(Corroborating evidence through Crop Circles)

by Joe Mason and Dee Finney



It has been determined over time that many dreams and visions contain information about the truth of creation which we would have no way of knowing unless spirit gave these details to us. This information is not always clear, sometimes only hinted at. Those who study dreams understand that such information is given in symbolism which makes us search our own souls to solve these visual puzzles that come in the night.

I had never studied the Hindu religion and to be honest, never delved into the Christian religion or any other religion very far in my lifetime, so when Joe and I met, and I began telling him my dreams, he became very excited because I was corroborating information that he had acquired through his own experiences and studies.

We are presenting this page to others in order to give evidence that all people are dreaming of these things and when you read this page, you can go back into your own dream journals and see for yourself. You will see clues in your own dreams that corroborate what we say here as well.

We will present the book knowledge first from scholars who have studied these other religions and then follow it with the dreams to demonstrate how the dreams show the spiritual truths in the symbolism.

Joe began his dream studies in 1991, while I began in 1980, however we came from very different backgrounds and types of study. Joe and I met auspiciously in 1997 on the Internet. Joe wrote the following essay in April of 1994.


A series of dreams and coincidences came my way over the past months that seem to be related to the concept of the triple male trinity.

My own ideas about the trinity developed over the past few years, from studying dreams, crop circle patterns, and myths. The triangular formation that appeared near Barbury Castle in 1991, I felt, represented the trinity. The circular patterns at the corners are said to have parallels in alchemical signs, representing the sun, the moon, and Mercury.

My research indicated that the trinity has a subatomic meaning, and is the basis of creation, the great "AUM", meaning the (A) Father, and (U) Mother engendered the Son, (M) Man.

In March 1993, I began reading H.P. Blavatsky's 'Isis Unveiled', Vol. II. She wrote extensively about the trinity, showing the many forms of the concept in various cultures. As with other theological doctrines, she traces the origins to India.

A number of the ideas in Blavatsky's writings matched well with my own findings and speculations. On page 227, she tells of various trinities. The "AUM" triangle is shown as part of the diagrams, which are explained on pages 266-270. Every triad, Blavatsky says, has a male, female and androgen. (page 268) Eve is within Adam. (page 223) They are the first androgen. I had made this speculation in 1990, based on dream, then found the same idea in 'The Gnostic Gospels'.

On pages 170-171 of 'Isis Unveiled' Mme Blavatsky compares the Indian, Chaldean, and Ophite systems. The One becomes dual, or Father and Mother, when manifesting. From the union of the two emanates a third, which is the Son, or manifested Logos.

Each system also has a triple male trinity proceeding from one female Deity. Each male has a divine consort, which are like "Saktis", and denoted by the one Great Mother. Mme Blavatsky shows the Chaldean system as an example.

Triad Anu

Mylitta - Arba-il
Four-fold God

This becomes in the Christian religion:

Trinity God the Father
God the Son
God the Holy Ghost

Mary, the mother
of the three, since
they are one, or the
Christian Heavenly

The triple male trinity was a new concept to me, but it fit well with other dream/myth material, such as the idea of the physical creation being symbolically male in the duality sense. The 'consorts' or triple female, combined into one matched my own findings. This seemed to be the meaning of the "Y" shape within the Barbury Castle pictogram. I dreamed of the "Y" shape unfolding the world about a month before the Barbury Castle pictogram appeared. In the dream, the "Y" shape was the part of a woman's body where the legs meet. From other hints, I speculated that this might be related to the Triple Goddess symbolism. I later read that the ancient Chinese equivalent of a triangle with circle and dot, was a "Y" shape, called "The Great Term", or "Great Unite." The meaning was that all things with form come from that which has no form.

A young man named Derek, told me two dreams that I thought might be related to the trinity. In October 1993, he told me another dream. In the dream he went to a neighbor girl's apartment to fix her garbage disposal. She told him that she would reveal her secret if he promised not to tell anyone. She disrobed and showed her naked body. Derek was shocked to see that she had three penises, arranged in a triangle. He excused himself quickly, and returned to his apartment. He told his roommate about the incident, and they began joking and laughing about it. Suddenly the door burst open, and the girl came in wielding an axe, shaped like a crescent. She intended to kill him for revealing her secret, but he managed to talk her out of it.

On hearing the dream, I exclaimed, "Oh my God! The triple male!"  I told Derek about Blavatsky's writings and how his dream seemed related. The girl seemed to represent Kali, the feminine energy in our time cycle, the Kali-Yuga. Repairing the garbage disposal seemed to be related to several other dreams, which had the apparent meaning of ridding ourselves of old beliefs. This is often symbolized as 'going to the bathroom'.

I had previously told Derek about my dream project, and how coincidences seemed to be like confirmations of concepts, and how such things seemed to be predictive of crop patterns and associated events.

I had been reading 'The Secret Teachings of Jesus', by Marvin W. Meyer around this time. The book is a translation of four of the Gnostic texts found at Nag Hammadi in 1945. In the final part of this book, 'The Secret Book of John', a triple spirit appears to John in a vision, identifying itself as the Father, Mother, and Child. The spirit explains how the invisible Father created the feminine "First Power" which became the womb of creation.

8. "She is the first Thought, the image of the Spirit.
     She became the universal womb, for she precedes everything,
            the common Parent,
            the first Humanity
            the holy Spirit,
            the triple male,
            the triple power
            the androgynous one with three names
            the eternal realm among the invisible beings,
            the first to come forth."

The ideas seemed to be in accord with Blavatsky's writings. Interestingly, on page 25 of 'Isis Unveiled' she had predicted that Gnostic documents would be found. I realized that Dereks dream showed the birth of the triple male from the womb.

In March 1994, I received the #11 'Cerealogist'. I was amazed by John Haddington's article in which he describes the 'Great Keyhole' crop formation of 1990 as 'The Earth Goddess'.




"I would like to suggest that what was being exhibited in 1990 as the 'Archetype' for duality was SEX, or the procreative principle.

The THREE double dumbbells of 1990, with the double prong key symbol represent the male principle, fully equipped with a penis. There were two pictograms to the south of Wanadyke, the great earthwork that protects the sacred landscape dedicated to the Earth Goddess, while the West Kennett formation was aimed at Silbury Hill which represents the womb of the Earth Goddess; this hill lies within the sacred landscape of Avebury. Interestingly the double prong symbol, which I now take to represent the penis, appears in the top half of the two formations to the South of Wansdyke, but in the bottom half of the formation at West Kennett.

I feel that there must be a reason for this, so let me speculate on this problem for a moment. If the top half of each formation represents "The Above" or higher nature of man, then it would be inappropriate for a penis symbol to be placed there as the soul or spirit in a pure state of mind should not be preoccupied with sex or objects of desire. The key or penis symbol should be in the lower half of the formation representing "The Below" or physical nature, as in the West Kennett Formation, which was placed within the bounds of the sacred area. It was shown to be concentrating on procreation rather than recreational sex, for it pointed to the vessel of procreation, the womb, represented by Silbury Hill, rather than an object of desire as is represented by the White Horse.

The great Keyhole at Astley Green with the three little keyholes around the head, represents the female principle of Nature or Earth Goddess, and is equipped with three vaginas. Thus we now have a complete archetype for sex, the male and female aspects of Nature. Nature seen as a whole has two sexes and is the self-regenerating life-force encompassing everything living that exists on Earth. An hermaphrodite, possessed of both sexes, needs no mate to bring forth it's young.

There are a variety of examples of this in nature. Snails come first to mind, and as I have previously written about snails being represented in the crop circles I will demonstrate another astonishing fact. Snakes and iguanas have two penises but a snail is unique in nature in that it is possessed of three penises, and when it does mate with another snail, it inserts these into the three vaginal passages of its mate. Two of these penises are capable of shooting poison darts into its mate to kill it. The genitalia therefore allegorically, belong to the two aspects of Mercury, the Hermaphroditic God of Nature. I am sure there must be other interpretations, and I would be happy to hear from anyone else who has alternative suggestions.

The Romans who had a special devotion to Mercury, often depicted him as having three penises. The reason for this has never been very clear, but maybe now one is being shown something that the Romans knew. It was common practice for the ancients Greeks and Romans, to place a Herm, or representation of Hermes/Mercury the patron of travellers, at crossroads where offerings could be made for safe passage or for fertility These Herms often displayed erect penises and they would have been a common sight in those days along the roads. Maybe it is a bit clearer now why the Great Snail appeared in East Field at Alton Barnes."



In February, 2001, Sir John Haddington contacted me (Joseph E. Mason) about the "coincidence" phenomenon.  I responded by informing him of this article and several others.  Sir Haddington read this article, then responded with the following e-mail:  

Subj: Re: Crop Circles and Coincidences
Date: 2/24/2001 11:03:16 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: John Haddington
To: JMason4557@aol.com

There was just one inaccuracy in one of your articles concerning the formation that appeared up near Manchester. It was the reference to the Ashley Green formation, the one with three arms radiating out of a central circle with smaller circles at the ends of the arms, and a long wedge shape that created the image of a keyhole. This was an image of Artemis the Earth/Moon Goddess of the ancient Greeks. Interestingly there were no ancient sites anywhere near this formation, but I discovered that a disused coalmine was directly beneath the formation. Thus the message can now be read " I am Black and Female. Come downstairs and visit me sometime!!"

All the early Black Madonnas of the Catholic Church must have been based on Artemis as she was portrayed as being black. Interestingly the Virgin Mary spent her last few years on Earth in a house just above Ephesus in Turkey. Ephesus was the biggest centre for the veneration of Artemis, and the remains of her temple are still there. When St. Paul went there with the intention of converting the Ephesians, a mob chased him off exclaiming the words " Great is Diana of the Ephesians." (Diana is synonymous with Artemis). The three penises were the Alton Barnes, Stanton St. Bernard, and West Kennett formations of the same year.


This was my response to Sir Haddington's e-mail:  

Subj: Artemis and Barbells
Date: 2/26/2001 5:09:37 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: JMason4557
To: John Haddington

In a message dated 2/24/2001 11:03:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, John Haddington writes:

<< Subj: Re: Crop Circles and Coincidences

There was just one inaccuracy in one of your articles concerning the formation that appeared up near Manchester. >>


Dear Sir Haddington, If it's okay with you, I will correct the inaccuracy by adding the contents of your e-mail.

Thanks for the input.

My interpretation (guess) of the Ashley Green formation is that the three "arms" symbolize three penises, which are an integral part of the "goddess" figure. The reasoning, I think, is supported by Derek's dream of the girl with three penises arranged in a triangle. This seemed to fit Blavatsky's idea about the Perfect Four. The goddess (Mary, Ishtar, etc.) gives "birth" to the three males. The Gnostic "'The Secret Book of John" seemed to indicate the concept by - "She became the universal womb, for she precedes everything, the common Parent, the first Humanity, the holy Spirit, the triple male, the triple power the androgynous one with three names"

Blavatsky had an idea about the creation process that seems right to me. My understanding and way of expressing it is that the male aspect of the Deity has the ideal thought for a creation. This implants a seed into the womb of the feminine aspect of Deity (Sakti), who then "gives birth" to the Son, the Logos, The Word made flesh. She and others say that the "Son" is actually an androgen "Child."

This fits with the dual Mercury-ratchet spiral of the 1991 Barbury Castle formation being in the "Son" position.

Here is an excerpt of Blavatsky's way of expressing the idea, from page 276 of "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2 -


In this scheme, the male gods typify Spirit in its deific attributes, while their female counterparts - the Sakti, represent the active energies of these attributes. The "Durga"

(active virtue) is a subtle, invisible force, which answers to Shekhinah - the garment of Ain-Soph. She is the Sakti through which the passive "Eternal" calls forth the visible universe from its first ideal conception. Every one of the three personages of the exoteric Trimurti is shown as using its "Sakti" as a "Vahana" (vehicle). Each of them is for the time being the form which sits upon the mysterious wagon of Ezekiel. [end of excerpt]


I believe this "vehicle" idea is strongly supported by certain dreams. A very good example is "Cliff's baseball dream" that I reported in the "Pollen Path" article.

The Sufi had an idea about the creation process represented by a final glyph that looks remarkably like the 1991 Barbury Castle formation:

Sufi Y and Triangle of Creation http://www.greatdreams.com/sufitri.jpg Just prior to the triangle is the "Y" shape, which is within the triangle. Because of my "Y" dream and its relation to the ancient Chinese "Y" - the Great Term or Great Unite - and a number of other things, my sense is that the "Y" represents the "goddess" with three aspects, and the triangle with three circles represents the triple male trinity of creation.

Our realm seems to be symbolically "male" in many dreams and myths, such as the phallic egg.

An analogy that involved dreams and meaningful coincidences is that this creation concept is like a feminine generator driving a male motor. The generator wires are hooked up in a "Y" circuit, while the motor is hooked up in a "delta" circuit, that is, a triangle.

You may know that "barbell" shapes have been reported as UFOs flying in the air. In

1992, a woman wrote to me, reporting that she saw a barbell shape moving inside a circle of light traveling in the sky, as she sat on the beach in Santa Cruz, California. In her mind, she heard the word "Salem." She learned later that this was once a name for Jerusalem at the time of Melchizedek. Later, she received voice messages in her mind that sounded like an old Celtic language.

In the book, "The Tantric Way, page 13, is a depiction of a barbell inside of a circle. It is called a "Salagram, a cosmic spheroid." This is excerpted from page 69:


The stone forms of the ovoid Brahmandas, or Siva-lingas, and spheroid Salagramas symbolize the totality in which the male and female principles are eternally united."

[end of excerpt]


Page 35 of the book has a picture of a diagram similar to the Bythron Mandala:

Kali Yantra

Here is an excerpt from that page:


Like the mandalas and yantras, the egg-shaped Brahmanda, the globe-shaped Salagrama, and the Siva-linga, mostly in stone and used for ritual, manifest a realization of wholeness. In the Brahmanda, 'Brahma-Anda', the totality is represented in the form of an egg. The Brahman (the Absolute) is symbolized as a curve which surrounds the universe and forms the egg (Anda), the Cosmic Egg (Brahmanda). Siva-linga is a term commonly applied to the phallus, though according to the "Skanda Purana," the linga means the all-pervading space in which the whole universe is in the process of formation and dissolution. Linga stands in the yoni - the womb of Prakriti, symbol of the female principle of the kinetic aspect giving rise to all vibration and movement. In a state beyond manifestation or a state of repose or balance, the yoni is represented by a circle, the central point being the root of the linga. In differentiated creation, however, or a state of activity it becomes distinct, and the circle is transformed into a triangle - the yoni, the source of manifestation.

[end of excerpt]


Because of this, my guess is that the barbell may sometimes represent a penis projecting from one circle into another, as representing the duality or "symbolic sex" of creation.

Your idea about the black Artemis/Diana seems on the mark to me. In 1990, before I knew much about myths, I joined a dream network group composed of just four people.

One woman reported a dream titled, "Queen Diana." In the dream she went to a Diana Ross concert. She later went back stage and received a pass. She walked down a hallway into a room. She went through a small opening and found herself sliding down a slide. Light was shining on her examining her body inside and out. She was then in a boat on a river with other people. "Queen Diana" was speaking to her "royal subjects."

I just thought of how well this fits your comment, "Thus the message can now be read ' I am Black and Female. Come downstairs and visit me sometime!!'"

Later in the year I saw a music video on TV that sparked some more ideas. Whitney Houston was singing "Be My Baby Tonight." It was full of symbolism. At one point, she split into three black women who were obviously supposed to be "The Supremes." At the end, she slapped her hand on a mirror and walked through it. She got on a motorcycle and a man sat down behind her. They drove off down the street.

This was prior to most of my studies, such as the Blavatsky and Tantric material. But, many dreams had various vehicles, which often seemed to be something like a belief- vehicle that took one down the road of life. The video seemed to be showing the feminine aspect leading the way, or something of that nature. Some crop circle formations, such as the two at Pepperbox Hill in 1990, looked a bit like bicycles or motorcycles. In those formations, the central glyph was basically a ring bisected by a line. This is an ancient symbol of the dual, or Mother/Father Deity.

I recalled the "Queen Diana" dream. Diana Ross was the lead singer of "The Supremes,"

of course. That is strongly suggestive of the Triple Goddess, I would say. In my symbols, black can mean "invisible." Underground can refer to the unconscious or collective unconscious.

Several years later I learned of Diana, the Roman goddess, and her Greek counterpart, Artemis. Edith Hamilton in "Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes," pages 31-

32, confirmed for me that Artemis/Diana indeed has three aspects:


She is "the goddess with three forms," Selene in the sky, Artemis on earth, Hecate in the lower world and in the world above when it is wrapped in darkness. Hecate was the Goddess of the Dark of the Moon, the black nights when the moon is hidden. She was associated with deeds of darkness, the Goddess of the Crossways, which were held to be ghostly places of evil magic.

An awful divinity,
Hecate of hell, Mighty to shatter every stubborn thing.
Hark! Hark! her hounds are baying through the town.
Where three roads meet, there she is standing.

[end of excerpt]


The idea of a place where three roads meet seemed familiar. In Black Elk's great vision, the Blue Man in the water fights the horses and riders from the four directions while standing in flames where three streams meet. Armageddon, I read, was near a place where two roads converge into one, where armies waited to attack enemies marching along the road.

This may also suggest the feminine "Y" shape, which, in my dream, was the part of a woman's body where the legs meet.

The Hecate aspect seems possibly related to a karmic funciton. The story of Artemis turning the hunter, Actaeon, into a stag also seems to represent karma. He was chased down and killed by his own faithful hounds.

A man named Steve sent a dream around 1996, in which he saw a bloody winter scene.

Wolves were eating away at the hindquarters of deer. The deer did not seem to mind . . .

they did not run away. The last thing he saw was a deer walking on its two front legs, as its entire hindquarters had been eaten away.

Around that time there were two other dreams with human figures with the lower bodies missing. This seemed similar to a South American myth where humans and monkeys get drunk, and the monkeys chew off their own tails. I eventually saw this as the karmic function operating in the lower three chakras, those associated with the "animal instincts."

The symbolism, I think, is similar to Kali, who is often depicted as black or dark blue.

My guess is that the harlot of Revelation 17 is much like Kali. Suggestions of a karmic function related to anger/fury is part of the apparent meaning. See:

Tamasisk - Anger - Fury (Kali & The Harlot)

Here is an excerpt from that page:


Like the mandalas and yantras, the egg-shaped Brahmanda, the globe-shaped Salagrama, and the Siva-linga, mostly in stone and used for ritual, manifest a realization of wholeness. In the Brahmanda, 'Brahma-Anda', the totality is represented in the form of an egg. The Brahman (the Absolute) is symbolized as a curve which surrounds the universe and forms the egg (Anda), the Cosmic Egg (Brahmanda). Siva-linga is a term commonly applied to the phallus, though according to the "Skanda Purana," the linga means the all-pervading space in which the whole universe is in the process of formation and dissolution. Linga stands in the yoni - the womb of Prakriti, symbol of the female principle of the kinetic aspect giving rise to all vibration and movement. In a state beyond manifestation or a state of repose or balance, the yoni is represented by a circle, the central point being the root of the linga. In differentiated creation, however, or a state of activity it becomes distinct, and the circle is transformed into a triangle - the yoni, the source of manifestation.

[end of excerpt]


Because of this, my guess is that the barbell may sometimes represent a penis projecting from one circle into another, as representing the duality or "symbolic sex" of creation.

Your idea about the black Artemis/Diana seems on the mark to me. In 1990, before I knew much about myths, I joined a dream network group composed of just four people.

One woman reported a dream titled, "Queen Diana." In the dream she went to a Diana Ross concert. She later went back stage and received a pass. She walked down a hallway into a room. She went through a small opening and found herself sliding down a slide. Light was shining on her examining her body inside and out. She was then in a boat on a river with other people. "Queen Diana" was speaking to her "royal subjects."

I just thought of how well this fits your comment, "Thus the message can now be read ' I am Black and Female. Come downstairs and visit me sometime!!'"

Later in the year I saw a music video on TV that sparked some more ideas. Whitney Houston was singing "Be My Baby Tonight." It was full of symbolism. At one point, she split into three black women who were obviously supposed to be "The Supremes." At the end, she slapped her hand on a mirror and walked through it. She got on a motorcycle and a man sat down behind her. They drove off down the street.

This was prior to most of my studies, such as the Blavatsky and Tantric material. But, many dreams had various vehicles, which often seemed to be something like a belief- vehicle that took one down the road of life. The video seemed to be showing the feminine aspect leading the way, or something of that nature. Some crop circle formations, such as the two at Pepperbox Hill in 1990, looked a bit like bicycles or motorcycles. In those formations, the central glyph was basically a ring bisected by a line. This is an ancient symbol of the dual, or Mother/Father Deity.

I recalled the "Queen Diana" dream. Diana Ross was the lead singer of "The Supremes,"of course. That is strongly suggestive of the Triple Goddess, I would say. In my symbols, black can mean "invisible." Underground can refer to the unconscious or collective unconscious.

The anger/fury, I believe, can be symbolized by a dog or wolf (although there is a positive side too). In Revelation 17, the fury is caused by the wine of the harlot.

These symbols seem quite negative, but in the Tantric teachings, it is called "death or destruction creation," and equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plant's growth.

The life and death of Princess Diana was considered meaningful to many as well as symbolic and "coincidental" to some. The car crash site, the tunnel in Paris, Pont De Alma ("the bridge of the soul"), was once a place of goddess Diana worship, some say.

David Cousins reported visionary experiences, indicating that Diana's death created an opportunity for all of humanity to open up their heart chakras (http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/7743/).

Others pointed out the eclipse connections. This is from my notes:


What is amazing that in :the case of Princess Diana, the three most significant days of her life :ALL took place within a day of a SOLAR ECLIPSE! Her wedding day, the :birth of her first child, and the day she died!

The Royal Wedding took place on July 29, 1981. Less than 48 hours later, :a total solar eclipse took place that was visible in Asia.

1981 Jul 31 T 0.579 108 02m02s :

The next eclipse in the same "Saros" cycle (145) occurs in 1999 and passes :over England and many of the most populated cities in Europe.

1999 Aug 11 T 0.506 112 02m23s :

The next total eclipse, and :the FIRST TOTAL ECLIPSE of the Third Millennium occurs on Jun 21 2001 !

That's right, you guessed it- on Prince William's 19th birthday! Will HE :be seated on the throne by then? Or will Charles be King?

Prince William born June 21 1982

Prince Harry arrived on the scene a little over two years later, :

1982 Jun 21 Partial Solar Eclipse :

On June 21, 1982, there was a partial solar eclipse that was only visible :in the South Atlantic, but it took place on the solstice, near the prime :meridian which intersects Greenwich England

1997: Princess Diana dies August 31 after midnight Paris time, :

1997 Sep 1 Partial Solar Eclipse; Saros=125 :

Less than 48 hours AFTER the crash, a partial solar eclipse took place, :visible in the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand.


Maureen had a dream-experience that struck me as significant:

Deathwalking with Diana by Maureen Roberts, Ph.D.

One of the most interesting parts is this:


Again, one does not need to look too hard to see the mythic parallel with Diana. Charles, William, Harry and Diana form a quaternity whose feminine fourth has undoubtedly helped awaken the feminine principle along with its attunement to feeling in the three males. It is surely significant, for instance, that among the Royals at Diana's funeral, these three were the only ones to openly cry. (A corresponding negative quaternity was evident in the '3+1' configuration that featured in the car crash that killed Diana and two of her male companions).

[end of excerpt]


I find this symbolism of the "triple male" with the single feminine figure QUITE coincidental, as per this whole discussion.

My research indicates that the increase of the feminine aspect is a major part of the earth change.

Perhaps Nostradamus referred to the future event:

Century 2, Quatrain 28

"The last son of the man with the Prophet's name
Will bring Diana to her day of rest.
At a distance they wander in frenetic grief
Delivering a great people from ruin."

Dodi Fayed's father is Mohammed Al-Fayed, owner of Harrod's department store in London, and the Hotel Ritz in Paris. He had been friendly with Diana's father, the late Earl Spencer. One of the world's most famous prophets, of course, was Mohammed.


Joe Mason


[continuing the original article, prior to the exchange with Sir John Haddington]

Again, the dreams and coincidences seemed to be related to the crop patterns being formed in cereal crops in England. Mr. Haddington did not relate the ideas to the triple male and triple female trinities, but he might see it that way if he knew of Blavatsky's writings and the dreams now coming to people across the world.

On rereading Mme Blavatsky's explanations about the trinity, I noticed something on page 171 that had not registered earlier:

"The Pythagorean ten denoted the Arba-Il or Divine Four, emblematized by the Hindu Lingham: Anu, 1; Bel, 2; Hoa, 3, which makes 6. The Triad and mylitta as 4 make the ten."

The "Lingham", of course, means "penis".

These symbols may also be related to the "Dharmic Wheel" crop pattern that appeared in 1992, which had eight symbols on a ring. A circle with dot was in the center, surrounded by a quartered circle. Crop circle researcher Michael Green wrote that the central pattern represented the god, Bel, and that the symbols on the ring showed man's spiritual development.

The northeast symbol was a crescent, representing Sulis, the womb of spirituality and the individuation of the personality. (Hoa is also the moon) The east symbol, two circles with a pathway between, was Dagda, a sexual glyph, the Mahadiva, the procreative power. The west symbol, a key-like shape, was the key of Mapon, the Divine Youth, symbolizing the emergence of the spiritual being who unlocks the door to the Mysteries for others. The Dharmic Wheel shows the conflict of spirit, personality, and soul, and the eventual union of the three, symbolized by the triadic shape, which is similar to the Barbury Castle design. The final step is to the center, and the union with Bel, the Light behind the Light.

John Haddington wrote that the Dharmic Wheel crop pattern was associated with the bull sacrifice. The central pattern represented the double-headed axe, used in the bull sacrifices. The east and west symbols, he suggests, are the female/male signs of Mercury, who brought order out of chaos.

Some coincidences happened about these ideas. I read that "Bel" was a title, meaning "Lord," given to Marduk, the god of Babylon. He brought order out of Chaos. A man at work told me a dream of being drawn and quartered by a 'night-mare horse' called 'Ishtar.' Ishtar is another name of Mylitta, according to Blavatsky. (page 171) She was Marduk's sister. A young friend, who was not aware of my studies, brought over a strange little book called 'Nicronomicon.' It was about Babylonian myths, so I was expecting a coincidence. I soon came to it:..."Marduk, Lord of the double-headed axe." Strangely, this seemed to tie the two articles about the Dharmic Wheel crop pattern together. Nebo, the Babylonian Mercury, rescued Marduk from the underworld.

Mme Blavatsky speaks of the 'Trinity in Chaos,' out of which springs the manifested trinity. (page 212) In some Indian temples this took the form of a bull. (page 268) The bull Nardi is the 'vehan' (vehicle) of Siva. (page 235) The bull, an emblem of Life, can be traced in every religious system. (page 236)

In her discussion of the Biblical patriarchs being Zodiacal signs, Blavatsky says that Adam, Cain, and Abel form the first triad. (page 465) Cain presides over the Taurus Bull, which belongs to the earthy trigon. In the Persian 'Avesta', Ormazd produced a being, the source and type of all the Universal beings, called "Life", or "Bull" in the 'Zend'. Ahriman (Cain) kills this being (Abel), from the seed of which (Seth) new beings are produced. Abel means 'son'. Apollo was also 'Abelius,' of Bel. Cain means a "Hermaic Statue, a pillar, the symbol of generation." (page 466)

The various symbols are difficult to integrate and understand. The crop patterns seems to be prodding us to study the ancient symbols. A good place to start is with H.P. Blavatsky. My investigations indicate that new understandings and confirmations can be found in dreams.

In 1990, I had a strange dream of a hand reading for a branch, and being bitten by a bison bull. A voice said, "The bison, symbolizing sex, rolls and the sacred herb springs up, giver of Life." A series of strange coincidences followed, eventually leading me to believe that the face of the bison or bull represents the trinity. The horns are like antenna to the dual aspects. I felt that Mme Blavatsky's writings helped explain the dream.

Various hints seem to suggest that the bull sacrifice symbolism is related to the Kali-Yuga time cycle. It's called 'death or destruction creation.' and equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plant's growth. My sense is that it represents a way of learning and growing through problems or challenges. This seems to be built into the triangle/trinity of creation.

I am led to believe that the end of the Kali-Yuga may be near. Great changes at this time apparently will involve a basic change in the triangle/trinity. The creation by death or destruction, the sacrifice, will come to an end.


2-9-90 Dream: I was in a house on the corner of 16th and Clark. Three men were coming down Clark St. on a grass cutter machine causing a lot of noise and destruction. I thought about calling the police, but the police got there just then and warned the men to stop. The police left and I heard one of the men say that that they were going to trash the tavern across the street on the other corner. They drove the machine around the building and I heard glass smash. I was just going to dial 911 and the police were there already. (Good work, Milwaukee Cops!!!)

NOTE: Police = karmic function


Meditation - 12-24-91 - After reading ECKANKAR stating that the SUGMAD in us is imagination. Imagination is our manna. Babaji then said, "If you are looking for a woman and she is not there, it is because you have not WILLED it. Whatever you have WILLED, you have; whatever you have not, you have not WILLED. Whatever you WILL, you will have.

Then I saw a man and a woman with three sons in front of them in attendance. The woman was handed a bouquet of flowers for the marriage ceremony by a person who came from the right and they were married.


Example of real life male trinity

by Kent Steadman

SHARED DREAM: I have been living with this damn repeating dream all of my life, and now most recently I am shocked to discover that three of my brothers share this memory in detail!

On a summer night we were playing after dark out on the front lawn: in our family home in Holladay, Utah, in a suburb south of Salt Lake City.

Coming in from the Southeast was a huge flotilla of disks; one: saucer broke away from the armada to hover right over the top of us at an altitude of about a hundred feet. We panicked and ran inside the house into the kitchen to hide under the kitchen bench storage place that Dad had built to put folding chairs. The Grey-like aliens found us and took us outside where their ship was on the ground in what we call the triangle space in our acre-sized backyard. Some of us including my dad were taken aboard and here the memory tape snaps. Brother Bruce claims that he refused to go on board and was left there crying as his family was abducted. Bruce likewise confirms my memories that this invasion affected not only our family, but was an event that changed the population at large in the whole valley - many were taken. MASS INVASION! This happened in the late Fifties, early Sixties. Reports that I have read indicate that many saw this event and is a classic UFO case.


(continuing Dee's dreams)

8-19-97 - Dream - I was on the computer. In front of me was a screen that showed one the files saved. That part was empty. Above it where you type in the title was a series of stars and symbols that are unknown to me. I was erasing and deleting them as fast as they appeared. They felt like alien symbols to me.

When I completed that I was in my New Berlin, WI house in the kitchen. It seemed I had a small business there.

A man with a moustache came down the steps and asked me to UPS a package for him. It was to A.S. I said I would do this for him. I knew there was a lot to do, so I went over by the telephone stand to write down on a list all the things I needed to do. The lists were numerous so I took them over to the table to organize them. My daughter was going to do all the work. We agreed to share the work load.

I went upstairs and saw that the bed was unmade so I put the white blanket on it. A sock was mixed up the blanket somehow, but even the black woman who was the housekeeper couldn't find it and we decided to leave it there until it showed up on it's own.

I went back down to the kitchen where the room was like the inside of a bank/post office. I was being driven through a maze of aisles to get to where the mail was delivered. I commented to the driver who was B.G. the painter that I hadn't been there in awhile. This particular bank/post office was one of three that I used. this was the 3rd one and the walls were all pink.

I then sat down on a bench in the same room and some uniformed men came and stood in front of me. They towered over me, they seemed so big. There were three of them. One was a fireman, one was a policeman, and one was some other official uniform I can't remember. The fireman asked me what I wanted to do with all the stuff that was being delivered. I hadn't ordered anything I told him. I got up and went to the window. Outside, parked on the road was a line of delivery vans, including one that was pouring cement and I could see flakes of stucco floating past the window so stucco was being applied to the house.

NOTE: Black housekeeper = Kali
             Bank = karma
             Post Office = remote source


9-16-97 - Dream: I was in a large apartment building. I was in charge of remodeling and a lot of work was going on. I was giving a woman a tour and asked her if she had seen the original apartments as they were before any remodeling had been done. She said, "No!" so I took her into one that the workmen were just starting. It was one large room. Two walls were brighter orange and two were hand painted with numerous colorful flowers. It had a really high ceiling. Now it was being modernized and painted all white. We went back into the hall when the president and his entourage were going by. I asked him if he could please sign the insurance papers today because two of my sons were about to do a daredevil stunt on top of a mountain. He assured me he would take care of it. I had seen my son Bob climb to the top of a mountain with his wife Karen and she dared him to jump his motorcycle to another peak nearby. He was about to do it.

We went down the hall and I had to go down in a sub-basement four steps and retrieve four small packages and take them up the elevator. A 4-wheeled step vehicle was provided for me for easy descent into the sub-basement level and this same vehicle would be placed in the elevator to take it up to a higher level.

When I stepped down into the sub-basement level - T.M. and three other men came walking by. I asked him if he could help me lift the packages onto the step vehicle. He said, "No! I'm too busy planning some electrical switches." He walked right on by and I was determined to get these packages to a higher level. So, I vowed out loud to do it myself because the vehicle was already provided for me and the elevator was ready to take me up.


10-3-97 - I was at A.C. working on the 4th floor. Three men came down the hall looking for a specific woman. They followed me into the bathroom and continued to talk to me despite the fact that there were other women in there. They finally arrested one woman only to find out she was an undercover cop herself and she had a hidden radio in her hat out of the 4th floor window and they were watching it float down.. I could see the hat and it had a feather on it and it was beige.

I walked down the hall and we heard a tremendous crash outside. We all ran to the window and saw a car crash outside. It was so violent, one of the cars was thrown up into a tree. I heard someone say the accident happened because someone dropped a hat.

NOTE: feather = truth, moral order


10-4-97 - Dream - I moved into a different house on the 2nd floor. The same day I moved there, I was supposed to show the other unit to some people. So many people showed up, I couldn't tell who was with who, and because I hadn't seen the whole place myself, I couldn't tell where one apartment ended and the next began. I went through a door into what I thought was the next unit and there was a design on the wall or the floor (not sure which)

These people kept asking me questions about the place I couldn't answer as I was still exploring it myself. I found four kitchens it seemed - like there was a duplicate right and left side, but each side seemed twice as wide as it should.

I finally took them all downstairs and we were outside. I looked back at the house and there was a flat roof on top with no attic.

I went back inside the door where I had originally entered. It was a double-wide door. Some young couples followed me back inside because they were still interested in the house though I wasn't so sure since I hadn't moved any furniture in. I could still go back to where I was staying with some other people.

One of the young men wanted to know what he could do with his friend's "Dotsy". I had no idea what a Dotsy was, so I finally asked him, "What is a Dotsy?" He pointed down and I looked down between the walls into a space that was like a basement laundry. There were three women down there and the laundry tub drain was plugged up. She was plunging it and I asked her if the plunger was working. She said, "No!" I told her she might need a snake then and that she might need a 50 ft. snake because the clog might be lower down in the pipe.

NOTE: A friend has asked if the word might have been "Daath-C" part of the Tree of Life - the Sephiroth.


10-5-97 - Dream - I had two dreams in which I was driving down a highway inside the Sephiroth. I saw 10 sign posts within it and read them all. The only word I can remember is "Supernal".

NOTE: Supernal means "from, or as though from the heavens or the sky; celestial, heavenly, or divine.


10-22-97 - DREAM - I was in a huge school. It held thousands and thousands of people of all ages. Classes were held on many floors of this school.

I went up in the elevator because I wanted to meet Gilgamesh. When I met him, he was very short, about 4 feet tall. He wore a silver suit that looked like metal. He actually looked more like a robot than a person.

He then changed into a green space suit and looked more alien. He accompanied me down the elevator and was dancing pretty wildly. I got off the elevator by the school office, the elevator door closed and I was wheezing like phlegm was stuck half way down my throat. I coughed and coughed and coughed. The office people came out and wanted to know if they should call an ambulance for me. I shook my head and continued coughing and finally my throat cleared.

The women in the office wanted to know what was going on and what had brought about my coughing. So, I told them about meeting Gilgamesh and my experience with the occult in the past.

They were very upset and told me I would lose my mind if I continued to do these things.

This office was like a small library with thousands of books and the door I had come in was blocked with a movable bookshelf so we could see out but nobody could see in.

I heard a swishing noise and wondered what it was. I looked out the door between the books and saw hundreds of children walking by in unison. The sound of their little stockinged feet, because there were so many of them, made that sound.

One little boy was smart enough to look between the books and we met eye to eye. I looked out onto the hall and saw black plumes of smoke coming out from under the elevator door. I thought about yelling "Fire" but didn't want to create a panic. The smoke diminished then and I reached for the green phone to call the fire department. The phone was dead.

I had no choice but to yell "Fire!" and get everyone out of the school. The smoke was getting denser.

So, I started yelling, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" Everyone had been drilled in what to do, but there were so many thousands of people to clear out the school, this took a long time, first the little children where I was and then adults coming down the stairs from higher floors. The smoke was coming down the hall, so I kept on hollering, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" People would dawdle and complain about going outside where it was cold and wet with snow. Three guys stopped in the hall to ask why I wasn't getting out myself. I said, "Then who will there be to call the warning." I was the  only one telling everyone else of the danger.


10-19-97 - I was working at a very large company and went to a certain department to search for a particular blueprint. At the same time I was posting dreams on a computer and each time I did, the computer disk would revolve and I could see that the postings were forming a football shape.

I was so excited about this, I wanted to show Joe what was happening.

Meantime, a tall, thin girl was waiting for me to get her the blueprint and I had been spending my time posting dreams instead. I felt guilty and went over to the next aisle to get the blueprint which was still in a square box cube, then saw I hadn't done my job with it yet.

I opened up the box to get the blueprint and inside was a burned frying pan. I opened the lid and found two scorched chicken wings in it. I apologized to the girl and said to her, "Tell your box I'm such a bad cook, I even burn restaurant food."

I then went to another department because I was getting ready to move. My apartment was on Wisconsin Ave. where NWML Insurance Co. is, and I was moving to the penthouse of the building East of it across the street from where I currently was.

People were asking me when I was going to be home to have my open house party.

I had the key to my apartment already so I was anxious to get going. I started packing up my clothes in a neat pile inside a brown wicker basket that was football shaped.

I wanted to get going so I made a flimsy excuse about not wanting to inspect an apartment for the 5th time and told my boss, "I quit!" It was my last day anyway but it was 5 o'clock and I wanted to get going. I saw the contract Lease and it was signed in red ink. The apartment they wanted me to inspect was 10_ and it was past the intersection where 96, 97, and 98 was at the EL of the building. I wasn't willing to walk past that intersection.

Three of my sons came over. For some reason, each one had to change clothes and I saw their huge penises. (This represents the triple male trinity) (In real life I have 5 sons and a daughter)

One son (Kenneth Edward) (means guardian of knowledge) had lost so much weight he had lost 14 inches off his waist and his clothes were in shreds up to his waist and yet he didn't want to change them for a smaller size. At his belt, his clothes were like this: ^^^^^^^ . I told him to take a shower and change clothes. I was ready to move.

NOTE: This shape means being 'engrailed' and is a sign of the Grail bloodline.


11-12-97 - DREAM - I was working in.a house somewhere in New Berlin north of National Ave. I was there to do landscaping or something - major changes.

The woman of the house was mean-spirited and I was careful to call her Maam every time I spoke with her. I could tell she was trying to make me make a mistake, lose my cool, or do something so she could call me down and find fault.

There was a black woman (Kali) there who was a maid for the household. She wanted the woman's beige slippers, so she put them into MY coat pockets and I was tong to take them home at the end of the day. The woman of the household found them in MY coat pockets and accused me of stealing them. Fortunately, the black woman was standing right there when I was accused and she admitted to putting them into my coat pockets because I was wearing a fur coat and I deserved to be accused. She then went down the basement stairs. (I don't actually own a fur coat)

Nobody apologized for the accusation but we went back to work and the woman of the house again tried to plant a rod of some sort where I was working planting flowers along the wall, so she could accuse me of stealing it. It was about 18" long. I had no idea what it was for. I was gong to move it over to another spot farther over and tell her she just lost it, but then changed my mind and just kept it out in the open where I was so it was never hidden.

My three sons came to visit then. Each one was wearing a pastel silk shirt, pink. blue, and white.

I was naked from the waist up and felt beautiful and felt no shame that my breasts were showing, but I was going to work in public and asked to borrow the white shirt which was now white with black lines on it which made it striped, checked, and plaid all at the same time. I was very careful to button every button and there were many. I would again say there was 18.

At that point, my friend Sue came to visit. She was wearing a maroon multi-colored coat similar to Fleur-de- Lis but, (part of the Grail symbolism) if not, the maroon was mixed in a design with yellow, red, and blue. The coat had a hood and it came half way over her face from the left. The woman of the house came out and also put on a maroon coat exactly like Sues even to the hood that came half way over her face from the left. She began to imitate Sue and the posed like models and they both looked so happy. The woman of the house was a changed woman in Sue's presence. They were like identical twins.

I then left and I saw the police go by. I don't know now why I went with them, but we went past the outside of a house - perhaps the one I had worked in. There was a piano there outside the house. One of the officers got down on his knees to look under the piano keyboard and pronounced that there was something wrong with it. I said that it looked like someone had sat on it.


1-6-98 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house out in the yard sitting under the apple tree. I looked down at myself and saw that my pink dress was too thin and see-thru and I would have to go into the house and put a slip on under the dress.

(I can't remember if I did this) I then looked down at my dress which was now a brown suit and again it was too thin and see-thru and I would have to climb the hill to the house and put a slip on.

I climbed the hill which was steeper and higher than normal. I went into the house, thru the kitchen, up the 4 steps to the hallway and past the bathroom whereupon I encountered 3 narrow gates to the rest of the house. I was trying to figure out how these gates worked when my three sons, Mike, Tom, and Bob came. (they were young teens)

I could see beyond the gates that they had completely stripped all the walls and carpeting out and the entire house was full of electronic equipment. I started screaming at them, "I was promised that there would still be room for me to live here."


3-12-98 - DREAM - I was working on crop circle archive pages with full text. By 'right clicking' twice on the mouse, the photographs were pulled onto the page. Numbered from 1 thru 15-17 were the same.

The dream went into the real. Six men were racing across a bay in three boats. Three men were in a regular speed boat, two in a powerboat, and one on a motorized sled which originally started out on the ice, but it was so slow, he too decided to use the water.

We all went to the site where the government had built a park so visitors could see history. There was a lake at the base of the hill, then a wide sandy trial that led up toward a stand of trees with rocky cliff beyond.

In the clearing were ancient pillars and every so often one would fall over endangering the visitors. One woman said, "I keep forgetting that the pyramids are falling down."

While we were there, a small plane crashed into the lake. It was flown by crop circle investigators. The newscasters said that the Bythorn area was very treacherous because it had sheer winds on occasion.

The experts had wanted to extend the runway out into the lake but residents had been opposed to this. Finally after the plane crash, the residents gave in and extended the runway out into the lake. However, a wet blanket was thrown into the lake because of the crash and there was no happiness about it.


4-25-98 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin but it seemed some rooms in the house were in other houses I lived in too.

I can't remember exactly how it started but we met three young men from Canada. They seemed to be 16 or 17 years old. They seemed like nice boys and I became particularly fond of the shorter blonde boy. My husband took him to where he worked and he was offered a job in two seconds. I asked him where they planned to stay that night. He said a word that sounded like "ceremony" but I knew he meant a place where people stay who have no home. Even though we didn't know these boys we offered to let them spend the night. The blonde boy said it would be up to the oldest boy what they did and it seems like he said the boys name was "Terra Cotta" or something like that.

The two darker haired boys went off downtown, but the blonde one stayed with us and when I told my kids it was time to start cleaning up, the blonde boy pitched in and worked harder than my own kids did. (My kids were sitting out on the lawn and not participating. I said to them, "It appears you don't appreciate what you have.")

I was standing in the kitchen and my youngest son Bill came in and his feet were covered with strawberries from walking in the strawberry beds. I carried him over to the sink and washed off his feet and called him a pig. He denied walking in the strawberry beds but the evidence was clear enough.

The blonde boy continued to help me clean the kitchen and then we went down in the basement and we cleaned the basement too.

I went up into the livingroom and saw that it was clean but a long low table blocked the doorway and the orange/red carpeting had round circles impressed in it like crop circles so I knew the livingroom needed more work yet.

I went back down to the kitchen and I saw my husband and all my kids coming down the steps. Mike, Ken, and Tom were wearing white tuxedos, the others were dressed normally. My daughter was wearing a purple/blue dress.

I asked where they were going. My husband said they were going to a wedding. I asked who was getting married. He said, "Louis ____" a friend of my father. (long deceased)

The man's male relatives were there and asked if I was coming too. I said, "It seemed I wasn't invited, my husband deemed it that way by not telling me about it.

They all left and I and the blonde boy continued to clean and guest started to arrive from the neighborhood. Some of the guests needed to use the bathroom and they had 5 toothbrushes and didn't know where to put them. I laughed and said, "I have cabinets that don't have anything in them. I opened up the upper cabinet which was empty and laid the 5 toothbrushes on the shelf.

This included a disabled woman we had to set up the TV set special for her. I turned on the TV set and I saw a pale green screen with a UFO hovering on it. Then the screen switched to a map of Wisconsin and the picture was still pale green. This whole thing slid over to the left and the picture was of some animal characters, a lion and some others. They were cartoonish.

I was able to drag the characters around the screen with the clicker thing like it was a computer mouse, but I could get Wisconsin and the UFO back. I tried changing the channel but nothing worked, so I let the disabled woman watch the lion and the other animals play acting.

I then turned my attention back to the blonde boy and was asking him about his family life and how his mother felt about him leaving Canada to seek his fortune. He said he didn't have a mother and got real sad. So I asked him about her and he said she had left the family many years before and he didn't have any contact with her. I felt real bad for him and kissed him on the cheek and wondered if he'd like me to be his surrogate mother. I felt I had more love to give than I was using raising my own kids.

He seemed appreciative to have the attention and the love.

The other two darker boys came by then and Terra Cotta decided they couldn't stay the night and they'd go downtown and stay at the men's shelter.

I asked the blond boy if he was going to work the next day and he said, "Yes!" and I offered to help the other two boys as well.

I said, "Don't forget about us now, please. You know where we live," and at that point I knew our address was on 84th St. (I never lived on 84th St.)


5-22-98 - NIGHTMARE - I was in my 16th St. house, but the house was a little different inside. I looked out the back window and saw a 'bad' teenage type kid wearing a heavy brown winter jacket. Two other guys in heavy brown winter jackets challenged him. The guy quickly climbed a telephone pole and the other two guys climbed the pole to get him. The first guy physically picked up the 2nd guy and then the 3rd guy, held them over his head and then dashed them to the ground where they hit their heads on the curb in the alley and died.

I ran to the phone and dialed 911. A deep male voice answered, "Hello!" It was my son Bill. I had woke him up from sleep. I hung up and dialed 911 again. The 2nd time I was able to report the two bodies laying in the alley. I was so afraid that the brown coated murderer was going to come into the house, so I kept trying to close the door, but the hinges were broken off and I couldn't close it. (NOTE: Once the door opened to the other dimension, you can never close the door again. There were other glass lobby doors that I could close and still see through and every time someone came in, they'd leave the door open and I'd have to go secure the door behind them. Three other men came into the lobby. They looked familiar and when I recognized them (no names, just faces) I let them in the door and then closed the glass doors again.

My son Bill came in with his two sons. they had just come back from skiing. I asked him if he had seen the brown coated man and he said, "No!" (The sons skis = .11..11. )

I was waiting for sirens but never heard any. I saw flashing red lights reflecting in the sky and then saw two black men laying in the alley by the bodies which were covered over with a tapestry-like carpet and their feet (4) were still sticking out. ( : : )

I was still so scared that the brown coated guy was going to show up and I couldn't keep the glass doors shut on my house.

Finally, I went outside with my husband (?) (I never saw his face) We were walking south on 16th St. and I saw the brown coated guy hiding in a cabinet shelf-type thing that was constructed in shallow levels and he was on one of the lower levels. There were 7 levels total and he was on the lowest. I didn't want to walk past him, so he knew of my presence, so i started shaking the arm of my husband to get his attention and pointing the other direction towards the alley so we could go that way instead.

I was so scared, I woke up shaking from fear.


9-1-98 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building. I got hired by the government to spy on New York and New Jersey ET events so I had a special machine which got installed in my closet for reports to come in for those two states plus the Federal Government.

On my bedroom wall was a special TV only about ETs and other people could post messages about ETs.

No sooner did the stuff get hooked up, but people started coming in to interfere, take up my time with nonsense and take me away from my incredible TV computer which glowed green on the wall.

Also, a newspaper cartoon section began in the Sunday newspaper about ETs. I was clipping out pictures about ETs. I was clipping out pictures to use to scan into the computer, so I went home and asked my oldest son Michael if he would save his newspaper so I could collect them whole as well since mine were cut up.

Three sets of people came to visit which interfered with my getting back to my ET wall TV/computer.

Some young punk teens came...3 boys. A black boy from the group saw my secret equipment and he told the other two boys about it, but they were so caught up in talking about fast cars, they didn't get what he was saying.

Some men came over, three of them, like my Father, his brother and his son and they didn't catch on to what I was doing either. In fact, they turned off the light in the road, and were watching Star Wars movies instead of paying attention to the real thing.

A mother and her little toddler son came in and somehow he spilled green paint in big splotches on top of an orange blanket, so they had to use one of my bathrooms to try scrub the green paint out of the blanket in the bathtub.

Some other women people came then to discuss how my wringer washer worked then because they had never seen anything like it and my last visitation was by a man who wanted to tell me how to raise my pet bird. I had the bird in the bathroom where he had the most freedom I could give him outside of a cage and the man thought I should raise him in the other bathroom where he could have more red toys and rods and grids to sit on, but thats where the furnace was and I thought it was too hot.

Finally, the woman and her son were finished scrubbing on the paint on the blanket. It didn't all come out, but I looked at the other side and it didn't bleed through, so I spread the blanket out on the bed to dry and arranged it so it was folded in thirds in such a way that the paint spots didn't show, only the orange part.

Finally I got everyone out of the house so I could get back to my ET TV/computer which was still glowing green on the wall.


9-14-98 - DREAM - I was at a University and was about 18 years old. I left the classroom at breaktime and went out into the hallway. Across the way was a shop and I noticed the word FREE on a sign so headed in that direction. I became aware of three men standing in the center of the hallway and I deliberately made myself walk with more purpose and even strided like a model hoping they would notice me. They did. I got across the hall and the place where I thought the door was, was only a window and I had to change direction and go left to where the door really was. Once inside, the whole scene was different than I had seen from outside and I ended up in the clothing department where everything was VERY expensive. I checked to see if they had TALL styles and they did. I was looking at winter jackets in light blue and white and finally told the salesclerk I'd have to come back after I saved my money, after considering the various ways of possible payment.

I then went into a classroom where I and my brother were asked to work at a particular project. In this project we had to use a tank of gas of some kind which was attached by a long skinny tube.

We took the tank of gas outside and my brother noticed a problem with the tubing. He took out his pocket knife to work on the tubing and cut the tubing in half. At that point the gas began escaping and the only way we had to prevent that was to stand there and hold our thumbs over the tube ending.

My brother said there was only one solution and he sat down in the street and cut his leg off below the knee to use the tube of skin to seal off the tubing. He needed to cut 4 slices of leg off to get the proper size ring for this. Meanwhile I and another guy were using huge stacks of paper toweling to staunch the bleeding because his blood was draining out of his body.

I had blood all over me at this time also. Having successfully stopped the flow of gas, we picked up the tank and began to run down the street to catch a bus. I saw none coming but there were other people driving slick looking race-type cars.

We hitched a ride with a guy and where he stopped I had to maneuver between wires that were going several different directions which couldn't be seen at a distance. I commented that I was going to have to tell people about this. It was like something way up high was being held up by these hidden guide wires.

We got to a mall-like area where older people were out protesting about things they didn't like. We got out of the car and went up to the protestors who were shaking their fingers at us.

I became very irate and started telling them off and telling them about how my brother was now legless because he had performed such a heroic act on their behalf and then I went up to the woman and grabbed her by the collar and started shaking her and said, "I just want to shake you until you begin to understand what the real 'TRUTH' is!!! and woke up.


9-18-98 - DREAM - I was in the country sitting by a barn and I started to hear what sounded like flies buzzing and I looked and blackbirds were coming up from the grass and flocking onto a trellis or grid-like structure on the side of the barn. They flapped their wings and fluttered around until they formed a big symbol like ^ then three young teens came and got on each other's shoulders and they walked into the barn like one tall person but it was 3 in 1.

NOTE: (The Trinity?) The ^ symbol is the male sign (similar to a unicorn horn). The V sign is feminine sign. Together they form an X which is the sign of the Templars, which was about the Holy Grail.

Then it seemed like the side of the barn turned into a movie screen and a musical commercial came on and all the people there were many had the faces of lions and striped tigers but were wearing like blue work clothes. Then the commercial changed into written instructions which I was trying to make out. Joe had come back home and his black car was parked behind me and I kept asking him, "What does that say?" over and over because I couldn't quite make it out. It was about writing something and I think it said something about expurging something. I couldn't see it clearly enough to know for sure.

I turned around to ask him again and Joe was gone and it sounded like he picked up his alarm clock and took it to work with him.


10-26-98 - DREAM -- I was shown what I thought was 3 pictures one above the other and in each picture were 3 aspects of God. Each one was of a different color...the middle picture was originally grey, but it suddenly turned Gold and the word SOL appeared.

After I woke up, I had the feeling that the bottom picture after it developed would be me in an aspect of God. The top picture remained unknown.


10-26-98 - DREAM - I seemed to be in a school of some type, one where I lived as well as learned, one where I also taught people and children younger than me.

There was work going on out in the yard and our laundry was hanging on the lines, large items like sheets and blankets. The workmen need the space to work in and shoved our laundry aside, but there was still a white bed coverlet that needed to go out on the line. It was folded in quarters when I found it laying on the ground between two buildings. I had to think about how to hang it up because I had no clothespin so I hung  it over the line with half on each side and knew I would have to watch it so the wind wouldn't blow it away. I sat in the livingroom watching the shadow of the sheet on the wall, blowing in the wind outside in the sunlight.

As I sat there, I saw a little orange kitten come out from under a large livingroom chair. As I watched, 5 more came out, one at a time until there were 6, and then the mother appeared to care for them.

As soon as the cat and the kittens were walking into the next room of the house, a baby golden lion cub came tumbling out from under the same chair I knew it was a lion cub rather than an ordinary cat because of his rounded ears and he was chubbier.

As I watched, another golden lion cub appeared one by one until there were 6. They were very small but I knew they grew to adult size in two months and I knew the mother lion would appear in a moment to care for them in her way.

I noticed then that school was done for the day. I walked out into the lobby and saw some hand drawn pictures done by the students, hanging on the wall up by the ceiling.

I went outside and saw the students going every which direction to go home. But there were 3 boys who looked like brothers who stood closely together and they were waiting for a bus. I saw them originally standing on the main street on the other side of the intersection, but no bus came, so they came over towards where I was standing to wait for a bus.

A huge, oversized - silver bus came along and pulled up to the curb where I stood. He opened the door and waited for the 3 boys to get on. But the boys were hesitant to get on the bus by themselves and I walked over to help them. The bus driver got off the bus to help too and I told him that the boys shouldn't get on the bus without their parents.

While we were standing there, the bus driver came over to talk to me until the boys parents showed up. We went back into the building then and I was telling the bus driver the story of the 3 gods, then of the kittens, followed by the lions. The bus driver was so enthralled by the story, he kept getting closer and closer to me. It wasn't until then I noticed how huge this guy was and that he was wearing a red and white striped polo shirt instead of a green bus driver's uniform. I got concerned about the bus and said, "Don't you have a bus to drive?" He got closer to me and said, "I'm just a student!" I was very uncomfortable having him be that close and expected him to go back out and drive the bus.

Meanwhile, I walked back into my livingroom. There, on a table were three packets of jewelry belonging to three young girls. They didn't seem to be interested in having the jewels once they got them and just let them lay around on the table. So, I began to put the jewelry back into the cases into the pockets where they belonged. I decided I would keep them myself if the girls didn't come back to get them.


11-1-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were living in a rented house out in the country. We didn't know it, but the landlord was selling the property and the Real Estate lady came over to discuss the deal with a guy who wanted it. He had obviously lived in the house before because he had a key to it. I started getting all upset because the man was going in and out of the house leaving his junk behind and dumping trash in the yard. I begged Joe to do something and ask the guy for the key, but Joe said to just ignore it. There were 30 days to move even if he bought the house and the deal wasn't even sealed yet because in the other room 7 black women were waiting to put in a bid on the house. I went into the room with them because I would much rather have them own the house than the mean man, but when they all got out their credit cards and wallets they didn't have enough credit or cash to buy the house. They wanted the house really bad though so I left them to figure out their finances and went back into the other room where 3 guys sitting on tall stools were in the middle of the room with the Real Estate lady.

The Real Estate lady introduced me to the 3 men and we stood in the room and put our heads together in a circle and exchanged loving energies. But, the Real Estate lady saw another couple in the corner. The girl was sitting on a chair right in the corner. She had dark hair and a huge dark eyebrows and no makeup.

I introduced the 3 men to her. I told them that she was the Queen of Oklahoma. They immediately surround her and put their heads together in a loving circle. However, I knew what they were up to. All they cared about was that she was a celebrity. She wasn't at all pretty, but she had a title.

I had been hired to do a mailing...stuffing envelopes. Three women came with the stuff...the envelopes and inserts. There were 2000 of them and they wanted them done by 8:00 a.m. they said they wanted people to 'have a choice'.

In the closet, up on a shelf, one woman found all the envelopes and some inserts. She said that if I ran out of inserts I could get them at the office downtown, and I wouldn't get paid until I turned in all the receipts at the bank across the street from the office. Again they reminded me that it had to be done by 8:00a.. in the morning.

Then they brought in some plastic shapes that also had to be stuffed into the envelopes. Each envelope had to have a black and white paper brochure, a black plastic insert shape and a white insert shape. I didn't see what the shapes were because they were in rather opaque plastic baggies.

I also saw then that there was a pile of cake decorations for a celebratory cake on the counter and I would have to deliver that as well.

Women were taking samples of the inserts and envelopes and there were only a few left in the box and I knew I was going to have to work all night and then pick up extra at the office to complete the task. It looked pretty hopeless.

8:00 a.m. came so fast, it was hardly a blink of an eye and I was downtown picking up more inserts. I don't know if I did the mailing or if someone else was also working on it, because at 8:00 a.m. sharp, all over the streets, out of the gutters came popping these black plastic shapes out of holes along the street. It was an amazing sight to see.


11-12-98 - DREAM - I was working in an office and had a stack of purchase orders in front of me and each one was for PCs and potatoes.

(Logically, I know that you don't buy PC's and potatoes from the same place so I don't understand this.)

I then went out into the hallway to talk to other employees. There were three young black women there who looked unappreciated so I went out of my way to say, "Thank you" to them and asked them if they would like to be treated to an ice cream. They said, "Yes!" so I told my boss I'd be back in half an hour intending to drive to the nearby place where they had ice cream. When I got to the door, there was a stairway that ended in a big drop off and below that hundreds of little children were sitting, waiting for something. I jumped down the drop off which was about 3 feet.

I told the girls I would meet them either at door #1 or door #2 (of the same building I had just come out of door #3) I wasn't sure which door the ice cream sales were.

I entered door #2 and there was a long line of people waiting. I wasn't sure what they were buying so I walked up to the counter. There was a separate line for cones or for cups of ice cream. I decided to get cups, then went back to the end of the line. They must have been buying in groups because each time a sale was made, several people in line ahead of me left and I was quickly at the front of the line. I bought 4 ice cream, but have no memory of giving it to anyone.



1-20-99 - DREAM/NIGHTMARE - I was at my Father's lake cottage. Though my Father had spent many years working on the cottage and the landscaping, it had never been completed before he got heart disease, was sick for several years and finally passed on.

There was so much work left to do , it seemed an impossible task, but even I pitched in to help with the landscaping, digging with a shovel, whatever there was to do, actually everyone pitched in.

Long before the work was done, a tragic accident occurred and a man who came to volunteer came sliding in, down the road, on his stomach. I couldn't bear to look at his injuries. His skin was shredded on the gravel. He had slid so far, all his clothes had shredded off. I expected an ambulance to be called, but he wouldn't give in, and he insisted on working right alongside the other two men who were there which was Joe the maintenance man and one other smaller man.

After the man shredded his skin and was injured, the other two men stayed with him while he was healing, they also took off their clothes and balanced themselves on the ground on their hands and feet sprawled out but not touching the ground like a turtle without shells.

There three men worked together as a team. What one would do, the others would try to outdo him. The camaraderies, the friendship, the work ethic, nothing was too good to sacrifice.

Finally, there was one task left to do. They had to balance the foundation of the porch before the last of the concrete could be poured to make it level. They had exhausted themselves, their tools were used up, they only had one tool left each to use and I saw each one reach in front of themselves to use their penis to balance the porch. One on each outside edge, the house itself being the 4th balance point.

I couldn't watch. I was shocked with disbelief that these men would give so much of themselves, of their energy, that they would sacrifice even their penises was too much and I ran away so I didn't have to see it happen.

However, then the cottage was complete, the landscaping was complete and I came back to look at this masterpiece those three men had sacrificed everything for.

I began to look through the house. It was perfect inside. The workmanship was far more outstanding than anything I had ever seen before. I went to the kitchen where new cabinets had been installed. Everything was perfect. Just like all women, we love a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen, so I began opening drawers and testing them. I saw a bread board which slid out from within the cabinet and saw that it was labeled "Masquerade". The label was beautifully and masterfully painted with flowers detailed around the letters. Even that was perfect. But something about the name terrified me. I became too frightened to open anymore cabinets, expecting that the sacrifice the men had made for my Father's house was so great that the man had even sacrificed their entire bodies and that I would find their bodies embedded in the cabinet wall or in the floor itself.

Then I saw the man who had slid in on his stomach and it appeared that his skin had healed. He was now fully dressed. I was admiring him and telling him how much I appreciated the sacrifices he and the other two men made. When I was talking to him, I noted that there was no bulge in the front of his pants, and their appeared to be scar tissue on his stomach over the area where his shirt gapped open. He said, "Let me show you how much I sacrificed for your Father's house, and reached for the zipper on his trousers.

I suddenly realized he had sacrificed even this treasured manhood for my Father's house, and I couldn't bear to look at it, so I turned and ran away. He insisted he wanted me to see his ultimate sacrifice and I wanted no part of that so I ran and ran and ran with him chasing me. I finally ran outside and was running down the street with him after me to show me his sacrifice. The dream turned surrealistic and alongside me were animals chasing each other...the larger ones chasing the smaller ones...in the order of the food chain. right alongside me was a brown dog chasing a squirrel. They were running so fast, I could see the outline of their speed delineated in the wind, then even a squirrel chased a mouse, on down to the smallest insect. All were running the same direction, seemingly East, all to devour their prey.

That's what I felt like now too, like I was the prey of the man. I ran as far as I could and came to the ocean's edge. There was nowhere left to run, so I jumped in the water and began to swim out to sea.

I turned over on my back, treading water and doing the back stroke, hoping I was safe, but I wasn't. The man jumped into the water after me and swam after me. There was nowhere left to go. I turned to see where I was and saw that I wasn't actually in an endless ocean, I was in an enclosed pool. But there was one more place I could hide. I saw that there was a doorway to a private enclosed pool that had brown wooden walls and I swam through the door into the last pool room. As I entered the pool, still swimming, I saw there was nowhere left to run, nowhere to hide and I would be forced to see the ultimate sacrifice of the man.

I was so terrified I forced my eyes open. I wasn't even breathing, my heart was pounding, the skin on my arms burned from the effort of the swimming. I just lay there in the dark, my eyes wide open, refusing to close them and go back into the dream. I finally calmed down, but there was no way I was going to close my eyes again.


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