The Calendar of Light

Lee Guilmette Chin

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Visualize a clock with 24 numbers on its face. Each number is equal to 15 degrees with the
Earth's 360 degree rotational alignments with the shiftings every 6,000 years of its 4 pole stars,
Polaris, Thuban, Vega and Gamma Cepheus. The numbers are presented the the electromagnetic
triangulations of their space-timed frequency modulations during each 24,000 year cycle. Each
spectral frequency is geometrically encoded with the specific messaged intent of its energy
propellants. They are the coded refueling generators propelling the earth's times revolutions for
the evolutions of the dimensions of the modifying education and invaginations to the co-creations
of the Greater White Light. Note the pyramidal triangulations of the arcs of the spectrally inter-
connected electro-magnetic ley lines. These arcs shift in compliance to the primary polarities of
their messaging influences and harmony modulations for broadcast by their radiations into the
terminal points of the arenas of the acupuncture meridian highways aligned with the co-creative
evolutionary programmings

For the past 500 years, the Ultra-Violet Light has been advancing with its messaged intent to the
apex of its primary missioned control of space-timed to the approximate year of 2003-4 a.d.

The body of mother earth and even so her co-creations will experience the lowering of the
circulatory vibrations necessary for matter to further receive the now incoming higher
frequencies combined within the Garnet Light.

Thusly, the body of earth and its kinds are now being modulated to receive the invaginations of
the Golden Radiations promised with the returning Christed Energy. (christened with Light).
The Garnet frequency is the co-collective Yin energies of all the ARC ANGLES on assignment
to the 3rd dimension.

Will there be a pole shift? Of course. The poles are continually shifting counter clock-wise.
In the approximate year of 3500 A.D., Thuban will be earth's next North Pole Star, balanced
by its southern Polarizations with Gamma Cepheus. It is thusly the stretch-pull of the boundaries
of the ARCS angle with its electromagnetic ley lines that the body of mother earth is being
reawakened to.

The 4 rivers that flowed out of the Garden of Eden are not now lost, nor have they ever been.
They are the rivers of energies that flow to and from the pole stars.

Sharing Light Lee Guilmette Chin