AUGUST, 2013


8-1-13 - DREAM - It was very dark outside and I had to take my son home by car.  To do that, I had to make sure I had two weapons in my purse to protect both him and myself.  These two weapons were in plastic boxes, which I put into my red purse.  On the plastic box was our 'name'.

We got to our destination, and I gave my son the weapons which he took to the Jewish Judge (his father) (I recognized his voice even though I didn't see his face) 

My son then showed his father the two weapons we had brought, the I heard the voice of his father say, "Now, let's see what this does.!"

and I woke up.


8-2-13 - DREAM - I was looking down from the sky onto a water filled rice paddy like they have in Vietnam or other countries like that.  I didn't see any plants in the rice paddy, so it was either spring before the seeds sprouted, or there were no plants to be had there.


8-3-13 - DREAM - I went out into my garden to check it, and discovered that one of my plants had a large gold leaf on it, with a gold spike holding it on.  There was also a young blonde man standing there who looked like a young angel.  I knew there was no way to sell my garden, or even that plant, but people were going to want the same thing in their gardens.


8-4-13 - DREAM - I met a small group of young people, all very handsome.  I don't recall any conversation, however.

I have a feeling these were young homeworlders.


8-6-13 - DREAM -  I was in my bedroom and had all my receipts and paperwork from my business stacked in piles on my bed, very neatly.  All I had to do was file them for safe keeping.

However, on top of the piles of receipt and paperwork was a thick board-like contraption, rather like a paper cutter - about 2 ft x 2 ft square, and on the right side was a button that was square about 2" x 2" - and if you pushed that button, the top of the contraption would shift dramatically to the left about 3 feet.  Why it did that, I don't know, but I knew the danger of having it on top of the paperwork and I was very careful not to touch that button because it would mess up all the piles of receipts underneath it.

So, I had all the piles separated neatly so I could start the filing, and I got distracted by someone walking into the bedroom and asking me a question, (which I can't remember), but even while the young woman was there, I remembered not to touch that square button on the contraption.  The question was about the receipts, and apparently I explained how the work had to be done.

The young woman left the room and I turned to face the bed and start the filing and oops -  I touched the button on the contraption, and the whole thing suddenly jerked to the left over the top of all the piles of receipts and papers, and they all got mixed together.

Because I knew that this could take place, I didn't get too excited, knowing that all I had to do was resort all the receipts and papers.  Nothing was lost - it was still all there - it would just take me longer, so I began to sort everything out all over again.


8-6-13 - NAP DREAM -  I seemed to be back at Juneau Village Garden Apartments, but this dream version had 4 floors, (not the normal 3 floors).

I was inspecting the hallways on the first floor and didn't find anything to complain about, and when I went upstairs to my 3rd floor apartment, I knew I was going to have to tell the office at some point that I was there and was taking over the management of it again.

Meanwhile, I went to the 4th floor to check out the vacant apartments that I knew were up there.

In the corner apartment, I knew that a young man named Billy from "The Young and the Restless" TV show had taken up residence temporarily.

Next to it was the empty apartment that I needed to rent to a woman who came with me, (probably was Daphne)  and when I opened the door someone else had left many things behind when he moved out.  The furniture was still there - a little sparse but the basics were there.

There was a bookcase on the wall next to where the hallway was, and I wanted to see what books were read there and perhaps borrow one or two to read myself.

However, on the second shelf from the bottom were some games, and one of them was "The Game of Life" in a yellow box.

On the bottom shelf was a collection of food containers and I opened the first one which looked like a box of oatmeal.  I wondered what was really in it, being in the bookcase, and when I did, it had 3/4 full of oatmeal still in it.  At that point I assumed that all the other boxes of food on that shelf were there to feed the person during the times of famine coming or whatever it was that they were afraid of that was coming.


8-7-13   TWO VISIONS -  I saw myself standing on top of mountain looking down into the valley below

I saw myself walking back and forth on top of the mountain, waiting for something to happen.



There are three women on the show who interact with each other in an unhealthy emotional way.

The beautiful blonde on the show just poisoned a priest in an act of revenge because she had been denied the love and marriage of a man named John.

So she dates the son of John to get revenge against John the Father and falls in love with the son, who finds out about her revenge against his Father, which causes the beautiful blonde woman to lose the loves she desires all over again.

IN THE DREAM - The beautiful blonde woman is driving her car along a city street to do her revenge against man named John, and is prevented from going to do that damage by a short dark haired woman who is driving a second car.

As the blonde woman goes past three glass fronted stores, the dark haired woman jump starts her car, hitting the blonde woman's car sideways which takes out the glass fronts of all three stores.

Just as the glass goes flying in every direction, I quickly dial 911 to report the accident.

The real life telephone rings at the same time I'm dialing 911 in the dream and wakes me up.  The timing was perfect.


8-9-13 - DREAM - I was in a huge church with beautiful wooden pews of a light colored wood.  Instead of people in the church, the pews were full of boxes of food, labeled with words like noodles, spaghetti, and other things made of wheat.

I asked, "Why don't they have things in here that I can eat?




Hi:  I don't even know one of the dreamers who had this dream about me, but my friend Mikki had a duplicate dream - identical to her friends' dream about me, and in both dreams, I was running a bar and we were all wearing costumes like this: and I was sitting outside selling jewelry to tourists.
The bar I've envisioned (non-alcoholic) is supposed to be named Chief Jim's and a copy of Joe's Mother's bar in Oklahoma City which had the same name until 1949 when it was arson fired to the ground by her ex-husband and her sister was killed in the fire. 
The whole inside of the bar walls were covered with Indian paintings, done by a famous Indian artist, and around the tops of the walls and above the dance floor were stuffed animals another friend made.  All that burnt to ashes. 
Joe and I would both like to duplicate his Mom's idea,  but now here another idea shows up - and twice on the same night.
8-10-13 - DREAM - I was in downtown Milwaukee, and for some reason I was looking in the newspaper for apartments for rent and I wanted to see how much the apartments cost where I used to work at Juneau Village Garden Apts.

I was scanning through the apartments for rent with my finger to see if a price was advertised, and realized I had to go to the bathroom, and the rest of the dream was about trying to get to a bathroom without some guy seeing me do that.
8-10-13 - NAP DREAM - It seemed I was living in my Father's 16th St. house, but there was a vastly larger yard to this place.

A very hefty woman who lived next door was getting rid of a lot of stuff and told me I could have it, and I said, "Okay!"

She put the stuff out in the yard, which was muddy, and there was bed clothing, blankets, sheets, and even the bedspring which we decided to throw away because it was all bent and coiled with very large coils.

My children started to complain about this, but the bed clothing could be washed, but the bedspring couldn't be uncoiled or straightened out, thus we would throw it away.

Inside the house, a tall, thin man from next door came over and asked if he could have a sandwich for helping, and I tried making a peanut butter sandwich, but the bread broke into small pieces and all he got was a bite's worth, and the rest of the slice went to my son.

I apologized that he got such a small piece, but that's all there was apparently, though I had seen the whole sliced loaf when I started.

I don't know what happened after the sandwich fiasco, and all of a sudden, I was counting down small colored dots like in a game, and the colors were counting downward like in the chakras, starting with purple, then light blue, and green, etc. on down the color scale, and I woke up from the game.

8-12-13 - THE GAME OF LIFE

DREAM - I was with a woman in a room somewhere and we were discussing how to play The Game of Life. She said that she had played the game many times, and I said I had also.

In front of us, like in a stadium bleachers were the names of various types of characters, including King and Queen.

We didn't see the people themselves, just the 'types' of roles that the characters played, and I wondered how many of these types she and I had played over the eons we've existed.

NOTE:  This is the third time this topic has come up this week, between her and I.

8-12-13 - NAP DREAM -   I was standing outside the front door of my house (not the current one) but I was a little to the left of it.  Suddenly, a big gaping hole opened up and I could see black water gushing out of the hole - at least two feet across.  It was gushing so fast, the hole began to get larger and larger and I couldn't get to the front door past the hole anymore.

Then a big tree fell over because the soil was loosened, and --I began to worry that the house would be next.

Then I remembered that the baby was in the house, and the cats and the dog too, and I couldn't get to the door.

In my panic, I ran around the back of the house to get inside and rescue the baby and the animals and tell my husband what was happening.

I yanked open the door and didn't find my husband so I rushed inside to get the baby, and tripped over the cats a bit, and saw the dog near the baby ... but the baby had to come first, and she was all dressed in pink in her little crib up against the wall.

I grabbed the baby up into my arms and got ready to run outside with her back out the back door, and then couldn't figure out how I could rescue the animals too.

I woke up in a panic, worrying about saving the animals, and what would I do about the big gaping hole in the front yard that could take away our home as well.

News of the day:

Resort near Disney World evacuated before catastrophe

Vacationers at a central Florida resort were forced to leave their hotel rooms Sunday night after authorities made an alarming discovery about the building.

8-13-13 - DREAM -  (This dream is trying to get away from me like I shouldn't remember it.

I was with a dark haired man who looked like Omar Shariff.  I have seen him before.  We were in a house somewhere, and it seemed to be like at a farm with very black ground - like at the rice paddy place I saw not all that long ago, if not this month, then in July where I saw the ride paddy from the air.

The rest of the dream pulled away deliberately so its only vague in my mind, and I cannot remember what we were talking about.  The times I've seen this man before could be the same dark haired, black eyed man from last year, once in a library type place where he showed me the map of AN UR, and once before when he was behind a glass wall, and I said, "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!" because looking into his eyes was like losing your soul in them.



8-13-13- THE END OF TIME

DREAM -  I was at home packing up the kitchen to move, and my friend Merry was there to help me.

On the table was quite a few glasses - some glass and some tall plastic green ones.

Next to the glasses was a stack of newspaper sheets to wrap the glasses in.

Merry told me to wrap the glasses for moving, and I told her I would just stack the plastic ones and only wrap the glass ones.

As I was doing that, I looked up at the wall to see what time it was, and there were three clocks on the wall, hanging on pegs that were in a triangle configuration, with the smallest clock at the top of the triangle.  It was 5 minutes to 12 noon.

Just then, two women came along in their car and stopped at the end of the driveway.  I went to the door to greet them as they wanted to come in and see the house in case they might want to rent or purchase it.

The women seemed to be Mother and Daughter.  The Daughter who had a mass of curly black hair on top of her head said, "We are afraid of your dog."

I replied, "You don't have to worry about the dog."  I knew that the dog was tied up on the other side of the house, and not inside the house.

The Mother evidently had gone to one door, and the woman I was speaking to came to the door I was at.  Both doors were on the front of the house.

The Daughter came into the house and she crouched just inside the door, and asked me about my own Mother. 

I made some off the cuff remark about my Mother I don't now recall, but at the end of my sentence I said, "God is watching over us," and with my arms I made a big grand gesture over my head to show that God was over my head watching us.

The woman looked up at the clocks and asked me if they were made of white ceramic.  I told her they were.

At that point, I saw a black and white ribbon worm crawl across the floor towards my right, and I ran to get a water hose to flush it out of the house.

Just as I grabbed the water hose which I knew was going to be 'hot' water, I saw a black and white ribbon worm (the white being in the center with black at both ends) I started hosing hot water onto the worm as it crawled towards my right.

I was glad it was just outside the door, and I chased the black and white ribbon worm to the right alongside the house and wondered why it was wasn't cooking and shriveling up from the hot water, but it didn't, and I chased and sprayed hot water on the worm, all the way alongside the house to the other door where I saw Merry laying sideways across the entrance.   She was dressed in black and white also, and she too had died black hair on top of her head similar to the woman at the other door I had just come from.

The black and white worm slithered up to Merry and I told her to kick at it, but she didn't bother. 

I didn't want to spray Merry with the hot water, so I had to stop spraying the water, and I looked above Merry's head, and there was another clock hanging on the wall just inside the door, and it was now 4 minutes to 12 noon.


8-14-13  -  DREAM -  I was in a car driven by our neighbor George Reed (an engineer).  We were headed for the city and had to stop at an intersection where some workmen were burying very large metal pipes - larger than our car but with small openings between the sections.  George knew these men because he had been driving this route a long time, so we sat there for awhile during the period the workmen moved one of the sections of pipeline into its place alongside the road.

George said that this pipeline was coming from Russia, or going to Russia - and there was a message written on this particular piece about me and my voice, that my voice was of a lower frequency and pleasant to listen to, and I would be used to deliver messages to the people.

The pipeline itself was for water to be distributed to the people in the future.

I saw several of the workmen - older men, wearing clothing that men wear for moving pipelines, of bluegrey fabric.

The center of the pipe would be 72" and the ends where they met were about 5 inches.

Disputes lead Obama to back out of Russian summit - Yahoo! News  

Aug 8, 2013 ... From Yahoo! News: WASHINGTON (AP) — The common ground between the U.S. and Russia — and Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir ...

Russian Summit  

For the last four years, Russian Summit has helped international real estate agents and developers establish a foothold in a market worth over €1 billion a year.

NOTE:  I think this is the first time I've ever dreamt about George since I started journaling. George used to be my dance partner when we went square dancing back in the 1970's.  Several neighborhood friends all went to the same place on Friday nights and we had so much fun.  We talked about more than dancing - we talked about religion and politics, as well as UFOs, because we had all seen the craft over our houses and at the outdoor movie theatres.  When I saw mine in 1960, right over my head (it was huge) it changed my life - and not for the good because my husband, though he was there with me and the kids and my sister, could NOT remember seeing it and we had huge fights about it when I mentioned it, and I mentioned it a lot because in the beginning I was afraid they were going to pick me up.
I don't recall ever being picked up, but I know I have for many years, and I dream about my experiences a lot even to this day.


8-15-13 - DREAM  I was with my Mother in a large house with many rooms and more than one floor.

We were getting ready to go to a fancy dress party, which I believe was to be a wedding.

There would be many people there.

While we were getting ready, I was playing a puzzle game on a cell phone that was done in colored layers.  I believe there were five layers, apparently each color had to be done before downloading the next color.

The puzzle pieces had to be placed appropriately in each layer or the next color downloaded would interfere with the placement of the puzzle pieces of the layer before and after it.

At one point, I heard the phone ring and I wasn't certain if it was on the cell phone or on a real phone in the room.

I saw a brief flash of green on the screen of the cell phone, but it only rang once so I didn't attempt to answer it.  Whoever called could leave a message I would get later.

I continued downloading the puzzle pieces one by one and placing them appropriately where they belonged.

I started to worry about the time so I called out to my Mother who was in another room getting ready for the wedding herself.

I called out to her, "What time do we have to be at the wedding?"

I saw a flash of a clock on my cell phone screen that I thought was 8 and then it changed to 4, so that meant that i had to hurry faster to get ready so we wouldn't be late.

I put on my dress which was a bright pink frock of thin fabric that had loose flowing short sleeves and a voluminous skirt that would blow in the wind beautifully or when I walked as well.

The dress cinched the waist at the belt line and again above it about 6 inches with a plain but shiny silver buckle.

I hoped the fabric wasn't too thin so the buckle of my bra wouldn't show through and make it look like there were three buckles.

I continued to download puzzle pieces on the cell phone after putting on my dress and then remembered that I had to put makeup on and hoped I could finish the puzzle in time to do that as well.

8-15-13 - NAP DREAM - (I had just been watching the Wyndom Hills Golf Game)

I was watching a golf game that seemed to be being played on a game board of colorful (but lightly shaded) squares.

The time was about 11:15 a.m. the day of the wedding.

I didn't watch it long enough to know who won the game, but the players started at the top of the board, and worked their way down the board while playing across the squares.

The whole scene seemed to be tinted slightly pale orange.


8-16-13 - 11:00 p.m. VISION - Two workmen carried my sister into the room.  She was wearing black and white clothing. They were wearing dark blue workmen's clothing.

8-16-13 -  1:25 a.m.  DREAM -  I was looking at a game board with vertical rectangular cards on it.  Each card had a different number on it, and I remember one card had 3 1/2 on it, and another one had 21 on it, and I was supposed to move these cards around until they matched and then they would disappear. 

I called it, "Getting ready for the ______________"  which I couldn't remember when I woke up.

8-16-13 - 4:15 a.m.  I had the identical dream, but this time I remembered what I was preparing for.  It was called, "Banker's Holiday".

I was working in a very large office with subdued lighting and large comfortable chairs along the walls of brown leather.  The men stood around speaking in subdued voices, making sure no one understood what they were talking about.

I overheard a couple of them talking about stolen birds, but nobody noticed that in the hallway were laying bird's tail feathers, so I quickly picked up the evidence and threw it away.

I tried to stay out of everyone's way and not show off my skills in the office.  I wore my hair plain, which hung own above my shoulders and it turned slightly under on the ends.  I sat in one of the large brown chairs and closed my eyes for a moment, then decided it was better to keep my eyes open.  It was said that I had "Planetary Wisdom!"




DREAM  -  I seemed to be in my New Berlin, WI house, and we needed help to fix our house.

To my surprise, a whole bunch of U.S. military helicopters showed up and parked in our yard. 

The men were of all ages, wearing current military camouflage uniforms.  They were working on the house on all sides at once and in the yard, and out the windows I could see that they must have erected something on the roof, because I could see military uniformed men swinging on ropes around the house like they were working on the roof as well.

Then I looked out the old kitchen window (where my library was later) and the helicopter parked nearest to the house, had military patients (men in uniform) laying on cots inside the helicopter. The nurses of all ages were wiping the brows of the men laying down in the helicopter.

I started to feel guilty for not helping in some way, so I went to the door and stood there, looking for someone I could speak to and ask if I could help.

The head nurse,  who was one of the younger women, who was very black skinned, came over to see what I needed, and I asked her, "Can I help in some way?"

She responded, "Perhaps you could provide a rubber doorstop for the nurses' helicopter.  The nights have become so hot, we need to keep the patients comfortable."

I responded, "Yes!" and woke up

It was VERY  real.


8-17-13 - DREAM - I spent the entire night re-embroidering the walking figure of a person with colored thread.

8-20-13 - DREAM - I was with a young blonde woman at our spiritual house, and we were deciding what colors it should be.


8-20-13 - DREAM -  Joe and I went to a hospital school.  Both of us seemed to be working there.  Joe was in another part of the same floor I was working on, and I was watering plants in a large cardboard box, using some blue water, and I overwatered the plants.

The water didn't just drip out of the box, it ran out of the box and all over the floor and all the way down the hallway, and into some rooms along the way.  It was way more water than I had used in the first place.

I tried to find a mop, but that wasn't sufficient to control all the blue water that was all the way down the hallway, so I ran around the corner to the right (the hall was one large square with rooms on both sides)  I finally found the room where Joe was talking to another woman, and I asked him to please help me, and instead of assisting me clean up the water or at least offer advice, he told me off instead, so I said, "GO TO HELL!" very loudly.

All he did was turn and walk away and go down the hall with the water.

I tried to find some other man who knew how to control the water, and finally a truck went by outside my physical door and woke me up instead.

I was very disoriented as to what time it was, and I looked at the clock and I thought it said 9 o'clock, which surprised me, and I looked again and it was exactly 8 a.m.

8-20-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was sewing around a set of numbers with colored thread, wherein I had to make a loop around the numbers, cinch the loop tight and pull it down in order to hide the numbers. I did this over and over and until the page was clear.

NOTE:  I think I had this dream because I had alternately been sewing on a cross stitch and looking at a brand new algebra book I was going to study that just came in the mail.


8-21-13 - DREAM -  Three separate times, I was unlooping and loosing something with two other people so that we could go somewhere else faster.

I can't recall where we were trying to get to.


8-22-13 - DREAM - I was moving into a house that had red and black mottled shag carpet.  I wanted to make sure that the wooden furniture was the rigth color to go with the carpet, and that everyone else would like it too.

I don't recall ever looking at the furniture or the carpet, but just that I wanted it to look right and that everyone else like it too.

See my page on red and black...

DREAMS OF RED AND BLACK - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

Dec 25, 2000 ... She was dressed just like me, except her dress was silk and brighter red and black print. My mother, hearing my father/husband's complaints ...


8-23-13 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere by a lake, and I saw some writing about changing water into something.  Wine?


8-23-13 - EXPERIENCE:  I was sitting at my computer, playing a game, and a voice in my head said, "She wants to marry him!"

I thought maybe Joe was having a side thing going on, and realized that there was a young computer tech who is male working on my other computer and maybe that message was for him.


8-24-13 - DREAM - I was on farm somewhere with relatives (I don't actually know them, but they looked familiar)

This place was very old.  The ceilings were peeling.  There was an old barn, and I planted a dried up tree about 5 ft tall on the spike on the concrete floor knowing I was going to have to water it every day.  There was an old chubby farmer there in the barn, who I recognized but don't know his name.

I had some old sweaters that were too big, one of which looked like it old jewel flakes on the sleeves.   I also had some other old sweaters I was going to unravel and reknit to fit the people.

Then I wrote some music to play on the piano which I was going to sing, and I sat down at the piano and it was in tune, and it had some music sitting there, but I didn't look at the name of it. 


8-25-13 - DREAM -  This was rather other worldly.  Again I was writing music for something to happen in the future.  I drew brown lines around a girl's left eye as a pathway for something to happen for her in the future.

There was an older man there, but I don't know what our relationship was - he may have been my instructor.

This is all vague and harder to remember as the minutes go by.


8-26-13 - DREAM - I was walking down a street somewhere and came across a young man who was clearly poor and he had object in his hand that looked like a candle that was a figure (without a head) of something that looked like a cross between a tree (without branches) and an angel.  He asked us if we would be interested in buying this object for his charity to make money with it.

He looked poor enough to need the charity himself, and I thought it was a great idea to sell something for charity that the people donating the money actually got something tangible in return.

I woke up before the dream came to a conclusion, but it was a great idea anyway.


8-26-13 -  I went to bed early because I was so tired, and this was my dream:

11 p.m.  I went to a large grocery store to get something for dinner -  some kind of small meat delicacy, but I can't recall specifically what it was I wanted.  I just remember it was small. 


When I got to the store, the office was open, with a lot of women working in it, but they had nothing on their desks in front of them.  All of the women except one was sitting in the dark. 


My friend Lori was the only one with a Light over her head - the rest of the women could only see from the overflow of Light from Lori's desk.

I made a comment to Lori about that, and laughed and said, "If I come in here enough times and complain about the lack of Light, maybe they'll do something about it!


I laughed again, and went through a swinging door into the store proper where I could shop to my heart's delight!



8-27-13 - DREAM - It seemed I was in a church with Billy Abbott (a character from The Young and the Restless.  I had some kind of program that I put the date 10-13-13 into it.  It spun really fast and went to that date like it was a meaningless joke. I just remember seeing Billy's laughing face.


Then I put a long time into it, also ending with 13 - seems like it was at least 100 days - 


Again, the machine spun really fast, but Billy was no longer smiling....


I did this twice and I can't remember what the results was for some reason.


100 days from today is December 6, 2013


12-7-13 would be the anniversary of Pearl Harbor


  • Pearl Harbor bombed — This Day in History — 12/7/1941
    Feb 27, 2010
    At 7:55 a.m. Hawaii time, a Japanese dive bomber bearing the red symbol of the Rising Sun of ...





On 8-6-13, I also dreamt of Billy and this is what I found in the apartment next to him where the person had moved out:


Next to it was the empty apartment that I needed to rent to a woman who came with me, (probably was Daphne)  and when I opened the door someone else had left many things behind when he moved out.  The furniture was still there - a little sparse but the basics were there.

There was a bookcase on the wall next to where the hallway was, and I wanted to see what books were read there and perhaps borrow one or two to read myself.

However, on the second shelf from the bottom were some games, and one of them was "The Game of Life" in a yellow box.

On the bottom shelf was a collection of food containers and I opened the first one which looked like a box of oatmeal.  I wondered what was really in it, being in the bookcase, and when I did, it had 3/4 full of oatmeal still in it.  At that point I assumed that all the other boxes of food on that shelf were there to feed the person during the times of famine coming or whatever it was that they were afraid of that was coming.


On 7-4-13 - right after watching Billy on the TV show, this happened: I woke up from meditation because of a loud noise, and the binoculars and a pair of sunglasses had flown three feet and hit the table next to me - after receiving 150 cents in change at the store... and the date it came out to from 7-4-13 - was Dec. 4, 2013.


  • Your name of Billy contains many fine qualities: musical and artistic ability, good business judgment, and a sense of responsibility for the welfare of others.
  • This makes you warm-hearted and understanding in your response to the needs and interests of those around you.
  • You are always ready to help those in less fortunate circumstances.
  • Your insistence on becoming involved in the affairs of others can cause them to regard you as interfering, even though you are only trying to help.
  • A weakness lies in the fact that you are deeply affected through your feeling for others and could suffer through worry and disturbed thoughts over matters that you can do nothing about.
  • While you have an appreciation for the finer things of life and could be successful along inspirational as well as business or professional lines of endeavour, there is a tendency to become involved in the needs and interests of others to the detriment of your own progress.
  • Home and family are important to you and you desire to establish a settled home environment where you can enjoy the congenial companionship of friends and family.
  • Mental tension could result through worrying too much over your problems or the problems of others, with an adverse effect on your nervous system.


8-28-13 - DREAM - I don't know where I was.  There were a couple or three young female teens.  One may have been Indian or retarded - she was chubby.  This dream was yanked out of my head almost as fast as I woke up. 


I seemed to be on a low porch next to a small rose garden.  The ground wasn't dirt.  Between the roses was all small pea-size white gravel.


It seemed that each girl was assigned a particular rose bush, and a word was spoken in a ceremony - it wasn't English, but I don't know what language, and I don't remember what the word was that was spoken.


Then, as a treat, the woman who spoke the word, behind her own back, handed the retarded looking girl, an ice cream bar with chocolate coating on it - like she wasn't really supposed to get it, but this was a specical treat.