APRIL, 1999

4-1-99 - DREAM - I was working on a long e-mail about Indian tribes and chiefs which linked to web pages. This letter was to be sent to everyone I know. Once this was done, then I worked on a project to determine who came first to this country and when. we kept all the evidence in storage rooms in a large building and even the Indians didn't have the key to this answer.


4-1-99 - DREAM - One after the other, two men drove their cars up trees and bent them over. The people seemed to be okay physically, but in both cases, all four wheels were shredded. There was a man who got a new red boat. He got it ready to take it out on the lake to try it out and next thing I knew he drove the boat out of the water and up and over huge rocks and when the rocks were too big, he would gun it even more until the boat was all bent and battered. The last car that drove into the house to call 911 and he hollered after me, "Don't you go calling 911, not after spending years and years of being put down as a people, and being kept as slaves, etc."  I dialed 911 out on the front porch, but the phone didn't work.


4-1-99 - DREAM - I can't remember the beginning of this dream except that I was working. I remember going upstairs at the back of a house where a black man lived and the stairs was more like a ladder with wide slats instead of stair treads. I also helped a man to change and he had to wear different clothes as I promised to take his clothes home for him. The top was like a T shirt with the arms cut off and the pants were shaped like white football players wear and they were made of asbestos. They felt awful to even hold much less have to wear.

I was headed for my apartment which was #117 but first I had to get my mail because I hadn't been home in quite awhile. I looked at my key and it was a tiny silver horse. I went to where I thought the mailboxes were but the space was locked up tight with a slate grey metal cover over it. Then I remembered that was open only during certain hours.

I headed for the mailboxes in the outer hallway, only to remember that perhaps my mail was in another inner hallway and headed that direction. But those mailboxes only went up to #58 and we had to go through a very narrow door to get there, it seemed like it was only four inches wide and you had to go through it sideways and you had to be like 'as a child' to get through so I knew the man who had worn the asbestos clothes could never followed me in there.

I looked in my hand and saw that I didn't actually have my key, I was holding only a small silver horse in my hand. A small woman asked if she could help me. I told her "No! I have to get my mail and its in the 'outer' boxes.

So, I went back to where the outer boxes were and I now had my mailbox key. I checked it again to make sure and it was a silver horse and under its feet were like four little platforms and thats what had to fit into the keyhole.

I opened the box. It was so full of mail. A lot of yellow envelopes were on top and under that all the Sunday newspaper inserts and beneath that all the Sunday newspapers that showed how many weeks I had been gone. There was a woman in charge of the mailboxes and I handed her back all the Sunday inserts that were for shopping ads. I kept all the ones that had short little prayers on the front page which was a religious insert. And I kept all the newspapers.

I went back outside and met E.R. there. I can't remember what we discussed but he began to sing in Latin like a priest in a church doing mass and I knew he would have mae a wonderful priest. I told him I promised to deliver the asbestos clothes before I went home as he said he would wait for me.

So I was crossing the street, a big white van pulled up that belonged to my boss. On the side of the van it said, "The Source of Power and Wisdom and Joy". He offered me a lift home, because I had ridden with him before. (I couldn't see who the driver actually was).

I told him  I had to deliver the asbestos clothes first so I couldn't go with him and thanked him for the offer.

I then went into the building again and went down toward my apartment #117 which was on the right.

The apartment where the asbestos clothes went was on the left in a dark corner across the hall on a diagonal. I didn't actually go to the apartment. I flung the clothes across the hall towards the door. They were so thick and stiff, they could stand up by themselves and didn't need hanging up.


4-22-99 - DREAM - I worked on a web page of links called, Everything there is to know about birthdays.


4-3-99 - DREAM - I was with my family and my husband had his best friend over. They got along so well, they went over and hugged each other and orange energy came out of them and spilled on the ground in a spiral to the right. After that there was bitterness and antagonism for a long time.

Then one day, his friend called him on the telephone to tell him his Father died. He was the only one who could call him because nobody else had his phone number that was the only way to contact him.

After the brief phone call, I thought about calling the man back to see if I could patch up the friendship. I didn't know the man's phone number but I could dial *69 to get him if I did it right away.

I walked around thinking to myself that I could have all my favorite male people around as long as I kept my feelings to myself.


4-3-99 - DREAM - Joe and I went to a theatre. In order to get to our seats we had to walk sideways between the seats that were draped with brown blankets. The performers were up in a wide aisle at the top waving and smiling. I believe they were Laura Lee and Jeff Rense, but I can't be sure.  Then we came around to take our seats in wide rose that faced another direction. Spirit told me that whenever Joe and I were going to sit between two other people, we should make sure there are 3 seats so that our guide "Mason" could sit with us.


4-4-99 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere. I told an old lady that when I retired I was going to get $433 dollars a month so I wouldn't be able to live alone. But if I lived with another person who was also getting $433 we could get along quite nicely, but if I lived with three or four others, it would be even better.


4-4-99 - DREAM - I was in my house with Joe and I was cleaning. A visitor came to the house. I was sitting on the couch with a container of baskets of flowers and other things.

The person stood in front of me, as I began to pick up the baskets of flowers and hand them to Joe to hang up from ceiling hooks.

As I turned to hand the baskets to Joe, I saw that our entire livingroom was full of gorgeous flowers some as tall as four feet tall. They were so beautiful. I wanted it to be that way...always.


4-4-99 - DREAM - I was living or working in a huge house. The house was divided into types of people. Children were in one part...old people were in one part...and older, chubby girls all with long red hair were in another. I hadn't cleaned the floor in while and the kids had been outside playing in the snow and their wet mittens, boots, scarves, and jackets were laying all over the floor. My husband was sleeping. I picked up all the clothes and boots and put them where they belonged. I went to get the broom and sweep up the dust and found that my husband had woke up and had started sweeping. I grabbed the broom away from him to do my job and said, "I was going to do that!" feeling angry. I remembered going through this with him before and when he had said, "I didn't see you fighting me for the broom," sarcastically. This time I had fought him for the broom.

There was no carpeting on this floor, it was just plain varnished hardwood.

I got into the children's area where they had little pegs on the floor. I thought about sweeping them up but they were making designs on a pegboard with them. I wanted to know where they had gotten all these yellow pegs. They pointed to a blond haired kid and told me they had just pulled on his hair and they became pegs. I tried it for myself and ended up with a thorn in my hand, not a peg. I felt rather grossed out because it reminded me of a dream I had had last year where a man had growths on his face that looked like this.

I thought about the pegboard and decided that I would make a design like the shape of the whitehouse and pretend that people were going inside to dance.

I continued to sweep the floor and went down on the end by the old people. There was a stairway going up on their end with a bright light at the top. I could hear what sounded like bees buzzing up the stairs and knew it was what people called, "The Hundred Voices". It is a spiritual group of 100 spirits who all say the same thing, but each one is just slightly off from each other so that you couldn't understand what they are saying or singing unless you can focus on just one voice. Listening to them makes you feel like you are going crazy, but it is supposed to be a very special blessing if they come to speak or sing to you.

These spirits were coming down the stairs to visit the old people. I didn't want to stay and hear them so I ran back down on my own end and hear them so I ran back down on my own end of the house. I thought about hiding in the bathroom, but I knew they would come and stand outside the bathroom door and speak to me and I'd feel like I was going crazy because I had heard them in my head before when I lived in Wisconsin.

I thought about grabbing all the kids jackets, mittens, and boots and take all the kids outside to play, but it was too late. I could hear them coming down the hall, closer and closer.

Suddenly a whole bunch of young women, all with long red hair came running down the hall. They were all giggling. Some stopped to look in the mirror and fix their makeup. These girls were all chubby and wore silky dresses. They had exquisitely beautiful faces. They all lived on my end of the building.


4-5-99 - (These two dreams were like movie plots)

The mother in this dream had two sons. They were as different as night and day. One was always good, the other was always bad. On this day, the bad one came home. He had on a brown leather jacket and hair all slicked back with grease. He was also a drug user.

The mother felt bad that her son hadn't turned out better and sat on her bed lamenting her life. She saw the bad son go out into the garage. He sat in the car and took an overdose of drugs and she thought he was dead.

She was so stunned, she just sat on the bed in the ark, cowering with fear that she would be accused of killing him.

While she sat there in the dark, the other son came home. He didn't turn on the light when he came home, she knew who it was, but kept saying. "Who is there? Who is there?" trying to throw her son off the track, pretending she didn't know her other son was sitting in the car,...dead.

Finally, morning came and the mother and the good son were still sitting on the bed, the mother was feeling so guilty for being a bad mother. She went to a drawer and got some old photograph out and showed her son the photos of the two babies and how they were different from the day they were born. One was roly poly and cheerful and all laughing and chubby. And the other one, the twin, was dark haired and thin and dour faced. Though they were twins, they were nothing alike. Then she showed him the photo of the father, a handsome, smiling man, he looked exactly like the good son. He looked at the photos and said, "I don't look anything like Michael either do I?"  He really did, but she said, "No!"

She knew she had to call the cops about her sons but she didn't want to stir up a ruckus about it, so while the good son looked at the photographs, she picked up the phone to call 911. She didn't want to say anything, so she just stood there. Finally, she said, "Dead body in car!" The woman cop operator looked at her computer and said, "Jackson Street!" The woman had to answer and give the right address or they'd never find the body, so she said, "Third street!"

Meanwhile, the good kids friends showed up, and they all saw the two tall dressers standing there in the bedroom and started opening all the drawers and throwing all the clothes on the floor.

The mother was stunned. The cops were on the way to find the dead body and question her, and here the good son and his friends were throwing clothes all over the floor.

She stood in the hall, wringing her hands and the cops came. She opened the door to the garage to show the body to the cops. When she opened the door, she went into shock. Her bad son sat there, totally transformed.  His slicked back hair was all washed and clean and gleamed reddish gold. He stood up, the brown leather jacket gone, he wore clean clothes and he stood seven feet tall. He came out into the hall, all smiles, put his hands on her shoulders. He looked in her eyes and said, "You didn't touch me, did you?" She just shook her head in guilt. He said to her, "Because you didn't touch me, the drugs were able to do their complete work and he showed her like in a hologram, an x-ray of his skull and brain, how they had been brought into perfect alignment.

She and the cops just stood there in stunned silence. Everyone would live happily ever after.


4-5-99 - DREAM - I was at home in an apartment, but there was a lot of young people here. I and a bunch of teenagers were sitting on my bed just talking about stuff. One girl was typing what we were saying. Then I noticed two guys had joined us and one wanted to know what it meant to be 'reborn'. I told him it was a 'change of consciousness'. He needed more explanation than that so I told him to story of how a plant grows, blooms, creates seeds, then the seed has to 'die' in order for a new plant to be born.

While I was telling him that, the girl hit some wrong keys on the computer and messed up the program. I said, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that!" and laughed. All of a sudden I noticed that the computer was gone. The girl said she had broken it so the guys took it to a back room to fix it. I said, "There was nothing wrong with it, you just hit some wrong keys," and ran from the room to find my computer. I got to the back room that was full of young guys all working on things, supposedly 'fixing things'. I asked, "Where is my computer?" One said, "T.J. took it to Sears to be fixed."  Now I was really upset, so I ran down the stairs to go to Sears. I got outside and saw great destruction. I was under a freeway bridge...sort of place...and someone had dropped a bomb on it and there was a huge hole and the roadways went nowhere so there was no traffic. I carefully walked under these bridges where water was dripping off the edges because it was raining, but I didn't get wet because I was 'under' the bridges. I was careful to watch to make sure none of these structures was going to fall down.

Then I saw T.J. ahead of me, coming back from Sears. He had my computer in a box and several other packages which he was trying to balance. I offered to help him carry his packages and one by one I got my computer box back. I asked him what was wrong with it. He said, "They didn't find anything wrong with it."  The box was surprisingly light weight.

So, I carried the boxes, looking for a way back upstairs. I was now in a huge mall being constructed. Workmen were everywhere. I looked for signs on stores to try to figure out where I was but couldn't find any. There were lots of stairways going up, but they went up into darkness, so I couldn't use them. Then I went around a corner and saw two women coming down a stairway, each carrying a glass with some kind of liquid that was a golden color. So, I decided to try that one.

I climbed the stairs and found myself on a balcony that was a bar. There were only women up here. An older woman offered to buy me a drink. I said, "No! I don't drink." She said, "Well! They have Sprite too!"  I said, "Okay! I'll have a Sprite!" So I sat down at a table with the woman and some other women who were just talking about 'stuff.' All of a sudden I started feeling strangely sexual and realized something was in the drink. I said, "Oh! I get it. This is a place for women who want to get off by themselves", and jumped up to leave.

Now I had to find a stairway to go back down but couldn't find where I had come up. Each stairway had a door on it, so I had to open a door to see where the stairs went down to.  One door opened and the whole stairs smelled strongly of urine. One went down into darkness. Another one went down into a strange atmosphere. Then I saw one that was rather narrow and two young girls were coming up it. That one didn't seem too bad but the girls started telling me their mother had just given birth and how wracked with pain she had been in and how they had to cut her open to get the baby out. I decided I didn't want to go down there either and continued to hunt for a stairway where it would be pleasant. I couldn't and finally woke up.


4-6-99 - (This was a totally manipulated dream. Part way through the lucid part, I was awake and could smell Indian wood smoke in my left nostril...though I was awake and opened my eyes to make sure there was no fire in the house.)

During the first part of the dream, I was typing five different e-mails about my Indian Wisdom page and inserting hyperlinks into the text to the page.

I finally got into what seemed like a real dream, but now that it's over, it too seems manipulated.

DREAM - I was in a room with a computer after I wrote the e-mails and I was told by someone...whether spirit voice or on the computer I can't call my ex-husband at a hotel which was somewhere out in the Dakotas. The phone number was typed into the computer and was a complicated formula. The connection was made to the hotel through the computer. The desk clerk at the hotel answered and I told her I need to speak to J. B. who was there at a seminar and to tell him "his wife" was calling though I knew we were divorced. There was a pause and she came back and said, "I'm sorry! He's not here! He's not scheduled to arrive until tomorrow 2/21!"  I said, "Thank you! Please tell him 'his wife' called", and gave her my current phone number in California.

I was thinking to myself that the way the computer dialed the phone number, it should always be that easy. However, somehow I was in the hotel, going up an elevator with two Indian women who were chubby and a beautiful blonde woman.

I got upstairs to the 5th floor. I was told that my ex-husband was in a suite of rooms numbered 510 - 561. When I got there, all three women from the elevator came with me. Inside the suite, I saw the room number 561 and saw my ex-husband standing in the doorway of 510. He looked shocked to see me and was the same age as he is now (64) . However, I knew that he had a blond woman in the bed in his room and I was given my own room in the suite though I don't know what number. I went to bed and the blonde woman who had been sleeping with my ex-husband came and sat on my bed by me and said, "I don't know how anyone could ever leave me!" indicating that she had been told she had to leave by my ex-husband. I noted she had a couple moles on her face and close up she was an older woman and not all that beautiful. I didn't understand why she was leaving either because I hadn't come there with any intention to break up any romance my ex-husband had going.  I woke up feeling very confused.

NOTE:  A month after this dream, I found out that my ex-husband was having problems with his current girlfriend and they were talking about splitting up. I don't know if they did because I don't keep track of him that closely.


4-7-99 - DREAM - (Note: This dream occurred with the radio on. It started when Art Bell was on with Brad Steiger and when I woke up, there was a woman giving a prediction of the future to someone.)

In the beginning of this dream, I was in a very large building with a lot of other people. I had been sitting down for quite some time and when I stood up, a mass of mashed tomato-like stuff came out of my vagina like I had got my period and didn't know it. It was all over a towel or something I had been sitting on a bench and then fell in blotches on a rose colored blanket on the floor.

I gathered up these two cloth items to take them home and wash them. At the same time President Clinton walked in the room. He was fully dressed in a dark blue suit from the waist up but was naked below the waist. He was carrying a huge glass golden goblet or vase in his hands that had embossed designs of grapes on a vine on both sides.

We told him we would hide the goblet/vase so others wouldn't get it. I took the goblet/vase from him, and he turned around and I walked right behind him so others wouldn't see his bare butt.

When we got to the door, myself, and my daughter-in-law Debe were running lightfooted down a hill lined with glass objects like a glass warehouse. These were very large items being saved for the future.

Other women were following us wanting to know where we put the goblet/vase. But we got halfway down the valley of glass and told the other women they could go no farther. We didn't want anyone to know where the goblet/vase was placed.

I had been carrying it all this time and had planned to put it in my apartment at the far end of the valley, but after the women left, Debe, my daughter-in-law took the vase from me and put it in her apartment instead in a big green building. Nobody would know where it was hidden.

NOTE:  There are more than level of interpretation in this dream. Not only was President Clinton caught with his pants down, but he represents the King of the U.S. and the cup represents the cup of the Grail of the blood of Jesus and besides that, President Clinton personally is related to the Kingly bloodline of Europe and has ancestors who are in the bloodline of Jesus, thus so is he.


4-7-99 - MEDITATION - Note: My mother had a stroke two weeks ago. Physically she is doing well, but still is mentally confused. This meditation was to take her to the high mental healing temple.  

I called Babaji to the high mental healing temple. Babaji and my mother showed up promptly and we were on a stairway. A doctor came down the stairs and put his arms around my mother. I didn't want to watch the surgery or whatever they did, so I averted my eyes while they worked on her.

When I came out of the meditation, I couldn't move under the blankets, so I let myself fall asleep. I am typing this in June of 1999, and my mother is at home and doing quite well. She repeats herself occasionally, but for the most part seems quite normal, though frail for her age of 83.


4-7-99 - DREAM - I was living in a big old house with some other people. I was in the livingroom taking care of another woman's kids while she worked. I heard several men talking in the kitchen and saw that my ex-husband Ed had showed up. He had somehow gotten out of prison early. The men were going to do some work together but Ed left to go get something to drink. I didn't want to be there when he came back.

I took the boy baby, who was about two years old, upstairs to put him to bed. He had one of these nasty sucker things in his mouth. I decided to just leave it there. Upstairs, I met a nurse who was putting away medicine in a special room like for first aid. The babies bed was across the hall from that room.

The baby's bed was very strange, very narrow, too short, and rounded on top and the railings were way far away from the mattress so a quilt was rolled between the mattress and the railing to keep him from falling off.

I then walked down the hallway the other direction and through a door and found myself in an apartment-like area. That made me feel better. I thought to myself that I could hide up there for a month and nobody would ever find me. However, I found a stairway going down toward the front of the building, went down and outside. I decided to walk home to my 16th St. house. It was a long walk.

I was walking very slowly for some reason and had a light green small blanket around me like an Indian shawl but plain colored. As I walked along, I was worried I would run into Ed. There were bars everywhere on this busy street.

I was so busy worrying about Ed's being  drunk, I ran right into a youngish black man. I knew instantly he was up to no good. He grabbed for my blanket. I slipped out of it and just let it go. It wasn't worth fighting over. But then he stated following me and making comments and I knew he was more interested in me than the blanket. I spotted a pair of wet underpants on the sidewalk, picked them up and flinging them in his face. He ducked a little and I ran into a building I was near. There was a steep stairway so I went up it. Unfortunately, the black man followed me. The stairway didn't appear to go anywhere safe and was real rickety, so when I got to the top and he caught up to me, I managed to bend him double over the railing, shook the railing really hard and he flung off the railing and disappeared. I didn't worry about what happened to him and got out of the building.

Then I remembered that I hadn't told anyone that I had left and the baby was sleeping in his crib all alone, so I had to go back to the house. Again I was walking really slowly and when I turned the corner and saw the house, I woke up.


4-8-99 - VISION - I saw a movie playbill. Along the left edge was a listing of myself playing in a series of Indian movies with specific Indian characters.

NOTE: I believe this was telling me how many past lives I had lived as an Indian and what their names were. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember any of the names, nor the number of characters there were.


4-8-99 - DREAM - I was living in a city somewhere. It was early morning and I was getting ready for work. I looked in the mirror and I had short chopped off black hair just below the ears. I hated my black hair. My girlfriend and I had been to a wig shop and I loved the long curly red wig she had bought. That's what I wanted my hair to look like. So, I went to where she was working and asked for her wig. She was cashiering in the front of a big movie theatre. She didn't mind giving me her wig. Her hair was light brown normally. So, she took off the wig and gave it to me. I grabbed it and went way in a back room where there was a mirror and put on the wig and slicked back the bangs off the forehead. I looked so good with long red curly hair.

Then I saw a man scowling at me at a desk across from me. He said, "Don't give away the plan!" I scowled back and said, "What plan?" and tossed my hair and walked away, trying to forget his words.  I walked quickly up to the front, putting on a brown jacket for work and making sure the long red hair was trailing down my back.

I got up to the front and another girl asked me if I had brought something with me from the back and I hadn't. I had forgotten four things. She ticked off the names of the four items for me and I tried to keep all four things in my mind so when I went back where the scowling old man with the black hair was, I wouldn't forget them. (But I had forgotten them. I know they were all small items, and all were white and I could carry them in my hands.)

(I tend to think they were symbolic though because it seems to me that one was a pyramid.)


4-8-99 - DREAM - In this dream I was in a jungle-like area walking along a trail with some men. One of them walked ahead of us through a watery, sandy area and began to sink. We grabbed him with a long stick and pulled him back to safety. I took a stock and began to probe the area ahead. Though it had a sand bottom, it was solid for a ways and then the sand just gave way. I continued to probe with the stick and discovered a sinkhole through and under a limestone ridge or shelf on which we were walking. The others didn't want to believe me, but one man pointed to a limestone outcropping ahead of us that looked like it had indian paintings on it, and I was vindicated.


4-9-99 - I lay awake for more than an hour, seemingly getting more wide awake instead of sleepy. The same instant I was going to get up again, an idea popped into my mind to do a Native American page on Indian women. So, I lay there thinking about the details of how to do the page and fell asleep working on the page in a lucid dream.

NOTE:  As of 6-17-99 I haven't had time to do this in the physical world, but made a note of it in my notebook of future projects.


4-9-99 - DREAM - I and some men were working on a large garage-like area. Someone said, "Let's tell people they need 'blah-blah-blah' on their cars and they'll believe us, and we can take their orders and put 'blah-blah-blah' on their cars and make all the money."  So, the men went out with their idea, told everyone they needed 'blah-blah-blah' on their cars and 100% of them said, "Okay!" and we got the orders. My job was to number the invoices so we knew whose orders to do first. I started at 1 and was up to 25 when they came in with more orders. It was a great idea.

My Father came in then and we were underground in a big cavern-like place with a big rock wall. He was going to help us dig for oil. However, there were people living above us. So, I told my Father that someone told me there was an identical spot duplicated on the other side of the space. He thought for a moment and said, "Yes! You are right."  So we went over there. We stacked thousands of 2 x 3 cards of Indians-like baseball cards and began turning them and they went down into the ground like a drill going through butter. I said, "I'll bet nobody ever thought of drilling for il using Indian cards before."

Everyone agreed. When we were done drilling, we turned the stacks the opposite direction and they all came back up and went up through the ceiling where the people were. We were elated.Then I saw seven different stacks of cards, where the original stack was divided into seven different colors. I was very impressed. This was a first.

I wanted to repark my car from behind my Father's house to the front of the house. I looked to make sure there was a spot available there and there was, so I had to make a U turn to turn the car around. It was parked on the edge of a deep snow drift and it was a tight squeeze getting behind the wheel, but I made it. I managed to start the car with one turn of the key by flooring the gas pedal and holding it down, and the car roared into motion and I steered it out of the snowbank and into the traffic lane successfully. I could see the lights of the cars behind me with plenty of room to spare.

I intended to go one block south and go around the block, but I was behind a school bus and people walking and there wasn't a good opportunity to turn, so I continued to follow a woman who was walking who had gotten off the bus and came to a T shaped crossing where I intended to turn around. When I got there, other women were standing and things were held together with thin rubber bands which I thought needed replacing. It had turned from winter into spring as I went south and everything was lovely and green and blooming here.

I woke up as I decided to help these women get thicker rubberbands to hold things together.


4-9-99 - DREAM - I was in a city by a school. We were standing on a sidewalk when all of a sudden a whole parade of army troops came marching by. I was trying to think if today was Veteran's Day because they hadn't been expected. Nobody else seemed to have expected them either, but a lot of people were following along the street alongside them.

After they went by, I walked over to another school and a strange airplane went by. I can't recall what it looked like, but it was practicing and when it took off, it went faster than anything I've ever experienced before with puffs of white within it's contrails. What was more strange, was at the end of the demonstration, a big silver fish with red, white, and blue stripes swung around in the air and almost hit us. If we wouldn't have ducked under a balcony, it would have landed on us because I heard it smack down on the balcony right above us.

Right after the plane left, three peasant-like people came along. They looked really scary to me. I didn't know what they wanted. I had four things with me and I dropped them and broke them so I threw them away. That made the people all upset and tried to get me to come back so they could show me something in the trash can, but I wanted to get out of there.

I went to another building and wanted to go up to the next level, but the stairs were missing. I tried using an emergency ladder but it wouldn't hold my weight, and was cutting into the soles of my shoes, so I had to find a different stairway.

I went through a doorway where a stairway was coming up to my level from below. A nurse was teaching some kids some basic stuff and I went past them. There were two people with me at this point but they were behind me at this point, so I dont know who they were. As I was descending these steps, I realized I was dreaming and I said so to the other people. The steps became just wire replicas of steps and I said to the others, "This is just a dream and we've got to figure a way out of here."  We were running the steps with confidence even though it was just wire outlines. One of the other people said, "How far down do we have to go?"

Ahead I saw where the janitor carried out the trash, so we went and climbed out through the opening which wasn't easy because it wasn't floor level. It was about three feet higher than the floor. But we made it through there and then went to another school.

There I met people I knew and I was walking around with two rags which shape-shifted into bibs and back to rags. They were red and blue and for some reason people wanted these things so I was off and running again.

Somewhere around this point, I was awake and ROV told me in my head I could get up and go back to the computer because the weather news about the tornado in Cincinnati area was on now. I was too comfy and cozy to get up through so I went back to dreaming.

Now my daughter-in-law Debe told me that the people from the East Coast wanted to fly out to see me CSID because something bad was going to occur there and they didn't want to be there.

NOTE: I don't know what CSID means...perhaps  ASAP?

NOTE:  The war in Kosovo started right after this dream also.


4-10-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about soldiers. One was 1825.

(Perhaps about a past-life)


4-10-99 - DREAM - I was in a big house and when I went into the livingroom, one of the walls began to change from one type of decor to another. All of them were fancy and antique each one was from a different period of history. I went around the corner to the front hall and outside a bugle core dressed in tight red coats and white pants like in the day so George Washington time period began to play the hymn... "Glory Hallelujah!"  A choir sang with them and all the people were encouraged to join in. So we sang the entire song, "In the beauty of the Lilies...etc... through the chorus...Glory Hallelujah. "  A Civil War Song.  

When it was over, I saw a title page:

"You remember who"




4-10-99 - DREAM - I was managing our apartment building. There was one apartment left to clean for occupancy. It was a studio apartment but two stories high with a balcony loft above the livingroom. The ceiling had wood beams with told and red tinsel-like streamers hanging off of them. I really like it. I heard the maintenance man and his wife coming down the hall to clean this apartment. I met them at the door as they were coming in to clean.  I asked the woman if she liked this apartment. She said, "No!" and she showed me why.The electric plug to plug in the vacuum cleaner was up by the ceiling. She stretched and stretched and couldn't reach it. I laughed and said, "You're just too short," and plugged it in for her.

I then went to another place where I babysat for a man who couldn't stand being alone. The outstanding thing about his apartment was his red brick linoleum floor that was so clean and shiny you could eat off of it as they say.

When I left, my replacement came in. We laughed about him as we passed each other on the street. I asked her if she liked working for him. She laughed and said, "He's always on the phone anyway."


4-10-99 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building. I had a brown dog. I think it was a tall boxer-type dog...short light fur with dark floppy ears. She was always walking around my legs and got in my way while I was working, so I took her to the second floor and put her in an empty apartment and left her there alone.

The next day I went upstairs to work in that same apartment. My dog was laying on a small but comfy air mattress to sleep. I went into the kitchen and decided to make a pot of coffee to drink while I was working. The coffee came in a blue and green bag which I put into the pot of water to boil. Then I went to There were other people working in this apartment also, doing various jobs. One of the ladies called the dog, "Candy!" I said, "No! Her name is Grace!" By now, I thought the coffee would be done. I tried to pour coffee and there was no water coming out of the pot. I opened the pot and all it contained was a large pile of green and blue mush, the same color as the coffee bag had been. I thought to myself, "I guess it only makes "drip coffee"!  I went to dump the mush in the sink but decided it would clog the drain so I should take it to the basement to dispose of it. I was going to just go down and do that but a man with authority said I'd better take the dog with me because she paws at the door when I'm gone and is bothering the neighbors. I said, "Okay!"  I would do that. I realized the dog hadn't peed in a couple days and was amazed it could hold it that long. I didn't have a leash for this dog because I never took it outside, but it had a red collar. I had the dog's sleeping mattress in one hand, along with the coffee pot and hooked my fingers under the dog's red collar on my left side. She heeled without being told. A man commented about how well trained my dog was and anther man said, "It takes months of training to do that." I felt good about that, but nobody noticed how the dog's rear les and butt would kind of wrap around my legs when we walked instead of staying in her own space. That was annoying and tended to almost trip me up, but I managed to keep her under good control just the same. She never barked and was a good dog. We were now going down the stairway to the first floor and I had my fingers under her collar and the dog fell over on the floor and the landing mid-way down. I didn't know whether she fell asleep or died, but I had to drag her body along behind me down to my own apartment.


4-10-99 - VISION - A girl named Jennifer came from my left and a man named John came from the right. They held hands around me, then hugged each other and walked away together, arms around each other's love.

NOTE:  I'm curious to know if I know these people myself and love is in the air?  I'm sure I'll find out eventually.


4-10-99 - VISION - I saw two from the left and one from the right. They came together, one above the other, then I saw the number 172.  (perhaps a timing number)


4-11-99 - DREAM - Joe and I went out to my Father's lake cottage. The gate was open but my Father's car wasn't there. I thought that was real strange because my Father never let the gate open when he was not there, so I figured he must have just gone out on a short errand.

Joe and I had brought some plants and our daughter was with us and she had to go potty. I took her to the outhouse while Joe got some tools out to do some work.

Our daughter said she was done going potty and was going to jump off the pot but she wasn't really done and needed wiping, so I did that for her.

I had been very concerned that she didn't get her hands cut off either in the car door or the outhouse door and it was fine because we were very careful with her.

Joe had gotten a lot of tools out in a long box. I was looking at the paved drive. It appeared that grass was growing on the driveway and was taking over the garden areas. I had some plants to put along the edges of the driveway, so I was going to remove the overgrown grass myself. As I went through the tools, I found a 'coping' saw. I showed it to Joe and said, "Look what I found," and smiled.

I then suddenly got chilled and went into the cabin and found my Mother sitting there alone, all dressed in brown with a brown lap robe over her. I hadn't realized she was there. I told her I had come in to warm up and that I was going to plant in the garden.

My mother pointed to the clock and said that the sun was going down. I looked at the clock and it was 3:30 pm. I thought to myself that it seemed awfully early for the sun to go down even if it was daylight savings time. But if the sun was going down, it was too late to replant the garden.

The telephone rang and my mother jumped off her chair and ran for the phone. It was a black phone and was located on a shelf behind the stove pipe. (We never had a phone there) She talked to someone then went back and sat down again. She said that she and my Father had been invited to breakfast by a woman on Circle Drive, but my Father didn't like to be called to places when he had real work to do.

Just then,  I saw some people coming unexpectedly. At first I didn't recognize any of them. There were 4 of them and they all had long hair in pony tails and different colored cowboy hats on. Then I recognized one as my son Ken. The men were all tall like 7 feet tall. They all came in the front door and my son Ken saw me and began kissing me and kissing me. The other men looked puzzled because they didn't know who I was that their friend should be kissing someone on the mouth.

My son Ken had his arm around me. I said to them, "Were you worried who this beautiful woman is who Ken is kissing? I'm his Mother!"  They looked a little stunned.

The tallest of the men told me that Ken had been suicidal because he didn't want to be alone. Then it was my turn to be stunned. He sat on a chair and bared his right arm to show it to me.

I asked him if had ever taken tranquilizers. He said, "Ever heard of Sapphomysine?" (not sure of that's exactly it)  I  pointed to his arm along a nerve that runs down the inner lower arm in the inner surface and asked him if he had ever felt pain there.

He said he understood the pain. He came back over to where the other three men were at and I said, "You could come and live with me and Joe if you want to, but we live in California now!" He said, "No! That's okay! I have plans to go live with my brother Michael!"

I said, "Okay!" and woke up.


4-13-99 - DREAM - I worked on a web page all night. Hecate, other goddesses of mythology.


4-13-99 - DREAM - I worked on a web page of Kosovo.

NOTE: I created one called Kosovo at a glance.


4-14-99 - DREAM - I worked on Kosovo think... "subsequent, subsequent, and consequences."


4-14-99 - DREAM - I was working in a huge office building. The owner/ceo of the company was named Carlson. He went to New York on a business trip. While he was gone, they had his phone transferred to mine to answer even though he had a personal secretary working for him. I also was given the privilege to take care of his infant baby daughter while he was gone. I was holding her close to my chest, kissing her on the top of her head. I felt so privileged to have her but didn't understand why they had chosen me instead of his own personal secretary. My desk was across the aisle from the freight elevator. The elevator door opened and the entire elevator was full of racks and boxes of clothes for this child, not only for today, but for the coming years as she grows up.The men were delivering all the clothes plus two little girls were on the elevator wearing samples of the clothes. The girls were 5 or 6 years old. The clothes were all pink and white. Someone commented that it was strange to provide clothes that large when she was just an infant. I said, "That's okay! she's going to grow into them.

While this was going on, I was working with two sets of records that the company kept. They were in identical medium blue loose leaf binders. One was handwritten and the other was supposed to be a typed duplicate. One had to hold these books sideways and flip the pages upward and over backwards towards the top when finished reading, rather than sideways to the left like a normal book.

I took it upon myself to check the two books against each other to make sure there were no discrepancies.

I told another woman about this double set of books and she said she wanted to read them over her lunch hour, but she took only the typed copy with her, and I retained the handwritten copy which was the truth.She didn't come back from lunch and I started to worry that she had stolen the book, but I had the handwritten copy, the truth, in my own possession even if she didn't return and I could always retype it if necessary for the public to see at the right time.

The phone on my desk started ringing suddenly. There were 4 or 5 lines on it and red lights were blinking to show me which line was ringing. They were ALL ringing at once. I couldn't answer them all at nice so the girl at the desk abutting mine...facing me...grabbed a couple lines also.

The first call was from a woman named LEONE. She was selling a condo to my boss Mr. Carlson and she called to say he hadn't arrived yet and that he should call her to tell her when he was arriving.

The next phone call was from Mr. Carlson's mother-in-law named PAULA. That call also was about the condo and she wanted to know what was going on and he should call her as soon as possible and tell her.

I hung up, and then noticed that I wasn't wearing any clothes from the waist down. I got all embarrassed and ran to the closet to put some clothes on. Nothing was hung up, but laying in neat piles. However, when I picked up the blue slacks to put on, the underpants and panty hose were already inside the slacks and I tried to put them on just the way they were and had had my blue bedroom slippers on and forgot to take them off first. I got all distressed and then discovered I already had pantyhose on, I just didn't see them before.

So then, I went way to the far end of the building and up the elevator to the CEO's office to tell the secretary the phone messages. However, we got to talking about other things I can't remember and never told her the phone messages because I forgot about them.

So, when I got back to my desk, I called her on the phone to tell her that LEONE the condo lady had called and that the boss hadn't showed up yet and he should call her. The bosses secretary said, "That's okay! The train runs every 30 minutes and 32 seconds anyway."  So there was nothing to worry about them getting together.

Then I told her that Mr. Carlson's mother-in-law PAULA had called about the condo also. The secretary didn't make any big deal about that either. I almost felt like I had wasted my time making the call, but I had done my job and that was what mattered.

I walked over to a darker corner of the office, near the freight elevator and saw that there was a box of my clothes sitting there. These were all upper garments like my purple sweater and other clothes I wear currently.  They were all in a box, yet when I picked them up, they were all wet and the box was actually full of water like it was a white bathtub inside. I got all distressed out again that these clothes weren't hanging up in the closet.

It was then that I saw Dr. Kildare sitting on a bench across from me and I looked down and saw that I still wasn't dressed from the waist down. I was really distressed to realize I had gone all the way to the bosses office and back with no pants on and I told him this. He said, "That's not so bad, the better part was when you were like that the other day and bent over to pick something up. Now, that was a sight to see!"

I was really embarrassed because I didn't realize I had done this before. I begged him to please go in the closet and bring me something to wear so I wouldn't have to embarrass myself further. Dr. Kildare went into the closet and brought out a shorty pink nightie and hung it up in the air for everyone to see. That made me distressed again, so I walked across the room and went into the closet to get my own pants on. While I was doing that and struggling to get into them, all three layers at the same time, again with my blue slippers on, Dr. Kildare brought an older white haired doctor and a middle aged man into the closet also.

I couldn't seem to get the underpants aligned properly with the panty hose...they were kind of twisted together where the upper bans were even though the slacks were up okay.

I was so distressed, I broke into tears and started to bawl my head off in front of the older doctor and the strange man I didn't know. Through my tears I told the doctor that I can't seem to focus on one thing and finish it, that I move on to the next thing before I'm done. (Boy! Is this the truth!) and I can't even finish getting dressed in order to go to work.

He said he understood what the problem was and that it was the contrails that were confusing people's minds. The other man spoke up and said that his mind had gotten so bad that his company had to let him go on disability because he couldn't continue to focus on his job. The older doctor said that there was going to be a worldwide conference about this in Ohio shortly.

I felt somewhat better about my own situation knowing that it wasn't just me or my fault that I was so befuddled.

NOTE:  Here is what is going on: WHAT ARE THESE CONTRAILS IN THE SKY?


4-15-99 - (I was struggling with a web page on my computer and couldn't get it to show the print on it's face no matter what I did. So I went to lay down and take a nap. )

VISION: I saw a vision of a TOUCAN with a really yellow beak, then I saw my web page and it was fixing itself in a vision  

(When I got up to go back to the computer, I went back to work on that web page and there was nothing wrong with it. )


4-15-99 - VISION - I had a vision of the attorney who lived next door to me. He came out of his house wearing a brown coat with a red hood so I couldn't see his face. I lay down on the car seat so he couldn't see me. He was standing outside the car turned sideways like he was listening, so I didn't say anything and kept hidden.


4-16-99 VISION - (if you are a Nostradamus fan, you will understand this one. The prophecy is for this year, Aug. 11, 1999 during the eclipse if you are familiar with that one.)

I saw a large gold coin with the figure of Jesus on it, facing right with his arm upstretched toward heaven. Underneath Jesus was printed the words: "King of Terror"

(People have speculated on that meaning and I think this confirms it. The second coming of Christ.)

Previously I had a dream that when I looked at my mailbox  key, it was in the shape of a silver horse. :-)


Interpretation of the above:

Does anybody know about what Key this is? :D

Just check Rev. 20,1 and you will see that it is the Key of the Abyss as stated earlier in Rev.9,1 which unlocks all the Winged-Horses and Riders of the Past, also known as the Key of David in Rev.3,7 which is also the Key of Hell and Death... and which is also called the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven as stated in Mat.16,9... which again is called the Key of Knowledge mentioned in Luke 11,52 and again stated in Isaiah 33,6 and Isaiah 22,22 where it says that this Key opens things which cannot be shut and shuts things which cannot be opened... just like Heaven or Hell, for example!! :)

In other words, the Key to the Spiritual is the Horse of the Apocalypse. Yes!

About the Key of the Knowledge of David... it goes like this...

"Adam... his soul passed by transmigration into David... his soul transmigrated into the Messiah." (The Talmud, extract from Hershon's "Treasures of the Talmud" p.242).

... and you know why?... because David also flew on the  Winged-Horse like Adam did...

David, 1015-975 BC, the second Hebrew King... made very famous in the David and Goliath Legend... who according to "David's Song of Praise", in 2 Samuel 22:10 ... "He mounted the Cherubim and Flew... He soared on the Wings of the Spirit..."

That's all... childishly simple as 1,2,3 and ad infinitum.

Thank you again, Lady Dee you're a real Key-Dreamer!! :)



4-16-99 - DREAM - I was in a sort of Native American school. Everything was kept rather vague on purpose because we were being tested. It began with two turntables with Indian shaped items on it. These were deliberately kept vague to see if we could recognize what the items were even if we couldn't see them clearly. Each turntable was a different kind of Indian. One was like Navajo or Hopi, the other more Plains indian type things. After that there was some interaction with many people in a classroom type setting. I can't recall what we were doing there. The last scene was at a big lake where people went into the water in round boats similar to submarines. There were many of them at once and they all submerged at once to see who could stay down the longest. I don't know the purpose for this but they all popped up about the same time with a whooping and hollering. The whole experience remains vague.

When I woke up, it sounded like Joe was trying to talk in his sleep and that sounded like his Indian voice as well.


4-16-99 - VISION - As I was laying in bed, I saw a business card. It said Master Dialup. That made me feel good.


4-16-99 - DREAM - I was in this current house but it wasn't laid out the same. There were more doors and the stairway to upstairs was in a different place and the upstairs also had more doors, hallways, and rooms in it.

The dream started as I was sitting on the livingroom floor holding a tiny baby girl infant against my chest and patting her back. I heard a noise out in the kitchen and Joe appeared, back from work, which he had just left for. But he had another man and two dogs with him, a yellow labrador and a german shepherd.

I rather screeched a little and jumped up with the baby. Joe said to the an, "She sure is getting jumpy lately." He picked up something from the kitchen table and he and the man and the dogs left again. I could see out the window that they had come in a white truck, but I hadn't heard it.  (Joe's company supplies white trucks normally)

No sooner had they left though and I turned around and there was a man in a dark grey trench coat standing in the doorway between the livingroom and the kitchen. It startled me to see him and I hadn't heard him come in. He asked me if I wanted to buy some cleaning supplies. He had a kit in front of him with bottles and brushes. He didn't say he was from any particular company. I answered him, "No! I don't need any and I'd appreciate it if you left the house."

As soon as I said it, I could see an older grey haired woman standing at the kitchen sink doing the dishes. I had no idea who she was. The man insisted that I needed some cleaning supplies. I told him I anted him out of the house. I told him I was going to call 911 and they'd come and remove him. I turned to go to the phone and saw another woman standing by the phone which she picked up and dialed. She said, "I'm ordering you some medication." I said, "There is nothing wrong with me and I want you all out of my house."

I ran into the other room to use the second phone line and rehearsed in my mind what I was going to say to the cops:

COP: "What's the problem, Maam!"
ME:  "There's strange people in my house!"
COP: "What are they doing?"
ME:  "Doing the dishes and cleaning the house"
COP: "Are they intent on harming you?"
ME:  "No!"
COP: "Then  what's the problem?"
ME:  "There's strangers in my house!"

I couldn't think quite what was the real problem because they were actually helping me, so I didn't make the call.

When I turned around from the phone, there was short chubby woman standing there with a pad of paper and a pencil. She said, "I need to ask you some questions." She said it like she was a psychiatrist or something.

I said, "I don't want to answer any questions." I turned to go upstairs but the door got smaller. She said, "It's only three questions!" I said, "don't want to answer any questions." I moved to go upstairs and the door got even smaller. She said, "They aren't hard questions!" I said, "I don't want to answer ANY questions!" and the door got even smaller. It was only about a foot high by now and I was freaking out in a big panic.

I think she said "Okay!" at that point and the door sprang back up to normal size. Then I saw a nurse come in the door and I knew she was going to give me medication, so I said, "My feet are cold. I have to get dressed and get my slippers on". I headed up the stairs. There were three doors on the steps and I slammed each one shut behind me as I went up but they bounced back open again and the nurse was coming after me. I ran into my bedroom and double hooked the door shut so she couldn't follow me into the bedroom. I turned around with a sigh of relief that I was safe and went towards the bathroom and there was the nurse preparing my medication. I had forgotten there was a separate hallway to the bathroom from the stairs and so I hadn't escaped at all.

The nurse turned to give me some medication and I woke up. Instantly I had a vision of a business card. It was a dull silver background with bright silver words that said:  'NET NUT NOSIS DELUXE'

As I was laying there thinking about the dream, the telephone rang and it was my sister calling to tell me how my Mom was 55% mentally handicapped from her stroke and then started to tell me about her husband's mental problem from a chemical imbalance and how she almost thought she was going crazy stuff he was doing to her and then not admitting he was doing it.

I told her it was a good plot for a novel!


4-17-99 - DREAM - This was partial people and partial drawing. I was on the border of Russia and Europe. A huge wall came between Russia and Europe in a drawing. There was a picture of a man on the wall. The second time I saw the wall there was a blank space where the man had been. I then saw a list of names of men (about 8) who would be chosen to fill that space.

NOTE: This seems like a prophetic view of the future when the leader of Russia dies or is deposed.


4-17-99 - DREAM - I was in a town by what seemed to be the ocean's edge by the beach. There were a lot of people around, wanting to get some rays, but there were sand crabs with huge pinchers of many sizes all over the sand and the water had risen so one couldn't walk anywhere on the lawn/grass without getting your feet wet.

Everywhere one walked, the crabs crawled toward the people and you couldn't sit down, you had to keep moving. I wanted to tell my sons about it, but they had gone to visit friends and I didn't know when they'd be back. Finally my son Michael came along and I told him about the sand crabs. He said he knew about them and to stay away from the beach because it was going to be that way.


4-17-99 - VISION - A total black oil tanker truck had backed 3/4 of the way across the road. A thought went through my mind that we could drive right through the truck, but if we did, it would create a huge explosion.

NOTE: That same day, we went to the store and my stomach was so full of gas I thought I was going to explode.


4-18-99 - LONG DREAM - Not all details are remembered.

I went to visit my old maintenance man Joe and his girlfriend Robin. We were sitting in his livingroom. There was a big window up high facing the building next door. All of a sudden a man from the passageway between the buildings began hitting the window with a long stick. I got real concerned that the window as going to break and get glass all over us. Joe said not to worry because the guy was after Robin, not us, and the last time the guy had broken the window, the glass pieces were only 1/4" big. Just then the window cracked and spidered out in every direction. At that point, I could see the man. He was standing on a platform of some kind just below the window ledge. He kept beating on the window until it cracked into so many pieces, it all fell out. At that point, I could see there was another layer of safety glass in the window between him and us.

At that instant, I saw Robin and this guy and some other people out on the platform. They looked like they were in a past-life movie and it was very violent fighting and it was all black and white, not colored.

I said to Joe, "Is this real?" He said, "I guess so. That's why I'm not worried. It doesn't involve us!"

I went into another room which seemed to be an office/living quarters and my own stuff was everywhere. I needed to get some work done and my clothes were piled everywhere. So, I made a pact with myself to get better organized and moved my purse and clothes into my bedroom which was an adjacent room.

I got a phone call then from a woman who wanted to discuss a list of chemicals and planning chart for the movement of the chemicals from one place to another, the cost of the trucks, the drivers, the containers, etc. She was going to tell me the names of the chemicals. I said, "Hang on! I've already got them written down in order."  I went to get an older piece of paper on which all these chemicals, trucks, and men were itemized from the time we did this before, so all we had to do was plug the new numbers into the next column on the paper.

Joe wanted to see the list, but just then the lights blew out above where I was standing. Joe said he would help put new bulbs in. He took down the white bell shaped fixture which was full of little black bugs so I could wash them before he put the new bulbs in.

I thought to myself, "How come the building down the street doesn't blow out the lights as often as we do?"

We got the lights changed and then I had to go downtown. I was at the courthouse, standing outside on the portico. There were about 1,000 or so stairs down to the street.

A woman came up to me and called me by name. (It wasn't Dee or Dolores) I said, "No! That's not my name anymore. I was rather angry about this. I said, "Your friend Pat...the judge, just changed my name. Now my name is....", and I couldn't think what they had changed my name too...all I could think of was "Ahriman!"  (this is an ancient name for Satan) I was very upset about it. I wanted to go down to the street but it was so far down I thought maybe I should find an elevator. These stairs were wide but very small steps and if you started down, the next stopping point 18 steps down and the next stopping point was at 19 steps down. I didn't want to go down that fast.

I went to my office then and my honey Joe was with me. A young gal walked by who was wearing a short skirt and 5" high heeled all strap light blue shoes. Her legs looked incredibly good and Joe was rather gawking at her legs.

I saw that and looked down at my own legs. I was wearing the same color but had on long slacks and flat heeled sandals. I decided to go to the closet and get out my own high heeled shoes so he could see how great my own legs looked when I wore high heeled shoes. I knew I couldn't borrow that girl's shoes because her feet were way smaller than my own.

I went back to my private office and saw the lights were off and everything was locked which was wise because I hadn't actually been in the office and we wouldn't want others to see what was in my office.

When I got to my desk, there was a business card on the corner from the insurance agent who had been there while I was in the outer office. On the back side of the card, the insurance agent had written down my position, what I was getting paid per month and a couple other numbers which had to be analyzed by a small machine I kept in a locked closet.

My title was Negative Casualty Commissioner and I got paid $128 a month to do this job for them.

NOTE: A dream from 1990 showed my title as Director of Casualty.

I had to unlock the closet to get the machine to analyze the other numbers. I had a large ring of keys and picked out the proper gold key to open the door to the closet where I kept the office supplies. Just as I opened the door, an old white haired man who was my boss came along and stood behind my left shoulder. I opened the door and turned on the light. This closet turned out to be the bosses bathroom. The whole back wall was a mirror with a sink and toilet side by side in front of it. My boss said, "We should get you your own mirror!" I told him I wasn't looking for the mirror, I was looking for office supplies .

He went into the bathroom to pee and look at himself and I went to another large closet where I kept office supplies. However, when I opened the door and turned on the light, the back wall had one of those white boards you can write on with black marker.

On the right side of the board was a chart on which was written:

ACAD           8,000,000                                     (AKKAD was ancient IRAQ/Babylon)

GENERAL: 36,000,000

                    16,000,000  LAS VEGAS

I looked up to the top of the board and the title of the board was  DEATHS!


4-20-99 - DREAM - At the beginning of this dream I remembered I had a new baby but that I couldn't remember having fed her. I went to get her out of her crib and she was only two inches long. I felt really guilty for having neglected her, but I was so busy trying to clean my huge house, I didn't have time to feed her. I asked my grown daughter to give her some cereal and handed the baby to her to feed. Meanwhile I was doing the dishes and wiping crumbs off of all the surfaces where the other kids had eaten which seemed to be everywhere there was a flat surface including the bed which I had to do before her father came home again.

While I was cleaning and doing the dishes, I managed to spill and knock over 5 jars of strawberry jam at various points in the dream.

My daughter took the baby away with her and then brought her back again. she was about 6 inches long now. It seems my daughter had been to school and all the kids were from various foreign countries.

After my daughter gave the baby back to me, a whole bus load of foreign students and teachers came to the house to see how we were doing things here. I wasn't ready to have them see the house because I wasn't done cleaning yet. It was evident that harvest time had arrived because there was a table outside lined with many plants and there were what looked like garlic bulbs laying on the ground that had been cut from the plants. (This is not the way garlic grows) I cleaned this area as well and gave the baby back to my daughter to feed while I was doing this. I told her to give her some cereal. She was now about 8 inches tall.

At this point, I saw the babies name was p-b____  and had an instantaneous flash vision of an Indian chieftain wearing a war bonnet. Immediately following it, I had a vision of the name of the country China and that she was ready to go to war.

I continued to clean and knocked the 5th jar of strawberries to the floor. I was full of strawberries all over my hands now. I had to continue cleaning but I discovered that the baby still hadn't been fed and she was now about a foot tall, so I went to get her.

As I was putting her into the highchair to feed her, she said clearly, "WITNESS!"  I was shocked. I said, "Oh! You can talk!" and she clearly again said, "WITNESS!" and I put her into her highchair to feed her.


11-21-99 - NOTE: 15 kids killed and 23 others shot at Columbine H.S. Littleton, CO. I was looking for the shooters website before I went to bed.

DREAM - I was in an office looking for the shooters website. I found the page which was about drugs. The numerous pills were lined up on a diagonal in the shape of a wide diamond shape. Each pill had a word on it which formed a black message. I could not read what the message said. However, when I clicked on the message it went to another website of an English baron. That was quite strange to me and showed a vehicle of a type like from the late 20's.

I went back and forth between the sites trying to figure out the connection but couldn't.

I then had to go to work and  I managed an apartment building. I had to take the elevator to the 4th floor. There was a problem with cats getting into the building. In fact, a white cat was sneaking onto the elevator. We weren't supposed to have pets, but I decided to allow the white cat to go to the 4th floor and let it roam the hall until someone took it in.

I then did whatever I was supposed to do there, then went to the basement. In the basement I found the maintenance man had taken apart the same car I had seen on the website belonging to the English baron.  This was just the main frame and was made of  brown wood. The men had made fresh drilling points in the wood and were going to duplicate this vehicle as a model. I told them to stop what they were doing and get the English Baron's car put back together before he discovered it.

I then went back outside and was talking to someone who should know that all four buildings that we worked in had been sold to a Jew. (A well known one)


4-22-99 - DREAM - I spent all night working on a web page seemingly about fish and only from the letter R,S, AND T. I was trying to insert a paragraph starting with the letter S and then save it. I did this over and over.


4-22-99 - DREAM - I was watching a woman opera singer singing the songs from an opera like Madam Butterfly. The backdrop for the scene was a huge ornately decorated dark green and gold livingroom, her singing was beautiful and the livingroom was beautiful, but the more she continued to sing with the same backdrop, the more bored I got and finally left.


4-22-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were upstairs in a house working with some people. Joe said he wanted to go downstairs and get something, but he didn't come back. I was working with teenagers to raise their self-esteem. There was also a baby I had to change it's pajamas.  I told the teens I would take them home and we were in a very small elevator so we had to stand very close together. The boy teen was quite a bit taller than I and his girlfriend was there too. I said to her, "It seems that his self-esteem is quite a bit better now, don't you think so?"  She agreed. The boy teen looked down at me, trying not to smile, looking like he was half asleep.

We got out to the car. I was going to drive them home. I was so tired, I lay down to go to sleep instead. When I realized I was supposed to be the driver, I got up again, but then realized I didn't even have my keyes. I sent the boy back into the house to get my keys. He brought them back and I started the car and drove around the corner. But, I had forgotten something and needed to go back and get it. I started to back up the car but some teen girls were walking on the road really slow and I had to finally tell them to get off the road because they were impeding my driving.

I got back to the house and went looking for Joe. I found him sleeping in a downstairs bedroom, so I crawled into bed behind him and snuggled up to him


4-22-99 - MEDITATION - I asked to see the kids from the Littleton, CO shooting. A voice said, "How about the ethnic cleansing people?" I said, "That would be fine too."  I then saw a large high ceilinged room that glowed blue. People were sitting in a circle and all was quiet. I then went to another room which held all kinds of people including old white haired ladies and men. They were all sitting around laughing and giggling.


4-23-99 - DREAM  - I dreamed I was stacking books. I saw a poster board that said, 'My Veri_____   (means conqueror)


4-24-99 - DREAM - I was laying in bed and Joe came into the room and handed me two beautiful hanging baskets with flowering vines in them and a glass pail with the head of Dan Quayle in it. The plants were dry so I decided they needed watering. I asked Joe if he could reach the water. There was a sink on the wall on Joe's side of the bed.

On the side of the sink lay my light green bathrobe, a white garment, and a blue garment.  When Joe turned on the water, the pressure was real hard and was just missing my clothes. There was a tall glass there and he filled it with water that suddenly turned orange. I told Joe to turn off the water so my clothes wouldn't get wet. I took the glass of water from him. There was a 3 tiered plant stand next to my side of the bed with a plant on it. I poured 1/4 into the plant that looked like it might already be dead, but it might still have a chance to live. I decided I would hang the vining plants from the ceiling and then poured 1/4 of the water into each of the two vining plants and the last quarter of the water into the glass pail that Dan Quayle's head was in. When I poured the water into the pail and a big bubble of air came out of Dan Quayle's nose. The orange water looked horrible on Dan Quayle's head so I got up, took the pail over to the sink and dumped the water out of the pail and refilled it with clear water.


4-25-99 - DREAM - I was watching a story being written about two horses... a black one and a white one. They were separate stories written one after the other on the page. There was a rivalry between them.

(Joe coming into the room woke me up from this one)


4-25-99 - DREAM - This dream contained a scene where an Arab guy disappeared down into the sand and I was searching quickly through the sand to find him because I was afraid he was dying. I couldn't find him but discovered he could have escaped by burrowing through a box of brown coats laying next to the sand. I was reluctant to look for him there.


4-25-99 - DREAM - I was walking through a hospital corridor with a couple young people. We had in our hands, copies of hospital bills for someone we weren't supposed to have. A man of authority was trying to look at what we had which would have meant trouble for us, but we waved the papers around so he couldn't see them. He followed us all the way to the door when I ran down the stairs to the hospital entrance.

At the entrance, I saw my mother coming with my Great Aunt Cora. They were coming to celebrate Christmas. The carried huge grocery bags full of candy for the kids, all the while apologizing for not being able to afford more. I was surprised to see how healthy they both looked because they had both been ill and in wheel chairs earlier in the day. They both went to ascend a ladder to the next level which was behind me. I was not able to go with them yet as I had some work to do, but I showed them how to get there.

NOTE: My Great Aunt Cora passed away about 30 years ago, and my mother just had a debilitating stroke recently and is deteriorating mentally and not eating well either.


4-25-99 - FLASH VISION - I was told that the black/white horse rivalry story was going to be featured on NBC TV this coming fall.


4-25-99 - DREAM - I met my brother John in the hospital. He was eating an Oreo cookie chocolate part which was sitting on a slice of white cooked potato with one burnt side. I said, "Didn't you have lunch?"  He said, "No! I didn't have time!"

I then saw two women go by with way too much makeup on their faces. It was red on white with two red stripes going down each cheek.  It looked like  -ll-  -ll-


4-25-99 - DREAM - I was working in an office sitting at my desk. Behind me were two radios and both were playing. One was playing classical music and one was playing rock n roll. There was something confusing about the tuning knobs and I finally got the right music to play at the right pitch of sound, but the only way to get rid of the rock n roll was to unplug it. It was impossible to listen to both at the same time.

I was sitting at the desk, daydreaming about my brother John's cookie and one of the Engineers walked up and started talking about chemical reaction. I got all excited , suddenly realizing that's what the black/white represented.

As soon as the engineer left, I realized that my boss would be in at any moment and I had to get all my personal stuff out of the office.

My bathrobe was laying on the desk and other personal things. I managed to get them put away before he showed up and wondered what those engineers thought about me sitting in the office with my bathrobe on and thinking about dreams.

I then had to go to the next block to an apartment building. It had snowed out and I only had white socks on my feet. I remembered that in my dreams, snow is never cold, it's always dry, warm, and crunchy. Then I realized that this snow was dry, warm, and crunchy...duh!!!!  Therefore... make your own conclusion like I did.

As I woke up, a flash voice said, "If you want to watch chemical reaction, just turn on your TV set. "


4-26-99 - DREAM - I was with people who were like family. They liked to go fishing. They had a secret for catching fish. It was a box similar in shape to a shoe box but taller, and one wore it upsidedown on ones head like a hat.They gave me one of these special fishing hats. I looked inside the hat and in the top were numerous fish swimming, held in place by a cube that looked like a light fixture. When you wore the hat, the fish inside the hat sought out and recognized it's own kind so you couldn't miss catching lots of fish.

At one point I looked inside the hat and the 'light' cube was missing and I put the hat on anyway, but I couldn't wear it that way because it would come too far down and you could feel the fish swimming against the top of your head and I didn't like that feeling.

My Father came to go fishing with us and I offered to let him use my fishing hat, but the 'light' cube was missing, so I began searching for it. I spent what seemed like hours looking for another hat like mine but couldn't find one.

I was lucid by now and waking up but still trying to find another hat to give to my Father. Finally, I had a vision of a 'file find' from a computer and I saw that the fishing hat 'light' was one level higher than the rest of the fishing supplies.


4-26-99 - (Joe and I had a disagreement about walk-ins before I had this dream)

I was sitting on the right side front seat of a car. Joe got in, on the driver's seat wearing a white T shirt. He was not driving, hew as sitting sideways on the seat with his legs hanging out the door.

I heard a voice say, "It doesn't matter what anyone believes about other's personal experiences. That doesn't make the experiences any less true."

I put my left hand on Joe's back between his shoulder blades and woke up.

NOTE: I created this page:  WALKINS


4-27-99 - DREAM - I was floating in what seemed like outer space among typed files (in white) about kittens. The files hung in space, floating gently unless one flew too close to too fast and then they would spin. This seemed to go on a long time.

I woke up and went right back to sleep and was in a place where there was a tall piano and someone told me a hinge was coming undone because a screw had come undone.

Men seemed to think they were the only ones who could fix things and I was going to prove that women could do it themselves, so I took the loose screw and placed it where it belonged, then holding the electric drill exactly where the bit should go, I pressed the trigger and the exact moment the drill bit began to turn the alarm clock went off with the same sound.


4-27-99 - DREAM - I was in an office and my old friend Sandy gave me a hand typed manual that had been done in Chinese in black paper with white ink. There was a man of some kind on one of the sheets in the middle of the book. I had a translation sheet there and was translating from Chinese to English and didn't want anyone to know I was doing this. I was running out of time before other people showed up and might ask what I was doing. I stood up when other people began arriving and looked at some files at the back of this manual which were in English. Inside the files were forms for personnel to fill out . I looked to see if there was anything of a secret information nature there and there was nothing but blank forms.

NOTE:  The U.S. government discovered a Chinese spy at one of their government offices and accused him of stealing secret nuclear information.  I believe this investigation was ongoing when I had his dream.


4-28-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page all night about Indians. It was mostly text. I only recognized one word right at the end...Starseed. I certainly wouldn't have thought that Indians were Starseeds.

NOTE: The Walkin page has a link to the subject of Starseeds.


4-28-99 - DREAM - I was living in a house that was so full of stuff we could hardly walk around without walking on something. I was sorting out laundry. These were little boy shirts hanging on hangars that were too small for anyone in the house. I took them off the hangars and put them on a shelf in the closet.

Then I found a shirt I hadn't folded yet that still had wet pillow case that hadn't even dried yet. I planned to hang them up over the shower rod in the bathroom. I went in another room where laundry was piled ona chair. I was going to move it when a little black and white kitten ran out from under the chair. I grabbed a metal bowl of cat food for it and it only ate one piece. Suddenly 3 more identical kittens appeared, ate one piece of food and ran off again. I was shocked because I thought there was only one kitten. I couldn't imagine why they had only taken one piece of food and looked in the bowl and saw it was full of water and the food was swimming at the bottom like fish. I decided to water a tree growing in a pot with the water. It was under a table and I knew that I'd have to move the tree next. But when I stood up, my son tom came into the room naked.  He looked a little strange but I couldn't figure out why. Then I noticed that where most people are white in summer where their underwear usually is, he was super tanned and worse that that he had no penis. That was worse than no belly button. I was so shocked, I said, "What happened to your penis? Where is it?"  He held up his right foot and there it place of his middle toe.  Now I was even more shocked. I said, "Let me see it!"  He was reluctant but he held up his right foot so I could see this little penis on his right foot. I was so shocked, I wanted someone else to see this too. I looked around the room to see who else was there. His other brothers were too young, so I grabbed his uncle by the hand and yanked him and Tom into the other room. I wanted another witness to see this penis transplant.

NOTE:  There are several mythological stories about penises and toes.  


4-28-99 - DREAM - I was standing ina field somewhere in the country.Along the edge of the field was an embankment where a train track was laid. I knew a train would be coming along soon but I also knew that the train was going to be carrying a dangerous chemical. My grown son Tom was standing there with me, working ina small garden.

I then noticed that a train was already going by with truck carrier cars on it that were empty and when I looked some box cars appeared. I said to Tom, "Oh my God! The train is already going by." He said, "Don't worry about it, I've got negative ions in my brain and the chemical won't bother me."


4-29-99 - DREAM - It seems I was in Alaska and I received a corsage or box of yellow and gold mums for something heroic I had done. But I didn't know what I had done. Then I remembered that I was on the shore of an ocean and a young girl was standing on the ice and a wolf came by and she fell through the ice feet first and I had rescued her. But I never saw the wolf nor rescued her, I was just there. Then I received another box of yellow and gold mums. I saw them sitting on my desk.


4-29-99 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house with my sons. I unfolded a large map for them to study. I told them to study it well because they would be quizzed about it. The map was of a huge airport with runways. It was General Billy Mitchel Field in Milwaukee (now called Milwaukee International Airport). I showed them the map and its name, then showed them a big picture of its perimeter fences. They were a brilliant blue color on the outer fences and silver white inside. I so proud of it, I considered it... MY...airport.

I was then getting ready for work. I had to leave for work at 11 p.m. I knew I worked somewhere west of 16th St., perhaps 36th St. I was dark out and I planned to go out to the garage and drive straight there.The kitchen was all cleaned and I floated a single yellow mum in a white cup and placed it on the table. I was ready to go then and put on a gorgeous brown mink coat and began to walk out the back door with my old boss Brian who decided he would drive me to work so I'd be safe.

The next thing I knew I was sitting in a chair in the parlor wearing white socks, and no shoes and couldn't remember how I'd gotten there. I got up from the chair and went into the kitchen. It was daylight out and I saw Brian walking to the garage out in the yard wearing a blue work shirt. I ran outside and called his name but he didn't respond nor turn around. Then I noticed he was following a huge black and white cat along a hedge. The cat could easily walk the fence by the hedge but he couldn't. I called him back and asked him what happened because I couldn't remember anything past walking out the back door.

He then showed me a big golden colored brochure of the inside of a sumptuous restaurant where he had taken me. He said we had done that three nights in a row, none of which I remembered. He said he couldn't handle it anymore.


4-30-99 - DREAM - (In this dream i think I was my mother and my Father was my husband)  

I was living in my  16th St. house and there was an anti-war protest going on across the street. It seemed they were blaming me and/or my husband for the war. I was very upset about it because I didn't feel it was my fault.

The protestors were making marks on my property and curtains that made my house look beautiful. Then I saw my Father/husband come around the corner from the alley. He was coming home from work and it was about 5 p.m. He wanted to know what was going on. I told him the men were protesting the war.  My husband/Father said he didn't blame them. He said, "I dont' blame them. I was with them in the last war and our own government was injecting them with "Klevox."

(I woke up just as the word "Klevox" was spoken.)