by Dee Finney

Birds are said to be the descent of deity into the field of time,
or the messengers of the deity!

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7-16-88 - VISION - I saw a man floating down with a white parachute. He seemed to be hit with something. He pulled his feet up and many white things flew off of him. Either feathers or birds, in all directions.


9-24-89 - This dream came after one I didn't write down about putting some men being put into suspended animation.

I was living on 16th St. It was time to bring back the 15 murderers who had been put into suspended animation many months ago. The geese were flocking in the sky and the blackbirds were sitting on the clouds. There was a sheet hanging from the clouds. I pulled on the sheet and the birds fell from the sky and all the birds flew away for the winter. Nobody knew if the process of suspended animation had worked and if they could live. The parents were anxiously awaiting. some wanted to watch the people being brought back, but one woman couldn't handle it. She looked like Jacqueline Kennedy. She had her arms filled with newspaper clippings and wanted to leave. She was allowed to walk away. Just then the black train came into the station. I didn't want to watch either, but they stopped me from hiding in the closet. I would have to watch.

NOTE: Jeffrey Dahmer was discovered in July of 1991 and he had been murdering men and keeping body parts in his apartment for several years. He was found guilty and sentenced to 15 life terms which totaled 937 years. While he was in prison, he was killed by a black man who was paid $45,000 by a black gang to benefit his family for killing Jeffrey Dahmer. When Jeffrey Dahmer was discovered, I was living only 5 blocks away from him. My company owned the building right behind his. His building was eventually demolished so it wouldn't be a morbid reminder to people who constantly drove by it and to people who wanted to go through his apartment and look at the murder scene. There were some who were willing to pay a high price to rent his apartment also. It was a very morbid scene.


10-17-89 This child was born on 10-1-89.

DREAM: I was in a house carrying my infant wrapped loosely in a pink blanket. She was dressed all in white. My other children and I had to go home to my 16th St. house which was 4 blocks away. We were in a house on 20th St. It was winter and it was very cold and snowy. We all pulled on gloves, but none of them matched, however they were all brown leather. But the baby didn't have any. The children said, "Don't worry, it'll go fast." We went outside and there was a large singing group there singing Christmas Carols. The children wanted to pull the baby on a sled. At first it went okay, but they kept pushing the sled instead of pulling it and she kept getting ahead too far and was unprotected. Then, there were bare spots where there was no snow. I told the children they had to pull the sled, but they wouldn't listen and the sled shot way ahead and slid into the street. I started screaming hysterically that a car would come and run over her. Then I saw that she was on the far sidewalk, but so was a blue car. It looked like he ran right over her. I rushed over there screaming hysterically and when I got there, I saw that the sled was up in some tree branches and the car couldn't have run over her. But she was laying in a casket made of tree branches up against the picture window of a house. The tree was blooming around the casket with roses and the ends of the branches were trimmed into the shape of bluebirds. It was so beautiful. I said, "God even made her a casket". I started to cry and woke up crying for my dead daughter.


2-5-90 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house getting ready for the day. It was 6:30 a.m. I was staying with a few other women. I was trying to decide which of 5 different yellow/green shirts I was going to wear for the day. I was currently wearing a yellow blouse and brown pants. I was going to cut off a strip from the bottom back of a shirt to make a matching ribbon for my hair. First I had to iron the shirt and went to the kitchen to get the ironing board and iron. I turned up the heat just a smidge and we discussed the overuse of electricity with a man who was making toast, then I wondered if the house wiring could handle plugging in the iron. N.M. was there in the kitchen and made some kind of comment using the name 'Honey' and that pleased me.

I saw two photos of me take from the left side of myself looking left and I thought I looked quite well. My mother was making sandwiches and was making a mess of bread crumbs, lettuce and green peppers on the table. I decided to throw the crumbs out into the yard for the birds.

First I had to go through 5 doors to get there and for each door my daughter had 5 different names starting with Arla, Ooorla, Orlain, Orvain and Jalah. She began opening each door and her name was on each doorknob. I came out onto the rickety back porch and the steps were old and dilapidated and falling down. I had both hands full of bread crumbs. I poured all the crumbs into my right hand to balance them and I tried desperately to hold on tightly to the railing and I knew I was going to be sorry I came this way.


6-6-90 - DREAM - 'The Teacher had a pair of plain silver buckle earrings about a foot across. I had a pair of gold buckle earrings about 9" across and the right earring had a delicate golden bird on it similar to a sparrow or wren. these two pair of earrings were held together by a golden bar about 3" across.


2-29-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin in a house with a man and we wanted to make love, but there were too many other things that had to be taken care of first. We were expecting people to arrive shortly that we would have to do things for.

We were going to have a rummage sale for someone else and the phone rang to ask about the birds in the bird cage. I saw the bird cage hanging by the window, but I didn't know anything about any birds, so I went over to the cage and saw a red and blue parakeet huddled in a corner, too cold to come up and sing. So, we put tow protective towels around the back of the cage, a pink one from the left and a yellow one from the right, overlapping th pink one. Immediately the bird came up to sing.

I went into an office where many packets of blueprint drawings were laying folded up with rubber bands around them. None of these women had been paid for their work and couldn't be until there was a matching drawing attached, so there were two. All the matching drawings were hanging on a washline out in the yard, drying. The girl in charge of them hadn't brought them in yet. AS I watched her, she took the drawing off th line, piled them up and folded them all together, across once and across once the other way, so they were quartered. I went to pick them up and distribute them so the women could be paid.

As I laid the packets of drawings down, I put my own down first, and then F. K. came up to me on my right (deceased Jan. 13, 1992) (from Pump Dept. at A-C) He put all his I.D.s in a pile next to mine. They were loose, so I put a rubber band around them to hold them securely. (We said something to each other, but I can't remember what, something about being done.)

A girlfriend asked me then if I wanted to to ice-skating with her. I said I did, but tI knew it was spring and I wouldn't go out on the big dark pond. I looked out in the front yard and all the previously dammed spice was melting off, so there was no place to skate.

I looked out the front window and Nathan (my grandson) crossing the street all alone. It was pouring rain and he was wearing a "too big" white T shirt, and nobody was watching him. A commented about it to someone, but they said, "He'll be all right".



3-29-92 - DREAM - I was in a town I didn't recognize, but I knew the people. It could have been a place like Elgin, IL. My co-worker and friend Norbie was supposed to pick me up from work and take me to a class, but I was really tired and I decided I would go straight home.

I saw an ad in the newspaper for the car I was going to buy. It was a 1981 Dodge _____. That was what the key was that fit the ignition. I asked my locksmith Randy, the minister, to fit new keys for it, and a Chevrolet Cavalier, and Ford Thunderbird keys also fit the car.

I knew that everyone was going to be surprised when they found out that it was bright red.


6-12-92 - DREAM - I was driving down a street and came upon Al F. (one of my tenants) laying flat out in the snow. Al raised up his head and recognized me. He opened his eyes wide which scared me. He said, "Hello!" Knowing that Al is sick and might have AIDS, I quickly rolled up my window, afraid that Al might come over and want to interact with me. However, Al jumped into his own car, which appeared around him suddenly and rolled up the windows.

I then went to his apartment and saw that his toilet, where he sat butt-naked was slowly melting down and not only did the toilet melt down, so did the water in the toilet sort of suck up into itself and disintegrated along with the toilet. This whole process greatly disturbed me, fearing not only for my safety, but for others as well.

Then a golden sign appeared suddenly in the air, in front of me. It said, "It's cause is also it's cure."

NOTE: Al died about a year after this dream. I had another dream about him right before his death.

Here is the next dream about the same man:

3-22-94 - DREAM - I rented a room in my New Berlin house to a man who was dying of AIDS. (I had actually rented an apartment to him on Jackson St. where I worked in real life) His mother's name was Ann and she lived in New York. We were sort of friends. He was an acupuncturist and she believed in reincarnation and had an active spirit world that could communicate with us. (She actually took him home to die in New York in the spring of 1993)

In the dream, he told me he was having trouble sleeping and laid awake all night worrying about things. I told him, "The best thing you could do when you can't sleep is get up and do something creative; build a bird house from a kit, write a story, do something active. Then when you lay down, you'll sleep. In the meantime don't worry about anything, the world is going to end at noon on Wednesday. If it doesn't President Eisenhauer will come on the air on the radio and tell us to carry on."

There was one more:

3-22-94 - DREAM - I was in a bedroom with this same person and a young man with a black leather jacket came to visit the man. I explained what advice I  had given to the young man and that I had made a prediction that I couldn't tell anyone else. I felt that the prediction was for _____ himself and he was probably going to die at noon on Wednesday, but I didn't want to tell him that.


3-22-94 - DREAM - I was in a classroom with the young man, a teacher, and other students. She was asking the students to give predictions that they had heard. I wasn't going to give any. I was just listening. I would pretend I didn't know any.

The young man got up and told the teacher, "I know the best prediction of all. The world is going to end on Wednesday at noon and I know that the prediction means me personally." He looked down at me. He was standing next to me at that point. I was shocked he would tell the class the prediction because it should never be told to anyone.

He looked at me with a brilliant smile on his face and said, "I know this prediction is for me personally and that I'm going to die at noon on Wednesday. Don't worry though, the termination will be easy. I'll just take a deep breath and I'll be gone."

He bend down to kiss me on the forehead to thank me for telling him when he would no longer have to suffer.

As he did just that I woke up with a deep gasp of air, almost in fear, and knew he was right. He would die at noon on Wednesday for real.


1-25-93 - DREAM - I had a dream within a dream that I was in Israel and saw men driving cats down the road with bird cages on them and in the bird cages were big artificial vultures, the physical representative of the Almighty Shakl. They carried these cages with them as a means of worship. In that dream, I was told to look it up in the book of Micah - Chapter 13. I saw a man die in the road and two other men in succession went up to the body, listened for a heartbeat and hearing none, went through his pockets.

I woke up in the dream and looked it up in the bible to see if it was true and it was.

I then went around my house cleaning the basement and directing my children to do the same. I put my daughter on punishment for a long time. She had to sit in a chair and do nothing because she wasn't doing what she was supposed to.

I was checking a manila folder for the plans I had made, because an important visitor was expected.

I then went to my own room and began discarding everything that didn't belong to me. I packed up a VCR and some other electronic gadget to take to Radio shack for repair, figuring they would comment on how rough I am on my toys.

NOTE: There are only 7 chapters in the book of Micah.


2-7-93 - MEDITATION - I was shown that Nefertali is symbolic. I saw what looked like the ends of birds wings. Nefertali will be the next Eck Master. I saw a three tiered cake with 3 candles on top and behind it was a TV screen with a picture of a man coming from the right. He was an older man,not sure if her had a short beard, but he was very somber.

Then I saw a creature with green scaly skin. Then a big man with the same green scaly skin, wearing a dark blue suit sat on my right. Instead of hands, he had these green claw-like appendages like a chicken foot, except with 5 claws. He reached over and put his claw hand on my leg and said, "What good does it do for you to be good?"


7-30-93 - DREAM - I was experiencing the selling of a house and finding out the requirements legally of same and those costs. At the same time, I was conducting interviews with young women for some job position I was offering. I was commenting that the cost of a house inspection was $500 which you had to have. The other side also had to have an inspection which cost the same amount. I said, "Why can't one inspector come thru and both sides go by one inspection?" The just shows that there is no trust between people. At that point, I left the woman sitting there and went into the other room to brush my hair. I saw my hair as silver bluish white and I thought it was beautiful and that perhaps it was time to dye my hair all that same color. At that same time, I saw a couple of tangles in my hair on the left side which I to work out. There was a man off to the side and I said to him, "We're never going to make it in Eckankar are we?" He answered, "No!"

At that moment, I heard a crashing sound in the other room. I ran out there and found the woman lying down on a bench in the middle of the room. I asked if she had hurt herself. She said she wasn't sure. I asked her if I should call 911. She said, "No!" There is another special number I call. I handed her the phone. She dialed the phone and I could hear the woman on the other end of the line too. The woman asked her what she had done this time. The woman started to explain something about a huge plaster cast she had hidden under her clothes with green silk pajamas. The other woman told her to quit faking it. She hung up the phone and left on her own. I went into the other room to put on a hat. I looked in the mirror and the hat was knitted with a big bird on top. It looked like a pheasant, and it's wings dropped down to cover my neck in front and then I pulled a little white collar under it.

The more I think about it, I think it is probably a pigeon - in other words, I tend to believe everything people tell me.


8-24-93 - DREAM - I was with a man and we were going to travel out into the country. We went out into the country. The vehicle was a forest green Blazer. I noticed that there were 6 more just like it in the garage, then some matching big semi-trucks. It was a big company. We decided to go out west. Ahead of us was a red truck. It was going too fast and bouncing all over the road, flying through the air and at one point even did a somersault in the air. I lost track of it at that point because we had overtaken it. We were going equally fast and I was hanging on tight. We were in heavy truck traffic and being a two lane highway, we had to hang behind some big gravel trucks before passing them. Traffic was going the other way as well.

We came to a restaurant and two guys came tearing out of it fighting. One wanted to commit suicide, because he had broken up with his lady friend.

I stepped in, broke up the fight and put my arm around the guy, soothing him. We all walked back into the restaurant to have a fish fry. These guys knew everyone well and introduced us to the owner and made room for us in the back room which was crowded. There were a couple of my younger children with me at this point.

I asked the man with me where the rest of the children were. He said they were in the southwest traveling by themselves. I knew they were older and had to be trusted and other people would watch out for them and they'd be OK alone.

I saw some beautiful birds out the window now. Some were like red cardinals. I pointed them out to my son. The one bird in particular came down and landed on the window sill. It was black and white and it looked like Bob Hope. I made a comment about him and his publicity. I said he had church. The other disagreed, but I told them that in a way he was a preacher and in his own way taught right from wrong.


4-7-95 - DREAM - My daughter Jeanne lived with me and my son Mike did too. one night, after I was already in bed sleeping, I woke up to find the bird cage in my room and the birds had escaped and were chirping.

So I called my daughter and questioned her about the reason. When I did that, I discovered that my son Mike had not come home. My daughter said that he probably went to sleep at his Dad's house. So, we spent a long time on the phone with my ex-husband because he no sooner answered the phone, he fell sleep and we spent a long time screaming into the phone to find out if Mike was there. Mostly all we heard were snores.

Finally he woke up and told me that mike sometimes took a job at night washing bar glasses to earn a little money.

By this time, my other sons had shown up and so had a salesman with a unique pair of shoes. It was a platform of leather about 2 inches high, that perfectly fit the bottom of the foot. It had a thong for the center toe, and the were unique in that they didn't flop off the foot. I insisted it wouldn't work, so I put them on and the DID work. It was amazing. Then he told me I should eat bacon for breakfast.

In the meantime there was a lot of household activity. The kids were playing and I wanted to get more sleep. Finally I had to make breakfast for everyone. I was going to heat up some cheesecake buns for the kids and for a special treat, make bacon too. The stove was already on, the pan was ready to go, and I couldn't find the bacon.

Just as I woke up, I saw a sign that said : THE DOLORES GRAD SYSTEM and it was to have been for breakfast and sell the leather shoes.


6-17-95 - DREAM - I was with Alyse and we had to take a plane flight somewhere. I was very frightened. I don't recall seeing the outside of the plane. However, I was laying down sort of, inside the plane, looking up at the blue sky. To my surprise, when we got up off the ground, I suddenly felt free like a bird soaring and my fear was gone.


9-20-96 - DREAM - I went out to my Father's cottage. We were looking toward the lake. I made a comment about the possibility of seeing UFO's. He said he had seen a huge wing shaped UFO. I asked him if he had managed to take a photo of it. He said that photos couldn't pick up the image of a UFO for some reason. I was disappointed to find that out. I went out on the porch. As I was going down the stairs which faced east I heard a shishing noise and from behind me came a huge bird wing shaped UFO that was so huge it stretched from as far left as I could see to as far right as I could see. And as it went it shape shifted into what looked like a huge U.S. transport plane with double tail fins on the back.


11-26-96 - MEDITATION - I asked about the Reflections Project. I was told that the cottages should have 'bird' names like: "The Bird Nest", "Wren House", "Robin House", Bluebird House", "Cardinal House", "Meadowlark House", "Falcon House", "Eagle House", "Chickadee House", "Swan House," etc.

I was also told that we should dig all the trash into the backyard,which means mulching all food scraps into the garden.


9-3-97 - Vision: - I heard a male voice. "Do not go to the Store. - Warning - " I saw myself down on my knees with my head on the floor. I promised not to leave the house.

NOTE: I forced myself to stay home that day even though I needed to go shopping. I didn't want to tempt fate.

See the following dream which followed the vision.

9-3-97 - Dream: I was sitting on a rocking metal chair in the sun in the yard of my New Berlin, WI home. I began to have visions in my dream. I saw an airplane flying over and as soon as I thought , "Oh, no. It's going to crash", it turned into a bird. Then I saw a blue delivery truck flying in the sky and was afraid that it was going to crash. I then saw an American flag hanging limply on a tall pole and then realized it was just a reflection of the flag on the pole across the street.

Some people came in the yard and found something red in the grass. The woman tossed it to me and I caught it one handed on the fly with my left hand. I said to her, "It's a miracle catch," and as I held my red hair barrette in my hand it crumpled like it had been run over by the mower. I continued to rock in the chair and held the barrette in my hand. I then slipped into a dream within the dream and I was at a house away from my house. My first husband asked if he could drive me home and I said, "Yes". When we got in the car and drove out into the street, he said, "Just have to stop at the store and get something." I instantly remember my previous vision of the warning of not going to the store. I asked him to please take me directly home. He agreed but even as we spoke we had some narrow escapes from crashing into other cars. As soon as we headed for home, we were okay.


11-9-97 - DREAM - I was walking down a street. On the other side of the street, a woman and a man entered a house across the street while I was seeing 4 and 20 birds laying in the street. They were all dead by the curb, laid out in 3 rows.

The man told her to step up into the house. When they came back out, she stepped out onto a big white platform on top of a big white car. She was all upset and yelled at the man, "You told me to step down." The man came over to me and asked me if I had heard him tell her to step down. I said, "No! I didn't hear you tell her to step down."

NOTE: I feel that this is a prophecy about Queen Elizabeth stepping down from her throne.

NOTE: From a historical perspective, this was probably about Princess Diana.  According to what I've heard, Queen Elizabeth took some kind of oath never to step down.


11-30-97 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. I was in the attic cleaning up some stuff a little girl had left on the stairs when she was making a project. Part of it was white powder from wall board. I had a jar which must have been double walled I was supposed to drink a lot of water but preferred milk. There wasn't enough water or milk to fill the jar so the outside was filled with milk, but if you looked down inside you could see only the water

Bob. the painter came to get paid or something but I wasn't ready and I told him I was cleaning up the attic. He decided to stir things up a bit for fun, so started wildly sweeping the powder so I'd have to gather it back together again.

At this point I heard of a contest where 3 boys in 6 barrels had to race across a circular container which I watch in miniature. The prize was 6 gallons of milk. When the race was over 3 of the gallons of milk were missing and my sons had to go through the neighborhood to get together 3 more gallons of milk. (nobody had 3 gallons)

At this point, I went through a hallway where a Bononoco bird was talking. I said I wanted one like it. I was handed a doll to talk with me when I went East on Wisconsin Ave. Her short red hair blew in the wind and the doll looked like Shirley McClaine. I knew I'd be embarrassed and have to explain having this doll in my pocket.

Then we saw a woman in the window of the 2nd story of a house across the west alleyway. She stood in a window and deliberately took off her bra so people could see her standing there naked. My 3 sons and I all saw her. My Father was laying on the livingroom floor and we asked him if he wanted a treat and if he did, he had to jump up fast. So he jumped up, ran thru the parlor and we all saw he was wearing a brilliant white T shirt. We knew he'd be seen watching but he didn't have time to put on another shirt. So I held up a dark grey work shirt in front of him so he cold see the naked woman too. (There was a word printed out next to her but I can't remember it) When I was behind my Father, and I was holding this grey shirt up, there was a 2" gap between the shirt and his neck where I could see 2 names printed on his T shirt. It was Alexander Swift Brooks and Jesse Brown.


12-20-97 - DREAM - I had another dream about a circle of messages. It had to do with birth and death of one species of birds and the cycles of life and the tree or vines it lived in. I knew in the dream that this referred to a previous dream, trying to explain it.

At the end, an old woman called on the phone and said she still had a plant from 1933 that she would donate so we could compare the changes. I still felt confused as to how to set up the computer to do this, whether to set it up like a regular clock or like a ferris wheel.

I was shown a transparent screen then that showed a sprocketed chains on the back side of the screen that would click around. There were several of them. I was still confused and then I was shown that if you clicked in the center, you could get to any position on the wheel and from any point on the 12, 3, 6, 9 points you could click over to another wheel to experience another wheel as well. That made sense to me.


This is the previous dream:

12-20-97 - DREAM - We were inside the garage in New Berlin. Joe was painting the walls light orange and some of the orange was getting on the white trim edges. He needed to wipe off these orange marks but didn't have a clean rag. I volunteered to do the cleanup because I had a rag, but I had a hard time finding a clean spot on the rag to do the job neatly because it had some paint remover at one end and it was soaking through and would also take the orange paint back off.

We overheard a conversation between my son Tom and his father asking Tom what his greatest wish was for his birthday. Tom said his greatest wish was to go to the ballpark at the stadium and watch the baseball championship game. His father told him in order to do that, he would have to clean out the inside of his car first.

I volunteered to clean out Tom's car. It was worse than we suspected. An old tire inside the car was full of spider webs and dead bees and spiders and there were piles of leaves too. Becky (his wife) decided to help too, so we were busy cleaning and Tom came out to go to the game and we weren't done yet.

Joe slipped a $1 bill in the tire edge to pay for his part of the work which I noticed and pocketed. Tom was so happy and excited he couldn't wait for us to get done and started to back out of the garage and I was still half in the car.

I warned him to be careful because he might run over my toes with the wheels and we quickly got the rest of the dead leaves out of the car.


1-6-98 - DREAM - I was coming back from the garage of my 16th St. house, to the house through the yard. Half of the yard, by the garage was paved with brand new shiny black asphalt. It was slippery I noticed and I had never walked on it before. As I got to the back door, I heard a squawking like bird sounds to the north of the house which was to the left. I thought at first it was a rooster, but it wasn't, but I didn't identify it and it continued to sound regularly.

On the right, across the alley,in the 2nd house over, a man was sitting on the 2nd floor balcony watching me and that made me feel pretty safe, but a man came out the back door of the 1st house and I immediately felt apprehensive. Though he didn't seem to come in my direction, I quickly went into the back door and locked it securely.


1-7-98 - DREAM - I was manager of an apartment building. It was the last day of the month. I went to a woman's apartment to see if she was out and opened the door. This particular woman's name was Maria. As I opened the door, it was dark inside. As I went inside the room, my eyes began to get used to the dark. I could see where the light switch was over by the kitchen wall. I flipped on the light switch and saw that she had not taken everything with her. I looked over on the far wall and saw that there were three bird cages, two small cages and a large one.

In the larger cage was more than one kind of bird. There was a pair of love birds in front, but there was a white box in the back corner with a very tiny yellow bird. I put my hand into the cage to change the water and the little yellow bird came out of it's box and began to attack my arm in self-defense. It didn't really hurt because he was so small, but he continued to rat-a-tat-tat on my arm while I did what needed to be done.

I went into the bedroom then and saw that Maria hadn't taken any of her clothes at all. I then began to suspect that something was wrong. Nobody leaves all their clothes. I went over to the front door then and heard a key rattling in the lock. I felt I was in trouble because I was early to do an inspection. They did have a few more hours legally to move everything out.

I opened the door from inside at the same time as it opened from the outside. It was not Maria, it was her sister. I explained that they hadn't removed everything. She said they were still working on it and went to the bedroom to get some clothes.

I didn't care about the clothes. I had my own. I wanted the birds, however.

We had a small conversation which I didn't remember, but then I discovered there was a plumbing problem and called in my maintenance man. (His name was Joe) He opened a trap door and they were dismayed to find some kind of major sized airbag over a water tank concealed beneath the hole in the floor. They said it could explode at any moment.

The other woman left then and left behind the birds when they evacuated the place.

I took the birds myself and took them to my white car. My small child was in a car seat in the back and I hung the perch with the large white bird I had found right next to her. The bird was smiling broadly like an infant child. I hung the other cages from hooks in the ceiling of the car and we drove happily away.


DREAM: I was working on the computer, then laid in the bed while Joe got ready for work. Joe left for work and I went back to sleep. Suddenly, Joe was home again and asked him why he wasn't working. He sad he had gotten to work and felt like being with me and making love, so he made an excuse and came back home just to do that. He got a little penlight because the light was low in the room and used it to look at my nipples in foreplay. I looked at my nipples too with him, and it was such a turn-on to look at them so closely with the light while he touched them. Then be began more serious foreplay and I told him I wanted to go the bathroom and wash up a little, so I went to the bathroom and there was someone sleeping there on a little bed. I managed to get the washrag wet and soaped but felt the need to be in private to wash, so left the bathroom to find privacy. Everywhere I went in the room was another person, either sleeping or awake and I couldn't find anywhere to be alone.

I saw a little fish tank with a fake tree in it and it seemed to have bluebirds sitting in it's branches. The bluebirds both hopped and swam in the water being both bird and fish. they were so beautiful, I was mesmerised by them. The tree morphed into a white boat shape or there was another fish tank next to it and there were lines of bluebird fish swimming through this tank and it felt like love and the feeling of love came over me.


1-13-98 - DREAM - I was at home in Milwaukee. My husband brought home a girl child around noon because we didn't have any girl children. The other children began to behave differently. I don't want to say badly, but seemingly more under her control and less under mine. They acted more independent and it seemed to me less dependent on me. For some reason I didn't like it. I was feeling more and more useless.

I noticed then that the bird cage came open and one bird was missing. The other birds were in their cage but with the door open. I saw one green bird in a tree right next to the cage. It hadn't escaped, it was just taking care of itself. The other green bird came out of the cage then and flapped around, trying to land on my hand. I was uncomfortable about his flapping so he finally landed on the floor. These birds seemed to be using human facial expressions and I was very uncomfortable with their independence.

I had to get back to work/school on 20th St. Somebody drove me part way there but I can't remember who. When I got out of the car, I noticed that I had forgotten my purse at home. I decided I could live for one day without it, then noticed that I wasn't wearing shoes, just white socks. Now, I felt very stupid and remembered I had taken my shoes off when taking care of the children. I felt really stupid and hoped someone at work had an extra pair of shoes. I blamed my stupidity on the girl child that my husband had brought home without asking me. It was like she was draining the life sap out of me.

I got to work where I was in charge again. This is where I felt at home. I had all the information at my fingertips that everyone else needed. My library had all the old information that everyone that people needed when they needed to restore old machinery and radio back to working order. They came to me to do research work. I had the master keys to the buildings on both sides of the street. At 5 p.m. I closed down one building and went to work in the other.

In the 1st building there were many young girls touring through. As they left, I told them that if they were interested in working there, they should fill out an application at the employment office or over at the main office on 70th St. I told them that there was special work programs and incentives for young girls and we would even provide transportation and come and get them and take them home again. I then closed the big glass doors for the day and locked the door.

As I left the lobby, I recalled that I had forgotten to dust the furniture in the lobby, but a cleaning woman had just come in and I took my master keys, unplugged the radio to take with me, and headed across the street.

The President of the Company just happened to be crossing the street at the same time and I noted he was wearing light beige pants. He was complaining to a workman that he didn't like having one door unmastered and that we should get a new maintenance man in there and have him master the front door. The old maintenance man was moving on to some other job.

I looked at my master keys. I not only had a whole ring of keys, I had the 4 master keys, one to each side of the building and they were bright gold. I felt proud to have them.

On that side of the street, workmen had laid down red and white quilted material on the sidewalk so we were all tippy-toeing on the softness. I was looking at the expressions on the men's faces. Nobody expected to be tippy-toeing in softness at work. Everyone was amused.

I went inside the building, having discovered there was a maintenance man already present who opened the door for me. Once inside, nobody did anything except sit around so I began telling them to take down the Christmas trees from each room where they were mounted on round tables. There were very few lights working or ornaments in evidence. I told them to get busy and remove the old trees Christmas was over.

I went into my own office then to plug in my radio and answer the phone. Here is where I was in charge and gave orders to the others what needed to be done.


3-27-98 - DREAM - I was creating a web page on the computer and it clicked to an animated drawing. There was a man or boy holding a golden book over his head and from the book, flying towards a woman's head were several birds.

I woke up then and had a vision that said, "Photos and Art by Zora!"

I asked Joe, "Who is Zora?" not expecting him to know.

"That's my grandmother!" he said.

I almost fell out of bed with that news. I continued to see visions of words. I was getting garbled visions of words Zora was trying to say but I wasn't getting them. Then I saw the words, "I speak clearly." and "You and he have easy access."

I told this to Joe. He laughed and said that she had said this on the Ouija Board when he and his wife Nancy had used it in 1982.

Then I saw the word, "initiates". Then I got the impression she was going to make something and I got the number 27. Of course I realized that was today's date.

NOTE: Shortly after we got up, we heard a crashing noise in the livingroom. We ran to see what had fallen, but we never discovered what it was that made the noise.


3-28-98 - DREAM - I was in the livingroom of my 16th St. house. We were holding a church service there. The pastor sat behind a long table covered by a white cloth on the south wall. His small children sat on little chairs in front of the table facing the people. Several other families were there, also with their children. I was sitting on the floor by the East window, somewhat distracted with a book I was reading. The kids were being disruptive especially the pastor's kids. The pastor took some scotch tape and put it over the mouth of his smallest child like an "X". I decided to help by taking the children out of the room. I got up from the floor and asked, "Who wants to come to the kitchen with me?" One of the more disruptive older boys said he would. I said, "Let's see if we can find something to eat." I didn't know if we had anything at all. I looked in an upper cabinet and found bunches of grapes and bananas. They were all overripe and starting to rot. I pulled out all of them and found a couple bananas that weren't too bad. I took one over to the boy, cut in half lengthwise. He didn't want one served that way. He said, "If you take one that is half brown and peel it whole, you will see an antenna on it." I thought about this and went back to the bunch of bananas in the cabinet and found a couple more bananas that were overripe. I went back with them and held one up to him that was shaped like a bird and showed him. Then I showed him one that was even more overripe and it looked like a yellow and brown bird, and the peelings that were brown and falling off, looked like wings.

My daughter was sitting next to me then on a rack with a stack of dinner plates that were light green. I thought to myself, "Here! All this time I thought we didn't have any plates in the house. My husband must have bought them and had them stashed somewhere."

I went to the bedroom and saw that my husband had bought 4 pair of pink and blue plaid slacks and hung them in the closet. The pattern was like a large diamond shape.

I was sorting out the laundry then and found that I had mismatched some socks and felt very dismayed that I had made that big of an error.


4-18-98 - DREAM - I was living in the country with some people and my children. There was a long table outside with a white cloth on it. I could hear a little noise under the table and saw some almonds on the ground. I lifted the cloth and saw that hundreds of almonds were falling down and ready to be harvested. Then I noticed that squirrels were also under the table and eating the almonds as fast as they could. I ran to get my kids and the other people so we could harvest the almonds as fast as possible.

Each person had a project they were working on by themselves and each one needed something for their project so they could finish it before they could help with the harvest.

My son Tom was helping remove some boards from the building. If things were a certain length they could go down the elevator, if not they had to go down the stairs. There was a man at the door who said, "If you can fall,you're too tall." Tom and I went back up the elevator and the door wouldn't open so I told him to push the door open. Tom pushed open the door and we stayed upstairs.

In one of the rooms upstairs were many kinds of birds. They were all making various wild noises. Each one was a different color. In order to remove the birds and take them out of the building they had to be put into "baby" suits which were zippered up so they looked like a "child" of the color bird they were.

A couple birds escaped from the room and flew into another room so I needed help to get these birds into their "baby suits" so they could be reborn and removed from the building.

Two white birds protested loudly even after they were in their 'baby' suits. They wouldn't stop squawking way past when the others were quiet and uncomplaining.


5-9-98 - DREAM - I was with a woman and her baby daughter who was wearing a diaper. The baby started to poop in her diaper and I made her lay down so it couldn't get all over. However, when she was done and I went to change her diaper, she wouldn't lay still and she had poop smeared all over her from head to toe and I had to give her a bath.

A veterinarian came in then and asked me to help him care for a bird. He handed me a brown owl. At first I was trying to figure out how to hold a bird because I had never had such a big bird and the doctor wanted to give the bird vitamin shots. He gave the bird a shot of some yellow vitamins under each breast. The bird at this point was a big green parrot. I was afraid it was going to bite me but it didn't. The doctor told me to wrap the parrot in a towel and put it in a plastic bag and it would be okay. I did this, but the bird wasn't happy in the plastic bag and started to talk and then grew in size and actually climbed up the wall because the wall was roughly plastered. At that point I saw that I had my own smaller parrot in a cage.

When I put the parrot in the cage, it had a wooden side which had a closed knothole so I couldn't see him, so I had to look at him only through the front of the cage.

Then the owner of the green parrot came and I had to find the right cage cover for his cage because it had specific words on it that belonged to only him.

The people took the parrot away then. But then the veterinarian said I did such a good job that he left me a huge blue parrot which stood about 3 feet high on the floor. I was a little afraid of it because I knew if it bit me, he could bite harder than the green parrot though the green parrot had never tried to bite me.


5-12-98 - DREAM - I dreamed of a web page with a tremendous amount of beautiful little graphics on it. In the dream, I attempted to send it to my real computer.

In the dream, I then went home and a bluebird flew in the door with me. It didn't seem like a real bluebird. It was skinny and hard like a mouse and once he landed on a water pipe which were attached to the ceiling with brackets, he skittered along the pipes with his little feet, all scrunched over.

I told him to go over in the corner by the computer which he did, but when I walked into the next room, he followed me by skittering along the water pipes like before. He came over into the center of the room on a pipe and it looked like he was going to jump down on me, so when he leaped, I quickly stepped aside and he landed on the floor with a hard thud.

As I was waking up, a male voice said, "Go to the Wildworld"!

NOTE: Wildworld on the Internet led me to a series of VRML sites where the graphics move around when you point your mouse at them.


5-24-98 - DREAM - The dream started when I was going into a huge schoolyard on 70th and Greenfield. The schoolyard was immense, but only 1 story high and had no windows at all. I had to cross the whole outer courtyard of the school to get to the door which was hidden between two buildings in a kind of alley way.

Inside the building various scenes took place. I cannot remember all the scenes but the most memorable was when I picked up a blond woman wearing a beige rain and shine coat. I held her upsidedown and whacked her head violently against the wall several times as I carried her to the bathroom. She was not a heavy person (not like a person would be in real life) I entered the bathroom and dumped her head first into the bathtub and at the same time offered my hand to an older woman to pull her out of the same tub and had short reddish hair. I helped wrap a white towel around her. Though she was naked, I didn't see her body...only her bare shoulders and arms.

I then went home which was just across the street on 70th at the old A-C building. (where I used to work for 10 years) In that building I wanted to go up to my apartment which was #307. There were several elevators. I had to hurry because I was already late for work which started at 8 a.m. and it was almost 9 a.m. When the elevator came it stopped about 1 foot below the hallway of floor. It didn't have a door...it just suddenly appeared. The elevator was full of people but I got on and turned around and faced the opening. I don't recall that it went up at all, but I was then laying on the floor of the elevator which had green carpeting facing a huge bedroom with two double beds in it. The only protection the bedroom had from the prying eyes of people on the elevator was a long pink fringe of string hanging over the opening of the elevator door. I picked at the edge of the fringe which was knotted and undid a knot. I then noticed that all the other knots were already undone except one.

It was time to get to work which was just across the street (where the school was). All I had to do was walk across the street, but the elevator turned into a bus and I and some other woman were taking the bus to work. The bus went west and I thought I would just get off at the 1st stop, but the bus kept going and I knew we had gone too far. I figured we could get off and get a bus back on a transfer or walk back. But we didn't have transfers so we got off the bus to walk back. We were now on 84th St. and had to walk south to Greenfield Ave. and then east to 70th St. to get back to work. As we walked south on 84th St. we came to a bridge over a river. But as we got to the bridge, it looked like the ocean with huge waves on it. As we crossed the bridge we were on the same level as the water and where the water was coming to the beach, the waves were tumbling over and becoming snow banks. This event so puzzled me because I had never seen ocean waves turn to snow. But then I saw that the snow was melting quickly like it was spring and little cartoon-like birds were singing a song about being on the shores of Gitchi Goomi.

I woke up feeling really happy.


6-24-98 - DREAM - I was rearranging the file names on our index page and when I was done a blackbird flew across the page from one name to another.


7-6-98 - DREAM - I went to visit my friend Alice who had moved into a retirement type rooming house with two other women. Her room was on the 4th floor so I climbed the stairs to her room. She didn't go with me. She told me her room was the 1st one on the right at the top of the stairs.

When I got up there, the 1st room on the left was the bathroom and someone was in it using it. Directly across from the stairs was a small room, which seemed to be decorated all in gary. That's the way I more or less expected a retirement room to look.

To the right, there were two humongous rooms that were barn-like and not very enclosed from the weather it seemed, more like porches.

The 1st room seemed to have kitchen-like appliances in it and narrow table covered with a white cloth. I was curious to see what the view was from the porch. I worried that in winter it would be very cold and in summer, very hot.

When I reached the railing and looked over, I saw that it didn't overlook an outside scene, but an inside game preserve type place which was 4 stories down. It was all enclosed and provided more or less natural habitat for exotic birds and fish.

There may have been small animals also, but when I saw the exotic birds and tropical fish which were multitudes of other-worldly-type colored feathers and scales. I was enthralled. The vastness of the animal preserve to be indoors was thrilling to see.

At that point I was thinking that people on the first level could see this exotic place and how fortunate they were.

But, my reverie of thought was broken by some men who pushed their way in behind me and next to me. They had long guns like rifles and took extreme pleasure in using these exotic animals and birds and fish which were one of a kind, for target practice.

These were not the type of birds or fish one would raise for food, but just to enjoy their exotic beauty.

I was appalled to see this happening and that it was allowed to happen. As I was thinking this, some birds with long yellow beaks like ducks came up from below and started attacking us in the only way they knew how...with their beaks.

I got bit on the butt by one and the only way I could prevent another bit was to hold the bird's beak shut with my hand as I ran to get away from the place.


7-15-98 - VISION - I saw a woman with a black nose. She looked kind of witch-like, but her nose was longer and thinner...like a bird's beak...eagle or longer... She said, "Now we'll have a message from Betty Jenkins to her people."


8-19-98 - DREAM - I was in a house where other people lived with me. The television was on and a man was watching while I was working on my dream book. It was relatively dark in the room for daytime. I was given 3 calendar dates...the 4th, the 19th, and the 26th. The 4th was the date to play the lottery, and the 26th was to be really bad...(see above) and the 19th (today?) something else would happen...(can't remember what)

I got a phone call from Becky and I began to notice my pets. I had a white parrot ina large cage on a round table to my right, a green parrot in a cage high up on the far wall, then a brown and gold parakeet came in the room and went into the cage with the parrot all by itself, then flew back out and began flying in tandem with a bluebird ina mating flight.

The two birds sat on a perch slightly overhead, and the woman on the phone said that it was good luck for me.


9-1-98 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building. I got hired by the government to spy on New York and New Jersey ET events so I had a special machine which got installed in my closet for reports to come in for those two states plus the Federal Government.

On my bedroom wall was a special TV only about ETs and other people could post messages about ETs.

No sooner did the stuff get hooked up, but people started coming in to interfere, take up my time with nonsense and take me away from my incredible TV computer which glowed green on the wall.

Also, a newspaper cartoon section began in the Sunday newspaper about ETs. I was clipping out pictures about ETs. I was clipping out pictures to use to scan into the computer, so I went home and asked my oldest son Michael if he would save his newspaper so I could collect them whole us well since mine were cut up.

Three sets of people came to visit which interfered with my getting back to my ET wall TV/computer.

Some young punk teens came...3 boys. A black boy from the group saw my secret equipment and he told the other two boys about it, but they were so caught up in talking about fast cars, they didn't get what he was saying.

Some men came over, like my Father, his brother and his son and they didn't catch on t o what I was doing either. In fact, they turned off the light in the road, and were watching Star Wars movies instead of paying attention to the real thing.

A mother and her little toddler son came in and somehow he spilled green paint in big splotches on top of an orange blanket, so they had to use one of my bathrooms to try scrub the green paint out of the blanket in the bathtub.

Some other women people came then to discuss how my wringer washer worked then because they had never seen anything like it and my last visitation was by a man who wanted to tell me how to raise my pet bird. I had the bird in the bathroom where he had the most freedom I could give him outside of a cage and the man thought I should raise him in the other bathroom where he could have more red toys and rods and grids to sit on, but that's where the furnace was and I thought it was too hot.

Finally, the woman and her son were finished scrubbing on the paint on the blanket. It didn't all come out, but I looked at the other side and it didn't bleed through, so I spread the blanket out on the bed to dry and arranged it so it was folded in thirds in such a way that the paint spots didn't show, only the orange part.

Finally I got everyone out of the house so I could get back to my ET TV/computer which was still glowing green on the wall.

9-1-98 - VOICE - "I believe he was prepared to make a speech at the great conference in Sacramento, in 1996."


9-9-98 - DREAM - I was living in a house which is not familiar to me. I was visited by a short, dark, plump woman who looked familiar but I didn't know her name. She sat in the corner, half hidden by a long drape hanging from the ceiling. She asked me if I had gotten any e-mails from the REALPEOPLE list. I admitted that I hadn't and she asked if it was okay to forward some and I said, "Yes!"

I wanted to turn on the TV, but it didn't seem that I had one. I almost knocked a lamp over and saw the base of the lamp was badly damaged and that it had been given to me that way and I had to prop it up carefully in order to use it.

I wanted something to eat and all I could find was potato chips. I offered the woman some and she took only one. I said she could take more but she told me that one was sufficient for her.

I heard some paper ripping, and looked up and realized I hadn't fed my birds in 4 days. I remembered going to get the seed and getting sidetracked. So, I headed towards the kitchen to get the seed from under the sink and noticed I had two other birds in the kitchen and that they seemed smaller because they hadn't been fed either.

I then went out into the yard with my friend and the baby so the baby could play. Suddenly I realized there were 30 or 40 children playing in the yard and their parents were all there too. I was shocked to realize this.

A woman came up to me and asked me if her baby could swim in the pool. (It was one of those round kiddy pools) I said, "Yes! But you will have to watch her." So she decided she didn't want the baby to swim in that case.

I needed to go to the bathroom, so went into the house. I headed for the stairs and discovered that part of them were missing and cabinet doors were off the hinges and stuff was laying everywhere.

My baby was happily playing on the stairs. I said, "Where are Michael and Ken?" The baby said, "They are up at Grandpas!" I said, "They are where?" He repeated, "They are up at Grandpas!" and pointed up the stairs. I told him, "Well, you go up there and tell them to come down, because they are going to clean up this mess."


9-18-98 - DREAM - I was in the country sitting by a barn and I started to hear what sounded like flies buzzing and I looked and blackbirds were coming up from the grass and flocking onto a trellis or grid-like structure on the side of the barn. They flapped their wings and fluttered around until they formed a big symbol like ^ then three young teens came and got on each other's shoulders and they walked into the barn like one tall person but it was 3 in 1.

NOTE: (The Trinity?) The ^ symbol is the male sign (similar to a unicorn horn). The V sign is feminine sign. Together they form an X which is the sign of the Templars, which was about the Holy Grail.

Then it seemed like the side of the barn turned into a movie screen and a musical commercial came on and all the people there were many had the faces of lions and striped tigers but were wearing like blue work clothes. Then the commercial changed into written instructions which I was trying to make out. Joe had come back home and his black car was parked behind me and I kept asking him, "What does that say?" over and over because I could quite make it out. I was about writing something and I think it said something about expurging something. I couldn't see it clearly enough to know for sure.

I turned around to ask him again and Joe was gone and it sounded like he picked up his alarm clock and took it to work with him.


9-28-98 - DREAM - Most details are gone from the beginning of this dream, but this is the ending.

It seemed I worked and lived in the same building. An old lady needed to do her laundry and was carrying it to the laundry room. I saw that other people had left colorful sheets all over the floor so I moved them all aside so the old lady wouldn't trip and fall.

In a big diningroom, there was a discussion going on about what kind of food to serve. One guy had three tall tubs of something from a restaurant, and we discussed whether it was good or bad, but can't remember what it was. I had a strong vision of a fish fin, it looked like a shark. It was triangle shaped, dark black but not shiny, and 3 graduated slots in it.

I was then working in an office with David (he was in a purchasing job) We had to take turns going to the bathroom so there was always somebody there to man the phone.

I don't know if this was a separate dream or not, but I found myself inside of a 3 person airplane, sitting on the floor with a skinny teenage boy. The pilot was showing us how it felt to fly (I've never been in a real airplane) The kid had been up with him before and I was quizzing him on the terminology of the various parts. It felt incredibly wonderful to float on the breeze like a bird, tilting and gliding smoothly between objects as we were pretty low to the ground. The pilot started flying higher then and I was anticipating seeing what the ground looked like from higher up. From my vantage point, I could see only the sky.

Then the pilot took the plane straight up and instead of screaming in fear, I just closed my eyes and experienced the feeling. When I opened my eyes again, I could see the pilot parachuting down off in the distance. He had jumped out of the plane and left the kid and I alone in the plane and the kid had never even soloed. Neither one of us was even a seat, we were sitting on the floor behind the tall stool where the pilot had sat. So, I stood up and picked the teenager up under his armpits and place him on the stool and I sat on the floor next to him. I told him to tell me if there was anything I could do to help.

He said there was nothing I could do. Next thing, we came swooping in to land. It appeared we were coming in to land between two bridge railings and I saw that there were no wings on our plane and we were sliding in on one of those rocket sled test things like they have in the desert. I seemed to be outside of my body watching from a different vantage point and we were sliding backwards strapped into these sled seats. First, when we crashed into the barrier that was meant to stop the sled, I saw the teenagers face for all distorted and then mine went all distorted, my mouth flew open to scream my tongue protruded and my eyes went all weird. There was no pain, and I woke up instantly.


10-15-98 - DREAM - I had a small canning jar with a couple small fish in it. I took it upstairs to the bathroom. I intended to just sit the jar in the bathtub, but when I got there, the bathtub was full of water almost to the lip. (The tub was rectangle and only 4" deep) The jar slipped and the fish fell out into the water.Then I saw that there were all manner of colors of tropical fish. They were swimming around in the water but some of them flipped out onto the floor and were flopping around. I tried to scoop them up and get them back into the water, but I couldn't do that without hurting them. But then I saw that they could get back up into the water all by themselves by climbing up a vine that was hanging on the edge of the tub. Seeing that, I decided to leave them alone, but then a huge triangle shaped bug jumped out of the viney area. He was so big and nasty looking, I ran out of the room to get a fly swatter.

For some reason I went to my neighbor's house to get the fly swatter. I was wearing my blue bathrobe and black penney loafer shoes and that's all.

When I got there, I forgot about the fly swatter and was told that a psychic David Bondi was in the basement meditating. I ran down there to see him. He was in a room across from the door and was more or less leaning up against the wall covered with a brown blanket with just his head sticking out. (I never heard of someone named David Bondi)

I began talking to him like he knew who I was and I told him the prophecy of the young Mrs. Kennedy losing her child and demonstrated with my hands how pregnant she was when it happened - 4 to 5 months. When I did that I noted that my own stomach looked kind of pregnant too but not as far along.

As soon as I finished telling him the prophecy, he turned and walked away like he wasn't interested and didn't care, so I did the same and went back towards the stairs. By the stairs was the door to the laundry room. However, the doorway was blocked by boards and bricks with only an opening a few inches high. Certainly not high enough for a human being to get through. Behind the stairway was an opening that was higher, but not a doorway, just a hole with broken boards. I was glad that mine was done because nobody else was going to be able to do theirs if it wasn't already done.

I then went back upstairs. At this point I had some large fish I was supposed to cook for dinner and they fell out of a brown paper bag onto the sidewalk. Dismayed, I bent over to rescue the fish and saw that one had been cut open and it's gus were hanging out. I was so disgusted, I couldn't bear to cut up the other fish, so I left them lay on the sidewalk for the birds to eat. They were all dead already so it didn't seem that I was doing anything bad.

I then gathered up my robe around me and started walking back across a big field to my house. I saw three women coming down the front steps of my house so in order to catch them and see what they wanted, I only glimpsed a peek at the carnival rides being set up in the field that told me it was almost the 4th of July. I also noticed that fresh ground had been laid out for this event.

I ran up to the women and told them who I was. They said that they were interested in buying a house in our subdivision. I explained that I didn't know which house was the model house or where the office was but I assured them that there was one and indicated that it was up the hill and around the corner. (Our street was curved and uphill)

I went up the stairs on the porch to the front porch (door #1) . It was colored brown and locked tight. So, I went around the corner of the porch where there was another door (door #2) This door was white and wide open, so I went into the house.

I entered the livingroom and started walking through the house. Over in the corner, I saw water pouring out of the ceiling. I just screamed, "Oh my God!, the bathtub is running over." I ran up the stairs to the bathroom. Where the tub had been was now a bed and my daughter and her friends were jumping on the bed. I told them to stop and was going to ask about the water and the fish when my daughter's friend (Allison) said something sarcastic. (Her face was small and triangle shaped towards the bottom and just the sight of her made me feel angry) I can't even remember what she said, but I was so incensed by her attitude, I slapped her face. I didn't slap her hard and I know it didn't hurt her, so I slapped the other side of her face too. It wasn't hurting her so I was getting madder and madder. I grabbed her and held her upside down and started slamming her head on the bed. I still wasn't hurting her to my satisfaction and in my increasing anger, I felt like I wanted to kill her. I finally threw her down and walked out of the room with my daughter and told her, "You are never to play with her again. Understand?"


11-17-98 - VISION - I was on the corner of 16th and Clarke. I saw a flock of blackbirds fly across the street towards the south. They were followed by 4 black and white cats. Just the hind legs of the hats were white. The birds landed in a tree and the 4 cats stood there standing up on their hand legs wishing they could up in the bunches with the birds to eat them.

I was laying on my porch like I had just woke up from a dream. There was a blue screen ahead of me. The links had been looked at so I couldn't see what it said. I couldn't get up either because there was a woman painting something right next to me. She was actually half leaning over me. She wouldn't let me get up so I could see the blue screen. I've seen this woman before but I can't name her. She said, "This is important." as an excuse why she wouldn't make room for me to get up. She aid, "I don't have my own computer."


12-2-98 - DREAM - I was in an office area. I had a machine component on my desk and I was trying to keep it separate from other machine components that others had placed on my desk.

Some young men gathered in the doorway to fix a machine like a vacuum cleaner. There were so many people standing around watching, I said, "How many people does it take to stand and watch? I'm leaving!" So I left and went back to my apartment where it appeared that everything had been rearranged.

There was a large man there feeding my baby birds because I had been neglecting them while I was working. The birds were like baby doves but had huge beaks that had not hardened yet and were like feather covered orange, brown, and green rather more like a parrot of some kind.

Because their beaks were not hardened yet, he had to break open the seed for them which had a fluid in them which promoted the feeling of love. some of the fluid dripped down onto his shoulder, which I put my hand up on his shoulder to capture some of the fluid so I could transfer it to Joe.


1-14-99 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. The telephone knocked out part of the dream.

Somebody named Richards parked out in front of the house and a black woman who was like a cop or detective wanted her arrested. Instantly there as help on the way. a guy said, "This woman was here last week and she needs help again."

I had some tiny new plants and I put some new ones in and I saw I was going to have to water them every day. I then saw two eggs that were going to hatch if I took care of them.

These are birds: One was Ingo Swan - and the other was Joe McMoneagle." Both remote viewers. That made sense to me.


2-2-99 - (I had three dreams of web pages about Earthchanges)

#1 - A plain listing of the different kinds of earthchanges

#2 - The same list of words, placed in the order in which they were going to occur. Some were side by side in a row. Each one was etched into its own sized space in what looked like stone or concrete.

#3 - The same list of words on a brown page. It appeared to be an answer to a letter written by Joe Mason. It said:

"My name is Joe Mason. Zeus is my home county."


After the earthchange dreams were over, I had another brief dream where I was standing by the stairway of a large empty basement. It seemed we had all been gone on a vacation. Someone had painted the walls deep blue with white daisies all over it. The floor was painted brown and the maintenance man, "Joe" said he was going to paint the walls and then pour a new concrete floor. It appeared there was room for 6 to 9 inches of concrete on the floor up to where the new paint started. Joe said he was ready to pour the concrete. I asked him if he decided not to pain first so he wouldn't drip pain on the new concrete, but since it was all newly painted, he decided he would just go ahead to pour the concrete.

When that dream was over, I had a vision of seeing the end of another letter. It ended:








My Blue Heaven

day is ending

birds are wending

back to their shelter of

each little nest they love

nightshade's falling

lovebirds calling

what makes the world go round

nothing but love

when whipporwills call

and evening is night

I hurry to my blue heaven

I turn to the right

a little white light

will lead you to my blue heaven

you'll see a smiling face

a fireplace, a cozy room

a little nest

that's nestled where the roses bloom

just molly and me

and baby makes three

we're happy in my blue heaven

you'll see a smiling face

a fireplace, a cozy room

a little nest

that's nestled where the roses bloom

just molly and me

and baby makes three

we're happy in my blue heaven

we're happy in my blue heaven


2-17-99 - VISIONS - I was feeling desperate to earn some money at home and after months of trying various things and nothing working, I went into meditation and BEGGED spirit to tell me what to do.

Immediately, the visions began to flow in. First I saw an Indian, dressed in full length pants and fringed jacket made of pale beige deerskin. He had his back to me and was standing at an outdoor garden center type stand. One the counter in front of him were numerous little plants in square pots. I recognized a purple pansy in one, but the rest were all green.

Then a heavy set woman appeared on the other side of the counter. I thought I recognized her, but her face kept fading in and out and changing, so I don't think she was meant to represent a specific person, but symbolised 'fat woman' in general.

I puzzled over that because it didn't fit anything I was familiar with.so, I asked several more times for spirit to tell me what to do. I began to see a series of visions, all about web pages of advertising and the word herbalism. Finally, the word HERBALIFE came in very, very clearly in RED.

I got up and went to the computer and did some searching and like what I saw and decided to become an HERBALIFE distributor. The opportunity to make lots of money looks fantastic.

I then went to do some household things and went outside to feed the cats. Right on the doorstep was a hawk feather. I was absolutely thrilled. I looked up in the sky to see if ROV had painted any clouds in the sky and right overhead a pair of hawks were circling in the sky. They went around and around and around as I greeted them. I actually had tears in my eyes as I praised them.

Then they gradually drifted off to the west and disappeared from view. As I lowered my gaze, I immediately saw a tiny blue hummingbird, another one of my totems. What a thrilling day.



I was at work. We had just got there and my children were with me. My boss came in and said, that he had a big project for me to do. We were waiting for it to be delivered. Meanwhile I was feeling an ominous ache in my chest. It felt like gas stuck in my esophagus but no matter what I did, it didn't go away. I asked my daughter to go get me a drink of water. She left and didn't come back. My boss, not knowing my problems said,"You just can't count on girls in sweaters can you!" I agreed! My son was there also. We heard a bird chirp loudly right outside the window. We both commented, "Wow! A bird in the crowded city!" My boss said, "That kind of awareness can really help you go far." We kind of laughed. I was down on my knees on the floor pretending to be looking for something, trying to relieve the pressure in my chest but nothing was helping. I was beginning to think about calling an ambulance, knowing I didn't have insurance and where I would end up I didn't care. I wasn't ready to die. I finally got up and went over to the sink and got my own drink of water. I didn't belch and the pressure remained steady.

An Engineer came in and he and my boss were discussing the need for a symbol for the engineering symbol. I said, "I know of one. An Engineer dreamed it many years ago. He called it the sign of God. So I drew it for him in green chalk on a white board just like the dream symbol.

They were impressed. My boss was still waiting for the project to be delivered. I put a huge white platter in the sink to be washed. Otherwise there was no work left to be done and I woke up.

NOTE: Awake I still had the same pressure in my chest and it was very uncomfortable. But awake, I rolled over on my left side and belched and belched and belched and the ache began to go away. What a trial!











2-25-99 - DREAM - Someone asked me to babysit for them. I agreed.

I can't remember doing anything with the baby. Michelle called and said she needed to buy some string. I told her they had it at the hardware store. She didn't think so, but I had bought some there. I actually took the phone with me all the way over to the store. I got there and Michelle was in the store with another girl, looking for the string. The hardware store was kind of dark and small. I didn't see the string and I still had the phone in my hand so I quickly went back home.

I was at my 16th St. house and head that some black people had been burned out of their house. What was good was some wonderful people gave them all new furniture because of the tragedy. I saw some people moving furniture out of the house across the street where the fire had been.A black man moved a table out of the house and set it on the lawn. It was an old fashioned table, a small one but it looked like it was the right size to put my sewing machine on upstairs. However, this table had glass sides and top. It seemed way too delicate to hold a heavy sewing machine. It had lovely black cast iron decorated sides and legs.

I was standing on the sidewalk with Cary Loose, another friend. I saw movement along the dark sides and legs all moving downward. Suddenly something darker flew off and I knew it wasn't a bird. It was a flying cockroach. One would jump and fly off, then all the rest would move down, another jump and fly off in a different direction. It was kind of cool watching them until I figured out what it was. I told Cary, I'd never advise someone to buy used furniture. It was pretty risky, because cockroaches might come with it.

Whoever I was babysitting for came back to pay me. I asked her if I could write a check out of her checkbook. She said, "Yes!" I wrote a check for $5.__. She also gave me a $15.00 but the remembered that she owed me for babysitting so we were probably even.


3-16-99 - DREAM - I was living and working in a big old apartment building/house. The landlord was a cheapskate, and when an old man moved into one of our larger apartments, I told him I would have it painted for him. Some of the closet doors, walls and ceiling had big old stains on them...I mean HUGE stains and the rest of the walls and ceilings were yellow from someone being a heavy smoker. It looked really bad. The landlord stood right there and stated that the old man was lucky to be living with us. I didn't doubt that was true, but I still wanted him to have a clean, painted apartment.

After the landlord left, I went about picking up toys and cleaning the floor after little kids, even while they were playing with them. I wanted everything to be perfect.

We were getting ready to move somewhere and one of the tenants (it felt like a relative) had finished another year of classes in college and was going to stack his books in the attic or worse yet, throw them away. He had them all in a brown suitcase. I looked at the books. The first one was on Ornithology and had pretty birds all over its cover. I instantly wanted that one for myself because of my bird totems. The other ones were all about electricity and circuits and how they worked. The side binding on the second one had a picture of superman with a U.S. flag behind him.

I was going to make sure that my son Michael got to read these books because that was his field of study. I also wondered where this man's previous books were and if they could be retrieved. I hoped they hadn't been thrown away.

There were a bunch of young girls playing out in the yard. I was told that one of them was born within two hours of my birthday and had been named after me. The young girl came into the house from the yard and as she came up to me, the voice said, "This is the young girl who was named after you." The girl walked right past my outstretched hand like she didn't see me. She was right next to me, and I reached over to take her hand. I said, "No! Over here! It's me!" As I took her limp hand, she began to fade into Violet colored print like on a book or e-mail.

(This reminded me of a person on-line who always types in that color print) (I asked Violet when her birthday was, but it wasn't even close to mine)

I seemed to be still trying to pick up toys outside as I woke up. I don't recall anymore.


3-24-99 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee. I had just moved back and took over the manager's job again. I don't know what apartment number this was but it was on the 1st floor and there was no privacy. People were wandering in and out at will. Where the windows should have been, it was wide open to the open air. I wasn't settled in yet, had little furniture, a desk, a chair and a dresser and that was it. It was almost noon and I hadn't been to the office yet. Then I realized I didn't have any keys yet either, nor did I have my own keys. I started hunting for my coat figuring they were probably in the pocket. I looked in the closet and saw that Ed (my ex-husband) had been there. He had hung his own four beige coats on the hook by the door and he had thrown all my stuff in a heap at the back of the closet. That was typical of him. I didn't know where he was but he had obviously been there.

I finally found my "Joseph's coat of many colors" laying on the dresser and sure enough there were keys in the right pocket. They weren't on a ring like they used to be though.

I knew immediately that Ed had taken them, and I tried to see what keys were missing. I saw my car keys and there was a bunch of apartment keys and other keys, but no building keys. that was okay because I was in a new building now and the manager had had all the locks changed while I was gone. All of a sudden I spotted a pile of building keys. They were gold and double sided, more or less like a tall...wide Christmas tree.

I was so happy to find them. Now I had access to everything again. I put them in a neat pile on my desk. There were a lot of people milling around.

A guy named David who I used to work with and a woman came in. I was just about to water two vine plants that I had neglected. One branch from each one broke off and I was going to replant them, but instead I gave them to the woman. She smiled and took them and left. David said, "Do you mind if we hang around together? Today is Thursday!" I had to read between the lines on that one. It meant his wife was busy or working and he was at loose ends. However, "Hanging around together" sounded safe enough.

I saw several bosses come in, some were inspecting the building it seemed. They said "Hello!" and moved on. But the head boss came over and said, "We need to discuss this man in your life," indicating Ed's coats. I assured him that Ed would not be back. He seemed happy with that answer and went on about his business.

I continued to try to figure out how I could close the front windows. There were people everywhere in my apartment. Two guys brought in a purple couch and asked where I wanted it. I knew they'd want to put it down somewhere, so I told them to just put it along a wall and I'd move it to its exact position later. They were happy about that. When they sat it down, I adjusted it a little. I was amazed at how light weight it was.

Then a girl called my attention to an animal cage up near the ceiling. Inside the cage I could see black cats, exotic ring tailed monkeys, all small animals that can wreak havoc if they are loose. On the outside was a rod where a bunch of birds were sitting. I looked closer and they looked more like bats in color though they weren't hanging upside-down. A couple came down and landed on my arm and I flung them off saying, "Wild animals have no place in a house." I knew they'd have to be moved out.

I still had to get to the office and I just let the people mill around in the apartment. Except for the purple couch that had just been brought in, there was no furniture. I even noted that there was no washer and dryer to do laundry yet.

I started walking down the hall and it appeared I was inside that underground mall I discovered last week in another dream. I had to walk a long ways through the mall. There were lots and lots of jostling people out here. I assumed my office was at the far end.

I was having trouble getting through the crowds and a big heavy set woman came up behind me. She grabbed me by both arms and said, "Let me help you find a way!" She began steering me between the crowds of people and I was grateful for the fast pace we were moving , but then I noticed that as soon as we went through a door and down a narrow hallway, it seemed more and more nasty looking. The walls were dirty and so were the floors. There were fewer people here but those I saw looked like bad off drug addicts, drunks, and the really bad off people. I was getting nervous that she was taking me the wrong way, so I wrenched myself out of her hands and ran back the way we had come. I ran up a stairway and was now outside. It seemed I was on 108th and Greenfield Ave. I was going to cross the intersection and head east on Greenfield Ave. but a huge construction truck had flipped over, spilling all the construction materials. A bystander said, "When the truck flipped over, the driver ran right into the bar over there." I took a look and sure enough, the truck driver was sitting at the bar, swigging drinks down as fast as he could.

I continued east on Greenfield Ave. which was uphill to 92nd St. I had to pick my way through all the construction materials that had fallen off the truck.

I got to 92nd St. and was about to crest the hill and a man grabbed me by the arm and said, "I want you to see something." I got to the crest of the hill where I could see the entire city in the valley ahead. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and backed up a little and couldn't see it.

He took me by the arm again and said, "Look! I want you to see what a city looks like when it's hit by a nuclear attack!" He made me look again. The tall buildings were standing, just twisted girders of steel, where there was any brick, it was just partial and hanging off, no windows anywhere. It was just total devastation. There were NO people. It was a dead city.


5-11-99 - DREAM - I was sitting in a recliner chair with N.M. I had invited him for dinner, and I had invited another man to dinner the following evening. N.M. was going to get hamburger and the other guy was going to get steak. I hadn't purchased either one because it was winter and was icy out and I didn't want to go out in such weather.

As I was thinking about that, a small helicopter appeared outside the window and I could see he was aiming a camera at me. (Dejavu of the helicopter experience I had in Milwaukee in 1996)

I couldn't see the man because the sun was reflecting off the round dome window of the helicopter. But the helicopter turned somewhat and then I could see him very clearly. I smiled broadly for his camera and he grinned back.

But I soon got tired of that and started to get irritated at his intrusion of my privacy. So I jumped up off the chair and went to the window.

To my surprise, buried in the ice below the window as two small aliens, wearing green hood suits, kind of chartreuse green.

The helicopter started to pull away and I could hear what sounded like numerous aliens talking in their own language. It was high pitched, almost like birds chirping but with more rounded tones.

I was really shocked and excited. I knew my son Tom was in the building. He was working at washing the walls in the hallways for the painting that was going to occur tomorrow. I was so excited, my mind was going 1,000 miles an minute, thinking about what I was going to say.

I opened the door and saw that Tom had washed most of the old paint off the walls from scrubbing so hard and the underpaint was red, white, and blue.

I knew too that I was too excited to tell the story and that nobody would believe me anyway so I went back to my own apartment, opened the door and woke up.


5-18-99 - DREAM - I was looking out the window of a tall building and saw a blue bird land on the eve of the building across from the window. It was so pretty. There was somebody named Jim laying behind me. (My 1st husband?) I poked him to wake him up but he wouldn't wake up to see the bluebird. Then the eve of the house changed to a triangle shape /\ and the bluebird hovered in the air beneath this triangle eve roof and again I poked Jim to wake up and see the pretty bluebird. Jim was dead to the world and wouldn't wake up. Then as I watched the bluebird, it began to fly slowly towards me until it was just inches from my face and looked humongous for a bluebird. It was so beautiful and I was the only one who saw it.

NOTE: In July, I had a vision of a bluebird sitting on a branch of the tree outside my window when a bird chirped during mediation.


6-4-99 - DREAM - I belonged to a group of people who met on a hill in the park and we sang a song like 'Over the Rainbow' which has the words . . . 'like the bluebirds do' . . . (That's not it exactly.. but the gist of it.)


7-8-99 - VISION - (SEEN TWICE) A ceramic and brass bird. It had a brass head and heck, an upper body of white, a lower body of robin's egg blue, and brass legs and feet.


7-11-99 - VISION - As I lay down to take a nap, a bird chirped outside the window really loud. The instant the bird chirped, I had a vision of a window and outside on a tree branch was a beautiful bluebird.


AUGUST, 1999

8-2-99 - I had this dream 3 times.  There were 7 quatrains or poem stanzas about the death of JFK, Jr. I should have attempted to write them down while I was seeing them, but I didn't. I eventually saw them again with the name Lowell Thomas who was a journalist who died in 1981.



I saw a yellow sign with foreign language on it like Russian:

I then saw the rock garden that Kimber made for me. It had three flower spikes in the center almost 3 to 5 feet tall with one red bloom at the top of each spike.  

I saw a small bush on my right, then saw a huge bush in front of me.

I heard a voice say, "I talked with ISIS today!"

Another voice said, "Nothing makes any difference."

I saw two more gardens when I lay down to sleep. The first one was a mound with a bird bath in the center. I saw peonies and other flowers surround it.

The second one has escape my memory.

NOTE: In April of 2000, we installed two more gardens of Primroses at the other end of the porch from the rock garden



I drove one of my sons to a farm where one of his friends from school lived. We drove through the gate and drove up a long driveway. As we neared the wood slatted fence which hid the house proper, there was a wire fence on the other side of the road on which were hung freshly killed chickens and geese. The boy opened the gate on the wooden fence and let my son in and I asked if I might collect a few feathers to take home with me. He said, "Sure!" so I stayed out in the farm yard while the two boys went inside to play.

I thought I would find some loose feathers, but didn't see any. I didn't feel comfortable about yanking on feathers on the dead chickens and geese so I walked along the fence looking for some loose fallen feathers.

I came to the barn. There was an open door, so I walked in. My mouth about dropped open. Inside the barn were hanging on hooks from the ceiling, hundreds and hundreds of pelts of white mink. Then I saw all the feet hanging individually from more strings from the ceiling.

I saw another door which was open and a blonde woman walked through the door without closing it behind her. I followed her through the door without saying anything. When I went through the door, I found myself in a huge building, painted in a cream color, decorated with fancy statues on pedestals.

I went through another open door and found myself in a large room that looked like a fancy waiting room for a shopping store. There was a large shaded window so I went over and looked out and sure enough, outside was a shopping mall with a big red lighted sign that said PLAZA, but the name of the plaza was out of my sight. There were 3 stairs up to an office and a couple women were in there talking, but I walked by without saying anything and they didn't see me.

I saw another door open and it was dark inside, but I peeked in. There was enough light inside so I could see what was in there. There were thousands of tails of white minks hanging from hooks from the ceiling. It was cold in that room, so I knew it was storage and I knew too that these people were probably making millions of dollars selling the pelts, tails, and paws of these beautiful creatures.

I suddenly felt I'd be in trouble if someone knew I was here, so I left and walked back through the open doors, making my way back to the barn. I was almost back to the last door when the blonde woman spotted me.

She was about to ask who I was when I spotted my two year old son Michael standing by the door to the barn. (He was not the same son I took to the farm) He said, "Hi Mommy!" So the blonde just smiled at me instead of questioning me. I said to her, "Sometimes it pays to be known as just someone's Mommy!" and smiled. I knew she didn't have a clue as to what I meant by that.

I went back into the barn and she closed the door behind me.

Now I was back in the barn but I was lost and had forgotten how I had gotten to this door. My son was not insight so I just kept wandering through the barns.

I went around a corner and came to a room where there were chickens with blue and white feathers. I was astonished to see this color bird and started looking for dropped feathers but didn't see any. The birds were loose and had perches to stand on if they wanted. The floor was pure white crushed stone. It was very clean in this room.

I went around another corner and saw some long blue feathers on the floor. I was just about to pick one up when it moved. I looked up and saw that these feathers were attached to peacocks that were all blue. I could hardly believe my eyes to see these gorgeous birds.

Again the floor was pure white crushed stone and perfectly clean. Little girls were playing here on the floor with colored balls.

I marveled at all this and wondered if the farmer sold the blue feathers for a lot of money. There were none laying on the floor so I knew that people came through regularly and picked them up.

I then went through a door where I saw some maintenance men working. They were wearing military colored coveralls and they didn't see me. Again I was astonished. Inside this barn were stored some kind of dark machines with long barreled guns on that I had seen used in the Gulf War on TV. There were dozens of them lined up, all ready to go if needed.

The maintenance men were finishing up their conversation, so I decided I'd better get the heck out of there.

So, I went back to the original barn and made my way back outside to where the gate was where my son originally went into. The boys were just coming out and I got a glimpse inside the gate and saw a huge circle driveway up to an immense white brick house. I was astonished at how much money it must cost to run a place of this size.

My son and I got back into the car and I woke up.


(This dream came while thinking about the Great Election of Thoth. I don't see any references here in it that I can tell)

12-8-99 - NOTE: I thought I knew what dreams were until I had this one. In this dream, I woke up and started writing in my dream journal five different times, thinking I was awake, only to discover from some clue that I was still dreaming. People came to visit me at this house where I live now, and I thought I was awake and started telling them about how many levels of dreams I had been in and how freaked out I was, and here I was still dreaming. Hah! How do I know I'm really awake now?????

I met people who said they loved me... one guy came to the door I hadn't seen in a long time... he had no facial hair... one eye (his right) was always squinty... he had no nose except like a drawing of one... and his lips were like kissing a squishy plastic doll... and I know I've seen him numerous times before... and he said he loved me and would return after he took his mother somewhere. I also knew her from other dreams.

Then I went back to writing in my dream journal, thinking I was awake and discovered that I wasn't because I went up a stairway that doesn't exist here and when I turned around to go back down, the stairs had already changed to a different direction. I freaked out, realizing I was still sleeping and went to go up the stairs and realized that going up the stairs would take me further into the dream and then I'd really be lost, so I stood on the landing of this stairway, wanting to go down the steps I had come up on which were now behind a fake wall, which I knew was fake, and refusing to go down the created stairs which were available, or go up the stairs even though there was a window there but water had seeped in on the stairway carpet and it was wet. Even where I stood ice crystals were forming on the carpet and it was slippery, but I refused to go either direction. Finally, the fake wall disappeared and I scurried back down the stairs, and then thought I was awake because the doorbell rang and someone else came to the door whom I know in the physical.

Surprise, surprise. Nope. Still not awake. A woman came in whom I know well. She brought her mother with her. When we turned around, in the hallway was a bird cage with green parakeets and blue parakeets. I thought they might be starting to nest and before I could stop her, the younger woman scooped up all the blue eggs and rushed them to the freezer so she could use the shells for paint colors. When she brought them back, I realized the embryos would be dead, but I touched the eggs and they were hot, but too hot to put under a bird. She was so happy to have those eggs. I realized I would have to wait until they were ready to lay eggs again. I was very disappointed she had ruined such a good thing just for paint colors.

She left and I went out on the porch. There, two of my cats were making love. This was a disgusting scene because it wasn't normal...and the female cat would end up with a huge hole in her back that was sloppy wet. Then other cats started doing it, so I pushed them all aside feeling disgusted and went back into the house to finally write in my dream journal.

I had to go through a hallway which had a wooden bench, a couch, and a yellow chair with only the left arm on it which was black wrought iron. I went through the next door into the house and found the matching yellow chair with only a right wrought iron arm on it. Inside the house, which was more like an apartment building, there were toy trains on the floor with the tracks all apart and the train cars laying on their sides. I stopped to pick them up and move other toys over so people wouldn't step on them. Other people came along with whom I had loving reunions in the scenes.

I went back to write in my dream journal. As soon as I did, another friend came to the door whom I know well in the physical and who is interested in my dreams. So, I started talking to him about how I had been five levels deep in my dreams and he was so excited because he had never known anyone to be five levels deep before. (Mind you...I'm still dreaming this. :-) ) So, I started telling him the story of my dream, all the way from the beginning which I haven't even touched on here yet, and he was so excited. Finally, his wife came to fetch him and I went back to writing in my journal.

Then another man came to the door. This time a movie star...trying to think who... a large man...very popular... older.. name doesn't come to me. He is telling me how much he missed me, but his wife is with him and she's standing there listening to this. All around us, people are like refugees, living in tents, trying to find a place to sleep. People are arriving in cars and practically falling out of them, so glad to be out of the cars from traveling so far. I'm starting to realize I'm still dreaming because nobody goes through real life falling out of cars. I start to leave, and behind me, the man is holding his wife in his arms and telling her he is going on a mission and wants her to know that he loves her and wants her to wait for him. In my head, I'm thinking, "Oh brother! I almost fell for that too.!"

Now I wake up again, thinking I'm really awake this time. hahahaha. No such luck, I just think I am because I'm again writing my dream in the journal... only it's longer this time.

I can't actually see what I'd written in the dream journal before...the writing was blurry, but I hear something in front of the house. I go to the bedroom window but can't see anything so go to my office window. I still can't see anything, so I go to the front door, to find another visitor. Thinking I'm awake, I go back to the bedroom to get my dream journal and tell this person my dream which I just woke from... hahahaha

Finally, I wake up and find myself in my real bed. Am I really awake???? I'm really wondering. :-)


12-10-99 - I was meditating on the "Halls of Amenti" again and was seeing partial scenes, like looking out a window on the right side of the room... but I couldn't see exactly what was out there. I also some other partial things and got the impression that maybe I wasn't supposed to be seeing this.

I switched to meditating on Swissair Flight 741 and saw a web page that was white and was a whole page of fraction math problems.

I switched back to meditating on the "Halls of Amenti" again and saw two sentences:



I then meditated on the words "Halls of Amenti" again and saw this bird:

I meditated on the words "Hall of Amenti" again and heard this message, "Look for the keys in a 6 year filing cabinet."

NOTE: I have two filing cabinets which I bought exactly 6 years ago. I went to look in the drawers and came up with a file on Egypt which had a printed out copy of the book of the Emerald tablets by Thoth the Atlantean.


1-6-00 - DREAM - I was in a room trying to catch two birds similar to parakeets. They were like aqua blue colored bodies with black wings and heads. They were so pretty, I wanted to cage them. However, I was moving slow as molasses with my net, and even when I thought I could catch both birds at the same time because they were so close, I moved so slow, I only got one. The birds looked at me as if it say, "You'll never get us that way!"

NOTE: This blows me away: http://www.absphoto.com/users/v/vittala/twoasone.html

Note the color of Shiva's face and that they are two as one.

NOTE: On 1-18-00 the site was missing, so here is the pic. twoasone.gif

In another scene, I had a baby boy and he was crawling on the floor, playing. I kept losing track of him because there were so many big brown dogs running around the kitchen. I was afraid they were going to eat the baby, but every time I rushed in there, he was okay. I'd drag him out of there and he'd go right back... (sounds familiar)

Finally, my son Ken at about age 8 to 10 came and sat next to me. He was dressed real formally with a long sleeved white shirt and black pants. He looked really great but seemed very thin for his age. He said that his brothers had been beating up on him. I felt bad for him, but can't remember what I did about it.


1-23-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming about searching for information about the missiles from the meditation above and was shown that I should look in Adobe Photoshop. This happened a couple times.

I woke up, really wide awake, then fell asleep and dreamed I was dreaming and waking. I was telling my kids not to drop raisins on the carpet and then eat them off the carpet right after my son told me he had seen maggots on an apple or something on the floor.

Then I was sitting on the floor myself, trying to remote control the TV just with the use of my mind and changing channels that way when I fell into a deeper sleep. In the dream I was taking bird seed and putting it into a tall charcoal plastic container with a hole at the bottom. I planned to put a short candle on top of the bird seed, knowing that the plastic might melt anyway. The bird seed kept coming out of the bottom of the hole and I couldn't get the plastic container to stand up straight no matter how I adjusted the pile of bird seed. Finally the candle and the bird seed formed a bird itself and the bird's neck was drooping farther and farther onto the table in front of me and I was trying really hard to get the bird's neck to stand up, when all of a sudden, the whole thing jumped up into the air and plopped itself into a ring holder on the wall, and the birds' head rose up and became a beautiful lily.

I woke up in rather astonishment and disbelief in the impossible event I had just witnessed.


1-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere. There were several people with me. The main occupation was to get some very large goldfish into a fish tank that was large enough for them and yet not put them into tanks that had smaller fish that might get eaten.

There were fish swimming in the air like they were in water on several levels. I had a Collie dog and it was licking the fish on the tail as we were running all over trying to save all the fish.

There was a white dove inside the washing machine . . . which opened sideways, (not up) and the washing machine was half full of water so I had to get him out of there and then he turned into a white rabbit.

I then found a miniature horse laying down on a counter and picked him up and he was prancing on my hand which felt really weird to have his little hooves on the palm of my hand. I gave him to my daughter.

I then saw three rabbits wrapped in a towel on the floor. I knew they had to be released. The first one was a white rabbit, the second was a squirrel which immediately started running around the house and we opened the back door to let him out. The third one was a darker rabbit which had gotten squished. He was still alive but his guts were hanging out of his tummy, rather greenish and slimy, and I knew he wouldn't live. I left him there to save the others and get the squirrel out of the house.

There was a girl in the room next to the door and she had square tables laying on the floor which blocked the way to walk so I helped her stand them up so we could get to the door.

In the living room I spotted a white bird in a basket. I thought it was a dove, but when one man tried to pick it up, he got bit on the hand. I told him he had to put a towel over it's head to pick it up and there was no towel, but there was a white sweater there. He put the towel over the head of the dove and still couldn't pick it up because the towel rose into the air and we could see through the sweater that the dove was riding the back of a white rabbit like a horse.


1-27-00 - VOICE - A mans' voice said, '"realization is the key"


1-31-00 - (This dream makes me think I'm living a second life because it matches exactly some things that happened in another dream a couple days ago)

I was offered a job in an apartment building where I had just moved from. I went back to see what was different about the place that I should move back.

I walked along the first floor and didn't see anything different, so I decided I would go to the second floor. I started up the stairs seeing that each step had an additional two slats nailed on top of the real stair. That was strange enough, but then instead of nice slats, someone had nailed rough 4 x 4 boards on top of the step and not even nicely, some were crooked. I came to the platform where the steps turned and saw that this stairway went to a wall instead of to another doorway. I could hear voices beyond it so I knew there was people up there, but the stairway didn't have a door at the top.

That was very strange and disturbing so I went back down the stairs. When I got into the downstairs hallway, a woman I know quite well but can't name told me that if I was looking for the stairs that went to the second floor, there was another stairway right next to the other one. I hadn't seen that one. It was narrower than the other and when I got to the top, the doorway was very strange. It was only a foot wide at the bottom where the feet fit through, Two feet up, the door was widened to just barely fit the hips through. I wondered how a really fat person would fit through.

As I went through the door, I saw that I was in an office. It was an immense office. There was one young woman sitting at a long counter talking on the phone. She was also being interviewed by a reporter from some local newspaper. I had heard about this woman two days ago. She was the Information Lady, and there was a sign above her head that stated that. She was being praised for being in such an important position. I could have done that job with one hand tied behind my back. I wondered why she was getting so much praise for it. As a matter of fact, anyone could have done that job with one hand tied behind their back. I was really puzzled.

Beyond this young woman was a huge room and three women were sitting on couches talking with each other. This room was bright rose red color. I was impressed by the color.

I went out into the main hallway and was walking along and saw a hole in the floor with a blue head scarf that looked exactly like mine. I suddenly saw a bird, like a parrot, grab the scarf and pull it farther into the hole like there was a tunnel beneath the floor.

I grabbed at the scarf and got it just in time and yanked it out of the hole. I then saw there was a second scarf just like it. The bird grabbed that one just as I did and I managed to pull that one out of the hole also, but then saw there was a third scarf just like it only larger. The bird and I grappled over that scarf as well, but I won and dragged the scarf out of the hole. I then saw more and more blankets and small rugs in the same place, so I pulled them out and piled them to my right. Finally, I must have gotten them all out because the hole disappeared and so did the bird.

I knew I was going to have to carry all these scarves and blankets to my apartment. I couldn't leave them lay there.

I then went to my new apartment building which I had just moved into two days ago. I had paid $1060 to move and my family had helped to, so to move back to the other place was not something I could do lightly. There were quite a lot of young people in this building and they were in a position to eavesdrop on what I was saying to a person I wanted to help me make this decision. He, at least would give me some good pointers on the issue.

We were walking down the street as I was explaining my dilemma, and was thinking at the same time that I should call my old locksmith boss that I was back in town. He might hire me again.


2-15-00 - DREAM - I was on the computer and found a page that had a light brown background with brownish butterflys on it. It was so pretty, I decided to use it on a couple of my own pages. In AOL Press, some pictures don't show up when you are putting in the background and you don't see them until you upload them on the web, so all I was seeing was a light blue background. I started to wonder if I had actually put them there or not . . . and I saw a flash of a page with bluebirds and a beautiful lamp stand on it... but it was black and white. I was puzzling over it when I woke up and the telephone rang.


2-21-00 - DREAM - I was in a house in the beginning where nobody had cleaned for quite some time. In order to make lunch for the man who was with me, I had to scrub the kitchen sink completely because it was so dusty. It was made of plastic so when I cut a sandwich in half, I made an accidental slice in the sink counter surface. I thought to myself, "I'd better not ever do that again." Obviously it was not my own place.

I next went outside and was now in New Berlin at my old house which I haven't lived in since 1980. There was some yard work that had been done, mounds of fresh dirt were piled above the house. I was below the hill, next to the house and saw a mist of water coming down. I didn't immediately realize it was the hose sprinkling automatically above the house. I was standing next to a tree and I could hear something in the tree buzzing ominously. I looked closely and tiny, tiny birds had nested in the leaves of the trees. These birds were so small that just an upturned corner of a leaf was large enough for the bird to make a next and lay its eggs in. I saw several of these nests with the birds in them. The birds seemed to be angry about the water coming down into their nests. I guess the water was coming from an angle that normal rain wouldn't come. I tried to protect the some of the nests by moving them intact to a vine trellis on the side of the garage. This seemed to work.

I then went up above the house on the hill and grabbed the hose. I saw what looked like huge boot imprints in the fresh soil of the mounds of dirt so I took the hose and watered the dirt so the boot imprints disappeared and the soil moved itself so that it was flat instead of mounded.

While I was doing this, I was talking on the telephone to my daughter-in-law Debe on a cell phone. (I don't remember the conversation, but I talked with her twice by e-mail yesterday)

At the same time, someone called me from the house to tell me I had a phone call inside the house. I went down the hill and inside the house to take the call but the person had already hung up and my call with Debe was cut off when the other call came in.

I was then in an office type setting and a man came to the door wearing a brown overcoat and was carrying a brown brief case. There was a man in the office with me who looked rather like a television attorney like Scott Baldwin from General Hospital. (That was quite some time ago he was on) The man who came in introduced himself as Dave Larson. I asked the man who seemed to be the boss whether I should excuse myself and leave the room and he told me I could stay.

We started to have a discussion that was quite innocuous, but seemed to lead to something that seemed more sinister and hidden. The attorney guy seemed to get quite enthusiastic turn of events that we knew more than he thought we did. It seemed related to the barn and the earthquake of the previous dream and perhaps was a legal thing that the barn should not have come down in the quake. (I'm not sure about this aspect of the conversation)

The scene changed or progressed rapidly and I was now outside on a country road. I could see two spectacular trees in someone's yard which I wanted to photograph. One was full of flowers that were rose red and stood in a candle-like formation on each branch. It was spectacularly beautiful. Behind that tree was another tree that had long thin leaves, rather banana-like but while most were grass green, there were numerous yellow leaves amongst them that made the tree look most unusual. I saw rather closeup that there was a man in amongst these trees who was working with some white flowers that looked rather like white orchids or something larger and more spectacular.

It was late in the day so I told the man I was with that I wanted to come back in the morning and photograph these trees and wanted to take some closeup photographs as well.

I woke up remembering the beauty of these trees. But I don't know where they are. I've never seen any like these.


2-24-00 - VISION - I was standing underneath a dangerously dripping concrete pool of water which was over my head like a birdbath ona concrete pedestal. It was dripping a lot on one side and the sidewalk was getting all wet. I was worried about the people who would get hurt.


3-1-00 - DREAM - I had a job in a place I worked at a long time ago. I didn't know what I was supposed to do yet as I had just come here again. I decided to go out to buy something at the mall and when I did I spotted a guy I used to work for a long time ago named 'David'. He looked very somber. I decided not to speak to him and ducked into a jewelry store. He followed me.

I didn't want to talk to him, not that we didn't get along, I just didn't feel that his mood was what I was looking for at the moment. I went back outside and found that it was raining very hard. In the middle of the road was like a bird bath ... concrete thing ... and under it were three big turtles. I looked in the water in the road and saw that there were turtles everywhere of all sizes, big and little.

I tried to get back into the building without getting my feet wet, but that was impossible ... the water was rising fast. I then went to a parking lot and saw my son Michael sitting there in his car ... description - like a off-white station wagon. He was laughing about the people driving in the water which was going down the hill so fast, it was faster than any river I've ever seen and this was the street they had to drive in. He laughed that he had seen a long string of cars trying to get somewhere fast ... to get home probably before the big rains came ... and the drivers were complaining that the traffic was moving too slow. Then they found out that at Medford, it wasn't moving at all ... and he laughed even harder.

He drove his car up the drive to the edge of the street and just watched the water running down the hill on the road. It was unbelievably deep and fast. I wouldn't have even have tried to drive in that. It was too late now.

I then went back to work. I was waiting for instructions on what to do. The ownership ... father and son came into the room and stood in front of my desk. I wanted to know what could be duplicated and what not. The son gave me a blank piece of paper with the company logo on and there was a carbon paper under it and I understood that I could duplicate the son's work. The father gave me a huge sheet of paper, that had like labels on it. I couldn't read them, but I knew instinctively that each one of those labels said on it in no uncertain terms ... 'Do Not Duplicate'. There was a huge carbon sheet under his sheet too, to duplicate the "Do Not Duplicate' labels.


3-10-00 - DREAM/VISION - I dreamed or had a vision of a word that does not exist. The word is abbrocation. I saw this word at the end of the following dream. I looked up the word in the internets 10,000 dictionary search. It does NOT exist. I was almost tricked into thinking the word might be abrogation... which it was not.

3-10-00 - THE LONGEST WALK - DREAM - I was walking from 108th St. and Greenfield Ave. to 70th St. to go to school. I thought I would take a bus, but discovered I had left my purse at home and had no money at all. I thought perhaps I could borrow a quarter to ride a bus, but then discovered there was no bus running at this early time of the morning.

I was not alone. There were several young men with me who were also making this trek. It was not easy. There were barricades set up along the curbing at 108th St. They were made of huge blocks of ice and snow. I managed to clamber over them fairly easily without falling.

When I got down into the street there were two long boards like 2 x 12's set up on edge which I had to climb over. Then we started walking east along Greenfield Ave. 108th St. to 70th St is quite a hike. 38 blocks. That's equal to approximately 3.16 miles in the city in the east/west direction. In the north/south direction would be 3.8 miles.

I was going east. The walking was easy until we got near to 70th St. There was a large building we had to go through before we got there and this is where we picked up a handsome young priest-to-be who looked like the priest in the movie "The Thorn Birds". (Can't remember his name)

Anyway... he was a hunk and I was quite attracted to him. I felt close and protected by him, but I was getting farther and farther ahead of him as we walked and we had to go through another barricade in a large cafeteria type area which was made of ropes to steer people in different directions. There was a pink carpet where we were supposed to go so I had no problem getting through this area.

The priest-to-be was now quite far behind me. The young men I had been with were either ahead of me or behind the priest. I can't remember now. I had to go through a double doorway to cross 70th St. and was accosted by an entire football team dressed in street clothes. I won't name names but one looked quite familiar to me, looked Italian with a beard.

Several of them tackled me, groped me, dragged me to the floor and explored my inner parts with their fingers. In other words, they finger-fucked me. It happened so fast, I didn't even have time to scream for help.

They saw the priest-to-be coming and the young man I had started out with. I managed to get to my feet and they asked me if I was all right and I said, "Yes!" I didn't tell them all what they had done to me.

We then crossed 70th St. and entered the building on the other side. It seems we had to change clothes to go to class and I was in a closet with some other woman and put on a pink bunny outfit like Hugh Heffner's girls do. My stomach was way flat like it used to be when I was younger so I was pretty thrilled. Even though I was falling out of the top and had to keep tucking myself back in, I felt good in this outfit. The shoes I picked out for myself were black straps with golden wings at the heel. They were really sharp and one of the other girls was going to take my picture when I got my shoes on. I could hardly wait to show everyone how great I looked in my shiny pink bunny outfit and high heeled shoes with gold wings on them. :-)

Then we had to go out into another hallway and here again we were accosted by some foreign men ... they were Asian and I'm going to say they were North Korean. I believe that's what they were.

There were other people here now also and we had to go through a narrow hallway to go to class. There was like a guard station with a window on the intersection of 4 hallways and the guard who was an Asian military guy was asking questions of each person as they went by. The questions were all about American life and people and went like this: "Do you like American Apple Pie?" If the answer was , "yes!" the person who answered was grabbed and detained in some private area behind the guard station. I was listening to the people ahead of me who were being accosted like this. The guard asked one guy ahead of me, "Do you like Barbara Streisand music?" The man said, "yes!" and was grabbed and detained. So, I knew to answer any question he asked with "No!" no matter if it was a lie because I wanted to get to school and not detained.

Bing Crosby, the singer was right behind me at this point. I answered, "No!" to the question I was asked which was about Barbara Streisand... the guy was asking all the same questions ... and I went through. Bing Crosby also answered, "No!" to the question, "Do you like Bing Crosby music?" and even though Bing Crosby was carrying an entire box of CDs of his own music, he was allowed to pass through right next to me.

The next barrier was a double wide window like at the back of a pickup truck, however there were two panes which slid past each other. We to climb up over a ledge, climb through the narrow window, feet first and slide down into the hallway beyond to go to class. I slid through the opening and beyond the window was a long hallway on which was laid a long strip of hand woven or crocheted lace, pure white and it was on this that we were going to be going.

As I woke up I had the vision of the word 'abbrocation'. I swear its a word but the dictionary says it isn't. I couldn't find it anywhere.


4-10-00 - DREAM - This took place in the same or similar place to the home/school dream of this morning. Numerous people were here, mostly adults.

I was given two red and white birds in a huge cage - like 'love birds'. I wanted to show them off because they were so pretty. But there was a resident blue bird as well. I didn't want to have to cage the birds so I quickly closed all the windows so none would fly out.

I then quickly went out the door, closing it behind me. Coming down the hall were two short people, in costume - perhaps Irish. Inside their outside ankles of the shoes were tall knives or what looked like tall knife blades as tall as themselves. One of the dancers said they had paid for dancing lessons for years to earn those blades.

So, I stuck a long antenna in the inside edge of my right shoe about 5 feet all. That's what I was going to dance with. I admit it was a little awkward.

I decided we also needed a grand piano to complete the room where the dancing would be held.


4-30-00 - DREAM - My boss asked me to deliver two sets of legal papers for him for a very important case he was working on. I got distracted when I went downtown and saw a shop that was selling parakeets. I already had a blue and white one at home, but these parakeets were so fine, I wanted another one.

I couldn'nt decide whether to get another blue and white one and have a matched set, or another color . They even had a black and red one that was gorgeous. I even asked the shopkeeper what would happen if I mixed the colors and she didn't know.

I bought a bird and took it with me in a big bag. Right after that I got a phone call from "Amy" the company President's secretary. She said she wanted to see me about something important.

I got distracted again with some children (which I've forgotten) I also knew that my son Tom was waiting to take me home and I knew he'd for as long as it took.

All this time I forgot I had the parakeet in the bag as well. I managed to get it home and I let the parakeet out of the bag next to the other parakeet. It was a different color - green perhaps. My bird wasn't in a cage, but in a white tree. There was a dove with it, which had fallen over but wasn't dead. It was rather laying there. The new parakeet was very aggressive and started shooting huge shots of water at the dove and at me and at the other people around. I was like a power hose. We all laughed but I knew this was serious. I close the door on them to let them work it out among themselves.

Then My boss showed up again wanting to know if I had delivered the papers. I said I did, though I still hand't. I said, "Yes!" and gave him the copy of the papers. He was so grateful. He said, "This means I will win the case against the Mexicans".

I remembered I still hadn't gone to see Amy yet when she called and wondered if I had left yet. I was thinking this meant a promotion.

I also ran into a friend named Michael and his Father. The Father tried to get me to go home with him, but I insisted was I staying with Michael, and I knew when we left together that it had been a test, and the Father really wanted me to go with his son and not give in to him just because he was the Father. Because it was the right thing to do.

Finally, I saw a telephone book with an ad to call in to vote for the next Pope. It was a black page with white writing. It had two 800 numbers in it. The first number was 1-800 874 ___ with the last 4 digits blank. The other one was 1-800 - ___ 8754 or 5678 (not certain) with the first 3 digits missing.

I woke up trying to figure out what that meant.


5-24-00 - MEDITATION - I was just laying there, thinking of nothing, and I started to see green plants and baby plants, then a garden-like area where I saw young cabbage plants growing. Then I began to see some people walking around and a tabled area that was covered by a shelter where people sold plants. It was like an outdoor farmer's market but not at harvest time... it was spring time.

I walked aways over and started to see some birds, mostly blue but with yellow feathers in the head area. They were flying around loose, but then I saw some of them caged, then other larger bird cages with birds like cockatoo size and some of the blue and yellow birds were sitting outside the cages like they were talking to them and comforting them because they were caged.


6-18-00 - LUCID DREAM/VISION - I was watching a series of words and objects float down in front of me. They were in silhouette, black against grey. I thought I recognized a bird in one of them but I wasn't certain. Then I saw clearly, the words, "I like Japan's". This was all called Merry's Magic Moments.

I then slipped into a dream with people and I was coming to work in a store that sold small things. It was exactly 9 a.m. and I opened the store to the public. Two women worked with me, one older, one younger. The older one, whom I think was my friend Alice came in and I hugged her. The younger one was late by a couple moments so when she walked in, out of breath, I teased her about being late. She was all apologetic and I grinned and teased her some more. Then I went back to hugging the older woman. I was so happy to see her. Other people walked by and commented that she and I were dressed in the exact same color and our hair was the exact same color. When I looked to see what we were wearing, we were both dressed all in black and our hair was auburn ... the exact same shade.

The woman said, "I feel embarrassed!" and her skin on her face and neck were blushing. I said, "I think it's time to leave." She was going to go with me. I put my hand on her arm and said, "No! You have to stay here and mind the store." So, she stayed in the store with the younger woman, and I walked up the street.

I saw two women walking hand in hand across the street and I thought to myself. "This is a good thing that women can walk hand in hand and not be thought of as lesbians." Then I remembered how red and blushing my older woman employee was in the store after the comment about how she and I were dressed in the same color and had the same hair. Those people probably thought we were lesbian because we were hugging. But that wasn't the truth ... we were just happy to be together and it felt really good to hug my friend.


8-17-00 - VISION - I was so tired I lay back down and I started to see the Survivor page again and I heard a voice say, "The 1995 Thunderbird is important" Then someone said, "Don't you like Indians?" then I heard the name Allan Bronson.




. 7-31-00 - DREAM - I was at a place that seemed like A-C and I was terminated from my job. I don't know if the work was done, or what the reason was. I didn't seem too unhappy about it, but I was telling everyone along the way in case someone else had a job to give me.

I got to the other end of the building and met three salesmen. I told them that I had lost my job, and that it had taken me two days to make my way through the building. That's how large it was.

At the far end of the building where I was exiting was a strange restaurant. There was a beautiful golden-brown bird on a perch. It didn't seem like a parrot, more like a chicken, but it seemed to change shape as it moved around on the perch. I then discovered that Joan Kennedy (ex-wife of Senator Edward Kennedy) was running the restaurant. She was running around at great speed doing her work and I had to admire her for that.

I then left the building and went to a warehouse where people were sorting through the possessions of a woman who lived in the 1700's. They were packing it up to get rid of it. I was looking at each one of her linens and saw that they were hand woven so as to weave the pattern into the material ... not just print the pattern on top of the material like they do now.

While I did that, the other women had just shoved everything into boxes. I got very upset and demanded to know what they had done with her photo album. Fortunately, they knew better than to get rid of that, and they had put it on a round table in the corner.

I then had a vision and it said, '1795'.


8-21-00 - DREAM - I was living in a large house with my children. All my clothes were hanging in a special closet so that my dresses could be separated into different colors so that none touched each other. Even those which were white with blue flowers were separated from those with green flowers or pink flowers.

I was in my bedroom which was somewhat dimly lit when I woke up was decorated in white with red roses on everything, quilts, curtains, even the floor.

Todd from 'One Life To Live' television show came to stay with us. He brought with him a toilet tissue roll (minus the paper) and inside of it was a red and black snake and a green and yellow parakeet.

After he left the room, I thought it best to let the snake and the bird out of the toilet tissue roll because there wasn't much air inside of it.

In my bedroom, I had a large platform on a table with a rim around it that held pure sand with colored stones for decoration every few inches. The stones were of various colors. I realized that releasing the snake, it could lay it's eggs in places I might not see, especially if it got off the table. I planned to buy a cage with fine wire grid to put the snake and birds in, but meanwhile I checked on the parakeet which was not in good condition. The red and black snake made it's way across the sand bed behind a rock all by itself, but the parakeet was gasping for air. At first I thought it was dead, but then I saw it gasping and knew it might make it.

As soon as the parakeet gasped for air, a red and black finch bird came flying out of the dark of the room onto the platform and began to encourage the green and yellow parakeet to breathe.

I was quite pleased and didn't foresee any problems.

I then went to check on my kids who were still sleeping, check out the room where Todd was staying, and double check the building itself to make sure it was okay and didn't need any repairs.

As I walked, I had a white quilt with powder blue flowers on it wrapped around me and trailing on the ground behind me.

I noted that my daughter's room door was almost closed ... just open a crack so I didn't bother her. My sons doors were wide open, but I could see them in their beds sound asleep. There rooms too were all decorated with white quilts with roses on them. The curtains and carpets were matching ... quilted carpets just like the bed. Todd's room was identical except he had brought all his stuff with him. I could tell he planned to stay awhile.

I went outside and found Todd out there with all the other kids in the neighborhood. He shouted, "What's this?" and raised his arm straight up into the air with his index pointed straight up. About half of the kids did the same thing. Todd laughed, "Two out of four isn't half bad! hahahahaha!!!!"

I wasn't about to play that game with him. I could he planned to try to control everyone to play his game. He wanted to reach the point where he said, "What's this?" and everyone would raise their arm and point at the sky. That's real control.

NOTE: Shades of Hitler? The Anti-Christ?


9-6-00 - DREAM - I was with some people, walking along with them while they were mowing their lawn. They walked around the edge ... the Father mowing while the daughter walked along behind him. I was walking behind on one pass along the row, then walked alongside on another pass, walked backwards on the next pass. I was so close to them, it was like I was taking a closeup video and at one point I only had the Father's face in the frame.

Finally, we came to the garden area. They had an Asian tree that was so rare, they removed all the grass from beneath it so that when it bloomed and then formed seeds, the seeds could drop to the ground and reseed itself. The seedlings were also in bloom and the flowers were all pale yellow.

Another tree we came to, the Father started to mow the leaves off the top. It reminded me of the trees in our backyard which have huge leaves on them and people cut all the branches off the tree rather than rake the leaves in the fall. Thus the tree is left with a knobby top and then in spring, it branches out fully again. Pretty amazing.

However, on this tree, I told him to stop mowing because there were purple flowers on the tree that looked like orchids. These flowers were the largest orchids I ever saw in my life and I told the Father not to cut this tree down like he was. Then while I was looking at the flowers, I saw tiny white birds in the branches opening their mouths and gasping for air like there wasn't enough air to breathe.

I then went into the house and was going to cook chicken for dinner. However, I couldn't manage to do that because the chickens were live and were standing on a square table in the middle of the room opening their little mouths and gasping for air like there wasn't enough air to breathe.

So, I called my sister on the phone and told her I had a dumb question to ask her. I said, "I want to make dinner and we're going to have chicken, but the chickens are still alive. How do I get the chicken from it's alive state to it's dead carcass state?" I knew what the answer was but I didn't want to face it, and I was NOT going to do it myself. I was hoping she had an easier answer.

Note: Reminds me of the days when I was raising Cockatiels and had the cage in the kitchen. I couldn't eat chicken in those days because I'd think of my pet birds.

Joe and I went shopping then. We went to a big mall. While Joe was looking for a parking spot, I was standing on the sidewalk by the front door. Joe was going up and down the rows looking for an empty space, while two other cars were racing up and down just having fun and endangering everyone else. Nothing happened to those guys, but then Joe made a right turn into the outer lane right where the racing guys had to go and they had to stop.

The coincidence was that they had to stop right where some cops were standing, making sure a bunch of picketers were marching and the cops dragged the guys out of their cars and arrested them. I was glad that happened and if Joe hadn't been exactly where he was at that moment, it never would have happened.

Joe and I went inside the store then. It must have been J.C. Penneys. We were walking up an aisle and came to the furnishings department where they had a display of an old fashioned wooden highbacked chair with a selection of fancy pillows stacked on it.

Joe admired a green covered pillow, so we picked up the green pillow and asked the sales clerk to get us a matching pillow so we'd have two of them. Joe paid for the pillows with his white J.C. Penney credit card, then took them out to the car.

While Joe was out at the car, the salesclerk brought out two more pillows to put on the chair. These two were big and square with fancy flower prints on the face. One of them had a big dark green flounce around the edge, and the other had a bright purple flounce around the edge. They were so pretty, I wanted these pillows also, so I told the clerk I wanted them and asked him if he would get me a matching set so I had two of each.

Then I remembered that Joe had taken his credit card with him and I couldn't pay the price with a J.C. Penney credit card. Then I remembered I had a credit card of my own , a 'Mastercard' and I knew I could take care of the price by myself.

and woke up.




1-6-01 - DREAM - I was at the New Berlin house. I looked out the front window and saw that the front lawn hadn't been cut recently. It made it look like the yard was much bigger than when the grass was cut. I saw a huge creature out there ... either a man in a furry suit or it was bigfoot. I couldn't be sure.

I went out into the yard over towards where I saw the creature/man and it looked like he had had a picnic out there in the wild growth of grass where the mower never went. There were trays of food there. I threw the bread scraps out into the trees for the birds. I saw some rabbits nearby and threw some of the raw vegetables towards them. The rest of the stuff was like wrapped with butcher paper. By then, a couple other women came out and helped me carry the trays back to the house.

We had to decide where to throw the paper and food away because we recycled I guess. The kitchen was newly remodeled, so the other women were surprised at how nice the kitchen looked. We wrapped the rest of the garbage in the butcher paper and threw it in the dumpster place.

Then we had the two trays left and the dream gets weird here. The trays were in the air and there were letters of the alphabet on them and we were trying to make each tray say the same thing, so we had to rearrange the letters on them so they were exactly alike. I couldn't read any of it, but we made them the same the best we could.


The Nagas represent the anguipedal Titans and, in particular, the serpent (or elephant = Naga) god Shesha. Shesha is the true archetype of Atlas as the Pillar of the World. Similar elephantine temple decoration abound even today in the Indies. There the elephant (or serpent) god is, just as in Mayan America, endlessly reproduced in the form of pillars supporting the temples' roofings which represents the skies. In Incan Peru we also had the same thing. There too, the Serpent Amaru ù the exact counterpart of Shesha ù was held to support the world. Its dual was the Inti Bird, a sort of kite or falcon, also the archenemy of serpents. Both animals figured in the royal coat-of-arms, just as they did in Mexico. The elephant or serpent gods of the Incas, the Mayas and the Hindus have a dual in the eagle god, called Garuda or Nagari ("Enemy of the Nagas") in the Indies.

From; http://www.levity.com/alchemy/bhogar3.html


1-24-01 - DREAM - I was trying to go to the bathroom and take a shower. First my son Ken was sleeping in the bathroom. I sent him into the master bedroom to be with his Father meanwhile. He wanted to know what was going on. So, I asked him if he ever heard that people wanted to be clean. He said, "Yes!"

Meanwhile I was trying to take my clothes off and I couldn't get my dress off. No matter how I tugged on my dress to pull it up over my head, it got stuck near my waist. I finally had to ask some women to help me. First it turned out that the dress was wrapped around and around with a belt that went around at least 3 times that had fuzzy-like balls on it. Then it was hooked in the back in two places that one person couldn't possibly put on by themselves, much less get out of by themselves. Finally I got down to my slip and that I couldn't get off by myself either because it got stuck. It took two people to get that up and over my head also. The women laughed when they saw what was keeping the dress from coming up... and I'm not going to tell you either... :-)

I think that dream ended and went into another one ...

I went to join a group of women who were meeting at a library meeting room on 16th St. The library was on 16th and North ... I think it was about 1500 or 1600 north on 16th St. This is not the first time time I was with this group. I had joined them once before and didn't stick with it for some reason. This time I came back of my free will and decided I would run for an office. I decided I would run for President, and if I didn't win, I'd run for Vice President ... and keep running until I got an official job. Most groups don't even get a volunteer so I was certain I would win some kind of office. I needed that incentive to feel wanted, feel needed, feel important, and to feel that I was really one of them.

I helped set the plates on the long wooden table that had a cloth on it. There were many place settings, and several tables. It was quite a large group of women.

I was sitting at the second from the end when I got up to help set the table, and when I came back, another woman was sitting on the chair I had vacated. So, I moved to the other side of the table, second from the end. The woman who took my chair asked me who I was going to be ... I merely said, "I'm going to be Dee!"

The woman who would have been on my right, was now across from me. She looked very familiar. She was dark haired and dark skinned, but she started making faces and her face turned pure white and metallic. I then noticed that the white part was a shell and her real head, if I can call it that, was inside the shell. However, I saw that she had one eye in the middle of her forehead, and she could show that one eye, or she could look out with two eyes. It was pretty freaky to see this going on behind the shell of her face.

We had a nice dinner, sliced roast beef and vegetables or something. Desert would come with coffee after the elections.

Dinner was cleared from the table and we were all standing around getting ready to have the meeting. They knew I was going to run for office and we were discussing that I had been there before and I intended to stay permanantly this time.

So, they told me that anyone who ran for office had to go through a sacrificial ritual to run for office. The sacrifice had to take place between the knees and the neck, so I would have to remove my clothing .. (good thing I had a shower in the previous dream)

As I was waking up, a big blackbird or crow or raven was tugging at my clothes to help get them off.

NOTE: I woke up with Joe hollering like he usually does. It almost sounded like the Indian chant again, but didn't sound quite the same. I woke him up and asked him what he was dreaming. He said he had been shot in a junk yard and was trying to get someone's attention.


3-4-01 - MY NIGHT WITH JAY LENO - With apologies to Mavis:

I was so tired after working all day, I went to bed at 7:30 p.m. I woke up about midnight, and there was a show with Larry King showing a series of interviews with Jay Leno over the years. It was so charming. His wife Mavis was on the show with him in 1998, and they said they didn't have any children and she spent all her time following him around the country as she loved to travel. I could tell she loved him a lot because she touched his arm a lot during the show. He talked about his car and motorcycle collection. They looked like a very loving couple, and he said that he knew he wanted to marry her 3 days after they met. At a.m. the show was over and I was really tired and went back to bed to catch a few more zzzzs.

DREAM - I was sitting on a couch with Jay Leno. We were having a normal conversation about nothing important. I felt a cool breeze blowing through the house, so I got up off the couch to find out where it was coming from. I went into a bedroom and those windows were closed, so I went to another bedroom and those windows were closed. I went down the hall and the front door was closed. But I could still feel a cool breeze blowing through the house, so I went down the hall farther to where there was a large garage. Sure enough, that's where the breeze was coming from. Jay and some guys were in the garage and all the doors were open. These were not normal house garages. These were huge, room for lots of cars.

There were at least 4 doors and they were all open. Jay continued talking to the guys , and I walked down towards the farthest door and surprisingly it came out in the back door of a flower shop that was full of lilacs and lilies. It was wonderful. I met the people who worked in the shop. I told them about the breeze and how surprised I was that the other end of our house ended at the mall. I walked out into the hallway of the mall.

Now I didn't know which way to go and kept walking until I discovered a ramp that went up to a higher level. It was made of rubber with little slats instead of stairs. I surmised that shoes got a better grip on the slats than on smooth rubber. Nevertheless I walked up the ramp and found myself in what looked like my 20th St. school on the far south end of the hallway.

I really felt lost now and really stupid. I should have turned back when I got to the mall, but I didn't. There were other people in the school as well, looking for their classrooms. I walked along the first floor of the school and spotted Jay Leno down at the other end. By this time, I was feeling really stupid for getting so lost, and when I saw him, I ran towards him, apologizing along the way and crying a little. I expected him to say I was stupid or something sarcastic, but he didn't. He gave me a hug and said it was okay. He told me he would show me the way back home.

Meanwhile, there were lots of other people around, and one of the women asked me to hold her baby while she did something. So, I took the baby in my arms and carried him. He was naked ... a little blonde baby. He looked rather familiar and it later was apparent I had carried this baby before for the same woman when he was younger. He was about a year old, but small. The baby said I had been watching over him since he was hand sized. That's pretty small. I looked at his little hand to compare the size. It was amazing how small that is.

Jay was quite taken with the baby, and was very protective of me and the baby along the way through the school hallway.

We stopped at a counter where there was a man selling jewelry. Jay made it apparent that he wanted to give me a remembrance of our little time together that I could take home with me and we stopped at the counter where the man had little wicker baskets with different kinds of jewelry.

Jay picked out a crystal ring with a diamond for me, but it was too small for my large fingers. We tried various fingers and didn't get it to fit on any one of them, not even my little finger, so I suggested that maybe earrings were a better idea. Jay was wearing a series of rings on his fingers, which appeared to be lapis lazuli. I didn't want to suggest that he give me one of his, though I thought about wearing the crystal ring he offered me on a chain around my neck. The earrings were all emerald, some were just pin points of emerald, some larger. There were some flamboyant birds carved of emerald, and I picked one of them up. I laughed and said, "I could only wear something like this at Christmas." There were some smaller emerald birds and I considered wearing those, though I couldn't wear those often either.

For some reason, there was no two earrings alike, Jay, the man, and I went through all the emerald earrings and couldn't find two the same. I particularly liked the long dangly ones, and I thought there were two the same, but they weren't exactly the same. No two were the same. Finally, after seeing some emeralds fallen on the floor, the man bent over to pick up the fallen stones, and the baby got squirmy and said I was holding his arm too tightly. I apologized to the baby, and when I turned around, the man with the jewelry was gone.

The baby jumped down out of my arms and ran off towards the door. I had to chase after him and finally found him on a couch with another woman who was watching after several babies. They had dressed the naked baby in a little sleeper outfit which was really nice of her. At this time, they asked Jay to watch over a little chubby dark haired boy baby, and he picked up the baby and carried him. So, now we were walking around carrying the babies and it felt so right to be caring for these babies together.

Jay called me 'Hon' at one time, and I turned around him and called him 'Hon' too, then realized we were in public and apologized to him that I had called him ' Hon' in public and people might misunderstand. But, he wasn't concerned about that.

I suggested that we have our pictures taken together with the babies, and he said that wouldn't be right for his public appearance to be seen holding a baby, but he suggested that I hold both babies and he would stand close by me. We then set about finding someone with a polaroid camera who could take our picture for a remembrance of our nice time together.

He was still carrying the baby and we started climbing the steps to a higher floor where he thought there might be someone with a camera. We got to the second floor, but we had one more floor to go and climbed to the third floor. Jay got to the third floor ahead of me, and I spotted a little stairway that went up 4 more steps to a door that was on a stage-like area. I got the idea that I would do something funny, and went up the stairs and came out on the stage, announcing, " ...And she appeared in the upper-room!" I said it very dramatically, expecting to get a laugh from Jay.

Jay turned to where I was on the stage and said, "That's exactly how my mother was." and smiled at me. It was such a nice thing to say about his mother , but I was reminded as to how old I was compared to Jay. (I don't know how old he is, but I'm 62)

We continued carrying the babies and here on the 3rd floor was a banquet-type table with lots of people eating snacks. There were children here too. Jay found a seat by the table and there was one across from him, but there were no seats side by side. Finally, one of the other men there, moved his kids over so I could sit next to Jay with the baby.

The kids made a mess with juice or water on the stool I was offered, so the guys worked on wiping off the stool so I could sit down with the baby, meanwhile two guys were saying good-bye to each other as one was changing jobs and going a long way away and wouldn't be coming back for quite some time. Jay went over to the guys and comforted the two guys in their sadness at having to say good-bye.

Then he came back and stood next to me, each of us carrying our babies, and we were very close. We were both looking around the room to see if anyone had a camera to take our picture together ... meanwhile we stood very close to each other, actually touching arm to arm. It felt really good and comforting. The babies were quiet while we held them.

I was enjoying the feel of having Jay touching my left side and having the babies with us, and I started to wake up and discovered that my pillow was what I was feeling so comforting on my left side instead of Jay Leno and I almost started to cry that I was waking up and Jay was gone from my life.

I felt so sad to wake up .... my night with Jay Leno was over. He is a really good man.


3-6-01 - VISION - I was praying ... "Our Father which art in Heaven, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven "... and my mind went blank... I saw a golden cage with two white birds in it. Someone opened the cage and the birds flew out... a voice said, "The father has set two birds free ... they are called Polar Motion ... See:  POLAR MOTION

I got up, typed these notes and went back to bed. As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw the white birds again ... and they flew to opposite sides of my vision

See this: http://www.earthchangestv.com/breaking/March2001/0306unsettled.htm

March 6 ,2001

Earths Magnetic Field In Unsettled State

NASA Space Science News

SOLAR WIND: This morning Earth entered a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the Sun. NASA's ACE spacecraft, which monitors the solar wind, is registering gusts as high as 600 km/s.

Sky watchers living at geomagnetic latitudes greater than ~55 degrees could spot modest auroras around local midnight.

[NOAA geomagnetic latitude maps: N. America, Eurasia, S. Africa & Australia]

GEOSTORMS: Earth's magnetic field has been unsettled since Sunday when the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) around our planet turned south for nearly 12 hours. South-pointing IMFs create a weak spot in Earth's magnetosphere and make it more vulnerable than usual to solar wind disturbances. The IMF is back to normal now, but Earth's magnetosphere will likely remain unsettled in response to the solar wind stream described above.


5-9-2001 - NIGHTMARE - I as at the New Berlin house, cleaning on the 1st floor. I then went up the stairs to go to bed to sleep and there was a gap in the stairway, too large for me to negotiate.

My husband had a mean look on his face and he was putting new carpeting on the stairway. He told me I was sitting on some bird doo doo or something. The carpeting was light green and I moved over and saw 4 white spots on the carpet. I went back downstairs, crying hysterically. there was a woman down there on the 1st floor and we were walking around between rows of bookstacks, floor to ceiling. I told her, "From now on,I'm only going to pretend to clean."

NOTE: I seem to recall that there was a parrot cage with colorful parrots in the dream before I went upstairs, but I can't remember anything about that scene.


5-9-2001 - DREAM - I heard the words ' bi-aluminum, bi-chromium sulfate. then I saw a series of white bird wings and was told that the quantity of these chemicals have increased dramatically over the last 10 decades.



5-13-2001 - VISION - I saw the world - flattened out. The oceans were white and the continents were black. The continent of North America was spread out like a big black bird.


5-14-2001 - BAD DREAM - In each dream I met men who used to be friends and they turned on me and did nasty tricks on me or were mean.

I also met men who were strangers and asked me to dance in a public hall, but as soon as I agreed, they would be obnoxious boors.

One man was so mean, I started trying to back him in the head with a golden vase that was hanging from a rope from the ceiling. He kept trying to pinch me and hurt me and I'd grab the skin on the back of his hand between, two sharp fingernails. I fought with him until I was bashing his head in with the vase and finally the cops showed up and arrested him. Someone said to me, "As long as you keep your mouth shut, no one will ever believe you did anything wrong." I believed him and never said a word as they led him away.

In another scene I was with women and they sang little songs about me that rhymed cutely. When they were done, I went over to each one and kissed them on the cheek and thanked them. One of them told me to open up a bar and name it 'Birdies' and have fun.

In another scene, two men I knew well, opened up 3 cans of chili and dumped them in a bathtub and swilled it around and left it to stink. Other women came along to help me clean it up.



DREAM - I roasted an entire bear in an enclosure outside my house, in it's entirety, with the fur on.

When it was done, I went outside to carve it into pieces so I could eat some of the roasted meat. I gingerly started cutting it into small pieces starting at the tail end. I didn't want to keep any of the fur and skin because I didn't know how to tan nit so I was cutting that into strips. All I wanted was the roasted meat.

People who were obviously actors started flocking around to take the parts I didn't want. One man started dancing around me, wearing a bear-skin cape with arms on it to show me that bear skin was beautiful. I could already see and feel how soft the fur was, but I didn't want to keep any. I just wanted to cut it up as fast as possible before the wild animals gathered around.

Then I discovered that the bears left front leg was completely missing. Whatever animal had killed this bear had ripped its front left leg off and ran off with it.

I continued to cut the bear into small pieces, then I saw a beautiful bejeweled cobalt blue vulture grab a leg and tried to take it into my house but I chased it off. It couldn't fly with the heavy leg in its beak and ran off down the sidewalk. It went around the corner of the garage, and at the exact same moment, a male actor dressed in a cobalt blue Toucan costume of the same color with a huge fake yellow beak, came around the opposite corner of the garage and started tell me what to do.

By then, other people had gathered, and I noticed some of my plants in the greenhouse had damaged and blackened leaves like a maddened crowd had run through the place. Yet, there were branches with new buds that could be re-rooted.

The Toucan man gave me a golden brown cylinder 4" wide x 4" tall similar to a 45 record stacker which he told me I could use on my record player which was running over in a corner of my patio. It was playing a 33 1/3 record. I pressed the reject button and then placed the cylinder on the record so they could be stacked to play automatically.

Women had gathered by now as well who were only concerned with sewing, crocheting and watching their daughters sing. I made friends with some of them. We were sitting around a large round table, and I found two miniature sized tools to keep in my purse in emergencies, a tiny crochet hook and a tiny ball-point pen. I had full sized ones in the house, but would keep these in my purse.

We then discussed a large crocheted rug that I had made, showing them how it was finished off. The one woman showed me the front of her dress which was crocheted in a large oval of many colors. She complained that she was tired of being asked what it was called.

Another younger girl wanted the leftover burnt wood platform that was under the roasted bear carcass. She made a comment similar to, "Waste not, want not!"

I went back to carving the bear, making sure the bones were far enough away from the house so when the inevitable wild animals came around, they wouldn't come to my house.

Toucan symbolism

The Blue Toucan in the Lion King movie is the guide of the animals to keep on them on the straight and narrow path.

In the movie, "George of the Jungle" Tookie-bird, the Toucan is George's messenger.

See also African Art by Mauze p. 84 & p. 67; a toucan (hornbill) presides over ploughing, sowing and harvesting.

NOTE: In April, I had a Toucan vision: 4-15-99 - (I was struggling with a web page on my computer and couldn't get it to show the print on it's face no matter what I did. So I went to lay down and take a nap. )

VISION: I saw a vision of a TOUCAN with a really yellow beak, then I saw my web page and it was fixing itself in a vision

(When I got up to go back to the computer, I went back to work on that web page and there was nothing wrong with it. )



10-29-00 - EXPERIENCE - I had been wondering why I hadn't seen anything unusual lately . A couple hours later, I walked into the office where the computers are and saw something white coming at me ... head high ... I ducked ... it seemed to be a white bird coming down to land on my head or shoulder. After I ducked, I had to laugh because there was nothing there. The next time I left and room and came back, it happened again, more clear this time ... and I ducked again. Silly girl. :-)


2-8-01 - When Joe woke up, I told him the dream and he began telling me about the meanings of the words Theosophy and Theology, then about Jacobs ladder and various crop circles that had ladders in them. We also talked about the various Tree of Life's compared to the Pollen Path study he did. We also talked about the various studied on chakras and the numbers of them.

After Joe got dressed and left for work, I had a vision of two objects ... like balls ... a single ball next to a ball which was divided in 4. Under the objects was a clipboard.

I then fell asleep and dreamed that I took the two objects and hung them outside on my front porch like ornaments. I then walked all the way around the house, entered the basement from outside, to get a 5 step ladder to take up to the porch to prop up the two ornaments I had hung up there.

Again I walked around the house, entered the basement to get a longer ladder which had 7 steps. This time a man came into the basement through another door and I noted that I couldn't take the ladder out that door because the 'way wasn't straight' ... I had to use the large door on the right where the 'way was straight' to take the longer ladder up to the porch to prop up the two objects hanging there.

A third time I walked around the house, entered the basement, and this time took a 15 step ladder up the stairs which was through the door on the right where the 'way was straight'.

Now that I was upstairs, and the ladder was propping up the objects hanging on the porch, I saw a secondary door to the house with a big glass window in it. There was also a porch outside this door and on the porch was a pair of beautiful white wild geese, the male had some beautiful coloring around his head, and the female was more plain ... more white. Along with them was a single small black gosling ... ' the ugly duckling'. He was so cute, but certainly a long way from being the beautiful full grown geese.

I couldn't help but open the door and the little black gosling came right into the house and ran under the kitchen table. I chased him around the room with a newspaper I held open like a screen to block his way. He finally ran back outside.

Immediately I had a vision in the corner of the room where I could see a tiny child's chair and this chair appeared a tiny yellow chick which grew into a chicken, then an ugly little green bird chick which grew into a beautiful green parrot. There was also a third chick which grew into a large beautiful bird, (but I can't remember what kind)

Back into the reality of the kitchen, my daughter was sitting at the table cleaning out her purse. She removed some light green jade jewelry which was found on the bottom of her purse and it had some golden sticky stuff like honey on it. I cleaned off the jade jewelry and then remembered I had seen some jade jewelry in a catalog yesterday and wondered if I should have bought it. Then my second thought was that my husband would think I was getting very loose with the money if I continued to spend it wildly on jewelry just because it was pretty.

I then went into the bathroom and took off my socks and began to cleanse the sole of my left foot. My daughter came in the bathroom and wanted to see my sole, and I put her off and put my sock back on. I didn't want anyone to see my dirty sole. She even told me she would help me cleanse my sole, but I knew that only I could cleanse my sole. After she left the bathroom, I again took off my sock to cleanse my sole. (My foot didn't actually look like a real foot ... it was dark brown and crevassed heavily ... more like a Bigfoot sole.... (no pun intended)

I then opened up my purse to clean it. Inside was all kinds of things I no longer needed including an old open pack of cigarettes. I hadn't smoked in many years, and Joe quit a long time ago as well. I knew I didn't need them and old stale cigarettes weren't nice to smoke anyway even if you like to smoke, but I kept them there anyway ... just in case ... knowing it was foolish to keep things I didn't need anymore.


6-23-01 - DREAM - I was looking in the Bible and saw a sentence with the words Orion and Delphi in the same sentence.

Then I had a bird carcass in my hand and a knife in my other hand. I cut the birds left wing off and then said, "oh my God. This might have been an angel." I then pasted the wing back on the bird using it's own fat and told it I was sorry I had removed it's wing.

NOTE: See Delphi_oracle.htm


8-1-2001 - DREAM - I went back to my old job as manager on Jackson St. I was walking down a hallways with the current maintenance man and a young woman, who was like a secretary. The maintenance man was in a hurry to go check on something way at the far end of the building, but we passed a door that was open where someone had moved out and the whole inside was trashed. I pulled up short to look at it and let the other two people go ahead.

I glanced into the apartment and saw how bad it was and remembered how beautiful it was before those people moved in. It was disgusting.

I went back out into the hallway and another woman rushed past me. She was moving out in a hurry. Her apartment was only two doors away from the other empty apartment. She was really in a hurry to move.

I felt bad about that. That would mean I'd have to notify 'Ralph' the boss that there were two apartments to rent here, something that was bad news. We liked having a 'full house'.

I went on down the hallway and ran into an older maintenance man. e said he could hear water running and someone's water tank had broken. I could hear the water running too. (This had to be bleed-thru sound because water was running on the outside wall of the bedroom where I was sleeping from the sprinkler hose outside.)

I followed him u pa stairway where two grid-like curtains were falling down off large light fixtures. I was going to pull on the curtain to pull it off the light, then decided I'd better not because if it didn't pull off all the way, I would just make it worse.

So, we continued on up to the 2nd floor where there was another apartment door open. This apartment faced a courtyard and this was my old apartment and they were taking care of my pet birds.

I went to the window to look at them.

I had a white eagle which stood over 3 feet high, a gorgeous blue peacock, and this woman caretaker was dressing herself in the blue feathers as well.

There was also a pair of ducks, a mallard and its white female companion, and a white dove.

When I opened the curtains, the birds actually came into the apartment, so I had to chase them around - a little shoo them back out onto the balcony after I was done looking around.

In another apartment, anther woman was keeping dozens of beautiful green parakeets, each in their own tiny 4" x 4" boxes. I felt sorry for the birds, yet wanted one for myself as well.

I continued to inspect other open apartments then where other young women lived. It seemed that everyone was unhappy with their jobs and wanted to do something else.

I was going to help one of the girls with a project she had to do, but there was a guide there suddenly who said I should do her work for her - she had to do it for herself.


8-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a large room with Joe. He was at the far end working on writing some kind of paper.

Joe asked me for another word that meant "instant", so I gave him a short list of words such as "immediate," "Momentary", "In a flash,", etc.

He said that wasn't it, that wasn't what he was looking for, so I asked him what he was working on, so I'd have a better idea of what he was looking for.

He said he didn't want to show me what he was writing until he was done. I told him I didn't need to see his writing.

I was sitting at a piano and Joe came over and showed me a map of Wisconsin that included Canada, all the way up to Hudson Bay. He pointed out a road that went all the way up from Wisconsin to the shore of inlets in Hudson Bay. It seemed there was a lot more water than I remembered the last time I saw a map of that area.

I told him that it looked like it would be a nice trip.

He went back to his desk and I decided I would play something on the piano. The music I chose, which was on top of the piano, was more or less classical and difficult. I began to play it tentatively, then my fingers began moving more and more easily until they were literally flying over the keys with trills and arpeggios.

The music itself was written with tiny little flying birds over it.

I finished that piece of music and opened the next one. It was a green picture with two lit pillar candles on it. It was really pretty.

Joe's ex-wife Debbie came then and started to talk about Carol, Lorna's mother. She said she used to go to school with her (not true). She said that Carol thought she was Miss America back then. (I highly doubt that)

Debbie had turned into an ugly black woman and she came over to me and said, "Do you know that she actually pronounced the word 'river' like 'review'?


11-6-01 - DREAM - I was working at A-C and our division was going to Peru to work on a secret project. I met my son Tom and three other people on the street. I told them to go to Peru and get jobs. We were all going to meet there.

I met my Father and he took 4 children up to the 4th floor in a building. The children were dressed in gold. I went up there after them to rescue the children and ended up falling all the way down a stairwell - all 4 floors. I didn't get hurt but it was more like falling down into the dark.

My friend G.H. who also used to work for A-C his job was winding motors and the electricity Master. He also played the part of IEOSOUS (JESUS) in another dream.

He drove me somewhere in a car to a mall. He was driving dangerously fast and I was afraid he was going to run into the cars, so I told him to park over further where there was more empty space. He made a huge right U turn in the parking lot and parked where I told him.

I also had my own bright red car in another scene where I was going to wait for some people to arrive. My car had 4 headlights but two of the lights were out. The two left lights were off, the two right lights were on.

I couldn't sit there in the dark with two headlights burning so I went inside the car and turned the other two headlights off.

I went back to the office where people wee gathering, getting ready to move the company to Peru. My boss came into the office. This was Brian A. He sat down at his desk and started fixing his hair. His hair was blonde and long and wound around on top of his head like a bird's nest. I was astonished to see this.

NOTE: Anna Hayes is planning a trip to Peru to work on changing something regarding the particle polarity of the photons.


11-12-01 - DREAM - There was something going on where a young woman had to testify about something. The question was whether or not she had ever been hypnotized. It seemed she either didn't know about this rule, but if you had ever been hypnotized, you weren't supposed to testify.

The rule was written in a text book. I needed her to know the rule, so I took the text book to where she worked. I didn't want her boss to know I was questioning her either.

I opened the text book. It had printed music in it along with text.

So, I shared with her, the question as to whether she had been hypnotized, to which she said, "No!" but I thought for certain she had.

So, I was trying to find the page in the book where the rule was to show it to her.

I then had a vision of her bird. It was bright sky blue, almost like a pelican, but not that large. She kept it in the bathroom with a heavy rope around its neck. The bird flew up off the floor and flew to the top of the shower curtain. It seemed to be okay there, even if tethered.


12-30-01 - DREAM - All symbolic.

There were 7 bluebirds coming down from above wit hollow triangular spaces in their bodies which I had to fill in. That was successful.

Then there was 100 somethings - I can't remember the shape. I had to do something similar with them. That was also successful.

Then I was wearing a brown flowered sarong, standing in front of a mirror. There were 3 of us. I had to color out the image I didn't want. That felt successful.

Then I was in a house with thousands of black cats from thimble size to regular cat-size. I had to walk through them without stepping on them and get them all to go from one room to outside. I wasn't very good at the latter part and got some help. I don't remember how that ended.

Then I was sitting in a car at a stop-light on Center St and Teutonia. the light was red and the lane I was in, I could not go forward because there was construction going on. I had planned to go straight ahead but that was impossible at the moment. There was a car to my left so I couldn't get a jump start on traffic and go around the construction either and there were hundreds of people crossing the street in front of me.

I decided I would turn right instead, but I wasn't in the right turn lane and all those people were in the way. But I decided to try. I turned the key in the ignition and started the car.

Suddenly, 5 boyscouts appeared in front of my car. I told them I'd give them each 5 dollars if they could get me around the corner.

The pulled my car around the corner and it was now a long yellow schoolbus.

I pulled it up to the first house on the left that had numerous Mexican people standing outside it. I decided I would go inside this building to pay the boyscouts. Only two of the boyscouts showed up. they said they would give the money to the other 3 boyscouts but I didn't trust them. I gave them each $5 and told them to send the other 3 in for payment. I actually had 10 five dollar bills and I gave them 10, which left me with 8 five dollar bills, which I stuffed in my bed and decided to find a bathroom meanwhile.

There were numerous bedrooms in this house, each with their own toilet, but each of the toilets was stuffed with toilet paper and non-functioning. I heard a toilet flush behind a closed door, but I could use that one as someone else as.

So in one bedroom was a hassock with a yellow towel laid on it so I did my 'job' on the yellow towel and discovered too late that I was sitting between the legs of a woman who was laying face down in front of me.

I could hardly wait to get out of there unobserved.

Off to the right, behind closed doors, I could hear T.J. and Sabrina and Stephanie talking to the old Spanish/Mexican grandmother and telling her their troubles. I thought that was a great idea. I decided to leave then and go back out to my bus, but I don't know what happened to my money.

NOTE: We got invited to a Mexican restaurant by Sabrina, T.J. and Stephanie were there. Stephanie told Joe her dream in which she was tested about her belief in witchcraft.


1-2-02 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house or next door to it, working on a computer. I then went into another room where I was told by someone that I wasn't really working unless I was 'hawking' I took that to mean 'promoting' my work.

I then had several conversations with other people that I met as I went through a doorway as they were going the other way through the same door. In passing, when the asked what I was doing, I told them in turn what I had been doing and the conversation about "I wasn't really working unless I was 'hawking'.

NOTE: Now that I'm awake, I see there are 4 ways to take the word 'hawking'. Promotion, selling, going 'birding', or actually using the traits of a hawk, which is my totem. Later on I discovered it might mean ' studying the work of Stephen Hawking', the physicist.


1-17-02 - DREAM - I was in my house. There was a large picture window overlooking the backyard.

My son Mike came into the yard and then into the house, following by a group of the most incredibly beautiful bird/butterflies and regular butterflies. they had the most incredibly thin gossamer wings and they floated rather than flew through the air. I also saw what looked like little tin soldiers which were actually butterflies with their wings folded together.

The bird/butterflies had long necks similar to cranes with tiny birds and soft rounded yellow beaks. Their pale blue wings had little tufts of tiny red feathers here and there.

There were other gossamer winged butterflies that were light blue.



5-11-02 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house but it wasn't like normal. The lady next door decided to put in a garden and asked permission to put a garden in our front yard too. I had been told to grow a garden, (by spirit) so we said, "Yes!" I looked at the garden out the door when she was done and it looked a rice paddy, than a regular garden. The rows were all full of water.

I went to the next room over. It was very large with sky blue carpeting. There was no furniture in this room, but there was a large glass fish set up in the center of the floor. The fish tank didn't have water in it. It was being used to house a blue bird which was sitting on a perch in the center of the glass enclosure.

There was no lid on the glass tank. Over farther, I could see a blue bird flying free in the room. Reflected in the glass of the fish tank, I could see a flock of birds flying free outside -

So there were 3 stages or venues of freedom of living. All these birds made their own choice, because none was really caged except by their own thought.

I saw a lot of stuff on the floor and decided to vacuum it clean.


5-16-02 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, on one of the slanted streets going north. I was on the street next to a small library where Cary Loose was going hold a UFO abductee meeting.

As I was standing there, the speaker for the evening came. Hew as short red-haired man. His name was JALEDER from W.H. Hemmerich. He came to speak on UFOs, but I was thinking he was a musician.

Cary put him in a small room to wait for the people to arrive. So I sneaked in the room to talk to him privately before anyone else.

I went in and said, "Hi!" and sat down and started small talk about music. I told him I had played the piano all my life but still wasn't very good, though I had been the organist at church.

He looked up and asked me about a little bird that was sitting on a perch behind and above me. The bird wasn't in a cage, but just sitting on a perch sticking out from the wall. It resembled a finch with a little short yellow beak, but it red.

As soon as he noticed the bird, the bird flew over his head and became a longish red stretched out cartoonish version of itself and landed on a perch behind the man.

The man then leaned back in his chair and changed into a larger, older, dark-haired man and started talking like a psychic and began giving me a reading.

He said, "I see you going into a hospital ... and they put you into one of these long tube-like things ... and they find something .... something....."

He didn't say what they found, but I was thinking, "cancer". I visualized it in my bladder. But I said to him, "But everything turns out all right?" and he answered, "Yes!" Everything turns out all right."

So I answered him in a STRONG STATEMENT, "THEN IT'S ALREADY DONE!" and got a big smile on my face and dismissed it from my mind as though it wouldn't happen at all, because I had already stated IT'S ALREADY DONE!

The man left the room to check out how many people were arriving and I overheard, "He won't speak unless there is 12 people plus 2 1/2. We've got the 12 but not the 2 1/2".

I didn't know if they were counting me or not because I hadn't gone into the meeting room yet, nor seen the other people who had arrived.

I then went into another room where a dark-haired woman was sitting at a small table with a male friend of mine. It may have been Whitley Streiber, the UFO research/author.

The man's wife had just died and he was very sad and had his head down and it was rather dimly lit in the room.

She was going to give him a tarot/psychic reading and I was observing, sitting in as a 3rd party at this small table that was up against the wall.

She was starting to describe what kind of person he was, ... getting it all wrong and making him very uncomfortable. At the same time, she was giving him looks like she wanted him for herself because he was available and she was pissing me off.

She said, "I see you are a lonely Italian man - and her words hung heavy in the air because he didn't want to answer and had his head hung over sadly.

All of a sudden a heavy, dark wind started to blow ominously outside like a warning.

I knew this man from the E.T. world and knew he was nothing like she was portraying him, and I wanted to prop up his ego, so I jumped up from my chair, and went around behind him and said, "He actually is a warrior and he just got done slaying 12 dinosaurs." and I kissed him on the back of the neck. I then went over and turned on the light and lit up the room. The man was now sitting up, head high and smiling. Now he remembered who he really was.


3-21-02 - VISIONS

A book written by G.H. Sadler

I saw a note, "You are a Kester" (Kestrel?) ( a type of falcon bird)

I saw a journal page with this highlighted in the sentence "Love Boats".


4-6-02 - DREAM - (What are the chances I would be dreaming about 7 UFOs coming in making a noise like chirp, chirp, chirp, at the exact same time a flock of birds was flying past my window and waking me up making a noise like chirp, chirp, chirp. Why wouldn't I dream of 7 birds instead?


ALEX. THE SACRED BIRDS. compiled by Dee Finney. ... SACRED BIRDS. The bird is an apt
symbol of deity in various aspects, both macrocosmic and microcosmic. ...

THE YEAR OF THE BIRDS AND THE BEES. compiled by Dee Finney. ... He said there have been
no reported sightings of the missing birds anywhere in southern Sweden. ...

... Scientists have already ruled out a link between SARS and bird flu, also a viral
disease highly contagious to chickens, ducks, turkeys and other birds but not ...