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Start date July 2o. 2011

Today's Date  7-23-11


I'm listening to HAWK again from Thursday the 2-th and picking up new information because its still pertinent.

The debit limit deadline is August 2nd, at which date the government can't pay its bills.  

Are you kidding?  Did you know that the 'unofficial ' debt of this country, which are the debts put out to the public is now $303,000 TRILLION dollars.  There is no way we can pay that off.  We have been bankrupt for a long time.  The public just wasn't told. 

The news from yesterday was a bomb attack on Norway and they immediately said it had to be Al Qaeda.  What?  Why is every terrorist attack automatically Al Qaeda?  There were more attacks after that, and there was still shooting going on today, Saturday, supposedly by terrorists dressed as Norway police. 

We'll have to wait and see why and who the real terrorists are.  We shouldn't jump to conclusions.  I still haven't figured out why anyone would want to attack Norway.

The death toll is now over 90.  The man captured was a tall Caucasian blue-eyed blonde.

In listening to an older radio show on Survive2thrive - link available through Steve Quayle's website - is a show by Darren Craddock 7=13=11/  The show was amazing.     It's about biodynamic agriculture, which was developed over the last 40 to 50 years by Maria Thune who belonged to the Rudolph Steiner group.  What is different about this method is that the four different types of planets are planted according to particular planetary alignments.  It is different from the farmer's almanac which only goes by the sun and moon.  Biodynamic agriculture even governs when the plants are harvested by type and planetary alignment because they taste better and last longer when harvested that alignment for its type. ere is a web search for your use since I don't know anything more than what I'm hearing so far either.   It makes sense to me in a big way.

The four different types of plants are:  leafy, flowering, root, and fruit.



I just listened to a fabulous interview of Dolores Cannon on Red Ice radio.  Here is the link.

This is all about Ascension and the New Earth coming.  She says it will be gradual, and that it started in 2003.

Michael Ellegion says that a million ufos are coming to take people to a new earth in three waves.

Dolores mentioned three waves also, but her three waves are about new souls coming in to help with the change of earth.




















That isn't the way I've heard it - I was told it will happen in one second and its not just us - its all the planets that have the same frequency.

Here is my page about what we call 'the tuning'.