Fear not: I am the first and the last:
I am He that lives, and was dead;
and behold, I am alive for evermore. Amen;
and have the keys of hell and of death.
Revelation 1:17, 18


Before I present this series of dreams and visions about the Holy Grail and the Second Coming of Christ, I'd like to say that I don't know how far back into the history of my dream journaling to go with this, since I've been journaling every day since 1980, and that would be quite overwhelming.  I started having dreams about the second coming of Christ which I posted at PUFORI.  That series started in 1988 and I will provide a link to those so if you are interested, you can check them out.  On this page, I will present the more recent ones.

I have had some incredible dreams over the years.  I know others have also. If others have dreams to share on this subject, I will immediately add them to this thread.


I feel blessed to get this one.  Dream is from 1996.

Hi Dee,

Been reading through your dreams and my instincts are kicking in that I have tuned into something dear to my heart,(soul) 2 years ago I dreamed that I was calmly following a female gold lioness.She was BEAUTIFUL. So physical but yet ethereal and Powerful. She showed me her paw. On a nail was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen It was composed of all jewels and some I had never seen and the band was jeweled also but the whole thing was moving, liquefied,shimmering. As I would reach for it she would stand up,open her mouth and take my head in it. I could feel one tooth penetrate my crown center and the bottom tooth enter my throat center. It did hurt,lasting for about 10 seconds. She would then calmly get down and start walking away. I would watch her and the moment I decided to take a step forward (because I simply had to have that ring at all costs),she would slowly walk back to me and stand up. I would lower my head and she would bite again. I would endure it and this kept happening maybe 4-5 times.

The following day I went into a store and saw a poster that shocked me. It was of the male lion of the tribe of Judah with a chain with 2 keys hanging from his mouth.He was wearing a crown and also his right front leg was extended forward with a jeweled bracelet on it !!! Below was written,""Fear not: I am the first and the last: I am He that lives, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore. Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. Revelations: 1:17:18"

But this was not the end. I went to Philadelphia to visit my Bishop for a weekend. I told her nothing of this. After she said mass I was spinning and slightly dizzy with a burning crown chakra. I then told her of the "ring" but not the poster. Minutes later she informed me , "no dear, it's not a ring, it's your crown!!!"I then recalled that at the beginning of the mass after invoking the archangels Michael,Gabriel,Auriel and Raphael that she invoked Auriel(and  another).

I looked it up and Auriel = lion angel and also the antique name for Jerusalem,, and also means altar hearth.

More Light.

Rev. Maureen Heffernan


NOTE TO THE READERS: We received an interpretation of the agove dream from another reader. We found it to be credible so are presenting it here:

{ Would you please forward a copy of this interpretation of the dream of Rev. Maureen Heffernan to her and others who you think would find it of interest.--Thomas

The golden lioness represents the lost royal bloodline of the "first-born" that can be traced back to 'the seed of Abraham. When the lioness extended her paw with the jeweled ring, she was demonstrating that she represents the Queen Mother, or, the royal bride searching for her beloved bridegroom; the king. When the lioness took your head into her mouth, with one tooth penetrating your crown center and the lower tooth entering your throat, it demonstrated that the lioness was unveiling this mystery to you. The poster of the male lion of the Tribe Of Judah represents the lost bridegroom of this bloodline. The two keys on a chain hanging from the lioness's mouth represents the bloodlines of the twins, Pharez and Zerah. That goes back to the "divine rights" of the "first-born" of Esau whose line was breached by the line of the "second-born" of Jacob. Jacob's name means supplanted as he disguised himself in the image of his twin brother and betrayed him as he deceived his father Isaac to gain the rights of the "first-born". This betrayal caused a curse on Jacob as his first-born was deemed incapable and unworthy of perpetuating the royal bloodline. Jacob blessed his first-born son Reuben, but refused to grant him his rights of inheritence as he was described as "unstable as water..." Of Simon and Levi; "weapons of violence are their swords... I will divide them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel. But of the tribe of Judah he said:

This scepter shall not depart from Judah,
nor the ruler's staff from between his
feet, until he comes to whom it belongs.

But, Tamar, his daughter-in-law, deceived Judah and was able to gain possession of his signet, his bracelet (hence; on paw), and his staff, when she seduced him and conceived Pharez and Zerah. With the strange birth of Zerah the line of the 'first-born'
was shown to be lost when the midwife tied a scarlet thread, that designated the first-born, around the wrist of Zerah, only to have it withdrawn that allowed Pharez to be born first; --the line of David and Jesus. Hence; the heavenly image on earth of the lion and the lamb laying together represents the twin royal lines of Jesus and Thomas.

In Barbara Walker's book, "The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets", she states without explanation that the disciple Thomas is actually the ancient Sumerian god Tammuz, which is Hebrew for Thomas. Tammuz was called the god of "green corn" and was worshiped by the tribe of Judah who had adopted and incorporated him into their own religion during the
Babylonian captivity and became the central position as the Christos or sacred king annually sacrificed in the Temple in Jerusalem. (Ez. 8:14)

It has been determined that the 'Song of Songs' was taken from dirges and lamentations found in the Tammuz songs that were written after the son/god died and descended to the underworld and never returned. They were dedicated to Ishtar (from where Easter derived) who bewailed her beloved son/god as she searched for him in the barren fields and sheepholds. The anticipated return of the 'bridegroom' and reunion with the Mother Goddess is the mystery hidden behind the "Wedding at Cana" of the Gnostic Fourth Gospel of John, of which, Jesus refused to allow to take place between Mary and himself..

The fact that Jesus' twin brother Thomas represents the return of Tammuz, fulfills the messianic prophecy of both Christians and Jews, alike.


I will present my dreams and visions of creation from earlier this year, as a link, since it's already on-line.  That date was 1-23-98.  That was the beginning of the golden light. Dee


5-1-98 - DREAM - I saw a large round ball of golden light.  I saw the ball of golden light again and it shot a beam of golden light down on me. Then the light turned purple.


5-2-98 - DREAM - Part I - I saw a dinosaur coming down from the sky and it landed in a cave opening. I went inside the cave and there were two men in the cave who were archaeologists who were looking at the dinosaur.   I went over to see what they were doing.  It wasn't a live dinosaur, nor did it have skin on, and where the bones were supposed to be, it was made out of faceted jewels, many, many different colors. .  It was really huge.  I went up closer to look at the dinosaur and the jewels were beautiful. The jewels were all finely faceted and it looked like it had been made by a person.  After we looked at the dinosaur, I and the archaeologists went to a restaurant where we were going to have lunch.  The head archaeologist ordered champagne and something really expensive.  The other archaeologist protested and said, "Oh, you shouldn't have done it, ".  He was appreciating it, but saying those words, and the first archaeologist got pissed off and started hollering at him.   But the guy really meant well.

Part II - Because of the jeweled dinosaur, I was given $2,500,000.  With that money, I bought a humongous silver and blue bus (like the Greyhound type - only bigger) This was to take people to church. I didn't know anyone in particular to do this with. I was living in the old A-C building on 70th and Greenfield. (I used to work there) I parked the bus on 72nd and Washington Streets. (I used to live there) I walked into the executive building of A-C which is on the west side of 70th St. (the opposite side of the street from where I was living).  I walked all the way through the building and gave my bus keys to the woman in charge of keeping the keys in that building. She hung them on a peg inside the door for safekeeping. She was in charge of all the keys and she had many pegs with keys on them in that room. I walked across the street then to the old A-C building which is where I lived. It was then about 9 a.m. Church began at 10 a.m. and I planned to drive the bus.  I knew it would be crowded there and thought about parking the bus in the middle of the street. The church was on 76th and Wisconsin Ave. I then walked back across the street to the executive building to get the keys to the bus and there were no keys in that room. A woman who was standing in the doorway of the room said that the woman who was the Keeper Of the Keys was making her rounds and had taken all her keys with her. I became very upset because I wanted to go to church and it was getting nearer and nearer to 9:30 a.m.  She ran around the building and found the Keeper Of the keys and brought them to me, and handed me the keys to the bus. I still didn't have anyone to go to church with, but as I walked down the hall, people began to notice that I had the keys to the bus that was going to church. I don't know how they knew this, but they somehow became aware that I was going to drive the bus to church. I met T.M. in the hallway and offered him a ride to church because I knew he was going there himself.  I told him I would meet him on 70th St. on the sidewalk and walk with him to the bus and drive him to church. At that point he didn't know I had the bus.  As I was walking through the hallway to the street, I noticed a room on the left where prostitutes hung out, did their makeup and changed clothes.  They noticed that I was going to church and they wanted to go with me. So, as I exited the building going East to 70th St., I had a troop of female prostitutes behind me. When I came out of the building on 70th St. I found myself on the edge of the ocean.  (Lake Michigan is about 25 miles East of that point, so this is not consistent with reality) Where the sidewalk was supposed to be, there was a very narrow wall holding up the earth between the building and the beach where the ocean was.  This wall provided a narrow place to walk down to the beach as an alternative instead of walking on the sidewalk. Walking along the ocean actually went to the same place, it was just more beautiful. I saw T.M. walking along the sidewalk way above me, and I waved and "Yoo hooed" to him and he came down the narrow walkway and joined me on the beach. I noticed that when I put my arm around his waist, he was very fat and soft (unlike reality) We met some other people along the beach. It was now about 9:30 a.m. (I remember one man was an attorney who lived in my Jackson St. building) He was laughing and jovial, but he told us there wouldn't be any room in the church for us when we got there. But I knew that when the church proper was full, you could climb the stairs and sit in the choir loft and that was what I was planning to do.  When then climbed the stairs and walked up Washington Street to where my bus was parked. At this point we were being trailed by a lot of people who were going to ride on the bus with us to church.


by Dee



5-5-98 - DREAM - I was working on a web page. Another person was with me and encouraged me to click on "Dreams of the Great Earth Changes". I did that and another list page came up. On that page was a title "Dreams ______"

I was encouraged to click on that. That opened up a screen on which I could see my own vagina opening. The man said, "Watch". I could see the tip of a penis at the opening.  At that point I knew that my daughter was in the room and could observe this and I didn't want her to see it. The man then put his hand into my vagina and pulled out a baby's head. He said, "Here's little Tommy". The baby's head was all red and the mouth was moving soundlessly. I said, "Oh! Put it back. The man shoved the baby's head back into the opening and I instantly felt a huge pressure coming up into my stomach.


5-7-98 - VISION - I was seeing a shiny magazine cover. I thought it said, EOSOFT & UFO. A woman appeared and brought a baby with her. The baby didn't want to cooperate and lay down. I said, "I guess she's not going to share her "Revelation" with us.  Then the baby started to shit yellow baby poop. It just poured out like a river...tons and tons of it. I thought it would never stop but it finally did.


5-11-98 - DREAM - I was sitting by the window at my 16th St. house and the tree in the backyard began swinging back and forth like they were arms and the branches jumped off the top of the tree like leaping into the next yard to start it's own tree. Meanwhile the remaining tree trunk turned white and died. Although no people seemed to be involved, I could see that the stumps of the tree were obviously sawed off.


5-23-98 - A NIGHTMARE.  This might not seem to fit, but is explained later as what happened to the Royal bloodline.

DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house, but the house was a little different inside. I looked out the back window and saw a "bad" teenage type kid wearing a heavy brown winter jacket. Two other guys in heavy brown winter jackets came to challenge him. The first guy climbed a telephone pole and the other two guys climbed the pole to get him. The first guy physically picked up the 2nd guy and then the 3rd guy, held them over his head and then dashed them to the ground where they hit their heads on the curb in the alley and died.

I went to the phone and dialed 911. A deep male voice answered, "Hello!" I recognized my sons Bill's voice (my youngest son) I had woken him up from sleep. I hung up and dialed 911 again. The 2nd time I was able to report the 2 bodies laying in the alley. I was so afraid that the brown coated murderer was going to come into the house, so  I kept trying to close the door, but the hinges were broken off and I couldn't close it. There were other glass lobby doors that I could close and still see thru and every time someone came in, they'd leave the door open and I'd have to go and secure the door behind them.

Three older men came in the lobby. They looked familiar and when I recognized them (no names, just their faces) I let them in and then shut the glass doors behind them.

My son Bill came in with his two sons. They had just come back from skiing. I asked him if he had seen the brown coated man and he said, "No!"  His son's skis, side by side, left marks that made  11 11

I was waiting for sirens but never heard any. I saw flashing red lights reflecting in the sky and then two black men laying in the alley next to the two dead teenagers' bodies which were covered over with a tapestry-like carpet and their feet (4) were still sticking out which looked like  : :

I was still so scared that the brown coated guy was going to show up and  I couldn't keep the glass doors shut on my house.

Finally, I went outside with my husband (I never saw his face).  We were walking south on 16th St. and I saw the brown coated guy hiding in a cabinet shelf-type thing that was constructed in shallow levels and he was on one of the lower levels. (There were 7 levels total)  He was on the lowest level. I didn't want to walk past him so he would know of my presence, so I started shaking the arm of my husband to get his attention and pointing the other direction towards the alley so we could that direction instead.

I was so scared, I woke up shaking from fear.


5-30-98 - This is a series of visions, dreams, experiences, and explanation of them.

6:36 a.m.   I was laying behind Joe who was reading a book. I didn't know what he was reading.

I heard a voice in my head. It said, "Blue Willow House.  Secure Door. Many will die. It's so simple. I wouldn't want to tackle it.  Have faith.

I then saw a man's ring. It was red and gold with a crown on it.  

The voice then said, "Utilize 1 cow".

The voice then said as a message to Joe, "Your father's father was there 1,000 years ago.!!!"

The voice said, "It's mysterious and secret. It is not to be known until the time of trouble shall come."

I was concerned for Joe who prefers to think only positive thoughts. The voice said to me, "It will bring you to ruin. Fine! Then don't tell him the secrets."

I saw a coupon book.  It closed. The cover said, "BED SPRINGS"  (bed springs are coils = dna?)

6:46 a.m. The voice finally said, "Put this aside now and drink coffee together".

7:04 a.m.  Joe's notes:  

I wrote down some of Dee's visions and voice messages. As she was seeing and hearing these things, I was reading Daniel Walsh's "Lost Tribes of Israel Study Maps" Volume 3.  Just prior to Dee's message about the Willow house, I read the part on page 2 about King Zechariah being a "willow tree". He was the king captured by Nebuchadnezzar in the fall of Jerusalem. His sons, the Royal bloodline, were killed. This was the line from the Pharez, the line from his twin, Zerah is called the "cedar" tree.

The Volume is titled, "Jeremiah's Journey". His mission was to "deliver" the never-ending Davidic line to the Zarah Branch.  The map shows the journey eventually reaching Cornall and Ireland.

Dee and I both dreamed the gold and red ring as possibly being King Solomon's ring. The bloodline is traced in Matthew 1 to Abraham. The Old Testament traced Abraham to Adam, which mean "RED" as well as "MAN". the "Blue Willow" may fit with the Pharez line.

Dee said the branches of the willow come down toward the ground, and the cedar branches go straight up. This may have a "Heaven and Earth" symbolism. The bloodline of Pharez, the willow of earth, ended with the fall of Jerusalem. Jeremiah's mission was to marry one of the daughter's of the Pharez line to a son from the Zarah line. This is like combining the two lines into one.

Suddenly, it hit me, the two bloodlines of the Lion of Judah, the willow and the cedar..ARE the two trees that stand up in Revelations 11:11  !!!!!


6-1-98 - VOICE HEARD:  "Let us teach her the basics of Lion training".


6-1-98 - DREAM - I was standing in the hallway of my apartment building (on Jackson St.) between apartments 111 and 105 which were across the hall from each other. A man came into the building, walked past me, and went into 111, to talk to Bob, the painter. (Bob is always dressed in white) The man started to tell Bob about an apartment in another building, where the people had just moved out. He told him about all the holes in the wall, and how badly it was trashed. He asked Bob for an estimate of the cost to repair it and paint it white. When I realized what the man was there for, I opened the door to 105 and walked in (and promptly woke up)

Joe's comment:  I mentioned to Dee that 111 is one of the numbers associated with Helios, the sun, from the "Magic Square", based on the basic number 6.  105 = 6.


6-3-98 - VISION - I was standing in my livingroom and suddenly there appeared a huge male lion standing in the doorway with water running off it's belly like it had just come up out of deep water.


6-3-98 - DREAM - I was in my livingroom and a huge, male tiger appeared in the doorway with water running off it's belly like it had just come up out of deep water. (Note how similar this was to the previous vision)

I screamed and ran around a corner into the bedroom and got on top of a tall 5 drawer dresser, then stepped around a corner into a baby crib which was in an alcove of the room.

I heard my 'daughter-in-law' Lorna holler to me, "It's okay!  He's dead! It's okay!  He's dead!"

 I went back out into the other room and Lorna was sitting on the couch with a lion cuddled up on her lap like a big baby. (The tiger had been transformed into the Lion)

I was still scared and ran out into the hall and slammed the door behind me. .


6-3-98 - DREAM - My husband volunteered me to teach people through dreams and visions and I ended up doing that while sitting on the toilet because people needed to hear the truth immediately.  When the people left, I went to the door with them. I was standing in the doorway when the door of the apartment across the hallway opened up. A huge man stood in the door with half grown stubble of a beard, wearing a sleeveless T shirt and trousers with suspenders. I soon got the impression that he was in charge of everything that was going on. (God) He came over, held out his hand to shake mine and said, "Congratulations! You have done well and I hope you will be happy here."  I shook hands with him and thanked him.

I woke up and instantly heard a telephone ring in my left ear. I mentally prepared myself for a message from spirit.

I began to see a small graveyard. It was oval-shaped. A white arm and hand appeared, hanging in the air. It began to dig a deep hole in the soil and brought out objects which I eventually recognized to be the baby Jesus laying in a 'cradle' and was surrounded by baby animals.

I then saw another oval ring just like the grave.  Inside that ring, a full sized lion and lamb were laying down inside it. Side by side.


6-7-98 - VISION - I had a vision of a silver double edged sword. The edges of the sword were moving so that I could tell they were 'cutting' edges.


6-9-98 - VISION - I saw a web page that had links to TEMPLARS to move around.


6-9-98 - DREAM -  I and several other people were going to go on a tour of the city. Before we could get on the bus the bus driver had to let an equal number of people off to make room for us.  We stood there as he let 6 women get off the bus. The were all dressed like medieval type costumes in pastel colors with tall peaked hats, similar to those worn during the time of King Arthur.


6-11-98 - NOTE:  This was a combination of dreams, visions, and experiences. I was laying behind Joe who was sitting on the edge of the bed reading about the 12 tribes of Israel and the Holy Grail.

I saw a page of writing that had numbered lines. It started with the line numbered 11,000, but line 12,400 was so important, it was separated from the rest of the text both above it and below it.

I heard a voice say, "This is the I-Ching for Joe, to live a life of brilliance and joy and happiness to get all that he had not gotten before. I saw a red and white rose on a white background. This was a gift to him for all the suffering he had gone through before this. It was signed, "MOTHER MOON"

Then I saw the words, "THE CODE" and I got the impression that it stood for Carl Munck's code.

The voice said, "This is brother Joe's alchemy. He will be transformed. This is his transformation."

I saw the words, "This is the cross of the change". (The grand cross will appear in the sky prior to the Solar eclipse on 11:11 on Aug. 11, 1999)  

The voice said, "There is to be no fear"

"Here's to the only understanding and joy and happiness"

"This is the transition phase"

Watch for wilting and then prop him up with joy"

I then saw a picture of a light blue and purple book.

The voice then said, "This is the changing from Nancy to Dee"  (Nancy is Joe's ex-wife)

I then had a vision of a large choir singing. I was standing in the center of the 4th row. The man to my left was going to make a formal speech. On my right, a man who looked like President  Clinton was speaking to me. All the people were singing a hymn about Holy God! It was beautiful to hear.

I then saw 3 gallon jugs of water which were bluish with blue covers. The voice said, "It is not good to be in a position to be judged, but when one wants to be a candidate of spirit school, it must be all purity".

I then saw a chart with two trees. One was a weeping willow and the other tree, which was on the right, was like a T shape. (Joe said it had to be the cedar)


DREAM - I slipped into a dream from the vision. I was standing in the orchard where we live. Joe and I were in a car in the parking lot looking at our house. It was huge and made of brick and all the lights were on. It was VERY impressive.

It was built identical to the house across the street which held a church that had been abandoned. I saw the last light go out in the church. The scene moved in for a close-up and there were many people standing around.

E.B. was standing in the street. (He owns our present house and is a fundamentalist Christian) I was getting instructions from above and behind me - like from 'spirit'. The voice said, "You are going in the right direction". E.B. came up to me and I said, "We want to start a church in that building across the street."

A man, standing beside me dealt in real-estate. He aid, "I've had some dealings with those people, and with that property as well."

In the street was a man who looked like a reporter. He aimed his camera at me to take my picture. There was also 4 brown uniformed cops with high leather, knee high boots. It seemed like they were watching us to see what we were doing. We were going to call the new church, "The Church of the Holy Grail"


6-17-98 - NOTE: I was studying the book, "Holy  Blood! Holy Grail! when I got real tired and had to go to sleep.

DREAM - I was laying in bed, not wanting to get up. I would close my eyes and have a vision. One of the visions said, "ART OF LONGEUDOC", and the other one said, 'BEAUTY OF LANGUEDOC". Under each statement seemed to be a biblical quotation out of the book of Daniel as it ended in DN.  (The book of Daniel is so rich with information which relates to the bloodline and the Holy Grail, click on the Daniel link if you have time to read it)


NOTE: I was not able to link this so present the "dream" search herewith:

Bible Gateway TM - Search Results (English-NIV)  Search string: dreams


Daniel 1:17

To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.


Daniel 2:1

In the second year of his reign, Nebuchadnezzar had dreams; his mind was troubled and he could not sleep.


Daniel 5:12

This man Daniel, whom the king called Belteshazzar, was found to have a keen mind and knowledge and understanding, and also the ability to interpret dreams, explain riddles and solve difficult problems. Call for Daniel, and he will tell you what the writing means."



6-20-98 - DREAM - I was studying King Arthur and The Holy Grail on the computer. Suddenly the screen changed. I was clicking on the words LANGUEDOC and the rectangular spaces got larger and more clear every time I clocked on them. I clicked on LANGUEDOC again and a drawing appeared. It was a black and white drawing of a medieval Knight's helmet with two crossed swords behind it (points upward)  The word LANGUEDOC was on the same line to the next word which looked like Ililili or something like that.

NOTE: After I woke up, I looked though the dictionary to come up with the correct word and couldn't come up with the right one. After awhile I decided to go back to sleep to hopefully dream the answer.

I went to sleep and had the identical dream and when the Knights helmet and crossed swords appeared, the word staring with "I" went through a search mode and couldn't come up with the word either. The word search stopped and two black olives appeared next to the helmet.


6-20-98 - DREAM - I was in a house with my family and some other people. I heard an airplane coming. It sounded awfully close so I looked out the window. I saw an airplane coming towards the house with two headlights. It was really low.  We actually ducked inside the house because it was so low, we could see the lights of the plane right through the ceiling and the roof. It must have gone around and came back again because it came back, even lower the second time. We again could see the lights through the ceiling and roof. We felt pretty scared at that point.

Then some other men showed up, a tall blonde guy who seemed really nice and who seemed to like me. Another guy showed up who had dark grey hair.  He seemed to be against everyone according to his appearance and attitude.

I went into a side room where there were storage drawers in the wall. Above the top drawer there was just enough space to see thru the wall to watch secretly what the other people were doing in the huge room on the other side.

But the head guy saw us watching and made us come out. On the other side of the wall where the large room was, I could see where the whole wall was bulged out and broken and that's how the guy knew we were watching. They had been talking about the Holy Bloodline and they didn't want us to know what was said.


6-21-98 - NOTE:  I had been studying King Arthur and the Holy Grail on the computer.

DREAM:  I was seeing a web page titled:  "The Holy Bloodline"

Down the page was 7 links.  All of them said, "The Holy Bloodline"

I clicked on one link expecting to see a poem or story, but there was another page of links that said, "The Holy Bloodline" Each one of those links went to another page of links that had more links that all said, "The Holy Bloodline"

I was disappointed not to get any further information. All of a sudden, the last link I clicked on, my son Tom appeared with his back to me. He was wearing Olive colored shorts. Another picture appeared which was also my  son Tom, now facing me, wearing olive colored shirt and shorts.

NOTE:  After I woke up and thought about it, I think this dream was showing me the genealogy of the Holy Bloodline of Jesus.  Joe is of the opinion that we ALL are of the Holy Bloodline of Jesus.


6-24-98 - DREAM - I was living in a house with a bunch of other people. B.G. (the painter in white) came to visit. I started telling him the dream I had about him earlier this year about how he was leaving. (I actually had the dream I was telling him, but it wasn't exactly the same as I'm telling him now) In the dream I told him that I had a red "Excalibur" leather upholstered car to give him. (It was a red chariot) I told him in the upper church Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, and the actor "Niels" (sp?) was there. (JKO was really not there but the others were) I told him that when I hugged him goodbye that I had turned into the Lion King and he had turned into the Queen of Diamonds. He was all disappointed that he was the Queen of Diamonds. After he left, I remembered it actually was the Knight of Diamonds and visualized the  horse on a chess game.

(In the real dream, had become the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz and I had become the Lion and we were both golden and we had sat down side by side on golden thrones.)


7-4-98 - DREAM - I and my family went a very large house. While we were climbing the huge, ornate and plush carpeted stairway, I noted that it was curved to the right, the carpet was royal blue and the steps were not even, some were narrower than the others. It was difficult climbing the stairs. We were more or less crawling up the stairs using our hands as well as our feet like climbing a mountain. Someone made the comment that only MY children had the right to go up that stairway because they were of the right bloodline. Their cousins wouldn't be allowed to go up there because they didn't have the right mother.

When we got to the top of the stairs, it was very plush and ornate, persian type carpeting, very thick and rich and the rooms were huge. Someone commented that there were 60 rooms up there and I was hoping we'd get to see them all.


8-8-98 - DREAM - I was in a large building where a television show was going to be put on to interview some people. The woman interviewer walked up to where the panel was sitting and got down on her haunches to talk to them. Soon she was laying down, the covered with a sheet. Then the audience began imitating her and they all laid down and covered with sheets. The people in the audience, being covered with sheets got their hair all messed up and frizzed out and the moderator would count to 9 and everyone would stand up at once and then get back down under the sheet. Now this sheet covered the whole audience. She counted up to 9 and everyone stood up and then got back down under the sheet except one woman. She looked around, trying to figure out what was going on, then realizing she was out of sync with the other, got down under the sheet too.

I stood up with the others, but when the others got under the big sheet, I left and went elsewhere in the building.

I went down the hall into a room where there was a big round table and two men. I cannot recall why we did this, but we got down under the table and I saw that the round table had lion's paws on it's legs. (I used to own one like this. I had it in my kitchen. The table stood on one pedestal with 4 lion's feet sticking out for stability and a wheel was under each paw to help move it around easily.)

Anyway, we were under the table and one of the men started turning into a lion and slid backwards into a hole in the ground and fell asleep. I didn't understand this, but when the man turned into a lion, I became afraid. He was holding my hand at that time and because of my fear, I began pulling my hand away very slowly. I managed to back up away from him, I began to stand up and there, standing up on top of the table was a full size male lion.


9-17-98 - DREAM - I was in a large room like a schoolroom or laboratory. I was looking around to see what I could take with me. I saw a glass vase with plants growing in it while I was looking for something to put some beautiful tall cut flowers which I hadn't realized earlier had been given to me. Somehow the flowers had been preserved because they were hidden in a tall brown paper bag. I was anxious to get them out into the open for everyone to see.

I saw that the glass vase was suspended in mid-air, kept from falling only because there was a long vine growing from it that was entangled in other things way in the back where I couldn't see.  I tugged and yanked on the vine to dislodge it so I could use the vase and a hundred or more bugs came up and hovered in the air over the vine.

(NOTE: This is related to the Holy Grail story.)

I was so grossed out I ran to get the bug killer before the bugs dispersed all throughout the room. I looked in the bottom of every cabinet for bug killer, but the only spray I could find was room air freshener. I figured that if I doused them with enough air freshener they couldn't fly and that would solve the problem just as well as killing them. So,  I let loose with the air freshener spray and not only got the bugs so they couldn't fly, but discovered that the light chandelier also had cobwebs with spiders on them and the air freshener made those visible too so I could eliminate them.

by Dee


9-17-98 - DREAM - I was in a large building which was like an office building, but it could have been a school. I was in a large room with some other people and there were a lot of brown parrots in it. I was told I shouldn't be afraid of the parrots and that if they came and sat on you and tried to peck you, it meant they liked you. One of the parrots came down from a high file cabinet and tried to sit on me and started to peck at me, but I didn't like it and shooed it off. I just wasn't buying that one.

A woman came into the room with a green vining plant which was quite unique. I had never seen one like it before. I had two different branches on it. One of the branches looked like it was going to break off and I did some fast talking and convinced her that I would take good care of it and we watched it as it bounced up and down a couple times and broke off.  I took it in my hands and it felt soft and I could see it had no roots but it was formed like if I planted it in good soil, it would form roots and grow.

But it suddenly became a tiny red kitten in my hands when I wasn't looking and I became all distressed for losing the green plant. I didn't understand how it could have changed form a green plant to a red kitten.

NOTE: It was formed like a succulent type vine and didn't really have separate leaves like an ivy would have. See Gospel of Thomas... quote of Jesus about the sick vine being planted away from the others.

by Dee


A King Arthur Dream that may be a past life memory?

From: Myst01111@aol.com - (7/12/96) #428

A dark cloud hangs above us. I can feel it as I stand there alone in the Great Hall. I hear someone approach, but am afraid to turn around and gaze upon their face. "Who goes there?" I ask. "It is I." A voice I'm familiar with reassures me. Relieved, he comes to my side to comfort me. Then I hear another approach, this time on horseback. Again, I am afraid to look. "Who is it?" I ask my companion.

"If there be only one, it be the King." I dared to look as the King's black steed stopped beside me. I ran my hands along the creature until they came to rest upon those of the King. My hands trembled as I feared for his well being. "Your Majesty." There were those who wished him harm, as well as his castle and his Queen (I do not know my position here, I may or may not be the Queen). There was to be a contest. My King had a silver drawstring bag filled with fifty silver coins. This was tied to his silver chin length hair. If anyone found the King before he reached a certain location (within the castle), he would get the silver, the kingdom and would get to spend the night with the Queen in the King's own bed. The contest began as the King's so called 'loyal subjects' infiltrated the castle. I watched my King climb up an inside wall of the castle (the walls were made of 2 x 3 foot gray stone blocks), aided only by the help of some push pins which were used as a hand hold; a difficult task for anyone to be sure, but especially someone his age.

He then disappeared behind a secret panel in the wall to the safety of a hidden room. I follow my fellow 'Arthurians' as they search for the King, eager to discover all the secrets of the castle. I do not yet fear for my own safety. I walk freely through the castle, watching these evil men lurk about searching for my King. It sickens me to see them scurrying down hallways, venturing into rooms where they do not belong. Of course there are those who are not here for the King himself, but to plot against our country by searching the castle for secret papers. One such man with this intention hid beneath the dining room table, papers in hand, while the others hunted the King.


4-26-99 = This dream started having to do with a baby and one who had died before. I was holding the baby but he wasn't mine. His mother and maybe an aunt or sister were beside. They had been crying. Then the baby started communicating with me and telling he was the reincartnation of the one that died before.

This was comfort to the two women. Part of the communication was song and I was trying to relay it. Suddenly the baby pulled a silk scarf over himself and me but I realized i didn't need to be covered. The scarf had writing on it but I either couldn't read it, didn't read it or don't remember what it said. His mother and aunt were very scared. The baby told me "it" was starting. I started having both memories and premonitions. It had to do with him, we had to keep him hidden. I think I was getting some of it from the baby himself. Somewhere around here I had a knowing that this had all come to pass with the first one, the one that this baby was the rebirth of.

Then the scenes changed and we (the two women, and me with the baby. I held him throughout) were outside a building in the middle east. Many men were coming and had swords of wood. I was afraid but then seemed to realise it didn't have to do with me. They went inside the building as if they didn't even see us and I was still keeping the baby covered. Then there was like a whole family, the men were with the mens with swords and and we were inside.

It was some sort of holy place. I then knew they had a plan to get the baby out of the country. The plan was coming sort of as a memory. It was like the modern day Mary and Elizabeth fleeing to the caves to hide Jesus and John. I had a part to play in which i had to cry. at a certain time, it was like a reinactment but it was sort of like for all the others it was the first time. They wanted to kill the baby. I kad to keep him concealed and convince everyone that he was female. There was something about a baptism and it almost seemed it was the baptism of the first baby even he was gone.

Maybe it was that his spirit was in this baby now and that was why I had to hide this baby. But they wanted to kill him. Meaning the one that had been before. I was desparate not to let them know the baby in my arms was who he was. Two names seemed associated with the baby, Tommy and Mary. It seems like maybe his name was Tommy and I had to convince them he was Mary, part of passing him off as a girl. Then the women we up by the alter and I was on a pew with the baby and many other people. I kept his head covered with a bonnet and kept the scarf/blanket all around him as if he were female. Only I could ever see his face. I was worried i wouldn't cry on time. I practiced words in my head. It was like re-living another time and taking the part of someone else.

Suddenly men with swords came running down the isles. I lovered my head tto cover the baby. One of the men punched me hard in the stomache and the baby said "You must not breathe" I realised the man was on "our side" or "family" and a vision of "our" people filling poison into the air system. I held my breath but then couldn't. I breathed through the baby's blanket and it saved me. All were dead or asleep and I walked to the alter. There was a very old box on it. I asked was this the holy grail. a man said yes (which was odd, it was too small but I didn't notice). I looked inside and there was a thing in it that looked like, I don't know what they are called but a priest shakes it over dead people at the end of a funeral. It was very old and tarnished. The man said it held chrystals of three colors. He named the colors and I remember yellow for sure because I know I saw it, I believe he said the other two we blue and crimson and I feel i caught a glimpse of them but not as stong a look as yellow. Anyway he hurried me out. I met the two women, other man and two little girls outside. We were fleeing the baby out of the country. I was then worried about shoes and then noticed the women had shoes on. I either had them on or my feet didn't matter I was concerned about the women. I expected to get in horse drawn chariot type things and was surprised to find cars. I don't know if I woke up momentarinly at this point and then fell back asleep or if this was before I woke up but I was then able to cuddle the baby without worrying about protecting him.

When I did wake for the first time my first thought was "is this a spiritual dream?", I looked and the clock and it said 11:11. I then knew it was a spiritual dream. I just dont know what it meant. Throughout the dream I never put that baby down, I kept him right against my stomache and chest the whole time. He never felt heavy either. I was able to move and run easily and still keep him against me. Almost as if he were attached. I am very curious about this. It was a very entertaining and intriguing dream. One thing I'm sure of, if this baby was represenative of an actual entity, he was not antichrist. Which did at one moment pop into my head while I was "recapping" the dream. The "traditional" part of me questioned was this an indication of antichrist but that baby was not it. An infant master maybe but not antichrist. I'm real curious. I'd think the baby was an extension of me if not for all the holy stuff. Unless they translate into myself somehow. And I'm real curious as to who I even was in the dream? I was a very significant person to this baby it was like his whole being depended on me protecting him, but I was not his mother or even family, when I mentioned family I meant family to the baby not me. I have no idea who I was. Or even what. I guess I was female though. I am very curious. It's one of those dreams I'd like to watch on awake so it would be more clear to me.

by anonymous



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