2-5-94 - DREAM - I was working in an office when I came across some sheet music laying loose and some other papers. I made up manila folders for them then went into an inner office to see T.M. and asked him if he wanted the music and the Angelic sigils filed by category or by individual names and where he wanted them.

I then went outside and I saw some little baby white ducks and then some larger maroon colored geese walking in and out of traffic. One the opposite sidewalk Becky's sister Judy was tending to some little children. A water trough was placed in the median strip for the ducks and geese so they'd leave the cars alone because some of the drivers were quite distressed.

I watched for a few moments and heard someone say that it wasn't good for ducks to be in the water all the time.

Judy looked over and saw me and asked me if I could help her with the children. I agreed and started to cross the street. There were some dolls and toys in the middle of the street, so I stopped to pick them up to take them with me. At that moment, Judy lost total control of the children and swore at me to "F__k" the dolls and toys and get over there. Meanwhile she ran down the street after an older boy.

I took the dolls and toys to the children and they sat quietly playing. It was getting darker outside so I found some lights in the building nearby and turned them on. Then the Father's came out from a meeting. They were all wounded Vets wearing deep blue velvet bathrobes decorated with silver patches. One said it was their first meeting and thanked me for taking care of the children.  Judy was gone and never returned.


2-11-94 - DREAM - I was dreaming about managing an apartment complex and I had not gotten anyone to work in some vacant apartments in a building south of the one I was in. I was working on this when Bob the painter came up behind me and began kissing me on the back of the neck. I tried to squirm away and said, "Stop" but he was persistent and cornered me. Then he came close and began kissing me passionately.

Just then two purple police cars came along and stopped us. They came so close, almost touching us. I wasn't afraid but they seemed to infer that we should stop, but I can't remember what they said.


2-20-94 - DREAM EXCERPT: My friend David gave me three pins that were to be used all at once. A gold and diamond flower. The diamond was quite large, another gold flower, and a gold leaf. They were real gold and diamond.


2-20-94 - DREAM - I was afraid of someone and was hiding out. I determined that it was T.H. (a metaphysical teacher) I was in T.M.s (my spiritual teacher) office sitting in a dark corner, facing the wall, when I heard T.H.'s voice in his office. She was doing all the talking. I can't remember what she said, but I said to myself, "I'll never have a moment's peace as long as I'm with him."


2-20-94 - DREAM - T.M. came to visit. It was my New Berlin house. I was in the livingroom but he went into the next room where there was a bed set up. I wanted to show him an esoteric brochure that came in the mail so I went over to him and sat on the bed next to him. He said, "Do your diabetes meditation!"  I began to do that while he read the brochure. At the same time, I noticed that my babies were getting out of hand, moving furniture, getting tangled up in blankets, so I had to stop mediation to discipline the babies. Then I noticed that my new baby was over in a corner and I couldn't remember if she had ever been fed, so I had to go feed the baby.


This is a friend's dream:  Either E.R. or T.M. was going to give a lecture on the book of the bible in the old testament, starting with the letter "E". I was all prepared, having already studied the text. I questioned the girl next to me as to whether the lecturer would mind if I took notes and whether he would get angry if I asked questions.

NOTE: In getting out my Bible, I determined that the book had to EZRA and it had to do with the building of the Temple in Jerusalem.


2-28-94 - DREAM - I went in a room to take care of my baby. First I made sure he was clean between his toes, then I noted that one of his fingernails was overgrown, torn, and bleeding, so I used a little cuticle scissors to cut it and blotted off the blood.


2-28-94 - DREAM - Joe, the maintenance man and I were having a friendly romance, and it was nice, but I didn't want to have it jeopardize my job and by the time I decided I should, he had already started paying attention to my girlfriend Donna.

Joe was living with me and my kids and my son got his fingernails dirty and wanted to clean them but Joe had taken the fingernail brush to work with him. So to settle my son down, we tried to call Joe at work to ask for the brush. We never did manage to get ahold of him even with two operators trying to help me. I went into the bathroom and saw there was a dirty spot on my brand new pale yellow dress and changed it to a red dress and put red earrings in my ears also.