Subj: FTB Raid at NTD Electronics (WHAT AN ATTROCITY...and in the USA)
Date: 6/16/2001 5:58:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Russ MICHAEL)

Friends and beloveds,
    Mick Jesson's eye-witness story!!
    ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE is how the "hidden government" handles things...People wearing masks act very brave!!
    Stay in OBSERVER MODE as you read this...and KNOW that this kind of earth government is VERY SOON coming to a DRAMATIC END!!
     Bless your heart.
     LIGHT and LOVE***Michael
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I am fulfiling an obligation to notify all of the folks on my list of this atrocity committed by the municipal corporation known as STATE OF
CALIFORNIA masquerading as the government known as California Republic.

It seems that the FTB and the judges they use are not subject to the constitution and laws of this nation.

I would ask that you forward this to your lists as well.

My best to you and yours, and Nick and his family are in my prayers.

Brad Barnhill
Systems Analyst and patriot
Member of the Board of Directors
Freedom Hall Research Foundation
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Liberty is a way of life!

From: "John"
Subject: The rest of the story
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 09:56:42 -0500

June 13, 2001
From Taxgate,

There is always more to the story than first appears.  Nick Jesson of NTD Electronics was raided, that we know already, now for the 'rest of
the story', as Paul Harvey would say.

From Nick Jesson,
Subject: F.T.B. RAID

On May 2, 2001, 25 F.T.B. Agents came into my office. They did not knock, or announce who they were.  They STORMED though our office doors with GUNS pointed at each of the 18 workers there, YELLING, "move away from your desk, and you will not get HURT"!!!

Three Agents broke though my wife's office, and all three held guns to her head.  My wife is 4'10' and 95 pounds, yet the F.T.B. felt
that it took three of them with guns drawn, to make sure she didn't hurt any of those poor weak F.T.B. Agents.

Even with guns pointed at her head, and having her life in danger, she still had the courage to ask who they were. Their answer was they
didn't need to tell her!  Also, she asked if they had a search warrant, once again she was told they didn't need to give her a search warrant.

This stared at 8:45 Am and lasted until 10:55 Pm.

At 9:00 am I drove up to my office in shock to see the people from my office being lead out of the building with guns at their heads!.

Around 9:30 am the F.T.B. went to my home and raided that also. I had asked them to at least let me call our Nanny because she was there
alone, with her 3 year old son. I was informed that that was not possible!  So I told them not to pull their same TERRORIST ATTACK at
my home, as they had done at my office.

When the F.T.B. arrived at my home they did knock, however, the Nanny didn't understand who they were, and would not open the door, so they broke the door in.

While all of this was going on, the Huntington Beach, and Fountain Valley police, just stood there, and watched as the Agents performed

After I arrived, I asked ED WILSON for a copy of the search warrant, his statement was that he didn't need to give it to me!  However,
after more than one hour, and asking at least 10 times, Agent WILSON handed me the search warrant.

By this time the HUNTINGTON BEACH, and FOUNTAIN VALLEY police, had left.  As I read the warrant I noticed that the date for the search warrant was for MAY 1, 2000, yet they were raiding us on MAY 2, 2001.  Right away I demanded that they leave until they could return with a valid search warrant.  Agent WILSON just laughed, and walked back into my office.  So I called the HUNTINGTON BEACH police, and asked them to return, and stop the crime that was going on at my

HUNTINGTON BEACH sent over one officer. I asked him if HUNTINGTON BEACH had seen this search warrant before helping the F.T.B. with the raid.  His answer was he didn't know.  At that time I pointed out that the search warrant was over one year old. Search warrants are
ONLY good for 10 days.  The officer informed me there was nothing he could do because it wasn't his search warrant!

For the next 14 hours a few us just sat in the parking lot and watched as these terrorists stole 289 items from my office.  I had even called the Orange County Sheriff to come and help us.  I was told they would send someone, yet not one person came to our aid.

I was so upset that it wasn't until the next day that we noticed that the search warrant didn't even have my office ADDRESS on it! Nor was
there even a description of my   building!   The only address and description on the search warrant was for my home!

By MAY 9th, 2001, I had filed my ex-parte Motion to quash the search warrant in violation of my 4th amendment rights.  As JUDGE JAMES P.MARION took the bench he stated that this was not a hearing because he didn't know if he had the right to quash the search warrant.  What a LIE!!!  He is the one that signed it!!  SO once again we came back on MAY 14th 2001 to be heard again.  Once again the JUDGE stated that this was not a hearing, and that just the day before Agent WILSON came in with his own ex-parte Motion to get a 30 day extension. We were not informed of that motion at all!  JUDGE MARION granted the 30 day extension, without my attorney being there to argue the issue.  (Note, section 1534 states, that after serving the search warrant it SHALL BE FILED WITH IN 10 DAYS,  not 48 days later!).

As of JUNE 9th, 2001 no charges have yet to be filed, nor has the search warrant been filed.

Each time we have been in Court we were told that because I was not a defendant, that my 4th Amendment rights had no bearing. Well if the JUDGE would read the 4th Amendment, he would see that no where does it state that our 4th Amendment doesn't apply unless you are charged first!  If this were the case, then that would mean that the government could come into every Citizens home, at any time, without
a search warrant, steal your belongings and keep them forever, or until they file some sort of charges!

What was the F.T.B. after?  Well, after 30 days of my own research, here's what I have found out.  My ex-CFO was on a 10 year probation,
which I didn't know until a few weeks ago.  This CFO had stole over $400,000.00 from people in their 70's to 80's. She had been sentenced
to 10 years in jail, yet did only 402 days at the county jail, and then put on a 10 year probation.

On MARCH 15th 2001, the probation officer BRUCE MOORE raided her place, and her boy friends place, because she had stoped paying back the money she promised to pay back.

After going to court she was told she must come up with $376,000.00 by JUNE 28th or go to prison for the next 8 years.  So she made a
deal with the D.A..  She told them that she could show the I.R.S. that we had under reported what our company made in 1997, 1998 and
1999.  However I was on to their game a few weeks before the raid. The I.R.S. had sent a letter to my ex-CFO by mistake to my office.
So I called the I.R.S. Agent DAVID VAN DYKE and asked why he was sending information on my company to this CFO.  His response was that I had given her Power of Attorney,  I told him that was not the case  and to please fax me a copy of the power of attorney.

Not until three days later did I receive the fax.  Right away I knew that they were fake. Agent VAN DYKE asked me how I knew they were
fake.  I told him that the Power of Attorney was for the period from 1995 though 2000.  Agent VAN DYKE said so what, I told him that this
CFO didn't start working here until late 1999, so there was no way that she had power of attorney for those years.  Plus I told Agent
VAN DYKE that I had a civil law suit, and criminal charges, filed against her for grand theft!

At this point the I.R.S. knew that THEY could not come in here, so they apparently handed it down to the F.T.B. to come in and raid us.

Then on JUNE 1st, 2001 I went to the I.R.S. building and asked for my IMF file. After reading it once again, I was shocked, the file had
been changed!!!  Someone at the I.R.S. had changed my file to show that from 1995 though 1999 that I had given someone Power of Attorney to go into my files.

How do I know?  Well even though the F.T.B. stole my IMF files from my office, which I had run in 1998 and 1999, they didn't know that
what they stole were only copies.  I had the ORIGINALS off-site.  Now the originals show for the years 1995 though 1999 that NO ONE had
Power of Attorney!  Which means someone at the I.R.S. had to go in and change my files, so that this ex-CFO could look at my files, and
help the I.R.S. doctor up my files, so the she can get off doing her 8 years in the state prison!!  ( The I.R.S. will pay any informer 10%
of whatever they find.)  The only way they can find anything is if the I.R.S., AND the ex-CFO, doctors up my files. What they don't know
is that from 1987 thru 1998 we always had an out-side C.P.A. do my returns!

Now, I know you are wondering, why all of this is happening to me. The answer is because I have been working on proving who really owns the Federal Reserve.  90% of Americans believe that it is owned by our Government.  This is not true at all, however that is what the
Government wants us to believe.

CONGRESSMAN MCFFADDEN in 1939 started Hearings to prove the same thing I'm trying to prove. One year latter he died.  PRESIDENT
KENNDEY in 1962 started printing United States currency, instead of Federal Reserve Notes.  Less than a year latter PRESIDENT KENNDEY was shot!  There are many other people that try to show who really owns the Federal Reserve, each one of these people are now dead.

I have tried hard to get any news media to air this, yet not one will do it.  So you are my last hope. If this can happen to me, then who is next?  We are only trying to redress Government, and have harmed NO ONE, yet this ex-CFO has stolen from 40 people that will never be able to get their money back!  To me this only shows the American people that our government is willing to let MORE people be harmed by this ex-CFO, in a trade off to keep me from redressing Government.

I pray with all my heart, and soul, that you will help, not only me, but the rest of our country, by airing this story, so the American people will see the truth about how our system has become corrupted.

I have two small boys, one age 6 and one age 9.  They were so upset the next day that the 9 year old could not even go to school.  He has
not missed even one day before this happened.  Plus each year the children that do not miss any days of school end up with an Award.
Derek, which is the 9 year old, was so hurt that he now would not end up with his Award, that he had worked so hard to get, could not sleep well until I went and spoke with his teacher to let her know what had happen. Bless her heart, she will still give Derek the Award.

In the year 2000, I gave $250,000.00 to our Christian school and church, another $5,000.00 to CHOC HOSPITAL, which is the hospital
that helps children, $5,000.00 to the Orange County Sheriff's department, $70,000 to a friend that was losing his home, plus the three different sports that I Coach each year, I bought over $25,000 in sporting equipment which each child gets to keep.

There are so many more, but this enough to let you know that I'M trying to help, not only our children, but our country also.

So please, help me get the word out.  Don't sit by while evil men do evil things!

Nick Jesson
NTD Electronics

***BREATHE in and BREATHE out LIGHT and LOVE daily.