This page is created for ongoing insights regarding the Himalayan crystal skulls and their purpose and placement upon Earth. Also to discuss new insights regarding the Universal radio waves and their receiving Sun discs, electromagnetic energies, lightening and the inner light body (acupuncture) and other interesting topics.

The 13 large clear quartz crystal skulls are intended as radio-wave amplifiers to re-broadcast the co-creative directives into the 12 pair of acupuncture meridians within the body of Mother Earth and even so, her co-creations. The eight smaller quartz crystal skulls combined as #13, are the chakra energy wheels. This is the total of 21 crystal skulls aligned as channels for the earth programmings.

The anomalous elongated crystal skull is being separated from this group. I intuit it to be the broadcast channel to and from the Sirian ground party.

The Nephrite jade skull is their blueprint offering of the expanding DNA of Earth's dimensional creationism.

The meteorite ball incised with a face is pertinent for a continued research of these past astrological events that did create their own disasters, such as the meteorite stone that hit and killed the Yellow Emperor Huang Ti, in 2697. bc.

Regarding the stone discs, if they were all strung together on a vertical rod (a large tsung) might they become the tower for an antennae to receive and relay the higher incoming messages from the Uni-Versal consciousness.

Lightning is the written word of God, and Thunder, the Resonator of the vibrational edicts to and with co-creative alignments for the Spectral Harmonizers, (the skulls).

I am intuiting: The T'sung is a square tube intended to respond as a directional finder of the 4 corners pole stars and their gravitational alignments to Earth's 12 paired gardens of Eden. Within the tsung, its center has a round shaft-like tunnel, aligned as recipient of the G-force CHI energies being transmitted by a singular strike of lightning.

The acupuncture meridians are aligned as tunnels for the flow of the Greater Light's energies between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system. This being the neural network's blueprint for the ongoing continuum of the hiways of the Light-Life travels within the creations.

Will our discoverer continue his journeys on these Himalayan 'Islands in the Sky", that will take him to the final resting port of Noah's Ark. I expect he will soon be putting that old biological lab barge in my swimming pool. Will it fit? Of course? It was built to the size requirements of the storage of many petri dishes for the re-combining of the pairs of seed and sperm of all earth's biological creations to be re-fertilized once again!

Loving Us All

Lee Guilmette Chin

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