8-1-00 - DREAM - It seems I've had this dream before.

I don't remember much of the details of this dream. It takes place along a river, looking for a woman who I find, wearing a medium blue dress. I want to say the name Susan B. Anthony, but the last name is probably just a guess because I know the name. I was thinking the woman was Indian. It seems the dream is about wearing the right pair of shoes.


8-1-00 - DREAM - I was in my car,  thinking about where to go shopping, I was on Highway 100 which is 108th St. I was driving north, planning to turn east on North Ave.

I was then suddenly at my 16th St. house, arriving there as soon as I thought about it. When I got there, my mother said that my brother had come home and never did anything, and that it wasn't right for kids to come home and not pitch in and help.

My mother had a new baby who was 7 weeks old. She seemed to need help with the baby because she was very busy, so I volunteered to help her.  The baby had a wet diaper and I volunteered to change it's diaper.

We were in the diningroom and there were several packages of diapers on the table, but when I reached for them to get a clean diaper, there was nothing in any one of them.

My mother had a diaper pail on the other side of the table with dirty cloth diapers in and the baby was wearing a cloth diaper as well. She told me that it would help if I would wash the baby clothes too while I was there. She then left the room to do something.

I was carrying the baby around the house with me and saw my Great Aunt Cora in the livingroom.  Cora was at the house visiting, probably for the last time before she died. She had come to visit all her old friends one last time.  She wanted to go visit an old friend in the afternoon. I volunteered to drive her there, but she said she could take the bus.  

I had the car and said I could drive her wherever she wanted to go since I was going to go to the store and buy diapers anyway. She started to tell me that the nursing home she wanted to go visit had rooms way on the north end, and while she was telling me this, we were transported somehow into the nursing home.  

Nurses were walking around in green and white striped dresses and patients were walking around all wrapped in various bandages on their heads, arms, and/or legs in various combinations.  The patients were all teenagers.

We were then suddenly back home in the garden room at the back of the house and Cora was telling me that she would take the bus because the car couldn't get close enough to the door she wanted to go in and the bus would stop right at the door.

Her reasoning didn't make any sense to me, but if she wanted to take the bus, I'd let her take the bus.

I then carried the baby to the kitchen and while I was there, the baby began to speak in tiny words. He told me he wanted to 'go nigh nigh'. I thought it was pretty cool a 7 week old baby could already say simple words, and decided I would get his diaper changed and put him in bed, then I could go to the store and get some more diapers and whatever else my Mother needed.

But, back in the diningroom, nothing had changed. There was not one single diaper to be had. I had already taken off his cloth diaper and had undone the large baby size pins from his diaper and as soon as I did, the baby started to poop again and now the poop was on his little blanket as well.  

I wiped off his little butt with the blanket since it was full of poop already anyway, but now I had nothing to put around him, or under his little butt either and I had to carry him around butt naked.

My mother had disappeared with the diaper pail and I assumed she had taken it to the basement to do the laundry.  I wanted to make certain of that though, and went to the basement door and opened it. I hollered down, "Are you down there?"  I could hear noises like the washing machine, and I hollered again, just in case she didn't hear me, "Are you down there?"

My mother started telling me what kind of furnace was down there and that it burned both wood and coal. I asked her again if she had the diaper pail down there, but she just continued telling me what kind of furnace was in the basement. She said it was brand new.

While she was talking, I noticed that the stairs to the basement had deteriorated over time and were no longer the nice wooden stairs, and that there were stairs missing and those that were there were smaller but steeper.  So, while I was standing there, I decided that new stairs were needed to go into the basement safely and I stood there and scraped what was left of the basement stairs right off the wall, and dug into the cement and rocks and eliminated the stairs to the basement completely.

I then went back to the diningroom to ask my own kids who had just gotten home from school where the nearest good shopping mall was with a grocery story was because I was not about to go to the corner store where diapers cost too much.


8-3-00 - I was thinking about the Guardian Alliance and asking to speak to someone from the group as I was going to sleep and having blurry visions of people dressed in white.  I then fell asleep and had real dreams which I can't remember in full detail.  I was doing a lot of cleaning and moving clothing around.

At the end of the last dream, I was handing a narrow but long strip of paper with written symbols of circles and dots in various configurations. I knew exactly what it said. I can't remember it now of course, but it was about something happening from 'then' until 'now' and going 'to' another situation.  

The word  'from' is:    

The word 'to' is:


8-3-00 - DREAMS - I can't say that I dreamed at all, except it seemed that I was lecturing myself all night about something. I can't remember anything I said to myself except at the end I told myself that within 24 hours I would be the wisest person north of Waterford.

That would be nice. :-)


8-4-00 - DREAMS -  I had the same/similar dream three times, where a seemingly real situation turned cartoon-like.  It seemed that I complained that nobody loved me like people say to themselves when they are having a 'pity me party' of their own, that I was shown that I was loved so much that a line on a sweater turned into a line of flowers blooming, that a drift of snow became a bed of flowers. A vehicle became a wagon drawn  by a cartoon-like horse. One can't be sad or feel sorry for oneself when everything is so cute and so beautiful.

See: The Flower Garland Sutra

The Flower Garland Sutra - (Book Ad from

8-4-00 - I went back to bed and dreamed the dream one more time.

NOTE: Later, after I was up and awake, I was thinking about these flowers and was filled with joy to have seen them, however, underneath the joy was an overwhelming feeling of sadness that brought tears to my eyes, because I was the only one who had seen them and not anyone else.

Then I had a regular dream:

DREAM - I was working in an office and the people were mostly from A-C with a few strangers thrown in. I was using my bosses desk because he wasn't there.  At first I went into the office and it was dark and nobody knew I was there. What a good feeling that was.  But then I turned on the light and the nightmare began.  He had less room and more stuff in his office than I ever did.  Even a huge shoe rack from the next office was in there. Everything was on wheels so I just kept moving things around until it felt right.

I had to type a very short letter and it had to go on A-C letterhead, but I couldn't find even one sheet of letterhead in my bosses desk.

My friend Alyse typed up the statement on a label and decided I could use that instead, but that was totally unsuitable and we couldn't find a piece of paper that the label would fit on either.

I was getting more and more tired as this went along. Someone finally said I looked like I was out of it and I felt like it too. By then, there were so many people around and so many things to do at once, I just wanted to take a break.  I couldn't find the bathroom because there were people doing things in dark rooms that I didn't want to disturb.

One room sounded like a man and a woman fooling around. Another room, I spotted Joe sleeping in bed in the dark. I didn't want to disturb him either.  

I finally woke up and went to the bathroom, but I really wasn't awake ... I was infinitely tired ... and went back to bed and went right back into the dream.

A man from down the street and an old white haired woman came in and went behind my bosses bookcase and moved it back towards the wall further. I don't know why it was out so far in the room anyway. I told them to be careful because they tilted the bookcase to move it.

Another man decided to fix the computer and asked me to read the numbers off for him. I told him it looked normal and he pushed start and a whole ream's worth of paper got printed.

Another woman came in and asked me what this huge stack of paper was. By that time, I had done 1/3 of that particular project already, and there was still about 5 feet of paper left to go through ... sheet by sheet.

My friend Alice came in then, with a hand sewn Mrs. Santa Claus of cloth. Mrs. Santa Claus had white hair and a light blue dress. But then it was up to me to find a piece of board of some kind to tack or glue it too.  The other old white haired woman suggested that my boss would know where to find a board for it down in the maintenance storage area.  I told her I knew as much about what was down there as he did and I would take care of.

I then got a phone call from Alan Alford who said he could provide a board for it and we discussed price and I told him we would go with a middle of the road price rather than the expensive one he suggested.

Finally, as I was waking up, I had a vision that was so clear ... I wish I could remember them all that well.  It was a book title:  "The Miracle of Musical Melodies - by James Rawles, 1939.

NOTE:  This author did not show up on a book search at Barnes & Noble, not even on the old books section.


8-5-00 - I had 5 dreams about working with rainbow colored words on a screen like a web page. It seems that they were about ETs, but I can't remember what the words were. The 5th page was all about the word  'and'  and I call it the 'and page'. Every word was the word 'and'.  There were 4 of them across the top and then many, many 'and's down the page. A few were misspelled and I had to correct them.

It was very strange.


8-5-00 - DREAM - I was in a city, standing on the porch with Joe and a Mexican woman named Maria (who was in my UFO group) Joe told me that he was feeling about Maria like he used to feel about me. He took her by the left hand and they were going to walk around the block. (Maria's left arm and hand were prosthetic in real life) I filled a canteen with water and gave it to them to take on their walk.

I went back into the house and went to bed, wondering how I was going to deal with this situation and Joe came back and jumped up on the bed and wanted to have sex with me.  I was thinking to myself, "How am I going to deal with him being in love with Maria and wanting sex with me?"  Meanwhile I was trying to get my underpants off while he was kneeling between my legs.

At that moment, some people knocked on the bedroom door and walked right in.  There were 4 people I think ... a woman inspector, a professional man inspector from the city and two other people , a younger man and a woman ... like in training.  Since she had brought the professional man with her, I felt I had to let them in.  So Joe left and the woman took her clip board (which was a three layer grid system) and began reading off of it.  

I recognized what she was reading ... I had written up the inspection report myself of this apartment before it had been repaired and Joe and I moved into it. I asked her if that was the report I had written and she said , "Yes!"  

I explained to her that all the work had already been done, that the walls had separated at the seams and that we had plastered all the cracks and holes and then painted over the repairs with pink paint.

We walked out into the livingroom where we saw an older picture of a baby in the corner of the wall. She said that it was out of place, so we chose a larger, newer picture of a baby and hung that in its place. It looked really nice.  Actually, it seemed that the baby was alive rather than just a picture.

I then went downstairs to the basement, where I saw that everyone had laundry laying all over the place, and I started to gather up all this laundry and put it into large square white laundry baskets which I placed on the tables in the community kitchen. This was going to be an all day project.

Lots of people came into the kitchen which was set up with the stove, refrigerator, and sink all on one wall, and the square tables lined up in a grid shape 4 tables x 4 tables, each with 4 high stools around them.

There was a square padded pillow for each stool as well.  Each pillow had one large orange-red flower in the center of it with some green leaves around it. I originally had them in the laundry baskets as well, but when the people came into the kitchen and needed to sit down, I put the pillows back except for one large pillow that looked like it had a green grass stain on it.

I picked up the first laundry basket to haul it out of the kitchen and got stuck between where the stove was and an island that stuck out from the side wall. Once I made it around the island and was leaving the room, I woke up.

NOTE:  Maria seems to represent the Lady of Guadalupe who was from Mexico. There are several miraculous situations related to her, as are other mythologies of Mexico and the Mayans.

Mythology of the Serpent Skirt

Dreams of the End of the Age

Revelation 11:11


8-6-00 - DREAM - I was doing a web page on my computer about the deaths of the Presidents, that it makes a difference how a President dies as to how people think about them. There were 10 web sites linked per President about how and when they died.  

As I was walking to the bathroom after I woke up, these words came into my mind ... The Curse.  Every President elected in a year with a 0 starting in 1860 died in office ...  ooops -  will the curse be broken this time?  

See:  The Death of the President


8-7-00 - DREAM - I had several long dreams at the computer with screens of names of Indians ... don't remember any of it.


8-7-00 - DREAM - I was at A-C.  I was giving my husband a tour, starting in the basement. We then went up to the 3rd floor. I worked in the Pump Department, but we had to walk along the whole 3rd floor from one end to the other to get there.  Along the way, many other people worked ... I knew some of the faces and we nodded to each other, but I didn't know any of their names so I didn't introduce them to my husband.  (I don't know who he was either to be honest. He was a young good looking guy)

We were about 1/2 way down the hallway and we had to step around books and furniture to go further as the people were moving their offices and these objects had been placed in the hallway.  The last object was so large ... it was like a flat square brown card table laying on the floor with the legs collapsed, but it was larger across than a normal table.  It was at least 6 or 7 feet across. I couldn't step around it or over the corner, so I apologized and stepped on the table to go over the corner.

I took a few more steps and felt that I was alone. I turned around and discovered that my husband was gone.  I backtracked a few feet and found that one of the women had grabbed him, and thrown him to the floor and stuck a metal handled brush up his nose to clean it out (like a thin basting brush for turkey) and there was blood coming out of both sides of his nose.  I could hear an ambulance coming also.  I looked at her in question as to what happened.  She said, "I know a case of ono ___ or oro _____cism   when I see one. (The word was a long medical term)

NOTE: Here are some words I found:

endoscopic sinus surgery , An otolaryngologist is a doctor specializing in the treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases. Department of Otorhinolaryngology

I turned back to go the direction I had been in and ran into a woman who was collecting money for a dinner for the other workers.  She wasn't doing very well and wanted to quit. She was charging $4.50 for each dinner which seemed reasonable, but had already booked the room and ordered the dinners but hadn't gotten the people to sign up yet. She was very upset and told me that the dinner was going to cost $450 and she didn't have the people yet.

I told her that she was going about it the wrong way, that she should have found the people first, and THEN order the room and the dinner.

I then left the building to go home.  While I was on the street, I noticed that the guys in my building were trying to date some women who also lived in my building and were getting turned down at the door with flowers in their hands.  Rejection was not fun ....

I had my own problem. I hadn't been 'with' my husband in quite some time either. We seemed to be getting more and more distant emotionally as well. I confronted him in the apartment and asked him if there wasn't some way to make up and try again.  I said, "What can I do?" He said, "What are you willing to do to make up?"  I said, "I'll do anything!"  He looked at me tenderly and said, "I just want you to play the piano."  

Then I realized that his mother had been a piano player and that he really missed the harmony.


8-9-00 - DREAM - (I'm not going to be able to explain this dream as I don't understand it myself. It was a learning dream)

The whole dream took place in an apartment. The same people from last nights dream were in it.  At the end I was in the apartment. I went from my bedroom into an unused bedroom that had a sliding door on it. It seems that we each had our own bedroom where we slept. In this unoccupied bedroom were objects that don't get used often, which were placed on top of the bed and dressers for storage. I turned on the light in the room and saw the objects in the room.  I recall that one object was a portable sewing machine which was on the bed.

I was immediately followed into the room by a woman I know well but can't think of her name. Rather than be accused of "What are you doing in this room?" I began to pick up a hank of colored threads that were laying on the floor as though I was working or cleaning the room. I was not questioned. The same man who was my husband in yesterday's dream came in also.

The dream then went into another room where we were being taught to make a structure which I can't explain either. It was three tiered  ... divided into 4 sections on the bottom layer, with a middle layer of 3 sections on top of that, with a third layer of 2 sections on top.

(Picture below:

On the front of each section was a word which I can't remember, except the top two. On the right was a series of 3 circular symbols which I've seen several times over the last couple of days in recent crop circles and the Nazca lines and the front of the Ark of the Covenant which was I saw in a video yesterday. On the left of the top section was the name yEK SETH.  Then I was shown that the y was divided and the top left part of the y ' \ ' was shown to be the fire letter 'f ' and the / part was again the name yek Seth came from.

We left the room and went into the kitchen where an old man came in to get a round pitcher of water. The pitcher was a perfect globe, which had 2 lines around it, dividing it into 3 sections visually.  There was a young girl there who always carried around a similar round pitcher of water which was similarly divided into 3 sections except that the outside of her pitcher was bright green. I filled her pitcher with water and gave it to her to carry.

NOTE: I feel compelled to draw this vision:

8-8-00 - MEDITATION - I was thinking about the name yek Seth, asking for information, and I saw the 3 stacked tower again, and simultaneously, superimposed over it was a silver pitch pipe, designating the notes of the music scale.

NOTE: I found this in a search for the name "Yek Seth" which did not come up.
Once again I shall speak about the evil which befell us in our time, regarding how the veil of ancient faith was torn, and how that death-bringing dry heat breathed upon us and scorched the tall, beautiful, leafy trees of our tender orchards. And this is the truth, for we sinned against the Lord and angered the saint of Israel. "Should it please you to heed me", he said, "you shall take the land's goodness. But should you wish not to listen, the sword shall devour you, for this was uttered by the mouth of the Lord". This same whirlwind was seen above Babylon and then reached every country. For Babylon is the mother of all nations and its realm, the kingdom of the North.

Now further south of them, namely, the Indians and the peoples dwelling in the great desert were the disowned sons of Abraham, born of Hagar and R'etur: Ishmael, Amram, Mogan, Madian, Yek'san, Yesbok, and Melisawe And the sons of Lot were Amon and Movab; and those of Esau were Edom, and there were others yet, who dwelled to the north of the southern Indians [Ew aylk' ews, or ein i harawakoghmn Hndkats' nots'in i hiwsisoy koghmane] in the enormous and vast desert, [being] disowned [155] by Moses and the children of Israel.


I also found the name Yek as part of other names and words in Persian, Iranian, and Farsi languages



8-8-00 - I can't believe how tired I am today. I feel like I don't want to wake up. I went back to sleep and had this dream.

DREAM - At the same moment I fell asleep, I awoke from a dream within the dream. I didn't realize I had been sleeping and opened my eyes, wondering why I was so tired. It was quite dark outside yet ... rather maybe it was just thick with dark clouds. I was wearing my bathrobe ... (green and white striped ... just like I was wearing in 3 D reality).

I thought about my job ... apartment manager ... and realized I hadn't done any work recently and should perhaps inspect the vacant apartments and clean them and perhaps I might discover that they needed new carpet or something and ask my boss to place an ad in the paper and rent one.  I decided I would go look at apartment #9 on the third floor to start with.

I looked out the window a couple more times, and each time it was a different lightness or color of grey in the sky, but it seemed a little less dreary each time.

I decided I would go get my mail before I went to work since I hadn't done that in a long time either. I made sure I had my keys ... I got them out of my purse (same as in real life), put them in my pocket after making certain I had the mailbox key ... (all the keys were gold)

I went out into the hallway and saw two women coming from the other end of the hallway. I wasn't dressed except for my bathrobe and it was hiked up quite far, so I was trying to hide behind a pillar or alcove so they couldn't see me pulling my robe down. They got to the elevator at the same time I did.

I was living on the second floor, so these women had to have walked up from the first floor and were going to go up and I was going to go down. The woman were a little taller than myself so I would guess there were about 6 feet tall, but they were large women ... husky and strong ... not fat. I recognized them both and realized I had been in a meeting with them earlier or perhaps the night before.  

One of the women decided she would ride down with me to get her mail as well and as she got onto the elevator with me, she seemed to notice how tired I was and she told me I shouldn't go to any more meeting with Karen Hanson and laughed.  She was acknowledging that she too was tired from attending the meeting as well.  When she mentioned it, I realized too that that's where I had seen these two women before and it was a grueling meeting. In attendance was the teacher, the two women and myself.  I couldn't recall what we had studied though.

We got down to the first floor and I opened the light green door to the lobby where the mailboxes were. The other woman who had ridden down with me, turned, opened a light green door on the opposite wall next to the elevator, and sprinted up the stairway.

The mailboxes were identical in color to the light green walls so it was difficult to see them.  However, I managed to open my mailbox and get my mail out just as a man came along and got his mail from a box several mailboxes over.

He glanced at my mail, and commented, "Don't go on any trips again soon," and laughed.

In my hand were a stack of blue cards, all from a tour agency ... I can't remember the name ... and I laughed and agreed I wouldn't be traveling any time soon. I clutched my mail in my hand and decided I would take the elevator that was right there ... back up to the second floor, rather than go up the stairs like the large woman had just done.

These elevators were not the same elevators which were on the opposite wall inside the hallway of the building. I didn't know where these elevators went to, but decided I would take one and see where they went.  However, I was just going to press the elevator button when I realized my keys weren't in my pockets. I reached deep in my pockets and they weren't there.

In a panic, I looked down the length of the lobby and saw a small clump of colored material like an umbrella on the floor.  I ran over to it and shook it and could hear keys jingling inside. I shook the mass of cloth hard and dropped it on the floor again which broke open the mass of cloth and my keys fell out, which I picked up. I then proceeded to pick up the cloth which turned out to be a series of silk scarves.  There were two of each color and as I picked up one, they all opened out full size into squares of cloth on the floor and I had to pick them up one at a time.  They were all upsidedown on the ground so I had to pick them up to see their full color. Each one had some white on it, but one was green leaves and huge roses, one was brown background with something like Fleur de lis and flowers.  I didn't pay too much attention to the others. There were 6 or 8 scarves.  I picked them all up and headed for the elevator, and as I got on the elevator I woke up again.

NOTE: I am so tired, I know I'm going to have to take a nap again to find out what I'm doing in the other dimensions that is making me this way.  Joe was like this yesterday ... maybe he's busy too and that's why he can't wake up.


8-9-00 - DREAM - I was seeing a long list of things that Oprah does on her show. I couldn't read any of them, but I watch the show often enough to know what they are.


8-9-00 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new apartment building and taken over as manager. The time was Christmas Eve around 9 to 10 p.m. My husband decided he was going to bed. I never saw him, only talked to him through the open door into the dark where he was laying. He insisted he was going to sleep and I told him I still 4 loads of laundry to do.

There were so many people in this apartment building, I could hardly walk around them with my laundry basket.  As it was, I found myself taking clothing and blankets out of the bottom dresser drawer to rewash them ... one light lavender sweater seemed crumpled and a blanket had a light grass green stain on one corner, so I added those to the pile on top of my basket.

I had two baskets, both large squares of  light lemon yellow made of grids. It seemed I wasn't dressed to go to the basement as I was wearing my light green and white striped bathrobe and was barefoot.  Several men were more than willing to help me get the laundry to the basement but said that I needed to put on more clothes. There were racks and stacks of clothes here. One man held up a light green pair of slacks for me to put on under my robe and there were light green slippers to put on also. I knew that the slacks the man offered me were too short for me, so I took the slippers with me and went into another room ... it was actually like a hallway with a tall clothes rack where my own clothes hung, and I found a pair of light green slacks there which I put on, then put on the slippers.

I spotted my umbrella on the rack, which was several shades of maroon and purple. I patted it as I went by like I was going to need it at some point, but didn't need it this moment, but felt good that it was there when I needed it.

I then reached into my robe pockets for my apartment key so I could get back in my apartment and didn't find it. I wasn't going to go to the basement and not have a key to get back in so I had to find it.  

A woman stopped me in the hallway and wanted a typed report of my hallway inspection before I stopped working for the day. The women in the main office were still working also, trying to get everything done before they went home to celebrate Christmas. I told the woman she was going to have to tell Carol? that I would get the report to her first thing Monday morning. There was just no way I could do it still and get the laundry done at the same time. (The woman's name probably wasn't Carol ... I can remember her face, but not her name at this moment)

As I said, there were hundreds of people in the hallway. I needed to go back into my apartment to find my apartment key, and I didn't remember what my apartment number was at the moment, so I went along the hallway trying to find it by 'placement' not by number. I first knocked on the door of 208 and realized that wasn't it, and ended up going down the hall to 204. Meanwhile, a whole stream of black people came by ... in couples it seemed ... but at least there were a group of  men and women. I recognized most of them as people from TV shows, like 'One Life to Live' but there were others as well.  

I was standing at the open door of my apartment when one of the women said, "Do you still have that room available?" I had completely forgotten that there was an extra room in my apartment I had offered to whoever needed it.  At this point, it was no longer dark outside, but it was getting light out.  

One of the older women said to me as she stood in the doorway, "What is that strange grey light in here?"

I told her, "There is a skylight overhead" and we looked up and I pointed at the roof of the building which was about 100 feet overhead ... it was a full white glassed-in skylight with fine wire grids through it.  The whole ceiling was like that.

All these people were standing in the doorway of my apartment ... two by two. I told them to go ahead and go into the apartment and look around.  Inside my apartment, it looked like a store with little Christmas gifts stacked on shelves like K-Mart or Wal-Mart. I told them to look around, that it could take hours, but there would be no TV on because of the violence and it was Christmas Eve, so there would be no violence allowed.

Just then, I saw on the pointy end of the ironing board which was almost in the doorway of my apartment, the Master keys to the buildings I was responsible for which had been delivered while I was getting dressed. There were 6 wide bladed Master keys with large square heads on them, 6 narrow bladed Master keys with large square heads on them, and a myriad of apartment sized keys, one large gold one which was my own apartment key, some smaller ones which were for mailboxes and other doors I hadn't yet been into. As always, I always carried all my keys with me, so I put them all in my right bathrobe pocket until I could find a large ring to put them on.

I then left the apartment, again with my laundry basket in arms, and headed for the elevator. In the large lobby near the elevator, a string of young girls came in, all dressed in colorful costumes like pastel Easter eggs. Each girl had a tall woman with her ... perhaps a mother ... perhaps a teacher. Each girl had her own chaperone. They walked in a line towards the other end of the hallway. They were going to entertain all the people as it was Christmas Eve.


8-9-00 - I got really tired doing e-mails. I was thinking about fire letters again as I lay down to take a nap.

I don't know if this was a dream or a long vision, but I was seeing many references to Lemuria, the last of which was '  the frequency and tone of Lemuria. '


8-10-00 - DREAM - I was with some people, awaiting a second space shot after a day where some astronauts had gone up and come back down again. I said, "It seems to me it would be better to send these guys home and bring in fresh troops."  The other people nodded, but nobody did anything. We just sat there and waited.

The scene switched to one where I was in the city and came to an intersection where there was dark blue snow and ice. I took a butter knife and dug out the snow and ice drifts so it could melt. I then made a comment to bystanders about earthquakes. I said, "It seems to me that we have less earthquakes here than anywhere else."


8-10-00 - DREAM- I was in an apartment and was trying to teach my grandson Stephen how to use the computer.  Unfortunately, when he put in paper to print on like a typewriter, the paper was shredding and I found all his paper shredded in spirals on the inside of the computer. I had to pull all this paper out so we could start over.

Stephen wanted to go outside to the store and buy something to eat so I said I would go with him.  We left the building and crossed the street and I saw a huge black truck with two black men in it.  They rather frightened me, and I decided we'd better get back home again.

I was barefoot and I had to carefully walk across the hot black asphalt to get back to my own building. When we got back to the apartment, Stephen said, "I really enjoy watching you go into the door of your house."

At this point I saw that there were 3 doors into my apartment. It was rather like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The first door was only about 3 x 4 inches and that was the one I had come out of.  I couldn't no way fit back in it.  I then went to the second door which was about 6 x 8 or so ... I couldn't fit in that one either.  So I went to the third door which I could fit in, but had to get down on my knees to do so.

I got inside the door and there was a brown sign with yellow lettering hanging across the inside on strings. I couldn't read it, but my daughter-in-law Becky was inside cheering me on that I had made it back in ... she was rather laughing as well, because I had to crawl back in on my knees.

End: The dream ended and I rather was able to analyze this dream as telling me that I had grown since the house was first constructed and though I was able to exit the building through the little door, I couldn't get back in through that door because I had grown a lot. However, I still needed to humble myself to get back in... which I did by deleting some material that someone else objected to on my website.


8-10-00 - DREAM - My husband was Jim/James and he told me he was in love with a woman named 'Pat' whom we had gone dancing with her and her husband. I was rather distressed about it, but after a couple days, it was a Wednesday and I was going to suggest that he go to visit her, but I knew she was married and wondered if he would get caught.

(I can't remember all the details of the dream, but that was the gist of it)

James means 'replace' or 'supplanter'
Pat/Patricia means 'noble'.

I think it's the names meanings that is important and not personal. In reality, I've been divorced from Jim since 1983. And he's lived with two other women since then himself.


8-11-00 - DREAM - This was about a web page about bigfoot. However, the radio was on with an interview of Jack 'Kewaunee' and I already have a webpage about this subject.


8-11-00 - DREAM - I was seeing numerous objects which resembled snowflakes but were black and more like spiders. I was told there were 3300 of them. If they are spiders, they are all in my house. Yuck.


8-12-00 - DREAM - I was seeing black print on a white page. I saw the years 1992 and 1998 and page 268 of the big red Catholic Bible. I was told then that at the beginning and end of 1992, in 1998, and on page 268 of the big red Catholic Bible, there was evidence of Kathara Healing.  

I couldn't imagine what that might be. At the same time, it was time to go to work. My partner, (name unremembered) thought we were late, but his clock was 10 minutes faster than real time, and I told him I had time to look in the Bible and see what the clue might be on page 268.

I ran to get the book, and found a large marker between the pages on page 268. I opened it carefully to see what the evidence of Kathara healing was, and there was a picture of Jesus with leaves of a tree, and at the top of the marker was a picture of a peacock.

I grabbed the book and the marker and had to quickly brush out my hair, wound it up into a bun and stuck a large pin into it to hold it on the back of my head.

There was another young woman there, trying to do her hair the same way, but her hair was so stiff, it stuck up into the air behind her head like spikes.  I told her what she had to do to wind her hair up like mine, then ran for the door to go to work.

NOTE: I can hardly wait to find this evidence.....


8-12-00 - I should explain how this dream came about.  I was sitting/laying in a comfy chair, reading about ET abductions in the Anna Hayes book, "Voyagers - The Sleeping Abductee." and I put the book down and had a vision that the Holy Grail was connected to .....  and a truck went by ... crashing loudly on some lumpy roadway and I lost the last of the vision. So I decided to meditate on that and fell asleep chanting ... "The Holy Grail is connected to what? The Holy Grail is connected to what? The Holy Grail is connected to what?

DREAM - I was sitting/laying in a comfy chair, next to a window in a livingroom ... hmmm.

I was running my sewing machine on a computer table.  Attached to the computer was a large tape measure with a list of 'names' on it.

I then noticed that there was a sewing machine on the floor which looked more like a drill press. It had a crystal clear platen through which a silver needle and silver thread guide was attached to a very simple upright piece.  (There was no big machine or table. It just sat on the floor) The carpet was gray plush. I heard my boss say something about the sewing machine and I said, "I have one just like it on my computer table."

Just then the tape came to the end and actually ran way to the end and clicked to a stop. I panicked for a moment because I thought I had ruined the tape measure with the list of names on it.  But, the tape measure was set automatically to reverse itself and it quickly zipped all the way back to the beginning to start again inside the tape measure container in my hand. It clicked to a stop and at that same exact moment, the mail lady, wearing the exact same color pink slacks that I was wearing appeared at the mailbox right outside my window. All I could see was the pink color and knew she was delivering my mail ... and I woke up ... knowing that the Holy Grail was the list of names inside the silver tape measure I was holding in my hand.


8-13-00 - Joe fell asleep quite quickly, but I was rather wide awake. I then heard a couple of loud clunking noises under the house in the basement area where there is nothing but a dirt hole with the furnace standing in it.  The bed then started to shake and vibrate.  I got scared and woke Joe up and told him about the noise. He said he thought it was probably the cats, but there is nothing in the basement for the cats to clunk. He fell asleep again almost instantly and I lay there waiting for more clunks, but none came. I fell alseep so fast, it was like passing out.  When I awoke, it was getting light outside and I had had no dreams at all.  It was like I closed my eyes and opened them again and it was morning.  From previous experience, I think my astral body was probably abducted and brought back with no memory.  After previous experiences like this, other people have reported they have seen me on the ship.  I'm not worried about it, just reporting the event.

After I got up and went to the bathroom, I went back to bed because I was exhausted and had this dream.

8-13-00 - DREAM - I can't remember the dream itself, but I was rather young and pretended to be an Indian maiden.


8-13-00 - DREAM - I lived in a city and had some errands to run. I particularly wanted to find a flower shop, to send flowers to my mother, before it closed and it was already 5 p.m. I ended up on a street I hadn't been on before like a street mall with lots of small shops. It seemed that none of the other people on the street had ever seen it before either. We were all rather ooohing and aahing at the quaint array of shops.

I somehow ran into James S. who I dated in highschool. I hadn't seen him in many years. He started to follow me around and volunteered to drive me to the flower shop so I'd get there on time. However, he more than wanted to just drive me to the flower shop ... in insisted, "We have to get married!"  (He was wearing a jacket of red and black plaid wool)

I reacted with shock, "What??????"  It was kind of cool to be wanted like that, but all I wanted was a companion/driver ... not married with all those extra responsibilities. I didn't even know him.

Anyway, he ran ahead to buy a car so he could drive me to the flower shop.  I walked through my apartment building to the far end, and went outside into the cold and snow. I didn't have  coat on and I saw that everyone else was dressed for winter. However, when I got outside, it seemed rather comfortable and I wasn't even cold.

The bad thing was that James had his new car parked the wrong way on the street. The car was small ... a reddish German type car ... rather like a Volkswagen but with a squared off back end. The street was a huge boulevard with a median strip that was like 1/2 a block wide and he didn't see that so parked the wrong way on a one way street that was going to the right ... he was parked so that he was going left ... against traffic.

I saw a car coming along the road going the right way, but unfortunately the car would crash right into James' car.  I hoped the person driving would see the car and stop in time and I ran out into the roadway waving my arms to stop the car.

The other car skidded to a stop before it hit James car, but the cops came and arrested him for inappropriate driving on a one way street.

Now I didn't haven't anyone to help me do my chores and errands, so I found someone (a black woman) to help me. James wanted to help me so badly, he allowed me to get a piece of his DNA and we got a plug of his flesh and I had him cloned.

For some reason James was badly injured. I don't remember how that happened, but while he was recuperating in the hospital and/or jail, I would have the clone of James.  As I was waking up, I saw a list of all the medical details of the cloning information which I thought I would remember, but I can't ... sorry!


8-13-00 - VISION - This occurred at 12:30 p.m. upon waking up from a nap.  It was a duplicate vision of a flashback of a vision I had this morning which I had forgotten.

It was a silhouette picture (black on white) of a revolving picture of what looked like William Shatner (Captain of the spacecraft on Startrek) It was like a ferris-wheel going around but sideways view. I think that this represents someone or a group of people (ETs perhaps) which I am in contact with. Knowing that it was William Shatner is like a knowing ... not that I actually saw him or recognized him ... since it was a black silhouette.


8-13-00 - DREAM - I was in the middle of moving. All my furniture was already in the new place. I was making a last minute go-through to finish up last minute details before I actually left the house.

Other people obviously still lived in this house and when I got to their bedroom, I saw that there were 3 sheets on each bed and I wanted to prevent the enemy/man/bug inside the sheets from following me, so I took each sheet at one end and began twisting it over and over until it became one long twisted rope, then grabbed the other end and stuck it through the opposite end so that it formed a ring. This prevented whatever was inside the sheet from getting out and following me to my new house. If I did this slowly enough, whatever was inside the roll of the sheet wouldn't even realize I was trapping it either and wouldn't fight the process.

When I got to my friend Michelle's room, I started this process on her bed and finished twisting the first two sheets on her bed, then discovered that what should have been the third sheet was actually two half kitchen curtains so I couldn't do the same twisting process and I ended up folding those into quarters and leaving them neatly on the bed, a yellow curtain and a pink curtain.

I then went back to my own livingroom where everything was gone except for my shoes and a bowl of potato chips which was football shaped. I was going to try to take this last object with me but it was large and I didn't want to spill the food on the way.

I still felt a lot of concern about the sheets and what was inside them, and was feeling a bit of anxiety that I would get away safely and that the person who owned these sheets wouldn't discover what I had done before I got out the door.

NOTE: I seem to know that there was a negative scene inside a church which I was leaving also prior to this sheet twisting process, but I can't bring the details back, just know that it took place inside a church with a lot of people. I feel like it had to do with rules and power over other people and I didn't want to keep doing this and was making a change on my own.


8-14-00 - DREAM - I was with some people in a building. It was like a factory or warehouse ... rather dirty looking place. There was a long   work table in front of me with some buckets, flower pots with old dirt caked on them and some junk.

The man with me, was siphoning some water from the bottom of the ocean. There was a problem with the pressure of this water. The end of the hose had a gadget on it that was adjustable ... this part was copper or some other metal that color.

The water started coming out rather slow and I had it aimed at a small bucket which I put on the floor. We were going to siphon quite a lot of water so I was looking at the other containers to put water in also, and nothing looked suitable.

The water was coming stronger and stronger. There was like a hiccup in the water stream, then the water turned red like blood for a minute, then went back to plain water again. The blood-red water rather shocked us. We didn't know where that came from.  We did this siphoning process a few minutes ... then stopped.

I went outside. I was by an older black car ... kind of 40's looking car. There were two large plastic see-thru bags next to the car with white wool-like stuff in it.  The bags started to blow over so I grabbed them and leaned them back against the car again. These bags belonged to two children who were named but I've forgotten.

As I woke up I saw the name Carol Maxine Saban


8-15-00 - DREAM - I was working as an inspector in a large apartment building.  Hilary Clinton seemed to be the person who was in charge of paying the workers.  I was walking through the apartments, inspecting the ceilings and walls and making the decisions on which ones needed to be painted or repaired.

On a clipboard which I had in my hands, I had elaborate time sheets to fill in for the painters who were walking behind me.  One of the painters, who looked very familiar to me, looked at the time sheet and the list of apartments I was making with the work to be done, said, "I learned my lesson."


8-15-00 - I can't recall this dream in detail, but Hilary Clinton was also in this dream and I inspected rooms that were 5 sided. They were called something special which I also can't remember.


8-15-00 - DREAM - I was living in a house that had several kitchens side by side as well as extra sections of house that I've been in before.  Kimber was in one of the small kitchens, showing a woman the design of the plate that held the 5 bladed ceiling fan to the ceiling. It was a 4 short armed cross with some fancy designs on it.

I pointed out to them as well as some others that this house had incredible symbolism built into it. I pointed at the woodwork in the corners which were like fleur de lis and other things around the room that were designed with fancy woodwork.

In the middle of the wall was a niche, almost like a fireplace except that there was a pure white lion in it laying down. I saw that the lion started to move as though he were alive ... then more and more and finally the lion stood up. Behind the lion, I then saw Bob the painter, dressed all in white. He put a leash on the lion and led him away through a room behind the niche in the wall.

I noted when I looked into a mirror that the hair on the top of my head was gone and I had male pattern baldness like my father had. I wondered if I needed to take some hormones, if that would make my hair grow back in. It didn't look bad, but I looked like my father from that direction.

I had inspected this house when I moved in three weeks ago and made a list of repairs that the house needed as well as things that needed cleaning up.  The other people were just sitting around doing nothing and there was a lot to do, so I suggested that I show everyone the list and perhaps each person could choose one thing off the list and be responsible for repairing or cleaning.  Some of the men in the house were carpenters and electricians and painters. No one had any objection to that so I said I would bring out the list.

I had to go to the bathroom and when I went to look of a bathroom where I thought it was, I found other kitchens.  While I was looking, I was calling my daughter Jeanne. Other children were answering, but Jeanne did not. Finally, I discovered another larger white door that was almost closed and when I opened it all the way, I called my daughter and she came out of a room behind that door.

I asked Jeanne if she remembered what happened to the pinkish goldfish I had given to her to carry. She said that she had taken them out of her purse to carry and I recalled then at the same time that the plastic bag full of water and the three pink goldfish had come undone on a small children's table and died.

I then noted that there were some other women in this section of the house that were acting like lesbians and kissing each other. I knew there were more sections to this house I had been in before and I asked these women if they would like to go on a tour. I was certain they would like this house and the secret rooms it hid.


8-16-00  - DREAM - I was standing on the corner of 71st and Greenfield on the south side of the street with an old, old man, who had white hair and a long black winter overcoat. I would bet money that this was old Mr. Joe Fitzgerald Kennedy. It was snowy out, but I had not even a sweater on. I was wearing a sleeveless blouse and a rather short skirt. I wondered why I wasn't cold. The temperature seemed to be like room temperature of 72 degrees even though there was snow on the ground.

We started out to walk east to catch the bus on 70th and Greenfield when I realized there was a bus stop going east right on the other side of 71st street when I saw two young men standing there.

So, I hooked my hand under the old man's arm and we walked across the street to wait for the bus.

I didn't have any money or a purse with me, so I asked the old man if he had enough money to loan me a quarter for the bus. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two quarters and two nickels and handed them to me. He said I should keep it because we didn't know how much the bus fare was.

When the bus came, the two young men got on the bus first and put a strange looking quarter into the bus token box. It was square but had the corners notched off at an angle. The bus driver looked at the guys and said, "Thanks for the plastic Carolyn Kennedy quarter. The fare was only 10c." and he gave them change of a nickel back.

I then put in my real quarter and he said to me, "The fare is only 10c," and he reached into his change thing to give us change and we said, "Keep the change," because the money was going to charity anyway.

We walked to the back of the bus where there were square tables where 4 people could sit around and sat down. I put the money I had left ... one quarter and two nickels on the table and the old man said to me, "Keep the change, you might need it one day."


8-15-00 - I had three dreams which started with seeing words written on a square metal plate which related to Caroline Kennedy.  The first one was black on white and the other two were red on gold. The plates were about 4 inches across and the words rather than written straight across were written across, down, across the bottom, and up the other side so one would have to turn the plate around and around to read it.

I only remember part of one of the dreams after I saw the plates. I was in a house with a couple other people and the man left for work and came back before he got there as he was being chased by some space warriors.  The space warriors were all dressed in white puffy space suits and helmets and were carrying long sticks. We prevented them from coming into the house by beating on the windows and window ledges with long sticks that we had in the house.


8-15-00 - DREAM - I was seemingly in my New Berlin house and getting ready for a meeting. I was given some large sheets of paper which were copies of some writing which someone had done at another meeting and then xeroxed.  These papers were to be copied and distributed to the others who were coming to the meeting and they weren't very clear so I was going to type them up first so they could be read more clearly. One of them was a recipe for some kind of dessert with cherries in it, like some kind of pie or cobbler. The rest was on large sheets of paper written almost edge to edge in scribbled handwriting which would have been hard to decipher.

I was just beginning to set the table for dinner before the meeting and Anna Hayes came in.  I was busy so didn't talk to her directly, but she sat at the table and told us that Tom someone wasn't coming to the meeting because he had to take care of his small son and she would excuse him just this one time, but normally he would have to attend all the meetings.

While she was telling us this, I was washing my hands with a small piece of soap that changed colors, first red, then blue, then green, then crystal clear as it got smaller.

I then noticed I had some bottles of Chinese medicine in a basket of little things I had by the kitchen sink and one of them said T3 on it. I was surprised because my friend Michelle and I were talking about T3 just yesterday which is an enzyme needed for people to make their Thyroids work properly and keep the metabolism working correctly, thus the weight would be proper for the person.

I opened the bottle of T3, expecting to see pills in it, or capsules. But when I pulled out what I thought was going to be a capsule, it was a long colored plastic post with a twisted spiral rubber band around it, and next to it was a long thin silver nail. For every rubber banded post was a silver nail.


8-17-00 - DREAM - I was watching a book being created about the people on the Survivor television show.  Pictures and captions were placed on the pages which were white.  Towards the end, someone asked the question as to why this book was being created and then the pages turned from white to grey with overtones of pink and green.


8-17-00 - VISION - I was so tired I lay back down and I started to see the Survivor page again and I heard a voice say, "The 1995 Thunderbird is important"  Then someone said, "Don't you like Indians?" then I heard the name Allan Bronson.


8-17-00 - DREAM - I was still exhausted so I lay back down again and was thinking about the Survivor page again and decided I would just ignore it because I have a lot of other things to do to upgrade other pages I've already done. I fell asleep and had this dream:

I was in New Berlin, at the intersection of Calhoun (172nd) and Beloit Rd. I was at the stop sign headed south going towards home. On the other side of the intersection were two grey cars at the stop sign headed south.  Both of them also belonged to me. I don't know if I ran out of gas or what, but I had abandoned those cars at the stop sign.

To the left and slightly half way behind the second car of mine, there was a police car and an officer was about to get out of his car and write a ticket on the cars at the stop sign.

I wanted desperately to drive across the intersection and stop the policeman from writing the tickets, but my view was blocked by a huge grey car to my immediate left. It was so large I couldn't see past it or through it to see if there was traffic coming, so it would be too dangerous to proceed.  My dilemma was to either creep slowly forward until I could see clearly enough to cross the intersection, or just take a big chance and drive forward anyway ... but then ... the police car was stopped in my lane so I wouldn't be able to go past my own stopped cars either. I didn't know what to do.


8-17-00 - DREAM - I can't remember many details.  I was looking for my keys to my car in a box marked 570 and they didn't seem to be there.  (That's my P.O. Box number) My keys weren't in my pockets either.

I was in a big office. It was dark outside and it was almost time to go home. All the women were sitting at their desks, doing nothing ... just waiting for 5 p.m. so they could leave.  I introduced myself to the woman at the end desk. I asked what she did in her spare time and she said she spent all her time on the internet.  I told her I did too, and I tried to write down the name of my website.

I wrote down with great difficulty but I got it on the piece of paper.  Then I tried to write my address down and couldn't write the number correctly. Everytime I wrote it down I wrote 16978 with a 7x 1 below it, and when I saw my error I tried again and again it came out 16978 with a 7x 1 below it. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't write down my address correctly.

NOTE: Joe and I have been driving around looking for this address but haven't found it yet. All we are finding are empty fields.  No houses.


8-17-00 - DREAM - I was in my apartment building which I managed. I went to the basement to do laundry. I filled up all the machines.  I saw over in the corner a woman was taking lessons in something, and I overheard the teacher use the word Tae bo.  She told the student that it wouldn't cost anything to learn the words, but the movements would cost money.

For some reason I wasn't able to turn on the machines. They were on a timer.

A man showed up who talked like he was applying for the job of maintenance man. He was dismayed at the laundry. He had no intention of doing laundry for other people. I told him everyone did their own laundry. That made him feel a little relieved. He told me that he was offered $1.00 per hour; that he couldn't pay rent on that.  I told him that was a mistake, that the boss paid at least minimum wage, whatever that was or more.

I had to clean several toilets. They were no larger than the brush was and they were really yellow inside. I rinsed the brush in the sink. I then told some kids they had to clean up the toys on the floor and I would pick up the big stuff.

I had to carry a long box to a shed outside. It seemed that it was heavier than it should have been, but I got it out there okay.  I noticed that in the basement, there was a long rod or pipe laying in the hallway that ended just at the doorway. I didn't know what that was for ...  something that was going to be installed.

I came out into the big downstairs hallway and I saw the same woman from the previous dream. She waved at me and tossed her pretty hair. Her husband and two sons were right behind her.  There was a strange man with them also, who I thought at first was my boss. They were all dressed in identical pale grey suits with muted or pastel green and orange plaid shirts.  They had just come back from the grandmother's funeral.  The boys said they didn't feel any sadness because they didn't know their grandmother at all. I could understand that.

The men then turned and on one man's forehead in white, it said, "The butterflies are leaving." and on the other man's forehead in white it said, "Life is free!"


8-19-00 - The radio was on with interviews about ETs, UFOs, and abductions.  When I felt asleep, my dreams were of blue on white ET symbols.


8-19-00 - DREAM - I was living in a city and worked in a very large building.  I worked on one of the upper floors. I left work and got out to the street and realized I had forgotten something, so I went back to the elevator to go back up to get it. Several young girls followed me who had never ridden in an elevator before.

I got on the elevator first and the girls followed. They didn't have a clue how to even get past the doors. One girl got her head stuck in the door, one got stuck between the doors.  I finally had to yank them inside the elevator one by one.

After I came back down with my stuff, I crossed the street and turned around to look back at the building. On the top of the elevator shaft was a huge man who 'drove' the elevator.  I hollered up at him about the plight of the young girls and how they didn't know how to ride an elevator.  He said, "Don't worry about them. I haven't lost anyone in the last 5 years."  He had a very determined look on his face, and I wouldn't worry about the girls.

This might be a separate dream. I was in a city and was going to go to the store to buy some needed supplies. There was a good looking man there who also needed some supplies. He asked me if I would pick up a couple of things for him while I was there. I said that I would.

I followed the man inside of a large building which seemed to be a huge bar and dance hall. It seemed that he owned it. It also seemed that many women liked this guy, but he didn't seem to have a woman of his own.

While I waited for him to get his list and money together, I sat up on top of a bar with a handmade blanket over my lap made of multi-colored squares. (I made one like this for myself to meditate with)

He said to me in a loud voice which everyone could hear, "Will you take cash?" He grinned and then said, "Not that my offer makes you any less a lady or has any symbolism attached to it."  I grinned back.

I could hear loud cheering sounds from a large darkened room beyond two double doors. It seemed to correlate to the suggestive remark the man had just made to me. But the man went to the door where it was dark inside and the noise quieted down without him even saying a word.

He came over to me and said that he wanted orange juice and cigarettes, but it wasn't that simple.  He called the orange juice an 'orange wizard' and as he said it, he finished the last of his odd shaped glass of the drink and I stuck out my tongue to taste it from his lips and he stuck out his tongue for me to taste it. His tongue was narrow like a snake and the drink tasted like orange flavored honey.

He then showed me the last cigarette he had which I was to buy his brand. The cigarette was white and had blue symbols on it like the ET symbols I had seen while listening to the radio earlier.

I didn't know what brand of cigarette he smoked and I had never seen any like this, but I didn't want to seem dumb, so I didn't ask what brand it was and decided I would match the markings on the cigarette to what they had in the store.  


8-20-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with two of my sons. All three of us were laying on a brown plaid couch for a long time and I was thinking about indians. I can't remember what though.


8-20-00 - DREAM - I was living in a small town with my husband and my kids. My son Bill was about 10 years old. It was time to go to school and we sent him out the door.  We then realized that his friend John lived only two blocks from the house and that it was a neat thing that he would have a friend living that close. My husband and I decided to walk down the street the two blocks to check out where the kid lived and when we got there, we saw John playing outside with another boy.  The bad part was that the upstairs where his parents lived looked like it had been bombed out.  We continued on down to the building on the corner where we saw John playing and discovered that his parents had moved into a small apartment on the first floor of the building. It was very neat and clean and fully furnished so we knew they were okay.  Nobody was home so we left again and went outside.  We were just thinking it was too bad that Bill didn't know that John lived there, when Bill came outside from a house right next door. His brown jacket was wet with rain. He looked rather embarrassed to be caught somewhere other than where he was supposed to be ... school.  He knew all along that John lived there and just didn't tell us.  We didn't know whether to be angry or glad.


8-20-00 - DREAM  - I lived in the country in a large house with other family members like my Great Aunt Cora.  I went outside to look at our large garden. We grew corn and had a large field of it.

I was carrying a beautiful red tomato and when I went outside, I could smell tomatoes but I didn't see the garden where they were growing. For some reason, I pulled one end off the tomato I was carrying and threw it on the ground, then threw away the rest of the tomato as well.

I was hearing noises and continued on down the corn row. The corn was way higher than my head.  When I came out on the other end of the field, I was shocked to see women running around speaking loudly in every direction. It seemed like such a sacrilege to speak that loudly in nature and not appreciate it.

I thought about whether I'd like to be friends with those women and decided I wouldn't. I liked the quiet better.

I went back through the next corn row to the house and when I met my Aunt Cora I complained to her how the world had changed and how noisy it was now. It was a sad thing.


8-20-00 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house and a woman came in to get a dream interpretation. She told me a dream where she had been beheaded, and we discussed whether the dream meant she was really beheaded or whether it meant she had a problem with her mental faculties. Her daughter was messing around in the other room so she had to go check on her.  As she left the room she said it was hard to determine whether a dream meant 'beheaded' or ' bereaved'. I told her to remember that while she was living in the 3D world, she had a right to think and feel like a physical being.

She went into the other room to get her daughter who ran through the diningroom to the livingroom on the other side of the wall. As she caught up to her daughter, I woke up laying in bed and realized I had been dreaming that.

I looked out the window and saw that it was dark outside, but I heard Joe in the livingroom through the closed door.  Joe brought me a small plate of scrambled eggs and I lay in bed eating it while he went back out into the livingroom and closed the door.

I heard a car come into the driveway and heard Joe walk quickly to the kitchen. I heard his fork clink on the plate and then put his plate down on the stove as he went to the back door.

I didn't know who had come in the driveway, but I wanted to know, so I dropped the plate which was now empty and the fork on the bed, jumped out of bed, ran for the door and actually ran towards the back door which Joe had just gone out of.

By the time I got to the door, Joe had already gone outside and gotten into the car.  I heard the car backing out of the driveway as I opened the door and woke up again ... this time for real.


8-21-00 - DREAM - I was living in a large house with my children. All my clothes were hanging in a special closet so that my dresses could be separated into different colors so that none touched each other. Even those which were white with blue flowers were separated from those with green flowers or pink flowers.

I was in my bedroom which was somewhat dimly lit when I woke up was decorated in white with red roses on everything, quilts, curtains, even the floor.

Todd from 'One Life To Live' television show came to stay with us. He brought with him a toilet tissue roll (minus the paper) and inside of it was a red and black snake and a green and yellow parakeet.

After he left the room, I thought it best to let the snake and the bird out of the toilet tissue roll because there wasn't much air inside of it.

In my bedroom, I had a large platform on a table with a rim around it that held pure sand with colored stones for decoration every few inches. The stones were of various colors. I realized that releasing the snake, it could lay it's eggs in places I might not see, especially if it got off the table.  I planned to buy a cage with fine wire grid to put the snake and birds in, but meanwhile I checked on the parakeet which was not in good condition.  The red and black snake made it's way across the sand bed behind a rock all by itself, but the parakeet was gasping for air. At first I thought it was dead, but then I saw it gasping and knew it might make it.  

As soon as the parakeet gasped for air, a red and black finch bird came flying out of the dark of the room onto the platform and began to encourage the green and yellow parakeet to breathe.

I was quite pleased and didn't foresee any problems.

I then went to check on my kids who were still sleeping, check out the room where Todd was staying, and double check the building itself to make sure it was okay and didn't need any repairs.

As I walked, I had a white quilt with powder blue flowers on it wrapped around me and trailing on the ground behind me.

I noted that my daughter's room door was almost closed ... just open a crack so I didn't bother her. My sons doors were wide open, but I could see them in their beds sound asleep. There rooms too were all decorated with white quilts with roses on them. The curtains and carpets were matching ... quilted carpets just like the bed. Todd's room was identical except he had brought all his stuff with him. I could tell he planned to stay awhile.

I went outside and found Todd out there with all the other kids in the neighborhood.  He shouted, "What's this?" and raised his arm straight up into the air with his index pointed straight up. About half of the kids did the same thing.  Todd laughed, "Two out of four isn't half bad! hahahahaha!!!!"  

I wasn't about to play that game with him. I could he planned to try to control everyone to play his game. He wanted to reach the point where he said, "What's this?" and everyone would raise their arm and point at the sky.  That's real control.  

NOTE: Shades of Hitler? The Anti-Christ?


8-21-00 - A dream a friend had about me:

Date: 08/21/2000

<< Please tell me your dream... I just had another red and black dream just this morning... and it seemed to relate to 'evil' ... like Anti-Christ type evil ... moving into the neighborhood.


First of all, I am sorry to hear that you feel your red and black dreams are "evil" in nature. I have seen beautiful, vibrant and rich colors almost like velvet in mine. Anything that I have had with black (never saw red in a bad dream) that is of a negative nature, the black has been mist like, or dull in color. Also came with it, a void - almost a sorrow. Sometimes a bad powerful feeling. But not with the rich colors. They are regal in nature. I instantly know that the richness of the color is great. I can feel it.

DREAM: Someone came to your door and knocked very softly. You were lying in bed and awoke to the very soft sound (about 4:30 a.m.).

You were apprehensive in opening the door and got quite anxious when you tried looking out the front room windows to see who was standing there (no peep hole in door either).

You mustered up all the courage you could think of and eventually opened the door. Before you stood a person with very long dark brown hair (almost auburn) with strong piercing eyes that could look right into your soul (eye color green). The person was wearing dark rich colored pants (black) and a red satin shirt.

But the features of the person really didn't give way to whether it was a man or woman. No words spoken. No real strong features to tell the difference.

This person pulled out a very tiny music box from the front right pants pocket. They opened it and it played Somewhere my Love (Dr. Zhivago (sp)).

You accepted the gift, smiled courteously and closed the door.

Once inside, another set of knocks came from the door. But this time, you went back to bed and refused to answer the door again. (That part I did not get a good feeling from. I felt you should have opened the door.)

You put the music box on your dresser and went back to bed. But all in all, I felt it was a very positive dream.


8-22-00 - DREAM - I lived and worked in the same place ... and apartment building.

It seemed I was working for President Clinton. He wasn't there at the time, and I looked into his clothes closet. I opened the door and on the right side, in full view on the outside, was hanging a full suit with a red tie with a blonde woman on it like Marilyn Monroe. It was hidden behind the door, but ready to wear.

I was getting ready to move to another place. My roommate, who was a blonde woman had already moved out. Her name was Lindsey from the television show, "One Life to Live." (Lindsey means 'from the Linden-tree island)

I looked to see what she had taken because she had left when I wasn't looking to check to make sure she didn't take what was mine.

I opened a large cabinet in the kitchen and on the right side I saw that she had taken all of the stored food containers ... that had been empty. However, she left all the full containers ... the ones that were full of water had a red rim around the edges of the covers and a water filter that was used to clean bad water in an emergency in the future.  

I asked the men who were there whether I should take the red rimmed water containers the way they were but I was told I had enough time to empty out the water and refill them on the other end of the move.

The maintenance man was looking for a specific tool which was supposed to be in the garage to make sure the blonde woman hadn't taken it.  I told him that it had been handed to me while I was in the kitchen and I had placed it in the bottom drawer where I had been standing.

When he came in, I had been sitting down, but when I stood up the chair was removed, and all that was left was an empty brown paper bag on the floor and an empty brown potato sack ... no place left to sit down.

So, we looked in the bottom drawers. On the right side was a single tool ... a red handled bow saw to cut off tree branches.  On the left side drawer was an entire set of green handled tools, which were mine, including a long handled branch clipper, wrenches, a hand branch clipper, and all kinds of building tools. The blonde woman hadn't taken any of my tools with her.

In a large wing backed chair behind me, looking like a throne,  were sitting two men. The oldest man who looked very frail ... like he was over 100 years old, was being read to by his son who was also older, but still had dark hair. They were holding hands and the younger man was sitting on his right side. The younger man said that the old man had a soft hand hold.  They had a multi-colored squares quilt over their laps and the book they were reading was under the quilt.

The younger man turned a page and the older man would read the page, then the younger man would turn the page when he was ready for the next page. I wondered if the younger man was turning the pages too quickly for the old man to finish reading or if the old man was just looking at the pictures.

I decided I would look to see what they were reading and I peeked under the quilt. There was a single picture on the page.  It was a picture of an empty black riot suit with it's right arm held up in the air with a huge black stick ready to strike. When I thought of it, it looked like a real suit ... not a picture.  It seemed that they were just pretending to be reading. It reminded me of President Teddy Roosevelt's statement ... "Speak softly but carry a big stick".


To implement new imperialism, Roosevelt needed to equip the country with the proper ideals and programs. Forwarding his agenda required a strong navy (known as the Great White Fleet)—which Roosevelt built and sent on world tour in 1907. The president also realized that his foreign policy needed a strong commitment to the supervision of international disputes in the Caribbean; Roosevelt justified American's intervention in these matters by stating his "corollary" to the Monroe Doctrine. (See Caribbean Resentment section below.) Furthermore, Roosevelt advocated that a powerful chief executive must be willing to use force when necessary while practicing the art of persuasion. When possible, he said, "speak softly and carry a big stick." In practice, Roosevelt's was one of the few presidencies in which U.S. forces did not engage in hostilities. In Roosevelt's view, his new imperialism also offered the promise of making the whole world safe, sane, and spiritual—meaning Christian, and solvent. These are the goals that linked American missionaries to investment bankers, manufacturers, military expansionists (Alfred Mahan), and farmers eager for new markets.

When the President learned that many of the army officers in Washington D.C.  had become soft, physically, through their long residence in the city, where an unmilitary life did not tend to keep their muscles hard. As a consequence these great men of war became easy-going, indolent even, better suited to loaf in the armchairs of the Metropolitan Club and discuss campaigns and battles long ago than to lead troops in the field. "Their condition," said Roosevelt, "would have excited laughter, had it not been so serious, to think that they belonged to the military arm of the Government. A cavalry colonel proved unable to keep his horse at a sharp trot for even half a mile when I visited his post; a major-general proved afraid even to let his horse canter when he went on a ride with us; and certain otherwise good men proved as unable to walk as if they had been sedentary brokers." After consulting Generals Wood and Bell, who were themselves real soldiers at the top of condition, the President issued orders that the infantry should march fifty miles, and the cavalry one hundred, in three days. There was an outcry. The newspapers denounced Roosevelt as a tyrant who followed his mere caprices. Some of the officers intrigued with Congressmen to nullify the order. But when the President himself, accompanied by Surgeon-General Rixey and two officers, rode more than one hundred miles in a single day over the frozen and rutty Virginia roads, the objectors could not keep up open opposition. Roosevelt adds, ironically, that three naval officers who walked the fifty miles in a day, were censured for not obeying instructions, and were compelled to do the test over again in three days.

We have seen that from his interest in American naval history, which began before he left Harvard, he came to take a very deep interest in the Navy itself, and when he was Assistant Secretary, he worked night and day to complete its preparation for entering the Spanish War. From the time he became President, he urged upon Congress and the country the need of maintaining a fleet adequate to ward off any dangers to which we might be exposed. In season and out of season he preached, with the ardor of a propagandist, his gospel that the Navy is the surest guarantor of peace which this country possesses. By dint of urging he persuaded Congress to consent to lay down one battleship of the newest type a year. Congress was not so much reluctant as indifferent. Even the lesson of the Spanish War failed to teach the Nation's law-makers, or the Nation itself, that we must have a Navy to protect us if we intended to play the role of a World Power. The American people instinctively dreaded militarism, and so they resisted consenting to naval or military preparations which might expand into a great evil such as they saw controlling the nations of Europe.

Nevertheless Roosevelt, as usual, could not be deterred by opposition; and when the Hague Conference in 1907, through the veto of Germany, refused to limit armaments by sea and land, he warned Congress that one new battleship a year would not do, that they must build four. Meanwhile, he had pushed to completion a really formidable American Fleet, which assembled in Hampton Roads on December 1, 1907, and ten days later weighed anchor for parts unknown. There were sixteen battleships, commanded by Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans. Every ship was new, having been built since the Spanish War. The President and Mrs. Roosevelt and many notables reviewed the Fleet from the President's yacht Mayflower, as it passed out to sea. Later, the country learned that the Fleet was to sail round Cape Horn, to New Zealand and Australia, up the Pacific to San Francisco, then across to Japan, and so steer homeward through the Indian Ocean, the Suez Canal, and the Mediterranean to Gibraltar, across the Atlantic, and back to Hampton Roads.

The American public did not quite know what to make of this dramatic gesture. Roosevelt's critics said, of course, that it was the first overt display of his combativeness, and that from this he would go on to create a great army and be ready, at the slightest provocation, to attack any foreign Power. In fact, however, the sending of the Great Fleet, which was wholly his project, was designed by him to strengthen the prospect of peace for the United States. Through it, he gave a concrete illustration of his maxim: "Speak softly, but carry a big stick." The Panama Canal was then half dug and would be finished in a few years. Distant nations thought of this country as of a land peopled by dollar-chasers, too absorbed in getting rich to think of providing defense for themselves. The fame of Dewey's exploit at Manila Bay had ceased to strike wonder among foreign peoples, after they heard how small and almost contemptible, judging by the new standards, the Squadron was by which he won his victory. Japan, the rising young giant of the Orient, felt already strong enough to resent any supposed insult from the United States. Germany had embarked on her wild naval policy of creating a fleet which would soon be able to cope with that of England.

When, however, the Great Fleet steamed into Yokohama or Bombay or any other port, it furnished a visible evidence of the power of the country from which it came. We could not send an army to furnish the same object-lesson. But the Fleet must have opened the eyes of any foreign jingoes who supposed that they might send over with impunity their battleships and attack our ports. In this way it served directly to discourage war against us, and accordingly it was a powerful agent for peace. Spectacular the voyage was without question, like so many of Roosevelt's acts, but if you analyze it soberly, do you not admit that it was the one obvious, simple way by which to impress upon an uncertain and rapacious world the fact that the United States had manpower as well as money-power, and that they were prepared to repel all enemies?


Policy proclaimed by President James Monroe on December 2, 1823, in his address to Congress; the doctrine closed the Americas to further colonization by European powers. Monroe issued the statement in the face of threats by France and Spain to lead a joint expedition to discipline their increasingly independent holdings in the New World. The President was supported in his proclamation by Great Britain's promise to use the British fleet to help implement the doctrine if the need arose. The address made four points: (1) no European power would be allowed to alter the status quo in the Americas, (2) the American system of republics was unique and quite distinct from the European monarchical system of government, (3) any European effort to impose its system of government on the Americas would be considered a hostile act, and (4) the U.S. recognized existing colonial relationships.

8-23-00 - DREAM - The first part of the night was strange. I was seeing a black screen with white words on it.  I knew it was about ETs, however, the words were like clouds rather than like typed words. Meaning that the edges of the words were not clear, but more like the edges of clouds that are dissipating.  Hard to describe that. I couldn't read any of it.


8-23-00 - DREAM - It was a night of testing.  The dreams weren't like real at all. There was no sensation of wet, warm, cold, etc. no smell, etc. One of the scenes ... I jumped into the ocean or a lake with a dish of icecream in my hand and realized I couldn't swim and eat icecream at the same time.

I then figured out that it was easier to swim in the top 3 inches of the water and instead of swimming like normal people, I did the doggie crawl in the top 3 inches of water and went really fast. I ended up on 17th St. in Milwaukee ...  really dumb.


8-23-00 - DREAM -  I was with my Aunt Ruth who died last year or earlier this year. She handed me a silver measuring tape-like thing.  I was supposed to do something with this that tested things I knew. There were no details with it.  

I think I passed all the tests. I have no way to know for certain though.


8-24-00 - I didn't want to dream when I went to bed. I felt like I wanted a day off.  I had 4 visions of the Survivor game which we had watched for 2 hours before we went to bed. Obviously this is important in the future.


8-25-00 - DREAM - Though there were people in these dreams, there was no sense of reality to them. They were about survival. The people in the dreams were movie and TV actors. The father was Asa (the patriarch) from 'One Life to Live'.  The boy/child who wanted to go to college was an 8 sided figure with red marks inside of it, like a hockey puck. It cost 8 quarters to go to college. The Mother, who was in a black car, only had 6 quarters which I asked from her. She gave me the 6 quarters and I had to provide the other two. The Father didn't want the child to go to college, and when I was in the house, the Father caused a lot of ice to appear on the windows, then melted it quite quickly. There was a Chinese woman (television newscast reporter) She was sweeping the garage floor, so I volunteered to sweep the remaining ice off the driveway that my Father had left behind.


8-25-00 - You gotta wonder how many years I'm going to keep having these types of dreams.

DREAM - I was just moving into a large home in a very ritzy town, right across the street from houses that were facing the ocean. The house directly across the street actually had stained glass windows in their doors. We're talking people with money.

I was obviously renting or housesitting in the house I was in. The house I was moving into was elegant, but there were signs that it had had a lot of other people in it before. The mattress was old and the drapery rods were old and bent on the ends. The curtains were pretty but old.

Some people came to the door and needed help getting their truck started. I could hear the truck outside with it's engines stalled, needing a new batter or something. I saw that they had a pretty green speed boat resting in the back of the truck. I was about to call a service truck for them, when I spotted my ex-husband Ed come into the yard. I about freaked out, but didn't have time to interact with him. He volunteered to help the people which was great, but at the same time, the wife or daughter of the house I was moving into came to check out the house and I had to escort her through the place. She wanted to inspect it.

So, I had to observe what Ed was doing at the same time I was escorting the woman through the house.  I saw that Ed started up the motor on the boat and drove the boat through the yard around to the front of the truck to jump start the truck.

Meanwhile there were more people arriving at the house. A mother with her child arrived and I had to sign some little strip of paper which was pink and there was hardly room to write on the paper and the pen ran out of ink and I had to get another one. She was there to reupholster the bed which she said they did once a year.  Who was I to object. I'd have a mattress that had a shiny new blue quilted cover on it.

At the same time, I saw Ed get into a station wagon out in the dark with those other people and I got scared to death they were going out to party and he'd come home drunk and I'd have to deal with him in a drunken state.

I did't have time to be afraid right then. Some men came to the door with all new drapes and drapery rods and wanted to install them. They were all blue flowered and really beautiful.

In order to get them in the front door, the old woman and I had to squeeze past some stuff that was in the livingroom, including two lit candle stands. I was afraid we were going to knock them over but I don't think we did.  The old woman said that her husband probably planned to have his annual party in this house because he was almost blind and he felt most at home here where he knew where everything was and knew his way around by 'feel'.

I had to move some potted plant type stuff from one table to another and I saw that there was a pedestal table there that was upsidedown and chairs broken. I was shocked and wondered how it could have happened.

I then saw that the people with the truck had returned. I looked around for Ed and didn't see him. I asked the people where he was. They said he was in ____ jail.  I asked why. They said that they had taken him downtown to the bar to have a drink and he had gotten violent with the woman and started fighting with her, so they had jumped on him and arrested him and put him in jail. He said, You gotta wonder why he fights the people who try to help him." (These aren't his exact words... he said something about his being an agent or something)

I walked up to each guy and gave them a big hug. I felt such a sense of relief. The woman asked why I wasn't angry at them, and I explained that Ed had tried to kill me 15 years ago while he was drunk and he couldn't drink because he got violent.

The woman said, "Well, when he comes home you can give him a week and see how it goes."

I said, "No! He just had his chance and he blew it already, so he doesn't get any more chances."  

She seemed to understand.

Just then Blair from the TV show, One Life to Live pulled up in front of the house in a sleek black convertible sportscar with the top down, with my daughter in the right passenger seat. I went out to say, "Hello" and Blair said that she usually drives around with her own daughter talking to her from behind after I admired her car and told her it was a nice car. But I could see there was no seats behind her, it was a two seater car....  you gotta wonder ....


8-26-00 -  I was dreaming of a large index on a computer. I was particularly looking at the A and B section.  It was fully adjustable and really cool. The only thing I remember for certain is, "Body by Queller".  

NOTE: Before I went to bed I was working on an index for our book, but at this point it is handwritten in a notebook ... not on the computer.


8-27-00 - DREAM - My dream is fading fast because I was given a shot of some kind of drug which woke me up suddenly.  The woman who gave it to me said, "For America!"  I woke up instantly, but then started having a slow pulsating vision of a newspaper page with a green forest picture on the front. That faded, then someone said ... "Glen Tyler ... killed three women."  

In the dream itself, I saw two sides in an ET type war. They actually resembled the heads of pliers ... rather A shaped ... one was silver and one was bright blue  ... seemingly the color of their suits with helmets.

There was a factory scene in here which I can't remember . I was inspecting parts ... which is where I saw the ET war preparation scene.

There was a brief discussion with a women who was in my kitchen of my having visions and wondering if I was sane. I knew I was but I was trying to give the impression that maybe I wasn't.  

There was the indication that a man was moving into a house on 15th St. which was right across the alley and a couple houses down which was to be for my benefit because he knew things I didn't and I'd be able to find out from him what I didn't know.

I went to the lunchroom where preparations weren't quite ready. An older woman said she needed someone to go to Benson's with her (like a butcher shop) and I said I had errands to go on also and would go with her. She was surprised.  I said I had to go to the bathroom first and on the way I saw the clock and it said 4:20 p.m.  I wondered what happened to all the time ... it was supposed to be noon. (The crop circle which appeared in 1998 said 4:20 and there was discussion about what it meant)  (Some say it's a symbol for drugs)  

I didn't find a bathroom, but went into a small office.  A red haired woman came in and I was going to go in a little waistbasket. I sat down on a chair and three people came in who cornered me ... a guy and two girls ...They towered over me and we had a brief discussion about the use of drugs to have visions vs having them naturally.  One of the girls was obviously coming down off of some kind of drugs ... her face and hands were twitching like she needed a fix of something really bad.  I said I preferred having natural visions. The other girls said, "Well, we'll see ..." and jabbed me in the hip or the arm with her hand which I assumed had a hypodermic needle in it.

I woke up instantly ... then started to have the visions of the forest then, about the 3 women being murdered.  

I dont' feel well, I had a bad hot flash a moment ago and feel kind of sick... so I'm going back to bed.

NOTE:  After I got up, my hip started to ache and then the aching started spreading down the right side of my leg and got worse and worse throughout the day.  However, my brain started clicking in with brilliant ideas too from time to time. It was a weird day.


8-27-00 - DREAM - I was working on a page of links that were blue hyperlinks about drugs.  I ended up doing two pages about this:



8-28-00 - All night I dreamed about either the index for the book or the words from the web page.


8-28-00 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen of my 16th St. house and my Supervisor Paul came. He told me he liked the word a_____ the best and I knew I had borrowed that word from a 1996 page I had done and pasted it in on a bright blue sticker that was about 2 inches wide by 3 inches high.  

I woke up numerous times and went back to sleep and this kept repeating so I'll have to look on that page and see what the word is.

The only page I had in 1996 was this one:  Reflections  It didn't read exactly the same in 1996 as it does now, but I'll look anyway. I think I have an original copy at another url ... maybe it's still there. I don't know until I look.


8-28-00 - DREAM - There was an elevator scene in which my son Bill came. He was about 3 years old.  He didn't know how to get on the elevator, so I had to help him get through the door which had an inside wooden sliding door.  I got onto the elevator with him. I got back off then because the elevator went down and I didn't want to go down.

As I was standing there, another older man who was like a boss or something came through and he got off another elevator which was in the alcove of the adjacent room. We discussed which elevator my son had used and which one he had used.  I was surprised to find that there was more than one elevator.


8-28-00 - DREAM - This seemed to be a continuation of the previous dream, because I was still checking on the a____ word, but other people were now involved and asking for advice about the stock market. I exchanged phone numbers with a woman I used to know so I could give her the name of the company I used which could be accessed fast. (It isn't one I use now)

In the dream I was laying on the ground in a fetal position for a long time just like I was laying in bed so this had to be bleed-through from the physical.  I was doing a lot of thinking about the a___ word in this dream still.  

Finally, I got up and headed for my car and was going to meet my husband and didn't know which house he would be at since we didn't pre-arrange a meeting. We had lived in several houses, so I didn't know where to go.

I ended up going to our 66th St. house and went to the bathroom. I flushed the toilet first, then sat down and the seat was really low and I had to hang onto the sink to get down there. It was almost like sitting on the floor. (I hate toilets like that).  I hadn't used a first floor toilet in a long time ... I usually went upstairs to use the toilet, but that was in a different house.

As soon as I went into the bathroom, when I turned around to close the door, my husband appeared in the kitchen and went into a bathroom that was right next to the one I was in.

As I sat on the toilet, the room expanded and I realized I was sitting on the toilet in a corner in a hardware store.  Two good friends came, a husband and wife, and I said to the husband, "Do you mind excusing me?"  and he went behind a shelf, but the wife came over to me to talk. She said she had to give me something that she owed me. I dont' remember that she did ... she was waiting until I was done, however I couldn't do anything because I was still wearing underwear.


8-29-00  - DREAM - I was in an odd place with an entity I never really saw. I don't know where this was but it was like a dim workplace or workshop.  We were using symbols to create rain. Each one was different.  Each place had their own symbol.  I can only recall the last symbol. It looked rather like a small branch with a downward hanging leaf with lightening coming down from the three tips of the leaf. The symbol was like a bathroom tile would look with a frame around it except it was colorless.  

When we were done, we got in a car to go home. While we were on the road, I could see the horizon in several directions as we were up high.  The clouds in the sky looked really strange. Higher up was a large black mass of clouds and the strange thing was the white towering cumulus clouds between the black mass of clouds and the ground. They looked like wild looking cloud pillars. Arranged around at least two horizons in a semi-circle it was the oddest looking sky I ever saw.

We came over the hill to where we would cross a bridge over the river to the opposite hill where the forest was.  We came to a screeching halt as I screamed, "Oh my God! Stop the car!" There was so much water from the risen river from all the rain we had created, the bridge was washed out and the river was 10 times it's normal size. The water was raging through the valley. Anything in it's path would have been washed away and was long gone.


8-29-00 - I decided to meditate on the above dream but I wasn't concentrating very hard.  I saw this statement , 'Something about Father and the C+ Joseph Mason. "

I then had  vision of a deer leaning up against a tree sitting on his haunches like a person. I said, "Oh, that's so cute."  The deert got up and walked away on it's hind legs like a person.


8-29-00 - Experience: I was walking into the livingroom from the kitichen. out ofo the corner of my eye, I thought I saw Abraham Lincoln sitting on my couch in his black suit. I rather shook my head because I wasn't sure I was seeing him and of course by then he was gone ... if he really was there.  I walked over to the couch and pretended like he was anyway, and told him to 'Move over, move over," and sat down right where he had been sitting, so if he had really been there, I was now sitting on his lap.  hehehehe


8-30-00 - DREAMS - There were several dreams about cleaning and getting ready for something. I had help placing a dresser in each bedroom which we had removed and were now replacing and putting in their proper place.

At the end, people were playing a game and I was seeing lists of cities. The one I noticed clearly was Reker and Alabama side by side. These were cities which were going to have destruction in.

At the end of the last scene, people were gathered together and had the names of the cities listed on their bodies, on their heads, faces, on their clothing. These were the cities where the destruction would be and the game was to choose which cities were done first.

The moment I woke up, a voice in my head said, 'MUST KNOW!"

So, the first thing I did was look up the name Reker to see if there was a city by that name. I found lots of people with that name, including on pages with the state Alabama. I was not able to find a city by that name, but I may have used the wrong type of search.


8-3-00 - Afternoon nap time:  I was thinking about Reker and Alabama and had a visions of a woman standing on a precipice with a young child about age 2 or 3 and she toppled off the precipice headlong with the child.

I saw a few other things I cannot remember, then a page of statements. The clearest one was,"You sat on the lap of the Provider".


8-31-00 - DREAM - I saw a series of sparkling boxes which reminded me of cameras with the lens glinting.  There were either 18 or 24.


8-31-00 - DREAM - I saw a list of places. I couldn't read any of them


8-31-00 - VISION - I saw the word  HUMb

NOTE: I'm thinking it's telling me to hum the sound B. My own sound according to what I was told in a dream several years ago is B flat.


8-31-00 - DREAM - I was in my apartment. A young man who is very familiar to me was moving in with me. He had a young slim girlfriend who was wearing chartreuse colored clothes. She said she had things to do and she left.

The young man was looking around and asking me why I had certain things in the apartment. There were a couple of strange looking dolls sitting on top of the TV set which my previous roommate had left behind. He questioned whether I needed them there and I said, "No!" and he took them down.

He sat on the couch next to me and picked up a pamphlet which I had and began to read it. He was enjoying it a lot. That pleased me.

I needed to change clothes as I had been wearing the same outfit for two days already.  It seems there were only two rooms in this apartment, but there were tan curtains hung diagonally across the bedroom so I could change clothes behind the curtain just in case he would come strolling into the room by accident.

There were two packages of clothes laying on the ironing board which I had not ever worn before, so I pulled them out of the packages to decide which to wear.

The first one was a white T-shirt type thing with purple flowers on it, and a darker purple skirt with white flowers on it.

The second one was a white T-shirt type dress with purple flowers on it.  

I decided to wear the white dress with the purple flowers first, and the other outfit the next day.  I looked down and saw that I was wearing bright red slacks and was clutching  a white bra in front of me but didn't actually have it on. I also needed to put on a white slip because I could see the sun shining through the dress.

I recalled that I had a new job to start downstairs in the Manager's office. I was going to be the assistant to the Manager though I already was thoroughly trained to do the job since I had done her job before. She wasn't aware that I had done that, so it was going to be interesting.  Somehow I knew she was wearing all shiny black though I hadn't been down there yet.

There was also an undercurrent of emotion going on here that the young man was going to fall in love with me though we didn't yet know each other. The attraction was going to be the reading material I had shown him to start with.