AUGUST, 1998

8-1-98 - (Partial Scene) I was standing in a large room observing two men. One man told the other one that he had given him everything he had right down to the last ice cube in the freezer. The other man, who was dark and swarthy, laughed loudly and went diving after the ice cube before it melted on a counter when "things" (could laid)

8-1-98 - DREAM - I was standing in a hallway between apartments #105 and #111. On the wall were written instructions in red ink of tasks to be accomplished. I looked away and when I looked back, the list looked different. I looked away and back and the list was back t o the way I had originally seen it. I was very puzzled until the maintenance man showed me that there were two buttons way up high in the corner by the ceiling that could be pushed to change what level one was seeing.

As I stood there, I saw the change from one level of instruction to the other. I could see no mechanical means of how the change was done, yet it was done right in front of me.

8-1-98 - DREAM - I was hired to work as a secretary at a company where they expected me to do everything perfectly, but they said they would train me.

The boss showed me to my office which was right across the hall from his. It was more of a fancy cubicle than an office and my back was to the door so I couldn't see who was going by.

They gave me a typing assignment which was not that difficult but not being used to the typewriter I didn't do so well. So I hand wrote a letter of excuse, a long one, to apologize for not getting it right the first time.

The secretary was so impressed with my excuse, she begged me to teach her to write that good. I said that I would.

By this time, my hair was flying out sideways in all directions and my blouse was hanging over the top of my skirt instead of being tucked in. It was pale yellow and grey plaid.

Work was over for the day and I had accomplished nothing and by the time I got home, it was 8 p.m.

I needed hairspray and new clothes, so I thought I would make a panic run to the store before 9 p.m closing time.

I figured I'd get there by quarter to 9 and have time to run in and grab something and run back out before closing time.

BUT, I didn't want to go alone and nobody else was home to go with me. In my mind, I was picturing where I was going to go and actually saw the place in my mind's eye while I was waiting.

Meanwhile, I was just standing around in the parking garage, watching other people make bumbling mistakes trying to park their cars.

I had to go to the bathroom before I left also, but didn't have a key to the closest building entrance either, and knew that if I drove to the store, I'd be dancing around with anxiety instead of shopping. But, I couldn't figure out a way to get into the building either.

Finally, someone came along who I knew and I tried to get his attention to let me use his key to the building where the bathroom was, but he didn't have the key to that building either, and I woke up frustrated at my inability to accomplish any task.

8-2-98 - DREAM - I was married to Todd from One Life to Live. I was afraid of him. I saw him coming home. He was arriving in a lavender colored helicopter. I was terrified to see the helicopter coming in. It came flying in and to show it's power over me, the helicopter wheels scraped the top of the house, then lowered it self to the ground by scraping down the side of the house. I was more and more afraid.

I ran through the house which was like a mansion. I knew there was one thing he loved and that was his daughter.

When I got to the bedroom, Todd was laying on a chaise lounge type bed. I brought his/our daughter to him and put her into his arms. I knew that while his attention was on loving his daughter, I could escape without harm.

8-2-98 - JOE DREAM VOICE: "Cellular Lemuria" referring to the continent of MU

8-3-98 -  DREAM - I was living in a house with some other people. I went into the kitchen to cook dinner but I couldn't because all the dishes were dirty. I went over to the sink to do the dishes and a woman stood there turning on the water. She said she needed to wash her seeds. I told her I needed to wash the dishes before the old meat turned into maggots.

I turned around and a young toddler age boy was sitting on the kitchen floor amongst a pile of white squiggly maggots. He was wearing one of the sleeping sacks babies wear.

He had just woke up and I was trying not to panic, seeing him sitting in the maggots. I again told the woman I had to wash the dishes and when I turned around, the baby was gone, so I had to go look for him.

I found him standing naked in the shower room, trying to take a shower, not being able to turn on the water himself, he was crying.

I showed him how to turn the water on, then, seeing he was perfectly clean and no maggots were present, I picked him up and carried him. I told him, "Michael! I'm going to take care of you."

I went with him to my computer to look at sub pages about space. One of the pictures changed to show me the reverse side. The picture turned purple and I saw a line drawing amongst the stars and planets of the fibonacci spiral.

An inner thrill went through me to find that secret picture.

I woke up feeling so excited, I couldn't go back to sleep.

8-3-98 - VISION - I was making diagonal embroidery marks on an ear and when the scene pulled back, I could see the big picture and the marks were the fibonacci spiral.

8-3-98 - VISION - I saw a web page search box. I put the word 'spiral' in. The search started and the page came up 'TIME LINE'.

8-3-98 - DREAM - I was living and working in a large house with quite a few people. I had been working on a puzzle. The pieces were all blue and it was on the floor. I stepped away for a minute and when I came back, a young man was putting all the pieces of the puzzle I was working on into a box. I got so angry...I saw a yellow puzzle I was working on ...on a table top and I scattered the pieces everywhere. I hollered. "Now you can pick up all these pieces too."

I was attempting to pick up and fold all the blankets from the floor as it was almost time to start work.  I turned around and everyone else was hanging Christmas decorations all over the house. It was really pretty, but had nothing to do with what we were trying to accomplish.

It was time to feed the people and they were all gathering around a tablecloth salesman instead of thinking about what food was going to put on the table.

 I offered them a blue and white tablecloth of the clouds and sky, but they rejected it and went back to looking at the large red, white, and black one the salesman had.

I went back to folding the blankets and a customer came in for a counseling session. It was now 9 a.m.  She brought her son in and asked for Marilyn. I turned around and a pretty blonde woman was standing in the doorway behind me. I made a quick assumption and said, "Marilyn! Your customer is here!"

I left the people with her.  

There was a woman (chubby) dressed in pink looking at our property...seeming like she wanted to move in. I went upstairs and made a remark about the woman always wore pink and made it sound like a bad thing. I said it sarcastically.

Then when I went downstairs, the woman dressed in pink was sitting there and I knew I was going to have to eat my own words, so I said to her, "Look! I'm wearing pink too," and showed her that I, too, was wearing a pink dress.

The same young man who had been picking up my puzzle pieces earlier came back into the room and I tried to get him interested in what I was doing on the computer. I told him I had 6 different ways to access the internet upstairs and one of those lines might be even more because it wasn't fully explored yet.

I was contemplating the connections expanding when I woke up.

8-3-98 - MEDITATION:  Q. "What am I supposed to do with the Fibonacci information?"

A. "Adonis" I saw a web page link, "Alpha and Omega".

NOTE:  Alpha and Omega is the symbol for the beginning and the end of birth and death; the connection of all life.  I put up a new web page about the Fibonacci spiral the same day.

8-4-98 - DREAM - I got a job interviewing people with problems. The office was in a large building on 70th St. I either forgot about it or slept in late because when I looked at the clock on my 1st day of work, it was quarter to 11 and I was supposed to have been there at 8:30 a.m..  I was too timid to just walk in and say I was sorry I was late. I decided I would wait until 1 pm. and then go in, pretending that I hadn't realized I was supposed to work in the morning.

I discussed my plan with E.R. who was home, waiting for a repair part for his kitchen stove.

At 1 p.m. I went to the office, and it was so crowded with people who needed counseling, I couldn't even get to my desk to sit down.

There was a man at a nearby desk who was an attorney who had the same problem. He ended up sitting in the aisle. I never did to get to sit down.

I went home then and met E.R.'s father who had brought the stove parts to fix his stove but I didn't have a key for E.R.s apartment. E.R.s father had keys and handed them to me. The 1st key had a tiny silver tip on it which fit crossways into as lot, which made the wall slide back to show an elevator door.  E.R.s father then inserted an emergency elevator key which is also cross shaped and opened the elevator door. We went through the elevator...not up or down...and E.R.s father opened the apartment door on the other side of the elevator.  I was certain this was NOT the way normal people got to E.R.s apartment, but his Father's way.

8-4-98 - DREAM -  All night long I was working with e-mail files in an attempt to forward them using just my mind.

AFter I woke up, I saw "1106C J Jacquernut"

8-5-98 - Note: I put together an extensive web page about Fibonacci, the number sequence of creation and the time lines of astrology, and sacred geometry patterns.

8-5-98 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building for R.G. I don't know where it was. It seems it was in the country and it felt like California.

However, I realized I didn't have all the information I needed yet. I didn't know who lived there, nor which apartments were empty nor had I inspected any of them so I could rent them.

I heard R.G. out in the yard, but I wasn't ready to ask for the information yet, and I could hear him talking with two other men out in the yard.

The apartment complex was constructed on several levels. I came across two men playing a game of miniature horseshoes on an asphalt sidewalk. I knew the right way to play the game with real horseshoes in sand pits, but I didn't see anything available to do that. The two men played their game on two levels.

I was on one of the lower levels and found some stairs to take me up another level which would lead me to the stairs to my own apartment. There, I saw my daughter-in-law Debe coming over the hill from the other direction.  We greeted each other and then she told me that she and my son Ken were buying a house in Colorado, that her deceased uncle had left behind. I thought that was a great idea because it was somewhere for them to go, and it was only a day's drive away....a long day...and I could see my son Ken more often.

I asked her if she would like a cup of coffee and she said "yes!" so we went u some more stairs to my apartment.

Inside my apartment, one of the guys who had been playing horseshoes was in my kitchen washing off the horseshoes in my sink and he had the sink full of water.

I excused myself and told him I needed to make coffee. I reached down into the deep water and pulled the plug. The water went down and I saw that it was very deceptive. The bottom of the sink wasn't so far down as it had appeared. It wasn't even a real sink, it was like a silver water bubbler where one could get a drink of water but certainly not a sink where one could get enough water to make coffee.

I saw there was a pass-thru to a galley kitchen, so I went around the end of the counter into the galley kitchen. I saw that the stove was facing the wall so I couldn't use it and there was no counter to place a coffee maker on either. It was more like a pantry for storage, but not to cook in.

I thought maybe I could serve a cold meal like a sandwich and fruit. I managed to find some was like a small loaf of Italian bread, but I couldn't find any fruit to go with it. I thought about serving an apple, but I couldn't find any.  I was very disappointed.

8-5-98 - DREAM - I was working on web pages for a Time Line scenario.  I was finding graphic files with extensions like ART but only AOL people can see those. I knew they had to be converted to gif or jpg or find new images that everyone can see.

8-5-98 - DREAM - As I was laying in bed thinking, I heard the words "Ellie Miser is ..." and it was mumbled.  I asked for it to be repeated and the voice said, "Ellie Miser is right!" I thought to myself, "Oh! you are just saying that because I want it to be right, so I asked for the true and repeated version of the 1st message. The voice said, "Ellie Miser is right according to Split Skirt!"  (Whoever that is!)

8-6-98 - DREAM - I was with Michele. She was driving and supposedly bringing me home from somewhere. We were in her car coming down a really steep hill going south where Moorland Rd. would be ...coming to Small Rd. in New Berlin, WI.

She didn't put the brakes on soon enough and we rolled over Small Rd. and down a driveway into a farmer's field. We noticed an old concrete road there and she used that for a U turn and went back up onto Small Rd. and went west towards where my house was.

(There was a huge drop off where the concrete road was...neither of which exists in real life.) I told her we'd have to take the 1st right turn though and 2nd right turn also went to my house. She was driving too fast and messed both turns. We came to a shopping mall and drove inside. (This isn't real either) I told her we could turn around when we got past it.

We were now walking and there was a huge poster of King Arthur on the wall where a theatre play was going to be put on. We walked inside the room and small children - 8 to 10 years old were being coached to make announcements and do little parts. (I don't remember how it ended)  The rest of the night I was on web pages practicing how to make the print smaller and still look good on the page.

8-6-98 - DREAM - I was in a school. The teacher was the pastor of a church. He called me over and asked me to write the sermon for tomorrow. I wondered why me? He said, "It's for the church." I then had a flash vision of the subject. The word was "Resurrection."

It appeared ina box -like rectangle. The word was gold on a red background and there were flames coming off the top of the word.

Later, I was with a woman (Michelle?) and some small children. She was sorting baby clothes on top of a stove. I saw smoke starting to rise. I kept telling her, "It's burning, it's burning," but she wouldn't' listen or pay attention to what I was saying.

Finally, it did burst into real flames and I threw all the baby clothes on the floor and stomped the flames out.

Then she (Michelle) threw a WELCOME mat down on top of the flames and I stopped on that on top of the flames. When I picked up the welcome mat to look at what was left of the baby clothes, there was nothing there.

8-6-98 - VISION - I saw Joe and a man. He was going to take Joe up into a UFO, but Joe morphed into a little boy before they flew up into the air.

8-7-98 - "SARAH" - DREAM WITHIN A DREAM - In the inner dream, I was living in a house that was part house/part office/part bowling alley? I worked on a computer, designing web pages and writing UFO and metaphysical stories.

When I got up in the morning, there was a young man there working hard on writing some of his own material. When I questioned Joe what the young man was doing there, Joe didn't know, so I had to ask the young man himself. The young man said he had been chastised for not doing enough spiritual work in his life and he was trying to make up for it. That made sense to me though I didn't understand why he was doing it in our house.

As the day progressed, I made dinner but when it came time to eat, I was wringing my hands, sweating and getting nauseous and queasy. Joe asked me what was wrong. I said, "I've done what I was told to do. I prepared dinner and cooked the meat, but I just can't eat it. I just can't."  "Why not?" Joe asked. "Because it's our own child, Sarah!" I answered. "I was told to sacrifice her. I cut her up into pieces and roasted her, but I just can't eat her, I just can't". Joe said, "I understand."

I turned around to face a different direction and looked down at my clothes. I was wearing a shimmering blue jacket, a shimmering blue pair of slacks, and a multicolored paisley green long blouse like a tunic under the jacket.

I was standing there, waiting my turn to bowl, along with another woman who was dressed just like me. I said, "Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but sometimes you just can't."

I then woke up and had to write the story of the dream on the computer in a specific way. There was to be a series of 9 divisions of 3 stars equally spaced but the bottom set of stars was to be the title of the dream "SARAH".  I was having a problem just typing the word "Sarah" to explain the dream.  The title was way too many words and I need to cut all the superfluous words off and just write "Sarah" and then tell the story inside the file. I knew that a long title just wouldn't work because it would screw up the placement of the stars on the page if I did. I struggled with that decision and then simply named the dream "Sarah" because the name itself told the story of the great sacrifice I had made.
 ***  ***  ***
 ***  ***  ***
 ***  ***  SARAH

NOTE: Since I had the dream I have researched the name Sarah and come up with several possibilities but nothing definite comes to mind.  The name itself is defined in the Bible as meaning "Lady", but I have not yet figured out why the name itself defines sacrifice, nor have I figured out why the stars had to be arranged as they are.

8-8-98 - DREAM - I was in a large building where a television show was going to be put on to interview some people. The woman interviewer walked up to where the panel was sitting and got down on her haunches to talk to them. Soon she was laying down, the covered with a sheet. Then the audience began imitating her and they all laid down and covered with sheets. The people in the audience, being covered with sheets got their hair all messed up and frizzed out and the moderator would count to 9 and everyone would stand up at once and then get back down under the sheet. Now this sheet covered the whole audience. She counted up to 9 and everyone stood up and then got back down under the sheet except one woman. She looked around, trying to figure out what was going on, then realizing she was out of sync with the other, got down under the sheet too.

I stood up with the others, but when the others got under the big sheet, I left and went elsewhere in the building.

I went down the hall into a room where there was a big round table and two men. I cannot recall why we did this, but we got down under the table and I saw that the round table had lion's paws on it's legs. (I used to own one like this. I had it in my kitchen. The table stood on one pedestal with 4 lion's feet sticking out for stability and a wheel was under each paw to help move it around easily.)

Anyway, we were under the table and one of the men started turning into a lion and slid backwards into a hole in the ground and fell asleep. I didn't understand this, but when the man turned into a lion, I became afraid. He was holding my hand at that time and because of my fear, I began pulling my hand away very slowly. I managed to back up away from him, I began to stand up and there, standing up on top of the table was a full size male lion.

8-8-98 - VOICE - "Artists space is turning and turning."

VISION - something came down and hit a man on the wrist and knocked the brush out of his hand. Voice said, "Poor man!"

I saw something big like a painting was put in a dumpster. The voice said, "It is not permissible to see."

Voice laughing, "I'd ask all the people to make donations!"

I saw the back of a woman's head with her hair in the French Twist."

A voice said, "I would fight this with everything I had in me."


8-11-98 - DREAM - Note: I was living ina place that cannot exist in the physical realm.

I was in bed trying to sleep. Someone knocked on the door. I didn't want to answer the door, but I did and it turned out to be some young people...teenage or a little order, who were trying to avoid being picked up by UFO's. There were 6 or 7 of them. I let them in and they all sat on the floor by a wall, but there was no way I was going to be able to sleep.

I gave them a tour of the apartment which was similar to some hotels which had doors between suites on the sidewalls as well as to the hallway.

I took them through the apartments between suites until I got to the end one which was immense. The ceiling was so high, you could barely see it. I told them that this was the one I wanted to live in.

A person who was taking care of that unit explained that because the ceiling was so high, it afforded an atmosphere that gave all 4 seasons indoors. We, indeed could see trees and vines and plants on the floor and hanging down from the ceiling of all types, some of which needed warm weather and some needed either dry or wet climates. This apartment provided all of it in one place or another inside this huge livingroom. It was so long, one could barely see the far wall. I loved it there.

I can't remember where those people went, but I had to go to work. Someone drove me to my job, but I recall seeing the vehicle from outside of it, not from inside it, as it swooped around sharp curves to the right and over small hills so fast the vehicle actually flew through the air temporarily.

Where I worked was like a manufacturing plant and I worked in the office.

I got a letter from an ex-boss who now worked somewhere else to get him copies of 8 drawings...all of which started with the number 8. The number consisted of 16 digits 8133-4265-3421-0563 (example only)

I knew these were priority drawings but since I used to work for him I decided to go ahead and have copies made for him and mail them to him.

In order to obtain these drawings I had to actually crawl through the file cabinet from the back which I had no problem doing.

After I woke up, the words "ZWARM blue book" popped into my mind.  I have no idea if a book such as that exists.

8-11-98 - MEDITATION - I saw the head of a bald man with dark intense eyes and a dark moustache. I think he said he was not the one.

I then saw a young couple. He was telling her that if they were to meet their princess, they would have to eat their (weight?)

Joe came and sang a song about losing his job and it was so sad and I commented that it was good that those days were in our past and said, "Yes! And we hugged each other.

8-12-98 - DREAM - I got a job as a salesclerk in a store on a city street. (I don't know what city) I was selling some kind of electronic machine. We had a catalog but nothing in stock. I made my 1st sale for $887.00. He also wanted a T-shirt to communicate the event but I told him we didn't have any in stock.

When the paperwork was done I asked the boss if we had a copy machine. We didn't so he told me to go down to the corner and find a store which had one. I went but I didn't find any. The way back was difficult and up steep stairways and down through tunnels, but I had made my 1st sale and felt proud for the 1st day. All the guys in the office sat and drank coffee while I worked.

I made my 2nd sale at home out of the catalog. This guy wanted a 1993 model for $540.00. I had to figure out if some parts cost extra as addition. Nobody knew and  I had to read the manual to complete the sale but I did it as I woke up...wrote down the dream...then fell asleep and went right back into the dream.

I was in the store and the mailman delivered a stack of invoices from the previous week's sales. I looked at them and how many instructions and qualifiers were on the invoices. Mine had been simple sales and no qualifiers. Then  I found out that they had filled my order for the 1993 model with a used unit from the back room that never had worked and they tried to pin the other girl's mistakes on me for sales she made before I even started working there, so I left and went home.

At home, we had special cleaning chores to do and special removers. In each room was one last stain removal job to do and I had to teach one person to do it and then make sure it was done right so it wouldn't have to be done again.

We also had to put away the last of the laundry. There was one rolled up pair of boy's socks. I told one guy to put them in the boy's room and just put them on any one of the beds. There were 4 beds in there, one on each wall. The boy I gave the chore to, said that at HIS house, he had done that and nobody would claim the socks. I told him to do it anyway.

A woman appeared then. I think it was my old friend Nancy but it might have been Michelle. We went out on the porch and she asked me to sing a song. It was a romantic, spiritual song and the flowers growing along the porch began to turn and come towards me and I reached my hand out to the flowers and they grew towards me and at the end of the song, I had the beautiful flower in my hand.

So, I sang a second song the same way as other people watched and I sang the song, a romantic, plaintive song and the flowers started to turn and come towards me. I held out my hand and the flower grew towards me and at the end of the song, the flowers were in my hand.

It was so wonderful an experience and to sing to the flowers, Nancy and I began to look for more music to sing so we could do a different song each time. My daughter was playing the piano and we searched for words to more music.

8-13-98 - DREAM - I was working on a web page titled, "Dee's WISDOM Page". I was rearranging links and trying to decide what ones to use.

8-13-98 - DREAM - I was in West Allis, WI on 70th and Greenfield at a book store. I came outside to where I left my car to go home. In the parking space was a black with silver striped car that was an open convertible. I went to open the door and the whole car moved and made a sound like a tin toy. I realized that wasn't my car and then saw my car parked on the sidewalk.

My car was black with a silver stripe but was not a convertible. However, there was no passenger side door, nor was there a floor or seat where the passenger would sit. This was strictly a solo car.

I looked at it carefully to make sure it was mine, then walked around to the right side of the car to make sure I was taking everything home that I had come with.

It seemed more like a bicycle from the right side and I had racks with black puses and black satchels and books.

I walked around to the driver's side and the keys were hidden under a blue piece of cloth by the driver's door and practically fell out into my hand.

My friend Monica from my UFO group appeared then and I asked her to come home with me.

First I had to make sure the car ran okay. I put the key in the ignition and it started right up. It had real power.

The next scene popped in, we were already at home and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I said to Monica, "Did you see that?" and as I watched   I had a live doll baby and the baby began to slowly inch it's way up the wall and began patting the cheek of a picture of a woman which was hanging high up on a wall. There was real love and affection in it's petting action.

My husband came home then and I looked around quickly to make sure the house was clean. It was.

I had to go to the bathroom then and when I did, I got the shock of my life. The bathtub was full of water, and the shower stall in the corner was full of water. The bathtub, the floor, the shower stall, was FULL of red and white towels trying to soak up the water, and I could see the water streaming across the floor toward the hallway.

Then I saw the shower curtain was falling down (It too was red and white exactly like the towels) and someone had cut in in two places with a scissors in deliberate destruction.

I was sitting on the toilet and needed to wipe myself and even the brown toilet paper (like paper toweling) was wet and useless.

I sat there helpless and screamed my husband's name... "J.B."  I suddenly became afraid but screamed his name again in almost a shriek... "JB"

8-14-98 - DREAM - I was typing an article on a laptop word processor and somehow got across the street and was setting on a small stoop in front of a pink door when some neighbors came walking down the street. They had their big brown dog with them and the dog was ahead of them with a squirrel riding on the dogs back, standing up and facing forward. They also had their blonde, first borne daughter with them who seemed to vary in size from 4 yrs. old to 9 yrs. old depending on when I looked at her while her mother was talking.  The mother, whom I knew was about 8 1/2 months pregnant and her belly was huge and prominent. She was obviously in discomfort and was distressed because her daughter was acting mean and wasn't behaving like a beloved daughter you would want to behave.

The Father, was a computer nerd like me and he laid on a couch across the street while the mother and I were talking. I noticed he was talking at the same time she was and because he was on the other side of the street I couldn't understand what he was saying because she kept talking too. I couldn't listen to both of them at once, so I was understanding nothing of what either one was saying. I kept saying, "Uh huh!" and they both kept talking. Finally, running you of things to say, they began to leave. Their car was parked in an underground garage under the building where I was sitting.

As the mother descended the steps and the father came across the street, I went back to typing. The little blonde girl was dawdling along behind, singing a little song and as I typed the word, "truth" the little girl sang the word "truth" and as I typed the word "beauty", the little girl sang the word "beauty". I got so excited at the synchronicity of the words, I jumped up from my laptop and ran after the couple yelling, "Hey! Hey!" not remembering their names. They came back up the stairs to hear what I had to say. So, I stood there with them on the sidewalk and told them, "I just have to tell you this, "Your daughter sang the word "truth" just as I typed the word "truth" and she sang the word "beauty" just as I typed the word "beauty". It was  a wonderful synchronicity.

Tears began weeping down the woman's face and the father beamed with happiness.  I had just given them hope that their mean behaving daughter was going to be okay afterall and their newborn child would be born into a world of 'truth' and 'beauty'. They were overjoyed.

They turned to again descend the steps to the underground garage where their car was parked and I wanted to say more to them to assure them that everything was going to be okay, but I couldn't because a huge woman dressed in a blue and white checkered dress came between us to follow them down the steps.

I knew who that woman was too, and I knew they'd be okay.

8-14-98 - DREAM - I went back across the street to my own apartment and my neighbor was in the hallway vacuuming. He had 4 vacuum cleaners that were black and white, one on each part of the hallway. I began to feel guilty because he was doing my job as building manager. I tried to close the door to my apartment but couldn't because the cord was coming from my apartment and he was using MY electricity.

I went inside my apartment and their was a beige television set sitting on top of my own television. My sons and their friends had written funny notes on top of the television with a black marker. It said, "Don't throw this TV away. If you don't want it, give to someone and pass it on. We didn't want you to forget about us."  There was a lot more but I couldn't read it all, there was so much. Along with the television was a VCR with  4 sex movies in it. Previews of the movies were showing in little screens on the top of the set. One of them was cartoon-like with women dressed in exercise leotards but with their boobs hanging out. As they exercised, their boobs were jiggling every which way. It was so funny and it was getting more and more turned on. I decided to watch the whole film of the cartoon jiggling boobs and pushed the button to watch the film and woke up. ... (Naturally! :-)  

8-15-98 - DREAM - I was working on a UFO web page and placed the links in a frame that had a second layer deep. I then found myself in the backyard of my 16th St. house. I found out that my grandsons N.B. and B.B. were coming to visit so I went into the house and to the livingroom. When I got to the livingroom, they were sitting there with my daughter who was 10 or 12 years old. She was sitting on the couch in front of a window. There were white lace curtains on the window but the curtain rod was falling down. I was just about to yell at them for being too rowdy when I woke up.

8-16-98 - DREAM - I was in a big city living with my children and other people. I saw that there was a lot of laundry to do, so I told my oldest son Michael to run and get all the sheets and pillow cases off of everyone's bed. While he did that, I went into another room where there was a very old upright desk-type piece of furniture. It had many little compartments in it. In each compartment there was a picture of a person of a different ethnic background and all their little belongings, jewelry, and whatever other little treasures they owned.

My only concern was to get any stray piece of laundry and wash it. I found one dark blue sock that had numerous holes in the sole (soul?)  I told a girl there to throw it away. It belonged to an aFrican man (That the first time I can recall throwing any laundry away)

Once I gathered all their laundry, I went outside into the neighborhood and gathered any stray laundry from there to make sure it was ALL done. My own vehicle was out there and I admired it because that was the first time that ALL the laundry was done that had been in it and the windows were so clean I could hardly see them.

I had some blue and white running shoes on and took the off to go barefoot. I put the shoes in the vehicle but they fell out into the street, so I picked them up and set them on the stairs to my house. A woman was going up the stairs and asked if she could help, but all I had were my shoes, so I declined her help.  Today...everyone's laundry would be done.

8-18-98 - DREAM - I worked in a very large company. It was owned by a very rich powerful family. In my office were 3 wonderful computers One of  the men showed me how to access special channels both on audio and video that no one else could get besides being able to do regular work. You could also play video films on these computers. There were various channels on these channels on these computers as well. One button was called FIND, and you push in that button plus one of the channels which were 777, family, sports, and four others I can't remember.

Joe, the maintenance man, asked me to print out some maps from the sports channels on boxing matches. There was one for each button below the sports channel. It appeared there were 12 levels. I started printing them out. Some were just one page, some were multiple pages except the bottom most one which didn't seem to have on programmed for it yet.

I began doing that when 2 women came in, one older and one younger. The older one, a grandmotherly type wanted to see a particular program on the computer. I attempted to access it for her without letting her know I was printing out the instructions for Joe. I suggested we try the family channel and showed her how to press FIND, and then the channel one wanted but we couldn't find what she wanted.  I suggested it was probably on video but we didn't have that one handy, so the two women began to leave. I knew they were deposing the old woman. This almost seemed like a strictly structured family and when the younger woman wanted to take the leadership role, the old one had to be put away.

I didn't like knowing this information, but I was caught up in the drama of it non-the-less. what the younger woman didn't know was that the men in the family planned to depose the younger woman too and replace her with ME, because one of the 3 powerful brothers had a crush on me.

The old woman was deposed first in the huge basement of this building. I knew what was going on and had high anxiety over it, but had to do what I had to do and not give away the fact that I 'knew' at the same time. I also felt the need to 'cover up' what was going on at the same time.

I went down into the basement not to find the body of the old woman but to help hid the fact that she was deposed and began turning off lights in the various rooms so on one could see in.

The man who had done the deposing was there as well, and I went around turning off the lights while he went around doing what he had to do to distract others from knowing what he had just done.

The three powerful brothers had each a beautiful wife. The brothers were tall like 6'6" or so, dark haired, and muscular, and the wives were all tall and blonde like Joan Lunden, Princess Diana, and one other I didn't see.

The one who was married to the Joan Lunden type had a crush on me. All of the brothers knew this but the wives didn't.

Now that the old woman was deposed, the Joan Lunden type one had to do all her work and she was trying to get water delivered to her three houses which they owned, one of which was at 1919 W. Marina.  I couldn't imagine how she kept three homes clean and running well, but that was her job.

While she was on the phone, I went to deliver the printed out sheets to Joe and was more or less waylayed by one of the three brothers. He had  a crush on me and wanted to fool around with me and depose his wife and replace her with me.

At this point, I was naked from the waist up and when I went to the room where the three brothers were, I had to excuse my state of undress as I seemed to surprise them of my presence. They understood then what was going on and helped the brother I was going to be with, but didn't say anything outwardly.

At the same time, I was trying to go home and avoid being a party to this double triad of people in this family, because I knew eventually, as powerful as these men were, I'd eventually have to be deposed as well.

The brother I was with was ushering me through the 1st floor hallway to take me to one of the homes. as we were walking through the hallway, I saw one of the other brothers usher his wife quickly into an elevator to take her upstairs so she wouldn't be aware of what was going on.

We came to another set of elevators on the other side of the hallway where only black people were using it. They had so many people in the elevator, they couldn't get the doors closed. So we helped push them farther onto the elevator so they could get the door closed and go upstairs.

We went farther along the hallway towards the back of the building and came to a place where there was a huge square blonde oak platform built on the floor and there were 12 men sitting on it. They seemed like regular men and their wives sat alongside the platform taking care of the little children. The men were sitting around doing the planning of what they were going to do while the women watched and cared for the children.

The people were all in the way so we couldn't pass through the corridor and the men didn't move to make way for us either, so the brother I was with challenged these men to a fight.

In a booming voice he said to them, "I'll take you all on one by one. The men looked excited to do this, like they expected to win over this tall man who was challenging them.

So, I helped clear the platform of all the men so the battle could begin, then I helped the women and children to leave so they wouldn't have to watch the battle.

I felt at this point like I was actually going to escape my still dreaded fate, but as we went around the corner to the back hallway, one of the women asked me if I would take care of her children. She said, "Nicholas really likes you." I had to say, "Yes!" I didn't feel I could refuse to take care of her little son and his smaller sister, but at the same time, I felt trapped and there was no escaping what was going to happen.

8-19-98 - VISION -  (part of the dream below) I saw a web search on a page. It was  A-Z alphabet, Music, Algorhythms.

8-19-98 - DREAM - I was in a vehicle with some other people in the back seat. I had a pink purse or something like that with me and something secret was put in it.

I got out of the car on Wisconsin Ave. just as an 'evil' person caught up to our car. I ran across the street following someone who was running ahead of me.  When I got across the wide street, I had to climb a high hill and had a great deal of trouble getting to the top so I worked my way across the hill to my right and ended up at a drug store display window. At the window, I began seeing 'things' related to the search which followed and search by search starting to the real to the unreal and web page. I ended up at the web page and the subjects...square rectangles lined up to which could be pressed one at a time with a letter of the alphabet in each rectangle...the the word music appeared and as I woke up the word 'algorhythms' popped into my mind.

8-19-98 - VOICE - "On the 26th there will be a quake like never before".

Note: It wasn't on the 26th of Aug. I will watch the following months.

8-19-98 - DREAM - I was in a house where other people lived with me. The television was on and a man was watching while I was working on my dream book. It was relatively dark in the room for daytime. I was given 3 calendar dates...the 4th, the 19th, and the 26th. The 4th was the date to play the lottery, and the 26th was to be really bad...(see above) and the 19th (today?) something else would happen...(can't remember what)

I got a phone call from Becky and I began to notice my pets.  I had a white parrot ina large cage on a round table to my right, a green parrot in a cage high up on the far wall, then a brown and gold parakeet came in the room and went into the cage with the parrot all by itself, then flew back out and began flying in tandem with a bluebird ina mating flight.

The two birds sat on a perch slightly overhead, and the woman on the phone said that it was good luck for me.

8-20-98 - DREAM - I spent all night on UFO web pages. At the end it was determined that there were 10 fake UFO sites.

8-20-98 - MEDITATION - A man and a woman appeared. He had an extremely deep growling voice...extremely deep voice. The outstanding quality was the growling. I cannot remember what he said if I understood it at all, but this last words were a little higher pitched and clearer. He said, "Am I too early?"

I relaxed again and was presented with a greeting card. It had a veil over the front and inside the color was lavender. However, I couldn't read what it said because of the veil.

NOTE: I had this vision at 8:30 a.m. At 10:30 a.m., the United States bombed terrorist camps in Afghanistan and a chemical factory in Sudan. I don't know how this connects but I feel it does, perhaps the sound of the man was the sound of the bombs or something.

8-20-98 - VISION - I was looking at a web page, then borrowed some words on the same subject from Joe. I then saw the words, "Scattered Against Rome". Then I saw, 'EARTHCHANGES'. Then it went back to the page again.

8-21-98 - DREAM - I was in a huge school or hospital. Half of the rooms were marked YES and half of the rooms were marked SEY.

Everything went wrong in the rooms marked SEY until we figured out that SEY meant "Son of" and as soon as we did, everything went right.

At the end I was ona web page explaining this and a huge credit card popped up saying DOBS and I knew I had got it right and that was my reward.

8-21-98 - JOE'S DREAM - I dreamed of seeing a web page. It went on a long time. I can't remember much of it. I think it was about an airport and Honolulu, and crop circle formation. It was very a metaphysical or Cosmic meaning beyond the simple appearance. At the end of the dream, a voice said, "The front side of the page was like the conscious mind and the back side of the page (the html side) was like the unconscious mind and did the planning for the conscious mind. I saw the gray back side as the voice said this.

The front page was white, with a few simple graphics, with black text. (On the back side were all the instructions for how to get to all the links on the front side which we simply click on.)

8-21-98 - VISION - I saw a man standing over a woman who was laying on the ground. (It was cartoonish) It was labeled  NODOR...NEDELIM...993

NOTE:  Nodor is the name of a dart board, or a name of a drug that kills bugs and allergies. Nedelim is a Bulgarian word which means "indivisible, inseparable, undividable, or impartible".

8-21-98 - DREAM - I was with my mother, my daughter and my son Bob. (None were their real age). My mother wanted to visit her sister Ethel and we all went with her.  (It seems to me that the other adult people there are all deceased. I don't know who all the children were)

I had let my laundry chore go to go with her, but while we were visiting, we were doing laundry while we were visiting too.

The kids were ice skating, swimming, or hiking while we were there. I was too busy with the laundry to do anything else including visiting.

We were getting ready and I had to find my kids and put away the laundry and toys. These things had to go into special places which were difficult to do, and there as discussion that I should keep some of the dolls which were in boxes.

I then went to find my daughter and found her swimming in the pool. The pool had a colored gravel bottom which was graduated upward towards the other end like a hill you had to climb to get out of the pool. Instead of just yelling at her to get out of the pool, I Picked out the deepest spot in the pool and jumped in. (I cannot say that it felt wet)  When I looked for my daughter, I couldn't see her in the pool and couldn't figure out how she could have gotten out of the pool unless I closed my eyes and I didn't remember closing my eyes. But, since she was gone, I had to get out of the pool and go find her. I climbed the gravel hill on the other side of the pool which was very difficult because the gravel was loose under my feet.

I then had to climb a very difficult stairway to get back into the house where my mother had been visiting. There were several drawers in the stack before the stairs started. There were foot holds on the tops of the drawers so I climbed the drawers, I think there were 5, then climbed 5 stairs above that. The drawers were painted red.

When I got up there, I discovered that my mother and daughter had already gone outside. I went back down the stairs forward and attempted to go down the drawers forward and it took a lot of arm muscle to do this on hand rails. I finally turned around and climbed down like a ladder.

I then had to find my son who had gone hiking with some other kids. These kids were hiking in groups and each group was dressed in a different type costume. My son was with a group of kids who were all dressed like green cactuses that looked like green cupcakes with feet and head sticking out of the top and bottom.

I called Bob and tod him it was time to go home, but he refused to go. He wanted to stay with his little cactus group. (Others were dressed like flowers)

NOTE; I think this part of the dream is about the economy in the future.

First I told Bob that he would have to find his own way home, then asked him if had bus money. He said, "No!" I insisted on giving him bus money. I reached into my right hand pocket and came up with a handful of metallic pieces but weren't all coins. I planned to give him a dollar in change even though the busfare was only 50 cents.

A lot of the metal I had in my pocket were various size pieces of gold with engravings on it. These were irregular size pieces of metal and though ere precious gold, could not be used on the bus which only accepts official US coins. I managed to find 90 cents because one of the gold pieces was an Indian head like on a nickel, but was just the head, and not a real coin.

So, I gave Bob the 90 cents and as I left, I thought to myself, "Now, Bob is grown up."

I went back outside which was now dark outside and was stressed out that I had to et home and get my own laundry done.

To get down from where my son Bob was, I had to go down another strange stairway which I descended in leaps and bounds. There were drawers at the bottom of this stairway too. Because I had more impetus, I got down this stairway much easier.

I didn't see my mother and daughter and began asking where they were and asking the people around if they had seen them because I was to drive them home, but I couldn't find them and woke up.

8-23-98 - VISION - I saw a web page named 'chat.htm'.

8-23-98 - VISION - I saw a blue car coming into the yard, passing Joe's car on the left. It glided in very smoothly, but I saw that it had no wheels on it.

8-23-98 - VISION - I was watching two little boys and an older man with a moustache who were at the end of our driveway back by the orchard. I heard a loud noise like something falling and both boys fell over like they were dead.

8-23-98 - DREAM - I was in a house with some other people. There were 2 small boys there like in the visions. It seemed that there were antiques here that were fragile. I recall my son Tom being there and another man by the same name. Somebody called the name "Tom" and my son showed up instead of the other guy. We noted the error and said, "no! It's the other Tom!"

We then chose objects which we wanted to keep for safekeeping. I picked out a large fragile glass light shade one would put a lit lamp inside. It was inside a metal frame and very fragile. Tom chose a large brown box. I don't know what was in it.

We were walking towards the door with our prizes. I was being so careful with my lamp glass and was holding it only about 2 inches from the floor.

Tom dropped his box on the floor with a loud bang. The vibrations from the noise shattered the glass on my precious lamp glass.

As soon as I saw the shattered lamp glass on the floor and felt the shock of the loss, I instantly was transported back to my previous vision where I was hearing the loud noise and both little boys fell over like they were dead and something had fallen on them.

8-24-98 - DREAM - I copied an entire website called "Loyaledge Cooltalk"

8-25-98 - DREAM - I had the same dream 3 times. It was about a UFO sighting in France and contained French words. I was able to edit the page of words I was seeing and even after I woke up, I remembered what I dreamed. I opened my eyes, thought about the dream, closed my eyes and visualized the dream because I had wanted to save it and send it as an e-mail. And I redreamed the page again twice more, editing it, and saving it so I could send it in an e-mail.

8-26-98 - DREAM - This dream had no people in it. I was on Joe's gem1 webpage and continually added links to other sites who were linked to us. Then I saved the page.

8-26-98 - DREAM - I went to sleep thinking about my greatest constant fear which is going to places alone.

In the dream, I was in a place that was work/school/apartment building/home which was upstairs on the third floor.

The dream began as I was coming to work in the morning. I saw a man sitting in the lobby, reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette. Since I knew everyone who lived in my building, I decided to go closer and see who it was and ask him how he managed to have time to sit and relax in the morning before going to work.

When I went into the room, I saw that he was not the only one, there were about 40 men sitting there, some at a bar getting a drink, but the majority of the men were sitting on rows of stools, 4 rows of 10. I thought it strange that they weren't all facing the same way, nor where they all facing each other....two rows faced each other...the third row was back to back with the 2nd row, and then the 4th row faced the 3rd row. All these men were wearing long sleeved blue work shirts and jeans. I thought this was strange and didn't know why they were there. (I managed this building and booking meetings myself is part of the job) I walked between the rows 3 and 4 and held out my hand as I walked along in a friendly gesture and several men held out their hand in return as I walked along and we smiled and touched hands in a friendly greeting. One man from row 2 turned around and told me that his company had an insurance policy for $2,000. Then I understood that all these men were insurance salesmen and they were all sitting around waiting for a meeting to start. I knew then that they were not wearing suits because they were not actually working at the moment and could attend the meeting wearing their own casual clothes.

As I rounded the corner of the last man, I put my hand on his shoulder in a friendly gesture and wondered if he felt an energy exchange or warmth or what he felt from my touching him.

I went into the next room where there was a piano. I saw some music on the stand and decided to play it. Since I was unfamiliar with the piece I Played it slowly and carefully. t started with one note. It was a whole note on the first line which is "E". It was in a space all by itself and I held the note appropriately long before playing the next which was also "E" which I played with my left hand. I played the melody of the song all the way through one fingered alternately with each hand, imagining myself playing all the rest of the notes and hearing the unplayed music in my head. It was really beautiful.

Behind my right shoulder, I caught a glimpse of my old boss Paul who was over our whole department at A-C. I played slowly so I wouldn't make any mistakes and yet thought I should practice this piece so I could play the whole thing for the public.

As I played, I could see into the next room where children were at play with toys. When I finished the piece, I went into the next room to say, "Hello!" to the children. They were all happily playing with toys on the floor except one young girl, a little curly haired blonde who was sitting ona chair on the side and not playing. She appeared to be about 8 years old.

She told me, "Thank you!" for playing the music because I had played her life story, a future prediction for her, and that as I played, she had a vision of a square block in front of her. She seemed quite content with that vision. I told her that a block (which is actually a cube) with 4 equal sides was the sign of balance. I reached out and touched her shoulder in a sign of friendship and told her she was going to have a good life.

I then walked into the next room which was a banquet room and someone had had a party the night before and left all the leftovers out on the table.

At first I only thought of the enormity of the cleanup job ahead of me, but then I knew that if I did it one step at a time, I could get it done. I went into the kitchen and turned on the sink water and squeezed out soap to do the dishes and clean up water. The soap came out of the bottle in a big crystalline glob like a soft gelatin and fell on the counter in a clear, pale yellow mound. I managed to pick up about half of it and put it in the sink water and left the other half on the counter for a second batch of dishes if I needed it.

I turned to go get some dirty dishes and saw that I had filled up a rectangular shaped white bathtub which was in the path between the kitchen and the banquet room.

The water was a beautiful clear blue and I had to walk lengthwise through the hot water in the tub to get back to where the dirty dishes were.

When I got to where the banquet tables were, a whole bunch of female co-workers from A-C were there and they were all helping with the cleanup. They had already moved all the dirty dishes to the kitchen, sorted out all the leftover goodies of candy, cakes, and sundry desserts into rows so they could be snacked on during the day.  

I sampled a tiny piece of cinnamon raisin cake even though I knew I was allergic to wheat and risking getting an asthma attack. It was so good, it was worth the risk of getting sick.

I saw two little ceramic Santa Claus candy dishes shaped like little treasure boxes and at that point I realized that this had been an annual Christmas party and that I would take the ceramic Christmas dishes to my apartment upstairs as a reward for cleaning up the mess.

I then saw all the wine bottles had been collected into one area and my old boss Evelyn who I used to type for, had gathered all the tall wine bottles on the floor.  I knew I had a liquor cabinet upstairs that those bottles would fit in but it appeared she was grabbing all the wine for herself and I wouldn't get any.

But then I spotted two shorter crystal bottles of white Zinfidel wine which Evelyn hadn't taken. I saw why. One was open with no lid and had had one sip taken out. The one had a glass domed top that looked like you'd have to break the bottle to drink any and run the risk of swallowing glass with the wine. I decided I would take the risk and take these two bottles of wine upstairs so I could have them myself.  However, these bottles were so heavy, I decided it was safer to make two trips upstairs rather than risk spilling the wine by being greedy and taking both at once.

I picked up the open bottle to take it upstairs and walked around a corner to go to the elevator. I found myself outside all the way down at the other end of the block and saw ahead of me a garden maze that I would have to walk through to get back to where the elevator was and that I'd have to do this each time I wanted to take another bottle of wine upstairs with me. I was exhausted before I even started because I saw ahead of me that in the maze all the gardens had to be weeded and all the bushes trimmed on the way.

I woke up, already exhausted at the enormity of the job.

8-27-98 - DREAM - I was going to drive my mother to her home but she wasn't ready to go yet. I was laying down in my car, like I was laying in bed. My friend E.R. wanted to go somewhere, so I drove him to the bus. When he got on the bus, he was so close to the window, it looked like his face was bumping against the buildings the bus was just about touching as it drove along the street.

I was then on a web page and inserting urls into a space at the top and the pages would come up in stark contrasting black and white. I knew I was awake at this point.

8-27-98 - NOTE: I went to bed feeling sick to my stomach.

DREAM - I was riding in a brown car and someone shot at the car from behind and broke a hole in the rear window.

8-27-98 - I went back to sleep and now met a man and a woman dressed in black and white. I seemed to be dressed in the same black and white clothes. He had a long protrusion like a unicorn but it was by his belly button. He rammed the protrusion from his belly button through m body and said, "Now you are healed."

In the dream I woke up in a hospital bed and saw a flock of bright green pheasants out the window. They were strolling through the yard. I had seem many brown pheasants in my life, but these were bright green. Occasionally, one would ruffle it's feathers and it would shimmer reddish-brown, but turn bright green again. I was amazed at their coloration and at how many there were. More and more of them gathered together as they began moving toward the west.

Another girl patient was in my room and my young son Bob was visiting. I hollered to them, "Is this real or am I dreaming this?"

I knew the flock was getting ready to take off into flight and it would be too late for them to see the green pheasants out my window, so I told them to look out another window on the north side of the room where they would appear next. I said, "Tell me if I'm dreaming or not."

They managed to get to the other window just in time to see the green flock take off towards the west. "It's a sure sign of fall," I said.

The nurse came in then and I was sitting up in bed. I said, "I think I feel better now. It's time for me to go home." I reached up to the top of my head. It was wrapped in a scarf. I took off the scarf and there were dozens of rollers my hair and my hair felt wet. I said, "Oh! My hair isn't dry yet." I patted my head on top of the rollers a few times to be sure I was right.

I looked at my bed then. Under the covers, on the sheet, were little flakes of white. It resembled coconut, but I don't know what it was. I felt rather embarrassed about it, but didn't know what to do about it either.

I said to the other girl, "You want to listen to my radio?" I had a walk-man with me. She said, "No!" but the next time I looked, she had the earphones over her head and was enjoying the music playing and looked happy.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so went out into the hallway to find the bathroom. I ended up in a room where there were small toilets, but it appeared to be a kitchen and I thought it was very inappropriate to have toilets in a kitchen and refused to use one. Another woman was also looking for a toilet and sat down on one of the silver metal toilets that had double sealed metal on top and she laughed and said, "I look like Mary ____ or something."

NOTE: I made special note of the toilet and table arrangement. They were in overlapping triangle geometry

So I left the room to find another bathroom. I wasn't finding any, so went outside. I was wearing a light brown sheath dress with a light brown jacket and went walking down the street. There were people everywhere. I saw new construction up in the next block and thought maybe the crew had a toilet with them. I walked up there and found only children playing amongst the framed in building.

I had to go really bad by now and thought maybe I could go behind some bushes. I found a spot just as a car pulled into the parking lot up hill from where I was. I had taken my jacket off and thought, "They'll know I peed here because I have my jacket off." But I was desperate, squatted down and peed."  I shook myself off like a guy does so there wouldn't be any wet spot on my dress and stood up again. So, I walked back up the street feeling a lot better, but every guy I came to grinned at me because I had my jacket off and that automatically meant that I had peed outside.

I knew I had to go home now and met up with the other patient from my room and her mother who had parked her car outside our room. I got into the car and the woman looked backwards and began driving backwards at a great rate of speed. I decided I wasn't going to freak out even though the backwards speed felt bad, but she didn't go too far and I got out of the car to walk the rest of the way myself.  I knew I was going to have to go back to the hospital and get my stuff I left behind, but decided to worry about that later.

8-27-98 -DREAM -  I was in Milwaukee. At first I was in my apartment on the east side. I had a mailbox key and didn't know which mailbox it belonged to. I was testing the key on each mailbox to find the right one. Other people were around who lived in the building.

A dark, younger woman challenged me about something and it frightened me, so I ran outside barefoot, down the street and around the corner. I planned to go to 6248 North ______ St. to stay with a woman who would take me in. (Her name was Minnie Krueger from S. 66th St) I felt safe with her. I was barefoot and looking at the shoes of all the other women to see if someone elses shoes might fit me. The other women were wearing shoes of various pastel colors and were like crippled and deformed. There were none which would fit me but my own. I knew this would be a long walk but that if I took my time I would make it.

NOTE: I think I woke up at this point and a noise told me an event was going to happen. I'm thinking it is another bombing and that 90 people are going to die.

NOTE: 64 people died in a plane crash the same day.

8-27-98 - DREAM - I then went into another dream in which I was like a concierge for a huge hotel and apartment building.

Ed McMahon came with an entourage of young men and his grandson. When Ed McMahon came up the steps, I was standing outside the restaurant part with my boss. He shook my hand limply and kissed me on the cheek. A taller, younger man was with him and when I told them they could have anything they wanted, the young man made an innuendo like that included ME in a hotel room.

I ignored the remark and we entered the restaurant and the men lined up to get their food..this was a ala carte type line like it was a salad bar. One of the cooks asked me how to serve the man. I told him also to serve them anything they wanted. My memory is that each man took a salad plate and took only small amounts of fruit of various kinds.

Ed McMahon's grandson was another matter. He appeared to be about 10 years old..a mean little chubby kid. He took two huge platters, one of which had a half of a watermelon on it, unsliced, the other platter had the other half of the melon, all cut up into little triangle shaped pieces. There were what seemed to be hundreds of them.

The boy couldn't handle what he had taken so I rescued the half melon and put it up on a high counter for safe keeping and then helped him to balance the other platter so the pieces wouldn't fall on the floor.

We then went outside and the boy was much younger now, barely more than toddler age and was throwing a ball like a baseball in various directions and he was doing it dangerously and several cars almost hit ether the ball or him.

I rolled the ball in several directions myself in an effort to distract him. I managed to keep him distracted enough so that he didn't get hurt nor did he hurt anyone else.

8-27-98 - DREAM -  I was managing an apartment building on the east side of Milwaukee. There were people everywhere I went. I looked out the window and the whole street was full of huge blue and white moving vans. One of the vans was moved to make way for a big delivery van.

A workman came in and asked me if I might have a spare letter for a sign he was making. I said, "These letters all come in sets. I probably do. I'll have to look."

I began searching through drawers and finding odd clothes stacked everywhere. In one dresser I found an orange cat in every drawer, sleeping. I was concerned that I had too many cats, but I remembered a law that stated you could have one cat per bedroom and I had 4 bedrooms, so I was okay. Then I saw an orange kitten come sneaking in the patio door which had one hind leg and his tail missing. I felt really sorry for it and let it go where it wanted.

On top of the highest shelf, I found some new clothes and decided I needed to change out of my stained clothes because my lover was coming to visit so I quickly changed clothes and decided I may as well give away all my old clothes I was saving because at my age, I didn't need to save everything for year...just in case of need, I could just go out and buy new stuff and other needy people could use what I had.

Note: The next day a news broadcast said that they were collecting clothing for Russian Christian missions so my dream was right on target.

I went back to the workman and told him I couldn't find the letters, but I would continue to look and would let him know.

One of the moving van guys came in and said he needed a key to the basement locker room. I said, "Okay!" but didn't want to go to the basement and didn't know where the key to the basement was.

At this point, there were people all over the building trying to get to different floors and I could see there was a problem. I went to the elevator and it was full of tall people about 7 feet tall. I decided to go down the stairs instead. At this point I realized I was barefoot. I reached the basement level and saw that the heavy brown metal door to the basement hallway was locked from the other side so I refused to open it and go through that door as I didn't have the key to get back into the building.

I turned to go up a different stairway and the stairs were spongy and wouldn't hold my weight. There were workmen standing right there so to show my authority as manager, I commanded the workman to repair the steps so I could ascend the stairs.

He got a really mean gleam in his eye because I had commanded him instead of asking nicely, so he came over and removed the stairs completely, blocking them up with a white board on a slant.

However, when he removed the spongy stairs, he opened a door to a hidden hallway through which we could go to another hidden stairway.

I opened the doors and showed all the waiting people where to ascend the stairs to the upper levels. I then ascended the hidden staircase myself and came to a room that was full of antiques of every imaginable kind.

The people were choosing what they wanted and taking them to their apartments. Instead of being angry at them for taking these museum pieces to their apartments, I looked to see what I could take to my own apartment.

My eyes spotted a huge rose and white teapot shaped clock with strawberries all over it. It was so cute, but so big, it was impractical. I saw little brooches with enameled paintings of medieval women, everything one could think of was there including flower vases.

I thought to myself, instead of taking something to my apartment, I should be bringing things from my apartment to here to share with others.

I then went to a narrow, hidden staircase and ascended to the 3rd floor. I went through a quiet hallway which was dimly lit and then descended another stairway back to my own apartment.

When I walked in, my apartment was full of people, my whole family, all of the friends I had ever known, and many people I didn't know. It was my birthday it seemed and all of these people had brought gifts for me.

Everyone was sitting on the floor in seeming lotus position or Indian fashion except my son Bill who sat on a stool in the center of the room.

My daughter-in-law Becky hollered at me, "Where have you been? We've all been waiting here for you.""

It was too long a story to tell, so I didn't even try. I just couldn't believe all these people had brought me gifts. Just as I had thought about giving away all my stored things to others, all these people brought me more.

I woke up in surprise and saw the words, 'TRUTH = HYPATANUSE"

8-28-98 - DREAM - I was at work in my Jackson St. building. I had a meeting with the boss on the 3rd floor. He asked me about the work of one of my co-workers. She was supposed to have changed locks on an apartment and hand't done it. I held the two lock slides side b side to compare them. They were supposed to be the same and they weren't. He said hew as going to write her up for it.

I kind of felt a sense of, "I'm better than she is" kind of pride about it.

I then went down to the 1st floor where I spotted a huge wad of money laying on top of some coats. I grabbed it. I shoved it under my shirt to hide it. The man who owned the money was right behind me but I didn't want to give it back to him nor could I now admit I had taken it. The money kept trying to slid out from under my shirt and I had trouble hiding it from the other people around me. At one point, it slid out and I looked at it. It now no longer was green but was red-orange and was attached to a long newspaper clipping about bogus money. The man had been planning to take this money to the bank to turn it in as fake. I couldn't even use it if I wanted to.

I then found what looked like garbage in the hall. It was a small box of junk and a pitchfork with 5 tines on it. It belonged to an old woman.

I kind of hid in a closet to go through the stuff. There was an old stained deck of playing cards called, "Granny." It looked like some were missing but they were cute and I thought I could put them in my collection of old playing cards.

There were some useless pieces of used cardboard where she had removed sewing thread and needles in projects she had done  over the years. There were a couple more little things I didn't recognize and then there was the pitchfork. It was old and rusted but still usable in my garden.

I no sooner picked up the stuff and I could hear the old woman behind me asking people f they saw her garbage. I didn't want to give it back, and I was feeling really guilty for that, but I still didn't want to give it back because I didn't want to be labeled as a thief.

I ran for the elevator but I didn't want to stand and wait for it and get caught, so when the door opened, I ran inside to hide without looking to see where it went or who was on it.

At the same time, another elevator opened up on the opposite side of the hallway and someone I couldn't see gave me instructions to install a Nintendo set on that elevator with 3 sets of buttons on it. I hollered "Okay!" across the hall just as my own elevator door was closing.

I then looked at my elevator driver. He was a tall black man with shiny skin and devious looking eyes. There was no walls on this elevator, just a floor to stand on and he showed me that you could look down into the darkness of the elevator shaft below. It was scary and I looked at the wall as we were passing a floor. It said 5B and then B.

 I knew I was on the wrong elevator but I had to get home with my stolen stuff to hide it.

When I got to my apartment, there were small children and babies there who needed caring for, but I couldn't do it because I had to hide my stolen stuff. I was not only feeling more and more guilty for taking it, but I could hear the old woman coming behind me asking everyone she met if they had seen her stuff.

I hid the pitchfork in the closet behind some stuff, but the handle still shooed and I didn't have time to hide the handle behind the coats. There was a young girl there about 12 years old, wearing a long sleeved rose colored sweater. I asked her, "Quick! Do you have a garbage bag?"  She helped me pull out my own garbage bag which I grabbed and dragged into the bathroom.  I was going to shove the stolen garbage in the bottom of my own garbage bag to cover it with my own garbage and hide it in the bathroom.

I shoved it in the bag, but I couldn't close the door because the baby needed changing and the two toddlers had strewn all kinds of toys around so I couldn't close the door.

So, while I was trying to quickly clean up the children's messes, the old woman was getting closer and closer, still asking people about her stuff.

I was forced to confide in the rose sweatered girl that I had stolen the stuff hoping she would help me hide it. I begged her to help me.

I was still hanging on her arm, begging for help when the old woman caught up to me.

She began telling us that her garbage had been stolen, then started telling us what she was going to use it for.  She was going to balance the pitchfork on top of her toilet tank and cover it with Christmas stickers so nobody would notice that it was a pitchfork but would look like a cradle for the baby Jesus.

I visualized this while she spoke. As she continued talking, I could see into my own garbage bag. There was like a long music roll box with an outline of religious practices and philosophies. I almost pulled it back out of the garbage, thinking I ought to keep it but knowing that there was a new version out that had replaced it and there was no point in saving it and it would be as bad as the old woman trying to cover up the old rusty pitchfork with Christmas stickers.

I started to wake up, still seeing the list of old religious philosophies sliding past my eyes on a computer screen, I tried to make my mind go up to FILE-SAVE on the computer screen and was having difficulty doing this, so when the big bold statement came up:  'THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING!"

8-28-98 -  A BLACK VISION -


Then I saw  a page written by me that looked like an interview with Dee777.


I saw a couple more sentences one of which said, "DOLORES' RECORD"

I slipped into a dream where I was managing an apartment building.  I hadn't actually started work yet. I was wearing a dress and green jogging pants under it. I was attempting to tie something to my right thigh over the pants and not having any success with it.  There was no door on the apartment and my dark haired female boss walked right tin. She had a couple of people with her.

She told me to call the phone company and have a phone installed right by the door so it would be handy and I wouldn't have to run all the way back into my apartment to answer the hone. I told her that was a good idea. (I had thought of that myself just before she walked in)

A blonde woman dressed in black, lingered behind after the boss left. She said "I think I would like to rent an apartment here."

I hadn't actually started work yet and didn't have any paperwork, so I didn't know which apartments were vacant.

I didn't have any keys with me, so I went back to my closet and found my keys which were laying right next to the pocket of the green jogging pants which I had taken off. I now only had the dress on. I had the key to the "key" box which had the key to the apartment key box. There were out in the hallway.

The key to the 'key box' was a tiny key which at first looked like a 't' then turned into a wire triangle. I thought it would never work, but when I stuck the triangle shaped wire into the slot of the 'key box', the cover flew off.

This box was very small and way up high on the wall. There was along couch-like thing along the wall with a white cover on it and I  had to stand on top of it to reach the 'key box'.

I put my index finger into this tiny key box and could feel a tiny piece of metal in it. I carefully picked it up, afraid it would fall on the floor and I'd never find it. When I held it in my fingers, it looked like an old-fashioned record needle. I put my finger into th e little key box to see if there was a real key in the box and again felt a small piece of metal I hoped was a real key.

This time it was a spiral piece of wire that was tightly wound. It was small on one end graduating to a larger spiral at the opposite end. I figured that you must stick the small end into the key hole while holding the large end. I looked at it again and now it looked like a carpenter's silver metal screw.

That I knew how to use, so I went over to the apartment key box to see which keys were hanging in it which would clue me in on which apartments were vacant.

I looked at this key box and it was huge. I had so many slots and levers on it, I had no  idea which slot to put the screw in to open the door. I flipped one lever and a loud alarm bell began to ring. I said, "Oh my God! this is a fire alarm box."

The woman was dressed in black. (She had short blonde hair like my Black Lord ETs) She said, "I'm going to go look at 305. That's where I used to live.

She took off ahead of me and I couldn't stop her. WE were o n the 2nd floor it seemed and she ran up some stairs which I could hear her going up, but I couldn't see them. I ran to the end of the hall and found a green linoleum covered stairway. It was really wide with huge steps and it only went down. I didn't have much choice, so I went down to the 1st floor, hoping to find another stairway that would go to the 3rd floor.

I was still looking when I woke up.

8-29-98 - DREAM - three separate times during the night I was given dreams of a web page showing me all of the named features on the planet Mars. I was then shown a similar list of Martian Laws. I saw that 3 times.

I also had  dream in which the only thing I can remember is washing off a window so I could see clearly. I can remember nothing of this information even though it was clear. I woke up feeling angry that I couldn't remember this information and my eyes were burning for a long time.

8-29-98 - DREAM - I had a long dream about planets, triangles, cancer, and a cure for cancer. I got the impression that the triangle, along with the names of the planets was somehow the cure for cancer.

8-30-98 - DREAM - I dreamed all night about a web page about UFO links of information. I was looking for approval for the page. It seemed that it was okay so long as I treated everyone equally and made none more outstanding than the other.