APRIL, 2005

4-1-05 - DREAM - (The radio was on during this dream. Dr. Robin Falkov spoke about the WTO and the drug/vitamin problem in Europe followed by Dr. Rosemary Ellen Guilley talking about a variety of paranormal subjects and dreams.)

I was behind the garage of my Fathers 16th St. house in Milwaukee, WI and my Father came home driving a station wagon.

He pulled into the garage with a young man in the car. He also had 5 chairs in the vehicle. They were black and white tiger striped chairs with arms on them like Captain chairs.

My Father set the chairs up in a circle - back to back and lashed the arms of the chairs together with a thick, soft rope that looked like the tail of a black and white tiger.

At that point, Dr. Falkov came into the garage from the yard. She was wearing a softly draped, elegant golden beige blouse and slacks with gold sandals on her feet. Her dark hair was softly coiffed and she looked quite beautiful.

The young man, being introduced to Dr. Falkov asked a question about dreams.

since I've been a dream researcher for over 20 years, I figured I could answer most any question he might have about dreams.

He asked his question and Dr. Falkov quickly answered the question. As they were talking, they moved to the vehicle where the young man asked several more questions and Dr. Falkov answered them all and I couldn't get a word in edgewise, so I decided I may as well just let them continue their conversations, because I couldn't speak anyway. So I opened the garage door to the yard and as I went through the door I woke up.

Once I woke up, I realized I had been dreaming and George Noory was saying good night to Dr. Rosemary Ellen Guilley. It actually hadn't been Dr. Falkov speaking. It was Dr. Guilley.

I got up and went to the bathroom, turned off the radio and lay down and went back to sleep.  (End 4:44 a.m.)

DREAM #2 - I was now in California with my mother-in-law Lucy and my sister-in-law Mary - her daughter.

I wanted to tell them the dream about my Father, the black and white chairs and Dr. Falkov talking about dreams.

Before I started telling the dream, my mother-in-law Lucy showed me the table and on it she said was 'Mexican all wrap".

To me, it looked like a loaf of bread so I started making a sandwich with a couple slices of this super-soft bread.

I put some thick soft butter on the bread and a piece of sausage.

At this point, every imaginable type of bug and fly came and sat o the sandwich.

I tried blowing them off, shaking them off, and picking them off and was feeling quite frustrated. I got most of them off except for a few legs that were still stuck in the butter. I realized this was why Mary preferred Wisconsin rather than California.  I didn't blame her one bit.

I still wanted to tell my dream about my Father and the tiger striped chairs, so I said to them, "Wait! I forgot to tell you about the chairs."

So my mother-in-law Lucy and my sister-in-law Mary stood there, waiting for me to finish picking off the last few bug legs off the butter in the sandwich and just then, my Father came driving into the yard with 5 young men, all dressed in white. There was a huge bouquet of white flowers with ribbons attached blowing in the wind. The tallest man had his arm up in a wave to the people as they drove by.

My Father was bringing the Bridegroom and his 4 groomsmen and now I knew that's what the black and white tiger-striped chairs were for.



4-2-05 - DREAM - I was on the second floor of a house and went to look out the front window where there was a  porch of sorts, but it had no railing on it.

There was some little kids out there and one of the kids had fallen off the edge and was hanging on by one hand.

The other children couldn't rescue him, so it was up to me to go out there and save him.

Being afraid of heights, I was afraid, but I had to save the child. I couldn't let him fall off and die. He wasn't all that heavy. I could haul him up with one hand, so I slid the screen sideways and timidly walked out on the porch.

Just as I got to the child, a black man put up a ladder and pushed the child up into my arms with a long stick.

The child grabbed onto the stick and I pulled up the stick.

I was horrified to see this wasn't a real child, it was a creature with big eyes.   (A voice in my head tells me it was a Marmoset. (The photos on google don't exactly look like the creature on the stick. It had bug-eyes and less fur than what they show)

Anyway, I grabbed the stick with one hand and ran back into the house with it, intending to take its photograph with my digital camera before it could get away fro me. I needed to prove that this happened.

I ran to the room where I thought the camera was it wasn't there. Another young woman there said she had seen me use it, so I wasn't just imagining it, but I started suspecting she had used it and hadn't put it back where I had left it.

So I'm running around the house looking for the camera with this marmoset on a stick in my left hand.

I decided to go outside and take the marmoset down to the lake and just as I got to the door, this same girl was ahead of me, trying to sneak out of the house with a tray with some kind of red jelly substance or Jell-O on it.

I caught up to her and opened the door and I could see my shadow being thrown out onto a wall ahead of me, formed by the light behind me.

I didn't want to be seen by anyone where I was going, so we started sliding down the stairs on our butts, step by step. We thought we were getting away with it, when an old man, sitting in the dark on the left said, "It would be easier if you used the carriage on the left."

There, right in front of me was a wooden carriage gadget, made special to balance things on that one wanted to take down those steep stairs.

I felt kind of embarrassed but didn't want to give myself and our secret away so didn't use the old man's carriage gadget.

I somehow got back to my room and had some secret documents I wanted to copy.

A friend of the family came to the house and I wanted to show these documents to prove I had them. He brought his wife with him and his wife was crippled and slumped over in her wheelchair, so I thought it would be okay if she came in.

As it turned out, I started showing him the documents, he produced a duplicate set, so I wasn't the only one who had them.

But he gave me his set, so now I had both sets of documents.

I wanted to take them to a school and announce I had them and was driven by a woman I think was my friend Michelle, but not certain who it was.

Just as we were going to pull out of the parking lot, a big black car with a black couple pulled up next to us and started watching us.

I didn't want anyone to know we were going to the school to make this presentation, so I slumped down in the back seat with a big green pillow up against the window so they couldn't see who I was.

Instead of going directly to the school so they could follow us there, I told Michelle to drive through the alley and turn left so they couldn't follow us that way.

She said she couldn't turn left because it was a one way street going right, but if we turned right one would run right back into the way of the big black car and they could follow us again.

So, I told her to drive straight ahead through the next alley and then turn left because that would be a one way street going that way.

But then I could see that the alley was really steep going up to the next street and not only was it steep, it was bumpy like going up steps. 

I didn't think my children could make it up and steep hill either.

So, unable to make a quick decision of which way to go to the school, I woke up instead.


4-2-05 - DREAM - I was seeing a series of file names which I recall as being about UFOs or crop circles and they needed to be alphabetized. They were big files so there was a difficult task.

I heard that a woman in the next office had some files also. Her name was Mary. She was out of her office and wouldn't be back, so I went to her desk to get her files and all the other stuff she had left behind.

I spotted three transparent rulers I could use for drawing, so I took them out and put them into my own center desk drawer.



(The radio was on with Art Bell on during the first part of the dream. I turned the radio off before Part 2)

DREAM - part I - I was living in a large apartment building and some people asked me to participate in a weight loss program, guaranteed to work for everyone. 

To begin with, three humongous women came in to participate in the program. Each one was way over 1,000 pounds. They were so big, they didn't' look real and as I observed them, I saw that they were skinny women with big balloons attached. they didn't fool me for long. Anybody can lose weight by letting the air out of a balloon.

DREAM - part II - I went back to my own apartment and was contemplating what  I had just experienced. I heard a noise and when I turned around, I saw an uglyish  young black man coming down through the ceiling. I was instantly afraid of him even though I knew he wasn't a real person. Nobody can come down through a ceiling if they are real. 

He said, "I've come to help you lose weight.

I thought to myself, "I'd be too afraid to eat anything you gave me."

He immediately shrunk down in to a boy about 10 years old. He was really cute with a wonderful smile. I was no longer afraid of him.

We went outside into the yard and the boy left to go elsewhere and play, leaving me standing there alone. 

I closed the gate to the yard to lock him out and when I turned around, there was a small tree standing behind me. It looked like it had individual grapes hanging on it. They looked wonderful, so I quickly found a plastic container to put them in and started picking them.

There was grapes growing all over the tree, but I started picking them at the bottom.

The boy returned practically as soon as I started picking and he said he wanted some from near the top of the tree.

I went to pick the grapes from higher branches and I knew immediately, they weren't grapes.  They were green, but I could see they were really apples.

Then I noticed there was also oranges, red apples, plums, lemons, cherries, and strawberries, all growing on the same tree. It was one of those grafter fruit trees you can find in catalogs. This was pretty neat. 

I filled up a bucket with the fresh fruit and took it into the apartment building. I was certain to lose weight by eating fresh fruit.

DREAM - part III - Once I was back inside, I noticed that my clothes didn't fit me right and I needed a different size. (People who gain and lose weight on a yoyo diets all know we have closets and drawers full of clothes in every size we've ever been. )  I went to my bedroom to find a larger size outfit that fit me better. 

I opened the door and discovered two people having sex on my bed. They were sufficiently embarrassed at being caught to stop and the young man left immediately leaving the young woman to apologize to me. 

While were standing there, I looked out the window I could see that the sun was shining brightly but there was snow blowing past the window like it was 100 miles an hour. That didn't make any sense, so I went to the living room to look to the west and see if there was a storm coming. 

I opened the door to the living room and saw that the window was covered in layers of curtains and drapes all decorated with red roses on a white background.

The drapes and curtains were so thick, I couldn't even push them aside and the only solution was to take them down, one layer at a time so I could see what was coming from the west 

and woke up.


4-3-05 - NAP DREAM - 1:44.p.m.  I was at home with my husband and kids. Nobody was paying any attention to me. The kids were out playing. My husband and his best friend decided to go to the hardware store and exchange an old tool and get a new one by telling the store clerk it didn't work good.  They thought that was great fun.

I saw glimpses of several men I admired but knew they would never give me more than the time of day if I talked with them, so I decided I would go across the street to my apartment which I hadn't been in for some time. I hadn't checked for mail, nor watered my plants, so it was at least something to do.

So, I left the house and on the way down the stairs, I sat down in a red coaster wagon and almost got my butt wet from some rainwater that was in it.  A voice in my head said to me, "The Way of the Adventurer."

I crossed the street, looking through my key ring for a tiny silver key to mailbox 6.  My apartment was actually on the 6th floor.  Maybe I had the whole floor?  In the dream it made sense though.  So, I found the tiny silver key and put it into the mailbox which had a tiny little bluebird at the top. I turned the key and opened the box, realizing afterward that I didn't even have to open the door to see that there was no mail in it, there was a hole in the bottom of the door that showed me that there was a mechanism in the mailbox like a clock and I could see it the whole time reminding me there was no mail in the box and the clock mechanism showed the whole time. So I felt kinda dumb about that.

So, I decided I would go upstairs and water the plants in my apartment before they died.

I walked along the first floor hallway, which was being remodeled. I didn't know any of the people I met and there were a lot of them. There were a lot of beds in the hallway and in rooms with no doors, but none of it really looked occupied there. I saw walls with blue pain and purple paint and orange paint. Nothing matched.  This remodeling project had a long way to go obviously. The whole first floor felt like it was in a damp basement too.  I picked up two pieces of cloth that was white with red roses on it. That made me feel better as I headed for the elevator.

Before I got to the elevator, I was already coming out of the dream and had a vision of a paragraph that was a review of a book. It said, "This is a good book, all the way from the first shot to the last shot."


4-4-05 - NEW POPE - The short one who they used to think of as feminine - (represented in my dream by a really short guy I went to grade school with Wesley B)  I spotted him in the yard and I ran and slipped my arm into his and he was all smiles to see me.

DREAM 2   - This was a web page about a pope I didn't see the name, but I saw the word DIED towards the bottom.  There was a smiling face of a woman overlooking the details of his life.


4-5-05 - DREAM  - My next door neighbor had 4 black ravens/crows. She decided to mate two of them and destroy the other two.

I told her that I would take her two extra ravens and cage them separately at my house, so she wouldn't have to cry over them.

She agreed to that and I got her two ravens from her.

Then I saw her raven contract and saw her take white out and put it over the last two black dots, so now her contract was for mating 2 black ravens.

(I can't remember the rest of the dream)


4-5-05 - DREAM - I was dreaming about a lost puppy and then realized how much it looked like the new Cocker Spaniel we just got.



4-6-05 - DREAM - I was cooking breakfast for Joe in the bedroom in a 6 inch pan on a hotplate. . Instead of cooking like normal, the yellow part started raising up n a stack like mashed potatoes.

They got higher and higher and then blew a hole open in the center of one side which I looked into. It looked like a cave with round egg yokes embedded in the walls.

Then one of them got larger and larger and overtook the other two and it ended up a foot tall and a foot wide at the bottom, looking like a doll wearing an antebellum type dress.  The other two egg piles were now under the dress of the third egg pile.

I started calling Joe to come and look at the eggs when they first started expanding. The larger they got, the louder I yelled for him to come and look and finally started yelling, "Bring the camera, bring the camera!"  Who would believe this?

Finally I saw the maintenance man walking by out the window and waited for him to get near enough so he could be a witness to them weird looking eggs, but he went on by.

I woke up still wanting to show Joe the eggs and how they turned out.


4-7-05 - DREAM - I was walking out in the country with some friends. I saw what looked like fireworks going off in the distance, but then I saw a huge fireball come arching up and across the sky. It landed in a dry cornfield off to my left.

I thought to myself, "That's going to start a fire."  No sooner had I thought that and I saw flames and heard the sound of a raging fire where the fireball had landed.

Suddenly a second fireball came arching overhead. It too landed nearby and instantly burst the field to flames.

I said to my friends, "They only thing we can do is run like hell."  and we did.

See:  FIRE 2005


4-8-05 - DREAM - I cannot say I even saw anything, but there was a horse named 'Windswept' who arrived.  It overlooked something that the little puppy was doing.  Once the horse Windswept arrived, nothing ever bad happened again.


4-8-05 - DREAM - (SARAH AND THE SMOKEY ROOM)  I was working at Allis-Chalmers in West Allis, WI, but it was not like it was 20 years ago when I really worked there.

It was after Christmas and the Christmas decorations were being cleaned up and thrown away.

I spotted my ex-husband at one point. Some people were dancing. He asked me to dance with him. We were dancing smoothly and rhythmically while others were dancing rock and roll and I saw that and thought that people dance differently to the same music.

One song was over and the crowd stayed, but I no longer could find my husband. All of a sudden, the crowd made a big fuss and crowded around someone laying on the floor. I was afraid it was my husband, but finally the people picked up the person. I could see it was a young woman. She got up laughing and said, "I just dropped my purse."

The crowd dispersed and I met an old engineer who had worked there a long time.

I couldn't understand every word he said, but what I gathered was that they had only 4 impellers left in stock to make warships and it would be a few years before they could make more.   (It had been my job to ship impeller patterns around the country from foundry to foundry and back to our pattern storage facility)

I thanked her for the information, then noticed that I didn't have my outdoor shoes on and couldn't walk home without them.

I saw all kinds of shoes laying around the floor with the old Christmas decorations.

They didn't seem to all be in pairs, but some were. I saw blue shoes, purple shoes, fuzzy slippers, black walking shoes and bowling shoes - lots of old bowling shoes.

I finally found a pair of suitable black sturdy walking shoes and put them on to walk home.

I looked out the exit door which went directly outside. The stories was so steep, I decided I would go out a different exit.

The next exit was an indoor stairway, which was just as steep, but had railings one could hold and felt safe in walking down the stairs to the outside.

Just then my ex-husband showed up. H was now wearing a black and red plaid jacket which he had not been wearing earlier.

I did not comment on the clothing, but explained how afraid I was that when the crowed at the dance had gathered and how I feared that he had collapsed and died on the floor.

He just laughed gently and said that he had had other things to attend to.

Just then Sir John Guilgud came up to us and spoke to my husband, He said, "Oh, please do come and join us where our dear Sarah is."

They then walked away together without saying anything to me.

I was a little distressed that only he was invited to go see this Sarah person, so I followed them to see what was going on.

They walked down a back hallway that had plush old carpeting and went up 4 stairs into a dimly lit smoky-aired room. It was a very large room and I could see that only men were seated in chairs around the periphery of the room.

The smoke in the air was bluish like it gets from smoking cigars.

I could see it wasn't a place where women were invited, so I just turned around left after looking in the door.

I went back to the exit with the indoor stairway and followed some older and handicapped women down the steep stairway, holding the guard rail all the way down to the last 4 stairs which were coated with a thick blue substance.

There were 4 glass doors to get outside. They weren't normal doors though. they looked like opaque glass, but were light weight and we had to lift the door upwards like a swinging gate over one's head and walk under them.

I woke up as I exited the building.

Sir John Gielgud

Age: 96

British stage actor who specialized in portraying Shakespearean characters but also excelled as a character actor. His performance as Hamlet, first given in 1929 and repeated more than 500 times, is considered one of the great interpretations of the role. Other stage credits include Romeo and Juliet, Measure for Measure, and Julius Caesar. He won an Oscar for his portrayal of the butler in 1981's Arthur.

Died: Aylesbury, England, May 21, 2000

He wrote a biography named:

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of / An affectionate new biography of Sir John Gielgud reveals a legendary stage magician with a big heart

 Newsday; 3/1/2002; JOHN ANDERSON

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of / An affectionate new biography of Sir John Gielgud reveals a legendary stage magician with a big heart

JOHN GIELGUD: The Authorized Biography, by Sheridan Morley. Simon & Schuster, 528 pp., $30.

OF ALL THE celebrated lines uttered on film and stage by the late John Gielgud - in a voice famously described by Alec Guinness as a "silver trumpet muted in silk" - among the most euphonious, melodious, elegantly poisonous and surgically acerbic was one directed at ...


4-9-05 - THE COMMUNITY -  This is a series of dreams that dovetail into each other. 

#1 DREAM - I was with some people that were demolishing a subdivision of older houses in a town somewhere. They were going to bulldoze all the building down into a big pile of rubble and burn it. 

I asked what they were doing this for and what they were going to do with the rubble. 

The man said they were going to dig a hole in the earth and push all the rubble into it.

I asked, What will you do with the earth you dig out of the hole?"

He answered, "We will spread it out over the land above the rubble so its flat again."

I asked him, "Then what are you going to do with the empty land?"

He got a big gleam in his eyes and while he described it, I could visualize his intention. He said, "We are going to build the world's tallest building,"  and could see it soaring into the sky, gleaming n the sunlight.

#2 - DREAM - I was in a house and my Father was helping me pack up the last of the stuff in the kitchen in order to move. I was aware that we had done this before, just the week prior, so lots of other things were still in boxes from moving before. 

I had packed all the dry goods and dishes and pots and pans already. There was nothing left that was refrigerated to pack.

I said to my Father, "Are we ready to go?  I'm down to the hot dogs.  Do you want something to eat before we go?"

He answered, "Just a sandwich."  So I prepared him a sandwich of some kind of lunch meat and cheese, bread and butter.

All the rest of us would snack on dry foods and bottled water in the truck and vans on the way to our new property.

This was very exciting. We were ready to move to where my Father wanted us to be living.

#3 - DREAM - I was in the living room looking at a newspaper. There was an ad for a new community being built. There was an accompanying map that showed a new subdivision being built that was going to be built and they were looking for people to work on the development of the project.

I looked at the map, which was being shown to me by a light-skinned black woman or Indian . It was a large project and the map which showed a large area of a valley with a series of small rivers and creeks. There were more than one community of houses. They were spread out all over the valley, and each grouping of houses had its own name.

The map was all green with blue rivers and creeks flowing through it. It had not been developed yet, so one couldn't go visit the community, but the land was there - waiting.  

I looked back at the ad again, which had a lot of pictures on it to show what it was going to look like in the future. 

It showed fountains of water, green lawns being sprinkled with big sprays of water in the sunlight so the water glistened and showed rainbow above it. It was lovely.

I was getting more and more excited as I looked at the ad. 

I finally came to the name of the company doing the project. It was LANDMARK. I knew they were a nationwide company, but I still didn't know where this community was going to be developed. 

I searched the map again, looking through all the surrounding towns - this was a large map. I finally found it -  UTAH!

So I went to the telephone and called my friend Michelle to tell her about the project and the company. This project was already financed. All they needed were the people to develop it. 

I told Michelle to look in her local phone book for their ad because they are a development company nationwide.

I told her excitedly, "I may be 67, but I feel forty," which is younger than she is. 

I then went back to my computer room. I had three computes in a row, and I could go on t the internet with all three of them at the same time and they were networked together.  Each of the computers was larger than the next and I could research something on the computer and send the page to the largest computer if I wanted to, which I did when I found a map of UTAH where the community was going to built. 

It was the same map that had been in the newspaper ad and the map was so detailed because it was a satellite image that one could zoom into it and see every large rock, bush and tree in the area.

The longer I looked at it, the more excited I became. I said to myself, and I want this job so bad, I can taste it."

So then I went to tell Joe about it who was laying in bed.

In the bedroom, there was a screen on the wall that covered the whole wall above the bed that was sideways to the wall like a daybed. There was an image of a book on the screen, which was the same book I held in my hand.

So I told Joe to look at the page I had the book open to in my hand - on the wall screen.

Two pages were up and it was a section of a large book about people and the work they did. This particular section was about William Bradley.

I handed the book to Joe to read because he was laying too close to the wall to see the image clearly from his perspective.

The truth was in the details.

NOTE:  William Bramley wrote the book  "Gods of Eden". Its about UFO history and aliens/extraterrestrials.


4-12-05 - DREAM - I was working in a large building on the 1st floor. It felt and seemed like a hospital at first and I seemed to be the cleaning lady and was waxing the floors on my hands and knees and polishing them. There were little pits in the flooring here and there that I couldn't repair.

People started coming in who I had met before. One couple were both doctors - male and female - and they had been there three weeks earlier and were applying for jobs. I pointed out to them where my office was and wished them well.

Patients started coming out of their rooms, they were healed and ready to go home and other people came to rent apartments in the same building on higher floors.

My maternal grandfather came to rent an apartment.  (He passed on March 7, 1969 and this is the first time I've ever dreamed about him in my entire life)  He looked exactly like he did when I was a kid.

As I walked through the hallway, the previous cleaning lady had left puddles of wax here and there in the hallway and we had to step over and around the puddles to get through, and set up beds in a room. A young man was helping me with this.

As it was 5 people wanted to rent apartments, but I couldn't get into the office to get the paperwork so I could take their money because it was nighttime.  I figured out that the date was June 1st, and all these people had come on May 31st - the last day of the previous month, and this was the first day of the next month  - June.

These people had looked around on the last day and decided to return on the first day to stay.

Six maintenance men came along - dressed in dark grey coveralls. They had the passkeys to all the rooms. I asked them if they could let me into the office to get the paperwork and they said , "No!"

I then went out into the yard and there were 100's of yellow invoices on clipboards, sitting on individual 3-legged stools in a grid pattern.  They were laid out 10 x 100 it seemed. I was stunned to see they were all open to the elements and subject to the wind and rain and I started to close them up one by one until a woman dressed in white came and told me that my boss 'Ralph' would be there in 6 minutes to inspect the invoices.  So I quickly opened them all up again.

I was so excited because he could let me into the office to get the paperwork and he'd be so pleased with me because I had rented five apartments on my first day of work.



4-12-05  :   I decided to meditate today on going back to the moon and why we haven't done it. So, I sat and asked my guides to give me the answer.   

A man named 'Angelo' came and said, "China wants to be respected!"   

That wasn't a sufficient answer, so I asked the question again and went into a dream where I was sitting on the sidelines in a large high school gymnasium.   

The band came in but nobody was playing. There was a girl at the head of the line with a large 10 foot long blue arrow.  She carried it around the gymnasium and then handed the arrow to me. 

I assumed it meant - 'moving forward'.  

But then nothing happened. The band didn't play and nobody did anything.   

I started looking for someone in charge. I ran into 5 different men who were carrying clipboards with notes on. I asked all of them the same question, "Who is in charge of this arrow."  Nobody had the answer.  

 Then I ran into a woman, dressed in brown, who was in charge of the band. I asked her the same question, and she showed me she was in charge of the band by directing them to sit down with her hands.

I even saw something small withdraw into the arrow itself. 

She had a microphone with large speakers there and I asked her too, "Who is in charge of this arrow?"    By then the front end of the arrow was bent over and didn't point forward anymore.    

She wanted to know if I wanted to ask for cash donations for my cats.   

I said, "No!  I just want to know who is in charge of this arrow!"   So, she made the announcement over the loudspeaker,  "Who is in charge of 'moving forward?"   There was no answer!   

If you've read this far, read this essay on the topic!  


4-13-05 - NAP DREAM - I needed to haul water from the faucet at the top of one stairs, carry it down the stairs and then go up a second stairway to give it to my birds. 

I got the water from the faucet into a blue bucket and followed my mother down the first staircase.

The stairs seemed awfully steep to begin with, but I noticed that I was having trouble lifting my right foot to go down the stairs and wondered if that meant that I had some hidden disease I didn't know about.

My father was on the sidewalk as I put the water bucket into a little red wagon and pulled it over to the second stairway. 

I climbed the second stairway well enough and fed the birds, then went to the sink that had soapy dish water in it. 

I felt something clinking in the bottom of the sink so I reached in with my left hand. I felt some broken glass in the bottom of the sink and pulled it carefully out. 

I turned to my left and saw my friend Michelle in the next room. I said, "Oh my gosh! Did you know there was a broken glass in the sink?"

I knew instantly that if Michelle didn't know, Amanda, her small daughter did. I could see Amanda standing behind Michelle and she had broken the glass in the sink. 


4-14-05 - DREAM - I was standing in a large room in a brick building like a school room.

The window didn't appear to have any glass in it. I saw a UFO out the window. It looked like a fat egg with a yolk on top except that it was all white. 

All of a sudden an alien appeared at my side. His skin was black and I touched him on top of his head because hew as way shorter tan me and he felt rather rubbery. 

I don't recall that he said anything to me but he might have.

All of a sudden I saw the UFO fly away again. It flew in an odd manner - not smoothly. It was like it got sucked away in pulses. 

~~~~  Later, when I was thinking about it, and visualizing writing the dream down, I saw the date July 2, 1959 above the word 'alien'.  I saw a huge UFO above my head for real on July 4, 1960 in New Berlin, WI.  Later too, I remembered that I lived on 66th St. in West Allis, WI in 1959 and New Berlin in 1960.   The houses are about 15 miles apart.


4-15-05 - THE ULTIMATE MALL BATHROOM DREAM -  I was in a HUGE mall. I needed to go to the bathroom and I found a ladies room on one side. Only one person at a time could go in and my friend Kimber went in first. 

I was standing outside when a group of people I came along and they all had to go to the bathroom too.

They were so exuberant, they jostled me out of my place, then decided who was going to get to go first and it wasn't me. All these people were 7 feet or more tall so I didn't get a lot of choice as to who was going to go first as they arranged and rearranged the line of people. 

Everyone was having fun, laughing and chatting and I didn't want to make a commotion about being first in line, so I just went along with it. As long as I could hold it, there was no problem. 

However, before I got to my turn, the whole group decided to go all the way across the mall and buy snacks at the food machines. 

I had been here before, so I knew where all the ladies rooms were at this mall. This was no problems for me and went along for the fun of it. 

I reached into my pocket and found only a couple of shiny dimes, not enough to buy anything, but I knew I had some quarters in my coin purse that is attached to the outside of my wallet in my purse. 

So, while my friend Diane was showing off the Cheetos she had bought, I went fishing in my purse for the wallet with the coin purse, opened it up and fished out one quarter.

I promptly dropped the quarter on the floor, heard it clink and roll.  The came the fun of finding the quarter. 

I looked down at the floor more closely. It was made of see-thru resin that was thick and had embedded white circles in the resin, that was just slightly larger than the quarter.

The resin was also very shiny, so we all slid our feet on the floor, trying to find the quarter amongst all the embedded circles. We never did find it, but it was fun watching all those people, trying to pick up the embedded circles they thought was the quarter.  

I finally gave up and headed for the ladies room which was quite a ways down the mall past all the shops, restaurants and a theatre down a side hall, where the largest ladies room was. 

I was walking really fast and didn't have all those friends with me. I was really glad to find the ladies room. I pushed the door open as it swung both directions and found myself in a long hallway that had stalls on both sides with closed doors on them. 

As I made my way down the hallway looking for an open stall, all of a sudden, nine foot tall men started coming out of the stalls, wearing white towels around their hip area, naked from the waist up. They were all really muscular and had odd long faces.

I was almost instantly surrounded by these tall guys whom I thought looked gay by the way they were all wearing he towels. 

I just said, "Oops! I thought I was in the ladies room", and started looking for the door and started running into tall masculine looking women in dresses on my hurried way back out of this hallway. 

All I cared about was getting to the ladies room and ran out the door and again walked fast down the mall to another ladies room I knew about.  

About this time, it seemed that everyone was either carrying a green - yellow polka-dotted umbrella over their heads or wearing a voluminous green skirt with yellow polka dots.  That doesn't make sense but that's what I'm remembering.

I ran into the door of the next ladies room I came to and found myself in a very narrow hallway with no doors inside it.

I both heard and felt a buzzing sound in my head as I started walking into that hallway and almost simultaneously fond myself laying awake in bed. 

I realized I needed to clear my throat of phlegm, which I did and almost instantly went back into the dream and found myself in a section of the mall where a guy was making pizza dough and mixing in white flour ad everyone was getting coated with white flour and laughing about it.

Now, all the umbrellas and skirts were dark blue with white polka dots and I was trying to figure out how white flour on green and yellow could become blue an white and I knew it can't. The reverse could possibly work, but you don't go from green and yellow to blue and white by adding white to green and yellow. 

But I still needed to go the bathroom and headed for another ladies room I knew about further down the mall. 

When I got there, I saw women going into it, so I was sure it was a ladies room, but when I got inside, it was literally standing room only. There were no toilets , only small stalls where you had to stand over a drain in the floor. 

I had to go so bad by now, I made an attempt to rearrange my clothing to do what was required, but I couldn't do it and gave up to go find a real ladies room where I could sit down like a normal bathroom. 

I gradually woke up this time and realized I'd better get up and go to the bathroom as soon as I remembered the dream I had just had.


4-16-05 - DREAM -  I was living in a smaller city or town with a factory in it.

I was divorced and lived with all my normal real children, but also had two adopted children, both boys with the same name but much different ages.  One boy was an infant and the other was about age 21 and in college.  (He was a tall, intelligent, good looking, blonde curly haired young man, who reminds me of the singer - 'Michael Ball'

I was living with my Father and his new wife. He resembled my former neighbor Arnold A. . She reminds me of a One Life to Live TV show character - dark-haired, wavy shoulder length.  (She was pushed off a cliff in a past year and the body never found)

It was nearing the end of May and the end of the school year.

I had been sick a day or so, thus my step-mother had been caring for all of us, but during that time, something in her had changed and she became a threat to me and my family.

It was a bright and sunny day out but we knew that the school year was ending the June rains were coming. 

My step-mother and I were discussing moving because of the rains and floods that were sure to come.

My step-mother decided we should move to a college town so it would be convenient for 'Michael' to go to school.

I knew 'Michael' the college student could take care of himself. I was more concerned about 'Michael' my adopted infant, who I hadn't seen in two days, because of my illness.

I was suddenly struck with the thought that my step-mother was in love with my adopted older son 'Michael'.

I decided that for my family's sake, I would have to pack up all my kids stuff while she was out of the house during the last week of school and go somewhere she wouldn't think of.  My children's safety was my utmost concern.

My Father was sleeping in bed and I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and one of the men who worked for my Father who either owned or supervised the factory told us that there was a problem.  Water was coming in the roof of the factory and running down off the pipes that lined the ceiling of the building and was running all the way down into the mines at the bottom and a disastrous flood was imminent because the mines were full of people.

I jumped up to go with my Father to see what was happening. The man who had come to warn my Father and I rode up the elevator together to the 12th floor where the pipes were strung along the factory ceiling.

During the elevator rid, the man who had warned us ended up hanging from a nail on the elevator door and I couldn't lift him up to get him off the nail.  My Father had to quickly attend to the disaster.  I told the man that if he rode the elevator back down to the first floor, someone could lift him off the nail.  He sadly understood his plight.

I left the elevator and watched as my Father climbed up to the ceiling of the factory where I could see more and more water running in and falling off the pipes and dropping all the way to the mine floor below.  There was nothing in between to stop it.

I decided I would go down to the mine floor to warn the miners of the imminent flood. My Father was doing what he could to stop the rain from coming into the factory.

There was no stairway but the way the pipes were arranged, I was able to slide down from pipe to pipe all the way down to the mine floor. It was only about a six-foot drop from the bottom pipe and I managed that easily enough.

I walked over a few feet to the mine entrance where the train tracks went in and the men came out. Just then, two mine trains came out of the tunnel, with all the people bent over so they didn't hit their heads on the  top of the tunnel.

All the men in the first train raised up when they got near me and I could see their dirty faces, grimy with moist dirt from sweating in the heat of the mine.

I was stunned to see who was riding on the second train.  When the people raised up their heads, I could see they were all female office workers, mostly older women. Some of them recognized me on sight. I hadn't know that the mine tunnels also had offices underground.

The women were clean and pristine looking, as they didn't go into the mine tunnels themselves, but they worked in underground offices and were equally in danger from the coming flood.

I woke up before I could tell them of the danger.


4-18-05 - DREAM - I was on my way to work. First I rode the bus. It was standing-room only. I was proud of the fact that people thought of me as well-balanced as I maneuvered my way through obstacles and against the tide of humanity.  It was uphill all the way.

After I got off the bus, I had to walk a long way. At first I walked the median of the road. Most of the traffic was going downhill and there were floods of water which I had to tread through as well, also rushing downhill. At that point, I had to walk on the right side of the road.

When I got to work, I met with two of my bosses and I clarified with them that I was not responsible for, nor expected to promote the projects they were producing.

I then went to my office where we were expecting a new-hire to be the third person in our office. To my delight, they promoted a really nice  girl from downstairs instead of bringing in someone off the street.

It was my job to make the coffee and keep everyone awake, so I went to the kitchen, filled the coffee pot with water and plugged it in.

I don't recall putting coffee into the pot, but I do remember putting a single leaf of lettuce at the bottom of the basket.

NOTE: { Maror

A "Kazayit" of Maror (lettuce leaves or stalks, horseradish) dipped in charoset is eaten, following the Bracha AL ACHILAT MAROR, as a reminder of bitter slavery - hence, no reclining. The Yerushalmi explains that the longer lettuce remains in the ground, the more bitter it becomes. This makes lettuce, although it is not very bitter, symbolic of the life of our ancestors in Egypt and therefore, particularly appropriate for the mitzvah. Some will wrap a small amount of horseradish in a lettuce leaf. Maror is a Rabbinic requirement until the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash, when it will resume its Torah status when eaten with Korban Pesach (and Matza).}

I then went to the cabinet, where there were many boxes like cereal and they were all plain wrapped and labeled 'TRUTH'. I wished it was as easy to find an honest man as it was to pick out  a box of 'TRUTH.'


4-19-05 - DREAM - I was living in a house with a woman named Mary. She had a husband, but he was never home. He worked night and day it seemed.

I woke up in the morning, when Mary came to the door of my bedroom and asked if I was all right.

The room was dimly lit because there were dark shades on the windows, so I couldn't tell what time it was.

I became alarmed that she needed to know if I was okay, so I got out of bed to see if she, herself was okay.

I came out into the living room, I saw on the clock that it was 10 minutes to 8 a.m.  It was later than I thought and I could see that the sky was blue and the sun was shining outside. I should have gotten out of bed hours earlier.

Mary was sitting in the living room talking quietly with a couple other women. 

I needed to go to the bathroom and when I went in there, I saw there was no lid or seat on the toilet, so I couldn't sit down on the toilet without falling in, so I couldn't use it.

I decided to look for another bathroom and going through the hallway, I could look into Mary's husband's bedroom.

On the wall, was a TV wall screen as large as the whole wall. It was showing a war movie.

I don't like watching war movies and this one was particularly gruesome. There was a weapon they used that shot fie, not bullets. When someone got hit with the fire the burst into flames, completely immolated and burnt to a crisp. It was so awful I couldn't watch it, so I closed my eyes to blank out the sight of it.

When I opened my eyes, the movie replayed itself and when it started getting really bad - to see the soldiers being annihilated by streams of fire coming down from the sky, I just couldn't watch it and closed my eyes again.

Again I opened my eyes and the scene started replaying itself again.  It came to me that every  time I closed my eyes, it would repeat the war scene and it wouldn't stop doing that until I watched the film all the way to the end or I would never be horrified enough to do something about it to prevent it in the first place.

So I stood there and watched the soldiers being hit by streams of fire coming from the sky. All the soldiers had were rifles to defend themselves with. They had no defense for these horrible weapons. They tried pressing themselves up against walls or behind objects and that didn't help. When the stream of fire came down, the fire was worse than a bullet, it could billow around corners and immolate anything that was close by.

The film just kept getting worse and worse.  Unfortunately, I was so horrified to see all these solders getting burned to death, I couldn't watch the film all the way to the end. I couldn't stand to see all these men die so needlessly.

I had to close my eyes - it was too horrible to bear.


4-20-05 - DREAM - I was living on a farm and my daughter came to visit, bring six girlfriends wit her. All the girls had the same name.

Only two girls came to the living room. I had been sitting there, trying to think about what I was going to say to them about my accomplishments in life, but the other 4 girls went to bed to sleep, so I wasn't going to make a big speech to only two girls.

I went into another room and found an 8 year old boy there. He said he was married to one of the girls. I was astounded to hear that.

Later, I was going to cook for them and the boy had put his stuff on top of the stove.. There was a large red plastic tray with a stereo record player on top of it and it was all covered by some kind of box.

I couldn't figure out why it was on top of the stove.


4-21-05 - NAP DREAM - I was in a large old house. The rooms were immense, the ceilings unbelievably high. The house was so large there was different activities going on in front than there were at the back.

In the front of the house there was a large wedding going on. A beautiful , thin, dark-haired bride was standing there with the minister and many women and children.

In the back of the house, there were gardeners tending the lawn and gardens. 

In the back kitchen, people were cooking.

I was in the center of the house in my office, doing the book work and computer work.

I went to the back and saw a young man riding on a mower outside. I had another job for him, so I sent someone out to get him for me.

Meanwhile I put some bread into the toaster to toast.

I went back to my computer for a moment, waiting for the gardener to come in.

Suddenly I smelled burnt toast and then remembered  I had put bread in the toaster and the smell meant that the toast hadn't come up by itself and was burning.  I ran towards the kitchen and before I even got there, I could see the reflection of flames on the walls and knew it was too late to save the toast.

I yelled to anyone who could hear me to call 911. Then the gardener came in . I  said to him, "Tell everyone to get ut of the house and pointed towards the front of the house where the wedding was going on.

I went towards the front and I could see a stairway coming down from upstairs. It was built of blue-wire grids that were set far enough apart every so many feet so the old grandfather could come down and take photographs of the wedding.

I climbed the grid stairs for a bit to test how the stairs worked. I could see through the spaces between the grids  - the space between them was so black and vast, it was like outer space.

Then I climbed back down the blue grids like the grandfather would, placing my heels in the appropriate places.

I then went towards the front of the house waving a white towel at the people gathered for the wedding which had already taken place.

I saw the minister standing with the bride and numerous women and children.

I waved my white towel and shouted at everyone who was oblivious to the smoke coming from the back ofo the house.  "Everyone out - everyone out," waving the towel, I shouted, "Can't you smell the smoke?"

I still had a vague sense of burnt toast in my nostrils.

The minister ushered the bride and the children outside.

Even though he was the last one out the door, I wanted to ask him, "Don't you want to stay and pray for the victims?" but thought better of it.

It was better for him to stay with the bride and the children and pray for the survivors.


4-23-05 - DREAM - I was managing a large apartment complex. We had many buildings and many people in each building in separate apartments.

I got a phone call from someone who told me a bout a young man named WILL who decided he didn't want to be the son of his father. He had decided to either run away and 'go it alone' or kill himself.

I wanted to know what WILL was experiencing that was so bad that he wanted to run away or die, so I invited WILL to talk to me.

I and WILL were sitting on my screen sun porch and we were just getting acquainted when I noticed there was a large hole in my screen - about 2 x 2.





Just then the telephone rang and the female voice said, "This is Stacy!"  (She was the overall Manager of all the complexes)  She said, "Did you know that Hugh  (HU) went around and drilled a hole in every door and inserted 9 yellow balls for extra security?"  (Hugh was the owner of the complexes)  The balls looked like this:

    *  *   *
    *   *  *
    *   *  *

I said, "No! I didn't"

I hung up the phone, wondering why the boss has put in extra security in each door. I looked at my own door. Mine had 14 yellow balls in the door aligned 2 x 7.

 * * * * * * *
 * * * * * * *

(All the balls looks like Yellow tennis balls.)




4-24-05 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building somewhere. My children had gone to school.

My cousin Judy came to visit and said she was going to buy some new shoes. I said I needed new shoes also, so she said she would take me shopping.

I was already outside and forgot something in my apartment, so I went back to the elevator to go upstairs.

The elevator door opened and a large, tall man stood there and said to me, "The mother, The Shine, the Father, The Shine, and Dolores, The Shine, : the Mother, the Father, and the Gloria are coming home and they are almost here."

I woke up wondering, why did the man call me 'The Shine", and who is Gloria?

See: The Grand Inquisitor


4-24-05 - DREAM - I was living in a large house I had never been in before.

I was trying clean up the mess my children had made. I went through the hallway where my son Michael had taken a coat out of the closet and left hangars of all types laying around. There were wire hangars and wooden hangars and hooks were all tangles together, their hook s caught into the wire hangars. I had to straighten them all out.

I went to my room and my daughter was there with her friends. I felt like I was intruding so I left them and went out to the living room.

There was a whole crowd of people. I said, "Who are all these people?"  My son Tom said, "This is my bowling team." 

Then all the adults went outside, leaving the kids in the house. So I started telling the kids to go outside and play, but the mother had even left their infants behind unattended and they couldn't go outside by themselves.

I started exploring the  house to look at the kids' bedrooms. There were large rooms , really pretty with blue and white floral bedspreads on the beds.  Kids were everywhere still.

I continued on down the hall. It seemed like the house was once a church rectory where priests or nuns lived. The outside doors were glass and had lace curtains hanging on them.

I went down one hall and found the bathroom. I tired to turn the light on with the switch, but it didn't come on. I saw my mother doing laundry way down at the other end of an inner hallway. I called down to her, "Why don't you turn the lights on in here?"

I left then and went to another room. On the wall, way up high, was a TV screen. I saw maps on the screen and they were getting all jumbled up.

A young wizened woman came in. She had a small, but thick notebook with her. She started going through it, look at pictures she had drawn.

She came to the last page, she tore it out and handed it to me. She said, "The Seer Calligstra had said, "On December 24th, a long awaited child will be born and it will be "The New Bastard."

I took the paper and left the room. It had been such a nasty, stinging message.

I went into another room where I thought I would find some peace. A tall black woman with a huge head of black hair was just leaving. I thought I recognized her from American Idol TV show.

I was seated on a chair at the time. I wanted to say something nice to her, so I said, "You are a very talented woman and wish you well."

She leaned over from behind me and hugged me around the shoulders and left.

I then went on down the hall to another bedroom where a bowling family had stayed the night. One of the women had made a large pouch of two layers of fabric and inside the pouch were cloth figures of all the bowling people and their children. They were individually attached to the back panel of fabric so they wouldn't fall out and couldn't change positions either.

While I was looking at it, and see that all the cloth dolls were appropriate inside and thinking how much work that was to do, a little fat boy came up to me and grabbed the top of the ouch and pretended to throw something into it. He said, "Wouldn't it be great if someone threw a bomb in there and blew them all up?"

I was so disgusted at his terrible words, I folded up the ouch and took it with me to protect it from the boy.

I went into another room and two men, dressed black came in and I said, "Who, who are you?"

I don't recall that he gave his name, but he gave me a little piece of paper with some numbers on it, B51454 and 40555 , August 8 Jesus Christ, and Steve Burisch.

NOTE: 51454 is Manilla Iowa....40555 is Lexington Kentucky

B51454 might be  BEADED - 

40555 might represent DOEEE -  Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


I also found: Beaded Lightning - Also called pearl lightning. This is a particular aspect of a normal lightning flash occasionally seen when the observer happen to view end-on a number of segments of the irregular channel and hence receives an impression of higher intensity at a series of locations along the channel.

(That might mean Dan Burisch, whose work I've been studying this week)

I also found:  people on Christ's right are looking up; they seem to be helping each other; there is an orderly character to this group. The angel is lifting two people with a "beaded rope", the rosary. Prayer and faith are able to lift one to heaven. The implication is that the rosary is able to do this. But I think there is more. This is a black couple. Could the artist be acknowledging that this group of people have been poor and oppressed for much of history, at least after contact with Europeans? Why would this make a difference? See the CCC on equality of men. CCC 2678 rosary.

Solar eclipses coming up: 

2005 Apr 08 Hybrid 1.007 00m42s N. Zealand, N. & S. America
[Hybrid: s Pacific, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela]
2005 Oct 03 Annular 0.958 04m32s Europe, Africa, s Asia
[Annular: Portugal, Spain, Libia, Sudan, Kenya]
2006 Mar 29 Total 1.052 04m07s Africa, Europe, w Asia
[Total: c Africa, Turkey, Russia]
2006 Sep 22 Annular 0.935 07m09s S. America, w Africa, Antarctica
[Annular: Guyana, Suriname, F. Guiana, s Atlantic]
2007 Mar 19 Partial 0.874 - Asia, Alaska
2007 Sep 11 Partial 0.749 - S. America, Antarctica
2008 Feb 07 Annular 0.965 02m12s Antarctica, e Australia, N. Zealand
[Annular: Antarctica]
2008 Aug 01 Total 1.039 02m27s ne N. America, Europe, Asia
[Total: n Canada, Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia, China]
August 8, 2222 7m06s


4-24-05 - NAP DREAM - I was at home on 16th St. My son Ken was talking quietly with my Mother. I iheard there was something wrong with Ken they were keeping from me, so I came right out and asked what was wrong.

My mother said that Ken can't swallow dry things like crackers, but I'm sure it will get better."

I was instantly very frightened and asked, "Can you swallow things more sturdy and firm like hamburger?"

He assured me he could so I felt better, that he wouldn't starve to death.

I was then told that my friend Lee Chin's web site about her cancer cure was getting 6,500 hits a day. I thought that was a good number of hits and then I saw it in print and it was a good number of hits per day for 1 page.

I had to go somewhere and  and headed East on Center St. I was still taking to someone like I was on a cell phone.

When I got past 15th St., going east, the street widened out really far and was all newly paved with no markings in the street.

14th St. was so wide that the entire block between 14th and Teutonia was gone, so I don't know if the street was called 4th or Teutonia, Ave.

The street was so wide in both directions that a person walking couldn't cross it all the way in one normal light, so the light had to be exapanded in both direction sot make it all the way across.

As it was, I was driving with both feet on the ground like I was pushing my car with my feet from inside and traffic had to wait for me. A bus came up from behind my right shoulder and huge green dump truck drove around me and parked up against the north curb of Center St.

It seemed that the dump truck driver and the bus driver were in communication with each other too as they both watched out for me and my slow push-car.

It was a scary moment.