The Non-dimensional Theory


This Theory explores the speech by Al Bielik (January 3, 1990). His insights are assumed to be true, for the purpose of comparison with the works of Lethbridge, who was of a psychic nature and who used pendulums to discover correspondences between oscillation rates and animate objects/inanimate concepts, listed herein. Dates and years are examined and correlations are made to show new alignments of Bielik's dates and years with the 40 degree Table of Rates that Lethbridge discovered. The Non-dimensional Theory takes its name from the nature of this particular "force" that orders the 40 degree Table of Rates, as it seems to be, not gravitic, electric or magnetic, but something else. I call this the Life Force.

My comments, as always, are in the form of (Notes).

Lethbridge Excerpts: A Step in the Dark

An Analysis of Al Bielik's Philadelphia Experiment Speech

JANUARY 13, 1990
Transcribed October 12, 1991 by Clay Tippen
7809 Cypress St. West Monroe, LA 71291-8282

Part III

"We jumped over the side of the ship expecting to hit water; we didn't, we wound up in 1983, August 12."

"Now what was the nature of the problem that he finally came to grips with? It was rather basic. The ship came back to its point of reference because it had a Zero Time Generator and the reference system which brought it back. That remained intact; it was the generators that were destroyed, and certain other equipments which were destroyed, but that zero reference device brought the ship back to its original point of reference, even though it had shifted time slightly."

"Humans are born, or I should say not only born but at the time of conception, as he found out with his research, with their own TIME LOCKS. Now you would have to go into some rather obscure physics, I'll leave out the math and try to make it simple. We're not living in a three dimensional universe. We're living in a five dimensional universe. The fourth and fifth dimensions are TIME. The fourth time dimension of course has been well alluded to as outlined by Einstein and others. The fifth dimensional concept actually goes back to 1931, to P.D. Aspinski (Ouspenski, Uspenski) and his book "Tertium Organum", a new model of the universe, in English. And he spoke of the five dimensions of our reality. He named the fourth as time; he never really got around to naming the fifth."

(Note: Having read Aristotle's Organon, Roger Bacon's Novum Organum, P.D. Ouspenski's Tertium Organum, Krypton's Quartum Organum, 100's of gravity files and dozens of carefully selected files that point to gravity being the 4th dimension, I respectfully disagree).

"But Von Neumann realized, as it is known today by some physicists, that the fifth dimension is also time; it is a spinnor, a vector, rotating around the first primary vector which indicates the flow and direction of time. The flow is immaterial. We say that we are moving forward in time, that's because of our looking at it, and our reference. We don't sense time but it does flow at a fairly stable rate. And this other vector running around it is of no concern to us... normally."

"However every human at the time of conception is given a set of locks, if you will (it's part of the genetic structure), to the time point at which that individual is locked at conception, so that that individual flows with time and one born and lives a life out is referenced to everything around him which he comes to know all his friends, family, schooling, whatever, and doesn't slip in and out of time from the point of reference which he is used to. That is, normally."

"In the case of the experiment on the Eldridge, the power was so enormous that it ruptured the time references of those individuals who were directly exposed to the fields, namely those above deck. They lost their time references."

(Note: They also lost their space reference. In other words, they moved during the experiment. A movement in a microsecond of time = 985 feet in space.)

"Once the ship came back, is when the trouble started. As long as it was in Hyperspace and the generators were going, they were all contained within the field. So far as I know, nobody else jumped overboard but the two of us."

"In retrospect, I wonder whether we ever should have, but nevertheless we did, and the events that took place, took place. When the fields collapsed, these individuals, having lost their time references right up to that point, who were held and contained within the field, started to drift. Some of them drifted totally out of reality, others drifted around, and were lucky if they got their feet on the deck, and some drifted and finally materialized, as happened, two on the deck, two in the bulkheads, and one with his hand in the wall, and that was because of the fact that they lost their time references, and they drifted, and they happened to drift back."

Part IV

"Not only do humans have biofields, which are quite well documented today. They start at birth. But planet Earth has its own set of biofields. This has been discovered rather recently, in the last decade roughly. Four of them, and they all four peak out once every twenty years. Guess what date? The 12th of August. 1963, 1983, 1943, you can go backwards or forwards, always twenty years. And this creates a very strange set of conditions on planet Earth, where there is a peak of energy, a peak of magnetic energies, and a capability of coupling, and this is what happened because of the culmination of dates of the two experiments, on August 12th, and the Earth's biofields peaking out at that time."


(Note: Here I assign years to rates on the hypothesis that 1943 is the death cycle of the wave. No proof can be forwarded to support this decision but a life cycle appears in 2003 as an interesting aside: 1943 (40, death), 1963 (20, life), 1983 (40, death), Aug 12, 2003 (20, life), the next peak, with 20 yr cycle lengths representing Mayan 20 in base 6).

(Note: Now lets look at what Lethbridge says about his discoveries: Lethbridge notes that "There is an object on the floor, with the circle around it. The object is in its approximate place 22-inches from the axis, or spindle of the spiral. Suddenly another centre(sic) of another circle appears 62-inches away (62-22 = 40, death, in base 16) at the correct spot on the second whorl of the spiral and it has its own around it as you can test. More than that, it also has a weak 22-inch circle round where its supposed centre(sic) seems that there can be only one explanation. We are dealing with a displacement of some kind (The very same displacement as the spacetime displacement (microsecond time = 985 feet in space) of the Eldridge personnel mishap (1983-1943 = 40)."

(Note: An interesting number 40 is found in Scientific American Magazine: "In the atomic world there are..."4 kinds of force"...each force has its own characteristic strength and the strengths differ by almost 40 orders of magnitude". Scientific American, June 1979, pg. 93, 96

(Note: An interesting aside about cycles: File: Closer Look notes that "The precessional hand is about to enter Aquarius, but for 12,000 years this hand makes no contact with the lower half, the part we are in today. Therefore it is an indicator only oppositively and inferentially. Now consider the lower hand, the one that tells the hour, not the minute, It entered the shadow at Scorpio 6,000 years ago as the lower half began. Since then it has progressed through Libra and Virgo. Today it stands near the cusp of Virgo-Leo (1959), the nadir (lowest point) of the material cycle, our present locale. Thus, contrary to all opinion, the lower hand is the true "significator' of both Age and condition. This being so, we are not entering the Aquarian Age but the Leonine Age, neither peaceful nor utopian but tumultuous as the sun, more mental, however, than military".

(Note: Connecting 20 yr cycles with the Virgo / Leo transition: Since the 1959 Virgo / Leo cusp transition is so close to the above year 1963 (life rate 20) we could say these two are the same since the above Author (Krypton) says the "lower hand...stands near the cusp of Virgo / Leo" and indicates a beginning, namely a transition of the spiral begun in 1943 and ending in 1983, assuming that this spiral acts exactly as the spiral of light in the intrinsic 1/2 spin of an electron, which has to precess twice (1943 (40) + 1963 (20) + 1983 (40)) to return to its beginning rate (40death / 20life / 40death). This ordering of the force is not electricity nor magnetism nor any 4 dimensional gravity, a harmonic of Phi, but is more at Non-dimensional or 0D, which demands an alignment based upon Phi and its harmonics because it is at the root of Phi.lo.Sofia, the Life Force. Could it be that any spacetime altering machines using quadrapole configurations, such as out of sync generators, including personell, were destroyed by this Life Force, which, in 1943, was being approached by out of sync experimenters, at out of sync times? What if it can be proven that this Life Force is Love and anything or anyone who is out of sync with it, when it manifests in this dimension, will be, as they deep trouble?


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Part V

(Notes: By loop-backs he should be speaking about the spiral never returning to exactly the same place, as the oroboros' tail approaches the mouth, but, it does pass close enough to physically reach to the previous path. These 2 loop positions, I postulate, are exactly the distance from Lethbridge's first spiral whorl and the second spiral whorl, namely, 62 inches or possibly 22 inches, as Lethbridge notes, both distances being within physical range. So Al Bielik, in this particular, seems to be making some sense based upon his knowledge of 20 yr cycles and spirals.)

Email From Christian:


For many thousands of years the Schumann frequency (eigenfrequency of earth) was 8,53 Hz with no variation. So it was constant. Since the eclipse of 1999 the frequency goes up to 9,05 Hz. The frequency will go up to a value about 13 HZ (in the fibonacci series after 8 there is 13). Gregg Braden tells, that the value of 13 Hz will be reached in 2012. The actual value I don't know but I think we are near to 10 HZ. So for the first time in the last thousands years, we have values that are higher than 8,53 HZ. In addition to this, the magnetic field of the earth, that was constant for thousands of years, is strongly decreasing. So on 12. August 2003 for the first time we will have this special combination: high Schumann frequency, low magnetic field and the earth cycle that repeats every 40 (20) years on 12. August. In addition Mars will be very very close to the earth on August. Even this happens only one time in a very long period. So I think, that this is a special combination. I think, that we are in a transfomation process. Someone call it dimension shift (from 3th to 4th dimension). The Mayan calendar ends on 21, December 2012...


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