compiled by Dee Finney

1-23-03 - DREAM - I was in my house in New Berlin, but it wasn't like normal. The bedroom was on the same level as the kitchen.

I was putting my two sons to bed on the top of a double-wide bunk bed. No one was sleeping on the lower bunk.

My sons were in their late teens or a year older.

A third guy, of similar age it seemed, very handsome, came and needed a place to sleep. He was willing to sleep with my two sons; who were facing opposite directions.

He decided which son he wanted to lay next to, so there were now 3 guys laying in the bed, two facing one way, and one laying the other way. However, the third guy didn't want to be covered with the same white sheet as my two sons and he wanted his feet wrapped in a white T-shirt, so his feet didn't touch any one elses feet.

I had a pile of old T-shirts on the floor at the end of the bed. The first one I picked up was really old and raggedy, so I searched through the pile of T-shirts until I found one that was newer.  I wrapped his feet in the T-shirt, put the two sheets over the guys, one sheet over my sons, and one sheet over the third guy, who was on the far left of the bed.

I then went to the kitchen where I and some other people were going to eat cake to celebrate something.

While I was in the kitchen, I heard a clunk or thump in the bedroom. Nobody else heard it, so I went to investigate it myself.

As I stood up to investigate the noise, on a bulletin board over on the right wall, were two cartoonish mouse head figures similar to Mickey Mouse, who were animatedly making a ruckus and complaining about something, so I took another T-shift and went over and erased them as I walked by, then I took the T-shirt to the bedroom to see what the problem was.

In the bedroom, I saw that the bed had fallen over on its side, it looked like a wicker basket at this point. My two sons and the third guy were now laying on separate pallets made of graham crackers. Two of them were crumbled and one of my sons was laying on a complete graham cracker.  All of them were sleeping soundly.

I went back to the kitchen to report what had happened. In the kitchen, a discussion ensued that I should move my car, which was parked on the street. I said I had the license to drive it, but since it was getting dark, I carried a huge, heavy flashlight with me, in my left hand, to shine on the license plate to make sure it was on the vehicle before  I drove it.

When I got there, my vehicle was a car-carrier truck with no cars on it, and there was a man there, folding up a sign that was hand-made in such a fashion so it could be changed by punching out certain letters that weren't needed. As he folded the sign in half, I could read what it said, 'NO CORONATION'.

The next part of the dream may be a different topic, but it seems related.

I needed to take a book back to the library, and a wildly animated, laughing, blonde woman was driving me and my two sons to the library. We got about half way there and were driving on 76th St. when I remembered that I had forgotten the book I was supposed to be returning to the library.  I hit myself in the forehead with my right hand and said, "Oh! I forgot the book!"

The blonde woman turned and laughed at me (I was in the back seat) and said, "You can do that another day." Just enjoy the ride.

Just as she said that, we were being followed by a rowdy bunch of guys on small motorcycles and they were crowding the car dangerously on both sides and behind us.

A couple of them passed us and then collided in front of us and fell and slid in the road.  We had to stop quickly and as we were right by the library, the head librarian came running out to see what the  noise was all about and saw that many, many books and magazines were strewn in the street. She was extremely distressed by this.

I took her in my arms and comforted her while other people ran to clean up the mess and retrieve the books. To her it was really a big disaster.