compiled by Dee Finney

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ASIAN TSUNAMI - 12-26-04

11-2-2000 - DREAM - I was in a large warehouse type place.

This seemed to be a place where men were changed; a place where MEN
came in and were changed into GREAT MEN.  There was a new idea being
tried in this warehouse. It was suggested by a Presidential candidate.  

On the floor, in between machines and pallets, magazines were being stacked.  
These were small piles, but the piles would grow.  I looked at some of the piles.
Three of the piles said Kennedy. I saw one pile that said India.  Each one of
these piles of magazines was to honor someone who was gone from life.  

Each MAN who came in this warehouse, would choose a person to honor and
on every Holiday, would go out and do something good for someone else before
they went to celebrate the Holiday.  This act of honoring would make him a A

NOTE: I don't think this was meant that women couldn't honor women.
This was just the 'idea'. Men and women can build on it.
I find it tremendously exciting to work on personally.

When I started this page, I discovered that this topic had come up before
... several times ... and I had not followed through on it ... probably because too
many ideas were coming at the same time back then.  So, this is the perfect
opportunity to bring it forth again.


3-31-90 Dream/vision : I saw the outline of a butterfly. Each one of my friends and I were points of light outlining the form of the butterfly at a particular point in time.

A voice said: "Now if you want to experiment in controlling people, you must expand the form of the butterfly by communicating telepathically with each person, telling them to move several feet east, west, north or south, having to deal with their free will. See if you can expand the form of the butterfly keeping it in perfect alignment.

8-10-97 Dream: I was moving to a new place. In the new city, there was a church on a high hill. It was my intention to go there and volunteer to do work for it, but I hadn't done so yet. As the day went by, I met some people from the new place and they apologized to me because they had intended to recommend me to the Board of Directors to offices that hadn't been filled yet but they hadn't done so yet. The only good thing about it was that the Board of Directors hadn't met yet so it wasn't too late.

11-17-97 - DREAM - I was inside my house and I went to the first door on which hung my personal symbol on a string. It was two triangles, points facing left, intertwined with a candle standing up on the lower edge and going up through them.

They were hanging on an 18" string which made them too low to see properly.  

I looked into a mirror then to see my face. It was cartoonish and clownish. The face was too low to see my mouth.

I then went out to get into my car. It was black. At first I was not driving it. I sat in the back seat and a man drove it. After going a ways, I wanted to turn right, but there was a high wall on the right and we couldn't see that way.  Cross traffic from that direction was coming from that way too fast to make the turn safely.  

We stopped at that point and I saw some things on the highway next to the car which belonged to me that had fallen out the last time I had been through this way.. I asked the driver to pick up the window wiper which actually looked like a shoe horn. There were three other little black boxes but I didn't ask for those.

We went a couple more blocks straight ahead and I again asked to turn right. When we did, we had to go over some huge rocks. At that point I had to get out of the car and there was an old-old man there calling his hotel for messages. He told the operator his phone number was 000-000-0000.  When the operator answered, he had to give his password. It was 377-7777.  He explained to the other two men with him, "I could never remember my phone number when I traveled so they gave me this number instead.

I decided to continue driving at this point, but I was outside the car - alone. The driver had stayed behind with the old-old man and his companions.

The car, as it went farther along, got farther and farther away from me. I found that i was also at a fixed point with the old-old man.  I had to drive with one finger on the wheel tracking some red stuff that looked like fish food flakes.

My driving got more and more erratic as the car got farther away from me. I made a couple really bad left turns across traffic which I had to correct quickly.  Finally, I lost control completely.  The car turned right and I lost sight of it. It had gone too far right to see from my perspective o the corner with the old-old man.

I woke up and could only remember the dream if I faced right, the way I had been sleeping.  If I rolled over, face up or left, the dream was instantly gone out of my head. When I rolled back to the right, it came back in clearly. I experimented with that three times.  I was astonished at the experience.  I was certain that the old-old man was God in the flesh.  

12-31-97 - DREAM - I dreamed all night of a brown cross that had a short sentence of small words where the head of Christ would normally be. Those words were pushed together in a 3D effect so that the projections of the letters reflected light outward. I called it, "The Thousand Points of Light."

12-31-97 - DREAM - I dreamed of the same cross as in the previous dream. I typed on a computer page and inserting rows of x's within the boundary of the crosses outline to make it large enough so that everyone in the world could see it.  

1-18-99 - DREAM - I was working on web pages. Everything was routine and going smoothly. There was a kind of tone to it that felt good. Then, the doorbell rang and  a man name Lee who used to be my maintenance man/painter...a kind of fixer-upper kind of guy who was a perfectionist but went to extremes to try to achieve that. He held a box of paper on his left side which he presented to me. He said, "Here! I want you to post this."

NOTE: The name LeLand means 'from the Meadowland'. The lee side of something is the side away from the wind.

1-19-99 - I had a great deal of trouble going to sleep, so decided to meditate on the previous dream to see if I could determine what was in the box and who Lee represented. I worked on trying to replay the previous dream. I was successful in a reply of the end of the dream. I wanted to try to continue the dream, but it ended in the same place. I worked on attempting to find out who Lee really was all night. I kept seeing a wiggly line in the shape of a coffee cup with a great deal of white space below it. Each time I saw it, it was identical and always had the broad white space beneath it, but I still couldn't determine what it meant.

1-19-99 - MEDITATION - I was shown a had a web page with a lot of links to site about a very large man. I saw that twice, but I couldn't recognize the man, nor could I read any of the links. I wasn't getting it so continued to meditate to try to get the man's name with no success.

I then had a vision of the front yard of a house. There was a colorful child's swing set there with 2 regular swings, a teeter-totter two seater type swing for two children, and a slide on the side. I recognized that a swing set is made up of two letter 'A's. The letter 'A' is the central key on the piano used for tuning. This tuning is at 440 cycles per second which is part of a world-wide system of metrology. (Weights and measures)

What was more remarkable though was a round ball on the grass beneath the swingset which I could see through. On the surface of the ball was a pattern similar to the continents of the world, but they were in red, white, and blue. All over these patterns were twinkling white lights.

I woke up from that vision thinking how beautiful that globe (ball) was, but with no meaning coming to mind.

I closed my eyes again, and immediately found myself back in the yard, but now saw this beautiful red, white, and blue patterned ball like our globe that I could see through...on the stoop by the back door of the house. Like in the previous dream/vision, there were white twinkling lights all over the patterned part. I had a feeling of awe that the ball had moved from where the children's swingset was to the door of my house.

As  I opened my eyes, I heard a male voice say, "What about your boyfriend, Treya?"

I was puzzled, but thought perhaps he was talking about Maitreya, The lights on the globe became more and more obvious. They were the points of light which my other dreams had been talking about.  There were obviously more and more of them during the 10 years since I had the first dream about them.


President George Bush began talking about a Thousand Points of Light in 1989 because it was meant to be the volunteer spirit of American helping Americans.  In his Inaugural Speech, he said, "I have spoken of a Thousand Points of Light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good. We will work hand in hand, encouraging, sometimes leading, sometimes being led, rewarding. We will work on this in the White House, in the Cabinet agencies. I will go to the people and the programs that are the brighter points of light, and I'll ask every member of my government to become involved. The old ideas are new again because they're not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in. "

The concept of Spiritual rebirth is that we might ALL BE ONE... (that we might attain a consciousness of Oneness) ... is philosophically, a beautiful concept. It is the concept that the Churches of the world have been promoting since their inception. It, however, has not worked up until this time. We have been a divided people.

When mankind flew to the moon, we saw a different view of the earth. It hung in the blackness of the sky, with no dividing lines. There was no lines to divide countries, no lines to divide us in any way. Only our hearts divided us. People needed to change. People needed to realize that we were one people, one heart, one mind. That was the only way to save the earth and keep it the beautiful globe of blue and white.  

When the astronauts flew above the earth and looked down on the land, they saw the lights of our cities, little pin points of light wherever man lived. If you have ever seen a photograph of that sight, it is quite beautiful.  WE are those lights. Every individual on the face of the land is a pin point of light. That is what we need to remember. That is what will bring us together.

It is a fact that can only be realized through contemplation ... when we 'see', that of ourselves in our spirit being. We are in fact ... The Source ... GOD, manifesting! This is the realization that leads to the True Spiritual Rebirth ... the realization so necessary to effectively bring about a consciousness of Oneness .... the consciousness known as the 'Christ Mind'.



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The Virtual Volunteering Project

This project is run out of the Charles A. Dana Center, University of Texas Austin.  It promotes and assists with volunteer activities and projects which can be carried out via the internet.  It contains a great deal of useful information for volunteers as well as agencies interested in utilizing this resource. (http://www.serviceleader.org/vv/)

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Gould Farm

Contact: Paula Snyder
Phone: 413-528-1804, extension 17
Web site: www.gouldfarm.org

Gould Farm, a progressive mental health community and working farm in Monterey, MA, seeks individuals for four positions:

All volunteers, staff and their families live on our 600 acre property. All positions involve learning to judge the skill and motivation levels of the people we serve. $250/month stipend, staff housing, meals, medical insurance, and AmeriCorps Education Award available. Open Dec/Jan 2001, one-year commitment preferred.

Holy Family Services - Birth Center

Contact: Sister Angela Murdaugh
Phone: 956-969-2538
Email: SisAngela@aol.com

Seeking a registered or licensed vocational nurse to work in a freestanding birth center in South Texas, near the Mexican border. The position will allow you the opportunity to do full scope maternity nursing, postpartum homevisits, newborn and well-baby nursing care from birth to one year of age. If desired, a nurse can also become involved with teaching childbirth classes and work with Spanish speaking pregnant adolescents. In return for one year of service as a staff nurse, we offer room, board, health insurance, shared use of a car of personal use and a monthly stipend. New graduates are welcome.

L'Arche Harbor House

Contact: Dottie Klein
Phone: 904-744-4435
Email: larchfl@aol.com

L'Arche Harbor House, a L'Arche community in Jacksonville, FL, seeks assistants to live and share their lives with adults who are developmentally disabled. Responsibilities include: assisting in creating a home, developing relationships with members, assisting with personal care and community life. Stipend, room and board, insurance, and formation in L'Arche spirituality and mission.

- resource center of over 190 faith-based member programs, offers full-time volunteer / missionary service opportunities - USA & worldwide">

Samaritan Inns' InnKeeper Internship Year

Contact: Tom Copps
Phone: 202-667-8831, extension 261
Email: volunteer@saminns.org

Come join us in the nation's capital to work with formerly homeless women and men in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. InnKeepers are resident managers in our transitional inns. They provide a ministry of loving presence alongside a team of professionals for the women and men who have the opportunity to rebuild their lives at Samaritan Inns. InnKeepers receive a monthly stipend, room and board, health and dental benefits, AmeriCorps Education Grants, plus many educational opportunities. Come join us for 365 days you will not forget.

Share Foundation with the Handicapped

Contact: Amy Penrod
Phone: 219-778-2585
Email: share@niia.net
Web site: www.sharefoundation.org

Our goal is to provide peaceful community living for adults with mental retardation. Full-time live-in house manager (male or female) to provides companionship and guidance to two mildly to moderately mentally retarded adults in Northwest Indiana. College degree preferred, experience with developmentally disabled helpful. One-year commitment. Room and board, health insurance, $200 weekly salary, two days off per week, $1200 bonus following year's completion. Training provided.


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