by Dee Finney


updated 10-28-2001

For a long time I've been trying to figure out what my red and black symbolism
has been trying to tell me in my dreams.  Today, Christmas, 2000, my dream
gave me the answer. See below:
12-25-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming about surfing the internet for something ...
the topic of which I've already forgotten, but at the end, the dream said, "The red
and black checkerboard is the answer to your symbolism of which you seek." ,
then the dream said, "T.J. says, 'All you have to know is the name 'Mason' and
you have all the truth you need."  (That means that the red and black dreams
I've been having are all related to the red and black checkerboard symbolism,
and that the name Mason is related to Freemasonry, the Templars, the builder's
glyph, etc." )  Sometimes it really pays to dream. :-)  That was my Christmas
dream from the spiritworld.  :-)  Not to mention, of course, that living with Joe
Mason and that his son Thomas Joseph Mason, the term hasn't cross my mind
as a coincidence.  But moving on .....

Previous pages I've done:

The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the number Nine


9-24-90 - DREAM - I lived on the waterfront. It was actually my 16th St. house but it was on the ocean shore. The poor woman with many children who lived in #60 on the corner moved out. I went to inspect it, thinking that it was going to be awful. Inside was just a plain wooden structure, very sturdy, but with no paint or decorations. She left behind many of her children's toys. There was a huge stack of new and unused coloring books I especially wanted to keep and a red and black checker set.

NOTE: STONEHENGE:  Recent evidence dates the site to 8000 B.C. The stones are perfect constructed for predicting and sighting a wide variety of astronomical alignments including the precession of the equinoxes. There are a total of 60 standing stones and lintels, the classic Anunnaki sexagesimal number which is also embedded in our standard of time (60 seconds X 60 minutes=3600, the number of years in Nibiru's orbit).
OUR CLOCK The seasonal method was uneven and the mechanical clock had an even 12 hours for day and 12 hours for night. The 12 comes from Babylonian 2 x 12 = 24 (5 x 12 = 60). This is known as the Sumerian Sexagesimal System based on the number 60. The Sumerian culture developed the Sexagesimal number system more than 4000 years ago. And it has carried to this day, we use 60 SECONDS in a MINUTE, 60 minutes in an HOUR.

Sumerian and Bablylonian Science

12-20-93 - DREAM - I was at home. I was wearing a red and white cotton print dress, white socks, and white shoes. My father/husband began to complain about the way I was dressed, that it was old fashioned and nobody dressed like that anymore. Then I looked at my mother. She was dressed just like me, except her dress was silk and brighter red and black print. My mother, hearing my father/husband's complaints about my dress, put her arms around me to comfort me. Music began to play. It was a beautiful slow song about a woman named Alice. It was a sad love song. My mother and I began to move to the music. We were exactly toe to toe. She was leading and I followed ... our feet moving exactly identical. My daughter took our picture together and all our friends were watching. The song ended and my mother and I went to sit down together. She picked up a book of mine. She looked at it a bit and asked me who the Great Maitreya was. I said that he was the #1 man in existence, next to God. My mother told me that my father wanted to copy the book for himself. I looked at the book closer. It was a dictionary of Esoteric people and esoteric terms.

11-3-97 - DREAM - I did a lot of work on a computer and scanner and mentally earned the right to be present and help Enkidu get on his motorcycle in the morning. It was a small red and black motorcycle with a red side car. (Enkidu is one of the ancient god-men who lived in ancient Sumeria)
11-29-97 - DREAM - I saw a page called Dr. Doolittle and the background was like a red eagle's wing outline on a gray background.

I dreamed that my father was buying my old car back for me. It was a red and black convertible. At the same time I was supposed to rent two apartments, and get a job application at a store. I was skating around on a scooter outside, enjoying myself.

NOTE: When I woke up, I felt SO good, I was flying with energy all day. It was wonderful.

This is a dream from a friend:

11-27-98 - DREAM - I am walking through the middle of a town and there is a cemetery in the middle and no traffic at all. There is a slight haze in the sky and I look back to see if there is anyone passing by on a car. I start the same dream again and when I check to see if there are any cars I am checking to see if there is anyone watching me enter an old cemetery, (I am cautious of safety) I look around a bit and then just pass on by. I start dreaming again that I am looking around in the cemetery and I cross through it and go on my way. I am crossing the cemetery again and I see a yellow snake with red and black stripes on it and I pass through and avoid a snake. I am crossing the cemetery again and there are several more snakes and their markings are more noticeable and I walk fast through and avoid the snakes. Again I am crossing the cemetery and I run to avoid the snakes. The fourth time I cross the cemetery, a girl is with me and we run through and avoid a lot of snakes and we reach a house and I tell her that I am tired of the snakes while I am passing the hallway of a house where there are snakes around the floor. I climb on a screen door to escape the snakes and from there I can see the roof and notice there are more snakes near the roof gutters. I am running through the cemetery again with the girl and we pass the hallway and when I try to climb on the screen door it is full of snakes and I tell the girl that "this is the fifth time I cross and I am tired of it." There is a chain link fence in front of that yard and I run and climb on it, then I notice that there are snakes on the fence and I climb back down on the yard. There is an old negro man with white hair sitting on the yard with his back against the chain link fence and he is comforting a negro man. That man is lying on his side crying with his head on the old negroes lap on the yard and has my top blue sheet of my bed covering him and he is clenching the sheet with his fist and a big snake tries to bite him and just slightly gnaws on his fist when the crying man tells him "I am mad"; the snake leaves his fist and tries to get under the sheet but he tucks it under the back of his neck and the snakes returns to his fist. The old man is staring into the distant haze with a blank stare and still holding the man while the snake starts to try and bite his fist again and the man is crying and tells the old man "I am mad that they were saving instead of killing - maybe they could of killed the one that killed me". As he finishes his sentence the snake is not gnawing on his fist anymore and just fades away leaving the old man with tears in his face and a slight smile still holding the other man as he weeps . I was the black man weeping; being comforted by the old man. (the snakes were yellow with red and black stripes,the more I crossed the more stripes they had)


1-2-99 - DREAM - I was with my mother and took her to a house on a hill that belonged to a woman who looked like my Aunt Ida who was on vacation. My mother was supposed to be taking care of the place in the woman's absence. We had left for an hour, but left the kids playing there and in an hour they really made a big mess.

We were already cleaning it up with my Father's help when the woman (Ida) showed up. She was very upset but I was working hard.

My Father provided brooms and we were sweeping straw out of the foyer that belonged to the donkey's bedding outside.

Then too, the floor was very dusty around the edges and I used a small headed vacuum cleaner want that picked up the dust and polished the red and black tile floor. It was very tedious but it was polishing up really well.

Kevin, from 'One Life to Live' showed up to help and he said he sued to be a sailor and he used a string mop and gave the floor an extra high polish.

October 17, 1999 (I can in no way do this dream justice, since it happened twice within the dream, then the 'actors' appeared a third and fourth time and there were conversations in all parts, but here goes)

I was working in a large office and my boss was bringing in a couple from Russia and he asked me to play the part of a sophisticated woman and help make a delivery of some important papers so that the woman wouldn't be frightened off by a big scary American man.

They dressed me up in a long beautiful yellow satin gown with a long satin cape over it and brought in a hair dresser who cut my long hair and combed what was left into a pouffy upsweep using all kinds of wonderful haircare products and sprays, and then pinned it all together in the back with little short pins somewhat like staples because they were square but a lot like the old fashioned hairpins.

There were some other people in the office when I came back out looking like a queen. There were some dark moustached men, a tall blonde guy who looked much like Sam Rappoport, the attorney from the TV show 'One Life to Live', and some other women.

Then the Russian couple came in. The man was rather short, about 5'5" tall and his wife was rather portly/stout about the same, maybe an inch taller because of her shoes. They were both dressed rather plain looking with peasant-like clothes, her in a plain flowered cotton dress, and him in just regular men's casual clothes, like gabardine pants and a plain brown shirt.

They brought with them a large medium green envelope which had another smaller envelope inside which was also green of the same shade which had writing on it, and in that envelope had another smaller white envelope with something secret inside.

It was my job to get these people from the office which was around 50th St. to somewhere on the East side without them getting scared off, and then come back to the office.

These people spoke some English so there was no language problem. Before we could go though, I had to go to the bathroom. Several other women had to go to the bathroom also before me and one toilet had a lid and one didn't. The one that didn't also didn't flush, it just sat there with a little clear water in the bottom, so there was no way I could use that.

I also didn't want to get my gown dirty so I took off the gown, and went into the dressing room part and looked into the mirror. Here, I saw that my hair was getting messed up and I took it upon myself to take the pins out of my hair, recomb and spray my hair, but it came out nowhere near as nice as the first time, but it was adequate. This all happened in real time, all the combing and spraying was normal except that the spray was foamy.

Then I had to have help getting back into my gown and I needed someone to zipper the dress up and everyone else was busy with their own problems. I managed to get back to the office and now the envelopes had changed, and instead of carrying just paper, one of the envelopes was much larger and contained a small typewriter.

The Russian woman who was originally in the room, was replaced by another woman who was an actress. She was much younger and cuter and played her part well. I knew she was an actress, but she remained in the Russian character with the Russian man.

I suddenly had a vision of myself holding a small brown platform block, the size of a domino, but brown. On top of this platform, all the pins I had taken out of my hair were standing on top on their legs. They were square on top and began to do a slow dance with each other, changing positions and the legs changing like people with knees would move their legs up and down while dancing. This was all in slow motion.

When the vision was over, it went into the next part of the dream.

Instead of leaving right away, we went into another room where music was playing and the men decided they wanted to dance and have a drink and relax a bit before they continued their duties.

I ended up dancing with several men briefly and was introduced to one man who looked much like Ross Perot and he came out of character long enough to acknowledge that he was really an Englishman and he had long admired me. We hugged and then another man in a grey suit asked me to dance.

I was not wearing shoes at this point, just my yellow gown with panty hose and the way he held me I barely had my feet on the floor and he never once stepped on my toes, the rhythm and the dance was so perfect he didn't want to stop. He kissed me in such a way that my heads was somewhat twisted to the right. Our mouths remained together during the entire dance. The music went on and on and other people were commenting about the dancing and when the music was about to end, someone made a comment about me being the perfect 120 pound woman. (Little did they know I weighed twice that) But I was an actress in this part and I did the part well obviously.

The dance ended and it was time to make the delivery of the package. I was told that if we went downstairs, a limousine would drive us to the destination. However, before we went, I had to check to make sure the laundry or something was okay in the basement area, and I went down there. The door opened at the bottom of the steps, and inside was the original Russian woman, all her children and their toys scattered all over the floor. I had to make sure she took care of all that before I could make the delivery and this took some time.

I went back upstairs and the play-acting Russian woman was there and she started to come out of character and be herself. She had a bad cold and started sniffing and coughing. My dress had become unzipped and I need someone to zip it up. I couldn't even reach the bottom hem to get it started.

We got out to the street, and were going to cross the street to another building to where the limousine was, but it started to downpour with huge drops. I could see the building on the other side, which was on the corner, had an arched alcove where we could run under. The woman who was going to drive the limousine was encouraging us to cross the street in the rain and run for it.

However, besides that I wanted to drive myself and the other three women who were going with me, and my car was parked in the garage over on 57th street and we would have to walk there. That was about 7 blocks away. Either way we would get wet and my dress wasn't zippered and I was trying to keep it wrapped around my legs, and I had about 5 bottles of these wonderful haircare products I was no way leaving behind.

At the last second, I saw the tall, blonde Sam Rappoport character, standing in a slight alcove. He looked at me with a smile on his face, and then his face contorted into a wicked grin, and his tongue began to come out of his mouth and elongate until it was about 4 feet long. He continued to grin at me.

I woke up at this point, feeling like I had been drugged and was just coming back into consciousness. I wanted to write down the dream but I was so relaxed, I just lay there and thought about it. While I lay there, I had a vision of the the tall blonde character who played Sam Rappoport on the TV show One Life to Live. In front of my eyes, he started to morph from the tall blonde man, down into a three foot tall grey alien. I was too relaxed to be astonished, but amazed and wondering if that was true went through my mind.

I went back into a dream before I realized it. I was now in my own apartment, doing normal things. I had all the envelopes from the first dream and was laying them out on a long low table and looking at them. I noticed that there was two small side by side windows in the door to the hallway, and the faces of the same people from the previous dream would appear in the window with their hands up next to their eyes like they were looking in to see what I was doing and then would go away again.

I opened the door and found two of the guys out in the hall with a pile of groceries and several six packs of beer. They were laying back on their elbows on the floor, ready to start drinking the beer. I asked them what they were doing out there and they said that they were never allowed to drink at home because they got too rowdy. But laying out in the hallway was not a good idea either, so I invited them in and told them they could take all the beer into one of the bedrooms and drink it in there.

I closed the door after the guys came in and went back to the sink where I was peeling potatoes and making dinner. Again, another guy came to the door and looked in, so I went to the door and the guy was walking away. I hollered at him, "Hey! Why didn't you just knock?" He looked at me rather strangely. At that moment he was wearing a grey sweatshirt and gabardine pants and he stepped inside the next door for less than a second and I could see his shirt and pants change in less than an instant into bluejeans and a red and black large checked shirt and he grew a moustache in that less than an instant as well. (It was like watching Superman change from Clark Kent to his Superman costume)

He came into the apartment and I tried to pretend I hadn't seen what just happened. I went back to my potato peeling and he came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I was still cutting the ends off of french fries and cutting them into smaller pieces. I said, "I'm sure glad I'm my normal self!"

He said, "Are you sure you are?"

and I woke up.

11-23-99 - DREAM - I was picking up clothes that were dark blue to put them away after they had been laundered.

I assisted in opening a white upper cabinet for a painter and his assistant.

I then went to visit my sons Ken and Tom. They were young college age. I walked into the house. I was amazed how clean the house was. It had a green shag rug like grass. The boys were in their room studying. I could see the right sleeve on each boys - each was wearing red and black plaid.

Their father's new girlfriend who was thin and dark was there. I was upset that she knew more about what my sons were doing than I did.

I found out that Ken had bought tickets for him and his wife Debe to fly to Pakistan area as part of a fact finding group at 6 p.m. (This dream was occurring at 6 a.m.) This would be a war prevention group. He had gotten a ticket with a coupon for Debe because it wasn't known yet if wives could go along. I was very upset that this was happening and the woman said, "We've known this was going to happen for a whole year already."

I then saw a newspaper article in the West Allis newspaper. It was on page 2 near the center in a long narrow column and said that a group was going to Pakistan on a war prevention fact finding group.

xxx  NOTE: Since the World Trade Center event of September 11, 2001, this part of the dream doesn't need any further analysis.

I woke up with a horrible headache in the back of my head that lasted about 10 minutes. They also mentioned they were looking for a new house and had already contacted a broker.

11-26-99 - DREAM - I was the manager of an apartment building on Jackson St. where I had worked before in Milwaukee, WI. They hired me and I started work, but never went into the office, so I didn't have a clue what was going on. There was a maintenance room in the southeast corner of the first floor. My old friend and maintenance man Michael was in charge of it. I had to go in there to get a key made for my apartment because I had lost it. I also needed a mail box key so I could get my mail which I hadn't picked up for awhile. There were so many guys in the room, none actually working. They were sitting around talking, and young boys who should have been in school were sitting at a counter doing their homework, or being homeschooled.

Some women came in and offered me gifts while I was waiting. The men had been making crafts out of maintenance parts and they were really cute, little boards in various shapes you hung on your wall with hooks to hang keys on. All these gifts were full of keys and they gave me several of them. One of the maintenance men was actually inside a cabinet sorting out keys from packages. I finally got my own keys and went to get my mail. I had a stack of it. I decided I didn't want the small apartment I had been offered because it was so small, so I said I wanted the keys to apartment 212 and took all my stuff up there. I had so much mail and gifts from the women, it took me two trips to carry it all.

While I was going up the stairs, I could see all the work that was being done around the building. The first floor was being patched roughly after all the green carpet was being ripped out, and carpet of brown, blue and red was being laid down in sectioned areas, but hadn't been stretched and tacked yet, so I had to walk over all the lumps and bumps.

I met the carpet layers on the stairs and they guaranteed me it was going to look good when they were done and I replied that I knew they always did a good job.

I got to my new apartment. It was huge and I loved it because of its size, but it had ugly red and black plaid carpet on the floor. But I couldn't find a closet to hang my coat in. I knew what the doors led to, other huge rooms, but there were no closets. Other women followed me into the apartment and were astonished that I had no furniture. But I still had another place to live and I could move a few things each day, there was no hurry to move everything at once.

Once I got in the apartment, I realized that my rent was going to be more than my wages that I had agreed on. My rent was going to be over $1,000 a month for that apartment. I wasn't going to make that much, so I was going to have to get a second job to fill in the rest of the money.

So, I left the building, seeing my old bosses Paul and __?__ on the way through the hall. They went into a 1st floor office. I continued on my way outside.

I went down to the corner where there was a large intersection. The place I was going to apply for a job was on the northeast corner of the intersection, it was a huge building surrounded by a fence, huge lawns, bridges, and moats of a sort.

Outside the fence were people dressed in raggedy old clothes and young men with misshapen faces which had been damaged somehow by some kind of horrendous event and they all had old men who were their keepers who led them around by the hand. I didn't want to get near any of them because their faces were so horrible to look at . . . what you would think was caused by nuclear war radiation perhaps, and they were all hanging around a gate where the common people went in for jobs.

So, when I saw another gate farther up the street where the executives went in and out and went across the bridge to the office. It seems that tourists went in this gate also because the men who were on the bridge didn't look down on me or ask questions as I went across the bridge.

I entered the building and found the elevator easily enough. The door opened automatically and a voice on the speaker boomed out, "Please step to the center of the circle and press your desired button". It was a one person elevator and the buttons were red and lined up in a straight line on the far wall in the back. The circle on the floor in the center was large enough for one person to stand on and had a 6 pointed star in the center of medium green and light green variegated linoleum and the circle and star were of gold metal.

As soon as I stepped on the circle, the elevator started upward. There was no chance to press a button, the door closed behind me and the elevator started to rise quickly. I could feel the sensation of rising fast.

When the elevator stopped, I stepped off into a hallway. I don't know what floor it was. There was a beautiful woman walking through the hallway and other beautiful women, all dressed in dress suits beyond her. She smiled and I said I was looking for a job. She cheerily laughed and said that there were 72 men executives who ran this place and only 17 women executives. She said that the women planned to change this ratio but it would take some time. She said she would hire me on the spot, so I was very happy.

However, she handed me a yellow dress uniform with a white apron to put on and said I could change in the bathroom. I must have looked a little stunned and didn't know which way the bathroom was. There was a stairway right there. She pointed down ... and said ..."The bathroom is downstairs, and the kitchen is upstairs. The bathroom is in the "F" section." That made some sense to me, so I began to go down the stairs. I met a pretty blonde woman dressed in yellow with a white apron on the stairs swabbing the steps. Her left breast fell out of her dress as she bent over. The dress obviously was very low cut. I got the picture immediately... I would be swabbing floors, not being an executive. However, it was a foot in the door and I could work my way up.

When I got down the stairs I saw a great many dour faced men, all dressed in dark grey suits. They looked at me with disdain. I looked down one hallway. There were paddle-type signs at each doorway. They all started with F, FA, FE, FI, etc. all the way down the hall. In the next direction, the hallway had all paddle-type signs starting with C, CA, CE, CH, etc. Each of these rooms had a man in charge of it. I assumed that each letter combination of the alphabet had it's own hallway or floor.

I started looking for the bathroom, not seeing it immediately. I knew I had to go down the F hallway but I didn't know how far. I started down the hallway and woke up.

11-30-99 - NOTE: Dreams like this make me miss my old job and being in 'authority' over everything I survey. When I woke up, it seemed like the dream had been 'so' real.

DREAM - The dream started where I was in charge of an apartment building and I took the maintenance man with me to go look at another building I was taking over which was within walking distance. Another woman went with me, but I can't say who she was.

We walked the several blocks, crossed a huge wide street that had very wide parking lanes also, and I commented to the others that my mother would have no problem crossing this street even as frail as she is, though there was a lot of traffic including buses and trucks. This street might have been called Lincoln Ave., but in any case I recall the name Abraham Lincoln being involved somehow with this street.

The building itself was a large brownstone building with several pillars in front and the door in the center. It was rather hidden off to the back and side of some businesses along the street. When we arrived, I didn't have a key to the apartment I was going to take over, nor to the office where I would be working. Three of my coats were laying on a chair right in the lobby along with three black and silver bicycles which looked brand new. I picked up each of the coats, a brown one, a red one, and a blue one ... all coats I've actually owned. I went through the pockets and took out all the keys there were in them, kept the keys and asked the maintenance man if he would mind carrying the coats as I had a black and silver box in my hands full of photographs of the past. The other woman asked why I wasn't carrying my own coats until she saw the box of photographs.

A scene remains in my mind of riding up an elevator with the maintenance man and in the elevator was a huge Master sized bed which the maintenance man laid on while we were going up. The elevator door opened at the floor where we had gone to and a priest was standing outside the door waiting to get on the elevator . . . and saw the maintenance man laying on the bed because he hadn't stood up yet, and I was standing there by the door. In my mind I wondered what the priest thought of what he saw, yet it didn't matter because I knew the situation was innocent. (I don't know where this scene fits in the dream probably before we went to the other building) We were on the way to the apartment 212 with the red and black carpet from a previous dream. (I was thinking later also about who this maintenance man was ... he was familiar and young but I don't have a name for him in my mind)

Anyhow, in the brown building, there were several women standing on the sidewalk in the alcove of the front door. Two tall blonde women were very angry because they were supposed to move in and their apartments were not only not ready . . . there were no apartments available. This building had been totally mismanaged and the manager had just took off, leaving everything in disarray and took all the keys with her.

A curly haired blonde woman who seemed like an attorney arrived and talked to these two women and sent them on their way, but handed the complaints and paperwork to me to deal with, plus gave me a pink paper which was a court summons for a black woman who lived in the building who was being evicted for non-payment of rent and she hadn't moved out yet. She told me to handle it. We were yet out in the lobby where there was a phone, so I called the black woman and she told me that her 2 p.m. appointment had been postponed to tomorrow, so I made note of that and hung up. I carried the paperwork of the other two women in my hands.

The attorney-like woman then went to the office door, pulled out a key and opened the door. I was amazed ... I said to her, "Oh! You have a key?" I was delighted because she had solved my problem ... which was lack of keys. Though I had hundreds of keys obviously, I didn't know if I had one that opened the doors in THIS building, and I certainly didn't have one to the office.

So, she opened the door and let me in, and several other women also walked in behind us and went into a livingroom-type place that was very large and had a small library in it. It was a similar situation to where I managed before where we made available a room like this where the tenants could come and feel at home . . . yet outside their apartments and not feel cooped up and alone.

The attorney-like woman showed me where the spare key boxes were, in two cabinets in a galley-like kitchen . . . up high . . . even higher than she could reach, but being tall, I was able to get down the boxes they were in. She also showed me where the bank account paperwork was and the checks, however, the two accounts the previous manager had been in charge of had been canceled, ... and the check boxes had the words canceled on the ends.

The attorney-like woman was walking around the office area, and the managers desk was in the center somewhat like a captain's deck. There was a light over the desk and I turned it on. I could see how much work there was to be done and the previous manager had not completed it. Her sweater . . . black . . . was hanging on the back of the captain's chair at the desk.

I was reluctant to sit down at the desk, and preferred to do what I had to do standing up ... at least while the attorney-like woman was there. My first priority was to call the locksmith ... Tom . . . have all the locks changed on the managers office, the maintenance office and to my apartment . . . 212. (This would be standard procedure in any takeover situation like this and I've done it several times in the past when I moved to a new building)

So, the attorney-like woman, seeing I was ready to take over, made her adieus, and I prepared to call the locksmith. The woman said, "I will see you again on Friday . . . 'Wisdom' . . . " and left. I knew that when she returned that even she would not be able to get into the office . . . because I would have the only Master key once I took charge and called the locksmith.


I woke up knowing that I missed having this kind of authority . . . of being totally in charge of all I surveyed.

1-6-00 - This is one of the most bizarre real dreams I've ever had.

DREAM - I was sitting on the couch in the livingroom and everything looked normal. My sister called on the phone and said she had found a Cocker Spaniel puppy and I said I wanted to see it. She said, "Okay! I'll bring it over." A moment later, my sister appeared on the front porch with the most beautiful black Cocker Spaniel puppy I've ever seen. She was holding it with a red leash and red collar. I was thinking, "Oh no! I wanted a white one." The black puppy was beautiful but reminded me of a black labrador puppy I once had that was very destructive to my furniture and chewed everything and we had had to give it away. But, I went to the front door to let my sister in. I had a soup cup of potato chips in my hand and decided I'd better put it up high so the dog wouldn't get it. The ironing board was also in the middle of the livingroom so I was delayed in getting to the front door. As I went to the door, my brown tweed coat fell on the floor and I kicked it behind the door because I was in a hurry.

I opened the door and this should have been a clue but I ignored it. My sister had a large mustache and wore a gorgeous mink coat. She came in the door with the puppy on the leash and brought a small dark-haired woman in with her. I recognized the woman but can't name her. My sister said she had brought her mother with her. Duh! My sister's mother should be MY mother, but this was someone else.

I let them in, closed the door and turned around. The house had changed completely. The rooms were 4 times normal size, and the walls were pure white, unlike the real house which walls were peach colored with my Dad's idea of paint-wallpaper which was way ahead of its time.

None of the doors were the same, and what I noticed first was that the piano was gone. I got so distressed over the loss of the piano I immediately thought my brother had taken it (actually he did a long time ago) The whole family was there. My brother Marty came over towards me and I was in such shock, I said, "This is a dream, isn't it!" He said "No! What makes you think it's a dream?"

I said, "Well, the walls are all different, the rooms are 4 times as large, the piano is gone and the doors are all in the wrong place and even the stairway is gone." He quipped back, "Well, we just remodeled."

For some reason that made a little sense. I looked around a corner in the room and there was the piano and I relaxed a little. From there I saw my Father, he was sitting in a blue car, rather relaxed and laying back. He said, "Why is music so important to you?"

I was going to tell him that it was important because it was so important to him that he spent 7 years of my life making sure I went to piano lessons and every week and standing behind me every week to play the violin with me, but I didn't get a chance to. The family started to tell me that they knew someone who liked to play the piano and started getting me all upset again.

I could see a shiny cabinet through a door and I thought it might be a bathroom (which we didn't have on the first floor). I went through the door and saw that this was a large public bathroom with a green floor. I walked back and found myself in a hallway and looked up. I could see there was several floors above, the walls were all white, and there like white glass walls along the hallway so the light could shine through onto the walkways on each floor.

I kept thinking, "This has got to be a dream, this has got to be a dream!" Nobody else was acting like it was a dream. Everyone else was acting like this was normal.

I turned around in the hallway and started screaming, "Mama . . . Mama . . . Mama!" All of a sudden my mother appeared in front of me, wearing a pale green dress and looking like she did when she was 40 years old. I hugged her and she hugged me. I said, "This has got to be a dream!" She said, "This is no dream!" and started to evaporate again. I screamed again, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" My mother started to speak to me through the air like there was hole in the veiled wall between us. She said, "I'm still here, but you have got to stop calling me!" I was crying. "This has got to be a dream, I know its a dream!"

"It's not a dream," she said and started saying some nasty noises to make me not want to call her. But I felt her slip away and started screaming again, "Mama, Mama, Mama!" She reappeared in front of me. She said, "You've got to stop calling me and making me appear like this. I've got to go now!"

"No!" I screamed. Just tell me this is a dream! She said, "This is not a dream!" and again evaporated. I began to scream again, "Mama!" and she started saying nasty noises again and made me stop screaming her name. I had to let her go. The noises stopped and I moved forward and found myself in my old highschool.

I decided to find the bathroom which I knew was on the first floor and ran into Cary L. who was teaching a class there. We greeted each other and I started to tell her my dream. She said, "I love your dreams!" She and I were walking along the hall and we came to a steep, wide stairway going up. The carpeting was red and black paisley, very plush. I said as she started up the stairs, "Oh! I've gone too far!" She continued up and stairs and I turned around to find the bathroom. I found the office but it looked like a bar entrance but there was no bathroom. A tall football player came along, wearing an all gold uniform and helmet. He pointed across the hall. I laughed and saw a sign over a door that said, "Ladies room!"

I went inside the ladies room and to my shock, the toilets were smaller than baby potties. There was urine on the floor next to the toilets. I decided I had to use one of these because there was nothing else to do. So I sat down on the baby size toilet the best I could, and the toilet immediately morphed into a bidet type toilet but then laid me down flat on my back. This action scared me and I didn't know how I was going to get back up again, but the toilet began to flush when it went as far back as it was going to go and I was afraid I was going to get flushed down too, but then the seat of the toilet began to raise up like a motorized chair and it actually pushed me all the way back up to a standing position. At this point I saw blue water all over the floor on the right side of the toilet and it was running across the room. I was in such a state of distress by this time, I just wanted to go home and as I walked out of the door I woke up.

2-3-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with my son Bill. The soap opera "One Life to Live" was on the TV. I went into the livingroom and saw what a mess it was on the floor. There was another smaller TV in this room with some other show on. Deciding that I had to clean this room, I thought I could change the station on this set to 'One Life to Live' while I worked.

There were toys and laundry all over the floor. My son Bill, who was about 4 years old had a box of crayons in his hand. I didn't know whether I should put the toys upstairs in the bedrooms or downstairs in the basement.

While I was deciding, my son Bill picked up a red table that they played with . . . it kind of looked like a red airplane for a moment.

He left the room with the table/airplane and I decided to go out into the hallway. I opened the door to the hallway which was all white and had white doors to all the other rooms. On the far wall in the biggest letters I've ever seen was the word 'COLD' written in black crayon. Every door had huge black scrawls on them in black.

I opened the door to another hallway where the stairs were. That room was done in oak and I didn't see any marks in that room, just in this one.

Then I saw over to the right, in black crayon also . . . a message like from God. It started out, "There are NO fixes" there was more writing but it was really fancy like calligraphy and I could make sense out of the rest of it. It went on and on like a long letter and I couldn't read the rest.

My son had never written on the walls before so I was really distressed about this. The message from God ... "There are no fixes" has me really upset.

2-17-00 - DREAM - I was inside my new apartment looking out the window. It was really beautiful here. There was a huge blue pool outside my window. It wasn't deep as I could see white round rocks on the bottom. So it wasn't a wading pool exactly either. Around the one side of the pool was a white rock wall about 3 feet high and green grass above that.

I noticed that people were just walking in and out the front door of the building so that meant that the front doors weren't locked like most buildings I've lived in. I was thinking that I must have moved far enough north that nobody worried about being broken into.

I noticed too that my apartment door didn't have a lock on it either and from where I'm from, nobody has a door without a lock, so I planned to call the locksmith and have a double deadbolt put on this door also for my own peace of mind.

I went outside and saw that a man was delivering my new car. It was red and black. The top was black leather, and the bottom was shiny red. My small son was outside wanting to get a ride but the man didn't have the authority to let my son get in the car.

I was holding a bright blue basket and wanted to stretch it so I had been looking for something larger than the opening of the basket I could put into it to make the opening larger than it was. I set the basket down on the hood of my old car which was blue.

My son came over to where I was and he smelled really bad like he had peed his pants, so I told him he needed to change clothes. None of the clothes had been unpacked yet, so he put on a pair of his Dad's white jockey shorts, and was looking for some pants to put on when I got into the car with the man.

I was intending to wait for my son to come back outside and drive him around the block for a treat even though I didn't have my purse or my driver's license with me. But the man started to back up the car farther and farther and faster and faster. I was telling him wait, but he wasn't waiting, he just went faster and faster. I didn't want to disappoint my son and have him miss the ride.

At the end of this dream, I was chanting, "I have something, I have something, I have something, I have something." ... the end of the word being toned in many different pitches up and down and drawn out long.

8-13-00 - DREAM - I lived in a city and had some errands to run. I particularly wanted to find a flower shop, to send flowers to my mother, before it closed and it was already 5 p.m. I ended up on a street I hadn't been on before like a street mall with lots of small shops. It seemed that none of the other people on the street had ever seen it before either. We were all rather ooohing and aahing at the quaint array of shops.

I somehow ran into James S. who I dated in highschool. I hadn't seen him in many years. He started to follow me around and volunteered to drive me to the flower shop so I'd get there on time. However, he more than wanted to just drive me to the flower shop ... in fact he insisted, "We have to get married!" (He was wearing a jacket of red and black plaid wool)

I reacted with shock, "What??????" It was kind of cool to be wanted like that, but all I wanted was a companion/driver ... not married with all those extra responsibilities. I didn't even know him.

Anyway, he ran ahead to buy a car so he could drive me to the flower shop. I walked through my apartment building to the far end, and went outside into the cold and snow. I didn't have coat on and I saw that everyone else was dressed for winter. However, when I got outside, it seemed rather comfortable and I wasn't even cold.

The bad thing was that James had his new car parked the wrong way on the street. The car was small ... a reddish German type car ... rather like a Volkswagen but with a squared off back end. The street was a huge boulevard with a median strip that was like 1/2 a block wide and he didn't see that, so parked the wrong way on a one way street that was going to the right ... he was parked so that he was going left ... against traffic.

I saw a car coming along the road going the right way, but unfortunately the car would crash right into James' car. I hoped the person driving would see the car and stop in time and I ran out into the roadway waving my arms to stop the car.

The other car skidded to a stop before it hit James car, but the cops came and arrested him for inappropriate driving on a one way street.

Now I didn't haven't anyone to help me do my chores and errands, so I found someone (a black woman) to help me. James wanted to help me so badly, he allowed me to get a piece of his DNA and we got a plug of his flesh and I had him cloned.

For some reason James was badly injured. I don't remember how that happened, but while he was recuperating in the hospital and/or jail, I would have the clone of James. As I was waking up, I saw a list of all the medical details of the cloning information which I thought I would remember, but I can't ... sorry!

8-21-00 - DREAM - I was living in a large house with my children. All my clothes were hanging in a special closet so that my dresses could be separated into different colors so that none touched each other. Even those which were white with blue flowers were separated from those with green flowers or pink flowers.

I was in my bedroom which was somewhat dimly lit when I woke up was decorated in white with red roses on everything, quilts, curtains, even the floor.

Todd from 'One Life To Live' television show came to stay with us. He brought with him a toilet tissue roll (minus the paper) and inside of it was a red and black snake and a green and yellow parakeet.

After he left the room, I thought it best to let the snake and the bird out of the toilet tissue roll because there wasn't much air inside of it.

In my bedroom, I had a large platform on a table with a rim around it that held pure sand with colored stones for decoration every few inches. The stones were of various colors. I realized that releasing the snake, it could lay it's eggs in places I might not see, especially if it got off the table. I planned to buy a cage with fine wire grid to put the snake and birds in, but meanwhile I checked on the parakeet which was not in good condition. The red and black snake made it's way across the sand bed behind a rock all by itself, but the parakeet was gasping for air. At first I thought it was dead, but then I saw it gasping and knew it might make it.

As soon as the parakeet gasped for air, a red and black finch bird came flying out of the dark of the room onto the platform and began to encourage the green and yellow parakeet to breathe.

I was quite pleased and didn't foresee any problems.

I then went to check on my kids who were still sleeping, check out the room where Todd was staying, and double check the building itself to make sure it was okay and didn't need any repairs.

As I walked, I had a white quilt with powder blue flowers on it wrapped around me and trailing on the ground behind me.

I noted that my daughter's room door was almost closed ... just open a crack so I didn't bother her. My sons doors were wide open, but I could see them in their beds sound asleep. There rooms too were all decorated with white quilts with roses on them. The curtains and carpets were matching ... quilted carpets just like the bed. Todd's room was identical except he had brought all his stuff with him. I could tell he planned to stay awhile.

I went outside and found Todd out there with all the other kids in the neighborhood. He shouted, "What's this?" and raised his arm straight up into the air with his index pointed straight up. About half of the kids did the same thing. Todd laughed, "Two out of four isn't half bad! hahahahaha!!!!"

I wasn't about to play that game with him. I could he planned to try to control everyone to play his game. He wanted to reach the point where he said, "What's this?" and everyone would raise their arm and point at the sky. That's real control.

NOTE: Shades of Hitler? The Anti-Christ?

8-21-00 - A dream a friend had about me:

Date: 08/21/2000

<< Please tell me your dream... I just had another red and black dream just this morning... and it seemed to relate to 'evil' ... like Anti-Christ type evil ... moving into the neighborhood.


First of all, I am sorry to hear that you feel your red and black dreams are "evil" in nature. I have seen beautiful, vibrant and rich colors almost like velvet in mine. Anything that I have had with black (never saw red in a bad dream) that is of a negative nature, the black has been mist like, or dull in color. Also came with it, a void - almost a sorrow. Sometimes a bad powerful feeling. But not with the rich colors. They are regal in nature. I instantly know that the richness of the color is great. I can feel it.

DREAM: Someone came to your door and knocked very softly. You were lying in bed and awoke to the very soft sound (about 4:30 a.m.).

You were apprehensive in opening the door and got quite anxious when you tried looking out the front room windows to see who was standing there (no peep hole in door either).

You mustered up all the courage you could think of and eventually opened the door. Before you stood a person with very long dark brown hair (almost auburn) with strong piercing eyes that could look right into your soul (eye color green). The person was wearing dark rich colored pants (black) and a red satin shirt.

But the features of the person really didn't give way to whether it was a man or woman. No words spoken. No real strong features to tell the difference.

This person pulled out a very tiny music box from the front right pants pocket. They opened it and it played Somewhere my Love (Dr. Zhivago ).

You accepted the gift, smiled courteously and closed the door.

Once inside, another set of knocks came from the door. But this time, you went back to bed and refused to answer the door again. (That part I did not get a good feeling from. I felt you should have opened the door.)

You put the music box on your dresser and went back to bed. But all in all, I felt it was a very positive dream.

11-1-00 - DREAM - I was living in a new apartment building on the East side of Milwaukee. I had just moved in and didn't start work until Monday, so I had nothing better to do for several days except to watch TV. I was sitting there watching a blue screen with repetitive pictures like a close up of a game show.

My door was open and a little boy ran in and ran back out. Then he ran in again to see what I was doing and ran back out again. So, I followed him the second time to see where he was from. He was small - around a year old, maybe a little older.

I followed him across the hall into another apartment where a young blonde man sat with his two sons. There was a one year old and another one about 7. The young man was trying to write in a green covered notebook journal and juggle the one year old at the same time.

He saw me walk in and didn't question who I was. He was very friendly. I asked him if I could hold the young one year old so he could write and he said, "yes!" He handed me the young boy and I sat on the couch holding the child a long time, patting his back, shifting his position several times. This was like real time ...

Finally, the young man stood up and walked across the room, where I noticed that there were 3 young men in a computer room working together on some project together.

I made note that on Monday when my new contract started that I would go around the building and see who else lived here and if there were noise complaints or whatever.

Meanwhile the young one year old lost his diaper and I was holding him bare butted. I saw that he had some teeth, so I counted his teeth. He had 15 teeth, most of them really tiny, barely broken through the skin. The older child, the 7 year old showed me his teeth also and he had a mouthful of teeth that looked like shark's teeth, in multiple rows so that if the front one broke off, one from behind would move into the space.

I was hoping that I could spend more time with this family of boys and their Dad, and he seemed to be getting ready to go somewhere and have lunch. I was hoping I would get invited because I had nothing better to do, but he said that he was going to a friend's house to help them work on a church garden. He described the project and it sounded like a huge church with even larger gardens.

Meanwhile the one year old said he didn't feel well and was still missing a diaper, so I asked the young man where the diaper bag was. He took me to another apartment which was his. I hadn't realized that the first apartment belonged to the 3 computer geeks. So, he pointed me in the direction of the diaper bag but there was nothing in it. I told him there was no diapers there, so he told me to through all his drawers ... that I was sure to find a diaper somewhere.

He had several highboy type dressers with short drawers in height. I opened them all, starting from the top ... just in case. I saw one drawer full of jewelry ... he had a lot of gold jewelry. The second drawer was all ties ... these were all gold and black striped on an angle ... a real surprise for a young man to wear. The third drawer was all some other clothing ... maybe more ties, maybe underwear ... I don't know ... but this was also all gold and black striped on an angle.

In the lower ... taller drawers, there was a lot of stuff, maybe junk, maybe boys clothing, I don't know but no diapers. Meanwhile, the one year old and his brother had found a pair of red and black plaid shorts to put on the infant so he wasn't wearing nothing all this time.

I never did find a diaper for the infant. All the while I was looking through the drawers, I was thinking about the contract I had signed to manage this building and that I would have to report to work at the bosses office on Monday which is what he required ... and it was Ralph.

7-4-2001 - DREAM - I was doing some research in a big government office. I was given the number D724. I looked nd looked to find out what that was. I finally found out the "D" was the "Games category". There was nothing in "E" but then they used "F" perhaps because "E" and "F" look too much alike. I wanted to take a picture of what D724 was. It didn't look like a game, it looked like a mechanical device. However I didn't identify exactly what it was.

While I was researching this, I found myself under water which was greenish rather like ocean water. I could see markings along the side that showed I was 90 feet down. I don't know how I got there but I discovered I had no problem holding my breath and wondered if I had somehow developed gills like a fish. I started swimming using just my hands and found that surprisingly easy as well. I was thinking that I must be setting a world record for holding my breath and wasn't at all uncomfortable when I discovered I was breathing under water. At first it was a surprised and I never did take a big breath, but I was definitely taking little inward breaths. I was not at that point breathing outward though, just inward while I was using my hands to get to the surface of the water. When I popped to the surface of the water, then I took a big gulp of air and breathed freely. I was amazed I had done that.

NOTE: Alien Abductees sometimes being made to breath under water or in liquid. I've never heard one of these stories personally though, only 3rd hand.

I may have woke up and went back to sleep.

I was now in my New Berlin house in the garage. We were packing to move and I decided we might as well take everything into the house that we were taking, then we shouldn't have to worry about whether we were missing anything. I turned around and discovered that the garage was already clean and empty behind me, so all I had to worry about was right in front of me.

I took some old unused clothing into the house and went upstairs to my old closet and found my daughter there going through boxes of my old clothing.

She said, "look what I just found ... a box of red clothes." I looked and it was all red and black plaid sweaters and skirts ... all my old stuff. The top one looked a little dusty, but I knew there was nothing wrong with any of it. I then hung my heavy brown coat on the rod in the closet as well.

Another scene I remember took place in the office. I believe it was prior to being underwater.

A blonde girl I was with had used some new blue hair dye. She was so happy with the new color, she wanted to call the patent office and tell them that the hair dye also dyed clothing.

I looked at her hair. It was so pretty. It was all blonde curls and tendrils, but some of the tendrils were rather a a baby blue color. Then she had used the leftover water in the sink from the blue dye to soak her sweater in it, which was a thin turtleneck type. It exactly match the blue streaks in her hair. It looked outstanding.

I was going to call the patent office at the same time about the D724, but she got through to them first because she was so excited about her discovery.

10-27-2001 - DREAM - I was in a large school, similar to my high school of North Division where I went in the 1950's. I also lived here in an apartment. I had some laundry to do. As I walked towards the basement door, a young man who lived across the hall from me, called out to me from his bed (the door was open). He said, "Wouldn't you prefer to stay and watch some comedians at 6:30 p.m.  (He named them but I'm not revealing them. They are of Jewish heritage) I said, "No thanks!" and kept walking towards the basement door.

When I got to the basement door, I noted that I was wearing high heeled shoes and I thought it would be better to put on flat shoes instead. There was a pair of shoes there that were mine, in which the strings were untied and I could just slip my feet into.  I also saw my reflection in the wall mirror and saw that I was wearing a red and black two-piece dress, but had a frilly white scarf around my neck to offset the stark colors. (Red and black is not my favorite colors so I don't know why I was dressed this way)

However, instead of going directly into the basement, I went the other direction and walked up a stairway to the 4th floor on the opposite side of the building (this building is square and you can walk all the way around forever in the hallways). When I got to the 4th floor, I noted that it had been remodeled and an army-green door across the top of the stairs. There was a lock on the door, but just as I got there, two children and their parents came out of the door, and I was able to access this area with no problem.

As I walked along the hallway, I noted that everything was army-green. All the walls, ceilings, floors, doors were the same army-green, except in some places, the wallpaper was army-green and yellow plaid.

There was no one in this area. When I got to the other end, there was a right angle triangle slanted on the ceiling down to a low doorway which exited to the back lobby of this hallway.  

In the 4th floor lobby, many young adults, both male and female were laying on the floor, waiting for something to happen. I went past them and descended to the 3rd floor. (The stairs were wide and substantial here) on the 3rd floor lobby floor, more young adults were laying around, waiting for something to happen, not as many as on the 4th floor, but still a good number of them.

I then descended to the 2nd floor lobby, and on the stairs here, was a line of adults with their children around the age of 8 to 10.  One young girl attempted to sit down in the center of the stairs and block my way, but I said to her from behind, "Uh Uh! A woman is coming down!". I then said, "A man is also coming down!"

From behind me, a deep voiced man said, "Yes! A man is coming down!"  This was the first time I realized that a man was coming down the stairs behind me. I don't know where he came from. I looked at my hands at this point and noted that I was carrying a large butcher knife in my right hand, and a silver potato peeler in my left hand. I don't know where they came from either.

The man and I descended to the first floor and went outside into the school campus. The man was always behind me. I didn't see him at all, but he was there.  

On the school campus, preparations were being made for a large party. Each school desk had white frosting and white coconut flakes on it which they had decorated the cakes with. This was to be a birthday party.

I got down to my own desk where I was going to serve 25 children. On the desk was a cube-shaped cake. The sides and top were the color that a banana cake is when you buy it at the bakery. Around the edges was white frosting piping and white coconut sprinkles.

I intended to cut the cake into 25 pieces which meant I had to make 5 slices in one direction and 5 slices in the other direction so that each child got an equal piece of cake. I asked the man behind me if that was enough cake for each child. He answered, "Yes!"

The man helped me make the lines in the frosting on top of the cake, without slicing through the cake yet, and we were ready to serve the children!

Symbolism and the Number Five

The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number Five


15 24








13 22


12 21 10 19





11 25


The magic constant is 65 - The sum of all the numbers of the square is 325

Mars table "engraven on iron or swords makes him that bears it valiant in wars and terrible to his adversaries.
Cut in carnelian, it stops bleeding."

Elegua, Elegba, Eleggua

His Catholic incarnations are The Holy Child of Atocha, St. Anthony of Padua , whose feast is on June 13th, and The Lonely Spirit (Anima Sola) who is honored on November 2nd.

Eleggua is paid homage every Monday and the third day of each month. His contradictory nature is expressed in the combination of his three colors white, black and red. Red and black are the most widely used colors to represent him. He recognizes himself and is recognized by the numbers 3 and 21. Eleggua protects infertile women, aids the poor and helps retrieving lost articles. He is never without his garabato -which is a primitive gardener tool-, the shepherd's hook (sometimes only a crooked stick or club) with which he meters out punishment

He protects temples, cities and houses. In particular, Eleggua stands at the crossroads of the human and the divine, as he is child-like messenger between the two worlds. In this role, he opens the door between the worlds and opens our roads in life.


The Masonic Symbolism

Wooden Tracing Board hand-painted by J. Bowring, 1879

The apron shown above contains a wealth of symbolism: the beehive, emblematic of the Masonic lodge itself; the trowel, the mallet, and the trestleboard; the rough and trued ashlars; the pyramids and hills of Lebanon; the pillars, the Temple, and checkerboard floor; and the blazing star and tools of the Craft. The center of the apron is occupied by the compass and square, representative of the Macrocosm and the microcosm, and the alternately black and white serpent of astral light. Below is an acacia branch with seven sprigs, signifying the life centers of the superior and the inferior man. The skull and crossbones are a continual reminder that the spiritual nature attains liberation only after the philosophical death of man’s sensuous personality. Manly P.Hall

The Tarot Card references to Checkerboard

The Mitelli Tarot (1664), in excluding both the Popess and the Empress, has added an extra Emperor and Pope. The first Emperor is seated, is bearded (older), and holds a geo-graphical globe and a wand. The second Emperor is beardless (younger), is standing, and holds the usual wand and crossed orb. The anonymous seventeenth century Tarot from Paris (p. 135 in Kaplan's Encyclopedia, Volume 1) shows us a new view: The Emperor is standing, striding through the landscape, dressed in armor and carrying something that looks obscure but is more likely to be his shield than an eagle. His spiky crown has a long feather billowing from it. Etteilla, a contemporary of de Gebelin in the late 1700s, eliminated the human imagery completely from the Emperor, and promoted it as No. 1 in his amended order, representing the first day of the divine creation described in the Hermetic Pymander. Stuart Kaplan would disagree with me, but I feel The Ideal (aka Chaos) is Etteilla's Emperor card, and he means it to represent "everyman," the male querant. It is alternately pictured as either a radiant sun beaming between parted clouds (late 1700s) or the earth surrounded by the rings of the planets (1800s). The latter variant is an image of great antiquity, used by early Kabbalists and later Gnostics (it also appears in the Mantegna cards) to represent the descent of the soul into matter. Later variations of Etteilla's Emperor call it "Enlightenment," as in the dawning of higher consciousness (nineteenth century Etteilla version, p. 142 of Kaplan's Encyclopedia, Volume 1). Because we now know that Etteilla was a Mason and studied the Hebrew and Greek creation myths, I am inclined to rename his Emperor "Adam Kadmon" (see "Gnostic Tarot"). The Waite-Smith Tarot returns the image to more familiar territory except for the addition of ram's heads prominently displayed to override more traditional associations of the Emperor with Jupiter (as shown in the previous two century's Arcana from Etteillla, Levi, Papus and Wirth to the Falconnier family of decks). Variations in the intensely interesting Emperor from El Gran Tarot Esoterico include deer horns in a leather crown, a feathered cloak much like that of the Empress who preceded him, and a black bird sitting in a tree in the background. These trappings cast him into the deep prehistory of Christianity, as does the glyph of the sun hanging in the air (the earliest Hebrew correspondence to the number four and the letter Daleth). I see him as the Grain King who is sacrificed after a year of royal living, his limbs thrown into the fields in the fall fertility ritual. In the development of this Arcanum, common themes of the historical stream of images are remarkably similar, with even the lone dissenter, Etteilla, opting for a more grandiose version of the same idea. The Emperor is the boss or leader, the head of state, the most exemplary and powerful person in the realm. His word is law, and the positive outcome in affairs of state is directly proportional to his well being and happiness. The more enlightenment and cosmic perspective he possesses, the better life is for all under his reign. He has mastered the realm of the Cube, the world of matter and of manifestation. The Hierophant or Pope This image has been subject to several modifications due to the political and religious climate of the times in which Tarot first 9 appeared. In the Visconti-Sforza Tarot from Bembo, the Priestess is called Popess and is often dressed in ecclesiastical finery, under-mining the exclusivity of the Pope's role and making both genders of equal rank. The male, bearded Pope is shown in triple crown making ecclesiastical gestures, but holds no tokens of his rank. The Von Bartsch Visconti-Sforza (date unknown) at least gives him a proper papal staff. Among the published versions of the Mantegna cards, the Pope is unambiguously female, although referred to by the encyclopedists as if male. Perhaps that is because Albrech Durer's version of the Mantegna Pope (from the early 1500s) is so clearly masculine. The Goldschmidt cards from the mid-fifteenth century show a more typical patriarchal Pope with the fascinating variants of a Catholic bishop's mitre, a mysterious anchor inlaid in the wall beside him, and a checkerboard black and white floor mosaic repeated in several cards from this deck (said to be from either Provence or Italy) and in the contemporary Guildhall cards (possibly German). One of the Visconti-Sforza tarocchi cards from the Victoria and Albert Museum also shows a checkerboard floor under the Death card. We notice that in the early 1400s, this checkered pattern shows up several times in relation to Tarot, still a rare subject in those days. The two examples given by Kaplan in Volume 2 of his Encyclopedia show large scenes of Tarot players, either sitting in a room with a checkerboard floor (a fresco now at the Sforza castle in Milan, circa 1450) or framed in the checkered arches of a fresco in one of the arcades at the Issogene Castle in Val D'Aosta, circa 1415-1450. Perhaps the checkers on those early decks show a relationship to the "scene" those fifteenth century frescoes represent. (We notice that the checkered theme disappeared until it was recently revived on the Tarots of the French and English lodges of the late nineteenth century. I take it as a signal of their various Masonic affiliations, since their rituals were always played out on a floor similarly checkered in black and white.) The Gringonneur Pope from the mid-fifteenth century is shown with cardinals flanking him. His profile is left-facing, and he holds the key to St. Peter's Cathedral in his right hand and the Gospel on his lap with his left. The contemporary Pope from the d'Este cards wears a more elaborate triple crown, holds up the two-fingered blessing with the right hand and grasps a chunky, gilt Grail Cup on his lap in his left hand. In the following century, the Rosenwald Tarot shows the Pope in face-front pose, with triple crown and scroll in right hand. Catelin Geoffrey's Tarot from 1557 gives us a triple-crowned Pope with the triple-crossed staff as well as the keys to St. Peter's Cathedral.

From: The Major Arcana Cards

From: Relates to myth of creation

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THE DOGON CREATION MYTH-Amma's (creator's) first offspring is the pale fox, an unnatural anad socially disruptive creature born w/ placenta and thus w/o a female counterpart (a symbol of male w/o female that results in chaos). Pale fox commits incest w/ his mother, Earth. The four Nummo pairs are later offspring of Amma. They are androgynous couples who each embody the proper balance of the sexes. The Nummo are cultural heroes who introduce smithing, weaving and agriculture to human and are associated with socia order and creativity.

Usually there are 8 posts that relate to the eight Nummo

Demott talks about how This creation myth and union/balance of sexes very important in art

Primordial couple:

Also relates to number symbols:

Derived from creation myth

Creation of the universe. Amma through out a seed that formed the surface of the earth. Cosmos is tripartite-heaven, lower realm are linked by the axis mundi through the human sphere. Creative processes move up and down an a vertical axis and radiate in for directions from a center. (vertical=3, horizontal=4)

The interlocking of vertical and horizontal produce a checkerboard which is an image of the order of human culture. Nummo give word through weaving (warp and weft). Checkerboard used in agriculture, facades of village structures.

Number 1 = disorder, destruction and incompleteness. 2 is perfect and productive Nummo pairs, balance, creativity, fecundity and culturally productive action. 3 is the vertical cosmic diagram equated with creative movement between the two supernatural realism. 3 is a male number (vertical, dynaic, maleness and move between human and supernatural. 4 is four directions (of seed which formed surface of earth), four elements, four Nummo pairs, implies radial movement from center, symbolic female number, expresses multiplicity and capacity for fecundity.

The Ancestry of Chess

About 550:

Due to Buddhist prohibitions against gambling with dice, Indian aristocrats give up dicing for another gambling game known as chaturanga, or "the four corps." The immediate ancestor of chess, chaturanga was played on a board whose checkerboard pattern symbolized fate, and whose pieces represented infantry, cavalry, archers, and elephants. The Byzantines and Arabs introduced the Normans to the game during the eleventh century, and by the mid-thirteenth century there were chess books in Italy and Castile. The European game was of course revised to suit local conditions. The Indian vizier, for example, was a weak piece, but in the European game this became the most powerful piece on the board, and the only female -- the queen. Likewise, in Italy, elephants became castles, while in thirteenth-century Scandinavia they became berserkers.

During an exhibition held at the court of the Liang Dynasty Wu Ti emperor, a Buddhist monk called Tung Ch’uan ("Eastern Fist") uses unarmed techniques to disarm armed attackers. What these techniques were is unknown. So, while this exhibition has been cited as proof of the early existence of Shaolin temple boxing, I suspect that it was instead part of the religico-magical preparation for a Liang Dynasty attack on some enemies living north of the Yangtze River. But who knows?

What does Red and Black Mean in the Church

The modern colour sequence of the Roman Catholic Church was first outlined in Pope Innocent III's treatise De sacro altaris mysterio (Book I, chapter 65, written before his election as pope in 1198), though some variations are admitted. White, as a symbol of purity, is used on all feasts of the Lord (including Maundy Thursday and All Saints') and feasts of confessors and virgins. Red is used at Pentecost, recalling the fiery tongues that descended upon the Apostles when they received the Holy Spirit, and also at feasts of the Holy Cross, Apostles, and martyrs, as symbol of their bloody passions (sufferings and deaths). Black is used as a symbol of mourning on days of fasting and penitence and at commemorations of the departed--but violet, symbolizing the mitigation of black, is allowed during Advent and Lent. Green is used on other days, without special significance, as a compromise colour distinguished from white, red, and black. Innocent's symbolism is based upon allegorical (symbolic) interpretations of colours and flowers mentioned in Scripture, especially in the Song of Solomon.

Song of Solomon references to color:

1: 5 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

1:6 Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

2:1 I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

2:9 My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.

4:3 Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet, and thy speech is comely: thy temples are like a piece of a pomegranate within thy locks.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Symbolism

The Roots of Ritualism in Church and Masonry


In your response to the question  "How many types of dark forces are there?"

"Basically there are two types. One is Father polarized and use Mind-doctrines to control, and the other is will polarized and use physical force to control. One is snake like, and the other is dragon like. They are all children like we are, and are learning the same lessons that we all are. They are not evil. There is no evil."

There is a certain similarity between this and Rudolf Steiners way to look at things. Steiner (1861-1925), founder of the Anthroposophical Society, also differentiates between two kinds of "adversary forces". He refers to them as Lucifer and Ahriman.

Ahriman is what you call will-polarized. The Nazis would be an example of Ahrimanic negativity (although they didn´t think of themselves to be negative, of course): blood-and-soil-ideology; brown, red and black as their symbolic colours; aggressive speeches; offensive military campaigns etc.

Lucifer is what you call mind-polarized. Shining white, bright and light, he (he?) suggests that having any kind of will at all causes all suffering and that the only way for overcoming the imperfectness of creational existence is to dissolve into the impersonal reality of "Nirvana".

Among German philosophers of the last century, Arthur Schopenhauer represents the Luciferian position, while Friedrich Nietzsche, especially in his later publications, was an eloquent spokesman of Ahrimanic values.

In a way Lucifer relates to the seventh chakra, while Ahriman relates to the first.

Now, as I´ve indicated already, Steiner considers both to be "adversary forces". Adversary to what?

Adversary to the fourth chakra, the heart, which, according to Steiner, relates to the sun and ... the son: Christ. Only by centering ourselves in the heart chakra (and thereby connecting ourselves to the Christ forces), can we avoid to be taken over by either Ahriman or Lucifer, who seem to be opposed to each other, but in reality work for the same end: distracting the human soul from its very core and thereby its individuality.

Love -

Winfried Firneburg


This degree is held in the Council Chamber, and represents the private apartment of King Solomon, in which he is said to have met for consultation with his two colleagues during the construction of the Temple. Its symbolic colors are black and red -- the former being significant of grief and the latter of martyrdom -- and both referring to the chief builder of the Temple.

The meaning of Red: ) Red

Red or crimson, the colour of fire and heat, is traditionally associated with war and the military. In Rome the paludamentum, the robe worn by generals, was red. The colour of blood is naturally connected with the idea of sacrifice, struggle and heroism. It also signifies charity, devotion, abnegation--perhaps recalling the pelican that feeds its progeny with its own blood.

In Hebrew, the name of the first man, Adam, is akin to red, blood and earth. This connection with earth may explain, perhaps, the connection of red with the passions, carnal love, the cosmetics used by women to attract their lovers. It is the colour of youth. Generally, it represents expansive force and vitality. It is the emblem of faith and fortitude and, in the Royal Arch, of fervency and zeal. It has also a darker side, connected with the flames of hell, the appearance of demons, the apoplectic face of rage.

Scarlet was the distinctive colour of the Order of the Golden Fleece, established in 1429 by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1419-67). Not only was the mantle scarlet, but also the robe and a special hat--the chaperon--with hanging streamers.


The three fundamental colours found in all civilizations, down to the Middle Ages in Europe, are white, red and black. These, too, may be regarded as the principal colours of Freemasonry: the white of the Craft degrees, the red of the Royal Arch and of certain of the degrees of the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite, and the black of some of its others, and of the Knights of Malta. The other colours of the rainbow find limited uses; they serve only to frame or line the white lambskin upon which so many aprons are based, or for sashes and other items of regalia.

Traditionally, black is the colour of darkness, death, the underworld although it was not introduced for mouming until about the middle of the fourteenth century, such use becoming habitual only in the sixteenth. The 'black humour' of melancholy (atara hilis) the black crow of ill omen, the black mass, black market, 'black days': all refer to negative aspects. The Black Stone at Mecca is believed by Muslims to have been at one time white; the sins of man caused the transformation.

Black has also a positive aspect, that of gravity and sobriety; the Reformation in Europe frowned upon colourful clothing. Formal dress for day and evening wear continues to be black. It is associated with the outlaw and the banners of pirates and anarchists, but also with rebirth and transformation.

In the French and Scottish Rites, the lodge in the third degree is decorated in black and is strewn with white or silver tears, representing the sorrow caused by the death of Hiram Abif.


White, the original colour of the masonic apron, was always considered an emblem of purity and innocence, exemplified in images such as the white lily or fallen snow.

Plato asserts that white is par excellence the colour of the gods. In the Bible, Daniel sees God as a very old man, dressed in robes white as snow (Daniel 7:9). In the New Testament Jesus is transfigured on Mount Tabor before Peter, James and John, when his clothes became 'dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them' (Mark 9:3). Officiating priests of many religions wore and still wear white garments. In ancient Jerusalem both the priests and the Levites who performed the Temple rites assumed white clothing.

Among Romans, the unblemished character of a person aspiring to public office was indicated by a toga whitened with chalk. This is the origin of the word 'candidate,' from candidatus 'dressed in white.' Verdicts at trials were decided by small stones (calculi) thrown into an urn: white to absolve, black to condemn.

White signifies beginnings, virtualities, the white page facing the writer, 'the space where the possible may become reality.' White is therefore understandably the colour of initiation. It is a symbol of perfection, as represented by the swan in the legend of Lohengrin. In this aspect it is related to light or sky blue, which in Hebrew is tchelet and may be connected semantically with tichla (perfection, completeness) and tachlit (completeness, purpose). (See also the observations on the symbolism of blue.) Among the Celts the sacred colours of white, blue and green were understood to stand for light, truth and hope. Druids were robed in white.

White is also connected with the idea of death and resurrection. Shrouds are white; spirits are represented as wearing white veils. White, rather than black, is sometimes the colour of mourning, among the ancient kings of France, for instance, and in Japan. White, finally, can signify joy. Leukos (Greek) means both white and cheerful; as does candidus in Latin. The Romans marked festive days with lime and unlucky days with charcoal.