telephone receiver laying on the floor over aways - off the hook obviously and wondered how the phone could be ringing if it was off the hook.  (Our phone does do that)  I was too lazy to get up and get the receiver so I could answer the phone but once it stopped ringing, I thought I would use redial or something and see who called.  When I pushed the button for redial (it probably wasn't the right button - it was the button on the far left front)  I could hear a man talking to someone and apparently it wasn't to me, and he didn't sound like it was a conversation - he was telling someone off in an angry voice, so I just hung up the phone again.

    As it turned out, my friend Michelle had called, but who was that man on my phone?

    NOTE:  Later, I discovered that my friend Michelle dreamed that she called me on the phone to ask for a ride to school and that I didn't answer the phone.

    I LOVE coincidences like that.  :-)



    I was asking who put that object in space in order that SOHO could photograph it.

    First I saw an angry chimpanzee jumping up and down.  I asked the question about, then saw a pair of blonde people - two young people either teens or early 20's  - wearing blue uniforms.   It came to me that they were protecting us.

    I wanted to ask where they were from but I fell asleep.

    IN my dream, I was riding in the front passenger seat of a cop car, on the way to an airport and we were in a hurry because we were meeting an important flight coming in.   The cop said I should be proud because I was riding on the side where the CIA usually sat.

    Before I could say anything, the driver said, "What the??? "  and ahead of us right in the city street, were  two guys down on the hands and knees rolling something on the pavement. 

    Against my judgment, the driver slowed down to pick the two guys up and he forced them to get into the back seat of the car.

    Obviously there wasn't any barrier between the front and back seats, because as soon as the car was moving again, the guy with the orange rain jacket who was right behind me, tried to put his arm around my throat to choke me out, and just that fast, I was taking meat out of his arm with my teeth.    (fade to black)

    The next morning, the newspaper reported that the guys got off lucky because by the time they got the guys back out of the car, I had taken meat out of three people with my teeth.


    8-18-09 - DREAM -  I was at home with my husband and family.  At first we were in the garage cleaning the car.  We used some kind of oil that started with the letters   Imp...  but later when we needed to buy more, we couldn't think of the whole name of it. The only thing I could come up with was 'Impervious' but I didn't think that was it.

    An older woman dressed in brown came by for something else and when she left, I asked her if she could drive me to get some more oil for the car and she agreed, but I couldn't remember the name of the oil, and just as I was heading for the basement to ask my husband, he was coming up the stairs to ask me the same question, so we were both stumped on the name of the oil, which was clear and opaque.

    While my husband was in the basement trying to find the oil container with the label on it, I sat in the livingroom with a young man waiting. I was laying on the sofa, and the man was sitting in an upholstered chair.  We were chit chatting about nothing in particular, and all of a sudden he came up with his right hand which was painted like a snake - rather like a Cobra.

    Just for kicks and grins, I showed him my left hand which was also painted like the same snake - and we played like the two snakes were going to come together and kiss -  it was sexy as hell even though the guy was not my type whatsoever.

    I started to laugh and he asked me where and when I had learned to do that, and my reply was, "Yesterday!"

    Then I asked him if he would like a drink, and he mulled over in his mind what he would like, and I was hoping he wouldn't ask for something I didn't have.  He finally answered,  "I would like ROYAL".

    I smiled, though doubting we had any ROYAL, but I went to the pantry to look.  We had all kinds of things to drink on the shelf, mostly stuff for the kids, different kinds of juices, and then I saw a bottle that looked like it had some kind of booze in it, and it was dark.  At first I couldn't read the label, but I focused my eyes until I could read the label, and I saw the ROYAL symbol on it, and then I finally could read the label and it said 'PEPPERMINT'. 

    That didn't seem right to me, but it definitely had the ROYAL symbol on it.

    NOTE: In researching the left hand snake, I found it in belly dancing, Tai Chi,, and Martial Arts


    8-19-09 - DREAM -  This is just the ending.  I was walking out in the country near my home.  It was a beautiful day and I was looking at the fields.  All of a sudden, a rain cloud came and it started to pour.  I knew I was going to have to run for home but it seemed so far away, so I ran to my car instead which was closer -  a medium blue color.

    I ran for the car before I got drenched from the rain, and as soon as I got inside the car, I woke up.


    8-19-09 -  DREAM - All I remember is discussing my kittens sizes vs her kittens sizes.


    8-19-09 - DREAM -  I was at home and my husband was at work.  I was cleaning the kitchen because the children had spilled things on the table and hadn't cleaned it up and the stuff was dry and hard already.  Then a workman came and started working in the closet on electrical connections.  I hadn't called him but he seemed to know what he was doing so I let him do his work.

    I looked outside and a flamboyant black man came driving past the house on our private driveway in a flashy shiny red convertible car, grinning crazily. 

    I went back inside and commented to the workman about not liking people being able to drive so close to the house.

    There was a nurse in a blue uniform in the closet with the workman now talking about nursing terms and language that people don't like to hear - and using terms that real people don't normally use for simple words like urine which nobody likes to hear.

    I let them finish the conversation with each other and went to lay down on the bed.

    After a moment, I thought I heard my name called so I got back up and the workman and the nurse were gone, so perhaps they just said they were done and were leaving. 

    I then noticed that I hadn't yet finished cleaning off the dried stuff on the kitchen table and started soaking it and chipping at it to get it off -  it was a hard spot of yellow something - I don't know what.

    It was time for my husband to come home - 5 p.m. and I looked outside and where the black man had just driven his red convertible car, there was now a huge hole in the ground.  I went outside and could see there was a white drainage pipe down at the bottom of the hole which rather made sense to me - but right in front of that drainage pipe was a huge hole even deeper that was on the verge of undermining the drainage pipe and was extremely dangerous. 

    I couldn't figure out where all the dirt went so suddenly or where to get more dirt to fill up the hole because it was so dangerous and all I could think of is,  "This is not a good day for my husband to come home late from work".

    Can you imagine what would happen if he came home late and wanted to park right there and didn't know about the hole undermining the driveway?


    8-20-09 - MEDITATION - I was trying to get to the THETA state and had a lot of trouble getting there and things kept getting in my way, but I worked through the negative thoughts that kept coming at me, and I finally made it.

    A male voice said, "Congratulations Pallas - You didn't break!"  (So maybe it was a test?)


    I had a vision then of a newspaper headline that said,  'Obama goes to Cuba!'


    8-20-09  - DREAM - It seemed I was in Milwaukee.  I walked up Clarke St a block or so from 16th St. and went to a meditation with some other women.  It was really nice but it only lasted about three minutes.  While I was there I met Dolores Benz and she was carrying a really cute little baby boy.  She came over to where I was sitting and I introduced myself and we hugged a moment. I then asked her what her baby's name was.  (I think she said Franklin, but I'm not sure now)

    I walked back home thinking that I should invite people to come to my house to have a meditation like that too.  It seemed easy enough to do and the benefits would be wonderful for everyone.


    8-20-09 - DREAM -  I can't even remember the dream, but it ended with being shown a pot with three tall fern fronds sticking up out of the middle.

    As I woke up, a male voice said, "Dolores!  This site:  (the face of Zeus like on an ancient coin)    Flowers & Gifts 

    NOTE:  I'm still researching this - about Zeus.


    8-20-09 - NAP DREAM  - I was with some people who were having a party for little boys.  My mother was there and mothers of the boys.

    It was apparent  that the boys were going to be fed watermelon for the party.

    I went out to the car to get the watermelons and when I got to the car, there was a large mechanical nut cracker which when used, created a spark and gasoline would spray out of the car and explode.

    My mother came out to the car and showed me something she was sewing - of black and blue threads (I made an afghan in that same color combination which I love.  I also made a meditation necklace of those same colors)  She asked me if I had more thread like that and I said I did.  She went back into the house to await me to come and find the thread for her.

    I turned my attention back to the car and getting the watermelons out of it.  I was standing in the street between the curb and the car and I saw another mechanical nut cracker under the lip of the curb overhang, next to a red gas can, and I realized the danger of using the nut cracker.

    Then one of the mothers of a boy came to the car to get some watermelon for her son and I couldn't do it because of the danger of cracking open the fruit.

    She said, "What kind of game are you playing?"  and I watched on the window as some words rose on the glass - and the words were,  "My set page."


    8-21-09 - DREAM -  I was living in a big house somewhere.  There was a problem with the trees out in the yard - they were very brittle and branches broke off easily.  A branch right next to an upstairs window had been cut off deliberately because of the brittleness and there was a bird's nest right by the window. 

    I told my mother there was a problem with having a bird's nest that close to the window to begin with so I moved it farther away.

    Because of the brittleness of the tree branches, I began a program of dietary changes in myself to change my urine PH.  (I didn't dream specifically what changes I made.  In real life I began a program of raising my PH)  In the dream I was showing a PH of between 0.1 and 2.0 when I saw the numbers - that is very acidic..  A normal PH test should be 7.0 or above to be alkaline.

    When I saw that my PH was low, I went out into the yard with my mother and showed her that all the trees were either weak or brittle.  Some of the tree branches just broke off completely just by pulling down on them. Others bent down and stayed there.

    I went back into the house where Christian Vega from One Life to Live TV show and another young man were working on this PH program with me.  They were keeping the bathrooms clean which were carpeted.  The only problem was that there was no door on the bathroom and I didn't want anyone to see me pee on the stick, so I took a screen door and leaned it up against the bathroom door opening, but there was a few small holes in the screen which Christian Vega could look through and see me pee, but I told him not to.

    NOTE:  Health is always better, the higher the PH of the urine.


    8-21-09 - LUCID NAP DREAM 9:a.m. 

    I was working on my computer and started feeling really tired, so I just stopped working and decided to lay down for a few minutes.
    I planned to go to sleep.

    I was actually still awake, watching people's name being moved around on a grid made of rectangles on a screen.

    I asked spirit, "What am I doing this for?" and all of a sudden a New Age magazine pulled up over the grid and on the magazine cover came up like pulled by a hand,  a pink cottage with a thatched roof.

    So, I started thinking this was about a community, which I've dreamed about multiple times.

    All of a sudden, on top of the cottage came the words:  ERROR TELLS NASA'S STORY.


    8-22-09 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment somewhere on the ground floor.

    I was asked to babysit for a young boy (less than 2 years old) by a man I recognize as Jack (who is a cop on "As The World Turns" television show, and Jack had a brown station wagon type car that wouldn't run anymore and he needed to buy a new one.

    So I was babysitting for the baby while he took care of the car and the baby was aware of it and we talked about it together.

    At one point, the baby came out of the apartment into the yard with a pink scarf on his head. He looked really cute.

    I was watching him from a distance and Jack came and grabbed up the baby and started carrying him away.

    I yelled at Jack, "You can't just grab the baby and take him away without telling me!"

    He understood that it would make me worry about where the child was, so he put the baby back down and walked away acting dejected.  (I know it was his child, but it was the worry factor about not knowing where a child is when their whereabouts is not known and you are responsible for the child)

    At that point I had to wash two scarves - the baby's pink scarf and a yellow scarf - both were square and made of silk or something like silk.

    I washed them and laid them out to dry but they needed to be ironed.

    At that point, Jack's older son, a teenager with black rimmed glasses came, grabbed the pink scarf and stuffed it into the inside jacket pocket. 

    I yelled at him about stealing the pink scarf and told him to give it back.  Jack just stood there, looking at his son like he was mentally telling him to give the scarf back, but didn't actually speak to him.

    Finally, the boy pulled a scarf out of his inside jacket pocket, but it was black and yellow, not the pink one.

    I was told by a voice in the dream that it was important to note that it was from a 'right angle'.

    I was going to yell at him that I wanted the pink one, but I woke up instead.

    NOTE:  black and yellow flags are usually some kind of warning symbol.  Also, Germany (Deutschland) has a yellow and black flag.


    8-23-09 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building for the Jewish judge.  My maintenance man was  Thad Luckenbill (J.T. Helstrom (the detective from the Young & Restless TV show.)  He showed me some handwritten complaints from a tenant in another building, about trees and vines growing on her building.  That was Mellissa Rivers (the daughter of the comedian _Joan Rivers_ who recently won Donald Trump's most recent TV show (Celebrity Apprentice) as the best player.  (They are Jewish)  I told him he should probably check it out after I was shown a Monarch butterfly and then told it was being shown to me under another name - not its real name.

    When the Jewish Judge boss came in, I showed him the papers the woman had written about the trees and vines, he left and I started wondering about him and what he was really up to.

    I called him on the phone at his own office at another building ( he owned multiple apartment buildings).  I asked him specifically, "What kind of corporation is it that owns other corporations?"  and he answered, "It's an S Corporation."

    Monarch Butterfly ( Danaus plexippus)


    Note: Definition of an S Corporation: 

    An S corporation, for United States federal income tax purposes, is a corporation that makes a valid election to be taxed under Subchapter S of Chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code.

    In general, S Corporations do not pay any income taxes. Instead, the corporation's income or losses are divided among and passed through to its shareholders. The shareholders must then report the income or loss on their own individual income tax returns. This concept is called single taxation; if the corporation is taxed as a C Corporation, it will face double taxation, meaning both the corporation's profits, and the shareholders' dividends, will be taxed.


    8-23-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was working in an outdoor office for the same boss and was retyping some information for him on a formal document, so the typing had to be correct - in fact - perfect.  But I was talking to some other women in the office at the same time and I made a mistake and had to backspace and correct what I had just started on that line. 

    When I reread what I had typed on the line above, I could believe what was typed there, because I couldn't remember typing that at all.  It said, "they walked around in their little feet" - 

    That was just the end of a sentence and I couldn't figure out how I had typed that and not remembered that I had, or even where the information had come from.

    I spent several minutes trying to figure out how I was going to fix what was typed and I realized I couldn't.  It would be way too messy and I was going to have to start over in order to have a perfect document.

    At the same time now, the other women were making a barbecue and because I was trying to get this document done, I couldn't participate, so when I was finished I went to eat my hamburger with cheese on it  -  and now that I'm awake, I realize that the cheese was the same shape as alien eye-covers except they were yellow - on top of black hamburgers. 

    It's the same color at the German flag I wrote about yesterday.


    8-24-09 - DREAM - I was working on a project about the Three Marys in the Bible.  I had three boxes of 5 x 7 cards and on each one was a description of a Mary.  Then I separated the cards into the boxes appropriate for that Mary.

    With those boxes of cards and descriptions, anyone could look at the description given for that Mary and know which one it referred to.

    Note from Robert Grace page about quarks:

    Your M's (13) popped up in coincidence years ago, as M & M candy, and 3M
    tape. Dee said she dreamed of 3M. Solara's 11:11 Doorway, opened in the Belt
    of Orion. She claimed these three belt stars are three M's - Melchizedek, Metatron,
    and Mikael. They are shown in a diagram of a triangle, and labeled, Wisdom, Love,
    and Power. The heading is, "The Three M Activation."

    This may seem like a New Age joke, but there are very substantial reasons for
    thinking it does mean something, even if symbolic only.

    Dee recently wrote about another 3M's, the three Marys:


    She quotes from, "Apokalypso: Prophecies of the End of Time" by Thomas
    Jude Germinario. The three Marys are Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacobi, and Mary
    Salome. Legend has it that they arrived in a sail-less and rudder-less boat on
    the shores of southern France. With them, was another M, Martha, and the
    twelve-year old dark-skinned, Sara, also called Sara Kali.

    Thomas points out that the five women relate to the symbolism of the pentagram.
    He also makes the point that is does not make a wit of difference if the story is
    true or not. It still has spiritual meaning. Also see:


    Regards to all,

    Joe Mason

    8-25-09 - DREAM -  I was living in a house somewhere.  I was going to clean the carpet in the livingroom, but first I had to feed my husband a pork chop dinner.

    I made some thick pork chops and then made sandwiches with them.

    While I was making the sandwiches with home baked bread and the pork chops and cheese, the black cat sat on the table while I made them.  My husband got the best cuts of the meat compared to myself, but the cat got the fat - just as much as my husband did the meat.

    I got a small piece of pork chop a smaller piece o cheese and a smaller sandwich because this was home made bread so the center of the bread was taller than the ends.

    After I served my husband and the cat, I ended up just eating two large slices of bread with butter on them.

    NOTE:  On the Big Brother show "After Dark" they were cooking dinner and they made pork chops with cheese.  If you are going to dream something to come true, even something as simple as this counts I guess.


    8-25-09 - THETAHEALING PRACTICE -  I can feel the change of mental levels coming down into my face - don't know why, but when I get to higher consciousness, I can actually feel it physically as well as mentally.

    I don't know what level I ultimately got to, even though I asked to go to the THETA level, but there were 100's of thin white people all crowded together welcoming me and they said as a group, "it is YOU!"  and they were all excited.

    I commanded unconditional love be received by me and waited to feel that - then it seemed I fell asleep.

    I need to not be so relaxed I guess.


    8-26-09 - DREAM - I was working in an office either in Washington, DC, or in Virginia, where men had to sit around a table filling out forms in order to get compensation - after having their hands x-rayed.

    A friend of mine had a stack of white envelopes 8 1/2 x 11 with these x-rays of people's hands, and the return address was P.O. Box 28,  Wash. D.C. and VA on them.

    One of the men sitting around a table with their hand x-rays, asked that woman how long it took to get compensated for what they were doing, and she rather blew them off.  I asked her myself how often people got compensated, because I knew some did, and she said, "Next to never!"

    After waking up and doing some research with no results, I went back to bed and managed to get back into the dream.

    This time I managed to follow my friend into her own workspace which turned out to be urine testing.  These rooms were really small and I only saw men being treated.  On a sign on the door, it said multi-treatment. 




    8-26-09 - DREAM -  My husband came home from prison.  This time he looked like Todd from One Life to Live TV show, and on his head he had one of those skin tight wig nets that you wear a wig over.  I was wishing he would take that off so I could see his real hair.

    The other women I lived with who were as old as me, we more afraid for me than I actually was.

    When he arrived, I was wearing a long maroon winter coat, which I finally took off when he left the room and it was laying in the bathroom sink.

    The woman who lived with me who lived in the adjacent bedroom to mine said that she got a live-in companion to keep her safe.

    I thought that was a good idea and I asked her how old the girl had to be in order to be a live-in companion.  She wasn't sure, but my thought was that if I got a live-in companion, he would start messing with her and that would just be an additional problem.

    I woke up just as I was trying to put on clean underwear.  I had my right foot into the undies when I woke up.


    8-26-09  - MEDITATION -  I was intending this to be THETAHEALING PRACTICE, but obviously that's not what happened.

    As soon as I raised my frequency, I came to a place where hundreds of children were lined up 3 x 3 in order to be prayed for.

    Apparently, each child had 3 holes in their heads that they were controlled by, but I don't have enough clear memory to know exactly where or why they had these holes in their heads.

    As I prayed, each three children came towards me for prayer, and each one got prayer.


    8-27-09 - TWO DREAMS

    #1 - I was working on my computer and Joseph Mason was working on his computer next to me.  I was working on the source side of a web page, making sure that my copy of the Kabbalah was lined up properly on the page.  I was actually taking out dots that separated parts of it. 

    When I flipped the page over to the right side so I could read the words, I saw that it was very long and the type print was pale with a dark background.

    I told Joe that the last time I had looked at the page was when he was in the hospital or something.  His response was, "You mean this morning?"

    I knew that it was months earlier, so I didn't understand what he meant.  Time doesn't pass that fast.

    I was scrolling down the page quickly, not actually reading it - I was looking at how it was lined up and how it looked on that page.

    I woke up, trying to figure out why I dreamed about Kabbalah like that since I had just attended the first class in Kabbalah on line yesterday.

    DREAM 2:  I was in the same house and Joe's son T.J  (Thomas Joseph) was laying on the floor sleeping.  Even though he was an adult, I called him, "Baby boy" and woke him up and helped him to his feet. 

    After he was standing, I asked him if he would like some chicken soup and he responded, Yes!"

    I was going to go into the bathroom to wash my hands first, but my Father went into the bathroom ahead of me and I had to wait for him to come back out.  (He looked like a Kabbalah Rabbi teacher)

    While I was waiting, I went outside and sat in T.J's red dump truck on the passenger side.

    As I sat there, I noticed that the truck was starting to move slowly down hill and realized the brakes had failed.

    I jumped out of the truck and clambered up some really steep steps to the top of the canyon rim as the red dump truck slowly moved down hill, bouncing on rocks, and ended up in the bottom of the canyon.

    I ran towards the house and someone yelled at me, "You need to get down there Dolores!"  expecting me to retrieve the truck and save it from crashing even worse.   But I had never driven a dump truck and didn't know how and didn't want to know how.


    8-12-09 - THETAHEALING PRACTICE;  I went outside to do the meditation today.  The smell of cat poop was prevalent where I was sitting, so I'm not sure I really got to where I was supposed to go.  I still made my commands for healing and unconditional love to be received no matter where I was.


    8-28-09 - DREAM SNIPPET - after helping a dog dig a hole out in the woods, I was holding a book in my hands, looking at the last page in the book.  It had the authors name - unremembered - the date 1972 or 1792 -  and a book recommendation -  under the category  non-Orwell Zebra films - this had a picture of a cartoon zebra under it.

    with 1792 -

    with 1972 -

    without Orwell -

    1. Philip K. Dick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      In 1972, Dick donated his manuscripts and papers to the Special ... He referred to the "transcendentally rational mind" as "Zebra", "God" and, ... The film will bear the title of Dick's unfinished novel The Owl in Daylight, ..... a French film based on Dick's non-science-fiction novel Confessions of a Crap Artist. ...

    1. Phillip K Dick - Astrological Heroes and villains -

      3 posts - 1 author - Last post: 10 May

      Dick in the novel rather than in the film, makes it clear that whilst some ... highly fallible and non-heroic – more like anti-heroes in so far that they are no ..... In 1972, Dick donated his manuscripts and papers to the Special ... He referred to the "transcendentally rational mind" as "Zebra", ... -



      8-29-09 - A STRING OF DREAMS:   I was attempting to draw a picture of a girl with an umbrella made of a thick tree branch full of leaves.  I tried a green one, a brown one and a black one.  I had to do this umbrella from an upside-down prospective so it was very difficult to do.  At one point, I thought of the girl with the umbrella that used to be on the salt box.  It would look just like that except the umbrella was made out of a tree branch of leaves.

      I was watching my new black kitten being bitten on the back of the neck by its father who was also pure black.  I knew this meant that the kitten was coming into maturity and the father was trying to chase away the kitten so it wouldn't try to mate with its own mother. I kept hitting at the father cat to stop it from biting its own kitten, but I wasn't getting anywhere with that.  The father's instinct to chase away its own kitten was stronger than any effort I could make to stop it.

      I was living in a brand new apartment and this was the first day I was living there.  I saw some brown footprints coming from the bedroom and leading to the door of the apartment which was in the kitchen. I assumed that my husband had done that.  I wanted to keep this apartment perfectly clean so I took a brand new mop that was made of sponge - not the flat ones we see in the store these days, but a large tubular shape.  I dipped the sponge mop into hot water in the kitchen sink and went over to the brown footprints and scrubbed them.  I seemed to be making good progress until I noticed that the water was loosening newspaper that was on the floor.  The newspaper couldn't be seen until it was wet and it started turning yellow. (Yellow journalism?)   The more water I used to scrub the floor, the more newspaper showed and it was very thick, so I had to start peeling the newspaper off the floor so I could throw it away.  The more I scrubbed, the worse the mess got and the more newspaper showed yellow.

      I went over to the sink because I noticed there was dirt on the side, and the more I scrubbed on the sink, but more dirt showed like it had been painted over and I was removing the paint and showing the dirt beneath it.

      At that point, I noticed some red, black, blue and yellow crayon marks on three walls of the kitchen on the other side of the room.  As I scrubbed off the crayon marks, maps of cities started to show beneath the marks.  I recognized one as Milwaukee, but the other cities I hadn't lived in so I didn't know which ones they were.

      I woke up, went to the bathroom, then went back to bed and sleep.

      In the next dream, I was living in a yellow, orange and brown furnished apartment. Everything looked clean, but it wasn't modern furnishings like today - it was rather more like 60's type furniture.  Some people came to visit, and I started telling them about the previous apartment and what happened when I was trying to clean it.

      NOTE:  In the 60's, I had a UFO experience with my family and the newspaper carried the stories the following two days. 30 years later, some other people went to the newspaper archives, and the story was 'not' in the archives - and though they read through 30 days worth of news articles - none were about UFOs.

      At some point, I went into an office which seemed to be an income tax place and I observed as a young light skinned black women sat down in front of the IRS questioner.  She rather resembled Michelle Obama in appearance, but younger.  The questioner was asking the woman whether she wanted to do her own taxes or would she prefer to let them keep the money she had overpaid on her taxes. The woman asked the questioner what amount of money they were talking about and the questioner said, "$60".  The young woman said, "Keep it", because her time was worth more than the money she would get if she had to sit and spend the time doing the paperwork.


      8-30-09 - DREAM -  I was in the kitchen of my house somewhere and we were having a barbecue dinner. The most noticeable items was corn on the cob.  It looked really bright yellow but dried out a bit from being barbecued.

      I had just found out that my husband was divorcing me and his excuse was that I got periods and he was using that against me. I was telling someone about that while watching them sweep the dirt out of the driveway.  I was thinking that he was the only person I could trust not to hit me when he got mad  -but others were afraid of him.

      My friend Marilyn called on the phone and we had just started to talk when the phone rang again and it was my Mother so I told Marilyn I would call her back after I found out what my Mother had to say.  She said that her number was 7435.  My Mother only said a few words and I don't remember what she said, so I dialed 7435 to get Marilyn back and continue our conversation, but I only remember dialing 3 - 2 - 1 and it was very difficult to get that 1 dialed.

      I don't know if this is a separate dream or the scene just changed.

      Actors were gathering to do a play or TV show because all the actors were from my soap operas.  I recognized at least 3 of them, Paul from As The World Turns, A blonde who is in jail at the Moment on One Life to Live, and I think Renee who was an ex-Madam in Las Vegas on One Life to Live. Renee said as she entered the building that men liked her because she knew how to apologize even when she wasn't wrong.  There were others as well.  There was a spinning turnstile at the top of a steep stairway going down into a concrete block basement.  I followed the actors down the stairs to find out what was going on and the actors didn't seem to know either - but it was something new.

      All of a sudden I was woken from sleep by what I thought was a man knocking on the door. As I woke up I thought I was laying on the couch and the landlord was calling me through the door. Once I was awake, I realized I was in bed and I couldn't hear someone knock on the front door from there, and the landlord wouldn't knock on the wall to wake me up.

      Once I was awake really well, I realized I hadn't been breathing well and my throat was partially closed and my heart was pounding, so I guess spirit woke me up so my breathing problem and heart pounding didn't get worse.


      8-31-09  - DREAM - I and a man were doing an investigative case for some information that was supposedly written in a book called "The Book of Stars".   This information was also woven into a scarf or something that was knitted, and I was able to take the stitches out of this object and remove the information that was woven into it.  Because I'm a knitter, I was able to do this without the object being left with a hole in it. It seems that one of the words I removed was the name "Seth".

      I and the man got on a bus where we were confronted by a couple 'suited' guys who decided they knew who we were, but they were not supposed to confront us in a manner that others would notice -  in other words, - they were out in secret just like we were. 

      So, on the aisle facing seat right behind the bus driver, I was confronted by two of the 'suited' guys and questioned, and the man I was with was able to go farther back into the bus in the crowd of people and not be noticed.