Dee's Dreams and Visions



10-1-12 - DREAM - I was at home somewhere and when I woke up in the morning, I realized my period was starting and I wasn't prepared for it, so I had to take care of that first.

Then I realized it was almost 1 p.m. and I hadn't gotten ready to go to work either, and by this time, it didn't even pay to go into work, so I'd take the whole day off - again, realizing I had missed a lot of work lately.

I then sat down on the sofa and went through a fashion magazine or catalog and saw an ad for a wedding dress and the bride was wearing white tennis shoes, and I didn't have any of those, so I sat there and ordered the shoes from the order blank.

Then one of my sons and his friends came in and started talking about a wedding, and I jumped into the conversation and said laughingly, "I already ordered the shoes." and when my daughter walked in, I thought I would show her the shoes I ordered, and couldn't find the ad, so we started looking at shredded pages of magazines and catalogs one by one and throwing them on the floor for the trash pile because they didn't have anything on them but background photos - nothing to buy.

I woke up and it was 5:55 a.m. on the clock


10-2-12 - DREAM 1 -  I got some work socks that were  heavy winter weight grey and form fitted them to my feet.

DREAM 2 -  I took the heavy winter weight grey socks fitted to my feet, and worked with them until they turned a pretty blue.


10-3-12 - DREAM -  I was starting a new job at Allis-Chalmers, sitting at a computer screen and copying screen after screen of what looked like a cursive language line after line horizontally and then vertically onto another screen, hoping I was getting everything on the screen, but not only what I could see but what was embedded behind the lines.  This was extremely important work about microchips.

I was then called into a meeting where I was introduced to a group of engineers and scientists at a table that sat 12 people, however, the seat directly across from me was empty.

I was introduced to the group first, and then asked to re-introduce myself and tell my history of the topic I had been working on for quite some time.

My voice sounded like an old person, very gravily, and I began by saying that I had been working at Allis-Chalmers since about 1970 which sounds like a very long time ago, but was not that long as time goes.

All the other people at the table had a lot of experience with microchips I knew, and I had to impress them about not only what I had been doing, but what I about to reveal to them - the importance of the work itself.



10-4-12 - DREAM -  I was in outer space, coming down into earth's atmosphere.  I came down through clouds that were colored pink, blueish-gray, and white just like I was experiencing dawn for the first time.


10-4-12 - I had this dream after listening to a video/audio about something going to happen soon.  I couldn't listen to the whole thing because I got so tired, I felt like I was going to fall off the chair.

DREAM -  I was in my house somewhere, and I looked up at the ceiling and I could see a round dark object that was rather blueish purple with pinkish blue lines on it going clockwise, but when I looked at them, it seemed they were also going counter-clockwise direction.  The lines were not moving, but the object was hanging in the space above me.

I looked down and back up multiple times, and each time I looked up, this dark object was hanging above me - not in the room, nor on the ceiling, but it was like I was seeing it 'through' the ceiling into the night time sky.

I wanted to go outside and see if I could still see it, and the telephone rang.

I picked up the phone quickly and said, "Hello!" and a female voice said very quickly, "This is"  She said it like it had some meaning to me.

I said, "Yes?" and she repeated it again, "This is"  Again, it sounded like I should know what it was without her telling me.

I had not called anyone, so I was dumbfounded about it.

Just then, the radio came on all by itself, and a male voice announced like it was an emergency, "Something pink has just landed on the ground."

That didn't make any sense either.  Emergency radio announcements were suppose to have like warning beepings before they said anything. so again I was dumbfounded as to what he was talking about.

My husband came into the room then, and I told him these strange things that had happened, and he said, "Well, let's go for a ride in the car and see what we can see."

I thought that was a great idea.  I wanted to see what was in the sky, and what had landed on the ground.

When we got outside, it was fairly dark outside, but not pitch black and we could see well without a flashlight or street light.

I didn't see anything hanging in the sky, but thought perhaps it was behind a tree or a house or building at that moment and I'd see it from a different vantage point.

My husband started driving towards the mall, and the road became more and more crowded as we neared the place, and hundreds of cars ahead of us were turning into the mall parking lot where I could see two large piles of something pink on the ground next to the driveway where the cars were turning.

Instead of finding a parking space near the piles of pink, whatever it was, he decided to go all the way to the buildings where Sears was located.

While we were driving towards the Sears building, I saw several large, tall roosters that were brownish-red and they were almost running but not trying to fly - just walking really fast towards where the piles of pink were on the ground.

The roosters weren't together, but apparently they were going to gather at the piles of pink.

Sheila's response: 

Dee, Osama bin Laden was born in the Year of the Rooster. Sears, my high school teacher, Mr. Soper or Mr. Sexton, said was the fourth largest department store in the world. These days, Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world. So it might mean something about the earthquakes recently in Indonesia--maybe there are going to be more of them.

I also dreamed about being in a mall this morning. I was passing Burlington Coat Factory which is on the Sears end of Del Amo Mall in Los Angeles. I looked up "Del Amo" in my Spanish dictionary and it means "Boss."

10-5-12 [dream one] I'm in the backseat of my old Datsun wagon. The driver [my deceased father-in-law] parks across the street from the National Park Service building at the Price Mall and everyone else jumps out leaving the doors unlocked and car running. I fall behind checking all the windows. I climb into the driver seat and turn the key off but it doesn't work. I remove the key and it still doesn`t work. I put the key back in, follow a girl on her way to work and turn right on Front Street. The street is under construction and she drives through a big pile of sand. My gear shift knob comes off in my hand.

[dream two] I'm in a bus--pointed away from the school--that's parked in the middle of the street in front of my deceased Aunt Lucille's house next door to the school [she died 1-18-11]. I see my nephew's ex-wife Lacey with her relatives on the corner near her old apartment across the street. The bus is parked on the bridge over the creek that runs alongside the school property and baseball field. Two guys get on the bus talking about their aunt [Blake/ Zane].

The bus driver drives towards the school. It's Friday night and there are a lot of people milling around on the baseball field in the twilight looking for people they know. I spot Don Six in a plaid check suit he wore in high school with two friends in the crowd.

I get in a bronze Classic Ford/ Chevy [downtown in real life at the car show]. I'm in the backseat with 5-6 other passengers. There aren't any seatbelts, but there's a strap to hang on to. The driver drives fast, around the school, through some piles of dirt in a construction site around the school, down a straight flat road and stops at a Mall entrance that looks like an emergency room.

Inside, I find a military installation and watch two young guys in belted white uniforms like UFO aliens wear. An alarm sounds and they run to a glass wall where two girls fall down an up escalator. There are 3-4 huge earth-movers parked there. I crawl over them trying to get back up on the Mall floor. They drive away like the job is done and I climb up the escalator like the two girls did.

There are 2-3 rectangular plots of white tulips and some short blue and gold flowers like primroses I have to walk across to get back inside the mall. I can't lift my feet and I glide. Then I'm in shock watching a movie of myself in the denim dress on my Facebook page. I eat a cake donut with chocolate frosting and white sprinkles and take a bite of another cake donut with white frosting and [white?] sprinkles--then smash it down on the white fried donut hole, putting it back in the donut and dumping it down a hole in the counter.

I get anxiety and walk through the crowd looking for someone I know. I didn't see the faces of the people in the Classic car, and the driver I thought I knew was just a youngish skinny guy with a short beard.

There are two levels to the mall like at Del Amo [Boss] Mall. The upper level is like a bridge or cat walk over Burlington Coat Factory in real life. The crowd ahead of me stops and I hear them talking about a woman getting off a plane.

I tell my boss that I should find the Food Court--that's the most likely place someone I know would eventually would show up. I say that my second sister is deaf and wouldn't go to a music store.

I walk past a woman's cubicle. She's at lunch and I read two books from her desk and hold her black cordless receiver to my ear the whole time. I don't want to steal the book, so I look for the title and author in the front and see the price of $5-- like it`s from Psychic Eye Bookstore.

My boss walks up and looks impatient so I hand him the phone and books. I tell him the book was by someone, not Cocteau, and that the summary of the plot was that it's a dream he had, while waiting the night before, to write a letter. [Joe Haldeman/ Forever War/ Forever Peace/ Marsbound/ Earthbound/ Starbound]

I go back to the desk to see if my boss put the books back and look around some more. The books have red and blue plaid covers, the woman's photo and name are on the end of her cubicle wall--she's blond with long hair, named "Devereux." There are two DVDs on the desk and 5-6 boxes of candy. I open the book looking for the first story and find a second one with illustrations of Roman/ Greek statues, some new and some in ruins. A voice says that antiquity is best viewed in two timelines [Gary Jennings/ Mayan 2012 book].

An elderly lady walks up and asks where the chocolate is that I saw on the desk a second ago. One small flat box has jelly bellies in it. I want to call my father for a ride but I don't know his number and I remember in the dream that my mother has dementia so I can't call her anymore. A blond girl tells me that the phone [I was using earlier] stores the last four numbers you called and the company checks long distance calls to see if you've ever called them before to fit your profile/ usual pattern. My boss still has the phone.

I follow the elderly lady wondering what she's going to do. She walks to a door and asks for a referral to a "rich young artist."

After I wake up, a voice says, "who did you trust then, Ed Arnold?" NOTE: my uncle, Keith Arnold, worked for Firestone and moonlighted for the police/ sheriff department.

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> 10-4-12 - DREAM - I was in outer space, coming down into earth's
> atmosphere. I came down through clouds that were colored pink, blueish-gray, and
> white just like I was experiencing dawn for the first time.
> *****************
> 10-4-12 - I had this dream after listening to a video/audio
> about something going to happen soon. I couldn't listen to the whole thing
> because I got so tired, I felt like I was going to fall off the chair.
> DREAM - I was in my house somewhere, and I looked up at the ceiling and I
> could see a round dark object that was rather blueish purple with pinkish
> blue lines on it going clockwise, but when I looked at them, it seemed they
> were also going counter-clockwise direction. The lines were not moving,
> but the object was hanging in the space above me.
> I looked down and back up multiple times, and each time I looked up, this
> dark object was hanging above me - not in the room, nor on the ceiling, but
> it was like I was seeing it 'through' the ceiling into the night time sky.
> I wanted to go outside and see if I could still see it, and the telephone
> rang.
> I picked up the phone quickly and said, "Hello!" and a female voice said
> very quickly, "This is" She said it like it had some meaning to
> me.
> I said, "Yes?" and she repeated it again, "This is" Again,
> it sounded like I should know what it was without her telling me.
> - Beef Net_ (
> Apr 6, 2011 â€" Domain Name: Administrative Contact: Senu,
> Seton Setnumd Technologies Suite 16, Molakina Plaza, Lagos-Badagry Exp Way, ...

Lagos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lagos 5] is a port city and the most populous city in Nigeria. Officially, the population of Lagos was last recorded at 7,937,932. Lagos is the second fastest ...

HERE IS A SEARCH FOR LAGOS NIGERIA TERRORISTS,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=215be571d3d42398&biw=1280&bih=783



10-5-12 - DREAM - I was dreaming about the negative aspects of some women who lived at the Whitehouse in Washington DC. 

When I woke up from the dream, there was a television program on talking about Eleanor Roosevelt being a closet Lesbian.


10-5-12 - DREAM  - I and my husband went to a restaurant bar type place, and there I met a woman I had gone to high school with back in the 50's - an eon ago.  I noticed that her hair just beginning to go grey and mine was already white.

When they started playing songs from the 50's which were very popular, I noticed that when a song came on about wearing no shoes, I didn't have my shoes on and she was wearing her shoes. 

That made me wonder what year she was born because I thought we were about a year apart in age.  So I asked her bluntly, "What year were you born?"

She responded, "I was born in late 2".

I knew that I was born in late 8, so how could we have gone to school together?

We sang in the choir together in highschool, we were in photos in our school year book together, and we even were in other events outside of school together where we sang in choirs, like the all-state choir and the Billy Graham choir, and even in the acapella choir that sang at the auditorium downtown Milwaukee.

I woke up feeling very puzzled about her birthdate.


10=7-12 - DREAM -  It seemed I had two husbands, Jim (the regular one) and Jim Cary (the actor)  He kept changing from one to the other.  There was a dark haired woman living with us, and Jim Cary was actually her husband.  People just thought he was my husband.

It seemed like I was working really fast, but to others I was working in slow motion.

When I woke up, I heard my baby cry once, and it took me a moment to realize I didn't need to get up and change his diaper or feed him because he wasn't real.


10-8-12 - DREAM -  I was in an apartment somewhere with some other people, and my Father, who looked very young came into the room, and I was happy to see him, so I ran up to him and greeted him and kissed him on the lips.

My Father in turn was very happy to see me, and he started kissing me on the lips like he was my boyfriend, and not my Father, and he was holding me so close, I could feel his penis start to throb against my leg.

All of a sudden, my Father realized what was happening, and he let loose of me and stepped back and said, "Very nice, very nice," and acted a little embarrassed, and then he quickly walked away.

I felt quite embarrassed and didn't say anything about what had just happened, and just woke up.

I rolled over in bed and went back to sleep and went into another dream......

I was in an apartment building somewhere and was interviewing a black woman and her daughter who wanted to rent an apartment.  We hadn't looked at one yet, but she had seen the property as she came near the building.

While she stood there in her wool plaid dress suit, the telephone rang and it was on speaker phone, which was high up on the wall.

A man and his wife were on the phone, and he proceeded to tell me that he was calling from Mobile, Alabama and that he and his wife and little girl wanted to come and look at our apartments to see if they were suitable for children, etc. 

I told him to come on up and check out our apartments, assuring him that we had a nice play area for children, and I could show him the plans how we were going to remodel the place to include a health-wellness center and a charter school I told him.

The woman standing with me, hearing that he was calling from Mobile, Alabama started to cry softly, and I patted her on her shoulders to comfort her while I finished telling the man and his wife to come see us and take a look at our apartments.

The phone call ended, and the woman standing with me, left the room, and all of a sudden my Father was back, and he and I went out to the car, and just as I was waking up, my Father was driving through the apartment back lot, and he made a left turn over some rocks or something in the yard, and the right wheel of the car went over the pile and we were jostled just a little, and my Father realized he had done something inappropriate again, and I realized he was not being himself - 

and he was young - like he was in his 40's.

He passed away when he was 72, and I'm now almost 74 and he passed about 30 years ago or more.


10-9-12 - DREAM - I was with a group of people and was voted into a 'green' aspect of a group program.  I don't have any details about it . It seemed to be on a higher level.


10-9-12 - I was reading an e-mail about Zechariah Sitchin and it being the 2nd anniversary of his death, and while reading it, a voice popped into my head that said, "HE WAS KILLED".

I never paid any attention specifically to the cause of his death.  I just remember being sad about it, but never read anything about his death, so I did some research on the cause of his death, and every site that came up were about the cause of his death not known and not being reported.  So, the cause of his death was never put on the internet.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=bcf26151231b5b05&bpcl=35243188&biw=1280&bih=783

Zecharia Sitchin is DEAD. Sitchin passed away on October 9th
Born July 11, 1920 - Died October 9, 2010
(Born July 11, 1920 - Died October 9, 2010)
"Sitchin is DEAD" Some rumors have already developed
that Sitchin was murdered, killed assassinated. Sitchin murdered ? LOL
Jordan Maxwell has openly claimed Freemasons are protecting him.
Maxwell and Sitchin supported one another and it is rumored Sitchin was a Freemason as well.
What do you think?

These scientists declare "Zecharia Sitchin" did not have even a single degree in ANYTHING let alone a bilingual expert in ancient Sumerian, but this doesn't begin to scratch the surface of his lies.
Many scientists, PHDs and real linguists are speaking out against his fraud in the past year.

Michael Heiser was his loudest critic, but I listened to Michael Heiser talk several times, and I didn't agree with much of what he said particularly about his opinions on Bible interpretation.

Here is his video.  He is as nasty as they come.


10-10-12 - DREAM -  I was on shipboard and I was told there that I was going to work with Mikki and have a baby for her.

The symbol of the baby was a crystal bear about 3 inches long.

I met Mikki then and told her about what I had been told on shipboard about working with her.  She was really happy about that.

By the way, a new Anunnaki baby was born to Tippy last night.  She weighed about 40 pounds when she was born. She has dark brown hair that will probably fall out and she will be blonde.  She has very large bright eyes like the dolls that were sold in the 70's.  She has 98 fathers, and no dna test will ever be done to find out her biological father because that's not what they do on their planet.  Everyone in the household - about 300 people were in full joy to see this baby born.  I'm really happy about this new little girl.  Her name is Ryasia (I don't know how its really spelled)

Anyway, back in the dream, I was sitting at my large desk later, and there was an opening like an ink well in the corner of the desk. I opened the cover of the inkwell, and inside was another crystal bear that was even larger and it was tinted light blue.

I then was hired at a library and when I went into the library, I knew that I had been hired the day before in another state, so I had two jobs.  Everything fell into place all of a sudden and I had a new pale yellow car, I got a parking place in front of the library, and immediately two white kittens jumped into my car and I picked them up and told them I loved them.

One of the white kittens was like a chintz pattern - pure white with tiny blue flowers on it.

LATER:  I had several conversations with Mikki on the phone and she was trying to figure out how to earn some money for their family because like most people, money is tight these days and she has a son in college right now and their insurance costs just got jacked up on the paycheck so the income has gone down. 

Anyway, she called me back a few minutes after she said she had to get to work, and said that while she was on the phone with one of her clients, the screen saver came up on her computer.  When she hung up her phone, the screen saver went away and a screen came up talking about Paul's trip to Damascus where he goes blind, and Ananais is sent to heal him, and when Paul is healed, he becomes a disciple of Jesus and is now a believer.

In the phone call, Mikki asked me if I knew anything about Paul's trip to Damascus.  I said, "A little".

She read to me from the internet, the story of Paul's trip to Damascus, and while she read that to me, I looked on my own web site to see what I had written about the same event.  There were quite a few pages about it. 

When she asked me if any of the pages were about Ananias so I added that to my query and there were fewer pages, but definitely quite a few still showed.

Then she asked me if any of the pages were about her or her dreams.

I told her I never talked about her by name, but used a non-de-plume for her, so I looked up the non-de-plume and sure enough, a page came up with a dream that I had about her.  The name is  THE FUTURE IS ALREADY WRITTEN.

The page is about all kinds of things about the future that people refused to look at.  But these things were going to happen whether people looked at them or not, and they wouldn't be ready for them.

A sad tale to be true.

Anyway, it came to me, that my dream of today came true in that her experience with her screensaver prompted me to look on my own web page that I can bring back to life to show people that THE FUTURE IS ALREADY WRITTEN.




10-11-12 - DREAM -  I was laying in a new bed, in a new house somewhere nearby and in the bed with me, having a conversation was my son-in-law Michael.  What we were talking about I can't recall, but it was time to get up and make the bed and I was trying to line up the blanket on the bed before I got out of it.

Michael showed me that I needed to line up the golden letters Go on the upper label of the blanket to match the gold lettering on the opposite side and then get up.

That's what I did and woke up.



 I was watching General Hospital from 10-10-12 and got too tired to watch the whole thing, so I paused it to take a nap.  When I take a nap, it's my meditation chair, so I started to meditate and had a vision that said  'ECLIPSE 2002' 

This is it:,_2002   the map shows it going across southern Africa and south America.

I then fell asleep and went into a building that I was not familiar with, and the first door I went past had a very large window in it that looked like sunglass material - rather greyish.  Inside, there was a man playing the guitar and singing. 

I heard him call out, "If you come in, I'll share something with you."

I took that to be some kind of scam, so I passed the ladies room, and went into the next doorway, which was the office I was headed for.

Apparently I had a job of some kind in this office, but the office itself was not familiar to me, and I was meeting the women inside for the first time, however, the first woman was Starr from One Life to Live TV show - but who is now on General Hospital, along with her Father Todd - who also made the transition from One Life to Live TV show to General Hospital.

Starr got very intimately friendly with me but I stopped her, let the office by the front door, crossed the street, and then went back by way of the back door to the office because I didn't know which doorway was the front door, and eventually, I discovered that the way out of this office the easy way was through the first office where the man was playing the guitar once more and he was friends with Starr and when I left the office to go to the ladies room, he said, "I'll meet you at the next eclipse."

Starr's Father Todd was following me but I turned into the ladies room and he couldn't come inside there.

The Annular eclipse of 2012 went across the United States and through California north of where I live, so we didn't see it.

The Total Solar eclipse of 2012 is November 13th, and the map shows it going across the ocean just above New Zealand and Australia - which is farther south than the 2002 eclipse was.

NOTE:  The part of the dream where Starr got intimately friendly with me tells me that this November eclipse has something very special about it.

I'm glad its that far south, but Solar eclipses bring earthquakes, and that will not be good if it hits New Zealand again.  They have had some very devastating earthquakes already in Christ Church, New Zealand.

185 people were killed in the February 22nd quake of 2011, and 65 more people were killed in the December 20, 2011 quake.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=fd192971b54d1645&bpcl=35243188&biw=1110&bih=745

Now I wish I knew the music the man was playing on his guitar and singing.

The song I was playing on the moon page prior to going to sleep is Alive, Alive, Oh.... It's the story of Molly Malone who died of a fever in 1790 in Dublin, Ireland:  I don't know what the connection is, except perhaps the song title.

Here is the Dubliners singing it:

Here is the song sung by some cute, drunk guys.


As long as we are doing Irish songs, here is the final performance from RIVERDANCE:

The woman are appropriately all dressed in black and the men in black and white.

Riverdance Thunderstorm

These men are all dressed in black

Here is Riverdance in Reel Around the Sun

This song, with the lyrics about coming to Earth gave me extreme chills while listening.

These dancers are dressed in black and dark brown in front of a blazing sun.



10-12-12 - AN ODD NIGHT:

I was having odd dark visions, one had a box with squares in it and a seam ripper was tearing some of the squares vertically.  I didn't understand that and a voice in my head said, "This is about the economy."

I said, "Give me a real dream." and rolled over.

I fell asleep immediately, and had a dark dream about being at home.  I thought I heard the boys get up and go to school, but it wasn't yet dawn though the sky was starting to lighten up a bit.  I didn't know if my daughter was still in bed or if she had gotten up. I hadn't heard her.

My husband was home and wanted to fix the car.  I got into the car and watched him scraping the ice off the windshield with his elbow.

I went back into the house and started to straighten things up.  There were copies of the Wall Street Journal on the floor unread, so I stacked them up for later reading.  I moved the dark brown furniture around and found a book under the sofa that was chewed on by a dog or a rat.  I didn't see a title on the book, so I stuck my thumb into it, and inside were beautiful pictures of rooms in houses that were really redecorated wonderfully.

For some reason I went to see a female doctor and she didn't want me to go into the office with her.  She closed the door behind her and turned on the light so I could see through the door, and I heard voices behind me.

I turned around and two women were in the hallway behind me.  One woman was sitting on a stool and the other woman was plucking her eyebrows for her.  They didn't have time to actually go to a salon. They had to work on each other between jobs in their offices.  There was no time for personal care, everyone had to work all the time.



I was trying to listen to a radio interview of Sherry Shriner - a UFO investigator, and I started to feel like I was going to pass out. I COULD NOT listen to her talk, so I went to lay down for a minute.

I had a dream of being in a city where people were going to a concert of the MOMMAS.  I thought maybe it was the Mamas and the Papas, but they said MOMMAS. 

But instead of going to the theatre down the street, all the people went the wrong direction.


10-14-12 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere and I was to deliver some food to a hospital office on the first floor.

When I got there, some kind of altercation took place in the offices and four people were injured in the head.

At that point, a doctor was called in who specialized in head trauma, and as it turned out, this particular doctor had not taken care of this kind of trauma before.

I was then asked by the doctor to take notes on each case, type them up, and keep running notes of each case to track the healing process.

I spent the rest of the dream typing the notes and making sure each case got the proper notations of the treatments.

NOTE:  I got an e-mail from a woman from Deborah.

The Shadow of Self by Debbie Ford relating to Joe and Dee

NOTE:  on 10-21-12 SEVEN people were shot at Brookfield Mall -  4 died of head wounds




I saw 6 cases of drinking water stacked in front of the file cabinets in the back hall.

This either means we will be without drinking water that long, or that I need to keep it in the house so it doesn't freeze.

I WILL do this.

HI Dee,
This is so ironic I dreamed years ago that I saw 6 five gallon jugs of water on my porch. Do you know if 6 cases of water equal to 6 five gallon jugs. Funny huh?
I know that God told me that the warning would be around new years times which I think is the new years of the church which is last part of Nov. First part of Dec. and it has something to do with a comet. I just don't know if it time for it yet? But time will tell.
The election is so scary. I dreamed yesterday that Obama won.
Make sure you read that site I told you about Diamond Star Light Beacon. Lots of info.

this is about the Age of Aquarius:

The sign in the heavens is the 'water bearer'.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=7fd2641a633ebefa&bpcl=35277026&biw=1280&bih=783



10-15-12 DREAM - I was sitting at a table in my apartment with the telephone receiver in my hand, waiting to testify by phone as to my being a witness to someone named Waanga going to prison.
TM who was in his office at work, was reading some kind of document first, and an older man was sitting in his office, which I hadn't known in the beginning, was another witness to my testimony.
(Waanga in Webster's dictionary means 'enlightened one' )
I had to wait for TM and this other man to read into the record about the document and then I would testify that I was a witness as to seeing him go to prison.
I knew I had a number 10 envelope in my possession with that name on it, like it was the name of a company as well as a person.
I had the envelope in my possession and while I was waiting for my turn to speak, I started going through magazines and envelopes I had received in the mail to sort them out, and decided to separate them into categories. The ones I had the most of in front of me were flower magazines and catalogs.
I never did find the envelope I was looking for while sitting on the floor sorting the magazines.
end of dream


10-16-12 - DREAM - I don't know what house this was, but my ex-husband was there doing the family laundry, and I wasn't living there. I lived elsewhere.

There was three feet of snow on the ground which hadn't been shoveled, and I was wearing knee high boots to walk through it to get to the door, after having been driven there by my boyfriend because I didn't have a car.

I and my boyfriend walked into the house and my ex-husband immediately started attacking me verbally for not doing something about a broken door, and something else I had no knowledge of.

He was accusing me of not doing something about things that happened that I didn't know anything about.

I could understand that he had all the responsibility and all I did was run around with a new boyfriend, but how could I do something about things I didn't know anything about?


10-17-12 - DREAM - I was with a group of people out in the country on a small hill working on some kind of ceremony. 

the details of this faded really fast when I woke up.

It feels like this date is important.

Many important events are related to this date.


10-17-12 - NAP DREAM.  I had just watched a film about JFK assassination  -

In the dream, I was at my office, manning a telephone, and I got a call to come to the 8th floor to testify what I saw of the JFK assassination.

So I went to the elevator and discovered that many other people were doing the same thing, and woke up.


10-18-12 - DREAM - I was in a big city somewhere, acting as a property manager. 

Joe was supposed to be there also, and I kept calling his name, but he didn't show up anywhere.

I went up to the door of a big old house and saw that the mailman had left a couple large size envelopes outside the door, which belonged to a young man by the name of Malek.  He was in his early 20's and blond.

I went inside the house and started inspecting it.  It was clean, but a little messy and while I was in the house, the young man came home and I told him I wasn't there to clean his house.  It was fine the way it was if he wanted it that way.

Another woman showed up at one point who apparently lived in the next house.  She just was checking to see what was going on, which was nothing.

I finally told the young man his place was okay, and left.

The name Malek, a derivation of the name Malik, which is Arabic, means 'sovereign'.


10-19-12 - DREAM  (This dream matches one I had some time ago, but I'm not finding it in my journal)

I was working in an apartment building, that used master keys for the rooms, and I didn't have mine with me, so I had to borrow someone elses (a female) and her key was bent so I had to fashion one out of cookie dough.

I had hidden something (seeds?)  on a cookie sheet in the bottom cabinet of someone elses office in the kitchen. 

I can't remember what that 'something' is though.

I had the female and a young man (probably Rex) helping me retrieve that cookie sheet.


10-19-12 = MEDITATION:  I needed to know what to do about the progress of the spiritual health-wellness community so I asked that.

I saw a round object, spiraling clockwise - the spiral was very obvious that it was going that way.  Then I was told to go with the flow, so I'm doing that, and will do the proper paperwork this week.  We need a Certificate of authority to operate in California.

It will be of some cost to me personally, but if we are going to move forward, it has to be done.


10-20-12 - DREAM - I played the part of three different actresses and was very good at it, but when I was done, I had to make sure that 'they' were vertically aligned in the atmosphere, and judged that according to some little 'smoke' I saw in the air that I knew had to be vertical.

I started to wake up and realized the TV was on and I probably dreamt what was on TV somehow.


10-20-12 - I was in a neighborhood somewhere, probably in California.

There was a man in our neighborhood who was driving a half size school bus that was painted black on top and silver on the bottom.  The man and his vehicle were so popular in the neighborhood, soon everyone else also painted their cars black on top and silver on the bottom.

I then found out that our ex-wife-in-law Debbie was married to this guy and she was very happy, but the guy was a flirt and I liked him too and disappointed that he was married.

NOTE:  What is special about black and silver?

I found this dream interpretation site with a dream about a black and silver butterfly, but there was no interpretation on the site:   It's worth a look anyway.


Dee, I dreamed this morning that I put on a floor length black evening gown, but when I looked in the mirror, it was black velvet on top and a silvery fabric on the bottom and the skirt was mid-thigh. The length of dresses has been used to predict the stock market in the past--shorter skirts means more confidence and higher stock market. Sheila


10-21-12 - DREAM -  I'm certain this dream was about someone else.  I was living 'her' life - at least one day of it.

I was at a resort of some kind where they gave ballroom dance lessons.  The place was way out in the country, and I saw trees growing in a grove that looked like trees I've seen in the Midwest.

This was the last day of my stay there and it was breakfast time, and I was packing to go home.

I saw the last bus pull out, but there were still people there, mostly white haired couples.  But there were some younger women there alone as well.

I was one of those, and my roommate was a little younger than myself.

In the diningroom, apparently, the tables and chairs were placed on platforms with wheels, and I saw one of the tables, with the table, chairs, and two couple pushed from one spot on the diningroom floor to another place.

Apparently I had read somewhere that on my last day there, something violent was going to happen to me, so when my roommate stood in front of me with a long pair of sharp shears in her hand, and asked me if I ever thought about having sex with her, I answered extremely carefully and asked to borrow her shears before I answered her in the negative.

At that point I decided I wasn't going to change clothes in her presence either.

I was wearing yesterday's underwear, with shorts over them that I had slept in, and I had a pair of jeans with me, so I decided to put on the jeans over the shorts and the dirty underwear.

I apparently was a writer of some kind, perhaps a journalist, and on my last pair of clean underwear I took out of the top dresser drawer, there was writing on the underwear, like I took notes of things that happened and then hid it in my underwear drawer.

When I closed the drawer, a huge cloud of pink perfumed powder came out that belonged to the other woman who stood in the room with me, trying to decide what to wear on her last day there.

I took the shears and started to cut the underwear apart so that I could save the writing on them and hide it in my pocket.  I would throw away the part that wasn't written on.

I hadn't yet decided what I would do with the shears, because I was going to make sure the other woman didn't get mad and use it as a weapon against me.

Here is a list of women murdered at resorts:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=df8ce7d8506037c&bpcl=35466521&biw=1280&bih=783

I don't care to pursue this any further.




Don't you just hate it when the message doesn't get finished?
what? asteroids? meteors? murderers?
I hope it was meteors.
It was only 12:19 when I woke up.


10-23-12 - GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY DREAM  -  after the third and final debate between Romney and Obama

I was with my husband in a vehicle on the highway where a wide river went under a bridge.  On the river was a large series of white messages floating on the river in a huge, wide block, and the messages shifted and changed on the river when the person they were intended for looked at them.

Each message was from Governor Mitt Romney, intended for specific people and when the people looked at the messages meant for them, the messages would shift and change to suit the person looking at them. There were dozens of messages so that no matter where a person looked, there was a message floating by, shifting and changing in the flow of the river.

Along the highway, the banks were shaved and adjusted to accommodate the drivers going by as well, so every person got what they were looking for and needing.  The grass was mowed carefully and beautifully so that not a blade of grass was out of place either.  Each person saw what they wanted.

I was amazed to see this as I had never seen anything like it before.


10-23-12 -  DREAM OF MITT ROMNEY  - I was standing on the edge of the stage of Dancing With the Stars with Mitt Romney and the dancers came all rushing off the stage, hot and sweaty and laughing, and Mitt Romney started to laugh and said, "This is my most favorite place in the world!"


10-24-12 - DREAM 1:10 a.m.    In the dream, I was molested by a young man which left 4 spots on my upper back somehow.  I laid on the bed and watched as the man did it to a young man as well.

I woke up with a horrible cramp all the way up and down the right side of my leg which forced me to get out of bed and walk it off.  Once the pain subsided, I went back to bed and fell asleep again.

DREAM 2:  4:20 a.m.  In the dream, I decided to report being molested so the man wouldn't do it to someone else and I drew a picture of what happened and where it was. 

When the psychiatrist asked me about the place in the drawing, she said, "It looks like it happened in a garage."

I was sitting on a chair at a table, holding a little girl, and looked at the picture, and it was of a garage-like place with rafters in the room.

On the rafters was a little bird, and the little girl pointed out that the bird only had one wing, and the psychiatrist said I should draw another wing on the bird to make the little girl happy. 

I responded with a little laugh and said, "Let the other guy do it, I'm not the wing man." 

The psychiatrist asked me, "Do you know the name of the man?"  

I had to think long and hard because I had trouble coming up with his name, and then I said, "He called himself Spencer Tracey", knowing that wasn't his real name. 

Someone else in the room said, "That makes it sound too much like what Paul told me", as she didn't think her husband wanted to talk about what happened to him such a long time ago.

and I woke up.

I don't want to talk about it either.

ARTICLES ABOUT REPORTING MOLESTATION,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=df8ce7d8506037c&bpcl=35466521&biw=1280&bih=783


10-24-12 - MEDITATION;  I saw an orange and black cement truck.


10-25-12 - DREAM -  It seems that I was doing this all night, but probably wasn't.  I went on the internet to use the program WHOIS, and ended up deleting some text out of a book to help a person with it.  I can't remember any of the words though.


10-26-12 - DREAM - I was working all night, compiling health tips from the Reader's Digest and small booklets that get distributed for free from drugstores and other health establishments.

It was rather fun, because it one scene, there was actually a little goldfish swimming around in the lines of the text.

In another scene where I picked up some small booklets, there was a blonde woman who stood up in the front seat and introduced herself to me. She was really a pleasant person, and she liked all this information in brief statements.



10-26-12 - NAP DREAM -  I lived somewhere in a town of some size, not necessarily a city. 

I had just won a prize for my pet which was in a cage about 4 feet square on a side.

My best friend (female) stood in front of me and held both of my hands as she congratulated me on winning the prize for my pet.

My friend and I then made the trip home with the cage, with the pet in it, and when we neared the intersection where I lived, the little blonde girl, about six years old, came running down her driveway, riding on a green wagon, with a little green cage on it, that her mother had bought her when she found out that my pet in a cage was a prize winner.

The little girl came running towards us, saying, "I have a prize pet....   too. "

NOTE:  I have no idea what kind of pet I had in my cage.

I doubt it was a bird because it sat on the floor.


10-27-12 - LONG DREAM.  This might be more than one dream because some things happened twice.

These are just the highlights.

I was laying in a hospital bed, and an alien rode in on a bright green horse, turned around and rode back out.

Later I was talking to ROV (he is an angel) and some other people and I told him about seeing the alien on the bright green horse in my hospital room.

In another scene, a man came to the door who looked drunk and asked to come in and use the phone.  I said, "No"! and had to WILL the door to close on him.  That same scene happened twice and I told a woman about it later as well, because it was about to happen again, and I suggested to her that we follow him to see where he goes.  We didn't, but I suggested it.

In another scene, I seemed to be at a school of some kind, but it was more like a seminar where you went to various classes to study scientific things and my sons were all there, and I was telling a man who is very familiar to me that was my boss at one time in my life, about my sons being there and that they had just gone to class.

In another scene, I was laying in bed, and there was a white five gallon pail full of dark water on my bed, and in the water were animals that were very small, like a kitten who was probably only about a week or so old, and a dark Mastiff dog which was not even three inches tall but looked fully grown. The animals were just starting to come out and be friendly to me.

In the cold air return of the room, there were similar animals living.

In another scene, I had the pail of dark water and I added warm water to it, hoping it wasn't too warm, because I didn't want the animals to be too hot or too cold so that it would harm them.  I really liked having them there.

Sheila wrote:

The farm is near a town that sounds like the blind cleric's name so is sometimes also a symbol for that. My sister's husband, Gary, is gradually going blind from a genetic condition. There's a story today about the new head of al Qaida [Year of the Cat] putting out a two hour video urging the kidnapping of Westerners to exchange for the blind cleric sentenced for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  The blind cleric's name is "Abdel Rahman."

When I was leaving, a dark skinned woman was near the elevator and she asked me if I had gotten any of her cookies that she had made, and I said, "No! I didn't" and explained to her about my sons being at class just then.

Then I was at home with my son Ken, and he said that he had some of those cookies, and he opened his hands, and silver beads and sequins fell out of his hand all over the floor in the dining room, so I and another person (could have been another son) volunteered to get down on our hands and knees and gather up all the silver beads and sequins for him, though he protested that it wasn't necessary.  We did it anyway.


10-29-12  THIS WAS NO DREAM -  I was in the country somewhere, at nighttime with the moon shining but I didn't actually see the moon - it was about that bright.  I can't remember what I was doing with the other people, though I remember having something in my hands, some kind of object (s) and it seems there was a lake or river there.

I woke too abruptly to bring the dream/experience back with me.



DREAM:  I was in a car with two other people who were moving to California.  We were on highway 41 going south through Illinois, and when we reached I-90, we would turn west and travel all the way on that highway to California.  I was just riding with them, just going along for the ride.

When I got to California, I got a job with an attorney.  It was cold in my office, and I saw a heater in the room, and knew that if I couldn't tolerate the cold, I could turn on the heat.

When I was going through the files, I found a poem written by a man who had killed someone.  That's all there was in the file - no other documents. I gave the poem to the attorney, who in turn, gave the poem to the judge in charge of saying guilty or innocent. 

The judge took a long look at the poem, and wrote a strong opinion on what the poem said.  Then the attorney gave the poem and the judge's opinion to me to put back into the file to save it in case it would be useful later.

The attorney said to me, "That man who wrote the poem DID something... all the rest of us were just going along for the ride."



#1 -  I  was using a computer that had access to what seemed like a catalog of UFOs. 

There were many colorful lines in this catalog, but the ones that showed each individual UFO was bright yellow. The other lines were descriptions of the UFOs.  Each yellow line could be opened up to show a picture of the UFO and each UFO was a different color and type and many of them were multicolored with stripes and colored lights. 

This UFO catalog had many pages and types.  The dream did not really end and after I woke up I could still see the catalog pages in my mind with my eyes closed.

#2 -  This was a dream in which there were multiple computers where men used them to gain power over one another. I don't really have the details of how they gained the power, but the more their computer could gain control over the other's computers, the more power they had and it seemed like it could lead to war.

#3 - I was in my own office that had at least three computers. Two were next to each other on the same wall, and the third computer was on the wall behind me.  It seemed that at least one computer belonged to my brother Marty, but I had access to all three computers from the main one I preferred to use.  These computers had more than one screen, and each screen could access different types of information. 

I don't have details on what this information was, but apparently I could make the screens get larger if I wanted to see more information or larger pictures on the main screens and I could get information on my main computer from the others as well.  It was very technology progressive.