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This is a letter written to Charles Johnson on July 20, 1996

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Dear Mr. Johnson:

Thanks much for your positive response to my last missive.  I really enjoyed reading of your background and experiences.  That point where you made a connection and began working non-stop until the wee hours of the night, sounds very familiar. These things just seem to grab you like nothing else.

Your possible goals for future endeavors are not far off from my own in certain respects. Since you desire to delve into the crop circle phenomenon more extensively at some point, but lack information about them, I suggest this course of action as a starting point. I will begin to send you material about the formations and include any comments that I feel will be useful in your pursuits. You can then study them at your convenience, and hopefully establish enough material for a possible Earth/Matrix series.

Unfortunately, many important formations do not include precise drawings of dimensions and angles. But, I do think a study of the geometric relationships can provide clues.

A related angle of approach is to show evidence that the geometry, mathematics, and symbols are about creation itself.  So, I will send material along that line. Certainly, if the numbers/geometry are alive and well in dreams and crop patterns, it tends to make the case.

My own goals and approach are a bit difficult to elucidate fully; I am in a constant state of flux trying to figure it out myself. It's almost a day-to-day re-evaluation as to what I am doing and which path to head down. Basically, I try to keep open and gather any information that comes my way, especially dream information. I attempt to communicate my findings to others when I feel they have an interest. All signs seem to point toward enormous changes in the near future.

I have plans to attempt to get the story of the crop circles and related areas "out there."  I especially want to tell of the dream/myth and 'coincidence' connections. The Dream Network Journal published my article about it in 1992. I have had a number of letters (to the editor) published. I have a book about my experiences partly written, which is on hold for the moment.

I will be getting a sophisticated computer in a few months, and plan to communicate through the Internet/Web. I may start a newsletter and do desktop publishing. I am in the process of putting another article together for the Sussex Circular, and I plan more.

I must be a big dreamer, because a wishful goal is to get a slightly fictionalized movie produced. It I could get the 'ear' of some people in that business for a couple of hours, I am confident that I could spark their interest in such a project. Imagine if all the experiences of people such as Carl Munck, Jimmi Furia, you and I (and others) were combined with crop patterns forming, flashbacks to ancient times, UFOs, related dreams, and such. And it would all be basically true. Imagine if the movie-goers found that their own dreams had the same symbols.  I have no doubt that this would be the case with many, because my project is all about the dreams people are having.

The way I see it, there are many ways of skinning a cat, if the public becomes interested and convinced, academia will follow. (kicking and screaming all he way, probably.)

I have a big problem in getting much of this done. I am bombarded by new material constantly, and I tend to give that first priority. The  material is very difficult to impart clearly, especially in brief. You can see it in my letters. Any one concept tends to tie into a multitude of others, or which dreams and myths/religions are major. To explain it to any great extent, I have to divert into symbol interpretation. To be convincing, I must give example dreams involving specific symbols and correlate them with the myths, coincidences and such. Many are unfamiliar with such things, and even when they are, new interpretations must be explained and supported. The Hopi say that the Sacred Symbols are to be newly understood as the great change unfolds.

One can compare learning symbols to learning a foreign language. You start with one word and proceed o learn more until you begin to understand sentences. It's a big like a man from China stepping into New York City and expecting to be understood.

Misunderstandings about in the process. I am not saying that I have all the answer; indeed, I am asking for help in gathering and interpreting all of it. I am proposing that something absolutely enormous, unfathomable, is happening and deserves study. I hold a massive stack of evidence to support the claim, and it is convincing.

I spend a lot of time corresponding. It's part of the gathering and sharing of information. It's a bit easier to contain the discussion to specific mutual areas of interest. An additional hope is that the news will spread out to some extent from there, in both directions. It's slow, but has some advantages.

Sometime I imagine that a "Columbus syndrome" could develop again as history plays out. By this I refer to the fact that Columbus never knew that he 'discovered' a great continent. He insisted to the end that he had found a shortcut to India. And, of course, he could not have known the influence on world history that followed.

It's a bit unfair, but let's take Carl Munck as a hypothetical example. (It's unfair, because I really do not know his full perspectives). The idea is that he made the major discovery of the global positioning of ancient sites, but may never know the even greater meaning, or the influence the discovery may play on the vast world change that follows.

I'm not saying this is the case, I am making a point about my own perspectives. I see such things as part of a Divine Plan designed to bring world transformation, the extent of which boggles the imagination. "Revelation" means an uncovering of that which has previously been hidden. The change involves the unraveling of the greatest mysteries of all time. It is coming like puzzle pieces to many, and this will continue, becoming exponential.

The puzzle pieces need to be put together. This will happen, and have a great influence. It will be similar to the way the new science of Chaos came about. Seemingly divergent fields will be found to be one unified whole.

So, I see the numbers, geometry, music, crop patterns, etc. as puzzle pieces within a larger unfinished picture. Dreams will play a critical role in many ways. Part of it is being like a Rosetta Stone to understanding the other fields. Another part is the "bridge builder' function hat ties puzzle pieces together.

I have had dreams/coincidence experiences about all these things; they are not just off the top of my head. You might say it's a dream-coincidence theory.

This should explain why I often include subjects in my communication hat seem out of the subject area. To me, there is always a tie-in to other things, at least potentially.

I realize that your work is more down-to-earth, more academic and science-oriented. I take this as very positive in relation to my own work, if our collaboration results in new findings. It's a "win-win" for both of us if this proves to be the case.

Unless you object, I will send some evidence of he dream connection, especially when i has possible meanings to your own work. It may never be your cup of tea, but you will at least begin to understand my perspectives.

As examples, I am enclosing some stories about dreams. You said that we may never know the assigned meanings that past individuals gave to their lives and the things they did. While this might be correct, I suggest that dreams may provide the bridge to such lost knowledge. Enclosures (A) through (C) suggests that dreams can provide answers to the past in a very specific form.  Enclosures (D) through (F) indicate that dreams have played a key role in past solutions to scientific, geometric, and mathematical questions. The mention of Pythagoras and geometry/mathematics seems fitting regarding your own work.

I have been bombarded with so much new material, I have only read a portion of your writings. I wanted to respond in a timely manner, so I'll give you some idea of the new thoughts and how they may relate to your work.

I have amassed some compelling evidence suggesting that the ratchet spiral of the Barbury Castle crop formation represents six eons of time that correspond to the zodiacal signs from Leo through Pisces. In other words, it is half of the grand precessional cycle, 23,960 years, with each age being 2,160 years.

I am attached another copy of the layout drawing, along with the second page of it. (G) and (H)  In decoding the diagram, obvious links pop up in the various numbers that hint at 120 x 108= 12,960, or 4 x 6 = 24 x 108 = 2,592, one fifth of 12,920 and1/10 of 25,920. Three circles suggest 1,080 (360 x 3), four suggest 1,440, and six suggest 2,160.  This may apply to the Barbury pattern.

The 234 degrees of the moon symbol is of special interest, as I mentioned before. To review - the moon suggest ,160, and 234 has the positive tangent to 666, which is called a human number in Revelations 13:18.  (13 x 18 = 234)  Directly opposite on the Gematrian "wheel," and therefore having the same tangent, is 54.

The coordinate intersect of the sphinx is 5,400. We now know it was built far back in the past, perhaps around the age of Leo, some 12,00 years ago, and it has been suggested that the effigy represents the constellation Leo.  5,400 x 2 = 10,800.  108 degrees is the angle of the ratchet spiral. For Gematrian numerical reasons I am speculating that the Sphinx was built in 10,800 B.C.E. , 144 years after the age of Leo began.

Below is a preliminary proposal as the timing:


I started with 2012 C.E., the end of the Mayan calendar cycle, and subtracted 2160 years, for the beginning of Pisces at 148 B.C.E.  Angle DE in the Barbury Castle pictogram was at 148 degrees. For obvious Gematrian reasons, I adjusted this to 144 B.C. E.  This shifts the beginning of Aquarius to 2016 C.E.

It could be that our Gregorian calendar is four years off, and that Jesus was born in 4 B.C.E. The four degrees offset of the straight lines of the ratchet spiral could hint at this. We know it was off by some few years. This would put his birth at the zero point, 144 years after the age of Pisces began, which puts the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 to 2016. In any case, the numbers turned out to be interesting.

The tangents of the years listed for the ages above are all the same, except 2016 has a positive tangent rather than negative. This is similar to a shift from 144 to216, a difference of 72. Another possible hint: 72x 360 = 25,920.

Carl Munck pointed out in "The Code" #4-95,that the 10,800 Grid latitude of Mississippi's Emerald mound, when divided by the 75 stones of Stonehenge III, equates to 144, and when half of 75, 37.5, is divided into the 5400 C.I. (coordinate intersect) of the Sphinx, it also results in 144.

I am enclosing a few pages with some other speculations on the timing of the new age. (I) through (O)  I was interested to learn of the 196 year Baktun. That is the first fully Gematrian number (evenly divisible by 36) that showed upon the Double Music Wheel. Multiplied by the Mayan 20 give 7,920, the musical note that matched the earth diameter and Paul Rydeen's dream. These numbers , like 25,920 , exhibit another strange quirk. Put a 9 in the middle of 36,720, and 2,520 to get the other numbers. 2,520 years, remember, are said to be related to Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the 7 (prophetic) years of insanity.  (7 x 350) 25,920 - 7,920 = 18,000.  They seem to be related somehow. Another example is: 888 x 36 = 31968 - 288 = 31680 or 11 x 2880 = 31680 + 288 = 31968.

I am a bit confused, because Carl Munck listed 288 days as 20 "bactun." (A bactun is 144,000 days, which means 20 bactun is 2,880,000)

In reviewing some of my dreams in he weeks preceding this new material, I found two that mentioned 180 degrees as being significant. After telling Jimmi Furia about this material, he said that he had an incredible dream where he was given a full comprehension of the numbers, but on awakening, all he could recall was 180 degrees. The idea I have is that this means 180 degrees of the Zodiac/precession cycle from Leo through Pisces.

234, 54, and 666 all hint at a Gematrian-like wheel with 20 parts rather than 10, with sections of 18 degrees instead of 36. Could this be related to the Mayan system, which had 20 multiples, and 20 days = 18 kin?  I would like to read your essay showing how the series, 2324, 2304, 2340, 432, 324, etc. are achieved.

These links are not part of the letter, but included for the reader's further study:



Ancient Reckoning Number Series

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
as 2304 and 4302. These numbers, as well as many others, suggest to us that ... 2304. 3204. 4203. 18. 36. 36. 27. 0342. 2340


See:  for Jimmi Furias 432 page.

and Joe Mason's Crop Circle Music Wheel at:

In 2007, this fabulous mechanism came to light:

The Antikythera Mechanism

The next step is the blue(32) gear's link to gear, blue(127). This link is the famous sacred Alautun time cycle number . . . 2304 . . . from Aztec and Mayan ...

The letter continues:

Your discovery of the sun traveling 11,520,000 miles in one day, and 230,400,000 miles in 20 days, a Mayan month, has sparked some new ideas. I was a bit surprised to see 2,304 B.C.E. pop up for the beginning of Aries in my divining with numbers.  48  = 2,304,and the sun travels 480,000 miles in an hour. A little coincidence happened when I stumbled on that number as one of the "Great Year" calculations. (P)

A progression of 9 multiplied by 2 gives: 18, 36, 72, 144,576,152, and 2304. Gematrian numbers seem to be fractals of the distance the sun travels in time. All Gematrian numbers add to a multiple of 9, usually 9 or 18. The Alpha numeric system of 1152 is "witness," and 576 is "Prophecy and Gospel". Is this telling us that the sun itself is a witness by understanding how it moves in the heavens?  Two prophets (also called olive trees and lampstand) lie dead in Revelations 11 for 3 1/2 days. Perhaps the earth's movements and dimensions signify the other prophet/witness. Alternatively it could represent those who figure all this out (bring the light) at the end of the grand cycle.

Richard Hoagland's findings may fit in. The sun and the planets have an energy structure within two interlaced tetrahedrons. It is the signature of an energy produced from another dimension. The old myths of a Spiritual Sun behind the physical sun may have a truth. Hoagland's path led from the Face on Mars to the Sphinx and the area of the crop formations in England, and especially to the Barbury Castle pictogram.

Many clues hint that 3 1/2 has the same meaning as its double, 7. It's like including half-steps. There is a Nostradamus quatrain that says, "The great seventh number being accomplished not far from the end ofo the millennium..."

At some point, I may send you a rough essay about my major dream/coincidences that came together into a meaning over a period of years. They all seem to eventually center on Revelation 11:11, and it involves he number 1152, as 9 x 128. To state it very briefly, (and therefore without much convincing power) relates to worldwide myths about the midpoint of 7, in various forms. Daniel 9:27 suggests this as a strong covenant with many for one week, "and for half of the week.. ."  The Egyptians showed it as seven nodal points on the balance beam where the Beast's snout cuts across the beam between the third and fourth node.  The judgment seat is also positioned at that level. The Navaho sand painting called "The Pollen Path" shows it as seven points along a cornstalk, with a bolt of lightning coming down from above, striking the fourth point.

This is related to the idea of 7 chakra or consciousness levels. The lower three involve animal instincts and the will to power, while the fourth is the heart chakra, where the spiritual man is born out ofthe animal man. (the "virgin birth") Humanity has been on this path over the eons, and will eventually to make the "leap," en masse.

The Swallower represents the karmic function. The negative consequences of it will end at the end of the cycle. This is suggested in Revelation 17:11:"As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to perdition."    (Etymology: Middle English perdicion, from Late Latin perdition-, perditio, from Latin perdere to destroy, from per- through + dare to give -- more at PER- , date
1 a archaic : utter destruction b obsolete : LOSS  2 a : eternal damnation b :

The harlot of Revelation 17 is identical to Kali, of the Eastern religions. The metaphor is that we "pay" (karmically) for the "fornication" (duality bonding) during he time cycle. Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, they symbolize karma.  At the end of the cycle, the Kali-Yuga, Kali is cast off, as the power of wisdom comes.

In Revelation, it's the woman with child in Revelation 12 who replaces he harlot energy. She is clothes by the sun, with the moon under her feet. The dragon seeks to devour the child. Goddess Mother figures, such as Sakti, Isis, and Ishtar correspond to the woman. In the Christian tradition, it is the Virgin Mary.

There is a Mexican connection to this. A key dream in my research ended with the strange line, "The housekeeper complains about her lack of money."  This ied into other dreams and symbols that use money owed or payment as a metaphor for karma. The line hints at the ending of the karmic function.

I later found that there is a 'housekeeper"-type woman in Aztec myths. She is the Earth Mother, Coatlicue, who sweeps and cleans at Serpent Hill to atone for (unspecified) sins. She becomes impregnated by feathers (truth) floating down from Heaven. Her daughter, the evil Moon Goddess, Coolxauhgui, and 400 brothers, plot to kill the child. The hero is the woman's son, the Sun God, Huizilopochtli, who defeats his 400 brothers and dismembers his sister, sending her tumbling down Serpent Hill.

In 1978 a disc was uncovered beneath the streets of Mexico City at the symbolic spot where Coolxauhqui's body laid dismembered. It was a stone relief depicting the dismembered Moon Goddess.

All this ties into the 1531 miracle of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. It's the only image of the Virgin Mary showing her pregnant. There is a sunburst around her and a crescent moon under her feet. Those may have been later additions, but I do think the symbolism is correct in matching the woman with child in Revelation 12.

The symbol for the heart chakra is a 12-petaled lotus with a Star of David inside. The woman with child has 12 stars as a crown, indicating this, as does the New Jerusalem, which indicates 12 circles in a ring. I am attaching a diagram showing a conception of the pattern (Q) It's similar to the arrangement of the Zodiac signs, and to ta number of other symbols, including Jimmi's Music Circles. Various numbers can be figured, such as 12 x 360 = 4,320, and the precession, as stated in the caption. A very similar pattern can be formed with four overlapping Barbury Castle shapes.

For this and other reasons, I believe that Revelation is not about the literal destruction of the earth, but a great change after a long stressfull cycle. The old ways of being will be destroyed. The function of "karma" will change for the positive. Conventional concepts of karma (or judgment) are probably not entirely correct. I rejected the whole idea of it, until dreams and coincidences convinced me otherwise. I have a tentative interpretation, but it's not easy to explain briefly.

The North symbol in the Barbury Castle crop pattern is a sun symbol. I am enclosing some glyphs that are similar (R) and (S). I believe the pattern is related to the one you drew as part of "The Circle: A Division of Five," the six-segment circle. I drew a similar flower in a circle in 1990, based on two dreams. One of the dreams indicated that it was a closed aperture. This is formed by single petal edges.

Also see:  The Opening Eyes:

The same pattern with a circumscribe circle is the first part of the metaphorical story about the 153 "Fish in the net," in the gospel of John.  (John 21:3-11)  The circumscribed circle represents Peter, the inner circles are the six other disciples.

See the following links for more details: 

I am enclosing a copy of the final cosmological diagram. (T) The "net" has 16 small diamonds/Fishes. The diamond/Fish around the the total makes 17. Adding 1 through 17 gives 13. The height of each diamond is 153, and the width 265. This demonstrates the ratio 165/153, which is very close to the square root of three.

A number of crop formations have had this design. I am enclosing a photo (U) and diagram (V) of one of them. The size of the pattern, 360 feet, is highly suggestive of 360 degrees. All the tangents of such a circle, divided into 60-degree parts, are either zero, or the square root of three. It's much like the Star of David within the circle.

John Michell also pointed out that 71/41 came out in the Barbury formation, and that it approximates the square root of three. (see (H) )  Angle XA, which goes from the center to the edge of the ratchet spiral, is at 120 degrees, which also has that tangent.

A nine-part wheel of 40 degree sections also displays square root of three tangents, (W) and there is a music correlation. The Greeks multiplied numbers by 74 in many calculations. Start with 1 x 74 and continue. 9 x 74= 666,12 x 74 = 888,etc. When each is divided by 1.85, they fall on the 9-part wheel. For example, 888/1.85 = 480.

An interesting note: 48 has a tangent of 1.110612515, but when zeros are added it becomes the square root of three. It tends to put  the sun's movement to music.

You pointed out in your letter that 6-528 and 36-88 are fractals of 31680. With 6, it's 5280, which has the square root of three tangent. I noticed some years ago that 88 seems to connect the 6-segment circle with the 10-segment Gematrian Wheel. 88 x 60 = 5280 and 88 x 360 = 31680and 31680/6 = 5280. Sometime after this realization, I read a dream in "The Dream Network Journal," where the dreamer was stuck on the 88th floor by a malfunctioning elevator.

The Greeks used an alternate "Gematria" system, where letters were given numbers. Adding the letter numbers of various words became emblematic of a deity or symbol/word(s).  Helios, the physical sun, was assigned the number 6 as a base number. The "magic square" of 36 number (one of which is 36) in a square graph produce a total count of 666. "Iesous" (Jesus) was later given 888 as one of his numbers. He was considered as a Spiritual Sun (son) like the previous divinities, such as Apollo.


Helios the physical sun is equated with the number 666.

The sides of the Barbury crop pattern are laid out by six radii of the corner circles, which may suggest 666. A later crop pattern had three sixes in a triangular arrangement. 1.85 x 360 = 666, so 666/1.85 = 360, a full circle, which was also used as a symbol of the sun and the monotheistic deity. Since the physical sun was associated with the demiurge by early Christians, perhaps this is what St. John was trying to tell us when he said 666 was a human number.

A coincidence happened right after I made notes of this observation. While looking up another subject in my Almanac, I came across some "Astronomical Constants," one of which was Earth's mean velocity in orbit, given as 18.5 miles per second. Well, that just happens to be ten times my little converting factor. So the earth travels an average of 66,600 miles in one hour, and 666 miles in 36 seconds, or 1/100 of an hour.

Carl Munck told me the earth's orbital speed is 67m800and you give another figure, so I don't know if this is correct. I know the planets have elliptical orbits, which varies the speed, so all the figures could have a certain correctness. In any case, it was a coincidence of numbers. It fits especially well with Greek Gematria.

144 is 1/15 of an age. 1/15 = 0.066666666.  54 is 1/40of an age. 1/54 = 0.018518518, a series of 185's. Multiply 1/54 by 360 for 6.666666667.

The human face on the Sphinx may well represent Aquarius, the Man-Water-Bearer. This matches up with the idea of half a grand cycle. His alignment facing East may also suggest this. Those big statues built by the ancient Persians in the time of Darius had faces somewhat similar to that of the Sphinx. The body parts consisted of an ox, a lion, and n eagle. These are also the four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and St. John.

Scholars point out that the creatures represent the zodiac signs corresponding to the solstices and and equinoxes in the age of Taurus. The eagle was later changed to a scorpion. So, in that case, the human head represents Aquarius.

As I mentioned, the date the Barbury formation appeared (July 17, 1991)also fits in. The brilliant scholar, H.B. Blavatsky, makes a compelling argument that the Biblical patriarchs represent zodiacal signs. Judah, for example, is Leo, as he is called "a lion's help" in Genesis 49:9, and "He stooped down, he couched as a lion, and a lioness; who dares rouse him up?"  Noah is Pisces. The Ark landed on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th day of the 7th month in Genesis 8:4.

The water receded afer that and anew age started. The suggestion is that the crop pattern is telling us that our present age of Pisces is near its end. Revelation 17:1 says the harlot is seated upon many waters, and Revelation 17:15 says, "The Waters that you saw, where the harlot is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues."  So, like Noah and his family, we are in the water for a time corresponding to Pisces.

Being in or under the water can represent emotions and the unconscious mind or collective unconscious. This may mean that mankind, as the demiurge, has been co-creating the reality unconsciously. After the flood, and emerging into the sunlight, we drink the pure water of the Water-Bearer, meaning that we find the truth and begin to be conscious co-creators, resulting in the Kingdom, the New Jerusalem, the order of the Heavens made apparent on earth.

The Ark seems to represent mankind's dream/unconscious vehicle on the journey. All the animals must be brought on board because they represent the dream/myth symbols.

All this speculation about the ages started with my last letter to you. Right after I mailed the letter, I happened to read another story that concerns the ages. I did not plan it, so I felt it was coincidental, and I take such things as guideposts.

The story tells of modern discoveries concerning the mythical figure of Mithras. A strange carving depicts him hovering over a bull, stabbing it with a knife. A dog is lapping up he blood. There are two torchbearers, one holding the torch upward, the other downward. Turns out it's a star map. Mithras is the constellation Perseus, which hovers over Taurus, the bull. The dog is Canis Minor. The torchbearers represent the equinoxes during the age of Taurus, showing the increase/decrease of sunlight.

Mithras birthday was celebrated on December 25, the shortest day of the year, marking the return of "Sol Invictus," the Unconquered Sun. His sacred number is 365. Mithras was also associated with Helios, and in some representations Helios kneels before Mithras. This is thought to symbolize the phsical sun as a lower image of the true Spiritual Sun, submitting to him.

Sacrificing the cosmic bull was said to bestow everlasting life on the followers. Initiates were baptized to enact a resurrection scene. The Process was considered a rebirth- a birth into the light.  There are other points of similarity to the Christian tradition.

The mythology was built around the discovery of the precession by Hiparchus around 128 B.C.E. (some say rediscovery). It was developed in the town of Tarsus, the birthplace of St. Paul. Killing the bull symbolized the end of the age of Taurus and he beginning of Aries, the Ram.

Another depiction shows the Aeonic Mithras standing within a ring of the zodiac signs with a ram on his head. Aeon was a god of the celestial pole, as was Apollo. "Polos" means pole. Our word "eon" comes from Aeon, who also represented Boundless Time, or long durations, standing for the unmoving center of creation.

Other depictions show a lion and a cup in tandem, clearly indicating Leo and Aquarius.

One of those strange dream/coincidences happened on June 29, right after I came up with all these ideas. A neighbor, Monte Chambers dropped by and said he had a strange dream during the night. In the dream he was at an Air Force base with his father, Charles, and his uncle Bob. Charles was the Colonel in charge and Bob was the Lieutenant Colonel. Bob's son Paul had crashed in his car, and Paul's wife had crashed in a separate car. The two officers were going out to bring the two vehicles back to the base. Monte's father told him that he had the ability to heal people.

In real life, Monte's father is dead, and was never in the Air Force. His uncle, Bob, is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. Monte thought he might have a relative named Paul, but later he check with his family and found out this was not so.

So often, the dreams of others fit with material that is coming to me, I couldn't help thinking Paul referred to St. Paul and the town of Tarsus, where the Mithras myths were developed.  It also seemed related to Paul Rydeen's dream, where there was a car accident, and a Monte Carlo, or Mt. Charles. There is quite a coincidence of names. In Paul's dream, I felt "Charles" referred to Charles Munck and his Code. This time, Charles Johnson, also knows as Carlos, was  involved with my work.

Other dreams come into play. After his '7,920' dream, Paul reported dreams of twin themes, one of which was a dream visit to Twin Lakes in Minnesota. In my response letter, I reviewed other material about twins, such as Apollo/Artemis, Castor/Pollux of Gemini, Jacob/Esau, and Perez/Zerah (the sons of Judah and Tammar). Twins born of a god and an earthly virgin come down at the fourth step in the Pollen Path myth.

I also mentioned that St. Paul once sailed on a ship called The Castor and Pollux. Also, Minnesota has the Twins baseball team and the Twin cities. It wasn't until after I mailed the letter that it struck me. The twin cities are Minneapolis-St. Paul   The first name is from nearby Minnehaha Falls. (Minne is Sioux for "water," and 'haha' means "waterfall")  Minnehaha is the girl Hiawatha marries in Longfellow's "The Song of Hiawatha.

I have followed the symbolism of cars and other vehicles for a long time. They often seem to represent a type of belief-vehicle that takes one don the road of life. Dreams and coincidences indicated that the Four Living Creatures have a similar meaning.  Wherever the Living Creatures go, the four wheels go along beside them, and the spirits of the Living Creatures are in the wheels.

Blavatsky made it more clear to me.  It's the very ancient Sanskrit, "Vehan," meaning vehicle. It's the four-fold unfoldment represented by the four arms of all the Hindu deities, and the same as Ezekiel's "Wagon" and Noah's Ark, with its four cherubim. The One Deity manifests as dual in space/time creations. The Father Deity calls forth the ideal conception by "The Word," or thought. The Mother Deity, or Sakti, is the Vehan-vehicle by which The Word is brought into manifestation as the Son, or Logos, The Word made flesh.

The "quintuplet set" of five circles indicate the same thing, I do believe, especially the ones that have connecting pathways forming a cross shape.

With the Hindu deities, the head corresponds to the central circle. It can also be the four positions of the earth in relation to the sun at the solstices and equinoxes, which is one of the interpretations of Ezekiel's Wagon.

The shape can also be made with four Barbury Castle shapes, by putting the four sun symbols overlapping, forming a Teutonic-like cross, then lowering the triangle bases to form a shape that looks like a pyramid from above. Perhaps the Aztec concept of four suns is related.

So, Monte's dream may be speaking about this and the idea of the duality and separation. The themes are as old as the hills. Kali holds scissors to indicate the cutting or dividing force. The Pipestone Octopus has the same smbol.  (X)

Coincidentally, it is in Minnesota.

Other dreams and material indicate that the twins symbolize two aspects of the self. The male is often suggestive of our normal, waking, rational self. The female suggests the Divine "Ka" the Divine Double. In other cases it is two males or two females, or a reversal in the gender meaning. It is confusing, but I do think dreams are trying to straighten things out.

In the Upanishads, it's the Brahman, or "Self," that resides in the lotus of the heart. This is compared to a chariot. The body is the chariot, the intellect is the charioteer, the mind is the reins, the horses are the senses, and the rider is the "Self."

Indications are that the big change will bring a union between the 'self' and the "Self".

The separate car crashes may hint at the old idea that there is a "battle" in the spiritual realms, or "war in Heaven," paralleling events on earth. This is found in many myths. I like the Babylonian and Greek stories about it, as some of the symbolism fits with certain other dream-ideas.

Another old theme in the dream is the Triple Male Trinity, which appears often, ad sometimes in the same hierarchical context. In one other cases, a "Bob" was the second person. An old example is the Chaldean, Anu, Bel*Marduk, and Hoa.

The Barbury formation has trinity symbolism. Sun, moon, and Mercury correspond to Father, Mother, Son. A dream of mine, some months prior to the crop formation, of a "Y"-shape unfolding the world, and coincidences that followed, led me to believe that the "Y"-shape within the Barbury formation is related to the Chinese, "Great Y, Great Term, or Great Unite." It also seems related to the idea of a Divine Mother's womb giving birth to creation.

Another form is the Triple Goddess. According to Blavatsky is the Triple Male Trinity figures have "consorts" of feminine gender, but they are often combined into one feminine Deity. In the Chaldean example, she is Mylitta (Ishtar), and when added to the Triple Males, combines to Arba-il, or Four fold God. This is the Tetraktys of Pythagoras.

Both the duality and the Triple Male Trinity are involved in the symbolism of the "Mercury" spiral of the Barbury formation. Mercury, and his Greek counterpart, Hermes, have both male and female attributes. Some Roman depictions show Mercury with three penises, which also appeared in another form in a dream of another person, while I was experiencing coincidences about this symbolism. I wrote an essay about it. John Haddington's writings played a part. He showed evidence that the Mercury spiral is related to the double helix of DNA and the symbolism of the snail, with the double helix on the shell, and the ladder-like track it makes. And, it is the only animal with three penises. The old word for it was "dodeman," which was also used to mean surveyor-geomancer.

Some believe that the ancient sites were positioned and arranged by dowsing the earth energy, and/or that they were positioned on crop formations that appeared back then. The ancient sites and crop patterns, they say, are located at crossing points of ley lines, the matrix of energy lines across the landscape.  Patterns are dowsed within both, often revealing star-shapes with various nmbers of points.

The idea that another person can have a dream that applies to my work seems quite far-fetched, even egotistical. But my work is a type of experiment where I try to keep open-minded and look at all possibilities. Root assumptions and self-doubts must be set aside in order to proceed. The "evidence" is growing in support of the theory that one person can have a dream that is informative to another. In some cases a coincidence will occur, as if it is a confirmation of the dream.

The day after Monte told me the dream, I was looking up "Paul" in the hopes of finding additional meaning. I knew meant "small," but that didn't give me much. St. Paul was originally called "Saul," and a Saul was the first king of Israel. Then, I found it. St. Paul's Day is June 29, the exact day of the dream!

There are additional possible interpretations. Paul/St. Paul may signify traditional Christianity, indicating that they are "of base," and about to "crash."  That rings true to me. The emblems of the two officers are eagle and oak leaf cluster. Joseph Campbell says that birds, such as the eagle of Zeus, symbolize the descent of the Deity into the field of time.

Bull sacrificing can be interpreted as the shift from Taurus to Aries, and Ram/lamb sacrificing can represent the shift from Aries to Pisces. After realizing this, an additional interpretation of many dreams/experiences came to mind. I have recorded a number, my own and those of others, that involve lakebeds drying up and/or fish flopping on dry land. My new interpretation is that this symbolizes the end of Pisces, in a way similar to past ages. Paul Rydeen has had many dreams and experiences involving this symbolism.

Many other dreams involve drinking water, filling up containers with water, opening involves to release purified water into the city, and the like.  One woman dreamed of being in her van floating into a lake. A man appeared with a woman behind her van floating on a lake. A man appeared with a woman behind him, and somehow managed to cause the van to be on the shore. This all goes along with Aquarius approaching.

It appeared in modern artworks as well. An example is the film, "The Little Mermaid". She represents our intuitive/dreaming/unconscious aspect in the water, while her beloved man on shore or ship is the male/rational/waking self. The evil octopus-woman is Kali. Zeus' brother, Neptune, the mermaid's father, rules the sea, but must battle the evil one. Unification of the aspects is achieved at the end of the struggle. (cycle)

Revelation 10:2 suggests this symbolism by the angel with his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land. In the gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says that in order to enter the Kingdom, one must make the male and female into a single one. A crop formation appeared a few ears ago indicating this. It was the female/male signs of Venus and Mars joined together.

When I added the 216's in my last letter, I realized quickly that the coordinates of the Temple of The Warriors followed the pattern. Interestingly enough, I visited the site in 1982, and also walked down and took a look at the sacred cenote well. My 11 year old son, Mike, had a dream at that time about a piece of the sun falling to earth, staring fires, turning daytime into night, and covering everything with ash.

Eight years later, I heard the news that a scientist studying satellite photographs saw a perfect ring of circles at the Yucatan. Turns out that they are the sacred cenote wells, apparently left by the impact of the great meteorite that stuck 65 million years ago. Drilling revealed fractured crystallized quartz 1100 meters below ground Seems to be quite an energy spot. The image came to mind of a seven-mile wide crystal in the bowels of the Yucatan functioning like a radio oscillator.

I remember standing on the to of the steps of the Temple of the Warriors, in front of the Chac Mool, and looking down at the feathered serpent heads at the base of the stairway on the Kulkulkahn pyramid. I had just learned how shadows fall on the stairway, making the serpent's body on the spring and fall equinoxes. If I had known then that I was standing on a structure demonstrating the precession of those equinoxes, the moment would have resonated much more.

I am enclosing two more items of interest from a newsletter I received July 10. The experiments into the possibility that the earth's spinning in its magnetosphere, producing an energy, reminds me of Carl Munck's comments about my "Dream Math".  (Y) through (AA)   It opens up speculations about sun to earth subtle energy naturally sited underground quartz.

Interestingly, I mentioned the number 648in that letter, and a new crop formation appeared that was648feet long. (AB) Everyone seems to be saying it represents DNA.   (AC)  i started mentioning DNA to those crop circle people about five years ago.

A few months ago, a friend at work told me he dreamed of being on a spiral staircase with mechanics and their tool boxes. I told him it was about the DNA "repair" spoken of by J.J. Hurtak, which he learned from Enoch, who appeared as a lightbeing in 1973. The Mayan Day-Keeper, Hunbatz Men, hs also reported this. John Haddington began interpreting certain crop formations as DNA several years ago.

Twice 648 is 1296,so the formation may be a Mayan math lesson too. Two outer circles and ten inner -

2 x 10 =20 x 648= as,960

The 6 arcs on the mercury spiral of Barbury, and its 108 degree angle give 6 x 108 = 648. Half 648may be a fractal of the calculation about the coordinate system: 90 x360 = 32,400.  That's the global positioning number of the great "human eye" at Poverty Point in Louisiana. The eye is part of a mile long human face. (See The Code, September 1993, page 2).  Since there are 90 degrees both North and South, you could say 180 x 360 = 64,800 is another coordinate system reference. And then there's the two sine waves of Gematria, and the intertwined snakes on mercury's Caduceus, through the spine chakras, and around the hoops on the ball court at Chichen-Itza, etc.

This seeming combining of the Zodiac ages with DNA makes a certain kind of sense to me. The ancient meaning of the great "AUM" triangle of creation meant, "The Father and Mother engendered the son, Man."  Well, DNA is the code, or pattern of man.

It doesn't seem likely that DNA is changing or that it will change over relatively short evolutionary time periods. The more likely theory is that DNA is shaped like a radio tuning coil by which we pick up vibrations on a cellular level. It may sound wild, but experiments in parapsychology seem to support it. After finding that plants show reactions to thoughts or actions on a lie detector, they tried it with bacteria in a petri dish and got the same results. They put the detector on the dish of bacteria and then killed a plant nearby. Boom, up goes the needle. They then did it with scrapngs of human skin and found no difference.

This seems to be how dowsing works, and such things as the pendulum, the ouija board, channeling or mediumship, and perhaps even inspiration and dreams. Of course, it often doesn't work very well, but this might be what the "repair" is all about. In other words, we will have an improvement in our cellular detection system in the new age. You could say we will drink the pure water and zero in on the truth about the nature of creation.

I talked to Jimmi Furia and told him about the new crop pattern. He said the number 6048 popped up in calculations about his music circle. The 12 sections of 7 notes each makes 84 total. (3 1/2 hours?)  360/84 gives 4.285714286 degrees for each note.  Times 6048 = 25,920.

I mentioned before that Joseph Campbell wrote of time cycles based on the number 432.One example involved the number of years between Adam's creation and the landing of Noah's Ark, 1656 years. There are 86,400 weeks in 1656 years, and half that is 43,200.The heart of a well-conditioned person beats about once a second, or 86,400 beats in one day. He related this inner rhythm to the great cycle in the cosmos: 25,920/60 = 432.

Divining with numbers, I happened upon 86,400/648 = 133.3333333, the distance the sun travels in one second It's 400/3 a fractal of 4/3, the interval for the musical note of F.  888/666 and it's 1.85 conversion, 480/360, are the same thing. Creation numbers, all, I say.

A coincidence happened just as I was finishing this letter. A book arrived called, "Music and Miracles" by Don Campbell. I flipped it open to page 55, where there is an article entitled, "Is DNA Musical - The Body as a Melody."  It tells of the work of Dr. Susumu Ohno, a geneticist at the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope in Duarte, California. He assigned musical notes to the bases of DNA, and created musical compositions of various strings of DNA.  The melodies were so majestic and inspiring, some mistook them for the compositions of Bach, Brahms, Chopin, and other great pieces of music and turning it into a DNA string. Turns out a Chopin piece matched a specific human gene. Man!  If they ever put all this stuff together. . .

The first time I saw a photo of the Barbury formation, back in 1991, one of my first thoughts was that that the ratchet spiral represented a long time cycle in six stages, ending in a seventh, where it joins in a trinity relationship.

It wasn't long before a coincidence happened. I flipped open "The Keys of Enoch" and read page 54. (AD)  It seemed to match up with the Barbury design.  The "six fields of light" coming together fit well with the North sun symbol, as the lay of the wheat stalks were toward the center.  The six aeons of time went along with my feeling about the spiral.  In addition I had a dream/coincidence experience sometime prior, indicating that the seven days of creation are not yet finished. My dream voice said that we will become "Man" at the end of the cycle.

The symbolism involves "Kimah" and "Kesil," which are the Pleiades and Orion.  They are mentioned in the Bible in Job 38:31.

Coincidences continued. A sort time later, I picked up a tabloid while waiting in line at a convenience store.  I read an article claiming that a miracle had happened in Italy. Some Catholic nuns boarded an airplane for a mercy mission. Shortly after take off, the pilot died of a heart attack.  The plane flew by itself and landed at the airfield some 100 miles away. An airport worker said the plane was encircled with light. The seven Catholic sisters stepped out unharmed.

It struck me - the Pleiades are called the Seven Sister!  I went home and looked it up in the dictionary. They are the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione, placed by Zeus in the sky.  Six are readily visible, while the dimmer seventh is called the Lost Pleiad.

Well, I don't take tabloid articles seriously, but it was quite a coincidence. Who knows, it could be a real story.

Early in 1992, I sent some of this material to Roberta Ossana, the editor of the Dream Network Journal. She called and told me the dream she had three weeks prior. In the dream she visited a house with a large family.  Seven sisters came out, and one was a foot taller than the others. They had red hair and white skin, then suddenly transformed to black hair and dark skin. Roberta joined the family in a meeting in a room with a large rectangular table. There was a mother and a father and one son, who was going to take a new wife. She was being accepted into the family of women. The mother spoke, saying, "Soon, my husband will retire, and we will own the bank."

Since that time I have read two other dreams about the Pleiades, one by Paul Rydeen. I also read a book called, "Beyond The Blue Horizon," written by an astronomer.  He devoted an entire chapter to the Seven Sisters, telling of worldwide myths about them. Many are strikingly similar, especially the idea of six, with one being lost.

I also learned tha Hermes' mother was Maia, from whom our month of May derives.  She was one of the Pleiades. Since Hermes is the Greek Mercury, the Pleiades symbolically link directly to the Barbury formation.  I tend to take these things as symbolic only, not literal. But sometimes I wonder.

I found it in the Bible too, in Isaiah 4:1: "And seven women shall take hold of one man in that day, . . "

It seems crazy now, that I did not make the number connections to the Barbury formation earlier. I don't know if my numbers and timing are right, but I am confident that something of the kind is being communicated.

I mentioned before that I have had many coincidences with the "Enoch" book.  A good one happened just as I was wrapping up here.  I am sending you an entire chapter of the book, as a number of things fit with our discussion.  (AE)  through (AK)

The map of the Yucatan on page 311 was part of a string of coincidences, some of which I mentioned concerning my visit  to Chichen-Itza and my son's dream.  The "Sacred Grid" has a similarity to the Barbury Castle formation.

The "new" finding is on page 314, verse 65.  I read it several years ago, but I did not know of The Code at that time, and forgot.  If that verse is not a description of Carl Munck's findings, I don't know what is.

Teotihuacan is mentioned as part of the energy complex in the "Return Of The Dove" symbolism about the Yucatan. (page 312, verse 40)  That should resonate with you.

The book seems really "out there," but I have had too many coincidences about it, not to consider it substantially valid, at least in the symbolic sense.  Strangely, I have had almost no luck in contacting and communicating with the author, James J. Hurtak, or his organization, The Academe of Future Science.

I put a note on page 312 about the Great Bird land marking at Nasca.  After making the note, I realized that the azimuth of the bird, 142 degrees, from which Carl decoded it, is twice 71. This rang a bell.  It took a few seconds to remember that this was the radius of the large central circle in the Barbury         formation, that worked into the other figuring. (see (H))

This seems to indicate that 25920/71 = 365.0704225 refers to the day-solar year, at some point in time.  Strange, they used 365 as Mithras' sacred number.

I will begin to gather photos and diagrams of the crop formations to send to you.  There are a number of articles that have some similarities to your work.  One man has shown that a great many crop formations suggest five-pointed stars in their geometry, sometimes many times over in a single formation.  A beautiful five-pointed star was the central part of the Bythorn  Mandala crop formation. (AL) 

There are 72 degrees between points of a five-pointed star, and the points form a 36 degree angle.          The "golden ratio," (also called PHI and the Fibonacci constant) is part of such a star, and it has shown up in the crops in other ways.  The ratio of the pattern of numbers converge to 1.618034.  The piano keyboard has 13 notes per octave, counting both Cs.  There are 8 white and 5 black keys.  13/8 is an       approximation of the Golden Ratio.

Richard Hoagland, I believe, showed it as part of the arrangements of the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx in the spiral form, which is a fractal.  I have heard that it is considered an ideal proportion,  used often in artwork and architecture.

Also of interest is the suggestion of the ten-part Gematrian Wheel, which is also the case with the Spider Web formation (AM)

The ten-petaled lotus represents the third chakra.  The pattern is similar to yantras associated with Kali and Shiva, both destroyer gods.  Shiva is the third of a trinity of gods functioning as Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer.  It sounds negative, but they say it is called "death or destruction creation," equating to a seed growing into a plant.  The seed is destroyed in the process of the plant's growth.  And so, a good metaphor about the change ahead.

The Aztecs apparently picked up this symbolism, enacting  it in the horrific ritual of wearing the skin of a sacrificial victim.  The skin is said to represent the seed husk shed off by the plant emerging.

The star of the Bythorn formation was aligned with a single point toward the South, with the opposing pair Northward.  A symbol of the Kali-Yuga time cycle is a five-pointed star with two points (or horns) up.

I don't always write long, rambling letters like this one. But often new things develop as I am writing, so I add them to the letter if they seem significant.  I started trying to wrap up and send this about two weeks ago.  It's now August 1, and I find that there is another addition that begs including.   Three days ago I received "The Circular Times," volume two.  When I read the article on page 4 (AN), things started clicking.  The formation with 13 spokes is similar to a glyph associated with Belmarduk, except that one has eight evenly-spaced spokes/circles around a central one.  The one with five concentric rings, along with the 13-spoked glyph, may hint at the piano keyboard.

Road/route 133 may be intended to signify 133.33333333, the distance the sun travels in one second. 

See also:

The "Vernal Pool" may be an additional hint, suggesting the equinox, and the Water  signs of the Zodiac that we are engaging.  The nearby water sources and irrigation pipes are very similar to dream symbols occurring now, as discussed above.

The date, 3-9-96, with those Gematrian-like numbers, could be intended as part of the meaning.  The best one is 3 x 9 x 96 = 2592.  Adding and multiplying various combinations of the numbers, including the date, the numbers of the glyphs, 360s for circles, and 133.33333333, produce some interesting numbers.  For example, taking the 3 and 9 of the date for 27, and the 5 concentric rings with the 9 concentric rings as 45, then adding the products produces 72.  Taking the spoked pattern as 360
produces 72 x 360 = 25,920.

Admittedly, this is highly speculative, and may be stretching a bit, but for me it gives a direction in which to look.

Yesterday, I called and talked to the co-author of the article, Ed Sherwood.  He has been following the crop patterns and other strange things for 16 years.  He has not been drawn to the number connections to any great extent, but he said he has seen the number nine in various forms over and over again.  He is going to put me in contact with other researchers that are more involved with the numbers.  He asked me to write articles about my theories.  He is starting his own newsletter, and wants to include such things.  Ed's main focus is on symbol interpretation and the phenomena of meaningful coincidence, or synchronicity.  I will be receiving the full report on the Laguna Canyon formation.

As an afterthought, I am enclosing the diagrams of the  four Barbury Castle shapes, showing how they can be arranged  in a New Jerusalem/Zodiac-type pattern, and a Four Living Creatures-like pattern. (AO) (compare to the description in Ezekiel 1-25)

This symbolism will be part of an event in 1999. (AP)  The Grand Cross alignment is with the same signs indicated in Ezekiel's and St. John's visions.  The solar eclipse will be over the area where the vast majority of the crop formations have appeared, and across our prime meridian.  It is expected to start at 11:11 a.m. exactly.

A dream voice message of mine, prior to knowing this, seemed to be about the event.  I don't know if anything earth-shaking will happen at that time; the message seemed to indicate that a better communication from the spiritual realm will come after the event.  In any case, it's packed with symbolism.

This big crossing point may also be on a galactic level. (AQ) through (AS)

To answer your question, yes, you have my permission to quote my correspondence.  You can use any of it in any way  you wish.  I would also like your permission to quote your works, and send sample photocopies of the outlines to interested others.

It would help if you told me a little about your essays concerning the crop patterns.  I could then look for similar findings in other patterns.  I am assuming this is a good way to proceed. Meanwhile, I'll finish reading your essays.  I already want more, but I'll wait until I finish these.

If you have any more ideas on collaborating projects or anything else, let me know.  I am open to any ideas that will help gather, develop, and spread the lost knowledge.

It almost seems like a mini-grand cycle since I started this letter.  I'll close it now, before something else happens.

                                                 May the Sun shine on,
                                                 and travel on,
                                                 for all of us,