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4-12-12 - DREAM -  I was at home somewhere.  I was out in the yard with my pet green parakeets and I found a toy blue jay and decided to tease the parakeets with it.  The parakeets got intensely afraid of the blue jay even though iT was fake.

A man in the yard (a relative) look at those dead birds, and sprawled on the ground were several dead hawks and eagles with their wings outstretched as if they had been trying to fly when they were killed.


Battle of Mogadishu (1993) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
The Battle of Mogadishu (More commonly referred to as Black Hawk Down or, for Somalis, the Day of the Rangers (Somali: Maalintii Rangers)) was part of ...




4-20-12 - THREE DREAMS




 4 X 19 = 76 






Metonic cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
19 tropical years are shorter than 235 synodic months by about 2 hours. The Metonic cycle's error is then one full day every 219 years, or 12.4 parts per million.


4-15-12 - NAP DREAM - APPROXIMATELY NOON- -  I was in the bathroom, cleaning the toilet with a white wash rag.  I saw a grey spot on the inside of the lid and went to wipe it off, when I heard a cell phone ring.

I couldn't find the cell phone quick enough to answer it though I thought I saw it propped up underneath the sink faucet - I couldn't gel to it quickly.

I heard a voice message then - a mysterious low male voice that said,  "THE TIME IS NOW", and after a moment's pause, a younger male voice, sounding like a teenager said, "I guess I'll go find something else to do until you call me back."

I didn't recognize the voice.

NOTE:  I don't have a cell phone either.



4-21-12   DREAM - I was attempting to read a document for the longest of time, and the only two words I could make out was 'war' and 'crises'.

This is the tiny url version of the search I did on 4-22-12


4-24-12 -  DREAM -  I was sitting in a doctor's office, waiting for an appointment,  I met another woman who had a new baby as well.  I told her I had a new baby six days ago and had named her Louise.  Her baby was dirty from pooping her diaper, and I knew I could help her.  I told her I named my baby Louise.  She got all excited because her name was Louise as well.  She asked me if she had seen me standing in a line the week before, and I told her I'm always standing in lines.

Then the Father of another friend came into the office to comfort Louise, and he said his name was Harold.  They belonged to a particular church down the road.

I was then standing in the basement of my house, built of rocks, and I could hear the washing machine running for a long time.  I decided to open the machine and see if it was done, and I pulled open a rock in the foundation of the wall, and behind it were six dirty boy blankets in blue and I had to start the laundry all over again because there were no diapers in this particular load of laundry.

I went up to the first floor and saw my daughter heading toward the house.  She said she felt ill, and had a dark blue blanket around her shoulders, but she didn't come in. She was wearing high heeled shoes, and the ground outside was wet and she just kept wandering in the wilderness out the house and wouldn't come in.

The name Louise means famous in war.  or  Famous warrior.

The name Harold means    "leader of the army'.    ruler.  such as King Harold -  1035 and  King of England  He lived from 1015 to 1040 ad

This is King Harold Godwinson   killed in 1066 ad - defeated by William the Conqueror 
in the Battle ofo Hastings



this is the tiny url for the search:  war crises Syria England

prophecy in the bible, End Times Bible ... - Bible Prophecy Truth - Similar
The Israelites had to wander in the wilderness for another 40 years. Doubtless ye shall not come ... The Antichrist beast of Revelation 13.For every day of Christ's ...

Parallel Comparison of Israel and the Church
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The period of time in Revelation which parallels the forty years of wandering in the wilderness is the 1000 years in chapter 20 which is the period of time God's ...

Mat 4:1-11 NIV - Commentary on Revelation - Similar
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Luke 4:2; The forty days in the desert parallels the forty years wandering in the ... Rev 11:15 also 1 Cor 15:24; The devil has always wanted worship, Rev 13:4 ...
  Philip K Dick is known to base his books on dreams he has had.


I got a voice message during the night.  The man said, "can you hear me, "This is Philip K Dick."   I thought back to hiim, "I can hear you, can you hear me?  but he didn't respond.

These are my own pages abouut Philip K Dick,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=5cb76edb79e2fe1



How General Relativity
Solves the
Metonic Cycle

by Miles Mathis

The Metonic Cycle has been known since before the time of Homer. Odysseus timed a secret meeting with Penelope at the precise moment of Sun and Moon conjunction. Although the Chaldeans and Babylonians both knew of the cycle, it gets it name from Meton, a Greek astronomer who in 432BC calculated the interval of the cycle to be 19 (Tropical) years with a remainder of 2 hours. The Metonic Cycle describes the time it takes for the Moon and Sun to return to the same positions, relative to the Earth.*

Although astronomers currently accept the Metonic calculations (with some tiny updates) they believe the cycle is just a coincidence. They do not dismiss it as astrology, but they do dismiss it as having no mechanical cause. It is real, but not due to mechanical affects; or so they assume. Wikipedia puts it this way,

This cycle is an approximation of reality. The period of the Moon's orbit around the Earth and the Earth's orbit around the Sun are independent and have no known physical resonance. Examples of a real harmonic lock would be Mercury, with its 3:2 spin-orbit resonance or other orbital resonance.

I will show this is false. The Metonic Cycle is caused by lunar precession caused by General Relativity.** That is, the same curvature that caused Einstein to add 43 seconds of arc per century to the precession of Mercury causes the Moon to precess one full month every 19 years, with a remainder of about 2 hours. Since General Relativity is believed to describe a mechanical cause (geometry is as good as mechanics, or better), the standard model is wrong concerning the Metonic Cycle. It is not a coincidence. It has a mechanical cause that can be derived with simple mathematics. We are currently in possession of all the math and numbers required to solve this problem, but no one has yet applied them. I will do so now.

I have shown elsewhere that the simplest way to solve any problem of General Relativity is to invert the field. Rather than give the curvature to the space, I give the curvature to the size/time field. What allows me to do this is Einstein’s postulate of equivalence. Einstein showed the mathematical equivalence of acceleration and gravity: the only difference is a vector reversal. Einstein then showed that equivalence required a curved field, but this is not quite true. Mathematically, a consistent field can also be achieved by reversing the vector "by hand" and following the mechanics in that way. Einstein did not want to pursue this method, since it seemed to imply that physical objects were expanding. He preferred to curve the field. However, mathematically, the two manipulations are equivalent. Einstein’s postulate of equivalence states it outright, and I have shown that the two maths get the same numbers. I prefer to reverse the vector since it allows me to achieve the same numbers in about 1/10th the time, with simple math. This mathematical field reversal, used as a simplification of General Relativity, need imply nothing about the actual motions. It is a valid mathematical manipulation only, and it has no necessary physical implications.

Some have not liked my method, preferring to stick to the tensor calculus and the curved field. But these folks are enmeshed in a mathematical contradiction, since they have already embraced the field of Minkowski. The GR field as it exists now contains the math and postulates of Minkowski, including the four-vector field, in which time moves on an imaginary axis that is at a right angle to the other three axes. Minkowski admitted that this was just a clever mathematical trick, one he used to express the field in a more elegant manner. He never tried to defend the reality of time being on an imaginary axis or the reality of time moving at a right angle to x,y,z. The four-vector field has been used because it works, and because it vastly simplifies the manipulations of GR. Well, in the same way, my math vastly simplifies the field once again, by a simple mathematical manipulation. And my manipulation is underwritten by Einstein himself, since it is justified by the postulate of equivalence. The postulate of equivalence not only justifies my vector reversal, it all but begs it. In this way, I beat Minkowski at his own game. I have achieved a greater elegance, and I have done so without an ad hoc manipulation like field symmetry. My manipulation is a direct outcome of Einstein’s own postulate.

As you will see, the vector reversal immediately flattens out the field, allowing me to dispense with the tensor calculus and all lengthy computations. I have already used my method to solve the perihelion precession of Mercury and the bending of starlight. In both cases I achieved exactly the same number as Einstein for field curvature. After these successes, I looked for other problems to apply my new equations to, and the Metonic Cycle is the first of many I will solve using them.

The method is incredibly simple. We reverse all the acceleration vectors in the problem and then look to the time differential caused by light. Precession caused by curvature is due to this time differential. That is precisely why it is relativistic. Specifically, we let the Sun and Moon accelerate in all directions while light is travelling from one to the other. Since the light travels from Sun to Moon, the Sun’s acceleration happens after the light leaves it, so we can ignore the Sun. All we have to look at is the Moon’s acceleration while the light is in transit.

The average distance of the Moon from the Sun is 1AU, or 149,600,000km. The time of the Tropical year is 365.242 days. The time of the Draconic year, which measures the Moon relative to the Sun directly, is 346.620 days. The sidereal month is 27.322 days. It takes light 499s to travel 1AU. The Moon’s gravity is 1.62m/s2. It’s mean orbital velocity is 1023m/s. It mean orbital distance is 384,400km. That is all we will need to solve.

s = (1.62m/s2)(499s)2/2 = 199.2km
The Moon accelerates that far (in each direction) in 499s.
θ = .27465 seconds of arc

That is the angle of curvature, given motion in one direction in the field. And it is an angle to the Sun, since the light is coming from the Sun. It is only half the total curvature in one orbital plane, since the Moon can accelerate both +x and –x. That is, we have only calculated the distance travelled in one direction, so we only achieve the curvature in that direction. If we want total curvature, we must take the increase in diameter, not only the increase in radius, and this will double our number above. But in the current problem, we do not need total curvature, since we will be comparing our acceleration to the orbital motion, and the orbital motion is in one direction only. At any one moment, the Moon orbits prograde, but not also retrograde, you see. So we don’t care about the curvature in the reverse direction. It does not affect the calculation.

To calculate precession from this curvature, we must compare the velocity of the Moon due to this acceleration to the velocity of the Moon due to orbiting the Earth and Sun. To make this comparison, both velocities have to be straight-line velocities. Therefore, we must transform the Moon’s orbital velocity, which is an angular velocity, into a tangential velocity, which is a vector. That is done with this equation:

vt = √(a2 + 2ar)

That is an equation I got from Newton, used before the world forgot about the difference between orbital and tangential velocity (but which is still highly useful).

a = v2/r = (1,023)2 /(3.844 x 108) = .002722m/s2
vt = 1,446.7 m/s

Now we need a velocity due to acceleration. Since we have taken only half the curvature, we only need half the total acceleration.

va = at/2 = 1.62/4 = .405m/s

Now we compare the two complete rotations, given the two velocities. If it takes 27.322 days going 1,446.7m/s, then it will take 97,597 days at .405m/s.

(4.7187 x 106 )(.27465 arc secs) = 97,597 days
PM = 4850.1 arcsec/yr

We have just found how much of the Moon’s orbit the Moon eats up by accelerating into it. That is what precession is, by the postulate of curvature. Now let us find a number for 19 years.

4850.1 arc sec/yr = 92,152 arcsec/19yr

But we have a remainder of about 2 hours, remember, so we have to make a small correction. That 2-hour gap is found at the end of a period of precession, and is the distance from precise conjunction. Therefore the gap is not defined by precession, but by normal orbital motion. The exact gap is 2.082 hours. At 1023m/s the Moon travels (in a curve) 7,667,600m in 2.082 hours. During that same time, the Earth has moved as well, pulling the Moon with it. At 29,780m/s the Earth travels 223,200,000m in 2.082hr. To solve, we must know where in its orbit the Moon is at Metonic conjunction, since we must know whether its relative motion is with the Earth’s motion or against it. It could be either one, and we must know in order to know whether to subtract or add at this point. It turns out that at Metonic conjunction, the Moon is nearer the Sun, so that we must subtract. [But this is only an estimate for use in this paper. A precise calculation requires a bit more rigor in this part than I feel required to do.]

So, in two hours, relative to the Sun, the Moon moves about 223,200,000 – 7,667,600

= 215,530,000m = 297.2 arcsec

We take the difference of those two corrections and subtract them from the 19-year number to get

91,854 arcsec/19yr

Now if we divide one full rotation (1,296,000 arcsec/orbit) by that number, we obtain 14.109. In 19 years, the Moon eats up about 1/14th of its orbit. But as we have seen, in this case "its orbit" means its orbit around the Sun. The Moon is precessing relative to the Sun, since the angle we found initially is an angle to the Sun. This means that we must divide the Tropical year by 14, to continue our calculations.

365.242/14.109 = 25.887 days

The Moon precesses an amount of curvature equivalent to almost 26 days every 19 years. That amount of curvature is relative to the Sun, therefore the curvature is (approximately) on the main orbital path of the Earth. But the Moon does not travel on that path. It travels a path about the Earth which curves much more quickly than the Earth’s path. We could do a lot of math to compare the two curves, but a quick analysis shows that 26 days of curvature on one path must equal 26 days of curvature on the other, since Moon takes the two paths simultaneously. Therefore, we apply the 26 days of curvature to the Moon's real path, and so appear to already have a full month by some reckoning. But what reckoning is it?

That is not one month by either the sidereal or lunar reckoning, so we need one more step. What we need here is the Draconic calendar, which is a direct comparison of the Moon and Sun. It is also called the eclipse calendar, since it tells us when the Moon and Sun conjoin. Obviously this is the calendar we need, and the Draconic year is 346.62 days, as I said above. If we divide that into the Tropical year, we get 1.054, and if we divide 14.109 by 1.054, we get 13.386. Now, there are 13.368 Sidereal months in a Tropical year, so we have completed the math. In 19 years, the Moon precesses an amount of curvature equivalent to one full month, returning to its original position relative to both Sun and Earth. [25.9 days x 13.368 = 1 Draconic year, therefore 25.9 days as we found it above is a sort of Draconic month whose background is the Tropical year. My final step allows us to assign the 19-year curvature to the Draconic year directly, so that we obtain the correct number for the Moon relative to the Sun (instead of the Moon relative to the Earth or the Earth relative to the Sun)].

The small margin of error is caused by two things. 1) Using mean values. 2) In the correction of 2 hours, using the speed of the Moon relative to the Earth in one curve to estimate its distance travelled on a different curve (its orbit around the Sun). The two curves aren’t equivalent, therefore the distances aren’t exactly equal.

We used the Draconic year as a correction, since we needed numbers that compared the Moon and Sun directly. I could have used Draconic numbers from the beginning, but the problem had been defined by Sidereal and Tropical numbers, and those numbers are what most people know. Therefore I have preferred to make the correction at the end, with a single manipulation. Of course I could have also used lunar or synodic numbers, and made other transforms, but the method I used above is the fastest. In conclusion, what we found is that the Moon precesses the equivalent of one full month every 19 years, minus 2 hours, and that this precession can be shown to be caused by the curvature of General Relativity and the time separation supplied us by the absolute speed of light. Since this precession causes one full orbit, relative to both Earth and Sun, the Moon must return to the same spot it occupied 19 years earlier. Although I have used a variant math to simplify the calculations, my math is strictly equivalent numerically and mechanically and axiomatically to that of Einstein. However, I have shown that it is much easier to apply, as well as being much more transparent as a matter of kinematics and dynamics.

I might add here at the end that this is the first time in history that anyone has shown the mechanical cause of the Metonic Cycle. Since the time of Einstein, the world has been in possession of the tools to do so, but the difficulties of the tensor calculus made the solution of such a complex problem too daunting. Even with my simplified math, I needed several pages of equations and commentary. The tensor calculus would have turned this paper into 50-page treatise, like other GR solutions, and made it completely impervious to mechanical explanation or comprehension.

I know that some will not understand how the Moon’s precession due to curvature can be so much larger than Mercury’s, but these readers simply haven’t yet understood Einstein’s field. GR, due to its axioms, must take into account two related but basically separate functions. Einstein represents both by curvature. The first is Newton’s acceleration, which Einstein expresses by curvature. The second is the time differential, which comes out of SR, and Einstein also expresses this relationship with curvature, since it is not linear once it is imported into the curved field. But only the first curvature disminishes with distance. Only in calculating this first curvature would you expect the Moon to experience less curvature relative to the main field. But using the time differential, you must expect the reverse. In this differential field, curvature increases with distance, for the simple reason that it has more time to curve. Or, the angle of curvature is greater since light bends all along the path. This is why the Moon’s curvature is greater than Mercury’s, regarding precession. This becomes very clear with my math above. This sort of precession is not a phenomenon of the Newtonian field, which is why Newton couldn’t calculate it. It is a phenomenon of the time differential field, which increases with distance. That is why it is relativistic, and why it is added as a vector to the curvature of the Newtonian field. This second curvature is a differential field compared to the first (a rate of change of the first), is much smaller than the first, and increases with distance rather than decreases.

Look at it this way. You could express Newtonian gravity with curvature, ignoring relativity and the time differential completely. Curvature is just a mathematical way of expressing the acceleration, and it need have nothing to do with relativity. Say you accepted Einstein’s postulate of equivalence but not SR. Well, in that case you could still set up a Gaussian or Riemannian field to express Newton’s accelerations. That is what Einstein did, in fact. It was not SR that forced him to go to the curved field, it was equivalence (he thought). Only afterwards did he import the postulates of SR into GR, bringing into the field the time separation I have used above.

Once he did that, he had a sort of doubly curving field, and it was only that doubly curving field that gave him variations from Newton. Without the second curvature supplied by the time differential, Einstein’s curved field would have given him the same numbers as Newton. Everyone should know that, since many of the tensors express only what we would call the Newtonian curvature. It is only the full assortment of tensors that allows one to calculate variations from Newton. Well, the second curvature must increase with distance, as my inverted field makes clear.

Now, admittedly this has not been current wisdom. Most of the biggest names in physics don’t currently comprehend how the field works, and once they get beyond the problems Einstein solved himself, they start making false and illogical assumptions. They take the great machine that is the tensor calculus and just throw the main switch. They make no effort to understand the mechanics, since the mechanics is all hidden by the machine.

And this is precisely why none of them has ever used GR to solve this problem of Meton. The machine is so big they do not know how to drive it. I have simplified the equations for this very reason. I knew that I must not only solve the problem, but must do so in a way that was so transparent it defied contradiction. Anyone who wants to dismiss my solution must explain to the world how I got the right answer with such simple math. If I am wrong about the Metonic Cycle, why did my math work so well? If my math is wrong, then how could I get Einstein’s numbers for Mercury’s perihelion precession and the bending of starlight? If my math is wrong, how is it possible that I have used it not only to match Einstein precisely, but to discover things he could not?

*Obviously, both the Moon and the Sun are in the sky at the same time during this conjunction, which means that the Moon is nearer the Sun than the Earth. This is important later in the calculations, since in that quarter the Moon moves against the Earth’s motion.
**This is not the same as normal lunar precession, which measures the Moon's ascending node around the ecliptic and is equal to 18.613 years.



This ancient bronze serpent is coiled into exactly 3 1/2 turns. Joseph Campbell suggests that this may be evidence from pre-Buddhist China, "of an original knowledge in some way related to the much later tantric development in India, for the metaphorical coiled serpent said to be sleeping in the muladhara is described as of 3 1/2 turns." The muladhara is said to be the "root base" chakra, the lowest of the seven. The Kundalini is symbolised by a serpent coiled into 3 1/2 turns.


I recognized it immediately as one of the symbols in Tantric Way: Art, Science, Ritual. It is on page 35, and called a "Shyama (Kali) Yantra." The crop formation is not exactly like the one in the book, but it is quite similar. The one in the book is similar to the Sri Yantra, except there is a five-pointed star inside instead of the complex pattern of overlapping triangles. The inner part is quite like the crop formation, except the crop formation had ten petals instead of eight, as in the book. The five-pointed star in the crop formation was inside a pentagon. This is very similar to the symbol of the third chakra, which is represented by a ten-petal lotus flower. This may be related to the ten horns of the beast in Revelation 17, as the harlot clearly has the same meaning as Kali.

Kali evokes the feeling of tamasisk, which means fury. The kings of the earth become drunk on the wine of the harlot, which causes fury. In dreams the fury is often symbolized by a storm. In the Babylonian myths, the demiurge hero, Marduke, chased down the Storm Bird, Zu, who had stolen the tablets with the fates of men, and retrieved the tablets. In other words, the anger causes one's fate to be controlled from elsewhere. Birds, according to Joseph Campbell, symbolize the descent of the Deity into the field of time. Nowadays, I think, such birds can be represented by airplanes.

My dreams indicate that the demiurge gods, such as Marduke, represent the consciousness gestalt of mankind, sometimes symbolized by the swastika. The myth of Marduke and the Storm Bird suggests that eventually the human race will overcome the problem of having their fates stolen via the storm of anger.

The wolf or dog seems to represent the aggressive attribute. Some dreams seem to show this as a dark or a white wolf or dog, as the negative and positive side of the attribute. In the time cycle, humanity will learn to transmute the warring attribute through the heart center.



Dee Finney and Joe Mason

There is no battle I couldn't survive,
feeling like this, feeling alive!

(To hear the sounds click here)

Kali, represented in her destructive
aspect as Chamunda, detail from an
album painting.
Kangra, c. 18th century

(Original Cast Recording of Jekyll and Hyde)

I was told by a 'light being' prior to sleep that I was going to have my buttons pushed in my dreams. I doubted that my dreams could be effected by such a suggestion, or that dreams could be 'implanted' by an outside source. However, I was proved wrong. What is even stranger is that Joe and I dreamed about the same subject at the exact same time from two different aspects. I present the dreams first:

1-1-99 - DREAM - Dee - I cannot remember how the dream started, but I was in a huge building with corridors and I wanted to find a bathroom. I ended up in a room where men were standing by their beds in almost full body casts and I knew I was in the wrong place. I wanted to find my own apartment and I was in the hallways and elevators with a variety of extremely short chubby women. I finally found my own place and I wanted to change clothes. I was hunting and hunting for something to wear and couldn't find anything. In my memory, I could remember having the clothes, ...pretty pastel blouses skirts and dresses, etc. But they were all gone. Finally, I realized my husband had taken them all and I got so angry, I went to find him to accuse him of stealing my clothes. I didn't actually see him, but saw a long lump under the bed covers I assumed was him. I started accusing him of stealing my clothes. I was getting angrier and angrier and I finally said, "Why did you steal all my clothes?" The voice from under the blanket said, "I wanted you to know what it was like to be 'normal'!" I said, "Since when is it 'normal' not to have more than one blouse and one bra (which I was wearing). I was so angry, I started slamming doors and knocking stuff off cabinets and tables in the kitchen. I opened the door to leave and go out into the dark hallway and then realized I didn't have my keys, my purse, or my shoes. I almost went back to find them, but realized that as angry as I was, my husband could have me locked up in a mental hospital and have them give me a shot to calm me down. I then went out into the dark hallway without anything I needed to feel safe and secure.

I woke up with my chest all hot and burning like I was going to have a heart attack. I was so angry. It reminded me of all the times I had been angry at him when I was actually married to him back in the old days of the 60's and 70's when I had to beg him to let me buy underwear even though I deserved it because mine were full of holes. I still feel angry when I think of how much under his thumb I had been. (That was the least of it. Believe me!)

As I was laying in bed trying to calm down and thinking about the dream, I heard Joe, who was laying next to me, calling me..."Honey! Wake me up! Honey! Wake me up!" This was not the first time Joe had been in a lucid dream he could not wake up from, so I jostled his arm and he woke up instantly.

This was the nightmare Joe couldn't get out of.

1-1-99 - DREAM - Joe - I was in a house and there was a woman who was doing things. It looked like a normal woman at first but then I seemed to sense that she was in disguise. As I started to see the 'Kali' aspect of the woman, it became more animated with line drawings, changing and transforming from one to another and the pace increased faster and faster. I became determined to find out what this was and expose it, so I concentrated more on it and as I did the scene transformed into a picture on the wall and I was filming it close up from about 3 feet away with a video camera. I was determined to capture all the information about it. The room was lit at this time and the picture was bright. The images kept going from one to another very quickly. Then everything started turning dark, the room became darker and darker, and the image became dark blue. The images themselves were lit up like neon in various colors and continued to transform. As the images appeared, they threw out flashes of light through the darkened room. At that point in the dream, it became more frightening and suddenly I was awake in the bedroom like I had awakened from a dream. The room was dark but flashes of light were coming from the wall at the foot of the bed. As the lights flashed on the wall, shadowy images appeared in the same type of transformation as I had been filming in the picture. After a bit, I realized I was still actually dreaming, that I hadn't really woke up. I started yelling to Dee, "Honey! Wake me up! Honey! Wake me up!", and she woke me up.

Dee continues:

A few minutes later, after I was awake, I saw a whole long list of serious subjects I could choose from to make a web page and I didn't want to take any of them, because it meant an extreme amount of research and I already have many pages started I haven't completed yet. A I lay in bed thinking about nothing in particular, waiting for another vision of worthy focus, the word Tamasisk kept coming into my head...exactly what Joe and I both dreamed about last night. Tamasisk means anger and fury.

The next day on 1-2-99, I again had dreams and visions about the same subject. The lucid dream consisted of myself picking up tiles that were colored pink and gray marble rectangles. They were labeled Tamasisk. I didn't touch any of them with my hands, but used a tool like a nail or something long like a nail and moved it from one spot where it was by itself and built a wall-like panel of 54 tiles together. They were 9 high and 6 wide. (I don't yet know the significance of the number of tiles)

(The Esoteric Alphanumerical meaning of 54 is LOVE. )

Not knowing the significance of what I was doing, I got tired of moving the tiles because it's boring even in the dream state doing repetitive things when there are no people or conversations involved, so I opened my eyes before it was done and rolled over in bed. When I did that, a voice in my head said, "Can't you even finish?" I came to the realization that this was a special project and even though I had rolled over in bed with my eyes open, when I closed them again, I could still see the rectangular tiles and finished moving the last four even though I didn't feel like it. It felt like a duty at that point.

I then fell asleep and had a couple dreams about cleaning the floors in my Father's mansion in which my Father provided the tools. There was a lot to do because the children had played alone in the house while my Mother and I had been away on an errand. It was a mess when we got back. A woman who lived there, who I think was named Ida (she looked like my aunt...a short chubby woman) came home from her vacation and was upset because the floors were a mess. I apologized, and we took the brooms my Father provided and swept out straw that the donkey outside had been using for bedding, and I vacuumed up the dust from around the edges with a small vacuum cleaner head on a long snake-like wand which vacuumed and polished at the same time. Kevin from "One Life to Live" TV show came to help and showed me how to give the floor a high polish using a dry string mop.

After I woke up from the dream, I was still extremely groggy, so I lay in bed thinking about the dream.

Again I started to see the Tamasisk tiles. Above the tiles appeared the name Coultrane.

A voice then said, "There are 19,000 co-creators."

The voice then said, "The co-creators are on the side like an island, and the island is Greek."

He then said, "Joe and you are a good team, and you are doing a good job." I said, "Thank you!' My state of alertness came instantly awake and I got up for the day, knowing that was all the information I was going to get.

Chinnamasta, representing Devi in her destructive and
creative aspects. She is flanked by her two yoginis, Dakini
and Varnini. Under her Rati and Kama, the female and male
principles, depict the transcendence of the phenomenal
world and the abolition of the experience of duality.

Rajasthan, c. 18th century.


One of the most terrifying aspects of Prakriti are violent emotional expressions. Tantra's basic basic philosophy is based on a dualism, and the terrifying image projects the negative aspect of the creative life-force. In the creative aspect, Sakti appears as an enchantress. In her negative aspect she is demystified and transformed. The image has a naked intensity, so fierce that the incommunicable ceases to be a mystery. Kali, one of the most important tantric Dasamahavidyas, in her negative aspect appears as a conglomeration of terrifying elements. Kali is the symbol of the active cosmic power of eternal time (Kala) and in this aspect she signifies annihilation: through death or destruction creation, the seed of life, emerges. Just as the destruction of the seed leads to the birth of the tree, so disintegration is a normal and necessary step of nature moving towards further progress or unfolding. Kali is the embodiment of creation, preservation, and annihilation. She inspires awe and love at the same time. As a disintegrating tendency, Kali is represented in black, so all names and forms disappear into her' (Mahanirvana Tantra) The density of blackness is also identified with the massive, compact, unmixed, Pure Consciousness. In Tantric hymns to the goddess Kali, she is described as 'digambari' garbed in space - in her nakedness, she is free from all covering of illusion. She is full-breasted, her motherhood a ceaseless creation denoting preservation. Her disheveled hair, 'elokeshi', forms a curtain of death which surrounds life with mystery. Her garland of fifty human heads, each representing one of the fifty letters of the sanskrit alphabet, symbolizes the repository of power and knowledge; the letters are nuclear sound-elements symbolizing the power of mantras. She wears the 'girdle of human hand': hands are the principal instruments of work and so they signify the action of karma or accumulated deeds to be enjoyed in subsequent births, constantly reminding one that ultimate freedom is conditioned by the fruits of one's action.

Kali, annihilation aspect of Sakti, standing on Rati and Kama,
who personify the primordial desire which gives rise to all creation.
The garland of human heads symbolizes wisdom and power. Her
blood-red tongue signifies the power of Raja-guna, the kinetic force
which gives impetus to all activities. The sacrificial sword and the
severed head are the symbols of dissolution and annihilation directing
the Sadhaka to shed his 'ego sense'. The girdle of severed hands signifies
one's Karma, action.

Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, c. 18th century.

Her three eyes govern the three forces of creation, preservation, and destruction. Her white teeth, symbolic of Sattva, the translucent intelligence stuff, suppress her lolling tongue which is red, indicative of Rajas, a determinate level of existence leading downwards to Tamas, inertia. Kali has four hands: one left hand holds a severed head, indicating destruction and the other carries the sword of physical extermination, with which she cuts the thread of bondage. Her two right hands dispel fear and exhort to spiritual strength. She is the changeless, unlimited primordial power (adyasakti) acting in the great drama awakening the unmanifested Siva, a passive onlooker. Their inseparable union reflects non-duality.

The image of a wrathful appearance can agitate the eye and transport the spectator to a supernatural world. From an aesthetic point of view they suggest a flight from reality and an awareness of a profoundly different world: the poignant, restless and aggressive. These images unveil reality so that it is stripped bare, and have the same mind-altering capability to induce extra-ordinary experience which arouses intense inward states of rich spiritual content. Their most characteristic feature is that of images which seem to have sprung from anon-rational source but nevertheless have a rational basis within defined limits.

For example, Chinnamasta, the beheaded goddess, holds her severed head; apart from its symbolic meaning, the dismemberment of the body ought not to be confused with actual distortion: the image is not dissociated from its meaning, which underlies and generates the image; where dislocation appears it is to heighten visual impact.

The terrifying aspects of these images are completely dispelled in the tantric asana forms in both sculpture and painting. In art we are confronted with an ecstasy of joy in all its plastic possibilities. These united male and female figures are drawn together in creative force towards the awakening of the inner spirit, new dynamic asana-forms. Filled with ecstatic conviction, they are no longer torn between the contradiction of life and social existence.

The interlocking figures represent the antinomic principles; they are symbols of transcendent union, which do not in any way convey the gross sexual intercourse depicted, which illustrates an earth-bound level of existence.

Terrifying images arouse 'tamasisk' the quality allied to the emotion of fury and awesomeness, diametrically opposed to these are silence and compassion, associated with sattiva, the quality of purity.


The four ages of the Hindu chronology contain a far more philosophical idea than appears on the surface. It defines them according to both the psychological or mental, and the physical stages of man during their period. Krita-yuga, the golden age, the "age of joy," or spiritual innocence of man; Treta-yuga, the age of silver, or that of fire- the period of supremacy of man and of the giants and of the sons of God; Dwapara-yuga - the age of bronze - a mixture already of purity and impurity (spirit and matter), the age of doubt; and at lat our own, the Kali-yuga, or age of iron, of darkness, misery, and sorrow. In this age, Vishnu had to incarnate himself in Krishna, in order to save humanity from the goddess Kali, consort of Siva, the all-annihilating - the goddess of death, destruction, and human misery. Kali is the best emblem to represent the "fall of man"; the falling of spirit into the degradation of matter, with all its terrific results. We have to rid ourselves of Kali before we can ever reach Moksha or Nirvana, the abode of blessed Peace and Spirit.

With that in mind, remember that after the Kali-yuga, we will again be entering into the next golden age of Krita-yuga.

The Hindu Calendar

The Hindu Calendar in Brief

According to Helena Blavatsky in her book "Isis Unveiled" on page 443 - Vol II, she states: The exoteric plan of the Bible was made to answer also to four ages. Thus, they reckon the Golden Age from Adam to Abraham; the silver, from Abraham to David; copper, from David to the Captivity; thence-forward, the iron. but the secret computation is quite different, and does not vary at all from the zodiacal calculations of the Brahmans. We are in the Iron Age, or Kali-Yuga, but it began with Noah, the mythical ancestor of our race.

Noah, or Nuah, like all the euhemerized manifestations of the Un-revealed One - Svayambhuva (from Svayambhu) - was androgyne. Thus, in some instances, he belonged to the purely feminine triad of the Chaldeans, known as "nuah, the universal Mother." Every male triad had its feminine counterpart, one in three, like the former. It was the passive complement of the active principle, its reflection. In India, the male Trimurti is reproduce in the Sakti-trimurti, the feminine; and in Chaldea, Ana, belita, and Davkina answered to Anu, Bel, Nuah. The former three resumed in one - Belita, were called:

"Sovereign goddess, lady of the nether abyss, mother of gods, queen of the earth, queen of fecundity."

As the primordial humidity, whence proceeded all, Belita is Tiamat, or the sea, the mother of the city of Erech (the great Chaldean necropolis), therefore an infernal goddess. In the world of stars and planets, she is known as Ishtar or Astoreth. Hence, she is identical wtih Venus, and every other Queen of Heaven, to whom cakes and buns were offered in sacrifice, and , as all the archaeologists know, with Eve, the mother of all that live, and with Mary.

Joe Mason states, "One of the ideas in my essay was that the harlot of Rev. 17 has the same meaning as Kali in the eastern traditions. We are nearing the end of the Kali-Yuga, the Age of Iron, and will return to the Age of Gold. The four metals associated with the "frightening image" dream of Nebuchadnezzar are the same in the Hindu chronology. Kali is thrown down at the end of the cycle. Kali (the harlot) represents karma or judgment, and it is this "beast" that is thrown down at the end of the cycle, as indicated by Rev. 17:11. It seems to be the "Swallower" of the Egyptians, an "eighth that belongs to the seven." The harlot symbolism seems to mean that we "pay" for the "fornication," meaning the duality bond in the time cycle. We "kings" of the earth give over our "royal power" to the beast until the words of God are fulfilled. (Rev. 17:11) Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, it indicates the karmic function. Kali invokes "tamasisk," emotions of fury, which corresponds to being drunk on the wine of the harlot. The 12 stars of Rev. 12, and the New Jerusalem fit with the idea of the Heart chakra level, which has twelve petals on the lotus, with a Star of David inside.

Century X-74 says, "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." In 1993, two individuals at the same work place told me that they had recurring dreams of dead people in coffins, including their own fathers, speaking to them. Their fathers are alive in real life. I believe the context of this is spelled out in Revelation 3:1,2, ". have the name of being alive, and you are dead. Awake, and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death, . . ."

In Ezekiel 9:2, six men came from the north upper gate, with weapons for "slaughter." With them was a seventh man, clothed in linen, with a writing case at his side. The seventh man marks the foreheads of those who will not be slain.

This type of symbolism goes way, way back. The original meaning was a purification process, after which one is pardoned. The Kali-Yuga is an age of "death or destruction creation," and is equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plant's growth.

It relates to the second remote viewer's perception "that there were subspace and physical beings who were watching something big and vast in a contented and pleased way. They were working to finish an important project. The project was enjoyable, almost like playing."

The Lion in Century III-52 is also of much interest. I believe it is related to "the kings of the earth" in Revelation. In the cycle ruled by the "harlot," which I believe is related to Kali, the kings fornicate with the harlot and become drunk on her wine. This seems to refer to anger. Kali is said to evoke "tamasisk," meaning anger. When the New Jerusalem comes in Rev. 21, the kings of the earth bring their glory into it. There is no longer a need of sun and moon for light.

Rev. 3:11 says to "hold fast to what you have, so that no one may seize your crown." In The Gospel of Thomas, saying 7, Jesus says, "Lucky is the lion that the human will eat, so that the lion becomes human. And foul is the human that the lion will eat, and the lion still will become human." The film, "The Lion King," seems to carry symbolism about the cycle of time, and has a correspondence with the Egyptian myths. "Scar" is the evil brother who slays the father lion, which is similar to Typhon-Set killing his brother, Osiris. According to Blavatsky, the story of Cain and Able was adopted from that story. The scar on the eye of the evil lion may hint at the mark of Cain. The young lion corresponds to Horus. He returns to the desolated kingdom and defeats the evil uncle in the final battle. Then the rains come, greening the earth again. The line in Century III-17, "When the monarch will chase his nephew," could refer to Typhon-Set as the King in charge, and his nephew, Horus, the rightful King. In "The Lion King," the young lion is chased away by Scar. The symbolism, I believe, is saying something about our time cycle in a symbolic way, and new ideas are coming in inspired stories, as well as dreams, and other ways.

The Hopi say that the Sacred Symbols will be newly understood, in the time of purification. A "twin" departed long ago, who is called Pahana, which translates into "white man." He is expected to return soon, carrying the cross and the swastika, as the symbols of the feminine and masculine energies. Interestingly, Quetzalcoatl was also a white man who departed by sea, promising to return.

The swastika is also a symbol of Shiva and Kali, the Destroyer god and goddess. About seven years ago, I saw a counterclockwise swastika in a dream. Energy was flowing out from the center into the arms. A voice said, "These are the forces going out from the center to experience negative manifested events, in order to learn. It is generally square, and you circle counterclockwise." In the following months, I learned that the swastika is a very ancient symbol.

It was said that when it is going clockwise, or east, it is a symbol of good luck.

About two years ago, my friend, Paul, wrote to me, saying that he had been having "twin theme" dreams. In one of them, he was at Twin Lakes in Minnesota. I wrote back to him, telling of various twins in mythology. I mentioned the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux, and how they were the protectors of sailers and ships. I mentioned that St. Paul once sailed on a ship called the Castor and Pollux. (Acts 28:11).

I recalled that Minnesota also has the Twins baseball team, and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis AND ST. PAUL! It was very curious that the name St. Paul came to me at that time. I looked up some names in the dictionary. The twin city was named after Minnehaha Falls and the Greek word for "city." Minnehaha was the girl Hiawatha married in Longfellow's, "Song of Hiawatha."

It all seemed to fit so well. The Twin Cities could symbolize the Red-Man/White-Man mix, in the Great Change.

When I got online near the end of 1996, I did a search for Hopi legends. I clicked on one of the links, and came to an article by David Yarrow. He tells an amazing story that happened over a period of years. Almost everything seemed related to material I had gathered. David and I started communicating via e-mail, and later I called him on the telephone. We had a very long talk, and I was amazed again. When I mentioned that some of his story involved the city of Minneapolis, he immediately started telling me the same symbolic story I was about to tell him.

He also said that the city was located above two great plates in the earth that come together, and that Hiawatha was sent by the legendary "Peacemaker" of the eastern tribes, as a messenger.

The story of Castor and Pollux, I think, has important symbolism. Pollux was fathered by Zeus, while Castor was born to the same mother, a Queen, in the normal way. Therefore, Pollux was immortal, and his brother was mortal. After many adventures, Castor was killed in a battle.

Pollux prayed so fervently, that Zeus allowed him to share his immortality with his brother. But, they would have to spend half of their time in Heavenly Olympus, and the other half in Hades. In one of the myths, they go back and forth together. In another they change places, so that they are eternally separated, and never together.

Although I have never been a Christian, I have had many coincidences with various parts of the Bible. It's too long to tell fully here, but one of my dreams seemed to be related to the story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38. It's a very strange tale, but to me, it contains important symbolism. Tamar was married to Judah's oldest son, who was killed by "God." She married the second son, and he was also killed. She was promised to the third son, but Judah delayed the marriage. Tamar devised a plan. She dressed up as a harlot, and propositioned the unsuspecting Judah into having sex for a price. From the union was born a pair of twins, in a strange, breech birth. A hand came out of the womb first. The midwife tied a red thread on the hand, and then the hand pulled back into the womb. Then, the other child, the one without the thread, was born first.

The first born son, Perez, is listed in the chronology in the first part of Matthew. His descendants include Kings David and Solomon, and finally Joseph, the father of Jesus. Some say God was the father, but I do believe that is symbolic.

The "harlot" symbolism is very important here. In the battle of Jericho, Joshua and his troops are helped by a harlot, who lived with her family in the walls. In Revelation 17, the great harlot of Babylon is seated upon many waters, which are peoples and nations, that is, everyone. Judah is related symbolically to the lion, and to being the ruler, or king. (see Genesis 49:9,10). He stoops down, couched as a lion, and as a lioness, i.e., like a sphinx. The scepter, the ruler's staff, will not depart from between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs.

All of this, I do believe, is related symbolically to parts of Revelation. In Revelation 17, the kings of the earth fornicate with the harlot, and become drunk on her wine. They give over their "royal power" (king-ship) to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. When The New Jerusalem comes, the kings of the earth bring their glory into it. (Rev. 21:24).

The wine of the harlot is also the cup of staggering, and the fury of God's wrath. Some seem to take this as meaning that God is angry with mankind. I think not. It seems to mean we have been given this male/aggressive, negative attribute to deal with and to overcome. In Revelation 12, it is said that Michael and his angels were defeated in the war in heaven. The dragon/serpent/Devil/Satan and his angels were thrown down to earth. The earth came to help the woman with child, by swallowing the river which poured out of the mouth of the dragon.

When I first read this about five years ago, I felt it was related to one of my dreams. In the dream, I saw a crop formation that had appeared the same week that Iraq (ancient Babylon) invaded Kuwait. It looked somewhat like a swastika, but also like a bird, with a triangular tail. It reminded me of the American eagle on our national seal, looking to the left, toward the arrows of war. In my dream, energy was flowing down the triangular tail. A voice said, "The garbage is discharged here on earth."

In early 1993, I had a string of amazing dream-coincidences. Part of it involved a book called, "The Tantric Way." Kali, of the eastern religions, seems to have the very same meaning as the harlot of Revelation 17. One of the depictions is the book, shows the dark-skinned Kali seated upon a reclining, copulating couple. The male is dark blue, wears a crown, and is on the bottom.

A white-skinned female is on top of him. This is similar to the kings of the earth fornicating with the harlot, or a daughter of the harlot. Kali holds scissors in her hand, which I believe symbolizes the cutting or dividing force, i.e., like the "Babylon" symbolism.

From dreams, I had made the interpretation that the harlot also represents karma or judgment. I believe we have more to learn about the meaning of this. It seems to be more of a learning experience, than a reward/punishment system. The "fornication" with the harlot or daughters of the harlot, seems to represent a duality bond in the time cycle. The symbolism means we "pay" for the "sex," meaning karma.

Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, this indicates the karmic function. Kali evokes the feeling of "tamasisk," which means fury. It seems to have the very same meaning as the wine of the harlot. I found it interesting that tamasisk and Tamar are similar words.

Near the end of September 1993, I sent an essay about some of these ideas to John Crowe, of the Cosminar organization in Sussex, England. Two weeks later, the Bythorn Mandala crop formation appeared. It was VERY similar to a yantra to Kali, depicted in "The Tantric Way."

The five-pointed star inside the pattern, had two points facing North. According to Blavatsky, such a star, with two points, or horns, pointing upward, is an esoteric symbol of the Kali-Yuga time cycle, also known as the Age of Iron.

Getting back to the dog/wolf symbolism, I believe it can be related symbolically to this fury/anger symbolism. In the time cycle, which I believe is related to the lower three chakras, the negative side of the dog/wolf is the condition. The change is a leap to the heart chakra level, and the "virgin birth" of the spiritual man out to the animal man. This is the transmutation of the warring attribute, sometimes symbolized by the white dog or wolf.

In my article about Revelation 11:11, I explained some of the symbolism indicating humanity's leap to the heart chakra level of consciousness evolution.

There are many other things I could add, but this e-mail is starting to become a book, so I'll just mention a few more things.

In the Babylonian myths, the father and mother gods produced a son, Bel (Lord) Marduke, to do battle with the evil goddess. He blew an evil wind into her mouth, to hold it open, then fired in an arrow, which killed her. From the body of the evil goddess, he created the world. He brought order out of chaos. Marduke also chased down the Storm Bird, Zu, who had stolen the tablets with the fates of men, and retrieved them. This battle that began before the creation of the world, seems to be related to our battle in the cycle of time. A "storm" can also be symbolic of anger or fury.

Another pair of twins in the Bible are Esau and Jacob. Esau, who was born first, was red and hairy. Jacob tricked Esau into giving up his inheritance in a strange way, involving a bowl of red beans. Jacob fathered 12 sons, who are related to the twelve tribes of Israel, and probably to the Zodiac signs. According to Blavatsky, the story follows the symbolism of the Egyptian myth of Osiris, who was killed by his brother, Typhon-Set (or Typhon-Seth). The story of Cain and Able is also similar. In Egyptian beliefs, Typhon-Set, who was red in color, represented the opponent force. It was more laughable than fearful or evil. Blavatsky said that Typhon-Set became "Satan" to later religions, and that the word came from "satin," which meant "opponent."

As I see it, our feminine aspect can be symbolized by the daughter of the harlot in the time cycle.

In the Great Change, the aspect becomes the Holy Spirit. The Mother Goddess is also shown symbolically to change, or be replaced. In Revelation, the harlot is replaced by The Woman With Child in Revelation 12.






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1996 - My spider dreams are always unexpected, but the spiders are often large and I wake up sweating, convulsively flicking them off my body. In late october I dreamt of a strange woman with her back to me. Her skin was rough, like bark, and covered with snakes coiled in pairs, symmetrically forming cadaceus shapes. While her back, down to the base of the spine, was darkly pigmented, her remaining skin was pale. I felt a simultaneous attraction and revulsion.

by Ashley Rye

Joe Mason's response:

Yes, it is Pallas Athena, also known as Minerva to the Romans. She was the weaver among the Olympians, as Vulcan was the smith. The peasant girl, Arachne, offended Minerva by declaring that her own weaving was superior. The goddess challenged the girl to a weaving contest. They finished their work at the looms at the same moment, and Arachne's work equaled that of the goddess. Angered furiously, Minerva slit the web from top to bottom and beat the girl on the head with her shuttle. Arachne was furious, disgraced, and hanged herself. Minerva's heart was then touched, so she lifted the body from the noose and sprinkled it with a magic liquid. Arachne was transformed into a spider, and she retained her weaving skill.

This is, of course, how our word, "arachnophobia," fear of spiders, came to us.

My guess as to the woman in your dream is that it is Kali, the feminine energy involved in this cycle of time. The harlot of Revelation 17 has the same meaning, I do think. The bark and the snakes are suggestive of the Tree of Knowledge, which I believe refers to the infinite ideal potential in the dream reality. Eve, our small feminine/dreaming/intuitive/ right-brained self, "eats" the fruit first, then gives it to Adam, our male/rational/waking-state/left-brain self, which then brings the ideal into manifestation, depending on the interpretation.

In Taoist mythology, she is the half-serpent solvern over the fifth element, wood.

The "snakes coiled in pairs, symmetrically forming cadaceus shapes," is VERY interesting. This, of course, it the symbol of Hermes, Mercury to the Romans. It is still used by the medical profession as their symbol. There are some hints that the intertwined snakes may be related to Ida and Pengala, the "spine snakes" of the chakras, and also to the double-helix of DNA.

The snakes also remind me of the Gorgon, Medusa. Perseus, guided by Hermes, was the hero who killed her and cut off her head. Here is a quote from Hamilton's "Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes," pages 145-146:

"By great good fortune they were all asleep when Perseus found them (the Gorgons). In the mirror of the bright shield he could see them clearly, creatures with great wings and bodies covered with golden scales and hair a mass of twisting snakes. Athena was beside him now as well as Hermes. They told him which one was Medusa and that was important, for she alone of the three could be killed; the other two were immortal. Perseus on his winged sandals hovered above them, looking, however, only at the shield. Then he aimed a stroke down at Medusa's throat and Athena guided his hand. With a single sweep of his sword he cut through her neck and, his eyes still fixed on the shield with never a glance at her, he swooped low enough to seize the head. "

Edith quotes:

"So over the sea, rich-haired Danae's son, Perseus, on his winged sandals sped, Flying swift as thought. In a wallet of silver, A wonder to behold, He bore the head of the monster, While Hermes, the son of Maia, The messenger of Zeus, Kept ever at his side."

Maia, from whom our month of May derives, was one of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

The idea I get about the symbolism of Kali, based on many dreams, and a study of myths and religions, is that symbolically, she is like a strict school teacher-mother. In our childhood time cycle in the lower three chakras, she enforces karmic law, and induces changes in us through stressful events. It is not a reward/punishment system, just a learning one, through experience.

According to Joseph Campbell, the serpent represents the ability to change, by the death/rebirth of shedding the old skin.

This may help explain your simultaneous attraction and revulsion of her.

At the end of the cycle, which seems near, Kali is killed off, and a new, positive cycle begins. I believe this is actually a transformation of Kali into her true position as Queen of Heaven, symbolised by the Woman With Child in Revelation 12. We will have advanced beyond the "11:11," 3 and 1/2 level, to the fourth-Heart chakra. The karmic or judgment stage will be completed, and karma will end, or become entirely positive. Abundance is the natural way of things, according to a message I received in a dream. We only hold it back by our childish ways.

You see, it is like being strict on your children as they grow up. A more friendly and loving relationship develops when the children are grown.



7 23-97. This occurred after we met on-line but before we met in person.

Dee777: Hi Sweetheart. What a night

JMason4557: good morning. How'd it go?

Dee777: I woke up saying, "We're never going to have another peaceful night are we? " It was incredible

JMason4557: What does it mean?

Dee777: what does fractal mean? I haven't written down the dream I just woke up from.

JMason4557: It is form the new science of Chaos theory. It's about repeating patterns across scales...the way many things are... It has important symbolism too. You should write it down now, so you don't forget anything.

Dee777: I wrote down the fractal part.

JMason4557: Good. There was a dream with it?

Dee777: Geez yes! What a night. let me start. I'll skip the first vision and go right to the dream. I heard a voice say, "I thought we were going to be alone," then I saw a fountain in a pool, then I saw the earth as a ball whoosh up the fountain to the top where it exploded in a zillion pieces. I heard the words "fractal images" and each piece of the earth came down and became a window casing with glass in it. Each window was going to be presented to me to look at separately.

I went into another dream where you and I were in a house/hospital sort of place. It was old and there was an operating room. I was sitting in a chair that was a half circle with a railing around it made out of wood and I was in a hallway. A young man was there I would say about 12 and he was asked to watch a light fixture to keep his eye on it so to speak. because it was sparking, the woman there was going to hand him a key in case something went wrong, because there was a large chest there...sort of like an ice chest.

But the young man had to go to the bathroom so bad, he couldn't stand still, so I took the key and watched the light fixture for him, a nurse came by and asked where the boy was and I explained the situation and she was very upset. She expected the young boy to do as he was told and not walk away, however, the light fixture began to SMOKE. All the other people in the place saw the sparking and smoking and began to walk outside quietly and deliberately trying not to fan the sparks into fire. I took my half round chair outside with me, and sat in the yard and you were standing by my shoulder, we watched as the house/hospital went up in flames, There was a black woman watching us as I was sitting in the chair. I said I felt "loopy" which to me meant exhausted or something like that, I was half laying down in the chair, and watching that black woman watching us. and I said, "we're never going to have another peaceful night are we?" You said, "You can feel loopy all you want, I'll be here,"

JMason4557: Oh is all involved with my material. It is about the nature of creation and about the Great Change. ...more..the computer you are going inside is in my head, and in the spirit world of knowledge.

Dee777: WOW!

JMason4557: I wish I could explain it all now, but its too much. I will be telling you.

Dee777: ok. let me tell you my vision.

JMason4557: Yes, please.

Dee777: I was laying on the bed thinking about traveling to California for a vacation and driving up the coast, when a woman came and sat down on the bed with me, She appeared on my right side. She reached over to her right with her hand, and brought back a round crystal ball about an inch or more in diameter. It was sort of a crystal green. There was either a protrusion coming down from it or that was a shaft of light. She said, "What is this for? Self-protection? She flipped it over so the ball was still in her palm, but the protrusion/shaft of light went up through her fingers, She said, "This is the way you hold it to use it." As she faded from view, I felt a loud hum in my left ear and the blinds rattled,

JMason4557: Wow! What do you think it means?

Dee777: I don't know, but maybe I should look for a crystal ball like that.

JMason4557: Yes. Good idea. Can you tell me what the black woman in the dream looked like?

Dee777: Hmmm! I would say she was in her 30's or 40's. maybe about 5'5 of 5'6. Just a regular black person, normal weight .

JMason4557: Pretty? Do you remember her clothing?

Dee777: I don't recall anything special about her. No , she wasn't pretty...very plain I would say. Short knee length dress, dark colored. Her hair was short...I think with picinniny type braids or those braid they wear now...about 3 inches long I think .

JMason4557: I think she is the Mother Goddess in this time cycle, like Kali has been appearing as a black woman.

Dee777: She was sitting quite a distance away watching me. She didn't mind that I was feeling loopy either. What a dumb word. I've got the key to the blue chest .

JMason4557: In my writing about the Tree of Life, I used some quotes about the Dark Sterile Mother," and how it relates to the change, and the idea of Kether moving into Daath.

Dee777: what about the light fixture smoking and the house burning up? It was an old built in the 20's or earlier. tall with an attic. It feels like we were going to rebuild the house.

JMason4557: I think it is about the earth change. The house is the earth...the physical reality. Each person's "house" will be burned by fire...but the new reality will replace it. It is a symbolism for the change.

Dee777: good

JMason4557: Yes, we are the "builders," co-creators. Yes...good.

Dee777: we were just watching it happen. There was no sad emotion with it. It was almost like it was inevitable.

JMason4557: is wonderfully good. I am sending a fractal.

Dee777: good. I watched the people in the operating room walking out...they didn't want to fan the sparks into flames. There were two women there who put on pink jackets which had white sort of striping but the stripes weren't even in width..kind of wavy striping. They dressed identical to each other. They looked like twins.

JMason4557: That fits too.

Dee777: They moved slowly but deliberately ...slowly Does that make sense?

JMason4557: Yes.Please look at the fractal now. Mandelbrot Set Formation (jpg)

JMason4557: Then go here:

Dee777: I've got a painting on my web page that looks like that but it's got butterflies painted on it. It's gorgeous. I put it on both web sites.

Dee777: okay. so what exactly is fractal again?

JMason4557: The "Butterfly Effect" is part of fractal/chaos theory, and very symbolic...and about Transformation. I'm sending another picture.

JMason4557: Carlson's Fractal Gallery (3-D Looking)

Roger Hamstra's Silk Purse Graphics: Fractals

Computer & Fractal Art - Roger Hamstra

Dee777: I fell in love with it the instant I saw it.

JMason4557: Look at these later. The star?

Dee777: These are gorgeous The mandelbrot. They used a word in my dream that I didn't even know. Interesting.

JMason4557: There was an 8 foot circle out along a tram line in the formation. I had started to write about the symbolism of the Mandelbrot and Chaos theory 13 months before the formation appeared.

Dee777: who created the Mandelbrot in the first place, Honey?

JMason4557: The 8 foot circle in a computer-generated Mandelbrot is out along the "tip" or projection. In my speculations, that represented the planet earth. A coincidence had happened where a similar shape was formed by something dropped into formed a similar pattern, with a single round drop of water up in the the earth was in your dream.

Dee777: yes! that's it.

JMason4557: After the crop formation appeared, I remembered that I had made a printout of that area some years before. I found was the picture I sent of the star. It is the Unity Star, and was associated with Horus and Bel Marduke, who were sons in trinities. It was also associated with Apollo. Another speculation is that it is associated with the worship of the scarab beetle. It is shaped like the body of the mandelbrot. It rolls a ball of mud around, and plants its seed therein, as the Creator rolls the earth around with the Cosmic Seed of Man. Hon, gotta go now.

Dee777: ok sweetie. have a wonderful day.

JMason4557: Benoit Mandelbrot discovered the pattern through using his intuition. The crop formation appeared near where he went to college, on August 11, 1991. The eclipse of 1999 will be on that day. Bye honey. XXX

Dee777: Bye. Love you! XXXX

JMason4557: I love you too. XXXX see ya tonight.

Dee777: ok! XXX

JMason4557: X bye


8-5-97 - Dream: I was on the computer in a chat or IM. The computer had a feature whereby you could highlight a word and the computer would do a search to bring up all the files for that subject. I highlighted KALI and KALI-YUGA.

NOTE: Later that day, a Korean Airlines plane crashed in Guam. It was KAL 801. Emotionally that day, I was a wreck, pacing the floor, not knowing what was wrong with me. Synchronicitly, that day I was also posting all my plane crash dreams and visions at PUFORI from 1991.

PUFORI is at

On 8-7-91, I turned on my computer and saw the lead files on America On LIne were all about KAL 801 crash, how it happened from the survivors standpoint and the list of passenger file from ABC news.


11-7-97 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school and I was working there. The people and the scene was more like the drafting room at A-C. It was time to go home and it was my job to turn out the lights when we went home. I went downstairs with some people and went out to the playground. There, someone gave me a piece of cardboard with toys on it. On the top row on the left was a series of soldiers facing towards the middle down on one knee each with a rifle pointed toward the center. On the right was a series of American Indians facing the center each one down on one knee with a bow and arrow aimed towards the center towards the soldiers. There was 10 or 12 of each.

There were several other things down the face of the card but the most outstanding one was a standing bear figure and next to it was written - Age of ____ (Iron). . I saw then that these figures were like molds, were hollow inside and hinged so that you could hold them under water so the mold filled with water, then you stood it in the freezer. When the figure was frozen you could take it out and you had a frozen bear figure. If it melted, you could make another one.

I looked up at the building and saw that there were still some lights on on the 4th floor and I had to go turn them off.

I went back into the building and met some people who were rehearsing for a TV show. The girl in the center spotlight looked like M.M. The show went on for a short time and it did't work out with the tall thin guy she was with. They turned off the spotlights and she turned towards me to leave and began to cry. She saw me and recognized me. We each put out our arms wide like on a crucifix - then went towards each other and hugged. I noticed at that point that I felt very masculine - not female. Another girl came over and we took her into a group hug and then a fourth girl was taken into the group hug. I left the hugging group at that point and went into another room where I was preparing material for a Sunday school class I would be teaching in the morning. I carried big packs of white paper from one place to another and put them on a washing machine and noticed that I had the key to a storage locker where something was stored. I noticed that I had seven receipts including one for some cakes. (See below)

My friend David heard about the bad rehearsal and went out and bought several cakes to make everyone feel better and I ran down the hall to get everyone back together to come to the Sunday school room. I didn't have too much success - everyone had scattered to go do other things.


9-23-97 - Dream - I was managing a building. A light that was on the ground was removed and used elsewhere, but had not been replaced yet. I was cleaning up the ground. A very thin nasty woman came to visit our building. She was dressed all in black. She had an entourage of women with her. One was dressed in red, the rest were all in black.

She came in and complained about the missing light and I explained to her that the light was going to be brought back. She wanted to go upstairs to room 2218. I couldn't go up yet because I didn't have my shoes on. I quickly found my shoes which were white. I couldn't just slip them on, I had to strap them on.

So, she and her entourage went up the elevator which was on the right. I planned to take the one on the left. (When we got on the elevator, facing the front, she would have been on the left, and I would have been on the right.)

I got upstairs where the woman was at a swimming pool. The pool was covered over with trap doors on top. She was on the side near the far end with one trap door open and she had a man pouring in a powdered chemical called NCE out of a large green and white bag. When the chemical was poured into the water, it formed a gas which she was breathing to keep alive.

NOTE: This woman may represent Kali for a number of reasons; the black attire, the nasty look, and the women accompanying her dressed all in black, except the one in red. The book Nicronomicon; the story is told of the evil goddess Erkaskil. The father and mother creators produced their son Marduke who battled the evil goddess. He defeated her by blowing an evil wind into her mouth which forced it open, and then fired in an arrow. This was compared by the author of the book to a scene in the film Jaws. The hero forced open the mouth of the shark with an 'air' tank and then fired a bullet exploding the tank and killing the evil water demon. The harlot of Rev. 17 seems to represent Kali. She is seated upon 'many waters', Rev. 2: with whom the Kings of the earth have committed fornication, and with the one of which fornication, the dwellers on earth have become drunk. Rev. 17:15 - The waters that you saw, where the harlot is seated are 'people's, multitudes, and nations, and tongues.'


11-7-97 - DREAM - Someone on the computer IM'd me (Instant Message) to tell me I had to provide food for a Kali Yuga party.

11-7-97 - DREAM - I realized the standing bear (from a previous dream) stood for Kali Yuga. (Which is the Age of Iron)

NOTE: The four metals of the Hindu Chronology representing the 4 ages are the same as Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the frightening image in the book of Daniel. (Gold, silver, bronze, (Brass) and Iron)

(Daniel: 2:31-45)


2-15-98 - Dream of the End of the Age


4-10-98 The Spirit Flows 4/9/98

I saw father remove a large brass looking cap on a pipe that ran into the earth. I could hear water running inside the pipe. Then he removed something and the water flow increased into the earth.

Then he put the cap back on and started to tighten it with his very large wrench. I reached out and took both hands and turned the cap down for him so that he need not use the big wrench.

EOD>> (snip)


Hi Byron. Great dream!

Water running to the earth could be an "Aquarius, Water Bearer," symbol. The Greeks used brass instead of bronze to represent one of the four "metal" ages. Others, such as the Hindu chronology used gold, silver, bronze and iron.

We are now in the Age of Iron, the Kali-Yuga. I think this corresponds to the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel, about the frightening image. It had a head of gold, chests and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of part iron/part clay. Daniel interpreted them to be the ages.

I thought of this Nostradamus quatrain:

Century V-41

Born in the shadows and during a dark day,
He will be sovereign in realm and goodness:
He will cause his blood to revive the ancient urn,
Renewing the age of gold for that of brass.

I also thought of this part of my Hale-Bopp article:


Goro's comments: This could be referring to the period around the year 1995. According to the Mayan calendar, the 1995 spring equinox initiates a time when ancient and hidden knowledge is to be reawakened.

The Maya understand it is the end of the "age of belief" and the start of "the age of knowledge: the Itza Age, The Age of Aquarius. It will be the "age of brass" because at the beginning of the age of Aquarius, or the "Golden Age", the world situation will be far from being a golden age.

Century II-46

After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared
The Great Mover renews the ages:
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
In the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.


The Great Mover seems similar to myths about Mithras and Apollo, who were "pole gods." The root of the word Apollo means "pole." The mythology of Mithras around 128 B.C. were found in recent years to be related to the discovery of the precession of the equinoxes, caused by the pole of the earth wobbling like a top. The ancient number for one cycle is 25920 years. The solstices and equinoxes are caused to move backward through the 12 Zodiac signs, from which we figure the ages. The ancients felt that any force that could move the Heaves so, must be a powerful god.

The large brass pipe running into the earth, in your dream, reminds me of a kind of "pole."

Interesting too, golden pipes are mentioned in Zechariah 3, in the verses about the two olive trees, which "stand up" in Revelation 11:11. From those golden pipes comes oil from the olive, which fuels the light of the lamps.

Light upon Light,

Joe Mason


7-31-98 - DREAM - I was living out in the country. I planned to go to the store to buy food and got into the car and started it, but I sat in the back seat with my foot on the brake, waiting for to her people to go with me. A woman and her three daughters got in to go along but I was still sitting in the back seat. Nobody was sitting behind the wheel to drive. Besides that it was dark out; the sun hadn't come up yet, and I couldn't get the lights to come on. I pulled on the switch and turned and twisted and poked it back in over and over and over and over and the lights just wouldn't come on. Finally, I told the woman to put her foot on the brake and I would come around the front and see what was wrong. I went around the front and got down on my knees by the light switch and immediately saw the problem. There was a child-proof safety switch next to the light switch that had to be disengaged first. As soon as I disengaged the child safety switch, the light switch worked.

I got in the car and drove a few miles to the store. I don't remember driving though and I don't remember her driving there either. when we got to the store there was another problem with the car and when I got out to see what was wrong with the car, I was again sitting in the back seat on the right. I opened the car door and there was a man's body laying there and I had to stop on top of him in order to walk around the car and we had parked right next to a garbage heap and the stench of garbage was awful.

The man's body was clothed all in white and I felt guilty walking on him, but there was no other way to get out of the car. He was laying in the garbage heap. He was face down, so there was no way for me to identify him either and he didn't wake up when I stepped on him either.

I went into the store and before I could do anything, my car disappeared. The woman and the girls were gone and so was my car.

I thought about reporting it stolen, when I saw the car again, but the three girls had taken it, had it painted purple and painted huge red, yellow, blue, and white fire stripes on the sides and were roaring up and down the aisle in the parking lot with it.

Then I remembered the child safety switch. I engaged it when I got out of the car and nobody knew it was there but me. While the girls were chasing around in my car, a whole stream of people went by with push brooms and trash bags and cleaned up the street. It was like a parade as they went by. After they passed, then a circus-like parade with music and dancing and clowns.

When they were done, then another parade of people went by with push brooms and trash bags and cleaned the streets again.

All these people earned passes to go through a little door and had to duck down to go through a tunnel. They were all smiling when they went through so I knew they were happy about whatever was on the other side of the door. There was a ticket-taker standing by the door and I didn't have a ticket so I couldn't go see what was on the other side.

I wished I had had a camera to take a picture so I could show people how that series of parades happened when I told others about it because it seemed like such a wonderful thing for people to clean the street, have a fun circus-like parade and then clean the street again.

There was a man there who looked like T.J. standing nearby and he had a polaroid camera, but it was too late. All the people from the parades had gone through the little door and nobody was now going into the tunnel. Nobody would believe what I had just seen.

At that point, it seemed like I was at work and someone handed me a stack of hand-written love letters from the President of the company to various employees. I didn't make any attempt to read these letter which were on pink paper and signed, "Love, Bob!" but I thought it best to sort them by name to make delivering them easier.

I didn't work in the department where these letters went so I didn't know any of the people, but I figured when I walked down the hall and asked for the people by name, someone would point them out to me.

A man came into the office where I was sorting out these letters and asked if he could borrow my black scissors. I didn't know his friends and I suspected they would take my scissors outside and do something bad with them, so I said, "No!" I told him to get the scissors from his own department where the drafting was done. He said he didn't want his boss to know he was using the scissors. But I stood firm on my answer. "No!"

The other man was a writer and was going to write a novel. He didn't know what to write about.

I remembered that when I worked at Allis Chalmers it was called "A Peyton Place" and I indicated these love letters from the President to his employees and this would really be something worth writing about.

NOTE: 8-2-98 - Several of Joe's friends were arguing about some information they were trying to figure out. Joe said that the Goddess Kali divides people with scissors.


2-6-04 - DREAM - I was in a small town somewhere. It had snowed and the kids were playing outside, having fun. Then they all came in and took off their wet mittens.

I threw all the mittens into the dryer so they could go back outside and play again as soon as they dried.

Then one of the teen boys said hew as driving into town and I said I would rid with him.

It was several miles into town and the road was straight and covered with sand as the town trucks had spread sand on the road after the snow.

Then the kid took his hands off the wheel to do something and told ME to steer. Since the road was straight, it wasn't too hard to stay on the road. But we were going downhill faster and faster.

I asked him how fast we were going and he said he didn't know. He had his heel pressed hard onto the pedal, so I knew we were going as fast as the car could go. Finally the front wheels came off the road and we were virtually flying. I knew there was no stopping until we hit something.

The kid grabbed a hold of the dashboard which came loose like a brown shield and we held the dashboard over our faces so the breaking windshield wouldn't cut us.

As we came into town, I heard a couple thump-thumps and I knew we had hit someone.

Finally the car scraped along a wall and came to a stop without crashing.

I got out of the car and some people came running up to the car yelling, "You killed her, you killed her."

I looked over at the sidewalk and there was a black woman laying there dead with her legs and arms askew so she look like the letter 'K'.

(It was probably Kali)

I was cold outside, so I went into the little restaurant there to keep warm to wait for the cops to arrest us and take us to jail.

But I woke up instead.




nostradamus had a great deal to say about this:

Century V-41
Born in the shadows and during a dark day,
He will be sovereign in realm and goodness:
He will cause his blood to revive the ancient urn,
Renewing the age of gold for that of brass.

Century II-46
After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared
The Great Mover renews the ages:
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
In the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.


planet x:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=5860bf0193c5b4c8

The term Golden Age (Χρυσόν Γένος) comes from Greek mythology and legend and refers to the first in a sequence of four or five (or more) Ages of Man, in which the Golden Age is first, followed in sequence, by the Silver, Bronze, and Iron Ages, and then the present, a period of decline. By extension "Golden Age" denotes a period of primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity.

There are analogous concepts in the religious and philosophical traditions of the South Asian subcontinent. For example, the Vedic or ancient Hindu culture saw history as cyclical, composed of yugas with alternating Dark and Golden Ages. The Kali yuga (Iron Age), Dwapara (Bronze Age), Treta yuga (Silver Age) and Satya yuga (Golden Age) correspond to the four Greek ages. Similar beliefs occur in the ancient Middle East and throughout the ancient world, as well.[1]

In classical mythology the Golden Age was presided over by the deity Astraea, who was identified with Justice. She lived with men until the end of the Silver Age, but in the Brazen Age, when men became violent and greedy, fled to the stars, where she appears as the constellation Virgo, holding the scales of Justice, or Libra.[2]

European Pastoral literary and iconographic tradition often depicted nymphs and shepherds as living a life of rustic innocence and simplicity, untainted by the corruptions of civilization — a continuation of the Golden Age — set in an idealized Arcadia, a region of Greece that was the abode and center of worship of their tutelary deity, goat-footed Pan, who dwelt among them.[3] This idealized and nostalgic vision of the simple life, however, was sometimes contested and even ridiculed, both in antiquity and later on.


In Greek mythology, Astraea or Astrea (Greek: Ἀστραῖα;[1] English translation: "star-maiden") was a daughter of Zeus and Themis or of Eos and Astraeus. She and her mother were both personifications of justice, though Astraea was also associated with innocence and purity. She is always associated with the Greek Goddess of justice, Dike, who used to live on Earth but left, sickened by human greed. Astraea is sometimes confused with Asteria, the goddess of the stars and the daughter of Koios and Phoebe.

Astraea, the celestial virgin, was the last of the immortals to live with humans during Golden Age the old Greek religion's five deteriorating Ages of Man.[2] According to Ovid, Astraea abandoned the earth during the Iron Age.[3] Fleeing from the new wickedness of humanity, she ascended to heaven to become the constellation Virgo;[4] the scales of justice she carried became the nearby constellation Libra, reflected in her symbolic association with Justitia in Latin culture. In the Tarot, the 8th card, Justice, with a figure of Justitia, can thus be considered related to the figure of Astraea on historical iconographic grounds.

According to legend, Astraea will one day come back to Earth, bringing with her the return of the utopian Golden Age of which she was the ambassador.

Astraea's hoped-for return was referred to in a phrase from Virgil's Eclogue IV: "Iam redit et virgo, redeunt Saturnia Regna" (The Virgin and the Days of Old return).[citation needed]

During the European Renaissance, Astraea became associated with the general spirit of renewal of culture occurring at that time, particularly in England, where she became poetically identified in literature[5] with the figure of Queen Elizabeth I as the virgin Queen reigning over a new Golden Age. In Spain she was often identified with the rule of Philip IV. The French Author Honore D'Urfe wrote a very popular serial novel called L'Astree (Astraea), the first and second parts being published in 1607 and 1610 and each installment very much anticipated by the aristocratic public at the time. Rousseau in his Confessions p.160 Penguin Classic notes it as one of the novels read with his father and says it "was the one that recurred most frequently to my mind". A spectacle play by the Count of Villamediana and thirteen dramas by Calderon de la Barca introduce a character named Astraea to the foreground of political and astrological concerns.[6] In Russia, Astraea was identified first with Elizabeth, then with Catherine the Great.

The English epic poet Edmund Spenser further embellished this myth at the opening of Book V of The Faerie Queene (1596), where he claims that Astraea left behind "her groome | An yron man", called Talus. Shakespeare refers to Astraea in Titus Andronicus, and also in Henry VI, part 1. In his most famous play, La vida es sueño, Calderon de la Barca has a character named Rosaura (an anagram for "dawns") take on the name of Astraea at Court. This may be a laudatory political allusion to the dawn of a new Golden Age under Philip IV/Segismundo.

Astraea is also referenced in John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost, in Book IV between lines 990 and 1000. When Satan is discovered in the Garden of Eden and brought before the Angel Gabriel, the two are on the verge of war.

[God (The Eternal)] Hung forth in Heav'n his golden Scales, yet seen
Betwixt ASTREA and the SCORPION signe,
Wherein all things created first he weighd,
The pendulous round Earth with ballanc't Aire
In counterpoise, now ponders all events,
Battels and Realms

"Astræa" is also the title of a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson.[7]

In Book 2 of Robert Browning's The Ring and the Book there is the following reference:

There’s an end to all hope of justice more. Astraea's gone indeed, let hope go too! Who is it dares impugn the natural law? Deny God’s word "the faithless wife shall die?"

In the manga/anime series Sora no Otoshimono, Astraea is the name of an angeloid. In the Japanese anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00 one of the Gundam mobile suits is called Astraea. Astraea is operated by Celestial Being, a paramilitary organisation that fights for peace and a "justice" of sorts. Another anime series, Strawberry Panic, takes place atop "Astraea Hill", which may be a representational title for purity due to the religious undertones found in the anime.

aea in modern religions

The holy ghost, mentioned in Christianity and Islamism is highly influenced by the purity divine being which astraea represents. It has the same purifyng abilities as well as it is symbolized by a dove, a characteristic that was actually inspired by the way Astraea tends to be symbolized in defferent ancient greek traditions. Astraea seems to be also modernised by younger heresies of budhism and indhuism.


Life in the Golden Age. -. The Future Will be Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings

What will life be like in the Golden Age? It is hard to imagine, SaLuSa tells us. “Your future will bear no resemblance to duality.” Instead our future life will “give you every happiness.” (1)

“Whatever you believe the future to offer you, we can say it will be beyond your imagination for the sheer beauty and wonders you will encounter on your travels.” (2)

It won’t be based on things as they are now. “Very little of the wondrous world on your horizon will be rooted in your systems to date,” according to Matthew. (3) “It is written that you shall bring into manifestation the new paradigm, and it shall be vastly different from the old one,” according to SaLuSa. (4)

Atmos tells us that the old ways have proven inadequate.

“You cannot carry the old vibrations much further, and they must be transmuted into the Light. As always it is your final choice, but realize what an opportunity Ascension offers you to once and for all leave the cycle of Duality behind you. The Golden Age is about to commence, and you can step onto its pathway if you so wish. Live in Love and Light and you will achieve a great step up in your evolution.” (5)

SaLuSa invites us to consider how challenging duality has been. “You find little peace on Earth, as the lower vibrations are conducive to disharmony and imbalance. Your ability to create is limited, and because of separation from the Source there is a lack in your life that cannot be filled.” (6) But Ascension will change all that.

“The process of Ascension will answer all of these drawbacks, and through your own efforts you will enter the Light forevermore. Then and only then, will you become the real you with very few limitations and great power to create. As your consciousness expands, so you will find that your understanding of the powers you have also increases. At the higher levels you will not abuse it, but instead use it for the good of all.” (7)

We will have become our “God selves,” SaLuSa tells us, (8) “fully enlightened Beings of Love and Light,” Ker-On says. (9) He continues: “After Ascension you will be fully awakened, and there will no mysteries connected with your existence or purpose of life. With your consciousness fully opened you will become godlike in your powers and join all other ascended Beings.” (10)

It is “not the end of your journey,” SaLuSa reminds us, “but your elevation to higher dimensions where another one begins.” (11)

What will we be like after Ascension? What conditions will affect us then? How long will we live? Will we continue to suffer from disease and old age?


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