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Start date July 3o. 3011

Today's Date  7-24-11


I'm listening to HAWK again from Thursday the 2-th and picking up new information because its still pertinent.

The debit limit deadline is August 2nd, at which date the government can't pay its bills.  

Are you kidding?  Did you know that the 'unofficial ' debt of this country, which are the debts put out to the public is now $303,000 TRILLION dollars.  There is no way we can pay that off.  We have been bankrupt for a long time.  The public just wasn't told. 

The news from yesterday was a bomb attack on Norway and they immediately said it had to be Al Qaeda.  What?  Why is every terrorist attack automatically Al Qaeda?  There were more attacks after that, and there was still shooting going on today, Saturday, supposedly by terrorists dressed as Norway police. 

We'll have to wait and see why and who the real terrorists are.  We shouldn't jump to conclusions.  I still haven't figured out why anyone would want to attack Norway.

In listening to an older radio show on Survive2thrive - link available through Steve Quayle's website - is a show by Darren Cradock on 7=13=11.  The show was amazing.    It's about biodynamic agriculture, which was developed over the last 40 to 50 years by Maria Thune who belonged to the Rudolph Steiner group.  What is different about this method is that the four different types of planets are planted according to particular planetary alignments.  It is different from the farmer's almanac which only goes by the sun and moon.  Biodynamic agriculture even governs when the plants are harvested by type and planetary alignment because they taste better and last longer when harvested that alignment for its type. ere is a web search for your use since I don't know anything more than what I'm hearing so far either.   It makes sense to me in a big way.

The four different types of plants are:  leafy, flowering, root, and fruit.



I just listened to a fabulous interview of Dolores Cannon on Red Ice radio.  Here is the link.

This is all about Ascension and the New Earth coming.  She says it will be gradual, and that it started in 2003.

Michael Ellegion says that a million ufos are coming to take people to a new earth in three waves.

Dolores mentioned three waves also, but her three waves are about new souls coming in to help with the change of earth.

That isn't the way I've heard it - I was told it will happen in one second and its not just us - its all the planets that have the same frequency.

Here is my page about what we call 'the tuning'.

It has come to our attention that people are saying that Obama claims to be descended from Jesud Chtist and the Black Madonna

If Obama is one of those descendants, so are other people in high power places.
Here are my articles about the Madonna,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=eb2ad2131e30eb5a&biw=1272&bih=842&pf=p&pdl=3000

Here are my articles about the TEMPLARS,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=eb2ad2131e30eb5a&biw=1272&bih=842


melonin crop circle

This crop circle appeared on 7-23-11 at Roundway, UK
It is said to be the cells of Melatonin in the Pineal gland


HERE ARE MY ARTICLES ON THE PINEAL GLAND.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=f4afe841cf6674f4&biw=1000&bih=692

The man in the video talks at great length about DMT being released iin the brain which causes 'hallucinations', visions, etc.  

I don't recommend drugs for that use.  The brain and body can be trained to do what we want it to do if we work at it diligently.   It might take years, but it's worth it because drugs only get you into the astral, and the consciousness is capable of going much higher into the spirit realms naturally.

I KNOW THAT SOME OF YOU WILL SEARCH FOR IT, SO I'll SAVE YOU THE TIME AND EFFORT.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=eb2ad2131e30eb5a&biw=1272&bih=842

This is from radio shoe on Thursday  7-21-11-
DEE NOTE: I will comment when necessary.

Three psychics shared what they see ahead for the nation and the world over the next six months. First up, was Joe Jacobs, who sees the United States being in a difficult year. The time frame of July 4th through August 24th is filled with miscommunications and misunderstandings, and he believes that only a temporary measure for the debt ceiling will be reached during this time. September could be a more constructive month for Congress, while he sees migrations taking place in October, and heavy storms and weather problems in December and February.

NOTES:  He uses a card system, which goes back to the Maji - probably the Chaldeans.  He says that numerology is accurate.  He says we are here for lessons but nobody gives you the curriculum.  He doesn't shuffle the cards - he thinks they are predestined.  he's been doing this since 1982.  We won't come out of this rough spot of the U. S. until spring.  He thinks there are coincidences even though we don't believe in coincidences, but he believes in predestination. He says not enough people are meditating enough.  He does not give disaster predictions in the public, but does not consider himself a psychic.  He will not someone they are going to die, but will tell people to get a checkup from their doctor.  He says we have more than one soul mate and life mates.  We don't always get along with the soul mate, sometimes its your best friend.  He says we judge nations by how they treat the weakest of them.  he uses his cards and numerology to do his personal readings.  He was asked about asteroid and Vesta and Elenin - and he gave the dates between November and January if anything does happen.  He thinks NASA needs to take a pause before coming out with new technology. Something new is coming up with them.  He says he doesn't ever tell someone they are going to be sick in the future because of the power of suggestion.  As far as 2012 goes, Obama is going to make some staff changes.  He doesn't'[t have much hope for the Middle East.  He thinks that the Mayan 2012 dates ifs a holding period until we get to 2013.  he thinks that people are leaving organized religions but have a real hunger for spirituality. 

Maureen Hancock, who has a new TV show (Psychic in Suburbia premiering on the Style Network on Sat. July 30th), shared a number of specific predictions:

NOTES:  She fells uneasy about the future.  She had lead poisoning as a child and after a long coma, she began to see spirits and hear voices.  She then had a severe car crash and broke every bone in her face.   Something strange with a rushing feeling got her out of her car and the EMTs couldn't figure out how she had done that because of her severe injuries..  She works with the sick and dying to give them hope for their spirit life.  she also helps people find lost children.  She said she knew that the woman in Florida was guilty about killing her own child.  She doesn't think she's going to go far away and will be pregnant within six months   She will be interviewed by Diane Sawyer.  Mitt Romney will be the front runner and possibly win  the election.   She doesn't want to commit to that though.

There will be a threat about a stadium in new York City also but will be thwarted.  She doesn't see anything bad happening about Vesta or Elenin.  A new book will come out about Ted Kennedy which include documents about John, Jackie and John Jr.  The documents will be authenticated.  new revelations will come out about Teddy Kennedy.  The Libyan situation will cause us to get more involved. A possible assassination will happen to Qaddafi.  It'll be three years before we get out of there.  She is very clairaudient so hears a great deal of information.  She likes to do bring through spirits for people to celebrate their flies.  She works with the Ghost Whisperer program.  Spirits are very content on the other side and are as peace.  They like to help their loved ones who are left behind.  They are with family on the other side.    the HURRICANE in October will;; be as strong as Katrina.  She says that two Kardashian will be pregnant at the same time.  Brad and Angelina will adopt another child. they will secretly marry in December.  There will an improvement in jobs in January.  It will gradually get better.  A possible CME could affect Europe but not in the U. s. it won't be too bad.  She thinks she is 90% accurate when  speaking to spirits, but*t only 70% with her predictions.  Gas prices should go down by November.  It will come down by at least a dollar a gallon. She got a sinking feeling about the asteroid comes about 2036 about the Midwest.  She is going to check that further.  She got butterflies in her stomach just thinking about it.   The media is not giving Ron Pail for what he says and does, but she sees Romney winning.  She will have a new show Psychic in Suburbia.;


In the last hour, Angela Moore spoke of Americans dealing with increased anxiety surrounding security and money. There could be a lot of disharmony-- possibly rioting, in relation to the growing chasm between the rich and poor, she detailed. She senses terrorist plots both for the US West Coast and abroad, which may involve transportation. Moore also foresees an asteroid or unknown heavenly body heading near Earth, which she mentally perceived as a kind of wave form.

NOTES   She is called the Hill Billy psychic.


She was born this way and so are other family members.   She said its bad to try to control or tell other people that they have to do something.   she get worried about the future, but a lot of it is dependent on choices we make.   She works with analogy - such as the Wizard of Oz   and we are going down the yellow brick road.  There are a lot of dangers lurking around.  Maybe its part of a dark cycle.  Either direction you go seems like trouble. We keep our eyes on the goal, we could end up better than we thought.  Some  people being born recently are more tuned in to what is coming.   If we raise our vibrations, it would help a lot.  With heightened awareness we can achieve more even we have dark things coming.  There are no coincidences - we need to pay attention to synchronicities.  On a conscious level we might not understand what is going on, but on a subconscious level  we do know.  Everyone is feeling something coming even though we don't know what it is.   What is going to happen is going to happen.  We'll deal with it when it gets here.  she has the feeling that the aliens may not have a choice in the future to keep hidden.  We have a choice of Free Choice and Destiny.  We need to have both. 

we are not all pawns in some big game.  There may be a 100 different paths to what we do, but once we get on that road, it will happen no matter what.   She sees increasing anxiety especially with real life things.  There will be a greater and greater divide between the rich and the poor.  She feels three men working on a terror plan - something to do with transportation.  It may be the west coast, but it might be more than one place.  she does not get that Mitt Romney will not be president.  North Carolina will have a big hurricane.  Madrid, Spain wall have a major problem.  Ted Kennedy book will come out.  Secrets will come out.  Important people are going to pass away. 

We need to have good discernment before dealing with psychic things, but with real life too.  There will be more attention to space.  There will be waves of them.  There will be a political person - very charismatic - but a woman.  she will be very important and create mixed feelings with her.    she considers being psychic is a gift because she can help other people.  With regard to Social Security and etc. we should not live in fear. 

There is a lot of deceit regarding 9/11.  There is an anniversary syndrome.  Information will probably not come right know, but it will eventually.  There was knowledge known ahead of time, and heads turn ed away so as not to stop it.  

How do you keep someone from our past from stalking you?  Court orders do not help.  On a spiritual level, maybe you have a soul contract to learn something from it.  Make sure the law is on your side.  Connect yourself to the stalker with a band of light.  Use whatever metaphysical things to break the psychic bond.  Talk to the person spirit to spirit to tell the person to back off.  The caller said to connect yourself with a purple ribbon and then psychically cut it.  But always be aware and look over your shoulder.

When you are ready to study this kind of work, and read books that look interesting  to you as you pay attention.  Pay attention to your surroundings and what things feel like.  Pay attention to your intuitive thoughts.  When you are ready for the teacher, the teacher comes.  It will come naturally without much effort.

She thinks that Kate and William may not have a new love, but they have a great friendship.