APRIL, 2012



It's hard to explain this. I had gone to bed and was laying down. Suddenly I started to feel severe pinching in front of my right arm pit - but at the same time I was having a vision like I was inside a bird cage and several dark birds were laying on their sides on the bottom of the cage amongst black fallen spiny cactus plants and white pop corn things with black netting over them.

The vision ended with the pain, but immediately I started feeling severe pinching on the back of my left shoulder blade. The pain did not go through my body. It was just on the outside even though the pains seemed to be exactly opposite on my body.

I didn't look at the time, but it was approximately midnight.

4-1-12 - DREAM - I went to a large party.  It may have been for a child's birthday party.  I'm not really certain.

Before anyone came, I was observing things and I saw a room in which 8 purple gloves were hanging on a wall.  While I watched, a young blonde man came in and put his on top of two of the purple gloves and the gloves turned green.  The young man then put his hands into the two green gloves.

My attention was drawn elsewhere and I stood up against a wall by the entryway and people of all ages came in wearing heavy winter coats and hung them on hooks, threw them on beds and placed them anywhere they could find them when they left.

The part ensued and it seemed there was a lot of game playing and card games where money was exchange.

Then the people began leaving and picking up their coats on the way out.  There were no leftover coats.

My Mother-in-law Audrey was the last woman to get ready to leave and she aid, "Someone stole $10 from me."

I realized it was possible for someone to mistake whose money they had as a lot of money changed hands during the evening, but I had a strange feeling about one of the dark-hared boys that had been at the party.  I started to tell Audrey that while I was standing by the door watching people pick up their coats to leave, I had a very uneasy feeling about a dark-haired boy at the party.

Before I could tell her who it was, a very tall, beautiful blonde woman came sweeping in the door, wearing a very bright blue dress.  Her name was Suzy and her daughter had been at the party.   Suzy had to been able to attend the party, but she came anyway just to leave her presents.

That ended my conversation with Audrey except I said, "Anything could have happened to that money they way it was flying around during the games."

After the women left, I had to go back to work, and I released a Press Release that was already typed up and printed in purple ink in all CAPS letters.

A separate signature sheet was attached also in purple ink.  It was then signed by  DAN, a space then, Dan Winter, and Two other officials of the company.

Just as I was leaving, the radio came on and I heard this:  "It is believed that 18 people from Monsanto were killed."

DAN WINTER is a very famous author and inventor on the internet whom we've written about a lot but Stan Tenon sued him and for some reason, censored all the pages where we mentioned his name.



I don't  know what I'm doing in New Jersey, working and living with the characters from One Life To Live?  They are probably glad to have the gig though Nora is clearly nervous about it.  However, they are all jobless right now as far as I knew, so are happy to have some income living with me.

We started off with the two Todd's (supposedly twins abandoned at birth and recently discovered their joint heritage) We were in some tall government building along the shore of New Jersey.  The two Todd's were doing all the climbing inside the building, hanging off of high barriers, and then climbing trees outside.  I got to ride in a helicopter watching them walk really fast along the Jersey shore getting away from that building.  I never did find out what they were doing in there.  I was just watching.

Then both Todd's, and Cassie and Nora moved into a nice New Jersey apartment and we were living together.

I spent a lot of time trying to find a good place to hang the toothbrush holder to make the taller Todd happy.  Nora was clearly nervous doing pillow talk with me,.  We put Cassie on my diet because she had some pudgies on her waistline.  She was not happy about that.

At the end, Nora was helping me trim a fingernail that had broken off strangely.  I told her I should be using a file, not a clippers to straighten it out, but I got nervous trying to trim the nail with the clippers.

I really didn't want to walked up.  I was having way to much fun being with my favorite people.

Here are the government buildings in New Jersey.   I don't have time to figure out which one we were in.





All night I dreamt of changing from green to blue  (a raise in chakra level)

In the afternoon, I dreamt that an older woman told me that I should eat three different colors of tomatoes every day.

After I woke up, I wondered about the three different color of peppers my friend was told to eat last year, then what about onions.







NOTE:  This page came about because of interviews I've heard on the radio, plus a dream I had last night.   Unfortunately, I didn't catch the author's name in the interview and I don't have access to the archives of this particular station, so I'm writing from memory and from what I've seen on TV and have recorded for posterity as long as the video tape holds together.

4-2-12 DREAM -  I don't know the location of this dream, but apparently it was in Wisconsin in the country as my boss Al Gray was flying a plane overhead with the interior lights on because I could see him clearly inside his little plane.  I don't knew what type of plane it was, but it could have held two people or four - I can't say for sure about the 4.    I saw my boss fly the plane ove4rhead, and then I heard a neighborhood teenager say that she was going to go flying after school and when I looked up in the sky - there were dozens of planes in view - flying in all different directions at the same time willy nilly.  That looked really dangerous, akin to pool balls flying across the pool table upon the opening break.   Then I saw a large airliner in the distance going around in tight circles around and around, and fro a few seconds I thought there were two planes circling like two eagles might do after the same prey.  This was a very large plane and when it circled, it looked a bird flapping its wings violently - they got very blurry like a bad film gets shaky sometimes.  I don't know how that plane stayed in the air and I fully expected its to crash, but it didn't.  It just kept flying the tight turns until I wake up.


NOTE 2 -  As far as the radio interview last night - actually there were two of tem - on the same topic, one after the other.  One was on the Verita show, talking about the Gods as well, the other was on the Kevin Smith show, with a man named Jerry with a fabulous voice as host, talking to an author who was religiously based scholar whoh gave up religion during his studies.

This gist of this talk was about the GODS, who they were and how many children they had.

Just to kick off this discussion would be tough for a religious person to swallow the premise to begin with and here it is:





sometimes I think I'M going nuts.

4-3-12 -  MEDITATION:  I had a stomach ache from going to the bathroom, so after I ate breakfast, I sat and meditated.  I saw in a vision - the name EMILY POINSKI - and a voice said, "Where the heck did you get that," and I answered out loud, " I have no clue."  :-)  I saw something written too but could read it.  Maybe I twas something she wrote.

Then I went into a dream in which I was getting some kind of intravenous treatment in a clinic and I kept getting the cord twisted and started to cry over it  that was so upsetting.  At the same time, I teemed I lived there. My next door neighbor opened the door between our apartments and she had the most beautiful thick braid down her back with really thick hair and her daughter had one too.

the reason she opened her door was because I was watching TV - some kind of game tournament where one guy had to hold down a big hoop; on the ground to contain some other guys dressed in black who had to escape lot steal the hoop or something.  It was an intense rivalry.  The guy holding down the hoop was named John and when the tournament was over, John appeared in my room and introduced himself.  I told him my name was Dee and he invited me to come to the games.  I showed him I was attached to the intravenous tubes, and he then left.

The girl from next door invited me to go for exercise.  I said that sounded great but I didn't stick to anything I started so it really isn't worth even starting it.  She said she understood and closed her door.

Then another woman cam in from another door in the hallway, complaining her husband wouldn't her do anything at night for fun, and I agreed that I had the same problem because we never had two cars so I was always stuck at home too.  Commiserating with other people sometimes feels good.  :-)

I looked in my refrigerator for something to eat, but there was such big containers of juice and water, there was nol room for food.  I really needed a bigger refrigerator.

Then someone else came in loloking for her lost umbrella.  I co9uld see my purpl.e umbrella laying there on a table but I wasn't going to give her mine.  I had seen an umbrella laying on the hallway flolor so I tld her about that one, and some guy tol.d her tol to the library lost and found and he said she would.

Meantime there was a wrk crew painting walls in the hallways and trying tol clean up other peoples messes.

What the heck was that all about?  Heck if I know. iinsisted te name Emily Poinski doen't exist, and that I must mean Emily Pollinski who is a hockey star.  but I know nothing about hockey and dont' really care about hocky - I wish her luck in her sports career, but I just wanted EmilyPOINSKI.


4-4-12 -  I had three dreams I've had before that I can't remember, all about the color blue.

The last dream was also about the color blue and a man's workshirt with one of those sew on stickers that said SAFETY.

i made an instant connection with the guy in the hallway and we smiled at each other and he asked if he could come in and I invited him in for a beer, and then realized I didn't have any beer.  (That was John McBain from One Life to Live) He was walking down my hallway with an empty glass in his hand as I woke up, getting smaller and smaller and I'm hangng off the ceilikng, watching him walk down the hallway getting smaller and smaller.  Really dumb. 


4-6-12 - DREAM -  I went to my dolctors office and there were two doctors there, and one doctor actually sat on th eother doctors lap[ and then settled down and leaned on the other doctor's chest.  They both had 'shock' on their faces to be in that position.


4-6-12 - DREAM -  I was on a farm and there was a young, but large bull and a bear.  The bull did not yet have horns on it\s head.

Both the bear and the bull were following me around and it made me quite uncomfortable because of their size, until I learned that I could command them to "GO  LAY DOWN""   and they did.  It took a little longer to train the bear than it did to train the bull.

As I woke up, I thought I was seeing a page of code until realized it was a list of media stations




I was living in a rooming house with some other people.  I sat on the livingnroom floor, looking at some toys the kids had accumulated.  Bo - the commissioner f police on One Life to Live TV show came into the room and tried tol convince me to fool around with him on the sofa, but when I looked at the sofa, there were three larger than human sized bears sitting on the sofa, taking up all the space.

Bo said he could get rid of the bears and walked out of the rom for a couple of minutes. 

Meanwhile, a small television set was on, and another young man came in to watch TV.  The news was on, but I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying.  

I heard a sound at the livingrom door, and Bo appeared at the door wearing a large elephant head with a floppy trunk on its face. It looked like it was smiling.

The other guy, who was watching TV said he was hungry and Bo pulled a Hibatchi grill out of the toy box and set it up, and told the guy, "Hang on, I'll go get something to cook on this thing."  and left to go get some food to eat.

I can't remember if he said 'brats' or s'mores, but whatever it was sounded better than having to deal with the bears on the sofa.



I spent the entire day at a cafe type place, sitting on one chair, looking out the window with a couple other people. 

Att the start of the day, one of the windows had a large crack in it, and the sun was shining through it brightly.  One of the couple there had a disagreement about whether she should sit at the window wit the sun shining on her.  She liked the sunshine - he aid it was too hot.  He left the building and she stood in the opposite corner o fthe room saying nothing - all day.

I saw some whiite streaks on the window, and tried to wipe them off with a tissue, but wasn't making good progres, so I asked another man to help get the white streaks off the glass, the glass actually started to erode so i told him to stop.  The window actually looked worse now with theh glass eroded all the way down the window.

Therew as a lecture seminar going on in another room we could ehar from where we sat but other people were paying to listen so we just sat there hearing snatches o fit from time to time.

There were three of us in the room now -  the woman whose feelings were hurt, myself, and anothe rman named jjGlenn S. who I knew back in the 1970's.  The front window of the cafe had a diagonal crack down it - similar to the window on the side that had the eroded iagonal section d own it.

But the lecture, in te other room which sounded psychhological was just starting its last portion of the day, and I noticed that the sun was starting to go down and I saw the rays of the sun shining through the atmospehre across the street beyond the grunge o the window and it was one of those ideallic scenes one only ntices just at a special moment.

Right then, Glenn moved his arm and brushed against my arm, and electrcity went through me that I haven't felt in many years -  an exchange of energy that is exqauisite and electrifying between two people.

I didn't dare move, and if he felt anything, he didn't move either.  I almost lolst muy breath at the ecstasy of the feeling between us.

Then Glenn said,  "I'll bet you couldn't get $500 month rent for this place, and I agreed with him, breaking the spell.

I woke up with that feeling in me, marvelling at the range of the emotion that had gone through me just sitting in that one spot all day.

The meaning of the name Glenn is 'Valley in the mountains'

UI think this is also about the tuning because so far a 'window' has been closed -  now the window is cracked.  That means the runing is coming soon.


4-7-`12 - DREAM -  I was in the lobby of a college somewhere and a man walked by holding a brochure titled  CARBON FOOTPRINT. 

I've heard the term before, so I was intrigued as to what he was going to study, so l asked to see the brolchure.

Inside the brochure it showed tall tubes - about a gallon size of foods stuffed into them.  I tried to identify the foods in the tubes and could only pick out a couple of them by sight.  What the others were, I have no clue as I didin't recognize them, but someone in the world mut eat them.  My imagination can'/t be that good.  I assumed that whoever devised the brochure thinks that people eat a gallon of food somewhere.  I know I don't.

In the rest of the dream, I was in my own kitchen and a man was tyring to help me be comfortable and brought in an arm chair so I could sit down while working in the kitchen.  Nice of him.



4=8=12 =  ET RIVALRIES - i was somewhere in the country, living with my husband and some other people, I don't personaly known.

Outside on the path, I came across two ET's, short, bald, skinny ones, who were having a discussion about something they disagreed on.  They decided they would ettle the disagreement by challenging each other as to who could light u pthe molon faster than than tje ptjer ppme/

A few minuites later, as it got dark outside, I was standing outside on the path and watcfhed as the moon started gettinb brighter starting at the bottom, and going counterclocwise - it got super bright like a sefond hand going backwards on a clock.   Then the moon turned olff like a lightbhulb thouugh i twas still visible.  

A few moments later, the moon turned on super bright all at once and then back off.  

It was quite evident who had won that challenge.  I wondered if anyone else had been watching the moon and saw that.

The next day, one of the women I was living with, was heard mentionikng the moon to one of the other men and asked him if he had seen it, annd e hadn't.  She didn't ask me, so I ddin't say a word and she was left wondering if she was just seeing things.

A few minutes later, my husband was outside near the barn, and all of a sudden, a downpour came out of the sky onlyh about six feet wide and drenched him thoroughly.  The downpur didn't follolw him so he ran out from under it but he had to run through a swale of water run nikng full tilt away down hill.  I wondered what he had said that had made an ET mad at him.  He never told me later either.

jAs I woke up - and I slept about 3 hhours longer than normal - I heard an ET in my right ear holler the name or the word  GRANT.  There was no respone and I ddin't respond either.




Latest Parliament news on fox hunting"

Facebook pages on fox hunting,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=1be08e2bd9b573cd&biw=1280&bih=785




4-9-12 - election dream -  I was observing a woman who wwas workng for an election committe.  She ahd to have a different song for every flolor ofo apartment buildikngs she went to.  One buildikng had 40 floors and there had to be a different song for every floor.  At one point, some partents complained that their son wouldn't sing the song and Jerome said, OK, I'll sing the song and made up is own words, and then his eyes turned black and his teeth got all scraggly while he was singing.

Another man, sitting in his car, was also expected to sing the elections ong, and he aid, "What, "What happened to elections that are free for everyone as he was expected to attend expensive dinners as well, and he belonged to a third party - not one of the main partys'.

What every ignored was a warning poster on every floor that clearly said  PHP warning.

PHP WARNING,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=1be08e2bd9b573cd&biw=1280&bih=785


4-9-12 - NAP DREAM - I don't know who I was but i tseems to be in the future.  I don't think its a scene froma movie though it would make a good  movie.

I was with my husband, who looked similar to my first hu7sband, but was brawner.  We were plannning to go to a Saturday outing like to an auctioin or some kind of sale pl.ace.  My husband got out a futuristic video player and plugged in the date comikng up and then the video showed himself driving is white pickup truck on a road.

He quit the videol ogame after going around a curve in the road and hitting a car comming the oppostie directin head on.

To remove the fear factor, I told him we could all stay home and that would change the future event.   He didn't say anything, but I got the feeling that we would be staying home for that reason.

The house we lived in was quite simple bu twith large rooms and all linoleum flolors.  No carpet and no hardwoold floors and I don't even remember seeing any furniture in the rooms.

My husband took me into the bathroom and wanted to have sex, and he stripped off his clothes in no time flat.  I laughed and said, "Sometime 'slow' is better and started takikng off my sweter and shirt (which were powder blue, very provocatively.  I obviously had breast implants.  Nobody looks like that naturally - nobody does. 

I was still wearikng my jeans and white bedrooms slippers (that's how I know I wasn't myself because I haven't worn jeans in 30 years.

We go tinterrupted by a knock at the front door, so myy husband put on his jeans and went to the door.

The man at the door loloked and talked exactly like Tony Danza.  His accent was identical to him.

Apparently this Tony guy was a spy working for my husband, and my husband was angry at him for not doing something he was supposed to do. 

My husband grabbed Tony and put his iarms behind him and tied him up tol a hook on the wall where his shirt was hanging.

Tony didn't seem too frightened, and somehow got ahold of what looked like a cattle prod and burnt a big hole right in the front o fmy husban'ds poswer blue long sleeved shirt.

My husband was nonplussed and said to Tony.  I will take care of you l.ater.  First I want you to take care of her.  he poiknted at me and I knew instantly that he wanted Tony to kill me - for wathever eason he had at the moment.  Evidenntly I had done something wrong.

While my husband was untying Tony t osendr him into the bathroom wehre I was, I quickly put my sweater n, and slep;ed out iknto the bedroom and then through another room past my daughter who was sitting on the floor cololring in a cololrng book, and sleeed out the front door quietly.

As I closed the door behind me, I saw a white rose arbor at the frolnt of the houe and I went through thhe rose arbor, and walked acros our lawn, plannikng to run next door too safety to a house that was to our left.




DREAM -  I went to a school and the women said they were my riend bu tI didn't even know who they were.  One of them had many small sons.  I asked them if they'd like to come to my house and met my sonsk, and they all said, "no!"  They were adorable little blonde boys.

When I wanted to leave there, I couldn't remember where I had parked my husbandn's car.  I thought it was a maroon statiom wagon but I wasn't sure.

A big man, who said he was a cop stopped me to search my purse which looked like a big suitcase.  He thought I sold drugs out of it.  I told him I had just bought it and it had no bottom in it.  He aid "No wonder it smells like kdrugs.  Soemone actually carried drugs in it and he let me go.

Aes soon as he let me go, some women who acted like cops stopped me and wanted to know who I was.  I was so upset at being stopped, I couldn't remember my name. I started to cry almost hysterically at that point.   I still didn't know where my husbands car was either.

An Asian woman acted sorry for me, and gave me a small address book and a small prayer book.  A larger woman, wearing a yellow flowered suit thought I was guilty but said she would help me call my Mother.  I gave her the phone number  which I know was wrong, and nobody answered, of course.  I think I said it was 4146

I had started facing a differ ent direction and all of a sudden I knew exactly whrre my husban'ds car was.  But the woman in yellow put her hand up to her chest like she was having aheart attacck and I couldn't see if she was breathing.  She never did move again and nobody else dud either.  I finally decided I wasn't going to get out of there unless i just left them standing there, so thats'w hat I did and woke up.


4-10-12 - NAP DREAM -  I had been trying to meditate but was too tired so I fel alseep instead.  I foun d myself in a dimly big old house, typing a mirrolr site for a John F Kennedy manuuscript.  The manuscript was such that if you also typed on the manuscript ol the screen in the right way and place, you would start to hear JFK talking the same words.   It was rather surprising how realistic it was.

My father-in-law was in the house and I decided to test out the program on him and a moment later a fluffy brown dog came running into the room folowed by my father-in-law chasikng after the dog and a large ball of brown yarn the dog had been dragging around the house.

We managed to retrieve the ball of yarn from the dog, and asked my father-in-law to sit down with the manuscript to read it on the fhe cfomputer screen.  I didn't tell him abtu the surprise on the screen - that if he tried typing on the screen, the oice of JFK would start to play thes same words so he didn't hear it.

My father-in-law left the room, and a moment later, the fluffy brown dog came into the room dragging a large ball olf brigh tred yarn.  He dropped the ball and the ball kept rolling - unwinding as it went and I had t retrieve it and wind it back up0.

NOTE:  Wondering if today's date had anything to do with JFK?


4=11=11 =  Today's dream was about Jesus cults and floods. 

i was in the country somewhere.  There were no houses anywhere.  There wase a flood and water was everywhere.  I turned around and some boys were playing baseball in a field that was now floloded up to their knees and they were still trying to play baseball wihtout being able to see where the bases were.

The cop John McBain came to teach the kids how to play baseball in the knee deep water and threw the first ball out to the pitcher.

I think I typed the dream on the wrong page and I can't find it.  See page: 



DREAM -  I and a fmale friend went to an art museum together.  We each had a brochure that matched the paintings on the wall that were in a large set pattern.  We were looking at PROGRESSEIVE art.  I'm not sure what PROGRESSIVE art is.  It loloked like ordinary beautiful art and all the apintings were theh same size - right up against each other.  If you looked at one painting, you were actually seeikng 10 or 20 paintings at the same time.

While we were there, our husband's got called to fix someone's car quite a distance away.  They were goikng together. 

My friend and I decided to go emet our husbands and drive home together and decided to go for coffee first, but we did something unusual even for us.  We decided to go in sepaqrate cars and meet at the restaurant rather than going together.

When I went outside and found the road I was going to travel on, I noticed a red butgton embedded in the roadway that if you pressed it, it would shoot you forward quite a distance. The problem was that there was too miuch traffic to use the red button, and coming home, the traffic woul.d be one long parking lot as it usually is on a Sunday night coming home from anywawhere.

I decided to go to the grocery store and buy a snack to take with me, and when I got there, there were hundreds of well=-dressed blonde women with fluffy hairdos, standing side by side in three lines, looking at heads of lettuce.  When one moved tey all moved an equal distance and looked at the net group o fheads of lettuce.  Nobody did anything as an individual.  It looiked very strange to see all these women looking at heads of lettuce. and all moving together in a big pack to look at more lettuce.  Nobody was picking any up to purchase one - they were just looking.


See  page 


4-12-12 - DREAM -  I was at home somewhere.  I was out in the yard with my pet green parakeets and I found a toy blue jay and decided to teasse the parakeets with it.  The parakeets got intnesely afraid of the blue jay even though ig was fake.

A man in the yard (a relative) look at those dead birds, and sprawled on the ground were several dead hawks and eagles with their wings outstretched as if they had been trying to fly when they were killed.


Battle of Mogadishu (1993) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
The Battle of Mogadishu (More commonly referred to as Black Hawk Down or, for Somalis, the Day of the Rangers (Somali: Maalintii Rangers)) was part of ...


I decided to go to the store and get some food for the family and my daughter-in-law |Debe went with me.  We only had t ogo to the corner store and when we got there, they had little food in the stolre.  They were switching over from a food store to a hardware store without telling anyone ahead of time.

The food that they had left was getting old.  The owner had some pink pear shaped fruits on the counter that were turning from pink to green.  He pointed out that they were still sweet, but thats not what I needed.

I started looking around the store to see what else he had and the more I looked the more hardware and less food I saw.  I asked him if he had any potato chips and he said they wre all sold already.

While we were lookng, I found five old teddy bears in the corner stacked up in a pile.  I knew those were my kids teddy bears and Debe took them and put them in a cart and took them right home.

One of the owner's young sons came into the store then and we had a very close spiritual connection.  It was the same with the store owner.  That connection felt very good.

The owner's older sons, in their 20's came into the store then, having finished stocking the store with the new hardware and household goods.  They all felt very military and ready to go to war.

As I headed for the door, I asked, "Didn't I buy anything at all?" and they answered, "no", and I waved cheerily at them all and said, "Well!  I hope I see you all again one day soon"  and left for home.



4-13-`12 - DREAM -   I was in a hotel somewhere.  I iand a male friend had just bought tickets to fly somewehre to gamble.  We had seen the cars already - they were a deck of black backed cards.

We were getting ready to go to the airport and it promised to obe a romantic trip, but a plump, but ccute blonde woman came along and he seemed to like her better than me.   He and the woman were headed for the elevator to go downstairs, and another blonde woman came along who looked exactly like the first one.  They looked like twins and the three of them stood in front of the elevator door grinning ear to eart.


4-13-12 - DREAM  -  I was with myy young chidren.  They wanted to go camping, and I told them they had tol take a needle along with the thread they had packed AND a fully charged cell phone.

I then made them a sack of sandwiches, cut into 1/4's to takek with them.

NOTE:  I think this relateds to this page:


5-13-12 - NAP DREAM -  I was getting a bicycle ready to ride.  Therew as no tires on the rims and the rims looked like they had dfrosting in the rims part way that was faling out  (that woulld be my diet)   There was a little girl tehr who was going t orid the bicycle and I told her not to ride it in the dir and get it dirty.


4-14-12 -   THERAN VS THUBAN -

DREAM =-  I was at home with my Mom and daughter.  I had seen a word in a book, and I didn't know if it wa Theran or Thuban later, so I knew I had to research both to see which one was right.

Meanwhile, My Mom, daughter, and I went shop;ping because a wedding was coming up which we needed to prepare for and buy a gift.

We stopped at a shop downtown that had crystal angels in the window, and I was totally captivated.  One of them was clear crystal with a center of green crystal, and another one was opaque crystal.  I really wanted both of them, but could only get one of tem.

The woman in the store was not enthusiastic to have us there, and I know I was overly enthusiatic with my desire to purchae a crystal angel.

She told us that we should come back the next day because there was a sale on copper.  That's what my Mom wanted to do, so we left the store again, planning to come back.

Back at home, we had some sewing to do, and I made room in my bedroom to bring in the sewing machine and my Mom got upset that there wasn'tr oom, but I had the perfecft spot next to a tallboy dresser right by the plug.  I had no problem moving the furniture myself.

My Mom had a fit that I didn't have anything white to cover the sewing machine with to protect the dress my daugahter was going to sew.  I knew a white sheet was perfect so I wasn't worried.

At the same time, I had a plate of greens and some hard-boiled eggs to serve for dinner.  I didn't know if the greens were Theran or Thuban and when I looked at my plate, all I had there was dirty little uncleaned onions that still had the roots on right from the ground.  They weren't even washed.

I woke up feeling quite disgusted suddenly.

crystal angels:



Theran - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki Similarto Theran - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

Therans were known as "listeners" because of their ability to hear the Tsils speak to them.

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The Minoan Catastrophe: The Theran Pyroclastic Surge Theory - Similarto The Minoan Catastrophe: The Theran Pyroclastic Surge Theory

The Theran Pyroclastic Surge Theory. The author discusses the possibility that a pyroclastic surge(s) of superheated dry steam traveled at very high speed over ...

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THUBAN (Alpha Draconis). Fourth magnitude (though just barely) Thuban is one of the fainter stars that carries a proper name, almost certainly because of its ...

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Thuban and Al Tinnin are from the Arabic title for the whole of Draco, and Azhdeha from the Persian (Azhdeha is Persian for dragon or serpent). It is also Adib, ...

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How Thuban got its name. Thuban is named after a star. Its full astronomical name is "Alpha Draconis". It was once thought to be the brightest star in the ...

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Thuban, or Aldib as it is sometimes called, is the Alpha Star of the Draco Constellation (Alpha Draconis), even though it no longer is the brightest star in the ..


4=14=12   nap dream  8 a.m.  This was a very scary dream, I had it three times and tried crying out tol get out ol fit and couldn't  Nobody could save me from knowing this,

I was in a house somewhere, talking to my boyfriend on the telephone (Norman)  Three small dalmatian puppies appeared ont e floor in front o rfme which came otu of nowhere.  Then the puppies mother came in and laid on the floor and then the Father who was more black than white.

All; of a suden a red Irish setter jumped in through the open window.

I cired tol get out olf the dream because I was frightened, but I had the dream identically twice more.

I couold nt wake up from those dreams, and cried and begged for help t get out of it and couldn't.

The last scene gave me the clue tol what the dream was about.

I was sitting in my chair, no longer on te phone, looking up at a young Maple Tree (Canada) and in the center was a large DEAD Maple Leaf. 

I started singing a hymn of some kind t othe dead Maple Leaf.

and then I woke up.

It came to me late in the afternoon, while sitting on the ilet, that this dream might refer to the death of a family member I knnow who has cancer and lives in Toronto Canada.  Very sad.


4-15-12 - LONG DREAM -  I was watching an old, old friend (IESOUS)start to date a female friend (JUNE - now decceased)  I knew I shouldn\t have anything to do with it and it pained me to see him looking like he was having sex with her in a park a couple times standing up but at least he was hugging her extremely hard for a long time.  I knew I shouldn't even be watching, but I coudn't help myself.  I expressed no emotion at this on purpose.

Then they started bringing their relationship closer and closer to proximity to me and one day she brought him to my apartment and I pretended I didn't know who he was and gave him a cold-fish handshake - just barely.  Again, I expressed no emotion on purpose.

Then they started dating inside my apartment and I saw they were both smokikng cigarettes and burning holes in my rugs and carpet which got worse and worse over time.  Again, I said nothing.

Fnally, he stold at the window, lookng out and I saw that the frame of the window was coming apart, and it was then I asked him to please fix it and he agreed because he had done that somehow himself and he knew it.

Just before I woke up, I looked in the mirror, and saw that my right eye was just a swollen white glass globe, with no pupil and no eyelashes.

That distressed me and I made myself wake up.



4-15-12 - NAP DREAM - APPROXIMATELY NOON- -  I was in the bathrom, cleaning the toilet with a white wash rag.  I saw a grey spot on the inside of the lid and went to wipe it off, when I heard a cell phone ring.

I couldn't find the cell phone quick enough to answer it though I thought I saw it propped up underneath the sink faucet - I coudn't gey to it quickly.

I heard a voice message then - a mysterious low male voice that said,  "THE TIME IS NOW", and after a moment's pause, a younger male voice, soounding like a teenager said, "I guess I'll go find something else to do until yuou call me back."

I didn't recognize the voice.

NOTE:  I don't have a cell phone either.




4-16-12  DREAM - I was in a room like a theatre.  In the seats were 100 regular people - 10 per row - but divided in half by a row of 10 honeybears - like ajrs in the store.  I was told that each of those honeybears were worth 10 times what each of the individuals were.

This was the Senate.

LOBBYISTS?  The noneybears.

See:  http://www.greatdreams.comm/blog-2012/dee-blog188.html 


4-17-12 - DREAM -  I, my friend Donna and some other high school friends were all taking an accounting test together in a room.

I was number 80, Donna was number 83, and the girl to my right was number 10.  I saw a seating chart later and I knew that number 10 ran the office.

We were sitting together later and talkining about our dreams from the night before and I realized andn told them all that we had been on the ship together takikng that test the night before.  Nobody disagreed with me.

We all lived together, and laid naked on a bed side by side, then we did the laundry and my job was to sort out the socks for who they belonged to, and we each had a kitten of our own there too.  I ddin't see the kittens but we talked about them that one got stuck in the closet and they had to move it to the spot it belonnged in.

Later, a tall wavy haired blonde guy with longish hair was walkinig down the road, singing the song,  "Heavenly Peace.

He decided to buy one of those Russian hats and when he came up to someone, he'd grab his hat and smile and said, "Boom" and doff his hat and people would immediately know who heh was,  (Jesus) 

At the end of the dream, it was the fall of the year and i was watching the men outside in a park, and the men would appear as if out of nowhere, walk a few feet and then the scene would repat agaikn, over and over and over again, and I knew it was time to wake up so I did.  That was really strange.

This was a cute, but nice dream.  We were all happy to be together again.


4-17-12 - MEDITATION:  MY ear had started to burn inside my head very deeply, so I went back to bed after taking a 1/2 of an allergy pilll.   While I lay there, it came to me that in the previous dream about the 80 and 83 - that was the number of days - starting with today's date that something was going to happen and it was related to Solar magnetics. 80 days from today is July 6 - 83 days is Jully 9.

I then s aw a tall tube pill bottle with 3/4 full of small flat water washed stones of grey and black.  I was trying to figure out what that meant, when I saw the tube bottle again, and it turned around to show me a hand printed label that said   THE BIG G. P ....    I couldn't amke out the last word.

So then I started to worry about what does G.P..  mean -  It could be Great Pyramid,  Great Poleshift, GREAT PRINCIPLE, GRID POINT, GLOBAL POSITIONING, 

aww L


4-17-12  NAP DREAM -  i was near a gas station somewhere in a city or small town.  I watched a woman pull up to the gas pump and I had a bad feeling about her being there.

I went into a store where I was and got busy looking for what I needed.

all of a sudden the proprietor told me to go outside and press the emergency button on the car out at the gas pump

As I walekd to the car, I could see the woman's open purse on the ground with dozens of white pills of several sizes on the ground spread all over.

I ran over to the car and coudln't find the emergency button, so I started yelling POLICE, OLICE, and word just barely came out of my mouth, so I woke up.


4-18-12 -  last night Joe and I watched a rather satirical documentary about the Mormon History which most people didn't know about. It was all rather negative.   I iten fell asleep and had a dream abotu the Mormons, which was like reading a book abotu the Mormons.  The dogs woke me u pbarking like crazy and I lost the dream compeltely as far as knowing wha ti twas about.

After I fell  asleep again, I went innto another dream in which I was living in an apartment building, and my door had a window in it.  My attention was drawn to the hallway and I went out there and a short, petitle dark-haired woman was out there and saidi that another woman the hall had been looking for me, but she stood there waiting for the woman to come down the hall and she never came, so I went back into the apartment, and woke up.

While awake, I started to hear a woman's voice - very sensual it sounded and the woman said, "We wanted to tell you about the Golden Apples of Navoo Country and their nutrition.

I'd never forget that voice -  it was so unusual - almost angelic.



4-20-12 - THREE DREAMS



 4 X 19 = 76 








4-21-12  DREAM -  I was attempting to read a document about war.  The only two words I couuld actually read was  war and crises.


4-21-12 -  DREAM -  I was with my cousin's daughter  Michelle   who was about four years old.  I shared with her one potato chip.  She was so pleased to have it.

When she became a teenager,k she had the most phenomenal sense of balance, and when she learned to ice skate, she could do a trick where she she walked on the toe picks of her skates like she was flying and quickly walked her way upright on those to epicks.  It was phenomenal to see.


4-21-12 -  MEDITATION:  i decided to contact my higher self and had a great conversation. She gave me permission to go ahead with the community pplans and suggested that it made the most sense to go to Sonora, CA as I p;lanned in the third phase of my plans.  She said, "Just don't contact those 'other' people', meaning the Exopolitics crowd.  Something wrong with that connection.  We also discussed what edits to make on my group, which I will do today.

I then went into a dream where I made a call to Terryu Reynolds my old girlfriend who I raised my kids with her and her kids by telehpone.  I didn't get to talk to Terry bit jad a great comversatiom withj Dave.. her hosbamd/ I didn't realize he was so funny in real life. 







4-22-12 - meditation:  after lunch I sat there meditating about the community project.  My higher self said to look for house rentals in the Sonora, CA area.  I started to think about it, and saw a white house and from around a corner of the house came a large white horse.

I ten looked beyond the house and on a wide path leading into the horizon was a white horse standing at the end of it.


4-23-12 -   THE DREAM FROM TODAY I S HERE:   Its about Jacques de Molay and his quotations from the Templars.


4-23-12 -  DREAM -  I waws working in a large office building with some of the people I used to work with at A-C back in the 70's and 80's.  For some reason I was barefoot and had on a short skirt of brown  (I actuallyw as wearing brown shofts at the time)  with a blouse. 

There were three old men in wheelchairs in  the building like a meeting was going to be held.

One old guy tapped me on the hip as I walked past and I turned around and leaned over to speak to him and said, "May I get something for you Sir?"  and he responded, looking very much like Jerry Lewis in his Profeessor way with buck teeth sand said,  "You wouldn't happen to have any really ancient old garlic would you?"

I said, Sorry!  I dont' think I can come up with that.  Sorry I can't help you with that,"  and then just walked away.

Weird dream.  There's more to it than that, but a waste of time to write it down.


4-23-12 - NAP DREAM - I was in the same offic building that I was in the earlier dream.  I had gone home for lunch and started to feel unwell so didn't go back to work and hadn't called in.  I went to the office in my dark blue bathroom and hair wrappedup to keep warm because I had forgotten to turn off the radio in one of the back rooms.  So, while I was trying to unplug the radiok, my boss John Reich came in and yelled at me that one of the men had missed a meeting because I ddin't tell hjim to go to it.

My boss, John had taken the message hiimself, and had shown it to me, but had forgotten about when I went home for luunch, so the whole blame wasn't on me I realized.  One of the other secretaries helped me look for the message on my desk,, and neither one of us was finding it.


I got woken up by a phone call, so I didn't know if the day was saved or not.


4-24-12 -  DREAM -  I was sitting in a doctor's office, waiting for an appointment,  I met another woman who had a new baby as well.  I told her I had a new baby six days ago and had named her Louise.  Her baby was dirty from pooping her diaper, and I knew I could help her.  I told her I named my baby Louise.  She got all excited because her name was Louise as well.  She asked me if she had seen me standing in a line the week before, and I told her I'm always standing in lines.

Then the Father of another friend came innto the office to comfort Louise, and he said his name was Harold.  They belonged to a particular church down the road.

I was then standing in the basement of my house, built of rocks, and I could hear the washing machine running for a long time.  I decided to open the machine and see if it was done, and I pulled open a rock in the foundation of the wall, and behind it were six dirty boy blankets in blue and I had to start the laundry all over again because there were no diapers in this particular load of laundry.

I went up to the first floor and saw my daughter heading toward the house.  She said she felt ill, and had a dark blue blanket around her shoulders, but she didn't come in. She was wearing high heeled shoes, and the ground outside was wet and she just kept wandering in the wilderness out the house and wouldn't come in.

The name Louise means famous in war.  or  Famous warrior.

The name Harold means    "leader of the army'.    ruler.  such as King Harold -  1035 and  King of England  He lived from 1015 to 1040 ad

This is King Harold Godwinson   killed in 1066 - defeated by William the Conqueror 

this is the tiny url for the search:  war crises Syria England

prophecy in the bible, End Times Bible ... - Bible Prophecy Truth - Similar
The Israelites had to wander in the wilderness for another 40 years.Doubtless ye shall not come ... The Antichrist beast of Revelation 13.For every day of Christ's ...

Parallel Comparison of Israel and the Church
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The period of time in Revelation which parallels the forty years of wandering in the wilderness is the 1000 years in chapter 20 which is the period of time God's ...

Mat 4:1-11 NIV - Commentary on Revelation - Similar
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Luke 4:2; The forty days in the desert parallels the forty years wandering in the ... Rev 11:15 also 1 Cor 15:24; The devil has always wanted worship, Rev 13:4 ...
  Philip K Dick is known to base his books on dreams he has had.


I got a voice message during the night.  The man said, "can you hear me, "This is Philip K Dick."   I thought back to hiim, "I can hear you, can you hear me?  but he didn't respond.

These are my own pages abouut Philip K Dick,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=5cb76edb79e2fe1

4-25=12 =  DREAM -  I had a job as a clerk in a department store.  I noticed that canduy cost  $2336 per crate.

I went home where I was an apartment manager, and noticed that everything was very dry and we needed rain quite badly or we were going to have to water everything ourselves.


4-26-12 - DREAM -   I got a job as a telephone operator.  I worked in a small office in a large building.  The women I worked with all looked rather spanish or Mexican.  We all had to wear either T-shirts of blouses of the same color green. Some wore a solid colored T-shirt and some wore blouses with half of the top striped sideways like a flag. of green and white.

My operator number given to me was 833 until the boss contacted us and said that number was already taken, but didn't give me another number.  I figured I'd just use one of the other women's numbers in that case.  They all had numbers in the low 800's as well.

While sitting at the table with the other women, I noticed the woman across from me had short fingers, all the same length, and she had 6 fingers on each hand - no thumb  Other than the boss calling, we received no phone calls at all.

At lunch time, I noticed that the air outside looked like twilight and I thought we should do something to liven things up or we'd fall asleep on the job, and I  knew there was a pinao in the next room.  I thought I'd play the piano and we could sing or something.  When we got up from the table to eat lunch which none of us had with us apparently, the woman across from me with the six fingers was barefoot.  She had very narrow feet with three toes on each foot, very fat toes all the same length, and a very narrow foot, leading to a narrow bulbous heel.

I woke up at that point, staring at her feet.

I have no idea where I really was.


4-26-12 - DREAM -  I'm  in a hotel or office building with Rex  (from One Life to Live TV show)  .  We are standing in front of a mirror with a dark haired young woman who looks a great deal like myself.  We both have dark wavy hair - shoulder length.  My hair is cut short at the widow's peak.  I'mc arrying a black shoulder strap purse.  The other woman and myself are wearing bright blue shirts and black skirts and high heels.  Rex is wearing a black suit.  We walk over t othe elevator to go upstairs to a meeting.

I wake up and hear the phone make an odd buzz sound. I saw, "I'm ready for a message, and all of a sudden, Rex and I are in a car on a mountainous road careening fast around a curve.

I walke up, hear the phone ring once.  I say, "I'm ready for a message, and Rex and I are now back in the car, parked at a curb in a city.  My sister and a little boyuare in the back seat sitting on the left.  My sister and the little boy open the door and get out of the car, leaving the door open.

Rex and I see three fire trucks go by the car the opposite direction from the direction we are parked on the left side of the road.  There is a lot of traffic and the fire trucks are not in a hurry apparently.

Rex reaches behind him, slams the car door shut, leaivng my sister standing on the sidewalk with her little boy.  He whips the car around, back into traffic.  the fire trucks and traffic isi already gone somewehre and Rex drives fast, around some guys standing in theh street by a car, drives past a curved intersection  and pulls up tol the curb in front of a drug store, and I wake up.

No idea what city we are in.  Very mysterious.

qnote:  the above is probably radiation deformities.  see:


4-28-12  The whole night was dreams about building and remodeling houses -  Even little kids were using building blocks. 

At my own house, Joe wouldn't do anything, and then a man came to the door who looked like my daughter-in-law's step-father  (unnamed here)  and he wanted to come into the house.  I had the proverbial 10 foot pole near the door, and I refused to let him into the house.  He got a really mad look on his face, and I saw that his pants were dirty from the things down.  He turned around and started walking away from the house, getting deeper and deeper into the dirt as he walked until he was literally thigh deep in mud as he walkeda way.

I woke up feeling extremely disgruntled at this.


4-28-12N -DREAM -  I was in a theatre somewhere, and saw Tony Curtis being introduced to over 200 chubby dark-skinned teen boys, some with mustaches and some without , all dressed in brown suits, weated appropriately separate from each other so people could greet them individually.  Apparently these boys had all played the same part that Tony Curtis had once played.  By the time I saw each boy individually, I forgot what part Tony Curtis ahd actually played.


4=28=12m - DREAM -  I was with my mother somewhere, cleaning out a dumpster, when I noticed that the windows of the house needed washing too.  My Mother told me to go ahead and do it and she decided that she and the rest of the familyy, my Father, brother, and sister, were going to go fishing at the lake cottage for the weekend, while I stayed home and did the dirty work.

As they all got into the car without me, I started to cry, and my mother asked me what was wrong with me and I told her that I just wanted to be with the family.  She told me to get in the house, and I told her she was a piss-porr Mother, so she started to cry too, and toldl my sister to go into the house with me.

It was great weekend for the women in the family - my Father and brother apparently enjoyed theh fishing.


4-28-12 -  I was somewhere wehre there was a commercial oven where very pink finely ground hamburger meat had been mixed with pistachio nuts ground up including the bugs that I watched hatch out of them.  The meat and buggy pistachio nuts were mixed with some kind of curry powder mixed with some kiind of fish ros hirmp sauce.    The oven was rotating large long trays that revolved but was set too low to actually cook at that meat.

I was asked to taste some and I took a small pinch of it and it tasted wonderful.  Ugh for anyone who actually ate it though.  That was a recipe for some really rare sickness.  Ugh.




4-28-12  MEDITATION:  I no sooner closed my eyes and found myself at work in my office.  My boss Richard L came in with a folder in his hand and gave it to me saying, I need you to type this up right away."

I opened the folder and found a silver mailbox key - quite a large one.  Also in the folder was a three page letter with the title   OIL PIPE LINE.

The papers were obviously party printed and partly carbon copies with the names of the people in the Oil Pipeline Organization in blue, and their titles in black print.  My boss Richard had edited the top of the letter, also with blue ink, and I could barely read it.  I immediately thought that I would need Joe's help to read the blue writing.  The name and titlews were all in 8 point type - the smallest type fotn there is, and very difficult to read for me.



4-29-12 -  rap on the wall.   In the middle of the night, I woke up and heard two loud raps on the wall near me.  I said in my mind,  "I'm ready for a message."  Not hearing anythhing immediately, I said, "If you have a message, I'm ready to hear it."  and the male voice in my head said kiindly,  "I'll come back and see you later."

I then fell into a dream in which I seemed to be managing an apartment building I had just moved into.

I was in my closet at the beginnig, hanging up my clothes.  It was a walk-in closet and I had a lot of clothes.  When I got done, I noticed that my husband only had four pieces of clothing - all work clothes.  I wondered where the rest of his clothing was - there was plenty of room left in the closet.

I then went downstairs into a large room where lots of women had gathered - mostly white-haired ladies, who I seemed to know but not by name necessarily.  There were tables full of used clothing that had been donated, and my job apparently was to sort them out and decide who should get them.

Before I sat down, a white-haired woman came to me and asked me what she should do, and it came to me to give her a really big job.  She was a widow and didn't know what to do with herelf, so I told her,  "One minute you are a wife and mother, and in one second flat, you become a widow and nobody knows what to do then - -  why don't you write up a  Widow's Symposium?"  

She liked that idea a lot and now had something to do to occupy her time.

I ended up sitting on a sofa with several ladies and other women brought clothes over and I'd tell them who should ge it.

My husband showed up -  it was John McBain from One Life to Live TV show - now only on the SOAP  channel.   In my mind, I was thinking, He only works when I tell him to do something - he never thinks of things to do on his own.

I and John and another older woman were by now buried in piles of clothing I was sorting.

One of the pieces that was handed to me was a blouse, made of new silky fabrics, and I handed it to the woman and suggested that it might be appropriate to make it into quilting squares or something because it was made of so many little pieces of fabric sewed together.

She took one look at it and said 'No!"  and I know why -  'because it wasn't cotton".  It was too silky.  So I said to her,  "Then you can decide what to do wtih it."   I just couldn't imagine anything else to use it for -  I couldn't iamgine wearing it myself.



I was in Lowell, Mass where my mother lived. I couldn't got home because traffic was stopped on Lakeview Ave. because of a big distrous accident.  I wanted to get some tea and when I got to my Mother's house, she was standing on the sidewalk talking to the Avon lady. (the perfume  of the Avon Lady is related to Debra (below) flowers being made into eprfume aaroma - and guided by the sun_

I went up the front stairs and couldn't get into the house because the kitchen cabinets were right on the porch.

I went back down the stairs and my brother Arthur was standing there with my Mother and the Avon lady was gone.

As we stood there, a Medivac helicopter went overhead towards where the accidnet was and we discussed how bad the accdient had to be because otherwise they wouldn't call a Medivac helicopter.

Then ambulances started coming toward the accident and we counted seven of them.   At some point, the ambulances came back, some with siren's screaming, and some silent, and we figured the ones without sirens going probably had dead people in them.  There were nine ambulances that returned.

Then tow trucks started bringing out the damaged cars and some were just dented, some smashed beyond belief, and some just half mangled, but there were lots of them.

At some point, these tow trucks and cars turned into toy sized and Arthur took a piece of carrdboard and started flippping up the cars or trucks he wanted.  Some were Mario Bros, some from Sesame street and others.  One of them hit him on the chin, and I told him to stand back so he didn't get hurt.

At some point, the toys turned to candy of which there were three colors.  

There were silver foil  triangles which I found out later were green mints in chocolate.

There were gold and red foil ones that turned out later to be white chocolate squares.

The thrid type were tube shaped about three inches long, wrapped in black cloth, with red twist ties at the end and gold strings coming out the ends.  On these I could see the Supreme Court Seal on it so clearly I could draw it from memeory.

supreme court seal



These candies were now cominng down a belt and I had two helpers.  The one I recognized was Debra 'O'

These candies were on their way to a boxing department where each type of candy got boxed separately from the others.

As the black tubes went past Debra, (Debra means honey bee.  Debra in the Bible was a prophetess) Deborah was the Biblical prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an army of invaders. After the battle she wrote a victory song which is part of the Book of Judges.Deborah was the Biblical prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an army of invaders. After the battle she wrote a victory song which is part of the Book of Judges.
Debra picked out the center one and started to unwrap it to eat it, and the belt stopped dead.

I knew I was dead meat because it was my job to make sure that nothing happened to those candies as they went past us to the boxing depertment.

At that point, when the belt stopped, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court came out and sat on the top step and told me to come over and explain what had happened.

I quickly made up a story that the candy that had been unwrapped was not up to quality and that it was a cheap Chinese knockoff and wasn't worth keeping with the good ones.  I explained that the color of the cloth wasn't as black as the good ones were.

He kept questioning my explanation and I knew I was bullshitting, and he knew I was bullshitting, and I knew that he knew I was bullshitting, but at some point, he grinned ear to ear and told me,  "Good girl!  Always stick to your story no matter how ridiculous it sounds."

He finally left and I went to the boxing department to check on how the boxing was going.  Debra met me there and that's when I found out who the other worker was - it was Debra's sister Claudia.  (Meaning and origin. Claudia is a Latin girl name. The meaning of the name is `Perservering .

The meaning of the name Claudia is 'Disabled'. (lame)  Thhis meaning comes from Claudius Tiberiusu who was lame and deaf and became Emporor and hhis adopted sun burned down Rome.

The problem now was that a lot of the candy had been unwrapped in the boxing department by Claudia's kids because she had no control over them.

Now that the candies were unwrapped I now knew what they were and the ones wrapped in black were Chinese coins.

I knew I was going to die for not being in control of this situation and woke up, knowing that.

I can never forget the face of the man in the Chief Justic robe on the stairs, and we looked on the Internet for the current photos of the Justices, and the face of the man I talked with was Cheif Justice Roberts.

supreme court

chief justice roberts

Chief Justice John Roberts

From the Germanic name Hrodebert meaning
 "bright fame", derived from the Germanic elements
hrod "fame" and beraht "bright".


4-30-12 -  I'm not sure this is all one dream or not.

DREAM -  5:55 a.m.    I went to a small meeting in an apartment where I was going to teach something spiritual.

On the other side of the room, rather in a dim light where three older people who seemed to know me though I don't know know who they were.  Two men and a woman commented to me that they knew that I had something else in me that I didn't speak about.   I immediately thought they meant voodoo, though I've never studied it.  While they spoke, I had my notebook open to a page wirtten in green ink - a prayer written in Latin by my teacher T.M.   I think it was meant to ward off negative vibes in the room -  though I don't know Latin - I scanned the page quickly anyway knowing it was the best thing to do right then.

When I left the apartment, and went outside, there was a cloud of raiin coming down in an umbrella shape that came over me and flooded me with rain that was needle sharp - and I yelled at the cloud of rain that was following me -  "Come and get me!"  and it actually felt quite nice and cleansing.

I went home to my own apartment then where three black girls were going to spend the night with me and I was going to start teaching them a spiritual message and lessons from the 80's that I had accumulated. 

One of the girls asked me where my stack of books were that she knew I keep on my dresser that were related to what I was going to talk about.  I told here that I had just moved them. I don't share those books with anyone and never have.

Right then I opened up my notebook to a list of names of people from the 80's and some where already crossed off as deceased, and one that wasn't crossed off was Norbie and I crossed him off because I knew I wouldn't be seeing hiim again and that he could be deceased as well but I didn't know that for certain.

At that point, a minister came to visit me along with a doctor and they taped a large piece of gauze over both big toes to protect me and others because they knew I was going to have a tooth pulled at the dentist the following day. I immediately pulled a pair of red socks over my bare feet to keep the gauze in place.   I have no idea what good that would do for anyonne but it was protocol.

I then went to the beach house of a friend and they heard that a storm was coming, so they inserted huge balloon inner tubes under their house to protect it.  Unfortunately when the storm was over, so was their house - because of the balloon inner tubes, it washed right out into the water like a ferry boat and disappeared. 

At the same time, a large area of shoreline was undermined by the waves and huge pieces of concrete sagged down into the opening and was dangerous for people to walk there anymore.

I went back home where I had laundry to clean up from my boys/  Some of it was so bad, I decided to throw it away instead of washing it because of what was in it - poo poo.   Nasty!


4-30-12 - MEDITATION;  I decided to meet my Higher Self on the 6th dimension at the healing temple.  Our in front of the country style healing temple were parked numerous identical bright blue cars -  I don't know what type they were, maybe BMWs or something like that.  They all looked brand new and shiny.

When I came back from there, the Pleiadians orbs all came back with me, and I said Hello to all of them.  Hard to do that individualy because they move constantly, but i twas fun seeing them again.