Dear Friends,

I'd like to announce a new exciting venture that I'm embarking on! Patti Conklin - Healing Within---
A live internet radio broadcast. The show will air every Wednesday evening at 9pm East coast time,
starting this week, March 26th., 2003

To listen and interact with me, simply go to my website:

Click on the link for the Live Internet Radio show. You will be guided to Media Player or Real Player
on your computer (most computers come with this software so you probably won't need to install it)
The link will automatically connect you. During the show, you can email me at
During the hour long show, I'll read your emails and respond.

This first week we will be discussing " Perceptions". How does our view of the world affect our bodies...
Whether you have personal issues, work issues, spiritual issues, or if the current events of the world are
weighing on you, join me for an hour of open discussion dispersed with honesty and humor.

In celebration of this new adventure, I am offering for one week only, a $25.00 discount on the cost of a
private session. If you call the office at 888-376-3301 or 706-376-3718 between March 25th - April 1st
you will receive a scheduled appointment for $75.00 instead of $100.00 for a half hour session.

Please do me a favor by sending this announcement to people on your email list that you feel will be
interested in listening to this thought provoking show. Help me make this show a success by tuning in,
giving me your views and thoughts! Remember, a new show every week with different topics to enhance
all of our lives!

Much love to you all,


"Everything we speak and think goes into our cellular body"

Patti Conklin

A medical intuitive, fully senses the "other side" on a full time basis. Patti's physical vision can see past a person's clothing and skin, directly into the body and its physical and energetic workings.

"Healing Within" One of the worlds greatest medical intuitives reveals what she sees...thought and energy affect our health and environment. Learn to control your health and life now.

Patti Conklin Author of the audio book "Healing Within"

Patti is an incredibly sensitive and perceptive individual. Many of you are very aware of what gifted people/medical intutitives can do and Patti will rate as one of the best you have ever heard. However, Patti's access goes far beyond the abilities of most clairvoyants and psychics. She sees, fully senses, and 'knows' the 'other side' on a full time basis. At this point, she is interested in talking fully about what she is privileged to see. She is willing to talk about how things work in the seen and unseen worlds, and of the tremendous potential within us all.

We should note that in addition to her continuous view of the other side, Patti's physical vision is exceedingly rare. When she sees someone physically, she doesn't see those persons clothing or skin. She is looking directly into the body and can see its physical and energetic workings. To further illustrate her sensitivities, she can see the effects of a person own thoughts/past or a thought from outside that body (a prayer or another's good intention, etc.) in real time.

Patti's extraordinary view into the unseen worlds of spirit, pure thought, and the effects on our lives and bodies is an incredible experience. Patti's role is to use her great gift to open and empower the minds of many.

Patti was born in a small town outside of Ithaca, NY. At age three, Patti would see spirits and have dialogues with them without realizing they were not really physical. When she was about six, Patti went to hug a spirit and saw her hands pass through the entity. Up until that point, she couldn't tell the difference between spirit and human flesh.

"I continued to study people...watching them. I loved to "see" what they were thinking, and then followed where that thought would go in their body." It has become clear to Patti that everything we say delivers a vibration into the cellular body where it appears as a movie for her to watch.

"Most people have a vision that when we die, our souls raise out of our physical body and we become completely connected to the Creator...full of wisdom, light, and love. Indeed, as I help someone die, or transition to the other side, I do see this wondrous being lift out of the physical form. My task is simply this, to teach people how to clear the lower vibrations out of the cellular level and DNA so that they too, can walk with wisdom, light, and love WITHOUT having to die first. We can be Divine, knowing beings without having to die."

In 1997 Patti was inducted into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame and received their highest award.

She is almost finished with her book, "God Within", which will be published in late 1999. Patti has two children, both gifted and they live in Georgia.

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