The Changing of the Guard:

Corporate Media Whistleblower Speaks

Part Four: Secrets of Skolnick

By Art Aqua


Since the Oracle of Corporate Doublespeak, revealed in Part Five, makes specific mention of a very significant issue with counterfeit US dollars that is gearing up to be a potential political disaster, and the Oracle’s accuracy was validated through the New York Times article three weeks after it was called for, we have selected certain Skolnick articles for publication in full that mention this counterfeit scandal in some way, explaining the huge background behind something that the Oracle only mentions in passing.

These articles are also chosen for how they illustrate other aspects of the "big picture," with an emphasis on the coming changes in US politics. Most notably, a quick research of Skolnick’s archives reveals that he published knowledge from his inside contacts in advance that suggested a major constitution-challenging and destructive event was imminent for America, prior to 9/11. He was also aware in advance that there would be an election crisis, and that the next President would not go into office by normal means. Just as we go to press, Skolnick has revealed that there may be a Presidential plan to attack Washington, DC with military force in an attempt to gain more power, again confirming what the Oracle has already been saying might happen. All words from this point forward are excerpts of Skolnick’s articles, beginning with the link where they are stored. Any bold-italicized sections were added by us for emphasis.

A very high, non-U.S. military officer, extremely well-informed, contends that the U.S. is facing a land-war military disaster in Afghanistan. Obviously, if true, it could bring down the American Central Government and with it the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. The 60 American flag officers agree, and assert that a coup d'etat, for the good and not for evil, is absolutely necessary to save the American Republic…

If true, it raises the entire question of land-invasion of Afghanistan as being the fore-runner of possible U.S. Military disaster. A nation that loses a war soon has their government overthrown, often by evil-doers. The criminal-element that took over the Moscow government after the humiliating Soviet defeat in Afghanistan should be clear to most people. By the way, as we have pointed out, the Russian mafiya operates in the United States, like the Red Chinese Secret Police, with complete impunity and immunity from the FBI/CIA. The Russian criminals, such as in Chicago, operate the Red Light District and circulate, without restraint, superior quality counterfeit U.S. and other currencies, as well as using stolen credit cards and identities. Most of the Russian mafiya in the U.S. are former KGB officers adept at their ways, and the FBI is frightened of them.

 Busy with themselves and their families, and worried about their jobs, the ordinary Americans have to be repeatedly reminded of history. With its terrain, secret tunnels developed over centuries, and mountains, Afghanistan has always been the graveyard of invaders.

 Will the American Republic be saved? More coming.

 Stay tuned.

Great Secrets Into The 21st Century
Counterfeit Reserve
Sherman Skolnick



Carried over from the greatly troubled 20th Century is a hush-hush group of events that is virtually impossible to be dealt with by the American monopoly press. After you study this, the how, when, where, and why of it, may become clear to you.

 It first became clear in matters of a print shop in the old West Side of Chicago. It was about the time of the Korean War. The facility was owned and operated by several brothers. Other printers nearby were somewhat puzzled by little things they noticed. Those in the shop did not work long hours, unusual at a time it was customary because there was plenty of work for skilled printers. The brothers did not seem to be troubled by the then war-time paper shortage. They operated mostly a few hours now and then at night. They drove the most expensive cars and seemed to have lots of money.

 What was the family of clever sorts printing, anyway? And, ONLY a couple of hours now and then at night?

 As later became clear, they were enterprising sorts. They had developed and/or perfected a then relatively new process called deep etch offset. In the hands of the right operators, if they were very careful, they could produce work that previously required steel engraving or a similar old-time, slow, expensive process.

 It was a time when fancy lawyers had their envelopes and letterheads printed the long-established way, steel engraving, cumbersome, time-consuming. But the brothers could not possibly be making so much money taking care of a few orders from professional types, lawyers, maybe even a few accountants.

 The process they were using was a nice step up from photo offset, which some old-time sorts kept grumbling could not substitute for good quality letterpress, another relatively slow, expensive way of printing.

 After a couple of years, the secret could be read in the daily newspapers of that era. The brothers had developed and perfected deep etch offset to the point they could produce superior quality U.S. Treasury Savings Bonds, at the time called Series H. Those in the public who bought a few government savings bonds knew there was a series E and a series H.

 This print shop, in just a few hours, could mass produce H Bonds that looked just like they were steel engraved or similarly used by the U.S. Treasury.

 The situation was simple. The brothers were NOT working for the U.S. Treasury or U.S. Government Printing Office, or any such. They were latter day counterfeiters. And they were in short order, sent to Federal Prison. From jail, they were used by the U.S. Government to be consultants on the Treasury switching over to H Bonds to be produced by the faster, cheaper method perfected by these clever law-breakers.

 The brothers' method was so superior that few people could tell the difference between the older and the newer method of printing the Savings Bonds.

 If carried to an extreme, counterfeiting government money or securities could topple a central government quicker, and neater, than bombing them to bits – that is, taking care of a government perceived as unfriendly to others, or an enemy.

 In the Second World War, the Germans produced a superior quality counterfeit series of British Five Pound Sterling Notes. There was, even later, a Hollywood movie about that. The Germans had a two-fold scheme. First, actually bomb to wreckage the London government. Second, destroy their validity through flooding that nation and the world with fake British currency.

 Then there was a movie about a spy for the Nazis, holed up in neutral Turkey, using the code name, "Cicero". It was both the name, by the way, of a Roman philosopher as well as the mafia enclave adjoining Chicago, Al Capone Land.

 The movie about the spy "Cicero" ended with an ironic twist. He was paid for his treachery with several million dollars of superior quality counterfeit currency. He did not find out until he retrieved the same, while supposedly retiring to South America.

 If over the years you have various pals who associate with U.S. Secret Service types, sort of like almost contract agents, and if others like these pals are retired "spooks", once parachute spies and similar, such as those that dropped or infiltrated Nazi Germany in the closing days of the War… well, you learned stuff, such as how members of their team separated some German banks from the last of their gold. How? By blasting open their vaults and such. In short, you can learn spy craft from those that survived doing it.

 The U.S. Government had a unit of super operators, paper currency counterfeiters. No, they were not sweet nice, patriotic types. Some had circulated their highly-skilled product through known criminals. So, the government would, on occasion, grab them, summarily put them in jail at the hands of a blackmailable federal judge. All by way of persuading the bogus money boys to reluctantly work for the Central Government, or ELSE.

 I learned about a convicted counterfeiter, allowed early out of prison, and set up in a Chicago suburb as a supposed "hairdresser". My information sources used to joke with me in the wee hours, in an all-night greasy spoon. They would drive me past the "hairdresser's" closed shop.

 "Hey, what happened? The windows and doors are all blown out?", I asked, at the time, naive about such matters, still learning bits and pieces about the real world. The answer I got was blunt. "The Secret Service boys were persuading him a little bit. He was hesitating to go to work for them. They wanted him to produce, for them, his specialty, superior quality bogus money. So they could start to topple a government or two, enemies of the U.S., such as in Southeast Asia and such."

 "Persuade him?" I asked. My source laughed at me. "Aw, come on, like the old Black Hand Society. The Moustache Petes. You know, the Boys, the Syndicate."

 There, as in the old West Side, when there was a bombing not supposed to be looked into, the police did not respond. So, if late on a Saturday night, a cleaning and dyeing store did not pay "protection" to the mob, the store was bombed. Locals did not call the police. The folks just walked around the blown out glass windows and such.

 In the 1970s, in Chicago, six known gangsters were murdered. The pressfakers, who should know better, explained it away as "Mob In-Fighting". Actually, the dispatched mobsters had, for a while, been aiding the U.S. Government in circulating phony money overseas, to topple "enemy" governments. The criminals did not keep quiet enough – a fatal flaw.

 The U.S. Treasury, arranging for and distributing superior quality counterfeit currencies, is a deep-down secret. And the pressfakers know to stay shut – for various reasons. For example, journalists that go to press conferences of public officials must FIRST be cleared by the U.S. SECRET SERVICE. Among other things, the reporters know they better never arrange photographs showing the Secret Service in a bad light. And they know they better not write something negative about the Secret Service which not only issues or refuses to issue press credentials, but also investigates bogus currency.

 What mass media journalist would dare, even half jokingly, repeat the age-old saying, TO KILL THE KING, YOU NEED THE AID OF THE PALACE GUARDS, and seriously or not, apply it to the murder of President John F. Kennedy, or President Lincoln and others.

 Any non-issuance or violation of press credentials, and the reporter becomes unemployable throughout the monopoly press.

 Starting October, 1980, Daddy Bush, running for Vice President on the Reagan/Bush ticket, arranged a treasonous deal with the Iranians at the time, holding 52 U.S. Embassy hostages in Teheran. The Iranians agreed, in a Paris suburb meeting, to hold the U.S. hostages until the Reagan/Bush ticket was elected by getting the edge over incumbent Jimmy Carter.

 After all, Carter's phony smile would not help him if he appeared to be a wimp unable to resolve the hostage crisis. In treachery against the American people, Bush promised 40 million dollars to the Iranians plus weapons, through Portugal and trans-shipped via Israel. The hostages were released at the moment Reagan/Bush were inaugurated in 1981.

 [As stated by us elsewhere, the Prime Minister of Portugal, to silence him, was murdered by Daddy Bush by way of a sabotaged plane crash. Israel has used their knowledge of these events to blackmail Daddy Bush, his crony Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.]

 Another, little-known part of the treasonous Daddy Bush/Iran deal, was Bush's promise to them that the then new administration would take no action if the Iranians counterfeited foreign currencies, INCLUDING THAT OF THE UNITED STATES.

 So, the Iranians bought printing apparatus from Germany, similar to that used by the U.S., to print superior quality bogus Federal Reserve Hundred Dollar Notes. Through corrupt means, the Iranians even obtained the special U.S.-contract only, linen type paper used for printing the hocus pocus money.

 The big secret, forbidden to be discussed by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press is that there is, because of Iran and others, over 800 billion dollars worth of these superior quality Federal Reserve Notes, masquerading, of course, as the "U.S. Dollar", some of it circulating by way of Iran. Some is being circulated by a joint deal between the Russian mafiya (former KGB officers) and a faction of the Colombia dope cartel. Some by blowback (spy lingo) is coming back to the U.S.

 [For related details of the Bush Crime Family partners with a co-founder of one of the Colombia dope cartels, visit our two-part website series, "The Chandra Levy Affair".]

 In the U.S. there are five master "cutters", U.S. Treasury lingo for super-duper counterfeiters. [One "cutter" is now holed up in Colombia, producing Federal Reserve Notes.] Their product is so well-made it even goes through the Federal Reserve counting machines and such, as if genuine. From time to time, one or more of these "cutters" are framed by U.S. Treasury and other federal officials to keep these types from refusing to work for the central government again.

 As to counterfeit U.S. currency, there have been a few stories overseas, such as in Australian newspapers.

 In 1990, the U.S. Treasury, aided by criminal-types within the American CIA, confederates of Daddy Bush, then U.S. President, arranged to topple the Soviet Government. How? By manipulating the Soviet currency, the Ruble.

 A book goes into what it calls the Ruble Scam is "Thieves World: The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime", by Claire Sterling, Simon & Schuster, N.Y., 1994. The problem with the book is that it was written by the late Claire Sterling, an apparent American resident in Italy who also wrote for the reputed American CIA-sponsored newspaper in Rome, "The Daily American". She conveniently left out of her opus that the scam was done with massive amounts of superior quality counterfeit rubles, not just some manipulating of the ruble by Western World banks.

 A team of "cutters" arranged the fake rubles for a special dirty tricks unit of the U.S. Treasury jointly with Daddy Bush's covert team cronies in the American CIA. The bogus money team, headed by a master "cutter", was promised a portion of the damage they caused to the Moscow government, eventually toppling them into anarchy and runaway gangster-types, called the Russian mafiya. [It is practically an every month event, these days, when "bankers", not co-operating with the mafiya to launder funds from Russian criminal enterprises, are assassinated.]

 The bogus money team, primarily Europeans sometimes residing in the U.S. and elsewhere, have been grumbling that the U.S. Treasury owes them upwards of one trillion dollars, the "cutters" promised take from permanently damaging and destroying the Moscow regime.

 Hoping, somehow, to force the U.S. Treasury to pay them, the hocus pocus producers have used, among other devices, blackmail against the Daddy Bush White House, the Clinton White House, and against the current occupant and resident of the Oval Office, George W. Bush (some perceiving the real president not inaugurated, as Albert Gore, Jr.)

 Informing the present Moscow government just how the "magician's handkerchief" trick was pulled off by the team could cause a nasty international financial scandal. Some of the same "cutters" were pressed into service following the downfall of Dictator Marshal Tito, to overthrow the Belgrade, Yugoslavia government. Considered by knowledgeable sorts as a super war-criminal, Henry Kissinger, described by some as a German not American, arranged the Belgrade counterfeit currency trick.

 [As to other details of Kissinger's criminality, see the book "The Trial of Henry Kissinger". By Christopher Hitchens, paperback, Verso, 2002.]

 The Russian ruble counterfeiters are experts on how the superior quality U.S. fake currency passes right through the Federal Reserve counting machines and other such apparatus, just as if genuine notes. [Of course, understood by some is that the Federal Reserve notes are hot-air backed paper masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar".]

 Knowing a lot of the foregoing, some savvy sorts simply call them THE COUNTERFEIT RESERVE. The Fed stays quiet about the 800 billion dollars worth of fake U.S. currency floating around the world, some of it coming back into the U.S. What are the fake Federal Reserve notes, a massive amount, being used for? Simple. They are knowingly used, in part, to temporarily support the U.S. Stock Markets. To prevent a financial meltdown, the same secret reason a faction in the American Aristocracy used to cover up if not instigate Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001, with that faction having prior knowledge they were simply piggy-backing on to a known scheme of supposed Moslems.

 [To better understand this aspect, read our entire website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic".]

 Do the bigtime fakers in the Federal Reserve, THE COUNTERFEIT RESERVE, have some of the foregoing in mind? Read carefully the implications of the following press item:

 "The Federal Reserve may have lowered the interest rates to the once unimaginable level of 1.25 percent, but senior officials insist they can still FLOOD THE COUNTRY WITH MONEY if they need to."

 " 'The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press---or, today, its electronic equivalent---that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes AT ESSENTIALLY NO COST,' Ben S. Bernanke, one of the Federal Reserve's seven governors, said in a speech to economists here today."

 "In a detailed analysis that tracks fairly closely with general comments last week by Alan Greenspan, the Fed chairman, Mr. Bernanke described the many ways the central bank could INJECT VAST SUMS OF MONEY into the economy to combat DEFLATION, even if interest rates were to drop to zero."

 Date-lined Washington, head-lined "Federal Officials Say Policy Isn't Limited by Low Rates", New York Times, 11/22/2. (Emphasis added.)

 Question: Would the highly corrupt, conspiratorial Federal Reserve, temporarily pump up the U.S. markets using fake U.S. currency, created by the U.S. Treasury?

 To those urging that stories like this be censored, our motto may explain plenty. LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD, THOUGH THE HEAVENS CRUMBLE. And, STOP CURSING THE DARKNESS and LIGHT A CANDLE!

 More coming....Stay tuned.

The Overthrow Of The American Republic
Part 22
Treasury Boss Sacked

by Sherman H. Skolnick


Some often have it on their mind if not expressed as a question. Does the alternative press, often heckling The Establishment, "the powers that be", the Ruling Class, whatever THEY are called---do the dissident views get results? And if so, how can we be sure? How can it be known, measured, or proved?


 [1] Helpful in measuring whether an "outside the box" scandal can cause commotions within the "box" are historical records. The monopoly press keep the same, calling them "the morgue", the place where they save old news clips, sometimes so old they are on microfilm, microfiche, and similar retention devices.

 Do non-monopoly press sorts keep track that way? If not, why not? Internet search engines are helpful but limited. Did THEIR computers save the real stuff, the real possible negatives, revealing little-known happenings?

 The pressfakers keep separate not to be publicly examined files as part of "THE BLACKMAIL BUSINESS". [Visit our website story on that subject.] Notice, big newspapers almost are beyond being sued or cannot successfully be sued in Court. Why? A case in point is The Chicago Tribune. It is virtually impossible to bring a successful suit or claim against them, even accidents at their facilities caused by their negligence. WHY? Because they keep secret files on every judge, state and federal. And the judges know full well of the existence of such files, from anecdotal data gathered from others on the bench and in the bar.

 So the Chicago Tribune, and their parent, the media monster, Tribune Company, are virtually immune from being fingered successfully in Court. As we stated in our website story about the Tribune and the mob, the newspaper empire has traditionally had as head of their parent firm, the head of the Federal Reserve Chicago District Bank.

 Helpful in this regard, for the public benefit rather than private enrichment, are huge files kept by non-mass media research and investigation groups. I am the founder/chairman of such a group, since 1963, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts. As part of our work we have amassed, amongst us, some one million records, audio and video tapes, secret notebooks, little-known court files, notes of witnesses and sources (whose identity we have an absolute policy NOT to divulge, so as to preserve their identity and employment, if not their actual life). We have the notes of, for example, the most endangered species in the United States, forthright, honest judges. Over the years, some of them have met with us on the sly, to tell us their woes and seek our off the record suggestions.

 Not one of our sources, but having been considered one of the most outspoken brave judges in America, is the judge that dared issue and cause to be published in the law books, the following:

 "More than once judges of a court have been indirectly reminded that they are personally taxpayers. No sophisticated person is unaware that even in this Commonwealth the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has been in possession of facts with respect to public officials which it has PRESENTED or SHELVED in order to serve what can only be called political ends, be they high or low. AND A JUDGE WHO KNOWS THE SCORE is aware that every time HIS DECISIONS OFFEND THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, he is inviting a close inspection of his own returns."

 Lord vs. Kelley, 240 F.Supp 167, at 169 (United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, 1965). Available in most law libraries as Volume 240, Federal Supplement, starting at page 167. (Emphasis added.)

 It was apparently the same Federal Judge in Boston who dared declare the Viet Nam War unconstitutional, but whose decision was overturned by the war-mongering banker-judges on the U.S. Supreme Court.

 For similar reasons, most every organ of the mass media dares NOT offend the U.S. Treasury, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Internal Revenue Service. [This becomes very clear in Part Five – AA.]

 [2] A long-festering mess, for years kept out of the popular press in the U.S., has been the huge amount of superior quality counterfeit U.S. Currency (actually, Federal Reserve hot-air notes, backed by nothing, masquerading before the public as the "U.S. Dollar".) In a prior exclusive story, we dealt with this subject.

 So, shortly after our story is posted, what happened? Why, the U.S. Treasury boss, Paul O'Neill is sacked. Of course, cynical sorts have a way of explaining it. They say, Josef Stalin would have given him two choices, if at all, Exile to Siberia or the firing squad. O'Neill the money boss has a number of failures, to his record, as far as the current occupant and resident of the White House is concerned:

 ===Failure to successfully investigate the sizeable number of U.S. Secret Service agents who have lately and mysteriously resigned. O'Neill failed to adequately find out and failed to shut them up. Some ex-agents confirm to media sources, in confidence, that they are fed up with the sexual perversions of George W. Bush, including traveling around with his long-time male sex-mate. Bush and this person, mayor of a sizeable city, rendezvous at a certain lounge purportedly owned by a major financier of Osama bin Laden, demonized by Bush as the cause of most problems of the U.S., despite the fact that the Bush Crime Family has been in business with the bin Laden Family including Osama who they are NOT on the outs with.

 ===Failure, by O'Neill, to stop all mention of the huge problem of superior counterfeit U.S. Currency, actually Federal Reserve Notes. It is causing tremendous friction between the Washington government and the Moscow government. Moscow czar Putin is beginning to find out that he and his predecessor, Yeltsin, had and have been propped up with huge amounts of U.S. Currency, part of it the superior quality bogus U.S. Currency. Short of ringing the neck of George W. Bush, how is Putin, supposedly now a U.S. ally formerly big with the Secret Police, supposed to react?

 ===Failure by the U.S. Secret Service, part of the U.S. Treasury, to keep secret a previously not publicized film, together with documents, tending to show that Daddy Bush was instrumental in the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. [An FBI document, dated November 29, 1963, circulated by us and a few others, tends to show the elder Bush was part of the JFK plot cover up.] Failure, as well, by the U.S. Secret Service to keep out of U.S. bookstores, as they have in the past, the forbidden book, "Farewell America", written by the French CIA under the pen-name "James Hepburn". Now available, since October, 2002, for the first time in U.S. bookstores since being first issued in 1968. has been offering the same in paperback (previous hardback bootleg copies brought as much as one hundred dollars).The book details the plot against JFK.

 ===Failure of the U.S. Treasury, by boss O'Neill, to adequately co-operate with the Federal Reserve czar Alan Greenspan, to successfully pump up the U.S. Stock Market, at least temporarily, jointly using part of the long-secret superior quality phony baloney U.S. currency. In such failures, the Treasury and the Fed are opening the way for a possible "change of regime", not in Baghdad, BUT WASHINGTON. In our prior exclusive details, we told about the dissident U.S. Admirals and Generals, vowing to arrest Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treason. If Clinton were to arrest them for mutiny, if they survived and were not assassinated, they planned to defend their position documenting Clinton's treason against the American commonfolk to favor the Red Chinese. Although, as we have mentioned, ten of these flag officers, military jargon description, have been assassinated. BUT, there is now a much larger group itching to target George W. Bush, as to the treasonous acts by him, as supervised by Daddy Bush, former head of the secret political police, and others.

 ===Failure by O'Neill, as Treasury poobah, jointly with the conspiratorial Federal Reserve, to turn up the U.S. economy, thus paving the way for George W. Bush to be another Herbert Hoover, ala 1931. Did Albert Gore, Jr., sidestep being in charge of the White House, when he did not fight back "The Gang of Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court, when they like a military Junta, installed George W. Bush as the resident and occupant of the Oval Office, on that infamous December evening, 2000? Some of Gore's confidants claim he so much as muttered under his breath, "Let George be Hooverized, not me", anticipating a serious meltdown of the U.S. financial system.

 George W. Bush, in dismissing Treasury strawboss O'Neill, is blaming one of the stooges for the acts and doings of chief pro-British stooge George himself. The Bush Family, as we have documented, share the proceeds of illicit dealings in a joint account with the Queen of England, at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. [See secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, under the secret code of Greenspan, in a transaction of ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, in our website series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", where the records of twenty five secret Bush Crime Family worldwide bank accounts are attached to our stories.]

 Note how the British Monarch sent the head of her private bank to a key position with the Carlyle Group, where Daddy Bush has been a heavily paid consultant to the bin Laden business interests. As noted in the Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001.

 ===Failure of the U.S. Treasury, through their Internal Revenue Service unit, to increase tax collections to finance a proposed war to capture and dominate one of the world's largest oil reserves not fully developed, namely Iraq. And remember, Daddy Bush had been a private business partner, in the 1980s, with Saddam Hussein, as shown in a unpublicized federal case in Chicago. [See, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh", on our website.]

 Thus, the Treasury, as supposedly supervised by O'Neill, failed to crack down on tax cheats. BUT, who were those tax cheats if not those tied to the Bush Crime Family – such as WorldCom – such as Enron – such as Microsoft, which reportedly pays no taxes using reputed book-cooking yet doing a zillion dollar business. Such as General Electric. Greenspan's wife, Washington correspondent for NBC, Andrea Mitchell, has ostensibly covered up G.E.'s financial finagling. Mrs. Greenspan's boss has been G.E. unit, NBC.

 Some old-time cynics in Chicago perhaps remember my first appearance on a live, not-taped, TV talk show, 1967. The host blundered in asking me a question he did not know in advance the answer to. "Mr. Skolnick, you contend Chicago and elsewhere around the nation are riddled with bribe-taking judges. What do you suggest be done with them?" He turned visibly pale when I answered, "Selling justice, they are not entitled to Due Process of Law. They should be dealt with by a National Firing Squad, to teach the bench and the bar a lesson."

 One form of proof is circumstantial. With such evidence, some in the past have even been sentenced to the electric chair or execution by lethal injection. A useful research tool, if not an actual yardstick, is propinquity, events that can be shown to be related, a sort of event kinship.

 Various mass media reporters are becoming aware of the details of the massive amount of fake superior quality U.S. currency, much of it coming back from overseas and also, how George W. Bush's cavorting with his male sex-mate is enabling Red China to defeat U.S. national security by way of blackmail.

 Is the Federal Reserve dictator the next to hurry-up his retirement? We call the Oval Office resident and occupant Bushfraud, for reasons we have previously mentioned. He has cut back the wages of federal employees and his political party fails to extend unemployment benefits to a suffering nation. Does HE remember what happened to the last monarch who scornfully told the anguished populace, "Let them eat cake!"

 More coming....Stay tuned.

The Overthrow
Of The American Republic
Part 23
The Fake Money Business
By Sherman H. Skolnick


When private business partners have a falling out, it seems to be like a divorce.

[1] From inside information, they rant against one another; each hollers that the other was never any good.

[2] One partner accuses the other of cheating, on friendship, on money, on business, on assets.

[3] Each accuses the other of hiding or stealing the family jewels.

If you understand this, you comprehend how George Herbert Walker Bush and Saddam Hussein react to each other nowadays. Daddy Bush was actually important to the American CIA since formation of Zapata Petroleum Company, later called Zapata Offshore. They had hundreds of overseas affiliates. Some contend the firm assisted foreign and domestic spy agencies as a cover operation for covert activities and sucking up intelligence data worldwide. Others assert Zapata's offshore drilling platforms, such as those in the sea beyond the U.S. jurisdictional limits, are transit points for clandestine shipments, such as dope.

Was/is this a way of helicopters, servicing the oil drilling, picking up narcotics shipments and getting them into the U.S.? Some think so. International wire service, Reuters, some years ago, studied the matter, and so alleged. [The exact date of their items are hard to track down, but are known to exist. Was the story dropped into a black media hole?] So, Daddy Bush has been apparently for many years part of the dope trafficking.

One heavily detailed book mentions that Daddy Bush was started in the oil business by British royals. ["The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush", by Webster Tarpley et al., 1992.]

In an FBI document, dated November 29, 1963, circulated by us and others, shown is "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" played a key role in the covering up of certain data as to the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

So George Bush The Elder was active in the American spy community long before he was, for eleven and a half months in 1976, Director of Central Intelligence – and ever after as well. He was instrumental, in the late 1970s, of installing, through political assassinations in Iraq, Saddam Hussein as the Iraqi strongman.

In the 1980s, Daddy Bush was Saddam's PRIVATE business partner. It was the subject of a little-mentioned Federal Court case in Chicago, where this free lance journalist, was the only reporter covering the court hearing. My exclusive story appeared in a populist weekly newspaper, The Spotlight, August 19, 1991.[Visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh" for more details.]

Bush the Elder and Saddam Hussein, just like a mafia gang, shook down the weak oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf, extracting "protection money". Also, Bush's criminal business confederates in the 1980s, inside and outside the White House, supplied Saddam with the beginnings of nuclear and bio-chemical materials and research, for the possible development of so-called "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

See the heavily detailed book, "The Spider's Web--The Secret history of how the White House illegally armed Iraq", by Alan Friedman, Bantam Books, 1993, never adequately publicized in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press.

Recently, the present Bush White House obtained the original of Saddam's response to the United Nations inspection team, a many thousand page document. Bush, in turn, had copies supposedly made of this and only then turned it over to other members of the U.N. Security Council. Some assert that the Bush White House eliminated or redacted some of the pages showing the role of the Bush Crime Family in supplying such items to Baghdad. "Annan [U.N. Secretary General] Criticizes Handling of Iraqi Files", New York Times, December 11, 2002.

The Persian Gulf conflict of 1990-1991, in its simplest form, was, just as we have shown, a falling out of disgruntled private business partners, Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein. In 1991, Daddy Bush stole billions and billions of dollars of monies and assets belonging to Saddam, his former partner. These purloined funds were transferred to twenty five secret worldwide accounts of the Bush Crime Family. [Visit our extensive website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", where the secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing Greenspan's and other secret codes, are attached and can be brought up on the screen. For example, one account shows ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS (partly traceable to assets and funds belonging to former business partner Saddam Hussein) were transferred to a joint Bush account that the Bush Crime Family had with the Queen of England in her private bank, Coutts Bank London. And notice how the Queen arranged for the head of her bank to leave and become a top official of Daddy Bush's purported war-mongering operation, the Carlyle Group, with an armlock on the American war weapons industry. "The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, to the Carlyle Group, the US private equity firm." Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001.]

Here is what happened in the 1990s and thereafter, after Daddy Bush stole hundreds of billions of dollars belonging to his former private business partner, Saddam Hussein. Using the American CIA, Bush set about to try to topple the Baghdad regime the classical way: using fake money. Historically, it has overthrown governments more quickly than dropping bombs.

A team of highly-skilled counterfeiters, headed by a master "cutter" (the trade lingo for a superior performing steel engraver), produced the plates for counterfeit U.S. paper money. [Of course, actually this paper money of a private central bank, the so-called FEDERAL Reserve, has long masqueraded, throughout the world, as the so-called "U.S. Dollar".]

Daddy Bush, in various deals (some of them through oil machinery suppliers headed or connected to Richard Cheney), saw to it that Iraq was flooded with superior fake U.S. Hundred Dollar Bills. They were so expertly made that they actually passed through the Federal Reserve's counting machines as if they were genuine. This type of trick worked well when the same counterfeit team, headed by the same master "cutter", then working for a secret unit of the U.S. Treasury and American CIA, flooded the Soviet Union with superior quality fake Russian rubles. It caused the collapse of the Moscow government. In the 1990s, Daddy Bush and his gang of criminals purported to be supporting Yeltsin and then Putin, with U.S. Paper Money (actually some 800 billion dollars of superior quality fake U.S. paper money. Putin finally caught on to this trick and is shoveling them BACK to the U.S. by the Moscow government's huge buying of gold in the run-up in December, 2002.)

The Bush Crime Family are known to be terrible cheapskates. They reserve the right NOT to pay for goods and services supplied to them. So the crack counterfeit team were, and are, disgruntled, whispering details into the ears of more independent-minded journalists, not part of the monopoly press. The team, as typically handled by the Bushies, has NOT been compensated or paid off, as promised by the American CIA and the U.S. Treasury, at the behest of Daddy Bush.

By the way, some of these counterfeiters, absolute experts at their work, previously worked on the other side, producing expertly made plates for mafia-style gangs. Some cynics, however, prefer to point to the U.S. Treasury and the American CIA as two agencies themselves constituting an underworld.

Whatever opinion you have made of Saddam Hussein, he is NOT some dummy. The superior quality hundred dollar U.S. paper money bills that flooded Iraq and the Mid-East by Daddy Bush---well, Saddam, in turn, dumped them on Europe, from which they are coming back to haunt and trouble the United States.

To cover up this treason and criminality done by Daddy Bush against the American people and their organic law, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, his son, George W. Bush, the resident and occupant of the Oval Office installed by a military Junta-style Five of the U.S. Supreme Court, feels obligated to find a reason to protect Bush the Elder by violently seeking to remove the Baghdad regime. Saddam's details, documents, and testimony can send Daddy Bush and members of his crime cabal to prison for treason and other high crimes.

Does anyone in the lap-dog monopoly press ever mention anything positive of the distinguished background of Iraq, once called Mesopotamia?

The Greeks called it Mesopotamia, The Land Between the Two Rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris. The word IRAQ is an Arabic noun meaning the shore and grazing area of a river. Iraq was invented by the British, experts on "divide and conquer." [As stated earlier in this website series, the Brits have been trying since the War of 1812, when they burned down the U.S. Capitol, to overthrow the American government, returning us to being mere subjects of the British monarch and this continent returned to being just puppet colonies of the Crown.]

After World War One, the British (also with French help) wanted to put the defeated Ottoman Empire into a historical wreckage. So they carved it up and out of it came, among other things, Iraq, in the beginning just a puppet colony part of the League of Nations Mandates.

Who ever reminds us all that the country of Mesopotamia, now called Iraq, is the original Cradle of Civlization, where were first created the city-states, some 4000 B.C.

To try to protect his father from treason conviction and prison, George W. Bush is determined to silence his father's now disgruntled former business partner Saddam Hussein. Do we all understand that Baghdad is a cosmopolitan city of some five million inhabitants? Is the U.S., for the private purposes of the present resident and occupant of the White House, as supervised by Daddy Bush, going to demolish Baghdad by bloody violent force? And for the purpose of taking over Iraq's oilfields, which may, in time, supplant Saudi Arabia as a sizeable supplier of oil to the U.S.?

[Recently, competitor to U.S. Oil firms, British Petroleum, had a rare statement of their boss. He warned the U.S. that in taking over Iraq, the U.S. better NOT keep Britain out of the oil deal.]

Some contend that with the U.S. under a supposed leader trying to protect his father, causing tremendous bloodshed in Iraq and among poorly informed U.S. troops, the end result may be the change, perhaps violent, of the regime IN WASHINGTON.

More coming....Stay tuned.

The Overthrow Of
The American Republic
Part 27
U.S. Civil/Military Insurrection?

Because of a confluence of events, domestic and overseas, there is a growing possibility that the UNITED States of America will come apart. For one thing, the British have long had an interest in dividing up this continent into weak, quarreling sections. The British, for example, in part fomented the American Civil War, also called the War Between the States, in an attempt to stop the growing industrial and financial power of the U.S., and in pursuit of the London government's vow to restore this continent to being mere puppet colonies of the British Monarchy, and we as subjects of the crown, not citizens of a Republic.

 Details that tend to point in this direction are the following:

 [1] Through highly concealed, super secret sources within the Bush White House, CBS News has learned that the current occupant and resident, George W. Bush, is being pressured, if not actually ordered, to possibly postpone the planned pre-emptive attack on Iraq. Some background necessary to understand this.

 In prior exclusive stories, we have long since pointed out that in 1988-89, the covert media subsidy from the American CIA was removed from CBS News and switched, instead, to ABC News. As a result, CBS had to close some of their overseas bureaus, used principally not for news-gathering but to compile intelligence and as spy-centers where journalist/intelligence agents could hang their hats. ABC News took up that role thereafter.

 More currently, the American CIA media subsidy has been taken back from ABC News and restored to CBS News. Furthermore, seldom is mentioned that CBS has a division creating and testing military games strategies, such as how to control domestic or foreign insurgencies through created terror squads, even death squads. Sharpened into a workable arrangement by CBS's late William Paley, the counter-insurgent teams were active in controlling the Civil Rights and Anti-Viet Nam War Movements, through paid CIA/FBI agent provocateurs whose purpose was to discredit such possible grassroots uprisings. [In 1972, when I butt into a live TV Program in Chicago, to identify CIA-funded provocateur, Rennie Davis, I was falsely arrested. I beat the attempt to keep me in jail by subpoenaing the Chicago Station Chief of the American CIA, a person and title not supposed to exist domestically under the CIA Charter. I could fill an entire series with our run-ins, over three decades, by way of identifying CIA provocateurs and CIA-controlled media types.]

 [2] There are a growing number of Admirals and Generals who secretly and quietly oppose the faction of the Aristocracy that installed George W. Bush in the White House using a military-style, five person, Junta-like majority of five judges on the U.S. Supreme Court.

 Knowledgeable sources contend that this opposing faction has, in effect put George W. Bush, and the one actually supervising the White House, namely Daddy Bush, under what some would call "house arrest", or some restraint similar to the same. No, it may not be either publicized or dramatic, and may not be played out like a scenario from the fiction book and movie, "Seven Days in May".

 Called in slang military terms as "flag officers" (who have a flag flying on the fenders of their staff cars), these high command officers previously had vowed to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for treason, as they are authorized under the Uniform Military Code. If he were to arrest them for mutiny, they were prepared, if they were not summarily assassinated, to defend themselves with highly well-documented details of his treason. Such as, Clinton giving to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, who from time to time met and ate with Clinton in the White House, U.S. industrial, financial, and yes, MILITARY secrets.

 The tragic joke on the American populace was that Kenneth W. Starr, for four years supposedly as "Independent Counsel", was running after Bill and Hillary, supposedly to eventually prosecute them. Starr spent most of his time as a PRIVATE attorney. His private law client? Why, none other than Wang Jun. Further, Starr was the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese Government in Bejing. Thus, the Clinton Justice Department was in a position to jail Starr quicker than Starr could think of criminally prosecuting that President and his First Lady.

 Efforts by the 24 Generals and Admirals, as we have in earlier stories discussed, were, in part, blunted, when ten of them were assassinated, including General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District, and Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest ranking naval officer in uniform.

 Now, however, such similarly inclined flag officers number far more than the original twenty four and have targeted, and are targeting, George W. Bush, for treason, committed pursuant to blackmail, with and for the Red Chinese Secret Police. [Visit earlier parts of this series.]

 [3] Troika is a Russian term for a wagon pulled by three horses. Some time ago I posted a story about a possible troika that may run the government. Certainly it is no great secret that we common Americans are going to be faced with tremendous possible upheavals resulting from an oncoming financial meltdown as well as the plans for Iraq.

 Many ordinary Americans may be forced into a point of view that we must, by way of dealing with the growing emergency, temporarily set aside the organic law, the bedrock of our Republic, namely the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights (restraining the Central Government, as forced upon the founding fathers of this Republic).

 We may suddenly find out that the faction of the Aristocracy that opposes George W. Bush and Daddy Bush, has decided to run this country through a troika, a panel of Emergency Administrators, not provided for by statute or organic law.

 Some savvy sorts understand that the one that actually won the popular Presidential vote in 2000, and had the election as to the Electoral College, stolen through high bribery and coercion involving fellow Democrats in Florida, and Jeb Bush, and the five-person majority of the high court in Washington, namely Albert Gore, Jr.; that he may NOT have actually completely departed the stage of politics. Gore may re-emerge as one of the Emergency Administrators, to deal with the possibility that the UNITED States of America, is becoming, has become, DISUNITED, through financial and international policy blundering.

 [4] As hard as it may be to understand for poorly informed and naive sorts, there are parts of the United States, like in the 1860s, that reserve the right to secede from the Union. California is such an example, beset with a huge un-manageable deficit, having sent to Washington their federal tax money and getting, in return, insufficient aid in dealing with the open-borders flood of non-citizens burdening the hospitals, schools, and facilities of California.

 Who openly discusses that Texas entered the Union with a provision, reserving to itself the right of its State Legislature to divide up the huge state into five separate states entitled to TEN U.S. Senators. The Texas State Assembly, from time to time, has to roll-over that provision.

 [4] If the Bush White House plan to topple Daddy Bush's former PRIVATE business partner, Saddam Hussein, and seize the Iraq oil fields, does not work well---will George W. Bush be able to withstand the reversal? Will he go to pieces, psychologically? Answers to that may be found in earlier parts of this series. [As to Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein as private business partners, visit our website item, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]

 [5] Some problems facing George W. Bush. There is the superior quality counterfeit U.S. paper currency (actually hot-air Federal Reserve notes). This bogeyman, capable of toppling the U.S. central government, is returning to the U.S. As mentioned by us, there is a secret lawsuit criminally and civilly implicating Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, the U.S. Treasury, and others for having failed to pay the team of master counterfeiters, called "master cutters", who are suing Bush, etc. A Federal Judge in Virginia is seeking to consider the blockbuster case in secret.

 Somehow, a group consisting of Albert Gore, Jr., and others, have come up with a rather complete list of where the superior quality counterfeit U.S. paper money is, and who is seeking to dump it back on the U.S. via the transit point of Canada. The dumpers include Moscow strongman Putin as well as Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. [Visit earlier parts of this series for details.]

 Furthermore, George W. Bush, Daddy Bush, and their apologists and cohorts in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, are seeking to dirty up, for example, France, calling the French traitors and cowards. Have we common Americans forgotten the role of the French in the formation of this nation? The French can scandalize, if they wish, Daddy Bush and Bush Jr. into oblivion – such as with the cover up, started with Bush crony Bill Clinton, as to the missiles that blew up TWA Flight 800 in 1996. [Counter-terrorist experts, who appeared on our tv show, off-camera, told us how the central government is well aware that a submarine, bought by Iran from the former Soviets, and operated by a Russian mercenary crew, most likely fired the missiles that took down Flight 800. Among the dead were 60 French nationals, including 8 members of the French CIA; their team leader refused to get on board and took a later flight.]

 The French, further, are in a position to destroy Daddy Bush in that they have proof, beyond question, of his role in the political assassination of President Kennedy. Furthermore, they have a secret video showing Daddy Bush, in a Paris suburb in October, 1980, bribing top Iranian officials to keep the 52 U.S. Teheran Embassy hostages captive until the Reagan/Bush ticket licked Jimmy Carter, shown as a wimp, leading to the inauguration of Reagan/Bush in January, 1981. Plainly, the French have the "smoking gun" of multiple instances of treason and high crimes by the Bush Crime Family.

 So, will the U.S. end up into a mess wherein a panel of Emergency Administrators run the country because George W. Bush is either unable to govern, is actually but secretly under "house arrest", or similar extra-ordinary situations?

 [6] To deal with a possible U.S. civil/military revolt or insurrection, there is housed and resident within the United States, some 75,000 foreign troops trained in urban counter-insurgency. Included are German troops, in New Mexico, Russian troops in Louisiana, and, reportedly, a large contingent of Red Chinese troops such as below the Rio Grande border line. They are skilled, having been trained, for example, how to kick in doors and seize Americans in their homes---ordinary folks who believe in the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. The monopoly press heavily promotes gun control but tells us nothing about these foreign troops who have no great love or understanding of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Most of them do NOT speak English and would not understand the protests of their domestic American victims. Cynics have suggested this series be re-titled, "America's Hitler".

 Stay tuned....More coming.

The Overthrow Of
The American Republic
Part 33
by Sherman H. Skolnick


The Persian Gulf War Two ended before the actual shooting started. On March 17, 2003, George W. Bush, the occupant and resident of the White House, proclaimed a 48-hour deadline in which the Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein, should turn over Weapons of Mass Destruction and he should leave the country.

As of this date, no WMD have been discovered to exist in Iraq. By the time the shooting started, March 20, 2003, Saddam, according to very knowledgeable sources, had already left the country. The exit was arranged by the Moscow government, with the knowledge if not the aid of the Paris government, and with the full knowledge and connivance of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and George W. Bush, as supervised by Daddy Bush.

Just as the deadline passed on Wednesday, March 19, 2003, the American CIA with the U.S. Military brass covered up these and other events herein described, by a much trumpeted effort to supposedly assassinate Saddam in Baghdad, using bunker-busting weapons.

It was a treasonous fraud, calculated to distract common Americans addicted, like druggies, to the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, to cover up the true nature of what was really happening.

According to the best, most well-informed sources, who have in the past been accurate, here is what already had occurred prior to the March 19, 2003, White House deadline:

[1] Tens of millions of dollars had been promised by the American CIA and the Bush White House to the top generals of Iraq. The contacts with the Iraqi military brass had been started as long ago as October, 2002, or even before. Part of the pay-offs were already deposited in secret accounts. The plan, agreed upon by all concerned, was to have the major Iraqi military units permit the U.S. Military to quickly take Baghdad, supposedly with a minimum of U.S. casualties. [A heavily-censored, watered down story about the pay-offs "U.S. Bribed Iraqi Military Leaders", The Express, London, UK, 4/18/3.]

The opposition to the overwhelmingly superior U.S. fire-power was to be by misled, poorly-informed, poorly-organized local Iraqi bands of shooters, what Americans in a U.S. context would call "patriots" or "militia". These highly nationalistic minded would-be "troops", mostly not even in uniforms, without good clothes or shoes, were mowed down by the heavily-armed Americans, killing the Iraqis often twenty or more at a time.

The Iraqis, some as conscripts, fought, as best they could, as any patriotic citizen of a nation would against foreign invaders attacking their homeland without provocation. History may well describe it as the great slaughter of the innocents.

[2] The bought-off Iraqi generals, other top military officers and their wives and families were, shortly after the shooting started, flown out of Iraq in U.S. military helicopters. They have been quietly and secretly re-located in the U.S., just as a similar series of events occurred after Persian Gulf War One.

In prior exclusive stories, we told about the four thousand or more Iraqi military intelligence and other military officers as supposed "defectors" quietly re-located' after Persian Gulf War One, to the U.S. The Elder Bush, then president, and perpetuated later by Bush crony Clinton as President, jointly knew that some of these supposed POWs were "double agents". Some two thousand such Iraqis, and their wives and children, were set up in Oklahoma City, their housing, food, clothing, and such, paid for by the Elder Bush/Clinton administrations and perpetuated by George W. Bush.

"We're rolling out the welcome wagon to prisoners of war, yet our own veterans who fought there are having trouble getting any help", said Congressman Clifford Stearns (R., Florida).

Said U.S. Senator John Warner (R., Va.), "I find it unconscionable that an Iraqi combatant soldier would be admitted into this country under refugee status and be given certain privileges and benefits and indeed a job at a time when many, many U.S. veterans... cannot or have not been able to get comparable benefits."

"FINAL REPORT On the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building April 19, 1995", by the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, published 2001, pages 476-477.

Some two thousand of these Iraqi officers have been housed in Oklahoma City. The chief defense counsel, Stephen Jones, in an unpublicized higher court petition on behalf of defendant Timothy McVeigh, contended that U.S. dissidents, whether they knew it completely or not, were domestic surrogates for a secret Iraqi operation to get revenge on the U.S. for the Persian Gulf War One. Attorney Jones' 185 page court filing, amazingly, referred to both the public and SECRET McVeigh court record. [Visit, for example, our website series of stories on McVeigh.]

[3] The wire service, United Press International, owned wholly or in part by the American CIA, suddenly ran a story, 4/10/3, "Saddam Key in Early CIA Plot", telling how Saddam as a young man became part of a CIA-assassination squad to snuff out Iraqi leaders, paving the way for Saddam as dictator. Hey! Why did the CIA suddenly, at this late date, tell us this, through their puppet wire service fakers? 

In 1916, with the downfall of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the victorious British took over Mesopotamia as a protectorate. In so doing they more or less tried to weld together three countries, as Iraq, made up of warring tribes, religions, and groups. By the 1930s, recognizing failure, the Brits dumped Iraq. During World War Two, oil-rich Iraq and Iran were both pro-Hitler monarchist types, an inviting target for the Nazis to try to over-run Cairo and seize the Mid-East. After the war, a sizeable political party was the Communist Party of Iraq. Combat and assassination of pro-Moscow Reds was the purpose of the American CIA and the Ba'ath political party, as well as the installation of dictator Saddam who kept the warring factions within Iraq together as one nation, using savagery and the iron fist against dissidents.

[4] In the 1980s, Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein were private business partners, sharing billions and billions of dollars from shaking down the weak, oil-soaked sheikdoms of the Gulf. The foreign bank records showing this became the subject of an publicized suit in the Federal Courts in Chicago. I was the only journalist attending the hearing and writing an exclusive story about it. [Visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]

This vast extortion horde became the secret subject of a U.S. Treasury Internal Affairs unit inquiry examining the 25 secret worldwide accounts of the Bush Crime Family, jointly held loot with Saddam Hussein. For example, the Bushies had a One Hundred Billion Dollar joint account with the Queen of England, at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. These transactions were done with the aid of Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan, using his secret authorization code. The authenticated documents and the details are in our website series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush".

Prior to the actual shooting "war" starting March 20, 2003, billions and billions of dollars of these Bush/Saddam extortion loot were transferred through the Royal Bank of Jordan in part to the Central Bank of Iraq. [The Kingdom of Jordan has been a recipient of huge funds for more than 40 years from the American CIA. The Royal Bank of Jordan is a form of reputed CIA proprietary. See our website story, "Overthrow", Kingdom of Jordan Link, Part 25.]

On May 6, 2003, the New York Times ran a heavily-censored, watered down story on how upwards of one billion dollars of this loot was extracted by Saddam's son just before the shooting started. The New York Times did not bother to remind themselves of their earlier story about the possibility of huge amounts of U.S. paper currency, found in Iraq, might be counterfeit. [Visit other parts of this series as to the superior quality counterfeit U.S. money.]

[5] It should come as no surprise to those who are well-informed and NOT naive, that Saddam has been playing dirty games against his own people for the benefit of the American CIA, while Saddam was/is supposedly "an enemy".

Saddam, prior to the start of shooting in Persian Gulf War Two, reportedly ended up in Switzerland to have his face changed by expert plastic surgeons. From there, he was transported to Paris where the French CIA can use him, if they see fit, to blackmail the Bush White House to get a piece of the post-Iraq War oil treasure and re-construction.

After all, Saddam is an eyewitness whose direct testimony could put Daddy Bush and Bush, Jr., in prison and/or public ridicule, as war criminals, by having invaded another nation without legal or U.S. Constitution basis. The leaked out Bush Crime Family worldwide secret accounts are, in part, by way of Saddam's half-brother in Switzerland. The Bush Crime Family, in transferring just a small part of this loot for the exile of Saddam, are keeping Saddam from his "proper" portion that he would be "entitled to" as a private business partner of Daddy Bush in shake-down and extortion. Cynical lawyers might point out, however, that a falling out of thieves cannot be a subject of a court partnership damage suit, since under American law it would be "against public policy", sort of like a bank robber caught by a policeman, suing for "brutality".

[6] Some items, some summarized, that have to be considered:

===Supervised by Daddy Bush, George W. Bush has committed treason against the American people, which is becoming more and more known by those overseas.

===There was no basis in international law, United Nations rules, or the U.S. Constitution, for the attack on Iraq, there being apparently no WMD – and Saddam Hussein had already gone into exile.

===The so-called "war" was a fraud and a sham. Unfortunately, the American newsfakers are concealing that U.S. casualties in the conflict were much, much greater than the monopoly press announces. Some estimate that upwards of 800 Americans perished---U.S. military, American CIA clandestine, out-of-uniform types, Special Forces, and other Special American operatives---and as many as five thousand of the same wounded.

===The Iraqi oil treasure, second largest in the world, is to be used as collateral to support U.S. out-of-control debt, to aid Bush in seeking to give a huge tax cut to the very wealthy. An additional purpose, if not the actual main one, is that the Iraqi oil treasure is to head-off (although it may be actually impossible to sidestep), the downfall of the "U.S. Dollar" and the looming possible default of U.S. Treasury securities, 40 percent of which currently are owned by the Japanese and the Saudi Royal Family (both since 1973, having THEIR U.S. Treasury paper backed by U.S. Gold, not so for ordinary Americans).

===Is some of the billions turned over to Saddam by the Bush Crime Family, proceeds of their joint extortion loot, actually superior quality counterfeit U.S. paper money? [Visit earlier parts of this series for related items.] Is Saddam, savvy about this, in the process of dumping this phony baloney money BACK onto the U.S., aiding the British in their long-time plans to destroy the U.S. Central Government? [Read this website series from Part One to present.]

More coming....Stay tuned.


Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court-reformer and since 1963, Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts. Since 1991, a regular panelist, and since 1995, Moderator/Producer of "Broadsides", a taped one-hour weekly public access Cable TV Program cablecast WITHIN CHICAGO CITY LIMITS, to upwards of 400,000 viewers each Monday evening, 9 p.m., Channel 21 Cable TV.

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