Philip Burley

An Invitation

To Join in National Prayer


            ...if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles: 7:14

Dear friends and fellow national and world citizens,

             There is no question in the minds of awakened and conscientious people that our country is in the throes of an internal struggle, with Americans greatly divided and many questioning the future of our great land. I am not an alarmist but it is a serious question:

“In whose hands does the future of this United States lie?”

            It is with great humility and solemnity that I write to you. It is because of a recent spiritual visitation that I am doing so. And... I feel moved... no...compelled to follow through and do my part as directed according to the contents of this spiritual experience.

Spiritual Messengers Point and Show the Way

            Most of you who are receiving this invitational letter, know me and my work. It has now been almost 20 years since I began, based upon conclusive spiritual visitations while awake and in dreams with spiritual master guides. These elevated beings told me, in short, that I was appointed to be a bridge between the spiritual and physical world for the spirit world to work through and that I would be successful by being completely obedient to God. Following this revelation (and in the same dream) an angel appeared who said that he was sent by the Father and that he was to show me specifically my mission on earth.

            Primarily, I was told by the angel that through my outreach efforts I would touch the lives of many Christians and help them to come to a higher and more expanded understanding of God, life, and life beyond. This prophecy has been fulfilled with thousands of spiritual readings and public meetings which all began in 1986.

            For this reason, I kept on keeping on all these years to accomplish the assigned task. In spite of my human frailties and failings, and with the ever flowing grace of Heaven, I have tried my best to carry out Heavenly Father’s directive as given to me twenty years ago by the visiting masters and the angel.

            Such work cannot be sustained for this length of time unless it is real and has the supernatural backing of Spirit. I know that I am not the doer. And for this reason I am greatly indebted to God and Spirit for their constant help resulting in the longevity of my public spiritual service. I am also deeply grateful to others—who along the way—have given help. No one ever rises to leadership in any area of life without the help and support of others.


Intimate and Direct Guidance from Master Jesus

             During my life Jesus has been extremely instrumental in guiding me. From childhood until now, he continues to wake me periodically at bedside in the morning to give me personal messages or messages for others. When I was on radio for three years, this happened periodically that I might give his words to listeners.

             I have also had a number of visitations in which Jesus spoke very intimately to me. These were not vague, nightly, spiritual, mental wanderings but direct contact where Jesus was sharing about God and himself and other spiritual topics. In one most vivid visitation with me, he cried inconsolably over the state of some of those who proclaim him as their savior.

            All of my encounters with the Master have been more real than earthly life. As he speaks, sometimes, his piercing blue eyes, with a depth of two thousand years in them, hold me captive to their reality and the love that they convey. Always his single minded drive to do God’s will is in abundant evidence. I say all of this, not to impress but to give credence to what I am about to share with you concerning Jesus and the most recent encounter with him, a most willing vessel of God.  

Jesus Opens the Door to Heaven Once Again


            I am writing to announce that the door to Heaven has opened once again. And I did not have any previous awareness that this was coming. I am greatly humbled and in disbelief that I would again be visited by Heaven and requested to carry out a certain directive for America :

            Several weeks ago, at 1:30 in the morning, I woke up from a very personal dream with Archangel Michael. We were speaking about admission into the higher realms of the world of spirit. Upon awakening my eyes were filled with tears, so moving was the experience and so potent the spiritual energies in and around me.

            Feeling pushed to do so and in a very reverent state of mind, I immediately rose from my bed and went to the sacred space nearby where I usually pray and meditate. I meditated at such a depth with such detachment and spiritual reverie that I lost all track of time. I was at a level and duration of the meditation-trance-state that I had never experienced before. 

            After, what I calculated later to be about 3:15 AM, a flash of white light pierced my closed, meditating eyes. Out of the bright, surrounding, spiritual atmosphere Jesus appeared. I was immediately suspended in a sphere of pure love. As the beloved Master stood there, I could see his golden colored, radiant, eternally youthful face. The expression on his face and in his eyes, and the energy coming from him, immediately indicated that his visitation was for a serious purpose.

            As I watched carefully, I could see every hair in his well trimmed, short beard as well as his dark blonde, shoulder length hair. I also saw his whole spirit body from head to foot; he was dressed in a simple white robe. The profusion of white light all around him filled the, otherwise, darkened room and great, unearthly peace emanated from his being. Around his head, rays of golden light shone, shimmering against the backdrop of the white light. Surrealistic? No. Heavenly and very real. As I said before, “It was more real than meeting someone on earth.”


Jesus Said, “....Pray for America

            Jesus began to speak immediately about the purpose of his visitation:

            “We want you to pray for America ,” he said with a sense of urgency in his voice. “We are very concerned about Washington , D.C. ; we want you to concentrate your prayer energy there especially. But we also want you to pray for the whole nation and its cities.”

             I listened intently as he continued. “We also want you to include other conscientious people in this prayer condition. We need at least 21 people or more to pray with us.”

            “How long should we pray to fulfill this condition,” I asked?

            “For three months though it may be extended,” Jesus responded.

            He continued, “Have a weekly conference call with all the participants that they may receive your guidance, be inspired and share their experiences.”

            He then gave other details about praying in a special way for this condition.

  The Dream of America the Sleeping Giant


            At the last moment he asked me a question, “Do you remember the dream you had of America as a sleeping giant?”

            “Yes,” I said.

            “Well that dream was not just for others it was for you also. You are like a single cell in the sleeping giant of America . And that dream was given that you would wake up, that in turn you would wake up others who are also a part of the sleeping giant.

            I felt ashamed as he spoke because I knew that I had not done enough to wake up, to allow the sleeping giant within me to fully awaken. I realized more than ever that I am a part of the reality of sleeping America and needed myself to do more. After some closing personal remarks on Jesus’ part, he faded from my sight.

Abraham Lincoln Comes to Validate Jesus’ Request  

            Though I did not doubt the reality of Jesus’ appearance or his words, I pondered them very deeply for several days. The second morning, after his appearance, I was kneeling before the altar in my room at 4:30 AM praying for guidance and direction personally and for further validation of Jesus’ request.  Doing as I had been taught by my spiritual teachers; to ask for further validation before acting.

            As I poured out my heart that morning to God, in all earnestness for his guidance, I became very aware of Abraham Lincoln standing to my left. I knew immediately that he had been sent as a further sign. I was very touched by Lincoln ’s visit as it was a clear sign to move forward in the execution of the contents of Jesus’ directive. The meaning of Lincoln ’s presence unfolded before my inner awareness, like the unfolding of a piece of cloth:  Abraham was the father of faith in the Old Testament, Lincoln ’s first name. Lincoln represented Washington , D.C. and Lincoln was president when the nation, as it is somewhat now, was divided. And lastly, Lincoln was the president who brought freedom to an enslaved people. Lincoln ’s appearance was all that was needed for me to get the message. Otherwise, he said nothing and also faded from my spiritual sight.


What is the Future of the United States of America ?

             The next day, while out driving to do some errands, I heard a voice telling me to go to a certain local mountain to pray. I had not been given this kind of guidance by the spirit world for many, many years. I had no idea why I should go there but I obeyed.       After climbing up the mountain some distance, I sat down in the shade of a small Palo Verde tree bathed in the 3:00 o’clock sun. From this location I could see northern Phoenix stretching out far and wide in all directions.

             I thought very seriously about what I was looking at as certain questions began to rise in my mind: “These are my people, how much do I really care about them? This is my land, how much do I love it? What would these people do if some catastrophe swept across this valley? What if strategic missiles were zeroed in on these people from other lands or planes came swooping down and blasted neighborhood after neighborhood with bombs? Could this happen to our people?!”

             The thoughts continued to stream in: “Are the many people whose existence lies in this valley awakened to future possibilities if our nation does not awaken to its own possible downfall?” These questions and many more flashed through my mind, leaving sobering thoughts. In all my years of spiritual work, I have never had this experience before and I have overlooked many mountain cities from their surrounding mountains.

            I had had a dream of America being invaded in the past. Was this portending the real thing or possibilities? Were the questions posed in my mind pointing to a future reality?

            I am not a fear oriented person as I said before. But I think what happens or does not happen large scale anywhere in a country depends upon a spiritually awakened and responsible citizenry. Indifference can be our worst enemy which allows the corruption and decline of a nation. As the English philosopher Edward Burke of the 1800’s is quoted as having said, "All that is necessary for the forces of evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing."

Out of a Blinding Flash of White Light My Spiritual Teacher Appears  

            I closed my eyes upon the scene below and began praying. I was overcome by a solemn mood, not morose but intense and concerned. Then my heart became very serious and heavy. I lingered somewhere between earth and heaven, removed to another place without definition or limitation.

            A flash of blinding, white light brought me out of my deep reverie. It took my breath away; so unexpected, so spiritually penetrating... down to the very core of my soul. It was one of my early spiritual teachers, Dr. Kim who now resides in the spirit world. I had prayed beseechingly for her to help me the night before regarding the unfolding of my own life and events and seeking to bring understanding and direction out of Jesus’ appearance and request.

            Here she was. Suddenly! She too was in an all white gown and her whole being was vividly before me as rays of white light shown all around her. She brought a love with her that pierced to the core of my heart. I was covered with wave after wave of healing, uplifting, unearthly love. There are no words really to describe this experience except to say that it was of a divine nature.

            She spoke two sentences, “You will get through this. Trust God!” As quickly as she came so she left. I sat in deep thought as tears burst from somewhere deep inside in a depth of pain unlike I had ever felt before. Dr. Kim’s coming and going had opened up a well of personal and mission oriented thoughts and feelings. She was my second confirmation of Jesus’ directive. I lingered on the mountain side for sometime, not wanting to leave or disturb the energies in and around me. After a time I walked back down the path to my car waiting some distance below.

Yes, I See Where You are Leading Me, Dear God—I Will Obey Jesus’ Request

            Arriving at my car, still in a state of grace and in some unearthly realm of feeling, I just stood by my car pondering deeply about what had just happened up there on the mountain. I turned to open the car door when my eyes fell upon a metal hammer lying near my car.

            “What is that doing here?” Obviously someone had dropped it accidentally and unknowingly left it.

            “But a hammer clear up here?”

            I reached down and picked it up. Immediately I was again covered by Heavenly energy. Again, wave after wave came over me of spiritual anointing love. I heard the words “If I had a hammer” to the tune of that once popular folk song of the sixties echoing in my head as if a chorus were singing it.  I began to hum the tune as the words began flooding back into my mind: “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening all over this land. I’d hammer out danger, I’d hammer warning, I’d hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters all over this land....” I broke into song as the waves of spiritual love continued to course their way through my being.        “Yes, I see where you are leading me, dear God. Yes, I get the message. I know what you want me to do. I will obey Jesus’ request.”  The hammer that I found that day, now rests on my altar where I pray each day.

            Some days later I called my dear friend and agent in Sacramento , Marie Wilson, whereupon I told her the shortened version of what I had experienced and that I wanted her help in executing this prayer plan. Marie immediately told me that she was so grateful for my call and plan because, in her deep concern for America , she had been having great difficulty sleeping. 

            What more confirmation did I need? None. I was more than satisfied with all the revelation and evidence pouring out from God. I was ready to move... In the passing few weeks, many people have voiced to me their growing concern for America .

How YOU Can Help Our Country

             Seldom in my work have I asked for help. I am asking now for you to join me. This is not just my country it is also your country and we need to add our positive, praying energies to help bring it out of these times.

            I am writing with a sense of urgency because Jesus would not have come to give this directive if the Father and he and the other masters of the spirit world did not have considerable concern for the future of America . As you know, they can see well into the future and I am sure they can see things or something that we cannot and therefore seek to mobilize willing Americans in prayer.

            If you go on the Internet, you will see that there are quite a few groups praying for this country. That is so commendable and comforting. However, Jesus assured me that there can never be too many praying and that our approach would be different and broad reaching.

            It is one thing to do something out of belief or faith. It is another to do something because a great master has appeared and requested it be done. Therefore, because he did appear, I have great conviction as to the authenticity and transcendent meaning of Jesus’ request.

            Won’t you please join me to add your loving and caring energies to the protection and spiritual elevation of this great land? And even if you don’t live here, you too can help by praying likewise for your land and America . For as the U.S. goes, so may go the world, including your part of the world.

            The task will not be long, arduous, or difficult. It will be simple, easy, and deeply meaningful according to the instructions of Jesus as to how the prayer condition is to be done. Additionally, a weekly conference call will bring all participants together for fellowship and meaningful communication. A website with a password is also being established for this very purpose and will be the visible hub for on-going, written communication among us all and the posting of relevant other writings.

            Several days ago I received a message from someone in Canada with whom I work in aiding him in his spiritual development. He said that last week he had a dream of me sowing many seeds. Yes, this letter is the fulfillment of that dream and prophecy...


If you are moved to

Join in National Prayer


Awaken the Sleeping Giant of the United States of America


              1.  Please send an email back to me telling me that you want to join. 

           E-Mail Address:

            2.  You will then receive further information about your participation and the directives given for this privileged opportunity.

            3.  The starting date of the phone conference call for this national prayer condition will begin:

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

  9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
8:00 PM Central Standard Time
7:00 PM Central Standard Time
6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

            4.  The Phone and pin number for Awaken Sleeping Giant Conference Call will be emailed with information as mentioned in point 2 above.

            5.  All questions should be E-Mailed to:

            6.  Please note, that this condition includes all participants praying for each other as well.

            7.  A separate Website will be in place by the time this prayer condition starts.

            8.  Please personally invite your friends to join us in this urgently needed prayer condition.

Thank you for your precious time in reading this invitation.

Most sincerely and straight from my heart,

Philip Burley


My Dream of America , The Sleeping Giant

Written January 2002

By Philip Burley

            Born with second sight, I have experienced the manifestation of the other world all of my life. I have also been a successful talk show host and spiritual intuitive on the air, heard around the world. Because of the nature of what I do and the people my work touches and influences, I often have visitations from the world of spirit that guide me specifically. I want to share some of my own experiences surrounding this whole present reality that has come upon the world, starting September 11, 2001:

            Though I cannot give an exact date without consulting my diary, which is presently packed away in a storage vault, I had a visitation from an angel several years prior to the September 11 event. Even prior to this, I woke one morning from a dream about a bomb going off that day either near or in the World Trade Center . I told my wife Vivien about this dream but did not know if it was symbolical or literal. We all know the rest of the story.

            As an angel appeared in my dream, he told me that he had been sent by Heavenly Father to show me America . The angel and I stood as two giants on the Eastern shore of the U.S. We could see clear across the country to the West Coast.

            At first, the angel drew my attention to Boston where he said, " Boston is the intellectual center of your country and you pride yourselves in it." There was no judgment in the voice but a cautionary tone in the angel's voice and words that it was okay to be proud of this but not in ornately so.

             He then pointed to Washington , D.C. and said, "And Washington is your country's political center and your country takes great pride in its government and world power." Again, no condemnation was given, only a caution to be careful of this pride.

            Finally, he caused me to look down on New York City and said, " New York City is your country's financial center in which your country takes pride." Again, the angel implied: "watch out that you don't pride yourselves too much in your financial power."

            At that point I had the feeling that all the things we falsely prided ourselves in (including these great cities and what they represent practically and spiritually) was temporal and could come tumbling down anytime.

            The angel continued and caused me to look again at New York City saying, " America is a sleeping giant." He then gestured towards the rest of America and spread out before he and I was the body of a giant whose head rested in New York City (The giant was sleeping on his left side and NYC was his pillow.) The feet of the giant rested in Los Angeles .

            I was made very aware of the hair of the giant that was a thick, gaudy, bright red mass of fibers. The angel indicated that this color of red symbolized lust; lust for power, lust for money, lust for sex and more. At this time I became aware of some of the undermining and spiritually debilitating conditions of our country and its possible reasons for decline. Again, the angel did not judge, only cautioned and warned.

            After sufficient time to survey the sleeping giant, the angel told me to follow him as "the Father in Heaven" wanted me to see more. We walked in our gigantic strides down the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, stepped over Florida , the Gulf of Mexico and with a few strides crossed the nation of Mexico . All this time, as we walked, the whole nation of America laid out before us to our right. Covering the sleeping giant was a quilt whose pieces were all the states sown together.

             Finally, we arrived on the West Coast and California . The angel stepped up onto the shore and motioned for me to follow him. We were at the location of Los Angeles . The angel, motioning for me to follow him said, “Come I want to show you something.” He then reached down and pulled the quilt up and off of the feet of the sleeping giant. I looked down, horrified, at what I saw. There were two giant rats gnawing away at the feet of the sleeping giant.

            I then woke up, deeply disturbed and wanting to pray and tell others. I knew that the rats symbolized many things eating away at the foundation of our nation. Parts of our body may be damaged and not inflict nearly as much immobilization as the damaging of our feet. How can we stand if our feet are "gnawed away?"


             “I fear that we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with terrible resolve.” 

The words of: Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Empire of Japan

December 7, 1941


Awaken the Sleeping Giant of the United States of America

I understand that Jesus has asked for special prayers for America. To comply with his request, I have volunteered to be a prayer channel - ideally once a day for three months - for God to radiate through me unconditional, loving, healing energies in all Americans of the United States. It is not my responsibility to determine the outcome of my prayers. In faith, I leave the outcome in the hands of God.


To sit for a few minutes in meditation to attune and prepare to execute the requested prayer in the way it is outlined below. During the meditation, you can set your attention and then begin:

I. What kind of prayer did Jesus ask us to use for this meditation? 

Jesus began by saying, "Love is the highest energy in the universe. Love heals and balances energy when nothing else can. Keep this in mind and let your prayers be simple and filled with love. Nothing more is requested or needed than this method of prayer for this condition."

II. Prayer  for Washington, D.C.  Jesus, "Pray especially for Washington, D.C. "

He then told me what method of prayer to use starting with Washington, D.C. "When you pray, pray in this way: visualize or imagie a radiating white light, spinning over and above the whole city. From this light visualize or imagine the raining down of countless drops of love on all the people in Washington, D. and that is all."

Should take approximately 3 minutes. 

If you feel moved to do it longer and have the time, please do it. If you would like to do the entire prayer condition two or three times a day, or any portion longer, please do it. It can't hurt and can only help.

Just remember, that it is a condition and God does the rest. 

III. Praying for Major Cities: Jesus, "After you have prayed for Washington, D.C. pray for all the major cities."

A. In order to cover this condition, instead of praying for each city as for Washington, D.C. , please find the list of major cities below. Hold the list in your hands and call out the name of each city. 

B. After calling out the entire list of cities, then visualize or imagine a radiating white light, over the list in your hands. From this light visualize or imagine the raining down of countless drops of love on the list of cities and the people who live there. And that is all.

Major Cities in the United States
You may want to add your own city or cities to this list.
As it is, it takes about one minute to read out.

Albany, Annapolis, Atlanta, Augusta, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Bismarck,
Boise, Boston, Bridgeport, Carson City, Chicago, Columbus, Concord, Colorado Springs,
Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Dover, Frankfurt, Harrisburg, Hartford, Helena,
Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Jackson, Jacksonville, Jefferson City, Juneau<
Lansing, Las Vegas, Lincoln, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami,
Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Mobile, Montgomery, New Orleans, New York City,
Newark, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh, Sacramento, Salem,
San Antonio, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Savannah, Seattle, Springfield, St. Paul,
Tallahassee, Tampa, Topeka, Trenton, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Wichita, Wilmington.

Should take approximately 3 minutes.

IV. Praying for the United States of America. (For this you may want a map)

A. Visualize or imagine a radiating white light, spinning over and above the nation, East to West, from North to South, including Alaska and Hawaii.

B. From the light visualize or imagine the raining down of countless drops of love on all the people of the United States.

Should take approximately 3 minutes

V. Praying for the World

Though it was not asked, I am including prayer for the world as we are all the children of God. You may want to use a world map or globe to place your hands on for this portion of the prayer.

A. Visualize or imagine a radiating white light, spinning over and above the world. 

B. From this light, visualize or imagine the raining down of countless drops of love on all the people on Mother Earth.

C. And lastly, while praying for the world, see all of those praying for this condition, of waking the sleeping giant, receiving your prayer by being rained upon by countless drops of love as well.

Should take about approximately 3 minutes.

VI. Closing Your Prayer

When finished with the entire prayer, affirm that God's love heals and balances and it is so. And anything else you wish to add at the conclusion is up to you. Close with deepest thanks for the privilege of being a part of this prayer condition as asked for by Jesus. Amen.

Should take approximately 1 minute.

Following this outline the entire prayer can be concluded in 10 to 15 minutes. 


1. Can others join in this prayer condition even if it is started? 

Yes, but to do so, they must send an e-mail to my office before I can grant them permission to join in the conference phone call because of the cost. There is a limit of 250 people to the conference call prayer session.

We will find an alternative solution for interested people beyond the 250 phone call participants.

2. If I cannot join you on the first night is that a problem or can I join you on other Wednesday evenings, if I miss the beginning night of this condition?

Anyone who has received a response from me in the form of an e-mail saying I got your e-mail and you are on the list miss the first night or other nights if necessary, And .. you may join us anytime after that..  Meanwhile, do not fail to do the praying (as designated above) to add your energies and heat to the successful fulfillment of this condition. Jesus and God and America are counting on you. 

3. How can I stay motivated during this prayer condition?

The most important reality of this condition is our unity of spirit and purpose. I didn't not initiate this condition. Jesus did. Whenever you are tempted to give up, think of American down the road. What will it be like if we pray? What will it be like if we don't pray? 

As I said, we are not the only ones praying for this land. Countless numbers are praying. But, our prayer, in the way that Jesus asked us to pray, is needed or we would not have been asked. 

Don't worry if our prayer makes a difference or not. Of course it makes a difference. How can it not? Our individual and combined energies will be used to the best and highest advantage by the Powers that reside over this experience and America. 

When you pray unselfishly for a nation you are automatically backed by countless numbers of souls in spirit who can see the future and know the difference between what happens to a nation when people pray and don't pray. It is they who will be cheering us on.

4. Do you have any tips on being successful in praying?

Effective prayer has been researched and comes about when four points are followed. 

A. Be consistent. In order for God and spirit to take you seriously, you have to take your commitment to prayer seriously. 

B. Surrender your prayer to God. That is, humble yourself as you enter prayer, knowing that you are under the guidance, power and love of a Higher Power. Admission to the fact that we are not complete in ourselves allows God to make up the difference. Being honest with God isi the right way because he only deals in truth, telling the truth is the essence of surrender. 

C. Always enter prayer and end prayer with a positive attitude. God is a positive, loving, being who responds most fully when we have an open, positive, faithful, believing heart. In other words, never pay from a negative frame of mind or you will get more of the same. 

D. And finally, look for the signs following. Meaning, as you enter into a steady, daily prayer for this prayer condition we are all sharing, you will be adding your energy to a sacred, spiritual cause.  Not only will you knowingly or unknowingly effect change in America, moreover you will effect change in yourself. You will no longer be a sleeping giant inside if you dedicate yourself to consistency in prayer. You will not be the same person at the end of three months of praying daily for the United States and world as when you started the condition with us. 

6. When will your website be up and running?

By Wednesday evening (12-21-05) and thereafter, the Awaken Sleeping Giant website will be available. Visit it. There you will find some of your responses to this project. They are very inspiring and reflect the caliber of persons participating in this prayer effort. It is a growing site and will be added to as we move forward. We would like to add pictures of those who are praying. If you have a good picture of yourself, send it along with your name, your occupation, your state and if out of the United States, your city and country. All of this will add to the impact of being prayer partners for America and the world. 

The website address is:

Write me if you need me or have any questions at

In the love and spirit of the Christ
Philip Burley

All Rights Reserved by Philip Burley, 

December 2005