To: Dee777

Subj: Intense Vision I was told to send to you

Date: 03/02/2000 8:49:00 AM

From: Michelle

To: Dee777

Hi Dee,

I had a really intense vision last night and I was told when it ended that I had to send it to you..... Don't know if it will connect with anything you have.. but after it was over I heard a voice say...In the morning you must send this to Dee. So i got up and tape recorded it really quickly.

So here goes (I'm glad I have the tape cause I forget some of the detail)

I was standing someplace outside and the sky was pretty much clear over me, not much in the way of clouds.

5 birds flew by overhead in a < formation. They flew very very close to my head and I had to duck not to be hit by them. When they got close I realized that they were not REAL birds. They were some kind of machine bird. They were all different colors.

The first bird who was in the front had a dark forest green body with dark tan brown wings. the bird to his right.. or my left from where I was looking up at them, had a dark dark royal blue body with greenish brown wings (like an olive brown). The bird behind him had a baby blue body and had white wings. But I didn't know his wings were white when he was in the air, they looked kind of dark grey in the shadows.

On the other side of the front bird, the second bird had a red body, a blue tail and white wings. The bird behind him had a green body, with an orange tail and white wings.

After they swooped over me they flew up into the sky and made a V in the sky... and I clearly heard the words "The United Nations" This was very very clear.

Then the side birds started to fall down... and the sky started to go black from the bottom up.... so the birds were falling into the black. The side birds fell first then the middle ones and the last bird so before they completely fell into the darkness they were /^\ shaped. like an upside down V.... then as they fell the black filled up the sky and I was standing in pitch black darkness so that I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face.

Suddenly I found myself standing in a scene from my 4th book from the "Possessor of the seed" series. (the fantasy stuff I wrote)....

I'm in the place of the character the young "Rovear" _ I'm standing in a pitch black room... at least Rovear had a candle in the book....the room was in the abandoned Coray mansion. And Like he does, I've picked up something and it's a bone... Suddenly, I start to hear screaming and pounding.. BANG BANG BANG.. until the banging gets so loud I snap out of the vision and I'm sitting on my bed. I hear the words...."Tell them it's all true. Whether they like it or not, it's all true"

Then I was overcome with a strong feeling I have to tell you about this.

Hope it makes sense to you.




The Vastness of the hall seemed like an eternity when lit only by the candle in his hand. There was a feeling in the hall. It was something that Rov didn't like. It was as if something, some sound from the past was still echoing off the great walls. He could just about hear it, just about sense it. He paused and tried harder to focus, but it wasn't coming to him. After a short moment he continued his walk.

A piece of debris crunched under his foot. He reached down to pick it up. It was smooth and hard on one side, turning into crumbled shards where he'd stepped on it. Rov held his candle close to it. His eyes peered in the flickering light to see it better. It was a bone. It could be from an animal, he reasoned. His thought were once again interrupted by the distance echoing sound. This time the sound was clear and loud.

Rov turned quickly, bone and candle in hand. Behind him the darkness began to take form. As he watched, the darkness faded into a strange pale light and he saw women. Many blonde women. They were hanging from ropes that were tied to the rafters of the ceiling, their arms wrapped behind their backs and tied to each other. Most struggled and screamed, some hung as lifeless links in the hideous chain. Rov could feel the pain as arms pulled from their sockets and muscles sheared away from their bones. The screaming that echoed through the room got louder. Rov was suddenly aware that it filled his whole mind so completely that he could not even hear his own thoughts. He tossed the bone to the floor. The vision stopped. He was once again standing alone in the darkness.

Book excerpt copyrighted by Michelle LaVigne


Michelle and I both felt that the bird's colors referred to flag colors, and most likely the member nations of the United Nations since that seemed to be what the vision was about.

Thus I set out to find out which nations used the specific colors of her dream in their flags.  

During the search on the internet, I came up with other information of course, beginning the the reason for the development of the United Nations:

The name "United Nations" was devised by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was first used in the "Declaration by United Nations" of 1 January 1942, during the Second World War, when representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers.

The United Nations Charter was drawn up by the representatives of 50 countries at the United Nations Conference on International Organization, which met at San Francisco from 25 April to 26 June 1945. Those delegates deliberated on the basis of proposals worked out by the representatives of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States at Dumbarton Oaks in August-October 1944. The Charter was signed on 26 June 1945 by the representatives of the 50 countries. Poland, which was not represented at the Conference, signed it later and became one of the original 51 Member States.

The United Nations officially came into existence on 24 October 1945, when the Charter had been ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and by a majority of other signatories.  United Nations Day is celebrated on 24 October each year.





United Nations Member Flags - A - D           United Nations Member Flags - E - L

United Nations Member Flags - M - R          United Nations Member Flags - S - Z














1997 U.N. Earth Summit
1999 U.N. Earth Climate Debate
3-14-00 U.N. Aims For Fast Peace Deployments
3-17-00 Text of Madeline Albright Speech
3-21-00 Text of India-U.S. Vision Statement


Newspaper reports plan to attack Taiwan Threat of nuclear war,
seizing U.S. assets mentioned
3-22-00 China behind Christian  persecution in S.E. Asia
Communist superpower directs  crackdowns in Laos, Vietnam, Burma
3-22-00 Palestinian Refugees Throw Rocks
3-22-00 Beijing opposes U.S. visit for Chen
3-22-00 U.N. vs Cambodia




3-11-91 - Meditation:

Q. The child in the bedroom who was called "The Savior - The Champion - Is he Jesus Christ, Holy Christ? Or is he a Rescuer?

A. The child was brought to me. He could not yet walk by himself. He was brought in by two workmen with the child walking between them holding their hands. He had red curly hair.

A. When I repeated the word, 'rescuer' the little boy remained a little boy.

When I repeated the words, Jesus Christ, Holy Christ, I saw a white Easter Bunny Rabbit and it turned silver.

Q. I again asked about the Savior. A voice said, "Let me say Hello to Dolores. I then saw Babaji take some clothing out of a basket and said, "Let me put this on the baby."

Babaji said to me, "You can come to me with keen efficiency. People whom I have not used for specific lessons are not supposed to know."

Q. Who would be privy to this information?

A. I saw a group of men like in the United Nations. The ones in the upper row who were the 'prime ministers' raised their hands.

Q. What is the significance of the Silver Easter Rabbit?

A. A voice said, "He is most precious."


4-11-98 - VISION - I woke up from a dream and had this vision. It was an envelope.

The return address was:


New York, New York

On the letterhead, it was addressed to: LIGHTWORKERS OF AMERICA


I was quite shocked by the news that follows:

First see the vision I had on 7-9-99:

I saw a hand with soil on it presenting me with a white cameo like it had been dug up out of the dirt. It was very small like a charm for a bracelet. The cameo was the face of a woman looking toward the left.

I then saw a portion of a web page with the words

RED LINE (This was underlined in red)

BLUE LINE (This was underlined in blue)

That had links to another page and were very small.

Then the RED LINE (underlined in red)

BLUE LINE (underlined in blue)

flipped upside down next to a large white space and they were like attached to it but upsidedown and hanging precariously off the edge.

I spent weeks trying to figure out what that meant and couldn't come up with anything that made any sense though there are many things that it could be.

On the morning of 8-26-99 I had a dream which started out normally but symbolic and I sent it to a few people . Here is the scary part:


I then went to a farm house I don't know what happened to the golden girl child here, but there were other people in the house.

I went to the back door and looked outside. There was a huge apple tree right by the door. The apple tree was in full bloom and I could smell the apple blossoms. They were so sweet and beautiful pinkish white. The flowers were so large, they were almost like orchids. A female voice behind me said, "It's like this all over the world." I stood there and using my imagination, I could see the entire world covered in pinkish white apple trees, smelling like apple blossoms all at once. It was wonderful.

I looked behind the house and saw a small rain shower coming from a small white cloud. Then suddenly, warm snow began blowing across the whole area. It was like rainbow sparkly snow (not like real snow) and it covered everything.

The woman behind me said, "Here is another cloud."

A larger white cloud came over and off the edge of the cloud, over the dried, brown drought colored (light tan) field to the south of the house, poured a shower of dark heavy rain water.. It wasn't the cloud raining, this heavy dark rain water came down over the edge of the cloud, actually bending the cloud over with it's heavy weight.

When the water hit the ground, it exploded back up into the air and became a ring cloud in the sky that was white on the outside, with a huge pitch black ring on the inside and blue sky in the center... like a donut. What was worse was, that there were names of cities in the white ring part. (I couldn't read any of them) (There were about 21 cities names listed in this ring). This happened 6 more times, so there were a total of 7 ring clouds, each one with the names of 21 cities in each ring.

I woke up feeling startled.

NOTE: (The number 21 is an estimate...not an exact known number)

The Book of Joel in the Old Testament has a similar type prophecy. The Book of Joel also was clued in a previous prophecy dream in June. "The Barked Tree" THE BARKED TREE DREAM - A PROPHECY OF JOEL The book of Joel is quoted fully on this dream page.

Now see the news below I took from the web page listed:


Breaking News

July 29th, 1999

(The following is a special report unrelated to the information contained on the CUNBD web site.)

CUNBD has been in direct contact with an agent within a powerful government intelligence agency. This agent's name, address, phone number and position with this intelli-gence agency has been obtained. Other validative info has also been obtained. .

The source reveals, if not confirms, that at least 50,000 U.S. citizens are to be "rounded up" and taken to "concentration camps" by the U.S. Government in collusion with foreign governments and bodies. This may take place sometime after or during September 9th through 13th, 1999.

This mass culling of people will be conducted in raid-like fashion as "targets" are covertly taken from their homes, placed in unmarked vans, transport vehicles, and large Chinook helicopters. NATO, United Nations, and foreign troops will be used for this "round up". The people targeted will be sent to "concentration camps", in the words of the informant, where they will be killed.

Those targeted likely include militia members, anti-government activists, conspiracy theorists, and so-called "patriots" and proponents of the U.S. Constitution.

This event will occur in accord with another "planned" event. Sometime during the dates of September 9th through 13th (these dates are tentative) at least ten Neutron bombs will be detonated in all major U.S. coastal cities. Cities named as targets include Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Miami.

The bombs, according to the source, were brought into the U.S. "two weeks ago", or in mid-July, through Port Arthur in Texas. This operation is being facilitated by the Russians.

However, factions of the U.S. and British governments are fully aware of it and will do nothing to stop it. In fact, in concert with the denotation of these nuclear weapons the named governments will plan for the "invasion" of a "peace-keeping" force in the U.S. These forces will also be used in Nazi-like fashion to seize dissidents and so-called "threats".

The informant mentions the "Red list", of which he and 50,000 others are included, along with the "Blue" and "Green" lists. "Those on the Red well be taken to FEMA concentration camps and immediately executed. The Blue will also be taken to FEMA camps and be given the choice between 're-education' or execution. The Green well be 're-educated' then returned to what is left of society", said the source.

The source has also indicated that various para-military personnel are currently being contracted by the Justice Department and the FBI to carry out specialized "assassinations" of key people within the militia and right-wing movements. These planned killings will begin on August 4th of this year and continue on quietly thereafter.

While much of this information has been known for years, we decided to publish it due to the fact that this information appears to be coming from a person deep within government intelligence.


August 19th, 1999

The source reports more information to us:

"To my knowledge it's still scheduled on 9/11/99. However, things change. We made the move on the militia/patriot groups so public that they 'rescheduled' that heinous event. Instead, they slowly move a little closer each week by staging maneuvers. They could be rushed in September, or in October. The militias in Michigan think they will be outright attacked in October. That is what all these rainstorms and landslides are about 'up here'. All man made, and they are used as cover within which to move men, supplies, etc. closer into position. And they practice containment exercises."

We cannot vouch for the accuracy of the above claims!