AUGUST, 2004


8-5-04 - DREAM - I was somewhere ... can't remember if it was Milwaukee, or some suburb - hard to say.

I was with a young woman in a car. Seemed like Becky, but if it was, she ended up looking like a young woman I worked with for a time at A-C - Juanita. A small, dark-haired girl.

We stopped at a restaurant for dinner and ordered our food. While there, we discovered a touch-type screen game which we were quite good at and we took turns playing. It had a lot of boxes to clear, treasures to find.

There was a little boy there too - a little blonde kid I called Natie (Nate/Nathan - means 'gift of god'). He was about 6 years old. He was good at the game too and I enjoyed watching him play the game.

While I was still eating dinner and talking to Natie who sat directly across from me, Ralph (means 'red wolf') (the lawyer-judge) came in.

He made a comment about Natie and how he was winning the game too much or too easily. He was rather upset about how good he was.

I remarked, "Well! You picked him - remember?"

Ralph picked up my plate, with what was left of my food and picked up Natie and rather 'commanded' that I come with him.

We went to a hallway behind the restaurant where he lived. As he walked, he commented about the mess in the hallway and I saw numerous quilts and blankets laid out in the hallway like rugs.

Since it bothered Ralph, I picked them up and carried them with me, knowing that Natie and his Nanny had probably been playing some kind of game with them.

Ralph carried my dinner plate into a kitchen area that was lit up behind a 1/2 glass door with a frosted window in it - I couldn't see through it.

He told me to shut the window in Natie's bedroom because it was too cold. I could feel a cool breeze and thought it was refreshing because it was hot in there, but if Ralph wanted it closed - close it would be.

The bed that Natie slept in was massive - King size wide, but child size short. No adult could have slept in it. It was made exclusively for a small child.

To get to the window, I had to go past massive blooming plants and potted trees.  I felt envious of how much care it would take to water all these plants. I assume that Ralph probably had a maid or gardener to take care of the plants until I discovered they were all plastic and fake. I did note that there wasn't a speck of dust on anything.

I closed the window and looked at more plants that were against the glass wall on the left. Even the glass behind massive plants was perfectly clear except for one - that had numerous tiny plants on little wooden ledges on the other side of the glass windows that would have been near impossible to keep clear, what with moisture from watering them, so I had to assume the seedlings were alive and well - outside the room.

I went through a wide doorway where Ralph and his butler had gone. These were actually two rooms - massive in size, and looked like a museum.

The butler was moving a large stone on the floor that looked like marble, but the color of a brown tiger's eye. I instantly recognized that the whole room was full of examples of the largest collection of huge semi-precious stones I ever saw.

I started walking that direction to look at closer and Ralph called my attention to a room full of leather satchels, briefcases, etc. He wanted to show me his newest prize. It was a lawyers' satchel - about 3 feet high by 4 feet wide. He opened it to show me how massive it was inside.

I asked him how he would ever be able to carry it when it was full of his briefs on his cases and he made a comment - something like, "Where there is a will there is a way."

Ralph then took me to the kitchen to show it to me. It was made of massive thick pieces of wood and butcher block counters.

There was a glass door by a pass-thru over the butcher block counter area and Ralph stood there to show me how to use some of the gadgets.

He said, "You will be coming here from time to time," and he wanted me to know how to use the tools in the kitchen.

He picked up what I thought was a pepper spray hose because it blew out something black all over Ralph's face. I was hoping it was pepper and not just air because Ralph's whole face turned black and he looked like the devil.

I cringed and woke up.


8-5-04 - MICHELLE'S DREAM - I and Paul were by a 3 peaked mountain. One peak slid down into the valley and I got scared and told Paul we had to get out of there because I knew the 1st peak was going to slide down too.

We went to a yard sale on the way home. I picked out 2 pair of earrings as they were 3 pr for $5.00. She couldn't find a third pair I liked and then I spotted two little bunnies/rabbits behind the table. One was black and one was gold. The gold rabbit looked dead and I told the woman. The woman said, "Yes! That rabbit is yours!"  She picked up the rabbit by the ears and threw it in the trash can.


8-16-04 - DREAM - It would take all day to write the dream out in full - so these are the highlights:

I was given a boy baby and I carried him down the road to show him off at home. I got blocked from getting that far because there was a large tree in the middle of the road with a big green garbage truck standing where I needed to walk, so I was invited inside the house that was right there by a nice woman.

At that house was a man who wrote music. He wore an orange-brown suit and kept to himself, but I knew which room he lived in when I was ready to visit him.

I was given a newborn tiny baby boy by the doctor who had just delivered him. The baby was beautiful and all warm when I took him into my arms and held him to my chest. What was most remarkable about this baby was his golden eyes.

The baby pooped in 3 places and I helped him so he didn't have to sit in it and then I had to clean up after him.

There were two older children in this house and they didn't put their toys away so I did it for them and gave them the credit. That made them like me better, but also do more work.

Their mother complained about me though. I could hear her through the walls telling her husband, "all she does is go around all day selling her music." She made it sound like it was a bad thing. But that wasn't all I did. I was doing the children's work for them and taking care of the newborn golden-eyed baby.

There was a little girl in the house too and she wanted to be an ice-skating star, but she didn't have any ice-skates for dancing, so I gave my skates. They were a little large for her, but she would grow into them.

My husband then took me for a ride and we saw a yellow UFO taking off out of a small valley and they were carrying some kind of brown building blocks that were larger than the UFO. We saw several of them, but we didn't know where they were going. While we were sitting at a stop sign, the mother and the little girl with the ice skates pulled up and stopped. The mother of the little girl started yelling at her for wanting to be an ice skating star, so I couldn't allow her to do that, so I piped up and told the mother that I had given the little girl the skates. The mother didn't know what to say, so she stopped yelling at her daughter.

Back at home, we were remodeling the house. We were going to increase the size of the kitchen from 10 x 10 to 30 x 40. It took me while to realize how large that is and that we were going to have to take out at least two walls of the current house to put in the new 30 x 40 kitchen, but we had a tent the same size to protect us while we did the work.

As I was waking up, my friend Michelle came to visit. She showed me her left leg with her shin hairs growing out. She was going to give me those hairs.

Then I saw a vision:  Dan:  1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, and 35.



8-11-04 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere, standing in a jewelry store, ...... 12, 2004 Hurricane Charley grew in force Thursday as it churned through ...


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