By Joseph E. Mason

On December 14, 1997 my little four-year old granddaughter, Taylar, came into our computer work room and asked about what we were doing. We told her about our gathering of dreams. She then told us about her recent dream.


I was riding on a big, green whale in the ocean. My mom and Dee were riding on green whales too. Everybody in my family and our friends were riding whales. Some of the whales were black and white. All the whales had green and pink spots with hearts in them. The whales were saving us.

by Taylar Mason


I was reminded of a dream that Roberta told me in 1992 -


I was swimming in the ocean. Seven whales came and started swimming in a counter-clockwise circle, which created a whirlpool, that pulled me down. I knew I was going to die. I went all the way to the bottom. But, it was like landing on a feather bed, and I could breathe fine under the water.

I looked up, and saw the whales swimming above. A light beam came down through the center. Then, the whales swam away, and I swam up to the surface. I swam to a dock, and climbed the ladder. Then, wow! All along the dock, there were dolphins standing on their tails! I petted and hugged them on my way down the dock.


I reminded Roberta that I had sent her an article that mentioned dolphins. It was in a crop circle newsletter. Researchers interviewed some Native Americans and asked them about some of their symbols that seemed to match various crop formations, such as the dolphin-like patterns. The dolphin, they were told, symbolizes salvation.

In "The Power of Myth," Joseph Campbell said something about a man fishing for minnows in the ocean, not realizing that he was standing on a whale.

Dee and I were so thrilled with little Taylar's dream. We just HAD to share it!


A dream of turning into a porpoise.  THE RIVEN DREAM


A Dolphin Dream foretelling the future?

1997 Dream: I had the most freakiest dream that I have ever had. I was on the way to a guy's house and then all of a sudden we were playing hockey with some other people I can't remember. But when we got done with the hockey game we started heading over to the apartment and all of a sudden this old guy comes up to me. I don't have any clue who he was. Then he yelled my name and I went up to him. He said, so (name withheld) how's your dreams?  How's your ocean? How's your dolphins? I had no idea what to say. and then my dream stopped.

About a month later I heard that in Galveston, TX they had red tide in it and later found twenty dolphins washed up on shore. I was very mad and then freaked out about my dream.

by anonymous


More dolphins.....

7/2/98. DREAM:  I was on a dock with my wife and a dolphin brought up a small brown dog from the bottom. He was in shock and my wife does what she always does, grabbed a blanket to wrap a shock victim. She wrapped him up and the dream continued through a maze of events.

NOTE: Three days later we're driving through New Mexico ( we love I-40 ) and we enter the Port of Entry. A small brown dog is walking down the middle of the ramp. We have to stop, he looks up with the saddest eyes. She says, " Look, he's all wet ". I couldn't tell if it was wet or dread locks. Then we saw another. Maybe his sister or brother. When we approached the booth there was a large sign which read, " please don't ask about the dog ". It wasn't until later I remembered my dream and realized this was the dog that the dolphin brought too me. This should be giving you chills. Anyway, I love dolphins. When I went to Alaska I had a welcoming committee of dolphins. Two greeted me as I arrived to a small cove in a place called Loring. It was so cool. They are so intuitive. Your dolphins will come back to you. Don't worry. But, use your intuition to find them. They are there............^

by anonymous

The Whale
by Carol Oldani

Excerpted from Dream Network Journal - Vol . 19 No. 1

I (we?) are whale watching at the shore. Instead of the small whale we are expecting, a giant whale comes toward us and begins to roll over as it breaches the surface.

I know everyone in the area will be hurt. No one will escape - it is so huge.

I am under the water with the whale curling over me, thinking I'll take a deep breath at the last second. But I realize with relief, that I'm caught in a pocket of air that seems to last.

I am hoping Joseph the child I'm with knows instinctively to let go and not to fight it but know also he is young and scared.

I remember then hearing that a big one comes along every 29 years.

Carol comments: The message is one of learning to use our very essence, the breath of life, to not only survive the destruction our species has created but to learn from the ancient songs of the whale to find our rightful place among the many life forms with which we share this planet.

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