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A dream by Joe Mason 10-02-98

I was with a group of people in a yard beside the house. One man was killing the people as they waited for their turn. They were standing in somewhat of a line, but not single file. This was normal and happened regularly, about once a week.

The person, when their turn came, stepped up and the killing man stabbed them in the side of the abdomen with a knife.

I saw this scene several times, as it was happening week after week. I was observing from near the end of the line. There were some two dozen people each time.

The grass was green and the daytime sky was blue. No one resisted or objected. They just waited and moved along slowly with one another.

I was horrified, but they seemed to take it as normal, and no big deal, most of them looked to be in their 30's or 40's or so, and were dressed in casual summer clothes. It looked more like a yard bar-B-que, except it was a line of death.

I felt some fear, I may have felt that I was waiting for my turn to be killed. I'm not sure. It also seemed like I was a non-involved observer.

One of the people being killed was a young man, perhaps in his early 20's. He was good looking and built well, and medium height. He seemed to be clothes somewhat differently each time. He also struck me as being especially obedient, as he would step up quickly when it was his turn, let the killing man stab him, and then walk forward a few steps and then lay himself down gently on his stomach. He had almost a military look in his movements, holding himself erect, straight, with hands at his sides.

I was feeling frustrated. I knew there was something wrong with this...that the people did not have to go along with it.

I think I saw the similar scene three times as it played out each week. The final time I watched, frustrated, until the young man stepped up ridgedly to be killed. He had a colorful orange jumpsuit on. There was a belt around his slim waist. The killing man stabbed him again and he walked forward a few steps and lay down.

My frustration peaked and I started yelling abut how they didn't have to go along with this death thing.

I'm not sure how it happened, but the young man was back in the line, waiting his turn again. I started yelling at him to run. After a bit, he DID run. He went past me and out the front of the yard. Then, it seemed like I became the young man. I turned left and ran down the street, the headed down a street to the right. I was looking for a house or something where I could hide from the killing man, as  I knew that he would follow and try to bring me back.

Then, the scene changed. I was back in the yard, but now in the front yard. I saw the killing man coming toward me...but he had aged. His black hair was now dark gray and he looked older...perhaps 45 or so. The young man that had escaped came walking toward us from the right. I yelled as I pointed, "He LIVES! He LIVES!"  The killing man frowned and smiled as if he knew everything. He and the young man came together, put their arms around each other's shoulders and they walked on together.

The alarm clock rang and I woke up. I wondered what kind of play we were enacting.


Subj: Death machines ! Prophetic

Date: 04/23/2000

From: Bryon Smith

Transporter Machines / Water Filtration Machines 4/22/2000

In this dream I went into a large place where people were all lined up waiting to be transported to a safe place because conditions had make it dangerous in many places on the earth. I was suspicious of the government and what they were really doing when I saw what was going on. People would walk up to one end of a machine that was perhaps 10 feet wide by about 30 feet long and 15 to 20 feet tall. This machine had buttons, knobs and things all over it. At each end it had an arm that reached out with a thing on the end of it. People would walk up under one end of this device, there would be a flash of light and they would be gone. The military was telling them they were being transported to another place, a safe place but I didn't believe them and me and another man set out to find out what was really going on.

There were so many people in this huge room that no one noticed us as we made our way through the people to the far end of the building where we found a short line of people going through this one machine. Standing there were 3 men working the machine, actually one was running it and the other two were talking. We worked our way up where we could hear the two men talking and we overhead them saying what a great plan this was because the people would volunteer to be transported by these machines and come to their own deaths. They mentioned how the transporter machines were transporting the people to oblivion. They also talked about over population and how the world in it's current condition couldn't support all the people who were still alive. They also mentioned there was at least one other place just like this place that was killing people.

This other man who was with me and I watched as a person stepped into the "transport" area and in a flash of light they were gone. Then we watched the other end of the machine as it sprayed out what looked like dust and vapor. All that was left of the person were pieces that couldn't be identified as being human at all. We were shocked and in fear of what was happening right before the people's eyes and yet we were the only ones who knew the secret.

Now I woke up but when I went back to sleep it was as if the dream continued. Now it appeared that we were in the other place where similar machines were working to "transport" people to their deaths. There were only a few people left and seeing this place only had about 5 or so people running the machines we ran out and started warning the people they were not being transported to safety they were being transported to their deaths. At first the men running the machines just watched us and said nothing. The lines stopped to the machines and everyone started talking.

We told them how we overheard some of those men talking about how they could trick people to walk to their own deaths and that way not have to go out and kill them with armies. Then while the people were all standing around talking about what we had said we went up and started inspecting the machines. We learned the machines were not set up correctly to transport anyone but they did appear to be some kind of transportation machines. We changed several settings and aligned several other things on it. We understood that a test had been done to show the people that it was in fact a transportation machine and they had put someone at one end of the machine and transported them to the other end of the machine. This was what indicated to the people that it was in fact a transportation machine and had tricked them all.

As we inspected every inch of the machines we were looking at I flew up to the top of the far end of the machine and saw a rotating wheel like device that had small controls on at least half of it. I saw two buttons that were dealing with water flow and pressure and such. I turned one and before I knew it water started to flow through the machine. I flew back and saw there was a large opening 6 or 7 feet across at the bottom that had some kind of strange looking filter in it and water was flowing through it. The next thing I saw was one a man in a solid color uniform with no markings on it coming after me. He was not one of the regular operators but he was someone else. He cornered me and brought me back to the machine and up on a platform at the side of the building overlooking the machine that was running. I thought he was going to throw me into the machine but he turned me loose and said "I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just here to explain what these machines are doing here."

When he turned me loose I turned and started away from him. I looked down at the people and my friend who had been with me all this time and then turned around and waited for the man's explanation. He said "the water on earth has been poisoned and these machines are here to make the water pure so we can use it again. Many people have died from drinking or bathing in the water outside this building. These machines are our only hope for survival.

I went back down realizing I was in a dream now and we once again inspected the machine. It now had parts that unfolded and you could see into it. Some of these parts had machine shop devices on it like a lathe and drill presses and such. I saw a young man forming a part out of metal and other men working on this machine to make parts and such for what ever it was they were doing.


I know it's a crazy sounding dream and makes you wonder what it's really talking about. The first part of the dream I saw people walking into machines that looked very similar to this in a room that looked very similar to the last room. I saw people in the first dream walking into killing machines but in the last dream I never saw anyone really walking into the machines even though the lines were small and people were standing around very similar to the first dream. I am inclined to say this is a prophetic dream and is a piece to a larger puzzle. The bible says that in those last days before the return of the Lord of Light there will be a great war and a star will fall from the heavens and poison a great deal of the drinking water so that if people drink it they will die. In the first dream I saw killing machines, but could this represent the machines that poison the water ? And the second dream showing machines that filter and correct what is wrong with the water ? The plague that is mentioned say the water was made bitter as wormwood. I also know they have been testing something similar to this using it as a sweetener in foods like Ice Cream and soft drinks. They call it Nutrasweet, the chemical is called Aspartame. It is a chemical made up of small amounts of arsenic, formaldehyde another deadly poison and something else. Anyway it's nearly all poison and when combined and kept at low cool temperatures it has a sort of sweet taste but once it reaches body temperature or higher it changes, becomes poisonous and has an awful bitter taste to it. The intentions of this chemical is to poison water supplies of the enemy to kill people. In any kind of large quantity it would be most bitter and the term "wormwood" could very well describe it. For any disbelievers my sister in-law Sara has all ready had a first hand experience with this chemical and for those of you who think our government always has our best interests at heart you can do your research and learn the truth. Yes you can even talk to Sara if you like because she used the "sweetener" religiously for years and it nearly killed her. Even though she stopped using the products that contain it if she gets even a small amount of it even now it is life threatening. It builds up in the body and is stored in the liver.

So why would the FDA allow us to have such a dangerous product in our foods ? Aren't they here to prevent just such things ? Who's in charge anyway ? Think about it, do some digging and see if you can find the same things that I discovered.

Bryon Smith