The Impossible Dream (The Quest)

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong
To be better far than you are
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest, to follow that star,
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
To be willing to give when there's no more to give
To be willing to die so that honor and justice may live

And I know if I'll only be true to this glorious quest That my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I'm laid to my rest
And the world will be better for this
That one man scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star.



Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights
by John Steinbeck

Labyrinth - Arthurian Resources

LeMorte D'Arthur
by Thomas Malory

Once and Future King
by Terence Hanbury White

Tales of King Arthur by Thomas Malory & Michael Senior

Jesus Silenced

King Arthur's Roundtable


Proof of King Arthur's Existence?

The Camelot Project

Origins of the Arthurian Legend

A Quest for Arthur

Arthur: the Matter of Britain Many good links

Legends-King Arthur & the Matter of Britain

The Legend of Arthur

Mattman's Arthurian Resource Page


The Holy Grail

The Grail Time Line

The Holy Grail and Links

Sangraal - The Grail

The Quest of the Holy Grail

The Quest of the Sangraal - by Robert S. Hawker


The Knights of the Round Table

The Knights

The Hunts and Quests

Slaying the Dragon


The Knights


Prieure du Sion


Geoffrey of

The Golden Bough by James Frazier (9 different versions available)

Templar Resources

The Windening Gyre - Online Book

Book Recommendations

The High Queen: The Tale of Guinevere & King Arthur continues
by Nancy McKenzie

The Child Queen: The Tale of Guinevere & King Arthur
by Nancy McKenzie

 Journey to Avalon

 Mark Twain - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - An on-line book


King Arthur: History and the Arthurian Legend


Britannia: Arthurian Sources

King Arthur A to Z

Arthur Of Britain

Origins of the Arthurian Legend

The Fisher King

The Glastonbury Abbey Burial Cross

The Nanteos Cup

The Grail Interpretations

The Holy Grail - by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Glooscap Legend

The Catholic Encyclopedia: The Holy Grail

The Genesis of the Grail Kings

The Holy Grail - Earthlore Lost Histories Foundation Stone .


Quest for the Holy Grail Old site but has good references


Grail Myths


Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and
the Turin Shroud

The Quest for the
Holy Grail
- Joseph's Role in the Story


Joseph at Glastonbury Abbey

The Catholic Joseph of Arimathea

Traditions of Glastonbury

The Woman with the Alabaster Jar - Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail

Sword in The Stone
by Terence Hanbury White

British Academy Publications

Arthurian Resources - A guide to recent research regarding the early Arthurian legends and their origins.

Arthuriana Homepage - Quarterly journal of the International Arthurian Society - North American Branch.

Arthurnet Mailing List Homepage - The searchable archives are one of the best Arthurian resources available on the Web.

Cadbury Castle, Somerset: The early medieval archaeology - Description of the book by Leslie Alcock. Many other books by the University of Wales Press can be found at the UWP's main page.

The Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras - Summary of the book, The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries: Cosmology and Salvation in the Ancient World by David Ulansey.

The Dark Ages: King Arthur and Others

Arthurian Legend Home Page

 Novels with Arthurian ThemesAn extensive bibliography of novels dealing with Arthurian themes. From an English course at the University of Great Falls in Montana.


Arthurian Legend in Young Adult Fantasies - Capsule reviews/bibliography from the Boulder Public Library.

The Forever King - Review of the book by bestselling authors Molly Cochran and Warren Murphy.

Journey to Avalon - Ad for book placing Avalon on the Isle of Bardsey.

King and Raven - Book review.

King Arthur CD-ROM - Ad for interactive home study course called King Arthur Through the Ages.

Sample Chapter: The Child Queen

Sample Chapter: The High Queen




  Welcome to the Ancient Isle of Avalon

Wadebridge, Cornwall

Wincanton, Somerset

Mystical Glastonbury


Monasteries for Women in Early Medieval Times

The Cross of Languedoc, France

The Cross of Languedoc

The Cross of Languedoc


The Round Table of King Arthur

The Round Table of King Arthur

The Great Hall and the Round Table

The Round Table


The End Days - Catholic Prophecy On Coming Great Chastisement...


The Arthurian Art Gallery

Jesuit Art In History - The Black Madonna




History of Heraldry

Heraldry on the Internet

Encyclopedia of British Heraldry

Heraldry at Westminster Abbey 

The Labryinth of the Grail

The Story of Oak Island

The Inscription on Oak Island

Mystery at Oak Island?

The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar

New Light on the Oak Island Mystery

What Is the Holy Grail? Chalice or Manna Machine?

The Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail

The Fraudulent Crucifixion


  The Magic of Glastonbury
   Clarification of the Twelve Chakras


Allegories of the Holy Grail

The Cult of the Severed Head

The Chalice of the First Sacrament and Cult of the Severed Head

The Blood & DNA

The Bloodline of the Holy Grail

The Bloodline, Starfire and the Annunaki 


The Grail Bloodline

Joseph Aramithea, The Holy Grail, and the Shroud of Turin

Current Theories

Did the Grail Cross the Ocean


The Coronation Stone - Westminster Abbey

Lia Fail - The Coronation Stone of the Scots

The Coronation Stone - Jacobs Pillow

The Return of Camelot and King Arthur

The Bloodline Conspiracy

The Christmas Thorn of Glastonbury

Uncle Joseph - Trustee of the Gospel

Joseph of Arimathea - Biography

Joseph and Jesus in Great Britain

Joseph in Great Britain

The Chalice of Antioch



Marseille's Favorite Links--Camelot!

The Camelot Project


The Ladies

The Ballad of Elaine

Female Characters in the Arthurian Court



Merlin - The Youth With No Father

Bretagne - Fairy Tales and Legends of Brittany - Arthur, Brocéliande, Merlin, the Round Table, and Ys.


The Elevation of Magdalen

The Apostle to the Apostles

The Beautiful Penitent

A Magdalen Essay

The Feminine Element in Mankind

Mary Magdalen


The Sisterhood of Avalon


Sacred Temple of Holy Grail
Includes other good links

Celtic Women

by Nicholas Poussin

The Mystery of Rennes le Chateau

The Book of Merlyn:
The Unpublished conclusion to: The Once and Future King

by Terence Hanbury White

The Mystery of Rennes le Chateau and Prieure du Sion


Poetry by  Tennyson

Lancelot and Elaine by Tennyson

Mordred, A Tragedy

Mark Twain and Art

King Arthur Bibliography



Longinus' Spear - The spear that Pierced Christ's Side


The French Connection  !Well Within's Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours to My...

The Irish Connection


British Tourist Authority


Holy Spirit and Holy Grail


Rosicrucian Home Page

The Papal Tiara

Arms and Flags of Europe


Spermo-Gnostics and the Ordo Templi Orientis




  Amazing Lost Tribes Of Israel Study Maps

Anglo Saxon England

Languedoc, France

Northeast Wales

The Cross of the Knights Templars


St Bernard of Clairvaux

The Legacy of Ivanhoe

The Knights Templar

The Primitive Rule of the Templars

Hirams Oasis Files

Military Orders

TEMPLE Magazine

The Argument from the Bible

The History of the Eucharistic Adoration

Jacob's Pillar - the Time Line

Holy Grail Candidates

The Cauldron - Gundesdrop


Rothenburg Churches

The Shroud of Turin


The Temple Mount in Jerusalem


The later Crusades


Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey

Castell Dinas Bran


Cathar Castles

Sacred Geometry of Rennes Chateau

Les Archives de Rennes le Chateau
Rennes-le-Chateau Home Page

Rennes Le Chateau Gallery


The Black Madonna


Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology

Barbarians on the Greek Periphery? Origins of Celtic Art

Celtic Heart

The Celtic Mysteries

Celtics and the FAQ.

soc.culture.celtic and the FAQ.


A Special Page to Diana

Princess Diana , Life, Death, and Conspiracy Theories

Diana, Queen of Heaven Conspiracy

Dreams, Visions, Prophecy, and Coincidences About Princess Diana

Pagans and Witches and Celts, Oh My! - Includes "Herbs and Plants in Celtic Folklore," bibliography on Celtic art

The Significance of Celtic Coinage

Celtic Twilight Website

Who Were the Celts?


The Realm of Chivalry - A Medieval Living History Organization...

Orders of Chivalry

The Religious and Military Order Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

The Old Charges of Freemasonry

Catholic Encyclopedia: The Knights Templars

Knight Templar Links

The Templar: The Esoteric Beginnings

Knights Templar

Jacques De Molay

Templars and the Grail Role of the Knights Templars in the Grail Legend


Religious Traditions

The Celtic Christian Church of the Grove

Celtic Christianity



Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis-
The Way of Solemn Approach

The Canterbury Cross

Britannia: British History

Britannia: Sources of British History

Britain-Cradle of Christianity


The Perfect Heretics


The Celtic Mythology

On The Trail of the Peacemaker

The Bloodline, Starfire & The Anunnaki

Genesis of the Grail Kings

Words of Wisdom from Sir Laurence Gardner

Sir Laurence Gardner Books and CD

British Mythology - Portions of The Mabinogion.

Old Sarum History

Major Castles in Northeast Wales

Castles in Southwest Wales - Norman

Castle Construction

Time Line of Castle Construction

Rosslyn Chapel, the official web site


The Time Line of Arthurian Britain - Part I

The Time Line of Arthurian Britain -
Part II

The Time Line of Arthurian Britain - Part III

SOMERSET HISTORY Lords & Barons and their holdings


British Fantasy - Grail - Listing of Arthurian films for sale.

Excalibur - Review by Mr. Cranky.

First Knight - Review by Roger Ebert.

First Knight - USA Today review.

Monarchs of Britain

 Dandalf's Celtic Heritage- Animal Symbolism-.

History of the Holy Grail


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Sorry! Geocities no longer exists

Thanks to Liz Edwards for Art Assistance

The Alliterative Morte Arthure - Full text from the University of Virginia archives.

Altramar Medieval Music Ensemble - Performed on period instruments.

Angelcynn - "Anglo-Saxon Living History 400 - 700 AD." Includes "The Anglo-Saxon Invasion of Britain," "Clothing and Appearance of the Pagan Anglo-Saxons," and "The Finnesburh Fragment.".

Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries - Early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries database.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle - The 1912 Everyman Press version, from the Berkeley site.

The Arch-Druid in His Ceremonial Robes (From Wellcome's Ancient Cymric Medicine) - Article and line art.

Archaeometry and Stonehenge - "A major archaeological project to reassess the results of the 20th century excavations at Stonehenge."

Arthur of Britain - Chronology of Arthurian sources, short bits on the Sword in the Stone and the Holy Grail.

AVALON - Gateway to everything Glastonbury on the Web! - The Ancient Isle of Avalon.

Bede - Conversion of England

Beyond Legend: Arthur Reconsidered - From the Concord Review.

The Birth Of Mithras (From Montfaucon's Antiquities) - Article and line art.

Broceliande Page - Quest for the Grail card game info.

Brut (MS Cotton Caligula) - Online text of Layamon from University of Virginia archives.

Camelot & Arthurian Legend - Information and art on the major characters in the myth of Camelot.

Camelot Castle 3D Puzzle - "One of the world's most challenging jigsaw puzzles."

Camelot Frequently Asked Questions List - FAQ from the old Camelot mailing list.

The Castles of Wales - "Provides information on over 170 different Welsh castles accompanied by many good quality photographs."

Castles on the Web - Includes glossary of castle terms, links to many castle sites.

Characters from Arthurian Legend - Cast from Malory.

The Charrette Project - "Prototype version of an image/text database of Chrétien de Troyes's Le Chevalier de la Charrette."

A Chronology of Ancient Rome - Part of Exploring Ancient World Cultures.

A Chronology of the Arian Controversy - Part of The Ecole Initiative.

Circular Logic - "Someone is trying to kill one of the members of the Round Table! One of the six knights is sitting in front of a poisoned cup of grog. Use the clues below to figure out which knight is in danger."

Classics Ireland - Journal of the Classical Association of Ireland.

The Complete Corpus of Old English - "From the Dictionary of Old English Project."

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - The full text, plus additional materials such as the original advertisements and contemporary reviews.

Cotswold History and Lore - All the way back to the Neolithic.

Council for British Archaeology

Cymdeithas Madog (Welsh Studies Institute) - Cymdeithas Madog, the Welsh Studies Institute of North America, Inc., is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to helping North Americans learn, use and enjoy the Welsh language. It takes its name from Madog ab Owain Gwynedd, a Welsh prince who sailed (according to legend) to America in the 12th century. That makes him a fitting symbol of the cultural and linguistic links which Cymdeithas Madog maintains between Wales and the New World.

Earth Mysteries: An Introduction - Ley lines, megaliths, geomancy, etc.

Electronic Beowulf Project - From the British Library.

Excaliburs from the Knife Center - That's funny, I thought the Sword in the Stone was a different one...

Gateway to Scotland - Geography, history, weather, etc.

Gildas - De Excidio Britanniae excerpt.

The Grail Quest or The Orion Archetype and The Destiny of Man

The Great George And Collar Of The Garter (From Ashmole's Order of the Garter) - Article and line art.

The Great God Pan (From Kircher's OEdipus AEgyptiacus) - Article and line art.

The Ground Plan of Stonehenge (From Maurice's Indian Antiquities) - Article and line art.

Guided Tour of Wales - From the University of Wales, Cardiff.

Heirloom Tapestries: The Folly - "The Theme is the Quest for the Unicorn by the legendary twenty-four Knights of King Arthur."

Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus (From Historia Deorum Fatidicorum) - Article and line art.

Historical Recipes of Different Cultures - Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval dishes.

History and Status of the Welsh Language - Ties in with A Welsh Course.

The History of Plumbing - Roman and English Legacy - From Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine.

The Holy Grail - Entry from The Catholic Encyclopedia.

How Sir Tristram Drank of the Love Drink - Image from Turn-of-the-Century Fantasy Illustration.

Images of Sites in the British Isles - "Sites of archaeological and archaeoastronomical interest."

Internet Archaeology - Online journal.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook - Public domain and copy-permitted texts.

King Arthur - History and Legend - Includes Arthur's burial cross, interview with Geoffrey Ashe, a synopsis of Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain, etc.

King Arthur and Camelot - Includes the painting, The Wedding of Arthur and Guinevere by John Moyr Smith. Part of Virtual Renaissance: A Journey Through Time.

King Arthur Bibliography - Classroom Connections.

King Arthur Uther Pendragon - "I'm Arthur Pendragon and if people want to believe I'm some nutter who thinks he's the reincarnation of King Arthur that's their choice."

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library - Articles and a glossary.

Labyrinth Home Page - Georgetown University's Medieval Studies site.

Le Morte Darthur Volume 1 - Full text from the University of Virginia archives.

Le Morte Darthur Volume 2 - Full text from the University of Virginia archives.

The Legacy of the Horse - From the International Museum of the Horse. Includes Roman use, early cavalry.

Legends: King Arthur and the Matter of Britain - Exploring King Arthur in history, fiction, folkore, and the arts. Part of LEGENDS.

List of Arthurian Literature - From Geoffrey of Monmouth to Steinbeck.

Lucan: The Civil War (Pharsalia) - English translation by Sir Edward Ridley, 1896.

Map of Anglo-Saxon England - From the Old English Pages.

The Mead Maker's Page - Honey wine recipes.

Medieval Institute at WMU - "Center for teaching and research in the history and culture of the Middle Ages."

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage - "How to Pig Out with 130 of Your Closest Friends" and more.

Merrie Haskell's King Arthur Page - Currently partially completed, this seems to be on its way to being one of the best Arthurian sites.

Mimas Nomenclature - Satellite of Saturn has many Arthurian names given to features.

Mithras Slaying The Bull (From Lundy's Monumental Christianity) - Article and line art.

Music of the Middle Ages - From Lyrichord.

Mysterious England Tour - Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Bath, etc.

The National Archives of Ireland - Index of materials available offline.

Nennius - Historia Brittonum excerpts - The Arthurian segments, of course.

The Newstead Project - University of Bradford archaeological project "investigating the region surrounding the Roman fort of Trimontium."

Old English Pages - "An encyclopedic compendium of resources for the study of Old English and Anglo-Saxon England."

On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies - Everything from barbarization to Byzantium.

Oxford Arthurian Society - Aiming "to discuss, investigate and generally celebrate the myths, legends and ancient mysteries whose roots lie in the darkness of our forgotten past."

Parsifal - Everything you'd ever want to know about Wagner's opera.

Peter Corless: Pendragon - Support page for the game.

Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe - "Hypertext archive of narratives, medical consilia, governmental records, religious and spiritual writings and images."

The Quest: Arthurian Legend Studies - "Scholarly page maintained by the University of Idaho's Arthurian Legend Club, Caliburn."

Renaissance Faire Homepage - A "how-to" guide for participants.

Rocky Mountain Meadery - Now if I can just learn to quaff...

Roman Scotland: Outpost of an Empire - "This exhibition tells the story of the Roman presence in Scotland in the first and second centuries AD, with emphasis on the Antonine Wall frontier and the life lived by the soldiers based in forts along its line."

The Round Table of King Arthur (From Jennings' The Rosicrucians, Their Rites and Mysteries) - Article and line art.

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) - Home page for the maintainers of the National Monuments Records of Scotland.

The Ruin and Conquest of Britain 400 A.D. - 600 A.D. - The transition from Roman Britain to early-mediaeval England and Wales

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Full text from the University of Virginia archives.

Society for Creative Anachronism - Reenactment group.

Starfire Swords - Website for Master Blacksmith Maciej "Zak" Zakrzewski.

Stone Ring Home Page - Quest for the Grail card game info.

Storyfest - Storytelling, Spirituality & Pilgrimage Travel.

Sub-Roman Britain - From the On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies.

Tennyson Overview - Partial collection of Tennyson's poems includes "The Lady of Shalott," "Morte d'Arthur," "Enid," "Vivien," Elaine," Guinevere," "The Coming of Arthur," and "The Passing of Arthur." Other sections include thematic discussions, etc. Part of The Victorian Web.

The Tennyson Page - Idylls of the King, etc.

The Tree Of The Knights Of The Round Table - Article and line art.

UK Online - Around the UK - Regional information.

UK Travel Guide - Interactive map.

University of Birmingham Field Archaeology Unit - Includes descriptions of Romanization at Wroxeter, digs at the South Cadbury site, etc.

University of York Department of Archaeology - Includes Roman and Medieval specialties.

Virtual Renaissance: A Journey Through Time - A large, marvelous exploration.

Wales Direct - Online store has, among other things, Twrch Trwyth T-shirts and The Tale of Culhwch and Olwen on illustrated cards with bilingual (Welsh/English) text.

Walt Disney Records: A Kid in King Arthur's Court Soundtrack - With downloadable sample files.

Watford Gap to Camelot -

Welcome to Cornwall - Tourism guide.

Welcome to Wales, the Land of Castles - Text and images.

A Welsh Course - Also see History and Status of the Welsh Language.


Arthuriana. the website of one of the primary scholarly journals on Arthur.

Allegories of the Grail. Allegories of the Holy Grail with several versions of the Grail texts pursuing different meanings of the Grail.

ARTHURNET Mailing List - searchable archive of discussions on this list.

Portico: the British Library's Information Server Grail summary and links to other info on mythical quests from Portico, the British Library's informtion server.

Lancelot, Knight of the Cart by Chrétien de Troyes. A 12th-century text by one of the central Arthurian authors.

Fantasy Fiction and Welsh Myth: Tales of Belonging. A small collection of materials on the Grail legends with a Grail Timeline.

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies - Excellent site with lots of information.

Glastonbury SiteGlastonbury Information about the town of Glastonbury (UK) known for legends concerning Avalon, Joseph of Arimathea, King Arthur, Holy Grail, etc. Glastonbury Festival held nearby.

Short History of Arthurian Archaeology. A page by Michelle L. Biehl with information on archeology of Tintagel, Cadbury, and other sites.

Glastonbury Tor - Some more info on Glastonbury Tor.

The Arthurian Legends

Hitler and the Grail Bloodline The Lance, the Swastika, and the Merovingians-- connections between Hitler and the Holy Grail, Nazi occultism, and some useful links.

Arthurian Legends for Teachers - a web-based, interdisciplinary approach for educators. Designed to provide secondary educators (all disciplines) with Web-based resources for the study of Arthurian legends; and to publish on-line lesson plans designed to provide the means for students to increase their proficiency in using the internet and to learn about Arthurian-related material.


Freemasonry and Mystical Books

The Gnosis Archive

Dead Sea Scrolls - Qumran Library

Medieval Sourcebook

Holy Grail e-Texts & Images

Medieval Graal Texts

High History of the Holy Graal

Arthurian Booklist

Parsifal and the Holy Grail - King Arthur, Richard Wagner

The alchemy web site and virtual library


Illuminations by Richard Shand

MediaQuest Home Page

The Daily Grail

Legends of Grail

Theories about Grail

Allegories of the Holy Grail

The High History of the Holy Graal

The Ark of the Covenant

Holy Grail in Blood, Spin Path of Love into DNA

San Graal School of Sacred Geometry

Conscious Evolution Home Page

The Sacred Landscape

Deep Secrets: The Great Pyramid, The Golden Ratio and The Royal Cubit

The Golden Mean

The Golden Mean

New Advent. Catholic Website - Russia


Hildegard von (of) Bingen

Iona Island Community

Shroud of Turin

Gnostic Texts

Guide to Early Church Documents

Illuminations--the Real Jesus plus underground spirituality

Spiritual Movements

The Quest - An Arthurian Resource

Historical King Arthur Web Site

King Arthur & the Matter of Britain

Camlan - An Exploration of Arthurian Britain

Arthur's Ring

Arthurian Resources

Arthurian Links

Arthurian Resources on the Internet - By John J. Doherty

Explorations in the History and Legends of Arthur

Early Medieval Resources for Britain, Ireland and Brittany

Arthurnet Links

The Arthurnet Online Discussion Group

Arthuriana - The journal of Arthurian Studies

Celtic Dark Age Kingdom Related Web Sites - Links to Arthurian Sites - King Arthur

Yahoo! WebRing - Le Ring du Roi Arthur et des Celtes

Yahoo! WebRing - Knights of Excalibur

Llys Arthur

Arthurian Resources

Arthurian Sites

The Camelot Project - Arthurian Texts, Images, Bibliographies and Basic Information

The Elmet Heritage Site

Vortigern Studies - British History 400 - 600

Arthur and Archaeology

The Cardiff Arthurian's Medieval Link Page

200 King Arthur Links

The King's Chambers of Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends

King Arthur: a Man for the Ages

Oxford Arthurian Society

King Arthur & the Matter of Britain

The Arthurian Legend

Celtic Twilight

Legends - King Arthur, History and Archaeology

King Arthur's Burial Cross -

Arthur's Life - Birth and Camelot

A Guide to King Arthur's Forgotten Realm

The Camelot Project at the Rochester University

The Oxford Arthurian Society

Arthur's Britain

Arthurian Legends

Dark Age Archaeology - Early British Kingdoms

Arthurian Sites

An Archeological Quest for the 'real' King Arthur

Tintagel Castle: Arthur's Birthplace?

Has King Arthur been discovered at Tintagel? - Current Archaeology

Arthurian Inscription found at Tintagel

Tintagel Excavations 1998 - Uiversity of Glasgow

Tintagel Castle - King Arthur: a Man for the Ages

Early Medieval Tintagel: An Interview with Archaeologists Rachel Harry and Kevin Brady - The Heroic Age, Issue 1, Spring/Summer 1999

Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle

Cadbury Castle: Arthur's Camelot or Dumnonian Capital?

Cadbury Castle - King Arthur: a Man for the Ages

Cadbury Castle - Somerset

Cadbury Castle - Britannia's Guide to Arthurian Sites

Castle Killibury: King Arthur's First Home?

Glastonbury Tor: Queen Guinevere's Prison?

Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey -

Glastonbury Abbey: King Arthur's Last Resting-Place?

Glastonbury: The Isle of Avalon?

Glastonbury's own "Isle of Avalon"



Caerleon: Dark Age Capital of Wales?

Caerwent: The Welsh Winchester

Dinas Emrys

Dinas Emrys: Vortigern's Hide-Out?

Dinas Emrys Hillfort - Vortigern Studies




Camlann - Arthur's final battlefield

Arthur and Camlann - By August Hunt

The Battle Of Camlann

Amesbury Abbey

Carbonek Castle

Clue to King Arthur discovered - BBC on line

A Short History of Arthurian Archaeology - By Michelle L. Biehl

The Ruin and Conquest of Britain 400 A.D. - 600 A.D. - By Howard Wiseman

Sub-roman Britain - ORB, A Guide to Online Resources

Sub-roman Britain: An Introducton - By Christopher Snyder, ORB Encyclopedia

Transformations of Celtic Mythology in Arthurian Legend

The Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur

The Age of Arthur: Some Historical and Archaeological Background - by Christopher Snyder, Marymount College

A Gazetteer of Sub-Roman Britain (AD 400-600): the British Sites - By Christopher A Snyder

Breton and British Celts

Eboracum - Literary references to a historical Arthur are few

Arthurian Booklist

British Archaeology, no 4, May 1995 - Not King Arthur, but King Someone

The Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur

Beyond Legend: Arthur Reconsidered - by Camilla Ann Richmond, The Concord Review

The Saxon Advent - by Geoffrey Ashe, British Heritage

The Historical Arthur - A Bibliography by P. J. C. Field

Arthur's Bibliography - University of Kansas