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3500 sick in hospitals


 red turyle  

compiled by Dee Finney


5-26-11 STICKEY WICKET - DREAM  -I was living in a huge new brick ranch type home, but it was an apartment building all on one floor.

My kitchen was outside and about 1/2 block away from the rest of the house.  I was cooking potatoes in medium size white enamel kettles and had enough potatoes to make one more kettle full, but all the rest of my kettles were still in boxes in storage in the basement.

Out in he front yard, my husband and a very large chubby young man were working on repairing something in the center of a very large hole and they  needed a lot of dirt to fill it back up which they didn't have yet.  

Evidently it was early in the year and the grass had not yet greened up.  It was very short and yellow.

In the side yard, I had to step over a deep hole that was around a pipe sticking out of the ground, evidently another hole in the ground that needed repairing.

On my way back to the main house, I spotted two palm-sized red turtles in the driveway, which I picked up so no one would drive over them.  I threw them into a car parked nearby so they wouldn't get hurt. 

I saw one of the turtles open wings on its back like it could fly, and as I closed the car door, I heard a turtle cry out, "We are planning a Sticky Wicket!"

A whole group of older people came running over to see what I was doing.  One of them said, "We thought you were picking up puppies!"  I responded, 'No, these were red turtles, and one of them spoke in English.  It said, 'We are planning a Sticky Wicket!" 

We all went into the house and were all in one of the ladies apartment across the hall from my own.  Her Christmas tree lights were on, and I thought the reflection of the lights on a large mirror was my own Christmas tree, and I cried out, "Oh my gosh!  The trees are too dry to turn on the lights. So I ran across the hall in my own apartment to make sure my Christmas tree lights weren't turned on and they weren't.

I wanted to tell my daughter not to turn on the lights, and I could hear her playing somewhere but I couldn't find her. I called out her name, "Jeanne!  Jeanne!  Jeanne!  but she was too far away to hear me and it seemed she was out in the front yard with her Dad probably.

I still needed to check on the potatoes and make sure they didn't burn and I noticed that my apartment had not yet been decorated.  I didn't even see any furniture in it, just curving brick walls that were beautiful.

Sticky wicket


A GOOD WICKET                              A STICKEY WICKET

Sticky wicket (or sticky dog, or glue pot) is a metaphor used to describe a difficult circumstance; it originates from difficult circumstances in the sport of cricket.

A term that alludes to a situation in which a person is in trouble. Comes from cricket where on uncovered wickets after a short rainfall a pitch could dry into a 'sticky' which could make it extremely difficult to play on as the ball would be going anywhere.

An early example of the term can be seen in Bell's Life in London, July 1882: "The ground... was suffering from the effects of recent rain, and once more the Australians found themselves on a sticky wicket."[1]

The Independent used the phrase in a story about the Bank of England.[2]

The Melbourne Age used the phrase in a headline "WTO on a sticky wicket against Japan's rice bowlers".

The Red Turtle is also called Painted Wood Turtle. A brightly colored land turtle with a high domed back; back is brown around the edges but the larger side and top plates are usually decorated with patterns of red-orange, yellow, and black; underneath yellow with a wide, central dark bar; head green or brown with reddish stripes; jaw and chin yellow / orange, often with dark markings; front legs with red or yellow scales with black markings; toes slightly webbed; to 23cm (9 in). (Tortuga Roja).


Low elevation Pacific coastal areas; more common in cleared areas near streams, than in forests; found often after rains on roads or in pastures, but also in streams, pools, and ponds.

Found in the following Parks:

Carara National Park.
Palo Verde National Park.
Santa Rosa National Park.


5-26-11 SREAM - ABOUT SIX HOURA AFTER THE FIRST ONE  - I went outside where there was a large van was parked with both right side doors open like they were missing.  On the seat sat a very large hefty older man.  Below the seat, the floor of the van had a lot of white sand.  (from the white cliffs of Dover?)

I tossed a handful of white sand onto each drop of blood so no one ekes would see it.

I said to him. "So what do you think about symbolism?"

He just scoffed at me and said, I don't believe in stuff like that!"

As he said that. I saw drops of red blood dropping off the bottom of the van's seat, and I said. "What about the two red turtles I found yesterday?"

He didn't answer


5-28-11 - DREAM  I was at my friend Diana's house who lived down the street from me.  I was sitting in her dininigroom where she had a very large hutch-like a piece of furniture with all kinds of things in it. 

I noticed there was a very large man sitting in the next room watching us.  I thought he was teasing us and he said I should critique what she had in her hutch.

Again, in a teasing manner I said to her, "I don't like your manner of decorating taste!"

So, she went to her hutch and took down all the pieces of glassware from her top shelf that were lavender colored and gave them all to me, to make room for her books and other things she collected.

 I was surprised, but happy to take her lavender glassware because I had dreamed that same color flowers on a weeping willow tree  just a few days ago.

So, I asked her if she had an empty box, and she put the lavender glassware in the box, and my three oldest sons came to help me carry the box home safely because I planned to take very good care of the lavender glassware in her place.

Once I was home, Diana came over to visit and told me that I was wanted at the court house, as I was going to be taught how to be a witness to major crimes.  She said that the judge was very strict and he sometimes questioned a witness for at least three hours before testifying about a crime.

So, I went to the court house, where I was shown a symbol of major crime.  It looked like a piece of black fencing, with three upright posts and one horizontal black piece of wood that interlaced the three posts.

When I was done studying the fence posts and went home, a deep voice said to me in my head, "I wasn't happy with the results of that test, we are going to have to do that again.

I woke up and went back to sleep, whereupon I was given another set of fence posts, this time, the fence posts were a little shorter and less dark, more a dark brown rather than black, but the symbol was the same, three upright fence posts with one horizontal piece of wood interlacing them.

Again we had to go to the court house and testify about the lesser crime I had seen.

Evidently that went all right because I didn't get any feedback, however, when I was done at back at home, 

EDITOR'S NOTE:  In many cases, dreams can be self-evident, but not all are.  Symbolism can be tricky, but once you learn your own personal symbolism from analyzing your own dreams for many tears, the clues become more clear.

Herein I will share my symbolism with the reader so you can better understand what the above symbols mean.

I have already provided the meaning of the symbol:  Sticky Wicket, which is an English game that is played by men usually.

Turtles are a symbol usually meaning illness.  The red color means 'life force' which is the blood. In this case, it came to me that these turtles were male and female.  The male spoke English, and the female showed me she had wings to fly.  We know that real turtles don't fly, but the turtle represents a blood illness, and this illness can fly from person to person, this is an airborne illness.

The tine of year is given in two means - the symbol of 'after Christmas when the indoor trees have gone dry,  also by the outdoor grass which is yellow and   that     has not yet started to green up, which is very early spring in most parts of the country.

There are two instances where it is shown that there is something going on underground, something being buried, and a deep hole with a pipe stick king out of it.  Somewhere, there is something 'buried' - just exactly what we don't know at this point.

An odd clue is that my kitchen was half a block from the rest of the house. Is this a safety factor?  What is the clue of potatoes?  Canned potatoes appeared in another dream on June 1, which was about death stalking the old people I the dream.  It may be connected to this illness as well.

In dream two about the red turtles, the fat man in the van wasn't aware of and didn't believe in symbolism, but I directly asked him again about the red turtles which shows its importance.

While I asked him that question, I could see blood dripping off the bottom of his van seat which was a delivery van, and the white sand (Cliff's of Dover?_ was being used to cover up the blood, hiding it.  Another symbol - something about this disease of the blood is being hidden.

In the next two dreams, where I had to testify about a crime I witnessed, it is apparent that the higher posts probably representing murder couldn't be proven and that's why the judge made me testify again to shorter fence posts which was more provable, probably as manslaughter rather than murder that can't be proven here. 

I probably should tell the reader, I had foreknowledge of this particular disease before I had the dream and what is being done about it, so I have given links below to show you what it is about.




Dengue hemorrhagic fever? What causes Dengue hemorrhagic fever? ... were for dengue hemorrhagic fever in England 2002-03 (Hospital Episode Statistics, Department of Health, England, ...
 Soviets suspected that two separate epidemics of hemorrhagic fever

Hemorrhagic Fever Strikes 50 in Southern Pakistan

Nov 26, 2005 ... Daily News Central- Health News provides news geared toward health
 consumers, along with links to informative sites


Guidelines for Management, Prevention and Control of Crimean-Congo ...

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by JFMAM Jun - 2005 - Related articles
Short Report: Crimean-Congo
Hemorrhagic Fever outbreak in. Rawalpindi, Pakistan, February 2002. Am J Trop Med Hyg 69(3): 284-287. ...

Study of Dengue Fever among Israeli Travellers to Thailand

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
by E Schwartz - 2002 - Cited by 1 - Related articles
of dengue hemorrhagic fever in new areas(1). It is estimated that about 100 .... Table 2: Distribution of dengue fever cases among Israeli travelers ... -

CDC: Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) are viral diseases transmitted by ... Contact Us: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dengue Branch ...

Why is the CIA spreading dengue hemorrhagic fever in Key West and . What evil is the reich wing plotting? Is it because Key West is ... How about comith

 something other than "conspiracy planet" to prove ...

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Politics & Government Politics

How Is Dengue Fever Transmitted? |

If you are vacationing in an area where Dengue Fever can be spread, ... How to Recognize, Prevent

 Treat Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Weaponizing Deadly Viruses: Historical Precedents

Apr 28, 2009 ... Weaponizing Deadly Viruses: Historical Precedents ... By 1981, the Cuban population was targeted with hemorrhagic dengue fever, ... › Commentary


Uut of the blue comes a strange and virulent, never seen before, e-coli bacteria, showing up in diverse locations far afield from one another. The larger assault is taking place in Germany. Now, which nation would want to attack Germany? Which nation would want to sabotage the helicopter of Germany’s prime minister? Meanwhile, Germany is taking all of her older nuclear power plants off line. The background chatter behind the scenes, where the governmental and corporate shit flies buzz around the cosmic toilet, where police states and casual death are birthed, must be humming with the poisoned conversations of those whose sole purpose for existence is the end of existence for everyone else.

I’d like to know the names of these people. I’d like their affiliations, agencies and laboratories named. I’d like the names of those specifically responsible for things like this; by what authority and under whose orders, do things like this come into public policy? Who decided that Obama should give Egypt a billion dollars to keep Israel’s gas prices low? Hasn’t Israel already stolen everyone else’s money? Don’t they have more money than they will ever need?

Not a day passes that we do not see the march of incipient evil, continue to accelerate and move at a breakneck pace down the devolutionary slope. It is astounding. The events and conditions mentioned in that last link are mind-blowing. Who are the specific individuals who have brought such behavior into public policy? I want to know who they are. We all want to know who they are.

Yesterday I heard about the Weiner waver Zio Con, who can’t deny his own photo, nor give any acceptable explanation for the possession and passage of an underwear blowup of his aroused genitalia. Was he viewing graphic photos of dead Palestinian children? Is that what got him into such a state of excitement? Here’s yet more news connected to Zio-Banker, Strauss-Kahn. The hits just keep on coming. Another French politician was bragging about orgies with young boys that took place a few years ago. It was in a book. He assures us they were all of age. Consider the age of consent in these places before you breathe a sigh of relief concerning penetration and consent.

Kevin Annett was arrested in England a few days ago to prevent him from publicly speaking about Child Abuse in London; sexual child abuse, which runs the gamut from forcible rape to murder for sexual pleasure, on the part of those performing it. Why would the British government arrest and deport someone who was speaking out against what is considered a crime just about everywhere? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put two and two together and given the phallic implications of rockets maybe that’s just as well.

You are, or should be familiar with, the sexual scandal that erupted in Belgium over the Dutroux kidnapping, rape and murder case. The investigation was stymied for years by politicians in high places. Word of child sexual abuse has repeatedly surfaced, implicating government officials in the UK, Portugal, Spain and France. We are familiar with the Franklin Scandal, that pointed its finger at George H. Bush in the Regan White House and we’ve seen where Jeff Gannon went in and out of the White House hundreds of times and routinely did not sign in or out. The hideous face of Karl Rove is staring up into that room from a toilet bowl between the legs of Larry Craig.

Why is child abuse epidemic in the governments of much of the west? Why are children disappeared and murdered in sexual acts? Where are the thousands of children that go missing each year? All of this revolves around satanic practice. The religion of Satanism is the driving force in the banking, corporate and political world. It’s all part of the initiation and something that exists to enforce silence and corrupt the hearts and minds of those participating, so that they will support any outrage against the public on command.

This is why so much is permitted without censure or comment. This is how and why Israel controls the governments of the world. Israel was created by the first family of Satanism, The Rothschilds, who set an extra chair at their dining table for Old Scratch. Israel is founded on and run by Satanism and Satanists. This is the point of the genociding of the Palestinians. These are all blood offerings to the infernal master as I have said before. There is nothing whimsical or imagined concerning this. It’s true based on the evidence of history and the enormous weight of circumstantial evidence that exists everywhere. It’s right there in front of your faces. If you can’t see it, you are not looking. The state religion of Israel is the operation of the Synagogue of Satan.

Most of this is obvious to me, having spent decades studying the occult. The good news is that the devil is employed by the cosmos to gather evidence against those who serve him and that time is coming now. You see the serendipitous exposures of Weiner boy and all those French politicians. You see it in the powerful cover-ups in the governments of the west. The police cannot investigate. The police are involved. The police provide the victims in many cases and guard the ceremonies, but that power is now fading away and those who have wallowed in blood and torment are being exposed by the day.

These men and women are monsters and they have willing hands working out of fear and the hope of promotion in every field of endeavor. All those activities described in the first link of this post are engineered and carried out by those serving the dark throne of the satanic elite. The Apocalypse is pressing them out before the eyes of the public. Watch and see.

There’s nothing for us to do but to speak out about it and draw the connecting lines. We don’t need to storm their gates, though that will come at times. They are being betrayed by the one they serve and all of the conditions of the time are being orchestrated to their detriment. It’s a relentless course of cosmic justice and it’s escalating by the day. Governments and systems are failing and there is nothing they can do with all their connections and evil genius to retard or prevent it.

Day by day, the conditions of our existence appear more hopeless. There seems to be no help coming but help is on the way. It’s creeping through the cracks in the dams of darkness that have held us in thrall for centuries. Every act they commit is turning against them and their own organs of information are forced to report on their behaviors, which are to be seen for what they are, no longer spun into protective disinfo but now revealed to the eyes of the world.

Yes, the people of the world are up against a satanic empire of privileged psychopaths, whose rein of terror is coming to an end. In their madness and panic, they seek to plunge the world into flaming disorder, to shut down the industries of fuel and food, to poison the world in which we live, to spread epidemics and war throughout the land. They will fail. They are failing and you should be filled with optimism. Turn your eyes away from the lies that pour forth on all sides. These lies have lost their power and the light is going to consume them.

There’s no other explanation for all of this. If you have one I’m glad to listen but the evidence is overwhelming from where I stand and their doom is upon them.

End Transmission…….

The Love







In the first half, Dr. Len Horowitz commented on the deadly outbreak of E. coli hitting Europe, which he thinks will also come to the U.S. The kidney complications and hemorrhagic nature of this new strain of E. coli is suspicious-- it looks like a lab-created mutation, similar to how Ebola works, he stated. This seems to smack of the globalists' depopulation agenda, he continued, adding that previous military experiments have used E. coli spraying as a weapon.

He suspects that rogue agents intentionally sprayed vegetables with the E. coli strain. Ideally, people should grow their own produce, he suggested, though vegetables can also be cleansed in an acid bath. He also recommended taking OxySilver to protect the immune system (related products at the Healthy World Store). Horowitz, who will speaking this weekend at Conspiracy Con in Santa Clara, CA, lamented that the conspiracy movement has been infiltrated by Satanists.

Transgenetic Germ Warfare?

by chemicalovercast
Jun 2, 2011

Currently, there are four recognized classes of enterovirulent E. coli (collectively referred to as the EEC group) that cause gastroenteritis in humans. Among these is the enterohemorrhagic (EHEC) strain designated E. coli O157:H7. The bacteria Escherichia coli was first isolated by German bacteriologist Theodor Escherich. The bacterium colonizes in the human bowel. While cattle are the main reservoirs of E. coli, sheep, deer, dogs, birds, chickens, and pigs also carry the bacteria. The bacteria can survive in fecal matter for long periods. Researchers find E. coli bacteria, one of the most studied of bacteria, to be useful in genetic engineering and production of insulin.

The first outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 in the United States was in 1982 when 47 victims were stricken by the bacteria in Oregon and Michigan experienced severe cramps and diarrhea after consumption of contaminated beef patties. The 0157:H7 bacteria attacks epithelial cells of the intestine, destroyed blood vessels, and induce hemorrhaging. To determine whether 0157:H7 was a new infectious agent, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) examined E. coli cases from 1973 to 1983. Only one case 0157:H7 was discovered, which suggested that the bacteria was a new strain of E. coli. In 2001, it was reported that the 0157:H7 genome contains 5416 genes, of which 1,387 genes are not in less harmful strains of E. coli.

The largest outbreak in the United States occurred in 1993 when over 90 Jack in the Box restaurants over four states served undercooked hamburgers with E. coli 0157:H7. As a result, more than 700 became ill with over 50 cases of HUS (hemolytic uremic syndrome), a complication of E. coli infection that leads to the destruction of red blood cells and kidney failure. Two of the victims died. 10-year old Brianne Kiner, the most severe non-fatal case, spent 40 days in a coma and 189 days in the hospital where she survived three strokes, thousands of seizures and the massive organ failures.

In 1994, several cases occurred in summer camps where meat was improperly cooked in campfires. E. coli 0157:H7 bacterial agent thrives in undercooked hamburger, cheese curds, salami, unpasteurized milk, and unpasteurized apple cider. In 1995, the DCD started PulseNet, a series of connected public health labs across the country that used pulsed-field gel electrophoresis 'fingerprinting' to monitor foodborne E. coli bacteria.

Between December 1989 and January 1990 in the small southern Missouri town of Cabool, contaminated water resulted in 243 cases of E. coli 0157:H7 with 4 deaths. Canada's largest outbreak was in 1998 in Walkerton where half the town's population- 2,000 people- became infected with E. coli 0157:H7 bacteria, 90 were hospitalized, and 11 died. In 1998, an outbreak happened in an Atlanta, Georgia water park. Low chlorine levels and possible fecal contamination caused the outbreak. 27 children became sick, 6 hospitalized, and one 2-year old girl named McCall Akin died. In 1999, at New York's Washington County Fair, unchlorinated well water was served in drinks and ice, which resulted in over 900 cases of diarrhea, 65 hospitalizations and 2 deaths.

While the malleability of E. coli's genetic material renders it a valuable bacterium for genetic researchers, this malleability also makes E. coli a potentially deadly biological weapons agent. In the late 1980s, US scientists inserted into harmless E. coli bacteria the gene that produced lethal protein in anthrax. In E. coli, the gene was active and produced the same deadly proteins as anthrax. The Iraqi biological weapons program demonstrated interest in the possibilities of altered E. coli bacteria as a biological agent, and it was reported shipments of E. coli was shipped to Iraq from the United States.

For more Weapons videos, click here

Dr. Rima Reports: Every Sunday Morning
10 AM to 1 PM EDT

Weaponized e. Coli Found to Contain Plague DNA

Dr. Rima Reports on the extraordinary breaking story: Plague DNA Inserted into the Super e. Coli! What are we to make of this? General Bert’s eyebrows went up when he heard. “Weaponized disease… again…” is all he has said so far. But Dr. Rima reports, clearly, another data point has been stored in his mind… What to do? Dr. Rima recommends, and explains below, Nano Silver.

They tell us the “Super bug E. coli 0104:H” is terrorizing Germany, causing otherwise healthy people to develop Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome (HUS) in which their kidneys fail, their red blood cells explode and then, tragically, they die.

Germ sleuths and clinicians alike have been even more horrified than the average Spanish cucumber eater (the vegetable pinned with the blame for the lethal outbreak). The general public just wants the disaster to go away. The doctors want to know why, what and, now, WHO is responsible.

E. coli is found in the guts of every mammal and is generally harmless. In fact, it is present in massive quantities: half of the volume of the normal bowel excretion is made up of their huge numbers. But when a good germ goes wrong, it can cause disease in the host or anyone who picks it up through contamination or lack of hygiene.

And E. coli 0104:H4 has gone very, very wrong, with, it would appear, quite a bit of help from its friends.

Mike Adams, the intrepid Health Ranger, revealed to the English speaking world that this extraordinarily aggressive E. coli (from a family of bugs which are normally passive and non-aggressive in the extreme) had been systematically genetically altered through laboratory manipulation, to be totally resistant to 8 classes of antibiotics.

Natural News Article Link:

“European health authorities are leaping at the opportunity to spread fear about organic foods while ignoring the obvious true cause of the contamination in the first place — the widespread abuse of antibiotics in animal farming operations… The e.coli blame game has become a circus of musical chairs. First, they blamed the Spaniards as a form of retaliation for Spain’s resistance to accepting GMOs. This act drove Spanish farmers into bankruptcy through a savage campaign of rumor-mongering. After ravaging the Spanish vegetable farmers, they began to randomly instill widespread fear about a variety of vegetables: First it was cucumbers, then lettuce and then finally tomatoes. And now, the blame has come full circle and is now being cast upon organic sprout growers in Germany!”

Learn more:

He pointed out, quite correctly, that without sustained and careful laboratory manipulation there would be no way for this organism to acquire total resistance to these drugs since the drugs are not used in agriculture and the bacteria would not encounter all eight of them in nature.

The only reasonable conclusion is that colonies of normal E. coli had been intentionally, systematically exposed to each of the antibiotics in turn and the surviving colonies had been propagated and then exposed to the next antibiotic. The surviving germs were now resistant to both of the antibiotics to which they had been exposed. The process was repeated until a super bug was created which would not yield to any of the antibiotics that doctors would customarily use to treat the infection.

This is the only rational conclusion to which the evidence points.

Of course, by who, and why, the altered organism was deployed has not yet been established. A psychotic graduate student with aspirations to be a mass murderer? A corporate ploy to discredit independent agriculture and force the total industrialization of food to keep it “safe” from contamination (that is, the organized intentional contamination of all food by the folks who make the agrochemicals and GMOs which allow more of them to poison us and the drugs that you take when you get sick from the food)? A dedicated globalist loyally pursuing the “great culling” of us “useless eaters”?

NO Food Control Action Item:

So what we knew was that a forced natural selection had been used to create killer super-super bugs. Now we know that genetic manipulation of the GMO sort has been used, as well. Truly, a weaponized bug if there ever was one…

Helge Karch, the director of the Robert Koch Institute (Germany’s CDC). who heads a consulting laboratory at the Münster University Hospital in Germany says that he has discovered that the super killer contains DNA from E. coli, which is what he expected. It also contains (unexpectedly for those who don’t expect such genocidal manipulations) DNA from the organism that causes plague, responsible for wiping out a quarter of Europe’s population during the Black Death (1348-1351).

Please pay attention here: we are talking about the Black Death. Seriously.

Bubonic plague is caused by Yersinia pestis and is one of the most feared of all disorders. So when Dr. Karch blithely assured the German population that there is little danger of an outbreak of plague from this organism, he is clearly whistling through his Spanish cucumber.

Although we all love to be reassured, there is no one on planet Earth who can reassure us that we are not already facing a new plague. This one, however, rather than resulting from an unplanned, but wildly toxic combination of rats, lice and history, would be the intentional outcome of an unnatural selection process and a high-tech genetic manipulation to create a death bug. A weaponized bug.

Deny the genocidal agenda at your peril. I, for one, can see no reasonable option to the conclusion that the mad [wo]men at the helm of the realm are consummate murderers, killing randomly for their own unspeakable ends.

A bright note, however: there is no way in which any organism can become resistant to nano silver. None. Faced with the presence of a plague, a weaponized super plague, an ordinary infection or a genocidal assault through organisms of death, I want nano silver on hand, lots of it. Nano-silver is a nutrient that supports normal immune system function.

Ah, yes, nano silver was declared illegal in Europe on January 1, 2011. Can’t use an illegal substance, now can we. The good people of Europe are expected to be good citizens of the New World Order and… just die.

Civil disobedience, anyone? Or perhaps the people are ready to fight for their silver!

I get mine, which is called “Silver Sol” at You should, too.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima –
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation



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