torpedo example


this is an example of a torpedo.  there are many types that could be used in the future

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start date July 20, 2011

Today's date May 30, 2012

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5-30-12 -   -  I was living in an apartment building where a lot of young people lived.  I was going to be late for work if I didn't find something to wear quickly and that was not going too well as I had just moved in and not everything was unpacked yet.

I managed to find just the basics and when one of the other women saw me, she said, "If you bed over, your ass will be showing, so you'd better add a few layers. "

So under the short skirt, I managed to find a pair of light blue slacks, and over vest over my sleeveless blouse that had no bra under it, and a sweater over the vest.  That made me at least passable.

I went out into the hallways and met my older sons who were in their 20's, who were also living in this place.  Everyone I met said the same thing,  "Something got stolen last night!  I can feel it in the air.  I don't know what it was, but I can feel it!"

Indeed, there was an odd feeling in the air - even I could feel it, but couldn't tell why the feeling was there.

I managed to get to work by noon, but since it was lunch time, I decided to go clothing shopping so I wouldn't find myself in this dilemma again.

2.  Instead of going shopping, I ended up going with some women to the local jailhouse.  There were six women and one of them had stolen something, but no one knew which one.  There were six of them.

When the paperwork was done, only one woman was released, a blonde with hair long enough to is ton. 

It became my job to take her back home.

 I had a regular normal car, but the way things were with moving and such, she would have to sit behind me while I was driving and that made me nervous because I didn't know the woman, nor whether she was really guilty of the crime or not or just released because she was a beautiful blonde.

I rather freaked out about her sitting directly behind me in the car and in the dream, my car turned into a golden compartment with space for her to sit behind me.

 The car kept shifting from a normal car with space only for her to sit behind me, or the golden car with her being able to sit beside me.

I couldn't decide which was better, so I made myself wake up.

At this point, I realized I was cold laying on the bed, and not covered up and since I was alone, I just grabbed what was left of the blanket beneath me and pulled it over me and went back to sleep.

I was now back at work, and was requested to take a package to the post office to ship .  It was and emergency shipment so it was timely to get it out.

I watched as the package was being put together at the last minute, and I saw that a part on the bottom was not tightened down as securely as it could have been.  It was only secure on one side, but since it was an emergency shipment, I allowed the package to be wrapped, grabbed it and took it to the post office.

The problem was, that when I arrived at the post office, I could hear that the part had come loose in moving it to the post office, and I  knew it would cause a problem for Homeland Security to have a package go through the system with something rattling inside a box. 

 the box was about two feet long by one foot high by 8 inches wide, not exactly small. So I hauled it back to work, knowing what the problem was, and took it to the engineering, mechanical section where only young men worked at long benches putting things together with tools.

 I took the package and put it on my desk, and then walked around the room with the authority I had and picked out six men to come to my desk for a special project - to fix the problem.

The young men were intrigued so when they gathered at my desk, I told them I had a manufacturing problem that only the brightest of them could solve and I told them that the package had a loose torpedo inside it.

They were all intrigued and fascinated until I assured them,  "It's just a toy".

Five of the young men muttered under their breath and backed away and went back to their desk, but the young Lebanese immigrant stayed by my side and said he would take care of the problem.

The young Lebanese man sat beside me on a chair and I began to explain the problem and the head boss of the men came over and heard the explanation of the problem. 

The boss was also an immigrant at one time - he was very Italian.  He told the Lebanese man to open the package carefully, tighten down the mechanism that was holding the torpedo in place securely on both sides , get the package wrapped and get it shipped the same afternoon.

He young Lebanse man merely said, "Yes Sir!" and began the work.

I woke up, feeling so proud of that young Lebanese man.



NOTE FROM DEE:  I can't come up with a reason for having this type of dream.  It isn't something that would have anything to do with my normal life in any way - not even on TV.  However, historically, and in the news, in real life, these things have happened in the past.  Sok, its not ouut of the possibility that something likek this or in real life could hapen.  Im going to give some past dream example.



6=1=12 - 3:30 am   this is a group of scenes, from multiple small dreams.

It all started out when a group of cousins got togather in the kitchen of my apartment and Paulie decided he didn't like teaching anymore and wanted to go into stand up comedy.  so, we sat around the table, and Paulie thought up something funny about each person in the family and I wrote down each funny bit on a separate piece of paper. 

When Paulie finished with the kids, and realized they were teenagers, the stories got funnier because the kids got into scrapes that were hilarious because they were thinking for themselves. All that went onto other separate sheets of paper so Paulie would have something funny to present to the audience from the stage.

Then the boys went off to join the war effort and the cousins entertained themselves on the beach and a couple even got up to their necks in the water, telling each other jokes and some of us laughed at them hoping they didn't drown while we were laughing.

Then we watched the troops come home from war in their green trucks and dark green uniforms.  They regaled each other with laughter because they ere so happy to be home at last.

Then I was back in my apartment building, looking at the empty apartments, of which we had many - at least of half of them empty and I wondered if my boss was going to come up with some great advertising idea to fill up the empty apartments.

She didn't have to hurry too much though, because we didn't have enough maintenance men to do the work because the guys we depended on fro the work near came home with the troops. 

That was a sad day.