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Moray, T. Henry: The Radiant Energy Device
T. H. Moray built a device capable of producing 50,000 watts of energy, if rebuilt, will be capable of answering the world's needs with a non-polluting form of energy. We have many of Moray's notes. Moray had completed his work. The evidence is overwhelming that he produced useful kilowatts of electrical power. The size of a Radiant-Energy unit will be capable of delivering 60 kilowatts and will be about 42 inch by 26 inch by 22 inch and weighing no more than 60 pounds.

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Here's some information on bioeffects of EMFs...on more than just birds! (from a chapter in my publication, "Bioelectromagnetics 2002:  Health Effects Update", on my website <emfinterface.com>

Best Wishes for the New Year,

Jim Beal

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Birds, Bees, Bat-Rays, Butterflies & Buzzards (?): Electrosensory Organisms


In the Austin American Statesman, Austin Texas paper of October 8, 1998, appeared the following article:


Homing pigeons, as the name suggests, are supposed to find their way home. But more than 2,000 of the creatures have disappeared this week and no one can explain it.

The birds lost their way during two separate homing pigeon races held Monday. Out of 1,800 birds competing in a 200-mile race from New Market, VA to Allentown, PA, about 1,500 have vanished. And in a 159-mile race from western Pennsylvania to suburban Philadelphia, 700 out of 900 pigeons are missing.

Most of the pigeons would have been back in their lofts within a few hours. Although it's not unusual to lose a few birds during a race -- a hungry hawk, for example, might snag a few racers -- this week's loss is extraordinary, organizers of the two events say. "There is something in the air," said Gary Moore, who was the "liberator" for the 150-mile race, deciding when and where the birds were released. "To lose this many is just unbelievable."

Was it sun spots? A UFO? The currents of El Nino?

It's hard to come up with an answer pigeon enthusiasts say, because no one knows how homing pigeons do what they do.

>>Disagree here, because lots of research on pigeon homing capabilities has been done. It has been determined that pigeons use about 3 methods 1) visual cues during the day; 2) geoelectromagnetic hints, & 3) star patterns at night. Blinded pigeons -- or pigeons in a fog -- still get home and "windmill" slowly in to a landing. Blinded pigeons with tiny permanent magnets attached to their heads produced totally confused birds!......jb<<

Moore's theory is that the disappearance may have something to do with CELLULAR PHONE ACTIVITY (my emphasis...jb). It's widely accepted that the pigeons use electromagnetic fields to help the navigate and cellular phone calls might interfere with that process, he speculated.

Most long-distance races are held on weekends when cellular phone activity is lower. But the two races in question were postponed from Sunday to Monday because of rain.

Sun spots also can send the pigeons off course, but the sun activity that day was low, organizers say.

Jim Effting, who lost 34 of the 37 birds he entered in the race to Allentown, also thinks that something very peculiar must have messed up the birds' innate tracking systems. He says the birds took a wrong turn and could be in North Carolina by now. The three racers of his that finally made it home arrived Tuesday afternoon. They were exhausted, and it was obvious they had been flying lost for hours, said Effting, who lives in Emmaus, PA.

What's certain is that with each passing day, the chances that the birds will survive are decreasing. Unlike their wild pigeon brethren, these speed machines don't know how to feed themselves in the wild and are easy prey.

Editorial Note: An interesting supporting article appeared in the proceedings of a symposium and workshop held in Snowmass-at-Aspen CO, in 1973 [1] and sponsored by the National Science Foundation in concert with the Neuroelectric Society, the International Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, Marquette University and The Medical College of Wisconsin:

There is an important chapter in the Proceedings about the action of large flocks of blackbirds and starlings, where hundreds of birds all turn, in milliseconds, and NONE OF THEM COLLIDE [1]. The video shown at the conference illustrated the rapid twisting and turning as the flock few in close formation. VERY impressive...as though all were of one mind! There was no twisting or wave motion indicative of visual or auditory cues! It was theorized that the birds used some sort of proximity detection sensory system based on microwave phenomena, since the structure of bird feathers was somehow related to microwave antennae! (also see [2])


The apparently synchronous turning and wheeling of flocks of several bird species, particularly starlings (Sternus vulgaris), has long been a phenomena of curiosity and interest.

The recent series of reports suggesting that birds may be able to detect the earth’s magnetic field makes the hypothesis that turning movements in bird flocks may be coordinated by electromagnetic means more attractive. Such a signal would be instantaneous, could reach all birds in the flock regardless of their position relative to the signal source, and could carry sufficient information for turning movements.

Analysis of films of turning flocks of birds and experimental studies of startle reaction times in birds in our laboratories have suggested that the electromagnetic radiation model could provide a parsimonious explanation for the observed behavior of the birds.

There are several other presentations in the above book, relative to microwave sensitivity of living systems to extremely low intensity fields, and I remember one chapter in particular in this area by Dr. C. Romero-Sierra and J. Bigu del Blanco, Dept of Anatomy, of Queen's College in Kingston, Ontario [3].

The above book, while expensive is worth having as an excellent early reference to bioeffects of electric field gradients, magnetic fields, microwave, and air ion effects.

Buzzards (?):

I have noted an interesting phenomenon about 8 miles south-southeast of here (Wimberley, Texas). This tower, each morning and afternoon all summer, has been a prime roosting spot on every cross-member for dozens of vultures (turkey buzzards)!! They may be getting an EMF radiation buzz and/or may be waiting for something to die! Seems quite symbolic, in several ways, of this whole microwave communication and cellphone long-term bioeffects situation. (Please keep in mind that it has long been known that selected EMF pulse rates, waveforms and frequencies have healing, sedation and emotion-evoking capabilities). I have noted many communication towers in my travels and have seldom seen birds on  any of them. This is the first tower I have noted with so many birds and all of the same species. This might also be a good example of how one can make snap decisions, based on insufficient data and reach erroneous conclusions. Since I have not familiar with buzzard habits, it may be that the tower is just a convenient elevated roost, on a hill near a highway, where good road-kill scavenging is available. Canada help wondering though....

Email response to above, from: Bert Dumpe <Bdumpe@worldbank.org>, 11 Nov 1998:

Jim: I reported on the birds. The story you report verbatim as it appeared in the Washington Post seems to have been edited. The initial WP report put the number of the original population of birds starting the race at 3000. In addition, from their release point in Virginia, the birds were traveling to various destinations; a town in New Jersey, Brooklyn, NY, Allentown and Pittsburgh, PA. Most of the birds were lost enroute, and a HANDFUL alighted on property along the way or deviation thereto. Rest of the birds were not found, which remains the case to date.

Generally the FIRST report of an incident is the most factual. Thereafter, the cover-up starts and the story is watered down and factual omissions prevail. This seems to be the case in the Texas version of the story. For instance, when the story broke, the bird racers positively stated that (paraphrased) "the electromagnetic RF emissions from cellphone devices and antennas changed the aerosol, which would affect the birds' sense of direction." This positive statement is from people who study bird biology and have sufficient knowledge to know "what environmental pollutants or objects would interfere with the birds' mission and hinder the chances of a successful race."

Re your statement of the "vultures." Interesting, and unusual. Can you send me copies of any pictures you take? This is unusual because generally birds (warm red-blooded) have been avoiding microwave towers, and often when they do alight on the towers large numbers of birds are found on the ground dead. Creatures normally found on towers, up to the height of the antennas, are roaches (cold-blooded). Your hypothesis is probably correct; "the vultures sense death in the air." Sometime ago in one of my newsletters, I reported that birds migrating to Capistrano and points south for the winter disappeared over New Mexico. It is altogether possible that as well as disappearing, the birds are merely falling from the sky as has been reported in various places. In addition, any birds that would pass over the towers will be half dead and easy prey. This is also a reported fact.

As for research on the magnetite in the head of birds, which I mentioned when this lost birds story was reported, this has already been done extensively. In fact, Kaune the researcher who co-authored the Linet NCI powerline study, was one of those who researched this. And you know what this turncoat said about powerline emissions being benign. Researchers at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere already researched biomagnitite in the brain of animals and humans. With the loss of birds, death and deformity of reptiles (e.g., frogs, lizards) one had to be pretty thickheaded, a real bozo, or terribly dishonest not to know that electrification of the air is deadly. The worst is yet to come.

Bees, Bat-rays and Butterflies:

Alasdair Philips <aphilips@gn.apc.org>, 21 Nov 1998

Our cheap transistor radios can pick up and separate out hundreds of radio signals at levels of a few hundreds of microvolts/metre. More sophisticated communications receivers can work down to levels of about 10 microvolts/metre. Radio-astronomers work on informational signals from stars at less than 1 microvolt/metre - this is a power level of about  0.000 000 000 001 microwatt/cm2 (1 attowatt/cm2 !!). We can now detect and create pictures from signals from spacecraft at our outer planets using transmit powers similar to those use by mobile phones of a few watts!

Honeybees have been shown to be sensitive to magnetic flux differences of 1 nanotesla (10 microGauss) [4][Theoretically humans could also be sensitive down to less than this level (pineal thermal noise c. 0.24 nanotesla - Smith, 1985). Various sea creatures can detect voltage gradients of a few 10's of microvolts/metre.

Biological stochastic resonance from regular pulsing EMFs can effectively amplify coherent signals (like power EMFs) by vast amounts.

What arrogant nonsense to suggest that living systems need to be "cooked" before they realize they are being bombarded by signals and that microwaves of 100 volts/metre are harmless to us.

On your butterfly question...many years ago (c.1969) I went to a Friday evening London 'Royal Institution' lecture by Professor Eric Laithwhaite of Imperial College London - the guy who developed the principle of the linear electric motor which is now widely used - whose hobby was/is butterflies and moths. At the time everyone was talking about pheromones, and undoubtedly these are used in the mating attraction process, however...he discovered that if the female (I think) was enclosed in a sealed plastic box the mates still appeared from long distances away, but if she was enclosed in a (electromagnetically screened) Faraday cage full of air holes only butterflies who were very close were still attracted. He repeated these experiments on many occasions and came to the conclusion that the patterns on the butterflies wings were actually tuned circuits in the very high microwave region (far-far-infra red) and each variety had its own unique RF/microwave signature enabling mates of the same variety to home in using their antennae and own wing resonators as tuning selectors. The main energy probably came from the sunlight possibly modulated by wing flapping.

Our mainstream, crude, gross, simplification of life into simple electro-chemical building blocks completely misses the mysteries of what "life" is and how sensitive it can be if we open ourselves up to the amazing, wonderful, cosmic universe in which we live. I do not know how we will achieve the paradigm shift in thinking needed but I sense that it is slowly starting to happen. I hope so, anyway. Matthew Fox (USA) and his Creation Spirituality movement is part of the change, along with the deep ecology movement.

... and I am meant to be a down-to-earth nuts-and-bolts engineer!

Hang on in there folks!


1. Llaurado, J. & Sances, A., et al., "Biologic & Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic & Electric Fields" Springfield, IL, Chas. C. Thomas Pub. Co.,1974, Chapter XI, Heppner, F.H., & Haffner, J.D., "Communication in Bird Flocks: An Electromagnetic Model", pgs. 147-162.

2. Tanner, J.A., Romero-Sierra, C. and Davie, S.J.: "Non-Thermal Effects of Microwave Radiation On Birds." Nature, 216:1139, 1967.

3. Llaurado, J. & Sances, A., et al., "Biologic & Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic & Electric Fields" Springfield, IL, Chas. C. Thomas Pub. Co.,1974. Chapter IX, Bigu del Blanco, J. & Romero-Sierra, C., "Microwave Radiometric Techniques: A Means to Explore the Possibility of Communication in Biological Systems", pgs. 123-136.

4. Keeton, British Birds, 72, 451-70]

5. Bastian, J., "Electrosensory Organisms." Physics Today, pgs 30-37, Feb 1994.


What you don't know is not half so apt to hurt you as what you know that ain't so!

Old adage

Subj: Persons who may be able to treat electro-hypersensitivity (EHS)

To: LOTEKCHOW@aol.com

Bonnie Rogoff:

Based on the description of your symptoms in your email below, you likely have both chemical and electrical sensitivity. Many fair-skinned persons (primarily women) have problems with long-term computer use. The monitor radiation, both UV and electrical, causes a reddening of the skin, like the condition "Rosacea". This is a condition researched a  great deal in Sweden by Dr. Olle Johansson, whom you have already contacted.

Also, persons with electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) often have some extent of light-sensitivity, similar to the condition called porpheria, which you described in your letter.

Often the symptoms go from Fibromyalgia, to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, to EHS....all of which are body system stressors (usually pain), as well as making one even more sensitive to other types of stress....some of symptoms may be sleep problems, weight gain, low body temp and pulse rate, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and a host of other body and immune system abnormalities/paradoxes which drive the doctor's crazy!...seems a strong tie-in to hypothyroidism, which does not show up on any normal medical tests, because the problem is not indicated in the blood...it seems to be a metabolism problem at cell level....possibly due to cell receptor inactivation caused by heavy metals and toxic chemicals (pesticide exposure at early age often a problem....did you ever chase the DDT mosquito spraying trucks or bathe animals in DDT as a child??)....lots of women coming down with similar problems at your age....because of the widespread use of the "miracle" DDT pesticide (and other long-term toxic pesticides and chemical cleaners) 30 to 40 years ago!

There seem to be some paradoxes here, e.g., skin reddening looks like rosacea, but is not the usual rosacea; light-sensitivity symptoms, like porpheria, but no tests tie in to porpheria; hypothyrodism symptoms, but no tests show up any thyroid problems;...lupus symptoms, but no lupus.

This still seems to me, as a lay-person with extensive information in this area, that there is a cell receptor metabolic situation here where none of the usual medical blood tests will show any problems. Therefore, with the bunch of symptoms you have, the medical opinion often is "you much be a hypochondriac and should see a psychiatrist to get rid of your mentally-induced stress problems!!!" (especially if you are a woman!)

Oh, Incidentally, in the 1960's, Dreyfus (a millionaire financier in New York) , with sleep/fatigue problems, overactive mental activity and a metallic taste in his mouth, found he had "epileptoid brain-wave excursions". He spent over 5 million dollars exploring uses of the drug dilantin (diphynlhadantoin--DPH), which helped him get back to normal with more energy than usual. The medical research he funded showed that DPH had far more uses than just suppression of epileptic seizures....from heart arrhythmias to skin conditions like schleroderma. You say you suffer from seizures and are taking Tegretol already. Have you tried DPH?...maybe a possibility here.

Could be, based on your location in NYC, that you are in an area of strong EMF activity....you might have to leave the city for a few weeks or months, perhaps take a vacation and go into the country for awhile...away from all EMF sources, and see if your health improves.

In addition, to improve sleep, it would probably be helpful to get all electrical devices out of your bedroom... further information and research references on this and above statements can be found at my website --  <www.emfinterface.com>


From a message to Roy Beavers (excerpt) forwarded by James Beal

Subject: Doctors in U.S. who treat electro-sensitivity

Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002

Dear Roy:

Dr. Johansson suggested I contact you regarding my medical condition.  Below is my original message to Dr. Johansson.

I would appreciate any information you have on doctors in the USA who can help me. I live in New York City, but will consider doctors outside my area. Thank you so much.

Best regards,


Dear Dr. Johansson:

I am a 48 year old female who has become intolerant to all light. One year ago I had normal healthy skin. In September 2001, I suffered a severe abnormal skin reaction after using an ordinary moisturizer on my face. After exposure to late day sunlight, my face turned very red, and was burning badly, as though acid were poured on my face and the skin was scaling off and became hyperpigmented. Following a diagnosis of contact dermatitis and cortisone treatment under medical supervision, my condition worsened. My initial symptoms included constant facial burning, intolerance to sunlight, fluorescent light, computer monitors, a constant metallic taste and intolerance to chemicals and perfumes.

I am unable to go outdoors in sunlight and must wear a sunblock every day even indoors. Over the past year my condition worsened despite numerous medical treatments. Now, my mucous membranes and eyes are also affected, my nasal passages burn, and are dried out and I have migraine headaches and muscle problems. I used to work on computers and now I can't go near computers or TV sets. I suffer from a seizure disorder and take the medication Tegretol (500 mg daily) and take Naproxen once a month for menstrual pain. I also have severe scoliosis and have a Harrington rod implanted in my spine which has been broken since 1980. Currently, a dermatologist is treating me for rosacea using Metrocream. All medical tests for lupus, porphyria and scleroderma have come back negative.

Could my problems be due to electro-magnetic sensitivity and would you know of a doctor in the US who can help me? I am desperate and willing to travel to Sweden but fear a trip would be impossible due to my failing health.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Best regards,

Bonnie Rogoff


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Chemtrails or Contrails - A UK Perspective - Photos of aircraft contrails and discussion relating to the chemtrail conspiracy theories.

Chromodynamix - The Threat of asteroids and the ISS.

Confessions of a Mad Scientist - To study different religions and sciences need not imply infidelity to one's own beliefs, but rather enlarge them by seeing how others have sought for reality, and been enriched by their search.

Crowded Skies - A London based UFO and Alien research group website, with graphics and downloads...

Dark Moon/Two Thirds - Nasa hoax! Apollo Landings Faked, Face on Mars, Alien Intervention, Our Place in the Galaxy.

Dark Star Theory - A new theory linking a possible brown dwarf orbiting the Sun with Nibiru, Planet X and the mythical Egyptian Phoenix.

David Calder Hardy - A new theory of the origin of the solar system.

The David Hamel Connection - David Hamel reveals important information for all humanity. Magnetism, isotope line of energy, pyramids, free energy, "anti-gravity" and other mysteries.

Directory of Little Known Information - Here you can investigate Alternative Science, Alternative History, UFO'S, Consciousness Studies, Free Energy, PSI Research, EMF Effects, Alternative Medicine and more.

Discussion & Info on Creation Science - Dinosaurs, fossils, evolution, creation, the Flood, and our ancient history are all topics of interest within www.creationism.org.

Do you believe? - Subjects include: ghosts, human & natural phenomenon, miracles & wonders, monsters, myths, scandal, ufos, unexplained deaths & vanishings and urban legends. Read, chat, submit your story or post a message.

Dogon Theory of Creation - The enigma of the Dogon tribe knowing obscure astronomical facts before we had telescopes capable of learning of it.

Dowsing Tools - We offer dowsing devices e.g. pendulums, dowsing rods.

Electric Universe - Electric discharge phenomena caused huge gouges running hundreds of kilometers on the Moon, Mars, Venus and other planets.

The Enterprise Mission - Dr. Hoagland's site covering from antigravity to theories on mars and the planets to government cover ups.

The Eonic Effect - A discussion of evolution theory that proposes that there exists a non-random pattern of universal history in the emergence of world civilization.

Euthopia Foundation Alternative Science Theories - A collection of theories on ways to reduce cost, provide alternative energy, solve food shortages, and many many more theories.

Evidence of Mind and Soul - Speculation on scientific evidence for the existence of the soul.

Extraterrestrial Life In The Cosmos - Documents research in cosmology, archaeoastronomy, and the search for extraterrestrial life

Farm Technology - increasing crop yields by Russian researcher who reports incredible effects.

The Flat Earth Society - Information about the Platygæan Hypothesis, the Springfield Effect, cryptogeographica and various other matters of interest to the Society.

FLOATERS; anomalies to photograph - Floaters that have been called clinical maladies are not always the case, but can be photographed.

Flying in Ancient Egypt - The discovery of the ancient Egyptian aeroplane model in Cairo museum on 1972 by Dr. Khalil Messiha.

Fortean Times - Online version of the 26 year old print magazine.

The FortPages - a list of Internet resources dealing with Forteanism and scientific anomalies.

The Fringe of the Fringe. - Bigfoot, Skunk ape reports.

Full Spectrum - Kirlian and Aura photography. - photographing the electromagnetic field around animate and inanimate objects using the Kirlian camera to show subtle energy fields.

FUTURE SCIENCE - Alternative, new or overlooked propulsion systems. From man made concepts to UFOs.

Human Evolution based on Female Sexual Selection and Neoteny - An alternative theory of human evolution based on Darwin's other two evolutionary processes: female sexual selection and the inheritance of acquired characters. This site describes how a heterochronic interpretation of recent neuropsychological data suggests human evolution was driven by the female sexual selection.

Hyperspace Physics - Visions of the Otherworld from several paradigmatic perspectives such as Physics, Celtics, Vedics, Tantrics, Psychics, and Chemical Experiences of a Hyperspatial Nature - with an extensive archive of information related to the Deeply Mysterious Tryptamine hypercontinuum. Incunabula HTML.

Immanuel Velikovsky - Proposed that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events, as described in his 1950's books Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval.

Institute of Noetic Sciences - "Conducts and sponsors research into the workings and powers of the mind, including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. We are bold enough to inquire about phenomena that don't fit into the conventional scientific model."

Is Native DNA A Helix? - Site presents the argument that the DNA helix theory is incorrect.

The Josef Hasslberger page of Physics, Economy and New Energy - A broad range of articles, mostly written by Josef Hasslberger, about the results of study and research into the odd and unexplained.

Journal of Scientific Exploration - Presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics which are for various reasons ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science. Also promotes improved understanding of those factors that unnecessarily limit the scope of scientific inquiry, such as sociological constraints, restrictive world views, hidden theoretical assumptions, and the temptation to convert prevailing theory into prevailing dogma.

Lean about Hypnosis and Hypnotizing - Learn how hypnosis works, and how to hypnotize yourself or others. Everyone can be hypnotized, and I will show you how with simple proven techniques.

Living Cosmos - A new, interdisciplinary paradigm embracing the natural and physical sciences, and history and prehistory, revealing a biological universe that is also stabilized by life.

Lunar Anomalies Homepage - Enigmatic Lunar Structures.

M-Comp - Mensionization Complementations - New insights on ancient paradigms: I Ching, Alchemy, Astrology, and Kabbalah.

The Millennium frontier - Frontier science and technology news. Space, high energy phisics, cloning, new world order.

The Millennium Group - Truth in Science regarding cosmology, planets, sun, comets, galactic formation, global warming, secret science, hurri- canes, tornadoes, earthquakes, lightning, and other physical phenomena.

The Moon Shots Were Faked - Nasa's own photos prove it!

Mothership - A public link page providing a variety of resources listed in Science: Anomalies and Alternative Science

National Institute for Discovery Science - Privately funded science institute engaged in research of anomalous phenomena, focusing on UFOs and life after death. Requests reports of significant close encounter sightings or unusual activities.

Native future - Informational links relating to alternative sciences, histories and beliefs for a new era.

Nightwatch: WWWBoard - Discussion board for SciTech, Global, and Paranormal news/issues. A more mature niche on the web for such topics.

The Noise Room - A rational and fact laiden site discussing and presenting modern myseteries from science, history, paranormal and new explorations.

OmniCosmology - a new model of the Universe capable of answering philosophical questions on meaning, purpose, Tao and destiny.

On the Structure of the Solar System. - An alternative theory.

The Only Way to the Stars - An on-line book about the limitations of human inter-stellar space travel. A solution is proposed to cross the vast gulf of space-time that separates us from other worlds.

Palatian Enterprises - Investigation of causes of cataclysmic events, earthquakes, floods, etc. Discover how technological advances to date can help determine the exact nature of Environmental Disasters and Cataclysmic Events. Developing film about Atlantis.

Paraciencias al Día - Escepticismo, paraciencias, pseudomedicinas, medicinas alternativas, homeopatía, misterios arqueológicos, milagros, nueva era

Parapsychology - Links and bibliography about scientific research in Parapsychology.

The Plane Truth - The Plane Truth about the International Flat Earth Research Society.

Plasticine.com - Epublisher concentrating on alternative science, history and medicine. Rocket, Softbook and PDF formats.

Predictive Deduction: - An alternative proposal for more rigorous science.

The psychic alien kingdom and religions. - A book where physics, aliens and biology explain the psychic tools of the brain.

The Psychic Monitor - Searching the web for the best in psychic, paranormal,and metaphysical phenomena, earth changes, newage, ufo and polar shifts.

Quantum Cavorite: Podkletnov - Information about the Tampere gravity shielding effect by Podkletnov.

Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Forces - This report presents data and analysis demonstrating gravitational shielding in our plantary system.

The RealDeal Science Debates - Singular, Devil's Advocate views VS. Prevailing, Established views.

Remote Viewing in the UK - remote viewers using CRV, with online session results, links and more...

Rupert Sheldrake On-Line - Participate in the seven experiments that could change the world. Learn more about the morphogenic fields and the views of Rupert Sheldrake.

Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies - The Unusual & Unexplained. Strange Science * Bizarre Biophysics * Anomalous astronomy. From the pages of the World's Scientific Journals. Archaeology Astronomy Biology Geology Geophysics Mathematics Psychology Physics.

Science, Healing, Paranormal & Other Mysteries - A scientific look at mysterious, paranormal, bizarre phenomena, and the relation to age-old cultural and religious beliefs. FREE e-zine

A Scientific Heretic Delves Beaneath the Surface [WashingtonPost.com] - Thomas Gold is a scientist who periodically annoys other scientists with outlandish theories that often turn out correct. Now he thinks the Earth's oil supply is effectively infinite and the peer-review system stifles progress.

Seven Experiments That Could Change the World: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Revolutionary Science - Book by Rupert Sheldrake. Encourages ordinary people to perform simple experiments challenging conventional scientific ideas.

Shady Pines - UFO's, the paranormal, amazing phenomena, Dissent and the TRUTH.

SilverGen Colloidal Silver Generator. - We manufacture a constant current colloidal silver generator which is all electronic.

Society for Scientific Exploration - The primary goal of the international Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) is to provide a professional forum for presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics which are for various reasons ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science.

Solar system - celestial mechanics - Some new ideas about the rotation of sun and planets, sunspots, and climate variations.

Space - 32 Cities of Ur, A New Metaphysical Phenomenon - Introducing to the world a new metaphysical and religious philosophy of spirituality for the New Age, a Journey into the Unknown for those who dare.

Sphinx Stargate - Paul LeViolette has found a cataclysmic message hidden in the zodiac constellations.

The Starchild Project - A strange alien skull found in Mexico.

Strange Magazine Online - Online version of the print mag Strange Magazine. a level-headed, open-minded look at strange phenomena: Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, paranormal investigations, cryptozoology, monsters and mystery animals

Taos Hum Page - A webpage about the "Taos Hum," a low throbbing sound heard in quiet locations throughout the US. The source is still a mystery.

True Structure of the Solar System - Contains what has not been said, with elements for its verification.

UFOs and Space Mysteries - UFOs, Aliens, Anomalies, Mars, Moon, Ancient Artifacts, Personal Contact Story, News, Space weather,and Links.

Unexplained Universe - The Unexplained Universe is dedicated to providing information on the mysterious occurrences and unexplained events that happen throughout the world every day.

US Psionics: Mainstream and Alternative Research - Research Includes: Numerology, Radionics, Millenial Studies. Links to Astronomy, UFO, Alternative Science Sites.

Vestigia: Scientific Anomalies Research Team - Exploring the world of UFOs, ghost & poltergeist phenomena, cryptozoology, earth mysteries, "spook" lights, and other scientific anomalies since 1976.

Vulcan, Comets and the Impending Catastrophe - predicts that cataclysmic collisions occur nearly periodically and are associated with the orbit of our sun's dark star companion (Nemesis or Vulcan). The comet swarms are defined by number and period.

Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages) - Weird Research, Anomalous Physics.

Wonderful Articles & Profound Images! - Wonders, anomalies and mysteries of the ancients, with links to museums, photos, and things of interest.

The X-Pile - Alternative science articles posted every week.

High Strangeness: Remote Tampering - Tentative results from declassified CIA program, suggesting that not only is ESP possible over great distances, but so is psychokinesis.

KPU - Psi - Micro Psychokinesis - Part of the website of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at Edinburgh University. This page deals with aspects of microscale psychokinesis.

The Official Psychical Explorers Website - The world-famous Psychical Explorers now have an official website. We invite you to visit us for fascinating information on: -Conspiracies -UFOs and extraterrestrials -Ghosts and hauntings -Monsters and strange creatures -Strange disappearances -Up-to-date information on the Psychical Explorers and their mission Read the Psychical Explorer's personal journals detailing their most current expedition, the search for the Ark of the Covenant! NEW INFORMATION ADDED ON A REGULAR BASIS!

Proving the Power of the Mind - By Craig Miller. Multi-paged article covering all aspects of this subject.

Psi Explorer: Psychokinesis (PK) - Article on testing for psychokinensis

Psychokinesis (PK) - History and 20th century research

The RetroPsychoKinesis Project - scientific information and an on-line experiment you can try for a form of time-reversed micro-psychokinesis (mind over matter effect). The results thus far are highly suggestive.

Skeptic's Dictionary: telekinesis and psychokinesis - Definitions and readers comments.

Speculations About PK - "Evidence that intention or purpose plays an important, perhaps a dominant role in the way the universe runs has been piling up to such an extent that I feel relatively safe in climbing out on a limb with a few speculations."

Telekinesis - How to work with telekinesis from the Crystalinks site

Press Release Princeton Mind Matter Experiments - The Princeton university’s 1992 mind-matter experiments in which they report important results from tests. (December 15, 1992)

Tom Bearden and Free Energy

John Bedeni Free Energy Machines

Perpetuum mobile 5

The Virtual Times: TOM BEARDEN's Page on Scalar Electromagnetics, Alabama

Tom is a retired lieutenant of the US Army
Tom is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology, mind/matter interaction, EM bioeffects, paranomal phenomena, parapsychology, psychotronics, TESLA technology and unified Field theory concepts.


Kromrey converter, Tesla circuit, motor with permanent magnets and drawings, etc.
Welcome to my homepage on energy and other items. Right now I am gathering all of my materials together on free energy machines.

Wondga's Lightpage BLUE FALCON

A lot of themes and advices to Windows 95/98, also Spirit and Science, Global Conspiracy and wellness as well as book subscriptions, also about FE

Andreas Hecht's BORDERLAND Science Page, Dresden, Germany

BORDERLAND Sciences Research Foundation, BSRF, California

Very extensive references to the topics aids, alchemy, altern. healing, biodyn. energy, astronomy, appearances, free energy, HAARP, UFOs, computer and EMF and many other links.


You can find opinions exceeding the exact sciences like cold fusion, ether, over light speed and other topics.

The BOURBAKIAN Internet-War against the scientifical establishment, Germany


Welcome to the Energy Market Reports. Find information about reports, periodicals, conferences, linkable archives and prepublication announcements.


TESTATIKA-GENERATOR with the knowledge and experience of Camus with the remark that radiumchloride is used.

Sylvester H. CHRISTIE writes about the New Physics


On request to the Second address of this company

CETI is a Sarasota-based company that was formed in 1995 to further research process related to the discovery of a new source of hydrogen energy:

new methods of producing thermal energy

radioactive waste deactivation

hollow fiber technology as a molecular sieve

Scientific papers and patent documents are also offered.

Planetary Association for CLEAN ENERGY, Inc. PACE, Ottawa, Canada


As a member of the MPG-Club you get 6 MPG-magazines with advices for reduction of fuel consumption and in that way you preserve the natural ressources and the environment.
In total: recommendations for the improvement of fuel-treatment and of water-injection and other topics concerning motors


A huge collection of links concerning altern. physics, cold fusion, free energy, UFOs, aliens, dowsing, astrology, altern. medicine, from evolution to satanism and to holocaust, offered by the Cornell-University.



Creative genius is an Internet Publisher par excellence ! We live to create & publish anything you desire on the Web.

DENNIS LEE / ERIC KRIEG Amazing Claims and Sceptic Questions


DVS-Internet-Info (german and english)

free energy including information about the group DVS (Deutsche Vereinigung für Schwerkraftenergie = German association for gravitational energy) and about the activities


Paulo Correa's Homepage on Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge, Concord, Canada.
Two scientists named Correa publish their patented inventions to new physics, developped by Labofex, Experimental and Apllied Plasma Physics

Geocities Geoff EGEL, Australia

Geoff Egel presents some pages named SOLARIS: "Seeking Natures Secrets" etc.


Topics: Bearden's final secret of free energy, Newman motors, Poynting currents, elektrokinetics, zero point energy etc. Informations and links with the priority electrical engineering: batteries, automotive, electronics


Informations and links with priority electrical engineeering and automotive.


Pages of Harold Aspen (see 1st part 2nd item)


Information of the US Department of Energy.


Prof. Alfred Evert tells about his inventions.

EXPLORE Magazine, Washington, USA (englisch)




Many descriptions of free energy (overunity) devices: from bicycle to flying saucer.

FREEMIND (mostly german)

Very detailed collection of links and informations to topics like computer, health, secret socities, media, meditation, UFOs, new age, religion, astronomy und physics.
In addition a collection of organisations, institutes, interesting websites and links
You find descriptions of inventions: Coler's apparatus, Searl-effekt and applications, Marinov's Siberian Coliu, Newman Motor/Generator, Kromrey's Molekuarstromrichter und N-machines.


Detailed collection of documents, pictures and little movies of free energy and of overunity, presented of an university


Collection of informations from Switzerland in the range FE and built machines to new age and at last cooking of special food


After a quotation of Nikola Tesla You can find a lot of links to homepages with contents of FE

Center for FRONTIER SCIENCES, Temple University, Philadelphia (englisch)


UNIVERSITY GIESSEN (Germany) (german and english)

A student of this university writes about "Künstliche Schwerefelder in der Diskussion" (engl. artificial gravity fields in discussion), a collection of informations and links.


It seems to be a page of the Iowa State University.


For the amount of 20 $ you get material about certain topics of free energy: Tesla, resonance, Faraday, Maxwell, Hertz, Searl, Plauson, Franklin, Coler, Moray, etc.

The GRAVITY Society of John Schnurer, Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA


Register of companies and procedures on the whole world concerning environment, waste, air pollution, recycling, noise protection and effectivity of energy (including in Europe well known like SGP, Jenbacher, Siemens, etc)


Josef HASSLBERGER's Page on various New Physics Topics, Rome, Italy (??)

Jürgen HEINZERLING Homepage (german and english)

Homepage of the book-author Jürgen Heinzerling. In the german part you find only comments to his books, in the english part more topics


Many remarks and links (BBS) to companies, organizations, persons and offices which are engaged with renewable energy.
The data include many pages of this file.

Gary Hawkins and HORIZON Technology, USA(englisch)

Michael HUFFMANN's Gravitation Technology Web Site, USA (englisch)



Homepage of the Intern. Org. for New Science with references to the Int. Forum for New Science with many link pages and discussion forums

Jerry Decker's KEELYNET Home Page, Mesquite, Texas, USA


KILOWATTFREE Testatika Information

KOAN (german and english)

Great collection of links and information including physics, space flight, electrogrqavity, reduction og gravity, cold and hot fusion, manipulation of time and space, ether, inertia and altern. medicine


Many advices and links to altern. technologies and machines to freee energy and theier presentation for the publics


NASA Lewis' Marc Millis Propulsion Physics Program(englisch)

NASA's program with the name BREAKTHROUGH PROPULSION PHYSICS with many details and links from her range.


Description of The NASA program called BREAKTHROUGH PROPULSION PHYSICS with some details about space transport.


Jean-Louis NAUDIN (1)

Many advices on experiments and theories of free energy.

Jean-Louis NAUDIN (2)

Description of different apparatus and experiments (pendulum, ball, T.T. Brown-experiment, Van de Graaf-generator, etc)

Jean-Louis NAUDIN (3)

The Electrostatic Pendulum Experiment from Patrick Cornille

Jean-Louis NAUDIN (4)

J.L. Naudin as the direktor for research and development of the Advanced Electromagnetic Systems, a young french society, founded 1988 offers his technologies.
He recommends the following tasks to be done:

1. Project SMOT (Simple Magnetic Overunity Toy): Demonstrations equipment for FE
2. Project TEP (Time Energy Pump): elektron. quantaen-energy-pump
3. Project Quanten-Magnet-Motor: FE-Motor
4. Project skalar-waves: researchs concerning Tesla-waves
5. Project EMADYNE: researches on the area of electrogravitation and antigravitation


Also to find under ANEUTRONIC ENERGY at the beginning of this chapter and there with comments...

Vicente Jose Ramos ORENGA

Private homepage of this Spanish with descriptions and drawings of some sites to free energy and some links..

OVERUNITY (english and a few in german)

References to experiments with free energy made by actual inventors for inst. Testatika, CETI-cell, Newman-machine etc.

Stefan Hartmann's OVERUNITY Page, Berlin, Germany

PADRAK-Collection of literature

Useful hints to publications and articles about the new kinds of energy.

Continuing of the previous point with the title HIMAC Research

Page of Paul PANTONE

Information about Paul Pantone and his fuel-treatment and some further links.


Self description: This guide to the analysis of perpetual motion machines is intended to be of interest to first year students in the physical sciences. It seems to be the HTML-edition of a book.


Some interesting links to relevant institutions.

E-QUEST Sciences / Russ George's Page on SonoFusion, USA

RECIPROCAL System of Theory (englisch)

Self definition:
The web site is about research based on a consistent and comprehensive theoretical framework developed by the late Dewey B. Larson. The theory is based on scalar motion, a simple inverse relationship between space and time, and can explain phenomena from sub-atomic to super galaxies.

RENEWABLE ENERGY Companies' Addresses etc.

Self definition:
Who's who is sponsered by Common Purpose, a non-profit organization promoting the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency


Self definition: "A forum for inventors, research and industry ...A nonprofit forum for bridging the gap between research and industry."


Controlled Fusion Energy Applications for the 21st Century. All kinds of fusions like katalytic as well as hot and cold fusion, also sonofusion.


In SEARCH of ...

Huge collection of topics and links from astronomy over physics, secret societies, UFOs to the free energy.

SCOTT Little's Lab Testing at EarthTech International, Texas, USA

Project Magnet: SINCLAIRE technology research, Canada

John Logajan's SKYPOINT Home Page

Many links to hot and cold fusion, for instance Patterson und CETI, vortex and cavitation and many others.


This supreme comittee of the company consists of very prominent persons and theis journal JSE (Journal of Scientific Exploration, see also under publikations) aplies to critical readers.
The editor of this journal Bernhard Haisch (see also in Part 1) writes articles about a lot of topics like altern. science, UFOs, reincarnation, telepathie, psychokinesis etc.
Also press-releases of the universities, whose teachers are members of the board, are published.
Pages with + Links + to many alternative topics are found.

David Jonsson's Elektromagnum Page,Int. SWEDISH ASSOCIATION for NEW PHYSICS

Some links to Swedish scientists including a page with researches about Viktor Schauberger's ideas.

The TAMASHII Project

Dr. Jan N. Hodges and Stone Arbor Corp. publish in the beginning a table of element-frequencies from hydrogen to unUnumium. Further theories have as a base the investigations of H.G.J Moseley and Nikola Tesla.


The genius Tesla is introduced. Extraordinary kinds of energy and earth-resonances are to be found.


Unconventional bladeless turbines for the propulsion of street-vehicles, high efficiency pumps, air treatment and aviation are found here.


TESLA Memorial Society, USA

The Internet pilot to physics TIPTOP, Sweden

Internet-Service of TOCCOA

Self definition:
Information page of a company, "whose goal is to provide you with the best the web has to offer"



Information page of this company regarding fuel-cells.


Information page of the company JMC Inc. regarding alloys and applications for the storage of hydrogen.


Some interesting articles of Dragone, Puthoff, Gary, Bauer etc. to alternative energies as well as patent documents on other pages (overunity.html, patents.html)


Many links concerning free energy and registers of list-servers, discussion-groups etc.


Some interesting links to new theories of physics like gravitation, Dirac-equation, elektrodyn. model of relativity, Schwarzschild-solution etc.


Weekly update by the author with news, which you can not find in the media about UFOs, alternative of any kind like EMF-effects, PSI and medicine.


Description with a lot of pages from Sergey M. Godin, who developped an apparatus for the direct conversion from environment-temperature in electricity by means of a VARICOND called non linear ferroelectric capacity.


Some interesting links to newer theories of physics like gravitation, Dirac-equation, elektrodyn. model of relativity, Schwarzschild-solution etc.


The author Sylvester A. Christie writes about "Zero Point Physics, Vacuum Energy und Scalar Physics" and offers a lot of links to many topics.

The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications

Academy for New Energy: Home Page

High Voltage! Nikola Tesla, Tesla Coils, Van De Graaff & more

Telsa Free Energy Tunguska

Browse Tesla Dictionary

The International Tesla Society

USSR visor, new energy, tech

science conference

PACE HomePage

Pace - List of patents claiming over-unity


~~~~Books: T. E. Bearden ~~~~

Tom Bearden

: Energy

KeelyNet WWW-Mirror

Index of /elektromagnum/physics

Elektromagnum Index Page, created July 1994

Spirit-WWW, Spiritual Consciousness on WWW

Free Energy, Theory, Devices and Progess

Light Technology

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sumeria

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sumeria/Physics

Alternative Technology Association's Web Page

Ausie Space Research

The Virtual Times International

The of Borderland of Science

John Bedini's Collection of free energy machines

The Simple Fuel Cell

Nanotechnology, Biosensor, Nano, Science NanoNews June 5

Herbal Reference Library

Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center

Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute

Trufax.org - Leading Edge International Research Group Home Page


Smart Drug / Nootropic Info

Nootropics resources by Samu Mielonen

Body Systems Technology (Herb's)

Wierd and exotic herbal

Chemistry and Industry mag

The miracle of Melatonin



Herb Reference - very good

Mediherb Homepage

Kombucha Homepage

Kombucha FAQ

Hydergine /Nootropics

Herbal Information Center - Herbs, Weight Control, Diet,Vitamins

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) from FreeLife and Dr. Earl Mindell

VITAMAN: Gerovital H3 GH3, DHEA, Vitamins, Smart Drugs, Nutritional Supplements

HealthGate home page


Fortean Times Online

San Graal School for Sacred Geometry

Welcome To ALTERED STATES Web Pages

Millennium: Frightful Things to Come?

New Age Web Works

Full Topic List

The Art Bell Web Page

UFO Resources

The Invasion is Over : Alien & UFO Information

The Environmental Crisis and NASA's Proposal - Self-Replicating Lunar Factory and Demo

Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development Online

Solstice: Renewable and Alternative Energy

Solstice: Bioenergy Mailing List Archive

GEM: Energy links and source pages with Search function

Solaris: Seeking and Promoting new Energy generation

Herbalism guide to natural healing with herbs, native american medicine, aromatherapy, crystal therapies, yoga etc..

The Institute for New Energy (by Pat Bailey), California, USA

Infinite Energy Magazine (ed. E. Mallove), Massachusetts, USA

Bill Beaty's Weird Sciences & Free Energy, Washington, USA

Academy for New Energy, Fort Collins, USA

Gary Hawkins and Horizon Technology, USA

Michael Mandeville's Page on the Rotary Magnetic Device by Muller, USA

Harold Aspden's Homepage on Aether Science Research, Southhampton, UK

Scott Little's Page on Calorimetric Testing at EarthTech International, Texas, USA

Stefan Hartmann's OverUnity Page, Berlin, Germany

US Patent-Database by IBM

Andreas Hecht's Borderland Science Page, Germany

Paulo Correa's Homepage on his Glow Discharge Phenomenon, Canada

John Logajan's Plasmak-Plus Page

Josef Hasslberger's Page on various New Physics topics, Rome, Italy

David Jonsson's Elektromagnum Page, Sweden

KeelyNet Home Page

Clean Energy Technology Inc., Texas, USA

Jed Rothwell / Cold Fusion Research Advocates, Georgia, USA

Cold Fusion Times by Mitchell Swartz

Los Alamos National Laboratory on Cold Fusion, USA

Home Page of Yull Brown on his stochiometric hydrogen/oxygen mixture

E-Quest Sciences / Russ George's Page on SonoFusion

W.J. Eaton's Free Energy Page in the US

J. Naudin's Page on Free Energy Experiments

Academy for New Energy (ANE)

The ANE is part of the International Association for New Science, and hosts the International Symposiums on New Energy conferences, held in Colorado. Includes information on: ISNE Conference; Other upcoming events; their Quarterly Newsletter; Books and Videos available; Proceedings of previous ISNE's; Other Links; and other information.

Accelerated Decay Energy Converter (ADEC)

Gerardo International, Inc. A system for making use of stimulated radioactive decay toward the direct extraction of electrical energy. ... ADEC does not change the mechanism of spontaneous radioactive decay, it changes the probability of which atoms will undergo decay and when the decay will occur. As atoms exhibit no statistical memory, the event of a neighboring atom's spontaneous decay in no way influence the likelihood or unlikelihood of decay of a selected atom. As the extraction of power from the nuclear material is accelerated, the material's natural emissive lifetime will be exhausted in direct relation.

Banki, Les -Water Cell

Have you ever wondered about having a car that could simply and cheaply run for days on end with HEAPS of power on hand ?

Bearden, Thomas - Authored Files

The Files in this area are produced by T. E. Bearden. The Directories include: The Final Secret of Free Energy with Comment; Additional Info on the Secret of Free Energy; Mass as an electromagnetic effect Added July 2 1995; On a Testable Unification of EM, GR and QM 1991; Patent regarding final purpose of superconductivity Added July 2 1995; Practical Overunity Electrical Device; Progress Report on Poynting Current New! Added Feb 3 1996; and Redefinition_of_Energy_Ansatz; Old_and_PostScript_versions. Files include: Background for Pursuing Scalar Electromagnetics Feb 92; Bearden Gives Up On Phase Conjugation; Norings Foreword To Additional Info...; Progress Report on the Sweet Vacuum Triode, Jan 29 1992; Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics to Tap Vacuum Energy 1991. Interviews include: Interview with Tom Bearden appeared in a magazine called "Megabrain Report", dated 4-Feb-1991. Links inlcude: Link to VirtualTimes regarding The Master Principle of Overunity and the Japanese; Overunity Engines: A New Pearl Harbor?; and Link to three unique articles.

Bearden, Thomas - The Virtual Times - Authored Files

The Virtual Times: Articles by Tom Bearden. Includes: Chasing the Wild Dragon; The Master Principle of EM Overunity and the Japanese Overunity Engines: A New Pearl Harbor ?; Update on the Takahashi Engine; Technical Background on Regauging a System to Provide Free Excess Energy. Tom Bearden is a Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Retired). President and Chief Executive Officer, CTEC, Inc. MS Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. BS Mathematics, Northeast Louisiana University. Graduate of Command & General Staff College, U.S. Army. Graduate of Guided Missile Staff Officer's Course, U.S. Army (equivalent to MS in Aerospace Engineering). Numerous electronic warfare and counter-countermeasures courses. Tom is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology, mind/matter interaction, EM bioeffects, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, psychotronics, Tesla technology, and unified field theory concepts. He is the leading advocate of scalar potential electromagnetics, and has worked with several inventors involved in alternate energy devices and scalar electromagnetic system prototypes.

Bedini, John - Collection of Free Energy Machines

Welcome to John Bedini's home page on energy and other items. Right now he is gathering all of his materials together on free energy machines. So please come back soon. IF YOU CHOOSE TO BUILD THESE ITEMS YOU BUILD THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Includes: Foreward page of my book "BEDINI'S FREE ENERGY GENERATOR"; Foreward page of the book by "Eike Mueller" on the "Kromrey Converter and Tesla Switch"; Motor diagrams and lab notes; The Tesla Switch; The First Permanent Magnetic Motor (1269 A.D.); Ideas and Motors; and List of other links.

Borderland Science Research Foundation

The Borderland Science WWW Site! Catalog, Ordering Information; Current Journal Information; The Borderlands Archives; The Museum; Other Interesting Web Sites/Archives. FTP Site: northcoast.com/pub/bsrf.

Brown, Yull: The Home Page of Prof. Yull Brown

Contains lots of interesting articles on the topic of Brown's Gas. Includes: Welcome & Contents page; Experiment & Pictures as observed; Introduction to Brown's Gas; Words from Prof. Yull Brown; The Big Debate - Should we tell?; The Cheap Nuclear Bomb; Support Material 1 - Other Experiments; Things to Check with Brown's Gas Interesting Questions Raised;...; Advanced Transmutation - 1; Building Industries and Careers out of Brown's Gas - 1 brown28.htm 7/17/96 Flame of the Brown's Gas;...; Energy and Group Wealth Creation; Other Related Sites and many other files.

Carroll, Sean: Homepage: Theories on Gravity

Sean Carroll's Homepage. My research interests include cosmology, gravitation and field theory. For details you can look at some papers. Among his current projects is one on the collapse of cosmological textures, being done in collaboration with Andrew Sornborger and Ted Pyne. We have produced some plots of energy densities and quadrupole moments, as well as some pretty flashy movies. I've also been working on using triangles to quantize 2-dimensional Euclidean gravity, with Miguel Ortiz and Wati Taylor. The first three papers are now in the public domain: Paper One deals with some general formalism, while Paper Two applies it all to the Ising model coupled to gravity (or the "c=1/2 string", as we cognoscenti say). The recent and exciting Paper Three considers the Ising model with a boundary magnetic field, and computes the magnetization on the boundary and in the bulk. A paper with Ted Pyne on gravitational perturbations of the microwave background is now finished. He is at the Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT.

Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry
Department of Physics, Penn State University. This is a hypertext-based information browsing system. With it you can access most information freely available over the internet. It is a very important tool for research. Be careful, it's addictive. Below you will find a series of items of common use among gravity-type people. Click once on the underlined item you are interested in to get more information. If something takes horribly long click on the rotating earth symbol to abort.

CETI: Clean Energy Technologies, Inc.
Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETI) is a Dallas-based company that was formed in 1995 to further the research process related to the discovery of an new source of hydrogen energy. The company's patented technology uses ordinary water as fuel, highly specialized metal coated microspheres, and an electrolytic cell, called the Patterson Power Cell ¨, which has demonstrated the ability to produce commercially viable levels of heat with complete reliability. The company has named the excess heat producing phenomenon the "CETI Reaction," until a more complete scientific understanding exists. Preliminary research reveals that the company's power generation device is environmentally safe, producing no harmful by-products. The flow system has been under development for more than five years, and incorporates advanced polymer chemistry and thin-film electro-plating methods. CETI currently has several U.S. patents that cover the entire technology. In addition, CETI has the rights to other related technologies in the field. All of the company's research is privately funded.

Clean Energy Technologies - Press Release Page: Patterson Power Cellª Research
Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETI) proudly announces the launch of the Patterson Power Cellª Research Kit code-named RIFEXª (Reaction In a Film Excited compleX). For the first time, researchers in this emerging field will have the opportunity to examine and conduct research on CETIÕs Patterson Power Cellª which has received several U.S. Patents and has been acclaimed as the first device to reliably demonstrate chemically assisted nuclear reactions. CETI believes this device will provide new direction in the area of nuclear physics, yielding new reaction pathways that will open the door to a technological revolution as never before imagined.

Clustron Sciences Corporation
Clustron is the creator of the Nucleon Cluster Model of the atomic nucleus, which provides a new understanding of nuclear structure, nuclear phenomena, and the general nature of matter. Contains a directory of information about Clustron Sciences Corporation, its goals, history, founders and directors, and activities. Information for investors is also provided. Includes specific information about the Nucleon Cluster Model, including its scientific implications and practical applications, on the linked Nucleon Cluster Model Home Page. Also includes: Corporate Overview; Who's Who; Investment Publications; and the NCM Home Page. Based on this work, a new table entitled "Atomic and Nuclear Periodic Table of Elements and Isotopes" has been developed. An updated (as of 3-01-96) version of this table, which includes newly-discovered elements up to Z=112, is now available , completely color-coded, and measures 11 by 17 inches.

Cold Fusion Technology Homepage
News and articles from the frontier of new energy technology! Cold fusion is alive and well in respected laboratories across the world. See what the newest research is yielding, and learn the intriguing possibilities of what the future might hold. Includes the Table of Contents for Cold Fusion Technology magazine for several issues! A good reference site for Dr. Eugene Mallove and Cold Fusion TechnologyMagazine!

Cold Fusion Technology Extract
Reference/News material from the *precursor* of the new Cold Fusion/New Energy Technology Magazine that will appear in April 1995. Includes cold fusion web site links and lots of additional detailed information. Editor: Eugene F. Mallove, Sc.D. Contributing Editors:Lawrence P.G. Forsley, Jed Rothwell, and Christopher Tinsley, Copyright 1995.

Cold Fusion Times
The journal of the scientific aspects of loading isotopic fuels into materials. Published Quarterly © 1995 - 1996 JET Technology. News and Developments from the world! Includes subjects of interest: Survey of scientific information [material science, physics]; Information for skeptics who were told that "Cold Fusion Does Not Exist"; Reference Information [papers, conference proceedings, books]; Search back-issues of the Cold Fusion Times by keyword table; Web pointers (WWW, URLs) and Search Engines; Time Line [history of the field including covers of Cold Fusion Times]; Virtual Reality Time Line [for browsers capable of VRML 1.0]; Access to the Cold Fusion Times' Delphi I survey; and Subscription Info.

Fuel cells

A simple process. Water in -> Electricity Out -> Steam as a waste product. Love It.

Physics and speculative physics. Devoted to speculative electromagnetics and especially the possible explanation of gravity/inertia by EM. Contributions to www.ibg.uu.se/pub/incoming via anonymous ftp. Includes a list of accessible documents, usually in ASCII.

Energy, Entropy Page, by A. Trupp
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Josef Loschmidt's death: Is Loschmidt's greatest discovery still waiting for its discovery? In 1868 J.C. Maxwell proved that a perpetual motion machine of the second kind would become possible, if the equilibrium temperature in a vertical column of gas subject to gravity were a function of height. However, Maxwell had claimed that the temperature had to be the same at all points of the column. So did Boltzmann. Their opponent was Loschmidt: who claimed that the equilibrium temperature declined with height, and that a perpetual motion machine of the second kind operating by means of such column was compatible with the second law of thermodynamics (and hence with the entropy theorem). Thus he was convinced he had detected a never ending source of usable energy for mankind.

Explore Publications (and Explore Magazine)
Devoted to putting in front of the discriminating public, quality reliable information from the cutting edge of Alternative and Holistic Medicine, Nutritional Therapies, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy and Physics. Explore Magazine is published for the Medical Profession, Scientists, and other serious researchers who are interested in these areas. This site gives a glimpse into the magazine's contents on an ongoing basis. Topics include:; Darkfield; Microscopy; Overunity; Pleomorphism; Catastrophism; Biology; Enderlein Biology; Harmonic Healing; Past Issues; Current Issue; Sample Articles; Health Flash; and more information on Subscriptions.

Finsrud's PMM (Perpetual Motion Machine)
This is a very short summary on the PMM of Mr. Reidar Finsrud in Skaarer, Norway. Mr. Finsrud is a painter and makes sculptures, an artist. He started the design of his PMM, or as he says, his 'moving sculpture' or 'sculpture' twelve (12) years ago...The whole machine is placed inside a glass mount, to prevent visitors who view the machine in the gallery from touching it. All the parts and the internal workings of the device are clearly visible in a video made by the Norwegian channel 2 (TV 2). This is well below Dr. Hal Puthoffs' '1 Watt Challenge'. BUT, the total ENERGY that the device has already produced is Etot = P * t , taking t = 1 month, Etot = 0.16 * 2 592 000 s = 414 720 Joules. This is a VERY large amount of energy. There will be more info available in the near future.

Finsrud (In Stefan Hartmann's Overunity Page)
A collection of information on the Finsrud "sculpture" in Norway, that includes five (5) pictures and two (2) news articles. Also contains summary information from the Keelynet Finsrud web site

Free Energy Page
This is a collection of documents, JPEG pictures, and MPEG movies about "free energy" or "over unity" machines, as discussed in the USENET group alt.sci.physics.new-theories, as assembled by William J. Eaton. Some "Free Energy" Devices included are: the Hyde machine, the Meyer water fuel cell, the Newman machine, the Searl Effect generator the VTA, the Testatika machine, the MRA device from the KEELYNET BBS, and High mileage Carburetors. Inlcudes FTP sites and WWW sites and documents with active links.

George, Russ: Home Page on Cold Fusion Topics (E-Quest Sciences)
"I am very attracted to a new class of aneutronic nuclear processes that generate energy without dangerous penetrating radiation and wastes. Yes, such processes do exist. These new nuclear processes will begin to provide cheap and abundant energy for all mankind, rich and poor, before the end of the century. The fuel for this process is hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe." Includes very interesting papers, and good links to EPRI/SRI and other "cold-fusion" topics.

Gravity is a PUSH!
Net Kinetic Energy Differential Guidance and Propulsion System for Satellites And Space Vehicles. United States Patent Number 5,377,936 (1995). Apparatus and methods of Gravity Guidance and Propulsion of Geosynchronous Satellites, other satellites and space vehicles using net kinetic energy PUSH of Gravity of the electromagnetic spectrum particles which continually irradiate the earth from space, based on the Oppositely Charged Twin Monopole (OCTM) Theory of Matter.

HAARP: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
About the HAARP Program . A scientific research facility devoted to the study of the Earth's ionosphere is being built under the HAARP program at a location in Gakona, AK. The program is jointly managed by the Office of Naval Research and the Air Force Phillips Laboratory. While not a "free-energy" device, it might provide the power to make some run - somewhere else.

HAARP Joint Services Program Plans and Activities
HAARP (HF Active Auroral Research Program) Executive Summary (February 1990): As described in the accompanying report, the HF Active Auroral Ionospheric Research Program (HAARP) is especially attractive in that it will insure that research in an emerging, revolutionary, technology area will be focused towards identifying and exploiting techniques to greatly enhance C3 capabilities. The heart of the program will be the development of a unique high frequency (HF) ionospheric heating capability to conduct the pioneering experiments required under the program. Air Force Geophysics Laboratory. Navy Office of Naval Research.

HAARP: The Alternative HAARP Site
Contains a repository of many HAARP web site links, including: The Array; The Location; Books; Official Links [Navy/USAF 1; Navy/USAF 2; ARL EISCAT(Norway)]; Other Opinions; Current Links [NEXUS; Barry Byrne; Earthlight; Hugh's Page; H.A.A.R.P.(.pdf); House of David; N. Disclosure; HAARP; HAARP Doc; Cincinnatus]; and Archives.

Hot and Cold Running Fusion
A very good summary of both hot and cold fusion technical articles, announcements, and press releases. Includes lots of information on both the PLASMAK "Hot Fusion" device and the Patterson Power Cell "Cold Fusion" device. New files are highlighted. Includes additional informatoin on "Vortex and Cavitation", "Cold Fusion Archives", "CircuitMaker", and "Electronics Workbench". Also contains some very good links in the "Libertarianism" areas.

Horizon Technology
Tomorrow's Technology Today - Technology Updates. Includes: Projects/Business Opportunities; Hydrogen-Oxygen Generator; A Rotary Hydrogen Engine; Magnetic Brake; Royal Rife; Muller Magnetic; The Laura Lee Show (A Talk Radio Show For The Intellectually Daring); Bill Beaty's Incredible Website; The Mad Scientist's Lair; Addable Search Databases; Comments we've received; and Links to the World.

Hyperdimensional Physics
A theory of energy conversion using 3-D platonic solids on a planetary scale, based up several observations, including Richard Hoagland's studies of photographs of the Cydonia region on Mars, and the so-called pyramids on Mars. Tetrahedronal physics is explained. The vertices of a tetrahydron inside a sphere will rest at 19.5 degrees North or South latitude at 120 degree intervals around the sphere. Rotating this sphere at a high rate of speed (may) cause something strange to occur. "You get an upwelling of energy from within the sphere seemingly coming from nowhere that produces different [visual] effects depending on what your sphere is made up of. Hoagland thinks that this energy is "stored" in a higher dimension than ours (mathematicians currently accept that there may be as much as 27 other higher dimensions) and that this energy "cascades" down and emerges into our dimension at the 19.5 degree latitude on rotating, spherical, liquid bodies - planets!! More examples of hyperdimensional physics can be found throughout our solar system and are detailed on the Planetary Anomalies page." Includes links to related subjects and areas.

Inert Gases - Jon Fox (& Hilarion)
Jon Fox's Web Site on Inert Gasses (with data from Hilarion). By exposing compressed inert gases to magnetic and electric stimulation, biological effects have been observed. Some background and review of the subject is presented, and case histories described briefly. Also, see the Inert Gas Devices F.A.Q. He touches a little bit of the conventional science about inert gases and what we have known about them for many years. And then discusses how he came to work with these things and the interesting effects that they produce. He discusses some unconventional science about the aether, and the relationship between inert gases, the aether and the aetheric body. He discusses the engineering part: the physical construction of the devices, and how he's been using them. Also included: some interesting case studies and information on how inert gases have been working with people over the years. Also, brief responses to a few questions that have been asked are included.

Infinite Energy Magazine: New Energy Technology
Cold fusion is the revolutionary new energy source announced by professors Pons and Fleischmann in 1989. Welcome to the best source of information on cold fusion in the world! See what the newest research is yielding, and learn the intriguing possibilities of what the future might hold. You will be amazed at how much progress has been made in this exciting field. Take nothing for granted. Get the original sources of information. See for yourself!

Institute for New Energy
The INE is an official US non-profit technical and membership organization whose monthly newsletter "The New Energy News" reports the latest and up-to-date findings in international New Energy research. The Institute's primary purpose is to promote research and educate society of the importance of alternative energy. The INE bridges the gap between the advanced and fringe scientific technologies being discovered today, and the old and existing scientific paradigms of yesterday. This site includes many outstanding "advanced energy related" papers, reports, summaries, announcements, and web site links that are not found elsewhere.

Internet Pilot to Physics
The premiere web site for placing and reading about physics and related conferences! Contains: The Physics Calendar; Physics Around the World:; Physics Forum:; The Virtual Laboratory: and Physics On-Line. Allows users to post conference announcements through the web site! Register for free!

Internet Marketplace for Scientists
The Internatioanl marketplace for Scientists sponsored by the Internet Pilot to Physics (above). Lists things for sale. You can submit items for sale. Entries are automatically removed once per month, and you can resubmit your ad. Register for free!

Jeong, Eue Jin: Web Site and Papers
Eue Jin Jeong's home page and papers. Includes the full paper "Extracting Vacuum Energy From The Homogeneous Isotropic Universe", which suggests that the travel faster than the speed of light is possible by modifying the local space time in the front and back of the ship. Includes discussion of the Patent "Unlimited Energy Production By Dipole Gravity", U.S. Patent File Number 08/519450, PTO Filing Date: Aug. 25 1995, and the manuscript "Gravitational Dipole Moment", and the manuscript "Anomalous Center of Mass Shift: Gravitational Dipole Moment"

Keely, John: Home Page - Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
It's a Musical Universe! By studying the physics of vibration we will be enabled to see beyond material matter (effects) and into the very nature of the causative Forces of Nature operating by immutable Universal Laws. Aspects and dynamics of sound and vibration have been well organized and developed as and in music. It has been predicted by Rudolph Steiner in 1913 that the science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations. Includes articles on: John Ernst Worrell Keely; Amplitude of Force; Brown's Gas; Chord-Settings of Life; Everybody For Keely; Expressing Confidence in Keely's Motor; Keely Confident of Success; Keely Motor Tested; Levitation or Gravity Control; More Articles; SVP OnLine Catalog; Sources; Other Great Information; and Other Cool Sites. By Dale Pond.

The Keely US WWW Mirror Site! Email: keelynet@ix.netcom.com. BBS: (214) 324-3501. Sponsored by Vanguard Sciences, PO BOX 870716, Mesquite, TX 75187, USA. The site uses currently aprx. 20MB. Areas of interest inlcude: Paranormal, Keely, UFO, Gravity, Energy, Diagrams, Public-Messages, Contacts, Ecology, Humor, PD, UnClass, Biology, etc.

Krieg, Eric: History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines
A good review of the theory of "Perpetual Motion" and "Free Energy" Machines. Much of the information comes from the interesting-sounding book: "Ponzai Schemes Invaders From Mars and Other Popular Delusions".

Krieg, Eric: Open Offer [and Rewards] To Validate Claims Of Free Energy
"I offer to pay travel expenses and $1000 to anyone who can pass the following test: (once I feel more confident of my ability to detect fraud, I'll up the prize to $10000). I also offer a $1000 commision to anyone who talks an inventor into submitting a winning design to me. Includes the "Terms of the Eric Krieg Free Energy Machine Test".

Leading Edge Research Group
Leading Edge Research provides information on current developments and trends which affect all those on, in, and around this planet. It investigates and reports on all factors which affect planetary social structure and evolution and promotes an increase in consciousness and awareness levels of the general population. The main philosophy of Leading Edge Research Group members worldwide, in all 50 states in the U.S. and 17 foreign countries, is that all life forms and states of consciousness should have the right and opportunity to have an existence which is endowed with the freedom to produce the maximum number of probable lines of reality in an evolving direction, through uncoerced choice, without repression of awareness or manipulation of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspects.

Lee, Dennis: Better World Technologies [His Promotion]
America's Declaration Of Energy Independence Is On Its Way To You. The era of technology suppression is about to be put underfoot! Better World Technology, recipient of the Inventor's Hall of Fame "Most Advanced Energy Technology Award," announces the beginning of America's Energy Independence with a tour of 34 cities across America. Come Discover The Technologies That Will Usher In the Next Energy Re-evolution. Find out more about Better World Technologies. Includes links to other interesting web sites.

Lee, Dennis: An Examination of His Claims [Negative]
Eric Krieg's Page examining the amazing claims of Dennis Lee of Better World Technology -declaration of energy independence. For the sake of the world I wish he would succeed.

Lee, Dennis: His Amazing Claims: Tom Napier's Page [Negative]
Written by a knowledgable engineer: "Scientific illiteracy is alive and well in Philadelphia!" A critical and very negative review of Dennis Lee's presentation in Philadelpha, PA, on September 15, 1996. "The beauty of alternative technology, unlike some other 'alternatives,' is that you can be sure it won't work."

Levitron: The Amazing Anti-Gravity Top
A web site for ordering the Levitron. "This top actually floats in mid-air! Scientists said it couldn't be done. NO Strings - NO Wires - NO Electricity.

Link of the Week Reviews: Technology
Web Reviews by Computer Currents Publishing Corporation on the area of Technology. Links to the home page for the "Link of the Week" in other subject areas as well.

Los Alamos National Lab Physics E-Print Archive
General info: WWW server for automated e-print archives on xxx (we are aware that this, front page remains in need of update -- thank you for all your comments and concern). ROBOTS BEWARE: indiscriminate automated downloads from this site are not permitted. Areas of interest include High Energy Physics, Astrophysics, Nuclear Theory, Supereconductivity, et. al. Also includes indexes to titles and authors.

Magnet, Project: A Division Of Sinclaire Technology Research
Focuses on the book "The Granite Man And The Butterfly" which chronicles the life of a simple man, David Hamel, who was given advanced information enabling him to build a spacecraft that would provide an abundant source of non-polluting energy. He said anyone can have the secret, build the machine and produce his own energy - something the oil cartels and multinational corporations wouldn't exactly appreciate. David Hamel has proven with his three prototypes, the theory of electro-gravitational energy. Further to that, the relationship between electricity and magnetism is definitely the answer to the energy crisis that exists today. Inlcudes: Project Magnet; Sinclaire Technology Research; Science; Anti Gravity; UFO Extraterestrial Technology; UFO Technology; Electro Magnetics; Flying Saucer Plasma Energy; Scalar Electro Magnetics; Electronic Disturbance Physics. Also includes Book and Tapes lists and how to order.

Negative Mass Tachyons, The Physics of
This web page not only describes a model for negative mass tachyons, it also provides a derivation of the first and only theoretical tachyon model, to date, that agrees with experiment. There is no other tachyon model that even comes close to agreement with experiment This page also lists the authors publications on this model. This model is extremely simple. The data that is used to verify this model is well known from the standard physics literature. No source that is controversial, or possibly bogus, is used. This model is, in short, a reinterpretation of existing particle data that is accepted by and used by the physics community. A book describing this model, The Physics of Tachyons, has been written. By Ernst L. Wall, Istituto per la Ricercia de Base, Monteroduni, Italy.

Net Advance of Physics
A free electronic journal/encyclopaedia modeled somewhat on the old Handbuch der Physik: Review articles, tutorials, and lecture notes in physics and allied sciences from across the Internet to create an unparalleled information resource for scientists and graduate students. A reference tool as nearly up-to-the-minute as possible. Includes a long alphabetic index: General Physics; Astrophysics and Geophysics; Condensed Matter Physics; Electromagnetics; High Energy Physics; Mathematical and Theroretical Physics; Quantum Physics and Chemistry; History and Philosophy of Physics; etc.

New Energy Technology
Wolfram Bahmann's Home Page. An INE Board Member and an INE International Committee Member living in Mechernich, located near Bonn in Germany. He is a geoscientist interested in physics and open-minded scientific concepts leading to a New Energy Technology. His web page includes advanced energy related: NET Organisations, NET Magazines, NET Links, and other useful information.

Newman, Joseph: The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman
Information on the Joseph Newman devices, divided into four sections: (1) Special Report on the Energy Machine; (2) Presents extensive (and periodically updated) information about the revolutionary energy machine technology innovated by Joseph W. Newman; (3) Presents the political and economic position of Joseph W. Newman and The Truth & Action Party; (4) News, Updates, Feedback, and Links to related and/or interesting sites, ect...Includes a Statement from Joseph Newman regarding his pioneering energy device, [March 17,1996], and a collection of Documents, Articles, Mailings, Press Releases, etc. Includes how to order any information, books, or videos on the Newman devices.

Newman, Joseph: The Newman Page (In English from Germany)
Welcome to the Newman page! Includes: Lots of information and pictures about Joseph Newman's toy motor, and his first, second, and third motors and theories of why they work. Also includes many pictures! Includes links to a detailed German studywork where a student built three of Newman's motors. Includes lots of detailed pictures of the motors and machine parts and discussions of the results achieved. Impressive website!

New Science Links
Includes: Dr. Patrick Bailey - Institute for New Science; KeelyNet [Alternative Science about Gravity, UFO-Tech and Paranormal Issues (includes powerful search engine)]; Keely Net Mirror site; Keely Net Mirror of the mirror site; Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory; Tesla - Man of Science and father of out modern power system; Tesla Reference Page; Yahoo's Science:Alternative Page; Bearden - Col. Tom Bearden on ElectroGravitics; Searl - John R. Searl, antigravity and free energy.earl - John R. Searl, antigravity and free energy; Magic Squares and Searl; and Book ad for "Rediscovery of the Mind" by John R. Searl.

Nexus Magazine
The Nexus Magazine Home Page! Includes sections on: Behind the News; Health; Big Brother; UFOs; Unexplained; Future Science; Current Issue - Contents; Who, What, & Where Is Nexus Magazine; Subscription Information; Back Issue List - Contents & Ordering Information; Advertising Rates; Books, Videos & Products Catalogue; Pointers To Other Web Sites Of Interest; The Nexus Visitors' Book; The Nexus Survey; Etc.

Nova Energy Ltd.: The Blue Energy Company
Davis Turbine Tidal Power Technology. Have you ever wondered what happened to the Peace Dividend promised the world? One "Peace Dividend" was actually built and tested in the 1980's, but its public debut and the enormous benefits to humanity have been thwarted by a utility monopoly caught in a conflict of interest. Blue Energy can return power to the people. Support Tidal Power Development Now!

Omicron, Project: Serious Gravity Control Research
This is the place where the problem of Gravity Control Will Be Solved! PROJECT OMICRON is the ONLY serious gravity control research project on the entire INTERNET! It's the original. It's the one and only. Accept no substitutes!! The theories behind PROJECT OMICRON don't rely on vague theoretical fantasy, but instead concentrates on observed data and experiments THROUGHOUT What we are after is the CORRECT interpretation of how the universe works. We believe that mankind has a tendency to over-complicate and has even DIVERGED from the actual way the universe works. This has resulted in some overly complex, self-building mathematical models of the universe that are simply based on fantasy! This penchant for moving to the complex when data is missing has moved us down the wrong road! The fork in the road goes clear back to the 1800s!!

Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, Inc.
Building upon the discoveries of the late natural scientist, Wilhelm Reich, M.D. This home page contains information on: About the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory and Greensprings Center; A Brief History of Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries, and the Science of Orgonomy; Research Projects of James DeMeo and the O.B.R.L.; Educational Events Sponsored by O.B.R.L.; Selected Articles About Reich, Orgone Research, and Related Subjects; Bibliography on Wilhelm Reich and Others; Resources and Research Materials on Orgonomy; Books and Publications Available for Purchase; Special Announcements; and How to Get on the O.B.R.L. Mailing List, and their E-Mail List.

Overunity Homepage by Stefan Hartmann in Germany
Focussing on reporting only about devices and machines that seem to be OVER 100 % efficient, that means, they produce more energy, than it is put into the system. This is known as Overunity operation! The devices which are presented here work by converting Zero Point Energy to useful mechanical, electrical, heat or light output! This means you get free energy and you just have to buy the unit! Includes: "Latest News", "Overunity devices", and "Links to other alternative energy Web sites."

Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. (P.A.C.E.)
International collaborative network for advanced scientific thinking. Recognized as non-governmental organization (NGO) with the United Nations. Includes: Introduction; Secretariats; Newsletter; Booklist; Documents; Europ. Secret.; and WWW links. La Societe planetaire pour l'assainissement de l'energie, inc. Planetarische Vereinigung fur Saubere Energie, Inc. (In English.)

PATENTS: TITLE 35: Search (Cornell Law Library)
The Title 35 Law in full text from the Cornell Law Library. Includes: Part I - Patent And Trademark Office; Part II - Patentability Of Inventions And Grant Of Patents; Part III - Patents And Protection Of Patent Rights; And Part IV - Patent Cooperation Treaty. The full text.

Patents, U. S. Search: STO's Internet Patent Search System
This is the home page for Source Translation & Optimization's (STO) Internet Patent Search System, a way for people around the world to perform patent searches, and access information on the patenting process. Includes:

    * Determine patent class using Index to Classification
   * Retrieve patent titles using class/subclass code
   * Retrieve patent abstracts using patent number
   * Patent documents from the US PTO, UK PO, PCT, etc.
   * US Code Section 35 - federal patent laws
   * IPNS Internet Patent News Service
   * Archive of stories from the IPNS, etc.
   * Prior art searching services from STO
   * A shopping mall for patent services

Patent Server: IBM
IBM lets you access over 26 years of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent descriptions as well as the last ten years of images. The first entries date back to January 5, 1971. You can search, retrieve and study over two million patents. Includes examples, and Help, Search, and Legal information as well.

Patents and Trademarks: MicroPatent
Home of PatentImages and The Trademark Checker. Includes the "TrademarkWeb" and the "PatentWeb" major links to lots of other information.

PEA Research
Leroy Pea's educational web site. The information on this web page is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. PEA Research is not responsible for any misuse of the information presented herein. Persons acquiring information from this web site MUST assume full responsibility for application of, operation of, and safety for their own person(s). Includes: Unlimited Health; Book Trading Post; Politics & State Citizen; Nichola Tesla; Gravity & Anti-Gravity; John E.W. Keeley; Biology; Energy; Ecology; UFO Reports; and Book Reviews & Indexes.

Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z
A definitive work about the Philadelphia Experiment! Yet to be released, this book ("The Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z") has been written to provide the reader with a complete overview of all acquired information to date on the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. Currently there are more then 290 Pages (not including pictures) in 9"x6" format. The author has spent over eight years digging through books, making phone calls and meeting various people in an effort to compile the following information.

Raum-Quanten-Motoren AG: RQM (Switzerland; in English)
Turning Point in Energy Generation by Space Quantum Manipulation. [From their linked news page:] In the morning (September 25, 1996) the RQM Experimental Installation was shown and demonstrated to the stockholders in the laboratory at Neuhaus (near Rapperswil). For the first time a stable energy picking-up with a factor of 2 at 225 Watts output was presented (see also Technical Information September 1996"). Further, not yet demonstrated RQM tests have shown factors of 5.89 and 7.52 respectively (see also block and power diagrams).

Rognerud, Nils: Free Fall of Elementary Particles - Paper
This paper is a review of the problem of the observable action of gravitational forces on charged particles, by Nils Rognerud. Discusses the induced electric fields and sometimes overlooked unique physical properties. Analyses several experiments, showing the reality of the induced electric fields. The current interpretation, based on the idea of only one electric field, is compared with alternate approaches.

Rognerud, Nils: Free Fall of Elementary Particles II: Experimental Evidence to Confirm the Exist
Gravity Shielding through Superconductivity: Recent gravity shielding experiments at Tampere University in Finland may shed some light on the theories of electrogravity. Tests show a small drop in the weight of objects placed over a special cryogenic device, as if it were shielding the object from the effects of gravity - an effect deemed impossible by most scientists. We thought it might be a mistake, Dr Podkletnov said, but we have taken every precaution.Ê Yet the bizarre effects persisted. And other interesting information and web site links.

Russell, Daniel: Homepage: Science Courses
Interesting full course information on Electromagnetism (PHYS-220, Physics II), Waves (PHYS-230, Physics III), Acouistics, and other science topics. Includes site on: Vibration and Waves - Demos and Animations - links to pages with graphs and movies illustrating some fundamental concepts concerning vibration and waves. Assistant Professor of Applied Physics at GMI Engineering & Management Institute in Flint, MI.

Searl, John R. R.: Direct International Science Consortium (DISC) - UK
The Professor John Roy Robert Searl Alternative Clean Energy Technology site. Professor Searl is the founder of this technology. Alternative energy technology is applicable in all areas of energy use. It is the world's pollution problems that are the target of Professor Searl's work. The D.I.S.C group was formed to carry out these projects. This site outlines work occurring now, and the future plans of the D.I.S.C. group. Includes: Overview; D.I.S.C. Inc. Worldwide Contact Information; S.E.G and Inverse-G-Vehicle commercial applications; Prof. John Searl - his life, work and research; Forthcoming events: seminars and workshops; Advanced bookings; Applications for investment and involvement; The NASA Challenge!; Space Challenge Lottery; Company Progress Report; A Letter To The People; Book and Video orders; and how to e-mail and contact Prof. Searl Directly!

Searl, John R. R.: The Searl Effect
John A. Thomas Jr.'s site on Prof. John R. R, Searl and the "Searl Overunity Generator and the Antigravity Effect." Incudes: Upcoming Events; Photo Archive; D.I.S.C.; Articles; Business Plan; Dreamers; Books, Videos, Etc.; Brief Bio.; NASA Challenge; Wanted; Contact Info.; Investors Wanted.

Searl, John R. R.: Direct International Science Consortium - Corp.
The corporation that will develop and market the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) and the Inverse-G-Vehicle (IGV), and oversee the development of Prof. Searl's technology, managed by Prof. Searl and John A. Thomas Jr.. The primary objective of the company is to get Prof. Searl's technology to the world in the form of manufacturing and distribution of the SEG and the Inverse-G-Vehicle.

Searl, John R. R.: D.I.S.C. - Direct International Science Consortium - Mall
Introduction; Over View of D.I.S.C.; D.I.S.C. Inc. Worldwide Contact Information; S.E.G and Inverse-G-Vehicle commercial applications; Prof. John Searl - his life; his work; his research.; Forthcoming events: seminars, workshops and advanced bookings; Golden Opportunities for investors and involvement; The N.A.S.A Challenge; Company Progress Report; Space Challenge Lottery; A Letter To The People; Images & Photo Gallery; Sponsors Gallery; Book & Video Orders.

Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE)
The primary goal of the SSE is to provide a professional forum for presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics which are for various reasons ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science. A secondary goal is to promote improved understanding of those factors that unnecessarily limit the scope of scientific inquiry, such as sociological constraints, restrictive world views, hidden theoretical assumptions, and the temptation to convert prevailing theory into prevailing dogma. Topics under investigation cover a wide spectrum. At one end are apparent anomalies in well established disciplines. At the other, we find paradoxical phenomena that belong to no established discipline and therefore may offer the greatest potential for scientific advance and the expansion of human knowledge.

Russell, Walter: University of Science and Philosophy
Walter Russell is known as the "Man Who Tapped the Secrets of The Universe," "The Modern Leonardo," and "The Most Versatile Man in America." He was a poet, painter, sculpture, author, musician, architect, aquestrian-athlete, and scientist. The great electrical genius Nikola Tesla told Dr. Russell, "Bury your ideas in a vault for a thousand years to await the unfolding of human consciousness to comprehend your vision." That thousand years has figuratively passed, and today his wholistic vision of universal processes is being understood and used by thousands in their daily lives for personal development, for business and personal relations, and by scientists to create a new non-polluting and sustainable technology.

Russell, Walter: Unofficial Homepage
An "Unofficial Homepage of Walter Russell". Includes: Interesting Images and Ideas; The Periodic Table of Walter Russell (c.1926); The basis for structure of Atomic, Solar, and Stellar systems; The cube - the wave formula for octaves of matter and light is 9; Complete octave of carbon rings, as manifested in the wave; The electric universe is a harp of nine wave-strings; The connection between sound, light, and matter; Life/Death Cycle (vortex imagery); This Chart explains how matter is created from light; and other Russell-related links.

Tesla, Nikola, and Tesla Coils Page, (Weird Science)
A Definitive Home Page for Nikola Tesla! Part of the "Weird Science / Amateur Science" Pages. Includes: Tesla Discussion Groups; Tesla WWW links; Coiler's Pages; Coil Photos; Coil Plans, Instructions, Etc.; Homebrew Capacitors; Text Files & Other Info; Suppliers/Stores; Software; and lots of other great information. A real find!

Tesla, Nikola
The Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, and scientist. Inventions include: a telephone repeater, rotating magnetic field principle, polyphase alternating-current system, induction motor, alternating-current power transmission, Tesla coil transformer, wireless communication, radio, fluorescent lights, and MORE THAN 700 other patents. Includes: Inventions; Short Biography; Chicago World's Fair, 1893; Niagara Falls; Tesla On...; Others On Tesla; Anecdotes; Tesla Memorial Society, Inc.; Suggested Readings And Videos; Photo Album; Related WWW Links; and Acknowledgments.

Tesla, Nikola: The Genius of Nikola Tesla
"Somehow a great American citizen has been lost to our history. This man's name is Nikola Tesla. I am not sure how it happened, but I am trying to find out." Includes: The US Postage Stamp Picture; Information Files; Information from 256 Pages Obtained from the FBI (FOIA) files on Tesla: Enclosure I, Enclosure II; List of Tesla References from Richard Quick; Collection of Nikola Tesla Related Material; Connections for More Nikola Tesla Data; Related Web Site Links; and Information on the Tesla Memorial Society Inc.!

Tesla Switch
John Bedini has demonstrated an inexpensive, cigar-box sized Tesla-type converter which he had recently built (for a conference). Throughout the demonstration, which lasted a full 24 hours during the symposium, a constant load was being drawn out of the system to do work. Nevertheless, the converter kept the nickel-cadmium batteries fully charged! The concept, which had been originated by Nikola Tesla, was given to John Bedini by Ronald Brandt, who was a personal friend of Nikola Tesla. Brandt is reputed to have a similar converter which he has used for years without loosing the battery charge. Bedini presented the schematic diagram showing how to build the solid-state device, and then released copies of the schematic diagram. Here it all is!

Testatika Free Energy Machine
A very good site on this alleged 3-5 kW from nothing device! The Testatika Free Energy Machine was developed by Mr. Paul Baumann in Switzerland, now with the METERNITHA group. It resembles a Wimshurst electrostatic machine. Other documents may refer to it as the "Swiss M-L converter" or "Thesta-Distatica." There are lots of good files in this site, including: Documents; Text descriptions; JPEG pictures; MPEG movies; and Viewing hints.


Wave Theory of The Field
A new site by Walter E. R. Cassani. Contains a lot of organized information on " a new, unitary Wave Theory, for justification of masses and fields". Includes sections on: Abstract, Introduction, Perturbations of Schild's discrete space-time, Wave Hypothesis of the mass field, Wave momentum, Energy and it's variation, The Relative Symmetry Principle, Wave interpretation of General Relativity, Wave description of the Compton-effect, Wave model of Electron and Proton, Wave creation of pairs, Wave interpretation of the Lorentz force, The Inertia wave nature, The Wave nature of gravity, Terminal Velocities for masses, The Fifth Interaction, The wave nature of electric charge, The vectorial description of the particle, The Principle of Relative Isotropy, Statistical possibility for creation of single particles, Mass defect and wave nuclear force, The Neutron wave model, Beta decay in wave model, The Muon and Pion wave model, The wave atom, The fine structure constant, Light as wave's variation, Conclusions, and Reference.

Weird Science, Anomalous Physics, and Tesla Society
Includes information on: Science, Hobbyist, Cool Science, Amateur Science, Science Demos Articles, Experiments, Exhibits, W E I R D S C I E N C E - Energy, Gravity, "Crazy" Inventions, Science Education Resource WWW Links, Science Museums, Home Schooling Links, Tesla Coils, Weird Fun (Link Collection), etc.. Toby Grotz's Web Site - Featuring: Instrumentation & Process Control Design, Project Management, Raw Water Systems, Cooling Tower Level Controls, Allen Bradley PLCs, Field Service and Startup, New Energy Research, Institute for New Energy, Zero Point Energy Transducers, and Space Power Generators.


World of Forteanism
Resources in the world of Forteanism: ET Modem Home! UFO resources in cyberspace; One Measures the Net; Beginning Anywhere A Fortean's Guide to the net; UFO References from the Library of Congress; The Alt.Misc.Forteana (Fortean) FAQ; Fortean Organizations; Voynich Manuscript Bibliography All about the mysterious manuscript; Free Energy Sourceguide. [Paranoia is the awareness someone is against you; pronoia is the suspicion someone is helping you; metanoia is the suspicion that even most paranoids may have a limited scope of vision.] Also see Fortean Times on Line [at alpha.mic.dundee.ac.uk/ft/ft/html].

World Muse
Millennium Twain's Home Page: "Consulting Revolutioneer, jack-of-all-trades, AntiPhysicist" from Plasmatronics Inc.

Zero-Point Field, Home Page by Bernhard Haisch
Contains lots of information on Dr. Haisch's theoretical research into the Zero-Point Field. Also several hard-to find papers, some yet to be linked, including: Inertia: Does Empty Space Put Up The Resistance?; Unbearable Lightness; Beyond E=Mc2; A Quantum Broom Sweeps Clean; Inertia As A Zero-Point-Field Lorentz Force; Vacuum Zero-Point-Field Pressure Instability In Astrophysical Plasmas And The Formation Of Cosmic Voids; Physics Of The Zero-Point-Field: Implications For Scientific Papers Inertia, Gravitation And Mass; Quantum And Classical Statistics Of The Electromagnetic Zero-Point-Field; The Relevance Of The Electromagnetic Zero-Point Field To Astrophysics; Astrophysical Journal, in preparation; Commentary by Prof. Paul Davies; and Lockheed Martin Press Release. Also contains links to other astrophysics and Zero-Point Field web sites.

Znidarsic, Yusmar: Home Page
Yusmar Znidarsic's home page, containing interesting information on the testing of Yury and Siemon Potapov's "Sound Of The Yusmar 9/96" device, from the Soviet Union. Although an overall energy gain of 1.00 was achieved, they recognize the tremendous potential of this technology, and feel that they can improve on the basic technology and turn around these early unfortunate early results. Other related information is also presented.

Keely Net

John Bedini's Free Energy Machines

The Virtual Times: Articles By Tom Bearden

Bill Beatty's Science Hobbyist

Free Energy Defined

Global Free Energy Society

The Final Secret of Free Energy - 1993 The Final Secret of Free Energy - update 1994

De Palma on Free Energy

Magnetic Resonance Amplifier

An Introduction to Free Energy Physics

Electricity out of thin air

Edwin Gray's EMA-4 Engine

An article from 1888

An Electrostatic Field Power Generating System

Another Free Energy Cover-up

Free Energy Technology

Intro-The Magnetic Resonance Amplifier (MRA)

Resonant Geometry and the Zero Point

The Veda and Tesla

Post-relativistic Physics

Books by Nikola Tesla

A new Rosetta Stone in physics?

Tapping Zero-Point Energy

Everything for Nothing

Gravitation and the absence of dark matter

Where is the Earth's centre of gravity?

A theory of energy mirrors and resonance fields

Short history of the search for perpetual motion

Spring's theories of electromagnetism

Steven Comee on the nature of electrons

Theory that everything is made of photons

On relativity, the speed of light and magnetism

George Merkl on photons and cold fusion

Pressure Zone Theory

The Tachyon Field

More on Tachyons

Electromagnetic Density Oscillations

The Resonant Gravity Field Coil

Scalar theory

More on scalars

Wormholes in the Universe

A circuit design to detect gravitational waves

Explanation and Diagram of 1992 Finnish Paper

Sarfatti Lectures on Physics

"The Harmonic Conquest of Space"

New & Alternative Theories in Physics

Rife Technologies Home Page

The Searl Anti-gravitational Effect

John R.R. Searl's Webpage in England

Secondary Site: Searl Webpage in England

Abstracts from the Journal for Scientific Exploration

International Association for New Science

Planetary Association of Clean Energy

Physics-Consciousness Research Group

Bearden, Thomas - authored files
Includes:Final Secret of Free Energy; Mass as an electromagnetic effect.; On a testable unification of EM, GR and QM; Patent re: superconductivity. Practical overunity electrical device; Poynting Current; Redefinition of energy ansatz. Files: Background for pursuing Scalar Electromagnetics; Phase conjugation;Sweet Vacuum Triode;Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics to tap Vacuum Energy. Links included.

Bearden, Thomas - virtual times
Includes: Chasing the Wild Dragon; The master principle of EM oveunity and the Japanese overunity engines; A new Pearl Harbor? Update on the Takahashi Engine; Technical background on regauging a system to provide free excess energy.

Bedini, John - free energy machines collection
His materials on free energy machines. Includes: Bedini's free energy generator; foreward page of book by Eike Mueller on Kromrey Converter and Tesla Switch; Motor diagrams and lab notes; Tesla Switch; first permanent magnetic motor; Ideas and motors; and list of other links.

Better world technology (Dennis Lee et. al.)
Includes links to other web sites. Promotion of Brown's Gas generators

Borderland science research foundation
Borderland Science WWW Site. Catalog, ordering, current issue info; Borderlands Archives; Museum; Other Interesting Web Sites/Archives. FTP Site:northcoast.com/pub/bsrf.

Borderlands of science (in German)
Andreas Hecht based near Dresden. (Anti-)gravity and free energy technologies and devices. Webpages contain info on devices, projects, related subjects (links, organizations, etc.).

Brown,Yull: homepage of Prof. Yull Brown
Brown's Gas: experiment & pictures as observed; Intro to the Gas; words from Yull Brown; support material. things to check with Brown's Gas. Advanced Transmutation. .Flame of the Brown's Gas. Other Related Sites.

Carroll, Sean - theories on gravity
Cosmology, gravitation and field theory. Collapse of cosmological textures(with Andrew Sornborger,Ted Pyne-MIT). Plots of energy densities, quadrupole moments (with movies). Using triangles to quantize 2-dimensional Euclidean gravity,(with Miguel Ortiz and Wati Taylor).Papers: 1) general formalism,2) string model applications coupled to gravity (or the "c=1/2 strings"), 3) srting model with a boundary magnetic field, and computes the magnetization on the boundary and in the bulk. 4) gravitational perturbations of the microwave background.

Center for gravitational physics and geometry
Department of Physics, Penn State University. Hypertext-based information browsing system. Reference items.

Center for frontier sciences
Frontier issues of science, medicine and technology; announcements, events, publications.

CETI: Clean Energy Technologies, Inc.
New hydrogen energy source from ordinary water as fuel, specialized metal-coated microspheres and electrolytic Patterson Power Cell, to produce excess heat. Flow system incorporates polymer chemistry, thin-film electro-plating methods.

Clustron sciences corporation
Nucleon Cluster Model of the atomic nucleus. Scientific implications, practical applications; investment publications; Atomic and Nuclear Periodic Table of Elements and Isotopes includes newly-discovered elements up to Z=112, color-coded.

Cold fusion technology homepage
News and articles from the frontier of new energy technology includes the table of contents for Cold fusion technology magazine. A good reference site for Dr. Eugene Mallove, the editor of Infinite Energy.

Cold fusion times
Scientific aspects of loading isotopic fuels into materials. Quarterly published. Includes: Survey of scientific information [material science, physics]; Info for skeptics who were told that "Cold fusion does not exist"; Reference Information [papers, conference proceedings, books]; Search back-issues of the Cold Fusion Times by keyword table; Web pointers (WWW, URLs) and Search Engines; Time Line [history of the field]; Virtual Reality Time Line [for browsers capable of VRML 1.0]; Access to Delphi I survey; subscription Info.

Physics and speculative physics. Devoted to speculative electromagnetics and especially the possible explanation of gravity/inertia by EM. Contributions to www.ibg.uu.se/pub/incoming via anonymous FTP. Includes a list of accessible documents, usually in ASCII.

Explore Publications (Explore Magazine)
Alternative, holistic medicine, nutritional therapies, Homeopathy,physics; magazine's contents,e.g.: Darkfield Microscopy; overunity; Pleomorphism; Enderlein Biology; subscriptions.

Finsrud's PMM (Perpetual motion machine)
PMM of Norwegian Reidar Finsrud; started as `moving sculpture' 13 years ago. Video of parts, internal working made by Norwegian TV2 channel. Total energy device produced over 414,720 Joules. cf. KeelyNet BBS DataLine: (214) 324-3501.

Finsrud (In Stefan Hartmann's overunity page)
Info on Finsrud "sculpture",5 pictures, 2 news articles. Also: summary info from Keelynet Finsrud web site (above).

Free energy page
Collection of docs, pictures, movies on"free energy","over-unity" machines, discussed in USENET group alt.sci.physics;. assembled by William J. Eaton: Hyde machine, Meyer water fuel cell, VTA, Testatika machine, MRA device, High mileage Carburetors, with active links.

Gravity is a PUSH!
U.S.Patent 5,377,936 (1995), for gravity guidance and propulsion of satellites and space vehicles using net kinetic energy PUSH of gravity of the electromagnetic spectrum particles that continually irradiate earth from space, based on Oppositely Charged Twin Monopole (OCTM) Theory of Matter.

HAARP: High-frequency active auroral research program
Facility devoted to study of earth's ionosphere built under the HAARP program at Gakona, Alaska, managed by Office of Naval Research and Air Force Phillips Laboratory.

HAARP - special report
Via Cyberschool Magazine: from Tesla's 1900 idea - high frequency energy could effect mental states, weather and communications; could affect ozone, nitrogen levels in atmosphere; in Technical Paper 195 military seek to up power to 1 billion, then 100 billion watts. Government refuses to comment on Technical Paper 195 and its 600 p. of recommendations.

Angels don't play this HAARP
Summary of HAARP exposé. Personal research led to articles and 230 p. book: Angels don't play this HAARP: advances in Tesla technology by Nick Begic, Jeane Manning.Considerable research (350 footnotes). Also in Nexus Magazine, Vol.3,1 (Dec'95-Jan'96). Nexus web site link.

HAARP: Joint services program plans & activities
Program insures research in emerging technology area, identifying, exploiting techniques to enhance C3 capabilities. High frequency ionospheric heating capability. Air Force Geophysics Laboratory. Office of Naval Research.

HAARP: Request to update final environmental impact statement
May 8, 1996 letter sent to Trustees for Alaska, on behalf of itself, Greenpeace, National Audubon Society, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, etc, requesting U.S. Air Force prepare supplement to July 1993 Final Environmental Impact Statement for operation of HAARP.

HAARP: Specific project goals with comments
Details data found in patent by Bernard J. Eastlund, US Patent 4, 686,605, "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere",shows what project is planned for <M>is not in data released by officials, <M>nor in July 1993 Final Environmental Impact Statement for HAARP <M>(see above).

Hamel, David
Current sourcing for Hamel news, documents and tape, managed by Rudy Van Langen and Paul Fulcher.

Horizon technology
Tomorrow's technology today - updates; projects, business opportunities; Hydrogen-oxygen generator; rotary hydrogen engine; Royal Rife; Muller magnetic motor.

Hot and cold running fusion
Summarizes hot, cold fusion articles, announcements, press releases; PLASMAK "Hot Fusion",Patterson Power Cell "Cold fusion" devices, Vortex and cavitation, Cold fusion archives, Circuitmaker", and Electronics workbench.

Internet pilot to physics
Website for placing & reading about physics and related conferences. Contains: Physics calendar; Physics around the world; Physics Forum; Virtual Laboratory; and Physics On-Line. Users can post conference announcements.

Internet marketplace for scientists
International marketplace for scientists sponsored by Internet Pilot to Physics (above). Lists things for sale. Entries removed monthly, but can be re-submitted.

Inert Gases - Jon Fox (& Hilarion)
By exposing compressed inert gases to magnetic and electric stimulation, biological effects observed. Background, review with case histories. See:Inert Gas Devices F.A.Q. with discussion on relationship between inert gases, aether and aetheric body, how to construct and use devices.

Infinite Energy magazine: new energy tech
Cold fusion announced by Profs Pons and Fleischmann in 1989. See what newest research is yielding, learn the intriguing possibilities. Get the original sources of information.

Institute for New Energy
Non-profit technical, membership organization whose monthly newsletter New Energy News reports latest findings in international new energy research. Institute promotes research and importance of alternative energy; bridges gap between advanced & fringe scientific technologies. Includes: outstanding papers, reports, summaries, announcements and links.

Jeong, Eue Jin: Web site and papers
Includes Extracting vacuum energy from the homogeneous isotopic universe, suggests travel faster than speed of light is possible by modifying local spacetime in front and rear of craft. Unlimited energy production by dipole gravity, U.S. Patent File 08/519450, Aug. 25 1995, and Gravitational dipole moment, and Anomalous center of mass shift: gravitational dipole moment. [at xxx.lanl.gov/ps/gr/-qc/9604044].

Keely, John: Sympathetic vibratory physics
Study of vibration physics enables "seeing" beyond material effects, into nature of causative forces. Aspects, dynamics of sound and vibration have been well organized and developed, as in music. Rudolph Steiner predicted in 1913 future science to be based on sympathetic vibrations. Articles on: John Ernst Worrell Keely; amplitude of Force; Brown's Gas; Chord-settings of life; Keely's Motor; Levitation / Gravity Control; SVP OnLine Catalog; By Dale Pond.

Email: keelynet@ix.netcom.com. BBS:(214)324-3501. Sponsored by Vanguard Sciences, P.O. Box 870716, Mesquite, TX 75187, USA. The site uses currently aprx. 20MB. Areas of interest include: Keely,Gravity, Brown's Gas, Diagrams, Public-Messages, Contacts, Ecology, etc.

Leading edge research group
Info on developments and trends re: factors affecting planetary social structure, and evolution in consciousness and awareness levels of the general population.

Levitron: Amazing anti-gravity top
Web site for ordering the Levitron. "This top actually floats in mid-air! No strings, wires, electricity.

Livingstone, Rhae [Greydon Moore] Los Alamos Natl Lab Physics E-Print Archive
Www server for automated e-print archives. Indiscriminate automated downloads not permitted. Areas of interest include: High energy physics, Astrophysics, Nuclear theory, Superconductivity, et. al. Also:indexes to titles and authors.

Project Magnet: Sinclaire technology research
Re: The granite man and the butterfly, chronicle of David Hamel who built spacecraf,abundant source of non-polluting energy. Topics: plasma energy; scalar electromagnetics; electronic disturbance physics. Also: book and tapes lists.

Magnetic power, Inc.
Sebastopol California company examining Takahashi magnetic motors, Brown’s Gas, cold fusion

PatentImages and Trademark Checker; includes TrademarkWeb and PatentWeb ; links to other info.

Moray, T. Henry: radiant energy device
T. H. Moray's generator, Bruce Perreault's research; T.H. Moray's device produced 50,000 watts. With Moray's notes, it is possible to produce useful electrical power. Size of 60 kW unit about 420 x 260 x 220 cm, weighing 60 lbs. Includes: Guide to building a radiant energy generator.

Net advance of physics
Journal / encyclopedia, tutorials, lecture notes in physics, allied sciences;resource and reference tool.Index: Astrophysics,Electromagnetics; High-energy physics; Mathematical and theoretical physics; Quantum physics and chemistry.

New Energy (ANE Academy for New Energy)
new energy information; conferences, resource materials.

Newman, Joseph: energy machine
Information, reports on Newman devices; political,economic position,Truth & Action Party; books & video orders.

Newman, Joseph: (in English from Germany)
German thesis by a student on 3 Newman's motors, with details of machine parts and discussions of the results achieved.

New science links
Dr. Patrick Bailey - Institute for New Science; KeelyNet; Virtual Environment Technology Lab; Tesla - man of science, father of modern power system; Tesla references; Yahoo's science; alternative page; Tom Bearden on electrogravitics; John R. Searl, antigravity & free energy; magic squares.

Nexus magazine
Includes sections on: Behind the News; Health; Big Brother; UFOs; Unexplained; Future Science; Current Issue - Contents; Who, What. & Where Is Nexus Magazine; Subscription Information; Back Issue List - Contents & Ordering Information; Advertising Rates; Books, Videos & Products Catalogues; Pointers To Other Web Site Of Interest; The Nexus Survey

Nova Energy Ltd.: Blue energy company
Davis Turbine Tidal Power Technology. "Peace Dividend" built, tested in 1980s, public debut thwarted by a utility.

Project Omicron: gravity control research
Concentrates on observed data and experiments

Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, Inc.
Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich; research lab, educational events info; research of James DeMeo, educational events

Overunity homepage / Stefan Hartmann
Devices that seem to be over 100% efficient, producing more energy than injected, converting Zero-point energy into useful mechanical, electrical, heat or light; news, links.

Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. (P.A.C.E.)
http://energie.keng.de/~pace/ (soon: www.pace.org)
International collaborative network for advanced scientific thinking, NGO with United Nations. Secretariats; Newsletter; Booklist; Documents; European Secretariat.;and www link.

PEA research
Leroy Pea's educational site. Unlimited health; book-trading post; politics & State Citizen; Tesla; gravity & anti-gravity; Keely; energy; UFO reports; book reviews & indexes.

Daniel Russell's homepage: science courses
Courses on electromagnetism, waves, acoustics, vibration & waves; demos, animations, graphs,movies: vibration, waves.

Searl, John R. R.: DISC - UK
S.E.G. and Inverse-G-vehicle commercial applications; biography, work and research;seminars, workshops; investment and involvement; book,video orders.

Searl, John R. R.: Searl effect
John A. Thomas Jr.'s site on Searl and his overunity generator and the antigravity effect." Includes: upcoming events; photo archive; D.I.S.C.; articles; business plan; books, videos, etc.

Society for scientific exploration (SSE)
Forum for presentations, criticism and debate concerning topics ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science. Promotes improved understanding of factors that unnecessarily limit scope of scientific inquiry, i.e.: sociological constraints, restrictive world views, hidden theoretical assumptions, and the temptation to convert prevailing theory into prevailing dogma. Topics: anomalies, paradoxial phenomena.

Space Energy Technology
Wolfram Bahmann's Home Page: Physics and open-minded scientific concepts leading to a New Energy Technology (SET). Includes: advanced-energy-related: NET Organizations, NET Magazines, NET Links, and other useful info. Key networking site, access to European developments, tied with Institute for New Energy, Planetary Association for Clean Energy.

Russell, Walter: Univ. science & philosophy
Russell, a "modern Leonardo", poet, painter, sculptor, author, musician, architect, aquestrian-athlete, and scientist. Nikola Tesla told Dr. Russell, "Bury your ideas in a vault for a thousand years to await the unfolding of human consciousness to comprehend your vision." His wholistic vision of universal processes is being understood,used by many, including scientists.

Russell, Walter: Unofficial homepage
Includes: The Periodic Table (c.1926); basis for structure of atomic, solar, and stellar systems; cube-wave formula for octaves of matter and light; complete octave of carbon rings; electric universe as "harp" of 9 wave-strings; connection between sound, light and matter; life/death cycle (vortex imagery) chart explaining how matter is created from light; and other Russell-related links.

Telbotics, inc.
Details on Royal R. Rife, Brown's Gas, etc. as originally documented by the McLuhan Program of the University of Toronto. Developed by Graham Smith.

Tesla, Nikola: Tesla Memorial Society
Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer and scientist. Inventions: telephone repeater, rotating magnetic field principle, polyphase altermating-current system, induction motor, alternating-current power transmission,Tesla coil transformer, wireless communication, radio, fluorescent lights. More than 700 other patents. Includes: biography; Chicago World's Fair 1893; Niagara Falls; Tesla on...; Others on Tesla; Anecdotes; suggested readings and videos; photos, www links.

Tesla switch
An inexpensive, cigar-box sized Tesla-type converter built for a conference. Demonstration, lasted 24 hours and drew a constant load to do work while keeping nickel-cadmium batteries fully charged! Concept originated by Nikola Tesla, was given to John Bedini by Ronald Brandt, a personal friend of Nikola Tesla. Brandt reputed to have a similar converter used for years without losing the battery charge. Schematic diagram showing how to build the solid-state device.

Testatika free energy machine
3-5 kW from nothing device. Testatika free energy machine was developed by Paul Baumann in Switzerland, now with the METERNITHA group. Resembles a Wimshurst electrostatic machine. Others may refer to it as the Swiss M-L converter or Thesta-Distatica. Good files, including: Documents; Text descriptions; JPEG pictures; MPEG movies; and Viewing hints.

Weird science, anomalous physics, Tesla
Includes info on: Science Demos Articles, Experiments, Exhibits, WEIRDSCIENCE, Science Education Resource WWW links, Science Museums, Home Schooling Links, Tesla Coils

Wireless Engineering, Inc.
Toby Grotz's site - Instrumentation & process control design, project mgmt, raw water systems, cooling tower level controls, Allen Bradley PLCs, field service & startup, New Energy Research, Zero-point energy transducers, and <M>space power generators.

World muse
Millennium Twain's Home Page: "Consulting Revolutioneer, jack-of-all-trades, AntiPhysicist" from Plasmatronics Inc.

A force unification theory that explains overunity and anti gravity effects

The Magnetical Electron Driver

From UnitelNW's mailing list

Extraordinary News Network


The Josef Hasslberger page: Technology

Pharaoh's Pump by Edward J. Kunkel

The Josef Hasslberger page: Technology

The Josef Hasslberger page: Physics

The Josef Hasslberger page: Physics


New propulsion system?

SPACEWALKER - Presentation

ZT Links - "Z-Files"

Nikola Tesla - Man Out of Time



1. Home of Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. (3/29/99)

James Mann


Unified Force Theory Frontispiece

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Beyond The Cutting Edge -- Main

BBC News | Sci/Tech | Fusion project sparks new hope of cheap, clean power

Infinite Energy Magazine Online - Cold Fusion and New Energy Technology

Welcome to Electrifying Times!

Jim's Free Energy Main Magnetic Motor page

DVS - Hauptseite

GIT Theory by David E.Cowlishaw

GloRegulator Invention

Grand Unification & Time Welcome


IDTL95 Home Page

Man-Made Flying Saucers

Lorente's Electrostatic Generator, US Patented


Space Energy Technique (SET)

abstract cond-mat/9701074

Homepage von SAFE

The Subtle Energy and Spiritual Technology HomePage

Saturna Technologies

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sumeria

Strader Machine

SATEC Home Page

ZPower Corporation - Leaders in the Energy Revolution

Heat-Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Power Engineering

FREIE ENERGIE / Würth AG / ??...

The AquaFuel Generator by JL Naudin


Delta-G, Priv, Collection

Schallenkammer Magnetsysteme GmbH

Reichelt, Elektronik, Zubehoer

Helmut Singer Elektronik - Gebrauchte und geprüfte Mess- und Kommunikationstechnik



Plans, Books...Media...

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely's science. Books, Media

Integrity Research Institute Catalog / Media

Eagle-Research practical energy solutions...today!

(Hot) Fusion using fullerene molekules


The Free Energy Page, Priv / Collection

Gravity, Inertia and Radiation Home Pg

The Magnetic Resonance Amplifier (MRA)

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sumeria

Magnetic Resonance Amplifier / Negative report

StarGazer / Priv / Collection , mid

Antigravitation / Podkletnov / Modanese / Media up

Antigravity Links Priv Collection

Amazing Little Epsilon / A Pyramid with strange effects...?

Table of Contents for "Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports..."

TOPIC 04 Space Transportation


Welcome to Jade Mountain

Negative Resistance

Inertia Energy Converter

The Problem of Free Energy

The Home of Primordial Energy - THE Place for information from BRUCE DePALMA

Diwan Magazine: Energy from the Space?

Tesla's Discoveries Could've Radically Improved The Planet, BUT...

Elektroakupunktur und Bioresonanz von Holimed

NAGEL MEXIF - ENGINE / 2Liter per 100km Diesel/Gas Engine

Tesla Technology Research Model 12 Coil

Bon Site

Nikola Tesla


Superconductive Components Inc.

About Explore Publications

"The March for Peaceful Energy : Richard Lasken's group, DC Solar"

Galactic Technology (12-July-1995)

S.E.COL. COMPANY - Space Exploitation and Colonization Company

Revolutionary Space Propulsion Method Introduced

The Farnsworth Chronicles - Chapter Two: Fusion

Jim's Free Energy Page

Colorado Futurescience Home Page

Online Resource Center

Energy Information

Geet Home Page (Global Environmental Energy Technology)


NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts

TOPIC 04 Space Transportation

The Quantum Effects Devices Project -- Title Page

The Thomas Townsend Brown Site

Freie Energie / Free Energy Homepage

FE- Wer sind die Erfinder der Freien Energie?

FE- Was ist Freie Energie

ABSOLUTELY FREE Homepage (c)by Torsten Wolter

Tesla u. Co. : Freie Energie, Tachyonenergie, Antigravitation

Ohne Titel

The Tesla Project

Eagle-Research practical energy solutions...today!

Die Energiemaschine von JOSEPH NEWMAN

Products of Dr. Robert C. Beck Design

Tesla Turbine / David Young / Priv / Experiment / Up

Viktor Schauberger - visionary environmental scientist/inventor (and the first man to make a flying saucer) / Priv / Misc

Welcome to Gateway Books / Media / Books

Virvlar Vortex Water Vatten Viktor Schauberger / Priv / Misc

Schauberger's Offizial Family Page / Priv / Mid

Evert fluid tech / Priv / Misc / up

Viktor Schaubergers Repulsin UFO / Priv / Experiment / Mid

VTC: Vortex Thruster / Priv / Experiment / Down

Bob's Tesla Web Lab / Priv / Experiment / Mid

Der Bourbakische Internetkrieg / Priv / UP / Deutsch

World AntiPhysics / Org / UP

The Millennium Frontier - future science, future technologies, free energy

Gravity Research Program--New Laws of Physics / Priv / Up / Theory


Robert L. Carroll

weird but true

Aether Theories - Collation of Scientific Theories of the Aether

Common Sense Science - A Rational View of the Universe

Conference on the Fundamental Structure and Mechanisms of the Universe

Rotary Rocket Company: producers of Reusable Launch Vehicles for SSTO Single Stage To Orbit rockets.

The Free Energy Page

Photon Theories of Mass

Free Energy - Energia Libre. Vicente Jose Ramos Orenga

Car runs on Water - 20 miles per Liter. / Down / Priv

Project Rainbow / Philadelphia Project / Priv / Up / Other

Emission of gravitational radiation / Priv / Theory / Up

The Lightcraft Project / Org / Up / Experiment


Ionocraft / Priv / Experiment / Mid

Tesla etc / Priv / Mid / Collection

The Unnatural Museum - Flying Saucers and the Third Reich

RS Components - Hardwarestore / Elektronikladen

Conrad - Hardwarestore / Elektronikladen, Magnets, Coils etc...

Future Horizons - Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts, Kits

SinformatiX - Electronic Circuit Simulation/Construction Software

The Gravity Gate - Searl, Cooler, Tesla - pretty detailed introduction with some 'plans'

Freie Energie / Free Energy Homepage (Einleitung, deutsch)

The Institute For New Energy (Eine ziemlich komplette Übersicht, englisch)

Puthoff NASA, Nullpunkt Energie, etc...

Intro to Free Energy Physics by Bruce DePalma, Einleitung, Engl.

Free Energy Technology, Einleitung, Engl.

Freie Energie / Deu / Einleitung

Free Energy and Propulsion

Fission, Fusion, Helium 3, Nuclear, Energy, Free Energy, Alternate Energy, Electrical, Electronic, Moray, Tesla, Bruce A. Perreault, radioactive, Educational, Instructional


Electrogravitic experiments of Thomas Townsend Brown

David Hamel Home Page on Extra-Terrestrials, Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, ET's, Multi-Dimensional

Stardrive -- Title Page


Home: At the EDGE of SPACE

The Free Energy Page

Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell

Watson Family Home Page

Eric's history of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines

John Logajan's Skypoint Home Page

Welcome to Zenergy Corporation - Leaders in the Energy Revolution

Los Alamos National Laboratory: History

Overunity homepage

Tom Bearden


Leading Edge International Research Group Home Page

Welcome to Electrifying Times!



INE Devices Database - Commercialization Criteria

Physics - Welcome from The Mining Company

Quantum Physics

Plasma on the Internet

CPEP Fusion Web Course

Research Triangle


Farnsworth Patents

The Farnsworth Chronicles

The Farnsworth Chronicles - Chapter Two: Fusion

cold fusion Free Energy antigravity physics cold fusion overunity vortex-l

Free-Energy, antigravity and hydrogen power experiments


Rory Johnson Gallium-Deuterium Fusion Magnetic Motor

NEL Nithium

Mike Levin's Parapsychology/Fringe Science Page

The Sourcebook Project: Strange, bizarre & anomalous phenomena

Royal Rife Technologies

Borderlands Sciences Research Foundation


Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages)

KeelyNet Roundtable - January 1998

(Etherian Dream Weavers Place)

Elektromagnum Index Page, created July 1994

Jim's Free Energy Main Page

The Thomas Townsend Brown Site

Robert Stirniman's Electrogravitics Page

Viktor Schauberger - visionary environmental scientist/inventor (and the first man to make a flying saucer)

Pentagon Space Aliens, William R. Lyne's UFO, Electric Propulsion and Hidden Technology Site

Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology - James Cox

The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications

Plasma Science and Technology


Future Flight Propulsion: Advanced Concepts in Rocket Propulsion, Nuclear Systems, Advanced Physics, and High Energy Density Propellants

"Other Voices: A Summary of Research Not Present"

Space, spacetravel,antigravity theories,mars,startrek.

Free Energy

Eagle Research

B.U.F.O.D. Webring


Transmutation.com- Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation

C-ship: Relativistic ray traced images

California Institute of Technology

Oliver Pozo : Quantum Page



JLN Labs Home Page

Letter & Poem From Donald P. Walton A Theory of Everything: Virtual Chaos - Welcome


millennium group

Lunar Anomalies Homepage


< Welcome to T R A C E on-line >

Return of the Dragon: Hazards of Man-Made Magnetism, Part 1 of 4, by David Yarrow

Jean-Lois Naudin / Experimente, Theorien

Keelynet.com / Antischwerkraft, Nullpunktenergie, Alternative Heilmethoden - viel zu lesen

The Institute for New Energy - noch mehr zu lesen

Raum Quanten Motoren

Macrosonix, Schallresonanzverstärker

NASA Break Through Propulsion Physics

Hans Coler Converter / Theory / Mid

The cosmological model with scalar, spin and torsion field / THEORY :-) / up

COLER CONVERTER, flying-saucer / Priv / Theory / Mid

Possibility of Experimental Study of Propeties of Time / N.A.Kozyrev 1967

The Gravity Society

Superconductors and Gravity Shielding, Podklednov etc

Theory of Sustenation of Matter

Theory of Time Machine / SuperFast InterStellar Ship / Homepage of Alexander Guts / Mid / Theory

Kozyrev's Theory of Time / Homepage of Alexander Guts / Mid / Theory

GITPLAIN Theory and Explanation of forces / Priv / Inertial Thruster

COLER CONVERTER, flying-saucer / Priv / Theory / Mid

Review of Free Energy Experiments / Theory / Private / mid

FREE ENERGY / Priv Down / Theory

Cyclotron Labs, Theorien etc

The Great Puzzel / Priv Mid / Theory

The Alternative Laws of Physics / Priv / Mid / Theory

The Josef Hasslberger page of Economy, Physics and New Energy Priv / Mid / Theory

Smart1234's Home Page

Aether Theories - Collation of Scientific Theories of the Aether / Priv / Theory / Mid

Zero Point Physics, Vacuum Energy, Scalar Physics Priv / Down / Theory

The Tamashii Project Home Page (Priv / Mid)

The Borderlands Of Science (Deu, Priv / Mid)

FM:künstliche Schwerefelder / artificial gravitation Priv/Mid,Deu

Virtual Times / Free Energy, Priv,Mid

Bill Beaty's Weired Science, Sammlung

Elektromagnum, Sammlung

The Mad Scientist's Lair, Sammlung

John Logajan's Cold&Hot Fusion

Overunity homepage


The Free Energy Page / Priv / Collection / Mid

Stephen's Home Page Priv / Mid / Collection

Free Energy list / Priv / Down / Collection

Solaris Priv / Mid / Collection

Stirniman's Electrogravitics Reference List / Priv / Mid / Collection

Freie Energie (Deu,Priv / Mid)

STAR SYSTEMS Alternate Energy, Health, Nootropics, Free Energy Theory / Priv / Mid / Collection

Jean-Lois Naudin / Experimente, Theorien

Watson Family Home Page

Free Energy Receiver (Tesla)

Solaris / Priv / Experminente / Up

Tero's Tesla Coil Page

Tesla Coil Page

Gravity Capacitor / Priv / Up / Experiment

Tesla Coil - Cathode ray tube high voltage science project

Bart's High Voltage Lab - Tesla, Coils, and Sparkgaps

PROJECT OMICRON - Gravity Control Research

Rick Todish's Free Energy page / Priv,Mid

Energy source / Priv / mid / Experiment

barkenhausen effect scalar detector / Priv / Experiment / Mid

Don Kelly:Free Energy & Anti-Gravity & Falling Magnetic Motors


Tesla - sein Leben, seine Erfindungen, (gut!!!)

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman

Telsa Free Energy Tunguska

The Story of Joseph Newman's Energy Device

Mad Mac's Alternate Technologie, Searl

Yusmar Johnstown Znidarsic / Priv Mid

Overunity Maschinen / PRiv Down

Marks Land of Free Energy / Priv Mid

Torsten Wolter Homepage / Priv Mid

TW-Homepage - Freie Energie/Tesla - (Deu, Priv/Mid)

Freie Energie, Antigravitation, Tesla (Deu, Priv/down)

The Free Energy Page (Priv/Mid)

Don Lancaster's GURU'S LAIR home page / Priv / Mid

Anomalous Links: Perpetual Motion and Free Energy / Collection / Priv / Mid

High Technology / Priv / Down

Laszlo -- Subtle Connections / Priv / Offtopic Up

Free Energy Revolution

The Free Energy Page, (geht...)

Title: Biological and Bioactive Holoforms - http://members.aol.com/BDelphin

UFODrive gateway page

Nanook's Nook Antigravity

New Energy, fos

Padrak.com - The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications

Stardrive.org (org/mid)

NASA Break Through Propulsion Physics

NASA Emerging Possibilities for Space Propulsion Breakthroughs

Some Emerging Possibilities / Org Up

Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology / org / mid

Int. Accociation for New Science / Org Up

Science in the Next Century / Org / Up

Interstellar Travel

Quantum Cavorite: Podkletnov Org/up

Electric Spacecraft Journal

Cold Fusion Info

Interstellar Propulsion Society

Scientific American Frontiers Homepage / Org, Up

International Association for New Science

The Space Frontier Foundation (Org/Mid)

Foresight Institute (org/mid)

The Master of EM Overunity and the Japenese Overunity Engines

Free Energy, Theory, Devices and Progess

Wagner Research Laboratory


Tesla Systems Research

Video clips, images and construction details of our Tesla coil.

Project Magnet (Comp/Mid)

Borderlands Sciences Research Foundation


NU Energy - Free Energy, Moray, Tesla...

Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT Org/ mid / Theory

CSPAAR - Research / Org / Up / Experiments

Imaginary Time

The Testatika Free Energy Machine.

HFML Levitation, Der fliegende Frosch

Society for Scientific Exploration

The Electrostatics Society of America

Supercomputers And Artificial Intelligence

The Enterprise Mission

Levitron Central, Magnetisches Spielzeug :-) Magn. toy

Gravity -> Electricity; the mechanical way

BlackLight Power, Fusion

Macrosonix, Schallresonanzverstärker (Mainstream)

CETI Patterson Power Cell

UnitelNW Optische Computer/Spacedrives

Clustron Sciences Corporation, Comp

Horizon Technology - Tomorrows Technology Today

Answer to Global Warming

E-QUEST TECHNOLOGY (Sonoluminescence) / Comp Mid

Hi-Z Technology / Thermoelektrische Geräte


The Searl Effect, Antigravity (Very strange)

The Anti-Gravity Lab / Comp Mid (Looks like SciFi to me)

EarthTech International / Comp / Down

Gravity is a PUSH!

Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH / Comp / Zubehör

Willkommen bei FUG Elektronik / Comp / Zubehör / up

Magnetfabrik.de / Comp Up

A supplier of rare earth permanent magnets (NdFeB and SmCo magnets) / Comp Up

Rare Earth Magnets / Comp Up

May the Force Be with You / Comp Mid Magnets

THE PAP ION MAGNETIC INDUCTOR / Costs ~56000 USDollars per unit

Magnets for eternal life

SOTA Instruments Inc. - Cutting-Edge Alternative Health Products from the research of Dr. Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. and Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

Products of Dr. Robert C. Beck Design

Welcome to Real Goods / Comp / Mid / Solar energy

Motors, Generators, battery chargers and accessories / Comp / Mid / Electrostuff

Helios Science News


Bild der Wissenschaft

New Scientist Planet Science

ScienceDaily Magazine

P.M. Magazin / Offiziell / Down

NASA/Marshall Space Sciences / Offizielles

Science News Online - The Weekly Newsmagazine of Science / Offizielles / Up

ZPF article from Mercury magazine published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific / Media / Theory / Up

WIRED 6.03: Feature / Media / Theory / Up

USTI.News 003 Media / Up / Patterson Power Cell

Welcome to Electrifying Times! / Media / Mid


Townsend Brown Index: Documents / Media / Up

Infinite Energy Magazine

Nexus Magazin

The Journal of Ideas - Ideas to improve the quality of life - free magazine

Information Unlimited Bücher/Baupläne etc.

American Lightning Baupläne (?!)
Nikola Tesla / Bücher

Science Projects Experiments for the 21st Century

Earthpulse Press

Pioneering UFO Propulsion, Media (MDR) Ufo, Podkletnov

Information Unlimited - Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils (Media / Down) NOVA Science Publishers Inc. Media, Up

Ehlers Verlag Homepage / Media / Mid

Explore Volume 7, Number 3 / Media Up

Perpetual motion: An Ancient Mystery Solved? Media Mid

Thomas Townsend Brown - Anti-gravity & Flying Saucers

Free Energy, Anti-GRavity & Quantum Physics

TIPTOP: The internet Pilot to Physics

STO's Internet Patent Search System

IBM Patent Server Home Page

Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry

Nikola Tesla, Complete U.S. Patent Collection

Alliance to Save Energy

Alliance to Save Energy Links
About the Alliance to Save Energy
Enrg.Efficiency vs. Enrg. Conservation Consumers Power Smart
What's Energy?
Oh, Why Bother?
Leaking DOLLARS???
Enlightening Comparisons
Too "Plugged In"!
Coming Clean


Energy Ideas Contents

US Department of Energy

This is the Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) home page. Energy efficiency helps save money, ensures the responsible use of natural resources and helps protect the environment. This site has helpful tools and information to increase the energy efficiency of homes, vehicles, businesses, institutions and governments.


Office of Energy Efficiency

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection. Many links to explore...some are to the right...

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Overview of ACEEE
ACEEE's Energy Efficient Links
Green Guide to Cars and Trucks (book)
Green Guide to Cars and Trucks - Intro.
1999 Model
The Best Vehicles of 1998

Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies (CEERT) has emerged as a compelling force on behalf of clean, renewable energy resources and energy efficiency measures in key policy making debates on the local, state and federal level.

Clean Power Plege
Links We Like

CREST, the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology, is based at Loughborough University in the UK. Its aims are to advance renewable energy technology to provide substantial and benign energy options for present and future generations.



The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) promotes wind energy as a clean source of electricity for consumers around the world. Explore AWEA's activities and discover a wealth of information on wind energy and energy policies, wind energy technology and development, publications and other wind energy information sources.


Wind Energy Association

This site provides background information for residential or commercial owners who are considering the benefits of earth energy.


Earth Energy Association

The National Energy Foundation is an independent educational charity, based at Milton Keynes in the UK. Its objective is to work for the more efficient, innovative, and safe use of energy and to increase the public awareness of energy in all its aspects.

The National Energy Foundation

NESEA is working toward a vision of sustainable, energy for the Northeast which includes conservation, the use of energy efficient equipment, and the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar thermal, solar electric, hydro, and wind.


Sustainable Energy Association

Favorite Links
K - 12 Education

Transition Corporation (TTC) has been a catalyst in uniting diverse energy industry groups to develop business opportunities for clean and renewable energy technologies. They design and implement strategic initiatives to help emerging energy technologies move from the research and development environment into sustainable markets.

Technology Transition Corporation

Utility Photo Voltaic Group
Fuel Cell Commercilization Group
National Hydrogen Association
SunLight Power International

EuroREX is devoted to the promotion of renewable energy in Europe. They provides commercial, investment, export, country and technology information with up-to-date news on sustainable and alternative energy developments in Europe and the rest of the world.


Fuel Cells
Renewable Energy Technologies

This website does not have a lot of fancy animated graphics or interactive bells and whistles. What it does have is the true and compelling story of the forgotten genius who invented electronic video. It may not be a fancy website, but it sure is a good story. please start by reading the INTRODUCTION and then proceed with the rest of the story:

Chapter 2: Fusion

This site is dedicated to the honoring, exploring and understanding of Earth and its energetic connections to its life-forms and the whole cosmos.

The Tesla Coil Web Ring is an network of home pages of Tesla coil builders, Nikola Tesla researchers, and others with sites related to high voltage.

Tesla Coil Web Ring

Energy Quest

Energy Quest is Energy Education from the California Energy Commission. There are many fun and enlightening Energy links for children and adults alike.

Energy Game Show
The Energy Story
Chapter 4: Geothermal Energy
Renewable Road
Water or Hydro Power
Benjamin Franklin
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Electricity - Stored in Batteries
Hydrogen - A Special Type of Gas

Global Energy Network International

Global Energy Network International (GENI) conducts research and educational activities related to the international and inter-regional transmission of electricity, with a specific emphasis on the interconnection of renewable energy resources. Check out this cool site for an animated tutorial about GENI!!!

GENI Animated Tutorial

Center For Altrnative Technology

They are an educational charity striving to achieve the best cooperation between the natural, technological and human worlds. We test, live with and display strategies and tools for doing this. We are working for a sustainable future!

The Secret Origin of CAT
CAT Mission Statement
The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden Photo

Vortex World

One of Victor Schaubergers aims was to investigate and artificially copy this movement that he could see that the nature was using in order to gather energy for different uses. Basically the movement could be described as an inward moving and twisting vortex.

Who was Viktor Schauberger?
Most Forward-Thinking Scientist?
Water Treatment & Theories
Schaubergers Inventions
Thoughts of Victor Schauberger

Critical Mass Energy Project (CMEP) has provided hard-hitting information about energy issues to all public policy forums and hundreds of citizens groups since its creation. Visit for quenching energy information.

Center for Research Solutions

The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), based in San Francisco, is dedicated to promoting renewable energy and economic and environmental sustainability.


Renewable Energy Research Group

The Group provides a NAMAS accredited testing service for industry, including indoor and outdoor testing of component and system performance, accelerated environmental degradation testing and the measurement of optical and thermal properties of glazings and shading devices.

Special Interest Research Grps

The Rocky Mountain Institute's mission is to foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security. Visit RMI's site to view how their staff conduct research, consult, speak, and publish reports on a wide variety of topics.

Amory & Hunter Lovins
Education What is RMI?
Corporate Sustainability
Hypercar Questions
Hypercars: The Next Generation

Integrity Research Institute

Integrity Research Institute is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to energy research, future technologies, and public education. Research projects are conducted in the areas of energy generation, propulsion, communications, and bioenergy.

Publication List
The Race to Zero Point (video)
Energy Patents

The University of Reading - Energy Group.

The Energy Group of the University of Reading is based in the Department of Engineering, although members of staff from the Department of Cybernetics are also involved in both teaching and research as well as additional activities. Further information is available. The University of Reading


Inspired by the success of the recycling logo, the Green-e logo is a way for customers to easily identify "green" electricity products. The project is the nation's first voluntary certification and verification program for "green" electricity products.

Introduction to Green-e
Why Go Green
Info. For Power Providers
Teacher's Page

Green Power! What are the unresolved issues with new technologies, questionable marketing, environmental promises, and widely varied standards? To find out, enter...

Green Power Links

A new product is sweeping America: Electricity is for sale! Electricitychoice.com is an independent service free to consumers designed to help you understand this new product, who's selling it, and how to make the best deals.

Main Menu
Green Power

ENERGY STAR®-labeled products use less energy than other products, save you money on utility bills, and help protect the environment. This website provides lists of ENERGY STAR® qualified products and a store locator to help you find qualified products at a retailer near you.
A MUST vist site!!!

Alternative Energy Engineering

Alternative Energy Engineering is a site that gives information on hown to make your own Electricity from Solar, Wind, or Water Power. An Alternative Energy Engineering catalog and design guide are available.

Micro-Hydroelectric Power

Through their products, publications and educational demonstrations, Real Goods promotes and inspires an environmentally healthy and sustainable future. The company now can claim to be the oldest and largest catalog firm devoted to the sale and service of alternative energy products. So what are you waiting for...check them out!!!


The UK-ISES Sustainable On-Line Energy Information Listing aims to be the most sophisticated and comprehensive on-line resource guide for UK solar and renewable energy information on the World Wide Web.


Home Power

Home Power is a magazine dealing with, you guessed it powering your home. There are downloads, a renewable energy education section, and home power products.


Solstice is the Internet information service of the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), and is your site for Sustainable Energy and Development Information.

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter Headlines
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter May 1999
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter April 1999

A directory of the electric power industry, covering power generation, transmission and distribution, power markets, and energy end-use.

Inverters - Off-Grid Systems
Retail Products

Global Energy Marketplace

This is a powerful, on-line, searchable database of more than 2500 energy efficiency and renewable energy annotated Web links. You will find highly useful case studies, reports, publications, economic analyses, product directories, discussion groups, country profiles, mitigation assessments, and other beneficial resources.

Main Menu
US Env. Protection Agency

Environmental Web Directory

Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine...go there NOW for Energy links galore!

Boundaries of Science

Boundaries of Science web ring - for web sites that have content that explores the boundaries of science. A very energetic site with loads of good links.

The Institute for New Energy
Recent Posted Impt. Articles & Files
What If Cold Fusion Is Real?
First Intl. Conf. on Free Energy

Electric Hybrid Vehicles

Electric Hybrid Vehicles Homepage is a graphically enhanced site providing information on electric powered vehicles and their debut in Honolulu, Hawaii (the first city in the country to become "electric-vehicle-ready").

EHV - National Data Center
Seven Consortia
Honolulu, Electric-Vehicle-Ready


Electricore, the Mid-America Electric Vehicle Consortium, is successfully building the foundation and support infrastructure for a viable commercial electric/hybrid-electric vehicle industry.

Saturna Technologies


Nu Energy Source

Event Information Frame

Report Information Frame

T. H. Moray Blockbuster Collection

Fuel Atomizer 2000



BlackLight Power Home

Power from AE Emissions

Perpetual Motion Machines ("Over-Unity Devices")

Angels Don't Play This HAARP

Perpetual Motion History

Perpetual Motion Definitions

Perpetual Motion - Rules of Design

Perpetual Motion - Rules of Analysis

Perpetual Motion - Classes

Perpetual Motion - Laws

Perpetual Motion Current Activity

Perpetual Motion - Links

National Energy Foundation based at Milton Keynes in the UK
New Energy Ventures

Welcome to Infinite Energy

Our Company, Your Benefits

The Gas Deregulation

The Dynamics of Competition in the Natural Gas

Eagle-Research practical energy solutions...today!

Eagle-Research - New Evidence

Eagle-Research - Brown's Gas - What is it?

Eagle-Research - Desalinization

Eagle-Research - Welding

Eagle-Research - Clean Water

Eagle-Research Brown's Gas

Eagle-Research Brown's Gas

Eagle-Research Brown's Gas

Eagle-Research: Ambient Free Energy

Eagle-Research - Heat

Eagle-Research - Solar Power

Available Films

Light Is The Ghost Of Mass

Arthur C. Clarke, Friend of New Energy

Report On Infinite Energy's New Energy / Cold Fusion Symposium

A Report on "Cold Fusion" Theories and Results at the June 7-11, 1998, American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting

Einstein Would Have Called It "Cold Fission"

A New Cold Fusion Experimental Device




Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely's Sacred Science.

What Electricity Is. John W. Keely.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely - Master Index of SVP web pages

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely - Updates and New News. Exploring spiritual science and physics by Dale Pond

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Roots - Atlin photo 1399.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Frequently Asked Questions

Selection Information

Selection Information

Selection Information

Selection Information

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely - Catalog

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Keely Dynasphere Pictures

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Musical Dynasphere, development, science and physics by Dale Pond. John W. Keely

Selection Information

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Are Physical and Spiritual Energies Identical?Parmele

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman: Book - 8th edition

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman: Book Information






GEET - "Answer to Global Warming"

GEET Aircooled VW Type I & II Conversion Kit

Advanced Technology Available Today!!!

The Incredible GEET Device

Plasma Technology

GEET - Theory to Production

GEET - The Paradigm Shift

Fighting For Acceptence

GEET - Reaching out to the World

GEET - More Articles

GEET - Pictures

GEET - Global Environmental Energy Technology

GreenWave Radio

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter






Alternative-Energy Scientist Fights to Save Patent

Dr. Randell Mills's physics and chemistry laboratories may have strangely united three forces that were presumed distinct: the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, the Department of State, and the American Physical Society. Unfortunately for Mills, they appear to have united against him.

This is a case for patent-dependent Nasdaq hopefuls and their investors to watch.

Mills, a Harvard-trained medical doctor and founder of the New Jersey-based technology start-up BlackLight Power Inc., was awarded a U.S. patent February 15 covering his claim to producing energy by shrinking the electron orbit of hydrogen below what most quantum theorists have thought possible for a century. He calls the smaller hydrogen atom a "hydrino" and theorizes it could lead to a nearly limitless supply of clean, cheap power (see "Quantum Leap" and "Doctor Molecool."

The news outraged Mills's fiercest critic, Dr. Robert Park, an APS spokesman and avid debunker based in Washington, D.C. Park mocked the patent decision in the press and in his What's New column at aps.org. The column comes with a disclaimer that states, "Opinions are the author's and are not necessarily shared by the APS, but they should be."

Within days, the patent office pulled back a related chemistry patent for further review just before issuance, citing comments by Park and others—none of whom has tested Mills's devices or materials—in mainstream press reports that Mills must be either wildly mistaken or a fraud. That patent application, number 09/009,294, was so near issuance that it slipped out in the PTO's weekly Gazette of allowances as Patent No. 6,030,601.

Mills says Park may have more than the safeguarding of science at heart. "Park's group is lobbying the government to give them billions of dollars for 'big science' projects that BlackLight's success would make obsolete. He's a competitor," says Mills, who is privately funded. "I know it's not completely analogous, but going to him would be like the patent office going to Bill Gates and asking, 'Do you think Apple's new operating platform will work?' "

With the novel hydrino chemistry, Mills says he's developed and had outside testing of the prototype for what could be a vastly superior class of batteries. He also claims to have developed compounds for plastic magnetic storage media and rustproof coatings, also with many independent lab verifications.

Mills's lawyers won an agreement from the patent office not to act on the chemistry application until June while the U.S. District Court examines the case. Meanwhile, Mills continues to take a beating at the agency, which took his artificial-intelligence patent application away from an examiner who'd been reviewing it for over a year and placed it in the hands of another, who quickly rejected it. The office also rejected his patent application for a hydrino power plant. Mills says he'll contest both decisions.

The 69-year-old Park and 42-year-old Mills have never met, but Park has blasted Mills since he proposed his theory nine years ago. In March, Mills's lawyers warned Park and three other scientists to refrain from calling him a fraud, even if they continue to denounce his theories. "Scientific debate is sacred—no one wants to silence that," Mills says. "But when you try to incriminate a business, you've crossed the line. Still, in a way I'm glad about this. It forces the issue. Now we'll have to put up or shut up, and they'll have to confront the data or fold." Mills says he's going to back up his filings with the patent office with more than 40 reports and publications, and he may request that the National Institute of Science and Technology test his prototype technologies.

Park says he doesn't know where Mills is on what he calls "the road from foolishness to fraud," because "the human capacity for self-deception should never be underestimated." Of course, he offers, even with a crank theory "there's room for serendipity, but I wouldn't bet on it."

Threats to the hydrino patents could jeopardize Morgan Stanley Dean Witter's plans to underwrite BlackLight's estimated billion dollar initial public offering. And some of BlackLight's backers say they're offended when portrayed as dupes or coconspirators.

"If I wanted to gamble, I'd fly to Vegas," says Rick Barry, whose Eastbourne Capital Management and its principals invested $5 million in BlackLight after what he describes as "detailed" due dilligence by him and PacifiCorp. "I don't think the risk [with Mills] is science fraud. It's can he engineer a device and can he protect his intellectual property? I thought we were safe on the latter until this started to unfold."

Along with PacifiCorp, electric utility Conectiv has invested in BlackLight. Tyco International inherited a sliver stake in the company through its purchase of Amp Incorporated, a leading producer of electrical connectors. Individual backers are among the Who's Who of the business establishment. They include a former chairman of Morgan Stanley and a former president of PaineWebber. Board members include Dr. Shelby Brewer, a former top Department of Energy nuclear official, and Aris Melissaratos, former director of Westinghouse's Science and Technology Center.

So while BlackLight doesn't have the resources of the entire physics establishment, it has more pull than most start-ups. Its travails at the patent office have even attracted attention on Capitol Hill.

Responding to evidence presented by allies of BlackLight, senators Ron Wyden of Oregon and Max Cleland of Georgia say they want to know if an American Physical Society colleague of Park's at the State Department messed with Mills's application. One indication of outside influence noted by BlackLight attorney Jeffrey Melcher was that the patent office says it had lost the file when it ruled on the chemistry application. "That's not normal for an agency," says a Senate source. "If there's no record, how can you make a decision?"

The source says there may have been some improper contact by outside influences with patent officials, and points to Park's APS associate Dr. Peter Zimmerman, chief arms-control scientist at the State Department. Zimmerman boasted in an abstract for an upcoming APS lecture that "my own Department and the Patent Office have fought back with success" against "pseudoscientists," but didn't name his targets. His abstract railed against, among other things, inventors of "hydrinos."

A State Department official, who declined to be identified, said Zimmerman's abstract, which has since been removed, was missing a disclaimer explaining that he was speaking only as a private citizen. The official added that department employees are not allowed to use their titles outside of their official capacities. "The topic is totally outside our purview and mandate," the official said. "His views did not reflect those of the State Department."

Park and Zimmerman have certainly affected patent-office affairs before. Patent Examiner Tom Valone was invited by the State Department to organize an April 1999 Conference on Free Energy to explore alternatives to fossil fuels, many of which were controversial. Zimmerman told an APS gathering that Park asked him to put a stop to it.

"The week before I was to start [at the State Department] Bob [Park] sends me an e-mail, in which he tells me in some detail about the Conference on Free Energy under the sponsorship of the Secretary of State's Open Forum. It says, 'Pete, if you can't get that killed, what's the point of having you at the State Department?' "



Mind-Matter Interaction

Multivariate studies of mind-matter interaction in laboratory tasks, including study of mind in non-ordinary states of consciousness, and states of matter such as low-energy plasma, energy levels in atomic shells, background ionizing radiation, electronic noise, and growth of crystals in supersaturated solutions.

Mental States

Physical and psychophysiological correlates of anomalous states of consciousness, including states in which people report seeing apparitions and witnessing poltergeist phenomena. Early results of this project are described in an upcoming article entitled, "Are phantasms fact or fantasy? A preliminary investigation of apparitions evoked in the laboratory," in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research.

Psychological & Environmental Interactions

Interactions among consciousness and human performance in relationship to local, regional and global factors, including lunar, solar, geophysical, meterological, and sociological indices.

Extended Perceptual Capabilities

Unconscious physiological indicators suggesting some form of extended perception of near-term, non-predictable futures. Another study is an experimental investigation of traditional remote healing rituals. This study examined physiological changes in a remote "healee" when a local "healer" attempted to heal them.

Mass Consciousness

Effects of group attention and mass "mental coherence" on the behavior of physical systems. The first phase of this study is described in a paper entitled, "Anomalous organization of random events by group consciousness," to be published soon in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.


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Posted By: billym

Date: Saturday, 16 November 2002, 8:02 p.m.


Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons

by Lt. Col. T.E. Bearden (retd.), 1990


Colonel Bearden is a nuclear engineer, wargames analyst, and military tactician with over 26 years experience in air defense systems, tactics and operations, technical intelligence, antiradiation missile countermeasures, nuclear weapons employment, computerized wargames and military systems requirements.


"We begin our history in 1939 at T.H. Moray's lab in Salt Lake City. In that year, a Russian agent obtained detailed drawings of Moray's specialized amplifier which extracted energy from the powerful quantum mechanical fluctuations of vacuum. Moray's radiant energy device weighed 55 pounds and produced 50 kilowatts of power without conventional input. Numerous demonstrations are documented by engineers, scientists, and community leaders. After extensively testing Moray's device and obtaining the drawings by subterfuge, the Soviet agent destroyed the device.

"Thus in 1939 the Soviets obtained the secret, detailed drawings for a 29-stage electromagnetic device far ahead of its time."


"About 1950-1952, the Soviets developed EM machines that could influence the brain and nervous system directly. This included the Lida machine, which can induce a catatonic state into a mammal such as a man, a cat, etc.

"According to one U.S. scientist, the device was used by North Korean interrogators in brainwashing U.S. prisoners in North Korea during the Korean War, and was highly effective.

"By the mid-50s, the Soviets should have been well along in prototype building, weaponizing, and development of larger devices and starting new weapons, based on what I have called scalar electromagnetics— unified EM/gravity field theory a la Whittaker or simply electrogravitation using negative energy and time-reversed EM waves.

"In the winter of 1957-58, a monstrous nuclear accident occurred at a Soviet facility in the Ural Mountains near Kyshtym. [Inexplicably, for decades U.S. intelligence analysts feverishly resisted—and even suppressed—the evidence in their possession, adamantly insisting that such an event never occurred.]. Witnesses reported that atomic wastes in the nearby storage site exploded. Since scalar EM research and development would have been underway in the Soviet Union for several years, we can construct a scenario that will produce that nuclear event: Suppose a large nearby radar had been modified to radiate a scalar EM wave. Suppose it is also used to produce a standing scalar EM wave, after Whittaker."


"Accordingly, as soon as his new superweapons were deployed and ready, Khrushchev did that "something dramatic." On April 10, 1963 he destroyed the U.S.S. Thresher with one of his new weapons. Scalar EM (electrogravitational) beams, focused through the ocean to interfere on the Thresher under the surface, recreated spurious EM energy in the sub's electrical control circuits, jamming them so that the sub lost control, sank to crush depth, and imploded. Spurious electromagnetic "splatter" surrounding the immediate vicinity of the targeted area left a signature of intense EM interference with multiple systems and multiple frequencies of the U.S.S. Skylark, surface companion of the Thresher. This anomalous EM interference was so virulent that it required over 1-1/ 2 hours for the Skylark to transmit an emergency message back to headquarters that the sub had been lost.**** The death of the Thresher was Khrushchev's first blow. **** Some electronic systems mysteriously malfunctioned, then later completely recovered spontaneously. This again is clearly a scalar EM weapon signature."

"...Thus we know the year—and indeed probably the very month—that Khrushchev's new "fantastic weapon" was deployed: April 1963."


"On June 17, 1966 from the air near Teheran, Iran, several airline pilots sighted a brilliant sphere of light, "sitting on the horizon," so to speak, deep within the Soviet Union. The intensely glowing sphere expanded to enormous size, dimming as it expanded, always remaining "sitting on the horizon." The pilots observed the phenomenon for 4 to 5 minutes. A CIA report on the incident was released under the Freedom of Information Act."

"In 1967-68, anomalous holes appeared in clouds over the U.S., possibly associated with the beginning of early Soviet weather engineering over the U.S. That winter was particularly severe."



"On January 23, 1974 a mysterious explosion over North Wales rocked a 60-miles radius area. Associated anomalous light phenomena were also seen. Hundreds of anomalous booms, aerial rumbles, and aerial explosions, many accompanied by flashes or anomalous shaking of ground structures, buildings, windows, etc., have occurred over the U.S. and other Western nations in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Many were simply Soviet tests."


"At the United Nations' thirtieth Session of the General Assembly on Sept. 23,1975, Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko strongly raised the same issue, warning that science can produce "ominous" new weapons of mass destruction. He urged that all countries, led first by the major powers, should sign an agreement to ban the development of these unspecified new weapons. He even offered a draft, entitled "Prohibition of the Development and Manufacture of New Types of Weapons of Mass Annihilation and of New Systems of Such Weapons." The first article provided that the types of these new weapons would be "specified through negotiations on the subject." By its fixation on nuclear weapons and its ignorance of scalar EM, the West may have lost its only opportunity to prevent the spread of scalar EM weapons "more frightful than the mind of man has ever imagined," to use Brezhnev's characterization."


"In July 1976, communications around the Earth were interrupted by the sudden emergence of powerful Soviet transmissions in the communications band, from 3-30MHz. The chirped signal produces a characteristic sound in a receiver similar to a woodpecker's beak hitting a wooden block.

"The transmitters were immediately dubbed "woodpeckers", and the signals "woodpecker signals." The Western intelligence community dubbed these giant transmitting systems "over-the-horizon radars."

"These powerful systems were brought on full deployment and activated after the Soviets decided to go ahead with a decade-long buildup to prepare to dominate the earth. That decision was reached after Brezhnev's 1975 failure to obtain world agreement banning development of scalar EM weapons. Activation of the giant Soviet Woodpecker weapon systems meant that the Soviet Union now would deploy massive scalar weapons on an unparalleled scale."



"Later in 1976 Soviet scientists increased the power of the giant transmitters to perhaps 40 megawatts each. The scalar EM power contained in the normal EM carriers is unknown. Transmitting pulses at about 7 Hz, it appears that enormous standing waves were inadvertently set up in-phase in the atmospheric duct around the earth. That is, the powerful carriers were circling the earth about 7 times per second, coming back around in phase with the previous loop. The scalar content also was in phase. The in-phase scalar component apparently produced the phenomenon of "kindling"; i.e., of "charging up" the loop with Whittaker (1903) gravity potential. This potential was perfectly in phase with the cavity resonance of the earth-ionosphere, and so the liquid-filled crustal features of the earth and the ionosphere coupled to it.

"In short, the potential became self sustaining, and increasing as long as the transmitters kept pouring in carrier power. The result was giant standing waves of totally unsuspected magnitude.

"The frightened Russians hurriedly turned off the transmitters, but were then faced with an undamped, sustained oscillation of the giant potential. Thoroughly frightened, the Soviets radiated intense bursts of power at the waves, trying to break up their coherence. According to one source, these waves lasted several months under that bombardment before gradually dissipating. Note that experiments by Dr. Robert Helliwell at the U.S. Antarctic research camp known as Siple Station has shown fairly conclusively that radio waves can be magnified up to 1,000 times or more in the ionosphere, according to reports in the open literature."

MUCH, MUCH MORE See the Full Paper at:


Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons


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