MARCH, 2013

3-1-13 - DREAM -  I'm missing a few details from this dream, but I was working on a project with my brother Marty and my sister Bernice at home.

I had to show my brother how to make a proper sandwich, and while I was putting the butter on one slice of the bread, the word 'equestrian' was shown to me on the butter.

Later I called my brother on the phone in order to talk to my sister who I thought was at his house, and he said that in order to talk to my sister, I had to press one of two keys on my phone - one of which was PRINT.  I looked on my phone and I didn't have a PRINT key on it and I told him so.

So I needed an upgrade on my phone evidently.

After I woke up and I was thinking about the word equestrian, either the wall or the TV made a loud 'CRACK' sound.


3-2-13 - #1 -  I was lucid dreaming something about a person with the first two letters being LO - I was crocheting this ...

I don't know if this is connected to the second dream, but it might be.

#2 -  I was dreaming about participating with another person in filling out an order blank for the death photos in a series of 16 to place  on top of the grave site of a country-western couple who died together.  I remember seeing the order blank with the word THEY on it. 

When the photos were finished, they were approximately 5 feet wide by 3 feet high, and laid flat on top of a chunk of dirt, which came with the photos already on the piece... the dirt was 2 feet thick, with the identical dimensions of the photos, and there was one chunk of dirt that had a blank photo on it, like it was the period at the end of a sentence, that was 2 x 2 x 2 (including the dirt depth of 2 feet)  The whole time I was doing all this, I could hear country-western music playing like a death love song.

Then I saw the pieces being shipped from the place where this was done to the grave site in high sided trailers of dark green pulled behind a vehicle (which I didn't see).

I can still almost hear the music playing in the head, but no words are coming with the sound of the music. 

I can't imagine needing a series of 16 photos to be laid on anyone's grave.

This would be immensely costly - considering the work plus the shipping to the gravesite.



3-2-13 - NAP DREAM -  It seems there must have been more to the dream than the last scene, but in the last scene, I was sitting on the kitchen floor sorting out baking pans, along with my husband and another woman -  whom I can't identify - it was a larger woman, either my sister or a girlfriend, and we were talking about the baking pans themselves - some of which were professionally made baking or roasting pans of dark blue enamel, but there were many more baking pans that came along with food already in them originally at the store and we had saved all of them, so there was a high stack of the silver pans from the store that we had eaten the food and then washed the pan and saved it.

I noticed that the drawer underneath the oven was missing and we were talking about the attic, whether we would keep all these pans in the stove and oven, or put them into the attic, and the other woman said, "I just can't help it - after awhile, I just need to start breathing."

I have no idea what she meant.



I was watching TV, one of my favorite house hunting shows - not taped - and I got really tired and paused the TV to rest my eyes.

I heard a loud telephone ring on my left side.  Just one ring.  I said I was ready for the message (because the real telephone was on my right side)

A voice started lecturing me that I was trying to do too many things at the same time, (which I know is true) and I keep adding things and not finishing anything because I work a little on each thing almost every day except some I can't get to because I'm too busy with the other things.  I work 7 days a week - there is no time to take off a day to do nothing.  I never do 'nothing'.

I'm going to call the voice 'female' though it had no gender.  I've been trying call in the Andromedan woman who appeared in my living room at least 3 times in 2010 and I wanted to know what she thought about my lack of progress on the community.

I think this was her and she's not happy, but not faulting me for not getting to the goal faster.  She knows what is going on with getting blocked from moving forward at a faster pace.

The voice stopped and I was instantly in a dream, living in a very large concrete apartment building, and the number on my door was 12.

I had a lot of cleaning to do, and the clothing in my dream was bright multicolors - chakra colors.

It seemed I also managed the building and was responsible for a lot of things other than going to a daily job.

A man, whom I going to call Arthur was interested in me and asked to take me out to dinner.  (He is very familiar to me but I can't really figure out who he is in real life, a dark mustache, about 6 feet tall or a little less.  I may think of his name later. )

He said he'd go get the car and I should meet him at the door.

Considering this building was very large, I didn't think it was 'this' large, and when I got to the other end of the building, there were three major exits out of the building was very large lobbies.

I had no idea which exit Arthur had taken, so didn't know which door to wait at, so I tried to position myself at a spot where I could see all three exits at the same time so no matter which door he came to, I'd see him at the door and could run to that door as soon as I spotted him.

I can't remember exactly what Arthur and I did together in this dream - it seemed more that he was lecturing me or telling me what and how to do it, and what not to do about something - but can't remember what it was.

I can't say I was attracted to Arthur either - he was just there.

I woke up precisely at 3:00 a.m. when the TV came on all by itself, to a infomercial about health care of the teeth and how to have a beautiful smile.

The TV - being paused should have come on right back in the house hunting show, and it wasn't and the scroll at the bottom of the screen, had only a few seconds of green showing how long it had run.

I paused it again so I could remember the dream, and while I did that, the name jumped into my head.

Heading there now:

Hmmm!  That looks very much like Arthur.

The website is about sacred mysteries and a new film called Kubrick's Odyssey.

He also wrote Secrets of Alchemy.

If I'm doing too many things - they just added another one. :-)

According to the bio on his page - that is not Arthur - but the dark mustached man on the home page looks like Arthur.

Kubrick's Odyssey
Secrets Hidden in the films of Stanley Kubrick
Part One: Kubrick and Apollo
A Film by Jay Weidner
Produced by Cubed Brick Productions

View Trailer
This provocative and insightful film is the first in a series of documentaries that will reveal the secret knowledge embedded in the work of the greatest filmmaker of all time: Stanley Kubrick. This famed movie director who made films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut, placed symbols and hidden anecdotes into his films that tell a far different story than the films appeared to be saying. In Kubrick's Odyssey, Part I, Kubrick and Apollo, author and filmmaker, Jay Weidner presents compelling evidence of how Stanley Kubrick directed the Apollo moon landings. He reveals that the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey was not only a retelling of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick's novel, but also a research and development project that assisted Kubrick in the creation of the Apollo moon footage. In light of this revelation, Weidner also explores Kubrick's film, The Shining and shows that this film is, in actuality, the story of Kubrick's personal travails as he secretly worked on the Apollo footage for NASA.

Read the Review from The Red Dirt Reporter

" Weidner produces devastating proof that the landing was shot in a studio on Earth. "
--David Icke

“" Everyone at Discovery Space loves a good space conspiracy theory ... Weidner grasps onto various bits of imagery in the film and deviations from Stephen King's novel as Kubrick revealing his secrets to the unsuspecting audience ... The whole theory is strangely fascinating"”
--Discovery News
" a thought-provoking experience..."

NOTE:  I can't listen to Jay Weidner speak - I almost passed out from listening to his radio show about the astronauts not going to the moon in an interview on Veritas radio.

I went to my meditation chair to lay down and close my eyes and this is what happened.

3-3-13 -

After a moment, I saw someone pick up a black and white kitten by the nape of the neck and the kitten went stiff and the person dropped the kitten and the person dropped the kitten on the ground and it fell over dead.

I then saw the name 'Gouldburgh'.

A moment later, again I saw a person pick up a black and white kitten by the nape of the neck and the kitten went stiff and the person dropped the kitten and it fell over dead.

I then saw the name 'Goldberg'.

I then fell asleep and found myself in my own house wearing a blood red bathrobe and my hair all askew because it was early morning and I hadn't had my coffee or breakfast yet, or a shower.  I had just woken up to a houseful of noisy teenagers who were arguing about somebody.

As it turned out, a teenage girl was there and the other teens, mostly boys, were yelling at the girl for killing the kittens.

 So, I sleepily asked the kids what was going on and in her own defense, the girl turned to me and yelled, "It's your fault!"

All I could say in return was , "WHAT???" being absolutely dumfounded.

She then said, "I killed the kittens because you killed my Father!!!"

Again, I said, "WHAT????" I was awake now even without the coffee and said, "You are accusing me of killing your Father and that's why you killed two innocent kittens???"

She looked right into my eyes and hissed, "YES!!!"

I couldn't believe what I just heard her say, so I had to repeat myself to her.  "You are accusing me of killing your Father and that's why you killed those innocent kittens?"

She stared at me and hissed again, "YESSSSS!!!!"  She was furious and I was furious. (TAMASISK - ANGER)

Then I looked the girl in the eyes in return and said, "I didn't kill anyone, much less your Father!"

She responded with her eyes looking down at the ground, "Well! Someone did!"  She was now very sorry she had accused me and yelled at me, but didn't apologize for accusing me of killing her Father.

The other teens had heard our verbal exchange and obviously hadn't known about the girl's Father being killed and that it was 'My' fault.

Now they were even more upset and someone grabbed the girl by the arm and dragged her out of the house so there wouldn't be any violence between us more than just our words.

I then remembered I wasn't dressed yet and went to my bedroom to get dressed before I embarrassed myself in front of the teens.

a short time later, my husband decided we should get out of the house, so we got into the car and drove to the end of the road where there was a 'T' intersection.

Right on the opposite side of the road, directly in line with the road was built a brand new house, dark brown log cabin style, two stories tall with a large porch on the front and a brown roof that slowly rose upward towards the center like a grandstand would be.

On top of the roof sat several people at a long table, with a woman at the center with multiple microphones in front of her.

The men on the roof were preparing for a radio and TV interview of the woman and must have been expecting a large crowd of people to appear. At the moment, there was only I and my husband driving by.  Not even any other cars.

Next to the woman was a white sign with the woman's name on it in large letters.  It said, "KELLY POTTS".

Because it was quiet outside, I opened the car window quickly when we got to the 'STOP' sign and yelled up to the woman who I didn't know, "I'm pulling for you Kelly!"

The woman ignored me and didn't even look up.

Thinking she didn't hear me, I then yelled up to her, "I'm praying for you Kelly!"

Again, she didn't respond in any way and neither did anyone else.

I said to my husband, " I guess she didn't hear me!" and he turned right and I woke up.

NOTE:  I decided to look on our own website if I had ever written about someone named Kelly and found 15 pages.

I then added the word 'killed' and now there were 11.

So I added the word 'Father' and right in front of me was this one:  RITUAL MAGIC -  JOHN DEE - THREE MURDERED POPES

Without the word Father was  TERRORISM - A DARK KNIGHT RISES:

There were many fathers affected by those killings.

The furious ANGER that the two of us experienced, I've written about before as well:  TAMASISK

With regard to the name Potts, Joe Mason's ancestor Thomas Henry had  survey done of some land in Virginia by a Jeremiah Potts before purchasing the land - and this was related to trying to prove that Joe was related to Patrick Henry because he looks just like him - nose and all, not to mention that Joe can talk for hours on any topic just like Patrick Henry used to.  However, Joe's paternal DNA does not match the DNA of Patrick Henry which was a big disappointment to the family.  Joe, however, couldn't be tested because his family heritage is through a woman - his grandmother Zora Henry Curry.

The other Potts that could be related to this dream is this one: WITCHES AND WARLOCKS

The Samlesbury witches were three women who were said to be witches, murderers and cannibals. They were tried in the village of Samlesbury in Lancashire. Their trial on 19 August 1612 was one of a series of witch trials held over two days. It is among the most famous in English history.[2] The trials were unusual for England at that time for two reasons. First, Thomas Potts, the clerk to the court, wrote about it in his The Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster. Secondly, the number of people found guilty and hanged was high, ten at Lancaster and another at York. However, the three Samlesbury women were found not guilty of witchcraft. Some of the accused were burned alive and hung.

A general search of shows 22 Kelley Potts associated with the words 'killed' and 'Father', but not necessarily in that order.

A general search of shows only 1 incident of a doctor named Goldberg accused of killing a kitten at a veterinary office and that was by accident.

Other searches included Whoopi Goldberg who adopted a kitten (she was chosen out of hundreds of people who wanted to adopt the kitten which was thrown out of a car window on a freeway in New York City. Apparently, they gave the kitten to Whoopi because her Mother had just died and she was grieving for her Mom.


3-4-13 - DREAM -  I was living in Milwaukee, WI with my kids at my Father's 16th St. house.

One day, we went to the little corner grocery store on the corner of 15th and Clarke St., and my daughter wanted to buy a snack to eat on the way home.

I told her she could have anything she wanted as long as it came on a stick.

That eliminates a lot of foods to snack on, but sometimes kids that are 6 years old can be very inventive and I knew that, because I could come up with some good ideas too. :-)

She finally discovered something she could eat that would be on a stick, it was something like Pepperoni - not something gooey with sugar.  I thought that was a wise choice, so I got one for myself as well.  We ate that on the way home - only a one block walk.

Sometime later, I took my daughter to the doctor's office  (turned out to be my current doctor in California)  I don't know if he moved to Milwaukee, or we went so far to the doctor's office.

However, my daughter was sitting up high on a stool behind the doctor, and I was sitting on a chair on the opposite side of the room talking to the doctor.

The doctor started to explain what a great volunteer program he had with the hospital and that the hospital paid for all his volunteer expenses.

I got all excited about that as he explained it.  He used big gestures to show me how much money the hospital would pay for whatever he wanted as long as it came under the category of volunteer expenses.

At first I thought maybe my daughter could become a volunteer some day at the hospital, but then he mentioned that he used volunteers in his doctor's offices as well, and I got even more excited, thinking that maybe I could be one of his volunteers myself and see him more often myself, because I really liked him a lot.  :-)

I woke up before I could ask him if I could volunteer for him.  :-)


3-05-13 -  3:05 a.m. - I was living in an apartment in Milwaukee, and my Uncle Roy and his chubby teenage daughter was there.

She was complaining that she didn't like working all the time.  (This had something to do with things that were solid were not and things that were not solid looked solid and had to be moved around by hand) 

So I had a discussion with Uncle Roy (who served in WWII in Guadal Canal and fought in the jungles and came home with foot rot, and became an alcoholic and died at the age of 57 of Cirrhosis of the liver)  about why his fat daughter couldn't work, when women who raised several children had to care from them all day and work at jobs besides.

I was looking up at a shelf in the closet that was supposed to be empty, and on the shelf, way in the back was a pile of toothpicks that had gotten scattered around and had a bunch of mouse turds on them, and this had to be cleaned up.

I then reached down by the floor boards and found a bottle of India ink and wrote on my leg something about this  - like a ink tattoo, and my Uncle Roy reached past me to pick up a stray toothpick and got some ink on his face, and now he had an ink mark on his face like I had on my leg ... and he didn't know it and I didn't want to tell him or he'd get mad at me, so I woke up instead.

note: I've had 6 previous dreams about my Uncle Roy - here is one:


3-5-13 - NAP DREAM - I got a typed letter from my Uncle Roy, apparently written on a typewriter during WWII.

I couldn't really read what he said, but it was quite a long letter.

I woke up wondering if he did write home from war, and whether anyone kept his letters.


3-6-13 - DREAM - (This dream was probably inspired by a musical program on TV before sleep. It was 'Don McLean'.

 I was in a place where I was like in a rocky place like a maze and every turn I made going down through the rocks, another song came from somewhere and I was humming along. That seemed to go on for a long time... I was alone at first, and then I met some women who were doing the same thing.

One girl said she wanted to go to Las Vegas but she didn't want to go alone, and she was going on the bus at midnight.  I volunteered to go with her, but her mother didn't like the idea and tried to make me feel bad about myself by making nasty comments about me. (I can't remember what they were now)

I had to go to the bathroom by now and I went down a hallway in a big building that seemed to have something to do with cops, and I managed to hold off the urge for a time by taking a pill or something for a short time, but the urge came back again.

By now, I was told that it was Sunday by one cop I overheard say it, and I finally, after some discussion with other people found out that the toilets had been removed, but there were open drains I could use, so I went into a room where other people were trying to do the same thing, so I still didn't get to pee.

I continued on towards home, now again going through the maze that was full of dried leaves and as I went through the maze of rocks, I was kicking at the leaves, and making a path so I knew where I had been before.

Finally I met my husband who said he wanted to go to the store before dinner and it was now 4:50 p.m. and I said that was okay and I'd go with him.

I started to wake up and had to go to the bathroom, but I didn't want to end the dream, so I had to struggle with myself to make myself wake up completely so I could get up and go to the bathroom, which I finally did reluctantly.


3-6-13 - DREAM - I was sitting at a desk in an office, getting an envelope ready for the mailman to send in my taxes to be paid.

The mailman came into the office and told me that I should give him my silver dollar in addition to the multiple stamps on the envelope because the envelope was so thick with paper, even though it was a small size envelope - it would cost extra to get my tax papers to the government.

So, I handed him the small envelope, already addressed and with a lot of stamps on it, plus a huge silver dollar to take the envelope to the bank for me.

After he left, I took my bright red purse, and got into my bright red car to drive somewhere. I had my purse on my lap.

I was driving from the right passenger seat with the wheel directly in front of me, and there was a space to my right where a woman dressed in red was sitting as well.

I was in the right lane, so close to the blue parked cars, that I felt the need to give my red purse to the woman in red to hold so I could concentrate better on driving.

As soon as I gave her my purse, I woke up - just in time to say "Good luck" to Joe who was leaving to go to H&R Block to have his taxes done.

I haven't had to pay any taxes since I retired, because my income is too low to owe any taxes.


3-7-13 - THREES

DREAM - Everything in this dream was in threes, and it started with me having three socks and none of them quite matching.

Following that, everything was in threes, including people - three men, three women, three of this, three of that.


3-8-13 - DREAM -  All night long it seemed, I was looking at a computer screen that said:

YELLOWSTONE - The Holy Grail

YELLOWSTONE - The Holy Grail

YELLOWSTONE - The Holy Grail

YELLOWSTONE - The Holy Grail

YELLOWSTONE - The Holy Grail

On and on and on all the way down the page.

What does one have to do with the other?

SEE: 461.html


3-9-13 - I fell asleep in my meditation chair after dinner.  I don't know what time I woke up, but I wasn't breathing and my heart had stopped beating normally and my whole body was shaking internally. 

I had been dreaming that I was being chased from doorway to doorway in the dark, and I wanted to scream for help and couldn't. I was really scared of them.

When I woke up I coughed for air and my body went back to normal in less than a minute.

I fell asleep again right away and was now at a job in Milwaukee where I could walk back and forth from my Father's 16th St. house. My job was on Teutonia and Center in some large building north of Center St.

I had nice bosses and good female friends there and was happy to be working so close to home.

One of the girls gave me a little ceramic cat that was blue.  It was very small - not much bigger than a nickel, and I examined it carefully for any identifying name on it who it represented, but there was only numbers on it from the manufacturer, but no company name either. 

This woman had purchased some kind of chemicals for protection and asked me if I wanted any.  I answered in the affirmative and bagged up some of what she had bought to take home. 

I also found a stuffed dog under my desk, I decided to take it home because I didn't need to carry it back and forth anymore from home.

So, we all got ready to go home, and I was walking, and nobody but me wanted to carry anything.  I was the only one who would carry stuff, so I had my arms full of bags of chemicals, my dog, and the little blue cat, and started off for home and woke up.


3-9-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was in my apartment, working on the plans for the electronics in our community.  

My friend Norman came to visit and I said to him, "Aren't you glad you don't have to climb telephone poles your whole life."  He responded in the affirmative.

I then asked him if he would take a look at my schematics of the electronics for the community, and reached for the brown folder  I had them in that was laying on the sofa.

NOTE:  Norman worked for AT&T his whole life.  So did my brother, and my brother-in-law - so it runs in the family.

I have some strong ideas about what to do about communications and protecting ourselves from EMF AND ELF energies in the community, but never laid it all out.  With Norman as my spirit guide for this (he is deceased for at least 6 years)  this will be perfect.


3-9-13- DREAM - I was in an office somewhere and the man who keeps the records for the government came to get my signature in his book as a document signer for the community.

He opened a dark colored booklet, and placed it in front of me for the signature, and I signed my formal name Dolores A Finney, signing slowly and deliberately and immediately after dotting the i, in Finney, I woke up.


3-10-13 - DREAM - Just to be brief, I wanted to be near my friend named David (means love) and other people kept getting in the way.


3-10-13 - 3-11-13 -  11:51 pm to 12-21 a.m.

DREAM - I don't know where I was, but Joe was my husband, and I said something to him that hurt his feelings and he left the house, and I saw him outside, and it felt like he was going to do something drastic and leave me and I didn't want him to leave.

I followed him outside and was in a large parking lot, and I could hear the music from the play/film EXODUS.  There was a record player and a microphone out in the parking lot so I started singing along with the music, and I saw that the record player with the microphone was connected by a long corrugated cord back into the huge building on the second floor, and I couldn't just pull the cord out because it was plugged in behind the piano.

That forced me to go back inside so I could pull the plug on the music playing from the EXODUS.

When I got inside, a group of older and old men were coming out of a room, all dressed in pale blue and white striped jackets like they were in a play together, and when they got closer, the jackets turned to a bright pale green and each man came up to me to say goodbye because they were leaving.

Then I saw that Adam Lambert (the singer who was on American Idol and who is now super popular all over the world)  came out with the older men, wearing a bright pale green jacket and he came over to kiss me goodbye like the old men had, and as I was kissing him, I wanted to him think I was a good kisser, so I grabbed him behind his head and pulled him closer so I was kissing him really hard, and I wanted to say to him, "You know that I care about you so much!"  before he left with the old men for the EXODUS.


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3-11-13 - DREAM -  I was working on a mysterious case of 'stolen bread' - in other words 'money'. 

I had to do an article about it, whether it was a web page or a newspaper article, I'm not certain, but there were four columns of discussions about the 'stolen bread' - money - going on at the same time, side by side on the page. 

I could hear the conversation going on, and occasionally, I would ask or answer a question about the 'stolen bread' - money ' and the last answer I gave to the question asked, was that none of the money found was fake. In other words, it was all real - legal - money.

The person who asked the question was shocked at my answer.

NOTE:  Proverbs 20:17  17 Stolen bread tastes sweet, but soon your mouth is full of gravel.


3-12-13 DREAM - I was copying a web page I had done before.  It was in four columns of text, but the sections were more boxy than long - similar to the dream I had yesterday.  I could read it in the dream, but I can't remember any of the words now.

It seems the topic was about war.


writing in four columns




Amongst the papers of Ptolemy, some of the most curious are those in which he writes his dreams or the dreams of the Twins, regarded, of course, as of prophetic significance, and the very human letter of Apollonius to his brother in a moment of angry disillusionment: "I swear by Sarapis, if it were not that I have a little reverence for you still, you would never see my face again. Everything you say is untrue, and when your visions tell you that we are going to be saved, then we sink under."35 Perhaps one point of especial interest is that we find these Greeks, here in the heart of Egypt, with the environment of an Egyptian temple, still holding on to the literary tradition of their people. As they sit on the sand under the Egyptian sun, one of their occupations is to copy out on their sheets of papyrus verses of Greek poets. We have forty-four verses of Euripides in a hand which is that of neither of the two brothers, other verses on the same papyrus in the handwriting of Apollonius. On the back of the papyrus are four columns of Euripides written by Ptolemy, and two epigrams of Posidippus, which had not otherwise come down to us, on the Pharos Lighthouse and on the temple of Arsinoe Zephyritis. Their mistakes prove that they are not men of high literary education; yet these men of a relatively uncultured Macedonian soldier-family, still in their rough way take pleasure in the scraps of Greek poetry they know. It is a significant indication of the kind of culture kept up by the Greeks scattered over Eastern countries in the centuries after Alexander.*.html


note: Most dream pages with the words 'four columns' in it I find on the internet are about war in different eras.

 The columns of horses are always in four.

My own previous dream was in 2009 - about the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Apr 11, 2004 – 8-16-09 - THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE ... At that point, one of the men with a goatee type beard and mustache, dropped into ...



3-12-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was living in a house somewhere with my husband where the winters got cold and icy.

This one day, an older woman came to the house to visit - might have been the landlady - she invited us to go ice skating in the backyard.

I really didn't like the cold all that much so I didn't want to go, so I was cleaning the house while the others were outside skating on the ice pond.

Inside the kitchen, I discovered that the kitchen floor had piles of slushy ice all over the floor - everywhere - at least 6 inches deep.  I took a broom to sweep the ice toward a floor drain so it would go down the drain as it melted.

Then I was told by the maintenance man that the stand pipe that went into the basement was stopped up so we shouldn't use the water.

That meant I couldn't use the toilet, or do the dishes, and how was I supposed to stop the ice from melting and going down the drain.

That was an impossible dilemma for me to deal with.

Then  everyone who had been out ice-skating came in and I was supposed to feed them, and of course, the sink was fully dirty water because I couldn't let it go down the drain, and no one could go to the bathroom - not to mention the icy slush was still all over the kitchen floor.

I just didn't know what to do until the maintenance man got the standpipe unclogged.


3-12-13 - NAP DREAM - I was either visiting or working at a place built on the side of a steep hill that had multiple wooden sluiceways on the side - going sideways...  in Washington State, these are called 'flumes'.

I don't remember any conversations or what we were doing there - just that I was there.

Later, I had a vision of Wolf Blitzer from CNN while thinking about this dream.


3-13-13 - DREAM

I went to something like a park-like area where large groups of people were meeting to share food, drink, and items like a flea market.

On the way there, a very large doctor who used to be my psychologist/psychiatrist in Washington State came along behind me, and said he was glad to see me again.  He cautioned me to be careful crossing the street.  The street was very wide and had a lot of traffic, but I was a city girl and knew I wouldn't have any trouble crossing the street.  However, when I got to the far side, a bus was coming along, and I had to scamper the last couple of feet to get behind a telephone pole so the bus wouldn't hit me.

I had to cross another street then and was told that my husband was dead and then I had to get over a gap in the street that had rotten boards in it with garbage at the bottom, and I managed to get past that, and went to the house where a tall woman named Nancy came to the door and let me in.  She called me by the wrong name, (I can't remember what name she said,)  but then I thought they were talking about someone else and she just got me mixed up with another person.

The psychiatrist who I had met on the street earlier was there, and he asked me how I was, and I said I was fine and that I had gone to a lot of counseling after I left Washington State (which was true)  I went to a psychiatrist in Illinois, and I went to two different psychologists in Milwaukee, WI after I went home and was working again. I graduated from both places after a few weeks because both of those women were so good and I understood where my thinking process had been wrong, which I worked on changing, and then I felt a lot better about myself.

This tall male doctor said that he did radio shows all across the country and I had probably heard him on occasion.  Whether I knew it was him or not, I don't know because I never remembered his name.

The doctor said:  "No Bententine." -  "I said, No Bententine."

I'm not certain of the spelling of the word, which is not on the internet.  I did find this instead:


Then he said, "On Sept. 4th, The Tye Sky will die, and when Tye Sky dies, the sky will go dark."

When that was said, I was actually awake, and lucid dreaming or something because I heard those words in my head, while awake.

I found some videos about this:

This is about a war being fought in the sky.

All kinds of events are related to September 4th.



3-14-13 - DREAM - I was participating in an informal wedding with a group of women. We were all going to wear street clothes, but nice ones, and we all had to have our hair dyed at the same time.  We couldn't figure out how we could all do it in the same house because there was only one bathroom.

Then I was helping create a seating chart for the wedding which was very colorful, but complicated.  It had no names on it, just many colors, and each of the spaces on it had to be increased in size, which is what I was working on instead of getting my hair dyed.

NOTE:  I saw a similar chart in 2002

In meditation, I was told it will be on the day of the T B


3-14-13 - NAP DREAM - I was watching TV in my Father's 16th St. house in the living room.  I went to the kitchen to work on a sweater I was sewing together and watched the TV in the kitchen, which Lorna was watching in the living room.

My baby son was in the crib in the dining room, (between the kitchen and living room)  I heard him cry, so I put my sewing down to check on the baby.

I turned on the light and the baby was looking up at me.  He had tubes going into both arms as he was on a double IV system for something.

There was a handle on my side of the crib, which I pressed down to inject something into the tubes.  The baby said, "I just dreamed I didn't play baseball." and he put his head down so I could only see the crown of his curly haired head.

dali- st john of the cross cosmic dream

Dali's painting of
St. John of the Cross
Cosmic Dream

From 1951

There has been much discussion in recent years about the change from the Age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. No one can know the exact year or date this is supposed to happen. Some think it's already occurred.  I've had many, many dreams myself of the change in the water dreams and so have thousands of other people. Along with the change of Ages, we are changing from the Kali Yuga, (The Kali Yuga is the Fourth Age of the world -- the current age -- (The age of Quarrels and Hypocrisy)  at the end of which everything will be destroyed, and recreated from a Goddess Kali Ma) to the age of the Satya/Krita.    (The Yugas) 



The precession of the equinoxes has to do with more than just the two different zodiac systems. As the equinoxes precess, they relate to the Great Ages of Man. These Ages mark different periods where significant evolutionary changes occurred. The Ages are defined by the Sidereal Sign that is the current location of the Vernal Point. Currently, the Spring Equinox (0° of Aries in the Tropical Zodiac) occurs at about 7° of the Sidereal Sign of Pisces and we will be in the Sign of Pisces until the Spring Equinox precesses into the Sidereal Sign of Aquarius, which will mark the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. (Even agreeing on this definition of the "Ages" there is much dispute as to the actual year that the "Age of Aquarius" will begin.

The general thoughts about the Age of Aquarius are that it will mark a period of enlightenment and freedom.


The name Lorna means 'Forsaken" and "Laurel" from the Laurel tree, meaning honor or  Victory from the novel Lorna Doone.  On the symbol of America, the eagle is looking toward the Laurel leaves - there are 13 branches of them.


3-15-13 - Mikki's dream -  Joe and I went to Beatrice's (Mikki's Mother) house and asked Mikki to take us to #1 Dutton St because we didn't know how to get there.

Joe was driving a red sedan.  I was wearing all black (pants and sweater) Joe was wearing light blue jeans and a light blue shirt that turned white during the drive.

Mikki got into the front seat of the car and Dee got in the back so Mikki could give Joe directions of how to get to #1 Dutton St.

We went down Aiken St., then Simon St. (You can't actually get there that way)  He was driving down the left side of the road and almost hit a white box truck (a furniture moving truck) and then got stuck at the parking lot to turn around at St. Joseph's hospital.  Joe had to pay $3 to turn around in the parking lot of St. Joseph's hospital, and was really pissed off about that, so Dee gave him $3 and he quieted down again.

We went past St. Joseph's hospital, then either a Mormon or Masonic temple and then a Planetarium.  Joe started telling Mikki about the symbolism of having those three buildings side by side.  He stressed that it was a Temple.

We finally got to #1 Dutton St. where we picked up two boxes.  The first box was 3 x 2 x 2  and Joe put it into the trunk of the car. Contents unknown.

The second box was a little smaller. Dee took that box into the car, and Mikki was now in the back seat and Dee was in the front seat. I told Mikki that the smaller box was for her Mother.

We had to take the smaller box back to Beatrice's house and gave it to Mikki's Mother.  The Box held three reborn dolls, all wearing red dresses and black shoes. They were toddler size dolls.

When we got back to Beatrice's house, she asked Dee if she had brought the box with her, and I said, "Yes!" and gave it to her.

Mikki's Mother was getting ready for a mourning party and about 20 old women showed up - all of them had lost their husbands.

However, the ghost of Raymond was there also and Mikki was talking to him while the women were ooohing and aahing that were sitting in three high chairs attached to the table, and Raymond was commenting about the women and how they looked and sounded and he was saying terrible things about them. He was talking sarcastically because he was a ghost and only Mikki could hear him, and he said things about the women that he never would've been able to say when he was alive.

The women were there to have coffee and talk about their dead husbands.

Beatrice took a book from Mikki which was a romance novel, and then told the women that Mikki was going to read from the book to them, but Mikki said she couldn't, and Raymond admonished Mikki that she read 'Dirty' books, and Mikki told him that her sister read them too so she wouldn't have to feel bad about it.

Mikki grabbed the book from her Mother and said she had to go to the bathroom, where she called Dee on her cell phone and was desperately begging Dee and Joe to come and get her and get her out of there.

#1 Dutton St. is a real place - the parking lot of the Lowell High School.  #2 Dutton St., across the street is the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple.


3-15-13 - This was a meditation dream - I didn't get enough sleep last night and didn't dream, which usually means I've been picked up by the ETs.

I was extremely overtired last night as well because I worked so hard outside yesterday. Before I fell asleep, I couldn't decide if I should go to sleep or get something to eat. My head felt really strange and wired electrically.

In the following dream, which was after eating breakfast this is what I remember.  There was probably more prior to what I remember.

In the dream I had a cell phone, which when I pressed a button near the bottom, it caused an alarm to go off out in the hallway of my apartment in the building. Another woman grabbed my cellphone, stopped the alarm, and the phone disappeared. I couldn't find it again.

 I went to a store or bar with food in it then but while walking around the store, I realized I had forgotten my wallet in my haste to get out of the apartment.  I wanted to go into the store's bathroom, but a woman with a double wide baby stroller went in before me and I couldn't wait.

I was trying to drive through a woman's apartment which was too narrow to back up once I was in it.  There were other people trying to drive in the same space.  There were parking spaces along one side, but there just wasn't enough room to get out of the space I was in.

I went back to the car and in trying to back up, I couldn't move my foot to step on the brake because I was actually sitting in my meditation chair and couldn't move my foot backwards to get a different foot movement in the car at the same time. I was now half asleep, half awake...

Because I couldn't step on the brake, a voice in my head said loudly, "You just created an alien event, Monk!"

Is that my alien name? It comes to me that it's probably short for 'monkey'!

I was awake now, and had a vision of the words:   PLANETARY TRIANGULATION ADJUCATION

That really woke me up.

NOTE:  After doing a web search for the words PLANETARY TRIANGULATION ADJUCATION, it comes to me that it means 'on the planet on which I am living, and not in space, I think this is about three countries going to war. Having had multiple war type dreams this month, that becomes more and more clear since I had nine dreams in 2010 about the 2011 economy crunch by dreaming about a 'house of cards' coming down.



3-15-13 - LATE NAP DREAM

I was going through a very long list of groups of people's in civilizations.

I know I've dreamt of that before, even though I don't remember any of them.

NOTE: I found this list


3-16-13 - VISION -  I looked out the window of my house towards the north - looking out into the trees, and suddenly a Civil war soldier wearing a dark blue uniform appeared on a prancing dark brown horse.


3-16-13 - DREAM - I was in my own home, with a group of people I have identified as the characters from The Bold and The Beautiful TV show.

Brooke Logan (a tall blonde woman) told me to go shopping and purchase some new clothes, so I did that, and then brought them home, and washed them and put them in the dryer and they got all fluffy and soft, but after awhile they started going limp and flattening out and they didn't look new anymore.

When I was out shopping, I also purchased a lot of plants like large pussy willows on stems and took them home and put them in tall skinny vases about three feet tall, so I could see the stems with the pretty pussies on the stems all the way from the top to the bottom.  At the top of the stems, they were all the way to the ceiling.  These were very tall branches.

In the morning, I was in the livingroom looking at the pussy willow branches in the vases and all of a sudden something happened -  they all started sinking toward the bottom of the vases and as I watched them, one by one they sank and by the time they were done, none of the branches stood above the 3 ft tall vases. 

I was dismayed by watching this.

It was almost noon then, and on the living room sofa sat a young man, who was wrapped in a quilt, and feeling quite ill. I don't know what was wrong with him, but no one had fed him yet.

On the right side corner of the sofa was a little girl, a blonde, who was only about 10 years old and she was wrapped in a quilt also.

I went looking for Brooke and couldn't find her, so I called out her name, and she finally appeared, and I mentioned to her that it was almost noon and no one had been fed and we hadn't even had coffee yet, and told her I was wondering if we could at least make coffee.

I had already looked at the coffee pot and there was clear water in it, but there was no coffee to put in the pot.

She looked at me and then at the little girl, and told the boy on the other end of the sofa that the little girl didn't ever go to the mall because everyone hated her. 

It puzzled me why she would tell that to the boy instead of letting him come to is own conclusions about the little girl.

I then started telling her about the clothes I had purchased, how I had washed them and they poufed up and then went flat, and then about the pussy willow plants that had been so tall and then shrunk down in their vases - and I said all this very dramatically using arm movements - and as I was talking, some of the pussy willows were still dropping down even further into the glass vases right in front of our eyes.








Here is a pussy willow dream I had in 1990

8-10-90 - DREAM - I was cleaning my house and it was almost done. I thought to myself; every day this must be done to perfection, then
everyday as the people in the house mess it up, it must be done all over again.

I looked at a catalogue at chairs. I picked out a blue recliner that a golden wing type piece of material on the back that made it look like it
was flying. I told my family that we were buying that next.

I was in the kitchen looking at my plants. Up on a shelf was a pussy-willow plant that had not yet sprouted it's leaves or flowers. I cut off two
branches to place them into a vase of water, making sure the water was deep enough to they could take root. Then I went to the fish tank to
transfer two goldfish into the vase also. I said that the water must be pure.



and one from 2002

1-4-02 - DREAM - I was in a city several times I went to look at the price of flowers for a project. I heard someone say, "You never buy flowers without having a funeral do you.?" I felt kind of embarrassed about it, because I bought flowers for lots of special occasions.

But I went into a door which I thought was a floral shop and I was actually like outside a mall or something. I walked down 3 steps and there were some pretty yellow and white Pussy Willows blooming, just starting to bloom. I started to admire what a pretty shade of yellow they were before opening and turning white, and I heard and saw a window open and Lee C. stuck her head out and said, "Dolores, What are you doing?"

I felt embarrassed but I shouted back over the distance to where she was, "I'm just checking on the price of flowers."

I kept walking towards home and 3 young black girls lit one of those smoke bombs on the sidewalk ahead of me. At the same time I could hear the music from a radio playing the music from "Cheers" about 'being a friend'.




The sidewalk was black asphalt and was raised on the sides, so one couldn't walk off the side of the sidewalk. The pall of smoke was so nasty, I turned up the nasty, dark alley where the 3 black girls had gone rather than walk through the smoke.


3-17-13 - DREAM - I played several games of cards, looking for the triangular patterns in them.


3-17-13 - DREAM - This dream was similar to the one above, but this game attached letters and names to them, though I can't recall them. Again I was looking for triangular patterns in them.


3-17-13 - This dream was called in by telephone by my friend Mikki.

I was in a hospital somewhere, probably St. Joseph's because I was familiar with it.

In the hallway, laying on a gurney was a naked young woman (not chubby but big boned and solid figure) who was laying face down, getting an IV drip into one of her butt cheeks.  (That is never done in real life).

She evidently wasn't feeling well and had no strength, so whatever drug was in the IV was to make her feel better. 

Very soon she said she felt a whole lot stronger and when the IV was removed, she rolled over on her back, and still naked, didn't worry about all the people walked by and seeing her.

I suggested that we cover her up with a sheet and she said, "Okay!" and I found a white sheet and covered her up.

While I was talking with her, she produced a little statue of Buddha and asked me to give it to her Father.  She admonished me though, not to lose Buddha's shoes which were falling off of his feet.

I didn't know anything about Buddha, but I was surprised he was wearing black shoes that evidently didn't fit him because they kept slipping off his feet.

She admonished me again to make sure I didn't lose Buddha's shoes and to give Buddha to her Father.

I said I would do that.

Just then a figure came up behind me and I assumed it was her Mother, but it turned out to be her brother, and he seemed embarrassed to be thought of as the girl's Mother. He was only about 10 years old and had reddish brown hair that was near shoulder length. He was built similarly to the girl, big boned and solid. 

I attempted to give the Buddha to the brother, but the girl admonished me again, saying that only her Father should get the Buddha.

I apologized, and then figured out that if I got a paper towel, I could wrap the shoes and the Buddha together and thereby, even if the shoes fell of Buddha, the shoes would still be with him.

Right about then, the girl's Father came along.  He was tall and thin, with black hair and a beard.  He brought with him a large package of Chinese black lacquer structures, made of many parts, and the parts were falling off and needed to be reattached.

Because all these parts were falling on the floor, I attempted to help the Father and Son put the parts back where they belonged, and they kept mixing up the parts and getting them with the wrong structures. 

I kept telling them over and over, "No, no! That part goes with this one, and that other part goes with that one. 

They just couldn't get the parts with the right structures and kept mixing them up. I finally got them some paper towels to keep the parts together with the right structure.

I could see that both the Father and the Son were inept and couldn't put the Chinese black lacquer structures together correctly. 

While they were doing that, I kept thinking about the Buddha and his black shoes that kept falling off, and I wondered if I should trust the Father to even have the Buddha and his black shoes at all because he wouldn't be able to keep the shoes on the Buddha and might lose them, and that would be the worst thing for the daughter to endure - to have the black shoes lost from the Buddha.

As soon as I thought that, I woke up.


3-18-13 - DREAM - I was living in a city somewhere and was told that I had to move from my house to somewhere else. (I don't know where we were going to go to)  Since a lot of my stuff was in a warehouse down the street from where I lived, all that had to be moved to the house so it could get packed into the moving van to the new place.

My small daughter - about three years old was with me and when I saw how much stuff I had to hand carry back to the house, I suggested to my daughter that she could carry something too.

There were two yellow toys there, what looked like a plastic bear and a plastic doll house.  The doll house was almost as big as she was, so I gave her the yellow plastic bear to carry.

Most of what was in the warehouse looked to be rolls of quilting fabric laying on their sides... there was a lot of it.

NOTE:  I don't own any quilting fabric, though I'd like to... I just have a lot of magazines for when I get around to that type of sewing.


3-19-13 - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere and I saw a beautiful large red and white bird outside my window.  I was able to train it to fly right into my arms so I could share him with others.  He was as large as a duck.


3-19-13 - DREAM - I was participating in putting on a musical play.  It was about fuel center lights. It was like a rock opera. The stage was very large and we were in rehearsal before telling the public about the play.

NOTE: After doing a search for these issues, apparently the red and white bird could be an airplane that I was worried was going to crash, and a search on for fuel center lights, brought up a page about Boeing plane Annunciator lights on fuel tanks on the wings that weren't coming on. 


3-19-13 - NAP DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere - probably Wisconsin from the layout of the house that I used to live in.

I'm trying to remember the exact scenes as they occurred and hope I get it right.

I went into the bedroom doorway where triplet boys had just been born.  The parents didn't know that three boys were born, and I took the last born son, and left them with two babies, so they thought they had twins. I knew they would never miss the last baby because they didn't know he existed.

I cradled him carefully in my arms and wouldn't put him down. I also knew that blue eyed white kittens were about to be born, and I felt so blessed to have them in my life.

I finally had to lay down for a bit and the baby needed to sleep, so I lay down with the baby laying on my chest with his head on my breast, and he slept.

When I had to get back up and do some work, I left the baby sleeping with a bright light shining down on him, hoping it wouldn't wake him up, but he'd be easy to see laying there.

I looked out the window and saw three black glowering clouds coming over the horizon from the west, and the center cloud had a large man's face in the center front side facing us.

I went to call my husband, who was working on his computer in the center room to come look at the clouds.

I then went into the livingroom and saw that my son Ken was in the front hall by the doorway, working on a built-in desk on his computer. He said that he didn't have enough electricity to do what needed to be done on his computer and asked me to ask my husband to shut down his computer in the other room so he could complete his task.

So I went over to where my husband was working on his computer and before I even said anything, he said to me over his shoulder without turning around, "I know why you are here and what you want!"

I said, "Oh, you do?' knowing he didn't, but I didn't say anything.

I turned around and saw that three large cardboard boxes were strewn all over the living room floor.  The boxes were all four inches tall, but about 6 feet x 4 feet in rectangle shape with three metal flanges on the sides to hold them together well because there had been heavy objects in these boxes - perhaps like picture frames or something like that.  I didn't actually see what the boxes had held.

However, the boxes had to be cleaned up, torn into pieces to be thrown away, but the metal flanges and pins that held them to the boxes, had to be separated and saved separately.

So that became my job, to pick up the pins and put them safely away so nobody would step on them in the future.


3-20-13 - DREAM - I was playing a game of cards rather like a game of solitaire, in which there were only three cards across, but many rows down.

My job was to eliminate an odd card in each row so that a jack, queen or king could move upward one row.

I only remember moving one Queen upward, all the rest were mostly Jacks (princes?) and I can't recall if there was a King though there might have been.

I only recall the Jacks specifically.

I had to stop when I ran out of Jacks. Then there were no more cards to move upward.


NOTE:  In 2012, I was supposed to have done a web page about this dream:


I was in a house somewhere and in front of me appeared a man with a beard who looked like Shakespeare and his face turned bright yellow and black and flashed in and out with more and more black on its face, until there was a big hole in his left cheek like he had cancer from holding chewing tobacco in his mouth all day for years.

Then a regular picture of Shakespeare appeared which I recognized immediately. My husband Edward was standing next to me and while I was thinking that Shakespeare had to have been fifth dimension thinking, Edward grabbed a large red crayon and drew red lines on Shakespeare until he looked like a big red dog.

Then my daughter came and we had to go upstairs.  On the stairway were parts of black writing pens, but they were in parts like mechanical pens with ink that could dry out, so I started grabbing all those pen parts and put them together in a box because I knew I had a lot more writing to do yet in life.

NOTE:  For some reason, I never did it, so today  3-20-13, I decided to meditate on the dream to see if it was worth doing.

I discovered that nobody knows how Shakespeare died.  perhaps my dream is telling people how that happened to him.  I did read that he was a very heavy drinker in his lifetime, so perhaps he also used snuff and kept it in his cheek like other men do.

In my mediation, I heard a voice says:  "I was born in Pittsburgh", and a moment later, the voice said, "Edinborough".

I then decided to dream on it.

This is the dream:

3-20-13 - DREAM - I was working in an office somewhere and my work disappeared off of my desk when I was out of the room. I looked everywhere in the room and couldn't find it. 

Then I discovered that some dark green carpet pieces I had that I was going to take home was missing, as well as some dark red pieces of carpet was missing, and some squares of lace white curtain was missing as well. 

I went out into the hallway, and saw my pieces of carpet and curtains strewn along the hallway like someone took it and couldn't carry it all and like bread crumbs, a little fell here and there along the way.

So I followed the trail of carpet and curtain around the corner to another office where a tall, bearded man sat as a desk.

More pieces of carpet and curtain was on his desk, along with my work from my desk, so it was apparent that he had taken it.

I looked at him, and he looked at me, and he said, "I found all my old carpet and curtains that used to be in my old office".

I thought he was going to be mad at me for having them, but he wasn't - he was thrilled to have found his old stuff because he had treasured it in the past and now it was found again.

But, I had to go back out into the hall and retrieve the pieces he had dropped along the way when he left my office, and decided I should make a special trip with my car, which I could park right outside the building door to make it easier because it was raining outside, and I didn't want anything to get wet.

At some point then, I found a piece of pinkish purple stone, the color of amethyst, and knew that was connected to that old boss as well, and I wanted to keep it.



Dee Finney's blog January 7, 2012 page 102 ALL ABOUT BACON




DREAM -  This was a symbolic picture of the people of our community.

It was a large circle of pastel colored buttons of every imaginable color with one exception - there were 'no' bright colors - every button was a subtle color, and all were infused with light - that's what makes them pastel.

The voice I heard was, "One thing you can be assured of is that you will have a gay couple."

The leader will be someone with all of the energies.

To me that means also is that no one will have an outstanding personality because that would mean a bright color.

We will have a completely cohesive circle.


3-21-13 - MORE BUTTONS

When I closed my eyes to take a nap, I had a vision of a man holding all the buttons in his hands, in a circle.  This man had brown and yellow tortoise shell glasses on, and was about 40 or so years old.

On his head was a circle of feathers wired like an antenna - one feather for each button apparently, and he had a huge smile on his face, sending us happy energy.

I then fell asleep, and I, a few kids, my maintenance man from the 90's named Joe, and my husband all went out for breakfast at the mall.

I sent the kids into a side room to read, while I stood around waiting for the men to get the car started again.

Then Joe came back and we sat in a booth, and I asked him what to do next about the community, and he scribbled this on a piece of paper.

28 x $5

I said, "I'm not going to charge everyone $5 for paperwork - the paperwork is all done."

I gathered up the kids and we went home from the mall going through the checkout area, like through a maze, without having to pay anything at all for their services..

I then had another vision of the man from earlier with the antenna.  This time he was holding the buttons in his hand and sending the happy energy outward towards the west.

Since we are in the west about as far as one can go in this country... I can only think he was sending the energy to the community land area.


3-21-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was living somewhere with Joe - I think it was in the community.

It was daytime, and we got a visitor - a person I haven't seen since I was 18 years old.  His name is Jack Wittak. 

The last time I saw Jack was when I asked him for some advice because he was an attorney and my Father was threatening to have me put into a girl's home. 

My Father was being really nasty to me, probably because he was trying to protect my virginity, but he was telling me all I wanted in life was to sleep with Sailor's downtown.  (I figured that's probably what he thought about all young women because he didn't have the greatest reputation in the world when he was young himself).

My Father's threats was why I had asked Jack about the law after I turned 18, and Jack assured me I was fully emancipated and could do what I wanted to do.  (I started working full time the next day after I graduated highschool in 1957) That was under my Father's orders as well because he wouldn't allow me to go to college, since he believed that girl's only went to college to find a man to get married to.

Anyway, in the dream, I made sure my hair was straight and my husband brought Jack and two children into the room.

Jack was really tall - probably around 7 to 8 feet tall.  He had pure white hair, neatly cut, but had a baseball cap on that hid part of his face from me so I couldn't see it really well. (In real life he was about 6 1/2 ft tall).  The children looked Mexican and they had just escaped some bad family stuff in Iowa, and that's why Jack had brought them to us.  They were going to stay with us apparently.

Jack began to speak, but his speech wasn't really good like he had Alzheimer's or something.  (That would make sense because of his age and I was just reading about Alzheimers before I fell asleep.

Jack ended his sentence rather like Bugg's Bunny - stuttering a bit, which was very unlike him.





I was living in a house somewhere and had a white dog, so I was sweeping the carpet in the living room because a vacuum cleaner could not pick up the dog fur - it was stuck to the carpet fibers.  Sweeping the dog fur was a lot of work in itself, because the broom didn't move the dog fur very far and it would stick to the carpet fibers where it landed, so the dog fur had to be moved over and over and over again before it could be picked up by hand.

Some people came by to visit and we talked about religion and spirituality and when they were done talking about it, I had a completely new outlook on it.  I was told that in the month of December, right before the solstice, one microsecond before the last letter could be spoken, the 'light' would come and our lives would never be the same again.

I understood what they meant with a clarity I had never had before, so when a hefty black woman came to visit next to help me with the cleaning, I knew I could show her what I now understood.

To teach her what I understood, we sat together in a corner in the room, and I told her to close her eyes, and we began to talk about religion and she agreed with the things I said about it, so then I told her I could help her to see the 'light' and she said 'okay', so I got all close and personal with her, and I began to tell her what I had been told about the coming solstice and that one microsecond before the last letter was spoken we would open our eyes and see the light, and when I said that, I took my hands and pushed her eyelids up with my fingers so she couldn't close her eyes or blink, and I yelled in her face -  "DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT?  DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT?"  and with my fingers holding her eyes open -  she said,  "YES, I SEE THE LIGHT!"

So I told her -  now you know  -  YOU CAN SEE THE LIGHT!'  and I let her nod her head in agreement - She really now could SEE THE LIGHT!  :-)


3-22-13 - DREAM - I was living in the same apartment building as my friend Mikki.  She lived down at one end, and I lived in the center, but I could easily see the front end of the building as well.  All the doors were open in this building except Mikki's.

I was drying clothes in an electric dryer in my living room.  The drying was done, and I opened the door and began to take the blue and green clothes out of the dryer, but the dryer started spinning clockwise with the door open and sucked all the clothes back in, not in the center, but around the outside of the drum.  It finally got stuck and stopped.

I knew there was no way for me to get those clothes unstuck unless the drum was taken out to releases the clothing which would take a mechanic.

So I left my door open and went down the hall to Mikki's apartment, and all the other people's apartment doors were open and each one called me or spoke to me on the way because they had needs as well.

Mikki's door was closed and I could hear that she was vacuuming her living room carpet near the door, so I had to pound extra loud on her door to get her attention.  She opened the door and told her my problem.  (I can't recall what she said to me)  I left and she closed her door to finish vacuuming, and on the way back down the hall, I got called into another woman's apartment who said that there was a 'sales' meeting next Monday and I needed to be there to vote on something.

I told her I hadn't been told about any meeting to be held, nor that it was about 'sales', and asked why I was supposed to make a report on sales when it wasn't even due.

I left the woman's apartment, and went back to my own where the dryer was still standing there open with the stuck clothing around the outside of the drum.

As soon as I touched the first piece of clothing, the dryer started spinning counter-clockwise and spit out all the stuck clothes that had been in it, right into the basket in front of me.

I was so stunned, I woke up, that not only was the clothing outside the drum, but even that the drum could spin with the door open.

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    3-23-13 - DREAM - I was in school most of the night, studying construction.  I was in a classroom with other women mostly, and my teachers were two young blonde guys who evidently didn't know all the answers to the questions either.

    There was a computer program I had to access on about some questions about and when I didn't find the answers, the teacher didn't know them either.  (Sounds like what I was doing before my computer crashed last night as well) 

    I went home about 9 p.m. and came back to class at 12 noon, set up my desk and then told the teacher I had to go to lunch before I started.  So I left the classroom, leaving all my paperwork sitting on my desk that was a roll top metal desk. 

    One of the other women kept her work hidden in my roll top desk overnight too, but she hadn't yet returned to class when I got there.

    So, I'm on my lunch break now.


    3-23-13 - DREAM - I was in a hospital visiting someone with a girl I'm going to call Judy and her Mom (a very pretty but large woman) (I can't think of the girl's real name right now though I know her really well)  Judy was a young teen, wearing a brand new orange and white dress. 

    Unfortunately, Judy threw up all over the front of her dress while we were standing in the hospital bathroom, which was very embarrassing to begin with but then the nurses wanted to keep her there as a patient overnight so they could figure out why she threw up.

    I took her dress and dunked it in the water in the bathroom sink so it was clean again and hung it up on a plastic hangar to dry overnight, so it still looked brand new for her.

    I then went into the hospital room where Judy lay sick on her bed, and I saw that Judy had some copies of very long newspaper articles - the paper was actually longer than a real newspaper and the articles were shrunk sideways so they were narrower than normal as well.

    I didn't want to steal her articles, I just wanted a copy of them so I could read them myself, and then I noticed she had made 5 copies of each one, so I just took one of the copies of each. 

    I couldn't actually read the print because it was too small without glasses, but the second page was a colorful map, orange and white with a little brown on it.  I don't want to guess that it was of California, though it could have been because that page was so long as well.

    I had to set all that aside for the moment on the large white round table in the room, because Judy's Mom was distraught over Judy's illness.

    I talked with her Mom for a few minutes, then double checked that Judy's dress was okay on the hangar, and it looked good.

    Some tall young men showed up in the room then, but I no longer remember why they were there.


    3-24-13 - BACKWARDS NIGHT

    DREAM - I had people's names numbered on a list, and was counting them down from 12 to 1 and when I counted their number, their name came off the list.  I did that multiple times for some dumb reason.

    DREAM 2 - I had a boyfriend visiting me at my Father's 16th St. house.  He was about to leave at the end of the evening, and he put on my bathrobe and was going to go out the back door, then he turned around, grabbed my son and went out the front door, not only wearing my clothes but carrying my child.

    At first I and another visitor who was there just casually said 'good bye' like it was fine, but when he took my son all the way to the car , wearing my clothes, I went running after them to get my son back.

    He was driving a dark blue car and he gunned the motor and backed it up, first into the alley, and then up onto the neighbor's porch across the street.

    Meanwhile I was running across the road to get my son back, and I saw that in backing up the neighbor's steps, he broke something off the bottom of the car, so I was able to grab my son out of the car.  That was one thing he wasn't getting.


    3-24-13 - NAP DREAM - I was in my house in Milwaukee and my cousin Shirley and some other relatives were with me.

    We were supposed to go to the airport and pick someone up and when I went to the door to go there, my cousin Shirley had a fit and wouldn't let me go.

    I was shocked that she acted that way, and she said, "Remember what happened in 1989?"  and I thought she was talking about the time my parent split up, but that wasn't it because they never did.  She went on to explain, "No matter what organization you go to, to get past the fear and pain, you can never forget it!"

    I woke up, trying to remember what happened in 1989.  On the 1st of January 1990, I called my son Tom to come and get me, and he took me back home after I called the cops and had them stand by when I left my husband for the 14th and last time.

    Joe Mason always mentions that 1989 was the year of the Oakland, Ca earthquake, which I will not forget, but that isn't what I remember 1989 for personally.

    I typed in 1989 on our own website and 483 pages came up, so evidently that was a 'big' year.,or.&fp=ce24650362e5a91f&biw=1280&bih=851

    I typed in 1989 earthquake and still 149 pages came up.,or.&fp=ce24650362e5a91f&biw=1280&bih=851


    3-26-13 - DREAM - I was gardening in a large room, in containers, and it was nearly dark in the room.  I had to keep checking the containers to make sure they were okay, and there were many of them.

    I started to wake up because my feet were hurting - the bottoms were actually burning inside my shoes.


    3-26-13 - TWO KNOCKS

    I heard two knocks as I woke up out of a dead sleep.  I said, "I'm ready for the message"  mentally.

    I started to see visually:  "I understand. I hope you can listen.  BIRDSALL - ON THE AIR!

    NOTE:  I don't know what Birdsall is or does, but I will look him/her up.

    This is where I ended up:


    3-27-13 - DREAM - I was scanning downward on web index pages I had done for the title that said 'THE TWENTY FOUR'

    A lot of pages are about the twenty four men in the book of Revelations.  Who are they?

    1. Revelation 4:4
      Around the throne were twenty-four thrones; and upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads.
      Revelation 4:3-5 (in Context) Revelation 4 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
    2. Revelation 4:10
      the twenty-four elders will fall down before Him who sits on the throne, and will worship Him who lives forever and ever, and will cast their crowns before the throne, saying,
      Revelation 4:9-11 (in Context) Revelation 4 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
    3. Revelation 5:8
      When He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each one holding a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.
      Revelation 5:7-9 (in Context) Revelation 5 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
    4. Revelation 11:16
      And the twenty-four elders, who sit on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God,
      Revelation 11:15-17 (in Context) Revelation 11 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
    5. Revelation 19:4
      And the twenty-four elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God who sits on the throne saying, “Amen. Hallelujah!”
      Revelation 19:3-5 (in Context) Revelation 19 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations



    3-27-13 - DREAM - I had another dream just like the one before except I was supposed to remove the first link that included either the word 'love' or 'king', and I can't remember which one it was once I was awake.

    NOTE:  When I physically did the search again just like I did before, neither one of those words appears anywhere in the search results, which I find interesting too.


    3-27-13 - NAP DREAM - I was again working on the computer, on an index about white houses.  Literally I was seeing white rectangles and there were many of them.


    3-28-13 - DREAM - Again I was working on the computer, working on an index about white houses - and these were all white rectangles as well, but as I was waking up, I was hearing the song being sung, "Hallelujah"  that I heard on Dr. Bruce Agnew's radio interview last night.

    I may not have known what it was had I not decided to listen to his show last night.  K.D. Lang singing  Canadian three tenors and Celine Dion singing  Jal Joshua singing  Alexandra Burke singing  Bon Jovi singing

    When I think of white houses, I think of these:



    I was watching the new Abraham Lincoln movie on TV and paying more attention to Mrs. Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens than I was to Abe himself, but there were funny scenes in the movie, using language that was totally unexpected about bathroom scenes and George Washington's picture in the watercloset in England...

    I got really tired in about 5 minutes, and paused the movie... and almost immediately, I heard a loud knock on the front door - just one knock, and decided it was in my head, so I said mentally, "I'm ready for the message if there is one."

    The voice in my head said, "If you want to use 'house full of light' that will do very nicely.  My dear, you are doing very well."

    I then fell asleep, and in the dream, I wasn't feeling very well, and decided to take some clothes  (a light pink bathrobe, and a red violet bathrobe), and go stay in the apartment building I used to live in so I wouldn't pass my illness on to my husband.

    I gathered my things together and then the phone rang, and I answered it because I was taking messages for a psychiatrist office.

    The woman said her name was L Pollaro and she was making sure of her son's appointment, and when I wrote down her name, all of a sudden she was sitting at the kitchen table right in front of me.  She was a pretty light skinned dark woman.

    I made sure of her appointment for Tuesday at 2 p.m. and told her that her son would have to be weighed when she brought him in, and then she was looking at a spread out of paper magazines and catalog material I had open on the table which was keeping me occupied when the phone wasn't ringing.

    She pointed at the open notebook in the center which had 4 beautiful catalogs pictured there.  She tapped on the picture and asked, "When are these magazines coming out?"

    I answered, "Oh, those aren't magazines, those are jewelry catalogues.  I can get some for you if you like..."  and woke up.

    NOTE:  I did an AOL search for HOUSE OF LIGHT -LIGHTING and came up with fabulous ideas for the future.


    3-29-13 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but I had hundreds of small boxes of old dirt - about 4 x 6 inches and about 3 inches deep.  I was scratching the surface of the dirt in each box and then putting water in it, hoping all the old grape vines it used to hold would reconstitute themselves.



    3-29-13  - DREAM - I was doing something with boxes, and just before I woke up someone said, "Disney in mailbox."

    NOTE:  No Disney came in the physical mailbox, so looking in the virtual mailbox instead.

    Bugs Bunny was mentioned in this video:   I got the link via an e-mail in the virtual mailbox. :-)


    3-30-13 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building on the second floor.  It was nighttime and dark outside.

    In the building, which I was in charge of, there were 4 bedrooms, 4 men, 4 women, and myself, and then a tall blonde man came to the door and tried to make trouble about our group, which was supposed to be a romantic night for these couples - the four of them.

    As it went, and the blonde tried to stir things up, I ended up rubbing sweet smelling oil on my arms and chest, and enticed the man to stay with me and leave the others alone.

    However, then things got a little strange, and on the doors were posted full size cards of 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 4 Queens, and 4 Jacks, and the game was on, and I ended up with all of the Jacks because the Queens gave them all to me, one by one... and that's when I woke up, when I got the last Jack.

    (The Jacks are the Princes)


    3-31-13 - DREAM - I didn't see any people, but I saw what I did for the same people from yesterday - I created a new garden, of black dirt, planted it with new plants so they had new land to live on.  I did each one individually  - so I did it four times.


    3-31-13 - DREAM -  Again I was working in each of the gardens, and I was disturbed emotionally when I saw that one row in each garden wouldn't grow anything -  the row looked barren and had what looked like long brown peanuts embedded in the bottom of the rows.  All four gardens had an identical row in it like that.

    I then looked down at myself and my left leg was oozing blood and it was draining down my leg which was swollen way beyond normal. I knew I was going to have to go to the doctor with it - it was really bad.

    I was looking at the last row in the garden and a male voice behind me clearly said, "HELLO! MY NAME IS ISSASSILIANO AND I'VE COME TO DO A JOB!'

    I woke up instantly feeling sick at heart.  Now I knew what all my dreams have been about for the last four days.

    Someone or many heads of State are going to be assassinated with a deadly blood disease.

    These past days, while I was having these dreams, since it seemed to be about the book of revelations, I've been updating the book I'm writing, using the text from Tim LaHaye - (the man who wrote the Left Behind series of books)  and putting his Revelation text ideas into the books of Revelation which talk about the 'trumpets'.

    In my meditation, I was told I was doing well, and I just kept working, and I had work almost completed and i just was too tired to do that last four links and decided to take a nap before completing them.

    These are the last four