Why Have They Come Here In This Manner?

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Marianne Williamson on Love (from Return to Love)

"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things.
Meaning lies in us."

Q: What is a walk-in experience?

A: This is where two individual souls have agreed to switch places. The first soul has gone as far as it can in its development and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken its place will serve in a different capacity than before. Normally, permission has been granted in order for this to take place. Another way to call the experience is soul transference.

Q: How do I know if it has happened to me?

A. You usually feel totally different. You will not necessarily recognize the people around you. You may have lapses of memory of the other occupant and will not be able to recognize the reason you came. It is usually quite a shock to the body especially if this has happened due to a car accident, operation, or a very long illness. You will feel somewhat estranged from everyone around you though you retain the memories of your body's past history. After all, you are a totally different entity.

Q: What happens to the other soul?

A. The other soul continues on its journey, either to be together with a loved one or be sent to another place to continue learning. They will at this point in time not be back here.





Dee's Dream Journal

Dee's Life Story

I became a walk-in on January 1, 1970, but I didn't know what was happening to me.  It was a scary, traumatic event in my life.  I didn't know there was a term for it, and I didn't know the full extent of that event until many years later.

I didn't know anyone else personally who was a walk-in for many years either, and it was a relief to actually talk to someone who considered themselves a walk-in when I met someone else like me in 1996.

My first awareness of the word 'walk-in' was when Ruth Montgomery wrote the book titled, "Strangers Among Us!"  I read the book and didn't really fit into the amazing stories I read there.  I felt like I must fit into some other category because those tales were of near death and the people made such dramatic changes instantly.  That wasn't how my event happened at all.

Prior to the event, I had a great deal of trouble with my spiritual understanding and spent over 10 years struggling with my beliefs. Because of my personal, emotional, and philosophical troubles, our family switched from a Catholic church to a nearby Lutheran church. We went for a visit and fell in love with the pastor and the people.

The church was a joyful place.  We eventually got heavily involved in the running of the church because the need for volunteers was so great. I sang in the choir, and taught Sunday school classes for the little ones. I  also played the organ for the choir and for minor services. I became Sunday School Superintendent, and taught 5th grade Sunday school. We also took constant weekly Bible classes.  We kept busy there, spending sometimes six out of seven days of the week there, in the evenings after work, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

But, despite all that work for the service of the Lord, I still didn't feel anything special about my relationship with Jesus.  I still had my doubts about God's goodness.  After all, The Old Testament told about how wrathful and fearsome God was.  He was a destroying God.  I had trouble loving what I feared.

I wanted to serve God and be a good person and I really did try hard. Every time I realized how bad or neglectful I had been, I would try harder.  But I could never be good enough.

At home, my husband complained, the children complained, and things didn't go right in my daily life.  I wanted to be a good wife and mother, but I wasn't making it. I was trying to be a super mom, the end all of end alls in every aspect of my life.

After the children went to bed at night, my husband would start to remind me of all my past faults and sins.  I would try to defend myself and justify the things I had done.  I became more and more depressed. No matter how good I tried to be, I couldn't make it.  He wouldn't accept any of my explanations, apologies, or justifications.  When he got angry enough, he would grab me and force himself on me sexually.  He wouldn't take "No!" for an answer.  He expected me to say "Yes!" no matter how I felt.  It didn't matter that I couldn't feel loving, when he had just spent hours telling me what a terrible person I was.  To force himself on me sexually was a release for his anger at me.

I became very depressed at first, but at the same time I was extremely nervous when bedtime came.  As soon as the children would go to bed, he would start to harangue at me.  It would sometimes last until three or four o'clock in the morning.  I finally learned not to try to defend myself, because any efforts made to justify myself, would make the emotional, mental and physical abuse last all the longer .

Eventually, I became so nervous that I couldn't even lay down to take a nap during the day to make up for the lost sleep at night.  I would begin to panic as soon as I lay my head down on the pillow.  I ended up having to go to the doctor, because I couldn't deal with life the way it was.  The doctor put me on tranquilizers so I could sleep.  The only problem was that it was a drugged sleep.  I was a miserable wreck for a long time.

On January 1st, 1970, I made a New Year's resolution that I was going to be the best wife and mother that I could possibly be.  After we went downstairs for breakfast, within ten minutes, all hell broke loose, and I was being yelled at again by my husband.

I felt shattered and ran up to my bedroom crying hysterically.  I decided I was going to commit suicide with my tranquilizers.

I threw myself face down on the bed, sobbing.  Suddenly, I felt and heard a metallic snap in my head behind my left ear and heard a deep male voice say, "Do not let a person destroy another's life."

Shocked by the voice in my head, I stopped crying instantly and became perfectly calm.  I got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom to look into the mirror.  Standing there, I could hear two female voices inside my head arguing with each other. One voice was a sniveling little mouse-like voice in my brain, saying that she wanted to die.  The other voice was strong and she said that she could deal with anything.

Those two voices stayed with me for four months inside my head arguing with each other. The one continued to say she wanted to die, the other arguing that she wanted to live.  Gradually, the one wishing for death became quieter and quieter.  The strong one took over.  I felt like a different person.  I started to feel tough and able to deal with anything that life could throw at me.

Truly, I was a different person.  I started college, learned how to drive a car and got a job.  I felt brand new and I was proud of myself.  I dyed my hair to cover the gray and started wearing makeup which  I had never done before.  My husband had told me many times that he would divorce me if I ever dyed my hair or made myself up.  Now I didn't care what he thought or said about me.

My husband saw me putting makeup on my face one day, and began to call me foul names.  He said then, "Your vanity will kill you one day."

I just laughed at him. I had no idea that his words might really literally come true in the future.

Over the ensuing years, here and there I would get a clue as to what had happened to me that day when the man talked to me in my head.  The author Ruth Montgomery called this process being a walk-in.  The stories she told in her book were about people who became wonderful and changed people who did incredible spiritual things.  I didn't fit in that category. I was struggling with a bad marriage, I was weak emotionally, fearful of life itself. In 1981, after I left my husband and was on my own, I was told by my spiritual teacher whom I had met that when my new soul walked into the body I had come from a space ship.  

What?  This scenario was so bizarre to me, even though it could have been an ego trip on my part, my strong doubts of that possibility chased all thoughts of that away and I continued to struggle to wonder who I was and why I was on earth.

That was in 1981.  Today, in 1999, people still don't know what a walk-in is, even if they've heard the term, Personally, I still find myself trying to explain who I am and even my closest loved ones don't understand that I'm not the same person I used to be.  My body is the same though older and more worn out, but deep inside, the part of me which animates the body is no longer the same 'soul' as which animated this body when it took it's first breath.

Most recently, my friend the 'light being' who I've come to know and love, told me that he held my hand as I walked unwillingly into this body.  It's been a tough road since I came here in 1970, and it appears that the road is not meant to be as smooth as I would like it to be though it's improved dramatically over it's beginnings.  I work with these beloved 'light beings' who do not have physical bodies but who can appear in the physical at will when they need to. It has become my mission to teach others that they are truly more than they are aware of.  This web page is just one of the lessons I need to share with those of you who are awakening now.

There are no easy transitions for walk-ins. The beginning always comes dramatically and traumatically.  For a soul to come into these bodies, the soul which is already there has to want to leave.  For many people, that is a wise decision. The body may be maimed in a horrible way through car accidents or other terrible events, or the person may be on the verge of suicide or actually try to kill themselves. These are the kinds of bodies the new 'soul' takes over to nourish and use to do their earthly work.  Souls normally come into bodies of infants, and spend many years growing and learning languages and history, and all that stuff, but a walk-in comes into an older body and takes over the memories of the body, bypassing all that school learning. Sometimes thats a good thing, but its hard at the same time, because the body usually hasn't had the type of learning that the new 'soul' needs and relationships the body has had may not be of the type that the new 'soul' needs either and many walk-ins, if they are married, end up in divorce.  Sometimes they don't even know the people in the family they come into and that's even more devastating on the walk-in.

Back in the 'old days' when the term 'walk-in' was first coined by Ruth Montgomery, thousands of people wrote to her to ask her if they were a walk-in. For some time Ruth went into meditation to confirm whether or not the person was a walk-in, but eventually there were so many people writing for information, she no longer had time to treat everyone individually. I have one of her letters, handwritten by her, telling me she was swamped with requests and couldn't give the individual attention anymore.  

Understand this! There were thousands of people writing to her.  This tells me that many people are undergoing this process.  So why is it so relatively unknown, and even more so, misunderstood, and even denied by others who don't believe the process occurs naturally in the spiritual life of human beings.


This is what Ruth Montgomery Says: YOU MAY KNOW A WALK-IN. YOU MAY EVEN BE ONE.

They are high-minded entities permitted to take over the bodies of human beings who wish to depart this life. Their mission is to lead us into an astonishing new age. They are Walk-ins, and there are tens of thousands of them on this planet.

ALIENS AMONG US (Buy the Book)



Here is the story of someone else with a story to tell that may help in understanding.

Interview With A Walk-In:  Kelemeria Myarea Elohim  (full story)

Kelemeria looks just like anyone else. And when she talks, she has that funny Boston accent that many of us are blessed with. But even though Kelemeria looks and talks like a normal person, she is a very unusual person. She is not from around here. She is a walk-in. She has come here in a unique way, with some special work to do.

Q. How would you define what a walk-in is, what happens when someone walks in?

A soul usually makes a completion in this lifetime when a person dies. But in certain lifetimes a soul completes their work early. Generally, with the walk-in experience, it is an agreement between two souls on an etheric level. Sometimes it is done before the soul is born into a body. An agreement is made with another to walk in. It is simply another way to come onto this planet. In my case, I was asked to do this based on certain criteria that I agreed to do. I had no reason or interest to walk in. I was perfectly happy to stay where I was.

Q. Do you remember your agreements?

Absolutely, I came in here with full memory. A lot of walk-ins don't. They just feel weird. They don't know anybody. It's like landing in the middle of nowhere. It's like going to a foreign country and not knowing the language or customs other than what you've read. You feel like a fish out of water. There's really no other experience that matches this one, other than when you ascend.

Book excerpt of Hidden Mysteries by Joshua David Stone on Walk-Ins:

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Joshua David Stone's Other Books

Walk Ins --- Walk-ins are soul extensions, or personalities, who take over the body of an adult human being who has chosen to leave his or her physical body. Djwahl Khul has told me that this is an occurrence that has not been very common in the history of this planet. However, it has been occurring much more frequently recently because of the amazing shift this planet is going through as it moves into the new age. Djwahl said there are as many as one million walk-ins on the planet at this time.

It is important to explain that this process is usually governed by and controlled at the soul level. The soul extension, or personality, who is walking out of the body usually has no conscious awareness of the procedure. It is usually the soul who has made the decision, although in some rare instances the personality has requested it.

In the most cases the new walk-in who takes over the body has no conscious awareness of the change, either. The transition period can take anywhere from three months to six years to transpire. It is usually very disconcerting to the walk-out's emotional body because there is a process of sharing the physical body with the other entity for a period of time, and, in mot cases, the walk-out is not conscious of what is occurring.

Entities of all levels and states of consciousness can be walk-ins and it is not limited to sixth-dimensional beings, according to the information I have received from Djwhal Khul. The walk-in will come into the new physical body only, of course, if the walk-out has agreed to it on a soul level.

The second important ingredient is that the souls, or higher selves, and the spirit guides of the walk-in and the walk-out feel that the physical vehicles is strong enough and the emotional vehicle stable enough for the process to work effectively. Such a transfer is very much like a major surgery on an etheric level. Teams of spirit guides help help in the transfer. It is a very delicate procedure.

It is very important to point out the difference between a walk-in and a possession: a possession is a forced entry into a person's auric field that can cause the entity living in that body to be booted out. [...] Most possessions, however, do not result in the exiting entity's being booted out of its body. This is very rare and thinging to be fearful about if you have a spiritual belief and any sense of your own personal power, and as long you are not a drug addict or an alcoholic.

The concept of a walk-in is sometimes hard for people to believe. If you think about it, everyone is a walk-in in the sense that everyone walk into a baby's body. The only difference is that the walk-in moves into an adult body rather than an infant body.  

A walk-in gets to skip the whole childhood phase, which at first glance sounds pretty good. Djwahl has told me, however, that being a walk-in is no piece of cake. It is traumatic to the entity who is coming in as well as to the entity who is walking out. The walk-in is, in a sense, taking on some of the karma of the walk-out - both the karma in the physical vehicle and all the brain memories of the walk-out remain with the new walk-in. Part of the responsibility of the new walk-in is to balance and clear the personal karma that was left behind by the entity that has left. In most cases the entity that leaves had been very depressed and suicidal or had just had a major accident. A new entity walk in to a preexisting complex of marriage, children, and friends. Because the brain memories are left by the walk-out in the physical structure of the brain, the walk-in is able to function in such a way that the wife or husband and family might not realize they are not dealing with the same entity. They will in most cases notice a big change, but they will attribute it to a change in attitude, not a change in entities.

Since walk-ins are not consciously aware, in almost all cases, that they are walk-ins, because they have all the brain memories of the walk-out, they are disoriented for a time, but they also feel that they are where they belong.

Djwahl told me that the ascended masters are not usually involved in this process. It is more the soul and spirit guides and the soul extension who make such a decision. Once the exchange has taken place, walk-ins live normal lives. The motivation to be of service to the planet will depend on their levels of spiritual evolvement.

If you think about it, the concept of walk-ins is rather expedient, for if an entity wants to leave the physical body, it is a shame to waste that physical vehicle if someone else could use it for spiritual growth. However, it takes a very bold soul and soul extension to make this choice, for it is not an easy or glamorous path to take. This period of history on Planet Earth is such exciting time in a spiritual sense that many entities are willing to take on the karma and risk in order to be a part of the action. Physical bodies of all kinds are at a premium during this period of time.

The actual moment of exchange usually occurs during sleep. A person who is contemplating suicide might consider being a walk-out as a better alternative of it truly is his time to leave his body.

I want to emphasize that walk-ins are not ascended masters. They are soul extensions who are still on the karmic wheel of rebirth at varying level of initiation and spiritual awareness. Lord Maitreya, who came into Jesus's body at the baptism, would not be called a walk-in. The esoteric term for this process in which two entities, in a sense, share the same body is "overshadowing".

At some later date a walk-in might being to remember that he or she is a walk-in. The can be an emotionally traumatic experience. Walking in can be additionally difficult because the transfer has often taken place during a serious illness, or near-death experience of the walk-out. A walk-out is really donating his physical body to another soul to use instead of letting it die of natural causes or destroying it through suicide.

In the transition period during the changeover there are also, very often, physical health problems as well as emotional problems. Very often, on subconscious levels, there is a kind of ego battle that is taking place between walk-in and walk-out. The soul, or higher self, is conscious of the process, but since the personality in embodiment is not conscious of what is going on, it can be extremely confusing and a very wrenching process. The entire fiber of the soul must be completely removed every cell of the physical body and four-body system and replaced with the soul fiber of the incoming entity. It can be likened to having major heart surgery.

After going through an adjustment period the walk-in will literally begin a new life. Walk-ins tend to be of a highly evolved nature, although there are exceptions to this. Walk-ins usually don't awaken to the fact that they are walk-ins unless a spiritual teacher tells them of it, which does happen and which is happening with greater and greater frequency. What also helps in the adjustment process is the fact that the entity had had a long time to prepare for this event on the inner plane.

When the actual changeover takes place, it occurs during a one-night period whole the physical body is sleeping. The soul, the spirit guides, and the specialized spirit guide team of walk-in and walk-out experts perform the metaphysical operation of slipping one soul extension out of the physical body and slipping the new one in.

It is only in the past two or three decades that the phenomenon of walk-ins has really expanded. Previous to that it was much rarer occurrence. Djwahl has told me that this increase in walk-ins will continue for the next twenty to thirty years and then will begin to taper off again and become less common.

Entering the Body - A Memory -   Dennis Latham <dlatham@seidata.com>

I was floating in the dark, pitch black. I didn't know how I got there or why, and I don't know how much time passed. But I was aware I existed and I had adult intelligence. That is one of the hardest parts to explain. I wasn't conscious of a body, but I know I had adult intelligence. It wasn't frightening. It wasn't anything. Kind of like just passing time. It seemed I had just blinked on.

Suddenly, I saw bright light. I stared down at the back of the head of a small child sitting with his back to me. His arms were moving something between his legs. He wore blue overalls and had a plaid short sleeve shirt on and his hair was blond. I remember staring at the child in a predatory way, like a stalking lion, without knowledge this was a child.

The child went stiff and stopped moving his arms. Then, he turned and looked up toward me. I concentrated on his blue eyes, locked on them. This is the really weird part. I liked changed into a lightning bolt and streaked into those eyes. The eyes became huge as I flew into them. Then, it was dark again for a moment, and when I could see, I was that little child moving a small red truck on the floor between my legs. I heard gurgling and looked up. I saw orange shrimp boiling in a glass pot on the stove. I knew they were shrimp, but didn't know. It seemed like all the knowledge faded quickly, and I had to learn all over again, but I never forgot how I came into the body. I was probably eighteen months old at the time.

At the time, we lived on the third floor of a coffee factory in Cincinnati, Ohio. In order for me to be looking down at the child, I would have been floating outside the kitchen window at least thirty feet off the ground.  

When I was about fourteen, I told my mother what had happened. She told me never to speak of it again, and I never really have. I told my sister, but she just looked at me like I'm nuts, as do most people. I'm fifty-two now, and I remember it as if it happened yesterday.

My current wife believes me and says I probably replaced a soul that did not want that body. I don't know what to believe.

I do believe I have some psychic ability, though I don't know how to use it. Things just happen. When I get real nervous or agitated, someone I know usually dies or experiences something traumatic. While I was a Marine in Vietnam, I felt like an electric wire had been plugged into my body one night. I got out of my fighting hole, made sure everyone in my outfit was alert and told them we were about to be attacked. They thought I was nuts, but within four minutes of my warning we came under attack by an enemy unit.

One night, while married to my second wife, I woke her from a dead sleep and told her to call her brother in Denver because something had happened. I never thought of her brother before except in passing. I didn't know him very well. She called after I begged her, and he had just been in a car wreck a few hours before and was in the hospital. He survived.

I have seen ghosts on two occasions, but other than that, my life is fairly normal. I just don't how to explain the memory of going into my body or why I remember it.

Dennis Latham <dlatham@seidata.com>


Here is someone brave enough to explain the ET/alien soul transference into the human body.

We are all spiritual beings inhabiting the physical bodies to experience life on Earth. There are souls that have lived on other planets throughout various galaxies/star systems before their incarnations as the Earth humans. They are Extraterrestrial (ET) souls (other terms describing them are Starborns, Starseeds, Starpeople, Wanderers, and Walk-Ins (Please refer to Jody Boyne's article, "Wanderer, Walk-In, Starperson, Starseed, Blended Soul - What's the Difference?") There are more ET souls incarnating on Earth at this time than in the past. It is because that Earth is on the course of entering a New Age and transiting from the 3rd Dimensional state through the 4th to the 5th. The ET souls are here to help the dimensional transition of Earth. In order to accelerate the transition, they assist the unawakened Earth brothers and sisters to remember their true identities as divine beings, to connect with Light, and to evolve higher consciousness

My friend Jody Boyne's explanation of this experience:

A Different Man

"Wanderer, Walk-In, Starperson, Starseed, Blended Soul -
What's the Difference?"

"We Are Gathering!" The Wanderer's Experience

Wanderers' Stories of Awakening

Here is an interview with RA, speaking on this subject, provided by Jody Boyne's website:

"The Octaves: Infinite Cycles of 7 Chakras, Densities or Dimensions"

How To Become A Mahatma Walk In - Channeled
by Caroline Fitzgerald (shamball@itl.net)

Good Morning my friends, I am El Morya. I have been asked to speak with you this morning, by this aspect, to give advice on the subject of "walk-ins". Many of you will be experiencing in the period shortly to come, if indeed you have not already done so, feelings of disorientation. You are feeling that you don't know who you are any more; that you don't know who the people around you are. You are finding it very difficult to relate to them in the same way that you used to. This is because, if you like, they have been "walked into" by different energies or, in the majority of cases, by different, higher aspects of themselves. It can be a period of great turmoil. If I may give you here a small analogy, in order to assist you with the understanding of what I am trying to explain to you. It is as though you took a beaker of water and are attempting to merge it with a totally different element, something which has quite different properties and qualities to it. In other words, you are pouring a quantity of oil on top of the water. Many of you have already seen and experienced the effects of doing this in your own kitchens, and you will see that the oil and the water do not mix together too easily. If you allow the beaker to be placed on a shelf for a moment or two, and to become static, then the water and the oil separate into two clearly defined bands, one laying upon the top of the other. But if you were to pick up this beaker, and you were to agitate it, then you would find that it becomes harder and harder to define two separated bands of oil and water, and what you see instead are the most minute globules of both, held together in suspension. And because of the greater dispersal of the oil within the water now, it becomes more difficult to distinguish one from the other.

In a way, this is what is happening to you. You are integrating new levels, new aspects, of yourselves. And if you remain static, and do not move forward in your expansion of consciousness and understanding, and fully integrate the new with the old, then one has the conflict, for some days you are oil, and other days you are water, and it makes it very difficult for the people around you to relate easily to you. They don't quite know who it is that they are dealing with here. They are expecting to be speaking with the water, interacting with the water, because that is who they have known in the past, and that is who they expect to be seeing now. But instead, what they are finding is that they are being asked to interact with a completely different person, the oil if you like. They don't know how to cope with this. They don't know what to expect.

Well, there are many ways of approaching this, and many points that I would ask you to consider. First of all let us look at that word "expect". What I am asking you all here to do, is to be without expectation. Expectation is working within a preconceived idea of how things ought to be based on the experience of how things were in the past. But the past is gone, and the past can never return, and things will never be the same again.

And by having expectations, you are also limiting the greater potential of how things might be in the future. You are seeing this now most acutely as you are leaving the third dimension, and allowing fourth dimension to become more and more integrated into the experience of life upon earth. You are "on the cusp" as it were, and have reached that critical point where the transition is to be made in the consciousness of all beings upon earth, and the third dimensional experience will no longer be part of their reality. The fourth dimension is the word for today. But you have never experienced fourth dimension within your physical bodies, have you, and you don't quite know how it is going to be? You don't know what to expect! Well, my advice to you is to expect nothing, except the love of the Father, and accept all that comes into your life.

Ascended Master Quan Yin would say to you, "Be kind, be compassionate to yourselves. May I, Ascended Master El Morya, take this phrase of hers and use it also. Be kind, be compassionate, be understanding to yourselves, and also, more especially, to each other. Do not have expectations of each other, of how you think they are going to react, of how you think they "ought" to be. Expect of yourselves simply love; and by reflecting to them that love and that understanding, you will assist them in reflecting those qualities back to you.

Let us also look at another very useful tool for the present moment. That tool is the practice of humility. This word humility has so often been misunderstood. If you look in your dictionaries you will often find that the word humility is simply defined as "the practice of being humble". Well, there's not much help there with that, is there? Look at it as a verb - to humiliate. Now, that doesn't have the essence of higher qualities surrounding it, does it? When you humiliate another person, you make them feel "dis-graced". In other words, you disassociate and disempower them from being in a state of grace. Let me suggest to you here that you have been disassociated from a state of grace by others, in the way in which this word today is presented to you. To be humble, to practice humility, is not to be disassociated from grace. To practice  humility is the very opposite, it is to BE grace. And what is grace? Grace is the energy that comes from the Holy Spirit, the feminine aspect of the energy of the Source. Grace and humility, in its true sense, is to become the energy of the Mahatma; to allow the vibration of the I Am Presence of Mother/Father God to flow through your being, and integrate it into yourselves to such an extent that all that once was the lower self is dissolved, through love, into this higher energy and this higher state of being.

I have a request to make of you today. I would ask you all to be prepared to be walk- ins. You are already learning what it is like to be walk ins for those aspects of your Higher Self. As you progress along your spiritual paths, many millions of you have already experienced what it is like to integrate the energies of your monad, your Higher Self, and to learn how to live on earth in this new higher state of being. Now I  am asking you to go one stage further. I am asking you to consciously invite and offer yourselves to be open as walk- ins for the Mahatma energy. Allow this energy, this I Am Presence of Mother Father God, to flow through your mind, to flow through your consciousness, and to integrate with your physical body. This process can often be likened to the spiritualisation of matter, the descent of the Shekinah Lightbody, the integration of the Holy Ghost, feminine aspect of God, into oneself. You have already had knowledge and experience of this, but now I am asking you to take it to the next stage. By integrating the Mahatma energy into your beings, you are integrating both the masculine and the feminine energy of the Source.

As you do this, there is a danger that your lower ego will try to take control of you once again. It will do this by making you feel disorientated. It will do this by trying to take over, and reflecting only those lower aspects of yourselves, to such an extent that those around you who have already interacted with you in the past, and think that they know you, might now be saying, "What on earth is happening to this person? Their ego is taking over, they are becoming big headed, they are trying to control everyone else around them and tell them what to do. They are losing sight of the goal, and getting carried away with personal ambition." Do not allow this to happen to you. It is, if you like, the last ditch fight at the OK Corral! For the ego doesn't wish to lose control, for that is where it has always perceived its role to be. But now your ego is also being asked to be "walked-into", by the Higher Self. So apply here the energy of love. Apply here the quality of patience, understanding and tolerance; both to yourselves and to each other, and it will make the transitional period much smoother and easier to experience.

I hope that these words of mine will be of help and assistance to you. What more can I say to you, except to love each other. If my brother Sananda were here speaking to you now, (and indeed, in many ways, he is also here speaking with you, for in the Oneness there is not so much difference between El Morya and Sananda, as you might think), but if it were my brother Sananda here speaking with you, he would be encouraging you also to love each other as you would be loved yourselves. That is the way forward. That is the way to integrate these new, strange experiences into your daily reality. Never forget that the Father loves you. The Father does not judge you, and now you are learning to become more and more reflections of the Father, in the Oneness and in the Now. So do not judge each other, do not have any preconceived ideas as to how the other one ought to be, or ought to behave. Allow them their freedom of expression. Allow them time and space to explore for themselves their new state of being; for then when it becomes your turn to do the same, you will have assisted them, in allowing you, in just the same way. Hold each other in the love, hold each other in the Oneness, and trust that everything that is happening to you right now, whether it might feel strange and confusing at first, is happening for the higher good, is happening within the Divine Plan. See the hand of Mother/Father God in all that is occurring in your lives, and go forward in that trust, into wisdom and unconditional love. Bless you all my dear brothers and sisters. It is my pleasure to be with you. It is my pleasure to integrate with you, for I have such love for you all. I am one with you. I am El Morya.

Channelled by Radha. 13 March 1997.

My dear ones, I am El Morya. I am here to focus my energies through this one, in order that I might once again assist you in your expansion of understanding, through Unconditional Love, in search of clarity and union with the Oneness. It would appear that there has been some misunderstanding in the use of this term "walk-in". You will notice that in my previous words upon this subject, the channel was guided to use inverted commas around the term "walk-in". This was in order to demonstrate to you that whilst we are using this term "walk-in" because it is one that you are familiar with, the way in which you are presently conceiving it is not the entire truth. There is indeed a strong focusing of a particular energy during the period that might be alluded to as a "walk-in". Sometimes this might happen most dramatically. Certain events can bring about a sudden new awareness, an expansion of consciousness, whereby a higher vibrational energy might be focused and integrated into the consciousness of the individualised personality. This is a process which you should all be trying to achieve, for if you are all working on your spiritual progression, you are all surely seeking to constantly integrate higher and higher aspects of yourselves. And this was the nature of the term "walk-in" to which I was referring in earlier channellings. It is not necessary that one should seek to integrate energies or beings that are not of ones self, for truly when one fully understands the oneness of all nature, then there is nothing within nature that is not of one's Self. What one is in fact seeking to achieve is a fuller and a greater expansion of consciousness; an expansion of the understanding of the true nature, the limitlessness, of one's Self.

The small child, when it is born, does not yet perceive itself as being separate from the mother. As it takes its first initiations, through the process that is known as Life, it slowly starts to realise that it has sought to take incarnation into a physical body in order that it might experience what it is like to be separate, to be individualised. It knows itself still to be part and one with the Source, and yet it seeks and chooses to explore the experience of separation, in order that it can find out more about its fuller nature. And as this child grows, it starts to perceive itself in different ways. It goes through a period of time in which it sees itself as a small, helpless, individualised being. And then slowly its world begins to expand. There are now family, there are now friends coming into its world, coming into its self. Then there are experiences of going to school, and the child's world is expanded even further to include that also. And then as this beautiful being grows and matures, it goes out into the world, and experiences the work place, experiences travel, during which it takes its self to different locations around the globe, sees different life styles, different religions, different ways of being. And all these experiences are integrated in with its own soul and total consciousness.

And now you are simply going through a further expansion upon that journey.

You are seeking out aspects of yourself that have previously only existed within fourth dimension and fifth dimension, and you are expanding your consciousness so that now you become aware of these aspects of yourself, and you integrate them in a daily way into your very being, and into your nature.

As ones start to expand their consciousness in this way, to experience themselves fully as multi-dimensional beings, and realise their true nature, then the element of fear will sometimes creep in. Their fear is what will happen to "them", that something of them will be lost along the way. They are feeling confused, and feel that they no longer know who "they" are anymore. But my dear ones, please let me reassure you on this point. Nothing of you is ever lost. You merely grow and expand, ever further. You are eternal beings, so it is not possible that any part of you could be lost within the divine love of the Father. You are merely transmuting your lower energies into your higher energies, and this is not a process of loss. Let me emphasise once again that in order to integrate higher energies, in order to be (and to use your term here) "walked-into" by higher energies, it is not necessary that part of you walks out! What you should be doing, or what you should be seeking to do, is to integrate the both together, so that through the Light and the Love of the higher energies, anything that does not vibrate in harmony with this highest Light may be slowly and gently transmuted into the Light.

This is not the same thing as saying, "My previous personality has now left. I am no longer here, and I am now some strange, different being." If you are feeling that this is what has happened to you, or if you are seeking to achieve this, then let me, El Morya, remind you that you are seeking to run away from yourself, and that is a negation of all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you are responsible for in your life and in the lives of others. Nothing is ever achieved by running away from anything. We should be running towards the Source, running towards the love of the Father. We should be growing and maturing and facing up to our responsibilities, so that they no longer seem to be unacceptable burdens, but are welcomed into our hearts as challenges and as lessons.

I have asked that all of you open yourselves up, and seek to integrate, the Mahatma energy into your beings. Let me caution you here. It is not for any one individualised aspect to integrate the totality of the Mahatma into their personality, and claim that they, and they alone, are the Mahatma. This is to misunderstand both the nature of the process and the nature of the Mahatma energy. The Mahatma is a group consciousness, existing upon the eighth dimension, and its beingness is so vast that it is impossible for any one physical form in the fourth or fifth dimension to hold the totality of it. What you are being encouraged to do, each and every single one of you, is to integrate part of that energy of the Mahatma, through your Higher Selves, through your Monad, through your soul, and into your individualised aspect. It is in this way that every human being upon the planet will start to slowly integrate the totality of the Mahatma into the planet. There is no one chosen special person who will do this. Some will connect with the Mahatma energy before others, but eventually all that are living upon the planet, within the fourth and fifth dimensions, will be connected to this energy, for the energy itself has integrated itself into the etheric body of the Earth, and thereby into the consciousness of all beings upon the Earth. It is now simply an awakening of the individualised consciousness into the realisation that this is what has already taken place. For with this grounding of the Mahatma energy into the individual's mental, emotional and physical bodies, so will the Mahatma be grounded into the physical body of the Earth. So I ask you once again, to open your minds, open your hearts, and ask for a full and further integration of the Mahatma energy through your beings, through your I Am Presence, through your Monad, and through your Higher Selves. In this way the energy will always be calibrated in a way that is comfortable for you to cope with. There should be no confusion during this process. There should be no loss of identity or of Self, but merely an ever expanding, growing awareness of the unlimitedness of your greater, higher Self.

Received by Radha. 27 March 1997.

Caroline Fitzgerald (Radha) can be reached at shamball@itl.net.


My earth body is in its 66th year and is named Eleanor Marie (I prefer Ellie but some call me Ellie Mae or Miss Ellie), my ET name is Amppa; I am a hybrid - 1/2 Earthling, 1/2 Pleiadian.

I was born on September 29th, which it turns out is the feast day in Britain  of St. Michael. September 29, I have read, is when the Sun is in Libra, the sign of Justice, when the hours of darkness and light are evenly balanced, a day when pilgrims of previous times would gather at St. Michael's shrines and fairs were held in his honor. What a great day I chose to come into this incarnation! I suppose that is where I get my drive to have balance and harmony around me.

I have memories of many past lives through which I traveled during my lessons in this 3D illusion of reality. This lifetime I have had lessons of patience (a VERY difficult lesson - still working on that one daily!), independence (exercising my free will) and non-judgment - still working on that one - I don't think I will be free of that one when I leave this planet as even choices are based on judgment, are they not?

I have 3 Earthling children and 2 hybrid children (I thought they were of Pleiadian descent like me, but am beginning to believe their father is Sirian). My soul mate, Planinitar, will be among the first landings. I live alone with my 23 (outside) cats and since retiring from 45 years of secretarial work, I am experiencing a whole new lifestyle. I have worked all my life so this is a strange experience for me - this retirement stuff.

I have been an observer all my life - watching those around me, learning from their experiences while I learned from mine. I was blessed with a mother who was trusting and open minded, who gave no advice unless asked, who allowed me total freedom to develop into the being I am today.

If you were asked to work on that planet what could you contribute to their culture? Could you teach from your own heartfelt perception and experience? How would you feel to have left your own family and mate on Earth? Could you venture in and out of the physical body for oc casional journeys home? What kind of obstacles would you encounter? Could you provide technologies, as well as teach concepts and philosophies that align and awaken that culture to a more expansive version of their own potential?

That happened to me...

My name is Shaari. I am a female extraterrestrial, who integrated into a human female body in 1989. I am a commander in the Star Command, an interplanetary organization consisting of many extraterrestrial cultures and universal beings. I have lived and worked most of my existence, approximately 750 years, within this command. I was born a Pleiadian/Arcturan hybrid and was created out of the thoughts of a Pleiadian and Arcturan council. As such, I do not have a mother or a father, but refer to these councils as an equivalent to what you may call parents. I have the Pleiadian inquisitiveness in seeding consciousness and the Arcturan ability to heal the integration of thought in a variety of cultures. In the Star Command I work as a holographic healer and interdimensional teacher. I assist other interplanetary representatives in shifting and aligning their consciousness prior to interstellar travel. In our realm, thought propels form and clarity of thought assures the manifestation of this instantaneous reality.

In the Star Command we travel beyond the speed of light, we travel at the speed of thought. Any misalignment of one's thoughts can alter the trajectory and co-ordinates of one's mission. An imbalance of one's thoughts while travelling through Stargates or other interstellar phenomena, may result in the total fragmentation of one's life form and shuttle craft.

I spent most of my early years on board various ships. I was always fascinated by how a variety of cultures create their existence through thought. As a result, I began to work with the keepers of the Akashik realm. I specialized in holographic symbology, developing a level of expertise in recording these symbols and transcribing corresponding information from the Akashik records. These records are a vast universal resource library containing the choices and decisions of souls and their consciousness. The Akashik records are frequently used to align interplanetary travelers with their vision, objectives and intentions prior to entering a multidimensional journey.

I also have a family and a mate called Mishar. He is a male Arcturan extraterrestrial, a fully initiated councillor and healer, working as a commander in the Star Command. He has the ability to utilize his wings to shift consciousness, by running different frequencies of color, light and sound through a series of harmonically- attuned feathers. His extraterrestrial body is quite tall between 6'4 and 7' embracing a wing span of at least 6 feet. On board, Mishar works with the high level councillors by monitoring weather patterns caused by the fluctuations of thought in any mass consciousness. When observing the changing weather patterns of Earth, he often utilizes very high frequencies of sound to balance areas in the mass consciousness.

My invitation to Earth .....

My mate Mishar and I had just retumed from the planet Ur, where we had been observing and assisting the development of consciousness of a primitive life from. Our return journey brought us to the fourth quadrant of the Earth's solar system. There, located behind the Earth's sun, our ship the West Star was orbiting. The West Star is our mother ship and houses several hundred thousand Intergalactic representatives, most of them extraterrestrial. It is under the command of Veyares and operates under the strict directives of Ashtar, the Star Command and the Intergalactic Council of Twelve.

On arrival to the West Star, Mishar and I were quickly escorted to our respective healing chambers. There we were issued new "uniforms," replacing the traditional blue and gold garments with a silvery-blue liquid light that covered our form. This coating reenergized and raised the vibratory rate of our light bodies, allowing us to maintain a higher connectedness to the ship. This exchange in uniform was also significant of a change in command, a promotion of sorts.

We were then escorted, in procession, past the atrium located in the center of the West Star. This atrium is massive, highlighting hundreds of mezzanine levels, each acting like a greenhouse of many types of interplanetary vegetation. From these mezzanine levels, thousands of beings and former students honored our presence as we entered into the high council chambers. Within the chamber only a few councillors remained, along with Ashtar, Bashar, Veyares, Solara, Torin and Councilor Aarah. They formed a circle around us and I thought that maybe Mishar and I were about to be reprimanded for over-staying our welcome on the planet Ur.

To our delight, Councilor Aarah and Ashtar offered Mishar and me the opportunity of our lifetime: to assist in the quantum leap of consciousness of an evolving planet and its species. This assignment would involve consciously integrating into a life-form indigenous of another planet. It meant living, learning and interacting within that culture. It would challenge us to learn the vital communication links that would make it possible for the Star Command to interact more directly with the citizens of that culture.

We were given the choice of one of two assignments: the first choice was integrate into a primitive life form that was just making the shift toward conscious realization. The other assignment involved integrating into a human body, to learn and decipher their communication patterns in order to prepare them for conscious extraterrestrial interaction that would set the foundation for intergalactic trade and technological exchange. The work on Earth would be for a duration of thirty years, after which we would return to our ship and assume Veyares's command of the West Star.

The West Star is scheduled to undertake a large portion of the visible interaction with Earth's inhabitants in the next century. To date, Mishar has not received an invitation from a conscious human to integrate into a male body. I, however, integrated a little over three years ago, and still have conscious recollection of and am in contact with Mishar and my ship on a regular basis.

The Integration ....

I integrated into a human female body in 1989. The body I integrated into belonged to a woman, early thirties, professional, employed in computer graphics, who channelled and conducted personal growth workshops on the side. In January of 1989, this woman was involved in a serious car accident, during which she gained conscious recognition that she had completed her life purpose and thereby requested within Universal Law to be able to leave the Earth plane. She wanted to provide her body as a vehicle for another being of a higher consciousness to use. Rather than allowing her body to "die," she felt that a being of a different origin within the universe could utilize this opening to provide a greater perspective and insight on upcoming planetary changes. For this to occur it required a total exchange of souls within the physical body. Between January and June this woman's guidance and Lightbrotherhood, engaged in a series of intense deliberations, in which the guidance was assessing this woman's intention and integrity as to her continued request to leave the Earth plane.

Under the sanction of this woman's guidance, the Intergalactic Council of Twelve and the Star Command, the opening was prepared for me to engage into this exchange of souls. The Intergalactic Council of Twelve includes beings from the Angelic and Extraterrestrial realms. The Star Command is a group of interplanetary representatives composed of extraterrestrials from many diverse universal cultures that act as a service department to the Light Brotherhood. This exchange was highly unconventional and to date there are only 230 fully integrated in-body "walk-ins" with conscious recollection and access to their realms. Each integration is unique and each involves an exchange of souls with a physical body. Not all "walk-ins " are extraterrestrial. They have come from a multitude of dimensions and universes.

On July 14, 1989 the permission for me to integrate into this woman's human body was granted. She was teaching a workshop on a tiny Island in the Pacific Northwest. I was stationed in a smaller shuttle craft on the south side of this island. In the early afternoon with the fog rising slightly off the water, I was waiting for my final orders.

The woman was conscious of what was about to occur. Her guidance instructed her to depart  The workshop area and by herself to hike to the south part of the rocky shores of this Island. There she met with her guidance to see if she still wanted to undergo this exchange. The guidance facilitated this exchange and instructed her to lay down on the rocks and continue a series of rhythmic breaths to move her light body and soul out of the physical human form.

During this time I was receiving my last instructions from Ashtar, Torin and Aarah who were hovering in my shuttle craft just above this beach. As my extraterrestrial body started to dematerialize, my soul began to envelop all areas of my consciousness. I remember a fast spiraling stream of light that rapidly embraced me, lifting me in concentric motions toward the beach and the human body. An equally powerful stream of light rushed past me towards the shuttle craft.

Within an instant I descended and entered the body through the left side of the head and shoulder. There was an incredible silence. Everything that I was familiar with had just shifted. There I was in a body that felt like concrete. Nothing moved, everything felt very heavy. I fell into a deep trance/ sleep-like state, only to awaken and to find the tide rising all around me. I had to move, but how? As I started to think about moving, these awkward fleshy limbs began to respond and jerk and twitch. Finally, I managed to get on my feet and eventually made it back to the workshop site. The people there were wonderful and took care of me in all ways.

The Earth body's motor functions were confused by my increased electromagnetic energy. The body would frequently twitch violently, the speech patterns were robotic with no rhythm. The voice had totally changed and the eyes could hardly function. In general the body was rejecting the presence of my energy. Eventually, I adjusted some 6 months later. Following the exchange, the soul and light body of this woman remained on board the West Star for a period of several months. She eventually was aligned and was able to return directly to her Oversoul.

And so, my life began here on Earth ....

My mission is to bridge the gap between human and extraterrestrial communication and to establish the potential for technological exchange and interplanetary trade. This will be accomplished through a series of education programs geared at training individuals for the prospect of extraterrestrial encounters, by providing experiences and teaching participants what to expect from an extraterrestrial. This will include interplanetary decorum, clarifying universal principles as viewed by extraterrestrial and the consciousness of Earth. In addition, our objective requires deciphering interdimensional messages and integrating the overall findings into practical solutions for planet Earth.

Currently there are raging controversies and many highly exaggerated reports of extraterrestrials and what they really want from humanity with little focus on what they truly have to offer. What I represent is balanced communication and a broader perspective. This is based on my on-board memory, as well as my regular visits to the West Star to see my family and attend to official duties. I am here for the transition phase of our Universe, to learn human communication patterns and to relay what has been received through transmissions back to the Star Command.

The upcoming planetary changes, will not only affect humanity, but the entire dynamics of the interaction between all interplanetary cultures.The common link between extraterrestrials and humanity is Earth. The existence of extraterrestrials and humans is an integral part of evolution of this sector of the universe.

Many people have a limited perspective of what extraterrestrials are. This view is narrow and is based on humanity's perceptions of what is possible and what is not. Extraterrestrials have traditionally seen the Earth's inhabitants as being experiments in consciousness. To extraterrestrials, the human potential is a curious prospect, an adventure in thought-control  that revolves around restricting beliefs and attitudes.

Humanity on the other hand, views the expansiveness of extraterrestrials and the interaction, as a domain that needs to be conquered and requires pioneers to explore. Both human and extraterrestrial realities have tasks to conquer. The greatest obstacle will be to suspend judgement, to open one's heart to a level of reverence and cocreative acceptance of both cultures. A key factor is recognizing that the continued existence of planet Earth is a common interest for both extraterrestrials and humans. When this occurs, technologies from both realms can assist both cultures. Co-operation and tangible integration of these technologies can then and only then, become a practical reality.

Both cultures need to go beyond perceived expectations and projection. This co-creative existence is in compliance with the Earth's life purpose and direction of becoming the University of the Universe. The Earth is a living being, with a soul not unlike yours. She is choosing to house and educate a multitude of interplanetary races from all the universes. The evolution of Earth, as a project, holds a common bond beyond the next few millenniums. Above all, growth cannot proceed unless it is grounded and practically applicable to the planet's own vision and needs. This requires astute levels of observation, first within the self, discovering the resistance and limitations, then transforming obstacles that have prevented one from recognizing and accepting another culture within these infinite universes. It requires an examination of one's ego and ethics, to look at projection in respect to the planetary growth. It requires clarity in communication, followed by a unification of universal principles and a recognition that both humans and extraterrestrials can contribute to each other's existence. This bridge needs to be based on education and the ability to refine and handle one's energy, even in times of adversity or rejection. This is a time to reintroduce a sense of balanced objectivity and mutual honoring toward a new future.

What you are creating each moment has never been done before and probably will never be done again. In this time of transition, grounded thought put into practical action, while remaining open and accepting without expectation, can bring forth miraculous solutions and results.

I leave you with a quote from Sananda, as given to me in an Intergalactic meeting held in a sector above the Swiss Alps January 1, 1992.

"There cannot he universal peace unless every being recognizes each other as valuable contributor to God, Goddess and each other. This process includes the acceptance of all living creatures, regardless of their culture or multi-dimensional origin. It requires a transcendence of ego and judgement; to be open to allow the magic of acceptance to flow and work as a catalyst of unification and change within all universes. So be it ."

Shaari: This material is not channeled, but is taken from the conscious recollection of Shaari's own knowingness. Although Shaari can channel, the majority of her work is done in a  conscious state. On occasion Shaari may channel Abraham of the Bible and Intergalactic Council of Twelve, as well as Malaya, a consciousness of the Goddess. Abraham facilitated the walk-in procedure as requested by the former occupant of the body.

Collectively, Shaari, Abraham and Malaya created Trilite Seminars to facilitate the exchange of technologies from the extraterrestrial to the human realm. Shaari's book Breaking Through The Void, will be available by late fall. You may contact Shaari and Trilite Seminars at P.O.Box 22040 Brentwood Bay B.C., Canada, V0S lR0 or call (604)360-8708.

Gary Smith: My True Life Experiences With Campaign Earth

Three years ago on a cold December day two days before Christmas I was feeling great and was walking to a local store when my life forever changed. I was about 25 feet from my apartment when out of nowhere the highest fever of my life suddenly struck my body. My teeth began chattering so bad that I knew there was no way I could walk to the store and I turned around back to my apartment. for the next five days I had a fever that went off the scale, even with long winter underwear, sweat pants, a sweat shirt and wrapped in several blankets my teeth were still chattering and then the visions and memories of how and why I came to Mother Earth returned.

A Walk-Out/Walk-In Problem
The Pleiadian Light
through Hannah Beaconsfield

There are a number of walk-ins who are struggling with a problem that is not entirely on a conscious level.

When a spirit energy reaches a point of no longer wishing to continue the life and is willing to allow another spirit take over the life, (This IS what is happening; the walk-in takes over the whole life of the walk-out not just the body) there is often a great deal of trauma, pain and loss that has built up. Even in a life situation in which the walk-out and walk-in had a pre-birth agreement, the walk-out still needs motivation to leave. Humans don't usually leave a happy life.

The desire to leave often builds up over a period of time and the impulses form a "death wish." This death wish is most often held on a subconscious level. If it were conscious, it would be considered a suicide impulse and probably given appropriate treatment.

However, when the impulse is not on the surface, it often plays itself out in addictions, accidents, grave and chronic illnesses among the many expressions intended to make the walk-out let go. When this continues on a subconscious level after the walk-in spirit has taken over, it can create problems. There is even the danger that the life of the body could be ended.

During this time many angels and guides surround the entity to keep the body safe and to support the adjustments of the walk-in. The new resident spirit has the daunting task of taking over the life situation with its programming, its characteristics, its horoscope (Though this can be modified, in some cases, by the specifics surrounding the time of the exchange) and other circumstances of the life.

The death wish is a bundle of impulses repressed in the subconscious and by its very nature it will attempt to fulfill its energy directive. It can slow down the immune system, activate or aggravate organ problems. It encourages the growth of microbes that would be needed to break the body down in the event of death: bacteria, fungi, etc. It can also lower or block the flow of the life force energy through all the bodies of consciousness. These are natural occurrences that happen in a living unit to prepare for the death of the body.

When a walk-in spirit is confronted with these symptoms they may miss the source of the pattern because they don't realize it is buried on unconscious levels. Often the focus of the walk-in is taken up with efforts to heal or relieve the many different symptoms, so they don't sense that there could be a core issue creating the whole pattern. They are missing the core cause of the whole pattern which is DEATH IS DESIRED AND EXPECTED. We reiterate that this is the pattern left in the psyche by the walk-out and not every walk-in carries this impulse deposit.

There can be many kinds of core issues that cause physical/psychological clusters of symptoms. These can be given care and relief through the many techniques available in psychotherapy. In addition there are many new techniques in the field of energy psychology. These meridian oriented healing methods are very valuable and produce more rapid results than standard psychology.

We wish to bring this particular problem to the attention of walk-ins at this time because often just having a conscious awareness of the source of  a problems can initiate healing all by itself.


Star People - Discussion Fragment About Understanding Of Star-People

Jal Kae (jal_kae@gate.net) 10 Aug 1994 writes:

Greetings! We are Jal Kae and Ataza. We don't know exactly what you mean by "here" - on the net or on the planet, but in either case, the answer is "yes." We refer to ourselves as "star seeds." We are here to seed the planet with fifth-dimensional energies, models of reality, and technologies of consciousness. The specific role of our group is "to begin to live a miraculous life." How are we going to do it? by following our spirit without hesitation. That is our prime directive. In our view, our presence was requested by the planetary consciousness; we are acting as "buffers" so that the transition from dense, third-dimensional existence can flow as smoothly as possible into an exalted, fifth-dimensional existence.

We are not alone. There are millions of us here. Most are known as "wake-ups." These are masters who have projected their consciousness into human forms at the time of birth. These selfless beings allowed themselves to be subjected to the full brunt of what is called here "socialization." Many are currently in the process of waking up to their true identities. We are "walk-ins." We are fifth-dimensional masters projecting our consciousness into these forms to communicate with you, to serve awakening masters and the planetary consciousness itself, in whatever way our spirit directs.

Jal Kae

Chuck673 (chuck673@aol.com) 15 Aug 1994 wrote:

Assuming what you're saying is true, than why doesn't the religious masters espescially in the eastern culture share your same views. They don't talk about dimensions, or being from another world. It would be easier for me to swallow if I can see parallels between your statements and other religions.

Jal Kae (jal_kae@gate.net) 16 Aug 1994 replied:

In the "Srimad Bhagavatam," many dimensions are described, as well as beings who inhabit other planets. They go into great detail about it. For us, everybody has to come from somewhere. Where do you think your consciousness originates? is it simply a human thing acquired at birth and lost at death, or is it something more, let's say, lasting. If you think the former, then you are identifying yourself as a mortal human.

If you jump up a dimensional step to the fourth dimension (the astral plane), you have the opportunity to identify yourself as one who is traveling through lifetimes, working through karma and trying to become enlightened. In a way, you have a choice as to which identity to wear. And, as the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality, which one you choose will begin to unfold before you. Yet, if it's not your time to move into a fourth-dimensional lifestyle (this is in the hands of spirit), it just won't happen; besides, you'll be in resistance to it - that reality will not be true for you.

Similarly, a fifth-dimensional reality is not a matter of choice. We have come to this planet at this time because the cosmic timing says it's right. We don't have a choice in the matter; we follow our spirit without hesitation. When it says Go we go. (this behavior of following your spirit can lead in a wonderful direction.) This phenomenon of other-dimensional beings visiting this planet is not new. It has just been on a limited basis, because the planetary consciousness has been exploring limitation. Jesus Christ, for example, was/is a tenth-dimensional master. He blew many people away - they called him god. (in the dimensional model we use, the tenth dimension is described as "the light that permeates all things.")

As to why we're here now - and we're not alone: there are millions of us on the planet, most have entered through the birth process ("crawl- ins"), while some enter by walking in - well, the planetary consciousness is shifting. Aren't you? Who knows, maybe you are here to participate in this grand experiment, as well. At the very least, for us, you are an immortal, divine spark. If you take a stand for this identity (or any other identity that is true for you), the universe will begin to rearrange itself to accommodate this picture of reality, and everything will shift from you. As an immortal spark, you'll find that you won't need "mental proof" for things. Another way of determining truth will emerge: through your *knowing*: you just know something is true. This is direct spiritual data; you begin to base your actions on spiritual data, rather than mental, physical, or emotional data. This can be scary, at first. But once you get the hang of it, you find that the other ways of relating were very dry, suspicious, and, in the end, empty. Spirit is rich, clear, loving, and strong. Of course, your experience of your spirit would different. This is cool.

My "essence", or the force i represent, is divine harmony. This colors my experience in whatever form my spirit desires me to take.

By the way, a scientific view is emerging that includes other dimensions. "Light, in fact, can be explained as vibrations in the fifth dimension." -From the preface of "hyperspace," by Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the city college of the city university of new york. We agree; and we would add that light is miraculous. Professor kako might not agree with our assertion that we (at least, our consciousnesses) are from that dimension. That's because there is no way to "prove" this within a third-dimensional context, which science demands. But we are not third-dimensional scientists, nor are we here to prove anything. We are divine sparks, here on a mission - assist in a planetary transformation.

We offer models of reality, fifth-dimensional technologies, and we function as portals so that wonderful energies, light, and structures can enter into this plane. Again, this is not something exclusive to us. We are doing our small part in shifting the current fear-based civilization to a truly civilized one that is love based.

We wish that the highest possibilities manifest for you on your quest.

We are one mission

Jal Kae

For more infos about Jal Kae, check Starbuilders Page.

From Elsewhere - Being ET in America by Scott Mandelker Ph.D

As I discuss in my book, FROM ELSEWHERE: BEING ET IN AMERICA (Birch Lane Press, 1995), there's been a tremendous influx of extraterrestrial (ET) souls incarnating on Earth in the last 50 years. To identify them, I use the terms "Walk-ins", "Wanderers", and "Star People", and their stories are common in the writings of Brad Steiger and Ruth Montgomery. However, no matter how strange it seems, this phenomenon is actually part of a far greater cosmic scheme. Actually, inter-dimensional transfer of ET souls is the vanguard of a more spectacular and rare event -- Earths planetary initiation. It is for this reason, and to witness this birth, that our extraterrestrial kin has now come to call. And it is to assist this process that ET Wanderers have chosen to incarnate on the face of the planet.


ET Souls and the Cosmic Plan - Discussions facilitated by Scott Mandelker, Ph.D.

Scott Mandelker received his PhD. in East-West Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies studying the phenomena of contactees, walk-ins and wanderers, those who have realized that they have come to Earth from elsewhere. His dissertation has been published in revised and expanded form for press: From Elsewhere: Being ET in America;the Subculture of Those Who Claim to be of Non-Earthly Origins is in bookstores and is also available directly from the publisher: Carol Publishing Co., New York, (212)418-4093 and fax (212)418-4077.

Scott also publishes a quarterly newsletter for contactees, walk-ins, wanderers and other spiritually-interested people, with "Q&A", "Letters," "Inside the Confederation," "The Sleeping ET's Quiz," "New Age or Apocalypse," and a "Guest Column": From Elsewhere: The ET Journal. Available for $24.95 per year. Write to Scott's Universal Vision address above.


A walk-in is generally an evolved soul who comes into the physical body of a soul that no longer wishes to remain on the earth plane. Often this is during a time of depression or Near Death Experience. The walk-in soul must get permission to enter into the body of the other person. The walk-in comes here because it has special work to do. Usually it is to help others for example as a healer or counselor. Often the soul that walks in, did similar work when it was in a body at another time and is presently here to spread knowledge. Many famous people have been walk-ins. Many exist on this planet today preparing for the planetary shifts to occur so that they can do their work.

Often after the soul exchange it takes a while for all concerned to understand the change has taken place. It can be a very confusing time. Often the walk-in soul does not have the memories of the person they walked into. Sometimes hypnotherapy is needed to figure it all out. Many walk-ins come into adult bodies, although I have done hynotherapy on souls that came in as children. If this sounds ridiculous and confusing, I can assure you that is a valid concept.

KARI CHAPMAN - The Namaste Retreat Center of Wisconsin, Inc. Newsletter, WALK-INS, Issue 3, 1998

A soul that transfers its identity into an adult body which the previously existing soul occupant no longer wishes to inhabit or their soul contract is complete or maybe the existing should just wants out of the present soul contract. On another level they both agreed that the transfer would take place.

From what I understand (and Iam a conscious walk-in) it is really agreed with by the previous soul, the incoming soul, and with God/Creator. And the incoming soul is usually always part of, or from your oversoul monad.

There is usually a period of time in which they coexist to give the incoming soul a chance to get familiar with the body, the family and the emotions etc., to stabilize. In these accelerated times, "walking-in" is n efficient means of advancing mission lines to the next phase and we NEED the bodies. Coming into an already matured body saves both time and energy.

If a body is in the hospital and it is dying because the soul wants to leave, why not have another soul enter this body with full agreement, heal the body and continue with the evolution of earth and human species? You can get right to your mission and purpose in coming into a fully matured body. To me there is not that much difference between a "walk--in" and a born-in. A spirit or soul enters either at conception or birth. I and many others chose to enter a grown body. Truly not much difference between the two other than the size of the body, is there? There is a third choice

Walk-ins are not superhuman individuals. We urge you not to use the walk-in experience as a form of separation or alienation. We are all equal and diverse in our uniqueness.


Walk-ins are people who have spiritual work to do in the material world but for various reasons don't need to/want to spend the time in a physical body growing up. Where a person has finished their life's lessons, and would normally die, in some instances they allow an incoming "walk-in" spirit to be connected to their physical body (that they are leaving behind) instead of them.

We still have the case of one physical body, and one spirit attached to it, but in this situation the spirit isn't the one that was with it since birth. Naturally this can then mean that the person may seem to have a (sometimes major) personality change. This is in fact one of the ways one can tell if someone is a walk-in. They will be very much more compassionate, loving, spiritual than before.

This can of course create problems for friends, and relatives. They often cannot understand what has happened. In this situation it may be better for them to understand that the person that they previously knew is, in practical terms, no longer physically alive. It is sometimes not much easier for the walk-in. He/she inherits the memories/situations of the previous occupant of the body and may take some time to understand their true status.



Again, the being told me it was my choice to stay or go, but that there was more for me to do in that life and it wasn't quite time for me to leave. Still hesitating, I was told that if I chose to go back, I would be given certain knowledge to take back with me to share with others. After much discussion, I agreed to go back and suddenly found myself in front of a tall cone-shaped building. I was told this was the Hall of Knowledge. I entered the building and flew, spiraling upwards, through what appeared to be shelves of books, like in a library, many millions of books, and I flew through them all. When I reached the top, I burst through it into a kaleidoscope of colors and, at the same time, my head popped out of the water. I was down river about 10 yards from the raft.


My experiences are different than most NDE experiences. I did not leave the body and then return. Instead I entered the body, walked in and took up residence. 2 weeks before my (his) 14th birthday (May 21) Tom Repasky fell off a cliff and certainly lost consciousness. He was attending a seminary to become a catholic priest. he fell during a school outing to a park full of canyons and cliffs. Life was not the same ever again.

I happened upon the Toms' body in a hospital and became intrigued with the possibilities and potential. I moved right in and sat down. "Tom' was gone and the seat of consciousness was vacant. It took some effort to learn how to use the body. Even trivial things like eating took a lot of concentration until I discovered various control panels 'Tom must have used. I could make no sense of his memory and was overwhelmed with sensations. It took about seven years for that period to end.


I could feel myself traveling through space at a tremendous speed, and I could see my permanent atoms traveling through space. My atoms looked like little colored atoms with energy trailing off the backside, like a comet with a real stubby tail and the head made up of three revolving luminescent globes, the tail no longer then the size of the head. The background was black space with colored dots of light like the dots of colored light created by the plastic pieces in that child's game called Light Bright. The colored dots did not move from the position I was observing from, but my atoms were moving across this back drop at what seemed a very rapid rate.

ASCENSION - A True Story of A Near Death Experience

Approximately 11 years ago I was driving my camper home from an outing in the desert. Approaching a busy red lighted intersection at about 60-mph, I started to depress the break pedal. It felt kind of mushy as the pedal went straight to the floor. I was not going to be able to stop the vehicle, so I quickly decided to downshift the transmission to slow the vehicle, and swerve off the road into the sand. To my surprise, no matter how I tried, it would not shift. Having no options left to me at this time, I depressed the horn and plowed into the intersection. I managed to swerve around the first car in view and was then deeply broad sided by another vehicle, which flipped my camper on to it’s side. Fortunately, I was later to learn that no one else was seriously hurt in the accident.

Here is a negative viewpoint on the connection to the spiritworld:


Once the mind loses its normal connection with the body the person then is ready to meet his/her "Guiding Spirit". Christian author, Johanna Michaelson, captures the Satanic essence of meditation and Guiding Spirits in her book, "The Beautiful Side Of Evil". Guiding Spirits identify themselves by name, including Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or one of the Apostles. The person who is involved is truly deceived into thinking they have just discovered THE one, true way to actually come into contact with God. In reality, they have just come into contact with a Satanic demon, who has transformed himself into a being appearing very kind, gentle, and wise. The stage is set for these demonic beings to manipulate and mislead their human victims. These people have become demonically possessed.


Q: What is a starseed?

A. Starseeds are children that have been born here in the last 18 -20 years. They have never been on the planet before and know instinctively why they are here. Many are angelic beings who will be our leaders in the future.


According to my Mother (who is still tired), I was walking and talking at 6 months old. By the age of 3, I was riding a full size horse as fast as it could go and asking for a faster horse.

In college I was drawn to science and math... Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, and especially... Physics. And, of course, I love computers!

I received self-realization through SahajaYoga on March 3, 1988, and learned how to heal with vibrations. I have been touched by the "Dove" (Yes, I suppose I do seem a bit touched! :-) ).

In 1992, I was released from all past Karma and underwent a complete change of spiritual guides. This was all explained to me a couple of years later when I read the Kryon books. I highly recommend the Kryon books for practical informationon how to adjust to, and make the most of, the new energy we're all experiencing.

Near-Death Experiences

Life After Life - Raymond Moody official site and Mishlove interview
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Life Beyond



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THE WALKIN by Dick Sutphen



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